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Index of Chile-related articles

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The location of the Republic of Chile
The location of the Republic of Chile

The following is an alphabetical list of articles related to the Republic of Chile.

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greetings friends from all over the world welcome to a new edition of mindalia live on the occasion of the event that will occur to the angels within very few days specifically on days 9 10 and 11 of February are around the corner expo conscious life in the angels in USA to attend this event in which dozens of exponents you can use the links that we propose here in mindalia mindalia television live below this video if you see it in deferred in the written description and also in the chat is at your disposal to make them beers questions to an exceptional guest that we have today and that too to participate in conscious life expo we will have the pleasure of seeing you also there in people today from patagonia since bariloche is ricardo gonzález gives the one we are going to greet in a moment after introduce for those people who do not know him although we know there many people who already know him by the questions that have been generated before that he starts in this interview with Ricardo because he is one of the witnesses of the world's most important contacts and one of the few to go beyond its testimony and enrich it with research Ricardo is the author of 20 books and has given hundreds of lectures all over the world as well is part of the international committee of the flag of peace organism that preserves the message of the work of reding and their experiences of contacts their research and its commitment to the culture of peace has inspired thousands of people all over the world now yes thank you already ricardo welcome to the cameras and microphones of migdalia live binary television a pleasure alfredo thank you very much for the good invitation if you think since the expectation that has been generated with your presence live from patagonia it's going to be massive and we're going directly you're English so it seems that you you maintain that you have had contacts and that you have had contacts with people with people with beings of another from another of the future in short of another dimension which is the one of the future explains it is not certain what has been your contact in general lines it is very difficult to catalog the type of experiences that has had to face in my country of origin in Peru because on the one hand we could place this group of human beings as extraterrestrials because they come from outside the land of other realities when I say extraterrestrials I'm not necessarily referring to it to scuba-diving beings that come down in a metal sheet ship to take samples I'm talking about a very broad term that, as I repeat, involves other realities mention where the time factor is very important for this reason this statement that some of the beings that are visiting the earth actually come from other temporary spaces and could be involved with us all this started in my case when I was a very young boy had had observations of flying objects not identified UFOs as we usually know them when I was very small in the country club forest made cic outside of Lima but not It was up to the year 88 when he was a 14 year old teenager who contemplated a much closer object a very bright light in broad day that went away moving without making any noise towards the pacific ocean the curious thing about All this is that the Peruvian press reported that several people had seen anomalous objects in the sky just in that summer of 1988 then I said to myself, other people are also watching these things that mean UFO that was what I saw and there I discovered there just discover there that the term omni was not an esoteric or mystical denomination but military created by the might of the us and I started to investigate but to investigate in depth I mean to be interested in the topic cut news in the newspapers that kind of thing and then summarizing the story at age 19 marketing student and he had finished school he was obviously orienting my life to the administration of companies another thing completely away from what I am currently completely committed to write to divulge to investigate I remember that I had to give the partial of statistics and accounting had two very important tests to perform in the iii pm of the inah and at that moment I close my notes I close my notebooks to take a break to rest and this I have counted a million times it was really quite special because at that time of rest I even closed my eyes in my room where I had a desk where I was studying I heard a voice in Spanish in my own language talking to me without accent in the voice of a man a masculine voice very affable and very firm also when communicating he told me more or less something like that do not stop looking for we are extraterrestrial beings that we are entering contact you will be saw the preparation and then you will know us physically as I tell you the cold this story has counted thousands of times because that's how all this started and we are summarized here in italy television and I hesitated because one thing is to accept by common sense or by culture that maybe we are not alone in the universe and something very different they heard two in the head if you're suffering from schizophrenia if you're wrong with the coconut as we say in Peru but we are told you want a confirmation that this message that makes them receive authentic uploads to the place between your house to the terrace and there you will see us and that's how it all began because if I would have a terrace accompanied by my family was October of the year 93 and on the housing was placed a bright red object the index account that these messages had physical confirmations then the author of this voice of this mental message if we can call it that he said he called himself singing at least with that name he identified himself and told me that he was part of a group of extraterrestrial beings also in quotes they were contacting many people before my own testimony and later on my own testimony that's how it started everything later I could meet them face to face in contacts scheduled in the Andes' in the desert in Peru then in other countries this involved other people was really an amazing experience but pretty much that was the story of how I started to investigate this to live these experiences when television appears in my country telling my story these close encounters these messages these confirmations I was thrown out of work I was part of an international company was medical representative it's an important laboratory and by appearing as I say the means of communication they fired me because the managers seemed to the company really a craziness that I appear the media both in Peru and abroad talking about contact with beings aliens and this obviously took a 180 degree turn on my way so started all wow well nothing more and nothing less talk about when you have referred to the aliens you have said assumptions extraterrestrial extraterrestrial enters quotes because you qualify them well that's why they come from the future of another dimension partly because of that also because you will remember that my path started at adolescence I, only 19 years old, joined ufology groups such as ivry the first research group of the UFO phenomenon not on a regular basis but I did have an important friendship with jose carlos paz garcía also me I integrated with the branch contact groups that still worked in Peru I participated in esoteric groups ie I was a boy who wanted to understand that It was happening to me so I started participating in different groups I started seek to try to highlight everything that was happening to me and in at first I confess I saw everything as in a movie I wanted to just we are in contact with civilizations from other worlds that arrived in their vehicles that have seen the earth since time immemorial but the measure that the contact was advancing I started to ask myself more questions I started scratching at the bottom of the hole as we say in South America I realized that the matter It was very complex and really my first observations in those early search years were incomplete being managing to discover that some of the beings that were coming into contact with us they were not extraterrestrials in the sense that they had originated in 100% off the ground but some of them even though this sounds completely feverish that some of those beings were our descendants descendants of humans who traveled into space and somehow managed to take a trip back in time but a science movie also sounds fiction come back to this time that we are facing now and deliver them their message about something disturbing that can happen in the future of that too I wanted to talk to you but it will be the end of our conversation when we will talk about these disturbing events of these messages that you have in terms of possible good events that may happen mother earth over the next few years but let's go specifying a little more in terms of knowledge of these cds and I invite you all the people while we talk about it that they have any question any question from anywhere in the world that they use the chat that is what we use to communicate ask your question putting the word then asks the name of the person who makes it and the country from where he does it and riccardo if he can obviously want it then he can answer all these questions that we will begin to ask in a few minutes in ricardo you say that they are beings that come from the future that are people who have been able to bring a message from another dimension that is the future but this means that it can mean that these beings or these are part of these beings they have been visiting us for a long time we have them between us are two questions that is to say they visit us from a long time ago and second are daily between us it's a very convoluted subject because on the one hand there are civilizations of authentic extraterrestrial origin civilizations older than the new extra that they have been to the land since before man's own appearance so of course they've been among us they've seen us grow have been the founding fathers or inspirers of the first great human civilizations and with that I do not mean just then to sumerian to egypt or the Indian dresses defined civilizations even older than our history archeology has forgotten or wants to ignore there are different groups that have been visiting us and also the other no less intriguing detail is that some of these series either because they have a human appearance or because they have the capacity to assume they have lived together among us even to this day and have been contacting people not only as my humble case that I am an ordinary person from a country in development paths like Peru people might wonder and why did it happen to Ricardo or other witnesses from Latin American countries for example because they have not contacted scientists to military war pilots characters with a really massive influence at the level of humanity I I think yes or rather sexy just that these characters are not open to tell your testimony or your history of contact with these beings either by fear of ridicule to the papers they occupy in these places of power or because it is also not your role but if the answer is if you visited us a long time ago time now some of them camouflaged are among us your riccardo answers are very strong is to be grateful that you have so much clarity if you were fired from work imagine what could happen the derision you mean a high-ranking person in any of the good ones from the military, as well as the political or economic any country in any case on Sundays they deny us the history they deceive us with a different story in which it really happened and at the same time we deceive with the reality that we live because there are real contacts with these beings in terms of organisms governmental or super-governmental to the land is like this if unfortunately this is the case and I know personally because I have met with pilots of war with scientists with is astronauts and the us who have me delivered in some cases documents in other cases have given me testimonials really impressive of the extraterrestrial reality that their governments know and that has not been publicly disclosed at first you can imagine being me then so young boy now I am 43 years old and more than 25 years old investigating this issue they invited television programs in several countries to discuss with nuclear physicists that I do psychological tests live to see if he was crazy he was lying to debate with a Spanish exorcist as is father jose antonio fortea in the crisis show he has in miami that I even wanted to exorcise in the parking lot after all that I had counted, that is, I passed everything but I never lied I always told the truth and it is I also took the doors so that important people who saw me in television or they found out what I was broadcasting called me by phone tell me I want to see you in private the coffee come to such a place and I have met with very powerful people with politicians also military people like I said you showed me incredible things that have had the value of direct conferences that have had between them I can mention what was said before to the American astronaut Edgar Mitchell the apollo 14 capital that his house in florida he confessed he had the direct knowledge of the extraterrestrial reality on earth told us that in his Apollo 14 mission he had not had any contact in the space but rather it had corroborated it on earth had it conformed in our world he even got to tell me that the roswell case where curiously this astronaut was born in this region of the state of new mexico is a genuine case an authentic case a still open record that his US government has not wanted to talk so it's not about conspiranoia of delusions of researchers on the subject of conspiracy of silence on the extraterrestrial theme really this is happening because there are many vested interests let's now address the questions of all the friends and friends of everyone who are claiming their attention to go to Peru because precisely in line with what you just told gustavo sánchez de peru ask who governs the world if there are so many entities of light that they interact with each other because they do not make a front to unmask the bad always asked me what he liked but obviously I imagine that if there is some kind of balance on this planet in the universe although my response sounds very mystical and I think part of everything that we are facing in life and in our own world is just part of that balance who is ruling the world I do not know some theoreticians of the conspiracies usually talk about the illuminati that I think is a argument to review if it is the same company that ademais house he founded in the 18th century in germany also some talk about a conspiracy reptile today of linked with extraterrestrial gods who would have manipulated by the Sumerians I had the opportunity just in a previous expo of conscious life the angels of knowing zacarías and ching that also It was exhibitors and Zacarias himself and who was lamenting how his work has been misrepresented not much opportunism around his I work a distortion of their books and they have created a really more fantastic that reality so I do not know exactly what is behind this hidden government but I do know that the greatest fear we should have is not a external influence but to our own fears also its great very mystic but I think there is no greater demon than our own ignorance precisely I am reading and reading some of the books of zacarías and not only it says it but it demonstrates it is really difficult not to believe it because it brings problems of all kinds so we are counting from my point of view I also agree with you a story in which there is practically no truth but good everyone has their way of see that story claudia liliana the boy from colombia who says good day ricardo They are Claudia I want to know if those beings that come from the future are still here on earth he has already answered but wants to know something else and if they communicate already now with you still and although the one of the future I imagine that they want that we correct something to change a possible tragic future what message do you have to we must correct is correct they want a pattern an event a cycle of events can be modified because it affects the evolution of man himself and obviously theirs in the universe and that the human being will at some point be transformed into a seed of others civilizations although this sounds incredible is to say on the one hand the humans on earth are descendants of cultures of the stars that they came to our world that maybe even sowed them with life and then more late we will play the same role on other planets is a dynamic very complex of very diverse very rich in the universe these beings are still here they come here is complex because on the one hand they come of the future in quotation marks and on the other hand can be manifested by pieces of time in our concept of reality the last time I saw them in a Direct experience was in the Atacama desert on September 27 of the year 2016 at that time I have not seen them again We are talking to Ricardo Gonzalez who is one of the most contacted of the world that is going to participate in conscious life expo the event the macro world event that the angels celebrate on days 9 10 and 11 February, we at Italia TV are there to take you all kinds of interviews and events that happen there but if you can not move there and you can live it live you just have to link and follow the links in the chat and also in the video that you see in deferred If you are not already doing it live in the written description, they can take you to the possibility of buying your tickets online to enjoy a lot of hours in which you will see lectures you will see everything that has to do with the encounter extra conscious life in the angels the days I repeat 9 10 and 11 of February we are in direct connection as just commented with ricardo gonzález who is in bariloche argentina and we keep asking him questions in this case from argentina they ask you a question what is the next good are continually entering questions ricardos and that I am made to dump a question here I have let's see why from Spain from Spain they wanted to know a little more about you esther martín from Spain He expresses his sincere admiration and as a writer and musician we have said that you are also a musician in the presentation the question of this is what is the experience that has most excited you during all these years every time it is difficult It is very difficult to answer but one of the experiences one of the most extraordinary experiences that I have had to live has not been the contact experience extraterrestrial although this sounds amazing people will suddenly not understand it see how it is possible to have seen physically these beings or even the state on occasion within their ships as I did in 2001 in the desert of Chilca in Peru as it is you may not choose an experience of that magnitude that intensity actually one of the experiences that moved me most was an experience we are going to call it non-physical that happened in the heart of the gobi desert in mongolia in the year 2007 he had gone to investigate a vortex an anomalous area that the Mexican journalist Jesus Becerra had informed me after a interview they did to me in wakes up america in the usa in the form of well-known television there we had received a information to investigate a place in the gobi desert and it was this journalist calf that gave me the coordinate we went this desert we discovered that there was a monastery of lamas that 200 years ago protected an area marked by 108 stoves where a Mongol monk named dance and rage is told after having been militating in some caves had reached as a great state of consciousness and when entering within this area the middle desert of the dunes of the steppes had seen many things as if he had been connected with other realities would have connected with some cosmic gentlemen light beings some entities that one could associate with the image would go no to speculations of Buddhism but actually when we went and I crossed well this threshold of the stupas this portal this node I do not know what term employ guarding the aforementioned lamas of the chamber monastery the information that had previously reached us in an exaggerated least in this experience of the year 2007 when I cross towards the center of this square marked by the stoves I started to have visions about my future about my probable future over my life even the moment as I could depart as I could die and the things I had to do before I left after this experience that was so real so awesome and see that all the events that I saw in that experience were giving mathematically scandalously I realized that we are obviously in step and that the most important thing was not exactly the contact with beings of the stars or other realities but if it sounds too mystic too entered I must say contact was with us understand for our purpose to be on earth to understand towards where these wonderful ones lead us as incredible experiences so it's one of the most incredible contacts of the most incredible meetings live that year 2007 mongolia where I could also discover that if you take certain awareness of the process that you are living as human on earth You could under exceptional conditions modify your contract law and extend your timeline is to say the more subtle can be for others you could extend your contract to continue with this task that many humbly we are trying to carry out very interesting what you say above all this extend the contract with kindness and love is something really a good payment let's talk with all of you to through the replies to the explanations and the information that has of major events events that are preparing for the humanity and also the secrets of the atacama desert among other things but we're going to Chile just where the atacama desert, although I do not think that is enriched here but it is the person who asks the question there or the richard before asking you this question I wanted to thank you from the heart for all your peace action that you are giving to the planet and thank you for your beautiful dissemination of messages from our elder brothers of the cosmos says enrique and to the question what is the fifth dimension in more physical terms have you said of what races you have to abbreviate riccardo to be able to answer all these questions that enrich treats that is the fifth dimension in terms more physicists have been told what extraterrestrial races we belong says that he saw interstellar but you wanted to see if you could know a little more in your in your contacts with your brotherhood have been able to teach you what it is like to live for them in the fifth dimension and if we are to say the terrestrials one day like them in the fifth dimension greetings and a thousand thanks from chile enrique we are going to do good between all thanks for your words enrique considered that there is no consensus to define what is the fifth dimension when we study suddenly in school we will He explained that we lived in a universe where we could perceive three dimensions with clarity wide and deep a measure of physics the fourth dimension for some could be the time is represented geometrically with the figure of the hypercor or the third act that figure that in the 19th century the mathematician english charles jaguar hinton and had expressed in his book just the fourth dimension that also had so much inspiration and insight into the theosophical society of Madame Blavatsky the fifth dimension maybe it's related to a much more subtle perception with a state of consciousness much higher than some channelers or witnesses of contact they relate to the nature of the thinking of the aliens who contact you is what I could say suggests as disclosure scientific knowledge so that people can better understand these concepts in the work of michu kaku this American scientist of Japanese origin has published incredible books like space or the future our mind that they are very easy to read and they explain very well for example the theory superstrings where he has had a role rather than protagonist where the existence of 11 dimensions has been theorized extraterrestrial races that are involved involved with us I could not pinpoint I know that many of them are more than connected that among them is a civilization that we can locate in the region of the Orion constellation Orion is very important for history of humanity not in vain many cultures of the world not only the Egyptian they pointed their obelisk pyramids or drew their legends guiding them to the constellation of that played by the orion hunter I think that there we have to look for the origin origin orion of humanity and about the interstellar movie good to me I was also fascinated that the music of summers studied as a musician with the non-profit project mintaka I am a follower of hans zimmer and the music he made in this end of chris nolan it really is brilliant and the movie is argument too some told me that the plot of the film was similar to what the aliens have transmitted us from a trip to the future of a human migration into space because we could not survive on earth but actually the first movie that talked about fleeing the planet for survive in alpha centauri which is the message that we have received the first movie was lost in space in this case talking about a series that already the 60s the Fox spread before I was born so the detractors who say that we were inspired by interstellar did very badly task because it was already the series lost in space in the 60s that sent a rocket the jupiter towards centaur to colonize a world similar to the land and settle down but they never arrived and that's why the family robinson that was lost what I want to say is that the reality exceeds fiction and if in all cases you have to be very attentive that of Orion there are questions about the lion here and remember that the great pyramids of Egypt are oriented with an image in a projection of the alignment of the Orion belt - asks Paola who does not tell us from where he asks his question we would like to know but I am going to ask the question is possible that some souls currently embodied in our land may came from Orion a few years ago a chemistry engineer friend who channeled He told him that his soul came from being me to you what or what is your opinion in around this question pretty intense issues if you had asked 20 years ago or 25 years ago when the truth was born in the city that I would have taken with tweezers but after having lived such incredible experiences that then they put me in the eye of the storm I am convinced that to see when I was born in Peru in the year 74 we were 42 thousand millions of human beings now I lost the account in 2018 I think that we already exceeded 7500 or maybe 8 billion human beings considered that the spirit the soul has a provenance beyond the earth and is likely that we have had different learning stocks and not just in this world not only in this world in this sphere is not unreasonable to believe that some humans who are now living on earth had some kind of learning experience in other spheres in other worlds like our ancestors believed it in fact in Egypt it was thought that when he died in it in this case pharaoh suka the soul traveled towards the constellation of the hunter towards asia ju yun jong to return to the kingdom of the famous god osiris so it is not entirely crazy what you have to take with tweezers is the way he accumulated maybe he finds out if he has or not on this side is there is a very thin line between consciousness and Asylum then you have to be very sensible to verify these information and how it is revealed to us that we would supposedly have that origin stellar allows you to add that whatever may be the important thing what we are experiencing now that we are human and that we have a task in this very exact surface what it says is in ricardo very cabal but abounding what says is that of the asylum and aesthetic people who evidently have to all the place in offering and television Pedro Valdés de España says because its message is always spiritual and unprovable and never gives knowledge of physics or medicine that could so much help us all humanity is a smart question and I agree on what he says but if he reasons with me will understand that what humanity needs most is not the sciences what humanity needs most is consciousness that is something else that's why I think that many messages speak of the consciousness of balance but I must also correct something is not that everything is mystical period and demonstrated and demonstrable lyric is not like that we have given more than blunt proofs of the contacts that we claim to maintain are only mental messages and delusions that one shares that is not true we invited investigators to journalists and I've done it in seven occasions among them Dr. Michael Hall who have doctorates and these policies is adviser to president ronald reagan in the treaties attached to paola harris is assistant to the american astrophysicist i know galán jaime or the researcher and journalist who would make that great cameron recently in mounts until they have come with us and have had the experiences and you can verify that this contact is real we have photographs filming testimonials from military so I say that these unprovable and that there's tests I think you have to learn a little better We follow or return to Chile where the donoso flower does not ask and protest says I'm not na because this is hidden behind this because it has always happened in history and humanity have burned people in the past we have burned people what it was to say things that broke paradigms we have generated wars for religions we have killed the name of God either at the level of science or at the level of consciousness and spirituality I I think also science by conscience but everything is so divorced that this generates a battle of protagonist egos and divides it and causes this separation but as Edgar Mitchell told me there are many vested interests and these vested interests also respond to knowledge if a particular group possesses a knowledge an information a technology that what others do not possess try to hide it for example this had happened with the famous roswell case that no myth that had really happened there in the foster ranch in new mexico state of the us 57 I think a lot of the things that have happened around the UFO phenomenon have forced the great powers to create uncertainty mock the subject bury him and even attack him we are in direct connection with Ricardo ricardo gonzález of connection with bariloche argentina from where we speak for migdalia television migdalia live with questions from all us that are produced from all over the world at this time and at end of this interview that is then man for you will happen what same is exciting to be able to know all this information we will talk about what is hides in the desert of atacama what mysteries hides the design the mystery of atacama in chile and we will also talk about the foundations that come next in humanity and from which we can not talk ricardo such stress was within a few minutes now let's continue asking from argentina I ask you question white acosta hello dear Ricardo I am in San Luis precisely in the volcano where there was a settlement of comechingones eat chingo million is that I do not find familiar the word apologize as I heard in one of your lectures these original peoples communicated with the supporters you will also have to tell to the people who see us and hear us the term coined so that we can meet each other and the question of vélez blanca acosta is they always come from the future we have already talked a bit about this but it is a question and the next as to know if we have a portal there are more people question of portals so let's open up that topic how to know if they have a portal there the comechingones is one of the signs that inhabited the sierras de córdoba of the province of san luís from where they send us this question and it was obviously a very ethnic group important that is believed to have a shamanic mystical custom having as an emblem the colored hill where there are more than 30,000 pictograms that reveal these shamanic customs or the mystic hill uritorco considered one of the most sacred hills more esoteric more mystical of latin america and I believe for my investigation that these native girls from the sierra especially from córdoba they had some kind of contact with other human intelligences centuries ago before the Spanish conquest only the term kun we already took advantage of clarify it because the term japan no longer sometimes consult me ​​if it has to do with play adiano artur and what has become as fashionable as when there is talk about channeling contact actually much simpler pastors and peasants of the Andes of my country in Peru since the 50s had reported that tall beings of Nordic appearance would have presented very close to the snowy mountain in the white mountain range in the province or department of ancash and when I asked these beings surprised seniors who were kind to them who had extraordinary faculties and up they say they would have charged their relatives with just bringing the hands as if they were imposing some kind of energy at least that's what they tell they asked these beings where they come from caruzzo wasiq just as not the ceiling where you come brother I answered him we come from within the mountains because these beings had their bases or possess their bases within the corporations the Andean massifs that is why the term adbu which means protector and is a word that in my country is associated with mountains to the Andes these beings were called to kun and it is for this reason that we know them as support us series of other realities that have its bases inside the mountains and the other question sorry what was the side of the air and the other question to see what my colleagues have passed they have changed so here I have it if they have a portal there if they how can they know if they have help matters it is very difficult to verify all this but there are certain characteristics of power zones of contact places that in fact there is a new book that is going to be published soon in Spain 'with firefly editorials of the planet group that is called contact places where I tell a little bit about other researches all over the world and I think that one of the characteristics is anomalous phenomena in the area Over time with sighting of lights especially the theme of time is important and explore if there is any oral tradition local legends that they testify that in that area things happened for example in england all we remember the controversial crop circles the croft fences but from before this happened and it was widely spread, especially in the 80s great investigations like the ones that our friend calling later made Andrews was already talking about the circle of the fairies of very old times, that is, if one begins to track you will find that your places have anomalous reports from long ages ago I would start to trace all that in Argentina and now We started creating snacks because there are many questions around the dates close to the destiny of humanity and certain very specific things with relationship to the future that holds all this because we are going to start with the snacks from argentina karina had the question I would like to know and there are also people of doubts about water a lot but we started precisely with this appetizer that is to know why beings contact you that you already said in a general way although if you want to insist and because they want samples of water from different parts of the planet in the congress of the mountain chapel mentioned the last trojan horse of jj benítez and the deadline is another question is the 2027 could you tell us that's two questions water samples 2027 already we entered in matter facing the dates that we good news is a longer issue when We had the contact on April 12, 2015 in this town of Ancash that already mentioned with these beings told us on that date that in the future before a global crisis product of an event that affects our planet an event of cosmic origin plus everything that we have been wrongly doing human our wars the global overpopulation and the bad administration of resources the other day I have outraged him the news that the 1 percent of humanity has almost 90 percent of resources this came out published a few days ago well I do not need to make a description of things that we are doing nothing according to these beings that April 12, 2015 they told us that all these things were going to push the human being away towards outer space and as I mentioned to you to look for a world habitable in the alpha centauri region that we would achieve through a new technology based on a particle before nothing a particle before the nothing that the aliens call children that they are going to find with one of the large hadron accelerators that might not necessarily be the hc that is between France and Switzerland that I personally visited but other technologies that are probably on the way and that this mini is yours particle is connected to what they call the element first the element first for us humans would be the water that according to these beings according to the information they have transmitted has more than three states not only the solid the liquid and the gas they speak of up to seven main states according to the stimuli that water can receive stimuli that not only respond to temperature for example this information it was delivered to us well in advance when I narrated important information I thought it crazy that the trip to alpha centaur that we had little time that we had to change things and the interlocutor of extraterrestrial origin who says to be called ivica tells me a very important scientist will make the announcement and then they will see that our affirmations are serious I gave interviews appear means of communication publish a book for free on the internet with the title the extraterrestrials of the planet apu that if it is a best-seller more than 70 thousand people have read it openly you can find it in the script website and this we published everything in 2015 and when it was fulfilled one year of our contact on April 12, 2016 stephen hawking for those who say there is no tangible evidence that there's irrefutable tests stephen hawking considered the most important scientist in lives of the earth and a lecture curiously on April 12 in case meet one year our contact the conference gave him in new york announcing that to humanity what was convenient was to go to other worlds and suggested exploring alpha centauri first with these nano probes that they would send to through laser beams into space to later send obviously in manned ships so the whole water issue at minimum trips towards Alpha Centaur and the announcement of Stephen Hawking is also related to a event that they located, they informed us that it would have happened because they already they lived remember that they come from later an event that would have happened in the year 2027 and it was the one that accelerated throughout this crisis of our planet and I want to make a clarification and in fact this I talked about a lot also with with juanjo benítez that I have a great friendship and was the guest of honor with fabio zerpa in the congress that I made in chapel del monte with the Orion team is dotcom too and I do not think anything will happen in 2027, it's not going to be wrong happened years ago with the year 2012 that some said I want to see a catastrophe and others said that we move to the fourth dimension and the problems of humanity and neither of the two things in my view happened had generated much confusion to humanity I believe that the 1,027 is a very important a key date and I am convinced that we are going to overcome an event that was supposed to have happened in the timeline of these beings but for we are going to learn the lesson and nothing is going to happen, I am saying that nothing good is going to happen there are still questions I'm going to ask you even if you ahead is this one of them is from abel argentina that by the way has many followers as we are checking yourself is spoken says you intubate turin tour amber questions from argentina if it is not the lumbar spirit because it also puts to see the same is the lic and its name but in definitive is Argentina from where it is communicated it is spoken that humanity is would quarantine the thread of what you're doing talking about alpha centauri would be quarantined by the galactic confederation tell us a little about the galactic confederation so that all the world know what this is and this is how I could then see if the possible alpha trip centauri a very smart question and for that I'm going to have to make an explanation if you allow me one of the first contact witnesses that spoke of an alliance or an extraterrestrial organization that keeps links between these civilizations with a goal an organized agenda friendly ethics with humanity was george adams who was among the first witnesses of contact in the late 40s and in the USA to talk about this alliances as I call some call it confederation beyond the terms that may sound very star trek very to science fiction there really this alliance this organized conglomerate of civilizations aliens and fairies who had already warned that after the atomic detonations of our Second World War we had sent as a bad signal to other planes to the universe motivating that this planetary quarantine is strengthened this planetary quarantine is a kind of of protective cord to grow human be in a bubble space-time to explain it in some way of learning and can not either travel beyond the limit set by our satellite is to say that until the moment humans could not travel beyond the orbit of the moon to less physically with this technology another thing are interdimensional trips they are mental experiences and for this reason we have not returned to the moon either we have as a protection as a kind of I do not know how to explain it from friendly limit to protect us also from ourselves and the things that we could do in space however if humanity finds the mentioned particle before nothing he calls domains the game rules they change because we are no longer a primitive civilization we find the holy cosmic grail of the most subtle energy that will shoot humanity towards travel in time then if we find in minions the quarantine disappears and obviously we can travel freely alpha centauri I'm counting brief terms because we're here the interview but it's a lot longer I can argue with more information there is a lot of concern is very very specific anyway I am excited to know that riccardo this is a also a time capsule that we are creating between you and mental and in direct in this this occasion that is going to be able to see in a future time and that will be able to check everything you say thanks to the magic of the internet and the of everything that has to do with dissemination and communication in any case I thank you for all this boldness all this passion information and truth from the point of view in which you are raising it for people who are watching through link dalia live mirtha valley from argentina again plus a question from Argentina she confesses that she is confused and tells you I would like to know and tell you in a very serious way if there is waiting hope for our planet and what we can do to reverse what is said to happen, we have already talked a bit about it in 2025 27 because my idea is now to retire in 4 months is to move to inside the country but my whole family is in Buenos Aires thanks and many affection to you and the sun imagine in the restlessness person that we have each of us on the planet that results in this manifesting my mismita valley from argentina let's see what you can say alfredo as I said at the beginning of this note and my search I went through different contact research groups and so on which I do not regret because I grew up I learned but then I discovered that sometimes you take too much emphasis affirmations or messages of these beings and we confuse them and I myself have confused more than once and we have given them an accent that did not correspond anymore Sometimes the messages of contact witnesses have been more than the pure message that these beings have transmitted this made me long years ago I move away from all kinds of groups and try to focus this message this information I say it very modestly in the most universally neutral way possible so that in this way can also reach people I've learned that catastrophic messages do not lead to any instead I've learned that there is definitely hope if there were not these beings would not have contacted so many witnesses would not have traveled from where they claim to come through membranes in time and reach this time to give us a message if there was no hope not what would have made me remember a message from one of these beings in the past something that I learned in Peru in the 90s when it was said that there was actually more more good than bad in the world only that what we call negative bad had greater as advertising or greater diffusion I know that sounds like a too nice slogan but I think so I think because beyond the news traveled the world he visited between 1820 countries per year even exotic places where I've met amazing people wonderful people guardians of the earth as I say they show me that if there is hope it is true that as things are, it seems that we were upside down that is all more than bad what god had gone on vacation and I even leave a secretary to answer the phone or something similar but I am convinced that if there is hope if I would not be with you and dialoguing about the experiences that you claimed to have had investigations that we are doing regarding these messages I am doing because I know there is hope so I say to this dear friend of argentina that the best way how we can contribute to change is not so much accepting the existence of extraterrestrials or getting involved in groups on these issues but being better people if you allow me riccardo a contribution that I had in an epiphany that one of the many that I have I have suffered in many cases in my life back in the 20 years that I had when I was distressed by this that we are talking at this time about the future of the humanity of where we were going and why all this was going to happen a book fell into my hands and on the back cover it was something that woke me up immediately from that dream he was in I saw as always simple letters said even if the world ends tomorrow keep planting your tree so that is precisely what we are trying to keep planting it long that woke me up that was a simple phrase I can contribute there are many questions about that future there are many questions I'm going to ask a battery of questions, I'm forced to do them because they have been waiting for some time since peru alexander about the coordinate of the event what is it that can happen the third world war or the collision of an asteroid or the second good is a quick and concrete response From the USA to the end of the question, it is certain that the planet will be transformed and will remain frozen will be many disasters and will be saved about 30 percent of the planet that nobody does not know these details I do not think anyone knows can really be modified I do not know what to tell you it's worth more to ask around What can happen What do you think you think about mexico question in diana martínez what Do you think about everything that has been predicted about a possible war well he's been planning for a long, long time and there are different up prophecies that involve not only extraterrestrial contact but also very Marian apparitions I have been working on a book that it is not yet published that is called the secret of Mary where good trip to Lourdes at Fatima in Spain 'same in Zaragoza where it was considered the first appearance mariana garabandal that recently opens a weekend there in your country that seems to me an incredible case more than once trip of garabandal to investigate all this next to great friends as you know the scholarship castellón rosa mari paradise lorenzo fernández good francos delivery agile really amazing people and I'm convinced that even behind these Marian apparitions are prophecies messages about an event cosmic about wars about the role of russia and I think we're living that I think that we are living it in the thread of what it says is because it tried argue everything so that we can have a story line based on the questions that each one asks as he understands what he should do morals narci from españa question as it says confesses the prophecies mixtures are much in the end never happens anything I am 56 years old and since I was young the law prophecies and in that they continue in prophecies you have something to add ricardo that such time he did not read carefully some of the nostradamus quatrains this doctor was a doctor of a crazy astrologer with a good crystal as they have drawn some mental was a doctor a scientist who I was with the most important cultural elites of France at that time you could also investigate benjamin solari parravicini where I understand it was even more precise than the own one we dealt with where he put dates circumstances that have been fulfilled are superfluous I refer to the evidence you have to investigate the work of benjamin solari parravicini there is a book that I published the Argentina that is called the enigma of the gray man that also We publish it free of charge in writing so you can read it and you can find out Maria Elena who is asking I do not know exactly from where but they are asking where does madryn write from so let's ask your question but why please for the courtesy that all worthy from where you write this question makes a question almost bordering on quantum physics if I do not think so it is within that parameter if we change the present the future could change and these beings that come from the future might not come to exist it's a good question obviously I'm not a quantum physicist I'm an explorer a seeker a witness who discloses all these things in my team there are scientists and I've talked to them about these issues but right now I remember that ivica and this he narrated in one of my books to this being that would come from the future I would I ask ok if humanity understands this message takes care of the planet and not we have to leave the earth to travel towards Alpha Centaur and start from zero in a foreign world what would happen to you what intelligently I they just asked because if the trip is not done you did not exist in the future then indicate you answer me and tell me nothing in the universe disappears we continue to exist in different planes ie we in our particular line of perception of things analyze everything as in a straight line past present and future they already exist events already they happened already forget alpha centaurs and we are like a way parallel in others in another reality do not ask me what explain why I do not know how to do it but what I could understand about the affirmations of these series is that at some point these different realities the experience that occurs in them with their humanities with their knowledge ends up as they intertwine 12 and this enriches the learning of universe is as if we had repeated a loop a loop again and again and we are at the doors of certain moments where we can repeat those events again or simply overcome them and mark a positive precedent for the whole universe although this is incredible the multiverses that work in parallel and that have to do with probability that projects our mind to a universal mind all united around a own subject the future if our future is in waste in the disaster the calamity will come if the future is in hope in faith that everything that I do what you do is powerful may that future change and that the people the people that come from the future continue to exist because not at all it is an enigma being we them knowing we provide them as a clear lineage that I am pedro valdés de españa ricardo have had the opportunity to board their ships have also had the opportunity to traveling to other worlds with them I have not traveled to other worlds and neither could at least physically by the limits that they explained to me and I say it very respectfully because there are contact witnesses who told me at the time that they had traveled to very distant stars even very far from our own galaxy via milky I only transmit the Christ beings told me that at least physically as we understand physical experience can not be produced for now the journey of a human outside the solar system or beyond the orbit of the moon that is roughly the limit that they they had marked us saying this if besides having seen them physically I was in what I could materially denominate according to my perception according to my memories inside one of your vehicles I remember the experience that clearly occurred the first time on February 24, 2001 in the desert of Chilca which is a very famous enclave since the 70s related to the UFO phenomenon and close encounters that have been reported there in that experience was absorbed by a compact and coherent solid light beam that ripped me off the ground led into a circular room that had more or less I calculate between 10 to 12 meters in diameter was a very intense white light that came from everywhere without generating shadows I felt as if I did not cross though I am counting here very naturally I can assure you that well I did not live it had the heart of tie was very scared I wanted to faint I was very affected by the situation because of the I was thinking about whether something would happen to me if I was going to have some kind of complication in the heart because it was beating at a speed that it had never occurred to me I felt that I was beating my chest strongly trembled to my hands trembled the two trembling hands felt that it is beginning to sweat for that I remember it as something physical but then these appeared beings within this circle one of them the one that I already mentioned that says called I doubt it's called like that but at least those names have been presented sing the dress with an intense silver metallic suit and with the face discovered a man of about thirty-odd years of color eyes appearance pretty clear latex honey like a Norwegian swiss with hair well the long and they reassured me by being there and in this experience among other things they told me that the experience was in February of 2001 remember the date I was told that in September between 2 and 12 of September sent memories I think it was cordoned off those me they flagged if it's going to produce a new york incident that would lead to states attached to a war conflict with the Middle East I went to the USA appeared in media among them in the most listened to radio program in univision radio with renan almendares coelho of an open conference for the public in the griffith park of the angels where he also talks about the subject I think about 1,500 people arrived until the police arrived from the USA thinking it was a rally or a strike or I do not know what thing I was also on radio wado which is a network that locates and agglutinates several radio stations and new york so I talked about it previously nobody imagined that on 11 September as the aliens apparently would have I think that it is more than clear I was told by a source of tension will explode in that parameter of September date in the major and will sharpen the crisis with the Middle East that's what they said and that's what happened the attack the twin towers after that I do not have to go into details here in this interview I had some personal inconveniences to reynés of testimony and subsequent interviews in television to this testimony and something that happened in this country we go to Colombia and also to Canada because from these two places ervey people who are a little restless because their question is still in online and tried to dialogue with people who are also on the other side but take me a coherence Ricardo not jump from one topic to another that I can from somehow then introduce the stress of being asked continuously by disparate things in any case from Colombia today month and wendy alcohol from canada ask and two have concerns to know concrete things ervey says I'm a profession I'm a profession agronomist and I've had curiosity about how are the methods of cultivation of beings from other planets can I can learn some techniques to improve those crops and from canada wind and tells us hello ricardo these future beings have been given tactical keys to overcome diseases in the physical body are questions that have to do with food farming and also with diseases of the physical body there is something that happens around this I will answer briefly in the case of agriculture and I suggest that investigate a very particular case that occurred in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico not far from the so-called valley of 7 and luminaires which is an area of contact there are extraordinary experiences where a farmer they gave insider information to cultivate with greater awareness vegetable vegetables that even appeared with exorbitant sizes giants my dear friend jj benítez investigated this case enough and if bad not I remember you find your book my favorite riddles so I suggest this agronomist that investigates the case that occurred in guanajuato mexico very famous mostly in order in the 80s in the whale zone 7 nominate jazz and on the subject of health because obviously there are a number of techniques disciplines that can strengthen our health like caring for food and so many things that have been said but today I am convinced that you have to take care of your mind more and become a vegetarian and suddenly obviously that helps to have a diet healthier but as the teacher said 2000 years ago is not what goes into your mouth what hurts but what comes out of it I do not know anything after I only hear is to remove white optimists I will serve montilla up and be vegan if suddenly you are a person be violent negative pessimistic with others and I believe that the key to a Greater longevity and greater health is how your mind and your heart are now I'm going to ask you the definitive questions several of them there are also Some of what I'm going to do to you, we've lengthened if you've noticed that I agreed with you for an hour but I was right because I understand that I still do not is fatigued and if the river allows me to see it for a while because I see that good because you are passionate about answering all the people and the people with you are also very focused on the question you said before that in 2027 nothing will happen but my question is we are and it is very concrete ricardo we are on doors an unimaginable event for human history if we are on the verge of an event forceful special for human history the coordinate 2027 and the circumstances that these beings wrote to us that could happen I have already described it before I am not the only one Obviously he received that information, I'm one of many who has received that information but I still think that it is not going to happen nothing I keep thinking that we are going to overcome that event so do not go to say ricardo gonzález said that in 2027 will happen such things I have not said that's what I said that nothing is going to happen just described the warnings the messages from an event that happened on another timeline and I know that in this realm is not going to happen anything the controls obviously at the doors of something very big and when I say that nothing is going to happen, it is not for one to be lie in the rocking chair on the futon and cross his arms and continue living in autopilot this is not the message either, the message is to keep the task the disclosure information the conscience everything we are doing to guide the future of our humanity and our descendants that are also good extraterrestrials is an answer we are receiving questions from spain canada to colombia mexico usa peru argentina chile ecuador venezuela uruguay and definitely from many parts of the world because there is a lot of interest in the information that Ricardo is contributing gonzález that happens and riccardo we promised at the beginning of our interview and I'm fulfilling a milestone is also responding to it in about this event that is about to happen and also what is happening in different parts of the world that occurs in atacama what is the secret that hides the atacama desert in chile one of the information within this story about alpha centauri and the migration of humanity to space to survive and then the descendants of this migration would be visiting the land and I clarify again I am saying that all the aliens or non-human entities that are among us are they only I am saying that a group of beings that are manifesting correspond to this episode of alpha centauri the question is good from where you they launch the ships from where we left the earth from the Baikonur cosmodrome in the current Russian federation from the cosmodrome Chinese in the true gobi that he shares with Mongolia but I mean in the sector of the Chinese republic from Cape Canaveral in the USA under the tutelage of Nasa is not made from South America always according to these beings is made from south america from the atacama region when we were in atacama and we lived a new contact experience there we could Obviously specify all the information, especially because we visited the concrete site from where this trip would take place towards alpha centauri currently that place is occupied by the observatory soul as it indicates this is the one that is in contact with us when it stops working soul in the future that same plateau where the 66 antennas now located are going to be transformed into a project that I call the ark to send children teenage girls in actually prepared since before birth although these are incredible the recruitment started since this time has a lot to do with genetics and everything to be sent to the Alpha Centauri space hundreds of teenage astronauts with this new technology found in the large hadron accelerators that drives these rockets or these ships towards the alpha centauri region about four light years away from the land approximately the place as it is the plateau of chajnantor in the desert atacama that is the biggest secret when I asked the Chilean archaeologist ana maría male that means chajnantor in the local native language the course she said means instead of takeoff very well we left it and as the cars demand I listened to them with attention from argentina ask a very interesting question also extra that you can make a contribution it is spoken of that michaels to the talking of contactees and go and people who are being prepared talk about what would be happening a struggle between Nordic extraterrestrials and reptilians what do you think of this you think that there are then wars between different extraterrestrial civilizations I suppose for control of the good land at a time I was very reluctant to accept that highly evolved beings that travel throughout the universe that developed a great technological level have warlike behavior it seemed to me that before they had to have destroyed themselves they would not even have had the ability to get to the land but I was wrong not that case to the dozens of myths legends that find in our own world our religions that speak of this battle between the forces of light the force of darkness the wars of angels who will smack themselves in heaven destroy cities in the gods Sumerian Greek epics could talk a lot about all this what I want to say is that there is everything in the universe and that there is indeed civilizations that have a conflict a conflict a conflict and sometimes that conflict or struggle has had as our scenario planet there is a very important question too I do not want to miss poly méndez from mexico there will be a massive contact finally, if that is the case when we are going to see the political question, I do not know when it is going to produce mass contact in I do not know I think that no witness has that concrete information because things are modified according to the action the dynamics of the human being what I have always said is that these contacts go increasing and they register with greater intensity so I think that we are going to see great things in the coming years there was a time of silence even in Spain 'in the investigation on the subject UFO as that much discredit and talking to some Spanish journalists that are quite rational with the subject and will express to me their skepticism with the contratismo I do not blame them in many in many part was right because they they developed groups a lot the witnesses were not clear in the way how We presented the information and this generated a rather dense cloud in around the messages but since what has started a new stage these recent years are until publishing new books have appeared scientists military intelligence agency documents that obviously all with tweezers because it is more what they reveal to us than what they publish there is a new stage where even the most skeptical journalists say We are also wrong because, because we want to be too serious formal objectives we also lost sight of a phenomenon that has been evolving is real we are not alone and something we have to do so I also invite other investigative journalists who do not have afraid to get my shoes dirty and I said it well to get dirty shoes not be Internet or desktop researchers really investigate the subject on the road in the mountains to see that this has really been evolving that these close encounters continue did not end in the golden age of contratismo from the 70 to the 80 has continued the problem is that it stopped investigate as it should be missing this there is an extraordinary message if it says alfredo missing that said I insisted that there is a lot of researcher like you say internet and what is needed is to go back to the field to take those notes of field and also it is necessary not to abound as much in the counterinformation that is everywhere on the internet josé francisco ibáñez from catalunya espanya badalona specifically asks a very specific question there is also a government in the extraterrestrial shadow good what specified at the beginning does not which is difficult to pinpoint what force behind the events I think that any moderately sensible person knows that he is not even the king of spain and the president of government or the chamber deputies of a country those who or the congress those who really make the decisions as apparently that we makes believe there are a number of elements that are hidden behind the scenes from corporations to a very powerful military industry that we do not official I mean the army of ivory or other things that seem to be taken out of fiction movies but reality as I already said it overcomes the fiction that within this conspiracy this power behind the power there may be some non-human influence I think so that there may be extraterrestrials infiltrated in the government or in the governments of great powers reptilian beings today des camouflage themselves as humans and suddenly a witness says I saw a reptilian tail under the hillary clinton skirt that I do not think so much it seems to me that as you say in Spain- the clamp went one thing is that some politicians behave like reptiles I've always said and another thing is that they are literally so I think my answer is quite specific there something of this but we also do not fall into delirium no good we are already in the Last questions, there are people who ask about who killed the dinosaurs and an accident will end there are people who ask what relationship it has to look like an accident that looks like a good accident because who ended the money by principles because if they had been excited we would not be having this conversation right now we are well there are more questions about dreams since Mexico-Argentina from different places I continually have dreams in relation to UFO encounters can manifest with us in this way in dreams custom if obviously close encounters the experiences not only involve the terrain of the tangible the photographed what you can observe what you can touch can also give you experiences in the mental telepathic field that has been studied so much even in agencies of intelligence that at some point some skeptic told me no no evidence conclusive that the intelligence services have investigated psychics and recently the CIA published more than one million documents talking about this matter and that he published what he wants to publish reiterated what really what's important do not publish it or do it unfortunately I do not think they will do it less in the short term so the telepathic scope has been studied since the cold war with great zeal and the influence between human beings with non-mechanical methods among them for example mk-ultra is a sad case also the projection of extracorporeal consciousness as it is called in the esotericism the journey of the astral body about can also give experiences while one is not just sleeping not because one could rush through a state relax a production travel experience in other realities as for example with ingesting the sacred drinks in my country not the famous case of the ayahuasca no the rope of the spirit are called the waves of the spirit or the waves of death ones also because it recreates the same as that you would see at the peak moment of your life that is when you leave the body physical the so-called death of a great initiation as the shamans believe then at that moment it seems that the pineal gland secretes a chemical that it's known as dmt dimethyltryptamine that what it produces for some skeptics as a hallucination actually as a mechanism as Dr. rick strassmann said that generates a connection with the afterlife with other realities and that is intimately linked to shamanism and contact ism if there are contact witnesses who also secrete this chemical in the experiences in the face of great stress from an experience a close encounter without need to have taken any sacred drink like ayahuasca because of made one of the lianas that is part of the ayahuasca contains that of emt as well that these experiences of astral travel telepathy are closely related to the pineal gland with the projection of consciousness but according to these beings all that can be trained one can prepare it can somehow introduce an individual in these practices with relaxation the concentration meditation as taught by Buddhism is a way too get in touch with them well there are other questions in which which people are echoing if they are play area are not a view to that rats belong and others good there are questions for everything also of the place the concrete complex on the planet what about the 'triangle of bermuda' that pass Antarctica are asking very much interest but I want to finish with a question or else I think it question forced for you that makes you a person asked a question a while ago from us good exactly from bad usa sea and alan asks you what is your role in the changes that are taking place on earth that is I ask a double question I add to Maria's question because it's not very clear and that's why I do it double what is the role of extraterrestrials in the changes that are taking having the land and what is your role ricardo gonzález in the changes that you can announce face the earth in terms of your extraterrestrial contact because you have understood the two small cases perfectly in the case of what these beings have told us I think they are here also to learn and to remember I think some of them and I'm not referring to exactly the episode of alpha centauri if I'm not referring to the global scope of the different extraterrestrial civilizations that would be among us or visiting the earth I think some of them need to remember something to learn something maybe they lost contact with their emotions they lost something that the involved with its origins and for that reason also this behavior so elusive so strange that it makes us all impatient recently I was in a radio interview here in bariloche and they asked me but well Since the Roswell incident happened, so many decades have passed. playing cat and mouse but actually for us decades went by suddenly for these beings it was five minutes ago maybe if these beings were they manifested three thousand years ago on the mountain in the Sinai peninsula that It may be the same crew that is flying over the mountain of montserrat in catalonia I force local port in málaga then I think not we can understand this phenomenon with our limits temporary spaces paradigms in our education I think that their main role is to remember learn and within its limitations help us to also bring the consciousness this knowledge because to the extent that the human being advance evolution and grow will also obviously affect the evolution itself of these beings and about my error normally I have no role in this I'm just a person from Peru who wanted to be a musician who started studying management marketing in Lima the career that I followed by family mandate because as I say my dream was be a musician when studying the Marist Brothers at school and the professor asked you what it wants to be of great I I did not raise my hand and said investigator of the phenomenon things happened I took care of the things that happened to me I started to spread and I would have imagined not so many countries that I was going to publish so many books that I was going to be in the eye of the storm talking about all this if I have a role in all of this and I am also aware of the communication responsibility when talking about these things is simply invite people to think because an ordinary person like my case because most of the witnesses are ordinary people people who now he is watching this video his cell phone in office that has been ridiculed by talk about the subject because they gave things for them I speak or for them I assume this role that they do not feel alone that many people have seen that they do not We are alone and that gives us hope because Ricardo Gonzalez apart from being a simple and common person like all of us is one of the witnesses of most important contacts in the world here has ratified it has shown a more time live on television sales thanked enormously for the contributions the information and the passion that has put to this conversation between us and with all the people who have you as you have proven also asked and contributed from all over the world to thank all of you participated so much in this interview and also remind you that Ricardo is enough to be enough in this conscious life in the angels of the 9th 9th and 11th of February 2018 around the corner and what if you do not want or can not be there physically you can do it through the different links that we put in italy both in the description of this video when you see it in deferred as in the chat as in the and this I have above that allows you to link with the information that takes you to the purchase of online tickets that can entitle you to hours of direct experiences with expo life conscious ricardo gonzález once again grateful we see each other there I will hug you and to interview is because there is what is I have this hobby and it has been a pleasure to always chat with you and with so much light as you bring thanks thank you very much alfredo to you to your team and also thank you very much to the people for all your affection for your questions so interesting if you want to continue a little more my work if you allow me mention it alfredo on my website cosmic legacy dotcom is going to find several articles openly information to be informed of what what are we doing in cosmic dotcom legacy and social networks in our facebook that is cosmic legacy no or ricardo gonzález writer and they are not going to find in cosmic legacy in facebook and if they want they put a like and everything that we are constantly publishing will come to you directly as I am very grateful for the work you are doing in Italy Alfredo blinds ahead and I send you a big hug from Lake Nahuel Huapi another very special place I'm seeing from here the window I know you know him so a great love of patagonia all the people that we is seeing thanks and greeting for all the people of Bariloche where he finds phenomenal people a wonderful people and all the patagonia to all of you Thank you for being there, we do not see it coming back from any informative moment through linda reads live minnelli on television thank you for being like you are forever


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A map of Chile




























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