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128th Ohio General Assembly

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The One Hundred Twenty-eighth Ohio General Assembly was the legislative body of the state of Ohio from January 5, 2009 until December 31, 2010. Ted Strickland was Ohio Governor for its entirety. It was composed of the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. The apportionment of districts was based on the 2000 United States Census. It marked the first time in fourteen years that the Ohio Democratic Party controlled the House of Representatives, while the Ohio Republican Party maintained control of the Ohio Senate.

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[Innsbruck, Austria is considered as the heart of Alps] [Running men have come to this beautiful city] [They live in the local B&B] [Night falls] [As the lights are lit, the city become more romance] [We are going to stay in this B&B] Mageline [Your personal skin-care housekeeper] The size also fit with my face Almost [Warm] [The pajamas is good] It's fashionable Honestly, this atmosphere is Not fit for Chao He should have walked from a big castle You make me wrong The main reason is that This suit is warm for our old people Are you from an ancient castle? Chao We look like We should wear the pajamas,right? Hello I think the batman comes Lu is cool Very cool Do you steal the pajamas of Chen He? The master And his wife You should do a hair The all-back Otherwise, that is not fit to your pajamas We are in the style of gentleman Why not tearing the mask? I am afraid that you can't recognize me after tearing Look at us Chuxi and I are care about our skin Mageline Light and non-greasy But When you make it for a long time If it gets dry? Don't worry It won't be dry even a year Believe in me Because you can't absorb it? [Don't make me laugh, the mask will drop] The question is I actually wear this at home But I think you borrow your pajamas [Don't tell the truth] Does he? He is awesome [Good evening, everyone] [It's rare to get you guys together] [So tonight] [We prepare a party to you] [Meanwhile] [Let us check] [After a day getting along with] [All of you] [Are so familiar with others?] [And there is no secret among you] [The little game called anonymous order] [The order of your looking] [Everyone] [Can write down] [The name of] [The top 3] Why are you so cruel to Li Chen and Chen He? [Innocent] Before The result comes out Be humble Or then when we play the show back You will be regret Not only that but also you may be beat by Li Chen [Warning] Come on The man here Mr. Wu must be the first one [Who is the most handsome guy?] [Let me see] Let me see what you write down? I never know that they are so exaggerate See Chao Exaggeration? So exaggerate So what‘s the benefit to be the most handsome one? Maybe could get the R coin Me [You can write down now] [You must follow your heart] Chao, as you think you are the first one just write down your name Fine, I just do it [That’s your true thought] Okay I done I swear I didn't put me into the top 1 You write down your name Absolutely [I am handsome] No one will know Which one is written by me [Chao, please] [Call out the name selected in a ballot] Me? Okay, how to do it? What does that mean? Deng Chao Li Chen Lu Han This handwriting The handwriting It belongs to you No. It's not mine That's embarrassing Let me see It's not mine Is this yours? That's impossible It's mine [Just smiling] Number 1 Bo Number 2, Lu Han Number 3 Li Little Li? Li means me, Li Chen I know that But maybe someone's family name is Li,too You put yourself into top 3 I have to say that The only reason I write my name is because I think I may win something Dude, after this we are going to sleep there is nothing We are going to sleep soon Next note It's folded well It may belongs to a woman It must be Kun Ling's Why Because this is the traditional Chinese Characters Selina Selina also use the traditional Chinese Characters Yes, Selina also use it One of them I think it belong to Selina Selina's Selina is laughing out It must be Selina's Sorry My sweet It's doesn't matter Number 2 is not bad Never mind I am satisfied Which number I give him The number 2 He is on the list I have to tell you It's not easy for him to be on the list I think You said that anonymous Director That's useless You write by the traditional Chinese character Right? I don't This is the traditional Chinese character All of them So traditional You know So The truth is She lied to Zheng Kai [Zheng Kai is not on the list] But in your heart Who do you want to be together? Tell the truth [You told me that] That's delicious, I give that to you At the first day, you came here You said that you wanna be my teammate But now I mean that I don't even on the list You are wrong The first day came here She should make some fun [The tear will accompany with me] If she came here and said that she wanna be my teammate That won't be Fun That's a trap Just for fun Chao Thanks, Selina I mean it And I have to write your name down But my name Wait Why you amend a name before mine? The first character is Li Li, you wrote Li No It should be Li Sorry Selina I know that You are good at making fun Because my room is so good I am so thankful Absolutely At first, I wanna put him to be the number 2 But I think You should show your thank You are my teammate How could I do that? I intended to put your name to the number 1 But Finally, his pajamas is real cool Thanks That's enough Please give me that note I have to mount it up This game This game is interesting I am be the top 1 Let's see the next one The handwriting is good Bo Kai,Lu [The charming man is the top 1 again] As the pretty handwriting Maybe it's Bo's Why I call myself Bo? [What a good sense, I can't argue about it more] So I mean it, the handwriting is good Maybe It's Chuxi's, she haven't talked Bo, Kai, Lu Yeah, it's right The next one Lu Deng Chao Zheng Kai It may be Mr.Wu's It's mine Chen is my good friend So I don't write his name It's fine, Bo It's fine Bo [How about me?] You are a comedian actor [I am the most handsome one in the comedian circle] Bo We also need the respect [My fault] Bo Without his explanation The reason is less hurt After his explanation His heart is broken Okay The next one [Casual handwriting] It's mine I admit it What do you write down? Who is the first one? What do you write down? Who is the first one? Lu Deng Chao I mean it I think I am handsome Which camera give me a close-up sequence? Here [What] [Are] [You doing?] I really think that I am the handsome one Handsome The camerist also laugh at you Why do you laugh? With his laughing ,the camera is shivering Tell you why do you write your name down Do you wanna win something? Want something? Do you? Do you? Yes As the old thought Even though we put our name to the last one We could win And take the gift when we go to sleep As I wear so many clothes I should take something Agree It's true The next one It's simple Lu Chao, Chen Its own may be a girl A boy May be a boy [Who writes it?] I think it's Zuer's Nope, nope It looks like a kid writes it You You write it [Flee] Chen He, it's Chen He's It's yours, right? Why Why are you so fat and your character is so small Your handwriting is not proportion to your character How do you make it? Because of your shape eyes or short hand? You're wrong If you write it big, it's easy to make a mistake But if you write it small You can't read it clearly Thanks, bro This note also need to be mount up Thanks Super How dedicate you are You should mount it up Beyond expectation Let's move to the next one This handwriting Like the Aesthetic character It must belong to a girl The handwriting is pretty [Focus] Obviously? Your expression looks like this [Your expression betrays you] I am on the list again The first one Bo The second one Lu Han The third one Deng Chao The middle one is the first one, Lu Han Yes Baby writes it Next note This It's the traditional Chinese character [My turn] The first one, Bo The second one, Zheng Kai The third one, it's me [The true teammate] [Support you] Okay, next one The first one, Bo The second one, Kaikai The third one, Lu han Kaikai That means familiar with Kai Kaikai You called yourself Kaikai? Really? You called yourself Kaikai You called yourself Kaikai So I need to call myself Chenchen [Award] Now, there are 2 notes left Number 1, Mr.Wu Number 2, Chao Number 3, Kai Who writes it? Me It's yours Why not ask me why do I vote for Kai? Why do you vote for him? Because I worried that no one vote for him Then he will be sad Zuer You can't say like that You have to express it from your inner heart Because I think he is so handsome And the pajamas he wears tonight See, his poor face Extremely handsome I know that The girls in her age It's shy to Express their true thought And other age also express their thought [The delegate of other age] [Just skip this topic] Okay The last note Number 1 Lu Number 2 Li Chen Number 3 Chen He Good You write it? I vote for you [True friend] You write that note? Local team Who he vote for? We are lo... He puts himself into which place He puts himself into The first place The first place So what do you wanna take back? To be honest How do you do that? [Because that is a true] He is the most handsome one Done Okay [Now,we publish the result] [The top one is] [Lu] [He gets 9 votes] [The second one are] [Chao and Bo] [They get 8 votes respectively] [The third one is Kai] [He gets] [5 votes] Thanks to I vote for myself [The fourth one is Chen] [He gets 4 votes] [The last one is He] [Only 2 votes] Nope Wait a minute [I have something to ask] So you ask us to come here And insult me What do you mean? Come here Why don't me go to sleep? I have to come here and be "insulted" I will have a nightmare this night Don't do that I have to say Even though we can't be in the top 3 But we are so happy Very happy Because the order Brings the happiness To you I don't want to emphasize this here [My heart aches for you,He] [Even though] [Chen He is the last one] [But in our mind] [You are the handsome one] Shut up [I mean it] [No matter what you say is useless] Too much That's too much [Now everyone can] [Go on the game] [Tomorrow we are going to] [Experience the icy world deeply] [Please prepare well] [Hope all of you would ] [Make full use of your advantages] [But] [We have the last thing to do] [Punishment] [According to the order we made] [The first one] [He has to] [With his pajamas] [Running and yelling] [What a handsome I am] [I am the most handsome guy in the world] What did I say See I think I think I must be the first one With this pajamas It's suitable Let alone the ice surface I even can climb into the ice hole [So how about you to be the first one?] Don't get cold Yes So bad So we can watch him here? I am handsome I am handsome I am so handsome I am the most handsome in the world The most handsome I am handsome I am so handsome I am the most handsome in the world [I am the most handsome in the world] This is the price of handsome It's not cold [How about announcing it's end, He?] [The most handsome one] Everyone looks at me Chen He is the ugliest 3 2 1 [Morning] [Innsbruck wakes up gradually] [As the famous skiing resorts] [Innsbruck held Winter Olympic Games for 3 times, and it called the city of Winter Olympics] [Today running man will experience the skiing here] We are on the stage of Olympics It's spectacular So beautiful See, what is on our left side The Olympics sign So shock [Welcome to the capital of the state of Tyrol, Austria] [Innsbruck] [It's called the heart of Alps] [Also the famous resort of skiing in Europe] [This beautiful city] [Also called] [The city of Winter Olympics] [It's the only city] [Which held 3 times] [Of the Winter Olympics] This This is the track of Olympics Yes, this is the skiing platform [There are 3 fire tower] [Behind you] [They are held 1964's and] [Behind you] [They are held 1964's and] [1976's Winter Olympics] [Also the 1st Winter Youth Olympics Games] [Their fire also be lighted up here] [This tower also symbolize that] [The spirit of Olympics never ends] [Today we are here] [This special place] [Host] [The 1st Anmuxi] [Ice Fun Games] [In order to] [Support] [The Winter Olympics in 2022] Yeah [we will divide you into 2 groups] [By the fair and equitable way] [To choose] [Your team leader] Obviously,we are the red team Right? Yes As you say so We are the yellow team Today's activity relate to our foot? If that is the case, I have the advantage So Yingying's foot Is not only 39 yards See, our foot are Almost the same Your foot is the same big How large are your feet? 42 yards My feet really is 39 yards It was found On our way here Yingying rolled her foot for a few days Yes Yesterday she opened it And said it's the smallest Now everyone knows My yard Never mind The big feet is not a matter The big feet is good for walking Bro, you make a mistake The big mouth is good for eating The big feet is good for walking Yes, the big feet [Funny] [Now] [Each team] [To choose your team leader] We choose the youngest and who is full of vigour That means future and Hope Zuer I think you are the youngest one in your team To give a show of Balala Little magic fairy Agree Come on,Balala Little magic fairy Okay Balala Little magic fairy Make up [Can't see] I think Kun Ling could be our team leader I think so And our man to be The vice leader, okay? We are the vice leader Welcome the leader of our team [The leader of yellow team, Kun Ling] [Now] [The team leader should] [[Read the oath] Me, Song Zuer Would like to be the leader of red team And make these promises Me, Kun Ling Speak in English Me, Hannah Would like to be the leader of yellow team Not afraid of hardship And always at the forefront Play the exemplary role Take care of my teammate with all my heart Server my teammate According to the sport spirit of fairness, just And insistence Unite all of my teammate Lead the morale Fight for today's contest And hope we could win [Wish the leaders] [Could unit the teammate] [And win the games] It feels like to be a class leader Keep running, the Winter Olympics in 2022 [The Anmuxi Ice Fun Games] [Go to the first mission place] [The Kutta snow field] Leader Do you remember The oath you read just now Yes I must be conscientious and responsible And keep the fair and just attitude And you have to serve Your teammate Remember? Your teammate Remember? Yes? Leader, I am thirsty Bring the tea Here Anmuxi Wow, that's good My favourite Anmuxi Leader, I need a massage My arm is sore Am I a leader or My arm is sore Or That's okay Or This is what's leader like Leader should Invigorate the team Leader should Take care of us Take off his glass Take it off Nope Leader You know That why he needs massage Fine I will take good care of you guys Very good To be honest I think our team is the best You can't touch Chao's muscle It's Hard You should touch the arm muscle of Li Chen This is my Extra How about introducing the speciality, Li? I am complete all-round You all know that His power How about Zheng Kai? Zheng kai Run so fast If you wanna catch something Then I say, go leopard Then He would go fast That's the hound not the leopard Me, I am excellent I am on the average level The average The average [Something strange] But my speciality I am suitable for analyzing problem And I can help you Solve the problem Our team is Invincible I can give you advise Do you have any plane today? Never give up Give up all? [At the beginning?] Yes No matter what we meet We should give it up, right? Give up all or never give up? Never give up Your order should be clear Do you have any plan? You be the first one to fight Really? The plane is suck To scare other Scaring is the first What can I do? Scaring is the first What can I do? I am the ugliest Comedian is not for this Comedian is great Really? Great Comedian brings the happiness to us [I am shy] Comedian is great Selina, I mean it When she sings The enemy would fall Absolutely They would fall as they listening your song You are my superstar [The Ice Fun Games is coming soon] Go It's beautiful I love this so much [Welcome to] [Kutta snow field] [This is the highest snow field in Austria] [Austria only] [8,000 square kilometers] [But his snow resort is] [The best all over the world] [Today] [We will finish] [All of the snow events here] [In order to] [Let you know more about the ice and snow] [Today,we invite someone special]] [The special guest] [The Snow Princess, Li Nena] Li Nena Freestyle Skiing Aerials The 1st world champion Her aerials ranks first in the world Among the female athletes Taking part in Winter Olympics for 4 times She won 2 silver medal Stay on a champion position of World championship for 3 sessions Awesome [Welcome Li Nena] There I see a athlete in red clothes See that turn, her knee almost stick to the ground [Speed and skill] A pretty arc Excellent How nature she skis! [Capture some fans] [So cool] Welcome I shake hands with her Here Come to our team Okay Welcome to Our show Keep running Thanks, thanks everyone Welcome [Today] [Miss Li wears] [The national team clothes] I see the national flag This is for World champion It changes every year And we take part in the Olympics The clothes almost is red When in the Olympics The clothes is red and yellow Red, yellow Red is for national flag Yellow is for the star We bid for the Winter Olympics in 2022 Yes, the Winter Olympics in Beijing Do you think I can join in the Olympics or not? I think You can To compete You could Your family could go with you The kids, right? Yeah, your two kids Yeah That sounds good Thanks [We are so honor] [To invite Li Nena] [As this game consultant] [She will release] [All the today's] [Game Contents] Okay, now I release today's mission In this Ice Fun Game Every content you win You can get a medal The team who has the more medal Then it wins Now The first contest [Snowball fight] Snowball fight is A interesting game in winter Now it is also an world contest Please take today's mission card Here Snowball fight Each team chooses a person To rob the other team's Anmuxi The rest of teammate stay in their stronghold Use the snowball To prevent the opponent In 2 mins Which team win more Anmuxi Then that team wins [Now,please choose] [The first man] How about the leader to fight for the first round? He said choose a male Me Wow [Make an example] Bo, I can't Zheng kai, come on I'm in [I'm not afraid] [Snow fight] Ready [Take it] [The snowball] Who throws to my face? [Throw to the face] I got it, go ahead [Pull] [Wu Xiubo, +1] Kaikai, come on [Loophole] [Zhangkai, +1] [Nothing can stop me catching the Anmuxi] [Zhangkai, +1] [Wu Xiubo, +1] [What a fieriness] [Ach for him, but I still wanna laugh] Nope [The leopard is trapped] [Countdown] Kaikai, go are you serious [Zhangkai, +1] Times up [One more] How could you do that? So tired Lots of snow on my neck The snow is filled with my clothes His whole head is Frozen by me Keep fresh [Frozen age] See, our rules During the relaxing time The "female soldier" are Prepare the "ammunition" carefully at this moment They don't waste any time Even a second Don't wasted [Now] [Please choose a teammate] [For the second round] Me Lu Han I'm in [Let me fight with you] Seriously? [Look at their eyes, they're ready to fight] [Revenge] We are standby Okay Li, Kai They prepare To "kill" me [Ready] [Luhan, go] Anyone else? [It's our turn] [Get it] [Hurt so bad] [Poor and funny] [Pull the Lu] [I have to state that this game called snow fight] Don't pull me Where are you going, Chen He [Let's go travel] Don't pull me Let him go [Save Lu] Let him go Let him go [Finish] [I am lost] [Starting point][Point of arrival] [One min left] Quick, 1 bottle also enough [The delaying tactics] [Pull Lu, then the yellow could remain ahead] Let him go [Whatever, if you can run then I lost] [When this round finishes?] [Times up] [No free lunch in the world] Good job [The second round] [The score is] [0 VS 0] [Why] I wanna ask He [It's not my fault this time] [Why always me?] Don't make me wrong I am not playing The match needs Tactic We are stay ahead So just keep it [Now] [Please standby] Okay [The contest between the 2 leaders] Go I could make Zuer Be a snowman Don't do that [The third round]ready 3, 2, 1 [Run at the same time] Don't come to me [Pull it back] [Kun Ling +1] Don't come to us No Zuer, go [The glass is gone] I could make Zhuer Be a snowman [It's time to keep the promise] Leader, go [All my mystic energy] Good job, Zuer [Pull it hard] [Can't see any lose chance] [The big snow comes] [Pay for it] [Surprise] [The last 15 seconds] [Try] Kun Ling, go [Kun Ling +1] Times up [Be a snowgirl] Are you okay? Thanks Are you okay? Good Very good Come on [The fourth round] [Please choose the teammate] How many bottle we fewer that them? [2] I will take it back this round [Just believe in me] Come on Give me a close-up sequence This round I won't let yellow team Get any bottle [The last round] [Try hard] [Almost there] Chao, go Chao, go [Be close to the milk] [Slip down] [Who am I?] [Where am I?] [Nothing can stop me] [Again] Chao, go That's too much They make fun of Chao, you know? Chao, go [The red team try hard to prevent] The ice, your love [Easy] We don't have to prevent Chao [How poor he is] I can't do that Just give a bottle to them So poor Let's cheer up for Chao Come on Cheer up, Chao You are the most hard-working old people I have ever seen Cheer up [The last 30 seconds] Chao,go don't give up [Can't give up] This is the spirit of Olympics Never give up No matter how hard is it We must go ahead Never give up Chao, go Get it Come on [Fight till the last minute] Cheer up, Chao You are the most hard-working old people I have ever seen Cheer up The last 30 seconds Chao,go don't give up [Can't give up] This is the spirit of Olympics Never give up No matter how hard is it We must go ahead Never give up Get it Come on [Fight till the last minute] [Times up] You are so excellent I am proud of you So tired So moved, I nearly cry Excellent Sorry Excellent Great Leader Sorry It doesn't matter [Now] [We public] [The result] [Just now] [The yellow team] [Got 6 bottles] [The red team] [Got 4 bottles] [Congratulation to yellow team] [In the first contest] [They get a medal] The best team We are now in Tyrol As its special geographical position Almost half of year here It's snowy So everyone likes The skiing activities Not only show up our charming But also build up our body In our county, more and more people Choose to the ski ranch in the winter To experience The vacation of skiing Today, it is so honor to invite The national skiing performance team of Austria Where Welcome They are coming The team shape Awesome Awesome Hello Hello, everyone Hello [The youngest one in this team] [She's only 8 years old] [And there is an old Papa] He is Hans He is 70 years old this year Hello, Hans He was coach of The Olympics champion from Austria The coach of Olympics champion How many does the little girl lean skiing? She learns it at 3 years old Only 3 years old, god Here, the youngest learner is Only 20 months old Really? Just 20 months old can learn it? Who? Deng Chao learns skiing at his 30s [What are you saying?] It doesn't matter, this skiing is Suitable for everyone The most oldest student of mine is 60 years old He still learns at 60 years old? Yes It's a national sport Every Austrian knows how to ski You are right [So skiing is] [Suitable for everyone] [To join together] [In the winter] [In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics] [Everyone can join in] [This winter sport] [So we could prepare it early] I am in It's right The ski ranch in the world More and more Chinese tourists Go there to ski I started skiing in 2002 I joined the Olympics in that year My 1st Olympics I have watched your match After that I learned it I have watched your match After that I learned it Thanks [Thanks again to] [The national skiing performance team ] [From Austria] [Thank you] Thank you Keep running 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing [The pure snow makes the sky and the ground together] [Skiing in the valley just like be in the fairy tales world] [Let's take s selfie] [They are going to the second contest] The heavier it is , the faster it is [Be drown] [Who come out first?] Chao Chao, come on Go Chao, come on Go [Swim] Chao [Everywhere is pool, just you want it] Come on Come on,He Chao go Go [The first one] He is coming up He is coming up Go [Over?] That's so scary I am not myself I always wanna find my mom [The first round] [The yellow team wins] Why can I move? Chao Swim out I can't move [It's not the thing going on] That's too exciting I apply for it again Because of the weight But The track has to been changed But our track is bumpy [Get it] Okay, change the track Whatever you want to change, it's fine [Now] [Please choose the member] [For second round] Zheng Kai Xiao Lu [Standby please] Come on I am scared I can't I can't, I am scared So am I [Ah] Are you scared? The camerist go down first [I can't control itself] Our camerist is going down The judge comes down first [Be different] You are down too early For the spare scene? Zheng Kai,go Lu, go Ready Come on You are leopard Zheng [The high-speed Lu follows] Come on, Lu [Almost the same time] Come on Kai So fast Come on Lu ,cheer up [Why? I can't move] So fast Zheng Kai Go [Try hard] You are really leopard Zheng Awesome You are really leopard Zheng Awesome You are really a leopard Lu, you are great, too Lu, you are so cute So cute From this shooting angle, he is so cute I can't move Lu, you are so cute Cutie Where is your face? I can't move [The second round winner is] [Yellow team] Your team is so ferocious What are we doing? [Now] [Please choose the member] [To the third round] I'm in How about Chuxi? Okay, Chuxi The female and the male Come on Chuxi Bo, come on [Nearly] [Arrive first] Chuxi,come on Come on Stand up Chuxi Like the wild monkey Chuxi,come on You are the lemon Where is Bo? Bo, cheer up Come on Come on Bo, come on Chuxi, you are the freeman [Roll over!] You are the lemonman So excellent She rolls over My god [The outstanding woman] Can't stand up But we could roll it over Chuxi, you are a soldier Excellent A soldier Good [The red team should cheer up] [You always] [Lose] Maybe they would get a negative score We like the opponent Like red team Don't be happy so early I haven't been in it Lan Yingying See, her name It's hard to win [You hurt me] I told you This game is For Black OX And there is his logo [Trembling] The fourth round Lan Yingying and Li Chen A giant comes I get it What happens? 3 2 1 Go Come on Are you scared? Now This is the big feet from red team Lan Yingying This is the black cow from yellow team, Li Chen The match between big feet and big black OX This match is expected Are you scared? Yingying Not at all Fine Go 3, 2, 1 They set out Come on We can see that They are of about the same speed Yingying passes Li Chen Awesome, Yingying Quick, come on Come on Who would come out soon? Come on [We have to win] [Lan Yingying, come out first] Lan Yingying Go The big feet is different from others Come on Come on Where is Li Chen? Where is he? Come on Where is he? Come on [You are great] Where is Li Chen? What's this? [Are you kidding me?] Why do you come out from here? [The extraordinary route] [The burrowed OX] Like a mole Finally,I see it The escape technique I watched on the TV Finally Are you making a underground tunnel? The burrowed OX [Where need to be dig?] You are so great, Yingying Excellent,thanks [This round, congratulation to] [The red team] I win the black OX [Please choose the member for] [The fifth round] I'm in Okay, Jiaxuan Okay, baby, go [Warming up] Okay [Ready] [Shout loudly, the skill] [Does she rent the throat?] [Female soprano voice] Selina When Selina get into it I think she may forget something Selina, where are you going? Selina , what are you doing? Where am I? Selina, where are you? [Baby, stand up first] Where am I ? Come on Come on baby Well done Selina, where are you going? Come on [I have to win] Come on, baby I can Well done Well done I have to tell you The little sponge belongs to you I said that These are my "son" There are so many little sponge Selina, where are you? Selina , are you okay? No, I am not How could you to held the concert? How? Your screaming Would be replay again and again In this 6 season of Keep Running Sacred? Yes [The last round] Our leader We are the best team Captain Kun Captain is sleepy I'm in Zuer, cheer up Cheer up, Zuer [The second time to the 2 leaders to fight] You push us down? Yes Can you? I have a daddy, mammy, sister, brother And I have 3 dogs and 5 cats [Is it the population?] Dude How could I sit safely? Hold both of side Remember it Get it Hold it tight Don't Wait a minute [Nervous] Just go like this? Rise your legs No, the question is Don't The problem is I won't turn over, right? You won't It's high, Ling It will be fine Cheer up Come on, Zuer Come on Captain Kun Oh my god Oh my god Well done, go Come on Captain Kun Come on Come on, Kun Ling [Kun Ling goes into the sponge first] Kun Ling arrives first Zuer, she is light [The red get the score or yellow team?] Captain Kun, stand up Come on Captain Kun Rise them up Good, go Zuer, go Zuer, you are great Zuer Zuer Roll Slowly Go Yes Rise them up Yes Come on Rise them up Come on, Captain Kun Come on [Kun Ling is going to come out] We are the best team Come on, Captain Kun Rise them up Come on Captain Kun Captain Kun You are just like the bulldozer And the dung beetle Zuer is swimming Congratulation to yellow team Your team Congratulation to yellow team Your team Get one more medal [Keep it in mind] We are coming The snow house We arrive at the snow house Anmuxi snow house The ice house Touch it Put your hand here Stick to it? It's so cold We make this house? The ice house? Custom-made ice house So beautiful That's not easy to make it Please be seated Welcome to our Custom-made ice house Today we are going to begin The third contest Rush to answer This contest aims at The knowledge of Winter Olympics In this contest Besides Li Nena We invite Another main judges Let's welcome them Zhang Peimeng, the sprinter He joined the Xue Che Team He is preparing for the Winter Olympics in 2022 Welcome I am sorry to have no gifts for you Please have a seat Gorgeous, you changed your career I joined the 100 meters race first It represents the speed of the track and field event It's the comprehensive event of the summer and winter It's the fasted event Gorgeous. You love the speed. It arrives at the speed of 140 Is it difficult for you to change the career? Not really The advantage is the first 30 meters The initial velocity, the acceleration Yes, the racing consciousness is more important To finish the race Gorgeous We will have the third competition here. Answering in the snow house One member sruggles for the answering chance You can get the score if you have the right answer The other team has to take off the clothes according to your team's score If you get the wrong answer Your team should take off the clothes according to your half score I should put on more clothes I should wear my scarf[Clothes are not enough when we need them] All of us need to take cloth off or just one of us? The total number is ok Such a big deal I was in a hurry. Do you remember the things you bought yesterday? You can put them on [We like it] We should buy more yesterday You bought the most, right? So lucky Why should I buy a bag with high price So did I. How much is this one? It may be ok. Never mind. Why do we need this? Do you find it? It worths 20 I noticed it right now. It may be very useful The expensive one may be useful. Should we buy this one? I think the articles for daily use is not usful for us It's the illusion. I insist that it's useless Why should we buy this expensive thing? We buy all the expensive thing Think too much. We could not forecast their thicks Could I get it on? This is in the shoes. I can use it as my ear muffs You look like Mongolian You look so handsome. God, the overall They all need time to put them on We have nothing to do. It's an empty box[Lose the game at first] We are here for the lose. The red team is over, seriously It's so hot Will we extract our porcelain teeth or fake eyelash? Ok, we are ready[Others have the warm] One member should do the getting the answer-chance job Who has the quick reaction. You can do it. Li You can beat his hands into the ice It's so hurt The first question worths 8 Now is the question When did the Winer Olympics succeed in winning? A 2014 B 2015 C 2013 D 2012 Ready? 3,2,1, go [Red get the answer chance] He is so fast[I never failed in losing] You are so fast. I have no idea about the answer. You should let him to answer Do you have any idea? I guess it is 2014 They may be wrong. Is it 2015? Do you remember it? [Is it the right answer?] Congratulations. You got the right answer Great I sang its promotion song before The 128th olympic committe was held in Kuala Lumpur on 31th July, 2015 Bach, the chairman of Olympic Committe announced that Beijing will be the No.1 to hold both summer and winter Olympic Congratulations. Yellow team needs to take 8 clothes off. 1,2,3. It's not qualified. My ears are so warm This is the ear muffs.[Congratulations that Xiaoliu finds the new continent] 6,7,8. It's ok It's not useful to be a strong man[It's the power of a knowledge man] You should get the chance to answer the question Our captial will go[Yellow asks Kunling to do the job] Be ready. The second question worths 8 Don'y be afraid. Now is the question Tell us the countries which has held the winter Olympics Could we tell you the countries? No There may be many cities in this country which held the Olympic Tell us 5 cities. I give up. You should get the chance to answer Be ready. 3,2,1 [Red gets the chance] So fast What are you doing? Didn't you ask me to get the chance It's so difficult. We are trying to recollect some cities, and you Let's discuss about it Say some cold cities. I knew some cities But it's so difficult The cold cities may be right Sanya Bali, Hawaii Maldives. They didn't know the Maldives It's so famous. Yes. Xishhuangbanna [I should think of a way] Let's go and puzzle them [Could you tell the answer?] No way. This is the winner Olympic How could you be like this It's forbidden. Just, fair and open Hurry up. Fighting. 5 seconds to tell us the anser Innsbruck, Turin, Vencouver, Pusan, the last one Take off your coat Count down. Tell us the final answer Hokkaido The final answer of Red team is faulse Pywongchang Olympic Games Take your clothes off [Red team should take off 4 clothes] The third question worths 16 It may be more difficult We may take all the clothes off Let other members to do the job[Let me do it] Brother Bo will do it Fighting, Brother Bo Sure, let's do it What's the name of the Winter Olympic's emblem A.Winter dream B.Leap Ready. Get it after the Start You are so naughty, director. I didn't say it You said Start You can struggle for it after 3,2,1. 3,2,1,go [Yellow Team: get the answer chance] Calm down. It must be winter dream I don't want to take all my clothes off in this room It may have relationship with the Chinese Dream. So it may be winter dream Believe me, the winter dream It's the winter dream Finally we win for the first time[Forced smile] It's the combination of the Chinese culture and Olympic It comes from the Chinese word Han It shows the holiday celebration It also shows that the Beijing Winter Olympic will be hold in the Spring Festival The emblem of the Special Olympic is leap Get new knowledge. Red Team needs to take 16 clothes We don't need to take off the clothes This doesn't count. Ok. The fourth question worths 20 Such a big question. We have to get this chance Baby, get it[Baby will represent the red team] Chuxi, go[Zhong Chuxi will represent the Yellow Team] Huge pressure One of the events of the Winter Olympic is only available for male What's this event? A.cross-country skiing jumping C.nordic combined D.skeleton What? I knew it. Ready, 3,2,1, start [Red team gets the chance] Let them get the chance. I don't know the answer So here is the question. What's the answer. Don't you know it? I was encouraging her I think it may be D. Hold on It's D.[I didn't say anything] Twikle if I said the right answer You can discuss yourself[Depend on ourselves] What is the nordic combined It's the combination of the ski jumping and cross-country skiing The sportsman should finish both events It must be D, the combination of A and B It must be C. No, C means the sportsman should finish both The key could not be the two of the three Yes, this way is right. I think it may be D Ok, D. Make the decision. Why [The Red Team has different ideas] Are you sure? Choose C If A and B are available for male. Why C could not be available for female? It's different event Follow your choice.[Believe in your choice] Please announce the answer C, you got the right answer Right?[Gorgeous] I remembered Nina encouraged me to try the skeleton Do you want to try the skeleton?[Know that girls can try this event] The highest speed is 140. I would be very fast. [So smart] You should thank Baby She insisted it Why is it not available for female? Because it is so dangerous The ski jumping is available for female. But the combination is not available Congratulations. Yellow team, you should take off 20 clothes. Have more communication with teacher. You would learn more things. [Communication will help you to make progress] Come on, take off your clothes. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 [Such a fantastic scene] We may need mosaic[So cold] I have no coat I love this part so much. Next question worth 50 Let's chat Next question worths 30 [We should get the chance]We should struggle for the chance [Li Chen reprensents the Yello Team]Chao you can try I will do it[Chao represents the Red Team] We should have a chance, right?[Make preparation] Now is the question. Hold on, I want to try this side This side is better Be careful to Li Chen Now is the question Who is the first Chinese golden medal winner in the Winter Olympic? Do we have the options? No[How could I answer this question?] No options? Be ready Start[Yellow gets the chance] He refused the chance. Is it the Winter Olympic this year? [They may take their clothes off] In Chinese history [Chance is for the guy who gets ready] Do you feel cold?[Thank you] [It's useless]How could you feel cold All chocks in.[The human wall is already] It's ok. We don't know the answer It worths 30 if we get the right answer. It worths 15 if we get the wrong answer. Block the sound The first winner is Angelababy It's so difficult. Time is up. Yellow team gives us your answer Shen Xue There is a overlapping in his name: Yangyang Yes. The champion of the speed skating in the Salt Lake City in 2002 Yangyang is the chairman of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Committe She made great contribution to the applying process She is the leading figure in the winter events Thank you Yangyang And 15 clothes of the yellow team 1,2,3[Make an inventory of warehouses] So cold. 8,9,10 Back to your seat please. Use my feet to struggle for the light 14,15. Back to your seat I can stand here You can sit there and hang your legs. We can walk together Let's have a chat[Feet clap on the cold ice land] Kaikai. Have a hug[Become the Koala]No It's too cold. Let's go[Just like holding a baby] [Such a sweet capital]Next question worths 30 I am not afraid of you[Just want to beat the Red Team] Ok, now is the question Who is the player who winned the most golden medals A.Yangyang B.Wangmeng C.Wang Chunlu D.Zhou Yang Ready, 3,2,1,go[Red gets the chance] Give it to you It's hurt. Fine. I seemed to watch the tv It may be B. I don't know the last two I follow my heart. Please be quickly. Zhen Kai is too cold to say anything Just like a cat in winter Give us the answer.[Different ideas] I have a strong feeling that the answer is B If you win this question, we are going to capitulate to you Zhen Kai may need the amputation later How do you like, Nina I knew the answer Follow Baby's idea. She is so lucky today That's the end of Baby's luck. Chen He can tell you the truth. What's that? I watched the TV[You are so awesome] I take the main responsibility[Reduce 15 clothes] 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10[Give all the belongs out] My hairstyle I am so sorry[Please receive my sorry] You have such a nice nail. Just like a Zongzi [I can't hold it]Take your hat back You'd better take off your pants[The idea from the beauty cow] Dare you take off your hat now? [The visual shot] Dare you take off your hat now, Chen He? I dare not. Have a try [Have the handsome light] You are the most handsome one It's so ugly. I exchange my hat with my shoes Don't. I have a glasses[Thank you, Brother Bo] Next question worths 40 So rude[It doesn't fit me] Give precedence to the girl. Sure Now is the question There is only one country who has only one player Choose the country which is not in there 17 countries A.Kosovo B. Kenya C.Tonga D.Brunei Come on[I am not afraid of you] I want to ask whether we should have this chance We should have the sports spirit. I will be hurt Ready. Fighting 3,2,1,go [Yello gets the chance][You said you would give me the chance] He is not gentleman Give us the answer. Kenya I have no idea about it. Brunei and Tonga are the island country Kosovo is in the east of the Europe It's the time to show my knowledge [I am so happy to be naughty] What's that. Give us the answer [Have no answer] You ate so many lemons Our answer is C. Rash Which one is the right answer[I have no idea about it] I want to say that, you are wasting the time You should pay attention to the time cost The cost is high. His feet is becoming purple We insist the answer of C. I am ok There are 92 countries and regions in the Olympic Games 6 of them is for the first time And there is country who has only one player The answer is D We got such a cold knowledge. Great You need to take off 20 clothes Let's have a try[It's so cold] [The clothes Yellow are reducing] Could we admit the defeat? It could not be 20. Have a try You can admit the defeat It's purple Let's end this game [You need to wear Qiu Ku if you want to do the big deal] It's the key. I am so hot[My hairstyle could not be mess] It's great It's ok She has only one shoe[I am so desperate] I am so moved. I think we have too much clothes on You can put your cloth on. I can take mine off Selina you can put your cloth on[Give the chance to the team member] I can take my shoe off. You can put your cloth on So cold. So hot [Before and after] Next question worths 40 That may be the end Turn the tide. You should have a high speed [Xiao Lu represent the Red] Let me have the chance I exchange the shoe by a sock Now is the question Choose the one who is not the image ambassador of Beijing Winter Olympic A.Yangyang B.Yaoming C.Shen Xue D.Li Nina Ready,3,2,1,go [Red gets the chance] You are so handsome[Miss it please] I have nothing to take off now. Not sure. It must be Yaoming Yaoming told me he took part in it. Do you know that? Lie to us[Xiao Lu is so easy to believe others] The other three all have the relationship with snow Yangyang is the first one. Nina is Don't waste the time please I can't stop shaking Count down 10s. It may be Yaoming They all can apply for that Don't waste the time Yangyang must be. She is the chairman She is right. She is the staff now Please be hurry It's about the international influence Nina has been chosen [Why is the dark?][Blackout] Hurry up, we will be frozen A. Ok, announce the right answer You had the right choice Yellow you should take off 40 clothes. You can also admit defeat We have no 40 clothes[Game over] [Be strong, Brother He] We admire Yellow so much You exchange many knowledge by your feeling of cold Never give up. Thank you for your hardworing Thank you, the two examiner It's 2 to 1 now [Go to the next mission] We win once I admire it a lot. Especially the last analysis I think it should be the end of the game We should end them. We are wise We have the bad luck We have the difficult ones We are strong I think... Yes? We are in the Taolu[Why?] If we win, it's the end of today We could not win last part[The autonarcosisi of the losers] The time will not be enough[It's the destiny] Don't say the truth We have the hardworking and the insisting spirit We insist it to the end with the sport spirit Olympic Spirit. We have no clothes left It would be so poor if we took of all the clothes My mother will cry for that. It will not be like that See that the child is standing on the ice with the Qiuku You are the srongest one, just like a meat snowman Welcome. Winter events are the most popular in the winter Speed skiing and Kirnu are also the advantage events for us We are honored to invite the first champion of Figure Skating They are Chen Lu, and her daughter Anna [The ice butterfly, Chen Lu] So beautiful in the spot Awesome. So moved Say hello to everyone Anna won the champion in the Figure Skating for teenage in Beijing in 2017 She loves our show very much. Who is your favourite? Hug your favourite member [Who is Anna's favourite] [Choose Xiao Lu without any doubt]Thank you Why do you do this I should not ask this question. Fine He is the NO.1. Who is the next one [Do you know the feeling of heartbreaking?] So cute Now is the race. Speed skating relay Each team should use different tools to do the speed skating relay The first one is the winner. There will be three times Let's make a distribution. What do you want, Brother Bo? [The allocation of the yellow team]Li said he did well in it I will be the last one [The exercise]So tired Could the girls hold it? I will have a try Could you do it? Ok Push forward, then you can stand up[Leave me] The strongest duck in the world It's breaststroke. You are gorgeous The first round. Fighting[The first one of the red team] It's great to have a giant feet 3, 2, 1 [Selina gets the R first] [Selina is pushed out of the R region] Change the direction. Win it [Fierce attack] [You would have 5s to set off first if you have the R region] Count down. 10,9,8,7, Beautiful, 6,5,4,3,2, Insist,1 Be ready, Red team Go. Fighting Xiaolu is so fast Yellow team can go now. Fighting, Li Chen [Xiaolu has half circle advanced] Fighting. [Struggle for it] [Move forward with the hope of the team members]Fighting [I am coming][I am ready] [The third] [Reduce the distance in a sudden] You got the 5s. Fighting They are at the inside. They have the advance. Fighting It's so tired.[Power off] Fighting. It's almost. [The fourth] He is so fast.[Have the distance again] Hurry up. It's the end Be careful. Chuxi is so elegant She is such a beautiful penguin[SO beautiful on the ice] [But Brother Chao] Fighting [The fifth] Fighting Uncle Bo[In hurry][Speed up] [Leave the path of righteousness] [Now is the time]Fighting! [I must reduce the distance] [Succeed in overtaking] [But the destiny is so naughty] [Zhen Kai is out og the path] Where are you going? So fast Hurry up[It's a good chance] Come on[The sixth] [Struggling for backing to the path] Where are you going? Fighting[Struggle for catching up] Fighting [Go to the wrong desk] This side. Hurry up [Eat ice cream]Hurry up, you are almost there[Will Baby be the winner?] Red team wins it for the first round It's not easy for us Now Yellow take the advantage If Red win this round, we will have a overtime [We still have the chance] If yellow win, the game will be over You need to put your hands into the ice and thread a needle in 30s I never tried it. I can exchange it with you[Adjust in both team] I start it with the high speed[The speed advantage] You do the skiing. I will do the boat. Too difficult Round two. Fighting. Chuxi is the woman warrior of our team Ready, 3,2,1 Have a rest. It's too tired Water moon [Let's dance] Zuer starts the attack [Sheep becomes the tiger][Fall down in a sudden] Fighting. Count down[Zuer gets the R region] Fighting, Stand up. Be careful.[Zuer is out of the region] Stand in the circle.[Chuxi get the R region. Yellow gets the 5 seconds] Yellow sets off now Red could set off now Xiao Lu is so fast [I will catch up with him] [Xiaolu Fighting]Brother[Luhan succeed in reduce the distance] [Overtake is so easy] Catch her cushion [The race spot]Fighting What are you doing[Rub on the ice] Zhen Kai looks like a worm Are you sure, Zhen Kai? It's so tired Are you too old to do anything? I am too tired. I have to have a rest I can wait for you[Still move] It's time to show my power of big feet What's the use your body building? Maybe you can take off your shoes, it may be useful Think of the dumbbell which made you feel terrible What are you doing? There are only 30 days in a a month You spent 29 and half days in the gym. What's it for? Where are your power? I love the feeling of catching [Use the speed to prove everything] What's your body building for? Maybe I can wait for you Where is your power? Goodbye. You are useless What's the result? Fighting. Be steady[Have the new feeling] Slow down. Be careful It's over[Out of power] Fighting It doesn't fit me [Come and catch me][We are going to win] Fighting Brother Chao[The fifth] Fighting I am afraid. Selina is so cute It's ok. Don't be nervous or pressure. You just need to be beautiful Fighting. What's wrong with my members Fighting[Arrive at the end so easily] Give me more time[The sisth] Fighting. I am coming Fighting, baby It's so difficult[Stop by hand] Fighting, hurry up.[Be careful] [I must hurry up, we can't lose the game] Put the hands in the ice for 30s 1,2,3,4,5,6. The hand may turn bad So cruel for 30s She is coming, capital. Fighting Do you count it? Fighting. Calm down, it's ok Is it terrible? It's hurt[Insist for the score] It's too long Time is up for baby. Don't bother her [Forcus][Interupt her for the Yellow] Leave away[Nervous] I am done Awesome. Is it so cold?[Work so hard for the team. Thank you for your hardworking] [You did your best, capital Kun] 2 to 1, Red team takes the advance So Red is the winner Congratulations for the medal It's 2 to 2. So we will have an overtime The one sits on the boat, and one pushes it This blue line to that blue line. The one who is close to the line is the winner Yes, we still have chance to win. Fighting Fighting. Be ready for the final round. 3,2,1 Fighting and hold on[Be the first one][It seems too fast] [Zuer hold on] [Only one centimetre to the blue line] [We are going to be the winner][Kai, it's your turn] [Adjust body to adjust the speed] [The car trail is over the blue line][Stop it] [0 to the blue line] [Happy and sad is in the same moment] After the measure, Red has 1 centimeter to the line, and Yellow has 0 centimeter. The winner is Yellow. So great Congratulations to the yellow.[Friendship is the first thing] We learnt a lot today We are for the Beijing Winter Olynpic in 2022 Invite more people to take part in it. Congratulations for Yellow to be the champion Guests will give you the golden medals Thank you. It's the real gold. Could we do it again? Congratulations again. We tried to let all of you feel the fun of the winter sports meeting We made the commitment that 30 million people will take part in the ice sports Encourage more people to enjoy the ice sport Best wishes to the Winter Olympic in 2022


Party summary


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 21 12 33 0
Begin 21 12 33 0
Latest voting share 63.6% 36.4%

House of Representatives

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 46 53 99 0
Begin 53 46 99 0
Latest voting share 53.5% 46.5%



House of Representatives



District Senator Party Residence First elected Term Limited
1 Steve Buehrer [1] Republican Delta 2006 2014
2 Mark Wagoner [2] Republican Toledo 2008 (Appt.) 2016
3 David Goodman [3] Republican New Albany 2001 (Appt.) 2010
4 Gary Cates [4] Republican West Chester 2004 2012
5 Fred Strahorn Democratic Dayton 2009 (Appt.) 2018
6 Jon Husted [5] Republican Kettering 2008 2016
7 Shannon Jones [6] Republican Springboro 2009 (Appt.) 2018
8 Bill Seitz [7] Republican Cincinnati 2007 (Appt.) 2016
9 Eric Kearney [8] Democratic Cincinnati 2005 (Appt.) 2014
10 Chris Widener [9] Republican Springfield 2008 2016
11 Teresa Fedor [10] Democratic Toledo 2002 2010
12 Keith Faber [11] Republican Celina 2007 (Appt.) 2016
13 Sue Morano [12] Democratic Lorain 2006 2014
14 Tom Niehaus [13] Republican New Richmond 2004 2012
15 Ray Miller [14] Democratic Columbus 2002 2010
16 Jim Hughes [15] Republican Columbus 2008 2016
17 John Carey [16] Republican Wellston 2002 2010
18 Timothy Grendell [17] Republican Chesterland 2004 2012
19 Bill Harris [18] Republican Ashland 2000 (Appt.) 2010
20 Jimmy Stewart Republican Athens 2008 2016
21 Shirley Smith [19] Democratic Cleveland 2006 2014
22 Vacant Republican
23 Dale Miller [20] Democratic Cleveland 2006 (Appt.) 2014
24 Tom Patton [21] Republican Strongsville 2008 (Appt.) 2016
25 Nina Turner [22] Democratic Cleveland 2008 (Appt.) 2018
26 Karen Gillmor [23] Republican Tiffin 2008 2016
27 Kevin Coughlin [24] Republican Cuyahoga Falls 2001 (Appt.) 2010
28 Tom Sawyer [25] Democratic Akron 2007 (Appt.) 2016
29 Kirk Schuring [26] Republican Canton 2002 2010
30 Jason Wilson [27] Democratic Columbiana 2007 (Appt.) 2016
31 Tim Schaffer [28] Republican Lancaster 2006 2014
32 Capri Cafaro [29] Democratic Hubbard 2007 (Appt.) 2016
33 Joe Schiavoni [30] Democratic Canfield 2009 (Appt.) 2018

House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence First Elected Term Limited
1 Linda Bolon Dem East Palestine 2006 2014
2 Kris Jordan Rep Dublin 2008 2016
3 Ron Amstutz Rep Wooster 2008 2016
4 Matt Huffman Rep Lima 2006 2014
5 Gerald Stebleton Rep Lancaster 2006 2014
6 Randy Gardner Rep Bowling Green 2008 (Appt.) 2016
7 Kenny Yuko Dem Richmond Heights 2004 2012
8 Armond Budish Dem Beachwood 2006 2014
9 Barbara Boyd Dem Cleveland Heights 2006 2014
10 Robin Belcher Dem Cleveland 2009 (Appt.) 2018
11 Sandra Williams Dem Cleveland 2006 2014
12 Michael DeBose Dem Cleveland 2002 (Appt.) 2010
13 Michael J. Skindell Dem Lakewood 2002 2010
14 Michael Foley Dem Cleveland 2006 (Appt.) 2014
15 Timothy J. DeGeeter Dem Parma 2003 (Appt.) 2012
16 Nan Baker Rep Westlake 2008 2016
17 Josh Mandel Rep Lyndhurst 2006 2014
18 Matt Patten Dem Strongsville 2008 2016
19 Marian Harris Dem Columbus 2008 2016
20 Nancy Garland Dem New Albany 2008 2016
21 Kevin Bacon Rep Columbus 2006 2014
22 John Patrick Carney Dem Clintonville 2008 2016
23 Cheryl Grossman Rep Grove City 2008 2016
24 Ted Celeste Dem Upper Arlington 2006 2014
25 Dan Stewart Dem Columbus 2002 2010
26 Tracy Maxwell Heard Dem Columbus 2006 2014
27 W. Carlton Weddington Dem Columbus 2008 2016
28 Connie Pillich Dem Montgomery 2008 2016
29 Lou Blessing Rep Cincinnati 2004 2012
30 Robert Mecklenborg Rep Cincinnati 2007 (Appt.) 2016
31 Denise Driehaus Dem Cincinnati 2008 2016
32 Dale Mallory Dem Cincinnati 2006 2014
33 Alicia Reece Dem Cincinnati 2010 (Appt.) 2018
34 Peter Stautberg Rep Anderson Twp. 2008 2016
35 Ron Maag Rep Lebanon 2008 2016
36 Seth Morgan Rep Huber Heights 2008 2016
37 Peggy Lehner Rep Kettering 2008 2016
38 Terry Blair Rep Washington Twp. 2008 2016
39 Clayton Luckie Dem Dayton 2006 (Appt.) 2014
40 Roland Winburn Dem Harrison Twp. 2008 2016
41 Brian Williams Dem Akron 2004 2012
42 Mike Moran Dem Hudson 2008 2016
43 Steve Dyer Dem Green 2006 2014
44 Vernon Sykes Dem Akron 2006 2014
45 John Otterman Dem Akron 2008 (Appt.) 2016
46 Barbara Sears Rep Sylvania 2008 (Appt.) 2016
47 Joe Walter Dem Toledo 2010 (Appt.) 2018
48 Edna Brown Dem Toledo 2001 (Appt.) 2010
49 Matt Szollosi Dem Toledo 2006 2014
50 Todd Snitchler Rep Uniontown 2008 2016
51 Scott Oelslager Rep Canton 2002 2010
52 Stephen Slesnick Dem Canton 2008 (Appt.) 2016
53 Timothy Derickson Rep Hanover Twp 2008 2016
54 Courtney Combs Rep Hamilton 2004 (Appt.) 2012
55 Bill Coley Rep West Chester Twp. 2004 2012
56 Joseph Koziura Dem Lorain 2001 (Appt.) 2010
57 Matt Lundy Dem Elyria 2006 2014
58 Terry Boose Rep Norwalk 2008 2016
59 Ron Gerberry Dem Austintown 2007 (Appt.) 2016
60 Bob Hagan Dem Youngstown 2006 2014
61 Mark Okey Dem Carrollton 2006 2014
62 Lorraine Fende Dem Willowick 2004 2012
63 Mark Schneider Dem Mentor 2008 2016
64 Tom Letson Dem Warren 2006 2014
65 Sandra Harwood Dem Niles 2002 2010
66 Joe Uecker Rep Loveland 2004 2012
67 Peter Beck Rep Mason 2009 (Appt.) 2018
68 Kathleen Chandler Dem Kent 2002 2010
69 William G. Batchelder Rep Medina 2006 2014
70 Jarrod Martin Rep Beavercreek 2008 2016
71 Jay Hottinger Rep Newark 2006 2014
72 Ross McGregor Rep Springfield 2005 (Appt.) 2014
73 Jay Goyal Dem Mansfield 2006 2014
74 Bruce Goodwin Rep Defiance 2006 2014 Finance and Appropriations Agriculture and Development Subcommittee Ranking Member
75 Lynn Wachtmann Rep Napoleon 2006 2014 Health Committee Ranking Member
76 Cliff Hite Rep Findlay 2006 2014 Faith-based Initiatives Committee Ranking Member
77 Jim Zehringer Rep Fort Recovery 2007 (Appt.) 2016 Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member
78 John Adams Rep Sidney 2006 2014 Minority Whip
79 Richard Adams Rep Troy 2008 2016
80 Dennis Murray Dem Sandusky 2008 2016
81 Jeff Wagner Rep Sycamore 2002 2010
82 Jeffrey McClain Rep Upper Sandusky 2008 2016
83 David Burke Rep Marysville 2008 2016 Finance and Appropriations Human Services Subcommittee Ranking Member
84 Bob Hackett Rep London 2008 2016
85 Raymond Pryor Dem Chillicothe 2008 2016
86 David T. Daniels Rep Greenfield 2002 2010 State Government Committee Ranking Member
87 Clyde Evans Rep Rio Grande 2002 2010 Public Security and Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member
88 Danny Bubp Rep West Union 2004 2012 Veterans Affairs Committee Ranking Member
89 Todd Book Dem McDermott 2002 2010 Rules and Reference Committee Chairman
90 Margaret Ruhl Rep Mount Vernon 2008 2016
91 Dan Dodd Dem Hebron 2006 2014 Insurance Committee Chairman
92 Debbie Phillips Dem Athens 2008 2016
93 Larry Woodford Dem Marietta 2010 (Appt.) 2020
94 Troy Balderson Rep Muskingum 2008 2016
95 John Domenick Dem Smithfield 2002 2010
96 Joshua O'Farrell Dem New Philadelphia 2010 (Appt.) 2018
97 Dave Hall Rep Killbuck 2008 2016
98 Richard Hollington Rep Chagrin Falls 2010 (Appt.) 2018
99 Deborah Newcomb Dem Conneaut 2008 (Appt.) 2016

Appt.- Member was appointed to current House Seat

Changes in membership


There were three resignations and one death.

33rd District John Boccieri (D)[1] Resigned December 31, 2008 to become a member of the United States House of Representatives. Joe Schiavoni (D)[2] January 6, 2009
5th District Tom Roberts (D) Resigned February 28, 2009 to become a member of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Fred Strahorn (D) March 31, 2009
7th District Bob Schuler (R) Schuler dies June 13, 2009, while in office. Shannon Jones (R) August 11, 2009
22nd District Bob Gibbs (R) Resigned December 31, 2010 to become a member of the United States House of Representatives. Larry Obhof (R) February 2, 2011

House of Representatives

There were seven resignations.

10th District Eugene Miller (D) Resigned to take a seat on Cleveland City Council. Robin Belcher (D) March 16, 2009
67th District Shannon Jones (R) Resigned to take a seat in the Ohio Senate. Peter Beck (R) September 20, 2009
98th District Matt Dolan (R) Resigned to focus on a run for Cuyahoga County Executive. Richard Hollington (R) February 6, 2010
33rd District Tyrone Yates (D) Resigned to become a judge on the Hamilton County Municipal Court. Alicia Reece March 3, 2010
47th District Peter Ujvagi (D) Resigned to become the administrator for Lucas County. Joe Walter March 24, 2010
96th District Allan Sayre (D) Resigned to become city manager for Dover, Ohio. Joshua O'Farrell June 2, 2010
93rd District Jennifer Garrison (D) Resigned to become a member of the Ohio Consumers Council. Larry Woodford December 7, 2010

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