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404th Air Expeditionary Group

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404th Air Expeditionary Group
404th Air Expeditionary Group.PNG
404th Air Expeditionary Group Emblem
Active1943–1945; 1955–1957; 1958–1959; 2003; 2005; 2007; 2008–present
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Air Force
TypeAir Expeditionary
RoleCombat Support
Part ofUnited States Air Forces in Europe
Garrison/HQRamstein AB, Germany
Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg
Colonel Phillip S. Fallin

The 404th Air Expeditionary Group (404 AEG) is a provisional United States Air Force unit assigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe. It is attached to Seventeenth Air Force [Air Forces Africa], stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

The 404 AEG may be activated or inactivated at any time. Last activated on 1 October 2008, it currently provides intertheater airlift in support of US Africa Command (USAFRICOM) taskings since 1 October 2008. The 404 AEG added, in provisional status, the 459th Expeditionary Air Medical Squadron.[1]

During contingency operations, the group forward-deploys to facilitate air and support operations for varied missions, ranging from humanitarian airlift to presidential support. The 404th AEG deployed to Rwanda in January 2009 to provide airlift for peacekeeping equipment in support of the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur. In July 2009, the 404th AEG deployed to Ghana to provide aerial port and aircraft maintenance teams, along with forward communications, early warning, and air domain safety and security elements for U.S. President Barack Obama's visit.[2]

YouTube Encyclopedic

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  • О чем Рерихи предупреждали Россию. Непринятые вестники


The International Center of the Roerichs presents To the 115th Anniversary of George Roerich “We know throughout human history that where there a Messenger was not accepted and even persecuted, the whole country would be answerable. A messenger comes at an hour of difficulty. Are not all the calamities falling upon the country a terrible omen? Has not the country chosen the most difficult path?” Helena Roerich UNACCEPTED MESSENGERS. What the Roerichs warned Russia about On May 28 1926, a small expeditionary force crossed the Sino-Soviet border in the vicinity of Lake Zaisan. There were some men and a woman in it. They came from the depths of Asia. The Great Commission, they were to fulfill in Russia, was difficult and dangerous. A short time later, the mysterious expedition suddenly left the country to further its unusual mission. The first data on the goals and tasks of this extraordinary journey became known only 70 years later. But that time they were on their way to Moscow, the capital of the young Soviet Republic. The head of the expedition wrote in his diary that day, “I greet you, the land of Russia in your new garment!” Throughout the entire trip to Moscow, he made diary entries, and they would prove to be as unusual as this detachment, as the way travelled, as the goals in pursuing which he crossed the border having risked so much. The expedition was led by a famous Russian artist, thinker and public figure Nicholas Roerich. His wife Helena Roerich, a great philosopher of the XX century, and their elder son George, a famous linguist and orientalist, were together with him. They left their homeland almost 10 years ago in 1918. They did not recognize the country in those days. The young country found its feet. And although the leader who made the revolution died two years ago, the country went on living by the energy of his thought. [" O, my homeland is a spacious country" playing]: O, my homeland is a spacious country: Streams and fields and forests full and fair. I don't know of any other country Where a man can breathe a freer air! I don't know of any other country Where a man can breathe a freer air! Nicholas Roerich wrote in his diary about Cosmos and world evolution. He found ordinary people of the new Russia perceiving these concepts easily. He wrote about the creative power of the people and their extraordinary thirst for knowledge. He was pleased with the progress in “people’s consciousness.“ It sought to knowledge, culture, and universal cooperation. “Here is the pillar of new evolution,” recorded Roerich. The future of the young republic depended on the results of their visit to Moscow. The information that the Roerichs were to convey to the country’s leadership could have changed the course of its historical development. It is our film that first talks about it. Searching deeply spiritual life of India the Roerichs became fellow-workers of a unique group of Spiritual Teachers of the East those of the keepers of Ancient Wisdom. In India, the Teachers are called Mahatmas that denotes Great Souls. The level of Mahatmas’ evolutionary development is much higher than that of modern man. Their extremely small groups are settled in hard-to-reach places of the Himalayas. Literally, Mahatma is “Mahan” plus “Atma.” “Mahan” denotes “Great.” “Atma” denotes “Soul.” SRI GURUDEV SRI PRAKASH Ji, India “Mahatma” denotes “Great Soul.” “Mahatma” denotes “He who has known himself in a spiritual sense.” The word “Mahatma” is applied to a spiritually high person. Mahatmas represented a group of Indian philosophers Viktor FROLOV, Full Doctor (Philosophy), Professor who played a decisive role in the Roerichs’ life and their creative activity. Since Mahatmas possessed planetary knowledge, that is, knowledge of evolution of all humankind, their mission was of planetary nature. The Roerichs were associated with not one Great Teacher, but with a whole group of them. Lyudmila Shaposhnikova, Honored Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation, the founder of Nicholas Roerich Museum And this group of Great Teachers followed our evolution and suggested what to do not to miss this evolution. Those Mahatmas, who cooperated with the Roerichs, were very special personalities. Olga LAVRENOVA, Full Doctor (Philosophy) These were not just Spiritual Teachers, they were Teachers of cosmic consciousness, who can lead humanity to progress, to development, precisely from the point of view of cosmic evolution. The long-term cooperation of Nicholas and Helena Roerich with the Mahatmas of the East had led to the creation of the multi-volume work, entitiled the “Living Ethics“ or the Philosophy of Cosmic Reality. The first books of this philosophy were published in the '20s of the XX century. On June 13 1926, the Roerichs arrived in Moscow. They brought unusual gifts to the members of the Soviet Government, these were: a Message from the Mahatmas, soil from the sacred place of Asia, Nicholas Roerich’s paintings created by him in the expedition, and a manuscript of one of the books of the “Living Ethics” entitled “Community.” The manuscript was supposed to be published and widely disseminated in Russia. These gifts were of deep inner importance. The Letter of the Teachers said: You predicted evolution of community. You drew attention to the importance of knowledge. You bowed down before Beauty. You brought the full power of Cosmos to children. The Mahatmas could be said to state the goals of Russia’s future development. They made it clear to the leadership of the country that the transformations taking place in the country were of evolutionary, planetary nature. The Teachers pointed out that the main thing of the revolution was not only in the collapse of an old world, but in building of a New World on spiritual and evolutionary foundations. These were such evolutionary ideas at that time Bogdana SOKOLOVA, PhD (Cultural Science) as an aspiration to the Common Good, to labor, to knowledge, to spiritual freedom, to Beauty. This was people’s emancipating from lies, hypocrisy, philistinism, prejudice and superstition. This was liberating from those interfering elements that would become an obstacle to our people in the future. By sending the casket with sacred soil “to the grave of Lenin,” the Mahatmas sent symbolic greetings to the late Leader of the Revolution. Nicholas Roerich’s paintings brought by him as a gift were of the series entitled “Maitreya” There were seven of them. The canvases reflected the past, the present and the future in symbols and signs. The Horse of Happiness was bringing the people the Treasure of the World The walls of a monastery that of the stronghold of spiritual knowledge were towering on mountain cliffs. People in old clothes were talking about something important in the night by the fire among the pavilions. Others, stopping at a short halt, were sitting silently in prayer before a picture. The picture depicted a man who looked like an ancient king. Entrances to the caves were darkening mysteriously. The caves retained great knowledge for the future. A lonely traveler in a deserted canyon was kneeling before a four-armed statue. Two arms of the statue were facing the Sky and two others that of the Earth. This was a great symbol of man’s relationship with the planet and Cosmos. “The Maitreya” series was devoted to the prophecies of Asia about the dawning of a New Age. The time frames of the prophecies fulfilling highlighted our time. Legends said about the imminent advent of the future Buddha - Maitreya from the land of Shambhala. His manifestation was associated with the onset of a Bright Age of Justice. “The liberation from the darkness of ignorance and enslavement comes from the North”, enlightened Lamas said. A red fiery forward-looking Horseman was the sign of this Great Epoch. Dark forces of evil and injustice perish under the hooves of his horse. The plots of the paintings were associated with the future of the planet. Natalya CHERKASHINA, Director of Nicholas Roerich Museum Knowledge clothed in the ancient prophecy, concerned and talked about the Sacred Land of Shambhala, the land of Teachers of High Knowledge. The canvases contained the information about the advent of a New Age in evolution of humankind, when people would unite not on religious grounds, but according to high spiritual knowledge. The paintings illustrated spiritual expectations of Asia. Pavel ZHURAVIKHIN, Deputy director of Nicholas Roerich Museum They told about these expectations in a symbolic form. These paintings were an integral part of the Mahatmas’ message and that of the “Living Ethics” book “Community.” The manuscript of the book “Community” was the main thing among the other Roerichs’ gifts. The Mahatmas, who created this book, understood well the danger of the period the country approached in 1926. After the revolution and the death of its leader Lenin, the course of events in Russia took on a character, which could have devastating effects on the people. The country was led along a path that was running counter to Cosmic Evolution and its laws. The space of freedom was rapidly narrowing. Totalitarian tendencies were gaining momentum more and more. The Teachers of the Roerichs could not stop this fatal process of national spirit and national culture destruction. But they knew that there still left the forces in the country capable of making alternative decisions. The fate of Russia, and that of the whole world depended on this in many respects. The Roerichs came to Moscow to warn the ruling circles about serious consequences in case of a wrong choice of the route. The book “Community” is a unique spiritual text that has a special social focus. This text gives exact practical recommendations how such a community could be realized in a particular society. But it was economic development that political leadership of the country and its environment had been emphasizing. The main thing was to combine economics and culture as the other side of this process of development. Such an integration or rather synthesis of economics and culture could have led Russia to new heights in its developing. The very idea of community was identified with such concept as a commune. Vladislav SOKOLOV, PhD (Philosophy) The Teachers believed that it was the atmosphere of a commune that contributed much to a person’s free creativity expressing, his best qualities developing, and ascending to spiritual self-improvement. The book “Community” tells a lot about the development of culture as a whole in all its aspects. First, much is said about education, human consciousness developing, and the role of a teacher in human life. Community should not be enforced for it is the direct consequence of human consciousness developing. The book “Community” may be called a helping hand the Teachers lend to the young country. It was the hand that pointed out the right evolutionary path into a new World. Into the new World that our country was going to build. The manuscript of the book “Community” contained foresight about Stalin’s personality and those destructive policies he would bring to the country. Although the name of the latter was not mentioned, all that was said on the pages of the book, contradicted Stalin, helped to reveal his essence and draw appropriate conclusions. Mahatma said: “The sectarian dreams of seizing power for the subjugation of everything to his own inflexible consciousness.” “Fear and meanness occupy the next place.” “A denier dreams of surrounding all humanity with a wall of terror.” “Man, sowing terror, is himself senselessly fearful." The Roerichs were to warn the country’s leadership against allowing Stalin to the office of the leader. The mission was extremely dangerous. In the Kremlin, they were received by two People’s Commissars, those of George Chicherin and Anatoly Lunacharsky. They both were Lenin’s associates, but their influence and power were weakening by the onslaught of advancing changes. The Roerichs told the People’s Commissars about the Mahatmas of the East on whose behalf they came to the Government of Russia The People’s Commissars politely listened to the guests. But neither Cosmic Evolution, nor the principles of Buddhist philosophy, nor the information about the Mahatmas interested them. They were orthodox Marxists and did not consider it necessary to deal with “trifles”. They were more worried about their own precarious position and oncoming political changes. The warnings were not accepted. The free will of the country leaders made its choice. The plight of the gifts was miserable. They were rejected. This meant that the country chose another path. It was not the path offered and pointed out by the Teachers. The casket with sacred soil was lost. The Mahatmas’ message was archived. The series of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings was transferred to the Art Gallery of Nizhny Novgorod thanks to the efforts of Maxim Gorky. The book “ Community” was not published in Russia. Why wasn’t this Message accepted? In my opinion, first, because it was offered by anonymous Spiritual Teachers, Mahatmas, but not by certain political figures. It was political influence in the East that the Soviet political elite was concerned about. That message wasn’t taken by it seriously. If the political leadership of Russia, all state structures, in principle, the whole country, had taken the ideas of the book “Community” and implemented these ideas, then Russia would have made the transition to a new type of social relations on the basis of Culture, Knowledge and Beauty. The ideas of community were completely replaced. Repressions began. As Teilhard de Chardin wrote: “A human million standardized at a factory, a human million in rows and on ceremonial grounds, a crystal instead of a cell and an anthill instead of brotherhood.” So it happened. The meetings of Nicholas Roerich with Chicherin and Lunacharsky did not go unheeded. Soon someone influential in the government gave the command to the Chairman of the Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution Dzerzhinsky to arrest the artist and the members of his expedition. Dzerzhinsky invited Nicholas Roerich to Lubyanka to talk. However on the appointed day the chief of Lubyanka suddenly died. The Roerichs hastily left the capital on the day of his funeral. Later on the Mahatmas commented on what had happened in Moscow: Mahatma said: “... You are right to think that Lenin would be arrested now.” “Much has been lost, but significant events for Russia are ahead.” “Let Russians judge their future themselves.” The opportunities offered by Cosmic Evolution to the people of Russia were not used. The country seemed to go about its usual live. However, low consciousness and the lack of spirituality were increasingly destroying it. It was the time of Stalin’s totalitarian regime to come. All the warnings of the Roerichs and their Teachers were beginning to come true. The “creators” of the new Russia, being ignorant of cosmic laws, violated the natural historical process, destroyed the national spiritual culture, and killed the country’s intellectual gene pool. Ignorance destroyed the past depriving thereby the country of its future. In full view of the whole people and by the hands of these people a huge tree of centuries-old culture was cut. As a result, ethical and moral guidelines of the revolution were being shifted and violated. The communist society was established by means of violence and coercion. Voluntary, open and free labor, which, according to the Mahatmas, should be the basis of the community, was replaced by forced collectivization and barrack socialism with slave labor of millions of prisoners. [" O, my homeland is a spacious country" playing]: O, my homeland is a spacious country: Streams and fields and forests full and fair. I don't know of any other country Where a man can breathe a freer air! I don't know of any other country Where a man can breathe a freer air! One more opportunity to accept the Roerichs and listen to the “Living Ethics” philosophical ideas came to Russia only in 60 years, when the country, having passed those terrible Stalin’s terror and war ordeals, faced a difficult choice again. In 1987, Nicholas Roerich’s younger son Svetoslav, who lived in India, addressed the leadership of the USSR offering to found a non-governmental museum of his great father in Moscow. In order to create the Museum, Svetoslav Roerich was ready to donate pictures and other legacy, belonged to him, including manuscripts of the books of the “Living Ethics” from India to his homeland. This time the authorities accepted the proposal of the Roerichs. I joined this event not in the first stage. Anatoly KARPOV, Many-Time World Champion in Chess But, probably, in the most decisive stage, because Svetoslav Roerich came to Moscow. When he met President, the first president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and the issue was settled basically, then Svetoslav Roerich asked me for a meeting. That time the Soviet Peace Foundation, which I headed, had serious financial opportunities. In fact, the heritage was moved from India with our money. Actually we were the most active and the most useful participants in this respect. Later I met Svetoslav Roerich more. Well, what was his idea? His idea was to create a non-governmental museum open to public scrutiny. State Museums used to abound and thrive. And they can send pictures to storerooms and the artworks may prove to be hidden there for years. Svetoslav Roerich considered that there should be a public non-governmental organization to perform museum work. He considered this line to be the fairest one. In 1989, the Government issued the decree on establishing the non-governmental Nicholas Roerich Center-Museum in the country. Svetoslav Roerich chose Lyudmila Shaposhnikova, a famous scientist, writer and public figure, as the head of the Museum. Under her guidance, the museum turned into the world’s largest non-governmental cultural center of the Roerich heritage studying, preserving and promoting. Thousands of people from Russia and abroad supported the Museum’s creating and operating. The most important area of the Museum work was studying the philosophy of the “Living Ethics” as the ideological basis of the Roerichs’ heritage. This philosophical system, created by the Roerichs in cooperation with the Mahatmas of the East, discovers the laws of Cosmic Evolution. According to the “Living Ethics” culture is the basic principle of human life. However, in 2012, when the new leadership of the Ministry of Culture came to office, the attitude towards the Museum changed dramatically. The officials took a course to destroy the Museum and seize the entire Roerich heritage. The State Museum of Oriental Art became an ally of the Ministry of Culture in this murky business. The officials decided to found a state-owned unit subordinate to the Ministry of Culture instead of the non-governmental museum, which was established by Svetoslav Roerich, created and existed for public donations. The authorities ignored the Roerichs’ will not to take a State form of the museum governance. In the springtime of 2017, the final verdict to the non-governmental Museum in Moscow was delivered. Its territory was illegally captured with the help of power structures. The leadership of the Ministry of Culture and the State Museum of Oriental Art were active participants of the seizure. Hundreds of paintings were taken out of the Museum, and its workers were thrown out of their home. If I hadn’t known that the legal investigators and the legal officers of the Ministry of Culture and the State Museum of Oriental Art were involved in this action, I would have regarded the events of March 7 2017 as a gangster attack. You can see the traces of this barbaric act everywhere. There is a frame behind me. Out of it the picture was torn. And they did the same with all the pictures. Only empty frames remained. Now we have taken all this off the wall, but you remember what was here, and now you are witnessing what has been remained. We all have to be united in order to save both this wonderful Museum and our organization because the war of extermination is going on here The new owners prohibited the Cosmic Philosophy of the “Living Ethics” in the walls of the new governmental institution being ignorant of the essence and worldwide significance of the Roerichs’ philosophical ideas. That’s a very clear parallel to 1926, when the Roerichs arrived in Moscow, brought gifts and these gifts were not actually accepted. Now we are witnessing how the gifts brought by the younger Roerich, Svetoslav, are being destroyed. It is the people whom Svetoslav Roerich transferred the gifts and for whom these gifts were destined. The museum was also the gift from the Masters to Russia. And if it is rejected, the consequences will be difficult even to predict, but they will be severe. History is repeating itself and people are to learn the hard lessons of that painful experience, which they passed through. If to ignore these lessons, life will teach again and again until the lessons are taken into account. History teaches severely. Nicholas Roerich Museum destruction will lead our country to depriving the people of its cultural source, which is embedded in the Roerichs’ heritage. After all, this is not just a museum center in terms of museums. This is the center of new thinking. This center is developing the ideas of the “Living Ethics”. I mean the ideas, warnings and knowledge the Mahatmas put into the books of the “Living Ethics”. They conveyed them through Svetoslav Roerich, who was also called Mahatma. This center is connected with Great Teachers. It is connected with their deeds and plans. These plans are about better future for Russia. The fact is that this Nicholas Roerich Museum is not an ordinary museum. It is the museum that for 25 years has been studying this heritage, representing a huge and unique layer of knowledge about culture and its role in the country and the State developing. The heritage gives us knowledge discovering our understanding of man, of Cosmos and the role of culture as cosmic phenomenon. The destruction of this knowledge is a real blow to the development of culture in the country. Transferring the Roerichs’ heritage to Russia and creating the non-governmental museum in Moscow was closely connected with cosmic laws. Today, as in far 1926, Russia is confronted with a choice either to accept new ideas of cosmic outlook of the “Living Ethics” and follow the recommendations of those who created the philosophical Doctrine of man and his cosmic evolution, or to prefer the old path of culture and knowledge destruction, and repeat the tragic experience of its historical past. Are we going to listen to the warning of the great son of Russia Nicholas Roerich, that “the destruction of the museum is the destruction of the country?” Svetoslav Roerich, a painter, a public figure One cannot predict what will happen in the coming years. There will be many difficulties, problems, but I believe that all this will be dissipating somehowabout, sweeping across, and we will be able to start a happy new life without threats, the threats born unfortunately by misunderstanding. Let’s hope that those clouds that seem to hang over the world will be moving away, and good will prevail.” Author and Director Pavel ZHURAVIKHIN Camera Alexander KLYUSHKIN Sound Editor Viktor LOGVINOV Video Editing Pavel GAVRILOV Music Editing Eugeny SERGEYEV Editing Oksana TITOVA Computer graphics Vyacheslav KUON Narrator Dmitry POLONSKY The texts from the books of Lyudmila Shaposhnikova were used in this film The documents of the International Non-Governmental Organization "International Center of the Roerichs" (Moscow) were used in this film Thanks for cooperation to: The International Association of Peace Foundations and personally to Anatoly KARPOV The Central House of Scientists (Moscow) The Nizhny Novgorod State Fine Art Museum “NET-Film” LLC Studio “SV- Double” Those participated in the film making: Ilya KOROBEYNIKOV Anatoly LEBEDENKO Svetlana CHERNOVA Tatyana RUMYANTSEVA Viktor BAIDA Denis VNUKOV Mikhail BLAGODAR Yekaterina OVECHKINA Sergey SKORODUMOV Svetlana CHERNOVA Natalya MOROCHKOVSKAYA Dmitry KULYANITSA Alexander KONONOV Igor KOKAREV Igor IONIN We thank those provided financial assistance in the film making © IPO “International Center of the Roerichs,” 2017. Translated by Nina SHNAIDER



World War II

Established as the 100th Fighter Wing and organized in England in late 1943. Assigned to the European Theater of Operations (ETO), IX Fighter Command, Ninth Air Force. Began operational missions in April 1944, mission of the Wing was to receive operational orders from Headquarters, IX Fighter Command and direct subordinate groups in attacking enemy targets in Occupied France and the Low Countries in preparation for the Normandy Invasion in June 1944. Targets included bridges, roads, railroads and enemy interceptor aircraft both on the ground as well as in air-to-air combat.

After the D-Day invasion, was reassigned to IX Tactical Air Command (IX TAC) and directed to provide ground support for advancing United States First Army forces in France, attacking enemy targets initially in the Cotentin Peninsula, then supported Operation Cobra, the breakout of Normandy and attacked enemy forces in the Falaise-Argentan Gap. Wing headquarters and subordinate units operated primarily from liberated airfields and newly built temporary Advanced Landing Grounds in France, moved into north-central France, its groups attacking enemy targets near Paris then north-west into Belgium and the southern Netherlands. In December 1944/January 1945, engaged enemy targets on the north side of the Battle of the Bulge, then moved eastward into the Northern Rhineland as part of the Western Allied invasion of Germany.

Supported First Army as it crossed the Rhine River at Remagen then moved north to attack ground targets in the Ruhr, providing air support as Allied ground forces encircled enemy forces in the Ruhr Pocket, essentially ending organized enemy resistance in Western Germany. First Army halted its advance at the Elbe River in late April 1945, the wing engaging targets of opportunity in enemy-controlled areas until combat was ended on 5 May 1945.

It remained in Europe for four months after VE Day, as part of United States Air Forces in Europe. It performed occupation duty and the destruction or shipment to the United States of captured enemy combat equipment - Operation Lusty. It was inactivated in Germany in August 1945.

From 1957

Emblem of the 704th Strategic Missile Wing (1957–1958)
Emblem of the 704th Strategic Missile Wing (1957–1958)

The 704th Strategic Missile Wing activated on 1 July 1957 at Vandenberg AFB, California, but was not operational until mid-November 1957. While it had two operational squadrons, its task was training on the SM-65 Atlas, PGM-19 Jupiter, and the PGM-17 Thor from November 1957 – April 1959. Not operational 6 April – 1 July 1959. The wing then was redesignated as the 404th Tactical Missile Wing on 31 July 1985. This was a "paper" administrative redesignation, and it was never activated while under this name.

As an Air Expeditionary unit, it has been activated and inactivated on several occasions by USAFE from 2003–2008. In June–July 2003 it was activated at RAF Mildenhall, UK. It was part of the 323rd AEW from 14 March – 30 April 2008 at Balotesti, Romania, when the 323 AEW served briefly as the USAF headquarters for a NATO Summit.[3]

Operations and Decorations

  • Combat Operations: Combat in European Theater of Operations (ETO), 15 April 1944-May 1945.
  • Campaigns: Air Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe


  • Established as 100th Fighter Wing on 8 November 1943
Activated on 24 November 1943
Inactivated on 7 November 1945
Disestablished on 15 June 1983
  • Reestablished, and consolidated (31 July 1985) with the 704th Strategic Missile Wing
Established on 20 May 1957
Activated on 1 July 1957
Redesignated 704th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM) on 1 April 1958
Inactivated on 1 July 1959
  • Redesignated: 404th Tactical Missile Wing on 31 July 1985 (Remained inactive)
  • Redesignated: 404th Air Expeditionary Group and converted to provisional status on 24 March 2003
Activated on 16 June 2003; Inactivated on 8 July 2003
Activated on 27 August 2003; Inactivated on 19 September 2003
Activated on 27 May 2005; Inactivated on 22 June 2005
Activated on 28 June 2007; Inactivated on 30 July 2007
Activated on 14 March 2008; Inactivated on 30 April 2008
Activated on 21 August 2008; Inactivated on 15 September 2008
Activated on 1 October 2008.



World War II Groups



Known aircraft and missiles


 This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website

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