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132nd Ohio General Assembly

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

132nd Ohio General Assembly
131st 133rd
Ohio Statehouse columbus.jpg
TermJanuary 3, 2017 (2017-01-03) – December 31, 2018 (2018-12-31)
Ohio Senate
President of the SenateLarry Obhof (R)
President Pro TemporeBob Peterson (R)
Party controlRepublican Party
House of Representatives
House SpeakerCliff Rosenberger (R)
Party controlRepublican Party
1stJanuary 3, 2017 – December 31, 2018

The One Hundred Thirty-Second Ohio General Assembly was a meeting of the Ohio state legislature, composed of the Ohio State Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. It convened in Columbus, Ohio on January 3, 2017 and adjourned December 31, 2018. The apportionment of legislative districts was based on the 2010 United States Census and 2011 redistricting plan. Both the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives were retained by the Ohio Republican Party.

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(Rankings Outside the Rankings) Hello, viewers. It's time to talk about rankings outside the rankings. I'm not even in the rankings for celebrities that would be sexy middle-aged. I'm Yang Seonil and I'm the same age as Gong Yoo. People, what do you say when your girlfriend asks for a gift? That's why we looked into it. Top 3 comments said when your girlfriend asks you for a gift. 3rd! Next time. 2nd! Let's break up. 1st! Who are you? Those that were left with credit card debt after a break-up should relate to this. Unfortunately, these didn't make the top 3. Comment said when your girlfriend wants a gift. 46th! Honey! Those shoes are so pretty. I want them. Then let's each pay half and share them. Let's each wear it 3 times a week. 132nd! Honey, those shoes are so pretty! I want them. Honey, you have to live life sensibly. I want to date Seolhyun, but I'm dating you. 360th! Honey, those shoes are so pretty! I want them. Yeah? Then show me a talent. 435th! Honey, those shoes are so pretty! Can you buy them for me? No. Buy them. My husband won't buy me shoes. 581st! Honey, those shoes are so pretty! I want them. - This is the last time. / - Alright. Keep a look-out. Alright. We have more rankings outside the rankings. Guys, a lot of you have younger sisters, right? Guys, what do you say when you see your younger sister's boyfriend? That's why we looked into it. Top 3 comments said when a guy sees his younger sister's boyfriend! 3rd! Oh, please. 2nd! Why are you dating her? 1st! Are you sick in the head? Those who want to buy their sister's boyfriend a pair of glasses should relate to these. Unfortunately, these didn't make the top 3. Comments said after seeing your sister's boyfriend! 64th! Taehun! This is my boyfriend. Hey, you're the guy dating my little sister? Don't live your life so recklessly! 115th. Taehun! This is my boyfriend. It's good that you're here. Let me borrow $50. I don't have money. I bet he has it. Ask him. He doesn't! - He doesn't! / - Hurry! 243rd! Taehun! This is my boyfriend. Oh! You're a very generous man! 367th! Honey, I'm not acting cute. I'm naturally... Taehun! I can't believe you can stomach that. Impressive... 478th! Taehun! This is my boyfriend. Hold on... Blink 3 times if you need help. (Busking Again) Hello! We've been busking on the street for 30 years. We're Mudeungsan. I'm Mr. Jang and he's Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim... It's an amazing album. Na Yoonkwon's 1st album. ♪ If it was me ♪ Jung Yup's 1st album. ♪ Nothing better ♪ We're selling both albums for $15. Please help us out. Let's perform here. - Okay. / - Okay. We haven't sang in a while so for our first song... What will we sing? It's a song by Jason Mraz. I have no idea what he's saying but we'll sing a Jason Mraz song. He'll sing most of it. 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ Well you done told me and you bet I felt it ♪ ♪ I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted ♪ ♪ I'm your man, I'm your man, my love ♪ ♪ Even today ♪ - ♪ I only think of you ♪ / - Boys! ♪ Go sing it somewhere else ♪ Don't sing your song here. Us grown-ups are performing here. What is this? What do you mean? We're busking here too. - Busking? / - Yes. You guys are brats. That wasn't funny at all. Go perform somewhere else. Sorry about that. We'll sing Jason Mraz's song again. He'll sing most of it. 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ But I won't hesitate ♪ - ♪ No more, no more ♪ / -♪ I'm your man even today ♪ - ♪ It cannot wait ♪ / - ♪ I only think of you ♪ - ♪ I'm yours ♪ / - ♪ I'm your man, I'm your man ♪ ♪ Well open up your mind ♪ - ♪ Even today ♪ / - ♪ And see like me ♪ - ♪ I think of only you ♪ / - ♪ Open up your plans and ♪ - ♪ Damn you're free ♪ / - Boys! Our songs got switched. You guys were singing SS501. Why did you give their song to us? Oh! - SS501 are old now? / - What? - No... / - Now old guys should sing their songs? - No! What are you saying? / - You youngsters... - You know nothing about singing. Leave! / - Leave! - Leave! / - Leave! ♪ Leave, leave and be locked up ♪ ♪ Be locked up inside of me ♪ Do you guys know about singing then? Do you know how many amazing singers were here? Have you heard of this girl? Yoon Bomi of Apink? Hey. Wow! He must be close with Yoon Bomi! Is it spring there? It's winter here. It's so cold! I want to go to Bhutan too! Geez, I thought it was for real. I just said it for laughs. It wasn't funny! - You don't know comedy, so leave! / - Leave! - Leave! / - Leave! ♪ Leave, leave and be locked up ♪ ♪ Be locked up inside of me ♪ We're not going anywhere! Then stop distracting us. Oh! It looks like many kids are here today. We'll sing a children's song for the kids. We'll sing "Gangnam Style." "Gangnam Style!" - ♪ If I was on TV ♪ / - ♪ Sexy lady ♪ The children's song got really racy. We'll sing a different children's song, kids. - ♪ The hunch-backed old lady ♪ / - ♪ Sexy lady ♪ The children's song became rejuvenated. Boys! You boys almost made the old lady have another kid! Forget that! Let's just sing something else. So what are you going to sing? We'll sing "Mona Lisa." He'll sing most of it. 1, 2, 3, 4. - ♪ You really can't ♪ / - ♪ Sexy lady ♪ - ♪ Accept ♪ / - ♪ Sexy lady ♪ ♪ My love ♪ ♪ Gangnam style ♪ - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ / - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ / - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ ♪ Oh, sexy lady ♪ - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ / - ♪ Gangnam style ♪ (Group Assignment) I did all the research... They're not here again. Don't I have the most seniority here? Unbelievable... Hey, Sora. You should greet your senior. Greetings. You should say hello. "Hello, Yunseung..." I'm right next to you! Unbelievable... When are the others getting here? Hey, what are your plans for tomorrow? I'm going shopping with my mom. Take me with you, take me with you. Hey! Look at the time now! Do you take me for a fool? Hey! Do you take him for a fool? Do you think he doesn't know how to get angry? - Yunseung! / - Yeah? Please get angry! Because you don't get angry... You're making me into the bad guy! My bad. And wear some proper clothes! It makes me so sad. That's what he's like. You did this to me. You did this! Geez, we have a lot to do. We'll be doomed at this rate. I don't want to disappoint the professor. Then let's order Chinese. What are you saying? What was that? Why would we order Chinese? Sweet and sour pork. - Yunseung. / - Yeah. I made a presentation. - You made one? / - Yes. You're the best, Huiryeong. Let's all watch. I will start group 6's presentation on Greek and Roman mythology. What is that? What the... He's blocking the words! Oh... Is that better? No! Not like that... Hey, just skip over it. Alright. Jump, jump... - No! / - Jump... I don't mean to jump over the words! Get rid of Bonobono! Alright. The first Greek and Roman myth. The Twelve Olympians. The Twelve Olympians include the god of war, the god of the sun, the god of wine... The god of the sea, the goddess of the moon... Hey! - And other gods... / - Hey! Show me the god of the sea again. Okay... "Boseidon?" What is Boseidon? Hey! Isn't it Poseidon? Get rid of Bonobono! Alright. Next are the constellations. Among the constellations, there are many that are related to Greek and Roman mythology. Some well-known ones include Cassiopeia, Orion, Gemini... And these new constellations, the beetle... And the hula-hoop. Hey! That's Bonobono! That is not a constellation! It's the hula-hoop! You added Bonobono! Get rid of Bonobono. Alright. Next is the most famous of the Twelve Olympians. It's Venus who was born from a clam shell. Hold on. That clam shell looks weird. What? Which one? Who's holding that shell? What is that? Hey! Who's holding the shell? - Who's holding... / - It's Bonobono. Why? Why is Bonobono holding that clam shell? Because he's Bonobono. No more Bonobono! Alright. Lastly, it's Cupid. When you're struck by Cupid's arrow... - You fall in love with the person... / - Hey! - Hey! / - Yes? Take the arrow out. Take the arrow out. - Yes. / - Zoom in. - Yes. / - Zoom in! Hey! Why? Why is Cupid's arrow... Just stop it! Stop it! Don't make any presentations! (Say Anything Festival) Hello, viewers! This is the Say Anything Festival. I'm having drinks with Jung Woosung after this. - Really? / - I just said anything! This is the Say Anything Festival. We'll meet our first contestant now. What? There's something on my face? Oh! Handsomeness. Good job raising the curtain! That's right! - I almost heard something strange. / - Yes! What's on Park Hwisun's face? Blackheads. Let's meet the next contestant. - High-rise! / - Is he talking to his king? I want to live in a high-rise apartment! He says he wants to live in a high-rise apartment! Right! - Amazing! / - Yes. I want to live in a high-rise apartment with my wife. Really? In separate units. Let's meet the next contestant. Is it Peking Opera? The frying pan game! It wasn't Peking Opera! - It was the frying pan game! / - Right! Is that Peking Opera? Let's meet the next contestant. I ate too much fine dust. You ate something? What about me? Suyeong wants to eat fine dust now. - Amazing! / - Amazing! Right. But Suyeong bought people masks. Because he's worried? So he can have all the fine dust. So greedy. Let's meet the next contestant. The rock party starts now! It's a real party of rocks! Amazing! - A rock party! / - That's right! - That one deserves praise. / - Yes. Good job! Stamp, stamp! Let's meet the next contestant. Sign with our team again. Then raise this. - Just raise this? / - Yes. He really raised the curtain! Amazing! He raised the red curtain! Then... Let me off at Icheon. Your salary? - I'll get off at Icheon. / - I'll let you off a bit later. Let's meet the next contestant. I will make this beauty disappear! He really made her disappear! For me, my marriage is like magic. What kind of magic? It makes my life disappear. Amazing. Let's meet the next contestant. I'll make... This beauty... She wasn't a beauty! It was just anyone! Amazing! But with Oh Nami... If you see her from the side... No, from the back... Let's meet the next contestant. Are you okay? - Are you okay? / - You scared me! She got more scared after seeing Hwisun! - Right! / - There's always someone ahead of you! But if you look at Hwisun for a while, he's handsome. For how long? 100 years. From the Say Anything Festival, this has been caster Pyeongchang, Korea... And commentator cow tail. Hello! (The Participation Show) Hello, I'm Song Yeonggil the comedian. We'll be picking one of you in the audience and make you into the female lead of a drama. Raise your hand if you want to be a drama lead. And you're single! Me! Me! Me! The girl in the black sweatshirt. Please step up. Hi, my name is Jiri. My surname is Ji. I'm Ji Jiri. Not loser! Today is the day of Gag Elementary alumni meeting. It sure brings up the past. It was really fun back then. Hey, Jiri! You left your hat behind! Guys. Let's be friends forever. - Let's be... / - Friends... - Forever! / - Forever! It's been 20 years already. I wonder how they're like all grown up. - Long time no see. / - How have you been? You all look the same. Hey. Jiri! - Hey. / - Long time no see. Why are you still wearing your hat from 20 years ago? Someone buy her a new hat. Should we do what we did as kids? Sure. Invincible Power Rangers! I am Red! Power Ranger Blue! Power Ranger Green! Power Ranger Yellow! Hey! - You... / - You're better at this than I thought. - She's good. / - I didn't think she'd remember it. - Amazing... / - Oh, right. I brought something. This should be a surprise. Ta-da! A time capsule? Yeah. Why'd you make it sound so accented? You've never even been abroad. Do you remember? We put our most precious belongings in here 20 years ago. Yeah. Let's see... So this is what you put in, Jiri. Jiri, used to play this for us all the time in school. Her recorder. Oh, a recorder. I want to hear the song that she used to play for us. Hold on. Why are you blowing it with your mouth? You used to blow it with your nose. That's why we listened to you play every day. She says she remembers. She does? You remember, right? - She remembers. / - You remember, right? She just forgot. What was that? Hold on... That was pretty powerful. - I saw something fly out. / - Pretty powerful. Let's have you play it. For real? Good. It could attract snakes so let's stop here. Yeah. You're still as good as ever. Taehun. You didn't put anything in here? I didn't put anything in. What I consider most precious... Is you and you can't fit in here. Come on! We're all friends. You're drunk. That hurt. Let's go get some air. - Yeah. / - Gosh... Jiri. This really takes me back. We were in the play together for the school arts festival. We were great back then. I played Tarzan and you played a chimpanzee. It's been a while but should we try it just once? Oh, I guess you don't remember. Then... I'll demonstrate for you. I think you did this back then. Jiri. I fell for how dynamic you are. Will you be my chimpanzee? Hey, I brought rice puffs... Hey... What are you doing? - Jiri is my girl. / - She's mine. That's it. I'm going to knock your teeth out today. Guys, let's take a photo. Hey... Where did they all go? They say photos last forever. How about the two of us take a photo? I'll hold it like this... Should we take a cute one together? Let's make the first one cute. 1, 2, 3. Let's make the second one silly. A silly one. Can you try making a face? Are you teasing me? It's not like that? Try to make your eyes whiter and stick your chin out like this. Don't laugh. I know you can do this. Shall we try? Here I go. 1, 2, 3. Hey! Look at you! You look so ugly. Hey. I can't be friends with you anymore. Now... I want you to be mine. Don't mess with me, punk. What are you doing? - What the... / - Do you want to get beat up like him? Hey... Listen up. Jiri is my girl. No way! She's mine! She's my chimpanzee. Don't be ridiculous! What was that? Guys! What the... Who are you? Don't you remember me? The pretty girl of Gag Elementary. Kim Miyeong. You guys know, right? A lot of people fall for each other at their alumni meeting. Who wants to fall for me today? You hit me in the eye! - What are you doing? / - Drag him out! What's with that person? Jiri, you decide who your real man is. Yeah. Is it time for me to choose now? I can't believe this. I'll hit last place on the head really hard. Here I go. 1, 2, 3! That's what you get for calling a girl a chimpanzee! 1, 2, 3! Jiri! Jiri! (The Set-up) Hey, Seunghwan! I'm a busy guy. What do you want? My girlfriend knows someone who wants to meet you when I mentioned you! Please stop mentioning me to other people. If people find out that we're friends, do you think you'll be on my level? She's pretty. We are at the same level. Have a seat. Hyeseon, Hyeseon! Only for a little bit! Just for a little bit! Hyeseon! Hyeseon. Just one blind date. I promise. Seunghye, I need a break from men. Starting today, no more men! But he's really handsome. Should I give it a go! Let's go! - Hey, honey. / - Hi. Seunghwan, say hello. - Hello. / - Hello. - Good-bye. / - Good-bye. Come on, Seunghwan. You said you'd set me up with a girl. This is a dude. - Seunghye. / - Yeah? I thought you were setting me up with a 10. This guy's a 2. - No! / - No! - Just sit down. / - Have a seat. - You two should talk a bit. / - Yeah. So how old are you? I'm 1,500 years old. What's your name? Al Capone. What car do you drive? I should kick you to the curb. Where do you live? In prison. Come on, Seunghwan... She says she lives in prison. He said he's 1,500 years old. He's like the ancestor of ugly. Say hello. - Hyeseon! / - Seunghwan! - Just sit. / - Sit down. - Just for a bit. / - Should we order then? Yeah. Excuse me. Yes, would you like to order? I'll have an Americano. - Honey? / - I'll have hot chocolate. And for you two? - An espresso... / - An espresso... So you like espressos, Al Capone? All I drink is espresso. Wow! That melted texture and the acidity of the Arabica beans isn't for anyone. It isn't for anyone! You're like a drain! You're like a sewer! You two are the perfect fit! - I'm off coffee! / - I'm off coffee! We'll take 4 hot chocolates. - Yes. / - Thank you. Hyeseon, say some nice things. I like your suit. Why thank you! I like your tie too. Why thank you! I like your pants too. Why thank... I like your dress. My dress... Thank you! Wow... She changed into a man. - Hyeseon! / - Come on, Seunghwan... - Just sit down. / - Your beverages are here. - Our drinks are here! / - Our drinks! - Let's drink. / - This looks good. Hey. Why aren't you two drinking? Dear God, thank you... You're a Christian, Al Capone? I was born with faith. I first went to church on Easter for eggs and I've been attending for 20 years. Gosh! Brother! Sister! You're like a drain. You're like a sewer! You two are perfect together! I'm actually a Buddhist monk. - Seunghye. / - Yeah? - It's coming. / - What is? - What is it? / - I'm becoming possessed! Welcome! Wow... This guy is possessed now. - Hyeseon! / - Seunghwan! - Just sit down. / - Sit. Come on. Gosh, we're so tactless, honey. - Right? / - Yeah. Seunghwan, we need to go talk. - Yeah, you two should talk. / - Hey. - Where are you going? Hey! / - Seunghye! Where are you going, Seunghye? That girl... - Excuse me... / - Excuse me... - Go ahead... / - Go ahead... - Go ahead... / - Go ahead... - Then I'll go... / - Then I'll go... I'll talk first! Yes, go ahead. I actually have somewhere to go today. I have somewhere to go too. I'm going to make bread. Do you like to make bread, Al Capone? I love bread! Great. I made this cake. Gosh! I love cake! You're like a drain. You're like a sewer. Add the bread... Add the cream... Hyeseon! And put your head in. I'm leaving. Don't look for me, Seunghye! Hyeseon! I'm a busy man. What is this about? Seunghwan, I'm really sorry. To make up for this, I'll do whatever you say. Fine! Get me that girl's number. Seunghwan! (Pigeon Magic Troupe 1) They're here to make up for their dark pasts. Introducing Mr. Gwon of the Pigeon Magic Troupe! Hello, everyone. I'm magician Gwon Jaegwan of the Pigeon Magic Troupe. Before I show you my big magic trick, I'll start off with a simple magic trick. Anyone in the audience... Have a $10 bill? - A $10. / - Me. Take out a $10 bill. Yes... This $10... I'll make it disappear. I fold it once... I told it twice... I told it three times... It disappeared. I'll show you my next trick. Um, excuse me. You made my money disappear. That's why it's magic. But it didn't disappear really. It's right... Well, I can't make you disappear now, can I? - Applause! / - Applause! I'll show you my real trick now. This next trick is hypnosis. Who wants to come up here and participate in some hypnosis? Raise your hand. Me! Me! It's me! Put your hand down! It's me. You guys, put your hands down. I've never seen this person before. Did you eat, boss? No, this is our first time meeting. Oh, right... Nice to meet you, boss! Yeah, yeah. Alright. Have a seat. Sit down. I'm going to hypnotize you now. For hypnosis... - I didn't say the magic words. / - Oh, right... Hypnotized. I am an iron robot. I feel no pain. I can endure it. Show them. He's fine, he's fine. Now wave to the audience. A big smile. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Awaken. You're supposed to wake up, fool. - Oh, right. / - Applause! (We Need to Talk 1987) Geez... What's taking her so long? Daehui! Daehui! Sorry for being late. Why were you so late? I got prettied up to see you. You lie every time you open your mouth. You joker... So why did you want to see me at this coffee shop? Sejin's little sister came from Seoul. He wants us to meet her... - And he's bringing her here. / - Yeah? Order some coffee. I ordered some when I got in. Good. Daehui. Hey, Bongseon. - What's up, Sejin. / - Hi. This is my younger sister. Say hello. Hello, I'm Sejin's younger sister. - Sejin, I have to use the bathroom. / - Yeah. Hey. I guess since you're siblings, you have the same eyes and nose. Sure, we're family. They say you resemble each other when in love. You two look exactly alike. I'll kill you. I'm sorry. I spoke thoughtlessly. What are you babbling about? I guess it's because she's from Seoul. Her face is so white. Hey, you're whiter. I'm back, Sejin. Oh, good. You speak so politely. How nice. Hey. You're nicer. What's your name? I'm Saebyeol. - Saebyeol? / - Yes. Wow, such a refined name. Hey! Your name is more refined. Shin Bongseon... You'd better stop that! Or I'll slap you silly... Slap you silly? What does that mean? They're complimenting your perm. Oh... - So you're Sejin's younger sister? / - Yes. - I'll speak casually since I'm older. / - Sure. Nice to meet you. I'm... Gag University! Philosophy major! Class of 1983! I'm Kim Daehui! Nice to meet you. Yes... Here are the drinks you ordered. Who ordered black coffee? Me. Yes, alright. Hey. - You ordered black coffee? / - Yes. Why? You usually order a parfait. They're your favorite. I'm on an intense diet these days. I have to avoid sweets. Isn't that sugar? Yes. Just eat parfait instead. Oh, that's bitter! What are you looking for? He didn't bring me a bottle opener. Excuse me. Forget it, man. Give it. - I'll open it. / - Okay. There you go. Thank you. Right. My department is getting drinks. We should be right on time if we go now. Yeah? Let's go then. Sorry, Sejin. We have to go now. Alright, good-bye. Nice to meet you, Sejin's sister. - Maybe we'll see each other again. / - Yes. Oh, right. What's your name again? Saebyeol. - Saebyeol? / - Yes. Bye... Saebyeol. See you next time. - Good-bye. / - Bye. - Sejin. / - Yeah? I did hear that Busan guys are dreamy. That guy sure is dreamy. Can you set me up with him? He already has a girlfriend. Oh, he has a girlfriend? She was here just now. Sitting right there. That was a girl? We're here already. I had fun today. Go on then. You go first. Hey. I'm the man here. A man shouldn't show a girl his backside. You go first. I'll go after I see you go. Alright. Oh... Hey there... You're home now, Daehui? Yes. dad. Bongseon, you took Daehui home today again? You're so reliable! Come on. What are you doing? Go home. Boy! You brat... She came all the way here. We can't just send her away! Bongseon, just wait a bit. Sir... I'm fine... Gosh... Goodness... Here. I'm really fine. Take it. What's this? Trash. It stinks so throw it out somewhere far away. - Daehui, it's cold. Get inside. / - Okay. Get inside. Boy, it's cold. Gosh... It's trash... Daehui! Daehui! Daehui! (Pigeon Magic Troupe 2) They're back again. The Pigeon Magic Troupe brings you hope and dreams. It's Mr. Gwon! Hello, everyone. I'm magician Gwon Jaegwan of the Pigeon Magic Troupe. Before I show you my big trick... I'll start off with a simple card trick. Give it here. I don't need this. Out of the audience here... I need one person to pick a card. Yes, pick a card. Pick the card that you like. Show everyone behind you. I won't look. Show everyone. Did you all see it? Yes. Put it back anywhere in the deck. Did you put it back? The card you picked... Is this card. No, it's not. The card you picked... Is this card. That's not my card. You all saw it. It's not. The card you picked... Is this card. That is correct. Applause! So I'll show you my big trick now. This is a teleportation trick. Don't be surprised. Our magician Lee Seongdong will show you an amazing teleportation trick. Magician Lee Seongdong, are you ready? Yes, boss. Alright, good. If you're ready... Don't be surprised. 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! - Applause! / - Applause! (YOLO Inn) Dear... Okbun! - Yes, dear? / - It's a gift. What's this? Whenever you're in danger, you can press that and I'll show up. Really? It's a bell for you. This is amazing. - I'm going downtown. / - Okay. Okbun, what is it? - Is something going on? / - It's nothing. I just wanted to try it once. That's not how it works. - Only for emergencies. / - Alright, alright. Okbun, what is it? What is it? I didn't press it. I need to go downtown. - Where? / - I'm going downtown. - Where? / - I'm going downtown... Natasha is buzzing me now... I have to go to Russia. - Russia? / - Yes. Alright. Make sure you take this to Russia. Take what? Take this! I'm sorry! Who's Natasha? I'm sorry. You must be insane. - Grandpa! / - Grandpa! Hey... Why are you two so excited? My friend posted a photo online and it got 100 likes! Really? I put my friend's photo on a table and he got 100 flowers. I'm going to take a pretty photo too. A photo? How pretty. #Selfie. #Pretty. #Today. What was all that? I'll make you look nice too. - Alright. / - Yes. #LiverSpots. #EveryDay. #SpicyBeefSoup. #BoiledMeat. #BoiledMeat? Funeral food... - You little brats! Where's my cane? / - Dear... Where's my cane? - Calm down. / - See? His eyes are too bad to find it! He's not scary at all. Why are you even here? Grandpa, buy some mandarins. $5 for a box of fresh mandarins. - They're delicious! / - Really? - $5 is cheap. / - That's not bad. Thank you. - We'll give you your change. / - Yeah. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Here. What's this? - It's imaginary pay. / - It's imaginary! - Imaginary? / - Yeah. This isn't right. What are you doing? What are you doing? My imaginary cane. Ouch! Ouch! Stop it! He won't stop once you start entertaining him! But... - You brats! / - Run for it! Get over here, you brats! - Those brats... / - Dear... Dear, don't be angry. Dear, I brought something special for you. Something special? Yes. Gosh... - Did you hear, dear? / - Natasha keeps buzzing... Better turn this off. Dear. Summer rolls. Summer rolls? - This looks great. / - You make wraps. - I should take care of my skin. / - Like this... You put all these together to eat it. Each and every... Hold on. I need rice paper to wrap this in. Oh, right. You're supposed to use this. Hold on. Hold on... You wrap it in this. Wrap it in that? Use this. This is rice paper. - That's rice paper? / - Yes. You used it as a sheet mask. Nonsense. Like this... You make a summer roll like this. What's this? A summer roll. More like a face roll. Don't be so disgusting. Eat it. This is more disgusting. It is not. Eat it. - Eat it. / - I did. - You did? / - I did. - I ate it. It's delicious. / - Isn't it? So good... Dear, do you like fruit juice? Me? I brought fruit juice. That's great. - Oh! I have something to squeeze the juice. / - No! I have that. It's right here. Hold on. We don't need that. I can make juice. This is the most disgusting thing ever. Oh, gosh... Fruit juice! What's that floating in there? - Here. / - What's this? It's fruit juice. It tastes sweet. It probably tastes like feet. No, it's sweet. - It smells weird. / - Drink it. That's so disgusting... You old fart. - Geez... / - And your food wasn't disgusting? It wasn't. - Sir! / - Hello! This is YOLO Inn, right? It's good you're here. Yes, this is YOLO Inn. I prepared really well today. We're going to stay the night! Then eat up and enjoy yourselves! Wow! Summer rolls! Summer rolls... This one. I'll give it to you. - Good, right? / - Delicious! Oh! It's fruit juice! It looks good! Honey, you drink this first and leave me some. Alright... I drank it all! You're so mean! Thank you! - Sure. / - Thank you! You really enjoyed that. Gosh... Why's it so hot? Kitty... This looks like a cat from the musical "Cats." - Kitty... / - Mr. Kim! - Huh? / - It's me, Mr. Kim. What's that? I went to sea and caught a tuna. And look at this. What is it? Look. I even caught octopus. Hey! No, Kitty! - Don't do that! / - No! - Get away. / - What are you doing? Gosh... Honey, my stomach really hurts. Your stomach hurts? Then lie down. I'll rub it for you. You have such warm hands, honey. Really? Honey! I feel like someone's watching us! Who's watching us? It's nothing. The old man is licking someone. Don't be ridiculous! It's for real. Honey, I feel better now. Really? Since you made my stomach feel better, I'll give you a kiss. Alright. Dear, what are you doing? What should we do? What are you all doing? (Child Romance) Suji. Are you still seeing your kindergarten boyfriend? No, no. I can't date younger guys anymore. I'm dating a grade schooler now. Here are your spicy rice cakes in a cup. But we didn't order this. Suji, I ordered that. Geez... Stop showing off with your mom's money! You guys can go ahead. - See you at academy later. / - Yeah. Suji. We need to talk. Make it quick. If I'm here alone, they'll think I ate all of this. Then we can eat together. Excuse me! I'd like a fork please! You still use a fork? What about you? Ma'am, can I get some chopsticks please? The ones without the handles. Hey, have you ever picked up beans with chopsticks? What do you mean by that? I'm in the giraffe class. Good for you, Mr. Kindergarten. This is how young you are. Accept reality. I'm in grade school now. Why are you being like this, Suji? Don't you remember? You had fun when we saw fish at the aquarium! Oh, the fish tanks in front of the raw fish shop? After seeing the fish there, I start to drool when I watch "Finding Nemo." Please just let me go. Hey, son. So there you were. Hello. Ta-da. I bought some corndogs. I like corndogs too. - You want a corndog, Suji? / - Yes! Then act pretty for me. I want a corndog too. I remember you used to dance for me when you were younger. ♪ Please give me a corndog ♪ - ♪ Please give me a corndog ♪ / - Alright. Sorry, Suji. I'll buy you one next time. Okay. Stay here with Suji. - Bye, Suji. / - Good-bye. At least you got one! Thank your dad for dining and dashing! Geez... Suji. Later. Wait, Suji! Did you forget about our happy memories? Happy memories? Oh, please. Roar! Tyrannosaurus! ♪ Play with us ♪ ♪ With dinosaurs, stomp, stomp ♪ ♪ Let's all have fun ♪ ♪ With my dinosaur friends ♪ Mungyu, unless you want to be extinct like dinosaurs, get out of here. Suji! Suji! Sangeun. You must be here because you're hungry. No. I came to see you. Suji, is there anything you're craving? Order anything! - Really? / - Yeah. Ma'am, rice cakes, fritters and blood sausages! You're amazing. Hold on! I brought a gift for Suji. A gift? What is it? Ta-da! Wow! A mask of my favorite robot! Is that it? Suji, ta-da! This is a real mask. I'm Optimus Prime. Suji is my girlfriend. Wow, that even changes your voice! That's right. That's the key point. I'm sorry, academy teacher. When you heard I called in sick, it wasn't my dad, it was this guy. No academy today. But I'm present in your heart, Suji. Sangeun... You're so cool! You're so pretty, Suji! See that? Suji's mine. - Let's go, Suji. / - Okay. Don't treat me like a preschool child! I'm not scared of you at all! Geez... I'm not scared of the boogey man! I'm not scared of lightning! Stop it! This is so childish! What's so scary about that stuff? - Geez... / - Hey! Who's being so noisy? I'm eating here. Hyorin, you're in 2nd grade. Hello. My neck hurts. - Elevator. / - Elevator... - Try to keep it down, alright? / - Okay. Ma'am, some spicy rice cakes in a cup please. - I'm going now. / - Okay. Good-bye, Hyorin. Suji! Suji! She's such a bully! (Momentary Home Shopping) This is Momentary Home Shopping with Lee Munjae and we'll start now. The product I'd like to show you today is a dishwasher. We'll bring the developer and CEO and talk with you all. Mr. CEO! Hello. Hello there. Hello. Yes. We'll talk about the product now. Most dishwashers can only wash around 20 dishes using 1 liter of water. People that make junk like that should be cursed. Korea is short on water, so 20 dishes isn't enough. So how many dishes can Yoo Minsang's dishwasher wash with 1 liter of water? 15 dishes... I'm sorry. This washer... Yoo Minsang's washer... The dishwasher... Don't space things out like that. Yoo Minsang's dishwasher. Yoo... Minsang's washer. - It's sounds like you're cussing... / - Dishwasher. Don't you all want one? Please call now. The number is 02-9189... 9406... 4444-4444... SoFresh-SoFresh... Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah. Is this a nightclub? So the number works. I love you, customer. In order to ensure quality service this call will be recorded. If you do not want this, please hang up. Hey! Why would you hang up? We'll cut to a commercial break. Hello? Hey, buddy. Sorry about before. How about some coffee? Right now. Yoo Minsang's dishwasher. How was that relevant? How was that even relevant? That was totally irrelevant. We'll show you some photos. Take a look. Ladies, isn't it tiring to stand up to do the dishes? It hurts your back. If you have Yoo Minsang's dishwasher, you don't have to worry about that. That's right. - See? Doesn't that look comfortable? / - Yes... No! You shouldn't sit on it! And our product is also used by world-class soccer player, Ronaldo. - Ronaldo uses it? / - Yes. So we'll get Ronaldo on the phone now. Just wait. Hello? Hello, this is Ronaldo. Yoo Minsang's dishwasher is great. Excuse me! How is Ronaldo so good at Korean? And... Those that order today get a chance to win Ronaldo's autograph too. Really? Hey! Why would Ronaldo write in Korean? We'll show you all a test so you can see how great our product is. Suyeong. See how our product works. When ketchup hardens, it's hard to wipe off the plate. You can put a plate with ketchup in our dishwasher to get it nice and clean... Excuse me. Excuse me! What are you doing? No! You ate this! Let the machine wash it! Once he puts the dish in... You'll see how clean... Hey! What are you doing with the ketchup? It's mine! What? Why did he even say that? Don't you all want one, people? Please call now. I love you... I love... I love you, customer... The light is coming on. I love you, customer... Why are you just noticing now? The light was obviously on! Hey! Let's cut to a commercial break. Do not kick the seat in front of you. Do not take photos or film videos. Yoo Minsang's dishwasher. Hey! Why did you do this for my dishwasher? Don't you all want one? Please call now. This has been Yoo Minsang's spicy pork. - Thank you. / - What are you saying? (Myeonghun, Myeonghun, Myeonghun) Myeonghun. - Myeonghun. / - Myeonghun. Yeah. We're friends, right? - Right? / - Right? Can just one of you talk? Okay. - Okay. / - Okay. This is crazy. Did you run out of food at home? No, I mean guys. I always have so many guys after me. I think it's because of this mole. You're right. I think it's a beauty mark. I think it's a sexy mole. I think you just look like a mole. Oh, right. You look like a mole too. Myeonghun, do you want to get in trouble? - Why are you crying? / - Why are you crying? He keeps lusting after my body! - You beast! / - You beast! You beast! Last time I said, "Myeonghun, I could use a drink. Buy me a drink." You took me somewhere dark and said something. What did you say? I want you. I want you. I want to kill you. Don't be so ridiculous again. Guys, congratulate me. I got casted in a period piece. Get 50% viewer ratings! Get 50% viewer ratings! Get a therapist! Well... I was like this shooting a scene where I run from assassins. Guess what the Japanese fans passing by said. Nami, you're so cute! Nami, you're so cute! Nami, you look like No-Face. Geez... Geez... Has this ever happened to you guys? Eating chicken without plucking the feathers? No. Falling in love. I told my crush, "Catch me if you can!" And started running like this. I think he fell for me. Do you know what he said? Such a cheerful smile. Such a cheerful smile. She looks like a bull. I caught a bull! (Bongsunga School) Hello! I'm the teacher of Bongsunga School, Kim Daehui. Let's get started with Bongsunga School! Hello, everyone. We will keep you all healthy. We're the hut yoga team. Not hot yoga. We're the hut yoga team. If you just give us a minute, you can have a healthy figure like us. This is the first move. We'll stretch out our pelvis first. Hands on your hips and move your pelvis forward and back. Knee up, knee up. One more times. Pelvis. Forward back. Let's put it all together now. 5, 6, 7, 8. This is the hut body. Hut line. What are you doing? Next is the second move. This second move is good for ladies who want a slimmer waist. Hands behind your head. And go down. Extend. The other way. Extend. Knees. Lift and lift. One more time. Extend. The other way. Extend. Let's put it all together 5, 6, 7, 8. This is the hut body. Hut line. Have a seat. - I enjoyed that. / - Everyone, I hope you all have a... Good night! Good job. We have a new student today. Hello, I'm a newbie reporter at KBS. I'm Jang... Seok. Pardon? What's your name? Jang... Seok? I'm Jang Yunseok. I'm sorry. My mic keeps getting cut off. Oh, right. I've provided the reports on poster boards so if you can't hear my mic, refer to the poster boards. This is my first report. Kim Junho of "2 Days and 1 Night..." Kim Jongmin... Stripped... Touched... And rolled around together. What? Why would he strip and touch Kim Jongmin? I just read the report but my mic keeps getting cut off. I'm sorry. Mic test. 1, 2, 3. Two. Ah, ah, ah. It's working fine. I think it's working fine now. I see. This is my next report. Today, during volunteer work with students, actor Gwon Sangu... Good work today... Come... Up... To the roof. You... Little... Punks... What was that? Why would you start cussing? Why did you cuss? I read my report as is! My mic keeps getting cut off. Not again... Go sit down! Fine. - What was that? / - What the... - He did that on purpose. / - He just spoke casually. Gosh... Alright. Have a seat. Next is Wu Eongjae! ♪ I'm back, back, back, back again ♪ Teacher, I drink burdock tea instead of barley tea. I'm Wu Eongjae. He's pointing that way this time, right? I think he's pointing that way. Isn't he? - Teacher. / - Yeah? - There are those times. / - What times? - There are those times. / - What do you mean? ♪ There are those times when you feel bad ♪ ♪ That your dad naps all day on Sunday ♪ ♪ Then he seemed unwell ♪ ♪ I felt like I had to wake him up ♪ ♪ Because he had cold sweats ♪ ♪ I woke my dad up and he said ♪ ♪ I was dreaming of your mom, son ♪ ♪ My dad said as he smiled ♪ ♪ Since I saw your mom ♪ ♪ I guess it was a pig dream ♪ ♪ What my dad needs ♪ ♪ Is two bags of lottery tickets ♪ What are you saying? - Teacher. / - Yeah? - There are those times. / - What times? - There are those times. / - What do you mean? ♪ There are those times ♪ ♪ When you're curious why your dad ♪ ♪ Is smiling at his cell phone ♪ ♪ I feel like he's smiling because ♪ ♪ The stock he invested in has been going up ♪ ♪ My dad showed me his phone and said ♪ ♪ TWICE is amazing, son ♪ ♪ My mom heard that and said ♪ ♪ I'll kill you, dear ♪ ♪ My dad can't hear anything so he needs ♪ ♪ Two bags of "Music Bank" tickets ♪ Go sit down. ♪ Again, again, again, again I'll be TT ♪ What was that? Next is Twisty. ♪ I'll be twisted ♪ I'm Twisty! I'm Twisty! Alright. Say hello since you're up here. I won't since you told me to! Then don't! I will since you told me not to! Hello, everyone. I always do the opposite. - I'm Twisty. / - How did you get so twisted? That's why the others won't hang out with you. It's true. The others won't hang out with me. That's why I brought something special... - So I can play with them. / - What is it? - It's a balloon. / - Ta-da. - Why? / - That's right? Is it to decorate the classroom? Me? Why would I do that? I'm going to put it near their faces and pop the balloon to scare them! That's so scary! Don't pop it. Don't even pop it near your face. Don't pop it near my face? Yeah, do not hold it close to your face and pop it. He's so thorough. We didn't rehearse that... Don't hold it close to my face and pop it? - Do not hold it close and pop it. / - Don't do it? Then I'll hold it close and pop it! - I'm fine. / - Good. - Good job. / - Yes. You'd better not put a balloon between your legs and ask me to pop it with my foot. Do not make me do that. I really don't want to do that. Don't ask me to. I won't do it. I will not do it. I can't even remember what you said. - Don't put it between... / - I said don't put it... Between your legs and ask me to kick it to pop it because I won't do it. I really won't do it. Don't put it between my legs and ask you to kick it to pop it? Then I'll put it between my legs and ask you to kick it to pop it. Why are you doing this? Why won't it pop? - Hold him. / - Hold him. - Hold him. / - Hold him. - Hold him. / - Hold on. Are you okay? This is for real... Hold on... I'm fine! Good. You used a small balloon. Never blow up a big one until it pops. - A big one? / - Yeah. A big one? I didn't bring a big one anyway! Too bad. - You didn't bring one? / - Nope. Here's a big one. - Use this? / - Yeah. - Then I'll use a big... / - Don't use this one. Don't do it? Then I'll blow up a big one and pop it. That's what I'll do. That's great and all, but do not blow it up and pop it in your pants like I did in my old skit. Don't blow it up and pop it in my pants? Don't. Then I'll blow it up and pop it in my pants! I'll pop it in my pants. You sure are working hard. Hold on... Hold on, this shape looks weird... Hold on... - Hold on... / - Get away! Oh, no! Hold on... I'm scared! I'm scared! - Something came out of your pants. / - You okay? You're okay, right? 3 things burst. What's the first thing? The balloon burst. What's the second thing? People burst out into laughter. What's the third thing? My you-know-what burst. I don't know what that is. - They don't either. / - At least you were funny. Sit. Thank you! Huh? You're suddenly being obedient? Good work, Twisty. Next is the handsome Geunji! Hello, teacher. I have a cursed body. I'm CB Ryu Geunji. How are you cursed? You're in great shape. - Teacher. / - Yeah. When I see money on the street... - I can't even pick it up. / - Why not? Well... If money is on the ground and I try to pick it up... This is what happens! I have such long... Legs. And I hate myself! I hate myself! I think you're really happy. - I'm crying from being said. / - Really? Cut! What is it, Director Jaehyeon? Geunji's mic needs to be fixed. Sorry, we have to fix a mic. Sorry about that. This shirt is kind of in the way. It's in the way? Then I won't wear this shirt! What's going on? Now you're using the director in your act? You're using the director now? (Gag Concert director, Lee Jaehyeon) You two planned this. Wow... Thanks. Teacher. Girls these days don't like guys with muscles. Why? Ladies... Just what part of me... Do you not like? Do you hate my biceps? Or do you hate my triceps? Or do you hate my pecs? Or do you hate my abs? Don't just laugh and answer me! Teacher. I hate my body! I hate it! Gosh... And to you all who didn't answer me... I hate you all! Go sit down already. - Sit down. / - I hate you too, teacher! I wonder if this couple is doing well. Hello. I enjoy watching you two on "Same Bed, Different Dreams." Hello, I'm Songvely. I love Korea and I love marriage. Hello. I'm the goddess of China. I'm Chunami. Chunam? Chunami. Songvely, what did you like most about Chunami? Probably my sexiness. What does that mean? White coating, white coating. Her tongue is coated white. You must be crazy! Songvely. I used your toothbrush to brush my teeth today. If we both die, I'm throwing this toothbrush out. I love you. I love you. Follow me. Follow me. My toothbrush... Please have a seat. Next is a fun class! History! That's so boring! It is not boring! So who are you guys? Hello, teacher! We're the fun-loving brothers. The Fun Bros! Yes, baby! So exciting, so exciting! Okay, okay. What will you talk about today? Teacher, we'll show you how national history doesn't have to be boring and it can be fun. Alright. 1592, the Battle of Hansando. General! General! We were victorious! Great! What happened to the Japanese? They've been scared off and they're escaping! - What? Escaping? / - Yes! Escaping! ♪ Escape, escape, escape ♪ ♪ Escape, escape, escape ♪ Teacher, join us! Help us! So exciting, so exciting! This is easier than it looks. - We held you up. / - Teacher. We'll show you how world history doesn't have to be boring and it can be fun. Alright. Wheeler, the inventor of the fan in 1882. If this turns, cool wind will come out. How can you make this turn? Like this! - How can you make it turn? / - It'll turn like this! What are you guys doing? You guys are hopeless! What? Hope? ♪ Hope, hope, hope ♪ ♪ Hope, hope, hope ♪ Thanks. This has been the Fun Bros! - So exciting, so exciting! / - Alright. Good work, Fun Bros. Next is Gangnam! That's so weak for a man! - Everyone say it. Man! / - Man! - Man! / - Man! - Man! / - Man! I'm the strong man, Gangnam! Kids these days are too weak like them. I'm saying a man shouldn't be this weak. Kids need to be powerful! Look at this. This. The slippery stairs sign. This sign is too weak! Weak! This is why people run and slip down stairs. The sign is too weak! Make the stairs powerful! Powerful stairs! PS! PS! Make the injury powerful! Critical injury! CI! CI! Lastly, make more injured! Powerful injured, PI! Good. That sounded a bit forced... But good work. So who's seen Shin Dosi? I'm right here! I will survive. I will survive. I will survive in nature! Hello. I moved to the mountains to escape the city. My surname is Shin and my name is Dosi. I'm Shin Dosi. Yes, Dosi. You've been single on the mountain a long time. Doesn't it get lonely? You must not know. I meet a ton of guys. I bet you ladies are curious how. Aren't you? Yes. When you see a hiker that you like passing by... A woman should never speak first. If I stand like this... Like this... I check him out like this. If I do this... Guys will approach you? They start a fight. "What are you staring at?" That's when you quietly take out your pickaxe and tell him you'll kill him unless he dates you. He's guaranteed to date you. I'm the pick-up artist of Dobongsan. It's me, it's me! Go sit down. Before I do... People, I'm sure fine dust is a hassle for you all. Yes. I made these masks with natural filters. Teacher, put one on. Put them on. Thank you. It's natural material so it's good stuff. It smells nice. It smells a bit like dirt and clay. What did you make this with? My socks. You'll inhale my foot odor instead of fine dust. Yumi, I'm not going to throw this out. I'll cherish it. Fine dust is talking! Please settle down. The principal will be here soon. Hello, Mr. Principal. Hello. People come first. I am the 19th principal of Bongsunga School, Moon Gyojang. My vision isn't good these days which is a big concern for me. Dear, that's why I prepared an eye-chart. Oh, really? Take a look... - And read what you can see. / - Yes. This. - 9. / - Nice job. I'll go a bit faster this time. - Yes. / - Here I go. People come first. This was all planned. I actually have perfect vision. Nice one! No wonder you picked out a great woman! I love you. It's cold so people aren't exercising these days. But there are many exercises you can do indoors. First, you can stwetch in your wiving woom. You can stretch in your living room. Cycwing at the fitness cwub. Cyclying at the fitness club. Pwaying shquash or shwimming at the indoor shports shenter. Playing squash or swimming at the indoor sports center. He isn't feeling so well today so he'll start tomorrow. I love you. Do any of you students have any concerns? Me! Yes, Dosi. Yes... It was all a lie earlier when I said I meet a lot of guys. It's been so long since I dated. I might even be interested in dating a colleague. Really? That's why we prepared this. Come on out! The 4 hottest guys on Gag Concert. Pick anyone you want. Don't just date anyone because you're desperate. I hope you all meet someone nice. Luck, luck, luck, luck!



District Senator Party Residence First elected Term Limited
1 Cliff Hite Republican Liberty Township 2011 (Appt.) 2022
2 Randy Gardner Republican Bowling Green 2012 2020
3 Kevin Bacon Republican Minerva Park 2010 2018
4 Bill Coley Republican Liberty Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
5 Bill Beagle Republican Tipp City 2010 2018
6 Peggy Lehner Republican Kettering 2011 (Appt.) 2020
7 Shannon Jones Republican Clearcreek Township 2009 (Appt.) 2018
8 Louis Terhar Republican Cincinnati 2016 2024
9 Cecil Thomas Democratic Cincinnati 2014 2022
10 Bob Hackett Republican London 2016 (Appt.) 2024
11 Edna Brown Democratic Toledo 2010 2018
12 Matt Huffman Republican Lima 2016 2024
13 Gayle Manning Republican North Ridgeville 2010 2018
14 Joe Uecker Republican Miami Township 2012 2020
15 Charleta Tavares Democratic Columbus 2010 2018
16 Stephanie Kunze Republican Columbus 2016 2024
17 Bob Peterson Republican Jasper Township 2012 (Appt.) 2022
18 John Eklund Republican Munson Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
19 Kris Jordan Republican Scioto Township 2010 2018
20 Troy Balderson Republican Falls Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
21 Sandra Williams Democratic Cleveland 2014 2022
22 Larry Obhof Republican Montville Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
23 Michael J. Skindell Democratic Lakewood 2010 2018
24 Matt Dolan Republican Chagrin Falls 2016 2024
25 Kenny Yuko Democratic Richmond Heights 2014 2022
26 David Burke Republican Marysville 2011 (Appt.) 2020
27 Frank LaRose Republican Copley Township 2010 2018
28 Vernon Sykes Democratic Akron 2016 2024
29 Scott Oelslager Republican North Canton 2010 2018
30 Frank Hoagland Republican Adena 2016 2024
31 Jay Hottinger Republican Newark 2014 2022
32 Sean O'Brien Democratic Hubbard 2016 2024
33 Joe Schiavoni Democratic Boardman 2009 (Appt.) 2018

House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence First Elected Term Limited
1 Scott Wiggam Republican Wooster 2016 2024
2 Mark Romanchuk Republican Ontario 2012 2020
3 Theresa Gavarone Republican Bowling Green 2016 (Appt.) 2024
4 Robert Cupp Republican Shawnee Township 2014 2022
5 Tim Ginter Republican Salem 2014 2022
6 Marlene Anielski Republican Walton Hills 2010 2018
7 Tom Patton Republican Strongsville 2016 2024
8 Kent Smith Democratic Euclid 2014 2022
9 Janine Boyd Democratic Cleveland Heights 2014 2022
10 Bill Patmon Democratic Cleveland 2010 2018
11 Stephanie Howse Democratic Cleveland 2014 2022
12 John E. Barnes, Jr. Democratic Cleveland 2010 2018
13 Nickie Antonio Democratic Lakewood 2010 2018
14 Martin Sweeney Democratic Cleveland 2014 2022
15 Nicholas J. Celebrezze Democratic Parma 2012 (Appt.) 2020
16 David Greenspan Republican Westlake 2016 2024
17 Adam Miller Democratic Columbus 2016 2024
18 Kristin Boggs Democratic Columbus 2016 (Appt.) 2024
19 Anne Gonzales Republican Westerville 2010 2018
20 Richard Brown Democratic Canal Winchester 2017 (Appt.) 2026
21 Mike Duffey Republican Worthington 2010 2018
22 David Leland Democratic Columbus 2014 2022
23 Laura Lanese Republican Grove City 2016 2024
24 Jim Hughes Republican Columbus 2016 2024
25 Bernadine Kent Democratic Columbus 2016 2024
26 Hearcel Craig Democratic Columbus 2014 2022
27 Tom Brinkman Republican Cincinnati 2014 2022
28 Jonathan Dever Republican Madeira 2014 2022
29 Louis Blessing Republican Colerain Township 2012 2020
30 Bill Seitz Republican Green Township 2016 2024
31 Brigid Kelly Democratic Cincinnati 2016 2024
32 Catherine Ingram Democratic Cincinnati 2016 2024
33 Alicia Reece Democratic Cincinnati 2010 (Appt.) 2018
34 Emilia Sykes Democratic Akron 2014 2022
35 Tavia Galonski Democratic Akron 2017 (Appt.) 2026
36 Anthony DeVitis Republican Green 2011 (Appt.) 2020
37 Kristina Roegner Republican Hudson 2010 2018
38 Marilyn Slaby Republican Copley Township 2012 (Appt.) 2020
39 Fred Strahorn Democratic Dayton 2012 2020
40 Michael Henne Republican Clayton 2010 2018
41 Jim Butler Republican Oakwood 2011 (Appt.) 2020
42 Niraj Antani Republican Miamisburg 2014 (Appt.) 2022
43 Jeff Rezabek Republican Clayton 2014 2022
44 Michael Ashford Democratic Toledo 2010 2018
45 Teresa Fedor Democratic Toledo 2010 2018
46 Michael Sheehy Democratic Oregon 2013 (Appt.) 2020
47 Derek Merrin Republican Waterville 2016 (Appt.) 2024
48 Kirk Schuring Republican Jackson Township 2010 2018
49 Tom West Democratic Canton 2016 2024
50 Christina Hagan Republican Marlboro Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
51 Wes Retherford Republican Hamilton 2012 2020
52 Margaret Conditt Republican Liberty Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
53 Candice Keller Republican Middletown 2016 (Appt.) 2024
54 Paul Zeltwanger Republican Mason 2014 2022
55 Nathan Manning Republican North Ridgeville 2014 2022
56 Dan Ramos Democratic Lorain 2010 2018
57 Dick Stein Republican Norwalk 2016 2024
58 Michele Lepore-Hagan Democratic Youngstown 2014 2022
59 John Boccieri Democratic Poland 2015 (Appt.) 2024
60 John Rogers Democratic Mentor-on-the-Lake 2012 2020
61 Ron Young Republican Leroy Township 2010 2018
62 Scott Lipps Republican Franklin 2016 2024
63 Glenn Holmes Democratic McDonald 2016 2024
64 Michael O'Brien Democratic Warren 2014 2022
65 John Becker Republican Union Township 2012 2020
66 Doug Green Republican Russellville 2012 2020
67 Andrew Brenner Republican Powell 2010 2018
68 Rick Carfagna Republican Westerville 2016 2024
69 Steve Hambley Republican Brunswick 2014 2022
70 Darrell Kick Republican Loudonville 2016 2024
71 Scott Ryan Republican Granville Township 2014 2022
72 Larry Householder Republican Glenford 2016 2024
73 Rick Perales Republican Beavercreek 2012 2020
74 Bill Dean Republican Xenia 2016 (Appt.) 2024
75 Kathleen Clyde Democratic Kent 2010 2018
76 Sarah LaTourette Republican Chagrin Falls 2014 2022
77 Tim Schaffer Republican Lancaster 2014 2022
78 Ron Hood Republican Walnut Township 2012 2020
79 Kyle Koehler Republican German Township 2014 2022
80 Steve Huffman Republican Tipp City 2014 2022
81 Rob McColley Republican Napoleon 2014 2022
82 Craig Riedel Republican Defiance 2016 2024
83 Robert Sprague Republican Findlay 2011 (Appt.) 2020
84 Keith Faber Republican Celina 2016 2024
85 Nino Vitale Republican Union Township 2014 2022
86 Dorothy Liggett Pelanda Republican Allen Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
87 Wesley Goodman Republican Cardington 2016 (Appt.) 2024
88 Bill Reineke Republican Eden Township 2014 2022
89 Steve Arndt Republican Port Clinton 2015 (Appt.) 2024
90 Terry Johnson Republican Rush Township 2010 2018
91 Cliff Rosenberger Republican Vernon Township 2010 2018
92 Gary Scherer Republican Jackson Township 2012 (Appt.) 2020
93 Ryan Smith Republican Green Township 2012 (Appt.) 2020
94 Jay Edwards Republican Nelsonville 2016 2024
95 Andy Thompson Republican Marietta 2010 2018
96 Jack Cera Democratic Pultney Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
97 Brian Hill Republican Hopewell Township 2011 (Appt.) 2020
98 Al Landis Republican Dover Township 2010 2018
99 John Patterson Democratic Jefferson 2012 2020

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