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2008 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors election

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The 2008 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors elections were held on June 3, 2008, coinciding with the California elections, June 2008.[1] Three of the five seats (for the Second, Fourth and Fifth Districts) of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors were contested in this election. None of the incumbents were termed out.

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June at the top right at the gentleman dr. he will be dr. Marcus McClure he's a and will be a form D pharmacist and David is coming right behind him and these two gentlemen traveled of their own free time and energy to speak to our LD USC students and what was really powerful about their testimony is that they attended Community College for almost two years and so they were able to speak to the high school students that we were reaching out to about the value of their education and also about the fact that they really encouraged the students to stay connected to the counselors and faculty that they had in their community college experience and then on the left is another event that we hosted again we we brought in medical schools and pharmacy schools and physical therapy schools to talk to our students and say you know what we want you as community college students and we want you to aspire to these professions and we accept the credits that you will be taking at Long Beach City College and so this is an example of one of our speakers her name is Robin I've known her for several years and again she traveled her of her own free desire to come and reach out to our students and talk about and how much we value and how much they value the experience of our students and what they bring to these professions so we're hoping to continue to do that in terms of bringing and role models and engaging them in our outreach we have also tried very hard to make sure and really attend specific events in the community so this is a list of some of the events that we participated in last year another thing that we're really grateful for is I realized when I came to Long Beach City College that just because you don't necessarily work in the outreach department does not mean that you are not really passionate and concerned about reaching out to our prospective student community so we have this organization we refer to as our diversity recruitment working group and there's actually several individuals here tonight I'm looking in the audience that participate with this and so what happens is this has allowed us to really expand our reach in the community and to attend of different events so we have mr. Elijah Sims here from our very own matriculation office we have a FES counselors in our group we have I believe student trustee Jones is actually also a member of our diversity recruitment working group so we're so grateful for the degree of collaboration to really reach out to all of our prospective student community we have been very intentional in our advertising and making sure to be inclusive so we've had ads on buses and on our website international campaigns my colleagues are gonna go over and our relationships with our high school partners in more detail but we've definitely worked very hard to stay connected to our partners in all of our area high school districts and so moving forward some of the things that all words some of the things that we really want to continue to work on is we want to continue to increase our focus presentation so just making sure that we are really reaching out to all of our students in all of the different service areas for our district we want to continue to partner with groups across campus so and this is actually student trustee Jones who was gracious enough to help us with our male empowerment summit outreach and so we want to continue to do I'm additional events of that nature we're also considering a support network for african-american female students so obviously this network would be open to all students but in terms of focus we were considering focusing on issues that might be most pertinent to our african-american female students and a prospective students and then finally we are working on scheduling a signature event in each trustee District and so we're gonna work really hard to really engage our african-american and role models to have these individuals be part of the speakers in each of the trustee a district a signature event so now I'm going to turn it back over to Heather who will and discuss our student enrollment and onboarding okay so here what we're looking at is our African American applicants by zip code so we see larger numbers of applicants than the darker zip codes and what we're seeing over time is decreases and the numbers of applicants next slide we're seeing enrollments similar trend decreases and enrollments from suppose higher proportions of African American students I hope this looks familiar for those of you who were here last month at our presentation we can actually look at these data that are talking about the matriculation for African American students specifically and while when we look between fall 17 and fall 18 for the institution-wide we saw a little chip in conversion rates the targeted efforts at the matriculation team day between fall 17 and fall 18 actually had an increase by 6 percent of students going of African American students going through all four steps of the enrollment matriculation process and finally at rolling we also saw a 2 percent overall conversion rate increase for African American students I'm just some demographic information there the third largest ethnic group on campus are African American students are more likely to have a disability be receiving financial aid and also have been in the foster system so they're dealing with the systems-based impacts and constraints that come with those life experiences when they come join us this is just another breakout of the financial aid recipients be on this chart what we're seeing is something kind of interesting so while the African American population is our third largest ethnic group they're actually second largest when we look at duplicated enrollments this means that our african-american students come and take more classes this is just a snapshot of some of the departments that have higher enrollments of African American student I also have it broken down these are the duplicated enrollments by schools and so what you can see not only is where you have higher numbers of students in the different schools but if you look both to fall to fall you'll see that those numbers are decreasing the bottom row is actually sort showing our duplicated enrollments for the institution and you'll see other than fall 18 that those numbers are pretty much stable so when we're talking about some of our persistence problems we're always talking about fall to spring issues and we in the fall we recuperate a lot of that we're not recuperating it for our african-american so again that's an opportunity for for more work I think about some of those focused interventions and so yeah Thank You Heather my name is allegis Thames and I'm the matriculation coordinator and also a counselor at Long Beach City College I'm gonna talk to you about the transition experience that our students have so I've sort of broken this up into two different parts one is the the things that we're doing for all students that have a significant equitable impact and the second part is opportunities that are squarely focused on students of color I'm gonna start with the Welcome Center so the Welcome Center serves as a hub for incoming students who get stuck along the way to enrollment we know that our students are where incoming have great capacity the goal of the Welcome Center is to help students many of whom are first-generation who develop greater agency and I also want to just take a second to celebrate and acknowledge the diverse team of employees that the Welcome Center has so our our team is really reflective of the students that we serve I recently had to have to have the privilege of going to a diversity summit put on by the chancellor's office and really the focus was on diverse hirings so that students had a had an experience with faculty who they could see themselves in and relate to I think the Welcome Center is is such a place this slide highlights Viking advantage and promised to porno in essence no matter where our students are coming from no matter which high school they're coming from Long Beach City College continues to build out Radford supports to close equity gap or are speeded so in in spring 2019 matriculation partnered with ie you develop I'm sorry who identified students we needed help getting enrolled based on that collaboration stat in the Welcome Center cost students directly to help anyone who stuck in a matriculation step now now on to more focused pens there's no supports for african-american students and students of color moving forward we've completely designed the way we do matriculation services at Long Beach City College for incoming students lbcc is is now taking our transitional support directly through high schools we're also prioritizing schools that have high numbers of students of color so this is schools like Jordan and Rio and Lakewood we're serving all of our our schools but in those instances we're serving those schools first I also have that had the privilege of well the entire matriculation team actually has has had the privilege of serving Long Beach Unified School District male Academy Lionel's here today from Long Beach Unified School District but I won't spend too much time on that he's gonna discuss it later as well so in the future the tribulation would like to also expand and extend the opportunity to work with the female Academy of Long Beach Unified School District we would also like to expand our diverse theme to increase our high school presence lastly we'd like to expand the use of compulsory applications so a part of what we're experiencing when we go out is at our schools that have high numbers of students of color in order to help them build a college-going culture it really helped to we can build a partnership so that every student at that school applies Columbia City College and some schools have been very interested in that and we hope to expand that I'm gonna turn it back over to Mike mentioned at the beginning we have these four different areas that we're going through so we did pre boarding and onboarding and now we're gonna start talking more about moving through so I'm gonna talk a little bit about course success right this hopefully is familiar from the presentation we did last month this is showing essentially breakouts and we can see that our african-american students have much lower course success rates than an institutional average and in comparison to the other ethnic we have here one of the exciting things is that the institution has invested in tableau online which is actually allowing ieat provide faculty the individual course level data is aggregated by ethnicity so we're working with Matt Lawrence the equity coordinator to help make sure that faculty can engage with data and think about those practices and how they're teaching I know Lee Douglas is going to talk some more about that as well I'm just some more information about our in American students when we look at GPA proportions we can see that there's a higher proportion of our african-american students with low GPAs and a lower proportion with high GPA so again this is an area where we really want to make sure we're supporting our students well likewise our transfer rates for both math and English are lower for our african-american students moving on I know Elijah is gonna talk some more about this and the focused interventions relating to this but we do see that our african-american students are overrepresented in terms of probation as well as this qualification or dismissal from the school um and finally we're also gonna talk a little bit about um comprehensive education plans and one of the exciting things when we did an analysis over multiple years of education plans we found that when our african-american students have a comprehensive education plan in place within like the first 15 units or the first year and a half but they're here we see a three percent increase in their course success rate and so this is really a beautiful synergy between the work that student services can do to help support instructional faculty and students in the classroom to succeed we also when we broke it out by gender saw that it was a four percent increase in success rates for African American males I mean so now I think I'm printing it over to AP good evening unfortunately professor Matt Lawrence who is instrumental in putting together tonight's presentation is in class so you have me instead so what you see before you is a listing of just some of the long beach city college courses related to african-american experience it's my understanding that in upcoming curriculum audit it might unveil some additional possibilities for adding courses that are relevant to the student experience and we're very very happy to announce as you see on the right side of the screen that there are two new associate degree with transfers degrees and the first is the social justice and also we've got global studies and I can personally attest to a lot of the work that has gone into putting these att's together so very proud of that and I could have done an outstanding job faculty representation so as you can see just to be frank there's still a lot of work that needs to be done with regard to our african-american faculty representation here at Long Beach City College over my 18 years here at Long Beach City College the number has been pretty constant pretty consistent there's been not not a lot of movement but what you can see at the bottom of slide are some of the efforts that have been undertaken to improve our and increase our representation of african-american faculty here at Long Beach City College including increasing equity mindedness in the hiring process as well as early recruitment for stronger applicant pools this before you as very powerful slide on the left it displays some of the equity challenges that we here at Long Beach City College as well as other institutions face such as microaggressions and african-american students being unrepresented in the curriculum on the right you see our efforts here at Long Beach City College that are being undertaken by Long Beach City College faculty including making structural changes as well as curriculum redesign there are also been a number of professional development opportunities and I won't go through the list I just let it display for itself but a list of some of the training that our faculty have engaged in that have targeted african-american students in 1718 very happy to announce that the focus of the spring 19 flex day will be equity and a couple of topics you can see them for yourself with a couple them in particular note the equity minded syllabus and using classroom data to implement real change and you'll see that emphasis on data again here in just a moment and also 1920 on the right side you see some of the additional trainings that are upcoming for this year speaking of data the use of data by faculty has been a a point of emphasis this year institutional effectiveness has been instrumental in helping faculty to understand their disaggregated data in a non-threatening non-punitive manner and the faculty will be given their own tableau disk data disaggregated by ethnicity the goal is to use data to motivate positive change here you see just the sample of the supports that have been put in place to support our students at large and African American students in particular as well as other di groups culture obviously there's still a great deal of work that is is yet to be done but faculty have made tremendous strides toward using their programs and curriculum with an equity lens or looking at it with an equity lens and you see before you here's the list of some of the targeted strategies to reduce our equity gaps here at Long Beach City College and they range from the department planning and the use of data and department planning to an equity minded pedagogy I will now turn it over to Elijah sim who's going to talk about interventions soon to be dr. Douglass okay so I want to talk about what we're doing for students who begin to struggle so not every student has an academic transcript that only has hazing B's on it I got a B in calculus and I'm pretty sure Richard whoever was just being nice to me so what are we doing for our for our students of color who are on academic probation what we uncovered was that there was a systemic issue preventing many students from seeking assistance or changing their force taking patterns namely some students were on probation yet they were unaware of their status or the implications of that so the readmission committee led by executive dean for e rogers and the associate dean of didn't support service dystonia dilatory proposed revisions to regulation 40:25 the remedy that that issue but now students are being notified in a family fashion in addition to that revision the matriculation he engages in two-way communications with students who are on probation one to offer support there are also a few efforts involved in the counseling department that are on this slide and the next slide such as targeted counseling interventions focused on on creating academic recovery plans for students and also on crack a homegrown project created from the academic the speck team in collaboration with Enrollment Services and Jonah Lopez for my IPS I'm led by Deborah Peterson and then lastly darkish early alert focuses on probation prevention and forced retention in the fall following college day so shout out to President Roh Molly for allowing us to be a feature in college day over 450 faculty started to use starfish to engage with their students so there are a few things that were actively doing to help students of color become oh I actually think I'm on someone else's I'm gonna I'm gonna go back you dr. Kirk what thank you hello again my name is ELISA Kirkwood and I will be speaking briefly about some of the ways we support our students in the co-curricular as they matriculate through so I have scripted myself because I can tend to really talk about these things because I'm really passionate and excited about the work we do but here we go so our co-curricular programs are designed to assist students as they navigate and move through the college from campus-wide events such as Black History Month programs and awareness campaigns as you see on the slide before you to leadership training identity development and advocacy through clubs Senate participation here are just a few of the clubs that black students are engaged with and I say a few because our students obviously are engaging the co-curricular across the campus and in different means but these are a few that were brought to my attention specifically that students are engaged in that identify as black so ultimately Student Affairs provides connection to the college for students by creating a sense of belonging which is extremely important to this particular population of students by engagement opportunities for some of our most educationally underserved student populations and the ways in which we do that is helping to connect the dots of their higher ed experience for personal growth and future workforce or four-year university opportunities now so that means no matter how they engage the student affairs area that could be through our student health and wellness that could be through our student life activities and programs and also through our student process it is our goal to ensure that we provide a just equitable and inclusive process and procedure so that we can ensure that all of our students are being supported in a consistent and fair manner and then I will turn it over so we can now move into our fourth phase of our framework transfer and completion with respect to the representation of college we do see a steady increase in ADT's that we see across all of our students transferring with the degree again we see that our african-american students are underrepresented we also see that they are taking they have fewer transferrable units when they leave the Institute then when we look at transfer without a degree we see that our students are over-represented this suggests that many of these students probably could also be obtaining degrees before they are transferring and again we're seeing that they are transferring with fewer transferrable units finally when we look at the numbers of students so this is looking at the bachelors completion so we're looking at a much longer time scale and if we looked on the right side we see numbers of students who are transferring to the four-year and the green bar represents numbers who are completing of the four groups that have large numbers of students transferring from our institution to four years we see that our african-american students have much lower rates of completing the four-year degrees this could be an effect of the fact that when they're leaving they have fewer transferable units there may be more opportunities for students to complete more courses on our campus before transferring so that they have more opportunity to succeed at those later institutions there are a few things that were actively doing to help our students of color become completers and this is especially important to me as a black man and and a former lbcc student you know I can remember how seeing many of my friends struggle to find they're splitting academically and I can also remember trying but not really knowing how to help it so I just want to I wouldn't take a quick second to acknowledge do I consider to be my village when I was a student here dr. or any Freeman who's behind me right in blue and I don't know if he's here in a Hillman Deborah Peterson just to give you a sense of how impactful and awesome those people were the Iranian and Lorraine are both the counseling department heads now they were stars then and they're still stars in a helmet is now the associate dean of academic services he's the star Deborah Peterson leads leads the academic success team and they're and they're highly focused on trying to help students who are on probation so you know I I only wish that every dude in the pillar was so fortunate so I want to I want to share what targeted counseling interventions are because that's one of the things that we're doing for students of color I think the simplest way to understand what these are is rather than waiting for students to come in and ask for service we're using data to identify students who need help and then we're offering it to them directly over the past year through TC i--'s targeted counseling interventions counselors have reached out to over 4,000 students of color and that's just over the past year for spring 2019 we've identified over 3,000 students of color with 60 or more units more than half of those students have already met English the math proficiency and 1151 of those students are currently receiving the California promise Brant and the Pell Grant which is significant because the funding formula implications and the those TCI implications are currently underway serving those students and helping them might identify the awards that they should be applying for right now and this information heather has already covered but it shows the impact of educational plans for african-american students so I'm gonna turn it over to dr. Freeman good evening my name is dr. ringing Freeman and I just want to highlight some of the organizations here on campus we've spoken about the a tube men organization and that's a organization that's basically focused on male students focusing on mentoring and scholarship opportunities for many of our students we have the emotion Scholars Program and I will spend some time talking about that program in more detail in a couple of minutes we also have the Black Student Union as well as the Honor Society of educator brothers the Black Student Union is committed to assisting students in cultural development and fostering growth and development as well the Honor Society of educated brothers is committed to creating Brotherhood providing tutorial services to other students and community services now I'd like to take some time to talk about the emotion Scholars Program in more detail before I talk about the Moshe Scholars Program here at Long Beach City College I want to share some information about the emotion Community Program the Board of Governors officially recognized the emotion community as a success program in 2008 and the emotion program is a umbrella organization for over 60 programs of community colleges that have emotion scholars type programs so the goal of the emotion community is to basically enhance african-american students in being successful in navigating Community College and transferring to four-year institutions our graduating and getting a associate degree the word emotion means unity and with the emotion Scholars Program unity is extremely important and the program is designed to build a sense of community and making students feel a sense of home away from home so the program is extremely supportive the emotion Scholars Program practices deliberate and intentional counseling and what that consists of is basically meeting students where they are letting students know that we hear you we see you and we connect with you so many of our students gain a sense of community and a sense of family from the program the goals of the emotion Scholars Program at Long Beach City College are to increase retention to assist our students in graduating and transferring to four-year colleges to provide and supported counseling services and also to introduce our students to historically black colleges and universities and I also want to note that the Umoja Scholars program here at Long Beach City College began in the fall of 2016 so it's a fairly new program effective fall 2015 California Community College students that meet specific requirements are guaranteed admissions in 237 HB c HB c u--'s historically black colleges and universities that is tremendously important because for many of our students prior to going on a HBCU tour they may not be aware of the opportunities the educational opportunities that exist for them outside of the state of California all right so I wanted to take some time to share some information with you about the emotion scholars his certainly black college tour and I also want to share some information with you from testimonials of two of our former students in the past two and a half years the Umoja College the emotional Scholars Program as taking over 70/7 students to visit HBCUs we visited over 23 HBCUs and we've taken students to Morehouse College Spelman College Howard University Xavier University Tuskegee University just to name a few in addition to taking our students to historic historically black colleges we also provide a cultural experience for many of our students on each one of our tours in the past we've taken students to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute dr. Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta Georgia at the National African American History Museum for many of our students these trips have been life-altering experiences for a number of our students sometimes going on the HBCU tours is their very first time leaving California for some it's their first time being on your airplane so you can imagine just how life-transforming this trip has been for a number of our students all right so I'm going to play a testimonial okay hello my name is Carl Heeley and I'm a motor star growing up in Long Beach California and it's in Long City College I would never thought this from my life but then I met dr. Freeman she told me about the motor program and how students like me can benefit from opportunity being on the tour was amazing profound and groundbreaking I knew what I had to do thank you so Carl Carl hey wait is a transfer student at Morehouse College he began his transfer year this fall 2018 and one of the things that I find is so amazing about Carl is he says every day he feels fortunate to be able to attend a institution at dr. Martin Luther King attended and he feels the joys and the responsibilities of being a student at an institution where dr. King has graduated from in addition to Carl attending Morehouse College he went on the tour in 2016 came back worked very hard in crew raiga a very solid some grade point average he has over a 3.3 GPA was able to get a partial scholarship at Morehouse College and he's doing exceptionally well there hello the next student I would like to take some time in talking about is a young man named Clement Gibson when attended the HBCU tour in 2016 we went to Jackson State University Clem learned about Jackson State University came back to Long Beach I'm really excited about the college applied to transfer there year after the truck received a full academic and housing scholarship Clem will be graduating from Jackson State this May 29 hi Meryl heed it free so Clem is also a amazing young man he has a GPA of 3.5 and he maintained three jobs as he was taking courses so he is phenomenal then he give you take a couple of minutes to see Clem's testimonial attending Long Beach City College did everything from my educational journey I mean where do I start for one it allowed me to join your Moses Scholars Program a trip in in which led me to the place that I'm at now in Jackson State University I was able to go on the trips and not only see HBCUs but you know see the South I haven't spent too much time in both environments so it was a great way to expand my knowledge on you know african-american history I was able to meet a group of people that became my family and formed a bond that I think will last forever quite frankly attending alright so next we're going to take a couple of minutes and talk about some of the program data outcomes of the emotion Scholars Program students in the some students in the program will take a English course and students have taken English 105 and English one and as you can see what the data are in front of us that students that are in a emotion supported English class tend to perform tremendously at a higher rate than students that are in a non-emotional foreget class so students are doing very well we have a amazing English instructor and she's done a phenomenal job in working with our students and we're able to see that based on the results of the data the emotional Scholars program will continue to expand on our English course offerings in fall 2019 we will be adding a English one plus course which is going to have the embedded support that many of our students need to be successful in English courses emotion scholars are also looking at collaborating with other departments and primarily hoping to work with the math department science as well as other disciplines in any emotion supported capacity which will allow students to take courses and work closely with the instructor as what was the emotion counselors to be successful in their courses some additional opportunities that you Moshe is looking forward to as some service provided learning and working in collaboration with student life and creating volunteer opportunities for many of our students again the emotional Scholars Program is very committed to building a sense of community among our students and we feel that adding the additional support of volunteer services will only enhance our student success at the college level finally I would like to say that working with the emotional scholar students has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me I see it in streams become a reality and the HBCU tours have given students cultural pride allowed them to realize their potential and unlimited possibilities the young men that you have an opportunity to see their videos are a true reflection of how this experiments can truly change a student's life now we would like to highlight Long Beach City College and our community partners thank you so we just had an opportunity to move through those four stages and really try to understand our african-american students experience Long Beach City College and so it's been deeply humbling to at the data see where the gaps exist in the work that we still need to do highlight some of our accomplishments and the bright spots of things that we're doing that's working and working well but also being self reflective and asking ourselves what can we do better and so I think one of our key strategies is to continue to strengthen our emerging school and community partners so I want to introduce Lionel Gonzalez who's going to talk a little bit about the male empowerment summit it's on Lionel is with Long Beach Unified School District he's been one of my early partners when I was on board it to LBCC to really think about how we can really do some race-conscious work I'm here to obviously see with our males of color and so I turn it over to Lionel good evening being a product of the Long Beach College promise really excites me to be here with you guys here today and but you know with it being Black History Month and celebrating it tonight I couldn't go forward without recognizing some key folks who have really paved the way with this work the work that I'm involved in with young women of color across Long Beach board member Felton Williams our n-double-a-cp president Naomi Rainey an educational consultant which which works directly with our students do Givens and how can I forget but Reverend Leon and Paula wood these are folks who have really really really paved the road for this type of work and Malia's it excites me because of where we're at today and how I'm able to highlight to you guys where we are today because of your support studies show that support systems work so we should be supporting work like this that allows us to work collaboratively and work together a little bit about the mental empowerment summit is that it started four years ago because of someone else I'd also like to recognize is Cheryl Williams which is an advisor of the BSU here we cannot go move forward without recognizing people who have really been involved in the work because that's what it's going to take the male empowerment summit started four years ago and we were impacting a hundred students for years now later we're impacting 400 students we are working we want to work closer with you guys to impact more students as you see across other schools like Linwood Bellflower and bring them here to lobby city college to show them that this is a home this is a place will support them regardless of what ethnicity in this case so we want to tell that we want to show them that they are important to us because they are students of color as we all know the disparities for students of color are prevalent and I just want to make sure that we continue on this work being intentional seven of ten residents in Long Beach are people of color so we should embrace that the student that the male empowerment summer is as I said in its fourth year and we are here to ask you to continue to support it so we can make it bigger and we can also improve our increase our enrollment at Long Beach City College and take it on advantage of the color of the promise 2.0 some of the highlights that have happened from the male summit is that we've debunked the myth that middle high and college men of color cannot come together in a space yes they can it's actually more empowering to put them together in a space for many years this is my 14th year being in this work of working directly with young men of color and over the years that has been a myth that we cannot do it thanks to you guys we have been able to debunk that and show that we can continue this and you know take it to the next level with it with the empowerment summer we've also exposed these students to other men of color across Long Beach professionals that have become mentors which is what in essence our students are lacking in our low-income and urban areas within Long Beach so with that said I just wanted to thank you guys this evening and continue to support this work and we look forward to making it bigger stronger together so good afternoon everyone my name is naquan Watson and I'm one of the community partners so and I work with Lionel so two things I want to echo that my counterpart just mentioned the community of supporters witching is something that the empowerment summit seeks to set up that is the culture that is the years that I've been involved in it we've really prided ourselves on establishing a culture where the young men who attend the summit feel welcoming but also we encourage them to understand that this space being long beach city college is a welcoming space and with that being said I also want to say I'm because of the board's leadership and you all's conscious ship that programs like the male empowerment summit can flourish at Long Beach City so we think in addition to that there are certain key things that the male summit actually allows the young men NLB USD to participate in through a concerted effort between lb USD and Long Beach City one of which being a spark guaranteed in the Viking Summer boys part of what we understand as individuals of color as well as professionals working with the youth is that there's continuous support that is needed and through a partnership concerted efforts rather between the male summit and LBCC we can create that space for young men to feel empowered to attend college one of the biggest feed but one of the biggest feedback that I get from middle school students when I run into them is I cannot wait to go to lbcc from going to the milsim that is literally because the culture and the expectations have been set and the exposure has been made through opportunities like this so for this and then as you can see those are some opportunities and some supports that we presented to the board as on how we uplift males of color in addition to it moving forward we have four key areas as a united front that we would like to move forward and that's purpose impact mission and outcomes one we would like now that we understand that this work is important to everyone this is what this mean is about we like to have a strategic plan so whenever we can actually operate in a vision from a vision and from a perspective that keeps this the momentum going with this and in addition to that we would like to provide outcomes or networking opportunities uplift and empower students those are our two biggest thing that we want to make sure that it's work continues and we want to make sure that students have outcomes that they're actually so when looking at some of our emerging and community partners and some of the work that we want to engage in um we're gonna be very intentional about being strategic and so we're actually going to be having like a four hour session where we're gonna bring some folks together and really think about what a strategic action plan look like to support our african-american students and specifically our African males of color African American males of color excuse me we're also looking at the opportunity to expand dual enrollment courses and so with dr. Scott's support we've been really working with lb USD and talking about some of our I was talking about with some of our key partners of how can we bring college accessibility to the high school campuses especially being intentional with the schools that are underrepresented here at LBCC we're also looking at providing focus outreach and matriculation support were there lb USD male of color male Academy students and so that we're gonna be bringing the services out to them instead of just waiting for them to come to us we're gonna do some high touch handoff services and lastly just providing them with a guaranteed spot in our Viking Summer voyage so I'm gonna just take a moment and I'm gonna talk about rap I'm gonna tie up the end of the presentation in a moment but I want to just acknowledge all the presenters tonight they worked very hard and diligently in preparing the information gathering information being self reflective and so I just want to say thank you very much to all the presenters it was really a privilege to work with all of you so I'm gonna talk a little bit about future directions and some of the things some of the key activities that we're gonna be exploring as we move forward and kind of synthesizing and tying everything all together so I'm very proud to share through the support of our president superintendent dr. Reagan Romilly our president will be creating a task force on race and equity and so we're really going to be able to think about drilling down and looking at our data and specifically asking ourself how do we begin to really through a race-conscious lens close some of the equity gaps that exist here at LBCC and that were apparent in the data that was presented tonight we're also exploring partnerships with usc's race and equity Center to conduct the NCCA Sea Climate Survey and so I've actually been in two conversations with the center's director and what this survey will do we'll be able to really take a qualitative approach of understanding our african-american student experience here at LBCC and they provide us with sets of recommendations for us to improve our climate if there are climate issues identified we're also looking at implementing identity based on multicultural center here at LBCC that will support African can students as well as other identity-based student groups and will be partnering with the ASB on that as well we're exploring implementing and mail of colors fellows program here at lbcc as you know the LB USD has a male Academy and many of these students land here at LBCC excuse me I'll be USD has a male a male of color Academy and when the students land here at LBCC they're often kind of just left to navigate the system on their own and so we want to kind of create that seamless handoff and then lastly we're gonna look at supporting and expanding programs at work um and so we know that emoji and amend are high impact programs and so we want to make sure that we scale up those programs as well now with that said we'll take questions thank you dr. Mann yes and thank you everyone what a beautiful presentation I'm so excited you know I've been asking to see something like this for years now and it's really a testament to superintendent president dr. O'Malley and her great team's leadership for finally bringing it to fruition to highlight the great programs that we have and I really can't you and applaud you for doing such a fantastic job is almost hundred pages 97 pages I think and you went with velocity and we're very mindful oh and let me use your own words intentional with the time before I hand it off to questions I know we have some celebrities in the room and Lionel did a great job of you know doing the honors for me but I I want to make sure I acknowledge everyone I believe dr. Felton Williams one of the leaders in this regard while he worked at Long Beach City College and beyond he's done a fantastic job setting up multicultural studies at Long Beach Unified School District that I had the privilege of learning from and participating in and dr. Leon wood and his lovely wife Paula would welcome thank you so much for being here it's an honor having you and of course our very own Alumni Hall of Famer and the celebrity of all celebrities long beach branch and double acp President Naomi rainy Pierson is also with us today and Duke Givens who if you have a chance to go at the T building you could see his incredible work it's such beautiful work and he's also an alumni we're so proud to have you and I saw Ladon best at the all so here she is the former president if I'm not mistaken former head of the Long Beach lbgtq centers welcome Ladon thank you so much for being here and I also think I saw pastor Wayne Chaney sneak in and be so wonderful he took off his hat so but I did see you thank you for being so respectful and so kind I'm being here with us I'm going to let other trustees ask questions and provide comments before I add anything further trustee but vice president mallet Lulu I believe you wanted to say a few words Thank You president Zia welcome everyone if I had known that this was going to be such a comprehensive and exceptionally thorough presentation I would have requested that we have a separate event just for it and it might be something that we should consider considering how late our board meetings go anyway we'll probably be here till about midnight tonight long after you guys have gone home but I think that this particular presentation could have easily maybe done a 5 to 7 special event so it might be something we can consider in the future so that we're not taking up you know cutting into the board meeting but having said that I have several comments and one question and and right off the bat you all did a great job the research the data that you presented the way you presented it just passing off the baton to each other I was just really good I really appreciate it so you should be commended thank you for your effort the one question I didn't see looking through the presentation well and maybe it's there and I just missed it but what is the median age of the african-american student at Long Beach City College sure I'm really curious to know okay so if maybe you could follow up with the board and let us know I'd like to know you know the the the average african-american student at Long Beach City College is how old okay let me go quickly to my questions on page 25 I have a question so you've got documented disabilities there and I just want to know if you have additional data and again you can follow up you don't have to know it now but I just like to know the nature and the scope of those disabilities of their physical or mental learning disabilities only because that 10.5% you know you're looking into it you know there's an 11.3% with the white students in 10.5 so I'm really curious to know what those disabilities are so that's one question one follow up on that one okay all right on page 29 I'm trying to go as fast as I can I'm just curious to know if you discovered any information to substantiate that decline almost 4,500 students and I understand that you know overall community colleges and you know community college enrollment is on the decline because the economy is booming so people really only go back to school especially community colleges when the economy is not booming so I get that is that the same factor that affects this type of enrollment data I think one of the things that we realized as we were going through the data and electing and preparing for the presentation is that we want to ask more questions sure so this data really that was presented just scratches the surface and so we've already were we're kind of snowballing when we're meeting saying okay we need to go deeper we need to explore this more we need to understand this better and so I think what you were able to see is some snapshot some data snapshots and then the deeper dive is gonna happen over the next few weeks as we kind of go deeper into the data and ask more questions sure the questions that actually I wrote down as well that we discussed when we were preparing as we need to understand this phenomenon better and that's fair and I think that knowing the average age of the african-american student will also kind of impact that forty five hundred forty five hundred forty five hundred student difference I think the decline you know we'll know if it's the an older student a younger student a student right out of high school versus a student who's got you know two or three jobs two or three kids as well so as well as overlaying this with a zip code analysis right and really understanding our students in certain zip codes less likely are more likely to attend lbcc you and if they're not coming to us where are they going are they going elsewhere are they just not choosing college i've heard some of the potential solutions of like compulsory applications at some of our partner high schools and so these are all things that we'll explore when we go deeper into the data okay on page 47 i'm embarrassed by this information on page 47 one more one more 47 that's embarrassing so I believe that we can do better and I believe that the efforts are under way several months ago I attended a conference where data was presented about the correlation between ex faculty and ex students and the discrepancy here I mean what what is our african-american student population roughly 13% okay so we should have faculty numbers that are reflective of that because our students sitting in classrooms need to be able to look at african-american professors and identify with them so I mean you know we're not even in double digits there so we yeah when I saw that it was really bothered me and I hope it bothered everybody else too okay page 61 and I believe this is the last one that I have so oh that was personal I'm sorry so I plan on being on campus tomorrow to pick up my catfish that's on page 61 I accidentally wrote the page number next to my comments but that was just a note for myself to follow up tomorrow and I'm on campus to make sure I pick up my catfish I have so a couple of things that that I would like to see some data on for the future I'd like to see information on the percentage of african-american students that are involved in our ASB programs that are involved in our Honors Program and then what type of outreach and awareness do we have I attend the honors banquet every year and you know there's a handful less than a handful of african-american students and I know we have students of color who are honors material so we need to be reaching out to them and making sure that they're involved in that program same thing with ASB student trustee Darnell Jones he can certainly comment on that and then so before you mention Cheryl Williams I have proof right in here because it's in the middle my notepad I had written Cheryl Williams Cheryl your name is right in the middle of my notepad so you know that I didn't just write it at the bottom when I was looking at your presenters early on I thought you know Cheryl should be here because of the mail summit but I didn't know that that was on the agenda when I leaf through the packet the great printed packet that you gave us I've attended the mail summit a few times and Cheryl you do an amazing job and I don't think you get enough credit and I think that you should be included at the very least in the group that presented as a panelist because I give her a hand I've been to those mail summits and Cheryl goes above and beyond with a lot of our student activities on campus to I think it was two years ago I actually lost my husband at one of the male summits it was time to go to another event and I couldn't find him and sure enough he was sitting in the middle of the room talking to a bunch of football guys I should have looked for the football guys because that's where my husband was anyway and then lastly I just want to acknowledge the photo of Duke I believe it was on page 91 Duke is our resident photographer everywhere we go so it was really nice that someone captured that picture of you did you know that did you hand somebody your camera well he's always taking photographs of events everywhere he goes and to see him right there in that cameo that somebody that candid photo that somebody took of you that just says a lot thank you for everything you do and by the way I enjoyed looking at the pictures in the hallway in this building thank you very much and welcome to everybody that's here thank you great job thank you vice president mallalieu and thank you for sharing the sentiment of the board I fail to mention that I I'm sorry that not all the board members could be present tonight trustee Baxter is a staunch supporter of our programs for our african-american students in fact she was the recipient of our of the Lifetime Achievement Award by n-double a-c-p unfortunately there was a faux pas with the scheduling and it was partially my errors so I wanted to just communicate that she's incredibly supportive of our work here by trustee in - did you have any questions comments yeah I did thanks thank you everybody for coming out today in the human capital that went into the presentation I want to thank my fellow trustees this is a request I had back in December to spotlight and look at the data of wherever our black students coming from how are they doing and what programs do we have to support them and I think it's really important that we have it at the highest level here at the board to spotlight what are we doing what are the gaps and having an honest conversation you know looking at the Probation numbers the completion numbers the lower GPA scores you know if we just put off in some side event or if we you know just paper over it we never address it and I think it's important that as we're aligning and changing our campus from top to bottom as we're going through this reassessment that we align what we're doing with what the data says you know whether that's looking at middle college or dual enrollment so more students can get college courses before they get here making sure students know about the HBCU articulation agreements that are just been passed by the state level that they can go in directly as a junior now no matter if they're on that I get C or the CSU track but we need to talk about it so I want to thank everybody who presented excellent job I know it was a number of months worth of preparation and I think it'll be a easier process next year and in the future but it really really appreciate all your work really want to thank our partners there you know we talked about number of community members and elected officials are here I did see Rajan from Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez's office is here we also had from Andy Street liver and Duncan was here I think pastor Cheney for coming out it's really important that we put the community back in Community College and that you know that this is an institution that's here to serve all of our students and that means all of our district constituent groups Long Beach is unique and we still are the second largest black population in LA County fifth largest in the state black students are here black faculty and staff are here it's important to recognize and hold that up that it's something positive and that we are a net contributor to our community and that we have partnerships it's great to see mister G or line of Gonzales as they call them come out and davon Watson from the city come out that we want to have partnerships across our other institutions because we know we're not acting alone in a silo of trying to educate our students that their students are coming from the community and the community and all of our issues and problems that exist in America are also here at Long Beach City College but we're being intentional about solving them and we're looking for common solutions and we're having more voices that are looking that are contributing to the outcome so thank you for our partners that came out I did have some questions on the scatter plot arc GIS map of where students are coming from would be great to get a table to show it looked like there was quite a high number of students come out from outside the service area of what cities or zip codes are those students coming from so they were thinking about our marketing or support services that you know it's not just Signal Hill and Lakewood in Long Beach it looks like there's LA and Compton you know kind of far and wide as far as where where our folks at and so I don't know if we can put together a table where probably wasn't able to generated the slide to see what the counts are by area we went very quickly through the slide of zip codes can we can you say what were the top two or three zip codes I I know I represent the at least in our service area 90 105 is a highest F code but what were the other zip codes that folks were coming I think was one or two slides off from here I don't think the zip codes are label they think the labeling of them would have made it it was like a heat map everything thank you yeah the very next slide numbers off the top of my head but we can definitely provide the bright red one that looks like Compton oh yeah no we can provide yeah we can follow up and just provide you with some more detailed information so you can see where those changes are what those inputs are where they are in terms of city boundaries all right and we'll also provide pounds you know like the ethnic breakdowns as well because that one that's bright red that's not circled it's actually not one that's been identified as having a so there are other things going on great and then I guess in the future will will we define like an MoU between the college and the school district in the city and our my brother's keeper male-female Academy do we already have an MoU or are we in specific as far as partnering and transferring students from one program to the next how do you see that or how's that already so to my knowledge at this point we do have the long standing on Long Beach College promise mi u that provides blanket data sharing agreements as well as addresses some of the pipeline activities but we don't have an MoU specifically for the work that we're doing with the male Academy are some of those folks are with some of those focused programs so I think there's an opportunity there to strengthen our partnership by formalizing it with the MOU or taking some of our existing I'm gonna use that I mean we might be updating for dual enrollment let's say and kind of add an embed language in there so that we strengthened that intentionality I just wanna mention that we do go out to Compton and Lynwood yeah I know we did do a previous assessment that we we have quite a few students from 905 who are going to Compton and and Cerritos or illusion about two million dollars a year and when students go to other colleges they take the money with them and so if we want to retain and recruit as many people as possible on the HBCU articulation agreement from the state have those been finalized and are those have we seen any benefit or do we plan to anticipate changes and when we do are our trip so when students transfer with the community colleges the agreement is with 37 HBCUs and it's for all of the California community colleges so there are some HBCUs that do not have articulation agreements at this time that's part of the guarantee at mints program but we are finding that a lot of our students are primarily going to Clark Atlanta which is one of the schools that does have a agreement with the California Community College System so if they do the I get C or the CSU track does that guarantee them junior standing if it's not different that would guarantee junior stand as if they have the sixty units but what the agreement they do not have to have a a dt they can have a certain number of units and me a 2.5 GPA and be guaranteed into a specific schools so depending on the institutions the requirements may vary slightly but the guarantee is across the board for the 37 colleges so thinking in our report back it would be interesting of how our students and athletics doing particularly in basketball football and track are we seeing the same higher lower completion rates transfer rates you know there's there's been a lot of research about athletic programs being student success programs but is that true for us on campus it would be interesting to evaluate that so thank you again for the presentation and thank you again everyone coming out tonight just in closing I want to update that I provided a copy to the board of the state of Higher Education for black Californians this report was released this week by the campaign for college opportunity there's some really good methodology in here so I think we're gonna take it back and maybe replicate some parts of the study or here at LBCC to really understand the student experience better so I wanted to share that with the board closing before you all go I believe our pride and joy our student trustee Donell Jones also has a question or comment excuse me I do have a couple of quick comments and then maybe a couple of quick questions you guys don't mind first off I want to say thank you again for putting together this wonderful presentation and then I kind of want to echo a little bit of my experience to kind of support a lot of what was presented here tonight you know I'm as I as some of you guys have may have read in my in my bio I started it with Long Beach City College driving the shuttles and I kind of fell in love what the community here the moment that I fell in love with the community here at Long Beach City College was I was driving up to the LA sea campus around maybe six o'clock or so for the six o'clock trip and I saw a collection of you know our black students standing right outside the D building there and I approached them and actually happen to be one of the clubs on campus that may not be active this semester the development of african-american professionals I mean speaking with a lot of those members actually a few members are in the audience today and actually armed I believe they're one of their advisors is actually here in the audience today but just being involved you know that first interaction with those students actually you know helped me to make the decision to attend Long Beach City College and then once I got on you know here you know got involved with the Emoji program with dr. Freeman and had the opportunity to attend one of the HBCU tours and it was it was I don't want to say life-changing you know to be hyperbolic but it really was refreshing and encouraging and it really opened my eyes to the world of possibilities and being able to meet and interact with so many of our intelligent like-minded students that had a shared background you know it's really instrumental and encouraged me to to be able to persist and to echo trusting my Lulu's comment about you know the need for more african-american staff and faculty I know that just working with the handful that we have here you know dr. Freeman or Letha Brooks Elijah Simms Dean Knox Lisa Roper Marcia Parker the Deborah Peterson Dwayne Schaeffer Jerome hunt Cheryl Williams and so so many more has actually been instrumental in my ability to succeed and also in my decision to get involved with leadership and then another I guess kind of suggestion or observation I should say is I've noticed that in the honors lounge you know being a member of the Honors Program I have noticed that there seems to be a lack of african-americans especially males within the Honors Program and I'm wondering you know how we can change that one thing that really broke my heart was looking over the years of the Presidential Scholars and not seeing one african-american male in the pictures around you know of our Presidential Scholars I think is one area that that a lot of what's been shown here you know hopefully we can you know make moves to kind of change in and address that and then another question that I have is are there any efforts currently to may be engage older African Americans you know may not be the traditional students may be partnering with like staffing agencies or you know the unemployment department or other areas where we we see other individuals who who may not be in the traditional college age but it would still could utilize the education and skills that long beach city college could provide so I'm really glad that you pointed that out and brought that up I know that we are going to be bringing back our Career Center model and we actually brought back the faculty coordinator position for the Career Center and we split it between the two campuses one at PCC and one here at La si and so some of the conversations as we begin to build that model out again is what would reentry services look like for our adult population and doing some very intentional work Michael Hubbard is one of our career counselors and so we're funding some partial release time through our equity funds to do some real targeted career services and some reentry services so we'll be we are in the beginning stages of that work but it is something that is on the radar and we will be intentional about in terms of looking forward thank you and then my last one and I noticed that we don't have an honors office or honors lounge at our PCC campus I know we have one here on LSE campuses too any plans to maybe look into that I just want to speak to the Honors Program with respect to matriculation first so going back to your previous question as I was also a student here and and it took me a year but in my second year I was able to get into the Honors Program and not to be hyperbolic but I do think it was life changing so a part of what we're trying to do for students is front-load the information it is true that as I've met with students in my office you know their pathways halfway through their journey and they've never heard of it they don't know that it exists so at at our upcoming matriculation events and through our partnership with death Wilier the coordinator we're loading the information so that all incoming students know what it is and what and and the benefits of being involved so we hope we'll have an impact on what you acknowledge and I think what you've identified is something that week I can take back with dr. Scott and we kind of explore further in terms of what we can do to support or not support but really to engage our students of color more with our Honors Program so it's noted and I'll make sure I bring it back and maybe when we have our one-on-one we can explore that further sure Thank You trustee and took I believe you had another question last thing I forgot to ask for in the report back can we find out the dollar amount of how much we're spending each of these programs and what funds do to come from unrestricted or journal funding can you repeat that trustee and took just so we get it for the record again my understanding of what I heard associated budget to our different programs so the programs that were highlighted right I bring in whether they're categorical or unrestricted and they're what funds they come from okay thank you everyone I I think everything that I wanted to say has been said and I really appreciate vice president mallalieu's really expression of our sentiment as a board a commitment we've been working on years and trying to move these numbers I know I sounded like a broken record but I am confident that the district is committed to moving these numbers especially with our leadership at the helm and you know as as your board of trustees will hold that to account and we'll keep questioning it so with that I'd like to move to the item that I know a lot of the members of the public have been waiting for item 2.7 resolution for Black History Month the recommended action is at the board of trustees a dogged resolution number zero to two seven one nine a recognizing Black History Month as submitted the faculty staff students and board of trustees of Long Beach City College believe that's support Black History Month will help our college and members of the community broaden their understanding and tolerance of diversity this resolution recognizes the vital importance of supporting Black History Month and encourages faculty staff and students and members of the community to participate in activities aimed at enhancing our understanding and appreciation of diversity it is in action so I'd like to ask for a motion move by vice president mallalieu and seconded by trustee and took let's are there any comments questions before we take action just wanted to ask the guests who are about to leave if you wait one minute we'd love to take a picture with everyone after we vote 10 seconds are there any comments anyone would like to assure vice president mallalieu I would just like to ask you all to hang tight for just a minute this is actually what you've been waiting for and I know that I've gotten away from us but I would like to thank trustee untuk for his vision in making this happen and for bringing forth this resolution I'm jealous because I didn't wear my dashiki today and he did and he looks so comfortable there but thank you very much for doing this and I think on behalf of the faculty the staff and the students of Long Beach City College we're very grateful for this recognition and we applaud your efforts so thank you very much trustee untucked I also wanted to echo what has been said this is so monumental for us and I hope other districts and governance bodies also follow suit its historic I don't think we've ever done this before and its really partners like trustee and tuck who have the vision and to bring this forth and of course now you know it's a different era on this Board of Trustees thank God that it is and so we could do things like this and celebrate as you can see we're very supportive but you know I do want to say before we take action a few comments you know I had the pleasure of going to the Ryze event can add that was hosted last week and for the very first time I shared my involvement with the black community and you know something that changed my life working in the gang intervention sector and this this gal who seems to be you know very howdy doody according to so I had the great privilege of working with men and women who were in that sector and were trying to get back on their feet my life changed the story that goes behind it I am happy to tell you I once we take action we have a lot of items on the board so I won't take the time to give you that background just yet but I'm happy to provide it to you and to anyone who's interested but it is very important for us not to just say we celebrate and honor but go beyond that and be vigilant on our day to day activities what I don't appreciate is when we have Hollywood who always addresses you know as if it's in something in the past in the Jim Crow era it's happening before our eyes segregation discrimination it's just more sophisticated just like anti-semitism in my community is very has taken a very sophisticated form and I think is the Jewish community and the black community we share one thing in common and that is just the severe discrimination but I do I do have to share with you that the Germans while they were very thorough and erratic hating six million of us they were all so thorough in apologizing and when you go to Germany and aha and when you go to these sites they have commemorated those victims I wonder if we have done that have we apologized for the atrocities that has happened I know many are working on that Margaret Burnham who's working on cold cases in the south and is resurrecting them and trying to get justice for the many lives and families of those victims you know these people like that heard that are true heroes in my book and as of last year if you are not aware of this I encourage you to look at the center for investigative journalism with National Public Radio did a investigation on redlining and fair landing with the Community Redevelopment Act I believe that they were supposed to have banks in these areas that are blight and impacted and don't they don't they didn't they wouldn't this is as of last year and this was in Philadelphia and I encourage each and every one of you to look at this study that inspires senator Warren to look at this this is last year folks it's happening before our eyes and they're trying to make reforms now they wouldn't land to african-american members of the community and yet while we sit here and celebrate I want to give you our commitment that these are not just pretty words from this board we're committed we're vigilant we're going to be on top of this because all politics is local and now this is just a symbol of our love and commitment for the black community and it's not just bunch of pretty words and a pretty resolution with that I like to ask for a vote Madam Secretary Vivien mallalieu I would walk Joe in tongue Doug Otto sen easier i student trustee jones i alright I believe we wanted to give a resolution and we have a frame and yes I'd like to ask trustee in took to take the resolution with the rest of the board and we're going to take a picture with members of the community if you could be so kind to come up and bear with us well we took this picture thank you I can have all the trustees back we have a very long agenda I know we have very excited members of the community Thank You members of the community for attending thank you so much for your participation we will now move on to item 2.8 superintendent presidents report dr. O'Malley if you could be so great to kick us off I think some we should have given a recess but does it look like all right I think we will I believe we have a video that we're gonna be starting off with is that correct yes thank you congratulations everyone for a thorough and excellent presentation the first thing we're going to do is start off with a video that I think it's very important to talk about it's a it's counseling day video and it really shows a tremendous shift of paradigm of paying attention to our community and responsiveness to our community needs so Dario if you could queue that on up for us please thank you Oh congratulations everyone the next announcement that I would like to make is that college day is going to be very special this year because we are going to have it at PCC so that is very exciting yeah we also provided legislative guides to all of the trustees I'd like to thank Jeff wood our chief of staff for doing an outstanding job on that I also want to tell you that we are going to have our state of college state of the college speech that will be scheduled in June I hope you're looking forward to it it's going to be dramatically different this year I hope that you will bear with me on it because there's a reason we're doing something different in the past we have had a lot of fancy equipment and teleprompters and computers and cameras and and fancy lunches and we're not going to do that this year we're gonna go we're gonna get you're gonna get hopefully the same great message from yours truly but we're gonna do it in a much less expensive way and there's a reason for that because we're gonna take the money that we would have spent on the fanciness and we're gonna drive it back into something and let me tell you what we're gonna drive it back into we're gonna drive it back into the newly announced president's task force for race and equity and the opening of the Multicultural Center so I hope that you bear with me and you won't miss the arugula salad and the iced tea with watery ice in it that was supposed to be funny so you can you can laugh so also governor Newsom was here to visit this week he held a meeting for mayor's on campus and they were all very impressed of course we used the opportunity to showcase our institution the team worked through the weekend and I'd like to acknowledge jeff wood Joshua Castellanos marlene done in the entire facilities team for working through the weekend we also as you know were for the first time in the college's history were a bellwether award finalist this is the Oscars in the community college business out of over a thousand colleges that were looked at we were in the top ten now we didn't win but being in the top out of a thousand means that our promise 2.0 program is one of the top 1% of programs in the nation and for that I think we can be incredibly proud we have had last year we had classified luncheons where we met with many members of our classified staff and got input on how we can make lbcc better lest you think we didn't listen we listened we took what you said very seriously there were a lot of wonderful suggestions you trusted us with your input you trusted that we would do something with that and I want to thank you for putting that trust in us and so what we have done is created a newsletter and an annual report showing everything you asked us for and what we've done to integrate it so I want you to know that your that your input is valued and that work actually gets done and that students are succeeding at higher rates because of you and your suggestions so thank you from the bottom of our hearts what you do matters now guess where we do it now we got to have two more lunches this year because now we're gonna say now that we've done this where do we go now so please join us on March 13th and March at La si and March 20th at PCC we are looking forward to hearing more ideas our Center for community partnerships we have an information session tomorrow to over 50 community industry partners who are interested in offering internships and/or job opportunities and our scholarships to our students this is something new and outstanding I want to thank president Zia for this this is her brainchild it's wonderful to offer someone a degree it's even better to offer them a life and an opportunity for a prosperity our job doesn't end at the graduation stage we must connect the graduation stage with a high paying job in Long Beach so I want to thank her for that Welcome Week was held the week of February 6th with lots of asking me tables and students able to come onto campus and find out more information we have the Maritime Center of Excellence which has truly blown up with registrations now being accepted for community members who are interested in global logistics and supply chain industries these are short-term fee based classes that are offered by workforce development supply chain foundational logistics and immediate intermediary logistics and supervisory goods management so if you know anyone who's interested in these high-paying jobs please connect them with our Workforce Development please also if you know anyone who's interested you'd like to nominate for our Alumni Hall of Fame please get those applications in now I'd like to introduce someone who is become very special to us very quickly her name is Yvonne Gutierrez son Duvall she is our new senior director of financial aid if you could stand Yvonne she's wonderful she is helping us she is outstanding she comes to us from Rio Hondo which is becoming Long Beach City College north in our wonderful relationship with them Yvonne has served as a president president-elect and past president of the California Association of student financial aid administrators and she was selected by the do-e to serve on the negotiated rulemaking community in Washington DC so she's a very big deal and we are very very lucky we welcome you Yvonne to Long Beach City College now let me share some unfortunate news with you I will be sending you all some details on this as you know this student centered funding formula came out to happiness and chagrin and as it turns out we have found out that the state does not have enough money to fund this student centered funding formula which is unfortunately as we suggested there are in fact there are some significant problems that they have identified in what they will be able to fund and I will be providing a much more thorough report in detail and what that means for us financially at a later date so that's some unfortunate news that we just got I want to thank trustee untuk he and I and the team had a very very productive conversation about a new format for board of trustees requests we hope that you like it what we're gonna do is bring forward these requests in agenda format so you'll see them whether they are an action item or a discussion item or information to allow you a chance to hear how we're doing on the various requests and opine on your opinion along the way so you have much more involvement in that so I want to thank him for that and Madam President that completes my report thank you Thank You superintendent president dr. O'Malley for that fantastic report as usual and very thorough thank you for providing the documentation item 2.9 our ASB president reporter John Paolo thank you so much for waiting so patiently the floor is yours thank you thank you so much we're just these vice president's faculty staff and fellow students good evening and happy Wednesday for my report last January 31st and February 1st the Department of Student Affairs kickoff the biannual ASB Senate leadership retreat I want to extend my gratitude to the board of trustees trustee zia trustee malulu trustee Baxter trustee otto and vice president Munoz who stepped in for our superintendent president Molly for their attendance and sharing their inspirational stories we were very excited with the updates from each of you as to where our college is heading thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit with us and for trustee untuk if you're not too busy I would love to get to know you more and also our cabinet members so just let me know and or our student trustee Jones if you're available let's do a town hall together yes sir all right next one my report is for the first week of classes the Department of Student Affairs greeted the students with a welcome week filled with fun events there was the bearer of breakfast day in both campuses in partnership with Cal fresh and the healthy biking initiative this program is designed to assist students with food insecurities and enhance student success Bera breakfast is carried by our s and be on campus restaurant services and offered once a month at both LEC and peace see this program is funded through the hunger-free cap campus allotment additional resources are available at at this event so basically the Student Health Services instantly are addressing food insecurities and enhancing student success through this event it's just it's really close to my heart because I myself as a food insecure student and I'm really glad that we're able to like do this type of events and just logistics in LEC we serve 195 students and in PCC we serve 147 students next on my report last favorite twenty first twenty nineteenth we opened the Viking ball at PCC and now has set open hours on Thursdays in the PCC student union from 1 to 3 p.m. students are given 15 points to purchase with the point system one two and three point items in the pantry depending on the size of the grocery items each student must complete must complete a basic needs assessment with the options of one-on-one private meeting at a later time the Viking ball is funded donations from lbcc faculty and staff student clubs and organizations the long beach community members and agencies the Long Beach National Council of Jewish women and the Eldorado's Women's Club as well as the Hunger Free campers salaamed next on my report is the student lab also provided the biannual coffee and donuts with our student leaders and Dean's on both campuses it was a great turnout with students Dean's and staff we continue with our Welcome Back barbecue which we fed over 800 students with free hot dogs chips and drinks and we kept up our week what wake up welcome with Coaches vs cancer event and are very successful join the club they held on both campuses and lastly on my report the Viking Activities Council in celebration of Black History Month provided the forgotten images event an exhibit that gave authentic and informative journey through the black history through real artifacts and the arts they also provide like screenings of moonlight and we had like a visit from the airman listen thank you so much that's end of my report Thank You Paolo great report before you leave I wanted to make sure you know about the and Tamar I did present at the ASB this is for our students to be woven into the internship program so I think would be fantastic of ASB is there and has representation item to point now and to point I'm a student trustee Donald Jones your report oh good evening everyone much of what I wanted to say has been cover already but I do want to thank you guys for for joining us this evening as we celebrate Black History it's been truly a blessing this has been a really eventful and exciting month Thursday February 21st I had the pleasure of attending the riot celebration of Black Heritage just across the way of T 1200 sponsored by the Emoji and the student equity initiative there was food african dance performed by a fee of our talented students and an engaging discussion led by several distinguished panelists including 8th district council member a lawston long beach art council president tasha hunter and local business owner john howard the fun didn't stop there the following day February 22nd we hosted Long Beach documentarian and photographer Sylvester do Gibbons as he presented his remarkable photography power the power of choice for those of you who did not who were unable to attend the event you can still check out his artwork it's currently on display in t1000 also the asp cabinet has been hard at work these past couple of months preparing for the Student Senate California Community College Conference in April the cabinet is considering a few resolutions to address key concerns for our students additionally the cabinet will be taking some positions on a few issues of importance to our students in the coming weeks these issues include Senate bill 291 ice officer presence on campus and improvement overnight student parking and sorry we are also working alongside faculty and community leaders including our trustee and took over here to host a student townhall during the month of March so stay tuned for more information to come thank you student trustee Jones 2.11 LBC CFA bargaining president Kristin Moreno welcome thank you good evening superintendent president dr. O'Malley for presidency a distinguished board members first of all FA wants to extend a thank you for the presentation and resolution in support of Black History Month this evening in honor in support of tonight's presentation I just want to highlight some of the ongoing equity work in projects by our faculty I want to extend a thank you to the faculty on the catalyst Advisory Committee those involved in dream services and all the counselors who continue to advocate for our undocumented students via peer support DREAM Act application assistance and scholarship resources another thing you to the next up program and our Guardian scholars counselors in EOPS who serve current and former foster youth and help these students complete their educational career and personal goals thank you to faculty across the disciplines who continue to work on equity Seng their syllabi participate in community of practice trainings in support of students in closing those achievement gaps another thank you to the ESL department who converted a large number of academic support classes and all avocational ESL classes to non-credit since many of these students are awaiting a change in legal residency faculty are supporting their academic progress while they wait math and engineering faculty want to thank the foundation for a grant that provided them with textbooks to put on reserve in the math Success Center to help our engineering students who can't afford textbooks lastly I want to extend a thank you to our own FA Executive Board and FA Equity chair for its collaboration with the Diversity Committee and the classified Union on an upcoming gender inclusivity and awareness event this April this will also include LGBTQ safe zone Ally training these collaborations are so important more needs to be done but these are just a few examples and reminders that faculty are committed to equity and advocacy in the classroom and in collaborative college service on a daily basis thank you thank you Kristen item 2.12 aft bargain and president Susan Trask welcome thank you trustees president moly vice president and community it was a great presentation tonight on Black History Month I'm very impressed I'm also glad that the classified staff the numbers are decent so that's nice to know I just wanted to say it's I've been here 20 years and it's just really amazing to see how this College has become so inclusive classified are now on all the committees and have a voice and we're the front you know front line people and all these in bringing the students in and and they have something to say and I really appreciate you and I was so nice to know about College day make sure you turn it around so your camera captures in your beautiful face and Annie's beautiful but it's just on the cover the classified know that they are being listened to and I really look forward to that out of town hall thank you so much for that great photos in the lobby and I appreciate also that we're back filling the positions that were affected by the stir Thank You tree we're working really diligently to get everything back and running it's just exciting and colleges can we like just really you know make it all about the treats so that's exciting to me and we're working with a charter for the classified luncheon planning and that's gonna be in man I'll give you more details Nick Thank You Susan and I loved seeing your picture on the cover of that profile and made me really have you both you and Annie's picture and I made a comment about it item two point thirteen edge high bargaining presidents report do I seek I don't see their Karen here item two point fourteen reordering of the agenda does anyone want to reorder or make any modifications vice president mallet will do yes I would like to make a motion to table five items on the agenda in the interest of time if it is the pleasure of the board and everybody present if you don't mind because it's I'm looking at the time it's already 7:30 and we're on item two point one four so it's gonna be a long night these items are not pressing there is no urgency to them and hopefully we can table them until next meeting so I'd like to move that we table item three point two three point three seven point one eight point six and nine point one out of respect to trustee untuk since I believe those are items that you're bringing forth I'd just like to confer with you to make sure that it's okay that we table them until next month's meeting and it's so you know I don't agree okay we have a motion on the floor is there a second can you can you speak to the microphone trustee otto i believe the numbers were three point two three point three seven point one eight point six nine point one item three point two is the election update three point three years the state and federal policy advocacy informational item item seven point one is the middle college I think update on middle college item eight point six is update on bus passes and item 9.1 is the first named policy a preferred first name policy okay we have a motion and a second I just so now we want to have a discussion about this perhaps I can offer a happy medium in here I know the staff has provided plenty of information and update and documentation here on item 3.1 3.2 and the rest of the items it's pretty voluminous and I'm assuming that the board members have studied it so perhaps we can just go with efficiency with those and you know answer be brief with any questions because the information is provided in the packet and our docket would that would that be okay with everyone maybe we could I'm sorry trustee otto I can't hear you can you speak to the microphone actually okay well we have a motion in the second so we just the untuck are you okay with that or I was trying to look at the numbers and items its 3.2 it is the update on election committee at three point three is the legislative update the seven-point one is the middle college update eight point six is the bus passes and nine point one is the preferred name policy so I was thinking perhaps you know we've gotten all the information I can certainly try to move the agenda forward with efficiency and unless there is a quite a bit of questions would that be okay with you trustee antic let me just speak to the proposal I'm okay with the deferring on three point two the election information the state and federal policy was timely of sun-shining what did we talk about in Sacramento and Washington in the last three weeks so it's just informational item I don't think I'll be that quick I thought the middle college update was seeking board input and it was timely of what has changed and what is coming and are we in agreeance or not that wouldn't I thought wasn't but I don't know cuz we got there yet the bus passes is something we've been working on for about eight months that we've finally got to the board to discuss so I'm opposed delaying eight point six and then nine point one I'm also opposed to the lane because this is a the amended first reading and if we don't do it now this pushes it back three months until the policy will finally be enacted so so i i'm i'm okay with three point two which was okay so we had okay do you want to well we have a motion in a second so you want to imagine your original motion would that work for you test you out of since you seconded I can't tell you until I know what the amendment is the amendment is to remove 3.2 only not really but I'm okay with it I mean it's okay I mean I could you know strike the whole motion and we can just be here all night so it doesn't matter to me but I was thinking of in the interest of time and staff and work and it is it is late you know usually around this time we're at least halfway through the agenda so if you know you know if these items need to be addressed we're wasting time talking about them needing to be talked about so let's just um you know let's just move on the agenda I'll withdraw the motion and we'll just keep going okay so well let's just take the vote and the motion fails I would do the motion okay what's that that's all right with me okay good that's what it was gonna ask okay we will now move on to item 2.15 public comments on agenda items the public is allowed to address the board before during the consideration of any event agenda item a total of three minutes is allotted and at a twenty minute maximum I have one speaker card miss Naomi Rainey Pierson the Long Beach branch and double-a-c-p president Naomi are you here I don't see her here I may I thought maybe she is back there somewhere okay so now we will move on to item 3.1 citizens I'm sorry is there eight did you need to say something new trustee otto what would you wear would you like okay I just want to make sure your your recognize trustee auto item three point 1 2018 citizens Oversight Committee annual report this is an action item that the Board of Trustee accept the 2018 citizens Oversight Committee annual report is submitted in accordance with Education Code 15 280 B the citizens Oversight Committee is required to submit an annual report on its activities David see a chairperson for the the chairperson for the citizens oversight committee will present the 2018 citizens Oversight Committee annual report this report covers bond funded activities for the specific period of January 1 to December 31 2018 and community members will receive a copy of the annual report via email and a printed copy will be available upon request if you like your acceptance by the Board of Trustees the report will be posted on the district's website welcome mr. C we're going to take a vote after your presentation is that what both first take the motion then is there a motion move to accept the report trustee otto and moves except is there a second I'll second the motion let's go ahead and vote and then you can answer any questions call to vote roll go ahead madam secretary Vivian Molly Lou good luck Joe in tuck I dug Otto it's an easier I am student trustee Jones hi are there any questions comments from mr. C thank you so much for patiently waiting and it's wonderful to have you here are there any questions comments thank you for the fabulous report thank you would you like to say a few words I want to honor any I know you've been so grace gracious with your time would you like to add anything I'm not much I really enjoyed the presentation so I'm glad I waited I don't have far to go I live in the neighborhood right across the street so I really appreciate just the in front of the board and give me this chance to speak and I also would like to thank the staff the bond and financial management staff they've been wonderful to work with I've been on the committee for several years and I really commend their work thank you well thank you so much it's lovely meeting you alright we will now move to item 3.2 lbcc d governing board members election 2020 update this is an informational item the board will review the process that took our be CCD governing board from an April 20 2011 to a November 2020 statewide general election we've received the information it is in the docket and post it online are there this is an informational item there are there any questions comments by the board members hearing none moving on to oh I'm sorry gotta be quick trustee I'm trying to make sure everybody's everybody on this board you know one once we need to go with velocity and efficiency so sorry I didn't mean to scare screwed over you okay thank you for bringing this up I know there was a question that came up a few months ago that elections are moving to November I know it's already been ratified and mailers have been sent out to all registered voters in the district but a couple things looking at the way we're structured you know we want the board to be the most representative of the district I know this was a state law that forced us to change from 12% turnout so we're looking at north of 40 percent turnout looking at the different November elections of gubernatorial versus presidential elections it looks like there's an additional 25% difference between turnout in our gubernatorial elections to our presidential elections and the last four cycles and just raising the question of you know in a presidential year we have between 50 and 60 percent turnout versus in a gubernatorial year we have between 25 and 35 percent turnout which is still double or triple what our rates were previously I know my election was 11 percent turnout but we have two and three we have the two the minority of the seats on the bigger turnout and we have the majority of seats on the lower turnout and when you look at these numbers more young people vote in presidential years than in gubernatorial years and if we're making decisions on who should represent the community and we want to make sure we have a full range of voices the majority of members should be on the presidential year so not sure if there's anything you know just a note the point maybe there's something we address when we do redistricting in 2022 but there's a misalignment of the number of seats on that and I know there was a lot of effort that went into and then prior to me be on the board but that was one thing too with the cost of Elections going up with this bigger increase we had to pay the county more to print more ballots and sample ballots that get mailed out we do not have a signature requirement the City Council has a signature required me at the school board has a signature requirement we don't and it really is a measure of community support that if you're going to be nominating yourself to run for office that they're you know leaders got to have followers and we don't have that requirement and LA Community College they currently have 500 signatures as a requirement and something that I think we should explore and I did talk to LA county registrar's recorders office is to create such a signature requirement of any amount we have to do a state legislative bill so I'm maybe something in the future we could talk about is adding that to our legislative agenda of creating some threshold of a signature requirement just so it can be aligned with our other government agencies that's all I had Thank You trustee and Chuck those four very insightful comments I appreciate you making them maybe we can look at those in detail that's great points and very valid item 3.3 state and federal policy advocacy it is an information item the board will share information regarding at the state and federal policy priorities I believe this was on we have the information if I could ask the board members who were present at these conferences and would like to share it to be concise as possible and give the seminal details to the extent you can I also wanted to thank you for giving this comprehensive report and I think we should make a practice of this for all trustees going forward and I thank you for trustee and took for bringing this to the board as an agenda item and superintendent president dr. Emily executing it trustee inter did you want to give a report on this or I thought it was very important for transparency for people to see what we were talking about on our recent trips to Sacramento and DC the summary is there but basically at the state level we were supporting the cola increase talking about the College promise for two years and then also protecting our financial aid and expanding it especially for basic needs at the state level at the national level we were you're talking about expanding Pell grants that it can cover more than just tuition but also housing and basic needs but also eliminating the drug conviction restriction that was added in 2004 if you have a prior conviction then you're eligible for a Pell Grant and financial aid and so we're asking is called the second-chance Pell Grant amendment only other thing on the federal request we were in DC asking for the federal maritime senator to be designated from the federal government and to have a federal appropriation of 30 million dollars that would help not just us but community colleges around the country established partnerships with each state has a federal maritime academy ours is in the Bay Area there's one in Galveston but allows community colleges have direct transfer partnership especially with our ports in part of our maritime center of excellence council congresswoman Bergen was very supportive we met with her but we talked to all of our federal representatives about that thank you thank you so much and I just want to mention thank you for representing us I had a work commitment that you were kind of on your own and I believe you did a fantastic job with our team there but no other trustee was there but I really thank you for representing the board and if there's anything else I don't want to I don't want to make a bridge your presentation if there's anything else you want to highlight we have time no I'll say more during the trustee update later but I just wanted a request that we put the documents online so everyone can look and see that is fantastic it's something that I've asked for for a long time but it was a different era but now you know with your partnership I see it's fantastic I think it's great vice president mallalieu did you have any yes I would just like to comment briefly I attended the state legislative summit in January and it was great and productive and I do believe that we were able to make connections with some of our legislators that perhaps we would not have been able to connect with here at home because of time and logistics but being able to be in one place with all of them and having our sacramental lobbyist organize and coordinate the meetings it was you know back-to-back and I felt that we were in good hands and it was really well done but the real purpose of me making a comment right now is to commend our chief of staff jeff wood for this outstanding folder and I don't know if there's anybody else that I should think but if you know there's somebody else on staff Jeff this is outstanding and you actually did something that I've been wanting to do myself for a long time and just never got around to doing it because the amount of time that is required to gather he's got all these tab and he's got all of the legislators that represent our district the cities that we represent demographics for each city in our district the schools and this is something I mean when I opened it I said it's like you know I wish I'd had the time to do this three or four years ago but I never have so this is very valuable and I look forward to updates and having it grow even more thank you and if there's anybody else that worked with you I'm sorry I'm not aware of it but please extend my gratitude and appreciation to them as well maybe maybe Josh next to you no thank you and I'm sure that you worked under the directions superintendent president row Molly so you know start from the top thank you this is very good thank you Thank You vice president mallalieu we are now moving on to consent agenda I think this reserves a round of applause you can silently applaud I'd like to make I'd like to ask for a motion to move the consent agenda and totally looks like what items would you like to pull I'm sorry everybody I would like to pull a couple of items on the consent agenda actually there are several but I'm gonna stick to just one okay maybe not so I'm just for the purpose of conversation a brief conversation I'd like to pull item for point one two and four point one four and let me just make sure that that was it because I highlighted them yes that's it just those two for a brief question and discussion okay so do I have a motion to approve the consent agenda except item 4.12 and 4.14 so moved is there a second second trustee in tuck-in um secretary ha are you ready for us I know we're all over the place a little bit with our movements tonight motion the motion was to prove the consent agenda with all items except item 4.12 at 4.2 14 going the two items out so I'm starting with 4.12 who made the motion trustee otto made the motion and just the Intex seconded to approve the consent agenda - those two items oh you're just proving that I'm sorry okay can you call for the vote please I'm gonna take it man you in here because I have to pull the items on Vivian mallalieu I would walk Joe in took all right Doug Otto sunny Zia I student trustee Jones all right okay now we will move on to item 4 point 12 on the consent agenda this is to declare a surplus the Board of Trustees declare as surplus and improves a vice president business services or it doesn't need to dispose of property as submitted the facilities Department has a value to the district's fleet and declare that the vehicle listed below has exceeded its useful life is no longer suitable for the district's use and it has been replaced with a new vehicle is there a motion and a second so moved moved by trustee in took seconded by trustee auto are there any questions comments vice president mallalieu did you have questions not about the motion but about the item about the item that's yes so I just want to know the status of that vehicle if it's going to be traded in if we're gonna donate it for some non profit if it can be used to been our students somehow someway I understand that it's you know out of its useful life but is there any benefit to what we're doing with it I can address that thank you once we determine that the item has no more purpose for the college we can dispose of it in either of those ways you mentioned we determined that it was not useful for educational program due to the age of the vehicle and the change in technology that makes it not relevant for our current program I would have to get back to you on the method of disposal I am unsure if we're going to auction or donate it for a vehicle of this age it is typical that we attempt to auction first and then if there are no takers to then donate then what will become of those funds I just want to know if it'll benefit our students if those funds can be allocated to something specific like maybe our automotive repair program those funds are returned to the fund that it was originally purchased from that's important because federal law would require that if it were purchased with federal funds that the funds returned to that federal program in this case the vehicles purchases from the general fund so it'll return back to the general fund just as general unrestricted funds item 4.14 contractor word said this is an action and the Board of Trustees authorize the vice president business services or designee to enter into and execute the contract awards as submitted excuse me trustee zia I apologize I didn't call for the vote today you know I let's go back to item for point 12 and go ahead and Madam Secretary Vivien mallalieu I go to walk Joe in tow hi delgado sen easier i student trustee jones i okay we will now move on to item four point 14 and that is that the Board of Trustees authorize the vice president and business services or designee to enter into and execute the contract awards are submitted the contracts are outlined below is there a motion and a second so moved moved by a trustee intact is there a second second seconded by trustee auto vice president mallalieu did you have any questions and comments on these yes my question came with contract number nine nine seven six five point four with Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce I I would just like to know the nature of that contract and also for future reports I know that the administrative staff has done an outstanding job in including more information and the reports that we get particularly when it comes to budget items that that has really come a long way in the last couple of years making these especially the consent items more transparent and more detailed but is it possible moving forward that we have the contract awards actually maybe have a sentence on there to say what each particular contract is for I know some of them are partnerships with other educators and student related some are faculty professional development but if we can have a line item included on each report that certainly and forgive me trustee mala to move for my confusing presentation that I we could have presented this in a more clear manner because in fact the first one two three four five six seven items are all for the same purpose and so you won't find the paragraph that describes those until you get past contract nine nine seven six five point eight so the paragraph that begins background for the seven contract set forth above refers back to those previous seven items each of these items is a sub-recipient for our Small Business Development Center we host the SBDC for this region and these are all sub contracts for those specific sub regions to provide the services but I will definitely revisit the presentation of this we for old times we'll have items where we have contracts with sub-recipients that then are followed by a summary of all those and I think we can work on that presentation for you okay thank you just one sentence like you have here only maybe you know like you said you know kind of organize it a little more so it could be a little more reader friendly or visually easier to follow but particularly the LA Chamber of Commerce that one also goes with the SBDC absolutely they are one of our sub recipients okay got it thank you very much thank you Justine - I think maybe vice president drink wine we're on the Internet can I find these contract numbers to match a contract document thank you that's an excellent question the contracts are not actually finalized until you approve them in that there are specific clauses that continue to be renegotiated after your approval so for instance what you're approving is the basic business relationship but many times we have to negotiate the inclusion of indemnity clauses in insurance clauses in the requirements if we have an on-campus consultant what kind of if there's a background check if they're dealing with different student populations and so while you're approving that basic core business agreement the contract goes through a little bit more refinement we can certainly share with you what our standard contract looks like but there's oftentimes considerable negotiation another good example is occasionally a vendor will have their own contract that's presented to us and we typically would not accept that we have to put it into our format that contains all of our legal requirements so it is the process that it comes to you for approval and then continues on for a considerable refinement so when do we actually see the contract document we see the contract document I guess I should say we as the board it depends and I know that's always not a satisfied satisfiable answer but it depends on the length of those negotiations as soon as it is signed by their party we acquire that they sign it first and it comes to us and then as soon as I'm able to execute it we can then share this with you we can certainly work on a strategy to share those with you as soon as they are executed beyond the employment contracts I've never seen a regular contract attached or a finalized contract to the board but I know I've looked at other boards and they have finalized signed contracts on their documents even if it's in consent calendar you know just playing with the language and what the agreements and what the terms are it's difficult I mean we're gonna be an authorization here but we don't actually see what we're offering it appears problematic to me well I think that's a great a great point and you know if it's desire of the board as a whole we can certainly adopt that I think it'll add transparency but maybe staff can value it what other boards have and make sunshine it when did contract is negotiated I'd like to call for the vote but before I do and for and I'd like to give a reminder to board members something that was adopted quite a while ago and it was an advice that trustee otto had given me that hey if you have any questions out of fairness to staff we should provide those questions ahead of time and then get them answered so that it'll minimize both the time impact on the board members and then also make it go a little bit more seamless I do think these are very great questions and I certainly don't mean to minimize and trivialize anyone's questions I think they're fantastic at will and I sure the perspective I just want to carry that message that we do have that board protocol communications protocol and I ask that I invite all my board members to consider that going forward Madam Secretary can you call for the vote Vivian mallalieu I would walk Joe in tuk no Doug Otto sunny Zia I student trustee James okay we will now move on to item 5.1 employment contract with Marlene drink wine vice president business services the recommended action is that the Board of Trustees approve the employment contract for Marlene drink wine vice president business services is submitted the employment contract provides for a term of employment from February 28 2019 to June 30 2021 the contract provides for annual compensation of two hundred twenty two thousand four hundred eighty along with health and welfare benefits and life insurance do I have a motion second moved by a trustee Auto seconded by trustee in took I like to say that I personally am so incredibly impressed Marlene with your professionalism and your conduct and your deference to your colleagues and your appreciation for just the institution and protocol and then also making sure that you really try to be a servant leader and I've seen that firsthand and I honor you for that I think it's fantastic it's definitely a change before this new era on the board we certainly got a different approach of not necessarily that forthcoming and openness it was more the know first until you had to you know get it yank it out or fish it out of the administration and I just really commend you for taking on that servant leadership approach and I certainly value and honor you as do the rest of the board and I'm going to now give it to them to provide any comments and any kind of sentiment that they'd like to share and approving your contract with delight anyone else would like to add anything congratulations thank you so much for the service you provide to this institution Marlene you're incredible with that let's call for the vote Vivian mallalieu I would walk Joe inter I Doug Otto Sandhya I congratulations we're lean well deserved item 5.2 but did you liked it would you like to say a few words before I move on to 5.2 or I would really love to express my appreciation to the board for your support and particularly to dr. O'Malley for her continued support and leadership thank you see this is what I mean this is the kind of leader she is and you know I know the faculty and staff also love you and your supervisors and your colleagues marlene 5.2 revised lbcc ii the FT 2018-2019 classified salary schedule range one they recommended action is that the Board of Trustees approve the revised lbcc ii aft 2018-2019 classified salary schedule range 1 is submitted effective January 1 2019 the minimum wage in California increased to $12 per hour therefore the revision to the lbcc e aft 2018-19 classify salary schedule for range 1 reflects the necessary changes to be in compliance with the new minimum wage law beginning January 1 2019 the information is provided before us is your emotion so moves move by trustee into seconded by trustee auto are there any questions comments I had a question trusty into I know this is driven by the minimum wage increase and the state is eventually going to $15 an hour do we know what year that we ultimately hit $15 an hour and how many more increases we'll have to do like this is it 2021 I don't remember I want to say it's another two years I see hand gestures in the back you could certainly 2021 thank you he says you're a keeper okay I'm getting to Sunday's yeah did we take a vote Madam Secretary Viviane mallalieu I would walk Joe enter I Doug Otto and sunny Zia I the motion passes congratulations item 5.3 California Community Colleges classified Employee of the Year that the board this is a recommended action of the board endorsed the nomination of Sunday Dominguez for the 2019 California Community Colleges classified Employee of the Year award as submitted each year at their May meeting the board of governors of California Community Colleges honor classified employees who demonstrate the highest level of commitment professionalism and community colleges Award winners are selected by representatives of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors chancellor's office and the foundation for California Community Colleges each local Board of Trustees may forward to the California Community Colleges chancellor's office the name of one employee one nominee for the California for the community college classified employee of a year worth this year the district is recommending that nomination of Sunday Dominguez math lab coordinator Mattox Success Center sandy Dominguez embodies the California Community College mission in every role she takes she were still isn't lean to meet students where they are and provide targeted resources to achieve equitable outcomes when supporting math Success Center oh I think we lost one students she initiated programs that effectively lower the cost of education by providing free access to textbooks and calculators for students these resources save thousands of dollars for providing for students each semester she initiated every class every semester classroom orientation to help ensure that every student was informed I had a point of contact to reach academic services tailored to their knees she coordinated training for math faculty to improve the quality and coordination of services for students recognizing that we can accomplish more when we can work together when we work together she's a big proponent proponent for empowering young minds and actively participates in campus tours for lb USD partners and early bird events where her experiences in middle school and high school teacher helps engage future students as a classify senator and leader of school-wide programs she embodies student-centered mindset with the goal of institutional transformation sandy Dominguez is exceptionally organized efficient and highly respected by students staff faculty and administrators in addition to her outstanding contributions as a professional at lbcc since - and 2012 10 it is worth mentioning that Sunday Dominguez is a product of the California community college system having earned an associate degree in liberal arts Liberal Studies excuse me from lbcc after graduating from Long Beach Poly High School go Jackrabbits send Sundy continued her academic journey and learned a bachelor's of art degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in mathematics from Cal State University of Long Beach while attending Cal State University of Long Beach she also earned two teaching credentials a multiple subject teaching credential for K through a and a single subject teaching credential in mathematics she represents the value of hard work education and community leadership now Sunday I want to apologize to you that one you've had to wait this long for this wonderful item that we've been all waiting for and two for my abbreviation of your beautiful work here so I hope you forgive me that I didn't read the full extensive narrative that really does your service justice and I hope folks can read on their own time and and more importantly get to know you personally and I hope you actually went as you know we will support you with that I like to ask for a motion in a second moved by vice president mallalieu lute the second of my trustee and took are there any questions comments I hear none I can recall for the vote dizzi mallalieu I good work Joe intent doug otto sen easier i student trustee jones hi now we will go ahead and take a picture with sunday if I can ask the Board of Trustees to go item four five point four now we did take a vote so we're gonna move on to the next employment contract item five point four employment contract with Paul Creason and as the interim associate vice president of Pacific Coast campus the recommended action is that we approve the employment contract for Paul Creason interim associate vice president pacific coast campus is submitted the employment contract provides for a term of employment from March 1 2019 to March 29 2020 the contract provides for annual compensation of one hundred sixty nine thousand eighty five dollars along with health and welfare benefits and life insurance do I have a motion moved by trustee auto and seconded by trustee and took are there any comments questions all right let's go ahead and take a vote Vivian mala you Lou I would walk Joe in tuk hi Doug Otto sen easier i congratulations Paul we will now move on to item 6.1 new and modified courses the recommendation is that the Board of Trustees approved a new and modified course courses effective fall 2019 as submitted we have received the information in our packet is there a sign first their motion in a second second moved by trustee auto second my trusty and tug are there any questions comments that's one question sure good on the stats 108 X this is part of the AV 705 changed for remedial education removal in that support program thank you are there any questions and other questions comments I just didn't know if you wanted to have Wendy come up and answer any questions we're very pleased to have a lot of the co-requisite courses for the math that it that support eighty seven oh five on this agenda and in looking through the report that might gave us on the state of higher education for black Californians I noticed in there that it said 2/3 of african-american students are not getting through basic skills courses so these what we're doing right now should make a huge difference and Wendy's here if you want to have any questions and Moises who's been very involved in is also here but those are really critical classes for us great yeah I'm excited about the change and look forward to seeing how we adopt next fall and and how students perform in the next three years thank you any other questions comments let's take a vote Vivian ma Liu aye good luck Joe in tuck I Doug Otto like sen easier i student trustee jones by we will now move on to item 7.1 update on middle college this is an information item that we have received does anybody have any questions comments trustee in took a submission I don't know if she had anything to add to the updating the timing because I know at least for me the last time we talked about things have shifted and I don't know if you can kind of give an update and where things are going with the middle college and thank you yeah I provided a handout or a document for everybody but it really would be helpful at this point to have the support of the board to go forward on this item we met with representatives from lb USD fairly recently on February 7th and they're looking for input from our board to continue to plan to plan and to actually create a complete plan and timeline for a possible moving on this Browning high school I can go over what is in this report but what they're looking at is us possibly providing this middle college that would start off being a dual enrollment after school with culinary classes I don't know that they're getting full use of their kitchens currently and they're really excited about how beautiful they are and but and they need our support so what they would be looking at first is the dual enrollment after school and then ultimately moving into us offering classes during their bail schedule so and we could possibly offer not only culinary classes but some of the GE classes like history political science things that could double count for their students count for both high school a through G requirements as well as our requirements and the ultimate goal with it would be for students at Browning who are in these two pathways hospitality and culinary ultimately to come out with an ADT in hospitality or an associate degree in culinary at the same time they get their high school diploma that would be the long term goal so it's something that we would support we've been trying to do it for awhile we were looking at the butler site and that isn't that is a possibility in the future but right now we can't use it because they're using it a swing space while they're doing construction at their other schools but this we could start right away and we can do the dual enrollment with or without going I'm a middle college but we would appreciate the board support in order to continue the discussions which will also include the academic senator at our meeting tomorrow Thank You Kathy I'm fully supportive of this and I envision it as a multi phased approach we're already doing phase one with the early college dual enrollment offerings on campus at Jordan and at Cabrillo that we've started this semester I we've had ongoing dual enrollment but I think it's been on proactive students to come to us versus we go to them so I think we're it's great that we were strengthening that partnership and I I kind of see it College promise 2.0 or maybe 3.0 once it gets rolling and I don't know from us as a board moving to the phase two now of and a specific campus and a specific program that students get their high school diploma at a a at the same time you know Browning is a place to start that next phase I think that's a great step I I see a phase through instant phase four I love to see the joint campus of the PCC campus and the butler become a joint dual enrollment full high school and community college focused on the trades programs that at 18 you get your trades AAA program and go right into an apprenticeship or you know go on and be an electrical engineer in a different direction is for just my vision I haven't got the school district to agree but I love to see in North Long Beach we have the baby Jordan campus which is fairly new in the last 10 years could be another facility facility that's strategically located in an area that we could get more students in 905 and from Compton surrounding that an attractive and we have the pathways in North Long Beach already starting a middle school the Lindbergh is STEM Academy we have another STEM Academy middle school it feeds into Georgia but we don't have that middle college and I know we've we're doing the feasibility study of another institution but it seems like that baby Jordan location is a phase four maybe that's ten years down the road or maybe it's five years down the road but would what a board resolution of support be a sign of support that would help the process or would we reach out to our colleagues on the Unified School Board and say let's do a joint resolution that we both board support moving forward with expanding the college promise and expanding dual enrollment at a specific location like browning site this was lb us DS idea and so we want to be supportive of them and I don't know how they would feel about that I would have to defer to president Molly interesting offer and being supportive and let's start Thank You trustee and - are there any other trustees trustee otto yeah you know I'm interested in this and particularly the word that the words that that interested me in this report or the Long Beach Unified is interested in offering introduction to hospitality for the last at least four years I have been trying to get this idea of hospitality training into in my district and to Avalon because what's happening in Avalon is that everybody's in the hospitality industry but they just hit a ceiling Ford making beds and doing things like that and if they so there's no place for them to go and if we were able to get though that kind of as a distance learning idea or something else it raises the possibility that that you've seen some information about us going over there and and the counts are saying at what a great job we're doing but I'm thinking of course work and hospitality is the industry and on Catalina Island and and so the fact that Long Beach Unified is interested as I've actually talked to Christine Hauser about this and even after the recent trip we took over there and so I welcome this any other comments questions we will now move on to item 8.1 a resolution for non-resident tuition fees for 2019 20 and they recommend an action is that the Board of Trustees adopt resolution number 0 to 2719 B authorizing the non-resident tuition fees for 2019 honey beginning with a fall 2019 semester has submitted or the is area motion so moved motion made by trustee otto is there a second second seconded by trustee and took are there any questions comments this was a newsworthy item this week trustee and can we get some more background on why the capital outlay fee is increasing for non-residents and international students if I could address that this process is an annual process required by the chancellor's office to specifically set the fees for non-resident students tuition fees it is specific to them are other fees have to comply with other areas in this fee it does allow us to set a cap without levy on top of the regular fee and you'll note that we've tried to reach a balance between the amount we charge and our ability to remain competitive so although our calculated costs are greater than the statewide average we're sticking with the statewide average our calculated capital outlay costs are $43 and we're sticking with $20 and so in that way we can remain competitive but it is an entirely separate process than resident visa Thank You Marlene are there any questions just one follow-up so this is a mandatory fee from the chancellor's office correct it is mandatory to charge a non-resident tuition fee we have a small amount of latitude to choose what that range is but it is only a very small amount of latitude and is such totally required international and non-residents do they typically pay it would depend entirely on the student and their eligibility for financial aid non-resident could be an out-of-state student not necessarily an international student so I come back to you with more information regarding their access to financial aid are there any other questions comments call for the vote Vivian Malou I go to walk Joe in took I Doug Otto Sen easier I student trustee Jones item 8.2 this is the recommended action is that the board approved the 2018 2019 second quarterly financial status report for the Long Beach Community College District an authorized transmittal of the report to the California Community Colleges chancellor's office is submitted title 5 section 58 310 requires that California community college districts report quarterly on their financial condition the attached DCFS 311 Kea quarterly satisfies this requirement reflects the projected revenues and expenditures through June 30th 2019 as well as actual activity covering July 1 2018 through December 31 2018 and this is an action may I have a motion so moved moved by trustee otto is there a second seconded by Butthead I saw you going for it and you think that the gentleman on my right or a quick seconded by trustee auto in took let's go ahead and call for the vote I'm sorry are there any questions comments trustee chair recognizes trustee otto i'm i concern I'm concerned about what's going on because we don't know what's going on because of what superintendent O'Malley said earlier which is that chancellor's office is now opening that we may not have enough money and the proposed budget from the governor to fund the new Student Success funding formula and the quick and dirty calculation is that instead of a point five five hundred thousand dollar deficit which is what we projected it could go as high as five and a half million dollars which would take our fund balance down to below 25 20 to 20 25 million excuse me thank you and and in the small print on the next-to-last page it talks about the future and what happens if there's a mentions that we expect a recession at some point and there's a cliff here and so we have to watch this very carefully and you know we are yeah we don't know what the answers are we are in a hold harmless period which gives us grace for a period of time but that ends after three years unless they unless the funding formula goes away or we get a new funding formula or whatever happens so I think we are in a perilous financial position and we need to do everything we can to make sure that we do inadvertently go off that cliff thank you trustee auto call for the vote Vivian mala Oh Lou I good watch Joe in tuck hi Delgado hey Sonny Zia I student trustee Jones motion passes 8.3 2018-2019 made the air budget performance report this is an informational item they usually dovetails item 8.2 this is to keep the board of board and the college community informed by the status of the budget the 2018-2019 mid-year budget performance report was prepared and as you provided here are there any questions comments trustee in took dr. O'Malley looking at this or maybe drink wine looking at the budget what it what's the most significant change we have and this update and is there anything that gives you concern or keeps you up at night yes and the most significant update is that we're gonna see the impact of the stirs help that we got from the governor as well as the cola increase that we got from the governor however what concerns me the most is that the district came together to work so hard to solve the 11 million dollar deficit from last year we worked so hard and resolved the six million dollar deficit from this year it was tremendous work with no layoffs we've got the deficit down to four million dollars and it and it seems like all our hardware effort is wiped out with this decision you know we cautioned lawmakers we cautioned the chancellor's office that the math didn't work on a student sending centered funding formula we specified exactly how the math didn't work and here we go the math doesn't work so I'm concerned that at the last hour after we've cut 17 million dollars we're now hearing oh by the way you got to cut another five million in a six billion dollar surplus all of a sudden we're deficit at five percent I find that interesting math now I'm not great at math but I don't think you need an A in math to understand that that is problematic so that concerns me it makes me nervous we have an opportunity to speak with our lawmakers we're gonna have upcoming opportunities next month that we're trying to finalize some information on and we're gonna get you to it's gonna be very important that we do exactly what trustee untuk did with us tonight and get those talking points firm I would encourage all lawmakers all people who govern instance institutions whether it be the state chancellor's office whether it be us whether it be me anybody understand the consequences of your decision before you pass it we cautioned them over and over and the Conn told them what the consequences would be and here they are so that's honestly what I'm concerned about but I really think you made a great suggestion earlier when you said we want a sunshine these types of things we're gonna have to have some very strong advocacy on this because what what they are proposing in terms of how they're structuring is telling us that we should increase our performance telling us how they were going to fund it and now once we've made all the changes needed to then do that oh by the way we don't have the money to give you I find that ethically interesting second of all that's not gonna stop me from doing my job the state the state might tell me that they're only gonna pay me now they only have money to pay me for ten percent of an increase that is not gonna stop me from bringing a 10 20 30 40 percent increase because that's what what is our ethical imperative just because they're not gonna fund it doesn't mean I'm gonna stop doing the right things by students so that's kind of where my concern is trustee otto was right we are gonna have to unfortunately keep our eye on the dime on this one and it does go to show we do need to keep that fund balance strong because these surprise will happen to us I'm sorry to be so passionate but we were very vocal about this and what we said has now come to fruition it's very disconcerting thank you is there any other questions comments on this item here a nun we will now move on to item 8.4 supplemental environmental impact report the recommended action is that the Board of Trustees adopt the supplemental environmental impact report as CIA s AI R to the previously adopted twenty forty one liberal arts campus LIC master plan the findings of fact and statement of overriding considerations are submitted do I have a motion may I have a motion moved by trustee in Tucker seconded by vice president mallalieu are there any questions comments hearing none was there anything so these are our environmental impact reports required by the California Environmental Quality Act for our facilities master plans was there did we find anything that stood out or unsuspected was it just traffic as our mitigation traffic was the truly only area that we found we completely expected that traffic is typically the issue related to these reports we had suggested actions to the city and we have participation from different local public agencies in their comments and we've been able to address them all I think quite satisfactorily do you have any other questions trustee otto i I would just like to confess that I did not read the first attachment with appendices to this because it was over a thousand pages long and I read 980 pages but anyway this is it's important that that we do this but we've had these discussions before the keeping up with the the regulations and the changing environment of those regulations is almost a full-time job so I think of our Vice President governor's this area and think that she must never get home there anything else trustee otto thank you for a very sage council we're gonna now go ahead and vote Vivian Molitor Liu aye good work Joe in tech Doug Otto I sin easier I student trustee Jones I item 8.5 supplemental environmental impact report this is the supplemental environmental impact report to the previously adopted 2041 for pacific coast campus master plan the findings of fact and statement of overriding considerations as submitted may I have a motion is there a motion motion made by trustee auto seconded by trustee and took are there any questions comments on this one hearing none call for the vote I go to walk Joe in tuk I Doug Otto right Sonny Zia I student trustee Jones motion passes or 8.6 update on bus passes this is an informational item that we received the information and this is to keep the board informed and Thank You vice president drink wine for providing this information are there any questions comments yeah I'd like to ask vice president drink wine for a thank you um the board expressed your desire for us to explore public transportation opportunities for our students to eliminate one of the obstacles to attendance at Long Beach City College this report summarizes some of the opportunities we identified we engaged with Long Beach transit we engaged with Cal State Long Beach to understand their program and we also engaged with Rio Hondo real though has a bellwether award-winning program and we wanted to see what are the opportunities for us to mirror some of those programs we have existing programs namely the Viking shuttle that provides free transportation between our two campuses we also have programs through equity that provide for a certain number of free passes each semester to eligible students but those certainly don't address all of our populations Long Beach Transit has proposed to us a really intriguing program that currently the cost of a Monthly Pass for any student for long beach transit is 40 dollars their proposal to us what give us instead a per ride program the per ride program would to charge a seventy-five cents per ride for students enrolled in this program now if you have an average student over the course of a semester would earn about twenty dollars and twenty-five cents so we'd have almost a 50% savings through participation in this program and what's nice about the Long Beach transit proposal is that it's scaleable that we can use it for existing program we can consider offering it just passing along the savings to districts however I will say that it does require us as an agency to administer the program so it's not as simple as buying a pass and passing it on we actually have to administer the program there would be some cost involved to that and so what I outlined in the report for your consideration is potentially a program where we could add a service fee so the students would still receive a significant savings but we would be able to cover our costs and have a program that does not need subsidized tchen by the district in addition to that looking at the Rio Hondo program and looking at their model what they did is they had a student approved fee that all students pay $9 per semester with their arrangements with their various transit authorities they were able to specify that out of that fee all full-time students in good standing would get a bus pass for free with Rio Hondo that program is self-supporting unfortunately with Long Beach transit despite the huge amount of savings it would provide us over their typical monthly pass the cost is roughly twice that that Rio Honda was able to obtain so the same program running the same model and long beach city college would have a significant need for a subsidy a significant need if all students participated would be in the millions if half the eligible students participated it would be in the hundreds of thousands at Rio Hondo roughly half of eligible full-time students and good standings participate so again if that followed at Long Beach City College we're still looking at a subsidy in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if I had a recommendation for your consideration it's for to explore the opportunities of operating the program where we pass along the savings to students with a service fee to cover our amount of operation and that would provide us with more data what is the interest for our College in an expansion of use of Long Beach transit it still provides substantial savings to our students but allow us to collect more data to anticipate what the eventual participation could be the Rio Hondo model again requires a student approved fee I think we could also start exploring with our students in consultation collaboration with our ASB what the appetite is for consideration of that type of fee and looking at different models of providing additional savings to our students so we have a lot of different options some that are more expensive some that are less expensive yeah are there any comments or questions to follow up with vice president drink wines report trustee otto i was sick before you got to the end of your report i was thinking this is a perfect thing for the ASB to fund that it would be a real service to the students and if there's a planning process i think that ought to be one of the things that we should consider under the various alternative proposals i heard you say at the very beginning that if we had a per ride basis that would be we could save almost 50 percent and i'd like to see how that would work out and how much that would cost and we could really engage the ASB on this and see what their appetite is my trusty antic do you have any questions come welcome back thank you I survived on to this item but I just couldn't Thank You vice president drink point for the update it's it's interesting thinking about the costs and thinking about what students are ready pain and cost I don't know how many students per semester get parking passes and what that cost is and then also what the average gas price I know when I've talked to students about this they were excited that I didn't have to pay gas to come to school which fluctuates and some people can afford or not and then also not having to pay parking which also was a community concern of the trustee Baxter brought up of complaining residents of don't park in my yard across the street over here that they wanted their streets clear of student vehicles it's kind of thinking of you know how do we meet all the constituencies needs that way but it just didn't I have a couple more questions but do we know or I guess how much is a parking pass sure um we have two parking passes our daily permits are $2.00 our semester permits are $30 the revenues from the parking permits are used to fund the Viking Voyager shuttle plus some additional staff in parking obviously it's labor-intensive process to monitor and supervise parking it Nets out to about equal all those revenues go back in to support parking personnel plus the Viking shuttle I should also mention that the Viking shuttle supported from three different sources we have base hours that are supported equally by parking revenues and ASB and we have extended hours so evening hours up till ten o'clock over the course of the entirety of Friday and the weekends and that is funded by student equity students this suit inequity so resource hours extended hours base hours equally between ASB and parking revenue extended hours student equity resources to options envisioning a pilot program how would that manifest or what would be needed to do a pilot program beyond what we're already doing I think if we want to do the pilot program then we need to set up the infrastructure to manage the administration of this new program with long beach transit it does have a certain degree of responsibility that's placed on us to manage it unlike a student monthly pass that if the student didn't get it through our equity program they would apply directly to long beach transit and get the pass and there's a certain number of Hoops have to go through to declare themselves as a student but they're paying directly this alternate program the per write program has to be administered by us because we are actually paying the actual number of rides so we would accept Long Beach's transits initial I didn't vacation of the number of passes and say okay $20 25 cents plus the service fee to cover those costs that's what the student would pay us our risk is if students all of our students ride the transit a lot more than the 27 times per day that it would take to get to school then our actual cost is greater but because you have a difference between the initial purchase and the number of Rights we have to administer it long beach trance is not interested in chasing after differences with the students one of the requirements of the program is that we take on that role if I recall correctly with Long Beach State did it they saw a large ridership increase I don't know if the meetings you had was though they shared that experience and how they manage with that was is that what do they do Cal State Long Beach has a significantly different program and so it's very much apples to oranges their program is built on a sustainability model that they wanted to have use of the transit for sustainability also they have far less available parking their parking permits are far more expensive than ours are and forgive me while I find it for you but there's rnd I believe a couple hundred dollars a semester versus our amount they do that for two reasons it's to encourage the use of transit and it's a reflection of the lack of their parking so for their program they provide passes for both recent sustainability and to alleviate parking it's important to know they have to subsidize this program 50% that they collect no student fees so they fund it entirely out of the parking revenues which are not sufficient to pay for all the parking or all the bus passes they lose about 1.5 million a year but they're fine with that because that supports their sustainability and because they don't have sufficient parking I'll also add that with their model if you accept the free bus pass from Cal State Long Beach you may not purchase a parking permit so they do their program for significantly different reasons I believe we have a member of the public I know we have passed the item on board agenda comments but I will allow that you want to speak to this item let's go ahead and put up the timer you have three minutes this is out of order but I will allow it because I believe the public should have the opportunity to speak on matters that at the border shouldn't have to wait all the way to the end would that be okay with my colleagues I hear no objection if you could please identify yourself an entity you're with and let us okay perfect thank you so thank you so much for the time my name is Renee Watson I am a student here as well as a parent and an advocate and I advocate for students as well as the homeless and senior citizens this bus pass issue is an extremely important issue to me I also worked with mr. Steinhauser for over 14 years on very various committees I still sit on the El Cap committee with him the bus pass issue has been an issue for two years with me I have watched my godson over at Cal State Long Beach pay $5 where my son and other students here have had to jump through those hoops to try to get it I've spoken with Carol Ortiz mr. Steinhauser spoke at his last superintendent meeting and indicated that he was going to be working on that so I hope that he partners with you I have a hard time understanding why the bus transit people as well as the school district Ellie Long Beach Unified as well as the you know the college level can't just sit down and resolve this for me it was very disturbing two years ago when I actually witnessed students trying to run to the buses at those late night classes and missing him I spoke with Bill Smith at the with transit about this my concern is is that you keep working on this I have a hard time understanding why we have so many alumni and so many wealthy people in our city that would welcome taking on the tag of the the finances of is if they knew the problem there's a lot of people that stay in this city that love our colleges even the city college and I feel that long beach city college to get the same kind of love the Cal State Long Beach get I'm willing to advocate bite for you and anything else I can do to make this happen because I am very disturbed as students I know have dropped out of school because they couldn't get here I was one of those people they drove kids back and forth just to get to school that is unacceptable and I know it's unacceptable to you as well so I just wanted to bring that up and let you know that you have someone here that is advocating for you and someone here that is willing to fight the good fight for our students because I want everyone to be a success story here and I feel that we need to give them that opportunity I do not accept the fact that the bus transit bills that our students you have to give them their transcripts or and go down and wait for paperwork or go down to your wall or LA to get a discount it's unacceptable there are some students that cannot afford that so I asked you as a body to continue to work on this reach out to people like me and others that are very concerned and want to make change and difference in our community and with our students so I thank you for your time Thank You Renee if you could be so kind to provide your contact information and we really value your comments and also the fact that you're a student and a parent and an advocate thank you so much for patiently waiting for this item to come up and if you are comfortable sharing your contact information with us we will certainly be in touch with you and really appreciate your support absolutely thank you Thank You vice president mallalieu thank you for your comments I'm sorry I didn't catch your name but thank you for your comments I what you've done on this work several years ago I actually met with former superintendent president Eloy Oakley and Ortiz and we talked about this we brought up the issue of providing bus passes for students and I was given probably the same information you just provided in terms of the cost and the source of funding and we even talked to the foundation at the time to see if it was something that the foundation could take on as part of you know an extension of the College promise especially for those students who really needed it and I wish I were better with names because there's actually a member of our staff who works at PCC and I don't remember her name but I know I have it in my folder and there was a young lady on the PCC campus who had worked on this issue I'm sorry I don't remember her name but she's asian-american and I don't know what department she worked in but she and I met about this issue also so it is something that we have tried to do I will go out on a limb and really agree with you I think it's you know I think it's crazy that it's so hard I mean to have students have to go somewhere to get something when the point of this whole project is to get them a bus pass obviously they don't have the transportation they don't have the means and you know III mean you know vice-president didn't drink why and I think very highly of you and and I support everything you do and I don't mean to sound disrespectful at all but all the information that you provided to the average student is it's irrelevant so what figure it out you know get the students to ride the bus if you show a valid student ID get on the bus for free whether you're Long Beach Unified Long Beach City College Cal State Long Beach I mean you know it's been a long time since I've seen public transportation fully crowded with people hanging off the bus I see empty seats all the time and yet we have students who are many some are homeless many are hungry we know we see them and if they can just simplify the process if we can advocate for students so we're you know I don't know how practical that is or how feasible it is but if we can just have students show a valid student ID their photograph with an ID with semester spring 2019 on it you could ride the bus from February to May done we don't we don't need to do all that extra it just the average student doesn't understand subsidies and doesn't understand budgets and allit they don't in it and it really it shouldn't matter we have a problem we have a transportation issue we have a solution there are buses it's not like we're asking to manufacture buses the buses are there the bus routes are already in place why is it so difficult I agree with you and not to disregard the information that you presented because I understand sitting on this side of the dais I understand that money matters and I understand that there are budget restrictions I get that but on that side of the aisle it's a matter of transportation getting home and getting to school and it shouldn't be this convoluted so what what can we do - what can we do to make a three or four year issue you know a three or four month issue and just fix it so I agree maybe that's a call to action for us to trustee and took another question but I first wanted I asked student trustee Jones his perspective on this issue and what he's heard or talked to other students about Thank You trustee untuk I've actually surveyed a few students just in a couple of my classes today about the importance of transportation in comparison to another a number of other issues that are currently on the radar and it is it is a concern to a lot of our students I mean this is actually a very timely issue student leadership actually just received an email yesterday received contact from a master student at USC who's looking to partner with community colleges to work towards pushing for legislation that would actually create a statewide discounted student bus program that would allow for any bus any train for a university community college students this is also another avenue that ASP would be looking to discuss as well if we could support something like that where we could kind of deal with you know the issue of transportation but also mitigate some of the costs associated with it by I believe what they're looking to do is push for legislation of not appropriate a multi-year twenty five million dollar fund from greenhouse gas reduction fund to kind of help really spearhead this and get this going so good to hear so I guess follow up questions and I want to say something vice was a drink wine would a fee increase of nine dollars or $18 or thirty dollars for our students who are on financial aid with those with that transportation fee be absorbed by a Pell Grant or a Cal Grant or a bog fee waiver would any of what financial aid cover the cost of some new transportation fee for needy students I believe it would but I'd like to defer to dr. Munoz to have a more definite answer as far as what the bog fee waiver cover the transportation cost no the bog fever wouldn't apply or the California promise wouldn't apply but on Pell Grant funds would actually be able to be used for those transportation costs yes and that's my experience for my previous institution that's where the bulk of the students had their fees paid from we and we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of our students so really right now our pal rate is around 30 ish percent depending upon the court year and so we're working hard to increase that number there should be closer parity between our bog numbers and our and our Pell numbers and so that's one of our priorities well I would just like to say if there's no objection from the board support moving forward on designing a pilot I would just ask that we look for additional revenue sources whether that's from the foundation or from AQMD or in greenhouse gas money looking at a b19 money that we have flexibility I know we're using what eight hundred thousand this year towards transportation costs you know the governor's proposing more money next year but we'll see and then also if we can brand it figure out what's a good name and then look at digital options can we make an app this is you know I know I know the transit long beach transit has an app option that if we did in the pilot student just download the app it's connected to their enrolled it works if you drop your classes it doesn't work so that way that we can use it as an enrollment motivation tool when we're doing that but if we could look at that design and come back to us on creating the pilot that would be I think a great well okay are we directing staff to do a pilot and zero convene emotion is this this is an information item I don't know if we could do that here super and I'm president dr. Ramani did you want if the directive is to design a pilot look for alternative revenue sources brand it and look into that app what if we bring back a more final report of how exactly we could do exactly that then we could bring that back as and I'm thinking out loud bring that back as an action item and then you say yes let's do it okay okay is there a is there any objections any consensus here I would support that request I don't think we can make a real emotion here it is an informational item but perhaps for the next I think um maybe another agenda item where we can explore and it could be action okay with you vice president mallalieu and you trustee otto hearing no objections moving on to item 9.1 board policy and administrative regulation 50:22 preferred first name this is the first reading I believe we had a minor enhancements that was made this has been in accordance with established practices in the new policy an administration has been distributed it's been approved by our residents Leadership Council and the new board policy was presented this was first presented in December 11 28 18 in the Board of Trustee I was now at being presented for approval I believe the first just first reading yeah okay it's just it just reads is this before approval are there any questions comments trustee antic thank you I want to thank dr. Ramani and dr. muñoz for their support in this item this was continued from last month to make amendments the first draft that came up in December I didn't see it before it came to the board December 11 2018 is my right when that came I hadn't seen it I was on the board subsequently I was able to make amendments we did reach out to the LGBT Center Porter Gilbert the executive director was able to give input on this so this is really a community and a board member and a administrative partnership to make sure that we got the wording right and I mean this is an LGBT policy but we didn't have that enumerated in the policy also which has now been added and then additionally we did in the pilot with the process roll out finding that some people didn't take this seriously and we're putting joke names and thinking it was for some alternative purpose and so we added a section at the at the end there that the district reserves right to remove inappropriate or offensive names which is what some students a very few amount did do but we want to make sure that there's some protective levels here that there's an intention for this policy and we want it to be respected and make sure that we have the right language to say that and the administrative regs had it in there but we didn't have it in the policy so making sure those line up was really important so just want to thank dr. wingers again and and if Gilbert SWAT reporters watching on YouTube thank you for his input on it as well thank you we will now move on to reports 10.1 Academic Senate presidents reporting for additional classes there's the city Awareness Day some February city Awareness Month so I want to acknowledge Kari Katie sundar for having an event at both campuses where we informed all the students where inform about the different programs that we have I also wanna let students know that major declaration day is happening on March the 4th that's gonna be next Monday so the opportunity for undecided I decided students to pick a major and start under tracker for language city college I wanna thank Charlotte Jackson and Rigo Ibarra and Deborah Whittaker they are advertising the study abroad program so at the end of the semester if you want to join them and learn French in Paris for the summer a great great opportunity so they're having different informational events the next one is going to be March 11th and finally tomorrow if you have the time it's a digital learning day so the California Community College the virtual campus online initiative is hosting so this event and so we have a viewing room that is in the l1 53 so hosted by the online learning and educational technology so if you have an hour or two you can look at the schedule it's online or you can also view it from any computer on campus or your phone or from wherever you are so you don't have to be there the whole day just look at the program if you're interested we have a viewing room for anybody or you can do it at your own time so thank you Thank You Jorge classified Senate President Andy angle your report yes thank you trustee zia Long Beach is a very diverse City and it's so exciting to see the efforts that we're bringing out here for our african-american students that was exciting night to be here and hear all of that it's exciting to see the diversity with our LGBTQ students and we're so inclusive and I'm very proud of what our campus is accomplishing I'm also very excited about the selection of Sundy Dominguez for the award she was an awesome choice and I wish for the to take it all home for us and most of all I'm looking forward to the classified meeting with the President Roh Molly on the luncheons we did come up with some great ideas and it was very exciting to see how so many of them have come to fruition and we have really been making our campus a better environment for our students so we're looking forward to that and thank you very much thank you Annie and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your picture and Trask who was fantastic Board of Trustees I think we lost trustee otto again tonight for a second time so I will go to trustee and took to provide his report thanks everybody for staying I know we had a long meeting tonight a few things to update first there was so much interest in whether or not I was going to do board training and I'm happy the report that I have completed state of California new trustee training and national new trustee training in the last month and so I got a turn in my paperwork I did not beat a vice-president my Lulu and getting my new trustee certificate in the shortest amount of time she she got me there but I've completed both of those programs and so there was just a lot of interest from people that I don't even know they were like when are you gonna take training I'm like I just got elected they didn't even schedule it yet so so anybody wondering that that's been completed in January and earlier this month second I want to thank dr. O'Malley and Jeff Wood and Josh and everybody who's worked overtime it was my fault I got the call from the governor's office of can you host us next week right after a holiday weekend and it may be it came out of our advocacy work and Sacramento we kept saying if you need anything you should host it on our campus we have a great space and they took us up on their offer and so but it's unique to be able to host you know the city and Governor of California national figure you know go through the security screening in checks and you know the parking structure was shut down people were like why is it can I park you know our people said why didn't we tell it why don't you tell us ahead of time it's like well they said not to so but I think it was a really great opportunity for us to be showcased around the state I heard us on NPR four or five times being mentioned I know that we were in the number of periodicals and newspapers up and down the state it was about affordable housing which impacts our students was one of the things I said to to having this team when I came as you know we do have students who are struggling with housing I think we have approximately 10% of our students we believe are homeless and some capacity or couchsurfing and anything you can do to increase affordable housing and student options that helps us and our student success ratio so even though it wasn't directly it was like these 47 mayor's who were out of compliance and they're affordable housing it wasn't us but we're happy to hold that conversation so I just wanted to thank dr. O'Malley and her and her team and everybody who went on over time to make that happen it was a special opportunity on training I did finish the two unit graduate level class at Cal State Dominguez Hills called the American Community College course had 52 assignments so it's online if anybody wants to sign up and take a challenge and learn all about California community colleges and its development and statistics I took it as a primer to say okay yeah I know about Community College but do I really know about the American Community College it is a program that if you're eligible for the Workforce Innovation Opportunity funds the we owe funds through the federal government that pays for that program it's a community college teaching certificate program it's three classes we actually have some folks who are interning part of the program as you take a class on teaching pedagogy about the Community College and an internship so we do have interns here who are teaching part of that certificate program so it's it's available flexible offer two or three times a year but I'm happy to report I got an A in the class so funds well-spent also I was able to help host to book tour events this in the last 30 days we had sy you by Hwanhee who was the first immigrant Affairs Commissioner for the city of New York who wrote a book and runs an organization called New American leaders it helps first and second-generation immigrants run for office and she has a book called people like us and we were able to host her and the t 1200 building earlier this month as she's doing a national book tour so she was at UCLA in the morning and then she was gonna be City College in the afternoon so that was and thank you for - Chandra Valley and and Andrea have able to help with facilities reservations and then earlier today part of Black History Month programming we had a Jamie Harrison he is an author of a book called climbing the hill so we had about 20 students it was about careers in public service skills that you need to be a successful public servant he's a former executive director of the House of Representatives democratic office so I was like you know the Congress has sub offices and he used to work for james Clyburn as the whip and so going around Congress and making sure you got the votes for all the different bills and so hearing the stories of corralling the cats at Congress to go vote you know as was interesting but a nice opportunity he's from South Carolina I happen to be here for another event and able to host him today that was really special continue to you know invite the community to come on campus we hosted an event in partnership with the city of Long Beach policy link USC and Citibank they launched the equity profile of Long Beach I do have a couple copies here that I provided to my colleagues both trustee otto and myself were there a vice president our Dean Kirkwood was there we had about 40 people from the community and it was the official public launch of the report which looks at from a racial equity lens how are we doing in Long Beach for homeownership for unemployment for educational attainment and one of the key findings in there is in the next five years forty four percent of population needs a a degree to compete in the future economy and we are not there in Long Beach we have a deficit so it really is like where do we go Long Beach City College you know why are we hosting it because we're the solution to this problem that we know is out there to make sure that everybody in the community has an opportunity to move up and and participate in economic ladders that education gives and it had a an equity dividend if we got to parity in our local economy we're looking at an increase five hundred billion dollars an economic output that's more people grocery shopping that's more gas that's more homeownership that's building equity that's banking if we can just get the parity on a basic level of forty-four percent of our population getting a 8° it has a huge economic benefit for all of us because that's more tax money for the college for the police for fire for the city for our school district and so now they're going to be moving forward and how to implement a policy agenda around the findings from this to make sure that we increase everyone's opportunity so I know I had a longer report but there was a lot to happen in on this last month so thank you that's it trustee and others I do have state of higher education black students but I'll wait Wow thank you trustee and Doug really appreciate you abbreviating Erica your report I'm going to move on to Vice President Ma lilulu thank you very much on February well let me let me go back to January I as I mentioned that was at the state legislative conference I think I already said it was productive on January 31st I participated in the ASB retreat it was awesome being with our student leaders and getting to know them and being able to share with them how I came to this place and then two weeks ago was it two weeks last week I was a part of the receiving line when governor Newsom visited the college I was very excited that he was here very grateful to trustee untuk for coordinating the event although I was not particularly thrilled of the set up felt really awkward and cheesy to just be standing there for about a half hour from when he arrived took a phone call in this car and just kind of sat there while we were just standing there and I just you know in the future we just I don't know it's just not my thing to just stand around like that wait for somebody for like a wedding receiving line but anyway not to undermine the integrity of his visit and his purpose for being here and how grateful we are that he chose our college to host such an important summit on affordable housing which was great and in closing I would just like to give a shout out to our men's basketball team which is currently ranked number six in the state going into playoffs this Friday night we will be hosting number 11 in the state Santiago Canyon Hawks the game is gonna be here at the hall of Champions at 7:00 p.m. tickets are $12 at the door seniors and students pay $8 so hopefully the Vikings will prevail on Friday and our men are male Vikings will continue on in the playoffs making us proud so Vikings Thank You vice president Molly Lou and appreciate you being briefed on your report as well I will not provide a report I believe most of the information has been already provided I will now move on to more travel I believe trustee otto was going to give a report but like I said he chose to leave the meeting again for the second time tonight so I will defer to trustee and took his report and travels for CCLC and January and acct in February if you'd like to add anything to what you've already provided sure went to Sacramento last month for I was there longer because of the new trustee orientation was all day or half-day Friday all day Saturday and a portion of Sunday morning so and then I we were the regular conference started on Sunday I went Sunday Monday we came back Monday night I think on the flight so I only had a registration hotel in airfare associated with that trip and then February was 10th through the 13th vice president drinking wine and I went to Washington DC for four days and again I had a flight hotel and registration I didn't turn any receipts for travel to the airport or food or anything like that so and then why we were there and DC we got senator Harris's office senator Feinstein's office we met with congresswoman Barragan we met with confident the whole staff and why we were in senator Feinstein's office the sunshine kids came in singing their protest I have a funny picture of Marlins face of like oh my gosh what are we sitting in the middle of it's like 40 people swamped the room and starts singing and so you kind of get a little bit of everything and so those were the trip and then when we were in Sacramento much for them all Lulu was there we met with Senator Holly Mitchell the budget chair we met with our some of them were Patrick O'Donnell we met with state senator Bradford I know on my Walker I got like 10,000 steps that day oh yeah we met with Diaz and Assemblywoman Luce Rivas so that's my trusty travel report thank you so much trustee and vice president mother Lulu would you like to can you please report on your travel CCLC or that did you want to add anything this evening I went to legislative summit in Sacramento I think I've mentioned it three times tonight but I believe the intent in this board item is to report on any substantive issues that you've we've advocated or some of the takeaways from those board meeting from those travels and like trustee antek did on any expenditures that you like to report like he did well since you asked my role in our meetings was to highlight our partnership with the college promise 2.0 and the Port of Long Beach I mentioned that we probably should have called 2.0 our partnership with the city and then 3.0 our partnership with the port and that might be something to consider in the future I know that there there are some whispers of perhaps bringing on other corporate partnerships such as the airport or one of the car manufacturers Mercedes Benz so eventually hopefully will evolve College promise into two point two five you know three and then also we did talk about right we did talk about the the funding issue it's surprising that a lot of the legislators with whom we met were not as familiar with it it's not something that's really falls within their purview and this unless they're you know sitting on one of the Education committees like Assemblyman O'Donnell of course he knew about it he's aware of it but the others didn't so we did ask for their support when the issue comes up for a vote in terms of funding that was it thank you that's that's great I did not know that that's a very seminal information I didn't realize that they're not aware so thank you for advocate I'm sorry Berg who just started a month ago was the most about hey that's the beauty of that's the beauty of going up there and advocating thank you for doing that and just to be clear the college promise 2.0 does have the industry partner so it's not just a whisper it is something that a superintendent president dr. Molly announced in her report and we are actively going in there and bringing businesses and it has been broadcasted in fact all the board members were invited for tomorrow's event that I believe vice president mallalieu will have the pleasure of your company and it will be an incredible opportunity for the district to have business at the table and given that we're very agile and nimble and less red tape we can make sure that when business prospers labor prospers and our students are taken care of and that they hire lbcc with that I want to move to item 11 0.1 this is request for agenda items for in the future are there any requests to add agenda items it's from our previous discussion about the bus pass pilot maybe this is the right sounds like that was something that we is there anything else trustees ok I will now move on to 12.1 public comments on non-agenda items I did not get any cards I we don't have a need for a second closed session and now we're going to adjourn the next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees I believe we do I'm sorry I said I do believe that there is a student in the audience who wanted to speak on a non-agenda items on the agenda items yeah okay go ahead come on to the podium if you can identify yourself Thank You Donna and in the future just as a matter of protocol I know most people don't know but if you could fill out a card and we always welcome students so thank you so much for being here we can have the timer I so this is my first Board of Trustee meeting I hope that I don't stumble over my words too much but I'm gonna try and make this brief due to the time my name is Abby Carter I'm a Poli Sci major student here at Long Beach City College this is my second year and this is supposed to be my last semester I am a non-traditional student at 2.8 GPA 28 years old and along with other things well one of the things I wanted to kind of sort of bring up is an issue of financial aid this was an extremely extravagant in wonderful PowerPoint that they displayed earlier on as far as like black student equity and just how we're performing one of the issues that I have come across is with financial aid and specifically my possible reinstatement due to a SAP appeal my issue is that I have come across some challenges during my academic journey and they include a lot of things from homelessness to sexual assault to just um not being a traditional student being discouraged and then the other layers of you know part that have to deal with my personal matters whereas I was watching the the as I was watching them kind of like display certain things that were possibly like impeding on our success one of the things that I had noticed was that like financial aid was not I don't think it wasn't highlighted and you know it kind of causes me to think that it's not really important I'm coming here to you guys today too because I I cannot speak to the board that overlooked financial aid Appeals like I said this is my last semester and I believe in long beach city college and in all of you when you guys promised that this the policy of no student being left behind and that financial aid should not be an issue is there any way or is there is there a possibility that we can work together to find any kind of solution thank you it was it Abby Carter thank you so much you spoke very eloquently and although we can't answer you because of brown act restrictions because your comment is on a non-agenda item it's a very valid point and we are I can tell you in confidence that this administration is very committed to making sure financial aid as priority they're working very diligently on it so rest assured that is a priority I can't go further in detail because I don't that would be a violation of the Brown Act that's a whole nother conversation but I just want you to know that your comment is valid and valued and our administration if it's if you don't mind providing your contact or communicating with our staff we will certainly make sure that you're taking care of and as our customer we make sure that we provide customer satisfaction to you as our student all right Appa thank you so much for being here and keep up the great work I believed vice president Mike Munoz is right behind you and he's gonna take personal care of you he's the big head honcho alright with that we are going to adjourn to our next Board of Trustees meeting is going to be held on March 27 2019 at the liberal arts campus and will be in building T room 1100 this room closed session will be at 4:30 and open session at 5:30 this meeting is now adjourned



Second District

2nd District supervisorial election - June 3, 2008 [2]
Candidate Votes %
Mark Ridley-Thomas 68,192 45.63
Bernard C. Parks 59,069 39.53
Antonio Alvarez 5,733 3.84
Martin L K Aubrey 4,803 3.21
Thomas Neusom 3,519 2.35
D "Doc" Smith Jr 2,748 1.84
Morris Griffin 2,274 1.52
Drew "Doc" Fenton 2,117 1.42
F Thompson 987 0.66
Voter turnout 20.89%
Total votes 149,442 100.00

Since Second District voters failed to elect a Supervisor by a two-thirds vote, a runoff election was held on November 4, 2008, coinciding with the 2008 United States presidential election.

2nd District supervisorial election - November 4, 2008 [3]
Candidate Votes %
Mark Ridley-Thomas 309,654 61.18
Bernard C. Parks 196,442 38.82
Voter turnout 69.18%
Total votes 506,096 100.00

Fourth District

4th District supervisorial election, 2008[4]
Candidate Votes %
Don Knabe (incumbent) 95,062 70.04
Marylou Cabral 23,703 17.46
Jay Shah 16,963 12.50
Voter turnout 18.97%%
Total votes 135,728 100.00

Fifth District

5th District supervisorial election - June 3, 2008[5]
Candidate Votes %
Michael D. Antonovich (incumbent) 114,634 79.33
Stephen Mark Hinze 29,875 20.67
Voter turnout 15.06%
Total votes 144,509 100.00


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