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Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

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Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Romanian: Parlamentul Republicii Moldova
11th legislature
Coat of arms or logo
FoundedApril 1990[1]
Preceded bySupreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR
Igor Grosu, PAS
since 29 July 2021
Moldavie Parlement 2021.svg
Political groups
Government (63)
  •   PAS (63)

Opposition (38)

Length of term
4 years
Closed list proportional representation
Last election
11 July 2021
Meeting place
18.03.2021 Ședința plenară a Parlamentului (51048601346).jpg
Palace of the Parliament, Chișinău, Moldova

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is the supreme representative body of the Republic of Moldova, the only state legislative authority, being a unicameral structure composed of 101 elected deputies on lists, for a period of 4 years. Parliament is elected by universal vote, equal directly, secret and freely expressed. The President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is elected by the Parliament, with a minimum of 52 votes.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova, on a proposal of the Central Electoral Commission, decides to validate or invalidate the mandate of deputy. The mandate is invalid in the case of violation of electoral legislation. The Parliament is meeting at the convening of the Speaker of the Parliament within 30 days of the elections. Parliament's mandate is prolonged until the legal meeting of the new composition. During this period the Constitution cannot be amended and organic laws cannot be adopted, amended or abrogated.[2]

Parliamentary elections took place on 11 July 2021.[3] The snap parliamentary elections resulted in a landslide win for Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS).[4]


The Parliament staff ensures an organizational, informational and technological assistance to activity of the Parliament, the Standing Bureau, standing committees, parliamentary factions and of deputies. The structure and the personal record of the parliament staff are approved by the Parliament.

Legislative procedure

According to the Constitution of Moldova (1994), the Parliament is the supreme representative organ and the single legislative authority of the state. The right of legislative initiative belongs to the Members of Parliament, to the Speaker (excepting proposals to revise the Constitution) and to the Government. In exercise of this right MPs and the President of the state present to Parliament draft papers and legislative proposals, while the Government presents draft papers.

Parliamentary factions

In order to form the working bodies and to organize the activity of the parliament, deputies form parliamentary factions composed of at least 5 deputies elected on the basis of lists of electoral contestants, as well as parliamentary factions with the same numerical composition as independent deputies. The parliamentary factions are constituted within 10 days after the legal constitution of the parliament.

11th Moldovan Parliament

The 101 deputies elected on 11 July 2021 at the 2021 Moldovan parliamentary election constitute 3 main parliamentary factions as follows:[5]

Political Group Party President Faction Leader MPs
  Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Igor Grosu (acting) Mihai Popșoi 63
  Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BECS) Igor Dodon (PSRM) and Vladimir Voronin (PCRM) Zinaida Greceanîi (PSRM) 32
  Șor Party (PȘ) Ilan Șor Ilan Șor 6

Election results

Structure of former legislatures

Moldovan Parliament 1994–1998

56 28 11 9

Moldovan Parliament 1998–2001

40 26 24 11

Moldovan Parliament 2001–2005

71 19 11

Moldovan Parliament 2005–2009

56 22 12 11

Moldovan Parliament April–July 2009

60 15 15 11

Moldovan Parliament 2009–2010

48 18 15 13 7

Moldovan Parliament 2010–2014

42 32 15 12

Moldovan Parliament 2014–2019

25 23 21 19 13

Moldovan Parliament 2019–2021

35 30 26 7 3

Moldovan Parliament 2021–present

63 32 6

Parliamentary committees

  • Committee for agriculture and food industry
    • Vladimir Bolea (PAS) - Chairman
    • Alexandru Trubca (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Radu Mudreac (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Iuri Pasat (PAS) - Secretary
    • Gheorghe Agheorghiesei (PAS)
    • Victoria Cazacu (PAS)
    • Gheorghe Ichim (PAS)
    • Corneliu Furculița (BECS/PSRM)
    • Inga Sibova (BECS/PCRM)
  • Committee for culture, education, research, youth, sport and mass-media
    • Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei (PAS) - Chairman
    • Adela Răileanu (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Virgil Pâslariuc (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Marcela Adam (PAS) - Secretary
    • Maria Gonța (PAS)
    • Marcela Nistor (PAS)
    • Larisa Novac (PAS)
    • Eugeniu Sinchevici (PAS)
    • Elena Beleacova (BECS/PSRM)
    • Diana Caraman (BECS/PCRM)
    • Svetlana Căpățina (BECS/PCRM)
    • Petru Jardan (PȘ)
  • Committee for economy, budget and finance
    • Dumitru Alaiba (PAS) - Chairman
    • Radu Marian (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Petru Burduja (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Valentina Manic (PAS) - Secretary
    • Iulia Dascăl (PAS)
    • Sergiu Lazarenco (PAS)
    • Vasile Șoimaru (PAS)
    • Igor Dodon (BECS/PSRM)
    • Oleg Reidman (BECS/PCRM)
    • Vadim Fotescu (PȘ)
  • Committee for environment and regional development
    • Elena Bodnarenco (BECS/PCRM) - Chairman
    • Ina Coșeru (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Ion Babici (PAS) - Secretary
    • Mariana Cușnir (PAS)
    • Marina Morozova (PAS)
    • Rosian Vasiloi (PAS)
    • Alla Pilipețcaia (BECS/PSRM)
    • Eduard Smirnov (BECS/PSRM)
  • Committee for human rights and inter-ethnic relations
    • Novac Grigore (BECS/PSRM) - Chairman
    • Ana Racu (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Natalia Davidovici (PAS) - Secretary
    • Liliana Grosu (PAS)
    • Angela Pojoga (PAS)
    • Victor Spânu (PAS)
    • Nicolai Rusol (BECS/PCRM)
  • Committee for national security, defense and public order
    • Lilian Carp (PAS) - Chairman
    • Andrei Spânu (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Constantin Starâș (BECS/PCRM) - Secretary
    • Andrian Cheptonar (PAS)
    • Boris Marcoci (PAS)
    • Oazu Nantoi (PAS)
    • Ion Șpac (PAS)
    • Fiodor Gagauz (BECS/PSRM)
    • Chiril Tatarlâ (BECS/PSRM)
  • Committee for public administration
    • Larisa Voloh (PAS) - Chairman
    • Petru Frunze (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Valeriu Muduc (PAS) - Secretary
    • Efimia Bandalac (PAS)
    • Vitalie Jacot (PAS)
    • Ersilia Qatrawi (PAS)
    • Ivanna Koksal (BECS/PSRM)
    • Irina Lozovan (BECS/PSRM)
    • Marina Tauber (PȘ)
  • Committee for social protection, health and family
    • Dan Perciun (PAS) - Chairman
    • Adrian Belîi (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Vladimir Odnostalco (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Regina Apostolova (PȘ) - Deputy Chairman
    • Maria Pancu (PAS) - Secretary
    • Dorian Istrati (PAS)
    • Victor Spânu (PAS)
    • Alla Darovannaia (BECS/PSRM)
    • Veaceslav Nigai (BECS/PCRM)
  • Committee for foreign policy and European integration
    • Doina Gherman (PAS) - Chairman
    • Ion Groza (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Bogdat Țirdea (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Adrian Baluțel (PAS) - Secretary
    • Mihail Druță (PAS)
    • Mihai Popșoi (PAS)
    • Galina Sajin (PAS)
    • Vlad Batrîncea (BECS/PSRM)
    • Vladimir Voronin (BECS/PCRM)
  • Legal committee for appointments and immunities
    • Olesea Stamate (PAS) - Chairman
    • Veronica Roșca (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Vasile Bolea (BECS/PSRM) - Deputy Chairman
    • Igor Chiriac (PAS) - Secretary
    • Vasile Grădinaru (PAS)
    • Artemie Cătănoi (PAS)
    • Sergiu Litvinenco (PAS)
    • Igor Talmazan (PAS)
    • Alla Dolință (BECS/PSRM)
    • Alexandru Suhodolschi (BECS/PSRM)
    • Denis Ulanov (PȘ)
  • Legal committee for public finance control
    • Tatiana Cunețchi (BECS/PSRM) - Chairman
    • Artur Mija (PAS) - Deputy Chairman
    • Oleg Canațui (PAS) - Secretary
    • Natalia Gavriliță (PAS)
    • Valentina Manic (PAS)
    • Zinaida Grceanîi (BECS/PSRM)
    • Ilan Șor (PȘ)

Permanent Bureau

  • Igor Grosu – Speaker of Parliament (PAS)
  • Mihai Popșoi – Deputy Speaker of Parliament (PAS)
  • Vlad Batrîncea – Deputy Speaker of Parliament (BECS/PSRM)
  • Olesea Stamate – PAS faction
  • Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei – PAS faction
  • Doina Gherman – PAS faction
  • Veronica Roșca – PAS faction
  • Vladimir Bolea – PAS faction
  • Dan Perciun – PAS faction
  • Corneliu Furculiță – BECS faction(PSRM)
  • Vasile Bolea – BECS faction(PSRM)
  • Constantin Starâș - BECS faction (PCRM)
  • Denis Ulanov – PȘ faction

Presidents of the Parliament of Moldova

Parliament Building

The Parliament Building was formerly the meeting place of the Central Committee of the Moldovan branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and was built between 1976 and 1979. It is located on Stephen the Great Boulevard formerly known as Lenin Boulevard. The architects were Alexander Cerdanțev and Grigore Bosenco. The building was damaged during civil unrest in 2009[6] and repairs were carried out in 2012 and 2013. The Parliament moved back into the restored building in February 2014.[7]


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