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129th Ohio General Assembly

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

129th Ohio General Assembly
128th 130th
Ohio Statehouse columbus.jpg
TermJanuary 3, 2011 (2011-01-03) – December 20, 2012 (2012-12-20)
Ohio Senate
Members33 (23 R, 10 D)
President of the SenateTom Niehaus (R)
President Pro TemporeKeith Faber (R)
Party controlRepublican Party
House of Representatives
Members99 (59 R, 40 D)
House SpeakerWilliam Batchelder (R)
Party controlRepublican Party
1stJanuary 3, 2011 – December 29, 2011
2ndJanuary 3, 2012 – December 20, 2012

The One Hundred Twenty-ninth Ohio General Assembly was a meeting of the Ohio state legislature, composed of the Ohio State Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. It met in Columbus, Ohio from January 3, 2011 until December 20, 2012. While Ted Strickland was Ohio Governor for the first week of the biennium, John Kasich was sworn in during the second week. The apportionment of districts was based on the 2000 United States Census. This was the last time the 2000 census was used by the General Assembly to determine the apportionment of legislative districts. While the Ohio Senate was retained by the Ohio Republican Party, they won control of the Ohio House of Representatives from the Ohio Democratic Party.

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  • ✪ Happy Together I 해피투게더 - TWICE, Hwang Chiyeul, Dynamic Duo, Jung Seunghwan [ENG/2018.05.10]
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(May, the peak of spring) (You're happier when you're with your family.) (Yes! That's why we prepared this.) (May is the family month.) (Happy Together prepared "Legend Special".) (Happy Together, "Legend Special Pentalogy") (The queens of the Olympics are here.) (Metal Tray Karaoke on May 10th) (You should try getting hit by the tray.) ("Legend Special", Part 2) (Late Night Cafeteria on May 17th) (Choi Minsoo, the charismatic boss) You are my woman. (Choi Minsoo's boss, Kang June) (Baek Jongwon, the boss of the food industry) (Baek Jongwon's boss, So Yujin) (Kang June, So Yujin, Star, Ki Eunse) (Is this lineup real?) (You may end up binge eating.) ("Legend Special", Part 3) (Legendary Big Mouths) ("Comedian and Singer Special") (Why did you invite us when we're not comedians?) (She looks like the host of a talk show.) (An Youngmi, 22nd-century type comedian) Ready. One, two, three. (As if today was her last day on TV) (That's enough.) (She makes 22nd-century type jokes.) (Solbi's love for Happy Together) (She chokes up while speaking.) (Kim Yeongcheol, top comedian and singer) (No one can stop him.) (He talks too much.) (Is this actually a talk show?) (Why did you invite those who you think are boring?) (Don't worry. They turned out to be funny.) ("Legend Special", Part 4) (Friend) (Friends on May 31st) (How did you guys change?) (The word "friend" makes your heart overflow.) Long time no see. (It's good to see you again, my friend.) Long time no see. (Beware of fake friends.) It's me! ("Legend Special", Part 5) (Whatever you imagine, it'll be beyond that.) ("Legend Special", 5 Episodes) (Happy Together, "Legend Special") (Metal Tray Karaoke, Late Night Cafeteria,) (Sing My Song, "Comedian and Singer Special") (Friends, Sing My Song with a secret theme) (Today's Happy Together) (Sing My Song, "Korean Wave Star Special") (Let's make it a big hit!) (He watered Korean wave stars,) (and Gaeko flower bloomed.) He's good. (My DNA tells me) (that I'm the crown prince of ballad.) (I love Seunghwan's songs.) (Seunghwan sings for her in return.) (He dances while singing.) (Twice members burst out laughing.) (Hwang Chiyeul, the man beloved by China) (He thinks his popularity is like bubbles.) (But the bubbles keep growing.) - That's amazing. / - "Bubble, bubble". Dynamic Duo. (Seunghwan expects them to get off work first.) (I want the third place to be me.) (Chiyeul is expected to be the last.) - Good for you. / - I'm sorry. (It's okay. You only said what you thought.) If you consider the market price... (Dynamic Duo is not ranked as high.) (Provoking) (You sound like you're talking about stocks.) - That was good. / - Dynamic Duo... (Dynamic Duo is no longer popular?) (People loved "Ring My Bell".) (That was a long time ago!) (A faint memory) (They're an old duo.) It was when C site was popular. You're treating us... (You're treating us like Bitcoin.) ("Dynamic Duo Decides Not to Include") ("Songs They Featured In") Why would you do that? I think that we... (I think that we released fewer songs than they did.) (The Korean wave stars don't seem confident.) (I'm disappointed. They have no guts.) (However, the hip-hop duo seems relaxed.) (The highest record is 13 minutes.) (The legendary record has finally been broken.) (Who broke the highest record?) Jihyo, who do you think will win this? I think Chiyeul will be the first-place winner. I like singing in a karaoke, and I hear his songs every time. - It's true. / - "A Daily Song"? - This is why I like them. / - Okay. Go on. Second place will be Twice. What about the third place? I think Dynamic Duo will come in third. - Hold on. Seunghwan. / - They're not popular. When she said she thought they'll come in third... (He smiled bitterly?) My goodness. I think Dynamic Duo will come in third. (Laughing) - Hold on. Seunghwan. / - They're not popular. - Why did you laugh? / - Chin up. - Unconsciously. / - It's not like that. - It hurt my feelings / - I know. - I like your songs. / - You can prove her wrong. You can just prove that she's wrong. - Of course. / - You're right. - Keep your head up. / - Okay. Next up is Dahyun. I think today's winner will be Park Bogum. (Seunghwan will win.) - He looks happy now. / - Park Bogum. Park Bogum. (Just to make each other feel good...) They call me Park Bogum, and Yu Huiyeol Daniel Henney. - Gosh. / - Like that. I heard it too. As Seunghwan was passing him by, Huiyeol said, "Hey, Bogum", and Seunghwan turned around. - Right? / - Yes, that's true. Huiyeol didn't expect that, but he responded. So he started to call him Bogum. (Did you call me?) (I'm Park Bogum of Antenna Music.) - Park Bogum. / - He's Park Bogum of Antenna Music. I think Park Bogum will win. (Is Park Bogum here?) - Don't call him that. / - Park Bogum. - Park Bogum. / - He's called Bogum - at his agency. / - They didn't hear it. You couldn't find Bogum anywhere here, right? You couldn't find Bogum anywhere, right? - Bogum of Antenna Music. / - It's him. He's Park Bogum of Antenna Music. What's with that face? That's okay. - Gong Yoo is here too. / - That's right. Gong Yoo and Park Bogum are here. He's Park Bogum of Antenna Music. Go on. - I think Chiyeul will come in third. / - I see. I think we'll be last. (She expects Twice to be the last to leave.) They're singing "If It Is You". - It's Seunghwan's song. / - See? - Where? / - Room Two. - See? / - That's crazy. - So many people sing it. / - People book his songs. - It's a ballad song. / - Now... Seunghwan... (Seunghwan's song came out in a timely manner.) It's going well. - Sing the song, please. / - Right. Sing along. This song is... (Sweet) He sings so well. This song is... (Fantastic harmony) - He's sings well. / - He's good. (He's good.) Right. - Who is singing so well? / - Seunghwan is singing. Look, he's singing. It was him. (It's a great twist.) (The darkest place is under the candlestick.) He has a poor sense of hearing. - I really didn't know. / - He was singing - right next to you. / - I thought it was them. He thought the customer was singing. I've never seen anyone react like he did. He was singing right next to you. - Isn't he great? / - He sings really well. He's amazing. Is this a drama theme song? - "Oh Haeyoung Again". / - Come again? Oh, right. That's it. (Even Gaeko is mesmerized by his sweet voice.) (It's so nice) I didn't know he sang this song too. "Oh Haeyoung Again". He released a lot of songs. (He entertained everyone's ears.) It's a great song. - Dynamic Duo is / - My goodness. - running an agency. / - That's right. He didn't know Seunghwan was singing. He thought of hiring the person singing. - "Who is that?" / - I was so impressed. I thought they turned on the room's audio. - You meant to hire them? / - Yes. He kept saying, "How can he be so good?" These days, there are... But he was singing right next to you. This is frustrating. - He's just clueless. / - He's so old. - He's so old. / - He's behind the times. - I have good hearing. / - He's stuck in time. Many people will sing ballad because of the weather. - They probably came to sing ballad songs. / - Right. You feel like singing a ballad in this weather. These days, people pick songs from the karaoke's song chart instead of the song book. So we're going to check the karaoke song chart. The karaoke song chart. At 18th place is Hwang Chiyeul's "A Daily Song". (His song is ranked highest among the guests.) At 22nd place is Jung Seunghwan's "If It Is You". ("If It Is You" is ranked 22nd among K-pop songs.) At 31st place is Seunghwan's "The Snowman". ("The Snowman" is ranked 31st among K-pop songs.) At 71st is Dynamic Duo's "Guilty". (I have greatly sinned.) All right, at 101st place is "It's Raining" by Jung Seunghwan. (It was because of the rain) - Seunghwan's "The Fool" at 157th. / - There's another. (Seunghwan goes on singing his songs.) At 197th place is "1 Out of N" by Nucksal, Hanhae, Rhino, and Jo Woochan featuring Dynamic Duo. - We only featured in it. / - This song doesn't count. You should've included the songs you featured on. Don't you think you should? - Won't you include it? / - Shouldn't you? - That's okay. / - Then it doesn't count. Will you not include the songs you featured on? You'll really leave "1 Out of N" out? - That's my song. / - Really? Again? - You should include them. / - Room One. - Why? / - "The Fool". So many people sing his songs. - I said he'll win. / - That's incredible. His ballad songs are so popular. - Seunghwan is amazing. / - They're so popular. (He's on top when it comes to spring ballad songs.) (Men sing his songs with male friends too.) I didn't know he was this popular. 10 of his songs are ranked high on the chart. Listen. This segment helps singers realize the reality. - That's right. / - Highlight once said that this segment helps cure the celebrity syndrome. It's called CS treatment. (Celebrity syndrome treatment) - CS treatment. / - "CS treatment". This segment helps to cure celebrity syndrome. Some singers also develop celebrity syndrome here. - When the song was sung a lot? / - That's right. Seunghwan, don't you feel different now? I'm surprised. - You must be. / - I gained confidence. - You're popular. / - Exactly. - He seems more confident. / - I am. Cross your legs. (He crosses his legs right away.) Rest your chin in your hand too. - That's good. / - You deserve it. As you can see, Dynamic Duo became quiet. Did you notice? The moment Seunghwan crossed his legs, Gaeko uncrossed his legs. (The one who gained and the one who lost) So that was "The Fool". Let's move on. - Now the hip-hop chart. / - Great. Dynamic Duo's "Guilty" ranks fifth. ("Guilty" ranks fifth on the hip-hop chart.) At 15th is Nucksal, Hanhae, Rhino, and Jo Woochan's - This song doesn't count. / - "1 Out of N". - It doesn't count. / - At 20th place is Dynamic Duo's "Go Back". ("Go Back" ranks 22nd in the hip-hop chart.) 24th place, Primary's "Johnny". - You only featured in it. / - You have to remove that. Why did you say you won't count them? - 50th place. / - But we sing the song. - Primary's "See Through". / - No, we must count this! - This song is also / - ♪ It's party time ♪ - a featured song. / - We can't count this. - But it's "See Through". / - Gaeko, "Rhythm Is Life". (Is he singing from his heart?) The 73rd place goes to Beenzino. The 93rd place goes to Primary. This won't count. The 131st place is Dynamic Duo's "Without You". (They can only count one out of three songs.) The 147th place is Primary's "Setting Stances". They featured in the song. You must set your stance. The 158th place goes to Sik-K's "Ring Ring". - He featured in the song. / - Yes, he did. Nothing counts, then. - Hey, you have no songs. / - What are you doing? They won't count all of those songs. I only see songs that we featured in. - They make up two-thirds. / - Exactly. - There's another one. / - Hey, look. At 162nd is Dynamic Duo's "Fireworks". (Should I make a scene?) (Should I make a fuss?) That's what you two are doing now. - Seriously. / - What's wrong? Why won't you count those songs? - Why won't you? / - Why won't you? You're making a scene and a fuss about that. - Make up your mind. / - Set your stance. - We keep seeing songs. / - What a mess. (It's not what they expected.) - Let us discuss again. / - Yes, please do so. We'll check out the chart for dance songs. - That was quite sudden. / - Here we go. 19th place is Twice's "Heart Shaker". (19th place, "Heart Shaker") (That's it because I already fell for you) 37th place is Twice's "Likey". (37th place, "Likey") 60th place is Twice's "Cheer Up". 64th place is Twice's "TT". (64th place, "TT") - There's another. / - At 129th, Twice's "Knock Knock". The 139th place is Twice's "Signal". (Everyone feels the tingling feeling.) 177th place, "Like Ooh-Ahh". (They wrap up elegantly.) (They rule the chart.) It was so neat and clear. - It was so neat. / - Indeed. - How neat. / - They are so pretty. - How elegant. / - Dynamic Duo is playing dirty by constantly changing their minds, - but Twice was clear. / - They took out all of it. You won't count two-thirds of your songs? They won't count them. - How about this? / - "See Through". What if we add back two songs? - No, no. / - That's embarrassing. - We only get a part. / - That's all right. - Listen. / - No, it's not okay. - What a mess. / - We'd look so petty. We'd look petty? Fine, don't count them all. - Don't get us wrong. / - It's hurting my pride. We won't count any songs they featured in. - Make it neat, okay? / - By the way, for "Cheer Up", you start with pretending to be flowers. Dahyun said the watering move embarrasses her. - Watering move? / - Actually, we aren't good at - being cutesy. / - It suits you well. For "Cheer Up", we start the song - like this. / - That's right. Let's say there's a flower. Nayeon waters the flower. Can you show us that? It must've been a while, but Nayeon, - show us the move. / - The seeds... - You sow the seeds? / - I need the seeds. - There's a story. / - I didn't know that. I kiss the seeds and water the flower. - We'd be crouching down. / - We'd be crouching down. Then we grow. (We grow after being watered.) - They are flowers. / - I didn't know that. - I had no idea. / - I didn't know the story. - That embarrassed you. / - It made me cringe. I was so flustered. - It ruined the mood. / - Really? - That did happen. / - The mood got bad. - That's understandable. / - That could happen. - He gave you the moves / - I had no idea. based on a story. That must have flustered you. The first time we saw the choreography, the choreographers danced to the song. When we saw someone had to water us, no one wanted to be that person. (I'm fine as long as it's not me.) - That's right. / - I see. That was you, Nayeon. - That was you, Nayeon. / - I didn't know. Can you show us a snippet of the dance? With the song? - We've seen the moves, / - My gosh. - but didn't think that. / - Exactly. - I had no idea. / - Now I can see it. - There was a big story. / - I had no idea. - Seunghwan, watch. / - Okay. That's the seed. (She shakes the seeds and kiss them.) She's sowing the seeds. (When she waters...) She's watering them. I see. She just watered the flower. The flower grew. Now I get it. This was it. She grew. - She makes a flower cup. / - I get it now. - That was cute. / - Shall we try that? - We ought to. / - We must try that out. Everyone. Hold on, the flower has to rise up, but you... - I've got these, though. / - Right now, you... You look like a willow. The three of you will be the flowers. Chiyeul should water them. - Come up when he waters. / - Come up when he waters. (Shaking the seeds) - He's good. / - Those are the seeds. - He's planting the seeds. / - Planting the seeds. - No, he's planting them. / - I'm just planting. Now I'm watering. (He provides the water.) Come up now. You're growing. (Sticking out) You're growing. (He's the last flower.) You're growing. (Flower Gaeko) That was great. Gaeko was good. We found out in the preliminary interview that Dynamic Duo, Chiyeul, and Seunghwan - aren't interested in each other at all. / - Right. But you talked a lot when it was about Twice. (Twice is a different matter.) - During the interview? / - Yes. - What did you say? / - What did you talk about? To be honest, I see Seunghwan often on another show. I assumed he can take care of himself. - What about Dynamic Duo? / - For Dynamic Duo, they are a very famous pair. I grew up listening to their music. I respect them as musicians. But their current value is questionable. - For Twice... / - You're spot on. "For Twice..." I'm sorry. - For Twice... / - Okay. (This is unsalvageable.) Seriously... I think you got a bit hyper. - I apologize. / - "For Twice..." For Twice... - Is it on? / - Dynamic Duo. - Where? / - Seriously? - Which room is it? / - Room Two. Room Three. - Is it Room Three? / - Room Three. - It's their name. / - Searching by name. I see. They typed in Dynamic Duo's name. - What if they just pass? / - Then they'll sing. Which song starts with... ♪ Oh, my late ♪ - I don't know. / - Listen. I only know "Friday Night". - What's the title? / - No, but... - Let's sing the medley. / - Yes, let's do that. - Let's see. / - I know everything. Pick "Without You"! - Pick "Without You". / - No, pick "Go Back". - What if they just pass? / - Then they'll sing. - I think they'll sing. / - Yes! This song was ranked first on social media. (Feeling proud of the social media) Why do you do this on the side? - Oh, no. / - I told you so! It's quite unexpected. - It's chaos in Room Three. / - Show us Room Three. Let's take a look. (They are completely lost in the song.) (They have a joint performance.) (This is great. Let's sing it together!) Come on. Stop it. The song is over. We're feeling great. (Their value skyrockets.) You seem happy. - They stopped the song. / - You're really happy. - That's great. / - Twice's songs - aren't doing well. / - Doesn't it feel great? - It feels great. / - Doesn't it feel great? We were nervous. Singers feel great when their songs are sung. - It feels great. / - Exactly. - It's the best feeling. / - What's great is that... - Isn't it? / - They typed in the name. - Next song is theirs. / - They looked it up. ("Without You" is next.) It's surprising that Twice's songs haven't come up. Their songs aren't chosen yet. - That's true. / - They'll sing it later. Don't count the songs you featured in. Let's not count them. - Anyway, be careful. / - We won't count them. Unlike before, Nayeon and Dahyun are sitting on the edges of their seats. They are indeed. - They're less energetic. / - Right. I think it depends on today's mood. Room Three is singing Dynamic Duo's songs right now. In my opinion, once we start this, - they'll sing Twice's songs. / - That's possible. - Mark my words. / - My gosh. I hear that Seunghwan also talked more when Twice came up compared to other topics. What did you talk about? First of all, this is my first time meeting them. I was on a trip when I did the interview. - Where were you? / - I was in Norway. Norway is a hard country to visit. I went there to see the aurora. - Did you see it? / - Yes, I did. It's hard to see the aurora with bare eyes. When I took the photo, it looked great. Did you go there just for the aurora? When I heard that Twice would be coming as well, I said I wanted to forget about this and go back. You chose Twice over the aurora? Yes, meeting them was on my bucket list. - They're prettier. / - That's right. Gaeko said Twice would make it when he saw - their debut. / - They'd be successful? I heard you said that. He doesn't watch other singers' rehearsals. He got up quietly and said he had to watch something. He saw Twice rehearse. He said they'd definitely succeed. - Thank you. / - Thank you. - Was it their first show? / - Yes. He was looking forward to this show today. I can be quite insightful. - In my opinion, / - It's not about you. you're the hastiest CEO I've ever met. - Anyway, / - Okay. I was able to recognize their talent. They are pretty, but their teamwork and energy were just amazing. On top of that, their songs were great. Chiyeul's "A Daily Song" became a huge hit. Twice motivated you to release this song? Well, I wanted to record an album. - I had that in mind. / - Okay. It was the same in Korea and China. As I was in competition shows in both countries, - I didn't have time for it. / - Exactly. I realized that I should release my own song. - This is my 11th year. / - Right. It's my 11th year. They became stars so fast and had many hit songs. That's when I felt I must release my own. - That's why. / - I wanted to do that. - You were motivated. / - It took me eight months. And when I released the song, the song... - I... / - Here he goes again. - He's started again. / - Stop trying to sell. - No, I'm not. / - Don't do that. I'm not promoting myself. - I'm not promoting. / - He doesn't back down. - The truth is... / - Here he goes again. It scored the highest sales after Cho Yongpil. The press said my album did very well. I sold about 240,000 albums. It's a hard number to break as a solo singer. - Whose album was it? / - Mine. (He feels no shame in flattering himself.) He's something else. - My gosh. / - He's tiring me out now. - They are very different. / - My gosh. - He's tiring. / - They are very different. Producer, please make me look successful. - I must talk myself up. / - We won't do that. Seunghwan, what do you think about Chiyeul? I think he's cool. I want to brag about myself too. - It's hard. / - It's not bragging. I'm telling things as they are. - I can't distort history. / - That's why... - History? / - He's speaking the truth. - This is just a fact. / - I don't lie. During Chiyeul's concert, Chiyeul sang Twice's song. - Is that true? / - I saw the clip. - You did? / - Yes, he sang "Cheer Up". Dahyun, you saw it? - Yes. / - Who is that? - He dressed up as a girl. / - That's Chiyeul. - That's Chiyeul. / - He disguised as a woman. - Do you have a video? / - My gosh. There's no video. If my agency posts it, - I'll bomb my agency. / - Really? Let me explain why I did that. Since I'm quite manly and from the south, my fans wanted to see me dress up as a woman. Complying with my fans' wish is part of my duty as a singer. At that time, I sang "Cheer Up". It fits with your name. - It sounds / - I agree. - like my name. / - Cheer up. - It has that feel to it. / - I see. - "Chiyeul, baby." / - "Chiyeul, baby." - "Chiyeul, baby." / - "Chiyeul, baby." - Hence, I chose to sing the song. / - I see. - Can you sing the song? / - Show us a snippet. - Show us. / - Sing us the song. - Let's do this. / - Twice is here too. (A joint project between Chiyeul and Twice) He's good. - He's good. / - That's so cool. (Looking cute) You're good. - He's awesome. / - Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. There he goes. (Cute and horrible sights coexist.) (Everyone, cheer up!) It's "Like Ooh-Ahh". (She seems urgent.) Your song is on. - It's "Like Ooh-Ahh". / - Yes. - Yes. / - Hold on a second. "Like Ooh-Ahh" is on. - Go back to your seats. / - That room is versatile. (It's Room Three again.) Do this. - No way. It's great. / - My gosh, seriously. - All right. / - Things are going well. - I gave them my energy. / - I see. - You did cheer them up. / - ♪ I don't feel a thing ♪ ♪ I told you to stop ♪ (It calls for their dancing.) They are so excited. - Don't you want to go in? / - I do. - I bet. / - Doesn't it feel great? - Yes. / - Thank you. - Thank you. / - All right. Seriously. Today's a match of the most popular singers. This never happened before we started. - That's true. / - It's the first time. It means that these four teams are the best. Taking the last place today won't be embarrassing. - No, it won't be. / - It's incredible. - No, it's embarrassing. / - If we win this, - it'd be an honor. / - Right. In my opinion, Soohong, Yongman, Suyong, and Seokjin seem happier than the singers who joined us for today's filming. (The possibility of going home early elates them.) - The customers are singing their songs. / - Exactly. - It feels weird. / - This is great. - This never happened. / - We're always sorry for them. - When we were filming, / - I'm happy for them. we didn't expect much a lot of times. - Don't say that. Don't be so mean. / - I mean I'm just happy today. - Among your past partners, / - It's going well today. who did you have the lowest expectation? Are you talking about Kyungho? (Kyungho is the king of the finales.) (Looking grumpy) (It's hard to be a rocker in Korea.) People don't sing rock songs. - That's true. / - I had the wrong idea. I didn't know Chiyeul was this popular. You didn't know. When he shared his energy, their song came on right away. - It was my positivity. / - Exactly. - "It was my positivity." / - "It was my positivity." Seunghwan, you also danced to an idol group's song in a concert? - Yes, I did. / - You can dance? - Yes. / - I thought you'd dance, - but you only did this. / - Right. I thought people from Antenna can't dance. It's the same with Jaehyung. My label also gave me dance lessons - like other major labels. / - I see. - You had dance lessons? / - Yes. After my dance lesson, I had my first concert. Since I invited them to my concert, - I wanted to do more. / - I see. - Whose song was it? / - That's admirable. It was BTS' song. - I danced to "DNA". / - "DNA"? (Sharp moves and footwork are important.) (Seunghwan danced to this hard song?) I named myself BDS. - I... / - From what I heard, his label was disappointed that he was so good. - Really? / - It defeated the purpose. - He's that good? / - It was to be funny. - It wasn't funny. / - We have real idol singers here. It's embarrassing to say that. - He must be really good. / - Let's see his dance. (We have to see this.) (Seunghwan's cover dance for "DNA") - Do it again. / - Look at his feet. He's doing the footwork. That's great. (Impressed) That's right. There you go. - Excellent. / - Great. There you go. That's it. (A dancer in Antenna?) (I recognized you at first sight) (He imitates BTS perfectly.) (Looking relaxed) That was so cool. (He's flexible, yet sharp.) - He's good. / - He's excellent. (Doing his best) (The finger-point move is the key part.) (He will release a dance album soon.) (Blushing) That was great. - Well done. / - He's a talented dancer. - I'm sorry. / - This is considered good? - Yes, that's right. / - He's talented. I don't know how high the standard was. They didn't expect much. This was so good that it disappointed them? I initially thought a bug scared him, and that the bug was on him next. ("Shaking Off Bugs") Hey, Gaeko. - That was too mean. / - I thought you were nice. - Gosh, he's my partner. / - That was harsh. How could he? - That was cruel. / - By the way, he did do a good job, but he shouldn't brag about it. - How should I put it? / - He did his best. Your dance looked a bit clumsy. If I were to give you an excuse, - I was better then. / - Is that so? - Yes. / - It's an excuse indeed. I've never seen someone gaze afar while dancing. - He was gazing. / - He was thinking. - He couldn't remember. / - I had to think. He kept gazing afar. - It looked like tai chi. / - Sorry? - Tai chi. / - Come on. (Swirling) - You're too cruel. / - That was too mean. - When he danced... / - He turned around. - That was the highlight. / - Yes, indeed. I thought he resembled Park Bogum. - Jihyo, what about you? / - It was adorable. - It's adorable. / - I see. - By the way, Chiyeul. / - Yes? - Do you remember Minhyun? / - You coached him? - Were you a vocal coach? / - Yes, I was. - I taught NU'EST. / - All of them? - I was their vocal coach. / - When was that? They were very hard-working. As for Minhyun, he was like a robot. He'd do any assignment I gave him. He was a model student. He was like the ultimate model student. So last year, I went to many awards shows with "A Daily Song". (Yes, I'm bragging about myself.) - Let me explain... / - Did you start again? - I'm sorry. / - Tone it down. I wanted to explain you the situation. I went to an awards ceremony. Imagine how moved I must have been. Back then, I'd taught them in a small room. - Right. / - They looked handsome. When I told them they cleaned up nicely, they said, "The occasion calls for it." (Feeling confident) They seem happy. - Things worked out for everyone. / - Yes. It was so nice to see them. Chiyeul, you'll release a new song soon. - Tell us about it. / - This album - has upbeat songs. / - Is that so? - I always sang sad songs. / - Right. Instead of portraying a desperate man, since it's rustling with spring breeze, I thought I should sing a warmhearted song too. I'm a bit shy about it, but I wrote the lyrics. - You did? / - I wrote it with a lyricist. That's how this song came about. I can sing it. - Sing us a snippet. / - Okay. He volunteered to sing it. He volunteered? (Chiyeul's new song, "The Only Star") ♪ I keep thinking about you ♪ (The rhythmical tune is the key part.) ♪ I only stare at the sky ♪ (I love you) That last line... (It will be a hit.) - That's a great song. / - I raised the key a bit. - That was lovely. / - He's a singer. This song is quite rhythmical. We use the term "shuffle" to describe this tune. I have to sing the song off-beat. So if I sing the tune wrong, it would sound like a trot song. (I keep thinking about you) Just like this. - You have a point. / - Right. You can come up with two versions. I'm still thinking about this. I'm looking forward to his new song. It's the same for Twice. - Really? / - You have a new song? We'll overlap. - "We'll overlap." / - "We'll overlap." (They will release it around the same time.) I'll release mine a bit later, then. - Seriously. / - Every singer wants to avoid Twice. - That's right. / - I'm serious. Next week? What's the title? - "What Is Love?" / - Pardon? - "What Is Love?" / - "What Is Love?" - There's a key move. / - What is it? Since we're asking what love is, we have this move called question mark dance. - Yes. / - Question mark dance. They look so adorable. (It is as sweet as a candy) How nice. (Twice looks both cute and lovely.) As expected, their choreography rocks. (A line of pretty ladies) (It makes everyone happy.) How lovely. This is great. - That was great. / - Everyone's standing up. - You were adorable. / - That was amazing. Twice is so cute. - Seunghwan, you got up. / - Yes. - Everyone got up. / - Is that so? Let's listen to Gaeko. - He's insightful. / - Share your insight. Okay. - About Twice? / - Yes. - Use your insight. / - Well, this album... Do you think they can continue the streak? Absolutely. When I heard the song, I liked it too. We ought to hear it from our dancer, Seunghwan. - Comment on their dance. / - Evaluate their dance. Tell us about the composition and such. I think the choreography is quite original. You think so? - It's original. / - Yes. - Try their choreography. / - How does it go? - It's easy. / - Draw a question mark. Draw a vertical line and do the dot. - I see. / - When you point, - bend your knees. / - I see. - That's right. / - Like this? - That's correct. / - Draw a question mark. - Draw and lower it. / - Draw it. Hold on. Don't look sideways. Face the front. He looks like he's ringing someone's bell. He's not sure if it's the right house. My gosh, Seunghwan. It's a neat move to do to someone with a bulging stomach. "You look great, but not this part." "Your body looks great except this part." "Your body is perfect except this part." That's the problem. Are you guys comedians now? No. Is that so? You became a lot funnier. You improved a lot. I'm curious about the songs customers are singing now. We'll check them out now. - Room One, please. / - Room One. ("Lie" by Yang Dail) - We have new customers. / - Right. - Of course. / - It's a ballad song. (Room One is singing a ballad song.) - It's a ballad song. / - They may sing your song. - We'll move on to Room Two. / - Which song is that? (It's another ballad song.) - It's a ballad song. / - It's another ballad. - We'll go to Room Three. / - This is interesting. It's a different song. ("Starry Night" by Mamamoo) It's Mamamoo's. ("Starry Night" by Mamamoo) - They might sing... / - Twice's song. - Right. It's Mamamoo's. / - They might sing Twice's. My goodness. When we start, they might sing your song. Room Three seems promising. Let me say this just in case. They might or might not sing your songs. We'll decide the order of your chances. - Seunghwan will start. / - Okay. I like this segment. - We can just choose? / - Actually, we personally feel that their performances - are too good. / - Right. - Exactly. / - This segment and the equipment we have are lacking - to do them the justice. / - I agree. Singers tend to sing their heart out in this segment. - Especially, K.will. / - K.will? He tried harder here than on "Immortal Songs". He tried harder here than during his concerts. - He tried his best here. / - Exactly. - I agree. / - I remember that. - He tried his best. / - I thought he'd explode. It was amazing. I don't know why singers do that here. - I'm grateful, / - Right. - but they try so hard. / - Right. We'll lower the standard. But we're at karaoke. It's not about our skills. - Right. / - The score matters. - Seunghwan will start. / - Okay. - "Walk with Me". / - Yes, it's my favorite song. It's time for us to please our ears. (We're ready.) Here it is. This is great. (It's the same day) (Engrossed in the song) (Head to a place where the cusp of our lives end) (Just like any other day) (They keep wanting to hear his voice on a walk.) Seunghwan. - I was drawn into the song. / - Seunghwan. He sang the song beautifully. What matters is the score. He sang with a technique in the middle. Any score over 80 would be sufficient. - See? / - Okay. - You were great. / - You only got 81 points? - He sang well, didn't he? / - The score won't be high. He had to sing the notes the machine wanted. - He sang like it's a concert. / - He sang too well. - He was being fancy. / - When he used the technique, - I wanted to poke him. / - Exactly. ♪ We hiked a mountain ♪ (It was unnecessary.) It sounded too forced. - He forced the high notes. / - ♪ The time we left ♪ (Teasing) - Come on. / - He didn't do that. - I stuck to the original. / - You lost points there. - This is not a bad score. / - That's right. He won't be in the last place. - He did a good job. / - That's all right. - I think he's shocked. / - Right. His hands don't have any energy. Seriously. The machine couldn't evaluate me correctly. It's strict. This machine can be stricter than competition shows. It's a machine. - It has no human touch. / - Right. - Don't forget that. / - It's not generous. - I get it. / - All right. - What a shame. / - But... - Twice is up next. / - How nice. Twice. (Twice will go next.) - Twice. / - Yes! Twice! Which song will you sing? It's "Really Really" by Winner. ("Really Really" by Twice) That sounds great. (Their voices sound refreshing and ringing.) Sing it, everyone! (I like you) (Everyone enjoys the song.) (I like you) (Dancing) (A lovely performance by Twice) - Good job. / - Come on. (What's the score?) - What's the score? / - It's 76. I told you so. (No way.) That machine isn't generous at all. I agree. Doesn't this deserve a perfect score? It should be 99. Even Suyong danced in his best today. (It doesn't happen often.) - He was dancing. / - Exactly. - It made him dance. / - My gosh. Everyone got up for this song. - It was fun. / - Right. What a bummer. Didn't I tell you? - I told you it was hard. / - We had fun. It was good, but the machine requires you to sing accurately. - That didn't happen. / - That's right. - It didn't get it. / - You must match notes. ("Footsteps" by Emerald Castle) - This is a masterpiece. / - My gosh. Rock ballads tend to get high scores. (Do you know the song?) - I love this song. / - We don't know the song. - The song is amazing. / - It's the best. ("Footsteps" by Hwang Chiyeul) This is the legend of karaoke songs. (It's a favorite karaoke song among guys.) - This was a popular song. / - It was. I know this song. Another one is Izi's "Emergency Room". (Those two are the most popular karaoke songs.) (He's engrossed in the song.) (Singers in their 20s) (Every guy in his 40s knows the song.) (His honey-like voice brings people back.) (He hits high notes.) (Many men felt passionate about this part.) (His veins bulge.) (He hits high notes for the second time.) (He is the king of voice.) (Since I can't love you) (Since I must hate you) (I need it) (Cheers to your honeyed vocal cord.) That was amazing. (What's Chiyeul's score?) We are last! (Chiyeul is top No. 1.) - Goodness. / - By the way, - Twice members don't know the song. / - You don't? Twice doesn't know the song. Seunghwan, do you? - I know this song. / - You do? His performance rivaled K.will's. My veins bulged. - He was like K.will. / - All right. - It's Dynamic Duo's turn. / - I bet they're confident. You must show it to the machine. Firstly, they gave countless performances. Their song was No. 1 on social media. They must be confident. We have a lot of acorns, the currency on the SNS. They have a lot of acorns. I am a bit worried. I didn't expect this kind of atmosphere. Gaeko chose the song on his own. What's the song? - It's Naul's song. / - Naul? Really? ("Memory of the Wind" by Naul) Why did you choose this song? - The mood is wrong. / - How will we sing it? I chose it to be funny. I didn't expect this kind of atmosphere. No one has sung this song. - Seriously. / - Adjust the key. - Unlike other guests, / - Let's go. - we have nothing to lose. / - All right. (Let's hear "Memory of the Wind".) - The first verse? / - Sing the first verse. They will sing in the original key. Do it in all seriousness. We will sing in the original key. - The original key. / - The original key? We will sing in the original key. Gaeko can sing well. (Dynamic Duo is a hip-hop duo.) (How will Gaeko sing a ballad song?) (His singing skills are unexpected.) You are doing a good job. (The short part he sang contains soul.) My goodness, he is really good. He's stepping forward. (He steps forward toward the machine.) This has never been done. (I listen carefully) (The key and beat are correct.) Tone it down with the emotions. Tone down the emotions. (I am Gaeko, a man of emotions.) (The calm part passes.) (I will gaze at the place) (He reaches the part with high notes.) (Our faith) (Our love) That's good. (The eternal) (We knew he would do that.) Don't stop. Keep making a sound. Keep making a sound. Keep going. (I'm ruined.) Keep making a sound. (My goodness.) (He sweats.) You can do it! (Meeting) (Cheer up.) (He gives the microphone to the audience.) (He asks them to sing along.) (Your voice will become my score.) (Forget it.) (If I have loved) He is ruined. He is ruined. (I will smile) Why did you choose that song? He may still get a high score. - You never know. / - He shouted. Let's see. It could be a strategy. - What's the score? / - He shouted. (The talent of a singer?) It was amazing. (What is up with their reaction?) This makes no sense. - We did it! / - No way! We did it! - We did it! / - Is this for real? (What's the score?) (You have the talent of a singer.) This makes no sense. - This makes no sense. / - No way! We did it! We did it! Is this for real? That's how you need to sing. This is how you sing at a karaoke. - This is it. / - This is it. The machine gave them a near-perfect score. - I mean... / - This is it. (Sad and happy) (Staccato) (The eternal) I can explain. He sang the parts that count for points. - That's right. / - He sang the parts. - This makes no sense. / - "Our". He sang the parts that count for points. We found out a strategy - for this segment. / - Good job. - 99 points. / - We didn't expect it. Twice is discouraged. That shows effort is meaningless. The karaoke machine liked his performance. It shows the changing trend. The free-spirited singing style is in vogue. Do the best you can. Make the audience hit high notes. (Don't force yourself with high notes.) Exactly. The chance for Sing My Song will go in this order. The current time is close to 8 p.m. - Really? / - Yes. We talked too much. - We talked too much. / - Be quiet. Now... You are the best MC. Soohong. You said we talked too much. (He clenches his fist in anger.) He hurt my pride. Soohong, let's pick a date. - He needs a beating. / - I know. Let's pick a date. Let's get started with Sing My Song. - Five, four, three, / - Five, four, three, - two, one. Let's begin. / - two, one. (Sing My Song starts.) Let's go! Let's get started. Let's get it! The current time is 8 p.m. Let's take a look at Room One. ("You" by Monday Kiz) It's a ballad song. People who sing that kind of song will sing my song or Seunghwan's song. Let's take a look at Room Two. ("Stalker" by 10cm) - They are serious. / - It's a ballad song. - It's a ballad song. / - 10cm. (Nervous) This is Seunghwan's sentimentality. - It screams Seunghwan. / - That's right. Twice might have a hard time. Room Three. (Is no one singing hip-hop songs?) - "Star". / - "Star". - Did everyone break up? / - GB9. I feel bad for GB9. - No one sang their song. / - No one sang their song. (They went home the latest.) They didn't get to go home early. GB9 stayed until the end. They would have made a record today. "The Snowman" is receiving a lot of love. - You worked with IU. / - Really? IU wrote the lyrics. She readily agreed to help me. That's how we came to work together. Did IU direct you through the song? Yes. When I sent her the recorded song, she gave me detailed advice. (She gave him detailed advice.) For the line, ♪ The last snow falls ♪ she advised against singing the last part so clearly. - What does that mean? / - What does that mean? ♪ The last snow falls ♪ ♪ Falls ♪ It doesn't sound good when sung clearly. ♪ Falls ♪ sounds better. - She advised you to breathe longer. / - I get it now. She directed me like that despite her busy schedule. (I know what it's like.) It's his song. - What? / - Whose song? (Already?) (Whose song is it?) (Room Three is singing "The Fool".) - "The Fool". / - "The Fool". - Room Three. / - It's his song. - Room Three. / - Is this a record? (This is incredible.) My goodness. It hasn't even been five minutes. Room Three. Didn't we have 12 minutes left? Why do they keep giving us more time? We got an hour for free! (This karaoke is generous with its service.) (Their next song, "The Fool" begins.) I feel dizzy. - Jung Seunghwan. / - Room Three! (Should I go?) (My goodness.) - It's a record! / - It's a record. (Everyone becomes excited.) It hasn't even been five minutes. Six minutes. Kim Taewoo's record is broken. (He sets a new record of six minutes.) (We shouldn't have said anything.) You shouldn't have said anything. I was keeping quiet. They would have noticed eventually. Cancel it. - Cancel it. / - Press "Cancel". Cancel it. The prince of ballad, Jung Seunghwan made a record of six minutes. - That's incredible. / - He is popular. Twice saw it. Jihyo pointed it out. Which room is it? I hope I'm not late. (So Chanwhee's record was 15 minutes.) (Kim Taewoo's record was 13 minutes.) (Wanna One) (aimed to make a record of eight minutes.) (However, they failed.) (Will he be able to make a new record?) (Will he succeed to make a record of six minutes?) Oh, my goodness! (Startled) (They scream in happiness.) No way! Please keep singing. I'm sorry. (They hear him sing right in front of them.) No way! It's Jung Seunghwan! - It's Jung Seunghwan! / - Jung Seunghwan! (They are having a fan meeting.) - No way! / - Take a picture. I want to film a video. Film a video. - I will film it. / - My goodness. Please sing. (He is Park Bogum of Antenna.) Sing with him. All right. (Seunghwan made a record of six minutes.) (He sings in gratitude.) - Twice helped. / - With that, the prince of ballad and Park Bogum of Antenna (Jung Seunghwan makes it to the hall of fame.) broke Kim Taewoo's record of 13 minutes with a record of six minutes. (A record of six minutes is an incredible feat.) (Bye, Taewoo.) It will be unbreakable. - Seriously. / - Jung Seunghwan. Why did I say it? - Seunghwan didn't know. / - I'm a fool. - Jihyo, when did you notice it? / - Right. I was looking at the screen when I noticed "The Fool". - Why did you say it? / - I didn't say it. I saw it, but... (She kept her mouth shut.) Please sit down. - It's his song. / - What? (Don't say it.) - Room Three! / - Jihyo's regretting it. They sang a ballad song. Since they like ballad songs, they might sing "A Daily Song" - after singing Seunghwan's song. / - That's right. - It's a pity they're brought here. / - Seriously. Right? Dahyun is holding flowers, but she is devastated. They are last on the chance, too. To be honest, I thought we would win, so I didn't try hard to win a chance. I was expectant. This is bad. Twice's songs were sung in the beginning. When I watched the show, the singers' faces fall when their songs weren't sung. - Right. / - Your face fell. (This is how it feels.) You should try to smile. Congratulations on the record of six minutes. Congratulations. I envy you. Congratulations. - Twice! / - Jung Seunghwan. - Why didn't you sing our song? / - Seunghwan did it. Please come here. My goodness, Seunghwan. As we said before, Kim Taewoo held the record of 13 minutes. Jung Seunghwan, Park Bogum of Antenna and the prince of ballad, broke it! (Jung Seunghwan set a new record of six minutes.) (It will be hard to break this record.) This is incredible. It will be hard to break this record. - "TT"! / - "TT"! - Twice! / - TT! (Is it Twice's turn?) - My goodness. / - "TT"! (Room Two chose "TT".) (This is incredible.) My goodness. (They run out in excitement.) Hold on. Nayeon! Come back! (Come back.) - "TT". / - Why? - "TT". / - Hurry up. - We must take the stairs. / - All records are getting broken. - Can we go? / - You can go. You can go. 12 minutes. (Twice's record is 12 minutes.) Twice's record is 12 minutes. All records are getting broken. - I'm so surprised. / - Two teams will go home. Alright, Jung Seunghwan and Twice broke the previous singers' records. How much time passed? - 12 minutes. / - They are out. Bye. It was nice to have you here. - Bye. / - Let's put these away. (Twice runs over.) (They will see Twice in real life.) (If Twice comes,) (they will shed tears.) (Part Two will begin in a minute.) (They are about to barge in.) (What is going on?) No. (Twice?) ♪ Again, again ♪ (No way!) Sit. My goodness. - They are surprised. / - They are surprised. - They are surprised. / - They are surprised. Were men singing "TT"? We were watching you like this. Look at those men in the corner. They are surprised. (They are happy to be surrounded.) (Their eyes and ears are in bliss.) - ♪ I will get annoyed ♪ / - ♪ I will get annoyed ♪ (I love it.) - ♪ I am not like this ♪ / - ♪ I am not like this ♪ Let's sing together! - ♪ I think I am a grown-up ♪ / - ♪ I am a grown-up ♪ (They shoot hearts.) (These men are shy.) (Twice members are excited.) (They shyly begin to sing.) ♪ TT, just like TT ♪ - ♪ You don't know how I feel ♪ / - ♪ How I feel ♪ (You are so mean, you are so mean) ♪ TT ♪ (For their fans,) (Twice gives a concert at a karaoke.) (Is this a dream?) - Thank you. / - Thank you. Thank you. We should be the ones to thank you. It's his birthday today. Really? (Happy birthday to you) What's your name? - It's his birthday today. / - It's Lee Younghoon. ♪ Happy birthday, dear Younghoon ♪ (Happy birthday to you) They helped Seunghwan set a new record. Thank you. Do you sing Seunghwan's songs often? I love his songs. - Really? / - Yes. How is it to see Seunghwan? Seeing her so surprised made me surprised. I thought he was a student. You thought that when he walked in. He suddenly walked in. She was surprised because she thought - he was a random man. / - At first, she wasn't surprised because he is Seunghwan. "Why did this student come in?" My goodness. Have you watched this segment? - Yes, I watched it often. / - You do? - Yes. / - You came to star in a segment you usually watch on TV. How does it feel? I used to envy people in this segment. - Really? / - I go to karaoke often. I watched this segment take place - in Hongdae. / - Really? It has never happened to me. - I know. / - Who reserved the song? I did. (She helped him set the record.) - Do you like the song? / - I love it. Which songs did you reserve after it? - Hwang Chiyeul is here. / - Hwang Chiyeul. - We have Dynamic Duo and Twice. / - Dynamic Duo. I really like Hwang Chiyeul. - It was us. / - I told you. They were going to sing "A Daily Song", but they got called over here. Seriously. How did it feel when your song came on? I was so surprised. Seeing them surprised surprised me more. You felt a thrill, right? "Is this how popular I am?" He will get cocky. Seriously. He will get arrogant. Seunghwan, you should put your hands - behind your back now. / - That's right. - You can do it now. / - Now you can do it. Put this mask on. You are a celebrity. - He's a celebrity. / - He's a celebrity. It's a celebrity. Put your hands in the pockets. He's a celebrity after all. We'll give Seunghwan's CD with his autograph. (Seunghwan's CD for the new record helper) It's the best record. - There they are. / - There they are. Amazing. Congratulations. We should celebrate this. Congratulations. It's the best record so far. This has never happened before. Come here. - First, Seunghwan and Yongman. / - Are they off now? - Yes. / - It's the best record. It won't be broken for a while. - Six minutes. / - Seunghwan did it! Thank you again to the both of you. Yongman and Seunghwan are off! - Are we really off? / - Thank you. - So... / - Hold on. - They're singing his song. / - What? - "The Fool". / - "The Fool". (That's how the record was set.) He broke Taewoo's record of 13 minutes. (Seunghwan makes history.) Please introduce yourselves. (It's time to meet the second team.) It's his birthday today. - Really? / - It's his birthday. Hello. I'm Lee Younghoon from Incheon. Younghoon. What's your name? Hello. I'm Lee Jaemin from Bucheon. Jaemin. How was it when Twice walked in while you were singing Twice's song? I was so startled. It felt like I was watching TV. I'm a big fan of Dahyun. When I started singing Twice song, Dahyun walked in. I couldn't believe it. It also happened to be your birthday today. It was very nice. It's the best birthday gift ever. How do you feel to meet them in person? Oh, my goodness. - What? / - "Oh, my goodness." He almost swore. Calm down. How do you feel to meet Twice in person? - They don't look real. / - Really? You're controlling yourselves since there are cameras, but what if it's just you two outside the show? What if it's just two of you outside? What do you think you'd talk about? This is insane. (That's real.) - "Insane." / - "Insane." Anyway, what did you think of it, Twice? We succeeded in 12 minutes. - I'm extremely happy. / - Of course. I couldn't control my expression. How about you, Dahyun? When I watched Happy Together, I wondered why people get so overwhelmed. Now that it's happened to me, I'm overwhelmed. We enjoyed singing more than they did. (Great. It's my song.) - They set a new record. / - Yes. - We need a new picture. / - Of course. - Will it be three of them? / - Chanwhee and Taewoo have been with us so far. They're disappointed already. They'll be waiting. They'll be put away. Since there were three members of Twice... - Just those three? / - Yes. - It's the hall of fame. / - Including Seunghwan, they'll be here with us starting next week. (See you every week now, Seunghwan and Twice.) - It's wonderful. / - It's amazing. It has the whole group's autographs. It's an autographed CD. Of the whole group? He got a wonderful birthday gift. - That's awesome. / - One, two, three. (Unforgettable birthday) What do you think your friends are going to say? That's insane. Hold on. Let me check your mobile phone. He loves it. There's a picture of his girlfriend on his phone. (His girlfriend's picture is on his phone.) What do you think your girlfriend is going to say when she sees this? You're insane. - 12 minutes for Twice / - "Insane." and Suyong. They are off now. (Collaboration of Twice and Suyong) They get to leave so fast. - That's pretty quick. / - Thank you. (After the storm of the new record...) - We've never had two teams leave so fast. / - True. It's the first time. I feel nervous now that two teams have left. How do you feel now, Gaeko? - I feel nervous. / - Right. Although I was clapping, I was watching there. - Right. / - I keep checking. How about you, Chiyeul? - "Okey Dokey". / - Now that it happened, I should stay for snacks. - Your mindset... / - I'm trying to relax. Room Two is singing "Okey Dokey". We might have a chance - with Room Two. / - Like we said before, they might sing "1 Out of N". Should we ask them to add it now? It's too late for that. We can't take it back now. Let's check Room One. Room One keeps... (Checking the karaoke) It's a ballad day today. (Ballad still remains strong.) Chiyeul still has the chance. - Let's check Room Two. / - Everyone - is singing ballad today. / - Yes. Most of them are. (Room Two is rapping.) - It's a rap. / - Room Two. - You have a chance. / - I'm looking forward to this. Let's check Room Three. (Room Three is also singing a ballad.) - It's ballad. / - You have a chance. - It's ballad. / - I'm nervous. - Everyone. / - What for? People whose song is sung before we start usually end up staying until the end. Whose song was it? - Chiyeul. / - When Seokjin meets a singer who was born in 1981... - They stay until the end. / - They stay until the end. It's a battle between jinx and jinx. - Oh, my goodness. / - You're right. To find out what's stronger. Right? - Is it me and 1981? / - Right. - We'll find out who's stronger. / - I'm a bit worried that our luck has run out after getting first. - When I scored 99. / - Right. For the chance. You were very lucky with this. - What do you mean? / - You were very lucky. This isn't about luck. It was an accident. - I kind of felt bad. / - How can you score 99? I felt bad too. That wasn't right. It's an accident. - "1 Out of N". / - What? Yes! - I told you. / - Featuring. You should've included it! I'm so relieved. (Room Two sings "1 Out of N" as Jaeseok expected.) It's such a relief. My goodness. - I... / - They're singing. I told you to include "Ring My Bell" and "1 Out of N". - This is unbelievable. / - You were right. I told you. I told you they're highly likely to sing "1 Out of N". We could've done it if we included it. - I told you. / - I wasn't sure. They kept singing "Show Me The Money" songs. If you included that song, you'd be off by now. We'd be going home by now. Chiyeul could've been very lonely. Do you regret now? Do you want to include songs you featured now? We should have included that song at least. I know. You should have. That's not what I regret. I regret singing "Memory of the Wind". (He regrets singing "Memory of the Wind".) You placed first with that song. - That's why he regrets it. / - That's not important. I thought Gaeko was a good singer. I was shocked. - He was pretty good when he first began. / - Yes. We complimented him. He was trying to be hilarious today. Snacks are finally here. (The food they've been waiting for is finally here.) They cooked their own menu. - We're in a restaurant? / - We're in a restaurant. It's Western food. Oh, my. - Nice. / - This is nice. Let's just enjoy this food. - Kimchi fried rice. / - Put that away. Thank you. - Is this one portion? / - Yes. This pizza looks really good. What's the point of leaving early? (Eating) By the way... (His eyes are focused on the monitor.) It's about time they sing Chiyeul's songs. I'm surprised they aren't singing yet. I think his time is over. We should've included "1 Out of N". If you left, you wouldn't be able to eat this. Our managers didn't eat because they thought we'd leave early. (Their managers didn't eat.) - I'm serious. / - Hey. I didn't eat anything all day. I didn't eat anything all day. This is the problem of celebrities. - Oh, Dynamic Duo. / - What? - Finally! / - Where? - Oh, Dynamic Duo. / - What? (Focusing) - Where? / - Dynamic Duo. - They're searching. / - I'm so relieved. (In Room Two?) (Searching) (Do you want to sing "Guilty"?) (Are they going to sing "Guilty" by Dynamic Duo?) - Dyna. / - Dynamic Duo. Dy... (Nervous) Don't just watch. Press the button. - There you go. / - Don't just look. - They're looking for our song. / - Good. There you go. - They just can't find it. / - There has to be. They're looking for our song. They just can't find that one. I think it's over already. Dynamic Duo. They're searching for Dynamic Duo. - Are they searching? / - Yes. Did they search "Dyna"? - I'm certain. / - It's 100 percent. It's not "Dy"? And? (Nervous) (Searching) Let's sing when you remember it. (They turned it off.) They turned it off. (They didn't book Dynamic Duo's song.) Oh, my goodness. Why didn't they search by title? Why don't they search by title? - G... / - Okay. The biggest mistake they made today is not including "1 Out of N". She's searching for Zico. They switched from Dynamic Duo to Zico. (Zico) Can I sing while you remember it? "She's a Baby" by Zico. (They choose "She's a Baby" by Zico.) - They're singing Zico. / - "She's a Baby". - ♪ She's a baby ♪ / - That's what they chose. I thought I'd go home early. Why not Gaeko instead of Zico? There are so many Kos now. Zico, Gaeko, and Mr. Big Nose. (Zico, Gaeko, and Mr. Big Nose) There were people who sang Chiyeul's songs. When we think about it... - Wait. / - Wait. Never mind. I don't think they're going to sing. They aren't likely to sing your song. They're starting to see things. That's normal at this hour. People start to see things at this hour. Whenever you see "Ko", you think it's you. You think it's you, but it's not. You still have chances. - Let me explain the chances. / - We haven't used them. We have something unique today. It's called the sign chance. If you pick this chance, the light comes on the sign. (Ta-da!) - Like this. / - "Taking over China." - We'll put this next to the monitor. / - Till the end? They must see this to see the lyrics. That's right. We'll write whatever you want on this. Whatever we want. - It's a nice one. / - This is the sign chance. Also, the intercom chance. - The one I failed. / - Yes. I failed that one and got so much blame. What's brainwashing? We'll keep playing your song in the karaoke. - Oh, okay. / - Choi Jungwon of UN used this chance, but it didn't work. It doesn't work. The challenge song chance... - Today's challenge song. / - That's a good one. "April 6th, big event. Get over 95 points" - "and win a free pop." / - That's the one. - This one. / - That's the one. - This is the best. / - That's the best. - We must win that one. / - That's the one. You only get one chance. You need to rely on your luck. Dynamic Duo will go first. - Intercom never works. / - Anything except that. - Not the intercom. / - Not the intercom. - Not the intercom. / - It's the intercom. - Challenge song. / - It's the challenge song. - No. / - Challenge song. - That was intercom. / - Challenge song. Challenge song. - This is all on luck. / - Do it again. Did you get that, jimmy jib? I tried to stop it, but it hit my hand. It was intercom. In golf, you keep going if the ball hits the caddy. Don't be embarrassing. There's an own goal in soccer. - It's even in soccer. / - Admit it. - You must accept it. / - Why didn't you include "1 Out of N" in the first place? (They're competitive.) - You should've added it. / - Admit it. Do it again. - Let me do it. / - They'll pick intercom. (Choiza tries.) - Go, go. / - It's intercom. Intercom! Why did you aim at intercom? - It's Seokjin's jinx. / - Do it again. - Seokjin's jinx. / - You picked intercom. I'm not good at the intercom. Seokjin, check all three rooms. I got blamed so much before. Lack of acting. - Was it GB9? / - Yes. Their fans blamed me so much. (Seokjin has bad experience about it.) My goodness. - Okay. / - Let's check Room One. Yes. Life is about challenging - How about Room Two? / - They're only singing ballads. ("Brother" by Norazo) ("Only You" by Huh Gak) (They mostly pick ballad.) Let's check Room Three. ("Star" by GB9) They're all singing ballad. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh. - I shouldn't laugh. / - Wait. (He found something.) - What? / - What? Hey. (What's going on?) - Room Two. / - Room Two. - Room Two. / - Room Two. What's going on? (They sang "Only You" before.) I'm going to book. (Next song is Chiyeul's.) (Chiyeul's "A Daily Song") (I was pacing back and forth on the street) - Room Two. / - Let's go. - Room Two. Wait. / - I'm on my way. Listen. - See? / - Chiyeul to Room Two. (Chiyeul's unexpected success) We didn't have to do anything. Stop the song. We didn't even get to use the intercom. (He arrives at the door at once.) (My song is being sung.) (The original singer appears.) (Ta-da!) (Puzzled) Sing with him. Sing with him. What's going on? (Can someone explain what's going on?) (He sits with them naturally.) Sing with him. (His sweet voice is working hard.) Go on. Give me a hug. (Thank you for singing my song.) It's Hwang Chiyeul. (It's Hwang Chiyeul.) Congratulations to Chiyeul. I'm jealous. - I'm jealous. / - I wonder how that feels. Don't you want to win? The jinx is broken. I didn't expect this. The encounter of Seokjin and people born in 1981. I wonder when this jinx will break. In the end... (Seokjin's jinx is stronger.) Goodness. Let's sit down for now. (Bitter to be seated) We should've included "1 Out of N". I think they used up all their luck on becoming the first to use the chance. I knew something wasn't right. I knew it wouldn't go well. Even if the machine's broken, - it's impossible to get 99. / - I know. Is this a prank? (Is this a prank?) Prank? Isn't this too long for a prank? There are too many crew members for a prank. (They're so disappointed that they suspect a prank.) (He returns with confidence.) Congratulations. (I'm jealous, but congratulations nonetheless.) ♪ This song I listen to every day ♪ (Lee Minhyuk, Choi Hyunjoon) When Chiyeul walked in, did you recognize him? No, I didn't. - His face is so small. / - Who did you think it was? (Shy) How did you feel to see them sing your song? I accomplished so much today. Starting with airtime in the beginning, snack after they left, and even my song. I think I got everything. (Chiyeul got everything.) - I dare to say it. / - They were surprised to hear that Dynamic Duo was upstairs. Were you planning to sing Dynamic Duo as well? - I was going to rap. / - We planned to after his song. Really? Today is all about singing which song first. (Their fates were changed by the order of the song.) That was so close. But the thing is, when I told them that Twice was here... (They screamed when they heard Twice was here.) ♪ This song ♪ - Twice already left. / - They left. If we sang Twice's song... - Of course. / - They would've visited. Right. (They can't hide their disappointment.) So they... - Do you regret it? / - No. You're here because of "A Daily Song". - That's true. / - Yes. Congratulations to Chiyeul. Please give them the gift you brought. - What's your name? / - Lee Minhyuk. (He's autographing his CD for them.) Meanwhile, Room Three is singing Seunghwan's song. Really? (Room Three sings "It's Raining".) (Seunghwan benefits the most today.) (Autographed CD presentation ceremony) Congratulations. You have a neat writing, Chiyeul. (Thanks to Hyunjoon and Minhyuk for their cooperation.) Congratulations to you two. Chiyeul and Soohong are off! You should've included "1 Out of N". - Congratulations. / - Okay. - Why didn't you add it? / - Bye. Goodbye. - Bye. / - Bye. Seriously... It's time to use the chance. - You have 12 minutes left. / - It's all about luck. - There's a right timing for it. / - It's more like you kicked your fortune away. Let's be accurate. (They become speechless by the truth.) Be objective. You kicked your luck away. I can't help you with that. - I underestimated it. / - Right. - They sang "1 Out of N". / - I regret it. There are new customers in Room One. I feel like they like hip-hop. Let's see what they sing first, then choose who's more likely to sing our song. It'd be awesome if they sing Dynamic Duo now for their first song. (What does Room 1 choose?) - "Will Be Fine". / - That's for you. (Everything will be fine.) Their first song is "Will Be Fine" by Park Boram. It's a sign to use the chance. - You might / - Let's do it. lose the chance to use it. I think we should use it now. You should hurry up. - You're right. / - Here I go. (There's not much time left.) Let me put this on first. - Good. / - Good luck. - Good luck. / - Good luck. If he fails this, it's over. (We trust you, Seokjin.) (Room One's singing "Will Be Fine".) I shouldn't call them when they're singing. I have to wait until the song's over. (Seokjin waits for the right timing.) Let me know when the song is over. I failed this last time. (Room One's done singing.) (Now is the time.) What's that? (They answered it.) - Now. / - Hello. - Hello. / - Hi. I'm calling from the counter. - You know Dynamic Duo? / - Yes. If you sing Dynamic Duo, you'll get bonus time and free pop. If I sing Dynamic Duo? Yes, if you sing Dynamic Duo. - Okay. / - Thank you. He's gotten so much better than last time. But he was clearly acting. He's pretty persuasive. If we sing Dynamic Duo, we get bonus time and free pop. - Dynamic Duo? / - Yes. (They turn the song off.) - They turned it off. / - Did they? - Sing Dynamic Duo. / - Wait. - Why? / - I don't know. That's out of nowhere. He was like "Hello," so I was like "Hello." Dynamic Duo. Are they going to sing? (Please sing.) - That's out of nowhere. / - He was like "Hello," so I was like "Hello." ("Baaam") (The text I sent in the morning has no echo) - "Baaam" / - "Baaam" - Let's go. / - "Baaam" - "Baaam" / - "Baaam" (Dynamic Duo heads to Room One.) - It's over now. / - Go now. - It's hot. / - Go now. (Room One is busy rapping.) Do you want the other mic? (Let's go) (meet my song!) It's Dynamic Duo. (Oh, my goodness!) (Dynamic Duo returns the favor with the rap.) It's Dynamic Duo. (What's going on?) It's a success today. There's no ending song today. (The atmosphere is great.) ♪ Give it to me, give it to me now ♪ (It's hot in here like a concert hall.) - Baaam! / - Say Baaam! (Say Baaam!) - Baaam! / - Baaam! Shout! Congratulations. Congratulations. I really wanted this. Congratulations. (I love this.) Look. Who answered the intercom? - I did. / - It was a woman. Give her the mic, please. Didn't you think it was weird? We started singing to get bonus time. - Without a doubt. / - Yes. Did you know it was me? - No. / - Okay. You didn't think it was weird? I thought the owner called us. How was it when Dynamic Duo walked in? I was startled. My heart is still pounding. I can tell. I can tell he's nervous. I've never seen a celebrity before. - Really? / - Yes. - Never? / - Never. They're your first celebrities. How does it feel to have Dynamic Duo as the first celebrity you met? I'm touched to meet Dynamic Duo. I'm joining the army soon. - When? / - On April 16th. You don't have much time left. It feels like it's a surprise for me before I join the army. - I'm happy. / - Right. - I'm glad you like it. / - He's joining the army on April 16th. I hope you well. So we get to finish without singing the ending song after a long time. Can you tell us how you feel, Dynamic Duo? I've been a singer for almost 20 years. I've never felt so desperate to sing before. It was so fun to sing my song in the karaoke. - Thank you. / - If time allows, they asked us to sing "Guilty". - I wish to sing it for them here. / - Really? - Shall we? / - Sure. We... This song is - for one person. / - Yes. Oh, my. Have a seat. (Is this real?) Isn't your boyfriend here? - Hold on. / - Are you the boyfriend? - Excuse me, her boyfriend is here. / - Sit with her. (The performance is stopped by her boyfriend.) We're guilty. No wonder she couldn't relax. - I'm sorry. / - It's all right. - Ask for his permission. / - If you don't mind... I like it. It's all right. - Are you sure? / - Are you sure? - Let's start it over. / - Okay. Of course. It's nothing. He said it's fine. Let's start it over. Shall we sing together? Do you know the song? - Sing with them. / - Let's sing together. (Her boyfriend joins in for "Guilty".) Sing with them. I like this song. - He's good. / - He's good. (It begins with Gaeko's sweet voice.) (Oh, my goodness.) ♪ Guilty ♪ (He's jealous.) ♪ Just like you shop for brand name products ♪ (You're so picky) (Once you get mad, the aftermath is so bad) (Because I’m so nice) (Her boyfriend is way into it.) (I'm tired now) He has so much anger. (Her boyfriend's unexpected venting) (I won’t say “I love you” ever...) (His confession makes it fun.) (I held back words of separation) Hold on. (It's still fun.) (He sticks to her because he feels sorry.) (To perfect you) (I’m always a lacking person) (The meaningful performance ends.) - Applause for them, please. / - It was hilarious. Give her a hug. I... They're really in a relationship. They're in a relationship. I didn't expect him to sing this song. I could tell the boyfriend had a problem with her. - He has complaints. / - He has complaints. Do you have any complaints to her? - It's all right. / - What? I was only focusing on the song. - Really? / - To the song. How was it? Your boyfriend sang for you. Dynamic Duo was so good. - She's upset. / - She's upset. My gosh. I shouldn't have asked. I hope they don't fight. I hope that doesn't happen. I didn't expect this. - It was pretty fun. / - It was very fun. So Dynamic Duo and Seokjin are off! (Dynamic Duo and Seokjin are finally off.) Let's go home. (Thanks to the best singers.) In the smallest studio... - We're with the biggest stars. / - The biggest stars. - Happy Together! / - Happy Together! - Hello. / - Hello. It's not Happy Together Town. We selected the best segments of the show to make May special. The first one is going to be Metal Tray Karaoke Returns. We have also prepared Friends and Late Night Cafeteria. Please look forward to it. There's also Sing My Song. We're going to visit the place you would never expect with the best guests. You can say that in Part 2. I don't care what happens to the karaoke. - Really? / - Never. I'm concentrating on this. - I don't care. / - I'm glad to hear that. I'm glad you're concentrating on this. I'm like a racehorse. I only focus on mine. I don't care about other stuff. - You should look around sometimes. / - You do that. I'm going to focus only on this with you. - Okay. / - Let's do it! I'm sure Hyeongyeong and Saeho have never been on this studio. - Right. / - It's my first time. You did this for the special episode last time. You couldn't join us for that. I really wanted to join you, but the writer called me. "It's Metal Tray Karaoke Special next week." I was so excited to hear that. "You don't need to come." - That's what she said. / - Right. Which writer called you? Did you call him? You didn't let me join them. Do you remember this, Hyeongyeong? Yes. I wanted to join this too, but she told me not to. I watched it on TV. People are curious to find out how painful the metal tray is. - Me, too. / - They expect it to be very painful. In a moment, you'll get to experience it yourselves. I was surprised to discover this today. They're the queens on ice. - Hello. / - This is unreal. It's surreal. They look more beautiful in person than when they were on the ice. - I mean it. / - I don't even need to say anything about her. She made history in this Olympics. Sanghwa has been on Happy Together before. It's her second time today. I heard you were waiting for our call. I received the call four years ago, so I expected to receive the call by now, but I didn't. Why didn't you call her? April is nearly over. It's usually done in March. - That's right. / - Usually, yes. But I didn't get any calls. - I expected calls by now. / - You expected calls. I'm so thankful to Sanghwa because she accepted our invitation right away. Yes. I was so glad to get invited. - Since I had been here, / - Exactly. I wanted to see you all again. So I didn't hesitate to say yes. Didn't you watch Metal Tray Karaoke on TV many times? Yes. Since I travel a lot to participate in games, I often watch variety shows. So I watched this segment many times. You become a star only when you've done this. - Is that so? / - You should get hit here. - Today, you will... / - You'll get hit a lot. - You will... / - He'll get hit a lot. Come on, stop interrupting me. I couldn't finish my sentence. Don't many people think you two are sisters? Since we've been on the team for a long time, we get that a lot. Would it be okay to get hit by the tray? - Are you okay with it? / - She should be careful. I prepared myself emotionally for that. Did you? Minjung, are you okay with it too? Yes, I'm ready too. Since our bodies aren't that worthy, we don't mind getting hit or rolling on the ground. - That's right. / - But they're different. Is this your first time on a variety show? This is my second time. - I see. What's your first show? / - Yes. The show where they ask for food. - The two of you... / - "They ask for food"? She appeared on "Dining Together". - "Dining Together". / - That's right. - They appeared together. / - That's right. Seokhee, I heard your friends were surprised when they heard you would be on this show. When I said I would appear on Happy Together, they said, "You're going to appear on that show?" Who said that? - Everyone said that... / - Did they have doubts? Yes. They were surprised because this is a very famous show. Myungsoo, you gave them a piece of advice before we started recording the show. He gave them tips. I always tell my junior entertainers... He told them not to try to be a star on this show. He gave them advice. - They're already stars. / - I know. Some people try so hard to stand out. Since they're already stars... - To keep them in check? / - No. I just wanted to tell them to enjoy the show. (We'll do our best.) Minjung said she will make people laugh if she isn't able to do well. (I will make people laugh.) I'm excited. It's not easy to make people laugh in this game. - Will you be okay? / - She's the fairy of tray. I'm tone deaf and have a poor sense of rhythm. I can't memorize the lyrics. - I'm such a bad singer. / - Is that so? - Oh, no. We're doomed. / - She's perfect for this. - She's like a black hole. / - You'll be shocked. - Is it that serious? / - Yes. If you make a mistake, we'll get in trouble. That's why I prepared... I'm sorry. How? You don't even know the song we'll sing. You don't have to apologize. It's okay. - What was that? / - I'm getting nervous. (Next week!) (The real talk begins.) (They tell stories behind the Olympics.) (This tooth is fake.) (We keep no secrets!) (Sim Seokhee has appeared on "High School Rapper"?) (Let's get it! Is she an aspiring rapper?) (No, she just has a lot of cheerful energy.) (In that case...) (DJ, drop the beat!) (She can dance to any beat.) (Here comes Cheerful Yura.) (Let's continue the excitement!) (The special event for the family month,) (Metal Tray Karaoke) (I'm tone deaf, have a poor sense of rhythm,) (and can't memorize the lyrics.) I'm such a bad singer. (She's the perfect guest we were looking for.) (She doesn't let us down as expected.) (I'm a national team player of the variety show.) (She's not the Minjung I know.) (She rearranges the song in an instant!) (She's definitely the best guest ever.) (You see, I'm so frustrated.) Listen to me. (The guests are as funny as Korea's best MC.) - Yes, it's the same. / - ♪ It becomes ♪ (Why are you crying?) (Does someone hit your throat from the inside?) (Another guest starts getting confused.) (We'll be okay, right?) (Don't sing, "I'm a mom".) (Okay!) (That confuses her even more.) (This is a special show. What should we do?) (I can't hear anything.) (May is the family month. Don't fight.) (Stay tuned with the whole family next week.) ("Bittersweet" by Crush)


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(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Total Vacant
Republican Democratic
End of previous Assembly 21 12 33 0
Begin 23 10 33 0
Latest voting share 69.7% 30.3%

House of Representatives

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Total Vacant
Democratic Republican
End of previous Assembly 53 46 99 0
Begin 40 59 99 0
Latest voting share 40.4% 59.6%



Majority (Republican) leadership
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House of Representatives

Majority (Republican) leadership
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District Senator Party Residence First elected Term Limited
1 Cliff Hite Republican Findlay 2011 (Appt.) 2022
2 Mark Wagoner Republican Toledo 2008 (Appt.) 2016
3 Kevin Bacon Republican Worthington 2010 2018
4 Bill Coley Republican Middletown 2011 (Appt.) 2020
5 Bill Beagle Republican Tipp City 2010 2018
6 Peggy Lehner Republican Kettering 2011 (Appt.) 2020
7 Shannon Jones Republican Springboro 2009 (Appt.) 2018
8 Bill Seitz Republican Cincinnati 2007 (Appt.) 2016
9 Eric Kearney Democratic Cincinnati 2005 (Appt.) 2014
10 Chris Widener Republican Springfield 2008 2016
11 Edna Brown Democratic Toledo 2010 2018
12 Keith Faber Republican Celina 2007 (Appt.) 2016
13 Gayle Manning Republican North Ridgeville 2010 2018
14 Tom Niehaus Republican New Richmond 2004 2012
15 Charleta Tavares Democratic Columbus 2010 2018
16 Jim Hughes Republican Columbus 2008 2016
17 David T. Daniels Republican Greenfield 2010 2018
18 Tim Grendell Republican Chesterland 2004 2012
19 Kris Jordan Republican Dublin 2010 2018
20 Jimmy Stewart Republican Athens 2008 2016
21 Shirley Smith Democratic Cleveland 2006 2014
22 Larry Obhof Republican Montville Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
23 Michael J. Skindell Democratic Cleveland 2010 2018
24 Tom Patton Republican Strongsville 2008 (Appt.) 2016
25 Nina Turner Democratic Cleveland 2008 (Appt.) 2018
26 Karen Gillmor Republican Tiffin 2008 2016
27 Frank LaRose Republican Fairlawn 2010 2018
28 Tom Sawyer Democratic Akron 2007 (Appt.) 2016
29 Scott Oelslager Republican Canton 2010 2018
30 Jason Wilson Democratic Columbiana 2007 (Appt.) 2016
31 Tim Schaffer Republican Lancaster 2006 2014
32 Capri Cafaro Democratic Hubbard 2007 (Appt.) 2016
33 Joe Schiavoni Democratic Canfield 2009 (Appt.) 2018

House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence First Elected Term Limited
1 Craig Newbold Republican Columbiana 2010 2018
2 Andrew Brenner Republican Powell 2010 2018
3 Ron Amstutz Republican Wooster 2008 2016
4 Matt Huffman Republican Lima 2006 2014
5 Gerald Stebelton Republican Lancaster 2006 2014
6 Randy Gardner Republican Bowling Green 2008 (Appt.) 2016
7 Kenny Yuko Democrat Richmond Heights 2004 2012
8 Armond Budish Democrat Beachwood 2006 2014
9 Barbara Boyd Democrat Cleveland Heights 2006 2014
10 Bill Patmon Democrat Cleveland 2010 2018
11 Sandra Williams Democrat Cleveland 2006 2014
12 John E. Barnes, Jr. Democrat Cleveland 2010 2018
13 Nickie Antonio Democrat Lakewood 2010 2018
14 Michael Foley Democrat Cleveland 2006 (Appt.) 2014
15 Timothy J. DeGeeter Democrat Parma 2003 (Appt.) 2012
16 Nan Baker Republican Westlake 2008 2016
17 Marlene Anielski Republican Walton Hills 2010 2018
18 Mike Dovilla Republican Berea 2010 2018
19 Anne Gonzales Republican Westerville 2010 2018
20 Nancy Garland Democrat New Albany 2008 2016
21 Mike Duffey Republican Worthington 2010 2018
22 John Patrick Carney Democrat Clintonville 2008 2016
23 Cheryl Grossman Republican Grove City 2008 2016
24 Ted Celeste Democrat Grandview Heights 2006 2014
25 Michael Stinziano Democrat Columbus 2010 2018
26 Tracy Maxwell Heard Democrat Columbus 2006 2014
27 W. Carlton Weddington Democrat Columbus 2008 2016
28 Connie Pillich Democrat Montgomery 2008 2016
29 Lou Blessing Republican Cincinnati 2004 2012
30 Louis Terhar Republican Columbus 2011 (Appt.) 2020
31 Denise Driehaus Democrat Cincinnati 2008 2016
32 Dale Mallory Democrat Cincinnati 2006 2014
33 Alicia Reece Democrat Cincinnati 2010 (Appt.) 2018
34 Peter Stautberg Republican Anderson Twp. 2008 2016
35 Ron Maag Republican Lebanon 2008 2016
36 Michael Henne Republican Clayton 2010 2018
37 Jim Butler Republican Oakwood 2011 (Appt.) 2020
38 Terry Blair Republican Washington Twp. 2008 2016
39 Clayton Luckie Democrat Dayton 2006 (Appt.) 2014
40 Roland Winburn Democrat Harrison Twp. 2008 2016
41 Lynn Slaby Republican Copley 2010 2018
42 Kristina Roegner Republican Hudson 2010 2018
43 Todd McKenney Republican Akron 2010 2018
44 Vernon Sykes Democrat Akron 2006 2014
45 Zack Milkovich Democrat Akron 2010 2018
46 Barbara Sears Republican Sylvania 2008 (Appt.) 2016
47 Teresa Fedor Democrat Toledo 2010 2018
48 Michael Ashford Democrat Toledo 2010 2018
49 Matt Szollosi Democrat Toledo 2006 2014
50 Christina Hagan Republican Marlboro Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
51 Kirk Schuring Republican Canton 2010 2018
52 Stephen Slesnick Democrat Canton 2008 (Appt.) 2016
53 Timothy Derickson Republican Hanover Twp 2008 2016
54 Courtney Combs Republican Hamilton 2004 (Appt.) 2012
55 Margaret Conditt Republican Liberty Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
56 Dan Ramos Democrat Lorain 2010 2018
57 Matt Lundy Democrat Elyria 2006 2014
58 Terry Boose Republican Norwalk 2008 2016
59 Ron Gerberry Democrat Austintown 2007 (Appt.) 2016
60 Bob Hagan Democrat Youngstown 2006 2014
61 Mark Okey Democrat Carrollton 2006 2014
62 Lorraine Fende Democrat Willowick 2004 2012
63 Ron Young Republican LeRoy Township 2010 2018
64 Tom Letson Democrat Warren 2006 2014
65 Sean O'Brien Democrat Niles 2010 2018
66 Joe Uecker Republican Loveland 2004 2012
67 Peter Beck Republican Mason 2009 (Appt.) 2018
68 Kathleen Clyde Democrat Kent 2010 2018
69 William G. Batchelder Republican Medina 2006 2014
70 Jarrod Martin Republican Beavercreek 2008 2016
71 Jay Hottinger Republican Newark 2006 2014
72 Ross McGregor Republican Springfield 2005 (Appt.) 2014
73 Jay Goyal Democrat Mansfield 2006 2014
74 Bruce Goodwin Republican Defiance 2006 2014
75 Lynn Wachtmann Republican Napoleon 2006 2014
76 Robert Sprague Republican Findlay 2011 (Appt.) 2020
77 Jim Buchy Republican Greenville 2011 (Appt.) 2020
78 John Adams Republican Sidney 2006 2014
79 Richard Adams Republican Troy 2008 2016
80 Dennis Murray Democrat Sandusky 2008 2016
81 Rex Damschroder Republican Fremont 2010 2018
82 Jeffrey McClain Republican Upper Sandusky 2008 2016
83 David Burke Republican Marysville 2008 2016
84 Bob Hackett Republican London 2008 2016
85 Bob Peterson Republican Sabina 2010 2018
86 Cliff Rosenberger Republican Clarksville 2010 2018
87 John Carey Republican Wellston 2010 2018
88 Danny Bubp Republican West Union 2004 2012
89 Terry Johnson Republican Portsmouth 2010 2018
90 Margaret Ruhl Republican Mount Vernon 2008 2016
91 Bill Hayes Republican Pataskala 2010 2018
92 Debbie Phillips Democrat Athens 2008 2016
93 Andy Thompson Republican Marietta 2010 2018
94 Troy Balderson Republican Muskingum 2008 2016
95 Lou Gentile Democrat Steubenville 2010 2018
96 Al Landis Republican Dover 2010 2018
97 Dave Hall Republican Killbuck 2008 2016
98 Richard Hollington Republican Chagrin Falls 2011 (Appt.) 2020
99 Casey Kozlowski Republican Pierpont 2010 2018

Changes in membership


District Predecessor Reason for change Successor Date successor
6th Jon Husted (R) Husted resigned to become Ohio Secretary of State.
Lehner appointed for remainder of term.
Peggy Lehner (R) January 11, 2011
1st Steve Buehrer (R) Buehrer resigned to become director of the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation.
Hite appointed for remainder of term.
Cliff Hite (R) February 1, 2011
22nd Bob Gibbs (R) Gibbs resigned after winning an election to become a United States Congressman.
Obhof appointed for remainder of term.
Larry Obhof (R) February 1, 2011
4th Gary Cates (R) Resigned May 23, 2011 to become senior vice chancellor within a division of the Ohio Board of Regents.[1]
Coley appointed for remainder of term.[2]
Bill Coley (R) May 24, 2011
20th Jimmy Stewart (R) Stewart resigned to work as president of the Ohio Gas Association.[3]
Balderson appointed for remainder of term.
Troy Balderson (R) July 13, 2011
26th Karen Gillmor (R) Resigned July 13, 2011 to become chair of the Ohio Industrial Commission.[4]
Burke appointed for remainder of term.
David Burke (R) July 13, 2011
18th Tim Grendell (R) Grendell resigned to take a judiciary position.
Eklund appointed for remainder of term.
John Eklund (R) November 8, 2011
30th Jason Wilson (D) Wilson resigned to become a member of the Governor's cabinet.
Gentile appointed for remainder of term.
Lou Gentile (D) December 15, 2011
17th David T. Daniels (R) Daniels resigned to become a member of the Governor's cabinet.
Peterson appointed for remainder of term.
Bob Peterson (R) March 21, 2012

House of Representatives

District Predecessor Reason for change Successor Date successor
37th Peggy Lehner (R) Lehner resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Butler appointed for the remainder of the term.
Jim Butler (R) January 11, 2011
77th Jim Zehringer (R) Zehringer resigned after being appointed to the Governor's cabinet.
Buchy appointed for the remainder of the term.
Jim Buchy (R) January 11, 2011
98th Richard Hollington (R) Hollington retired. Tim Grendell elected but did not take oath.
Hollington reappointed as a placeholder.
Richard Hollington (R) January 11, 2011
76th Cliff Hite (R) Hite resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Sprague appointed for the remainder of the term.
Robert Sprague (R) February 2, 2011
50th Todd Snitchler (R) Snitchler resigned after being appointed to the Public Utilities Commission.
Hagan appointed for the remainder of the term.
Christina Hagan (R) March 1, 2011
55th Bill Coley (R) Coley resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Conditt appointed for the remainder of the term.
Margaret Conditt (R) June 8, 2011
83rd David Burke (R) Burke resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Pelanda appointed for the remainder of the term.
Dorothy Liggett Pelanda (R) July 28, 2011
94th Troy Balderson (R) Balderson resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Hill appointed for the remainder of the term.
Brian Hill (R) July 28, 2011
30th Robert Mecklenborg (R) Mecklenborg resigned after a scandal.
Terhar appointed for the remainder of the term.
Louis Terhar (R) September 14, 2011
43rd Todd McKenney (R) McKenney resigned after being appointed to the judiciary.
DeVitis appointed for the remainder of the term.
Anthony DeVitis (R) December 8, 2011
95th Lou Gentile (D) Gentile resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Cera appointed for the remainder of the term.
Jack Cera (D) December 15, 2011
15th Timothy J. DeGeeter (D) DeGeeter resigned after winning election as mayor of Parma, Ohio.
Celebrezze appointed for remainder of term.
Nicholas J. Celebrezze (R) January 16, 2012
87th John Carey (R) Carey resigned.
Rose appointed as a placeholder.
Philip H. Rose (R) January 18, 2012
98th Richard Hollington (R) Hollington resigned after being elected mayor of Hunting Valley.
Matheny appointed as a placeholder.
Mary Brigid Matheny (R) January 18, 2012
87th Philip H. Rose (R) Carey resigned.
Smith appointed for the remainder of the term.
Ryan Smith (R) April 18, 2012
98th Mary Brigid Matheny (R) Matheny resigned.
Lynch appointed for the remainder of the term.
Matt Lynch (R) April 18, 2012
85th Bob Peterson (R) Peterson resigned after being appointed to the Ohio Senate.
Scherer appointed for the remainder of the term.
Gary Scherer (R) April 24, 2012
41st Lynn Slaby (R) Slaby resigned to take a position on the Public Utilities Commission.
His wife, Marilyn Slaby is appointed for the remainder of the term.
Marilyn Slaby (R) May 24, 2012
27th W. Carlton Weddington (D) Weddington resigned after a scandal.
Boyce appointed for the remainder of the term.
Kevin Boyce (D) May 6, 2012

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