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Clergy are some of the main and important formal leaders within certain religions. The roles and functions of clergy vary in different religious traditions but these usually involve presiding over specific rituals and teaching their religion's doctrines and practices. Some of the terms used for individual clergy are clergyman, clergywoman and churchman. Less common terms are churchwoman, clergyperson and cleric.

In Christianity the specific names and roles of clergy vary by denomination and there is a wide range of formal and informal clergy positions, including deacons, elders, priests, bishops, preachers, pastors, ministers and the Pope. In Islam, a religious leader is often known formally or informally as an imam, qadi, mufti, mullah or ayatollah. In Jewish tradition, a religious leader is often a rabbi (teacher) or hazzan (cantor).

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yeah - cause back hi Shalom brothers and sisters Imelda Prakash are the gathered of Christchurch live for our weekly broadcast first and foremost I would like to say all praises be the Most High Ohia Baha shamya Shia wah wah wah for those who don't know of course you must edify your translate if you're speaking in tongues I've just said blessed be the Most High God the Creator and the name of Christ through the Holy Spirit bless and love to all our brothers and sisters throughout the four corners of the earth we have a timely blessed topic this evening huh topic black Devils black clergy first and foremost I would like to thank elder Gaja on my right who's here listens part of our weekly panel and this is the elder that I've actually began through the spirit of the Most High the journey of the search engine with we had blog talk for many years but it morphed into the the the search engine once I met this brother over while spreading the word in the UK all my brothers and sisters in the UK I would like to say shallow wom mm-hmm I also have elder lawyer are you with us all the lawyer yes sir shallow um yeah you know and he's in the in the building the Barry White of Israelites how are you my brother with that voice you come in with a little power how you doing my brother I'm doing fine I'm doing fine she died should I turn things down or is it okay what I'm controlling the volume over here it's okay don't mess with nothing you sound absolutely good okay now our topic this evening we're gonna jump right into it for you brothers and sisters and for those who would like to call in and give your opinion your two cents on this particular topic black devils black clergy the phone number is five one five is on your screen there on YouTube five one five six zero five nine three two seven okay you call in I hit the one it'll show us in Q that you would like to make a comment and we'll bring you right in and we're gonna try to make this a dialogue as well as a teaching of this evening okay now and you can jump in any time lawyer you ready okay again the call-in number is five one five nine nine five one five six zero five nine three two seven okay don't worry about that it's good let me give you see the chat is fine okay all right now jump it right in black devils black clergy okay time is well overdue for us to discuss this who are leaked who's leading our people from the pulpit in our poor communities and is it a benefit or has it been hindering spirituality growth and gathering or what you would call coming together within the black communities it's black clergy a help or hindrance is the question and it's open for opinion if you believe it's fine and okay but that's a question black devils black clergy now the black Christian clergy have been a staple in our poor communities from the times of slavery up until the present yes but I I would be amiss if I mentioned you cepat isn't in the shadows he's over there you can jump in any time of you're like okay the black Christian Kurt clergy have been a staple in poor communities from the times of slavery up until our present time building institutions that on the surface seemed good and it's viewed for the environment of poor blacks and communities throughout the earth worldwide but is that so is it a good thing the black clergy that spread in a quote-unquote gospel throughout the earth okay our pastors and and all those is it is it a good thing that's going on in our communities well we're gonna let you decide in a moment but but is that so the same time black kerja are rallying their base against the children of God and God's law they can rally together against Israelites they have ramped up at the same time their attack it's no coincidence that they're now ramping up their attack on the Bible and teaching their congregations within their churches that sin is good now the Bible says that one should not or kid not according to the law bear false witness against their neighbors so I'm not one to lie I'm going to give you proof of everything we're saying here that they're teaching there's an agenda amongst the churches to teach evil is good now they're no longer hiding speaking of pastors their intent against God's Word so tonight brothers and sisters you on YouTube your brothers and sisters on blog talk let's begin with black pastors stance for or against sins that have always destroyed our communities within let's start there what are their stance on particular sins it seems it seemed that it seemed as if Gaja is hard to hold clergy down concerning right or wrong according to the Bible there's no absolutes right mm-hmm so we have to get to the bottom of this because are they really covering their true intent another thing I would like to ask if it's found that what they're doing is evil are they doing it on purpose or through ignorance is it is it they just don't know any better right are they black clergy or black Devils why because everyone anywhere among within the black community can point to anything that the white man have done against our people continually from the past slavery lynching dividing not telling the truth on Christ and God's people lie in to us claiming that we were black Africans know that we were Hebrews lying in their educational system setting up churches that continually systematically destroy and lie on the true children of Israel who are black right so we all are united and identify in the white hand that have been lying or that have been controlling things behind the scene okay but it seems things get what you would call gray when it comes to pointing out the systemic black Devils within our communities hence elder Gaja and the gathering of Christ Church will soon be making a documentary called black Devils that's right black Devils will be it the other one can identify the white man did this and white man did that but the white man's destruction or what they have put in place okay it's so ingrained within our you know our structure right but they no longer have to do anything what they set in place okay is rolling without them actually having a hand in certain things anymore mm-hmm okay okay so let's but but what we see every day in our communities is a systematic destruction that's being spearheaded by blacks and it's being ignored because everyone everywhere can rally against the white devil not anymore it's time that the Most High God through the spirit call these so called leaders to task give some information in absolutes so our people can make a conscious decision on whether or not they would that they'll follow the guy God of the Bible or a man or black Devils now we're gonna have installments not just for Christians okay we have black Devils running around like as Muslims mm-hmm we have black Devils running around in our communities as atheist we have black Devils just running around okay fugitives on the loose criminal element that haven't yet mm-hmm I've been called to task mm-hmm okay so the question we have here is black Devils right just preference and Christian pastors today black Devils mm-hmm right are they doing this on purpose let me give you some examples brothers and sisters listen to this okay keep your eyes on the screen this is a pastor telling his congregation that the Bible is a fairy tell check this out folks okay you heard him they got the pass now I want you to hear this in case the sound is not clear he's saying that hell is a fairy tale now we all know the Bible's judgment for disobedience against God's law is that if you sin willfully against God and become a terror to people while living that you suffer after death in hell so that's that's a that's a deterrent for those who are just sin okay without you know without any any incurring judgment okay think about this if you're telling Christians now that there is no hell then there's no judgment for them doing evil is is there where's the judgment where's the line in these Christian churches so first of all he's telling his congregation and notice folks no Bibles are open here he's telling his congregation that there is no judgment after this life listen hold on yeah I have it to interrupt get him out of here poor moment because we need to expand we need to talk about this we really need to talk about this elder lawyer have you did you hear this oh sorry seeing this you never seen this black now my question and I need relatives out there to answer is this a black devil or black clergy we're gonna go there in a moment but just give me your opinion god yeah I heard you say something in the midst of that I want you to touch on that mm-hmm our phone number is five one five six zero five nine three to seven cepat if you want to chime in you can chime in just come on around and talk lawyer just what do you think just just just be well just to answer the question initially obviously this is a black devil where we're examining here anyone who would try to convince you that there's no judgement after death is obviously a black devil and of course I understand we're going to be going into the scriptures later - yeah he's a black devil yeah so uh so yeah that's that's pretty much it for now okay all right all right God you you saying something I'm saying that he's not the only one he's not the only beginning I'm sorry it's not the only Christian denomination that believes it's me you talk to some 70 Adventists they'll tell you the same thing there is no hell you talk to some Jehovah's Witness this is a common common theory or a common theology yeah we didn't Christendom yeah and I just had a scripture I wanted to grab a great read it real quick I'm in the book of Job yeah I mean job xi xi chapter and i'm at verses 8 alright just and and this one scripture shots doing everything that he's talking about okay all right it says it is as high as even what canst I'll do deeper than hell what comes down oh when you look at that word hell it's eight seven five eight five and a different and the word is Sheol and let me share the definition and redefinition arm of it yes read the definition in the Hebrew in the Hebrew exacts a shame because one thing I've noticed with these pastors you rarely see them actually going into the Bible and what's going on with the people cheering them on mm-hmm and an egg in the morn with this with this madness what happened what would have happened to God's people mm-hmm go ahead read it okay I'm in the book I'm where this isn't the definition here's a definition come on Strong's word age 75 nine - and it's his or she'll of the author of the world of the Dead as if a subterranean retreat it's a subterranean place in the grave or Hell a subterranean region right now elder lawyer if you don't mind grab Isaiah 30 in 10 for me real quick out of the Bible since they don't want to go into the Bible and for those who've just for those who've just come on to youtube and blog talk our topic of discussion is black devils black clergy okay okay we trying to figure out are they a benefit or or or have they been hindering us spiritually in our communities mm-hmm are they the reason that our people continually go backward let's read Isaiah 30 in 10 real quick elder lawyer yes sir if you don't mind I'll start in verse 9 yes it says here that this is a rebellious people lying children children that will not hear the law of the Lord children that will not hear the law of the Lord so he wouldn't be able to teach this unless there was an audience for it right go ahead pastor I got your back you heard that I got your back my god no you may be bringing some spiritual feces from the pits of hell but it's ok I got your back pastor so he's saying what the people want to hear is that so go on verse 10 would say to the seers see not don't tell me the true pastor God and to the prophets prophesy not on see what's right thing don't tell us what's right that law stuff tell us that it's okay to be the way we would like and there's no one current judgment after this mm-hmm we can be homosexuals we can be thieves we can be robbers we could be drug dealers we can continue in this pattern that leads to self degradation and God through the spirit of through crisis blood we're covered we're covered in grace we covered through grace and at the end of this we can do is let's don't wilt and still make it to heaven and still walk with Christ is this not what this teaching and in the churches with no absolutes let me tell you you can't pin the pastor's down on any sin within the Bible anymore is this is this on purpose is what I'm asking folks no longer can we say well it's through ignorance anymore right have they been placed within our communities by the quote-unquote white devil to destroy us mm-hmm since we talked about white devil what about our black Devils read it elder lawyer prophesy not unto us right things don't say the right thing to us read speaking to us smooth things prophesy deceits prophesied deceit to me tell me that God is ok with my actions with my sin with my evil I don't want to hear the Bible the Word of God pastor you tell me it's gonna be all right you tell me I can do whatever I want without judgement you tell me there is no hell go on verse 11 get you out of the way get you out of the way we don't want to hear no pastors and preachers speaking of the judgment of God and prophecy concerning what's to come and the damnation that's coming on this earth due to sin read turn the side out of the pot come on cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us we don't want to hear about no Holy One of God a God of law we are lawless we need a pastor that will do what that will excuse our lawlessness see the black Christian clergy let's talk about it now let's talk about the black Christian clergy now real quick here one moment yeah use mine okay one moment yeah the black Christian clergy have been a staple in our poor communities from the from the time of slavery up until now building institutions that on the surface seemed good and viewed for the embedment of poor blacks everywhere throughout the earth but is that so are they for our turn the same time black Kouji are rallying their base against the children of God Israelites and the Word of God and God's law they they all in an agreement to come against Israelites but they're also in agreement to come against the God of the Bible mm-hmm okay and with their deceit make the congregation believe that their four gods turned the whole time right now I have a few more videos I would like to share with you look at this brothers and sisters check this out black Devils or black clergy giorgia pastor Dewey Smith went on an absolutely legendary rant about gay rights check this out and got second but here's the problem god CEO ties in the church can be so hypocritical he said in the african-american church you really gotta be careful I said what do you mean he said because you are guilty of now mind you God said nothing to this man he started off with God said let's go again absolutely legendary rant about gay rights check this out and God said to me here's the problem you guys in the church can be so hypocritical he said in the african-american church you really gotta be careful I said what do you mean he said because you are guilty of condemning the supreme court system and preaching against something but if you look at how about okay let me break it down because these slick talkers talk on either side of their mouth he's for the Supreme Court's judgment on gay marriage but is not saying it he's saying you're hypocrites speaking against the Supreme Court as if our God the God of the Bible is behind the legislation of the Supreme Court that's why you have to watch these black Devils listen to him you'll miss it and mind you type this in at your own convenience black pastor does epic Pro gay sermon and this is being pushed by a liberal known homosexual on YouTube that have over up to 600,000 subscribers that means that gay liberals are using this to push gay marriage using the black pastors to push gay marriage listen choirs I'm not gonna interrupt no more everything I get something but if you look at half of our choirs I'm a great artist that we call abominations we call demons we demonize and dehumanize the same people that we use and we are sending about the quick Gaekwad director because he's good for business as long as a class sound good ain't about his sexuality where's the Bible folks we have done what the slave master did to us dehumanize us out the Gredos demonize us but then use the my advantage oh so they're the new black we are taking advantage of the homosexuals the way slave masters took advantage of blacks do you hear this is hypocritical to talk about the Supreme Court and calling them Sodom and Gomorrah which is not what it's all about but if that's the case half out structures have been signing tomorrow look at this look at this you told me boy you got to read exactly what he told me she kept on saying this what God Tony he told me no no no no not our God our God didn't tell you this our God spoke to the prophets I got left us a word okay to measure our own thoughts through okay to see if our thoughts are of him or of the devil okay tell me he Toby who told you Satan let's go Wow on one hand you cope homosexuality is an abomination from Leviticus but you say that right after you ate some shrimp some catfish and some Lobster Oh check it out now if the Israelites tell them that eat what's right according to the law they'll tell you they're under grace they're not supposed to right mm-hmm right but now they using the fact that they're telling everyone it's okay to do this to excused homosexuality you see this mm-hmm if your lights tell them all the time follow God's law they say no we're under grace so if you're under grace that means since you can eat shrimp crab and lobster all up in the church and you're teaching the members of the black congregation it's okay to send purposely that now none of them can speak against the gate imposition that's being promoted through the LBGT movement throughout the earth which is seriously destroying black churches in Willie with molestation and so and so forth no one can say anything about a child molester because you're eating shrimp you're eating pork okay you're eating pork you eating shrimp you're sitting according to Leviticus so we're going to use rheticus to allow homosexual he's God saying to me more how long are we gonna allow this to go on how long you quote Leviticus why are you wearing a warbling suit it's also in Leviticus situation where Mitch lilies it's the Leviticus that if your wife is on her cycle that you shouldn't go in the same house with him I even sleep on the same bed when I hold up so that means he knows the law check him out he knows the law but it's break but yet is breaking it on purpose mm-hmm hold up now here's the Leviticus to here's my part we pick and choose the scriptures that we want to use to be folk up well he's correct on that so but this is what he not this is what he's not doing he's not first starting off with thus saith the LORD right this is what the Bible say concerning these actions not the Supreme Court this is my stance as a pasta on the Word of God concerning any particular sin that's politically pushed through this system not just homosexuality that's not just because this is not really this not about a homosexual show okay let me make this clear this is not about talking about homosexuals here what we're proving here is there's no absolutes there's there's no thus saith the Lord according to the Bible anymore and he's a slick he's slick it in Slate he's a sick guy core because like Yahoo you know he knows the law and he's basically saying is like this is this is and you get you get to some people within the world all right okay you can't correct me because you're doing this or you're doing that so you're saying that yeah he's saying uh well okay the Leviticus is this okay it's good now right okay we're back on yeah okay what's the point she was making that yeah I thought and I'm yet basically said okay you are you are you beaut you're referring to homosexuality as a law but these are the other law here that you're breaking exactly so what a hold of a pastor so but what laws then should we be following exactly he's saying you're picking and choosing yeah what laws you want to follow which is making you a hypocrite so what should we follow what so why don't you take a stand on what laws we should follow according to the Bible the black clergy hasn't hasn't held anyone accountable for those laws yet or having stated what they're for and what they are against according to the Most High God why i'ma leave that out there for you all call that number five one five six zero five nine three two seven what's known for sure is that this pastor knows the Bible this pastor knows the scriptures here okay which leads to a greater judgment in itself come on come on let's keep going now our topic to them this evening black Devils black clergy are they for or are they again are they against the God of the Bible are they for or are they against black people go ahead Shabbat would you had to say thirty that's the Old Testament they may claim that that's not written in the New Testament yes quotes it okay New Testament quotes what 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 15 come on and that from a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures like you mentioned Isiah which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in christ Josiah yes all Scripture is given by inspiration of the Most High and is profitable for doctrine for reproof to correct for correction for instruction in righteousness and then it's ironic that the next chapter because you know what they were they were like egging on the pacify you know yeah that's right go on I'm behind you next chapter come on up to 4 jump down to verse 3 it says for the time will come when they will not endure sound dark endure sound doctrine will looking at prophecy fulfilled here that the people would not what will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts doing what they would like they want to do read they shall heap to themselves teachers having itching ears they will make their own teachers out of the congregation teachers who will say what they would like them to say like you have a mother or a cousin or a woman that's on the board in the church ooh who then raised this young black young boy to be a pastor to say what they would like them to to hear okay prophecy fulfilled these are not the pastors written up in Scripture go on yes yeah it's part of what God intends for people to eat he want us to eat clean food right next verse yeah and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned and turn into fables like that pastor mentioned earlier it's a fairy tale the Bible is a fairy tale great point Shabbat but this is what I want you all to check out in a nutshell this pastor talking around in circles but what this is what he's saying in a nutshell you black people better not say anything in the church concerning sin or homosexuals because you're breaking the law every day a lot of homosexuals and the sin to continue within these churches without without judgment that's what he say it shut up and let sin abound in this church come on let's go and as I mentioned earlier a pastor without the Bible where's the Bible at folks it's not America he wouldn't need the Supreme Court system if you want to judge a man to call the sin he will judge me and don't find every song has been written by a gay person for the last hundred years and don't sing it in church black black now a black devil bells and whistles black black gavel Bell we get a black devil Bell come on talk to me listen and this is a thing you know we this is what Israelites and this is something I like Israelites we are absolute it's an absolute it's absolute yeah you would me yeah what do you love or hate you have men that I would understand for God and say this is right or wrong thus saith the Lord hmm no matter what you think no matter what I think it's what the most this is what the Bible said and of I've had pastors tell me well why don't you just close the Bible and let's have a conversation why are you using that I've had path to say listen that's the Bible we not we passed that already that's a long time ago pastors men who claim to stand on the Word of God I have pastors who've told told me oh that's old stuff but what should we follow mm-hmm brothers and sisters the the black clergy was circumvented from its inception I don't think there was a time in which the black clergy was ever for the Most High God now and I'm gonna make I'm gonna show show and prove at the end of this we're now seeing what was hid from us the whole time from aging the generations the black clergy have been have been hiding working against us from one generation to the next but now they just cannot hide themselves anymore mm-hmm they've always been molesters homosexuality lesbianism thievery robbery since its inception because if it was for our turn no way with the white man would have allowed it to grow as such if it was for our turn mm-hmm if it wasn't working for the system they would not have allowed it mm-hmm it's a cancer amongst us just let the drug dealers chess-like the drug dealers mm-hmm the same time the same way you will see a drug dealer on every corner you'll find a alcohol being sold this menthe liquor on every corner and on the same block is what a church make it make sense no you wouldn't yes when you go when you go into into the islands II with me and not just the Caribbean like even in the South Pacific island yes where people are on every corner it is a church mmm every corner is a church and this is making sense no you with me I just I call downloaded drug tree to go on in the community download this garbage to go on in the community exactly because they know it's camera pretty tell yes it divided we will never come together under the black curve exactly they know it and I'm seeing it now on you know it's it's even more clear enough understanding it the agenda against our people these are Devils you understand these are black Devils granted here the white devil allow them to continue but who the people who are the people I'm in these churches these people is these guys aren't aren't white these guys are the Judas that sold your for 30 pieces over these guys are the same guys that were in Maccabees who took a took a covenant with an anti osius and epiphany he took a he made a covenant with people do do it yeah to keep the people and to go against you to keep the people I'm enslaved these people are wicked exactly just like this pastor saying that God tell him that God is for the Supreme Court and the judgment for gay marriage come on he's saying that you better not he telling them without saying it you better not speak against the judgment of the Supreme Court then they're of God that's what he's telling his black congregation okay lord have mercy so here's my question well I think it was it probably was already answered I think it was answered already are they doing this one purpose or is it sheer ignorance well it can't be ignorance if this guy is quoting the laws of God and know the law of God it's not as if you haven't read it he's breaking it on purpose mm-hmm while claiming the blood of Jesus the Bible tells us in the New Testament about sinning willfully you can't know the law and break it on purpose that's sin and willfully and if you sin willfully there remain no sacrifice for sins crisis blood isn't shed for you mm-hmm he didn't he didn't die so he can send over and over and over and over again on purpose against him that makes the blood of Christ in vain that means he died for nothing mm-hmm someone just said in the chat not not in just in the islands in Florida he's on the street with seven churches so in the areas where our people are even within the state so yes it's not we drove on we drove to one of them areas and I saw a mosque a Buddhist temple I know I love that I'm not you know what the hell going on here okay we're gonna get the black Devils amongst the Muslims next we're gonna go on the streets going into Philadelphia and ask some of these black Muslims and these Imams in our communities like what is the positives that they have brought within our communities that would lead us towards righteousness or the environment or the betterment of our community what have they contributed for the good for black communities we're gonna go and ask them on the street in a matter of fact we matter of fact let's go do it tomorrow and and the Academy will just roll some of the tasty okay we roll some of the tape yeah because the black Devils don't stop at black clergy folks they are all together under masonry masonry believe it or not are the legs on the ground for babylonian talmud ism it's the jewish powers and rabbis that are controlling the black the Muslims who are Masons within our communities they would make the community that make you believe they're divided under Islam or Christianity but yet they worship the same masters in the Masonic temples together mm-hmm something is going on there's black Devils everywhere to be parts of these mom to be part of these Masonic Order you have to be a member of one of these three religions exam ISM Islam our christian executor go in there for you to rise up in it exactly so what's going on here what's the common didim so they divide once leaving the building but come together in a brotherhood separately under secret societies masonry is really the ground soldiers or the infantry for Babylonian Talmud ISM yes who are their masters Jewish rabbis mm-hmm Jewish rabbis are at the top of the pyramid of masonry whether you York right will Spanish right I mean York right excuse me or Scottish right York right and Scottish white right are predominantly all white people right that can only join Scottish or York right well those white people are being controlled by Jews at the top the black people can't join the Scottish or York right they can only join Prince Hall okay which is the lowest-level the basement of masonry and the own and the only people that they can execute their power against are us they cannot set up in white neighborhoods they can only set up in black neighborhoods and set up bars strip clubs all the things that are degrading us inwardly they can set up but they dare go into a white neighborhood why because they're under an oath these black devils must be exposed and you know what we expose them to the day I tell you right now I got some ginger tea I'm ready to rock black Devils in the clergy let's go there's something else y'all need to hear oh we have some more all right I don't do one here now this guy but we have some more here okay come on oh I got some move for you all right here comes some more oh no no no we have to do it we have to do it for you it must get done topic of discussion black Devils black clergy are they for or are they against God all day for or are they against black people who's that the white devil send the black Devils these are all the questions that need answering this evening all right let's go oh here we go create a flow of dollars create a flow of dollars have been redeemed I have been redeemed from the curse of poverty hold up he's saying you're broke because of the curse but he didn't go into Deuteronomy 28 and show the curses they're showing that the blacks of the children of Israel under the curse is due to the disobedience of our fathers if you're broke so what curse is working on them because he pull oh there's more he said he telling black people everywhere you bring your curse you are broke because God don't love you and of course any time I read from the Bible I want it to be exactly right and that's why you do what you do right you're a man of God you you study the Word of God you want to bring people closer to the Word of God correct all right so if we go to Matthew 19 okay hold up now we got a white woman pulling out the Bible Ani they love to do this brothers and sisters to show the hypocrisy that's running rampant within our communities right a white woman about about the cutting look bout song now a man came up to Jesus and asked teacher what good thing must I do to get eternal life and this was a rich man you know the story jesus answered if you want to be perfect go sell your possessions give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven then come follow me when the young man heard this he went away sad because he had such great wealth then jesus said to his disciples deep when seeing in his reading out of the bottom you you you know is deep you think that let us come on a readout of the Bible no it's deep if CNN got into it and you know these producers put it together now that the rabbi was like should we let a guy do this or no no put the white woman on him okay Becky you you think you can handle this Becky we're gonna give you the verses people's I tell you the truth it's hard for a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven again I tell you it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle for than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God respond to that when when the rich young ruler showed up and he said you know what you need to do is take the things that you have to sale sell it and then come and follow me it was about loving God with your stuff old time it's about loving God with your stuff a lawyer a lawyer I need you man I need I need you brother you you will study young man I need you I need you I need you give me that precept elder lawyer that you have to love God with your stuff let's go there come on now I would love to but I'm sad enough to say that I don't think that's in the Bible no brother I need that precept brother it gotta be there somewhere brother come on now give me the scripture elder lawyer where God say let's love them with our stuff now yeah that's that's that's far from biblical it was nice in that particular context that it's the woman got the story from yeah man I mean love God with your stuff what's wrong Coco Ghazi come on man somebody's somebody somewhere has an answer for you yet they all are Ahly in the saying that something is wrong with Israelites hmm bringing biblical accountability to the world mm-hmm holding the world to task and saying well listen the world of gone are from the Bible the only people that can speak truth to evil right now the Israelites and now all churches in our preachers are rallying together to keep their congregation in this and you know yes yeah talk to me I'm just thinking about it is not even this is not even named exactly with them it's a puppet masters above them you with me all them guys are King on your arm you call your broker on all them attacking Israelites yes you understand this is this is government planning and creation to go and distort the people in because you can you can't tell me that what Israelites holding the people I'm accountable to God's law is wrong is wrong but this this creflo dollar's on these other guys are right you can't tell me that you with me on astronomy a blind man can see that something wrong here so all this art is a spray it's on purpose it's his purpose did Israelites teaching out of the Bible is a threat water threat it's a truth the truth the truth the truth that the god of this world don't need you sorry chef part is asking why is the truth okay a prayer the troops are trip because once you get over G bar why do you think the truth is is a threat see why the truth of threat to the black devil yeah we're gonna call it like everybody choice at TRADOC yeah here's the truth choose the trick yeah when you find the truth right you start to come out to these establishments mmm you come out creflo dollar can't trick you when you have the truth you understand these these pimps don't dare that call themself Black Consciousness can't trick you no more with the truth exactly understand me I'm not donating for no school fund for little boys where you have the truth a hug you're an upstart at school I can't be bitter sorry no I'll come off on a topic but I have to put that in there because it's no different you with me so the truths our problem if when the people wake up it becomes by for business for the establishment it's bad for business okay so now hold up now hold up now that that leads us someplace else then good if their business is in truth what is it what is their true agenda why were they sent into our black communities somebody break that down if they're not sent for the kingdom of heaven in Christ and the truth as is evident why were they sent what what are they what are they in our communities for these are crap Nina's he's a spiritual crap needle spiritual crack before you get that because hold up now they hold up now real quick real quick right we right at the top of the hour I have to make some announcements real quick and then we gotta go back if they wasn't sent by God who sent them are they really spiritual COINTELPRO are they working for the full of government without an agreement mm-hmm is it a systemic Cohen tell probe s is in our inherently in our community just place there to tear us apart in with E mm-hmm right now the CIA the government don't need COINTELPRO anymore if these guys are working without an agreement okay it's the perfect um we call it plausible denial about that you with me we don't you understand they don't need to go down there's a pair nobody you would meet in a separate operator where these guys can receive benefits you with me so you go in there and it and the teaching the people eyes okay and it be all this money you know this guy caught one guy comes under said that God told me to buy a plane you wouldn't like you know okay all of these things okay well hold your point yeah let's let's make some announcements real quick and then we're gonna come right back on five one five six zero five nine three to seven we'll be right back with black devils black clergy hold tight are you seeking to strengthen your biblical foundation join us in the Hebrew Bible Academy where we offer 12 weeks of in-depth learnings and a structured environment receive real-time news from brothership height and amazing lessons by elder Ricard learn ancient Hebrew with elder lawyer with 12 amazing lessons you are guaranteed to learn more about your true biblical history and authentic Hebrew language that you would in a traditional Christian Church only a one-time payment of one hundred and fifty dollars for three monthly payments of $50 join us at history times battle and sign up today it's not too late see you in the Academy okay all praises be to the Most High had to make a break to let everyone know that there's still room for the Hebrew and Bible Academy I may we've gone into the creation of the universe from the creation of the universe traits trace of the serpent seed and last week a profound breakdown on the promised seed we actually did some did some insight get the deep insight and insight on Hinduism and East Indian teachings showing you that the majority of East Indians we see in our communities are actually Babylonian ham mites they're from ham a lot of them are Kushites I'm not speaking of the Elamites ones who's dealing with brahminism okay I'm speaking of the majority of the Hindus that are coming into our areas that are setting up their temples and setting up shops all in the black communities are ancient Babylonians folks and we have to prove they have mites and have the proof on it man I'm going to tell you more information comes out more more come out in these academies than one can actually consume you know doing dirt in a day you we have letters brothers and sisters send emails to say listen sometimes we just have to pause it just to consume we have to look back at it and pause it just to consume the information that's coming it's just one thing after the next we think the brothers and sisters who support the Hebrew Bible Academy and this week we're going into you got it who is Edom on an entirely different level mm-hmm what God is over Edom is what will be broken down this coming Sunday you don't want to miss it it's only $50 a month we're going into week 4 if you join we'll send you all three weeks so you can you'll catch up and you'll flawlessly go go the next couple of months with us don't worry about it $50 a month you can send an email to history toms org or you can I mean not you can send an email excuse me to gathering as one at you can enroll by going to history toms dot or it you can enroll right there if you have a card or whatever you can you can roll right there or you can go to gathered of Christ dot org you don't want to miss this be a part of the Academy this coming Sunday who is Edom it seems as if the church would tell you Israel exists we all know Arabs of Ishmaelites we know who the Elamites are we know the ham might show the Egyptians but no one anywhere can tell you who's that pesky sinister spirit running around by the name of Edom guess what it will be revealed this coming Sunday now jump jumping right in black Devils black clergy if they're not for the truth what are they for why are they in our communities if it's not to establish the law of God and teach the true gospel of Christ well maybe some of our brothers and sisters on blog talk can answer that for us we have brother I her on from Virginia let me pull you right in our on yeah you got it mm-hmm let's pull an eye around real quick Shalom row1 oh this all along talked another long good I don't want bless you man what a lesson man this is a trip in these pastors man what came over me on my spirit was a couple of things this is like the similar attack that Satan had in the days of Christ over our people he used this on this type of distortion us of Christ dr. and activated to secure cracks oh oh you got the Pharisee the naked ladies describes these these are different sets of doctrines of hebrew ism if you will are still in existence today but it's been switched over and to like the christian community you got different types of christians who got Baptist you'd I am you got Lutheran and men of these six if you will are coming with the true doctrine of Christ okay well jumping right into a because we have a okay because we have limited time and we have a lot of calls I need you to just give us directly answering the question if they are not sent by God who sent them what are they in our communities for if it's not for the betterment of the people why are they in institution what do they bring to the table that that will allow them to continually destroy you spiritually within who are they who sent them and and what is their purpose if it's not if it's not the kingdom of heaven and God's law that's my question all right well they definitely black Devils they set up offered the distortion of Christ's doctrine and they use that order to destroy the community um that's the only that they know that that's the way to keep us down as a people is to make sure that we don't have the truth without the truth you can't have a true walk or guidance or understanding of wisdom of the Holy Spirit so as you know that that would be my answer in short as to you know what's going on with these particular pastors and they talk about it in Jeremiah 23 the first and second verse he talks about these pastors and how they'll scatter his sheep and then he'll deal with their for their evil doings you know so that that will be my answer brothers you know they just want to go against the word of Christ as the scribes the Nicolaitans did to destroy the work so that there will be no hedge of protection over the people so that's my answer brother shall alarm thank you for the turn thank you brother around you re you always bring some point on your understanding on hold and I would like to say this okay I believe they're placed there to systematically destroy us inwardly why poverty is a business for them okay they need the sick okay so they will push the system systematic destruction as far as sicknesses goes because they need these they need these sick people to pray over they need this issue of poverty to have what you would call a civil rights platform to stand on against the system okay they need more death because it's it pays to bury who's gonna do the federal services who's going to bury the people so death and destruction it's business folks resolve is not a business but they're not in the business for resolve and healing because why and if they're he'll then what need is it for them they're not in it for truth because the confusion still gives them a platform if you resolve with the truth then you don't need these guys like that mm-hmm see are you follow me mm-hmm okay are you follow me check this out go you have to say something man yeah saying like you know you have a sick relative you have a sick relative and in the hospital and if you have to come start telling me what you know mixed up my preparations yes instead of you listen why not healed why not go lay hands on a person examine them why you telling me I need to make preparations oh speaking of that I was driving in my car yesterday and guess who called me yesterday Azariah call yeah well prison won't stop me you never told me that a man that just came to me lazar I a call and guess what over a month ago it was said he only had the doctors were preparing his family to kill him down on the preachers were ready to pray over him and just go and put him in the ground and guess what he got on the phone and says elder how you doing man I'm like Azariah he says yes yes see that's what the truth is about it's not about putting our people in the ground it's about healing the children of God not listening to these doggies doctors don't know any better okay what machine do you have that can show the strength and power of the Spirit mm-hmm you sitting there reading all these meters and reading this the heart that never I went in the room and say guess what brother you know what this doctor can't measure Azariah his spirit brother show me where his spirit is being shown on this and like that's what we're here for okay okay we're not gonna allow them to kill our brother and guess what Azariah is saying to us the first thing he said to be elder he couldn't speak at tubes all any but he typed on a pad I want to live I'm like brother that's you told me you want to live you're gonna live brother they can't measure this they tell him the family that he only have two days to live and I'm telling them in the hospital he's a boat that doctor is a liar he's a bold-faced liar my brother's gonna live if you believe you'll die you'll die okay but you need spiritual people around you that's like Christ amongst the sick and taking a doctor's advice on on his brothers and sisters Christ seen the family crying for Lazarus he would enter and enrolls Lazarus from the grave that's the power of God where's the power of God in these black churches anymore mm-hmm are they black clergy are they force or are they black Devils the black Christian clergy is a staple within our communities for the worse a matter of fact before I'm gonna open it up mm-hmm for dialogue in a moment not before we saw a few more videos on our modern-day leaders in the black churches y'all ready I need y'all to listen to this we're back to creative flow of dollars then jesus said to his disciples I tell you the truth it's hard for a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven again I tell you it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle for than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God respond to that well first of all when when rich young ruler showed up and he said you know what you need to do is take the things that you have to sale sell it and then come and follow me it was about loving God with your stuff if you keep leading down a couple more scriptures it says and he received a hundredfold everything that he gave that's good you don't exist and don't exist you know is it is it impossible for rich people to give into heaven you know that's not the truth you know rich people are gonna go to heaven just like average people the issue there is will you be willing to to take your things and share it with other people again we can't assume just because you have some things that you automatically are not sharing with the people who who need it we owe ya you gotta find the scripture mom please not only in our community please Lloyd a lot lawyer' lawyer' lawyer' come on man give me that scripture man with a rich man got a thousand fold come on lawyer come on man the rich man you work the rich man love God with this stuff brother you gotta have it for me come on brother have you been loving God with your stuff come on now give it to me now creflo dollar's has said that when you read down a few more verses and I know that that that girl she had a Bible ready say then you ain't you you you know this there's another page here that that rich man got a thousand-fold lawyer you better drop it drop it elder come on I tell you what for the sake of understanding yeah we can go to that same exact chapter and let's read it and let's see what the Bible says yeah yeah please read that scripture look please I wanna hear that this rich man love God with his stuff brother all right let's see come on this is the book of Matthew chapter 19 verse 16 and behold one came and said unto Him good master what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life and he said unto him why callest thou me good there is none good but one that is the most high okay if thought will insert into life keep the commandments he saith unto Him which you Shayan sayeth thou shalt do no murder thou shalt not commit adultery thou shalt not steal thou shalt not bear false witness honor thy father and thy mother and thou shalt have thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself and the young man said unto him all these things have I kept up from my youth what lack I yet verse 21 okay yesh I said unto him if thought will be perfect go and sell that thou hast and give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven and come and follow me verse 22 but when the young man heard that saying he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions 2,000 fold man verse 23 then say a Shia unto his disciples verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly entrance of the kingdom of heaven and again I say unto you it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God when his disciples heard it they were exceedingly amazed saying who then can be saved yes Shia beheld them and said unto them with men it is impossible but what the most high all things are possible in answered Peter now go on and said unto Him behold we have forsaken all and followed thee what shall we have therefore now verse 28 all up now I love when man is quiet and the Bible speaks what about you let the most heart be true and every man alive ain't no stevo's you notice when the Bible is read it's total silence almost deep as well yeah right with this scripture here yeah it goes on to the listener with the dumb Sabich gone that this man was keeping the laws knew was a Jew here in the laws all his life but there was another level to follow in Christ yeah you read me there's another step that Christ would have that would have him make coming in don't you come around a little bit yeah the question I asked you we was why is the truth such a threat yeah right on the surface is like these these pastors these devil pastors it's the truth is a threat to them right yes but they're just like working to keep the system be a certain way right exactly and I wanted to go into they're working to keep the status quo because they're benefiting from the stat right right yeah and I wanted to go into the Romans 11 about yeah the fall of them exactly the foot because our fall makes the sinners and evil rich right yeah exactly yeah mention what God was talking about yes just now is is up to this broadcast yeah and always view the fall of Israel or the major form yes you know slavery yeah right but even back then when Christ there was a fall going on then because you know when it says you know was it the Pharisees began to Christ say oh be careful in case they take wise I see yeah my room was in poor the time of Christ they politicalization when Christ came understand the group officials on the room and political position same today it's their positions they're looking to guard they could care less about the people and I'm gonna say this here's a disheartening part of this this whole thing all right out of all those brothers and sisters in those black in our black congregations and I'm not speaking from the outside because I grew up within them so no one can tell me anything about it I grew up in the Baptist Pentecostal faith okay there's some young brothers and sisters within the congregation that would do right and would follow God if that preacher showed them right from wrong there's people in that congregation right now if that if those preachers and those teachers and pastors taught in absolutes what actually followed them mm-hmm young you know there's people that are waiting for these pastors mmm you know give you a story to break to not rival Israelites but to say listen give us some truth so that we don't need to hear that mm-hmm we know it's we've seen the spirit in you we've seen the Lord use you in different ways tell us the truth there's people in the congregation that's waiting for their pastor to give them absolutes concerning God's law or at least to show them a way to follow God's law righteously outside of the systemic slavery doctrine that was given but go on my grandmother 8 to 5 years old yeah a few years ago you know when she came to the UK came back to over the UK when I was there yeah and the family I told her that I was in a cult all right yeah so she's a staunch Christian all her life I've known her in the church so she came to me son what's going on what is what is this that you doing yeah so I'm not grandma listen I'm all I'm doing is reading the Bible and I started to read the Bible with her okay I started to show her what I was following yeah and she said you listen they need to come listen to you so what you saying elders right yeah if these pastors bring the truth to the people the people have a hair of course they will yeah right no right no right now um when you drive around in Jamaica right now right on the streets and I thought about it because that's where I'm from yes I'm living there at nighttime when the church is open up the churches are full up every Church and why the people suffering and only way the only thing that people can camp the only options they have is in the churches you got the politicians I'm raping them yeah the crime rape in them so they're looking for some resolve some some some healing and then here comes the big belly pimps mmm understand me yeah you have one you have one teeth and Posterous that's told in Jamaica I know it's okay to say put it out they are the teeth in pastor Perry Oakley and Jamaica who come along to the don't own parade right I have one line for tonalá healing one thought one line toward Allah even though we have to run him off for the streets we have to go you're listed out you need to move you know you're not want preacher no more to these people we have to we have to move them oh you ran them off the shoe of course that's a bless you have to move them up you understand because you are you have a line of TV how can you be in Jamaica a poor country and have a 4,000 Hill in line and $1,000 Hill in line and you have it you have the person that can barely scrape a thousand together saying boy I sure wish I can get that at 4,000 Hill in line you mean you almost took some took a cat nine tails like Christ did and beat them out of the temple come on listen back to this movement because this is what they're doing he's one of a thousand he's one of a million oh they're not like that that plaguing on the sufferation other people you with me people you know the Bible says we are sheep you with me sheep are looking for shepherds I am next part we're gonna go into is what are we to do about them okay now of course the truth itself I love the fact that the Israelites out there teaching the truth in the most hog weave exposing the lies and it's it's it's the Word of God okay the effectiveness of the Word of God cannot be quantified okay it's happening mm-hmm but it comes a time with these guys have to be called the task and and it's going to take their congregations brothers the the good brothers and sisters in their congregations holding them to the holding them accountable to the Word of God it's going to start taking brothers and sisters to go there and say listen we can't allow this no more if you want to or even you're gonna teach the Word of God oh you're gonna sit down yeah and it's getting there right exactly exactly and then he say stay offline stay offline don't listen to them don't listen to them and try to tell they're not listen to them they don't they don't deal with the grace and blood of Jesus and all this mess you know what it's effective brothers and sisters are tired of the status quo mmm they realize these pastors are not for our turn they're no worse than the crack that's in our neighborhoods like you've mentioned earlier and the pimps that's why all of them work flawlessly together it's a criminal element and that's waiting for judgment it's organized crime it's organized crime we cannot within our communities and since we speak it about organized since since we own organized crime look at this since you're speaking of organized crime we need to see something here it's time to really get is it's time to really really get spiritual here question black Devils black clergy are they one in the same you be the judge with the Lord told you there they go again with with the Lord Tony who usual for the brothers resume blog talk Tyler Perry's is walking on stage god bless you it's caught me a little off guard this is stains for days it wasn't off god I was at bad power and they bless wrote my check out I said you know I didn't have my checkbook when I got to pastor White's but I got to what that'll loosen up yeah when you do your arms don't do it to be seen by men right mr. Massad Oh chuckling okay yeah no no mister by blood to get here yeah let's not deal with the Bible that's the white said you know write a check for hundred thirteen thousand dollars goes up you can run in front check $130 for Psalms 113 and I wrote a check for one hundred thirteen thousand dollars and I admit my intention was to just lead the check and let's go see I'd love to give all my so this is not about him given it's about if he's given why can't we you have to check out the psychology of these devils if he could give millions what's wrong with your ten in twenty dollars they don't understand here come the piano Oh shucks now look at it look at the people all of my life you know my mother she didn't have much to give me she's your package is slowly talk you'll know it is now crawling Bowser she was trying to build this habitable I know how important that you thought so we were sitting in the service and I leaned up toward him and I said I've just been touched to give a million dollars so you are moving this is this is an active pocketbook shakin come on come on lawyer we need you we need you in order for you to be blessed your haters have to be present lawyer that scripture somewhere but come on now because God said it all right we got to bring lawyer back now and order the lawyer come on now we need it we need it in order for you to be blessed your haters must be present I need it precept chapter verse please again it does not exist in the Bible sadly enough it's nowhere in scripture I don't see that again please it gotta be some way brother yeah Maya Isaiah song is it in the psalms in order for you to be blessed your haters must be present Tyler Perry my dear just dropped it man and come on Louie is there a precept that side ways near that that's that's close in order for you to be blessed your haters must be present chapter verse its it's not there it's not there you're not gonna find it okay I've got I'm gonna take your word for let's get back to Madea Oh let's go to that church ah is he gone push that baby ass he's pushing the baby out hey lawyer lawyer Loa come on TD jakes - TD jakes is being anointed by Madea right now and he's leaning back and she's saying push that baby out give me the script come on lawyer drop the script you hold on now hold up now you can't tell me this is no way in the Bible now we won't get into the word it's evening hold up now you got Madea with with his hands on TD jakes anointing him to some holy spirit that that I've never read in Scripture while a woman all out of water is up up there with a head uncovered talking about push the baby out lawyer give me the scripture man come on I need it once again not not in the Bible it's it's astounding that you have I'm here 100 over a hundred thousand people in this crowd out if no one recognized that no one is willing to acknowledge the fact that this this scene that you see here you never see Christ do anything like this you never see the apostle's do anything like this you never see the prophets do anything in this such manner but yet this has become the acceptable activity within these prosperity churches it just you know I'm I'm befuddled by the by this whole scene here okay so you don't know what she mean by push the baby out what I have no clue I mean the only baby I know know about is when the Bible speaks about the birth pangs that will come upon the people and as the burp it pains come or is the the time draws closer to the end the more pain that the woman would fill she's giving birth to this child okay well they don't have anything to do with a million okay I didn't eat the last piece that last piece I think you went out but don't worry about it we're gonna see him push the baby out look at that craw somebody up there somebody wasn't agreed there you go let me push it out with the baby out what is going on in the black shirt for the open for those on blog talk you have to go to youtube to witness what we're seeing here is TD jakes he was in an assumed position pushing something out you have to go to youtube to actually view exactly what what we've just witnessed alright so we want to get back to the broadcast lawyer I don't know if I don't know if you seen TD Jakes pushing a baby out but the topic of discussion black Devils black clergy are they for the benefit of black people or have they hindered the Spirit the Lord the Lord is sending the look the spirit that was meant to galvanize the true people in the last days are they a hindrance or help okay let's let's get the next call real quick before we go into the next segment I've a matter of fact before we go there before we get the next call let's let's get the next call prepped with six to three area code numb for seven 4:07 sister Lisa map or you in a moment then we come into six to three we're gonna go down the line and take a few calls question is black Devils black clergy the black Christian clergy have been a staple in our communities since slavery up until our present time building so-called institutions that on the surface seems good for our people worldwide but is it so are they really for righteousness or for Christ or forget the God of the Bible well the same time black clergy are rallying their base everywhere against the children of God who are Israelites and they have up their attack on the Bible and are teaching congregations within their churches that they're no longer that they're no longer accountable to the Bible or God's laws okay they are against the Bible publicly now I even had a pastor Jesse Lee Peterson on stage right next to me say that that that the Bible isn't true a pastor so if you are not a Master for God you must be a pastor for unrighteousness you must be packed a minister of darkness according to the Bible we're going to go into that get that for me Corinthians 11 when you get a chance of the lawyer so tonight brothers and sisters let's begin with black pastors stance whether or not they have a stance for or against the ills that have destroyed our communities within okay are they for evil or against it are they black clergy or black devils now before we do that we're going to show you who just donated so called a few million dollars to TD jakes here's the counselor for the black community okay the counselor for the black community okay is about to be shown the one who just blessed so called TD jakes which subsequently led to him releasing the baby boy so they leave you the right direction I hear you Madhu I just what am I supposed to do now and get up and go on with your life it's all right to sit around be depressed for a minute cry about it do whatever you have to but don't stay there too long get up and go on with your life so you know what a Christian congregation what I learned and all these years on this circle across you I want to walk out of your life let them go see that maybe this advice especially if you know you Dan done everything you can do you can sit around and bend the best man or the best way now if you don't think that this wasn't systematically set up to have us accept transgenderism if you don't think that I don't know what earth you've been on it or what what Bible you've been reading this was put in place years ago before it was readily accepted in our society like it like it was today like it is today that we would that we as a spiritual based community the black community would take advice from a cross-dressing transvestite mama you could be and they still wanna go let them go whatever they're running after there see what they had in the minute about the end it's gonna be too late cuz you're sick and you're cold cuz half these people you'd be sitting around crying about it worry about two three years from not using or even remember the last name how many times you to think focus on what you'd be like what must have been lonely as they had to look up with you folks go son some people come in your life for a lifetime some and you wonder whether blacks that black family is destroyed look at what look at what he's he's teaching he's not teaching of marriage to persevere through the ups and downs sickness and death to death do us part mm-hmm come first season you got to know which is which and you can always mess up when you mix them on seasonal people up with lifetime expectations you can't got married with people they was always supposed to be with first season brother brothers and sisters what are we showing you here what are you witnessing here it's to the point where we must admit that the black church at its base from his inception was evil it was set up to keep us from the truth that we that we're receiving now it was set up to keep us from what we receive in now truth that's the only resolve when you look at Christianity at its core it's Babylonian the days they worship the holidays they worship how they view the law and pick and choose what they would like to follow opposed to the laws of God it was always evil folks there was always molestation rape lesbian homosexuality all of that child sacrifice even from the people fever is still in Lion killing it has always been but it was swept under the rug for years the black clergy has always been black Devils mm-hmm let's go down let's get a few phone calls and let's open up a dialog or on the panel here right who's next elder lawyer I mean elder gadget sister Lisa from Orlando come on evening elders how are you I'm blessed by the best and his name is a hire how are you doing Lisa yes sir I am doing well and I would agree with you elder 100% my husband is listening in for the first time I'm glad he's coming into the truth so we had our own debate about this topic okay Shalom I need to talk to you I need to talk to you sir see Mike yeah I'm right listen I'm right here talk to me like that what's your husband's name I need to talk to him so so you want me to put him on he's just want to get night quick not but I'll give you your time back don't worry about it let's put him on the phone oh how are you Charlotte worm sir let me have your name it's lovely hey Leslie Leslie human fight against yourself huh yeah it's been one of those things out just real briefly man I'm just at the past couple of days my wife was actually in the truth first of course and she brought me into this we've been in the church as you know for quite some time and so just going back and forth with this and so I just real briefly my my daughter's we bought a car for my daughter the car had some problems okay my daughter wasn't supposed to end up driving the car that morning and when she left to go to school in the vehicle she arrived at school safely and she dropped off father daughter and when she got to school she called me she said daddy she says I need you to come get my car just feels like something's not right and so I went up to the school caught the car and as I started to drive in the vehicles heading to the mechanic the car literally spun in the road of 360 on the busy highway and it so happened that the most I had no vehicles whatsoever was was traveling on the road at that time and I mean I nearly flipped over I mean the car just spun out in the road and it so happened me and my wife was just she you know we weren't speaking we were mad at each other when left out the house not speaking and so it was just it was just an eye-opener for me other know that that that that one moment could have been it could have been it could have went the other way and you left the house with unresolved issues correct correct sir oh okay well I Britain dealing with China you know she's been pushing me into the truth getting me into this listen you know I'm paying some attention I'm reading I'm listening but it was an eye-opener well Leslie listen listen what I'm saying though all right and I'm gonna give you a wife all the extra time she need even if we have to go overtime here okay because this particular conversation this this particular conversation is what the broadcast is all about okay I need you to listen to this okay the road is so narrow that only one man can can walk it at a time so even though you and your wife are together you're on the same Road but the road is so narrow that too can't walk it on that road she's got to be on that road and you have to be on your own Road - you can't believe because your wife believe you have to be convinced in your heart it's true okay that's number one number two I'm gonna ask you because you seem like a man who's been around along a good while with some level of wisdom if you were to look at the churches that we are we have been frequenting honestly can you say that there's a benefit to these churches or have it hindered what the Lord intended for his people to see a long time ago you have to come to that conclusion brother have they been in a way of God have they have they been in the way of the Most High God and us you have to ask yourself that question now I can help listen I'm gonna let you answer that then just just for the sake of you getting on this road and walking this road and understanding what this path is which is crisis path I'm willing to answer any question you would like before I go to the next call and I guarantee you it'll be answered and I won't run from any question but let me hear what you have to say first let me hear your point first and then anything that you always want it to know that your pastors couldn't answer I guarantee you it will be answered here today but but but let's deal with the first part after witnessing what's going on in our churches is it a benefit for us or have they been placed in a way from in the way of us seeing the truth concerning our God what have you concluded well elder as somebody who just like you who have been in the church who held positions in the church and now listening and hearing the truth in terms of going to this Bible and listening to you and listening to the lawyer and elder Gaggia I can definitely say without a shadow of a doubt I truly believe that the church has been and is or hindrance why because I believe like my wife and I was discussing just now that a lot of these mega pastors that we see now they are actually selected just like the presidents of the United States are selected they were selected by dr. ups by the the by the Jewish by the these people so that they can put them in our our communities to lead our people astray to to deter us from actually getting to know the real Christ and what Christ is all about and they know the truth because one of the things that I think we're afraid of is we're afraid of the truth if that makes sense I think that's one of the things were afraid of and and and I think that the whole bottom line is nobody wants to be held accountable there's something I used to say even when I was in the church I would say this to people and I always had a problem with this elder I always had a problem but there's a maybe you can clarify for me okay but if a pastor how does not have any accountability I have a problem with that I say that I mean when I said that I mean like all of these mega pastors and that we see even some you showed right there if there is no one for them to be held accountable to that's a problem for me and that has always been a problem I think that's why I've always read buttered and refuted a lot of the pastors in the church and the Christian Church today yes and okay now first of all in order for there to be accountability a law must be a stop established that they would be accountable to correct so thank God so there's there's no way they can be held accountable under the doctrine taught there because under the doctrine they're not under the law they're under grace and no one can judge them because we all fall short of the glory of God this is what they teach it so you must forgive that all the wickedness you are seeing because that wickedness is covered through the blood of Christ so there is no accountability it's a it's a doctrine without accountability that's the whole point it's dictated by what right the political agendas that are pushed through government so if the government say it's okay that's what Pratt the pastors and preachers teach they're really they really believe it or not a political mechanism put in put put within the system to control those who are seeking spirituality see no one can hold them to task because the law is done away with and here it is I'm gonna tell you this though because brothers and sisters in the church know what you're saying is true we've always dealt with those issues but up until now our people didn't have there were no options it was either that or nothing hmm seeing that's where the Church of Christ the true Church of Christ comes in where brothers like you sisters like your wife gather together and build the accountability according to the word will come together and serve the Living God and let those who choose hell choose help mm-hmm okay because the Bible tells us about these Harlem these harlot houses and the Roman Catholic Church she's the mother of harlots all these churches are really the daughters of the whore okay the Bible is here I'm gonna tell you years ago they took the Bible out of out of the churches the theologians and the Jesuits all got together banded against the King James Version Bible and replaced the Bible all in the black churches with the NIV the Bible was taken out of correct exactly it was taken out a long time ago it let me tell you we haven't been following the Bible in the black churches for two decades now the Bible been gone yeah yeah for many years that's correct exactly so my question is are is the present-day black clergy black Devils can you answer that I agree yes I do believe you believe so what that they are what I believe I believe honestly truly I believe they would never clergy I believe they are black Devils in agenda the pimp I think found the pulpit well let me ask you this here's a deeper and then I said I would answer any question you have for us you know and I'll over time even you know if I have to who's more dangerous to the black community the white man or black clergy listen I'll let you I'll let that marinate I'll let that sit on you for a minute I need everyone else to out be to ask that question I believe it's the black man I think now okay now why is black clergy more dangerous than the white man to me personally I think is because it's so it's hard knowing that it's our own people who's doing it against us mmm that's what I think you know and the fact that I'm using them is it's almost like a concerted effort because we're gonna we're gonna listen to them we're gonna relate to them we're gonna want to be like our own people you know what I mean so I think I think that's why it's more dangerous for me saying knowing what I know now it's more dangerous for me to know that my own you know black brother would would be staring me or therapy down the road to hell so that's why I think it's more dangerous for me and again this is what I think it's more dangerous that if I'm doing it okay Shalom but let me you know let me add some to that what you saying we can't call nobody out on anything until we are ready to call out our own Lisa Rinna's so we can't talk about the white man we can't talk here we cannot talk but we need our bodies pimps drug dealers these liars and scam artists that is amongst our people right no scamming them rubbing them ripping them off you understand me we can we can march on police killings if we're not marching and Oh stealing ourselves and and guess what God hey brother look another point when you say and legend work that out because you know what's going on right now the vultures which is the black conscious community mm-hmm they are noun dripping black people apart who once believed in the Bible using these black clergy and black Devils as an example and are blaming the Bible due to the evil intent of these so-called pastors because these black pastors aren't giving us the right vocation and education concerning the Bible you have these conscience pimps who are against God using their passes as an example sure their passes to showing out their pastors publicly to why they shouldn't they should no longer believe in the Bible and suddenly you notice these conscious guys cannot bring the Israelites o to say oh well look what this Israelite sadly exact you can do it the public exactly the worst I'm gonna tell you right now the so-called conscious community would rather debate Christians now you know they're going after black Christians no is this no one there's no gonna say that I don't mean to interrupt not very but I was just going to say that the Israelite community this community right here this truth is the only even I don't know I don't know if the quality denomination but it's the only church that I see where the students and the people of the church are well learned mmm free man that's deep in itself so so you mean to tell me that yeah because you look at the Christian Church you said it yourself and I looked at it nice for it there is no more Bible in the church a disciple is not preaching from the Bible people in the church system in the congregation doesn't they don't have a Bible that going on emotions the pastor's are preaching on emotions and now people feel this truth right here people more learnt in this because it's coming straight from the words phrase the most I praise the Most High God brotherbrother I'm eight what you in Florida right yeah I know you was waited but I had to wait I had to wait for us to get together with the elders this October first but let me tell you the next three months I'm gonna be all my trips begin right after the 15th I'll be traveling all over the earth and I'm coming Florida will be one of the first places so we're gonna set up the churches in Orlando get ready brother hey I can't wait to work side-by-side with you and your wife in the family and and let's get it let's get this work done oh let's make a safe haven for those who would like truth opposed to opposed to the lies that have been taught by being taught by these black devils well thank you brother my place you want to hold an anytime bro give me a call I'll be more than happy to to help you through this transition okay my brother I appreciate it as you know as a Benjamin and I'm learning these tribes are already you know been former law enforcement so I'm ready oh brother we really need you we need you to train some brothers well I'm gonna have that conversation with you all right shallow water yes bless you look at that look at that let's go down the line six to three area code you're live one block top six to three area code you live on block top going once going twice no I'm so reluctant up yeah let's go let's go to sister Anisha from Kansas City Kansas City actually spoke to uh ole does she come today he's doing well hahaha shallow arm sister hello you're on your live on block talk bless you oh wow okay so I've been listening and I suddenly agree with everything as well of course they won't be able to necessarily appease the masses of the black people without having a black figure you know we already is kind of skeptical of the white man so of course they're gonna send out someone who looks like us so just that same thing that they're trying to give us it's already been situated you know the devil doesn't do anything new everything is the same it's all Oh Oh news so of course you know making using the same tactics like when they set up the churches within flavors they put their tiny figures out there a trusted figure a black man why this one we believe that they are the black devil some of them are I do I can't honestly say that maybe they don't even necessarily know what it is what they're doing they just thinking at all you know I'm going to school and I'm learning this and I'm trying to help with people my people but in actuality they don't even know where the history of of where their teachings come from well what's your name again romnesia Ronnie Ronnie ship okay okay Ronnie Jie and examining the the state you can keep it on for a second yeah examining the state of black people especially black women now looking back at this we can say for certainty that the black church has been instrument instrumental in the systematic destruction of black people she's a liberal movement I don't know if you know of a woman by the name of this Jewish woman who was a new Genesis a Satanist by the name of the occult by the name of Margaret Sanger she's the mother of eugenics who say the one Planned Parenthood yeah see but everyone we focus on just a Planned Parenthood part one of her most successful endeavors and killing millions of black children but more so it's her philosophy along with her religious background that most most of us need to focus on concerning her okay you have to realize that this between this particular woman was a serious of Cultus and Satanist the Democratic Party and listen a Democratic Party used use the liberal movement to push everything we see that are destroying our people in the neighborhoods and they use chiefly the black churches when it comes to the vaccine drives that are brained killing our children and causing all types of diseases and sexually transmitted diseases they push that through the black churches first the idea of abortion when abortion was once a serious serious negative within our black communities let alone I remember a time growing up where a girl being pregnant in school which was shameful let alone abortion abortion was pushed where the churches began to accept it okay on and on and on birth birth control okay which was Planned Parenthood they pushed through the Christian churches okay women the woman's liberal movement where they would empower women over men to destroy the families a liberal democratic move that was pushed through the black Christian churches first not just a black churches alone listen the liberal churches because a lot of these white liberal churches you gotta people going there who or just dumb as doornails don't want to follow the Bible these so-called liberals I don't know they had from a hole in the ground but that that spirit have permeated throughout the black community and have affected us or so okay now right now the transgender movement the homosexual movement all of these facilities may actually are setting up churches where there are that are existing exchanges gender a place for them to go for worship guess what they're not setting this up in Republican judges black people don't you know what a republic again and I'm not saying being Republican Republican or Democrat because both of them are evil but what I'm saying is there's a balance amongst every other race we are straight liberals and buy into our own destruction the whole Democratic liberal movement was made to depopulate black people and black clergy are leading the charge they're the Pied Pipers behind of the extermination and the depopulation of blacks world wide okay I'll put you on hold sisters serious okay Oh another go ahead let us say that and did you bring your point okay I was gonna say my experience with your birth control situation is for me I'm very fruitful I have eight children Oh Oh several times we get to get to get birth control it's like the doctors are actually forcing it give up a little bit on my last birth I actually did get actually big it's a shot shot it totally messed up my body hey Jack everything in unison has been completely thrown out of whack and I almost was shown for having as many kids as I do my sister's disease is a listen you it isn't you if you blessed to have eight more have eight more let me make it clear don't ever don't ever buy into the eugenics deception sing okay those never bother that you see how they took this medication and eject this young lady's body okay your sister sister the the daughters of Zions the daughter of Zion what will and did bring forth the prophets of the Most High God don't you think they realized this you have other nations I've seen on TV the other day where a white woman had six children at once taken what you would call fertility treatments so how is it you claiming that the world is overcrowded when white people are taking medication to have triplets and fertility but yet you're pushing depopulation and no children on us something is racist something is wrong here mm-hmm I'm sorry you were pressured into doing that beginning who knows how far how bad that medication will affect you down the road don't ever listen to those go only took one shot and that was two years ago and I still have yet to have a cycle oh good lord have mercy they gave you they got together say we're gonna give out a super dose we're gonna pray for the big shebang we're gonna pray for you the most I hear you from here to tow and and let you go ahead and just if you can get to ten get to ten all right bless you somebody say on it yeah I mean you know just gonna say that you know the target the women you know she was in in a state of emotion you know yeah the last big last baby or whatever the case is yeah these words which in a warlock they know the exact moment to comment mmm to have you agree to use to your own demise mm-hmm I would like listen get out of my face okay who are you get out of my face mm-hmm okay because after I take this medication I may not even see you again who are you you may be fired next week who sent you get out of here okay you know I'm just touching and under eugenics as well it's how they hold a they demonize or what we mean for and children yeah like I haven't liked having children as our buddy listen yeah breed either be a be them yeah and it be these witches that belong no which covens and all that with no children with no children in under the liberal movement who who work in this educational system will end up getting a white jacket and when they get this white jacket they begin to talk like this is if they concern for you like that and kill yourself you black wheat like Margaret Sanger said don't listen to these people mmm-hmm okay trust the Most High God and above all don't listen ever again to these black devils who refuse to tell our people the truth in our communities let's get to the next call here if you want to do a little overtime we do a little time because we have you calls good I Milan yes before I take the call is that listeners know that we have 12 minutes left on block top for you to actually call and comment yeah so if you want to be a part of the clock you dial number no it's five one five six zero five nine three to seven I repeat it five one five six zero five nine three to seven after that you won't be able to get in and I mean unfortunately we won't be able to hear hear hear you yeah and I want to say this again brothers and sisters you don't want to miss this week's Academy mm-hmm who's Edom mmm-hmm I don't care if you've been in our last academies you don't want to miss this one we're gonna expose Edom from the Rooter to the tooter historically and otherwise where they went in the earth how they hide themselves how they would rather you speak under the cause Aryan Empire opposed to springing out their other conversions well before cause area we know exactly who eat them is Edom is over all of your masonry there your tile ludus we're gonna call them out by name this Sunday and if you don't a if you ever missed it missing Academy you want to be here for the next what to yeah because we're dropping it this Academy we're gonna drop it this Academy as if something that happened where we won't a lot we won't be allowed to drop it anymore I'll tell you what we're gonna drop it like three months from now the Academy may not be so we're gonna drop it in this Academy as if it's our last broadcast on that topic on any topic for the next two to three months I understand it but I've been I've been present for the last tool-assisted and every week it's something new for me as well yeah that you know every week and I am looking forward for this week Academy hopefully I can add some you know content as well so if you never been into an Academy go and get history times dog we have the Hebrew law I even have a precepts section now and I teach you how to link precepts okay we have the the news broadcast and now we have gadgets and C's in the States another element during the lesson you don't want to miss and you know and I was telling the eldest listen I know you have your own congregations but y'all be missing we be dropping some serious bombs in these classes that's why so many people they'll join one Academy just join every other Academy because they know not one is the same the only thing say the same is a topical unless it's a topic yeah become more information comes out a exams understand that's a really really you know like just that's right is a look of it what we just started to do the search engine yeah right one of the elements that we had about it it was a spontaneity about it that there was it spontaneous yeah exactly it was a script it just came out and she brought it where it needed to go and that's how we do our class is nothing is scripted you even though we send you out the lessons you'll get that in your email all that mm-hmm but believe it or not we always teach it from a different perspective each time you as the Bible is manifold yes the more you go into the Bible the more you learn even on the same topic so go to history Tom's dollar work be a part of it this Sunday don't miss right right just I'm reminding the listeners again remember to Kali we got eight minutes left on the normal broadcast block if not you suffer follow us on YouTube okay the numbers to call again five on five six two five nine three two seven and I'm gonna go to and we do have open lines keep in mind that if you are on blog talk or if you want to actually call in viewing us on YouTube right now if you call them there's place in the in the queue yes because if you don't call in within the next eight minutes you will not be able to have a question a comment live on the show so the number is five one five six zero five nine three two seven call if you on YouTube and would like to have a question or comment or a statement on this particular topic black devils black clergy all right let me go to the next caller from the 2:05 a record we have arc Reggie from Alabama shall the one I'm blessed by the best let's talk man such a powerful you guys all fire today each and every one of you are on fire today praise the most I mean I'm looking at it we have like over eleven hundred and twenty over eleven hundred looking at us live through YouTube what a blessing I mean the truth is getting out there but come on come on well the first thing I want to say is that the question was asked earlier you know why this is being done and why why be passes at these churches are not you know telling the truth or yeah giving the fruit and by my experience not a part of the church in my own everything filled with so much emotion from the pastor you know Hillary maybe one or two scriptures and just make you feel good in that moment oh man you had people and he and and he he what makes he will make statements and say if you know if your pastors blessed then you're gonna be blessed so then you'll have people run all the way up to the stage and drop money down at his feet I mean loads of money I mean you know I knew people that it was Dave $20 for gas money the only thing they had on them I don't forget a blessing and manage they just hit our emotions and which is out here just love well brother the good thing about it is the most high is calling his people out of it okay the majority of our people unfortunately never received the light that shines on darkness they don't know how to try the spirits according to the word to know whether or not their pastor is actually teaching the Word of God okay it's more so they like the person not understanding the qualifications for the position okay is up to them to be taught the law the Bible so that they can discern whether or not their pastor is a teacher sent from God great point we want to put you on hold okay brother great point great point reg all right okay next is the 574 area code just before we go there yeah I'll just dance in the comment before someone said if they could sign up know when they get paid in two weeks time the answer is yes for the person well if you want to sign up and whatever options if you put it out there let us know what's going on the administration deals with that behind closed doors mhm so you would have to send an email and give us your circumstance if you would like to be in the Academy send an email to gathering as one the number one at and we'll work on getting you in the Academy but that's the administrative part of things we can't answer that right out here that's separate from the broadcast but send an email and we'll see what we can do because there is a list of brothers and sisters who can't afford the Academy who are already who have already been invited in okay so that the administration deal with that and and and they'll handle that part and hopefully we can get you in my this Sunday mmm and one more question asada Sona uncertain yeah someone a senator sent on either send email three times with no response I'm out there and asked those who have sent emails to India so you got that wrong sorry those who send emails in and I've not yet not yet to see the response just a bit patient we will get to you you understand yes we will get to the yes all right we'll get to the emails don't worry about it if you don't get frustrated okay we will someone will contact you in due time mm-hmm all right we've got three minutes left for the overtime Honorable twin P five species left in the call Q this is some space so they better call in yeah five one five six zero five nine three to seven call in if you would like to if you know if you want to give give a word if you want if you want to chime in on this topic are these people in our communities I think it's been shown already are they are they for the benefit of black people or the downfall and it is looking bad for them look like they were sent directly from the pits of the seventh hell alright let's go down the line here let's try two five seven for a record yeah there's no answer early let's just someone is there no caller you're alive you're live on blacktop talk to us below on cello wanna come on now talk to us now come on you in okay the question is um please play the question again black devils of black clergy are these people of benefit or hindrance for black people within the black community I'm speaking of these black pastors the churches well I think how they hindered you talk to us well they're not hindering me at this point because this boss I booked me up a couple years ago but before the end he had um actually I stopped going through the church Wow maybe I was what the Apostolic Church but I I'm gonna say maybe Bob Hope the seven or eight years I hadn't been there okay so it was easy good for you or me when the truth came to me for me to you know to know that it was the truth because I knew it was something not right in the church okay ninety second okay when you say you know there was something not right can you speak in specific because they're awesome passes out there who may hear this and change because of it hopefully but what what did you notice wasn't right a lot of the people I knew they go to church they then go out you know any a party and everything and yes you can was hidden there being a choir and it was the same you know as it was on the streets some backbiting and you know stuff going on and stuff like that and when when it actually touched me that I knew that it was time for me to go you know not to associate myself with that because I knew that at least I thought that you know if you go to church if this should be a place where you could go you know like a safe haven and you could uh you know get the truth and you know it wouldn't be the same thing that you would have on free butter and work okay so okay so anything like seem like what you're saying is you you noticed that there wasn't a change that you thought would happen while going to church and you more so begin to witness a serious hypocrisy and through that Apocrypha you know that everyone is sure everyone falls short of the glory of God you hear that over and over in the Christian Church but you're looking for you went there to see righteousness you look you went there to see something different opposed to what you witnessed and in the world and found that there was no difference right well when the when the pastor when it's when the pastor is in you know the midst if that I knew if it's not more on with the head and make one along with the lies and okay what should be the path would you be the pastor is in on the mischief you get you being vague I need some details here well it was it was just like well it was it was um it was like a brother was in the church forever you know like never was the person that was on the street so none of that and he was married and then some kind of way he got twisted out you know one out and because I wasn't always insert I know I'm trying yeah you know I'm trying to hold on with this call but you're killing me here well jhemini was twisted you started getting high he started getting high and and then um his wife she didn't really know what was going on and then like when she asked me because I had a lot of people in my family to be it and I knew what was going on and I just told her and then when she but you know when they found out that was what was going on they wouldn't do anything about it or anything you know like not try to talk to him because I would go with her to get in and stuff you know and whatever past war where do the password coming in this how was he complicit because whatever whatever the guy's told them he believes and then I talked to the likes of brothers like the Deacons and I would tell them I said well okay well then you often go out there and I'll let you know when he there whenever his wife called me then y'all can go get him and I called him and via that and they never didn't go get him but he ended up killing himself I'm so anyways he ended up hanging himself but the pastor like I said the past I mean they was all in it you know like together okay oh whatever see it's good enough maybe like if they would have steps out to try to help him maybe he could have still been living her bumping okay I got you I got you thank you sister and put your okay okay what the sisters staying in a nutshell that she's seen something going on evil in the church and the pastor being the shepherd over the church didn't didn't respond concerning a serious you know scenario that was going on that led to a young man hanging himself and if he would have listened to the congregation and went out as a shepherd before his sheep and protected that brother maybe he'll still he would still be alive and you know what there's many examples of that you have pastors who know I know this for sure we know pastors who know who-who know all the drug dealers who know where all the drug dealers are and all that and are doing nothing to help them repent from that when they see them it's hi a god a new on the block around the corner it's that old conversation and they never they never make an effort to reach that person for a space of repentance but they but they're absolutely there when the parents and all that are coming to the pastor to pray for for the incarceration or to pay for his funeral that's when he's there but he's not there in front of it before before judgment he's not there and I think that's what the sister was mentioning listen - these purses right now yeah and I nekeisha from experience and seeing it yes a lot of these pastors support murderers within our community yes you know in Jamaica after the past as your you know part of the burn trade coming in the church is our front you with me the Bible says that they strengthen the hands of evildoers yes that none would turn from his way so if you have the past are right now benefiting from the drug trade I'm getting money because I wrestle two boys don't it worse down to these pimps getting paid yes you understand and they get money they getting money from drugs they getting money from murder they getting money from the politicians that that not coming in the part of the thing you understand when I went a few years ago there was a warrant out an extradition weren't old for so-called Jamaican gangster and guess who guess who brought him in guess who he was with passed I passed you understand and I tell you what this same pastor right the same pastor and this is the same said pastor I was at I was at of course become another brothers I'm in a church in Jamaica work with the Supreme Court and I was there with him and I met this guy right as guy said to me oh listen you know you know being that you're you know you're a teacher can you come under on this quickly that I have and be like a character witness our reference I mean you know because I've come to a not come to the church and you know to it to reform so I said all right cool sure okay so I show up on a team and get Sudhir who has this representation as the pot is represent it was near former enemies it's the same posture this same posture linking in with murder non murderers who not look into change because that's where the money is he's there for is there like these lawyers are all these other side on retention do you have to submit these passes or retention like like the LOI the other son is crazy so let's go down online let's get through these calls real quick right man I'm gonna try to make it two minutes per call brother your char New York black Devils black clergy and I think all the lawyer is still looking for some of those scriptures I asking for early I mean on that scripture where you know to me that we must love God with our we with our stuff lawyer make sure you get the lawyer lawyer going way deep down in the precepts right now looking for loving God with his stuff with our stuff all right okay oh my oh my goodness but let's get the next three four seven area code brother you sure from New York you are alive you're alive come on brother we won't we going one minute shoot black Devils of black clergy or you wanted the same come on talk to me ah I can hear you loud and clear can you hear us Khan let's go all right I was gonna call I just want to listen but you know what I'm in this cross my mind all day I mean these guy like a homosexual crossdresser are noise and a pastor he say falls down we got a bunch of Isis holding up his 300-pound false prophet I don't know anything and I'm like how long will we love them flippity how long will we love sympathy and I'm an elder God you think anybody will wisdom as a matter of fact you could be a half resource and you could still understand so I'm wrong in that Christian Church like they don't know what Scripture anymore I'll tell you what you you ask who sent them well I would say his name starts with a be in his name ends with a Bugatti be a baby Beelzebub that's acceptable go on BBC radio so got my deal I'll be been hittin it since there's a light discussion and I'm like I honestly didn't think he was that was gonna get worse than pastor Craig TV Jake but tonight I wanted to throw up in my room and it's no coincidence in that reinforce when crisis talking about the false of profits the false prophet is gonna rise how the next verse goes into iniquity shall abound it was a direct connection between sin and phone problem I couldn't help but notice that a brother you wait wait wait do you see the documentary that we're putting together we're gonna put together called black Devils we're gonna go not only from the Christian churches but from Islam the conscious community we're gonna and we're gonna use we're gonna show you why they all refused the Bible we're gonna show you why the Bible is to them what a cross is to vampires it will be revealed in a documentary that the gather the Christ Church will do a bit a long time but we're gonna do a documentary called black Devils okay that the Bible speak that the Bible speak we're going into the black Devils then the Bible speaks up a door and just two more points because I want that I want the other callers to come in you know sometimes for all the other callers and everybody else who sometimes hear you out there say there you can it did I don't want anybody to think that's a conspiracy because last year I had hope seeking self professor he was my statistics professor P and he professor and he brought out how statistic which is just looking at that the origin of it was you tennis it was for the purpose of documenting where black people are in the country to depopulate them and the matter of fact I'm gonna get that doctor and come in and spend a clue you out there sinner to me what you gonna pay now he's glad it's all perfection send it to me we'll make a broadcast on it I'm put you on all your char always a good great caller thank you brother not laughing hold on let him go lender last thing come on a last thing last thing well you ask your other lawyers that would strip is that that they was bringing out I think I found it it's not eight and forty four ye are of your father but you live when you get when you get a chance make sure you get that you get that all scripture where the Lord says love him with love him with your things you know do a creative fluid dollars toward looking for that and then you have the woman she'll do you have it a baby oh you get again what is that hit him again with it the 300-pound falls off it what the Crypt is that what scriptures that we need to mix that turn was on alright but we're gonna put you on hold alright sister Diana from Texas let's go shalom black devils black ecology is on a topic talk to me yes yes okay Alberta car and now McDonough here I go I have a sister I'm trying working real hard to support our elder Lewis with trying to find these scriptures on on welcome the Lord your God with your stuff now I'm real close so bear with me love the Lord is better now come on come on with it now Matthew nice Matthew 19 chapter 19 and verses 21 through 23 come on Alan sit where you are now I'm having a problem here sale and all the boy is trying to find the word stuff but here's what I found come on in Matthew 19 verses 20 God with all of your home and we all you're mine but now I can't find where it says love the words on with all of your stuff well we send lawyers way deep deep deep down under cover in precepts he's you notice you ain't heard him in a long time he will find these precepts he's deep undercover hey LLL to lawyer you with us come back come back elder lawyer I'm here okay we back now tell us let's love the Lord I'll save you let's love the Lord with our stuff you gotta get the fun Lord with your stuff okay we're gonna get that de minute we're going go go down deep we gonna figure it out all right go a sister it's Matthew 19 verses 21 through 23 on billionaire I'm real close I found love the boys you were I mean love the board with your and it says all of your heart all of your soul and all of your mind I'm Littlefoot but I can't find words in love the Lord God with all of your stuff so this is what I need your pal for some time it's important at all there is thank you for the holy we're gonna hold you gonna put you on hold hey hey is the other peach was saying listen I'll listen at a bar with a Bible fairytale listen to me alright what's next we have a encrypted van alright who we have now sister on now war from Texas that's bring sister now in shallow water cistern our shadow ah y'all of one okay so I just wanted I want to make a few comments and tell a story if I can oh so one of the comments is within the church I know that they are sayings from whenever I was in the church that one of them is that God would bring you so low that so all you could do was look up to him and the other one was to come as you are and I believe that both of those statements keep us and keep us with not having to strive for righteousness because if I can come the way I am I can come to church hi I can come to church in the clothes that I wore to club you know I'm in this low state you know and all I can do is look up and so I'm just depending on when I'm looking up I'm in the church and I'm looking up at the pastor yeah I need it asking me for money well tell you what you know you never hear them say you never you never him say don't come with your wallet he'll saying come as you all right but you better have that wallet with you but go on then another time this is just an experience that I had to where I was going through some things I haven't gone to the church it was a family church to be going out all my life my family went there and I was having a real hard time and so I went to the church looking for a hill I don't really know what I wanted from them but I went there looking for some type of help and these people when I do nothing for me they just eventually send me away and I'm like I've been coming here a penny on my sides like you know what is this what type of help was needed I had just lost my job I didn't I needed financial help I didn't have any food in my house at the time you know so it was I don't know what I wanted but I just you know I was I needed help and all I knew was the church so that's why I went ok but you was paying your tithes you was sowing into the church but when you need it right then when you when you needed something after sowing years in the church they turned their backs on you now they don't and the question is what would Christ have done that in Bangka what Christ have done that here it is ah if you show a record of supporting the works then of course if someone come after been supporting the works in need help you have to if you're not of the world the only people who would usually help you is your extended spiritual family that's what the family is there for right but hey hi all right what sister thank you I will not wait one more minute or two for about two years now yeah I've been issue for about two years I was in the church all my life I'm 33 years old okay and the two years that I've been in the church I have changed so much and I have learned so much versus you know just uh you know 30-something years in the Christian Church mercy you know being here hey praise though generally you know the truth is definitely a thing that has come about well praise the most time you know what it's the most tidy called you it says his sheep hear his voice and a stranger they will not follow that was the most high sister you know what it belongs to you it belongs to all of us I wish these I wish the black clergy would hear it and teach it because why it was meant for them to it was meant for them they were just ignoring it right okay and we're gonna we're gonna play we're gonna place you on a hold it now tell you this what advantage - what advantage is it to gain the world but lose your soul mm-hmm what's next here - 1/5 B record let's go down the line for the tu-160 record - 1 6 yes I'm sorry you live on blog top I can't hear you you come back yeah let's go down six zero one you got one yeah 6 0 1 and then six four six sister no brother Stephen Chris actually here brother Chris first what a Stephen Nix shadow wah-wah nose the other while the floorshow is black devil black clergy you know yes I just wanted to go into that question you ask the brother earlier life who was more of a danger to our people this is the black man or a white man okay for the Jeremiah death of five it's 26 days for more of my people off our wicked me hmm they lay wait instead of snares they set a trap and they kids me as a cage is full of birds or their houses full of deceit therefore they are become great and waxing rich I'm gonna jump down on the 31 also the prophets prophesy falsely and the priests fair rule by their means hmm and my love to have it so slow I mean just watching that video you put out earlier with TD jakes and then uh crossdresser I mean they live it how people love this stuff you know I mean it just just weakened is out of control and you know man crikey coming soon no because we mean that's all I had to say on that elder well thank you brother and thanks for bringing the precepts and and and quoting them correctly if if only these guys read the Bible right thank you but I'm going to simply walk in the queue if only black clergy actually read the Bible right brother Steven and Jerome shall all times yours hear me yes pastors and I and I really have to say that they don't have to be classified you know like misleading they they put on a front in front of their congregations at least one of my brothers in very knowledge outside of this church at all okay well okay you get you say empty hold up you have two brothers that are pastors and you said one of the pastors which is your brother whom you know of course you know is is putting on a front he's not who the people think he is okay on how on how they represent Sochi representing the most high and ensuring they they have no no none of these equalities that Christ said that you have to have a notice to receive the kingdom okay okay let me ask you some specific questions about your brother brothers so I take it your brother's celebrate Christmas Easter Sunday worship all the pagan days of Babylon your brother up holes with this congregation right okay and I bet and I bet you there's not a swan sandwich you've ever turned down I bet you he pork shrimp crab lobster anything unclean as long as he blessed it and and it's okay so we eat anything from a pig from the Rooter to the tooter zone okay so what laws do your brothers say we should follow we okay what I asked love is the word of action what actions of love have you committed okay okay the next time we go there you take them straight the first John 5 which says the love of the most tie is to keep his Commandments man cannot love inward and tongue but indeed the whole deal is which what you mean the commandment of love love is the commandment of God is obedience so love is not just an emotion it's not how you feel well there must be a law behind that love you're speaking about so that see this is what they aren't no okay so that means it's okay to love sin so that's that's my question now that's my response okay he's a God of love is it okay for me to love is it okay listen is it okay for me to love sin okay and if not what sin can I hate okay is it okay for me to hate it all gave me are we to love sin and if not what sin can I hate but go on they make the statement that the multi loves the sinner but hate okay now they say what again they say that the bullseye loves the sinner but hate hold up we have lawyer with about twenty Bibles in front of him right now he got he got East world open he got other Bibles he got the JPS he's ready to rob elder lawyer okay here we go now I I know you're going deep undercover we got another one for you you drop the scripture on the brother again I want a lawyer well brother sad who sadly love is your holy throughout the course of the semester there there's no scriptures to support any of those statements that we heard within the videos but you ready here the last one elder lawyer he he hate the symbol but he he love the sinner but hate the sin yeah they got to be a precept on that I heard that in every black church well you know on earth please hope that I know when the scripture tells us that God hates others right here oh really let's read it let's read it read it the book of ecclesiastes somebody have to read the Bible the twelve jump we go under six verbs really come on for the most our higher hated sinners for the most I hated the sinners Andrew and will reap a vengeance upon the ungodly lord have mercy verse six the book of ecclesiasticus verse six for the most I hated sinners Andrew and will reap a vengeance upon the ungodly and keep them against a mighty day of their punishment hold up I got something for you on top of that real quick let me read this real quick aim is non intent all the sinners of my people according to God the God of the Bible shall die by the edge of the sward which say the evil should not overtake nor prevent us if you're saying that listen I can do what I want to do God is saying in Amos 9 in 10 that those sinners of his people shall die by the edge of the sward that you're sitting dunks okay all right brother all right brother say your point enough all right say your point now before we go to the next goal okay this is my last point my mom has been in and out of the hospital suffering from kidney disease I'm sorry I'm the last time that Muhammad's in the hospital brother ganar sister Daniels and might want to pass the brothers was there don't push the idea and the question of John three and 16 was brought forth when brother Donna and myself tried to explain to them the meaning and the understanding of the scripture and they said that they was going to have a Bible study with us in Brooklyn but we've never heard from them yet okay so you're saying that that the church was supposed to establish a Bible study for you okay but no no no they they agree because because they live in Brooklyn and me you mean your family agreed again oh your pastor talked to my brother okay so your brothers agreed to sit down with the gathering of Christ Church but what I believe they've never contacted well they never contacted me about it but I gave them to contact him as well okay okay let's do this let's do this one or the other or both okay what you can do for your brothers is let them know that we willing to have a discussion lie one block talk if they're willing to come in okay and we'll discuss right from wrong black clergy what what should we follow according to the Bible and we'll start with giving them the give that will give them the floor first are the children of Israel right all the children of Israel right are the Israelites right or all the Christian pastors right okay let's put it on the table in an open discussion all right okay all right well this is what I'm gonna do because I have to go to elder CLD gabbar down the I have to pull them in real quick but I'll take a number I'll give you a call and we'll set up the discussion make sure you write down his number okay okay okay yeah okay we'll get with you there all right okay I see elder I see elder gabbar there and I also see a sister Francis from Georgia will bring her in next but if the elders here we have to bring them in earlier right right immediately all right elder gabbar black devils black clergy is the topic of discussion this evening talk to the elder are you there elder elder Gabbar okay I'm sure he'll get back yes I'm just what you call it it is there's about thirty minutes left all the calls yeah so we're gonna ask everybody just keep the point a minute yeah keep the point the 30 seconds to a minute you say your point in the yeah you know the name we're gonna do rapid-fire now let's go all right so I think it's Matador up up up up up up up right there all right yes next all right Shalom sister you live on blog top hello yes you live on blog top yes have a quick comment about the Academy okay great um this past week I know it's a little off-topic but everybody else already answered the question yes about that there was over G yes but um the comment that I had is about the East Indians yeah how they're from the tribe of hands yeah a lot of them are fried learn that who shot Babylonians Yeah right I learned that before from prior Academy but when you said do the research so of course I was listening so I just literally jumped out and did the research and pull it up and pulled up on a 14 page copy I was turned that to my sister but I just thought it was amazing special and I was glad you said Hindu push eyes so I know they will have cameras but when you said their father is memorized that was like really eye-opening I just wanted to share that because it's really exciting about the Academy although I can't do it on Sundays but I mean I bet you got offender recording early once I got a fork and that's what I listen to okay I'm not way back home and that was my second time and it was just amazing when you see I miss it I'm suspicious I start jumping at that well it's a good point when you see within the rest of hearing community the dreadlocks and a smokin Atta Marwan a kid from Hindu Kush a Hindus and its Babylonian it's opening up it's a gateway for spirits and I want to drop this out everybody everyone everywhere believe that the flatter through some new conspiracy theory that came out that came out like lately through some conspiracy channels it's satanic and it's Babylonian at the core when you do the research the god of the flat earth name from Sumerian texts of ancient Babylon was to God Anu Anu was the god of the flat earth from ancient Babylonian pagan worships and teachings he was the God who created 50 separate gods to be worshipped okay under the Babylonian path Theon the god of the Flat Earth is a new and it's harassment teaches that it's thousands of years old that was proven false a long time ago okay the Flat Earth in the dome is only speaking of the babylonian areas that were converted under nimrod the control mechanism of a flat earth and a dome of all nations following Satan at the Tower of Babel that's why it's becoming a regurgitating thing being pushed as a conspiracy in the earth today using so-called NASA and all that garbage I don't have nothing to do with NASA everything to do it worshipping the God and knew who who suffered for himself under the dome all the nations who would serve Satan opposed to the god of Noah do your research and you know the crazy thing we talked about black devil showed us it's a new creative thing with our eyes flutter garbage as well yes is that nobody who deals at the Flat Earth deals with Christ yeah even even these so-called brothers in the truth because your debate no becomes a debate yeah on the shape of the earth yeah like it has nothing to do it sanctioning see boy exactly I love your point but I would like for brothers and sisters to know the origin because I don't want to get off with with because they put it out there to have these futile debate debates on to argue points futile points while Satan is looking to destroy all of us what I'm saying is do your research that this this didn't just spring up by chance mmm-hmm it's satanic at its core and it goes back to an ancient Babylonian philosophy under the god ah new look up a in you online and tell you and new was the ancient god of the Flat Earth has nothing to do with NASA folks that have everything to do with bringing everyone back under a babylonian belief follow on a satanic doctorate mmm-hmm that's that that's what it's about okay what's next brother Tariq from Massachusetts yes yes how about others yeah can I earn without him clear yes well on I definitely think the pastors in these black Christian churches are definitely evil I worked in the human service field and I'm for for what I don't know what that is I work with people that's a need and that's and it shows me all the bad when it comes to how people act and I compared it to the black Christian Church he's black on pastors in the Christian churches they act totally the same is like um right when I wanted to get away from the world Icicle cities are on Christian churches and I never and I didn't know the difference no Christ I was being to myself what am I doing here like I will one help and I remember once I want help from a pastor and it was like I needed then was they wanted to keep me away from a pastor for some reason for whatever reason I don't know why and it kind of discourages discouraged me to go into the churches okay cuz I'm like what am I supposed to build one when I was in me I didn't know what I needed a disease my vice you know some advice about the most high okay I couldn't get no information but there was quick to take my money and it was quick to give me back side even though I know anything about the Bible even though I know anything about the church I know anything about the truth and when I got baptized um my life went worse when I got baptized in this specific church but whatever which is wrong Christian pastor what what's the name of this charm what's the name of this church you were a part of well it was it was a long time ago it was in a city called East Longmeadow mass yeah it was it was a Baptist Church okay it was a very long time ago and and I never when I got baptized immediately they told me that I'm going to get tested I know what they meant by that and um exactly and um I started going through some demonic things in my life and my household as mean yes I got baptized because when they baptize me they will say in some language that I didn't understand I was like gibberish how to put some spirits on me mother boiling so I started shaking and touching because what exactly because when I went on I wake up shaking though at all in the morning I would have to I'll have to call you know people that was in that church you know they would they didn't know what was going on it's gruesome demon and I'm not on crazy okay excuse me like they cast dinner but let's talk come on yes so um so I left that church so let's talk about getting a list for another Church there's no mother-tested would they test you with um well I started experiencing they call it but he called sleep paralysis which I know that's not what it is yes but it happened to me several times and I'm to the point where I started drinking a lot because I was scared to go to sleep and I was all dealing with a woman that was in that church and she was pausing hell am i right - so really everything you getting deep getting deep right now I'm saying let's keep it on the pastor in my life well the pastor arm eventually he got caught dealing with dealing with women so he had to go and get it shut down after a while okay so he got caught Dylan Dylan you know and then after that the church totally dissolved exactly what's the name what was the name of this church and like I said I don't remember the name was a long time ago okay now here's how long since how long since then did you find the truth after that is I'm she's probably out in years after that cuz I thought truth when I found your church your church oh please mom did look I was looking how come I was going from yes yes 12 long from church Christian Church the Christian Church is Christian Church and I'm seeing nothing different from every creditors I went to yeah it doesn't matter which we go to it's the same core demonic satanic confusion doesn't matter exactly and it makes them and it makes the congregation the people that go to that church they act the same as the pastor is just they don't a delivered in a world so it gets people to spur it from actually going to church any church because you're thinking our all churches like this and if that's what path invites it so really really what these dudes what these guys are doing or engineering atheist so this they're they're creating the ground for unbelief they're building the foundation so that atheists can come and just swoop in and just have them not believe at all I mean okay and guess what atheists are tell you that their greatest believe it or not their greatest what you would call weapon that they use against Christians are their pastors they use their pastors in the and the belief system that's being taught to convert people into into the atheist religion unbelief is a religion folks okay I believe that so this is how I believe is clear I've dealt with any Christian Church exactly atheist is a belief and and what a theist use are the false teachings that are taught within our congregations by our pastors right okay because you actually because the church I don't know yeah we're not doing you can put a month thank you brother gonna put you on hold we're not dealing with logical teachers within the black church there's nothing logical about what they're teaching there's nothing saying about what they're teaching they're not teaching Christ they're teaching another Christ and you know if one of them took the time to actually open up the Bible the congregation would see it alright we only have a few more calls to go through the calls we're going to wrap it right around because we're well beyond the time we're gonna wish you all Godspeed and of course we're gonna come back with a new discussion next Wednesday we usually start around 6:30 7:00 p.m. Eastern okay so yeah get involved mm-hmm become a part of this open your eyes and and and and and use this these videos and our lessons as tools to open up the eyes of others sister Sabrina from PA Pennsylvania you live one block top shelah I just want to say that I firsthand had experience in the Church of the subjects church I was on staff in his church and now I'm talking 20 years ago before I moved to Pennsylvania I was a minister there I was over ministry I was on the Finance Committee there I traveled with the ministry to count money we would have so much money at these conferences that the money would have to be shifted back Federal Express or flown back to the church and we have been a month after the conference bill County parents check credit card and I mean we would be in convention centers where there was a room in the back and that ring was filled with money and we would have other mega churches they are financial people helping us count the money and we couldn't found it all and we would be so it's not because we would have to work until all the money was counted and and I'm just speaking from my experience it was you know we were we were told as every other Church financially if you gave a certain amount of money you'd be out of financial hardship I would give until it hurts I would give until I had nothing my little sons at that kind he wonder like are we going to eat because I was given good and I was still receiving they should notice I still had my car repossessed I was a faithful Kaiser but I will admit I did go to the church for help twice and they said Jackson did give me help $1500 each time good without question so I didn't sell but what I will say is there were witches in that church people would put Braille snakes in the offering chicken blood chicken blood chicken a lot I am down it's off what a lady who and we would have to walk around the church praying I guess to break whatever curse it was the witches would sit in the back and said perfectly they were there to pray against him and disrupt the service and I remember one night going down to the altar to pray for a woman and this woman who was a which came out of nowhere and she grabbed me around my waist and she was an old lady that one they was so strong I could not get out of her breasts and so finally I just said heard let me go and I kept saying it and she finally did and she ran off so fast security couldn't even catch her and it was I mean people who had demonic spirits would come down to the altar and one subject was praying for a man in that man whatever spirit was in him looked at him and laughed in his face and they bound up moving on I was so deeply depressed in that church had suicidal ideation and the doctor on ministry staff with me to pick out antidepressant drugs when I would train I was hearing voices it was and times I would think I would call to come in to work and you okay sister you with me sister oh yes I'm sorry is the music okay okay in a short in short how do you get from there to here and what what are you concluding here what's really going on did you work in the inner circles of TD jakes ministry what have you concluded and how did you get from there to here the most high call me out of it church he called me out 18 months before I left and he said to leave and gave me spritzer after Fisher to come back here in one night when I wasn't sure I was watching enemy other state and when will Smith hold his wife it takes his children to their parents in Philadelphia it was right in my face and then some people came to visit the church and they were tourists from Philadelphia it was just constantly in my facing the most high was calling many of us out of that church at the same time for the point that some people were becoming a pretty because they said the true intercessors were leaving and that's how I got from there to here and I seen here with no job two hundred dollars in my pocket nowhere to live and the people our lives with were pastors because the Most High said to leave I met him at 1:30 in the morning when I got here and I mean it was just by faith move here and that's how I got here so am I saying that cancer or devil yes I'm saying devil and I saw a lot of things in that church that you know I don't even have time to go into but okay yeah I was just saying that it was all about money mmm shame no they asked you this so now are you are you it are you presently following the gathering of christ church our church now yes sir my my oh praise for the Most High I've been out of a church since 2012 great my son found the truth and found found your ministry last year during he and my daughter-in-law and my mom is in Dallas but we are all in the truth my brother is in another chance but he and his wife are in the truth to expand we're disbelieving and I'm gonna leaving my family if I have family and the Potter's House my leading them to come out there I got family and other and and dr. Tony Evans Church another mega church and I'm believing them to come out okay well thank you sister and now we welcome you with the gather the Christ Church and you know what above all regardless of what we've all gone through in those churches the Lord seen it and he turned it for good he delivered the truth and through this through these testable through these testimonies hopefully other brothers and sisters will see the light will begin to examine their surroundings through the lens of God using the Bible going forward okay thank you wanna place you wanna hold and I hope to see you soon we're not coming to Philadelphia all right what's next our system Myra from New Jersey's go down the line we're gonna do some rapid fire a couple a couple of seconds say your point we go to the next just under 10 minutes again yes under 10 minutes in reference this you know black and Clarkie I would say is not only black pastors but also Spanish Hispanic one I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and we people pick vehicle yes yeah we need to do Latino Devils soon too we got something coming for their exact well yeah well it sounds right yeah so I mean what I can tell by my experience I do believe of course three times is that they are Devils specially they are seized you know they still from the poor they still from the working family yes like well now there's like four churches around each block and hmm but I wanted to put two scriptures on here first on chapter 4 verse 1 it says beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world as well as their Maya 14 14 it says then the Lord settings to me the prophets prophesy lies in my name I send them not neither have I commanded them either fake into them they prophesy into you fall visions and divination and a thing of not and the defeat of their heart so I found out the truth through you know to Houston as many you know as many brothers and sisters but I think a brother my younger brother he's actually in another camp you know I found GOCC I probably it was a mess it was not a mistake but it was like curiosity because I was looking actually that I you see the United United is reeling Christ something like that yeah and I don't think one of your lessons since then you know thanks for the more time I've been you know I got baptized and all that self but one thing that I want the ice-barrier since that you know in Puerto Rico as well as here I'd be emulating you can think of Baptist Pentecostal I read the Mormon I was also Jehovah Witness you know I I was baptized when I was a little girl that was swimming traumatising but one of the things that I can say is that these pastors are very good double not only down but they also still the money of the poor for their family especially for their wife I experienced that there was spending a lot of money under wife for them to get surgeries all right it's just a we are a sister we have to we have to really cut it off because we got a lot of people waiting and we only got about three more minutes okay all right yes I believe not only for the black Hispanic but yes they are the devil okay well thank you mrs. sister bless you sister brother Malcolm 5:01 area cold then after that we go on his sister sister melena vadik yeah turn the radio off and back of you yes your honor roll you got about 30 seconds talk to her sister Mel I mean brother Malcolm in the church I went to passage to just again that time nuts and three two when you talk about Jake Jake Esau he made amazing seem like Jacob don't total covenant each I said that while the platinum-mare gain if they have all cousin in the walk or water or today and okay okay and what this brother is bringing out he what the brothers bringing out is key here okay because let's pull him back in real quick because you hit it buzz they make it make your point real quick make your point real quick because what you're saying is key here is that they teach in the Christian Church that Jacob is the bad guy in Esau was really deceived and should have received the promise is that correct that's where you're getting at yeah they're demonizing Jacob because they know that Jacob was a black man later willing to play in that Joe but one day one day something told me not to talk places they're pretty to say you see would name and their Shalom brother max yeah make your point real quick because we have to get to the next call what is the point trying to see people in image and they're pretty Turner no okay okay I okay brother Malcolm we got that all right I'm a place you wanna hold so we can get to the next one he made some great points that they're deceiving people and and on what their teaching is without saying it you have to really watch their kind of deception here how they teach that Jacob was the bad one Jacob was the bad one but they rarely tell you anything of Esau at all they're protecting Esau because they don't Esau is really the Roman Empire the European powers who are running this earth hmm so without mentioning who's Edom they're still promoting Edom and demonizing Jacob who we are okay if they were the real Jews they wouldn't demonize Jacob in Christianity or in Judaism they know that Jacob is our Father mm-hmm okay I wanted to put that out there so you don't want to miss this Sunday again who's eating let's go down the line we're just got just probably under tool on the two minute so we only got two minutes so you got about 20 seconds cuz we don't want things to cut off here sister Mel talk to talk to us from Nevada rapid fire let's go good evening I just want to say you are right on target pastors are the devil I was an executive assistant for creative flow dal and I failed fact a couple years from sharing this with you cos I wanted to make sure everything he would say about his real life is so let me just say this is the miracle I know the Most High has his hands on new that you're still alive 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weighing it with those who are really affecting us real time within our community on a daily basis which are those black Devils the Bible speaks up mm-hmm that concludes our broadcast I hope to see you all this Sunday in the Academy stay prayed up and sin not brothers and sisters will soon see Zion and we will soon release the music project that you we've all been waiting for from the gather of Christ Church shall along and may the most topmost ha be with you listens and when you're going through battles pray okay pray his name is a hyah don't listen to anything else out there the God of all God's name is a higher his son is you're shy of the Savior and guess what the Holy Spirit is the great robot you pray higher by Hashem you Shia or barrois save me from this untoward world we thank you with a Gavin of Christ Church and we're here to gather the elect to the elect in the name of the Most High bless you and have a pleasant evening jello ah thank you other lawyer are they seeking to 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The word "Cleric" comes from the ecclesiastical Latin Clericus, for those belonging to the priestly class. In turn, the source of the Latin word is from the Ecclesiastical Greek Clericus, meaning appertaining to an inheritance, in reference to the fact that the Levitical priests of the Old Testament had no inheritance except the Lord.[1] "Clergy" is from two Old French words, clergié and clergie, which refer to those with learning and derive from Medieval Latin clericatus, from Late Latin clericus (the same word from which "cleric" is derived).[2] "Clerk", which used to mean one ordained to the ministry, also derives from clericus. In the Middle Ages, reading and writing were almost exclusively the domain of the priestly class, and this is the reason for the close relationship of these words.[3] Within Christianity, especially in Eastern Christianity and formerly in Western Roman Catholicism, the term cleric refers to any individual who has been ordained, including deacons, priests, and bishops.[4] In Latin Roman Catholicism, the tonsure was a prerequisite for receiving any of the minor orders or major orders before the tonsure, minor orders, and the subdiaconate were abolished following the Second Vatican Council.[5] Now, the clerical state is tied to reception of the diaconate.[6] Minor Orders are still given in the Eastern Catholic Churches, and those who receive those orders are 'minor clerics.'[7]

The use of the word "Cleric" is also appropriate for Eastern Orthodox minor clergy who are tonsured in order not to trivialize orders such as those of Reader in the Eastern Church, or for those who are tonsured yet have no minor or major orders. It is in this sense that the word entered the Arabic language, most commonly in Lebanon from the French, as kleriki (or, alternatively, cleriki) meaning "seminarian." This is all in keeping with Eastern Orthodox concepts of clergy, which still include those who have not yet received, or do not plan to receive, the diaconate.

A priesthood is a body of priests, shamans, or oracles who have special religious authority or function. The term priest is derived from the Greek presbyter (πρεσβύτερος, presbýteros, elder or senior), but is often used in the sense of sacerdos in particular, i.e., for clergy performing ritual within the sphere of the sacred or numinous communicating with the gods on behalf of the community.


14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso in 2007
14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso in 2007

Buddhist clergy are often collectively referred to as the Sangha, and consist of various orders of male and female monks (originally called bhikshus and bhikshunis respectively). This diversity of monastic orders and styles was originally one community founded by Gautama Buddha during the 5th century BC living under a common set of rules (called the Vinaya). According to scriptural records, these celibate monks and nuns in the time of the Buddha lived an austere life of meditation, living as wandering beggars for nine months out of the year and remaining in retreat during the rainy season (although such a unified condition of Pre-sectarian Buddhism is questioned by some scholars). However, as Buddhism spread geographically over time - encountering different cultures, responding to new social, political, and physical environments - this single form of Buddhist monasticism diversified. The interaction between Buddhism and Tibetan Bon led to a uniquely Tibetan Buddhism, within which various sects, based upon certain teacher-student lineages arose. Similarly, the interaction between Indian Buddhist monks (particularly of the Southern Madhyamika School) and Chinese Confucian and Taoist monks from c200-c900AD produced the distinctive Ch'an Buddhism. Ch'an, like the Tibetan style, further diversified into various sects based upon the transmission style of certain teachers (one of the most well known being the 'rapid enlightenment' style of Linji Yixuan), as well as in response to particular political developments such as the An Lushan Rebellion and the Buddhist persecutions of Emperor Wuzong. In these ways, manual labour was introduced to a practice where monks originally survived on alms; layers of garments were added where originally a single thin robe sufficed; etc. This adaptation of form and roles of Buddhist monastic practice continued after the transmission to Japan. For example, monks took on administrative functions for the Emperor in particular secular communities (registering births, marriages, deaths), thereby creating Buddhist 'priests'. Again, in response to various historic attempts to suppress Buddhism (most recently during the Meiji Era), the practice of celibacy was relaxed and Japanese monks allowed to marry. This form was then transmitted to Korea, during later Japanese occupation,[8] where celibate and non-celibate monks today exist in the same sects. (Similar patterns can also be observed in Tibet during various historic periods multiple forms of monasticism have co-existed such as "ngagpa" lamas, and times at which celibacy was relaxed). As these varied styles of Buddhist monasticism are transmitted to Western cultures, still more new forms are being created.

In general, the Mahayana schools of Buddhism tend to be more culturally adaptive and innovative with forms, while Theravada schools (the form generally practised in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Sri Lanka) tend to take a much more conservative view of monastic life, and continue to observe precepts that forbid monks from touching women or working in certain secular roles. This broad difference in approach led to a major schism among Buddhist monastics in about the 4th century BCE, creating the Early Buddhist Schools.

While female monastic (bhikkhuni) lineages existed in most Buddhist countries at one time, the Theravada lineages of Southeast Asia died out during the 14th-15th Century AD. As there is some debate about whether the bhikkhuni lineage (in the more expansive Vinaya forms) was transmitted to Tibet, the status and future of female Buddhist clergy in this tradition is sometimes disputed by strict adherents to the Theravadan style. Some Mahayana sects, notably in the United States (such as San Francisco Zen Center) are working to reconstruct the female branches of what they consider a common, interwoven lineage.[9]

The diversity of Buddhist traditions makes it difficult to generalize about Buddhist clergy. In the United States, Pure Land priests of the Japanese diaspora serve a role very similar to Protestant ministers of the Christian tradition. Meanwhile, reclusive Theravada forest monks in Thailand live a life devoted to meditation and the practice of austerities in small communities in rural Thailand- a very different life from even their city-dwelling counterparts, who may be involved primarily in teaching, the study of scripture, and the administration of the nationally organized (and government sponsored) Sangha. In the Zen traditions of China, Korea and Japan, manual labor is an important part of religious discipline; meanwhile, in the Theravada tradition, prohibitions against monks working as laborers and farmers continue to be generally observed.

Currently in North America, there are both celibate and non-celibate clergy in a variety of Buddhist traditions from around the world. In some cases they are forest dwelling monks of the Theravada tradition and in other cases they are married clergy of a Japanese Zen lineage and may work a secular job in addition to their role in the Buddhist community. There is also a growing realization that traditional training in ritual and meditation as well as philosophy may not be sufficient to meet the needs and expectations of American lay people. Some communities have begun exploring the need for training in counseling skills as well. Along these lines, at least two fully accredited Master of Divinity programs are currently available: one at Naropa University in Boulder, CO and one at the University of the West in Rosemead, CA.


In general, Christian clergy are ordained; that is, they are set apart for specific ministry in religious rites. Others who have definite roles in worship but who are not ordained (e.g. laypeople acting as acolytes) are generally not considered clergy, even though they may require some sort of official approval to exercise these ministries.

Types of clerics are distinguished from offices, even when the latter are commonly or exclusively occupied by clerics. A Roman Catholic cardinal, for instance, is almost without exception a cleric, but a cardinal is not a type of cleric. An archbishop is not a distinct type of cleric, but is simply a bishop who occupies a particular position with special authority. Conversely, a youth minister at a parish may or may not be a cleric. Different churches have different systems of clergy, though churches with similar polity have similar systems.


Bishop Maurício Andrade, primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, gives the crosier to Bishop Saulo Barros.
Bishop Maurício Andrade, primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, gives the crosier to Bishop Saulo Barros.

In Anglicanism, clergy consist of the orders of deacons, priests (presbyters) and bishops in ascending order of seniority. Canon, archdeacon, archbishop and the like are specific positions within these orders. Bishops are typically overseers, presiding over a diocese composed of many parishes, with an archbishop presiding over a province, which is a group of dioceses. A parish (generally a single church) is looked after by one or more priests, although one priest may be responsible for several parishes. New clergy are ordained deacons. Those seeking to become priests are usually ordained priest after a year. Since the 1960s some Anglican churches have reinstituted the diaconate as a permanent, rather than transitional, order of ministry focused on ministry that bridges the church and the world, especially ministry to those on the margins of society.

For the forms of address for Anglican clergy, see Forms of address in the United Kingdom.

For a short period of history before the ordination of women as deacons, priests and bishops began within Anglicanism they could be "deaconesses". Although they were usually considered having a ministry distinct from deacons they often had similar ministerial responsibilities.

In Anglican churches all clergy are permitted to marry. In most national churches women may become deacons or priests, but while fifteen out of 38 national churches allow for the consecration of women as bishops, only five have ordained any. Celebration of the Eucharist is reserved for priests and bishops.

National Anglican churches are presided over by one or more primates or metropolitans (archbishops or presiding bishops). The senior archbishop of the Anglican Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury, who acts as leader of the Church of England and 'first among equals' of the primates of all Anglican churches.

Being a deacon, priest or bishop is considered a function of the person and not a job. When priests retire they are still priests even if they no longer have any active ministry. However, they only hold the basic rank after retirement. Thus a retired archbishop can only be considered a bishop (though it is possible to refer to 'Bishop John Smith, the former Archbishop of York'), a canon or archdeacon is a priest on retirement and does not hold any additional honorifics.


Ordained clergy in the Roman Catholic Church are either deacons, priests, or bishops belonging to the diaconate, the presbyterate, or the episcopate, respectively. Among bishops, some are metropolitans, archbishops, or patriarchs. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, the supreme and universal hierarch of the Church, and his authorization is now required for the ordination of all Catholic bishops. With rare exceptions, cardinals are bishops, although it was not always so; formerly, some cardinals were people who had received clerical tonsure, but not Holy Orders. Secular clergy are ministers, such as deacons and priests, who do not belong to a religious institute and live in the world at large, rather than a religious institute (saeculum). The Holy See supports the activity of its clergy by the Congregation for the Clergy ([1]), a dicastery of Roman curia.

Canon Law indicates (canon 207) that "[b]y divine institution, there are among the Christian faithful in the Church sacred ministers who in law are also called clerics; the other members of the Christian faithful are called lay persons".[10] This distinction of a separate ministry was formed in the early times of Christianity; one early source reflecting this distinction, with the three ranks or orders of bishop, priest and deacon, is the writings of Saint Ignatius of Antioch.

Holy Orders is one of the Seven Sacraments, enumerated at the Council of Trent, that the Magisterium considers to be of divine institution. In the Roman Catholic Church, only men are permitted to be clerics, although in antiquity women were ordained to the diaconate[dubious ].

In the Latin Church before 1972, tonsure admitted someone to the clerical state, after which he could receive the four minor orders (ostiary, lectorate, order of exorcists, order of acolytes) and then the major orders of subdiaconate, diaconate, presbyterate, and finally the episcopate, which according to Roman Catholic doctrine is "the fullness of Holy Orders". Since 1972 the minor orders and the subdiaconate have been replaced by lay ministries and clerical tonsure no longer takes place, except in some Traditionalist Catholic groups, and the clerical state is acquired, even in those groups, by Holy Orders.[11] In the Latin Church the initial level of the three ranks of Holy Orders is that of the diaconate. In addition to these three orders of clerics, some Eastern Catholic, or "Uniate", Churches have what are called "minor clerics".[12]

Members of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life are clerics only if they have received Holy Orders. Thus, unordained monks, friars, nuns, and religious brothers and sisters are not part of the clergy.

The Code of Canon Law and the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches prescribe that every cleric must be enrolled or "incardinated" in a diocese or its equivalent (an apostolic vicariate, territorial abbey, personal prelature, etc.) or in a religious institute, society of apostolic life or secular institute.[13][14] The need for this requirement arose because of the trouble caused from the earliest years of the Church by unattached or vagrant clergy subject to no ecclesiastical authority and often causing scandal wherever they went.[15]

Current canon law prescribes that to be ordained a priest, an education is required of two years of philosophy and four of theology, including study of dogmatic and moral theology, the Holy Scriptures, and canon law have to be studied within a seminary or an ecclesiastical faculty at a university.[16][17]

Roman Catholicism mandates clerical celibacy for all clergy in the predominant Latin Rite, with the exception of deacons who do not intend to become priests. Exceptions are sometimes admitted for ordination to transitional diaconate and priesthood on a case-by-case basis for married clergymen of other churches or communities who become Catholics, but ordination of married men to the episcopacy is excluded (see personal ordinariate). Clerical marriage is not allowed and therefore, if those for whom in some particular Church celibacy is optional (such as permanent deacons in the Latin Church) wish to marry, they must do so before ordination. Eastern Catholic Churches either follow the same rules as the Latin Church or require celibacy only for bishops.

In the High Middle Ages, clergy in Western Europe had four privileges:[citation needed]

  1. Right of Canon: whoever committed real violence on the person of a cleric committed a sacrilege. This decree was issued in a Lateran Council of 1097 (requested by Pope Urban II), then renewed in the Lateran Council II (1139)
  2. Right of Forum: by this right clergy could be judged by ecclesiastical tribunals only. Emperor Constantine I granted this right for bishops, which was subsequently extended to the rest of the clergy by Imperial Decree
  3. Right of Immunity: clergy could not be called for military service or other duties or charges incompatible with their role
  4. Right of Competence: a certain part of the income of clergy, necessary for sustenance, could not be sequestered by any action of creditors

Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has no dedicated clergy, and is governed instead by a system of lay priesthood leaders. Locally, unpaid and part-time priesthood holders lead the church; the worldwide church is supervised by full-time general authorities, some of whom receive modest living allowances.[18][19] No formal theological training is required for any position. All leaders in the church are called by revelation and the laying on of hands by one who holds authority. Jesus Christ stands at the head of the church and leads the church through revelation given to the President of the Church, the First Presidency, and Twelve Apostles, all of whom are recognized as prophets, seers, and revelators and have lifetime tenure. Below these men in the hierarchy are quorums of seventy, which are assigned geographically over the areas of the church. Locally, the church is divided into stakes; each stake has a president, who is assisted by two counselors and a high council. The stake is made up of several individual congregations, which are called "wards" or "branches." Wards are led by a bishop and his counselors and branches by a president and his counselors. Local leaders serve in their positions until released by their supervising authorities.[20]

Generally, all worthy males age 12 and above receive the priesthood. Youth age 12 to 18 are ordained to the Aaronic priesthood as deacons, teachers, or priests, which authorizes them to perform certain ordinances and sacraments. Adult males are ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood, as elders, seventies, high priests, or patriarchs in that priesthood, which is concerned with spiritual leadership of the church. Although the term "clergy" is not typically used in the LDS Church, it would most appropriately apply to local bishops and stake presidents. Merely holding an office in the priesthood does not imply authority over other church members or agency to act on behalf of the entire church.


Orthodox Christian clergy: bishop (right, at altar), priest (left), and two deacons (in gold)
Orthodox Christian clergy: bishop (right, at altar), priest (left), and two deacons (in gold)
Ethiopian Orthodox clergy lead a procession in celebration of Saint Michael
Ethiopian Orthodox clergy lead a procession in celebration of Saint Michael

The Orthodox Church has three ranks of holy orders: bishop, priest, and deacon. These are the same offices identified in the New Testament and found in the Early Church, as testified by the writings of the Holy Fathers. Each of these ranks is ordained through the Sacred Mystery (sacrament) of the laying on of hands (called cheirotonia) by bishops. Priests and deacons are ordained by their own diocesan bishop, while bishops are consecrated through the laying on of hands of at least three other bishops.

Within each of these three ranks there are found a number of titles. Bishops may have the title of archbishop, metropolitan, and patriarch, all of which are considered honorifics. Among the Orthodox, all bishops are considered equal, though an individual may have a place of higher or lower honor, and each has his place within the order of precedence. Priests (also called presbyters) may (or may not) have the title of archpriest, protopresbyter (also called "protopriest", or "protopope"), hieromonk (a monk who has been ordained to the priesthood) archimandrite (a senior hieromonk) and hegumen (abbot). Deacons may have the title of hierodeacon (a monk who has been ordained to the deaconate), archdeacon or protodeacon.

The lower clergy are not ordained through cheirotonia (laying on of hands) but through a blessing known as cheirothesia (setting-aside). These clerical ranks are subdeacon, reader and altar server (also known as taper-bearer). Some churches have a separate service for the blessing of a cantor.

Ordination of a bishop, priest, deacon or subdeacon must be conferred during the Divine Liturgy (Eucharist)—though in some churches it is permitted to ordain up through deacon during the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts—and no more than a single individual can be ordained to the same rank in any one service. Numerous members of the lower clergy may be ordained at the same service, and their blessing usually takes place during the Little Hours prior to Liturgy, or may take place as a separate service. The blessing of readers and taper-bearers is usually combined into a single service. Subdeacons are ordained during the Little Hours, but the ceremonies surrounding his blessing continue through the Divine Liturgy, specifically during the Great Entrance.

Bishops are usually drawn from the ranks of the archimandrites, and are required to be celibate; however, a non-monastic priest may be ordained to the episcopate if he no longer lives with his wife (following Canon XII of the Quinisext Council of Trullo)[21] In contemporary usage such a non-monastic priest is usually tonsured to the monastic state, and then elevated to archimandrite, at some point prior to his consecration to the episcopacy. Although not a formal or canonical prerequisite, at present bishops are often required to have earned a university degree, typically but not necessarily in theology.

Usual titles are Your Holiness for a patriarch (with Your All-Holiness reserved for the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople), Your Beatitude for an archbishop/metropolitan overseeing an autocephalous Church, Your Eminence for an archbishop/metropolitan generally, Master or Your Grace for a bishop and Father for priests, deacons and monks,[22] although there are variations between the various Orthodox Churches. For instance, in Churches associated with the Greek tradition, while the Ecumenical Patriarch is addressed as "Your All-Holiness," all other Patriarchs (and archbishops/metropolitans who oversee autocephalous Churches) are addressed as "Your Beatitude."[23]

Orthodox priests, deacons, and subdeacons must be either married or celibate (preferably monastic) prior to ordination, but may not marry after ordination. Remarriage of clergy following divorce or widowhood is forbidden. Married clergy are considered as best-suited to staff parishes, as a priest with a family is thought better qualified to counsel his flock.[24] It has been common practice in the Russian tradition for unmarried, non-monastic clergy to occupy academic posts.


Lutheran pastor confirming the youth of his congregation
Lutheran pastor confirming the youth of his congregation

Clergy in Protestantism fill a wide variety of roles and functions. In many denominations, such as Methodism, Presbyterianism, and Lutheranism, the roles of clergy are similar to Roman Catholic or Anglican clergy, in that they hold an ordained pastoral or priestly office, administer the sacraments, proclaim the word, lead a local church or parish, and so forth. The Baptist tradition only recognizes two ordained positions in the church as being the elders (pastors) and deacons as outlined in the third chapter of I Timothy[1Tim 3] in the Bible. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ordains two types of presbyters or elders, teaching (pastor) and ruling (leaders of the congregation which form a council with the pastors). Teaching elders are seminary trained and ordained as a presbyter and set aside on behalf of the whole denomination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Ordinarily, teaching elders are installed by a presbytery as pastor of a congregation. Ruling elders, after receiving training, may be commissioned by a presbytery to serve as a pastor of a congregation, as well as preach and administer sacraments.[25]

The process of being designated as a member of the Protestant clergy, as well as that of being assigned to a particular office, varies with the denomination or faith group. Some Protestant denominations, such as Methodism, Presbyterianism, and Lutheranism, are hierarchical in nature; and ordination and assignment to individual pastorates or other ministries are made by the parent denominations. In other traditions, such as the Baptist and other Congregational groups, local churches are free to hire (and often ordain) their own clergy, although the parent denominations typically maintain lists of suitable candidates seeking appointment to local church ministries and encourage local churches to consider these individuals when filling available positions.

Some Protestant denominations require that candidates for ordination be "licensed" to the ministry for a period of time (typically one to three years) prior to being ordained. This period typically is spent performing the duties of ministry under the guidance, supervision, and evaluation of a more senior, ordained minister. In some denominations, however, licensure is a permanent, rather than a transitional state for ministers assigned to certain specialized ministries, such as music ministry or youth ministry.

Many Protestant denominations reject the idea that the clergy are a separate category of people, but rather stress the priesthood of all believers. Based on this theological approach, most Protestants do not have a sacrament of ordination like the pre-Reformation churches. Protestant ordination, therefore, can be viewed more as a public statement by the ordaining body that an individual possesses the theological knowledge, moral fitness, and practical skills required for service in that faith group's ministry. Some Lutheran churches form an exception to this rule, as the Lutheran Book of Concord allows ordination to be received as a sacrament.

Some Protestant denominations dislike the word clergy and do not use it of their own leaders. Often they refer to their leaders as pastors or ministers, titles that, if used, sometimes apply to the person only as long as he or she holds a particular office.


Islam, like Judaism, has no clergy in the sacerdotal sense; there is no institution resembling the Christian priesthood. Islamic religious leaders do not "serve as intermediaries between mankind and God",[26] have "process of ordination",[27] nor "sacramental functions".[26] They have been said to resemble more rabbis, serving as "exemplars, teachers, judges, and community leaders," providing religious rules to the pious on "even the most minor and private" matters.[26]

The title mullah (a Persian variation of the Arabic maula, "master"), commonly translated "cleric" in the West and thought to be analogous to "priest" or "rabbi", is a title of address for any educated or respected figure, not even necessarily (though frequently) religious. The title sheikh ("elder") is used similarly.

Most of the religious titles associated with Islam are scholastic or academic in nature: they recognize the holder's exemplary knowledge of the theory and practice of ad-dín (religion), and do not confer any particular spiritual or sacerdotal authority. The most general such title is `alim (pl. `ulamah), or "scholar". This word describes someone engaged in advanced study of the traditional Islamic sciences (`ulum) at an Islamic university or madrasah jami`ah. A scholar's opinions may be valuable to others because of his/her knowledge in religious matters; but such opinions should not generally be considered binding, infallible, or absolute, as the individual Muslim is directly responsible to God for his or her own religious beliefs and practice.


A Sunni cleric (mufti) delivering a sermon on the kursi
A Sunni cleric (mufti) delivering a sermon on the kursi

The nearest analogue among Sunni Muslims to the parish priest or pastor, or to the "pulpit rabbi" of a synagogue, is called the imam khatib. This compound title is merely a common combination of two elementary offices: leader (imam) of the congregational prayer, which in most mosques is performed at the times of all daily prayers; and preacher (khatib) of the sermon or khutba of the obligatory congregational prayer at midday every Friday. Although either duty can be performed by anyone who is regarded as qualified by the congregation, at most well-established mosques imam khatib is a permanent part-time or full-time position. He may be elected by the local community, or appointed by an outside authority – e. g., the national government, or the waqf which sustains the mosque. There is no ordination as such; the only requirement for appointment as an imam khatib is recognition as someone of sufficient learning and virtue to perform both duties on a regular basis, and to instruct the congregation in the basics of Islam.

The title hafiz (lit. "preserver") is awarded to one who has memorized the entire Qur'an, often by attending a special course for the purpose; the imam khatib of a mosque is frequently (though not always) a hafiz.

There are several specialist offices pertaining to the study and administration of Islamic law or shari`ah. A scholar with a specialty in fiqh or jurisprudence is known as a faqih. A qadi is a judge in an Islamic court. A mufti is a scholar who has completed an advanced course of study which qualifies him to issue judicial opinions or fatawah.


Iranian Shi'a cleric and author Sheikh Ali Akbar Nahavandi.
Iranian Shi'a cleric and author Sheikh Ali Akbar Nahavandi.

In modern Shia Islam, scholars play a more prominent role in the daily lives of Muslims than in Sunni Islam; and there is a hierarchy of higher titles of scholastic authority, such as Ayatollah. Since around the mid-19th century, a more complex title has been used in Twelver Shi`ism, namely marjaʿ at-taqlid. Marjaʿ (pl. marajiʿ) means "source", and taqlid refers to religious emulation or imitation. Lay Shi`ah must identify a specific marjaʿ whom they emulate, according to his legal opinions (fatawah) or other writings. On several occasions, the Marjaʿiyyat (community of all marajiʿ) has been limited to a single individual, in which case his rulings have been applicable to all those living in the Twelver Shi'ah world. Of broader importance has been the role of the mujtahid, a cleric of superior knowledge who has the authority to perform ijtihad (independent judgment). Mujtahids are few in number, but it is from their ranks that the marajiʿ at-taqlid are drawn.


The spiritual guidance function known in many Christian denominations as "pastoral care" is fulfilled for many Muslims by a murshid ("guide"), a master of the spiritual sciences and disciplines known as tasawuf or Sufism. Sufi guides are commonly styled Shaikh in both speaking and writing; in North Africa they are sometimes called marabouts. They are traditionally appointed by their predecessors, in an unbroken teaching lineage reaching back to Muhammad. (The lineal succession of guides bears a superficial similarity to Christian ordination and apostolic succession, or to Buddhist dharma transmission; but a Sufi guide is regarded primarily as a specialized teacher and Islam denies the existence of an earthly hierarchy among believers.)

Muslims who wish to learn Sufism dedicate themselves to a murshid's guidance by taking an oath called a bai'ah. The aspirant is then known as a murid ("disciple" or "follower"). A murid who takes on special disciplines under the guide's instruction, ranging from an intensive spiritual retreat to voluntary poverty and homelessness, is sometimes known as a dervish.

During the Islamic Golden Age, it was common for scholars to attain recognized mastery of both the "exterior sciences" (`ulum az-zahir) of the madrasahs as well as the "interior sciences" (`ulum al-batin) of Sufism. Al-Ghazali and Rumi are two notable examples.


The highest office an Ahmadi can hold is that of Khalifatu l-Masih. Such a person may appoint amirs who manage regional areas.[28] The consultative body for Ahmadiyya is called the Majlis-i-Shura, which ranks second in importance to the Khalifatu l-Masih.[29] However, the Ahmadiyya community is declared as non-Muslims by many mainstream Muslims and they reject the messianic claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, a leading Rabbinical authority for Orthodox Jewry
Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, a leading Rabbinical authority for Orthodox Jewry

Rabbinic Judaism does not have clergy as such, although according to the Torah there is a tribe of priests known as the Kohanim who were leaders of the religion up to the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD when most Sadducees were wiped out; each member of the tribe, a Kohen had priestly duties, many of which centered around the sacrificial duties, atonement and blessings of the Israelite nation. Today, Jewish Kohanim know their status by family tradition, and still offer the priestly blessing during certain services in the synagogue and perform the Pidyon haben (redemption of the first-born son) ceremony.

Since the time of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the religious leaders of Judaism have often been rabbis, who are technically scholars in Jewish law empowered to act as judges in a rabbinical court. All types of Judaism except Orthodox Judaism allow women as well as men to be ordained as rabbis and cantors.[30][31] The leadership of a Jewish congregation is, in fact, in the hands of the laity: the president of a synagogue is its actual leader and any adult male Jew (or adult Jew in non-traditional congregations) can lead prayer services. The rabbi is not an occupation found in the Torah; the first time this word is mentioned is in the Mishnah. The modern form of the rabbi developed in the Talmudic era. Rabbis are given authority to make interpretations of Jewish law and custom. Traditionally, a man obtains one of three levels of Semicha (rabbinic ordination) after the completion of an arduous learning program in Torah, Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), Mishnah and Talmud, Midrash, Jewish ethics and lore, the codes of Jewish law and responsa, theology and philosophy.

Regina Jonas, the world's first female rabbi, ordained in 1935, killed in the Holocaust in 1944.[32]
Regina Jonas, the world's first female rabbi, ordained in 1935, killed in the Holocaust in 1944.[32]

Since the early medieval era an additional communal role, the Hazzan (cantor) has existed as well. Cantors have sometimes been the only functionaries of a synagogue, empowered to undertake religio-civil functions like witnessing marriages. Cantors do provide leadership of actual services, primarily because of their training and expertise in the music and prayer rituals pertaining to them, rather than because of any spiritual or "sacramental" distinction between them and the laity. Cantors as much as rabbis have been recognized by civil authorities in the United States as clergy for legal purposes, mostly for awarding education degrees and their ability to perform weddings, and certify births and deaths.

Additionally, Jewish authorities license mohels, people specially trained by experts in Jewish law and usually also by medical professionals to perform the ritual of circumcision.[33] Traditional Orthodox Judaism does not license women as mohels, but other types of Judaism do. They are appropriately called mohelot (pl. of mohelet, f. of mohel) [2]. As the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California states, "...there is no halachic prescription against female mohels, [but] none exist in the Orthodox world, where the preference is that the task be undertaken by a Jewish man.".[33]

In many places, mohels are also licensed by civil authorities, as circumcision is technically a surgical procedure. Kohanim, who must avoid contact with dead human body parts (such as the removed foreskin) for ritual purity, cannot act as mohels,[citation needed] but some mohels are also either rabbis or cantors.

Another licensed cleric in Judaism is the shochet, who are trained and licensed by religious authorities for kosher slaughter according to ritual law. A Kohen may be a shochet. Most shochetim are ordained rabbis.[34]

Then there is the mashgiach. A mashgiach is someone who supervises the kashrut status of a kosher establishment. The mashgiach must know the Torah laws of kashrut, and how they apply in the environment he is supervising. Obviously, this can vary. In many instances, the mashgiach is a rabbi. This helps, since rabbinical students learn the laws of kosher as part of their syllabus. However, not every mashgiach is a rabbi, and not every rabbi is qualified to be a mashgiach.

Orthodox Judaism

In contemporary Orthodox Judaism, women are forbidden from becoming rabbis or cantors in the Orthodox world primarily because this would affect many aspects of communal observances and practices .[citation needed] Most Orthodox rabbinical seminaries or yeshivas also require dedication of many years to education, but few require a formal degree from a civil education institutions that often define Christian clergy. Training is often focused on Jewish law, and some Orthodox Yeshivas forbid secular education.

In Hasidic Judaism, generally understood as a branch of Orthodox Judaism, there are dynastic spiritual leaders known as Rebbes, often translated in English as "Grand Rabbi". The office of Rebbe is generally a hereditary one, may also be passed from Rebbe to student, or recognized by a congregation conferring a sort of coronation to their new Rebbe. Although one does not need to be an ordained Rabbi to be a Rebbe, most Rebbes today are ordained Rabbis. Since one does not need to be an ordained rabbi to be a Rebbe, at some points in history there were female Rebbes as well, particularly the Maiden of Ludmir.

Conservative Judaism

In Conservative Judaism, both men and women are ordained as rabbis and cantors. Conservative Judaism differs with Orthodoxy in that it sees Jewish Law as binding but also as subject to many interpretations, including more liberal interpretations. Academic requirements for becoming a rabbi are rigorous. First earn a bachelor's degree before entering rabbinical school. Studies are mandated in pastoral care and psychology, the historical development of Judaism and most importantly the academic study of Bible, Talmud and rabbinic literature, philosophy and theology, liturgy, Jewish history, and Hebrew literature of all periods.

Reconstructionist and Reform Judaism

Reconstructionist Judaism and Reform Judaism do not maintain the traditional requirements for study as rooted in Jewish Law and traditionalist text. Both men and women may be rabbis or cantors. The rabbinical seminaries of these movements hold that one must first earn a bachelor's degree before entering the rabbinate. In addition studies are mandated in pastoral care and psychology, the historical development of Judaism; and academic biblical criticism. Emphasis is placed not on Jewish law, but rather on sociology, modern Jewish philosophy, Theology and Pastoral Care.


Sikh clergy consists of five Jathedars, one each from five takhts or sacred seats. The Jathedars are appointed by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), an elected body of the Sikhs sometimes called the "Parliament of Sikhs." The highest seat of the Sikh religion is called Akal Takht and the Jathedar of Akal Takht makes all the important decisions after consultations with the Jathedars of the other four takhts and the SGPC.

Traditional religions

Historically traditional (or pagan) religions typically combine religious authority and political power. What this means is that the sacred king or queen is therefore seen to combine both kingship and priesthood within his or her person, even though he or she is often aided by an actual high priest or priestess (see, for example, the Maya priesthood). When the functions of political ruler and religious leader are combined in this way, deification could be seen to be the next logical stage of his or her social advancement within his or her native environment, as is found in the case of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Vedic priesthood of India is an early instance of a structured body of clergy organized as a separate and hereditary caste, one that occupied the highest social rung of its nation. A modern example of this phenomenon the priestly monarchs of the Yoruba holy city of Ile-Ife in Nigeria, whose reigning Onis have performed ritual ceremonies for centuries for the sustenance of the entire planet and its people.

Health risks for ministry in the United States

In recent years, studies have suggested that American clergy in certain Protestant, Evangelical and Jewish traditions are more at risk than the general population of obesity, hypertension and depression. Their life expectancies have fallen in recent years and in the last decade their use of antidepressants has risen.[citation needed] Several religious bodies in the United States (Methodist, Episcopal, Baptist and Lutheran) have implemented measures to address the issue, through wellness campaigns, for example - but also by simply ensuring that clergy take more time off. It is unclear whether similar symptoms affect American Muslim clerics, although an anecdotal comment by one American imam suggested that leaders of mosques may also share these problems.[35]

One exception to the findings of these studies is the case of American Catholic priests, who are required by canon law to take a spiritual retreat each year, and four weeks of vacation. Sociological studies at the University of Chicago have confirmed this exception; the studies also took the results of several earlier studies into consideration and included Roman Catholic priests nationwide.[36] It remains unclear whether American clergy in other religious traditions experience the same symptoms, or whether clergy outside the United States are similarly affected.

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