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The Voice – Najljepši glas Hrvatske

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The Voice – Najljepši glas Hrvatske
Created byJohn de Mol
Roel van Velzen
Presented byIva Šulentić
Ivan Vukušić
JudgesIndira Levak (1-)
Ivan Dečak (1-)
Tony Cetinski (1-)
Jacques Houdek (1-)
Country of originCroatia
Original language(s)Croatian
No. of series2
No. of episodes29
Running time90 mins
Original networkHRT
Original releaseJanuary 17, 2015 (2015-01-17)
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The Voice – Najljepši glas Hrvatske is a reality singing competition and version of The Voice of Holland for Croatia. It is part of the international syndication The Voice based on the reality singing competition launched in the Netherlands, created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. [1]

One of the important premises of the show is the quality of the singing talent. Four coaches, themselves popular performing artists, train the talents in their group and occasionally perform with them. Talents are selected in blind auditions, where the coaches cannot see, but only hear the auditioner.

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you and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up rise [Music] [Music] good evening everybody and welcome once again to the midnight ride my name is David Carey co and once again we're going to be taking you into the midnight hour with cutting edge conversation I'm very excited about the broadcast this evening it is entitled Los Angeles City of Fallen Angels they hidden mystery of the Hollywood stars and I have a very special guest this evening and before I introduce that very special guest I want to say a word about our sponsor Joshua Watts leather company and here is one of the Bible covers that Joshua Watts made he'll make made me a beautiful book bag gun holsters Shema bracelets a lot of wonderful things that Joshua has and that he'll make to order for you the information for Joshua will be on the scroll on the bottom of the screen so you can check that out and tonight for our show on Los Angeles the City of Fallen Angels my very special guest is none other than mr. John pounders how're you doing John I'm doing fantastic David thank you so much for doing this show with me we do the midnight ride we've done I don't know how many we've done so far but we've done a lot and I'm thankful as always to be on here with you and always and especially thanks for to be a guest on the show usually I'm co-hosting or helping technically but this is something that really both of us have put a lot of research into and time and really our hopes for those of you that listening tonight is not to bash somebody it's not to run somebody down our hopes is that somebody will hear this and do something about it and we know that the ultimately the only person that can do anything about it is a father and but we're hoping that people from these area here and they will repent because this is the goal because I can tell you right now the things that you will be hearing tonight are disturbing and so with that I want to continue with what we're gonna do so basically I kind of put together a little bit of presentation for you guys a PowerPoint presentation put together some notes and I'm gonna see if I can get that running up here right now so hold on one second and can you guys see that I think you can right there and while John is getting that run and I'll just say that sister Donna will be on the show tonight to take your questions she'll be collecting them and please keep your questions to the topic and as brief as possible thank you very much right and so tonight we're gonna be talking about as David said we're gonna be talking about there we go hopefully I got the screen up now we're gonna be talking about Los Angeles the City of Angels and this is translated Los Angeles Angels as angel or the angels and city of the Angels is Los Angeles so everybody knows that this is not something new that people don't know but before it was named Los Angeles it was poor Seon Kula and I could be pronouncing that wrong that's how that's very very much within my reality as pronouncing things wrong but it's translated as Queen of Heaven or our lady the Queen and which is significant once you kind of figure out kind of what we got going on here and what we're gonna be talking about kind of further into this thing and this picture you see here is a representation of the Queen of Heaven and oftentimes as you know David the queen of heaven is oftentimes saw as Mary by the Catholic Church but ultimately when you look back at the origin of the Queen of Heaven that's new who we're talking about here we're talking about Diana we're talking about the break basically all these women female goddesses that have different names because of different languages but all represent the same thing and so this is kind of what that town started out as and as you as we continue to go you're going to find out a little bit more about how really how significant that is this town of Los Angeles was founded by HJ Whitley which he is the father considered the father of Hollywood and he was a real estate developer and he helped create the subdivisions and stuff along those lines really early into this I guess you know what I guess the I can't think of the word I'm looking for early early into this development of this land film producers started coming to Los Angeles he met with several film producers and there's a there's a you know historic document about them meeting but they were the film producers were getting sued in other parts of the world in other parts of the country most of these film producers have heard about you guys have heard about like warmer people to do paramount the people that do all these other companies that are just the still ones still doing the presentations néstor etc and they were getting lawsuits all over the country and it was cheaper for them to go to LA and be able to pay the judges to basically do whatever they wanted to do in LA be kind of kind of became a hub for rich people that were getting in trouble in other parts of the country that could come there and pay their way out of anything they wanted to do it was a hub for prostitution it was a hub for drugs because Mexico was right across the border there and it still is a hub for drugs also if these people got in a pinch they could easily hop the border into Mexico and all these are documented things about LA and the origins and of course when we had the gold rush the elites of the country took a major interest in California because it had a lot of gold and they had their own military at the time they weren't even instituted into the country of the you know into a state of the United States for a long time and a lot of there's a lot of speculation but I think honestly if you look at it there's a lot of evidence and proof that the people that helped found this Los Angeles were communists and which Warner is a communist as well and if you look up Warner you'll see that that's not his actual real name he is a Jewish man but his name is a little bit different but he is also unknown communist so I want to go into this other video and to give credit to the guy that did the video I wish I could give credit he didn't do the video but he shot this footage and I and I can't think of his name and I'm sorry if if you're listening to this and you see this I want to give you credit for it and please comment on the comments if you do I just can't remember where I got this footage but it's basically stock footage of this area and what we're gonna be looking at here is a town called nimmy and so you're gonna be seeing this and nimmy is a commune in metropolitan city of rome so it's kind of a metropolitan city similar to what we see with Hollywood and LA and it uh it overlooks it's an Alban Hills look overlooking Lake nemi and the town's name okay get this derives from the Latin nimis or holy wood okay and if you look at this it looks like Hollywood I mean you could see yourselves I don't know if you guys have ever been there but when you go through the hills of Hollywood and look over where the sign is and you look over where everything is you see how the he kind of pasted the Hollywood symbol in there but the the name nimis means Hollywood and antiquity the area didn't have a town but it had a Grove and we know about Groves we've talked about groves and it overlooked a lake that was known as Diana's mirror okay and Caligula you can see here that he they built these massive boats and emperors would come for all over the world to be instituted and to be made is as stars in this area so that way they would be claimed their selves the Stars kind of like what they do in Hollywood they claim themselves as stars I've got these stars in Hollywood there's a lot of you know there's a lot of connections here to this area but there's they would sacrifice people as well people would come and they would lure them into this area now because of all the interesting ships that were built in this lake obviously the ships couldn't leave this lake but they were there as like a beautiful ship that Caligula built which most of you if you don't know about Caligula he was a very wicked person in two major debauchery ended up getting assassinated and just real wicked God during the first century of Rome that was an emperor during that time and so he built these luxury ships people would come for miles and he was big into the Egyptian Isis cult or the cult of Diana diet cult of Diana and the more incest and that's that's why I talk to you about the beginning we're talking about the Queen the lady the Queen the town pours the poor CEO and Kula I guess is how you pronounce that that's very interesting that they would have this here and so there was temples to Diana all over the place in this in this in this place and if you go if we continue down the video I don't know if he's gotten to that point yet but there you'll see he walks down through this area and he'll show you where people were actually sacrificed in this spot and then you're just gonna see more symbols that we have on here that this is the I xx I which is 911 Roman numerals for 911 the gate of Apollo which is interesting you find these on these coins and this is a big deal 9/11 is a huge thing you know as far as we can tell here in America but you see this Temple of Diana so according to some historians they they would I guess all the Emperor's would set sail and when they when they made themselves as stars this was interesting thing because this also goes back to Judaism and kelps where they would do kind of a similar thing they would go to this mountain and they would be worshipped as gods from that point on so there's parallels there with all this stuff and so to kind of move on from this I'm gonna that in in Paul was dealing with this cult of Diana in acts 19 and so much so that I guess the the worshippers of Diana were right about it and Demetrius who was a silversmith he begged him to stop because he was losing money he was losing money on the silver gods he was making because Paul was converting so many of these people that worshipped in Ephesus and basically all of Asia worshiped eff worshiped Diana at this point all of Asia can you imagine all of this this whole area and here's the scripture here I'll read it to you guys real quick so that not only this is our craft is in danger to be set as not so basically our craft is to be in danger of being disappearing but the Temple of the Great Goddess Diana should be despised so people are gonna hate the Temple of Diana and her magnificence will be destroyed whom all of Asia and the world worship a--the and so all of Asia and the world worships Diana here and when they heard these they were full of wrath and cried out saying great is Diana of Ephesus so we see this in this time period where Paul is dealing with this in Ephesus there's a temple you can see there in the picture that I put out where the whole world and all of Asia are worshiping Diana at this point this is a huge deal when it comes to Hollywood and before we go on David I wanted to kind of give you an opportunity to talk a little bit about about Diana and the the the rights that go along with that because I know you've done a lot of study and also on the cult of Isis so if you want to explain that a little bit before I move on to our next you know kind of topic on Hollywood I would appreciate it alright to understand the cult of Isis who better to look at than Madame Blavatsky and her book Isis unveiled and the cult of Isis as John reiterated is the worship of the goddess under various names through different time periods in the mystery religions and the people in the mystery religions of old and in the occult today they believe that this goddess worship will be the unifying element of the final one world religion and this is what madame blavatsky says and this book was written in the 1800s on page 95 of Isis unveiled she says the Hindu virgin is represented seating on a lounge and nursing Christina the hairbrush back the long veil in the golden oriole around the Virgin's head as well as around that of the Hindu Savior are striking no Catholic well-versed as he might be in the mysterious symbolism of ikana ji would hesitate for a moment to worship at that shrine of the Virgin Mary the mother of his God the ender shuva the south entrance of the cave of LRO may be seen to this day the figure of indras wife indra nice sitting with her infant son God s Owen God pointing the finger to heaven with the same gesture as the Italian Madonna and Child in pagan Christian symbolism the author gives a figure from MIDI of medieval woodcut the like of which we have seen by dozens and old Salters in which the Virgin Mary with their infant is represented as the Queen of Heaven and this is the same as Isis just as John said and these people understand that and the concept that John put forward here and that was show it in the video of Nimmi being a gate now what I believe we're gonna see as this information unpacks is that most definitely there was the understanding to the Romans and in the mystery religions that Nimmi right there outside of Rome was a gate that Los Angeles was set up for the express purpose of being a gate from the very beginning and something interesting here this is from a book called the night of the Gods by John O'Neil and he says this about the worship of Isis and Osiris he says there are four mansions of life that as I should venture to expound four astrological houses over which Isis is master the four houses are named after Isis nephritis sab and nu and these four houses they relate in when would make their mummies they would have their their four jars at the four corners of the mummy around it representing the four gods of the four elemental spirits just like enroll in Israel the kabbalists they have the four Kabbalistic cities we did a teaching entitled the four Kabbalistic cities of the Beast and they represent the four elemental spirits and the same principle we can see it in Rome we can see it in Israel and I believe the same principle we can see in the United States we have Los Angeles and it's related to the four cardinal points the the north south the east and the west and we see Los Angeles we see Chicago we see New York City to the east and New Orleans to the south tremendously powerful occult centers that are functioning as gates and people in the occult know that and if any city would qualify as a gate where things are sent forth to literally pollute the world I think you it would be hard to find a better example than Los Angeles truly the City of Fallen Angels yeah exactly and so you know as we kind of look at some of their rights and some of the stuff they do we know most of us know this about Hollywood because honestly it's not hidden anybody would their eyes open can see or ears open can hear because there have been actors that have come out and talk about the pedophilia talk about the blood-drinking the idol worship the sacrificing of children the trafficking of children that has gone on LA and LA has also been a huge testing ground for gangs because it's one of the biggest gang polluted areas in the world and when it came to drugs this CIA and other organizations which we know Rick Ross not the rapper not the fat rapper guy but the real Rick Ross that was in prison for a long time was literally selling drugs for the CIA they in Los Angeles and getting away with it so that they could fund a guerilla warfare thing going on because they couldn't get funding New Worlds so they sold drugs in LA to get this money and Oliver North was involved and so it's interesting you know Oliver North got his own show on Fox where as Ricky Ross he goes to prison for the whole thing so he kind of get the shortened the stick but there's proof about this there's a documentary about it and really when you look at the CIA they're kind of above the law when we when we think about the kind of things they did there's a guy named let me see I wrote his name down because I know I could remember his last name because it's coffee and there's no it's not very hard to remember the word coffee but William coffee is the guy's name or Thomas coffee and he was in charge of really communicating things to the media to create espionage in other countries and to create enemies that weren't there in our country to create basically propaganda to express the feel of how America and how other countries should feel about certain things and this is something he talked about he admitted to it there's quotes about him saying that he they control all aspects of every media company in the world Hollywood itself actually has to give their script to the CIA if they're doing a movie about the CIA or they have to give their script to the FBI or to the military to make sure that they're not divulging anything they shouldn't divulge so when people say all these these movies are making me awake they're not making you awake they're making you they're telling you what they want you to know they're telling you these different things that mean sure they have aspects of things that are true in them and they have all these different things but the fact of the matter is it is propaganda at its highest level billions of trillions of dollars being pumped in to these movies to get you and and the fact of the matter is you're paying for it that's so even the worst thing about it is you were paying for it and to kind of expand on the pedophilia of trafficking and stuff like that I put together a couple things here I can't remember I don't even remember what's in my slides I'll find out here in a second I guess when I pull it up but this is okay so we're gonna go in this is Corey Feldman he you know I mean let me pull this here I'm I've got like five things I got a screen here screen here I've got this mixing board here and there so it's thank God for Donna tonight collecting questions because there's an absolutely no way that I would be able to do this otherwise so okay so we have these people coming forward but then about these pedophile rings QWERTY Feldman he's pictured at the top left and he is probably the most prominent one that has come out talking about this and exposing this thing he named his abusers and he was there him and another quarry well you know being passed around like candy to these pedophiles and nobody did anything about it in fact Barbara Walters when he went on with Barbara Walters she said you're damaging an entire industry rather than saying I'm so sorry this happened to you this shouldn't have happened and we got to do something about it people were trying to silence him for doing it and nothing's really come of it he's spoken to the the police in Los Angeles he's come out about it told the truth the other quarry is dead now there's a you know Macaulay Culkin's talked about it Michael Jackson probably who knows how many children he had it as a little Neverland Ranch that he had but there's all these pedophiles that have been ousted and one of them has actually you know real prominent there in Hollywood right now as we speak and Hollywood is deeply and darkly controlled and I know when I say darkly controlled it's controlled by a mafia it's controlled by a group of people that control the world because pedophilia I want you to understand this goes to the highest levels and what I'm talking the highest levels we're talking royalty we're talking people that are in charge of major countries this is how high the pedophilia rolls go and you know I'm not trying to boost up Trump in any way because I know a lot of people you know I can understand that there are some dark things about Trump as well but the fact of the matter is la is scared of Trump and when you look at the pedophiles that have been ousted lately by the by Catholicism and David will talk a little bit about Catholicism's role in the Vatican's role in Hollywood but when you look at that there's these pedophiles being busted by the Catholic Church huge story just came out if you don't know about it get out from underneath the rock and look it up it's it's amazing how many have been busted and we have these major producers that are coming out some have been you know gone to other countries for asylum they're scared to death of what's going to happen even to the point that at one point that the Governor of California spoke out about trying to make trying to get trying about trying to I guess SecY six what is it secede from the union is that what I'm the world trying to get rid themselves out of the United States and they said well even if California such a burden let's get out and my opinion is the reason they're doing that is because they're scared right now they're scrambling and the paedophiles of the world are scrambling to hold on to what they have and this is also a form if you look at it from the left hand right hand perspective of the Hegelian dialect this is also a form of normalizing pedophilia by the people that we look up to the stars which stars is interesting the whole point of this the doc the actual title of this stars in the Bible and angels are the same thing exactly the same word they are the same people the same thing in the scriptures stars and angels and so when people are coming here as stars asserting themselves as gods to be worshipped and the the actual definition for worship if you look up the definition for worship worship is giving admiration to giving a you know admiration and exalting a person in any way shape or form and so the worship of these stars is major and we'll talk a little bit more about that and why I believe that that is happening and why why Hollywood's a hug for that as we go on but I want to I want you guys to watch this video there's several people that have come out talking about Hollywood and scared for their lives several people that have actually been killed I believe by Hollywood and this is Quaid and I don't know if you guys are familiar with him but he had to leave the country he's and he's in Canada right now really been minimalized he has his own YouTube channel he doesn't he's only done a few videos I tried to reach out to him I couldn't get ahold of them but Quaid has been really blackballed by the community so we're gonna watch this little short video real quick of him talking about this and I'm sure some of you guys have already heard this but here we go I'm going to read a read a statement and afterwards turn it over to my attorney Kathryn sighs or any questions you may have he'll that's not the state for the past 20 years my wife Evie and I have been the victims of criminal activities perpetrated by a small network of individuals who are out to destroy us personally professionally and financially this network of individuals is manipulating the banking system and the criminal justice system for the purposes of sabotaging our credit and our credibility three of these individuals are Hollywood lawyers and a business manager all of whom I hired 20 years ago to handle my legal and business affairs they're Alan one maker my former estate planner Warren grant my former business manager and Lloyd grande my ex attorney these three along with a few others whose professional services I've engaged over the years have conspired together to steal my property my money and with the aid of specific individuals at two major studios Bruce Berman certainly being one have gained access to my royalties revenue streams these people have been able to do these things through the creation of a phony probate file phony living trusts secret bank accounts fake loans bogus corporations smear campaigns and false arrests of my wife and me they have been aided and abetted in their schemes by the entertainment division of city national banks Roxbury branch in Beverly Hills this particular branch is a major financial hub for the entire Hollywood industry with the cooperation of certain individuals within City Nationals entertainment division business managers lawyers and agents have been able to misappropriate my assets life-insurance policy and royalties through various client trust accounts and bogus loans taken out and might name without my knowledge the president of the bank's estate planning division told my wife that the bank prefers dead actors because they don't get in the way these former employees of mine have further reached out to their relatives and contacts in Santa Barbara County to take civil disputes and turn them into criminal complaints against us to be clear we did not defraud an innkeeper and we did not trespass on our own property up until a year ago Evie and I had never had any run-in with the law whatsoever we are not criminals nor are we fugitives from justice nor are we crazy we are simply artists and filmmakers were being racketeer Don we believe there are to be a malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood how many people do you know personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the past five years I have personally known eight actors all of whom all of whom I have worked with and was closed Heath Ledger crisp and David Carradine among I believe these actors were lacked and I believe that many others such as Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are being played to get their money in the meantime many a celebrities image and marketability is being co-opted co-opted and destroyed Google helps out by keeping the negative stories near the top of the celebrity's web page because it's the negativity that brings in the advertising revenue in my own case my ex attorney Lloyd Braun is joining this tribe of bottom-feeders by creating his own celebrity gossip website what is wrong with that picture when your own attorney starts defaming you who do you turn to to defend you Lloyd Braun also claims to have come up with the idea of The Sopranos so he's obviously familiar with the ways and means of organized crime unfortunately my brother Dennis has made matters worse by buying a house for mr. Braun on property Braun originally bought with money he embezzled for me I recently discovered much to my surprise that Dennis is also on the deed to my Santa Barbara property this is also the work of mr. Braun further confounding the validate the validity of the transfer of my fully furnished property in 1992 to mr. Bruce Berman I have earned approximately 40 million dollars throughout my career I have profit participation in some of my films I am being embezzled from by this monstrous ring of accountants estate planners and lawyers who are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and I believe murder me in order to gain control of my royalties I wish to return to only one thing work for the past 40 years I have successfully worked in Canadian productions and I would like to announce my availability and desire to do so immediately legally of course and now I'd like to turn it over to my brilliant and Honest John Canadian attorney Katherine sighs four questions you may have are you guys listening because I can tell you right now this is not the only time the only video that I could find were actors were coming out and talking about stuff like this when you look at people like Dave Chappelle when he was scared he was talking about you know people running through the street and being nervous and these people that are dominating them and Illuminati and things like this nature then he moves to South Africa okay this is sounds crazy and it sounds like the most absolutely nuts conspiracy theory in the world and it might be but the fact of the matter is when he came back from South Africa there's a noticeable difference in the way he looks he his family his own family says that he claimed that he does not even know who they are when he looks at them he does not know who they are as if he's not the same person weird stuff going on yet people like Katt Williams speaking out about this stuff you have people like Mel Gibson who has been blackballed for speaking out against the Kabbalah Kabalah Stick people that are in control of these things there's many videos that I could have brought out but are you what do you think about that David I mean this is this not mind-blowing yeah it is mind-blowing and these people are evil they have been evil for a long time it's just not a matter of being immoral and promiscuous and bohemian and their lifestyle they are wicked and will kill or do anything they can to get power to hold on to it and this has been the way it's been from the very start in Hollywood it really has it's it's disturbing to say the least I feel sorry for anybody going there to try to thinking that they're gonna treat achieve the American Dream and they're going to make something of themselves because they will but they're gonna sell their soul for it and they might be end up being sacrificed for just like they were in the Lake nemi in Nimmi when people would come because they were attracted to what's going on a lot of these people that aren't these secret Cabalists and part of these bloodlines which is another interesting thing that I that I don't know how much there is to it but I was told that the red carpet represent represented a line of blood and a blood line was why they have the red carpet events but it's interesting I think feel like people that aren't a part of this blood line they may be being sacrificed in this country or in this in this community have you heard anything about that I mean because blood it's interesting there's always a red carpet event and when you look at royalty they're always walking down a red carpet well I believe it exactly represents that and there's a very interesting story of a young actress by the name of peg Entwistle and she committed suicide in 1932 at the age of 24 by jumping off of the Hollywood sign at that time the Hollywood sign it was Hollywood land and there's all kinds of high strangeness surrounding this young lady's life their family came over from England and strange numerology her father was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 72 in Park Avenue in New York City aka the 72 names of God the movie that gave her a reputation as a rising young actress 10 Hollywood was entitled 13 women and she was given gardenia perfume which became her favorite and after her suicide there are hundreds and hundreds of reports of the sightings of her ghost and the smelling of gardenia around the Hollywood sign and in the area of Griffith Park and Mount Lee and what's even more compelling is gardenia is one of the most prized elements that's used in witchcraft and to top it all off after she died in the mail came an offer from one of the major studios for her to play the role of a young woman that committed suicide now I think there is tremendous reason to believe that miss Entwistle was a victim of Kabbalistic magic and as a human sacrifice and how many women since that time peg Entwistle was the first really famous case of the young woman goes to Hollywood to make her fame and fortune falls into all of the things that a young lady shouldn't fall into and winds up either committing suicide or being killed and just like many of the famous celebrities of Marilyn Monroe and you mentioned a lot of them they're human sacrifices because these people they're literally above the law and they are law they are the law they're above the law at the same time and they'll do anything for money and power and it's not a encouraging thing to think about but that's the way it is it's obviously the way it is and when we understand this we're going to be able to rescue people from these physical situations and we're going to be able to understand that there are spiritual circumstances and powerful fallen angels that are orchestrating these events of the title of the show Los Angeles the City of Fallen Angels there couldn't be a more appropriate one than that yeah it's definitely a city of fallen angels and in my personal opinion is that this is a place where the nephal the spirits the disembodied spirits the demons go to be worshipped this is a place where literal Fallen Angels go to be worshiped as gods and it you know your talk of you talked about a film that she played in where she commits suicide and the film Heath Ledger had a very similar thing with he played his role as Joker in Batman but there was another film that was a little bit less popular but highly occult I mean in the film he has a new sir his neck it's something doctor pernicious or something like that he has a noose around his neck and he has the triangle with the eyeball on his forehead as he's dead there would the noose around his neck and this was right before he passed away all his family said he was a fun-loving guy there's no way he would commit suicide but anyways there he is but you like you said there's so many different ones and I'm gonna move on to this next slide here real quick that it's kind of out of place I think in the in the whole slide of things but I'm kind of I don't know if you guys know what happened to me today but as I did these notes yesterday on Friday because I like to get all my studying done before the Sabbath so I can just sit down and relax on this on Sunday or on Saturday and so anyways I go to my computer cuz I'm gonna put it on my external flash drive so I can bring it over here and I go there and all my notes are gone everything my notes are there's no file to be saved and I my computer automatically saves everything autosave every 10 minutes when it comes to Microsoft no autosave nothing just completely disappeared so I'm going off of my powerpoint presentation here hopefully hopefully I'm doing all right because I can tell you it's it is I found some interesting things because what what ever happened there I don't know but everything gets used for good because I can tell you I found some things that I didn't find before by going back through this research and information so anyways we're gonna go here to this Emmys okay this is an interesting thing because as you see here this is a unawarded and we this was reminiscent of a scripture that says I saw that where Yeshua is saying I saw I saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning and you see this and then you see him to see this angel holding up this atomic structure of some sort I don't know what it is it's like like an atomic structure has little swirls in it it's kind of like a globe and when I looked up the name Emmy in Latin that word means adversary right and it means it means adversary and it also means opponent and which is interesting to me because when look and this this will blow your mind just wait hold on here we go let me switch this slide this will blow your mind okay so the people that do the Emmys is the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and if you look at those letters you see the the beginning of the letter you can't make this stuff up in a TAS do that backwards it's s atan2 because once somebody wins this award in Hollywood they basically become as guys and are worshipped as gods for a long time they get their star they get all these interesting things this is a significant thing here I believe this this I don't think this was by accident this SATA n letter at the beginning of there at all oh absolutely it's not and we know in scripture that angels both good and fallen they're referred to stars so there's an obvious correlation here and these things are not coincidental there these people love doing things in a way that it's hidden from the view of most people but yet to their elite and to a lot of people like us that are figuring this stuff out we know exactly what they're that yeah it's no it's no secret to us but it's it's very it's an interesting it's an interesting to me though that there's so many people that know about it like I know about it you know about it the people that are listening now know about it and everybody that's ever heard corey feldman talk everybody that's heard all these other people talk know about it but nothing's being done about it I and I just want everybody listen tonight to come together in agreement with me with the father and ask that something gets done about this whether everybody in Hollywood repents like Nineveh you know what Jonah went to talk to them or that something's done because this stuff is very disturbing to say the least in this next slide that I'm going to show you is extremely disturbing as well let me get back to my slides here here we go so this next slide okay to the left here you have an FBI document and the logos are used by pedophiles to their to identify sexual preference at the at this bottom of the screen you see this triangle that's like a triangle that kind of goes in side itself like a fibonacci Singlish sequence and it says logo aka boilover and when you look on the Sheriff's Department of Los Angeles County and this is a real picture you can go online and look up there Sheriff's Department look up their badges you have the same exact symbol on their badges which to me blows my mind because I can this is something that a lot of people don't know about me but before I did now you see TV there was a guy that I used to work with he was an activist that would go and he would try to protest and spread awareness to children being taken from their parents via Casa or via CPS or any of these companies and so we went to Los Angeles I went there with him he asked me to go with him and shoot a film and the film ended up not coming out there was interesting dynamics the whole thing but anyways we go to this place we go to the courthouse there's a lawyer his name is attorney fine and he brings out this evidence on national news about this judge who was on the board of CPS and Casa right he's on the board and he's getting kickbacks for every child that he takes from their parents kickbacks every child he takes so he's on the fit he's a family court judge so he has the final say on whether children get away you think you're gonna get a fair trial with that I don't think so anyways LA County has on to this year I believe this year last year maybe more this year 30,000 children that are in foster care in LA County 60 to 70 percent of the children who are trafficked alright and this was statistics years ago I think from what I understand the statistics have gone up that our traffic are in foster care children have gone missing in foster care pedophiles have been put in charge of foster homes there's proof of this senator Nancy Shafer for those of you don't know I was in with the group that was doing the documentary with her she ended up with a murder-suicide with her husband after she had filmed which I don't believe it was a murder-suicide after she had filmed children in cages and CPS look nations in Texas and foster homes in Texas she had filmed the stuff getting ready to bring this out and months before she or maybe I think a month before she was gonna bring this out next thing you know her husband supposedly killed her and killed himself which I do not believe for the for a second there's a lot of money in this pedophile ring a lot of money and a lot of interesting things to be said about it but we can go on about that but I can tell you right now that it is a deep dark thing and David can tell you a little bit more about the occult side and the beliefs behind why pedophilia is so important to these people this is not just a deviance there's something to it they believe they're getting power from it don't they David well they sure do and this is the belief and it's something that was popularized in the modern area by Aleister Crowley but it goes all the way back to the most ancient paganism the desire to defile the innocent to defile those things that are pure and they believe that by the act of defilement and drinking of the blood and the actual eating of the flesh and the taking of the life that they get power they can get power from it and that they can extend their own life and this is something these people really believe and the recent episodes of pizza gate and the Hollywood spirit cooking the big gala out there in 2011 with Murry Abramovich Deborah Harry and all the Hollywood elite out there where they did their mock cannibalism this is the idea and these people are laughing up their sleeve because these things that are done in open or so outlandish and in secret there's certainly nothing that they wish hold from themselves right and this is the same thing that's been going on that was going on in the scripture with bail worship when they brought these these things they were Pillay allowing their children to pass through fire to gain to gain power and Druidism you know the the term the greater the sacrum a jaques the greater the sacrifice and they would sacrifice children and do these things and it's it's pretty just it's mind-blowing to think that this happens but it's been happening forever this is nothing new the fact of the matter is though this can be stopped we can stop putting our money into Hollywood there has to be somebody out there a cowboy out there that's ready to go go to war with these people that have the power to do so that has a power to arrest these people and I and I hope that we see that here soon and you know in in Hollywood we have a major culture of pedophilia nism we also have a major culture of MKULTRA and mind control and I'm gonna show you guys this next slide that I have here but we when we talk about mind control you see these these people that have gone through mind control and you see that the when their programming starts to break down it's really interesting the kind of stuff they do you have Britney Spears that have shaved their head we have Lindsay Lohan that you can see her eyes are twitching and Britney Spears and and all these different people and these are just some of the the pictures that I found today but there's something really interesting is when I saw I saw I didn't get the video of this because I couldn't find one without music and I am afraid about copyright infringement anything they can do to take down this video I'm sure they'll do but Kanye Kanye was given a speech at a concert talking about everything in Hollywood's of lie everything in the media is a lie everything in this and he said this is the kind of stuff that can get me killed and I'm telling you this hours later right he is bound up in straightjackets and taken for a psychiatric evaluation right after that okay and so they they try to reprogram in him and it seems like his programming might be breaking down again here recently but this guy is it's interesting it's really crazy and I'm gonna show you guys this next video this is a Roseanne Barr which recently she was ousted from a show but she talks about the culture of rape and the culture of MKULTRA in in the in Hollywood and this is very interesting if you haven't seen this as as mind-blowing if you have it's still mind-blowing because when in court in context with everything that we talked about tonight this is listen to what she's saying here here we go is it media entertainment responsible for perpetuating a rape culture yeah I think the media is responsible for perpetuating your rape culture and you know I mean it's profitable for the people at the top who run the rape culture you know who run it and you know they profit from it and and to say otherwise would be a big fat lie but so you know they don't want any kind of power shifted away from the way they have it set up but in a very higher hierarchal manner with you know women's free labor at the bottom largely slave labor at the bottom of that big pyramid you've been a Hollywood insider for so long yet you've been vocal for so long I mean how challenging is it to see your colleagues across Hollywood lacking for the Obama administration when they have so much power and influence that they could single-handedly shape the dialogue when so many people are watching them well I think that you know this is a culture of fear and nobody's more afraid than people in Hollywood they're afraid that they'll drop out of the top you know they're afraid that they'll drop from the bottom of the pyramid maybe to the middle of the pyramid but you know they they're the ones that Hollywood is the is the one that keeps all this power structure and all this culture of racism and sexism and and classism and gender ISM and all of it in place they continually feed it and they make a lot of money doing it and they do it at the behest of their masters who run everything so you know they're not going to get brave enough to do that I mean I think that there there aren't many of us who who are brave enough to do that and I'm just you know I'm I'm lucky that I can do it and I feel that I do it on behalf of many people in Hollywood too I go to Hollywood parties or you know occasionally I go to Oscar parties and things like that and people big stars people will grab me by the arm and take me aside and say I just want to thank you thank you say and it blows my mind but that's the culture it's a culture of fear for sure you know and it's a big culture of mind control - m'kay for mind control rules in Hollywood if if you don't know google that and look into it did you hear that MKULTRA mind control and it and david tell us a little bit about MKULTRA mind control for anybody listen tonight that doesn't know what that is in project monarch etc well MKULTRA is basically a mind-control program that can produces control slaves and these are been well exposed and documented the psychiatric hospital in Canada with dr. Cameron where these things took place it's well documented and there are other mind-control programs and these are things that we regularly talk about on the midnight ride we were talking about that last week and a lot of people they just think we're nutty as goose grease but this is real and if if you don't believe it look into it and open your eyes and then you hear someone like roseanne barr that's on the inside and has been for years in hollywood to talk about the way that MKULTRA rules and they will do anything to control they have no value for human life and you know it's just like when the reports of the death camps begin to come out people did not want to believe that human beings could stoop to that level of depravity and this is why they continued so long and this is why hollywood is continuing people don't want to believe that human beings will murder and rape and torture other human beings just for money and power but this is the history of the human race and always always this is outside of an individual of giving their heart and life to jesus the messiah they're going to fall into the world and the world is controlled by the evil one and it's stunning to hear someone like roseanne barr to talk about MKULTRA ruling in Hollywood and I say god bless her for having the courage to speak up and to say that and open your eyes if you think we're a bunch of wackadoodles just open your eyes and start looking look at the betta kittens at Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus I was so heartbroken that I saw recently a picture that she made where she was dressed as an infant in baby clothes and then had positioned herself in a blatantly sexual provocative way it's it's just so sad and but it's real and if you don't believe it start looking into it and I believe you're looking if you look with open eyes and an open mind you're gonna see the reality of it because it is all over our society and Hollywood is the hub of it I agree and I think when you look at Hollywood as general okay we look at Hollywood and we see this this everything to do with the name first off with you you're gonna be talking a little bit about the Hollywood itself the term Hollywood and where it comes from but when you look at Los Angeles okay you look at the City of Angels you look at this Hollywood you look at what they're doing they're basically the praise and worship leaders of Satan they are the ones that get you focused off of your mind focus off of God get you focused on sexy women they get you focused on money power all these different things that Satan is perfect at doing he his whole go is an adversary just like the term enemy his goal is to be an adversary to you and to get you off track in the scriptures he was the one responsible for the Fallen Angels defiling and stuff for women and he tricked them into doing these things okay we have this this entity that is a very real and present if you believe the Scriptures you have to believe that there is a Satan the scripture says he roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour get that picture in your mind picture that he's roaming around trying to devour people trying to accuse you before the throne of and when you have a town like Hollywood that has a temple basically this is their temple this is their place where they corrupt us they were giving us the curse of Balaam Balaam tried to curse the children of Israel couldn't happen but what happened that made the children of Israel curse themselves they turned over to lust after women / Miss cutie and meat sacrificed to idols among other things and God killed him for them you didn't have to curse them that's what happened and this is exactly what these Hollywood stars do how many of you guys have seen the Hollywood symbol where they do this and I know somebody's gonna screenshot this and say look John pounders is Illuminati he's doing this this is not why I'm doing it I'm showing you what they do how many of you guys have seen that I believe that there's something more to that David I do too I believe there's something more to it and when I look at something let me show you guys this real quick this is a slide that I compiled here on the left we have these stars going up this symbol right we have Jimmy Buffett you throw in a symbol here we have jay-z we have and you could the list goes on about how many people have done it beyonce etc you keep going Drake I mean Lil Wayne almost everybody that wants to shock people will throw that symbol up on the right-hand side what we have here is a high priest a coin at all this is when they give the priestly blessing they put their hand out like that okay you see that and they have this to make a shin this is like the shin symbol but they do this as a blessing giving out the priestly blessing and how many of us know that Satan loves to corrupt okay so these are the priestly blessings that they're giving people they're giving people the Aaronic blessing with this symbol as they go up to do this and we have these are the high priests basically the high priests if you don't know the role and structure in the temple they were the worship leaders they were the ones that instituted the sacrifices to help the people get their relationship with God they did awww they were these and this are these other people right here these people that you're looking at here these are the high priests of Satan they are the worship leaders of Satan they are the ones that are pushing people to worship Satan whether they know it or not these are what they're doing this is very interesting David do you have anything to say about that well and also a majority if not 100% of these stars are into the Kabbalah Kabalah is the new religion and people like Madonna and Lady gaga they admit that their videos and concerts are Kabbalistic stage shows they admit this and in the Kabbalah of the Shekinah is worshipped as the Divine Feminine this is the counterpart to the BVM and Roman Catholicism and the Sacred Feminine is the divine is the commonality here that connects this and this is why there's this similarity hair and it is admitted well I'll not read the quote but you can look it up this is something that the Jewish encyclopedia admits that all of the Gnostic schools and I know of the minute you start to say anything detrimental about the Jews you're racist but it's a fact that the Jews say themselves that every one of the Kabbalistic scoot of the gnostic schools was started by a Kabbalistic jew and this is a fact and this is why this commonality of the Divine Feminine is seen in this symbolism yeah we talked about this the other day the Jewish people have a very awesome tendency to be amazing people very holy people for God Paul said what advantages in a Jew that believes in Yeshua you said have every advantage you know it's perfect basically a perfect mix right there of this but then you have these people that have this knowledge that can usually turn that knowledge into complete wicked and evil and they do they turn it into Kabbalistic teachings through teachings of that they inherited through Babylon through the Chaldeans and they brought over from Chaldea back to Jerusalem and this is how almost every Gnostic religion in the world gets started got started and this is how we have the Catholic Church Alexandria Gnosticism occultism you know really modern Christianity in its own way is got a lot of these principles in it unfortunately and so this is this is a very interesting thing that's going on here and if you guys think this is a if you think this is a coincidence okay I just want you guys to see this this is no coincidence when it comes to there we go this is no coincidence when you see these people they're covering their ID this is just a few of the pictures you can find hundreds of these actors that put their hands over their eye with this thing that's right they're usually the right eye is the one that they do and when you look to this other side here you see Odin Odin is a big God in Judaism and not only Druidism but Vikings Viking God but he represents more than just the Viking gut because in every civilization you have a god like him whether it's Zeus or somebody similar but this one-eyed God that is in control Supreme Being that they believe is a Supreme Being that they are worshiping and we even have his son represented in Hollywood as Thor this major Marvel action hero we have these action heroes that are continually making their way to Hollywood to be worshipped as gods once again and most every most of you guys don't know this and the most some of you do but these action heroes these these superheroes that we have almost all of them can be tied to an ancient hero and when we have hero worship basically what happened was they Nephilim would the Bible describes his Nephilim or Giants read Genesis 6 it says in Genesis 6 can you read Genesis 6:1 for us David so that people understand what we're talking about here if you've never heard this concept the Bible speaks of it and also every other mythology in the world speaks of these giants and speaks of these children of the gods showed a half-man half-god so this is not something new just to the scripture this is something that every major religion in the world every major country's history I call it history not mythology because it is history and you can we've done many videos that show this kind of stuff but can you read Genesis 6:4 stroke just part of it there and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear children under them the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown yeah thank you for reading that so bait what I was saying is these giants were heroes and different territories just like you hear about Hercules being a hero of a certain part of the part and they have territories where they were heroes where they would fight in wars with men and win wars and you have Achilles you have all these different ones and when they pass the Book of Enoch says that they became disembodied spirits or demons from that point on and so when you see people in different parts of the world worshiping different deities these demonic spirits that's because these hero's disembodied spirits never left that area and they've been giving sacrifices these things because they know that these things get mad and crazy and angry these things want to be worshipped as God it's of my opinion that these beings are in Hollywood right now trying their best to be worshipped as gods I did it do we I did a thing not too long ago talking about ancient Watchers and talking about their children and I talking about how people like Plato people like da Vinci people like Oppenheim er who created the nuclear weapon and giving quotes and people like Tesla and they all tapped into this knowledge where they were collecting than information from demons they even had in ancient Greek times there was these muses that were the daughters of Zeus all right and that's where we get to turn museum muses they had a collection of writings that people got from the muses and put into books this is how Pythagoras and stuff got his circle of spheres that's how he got his teachings on the shape of the earth and on heliocentric ideas they got these things from these demonic entities and wrote them down and continued this is how it's continued from time if you haven't watch that go check out just type in ancient Watchers in why is TV I think we did one on the midnight write about it mind-blowing stuff my I blew my mind let's put it that way and I guess it's it's not that hard to blow my mind but it in a way it is when it comes to this kind of stuff because this is the kind of stuff that I've spent years and years researching but they would be inspired though term inspired comes from spirit inside a spirit enters them and inspires them to write music The Wiltern music even comes from the term Muse these daughters of Zeus the term museum comes from the word muse the term genius comes from the term Genie which is a demonic entity that they mentioned in the Quran it's also considered like a genealogy a genie a passing down of a spirit from generation to generation that actually embodies the person and creates this genius thing and almost every genius that you'll find you will find a quote and like I said go and watch this thing I'll put it after this video is done I'll put a link to it to where at the end of the video you can just click on it and go to it but this genius right this genius is almost everyone of them will say that they get the word from the gods like the most famous mathematicians in the world Tesla talked about tapping into the maja and in the prana which is a concept out of one of a book written by and I believe by the fallen angels but they they talked about this stuff so they give credit to it Oppenheim ER the idea of the nuclear weapon came from this book written by the Fallen Angels and he tapped into this maja this thing he carried her a copy of the Vedic text around with him everywhere I went which is the same book I was talking about with Tesla that I forgot to mention so this next little short video I've got is just a very short video it's Denzel Washington and Jim Carrey talking about how they basically channeled these spirits to act these parts the second video with Jim Carrey I found it but if you haven't watched watch man on the moon he is basically embodies this person from taxi what's the guy's name that he played for men in the moon I can't think of the guy's name Andy Kaufman Andy Kaufman he plays Andy Kaufman everybody on the sets annoyed with them because they can't talk to Jim Carrey anymore because he's taken on the spirit of Andy Kaufman I don't have this in this video but watch it it's all I think it's on Netflix it's called man on the moon the behind the scenes of men on the moon and I can tell you that it's it's it's ridiculous anyways can I say one quickly suppose you go to that I want to before we move from this slide I want to make a comment on this covering the eye thing and what I believe is the real symbolism behind it in Zechariah chapter 11 there's the prophecy of the idol shepherd that I believe is the false prophet in Zechariah 11 verse 16 for lo I will raise up a shepherd in the land which shall not visit those that be cut off neither shall seek the young one nor heel that is broken or feed that that is broken nor feed that stand still but he shall eat the flesh of the fat and tear their claws and pieces woe to the idle Shepherd that leaveth the flock the sword shall be upon his arm and upon his right eye there's a prophetic judgment upon the false prophet on the right eye and it's kind of their way of saying hey lookie here they were right eyes working good or another way of saying hey the right eye is gone but the left eyes work and I think this is a profound understanding that they know that they are hooked up with the show that's gonna roll in the false prophet wow wow yeah that's I don't you know I didn't think about that you know when you brought that verse up about darking the right eye there's these pictures going around of like the Pope that's got a black eye yeah you've got the one of the president with a black eye you've got the vice-president with black eye these congressmen these actors with a dark eye and it seems to be that nobody ever tell you why they have it but it seems to be some kind of ritual yeah Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean the eyepatch Johnny Depp is the you're on and on yeah this ice symbolism is a direct thing that they knowingly associated with the rise of the false prophet the whole the culmination of the goddess religion yeah the whole the whole thing and so I'm gonna go to this video real quick and then I want David I want you to talk about Hollywood the holly tree itself and stuff like that if you don't mind and then we'll get into questions because I could honestly I could go on for like two more hours on this but I'm not going to this time I you know maybe in the future we can go on more about it but I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and play this video real quick if I can pull it up here here we go here we go all right can you guys see that there we go and here we go and I and I and I I don't normally say you know watch something of this but if you want to see what I'm talking about there's no denying that he channeled something to do this I mean that people were tired of of it because they were getting irritated with him because they couldn't talk to Jim Carrey I mean he was these characters that he was playing in this film and we have Oprah I didn't find the quote well I found a quote with Oprah but I didn't find a video but she said that she does the same thing she channels these spirits to play different parts like on the color purple etc and this is nothing new but like I said before when you have ancient scientists you have ancient mathematicians and present-day scientists and mathematicians doing the same thing these actors these muses are doing the exact same thing that they're doing and this gives these demonic entities a chance to be worshipped as gods again because let's face it the worship the term worship basically just means a great admiration for almost everybody under the age of twenty arts worshipping these people as gods whether or not they want to admit it or not and sometimes we do as well which is which is very sad because these people are just people that have channeled entities or they're very good actors but they do not deserve worship of any kind and so my call to you is to stop worshipping these people stop feeding them your money stop giving to them stop giving them admiration you know I we had somebody on the one time that didn't line up with exactly everything that we did but they were believers right but people gave us the biggest I can't believe you had this person on they believed in in this they believed the rapture or whatever and I'm thinking you know people my contemporaries are boy stirring Hollywood movies with demonic entities in them and nobody says a word but because somebody is it as a believer believes in the rapture we're evil for having them on we have to rethink things I've we've talked about things change there has to be a change we can't just keep going the way things aren't expecting us to be the same David tell us a little bit about the Hollywood well read from an article in a book it's entitled the woman's dictionary of symbols and sacred objects by Barbara Walker she is not a believer in the scriptures not at all and this is what she says about the mistletoe in the Holly druids considered the plants poisonous pearly white berries to be drops of the oak God's semen much as the red holly berries were drops of the life-giving lunar blood to Nordic pagans the mistletoe was guide hell Jew GUI D hgl the same and here's a play on words guide to hell that led Aeneas through the underworld as his Golden Bough and literally they understand it as representing a portal that you literally ascend into hell the very meaning of the word Holly nothing there is by accident the location and everything was planned from the very beginning as a gate in the portal I agree with that a hundred percent and also from what I understand this is was told to me by a witch that in Wan lor the wands the most powerful ones the ones that you were used to control fallen angels were made of Hollywood yes and this is an interesting concept as well considering the City of Angels I believe the City of Fallen Angels would be a more correct term for it Hollywood is a major controlling factor of that town and just absolutely intense the way this stuff happens and the way this the way this stuff is hidden in plain sight in front of us you talked earlier about the hubs and different cities along the same lines and we do have in America we have several hubs that are completely given over to idol worship and honestly almost every capital city in every state is but we have some major ones you talked about Chicago New York and New Orleans representing some of these wind water fire gods that are out there and really we could do a whole show about New Orleans we could do a whole show I mean we went to New Orleans not long ago and filmed a vampire documentary interviewed one of the top vampires in the area and talked about a town full of a wickedness it is outright amazing but that really kind of wraps up can we can wrap up what I had to say from here if you have anything else David please go for it and then we can go into questions or whatever I if I go on it's gonna be another hour so we'll we'll stop where I'm going right here well before we go to questions I could give a whirlwind truncated version of the curse of Griffith Park and Griffith Park is the 4210 acre park it's one of the largest of the nations in our nation it's on Mount Lee and this is where the famous Hollywood sign is that you always see it's here in Griffith Park now originally the land I'll try to get these names right the land originally belonged to Don Antonio Feliz and he lived there with his sister Soledad and his blind niece Donna cranly oh and when mr. Phileas was dying of smallpox on his deathbed there was a man that visited him and he brought a lawyer by the name of Don in Conte and they drew up a will and it was like weekend at Bernie's they actually attached a stick to Mister felices head as he was on his deathbed to smallpox and when they would read the will they would like move the stick to make his head nod like he was a grin and they stole this land through this deathbed chicanery well a weekend at Bernie's scenario yeah II was and the blind niece Donna petrol petrol Lena and like Jonas I'm doing the best I can to pronounce that right it's probably pretty close probably pretty close but anyway this lady and they ought to make a movie about this they won't but they should but this lady because she was robbed of her inheritance she done a ritual and put a curse on these people and on the land and as she finished the ritual she dropped dead you can't make this stuff up and the result of this the crooked lawyer Don in Conte he was shot very soon after that Don Coronel who got control of this he and his family they all died of misfortune and tragedy it was an amazing scenario and when he died the land passed to a guy by the name of Lucky Baldwin and Lucky Baldwin's luck ceased when he acquired this property and lucky put a ranch in a dairy farm there and all of his cattle mysteriously died so he planted grain and then the fire came in and destroyed his grain he replanted grasshoppers came in destroyed his grain and finally to top it all off lucky was shot down by a bandit so lucky wasn't too lucky and then in 1882 the land passed to Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith who the park was named after now this is where it gets even Wilder if it could get more wild mr. Griffith was a Protestant and he married an extremely devout Roman Catholic from a prominent Catholic family and mr. Griffiths claimed that his wife and daughter were conspiring with the Pope to steal that land now with what was said tonight about Nimmi and the correlation there and we know the great links that the Vatican went to get control of this mountain where they put the Lucifer telescope the Vatican does strange things like this but anyway mr. Griffiths beat his wife to the punch and shot and killed her well he was convicted of murder but at the trial there was so much evidence that indeed his wife and daughter were trying to poison him that he only served two years in San Quentin and then was released so it's certainly an amazing story but it certainly seems to be that there was a reality to this curse and nowhere in Scripture does scripture say that there aren't power and curses the Bible tells us how to get free of curses and how to break these things off of her life but I believe that it's quite possible and it was so bad that finally the family in 1896 they gave it to the city of Los Angeles to get rid of it they just gave it away because so much crazy stuff went on and there's a reality to it and I think you know you know my conspiratorial mind I believe that quite likely that the Pope was involved in the thing we can't prove it but we do know that mr. Griffith only done two years in San Quentin for shooting his wife point-blank with the gun so there was certainly a lot of mitigating circumstances is there because of the deliberate repeated attempts to poison him over a period of time so it's certainly interesting and it just blends in so well with the whole story of what we know of the parallels with Rome of Miss Entwistle that committed suicide and all of that and in Griffith Park it is notorious it is the dumping ground hundreds and hundreds of bodies there this is where the gangs today and the mob they dump their bodies they have for years it's the place for satanic cults satanic rituals it is probably the most haunted place on earth for apparitions and when we talk about hauntings we're not talking about the disembodied spirits of human beings we're talking about disembodied Nephilim spirits that are coming up from out of the earth I'll just close with this from the book of Jubilees where it talks about an amazing passage where 90% of Moses prays and he says that basically wow these devils are just tearing the family up can you just get them off the face of the earth and in the bottom line it says this in Jubilees 10-7 and the Lord our God bade us to bind all and the chief of spirits mathema came and said Lord creator let some of them remain before me and let them hearken to my voice and do all that I shall say unto them for if some of them are not left to me I shall not be able to execute the power of my will on the sons of men for these are for corruption and leading astray before my judgment for great as the wickedness of the sons of men and he said let the tenth part of them remain before him and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation and if this is credible and I believe it is there are only 10% of the devils that are in our first heaven 90% are underground and we can see in Scripture like the story of the witchin of Endor and in Scripture the woman with the familiar spirit was called the Abba and the man was called the you don't I and this was translated wizard and these the oven the Adonia these were the male and the female practitioners of the occult that could bring spirits up from the underworld but it's certainly a fascinating story and when you put all of this together it certainly means that your title is appropriate Los Angeles is the city of the Fallen Angels and that's why these things are manifesting openly there's a website where you can read we could have read for two hours the reports of seeing and smelling peg entwistle Griffith Park its Nephilim spirit central because it is a gate it is a portal and Los Angeles is the City of Fallen Angels right I think they're tired of being worshipping by natives that are throwing bones and stuff around they want to be worshipped by the entire world and they do that's the spot to do it so I this concludes me for right now David I know if we want to keep it to two hours I think it'd probably be a good idea to get into some questions all right well sister Donna will you come on and join the broadcast here and let's get some questions from our listeners are you there sister Donna yes and really appreciate your devil into this topic I kind of dents in the side research here myself well I do too and I just want to say John did a fantastic job I just really it was just so timely it's so right and he said a lot of things tonight really need to be said I'm so thankful sure did for John appreciate that David I you know it's it's I have to give glory to the father for it because the show that I had lined out yesterday was nowhere near as good as this one so I don't know if God came in personally my computer and took all those files out and said we do it or not but I'm glad I did so well thank you to God I appreciate it you know I just did a really quick search on a famous survivors of child abuse oh there was 51 here but I know you mentioned some of these but Drew Barrymore and the your I mentioned Oprah Winfrey Christina Aguilera Marilyn Monroe Bill Clinton of all people Tyler Perry Rosie O'Donnell Eleanor Roosevelt Roseanne Barr Richard Nixon Jule Chevy Chase Queen Latifah Marilyn Manson Janice Dickinson Fiona Apple Steve Mustaine Maya Angelou Tina Turner Henry Rollins so that was just a few fairy is from New Orleans and Ana that was famous people but I mean some of those definitely were noted in Hollywood so I really appreciate Ally's question area is their geographical significance to the location of that famous Hollywood Walk of Fame where all the stars stars are III personally don't know but I do going from Lake nemi and Nimmi were were in Rome this is where Emperor's would come and assert themselves as stars I'm not sure if there's a geographical correlation to that there might be but it's an interesting question David do you know anything about that well I think that it is in the sense of the area of Los Angeles itself being a gate in a portal in Hollywood in specific and the whole theology of the initiation into the mysteries was that you awaken the divine spark of the divine within and you become God yourself and this is just saying hey you've achieved at your star you're immortal you're initiated and it's like the highest honor and they even I know John had on the slide there they even have a star on the Walk of Fame for Lucifer mm-hmm got a mention Lucifer yeah that's a truth Rhonda wants to know she wonders if there's an evil high place altar up on the hill by the Hollywood sign there have been many of Griffith Park for years and to this day has been the de site of countless animal and human sacrifices you can look this up on crime websites for years way back since Hollywood began the mob it was mostly the mob then they would dump their bodies but yeah this has been the hotspot for satanic cults for years and this is huge it's like a 4,000 acre area the Los Angeles zoos in Griffith Park the Greek amphitheatre there's like two museums it's a large area and it's wooded and this has been a place for I mean I just I can't remember what all they were but I mean it's not just one body or two this has been countless altars animal sacrifices for years and ever since it began so absolutely it is and it is a mama we've talked a lot about the Baba bhai place and the worship of the vimana on top of the MA they would have the growth on the Bhama so absolutely this is exactly what it is a high place to the goddess Ali wanted to know do you know the story of Emilio Fernandez the Mexican actor that was the model for the Academy Award statue it I do not can you ask that again I didn't hear what it was do you know the story of Amedeo Fernandez the Mexican actor that was the model for the Academy Award statuette oh no no sorry I did I thought that's what she said but I wanted to make sure because I did do a little bit of study on the on the little statuette but no she'll have to share that with us and let us know yeah um have you seen the videos of Beyonce and jay-z at the bball game and Al Roker recently Shaquille O'Neal and the when the let's see I'm sorry trying to read this question I think a word left out when the froze after a trigger word Oh in other words somebody froze after the trigger word I've seen many videos like that where they freeze after a trigger word and look one more Kanye did that I've seen one where was a Hillary what's the girl's name ditz Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter no no I'm sorry not her Katy Katy Perry the the preacher's daughter she had a MKULTRA breakdown on stage one time seems like I don't want to be here you know like kind of freaked out and had to be carried off the stage I've seen several breakdowns like that of people's programming and that happens with MKULTRA and other things sometimes people tend to break down from the program and have to be reprogrammed a trigger word will snap them out of it or snap them into certain character it's it's really there's a lot of videos on that I don't know if I've seen that particular one but I have seen some very similar yeah like Roseanne said in K alter it rules in Hollywood it's we probably have even understated the case of how pervasive this is and to really go to the top you don't really go to the top I don't believe without it would be very hard without being involved in this stuff kara wanted to know are the Hollywood and elite are they Satanists or South's God people I'd say both you know I mean because you're gonna have people that are Satanist obviously you're gonna have people that are white witches and because you got the right hand Pat the left hand and path and then you have basic principalities like real principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places and they're in the Greek terms for these these are actually classes of angelic beings you have a mix and then you got people that are just going there because they want Fame more than anything the world and they sell their soul the Bible says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul and there's a lot of people that went over there just for that reason they get wrapped up in these things sometimes in a sacrifice to have blackmail against them you know this is a big thing and what is that what I guess the in the the heresies book by Hippolyta's he says he says that in masonry and in secret societies oftentimes they embarrassed the person in the ritual so they have something against them to use if they continue down the path if they try to break free or try to whatever and in Hollywood you can't leave Hollywood they're just like the song Hotel California you can check out but you can't ever leave you know you you know you will pay the price for trying to leave this so there's a mixture of those people I don't think it's all Satanists I don't think it's all Luciferians I think there's people that go there with good intentions Christians maybe they go there thinking oh I'm gonna change Hollywood and play a movie but then they get wrapped up you know you can't there's a real principality over this area there's a high gang violence area high drug area high prostitution hide hide child trafficking my advice to anybody if you want to go there and preach the gospel do it don't try to get involved in the culture there by being this stuff go there and just like Paul in Ephesus they were mad at him because people were starting to hate Diana there you know everybody in the world worship Diana and Paul was bringing so many people out of it that the people that made these false idols were scared that's the kind of stuff we need in Hollywood not somebody to go over there and make their own little movie because if you think your movies are gonna get through that makes an impact on society and these you're gonna put it one over on these on these angels you are deadly mistaken and you don't know what you're talking about it's not gonna happen well as we know things happen sometimes when you speak out of course we've decided not to live in fear we're gonna keep speaking out about these things Ali mentioned Joan Rivers died mysteriously after she said they mama was a transgender yeah he wasn't joking Joan Rivers wasn't so yes she called a Barack Obama the first gay president and the courage he had to marry a transvestite or whatever I remember that that was pretty interesting and we do try to document everything as best as we can sometimes you can't but there's so much going on it goes by so fast and then when you were talking about getting fronting them we've always found out if you're going to confront a freemason you don't want to do it in a group of other Freemasons you need to get the person individually so that usually works a lot better and there was interesting documentary on of all places the e-channel and it was called the secret societies of Hollywood and it showed about a half-dozen locations that you had to be a Hollywood a-lister to get into and they said there that you know you could have anything you want I mean there's nothing it's any it's whatever you want and I mean anything you want and if these are places that are known operating in public you know there's just no limits to what's going on in these secret places it's the very underbelly of the human race of the horrors of pedophilia human trafficking torture and you name it it's all of the above I only said that Johnny Depp the Dixie Chicks up and said are they defended the West Memphis Three you got any thoughts on that why they would do that yeah we know we know why and we've done shows about it before he's a he's friends with those people he has the same Damien Echols tattooed some stuff on him I mean symbols and stuff like that so yeah he defended him because he's a black magician of the left-handed path very sick and twisted person he has a he had there he was playing guitar and this and this thing and he had his shirt he had the man-boy lover symbol on his shirt Johnny Depp is a very wicked person and he claimed he you can see he's into Crowley he's friends with the echos in the West Memphis damien echols to be exact and so yeah I mean there's a connection there a big time most a lot of these people in Hollywood are connected with these people damien echols was lifted up major if it wasn't for that documentary he'd still be rotting in prison for killing those children it's it's a it's a mind-blowing thing that happened there there's a lot to it that we can't really you know we don't have time to get into all of it but I mean am i right David you're absolutely right and damien echols and those two other guys were bottom-feeding nobody's street punks that did the worst of the worst and then all of a sudden when they're on trial for murder all these elite people come out for them and they were in the right place Damien Echols was at the right place at the right time to see something he shouldn't have saw and this is just what give him his in and all of the smells of groups like in my opinion OTO Golden Dawn type stuff where you see these elite people engaging with these type of people for obviously all the wrong reasons so this is exactly what it was all about and depth and James Franco there's some of the worst of the worst in this occult underbelly in Hollywood in my opinion okay Dave and the chat said that they just had a box of met statue go up at the State Capitol and once you know if there's anything they can do and tía also was concerned wanting to know what do you do about these satanic temples that are putting up both events well I don't know legally if there's anything that can be done they're now going under the free speech we can pray as believers we can pray and that we for sure can do we can expose it and we can pray but I don't know if legally of the world that we live in if there's anything that can be done to stop it because these things are happening all over and they're just getting more and more in your face so I wish there was a way to stop it but I don't know that there legally is yeah I don't I don't think so either I think though that this is the only thing that I know you know is being able to to speak out and talk about it but we've gave up our rights a long time ago when we outed Lee allowed them to take prayer out of the schools we allowed them to abort children we allowed them to Institute people into office that were wicked evil people that are liars and continue to put them in office we've allowed this to happen to this point repentance the Bible says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways you'll heal their land and it also says to follow this truth follow it be obedient this is the only way to stop it right David I mean that's exactly that's that's exactly you can turn it down without going to prison and I mean if you know if that's up to you if you want to do that I'm not gonna repeat I am not telling people to go tear it down but that's the only way other than that I can think of and so it's it's crazy you just really need to check your local laws and see what rights that you do have also people wanted to know him Brian from YouTube what did you know can you go into detail of why they chose the area of Hollywood I think we talked a little bit about that mainly because there's gold and in call it California the elites love gold and they really quickly took control of that area once they once they found out there's gold and there's this major Gold Rush this area kind of looks like nimmy that we talked about it looks it has these poisoned they call it the land of the poison Oaks before it was even named before that as as the Queen of Heaven area I think that there is literally a portal there personally like David said I believe that this is literally an area and you notice something David when you find areas that have a lot of gold there is an interest in those areas for some reason or another I know that when I went to sin Sacramento city of sacrament which is interesting on the on the courthouse there which past the most horrific laws that our country has ever seen against our guide against the God Yahweh against our God there is a big sign on there that has Nephilim on there and it says bring me men there as big as these mountains and it's you know this this hoarding of gold this gold town it's very there's some connection there I believe with gold and and power and golden and the portals you know you're talking about a portals and things you know Los Angeles has a had a great well it was a huge sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic arena in the 1930s and in through the 1970s and 1990s the priests were accused of molesting the children or adults and they were reassigned as the you know we are hearing a lot about the Pennsylvania case but there was a big one out right there in Los Angeles and also I just as I was doing a little research here and 2016 it said that they had to elect a new supervisor to oversee that area because the highest rates of child abuse and neglect and highest infant mortality rate in the county was in Los Angeles County and there's a lot that went on there but it said there was the rate for the county though was fourteen point six percent one in seven young children and I saw on another chart where children under the age of one were the most abused and that is so sad because they're so defenseless any abuses sad but that's really bad when a child that young is molested they have you know they don't have people to protect them and they can't protect themselves so it's been a hot hand a hot place there and the Antelope Valley they're in that same area has also been one of the highest places that there's been child abuse cases reported and I just saw this statistics one is reported every ten seconds oh my goodness oh it's really relevant when we talk about these because these Hollywood stars they were children once and that's where it started most of them got to be as children and that opened up the door for them to become a victim so I want to ask myself how can we encourage more Hollywood stars to come out of all this about come out about all this abuse how can we encourage them well I think by doing what we're doing tonight and letting them know that if they would do so they might have a platform right here and one thought on that question of why Los Angeles was chosen we alluded earlier to the idea that goes all the way back to the Egyptian mysteries we see it in the Kabbalah of the four cardinal points being associated with the four gods of the elemental spirits earth their wind and fire we see it Israel and Kabbalah in ancient Egypt and there was the idea it's like marking your territory in the four cardinal points the north south east and west and I believe that that is the Western portal of Darren Los Angeles and I think this is a lot of their basic theology and mentality behind this type of thinking I agree and to answer the question about stars like David said we they you know obviously we will give you as big a platform as we can until they kick us off and who knows how long that that will be thankfully there are other platforms out there that are going to be competing with YouTube that we are you know thinking about moving over to that are actually run by people that have the money to actually compete with Google so thankfully that that is the case but also I would say have courage have courage because the scripture I already said the scripture before it says what does profit a man to gain the entire world but lose his soul and a man it doesn't profit you leave get out amen what at the even if they even if they kill you they cannot kill your soul they cannot kill your spirit only the father has the power to do that this Bible says to fear him guess what you can leave and he can protect you and I would say do it have the courage get up walk away speak out and do something because I know that you're afraid that you're not gonna work again I know that you get used to being worshipped by as God's by people I know that you are like the money you like all these things but I can promise you this and anybody that has had money or success can you can look at people like Robin Williams and whether he was actually one of these person that was whacked by the star whackers or or one of these people that have had all this money I've known people with so much money yet they're so miserable because success is not about money success is not about Fame to me success is about being loved by your family and loving your family and doing the will of the one who made you that success money will not bring you happiness if you're miserable money will only bring you more misery if you're evil money will only bring you more evil so I would say get out get out get out there's no excuse to get out amen and you know as I mentioned about Freemasons it's better to do 101 you know if possible you may I know this is a tricky way to do it and if it's not good if I sudden sorry but I know people that have joined fan clubs in order to be able to communicate one-on-one with the stars so you know if you feel led that you really need to reach these people you might try something like that to be able to really directly reach these people someone else mentioned that the the evil hand signs are jesters is the person who shows that an example like a celebrity are they casting a spell or curse on people in some cases it could be and there's all kinds of levels of understanding among individuals a lot of people might not have a clue what they're even doing and some of the more knowledgeable they could use it as spell casting I know a lot of people get confused when they hold up the devil thing was when the thumb is sticking out it's the sign for love in the deaf language and then we've had many people say oh they did a freemason handshake well it's really hard to prove that when it's not a moving picture because that handshake is more than just a handshake it involves actual physical movement so you just have to look at these things and examine them it is sometimes very hard to tell like they would said it could go either way Claudia wants to know Aleister Crowley said in his book that we are all stars is this why celebrities refer themselves as stars yeah there's this understanding you know sad to say the evil world knows more about the Bible than a lot believers do but they understand that angels are stars and yeah they this is the goal like realize activate that divine spark within realize your God and yeah you'll be a star and this is like the deification that you have arrived hey Ally wanted to know I'm the Manson murders Sharon Payton of whorfin at Roman Polanski's house but he was out of town at the time she was pregnant with baby he had just directed Rosemary's Baby a ritual sacrifice maybe I could let me tell you something about Polanski I was gonna mention him in this the producer he is a pedophile and he was convicted as a pedophile he left the country and he was he said he would come back if they would pardon him if he said time served a big-time pedophile big-time Luciferian pedophile Manson also Luciferian I don't know about pedophile but a definitely a Luciferian mind controlled to a high level all these different people so yeah I mean definitely I believe that there was no doubt in my mind that all of these murders were a sacrifice of some sort what do you think David oh absolutely and Manson was associated with a group called the Church of the final process which was a satanic group and very much akin and linked in my opinion with groups like the orbital Templar Orientis and yeah this is just a part of that whole ugly scenario and you know like John said Polanski you know he's one of the biggest bottom feeders in the pond no doubt about it and he I wanted to know this a little bit different subject but do you know anything about the Phoenix being under a particular demonic spirit of the symbol of the Phoenix or say it again please yeah just wants to know is there anything about the Phoenix being under a particular demonic spirit well the whole Phoenix symbolism of originally the bird on the Great Seal the United States was not an eagle but a Phoenix and the idea of the Phoenix Rising is the symbolism behind the New World Order that it's going to rise from the ashes and America will be the new Atlantis to establish the New World Order and of course this is all very much ground zero of the occult spirits and what they want to establish okay so now we had a question I believe it's off-topic and you can choose to answer or not David please ask towards David here please give your opinion on the curse of Balaam and the truth about diversity and multiculturalism and the New World Order agenda well that is off-topic and I think I will choose not to answer because we're going to try to get our listeners to keep that is a good question please don't be offended but to get as many questions and we do want them to be on topic and as short as possible so well actually I did cut questions off earlier because it's too hard for me to watch yeah do the questions and yeah and please don't be offended we're gonna do the best we can to get in as many as we can but you know we can't get them all in so we're gonna do the best we can and identical so I've had to kind of truncate on some of them you know you're doing a good job Donna we appreciate it and we will do another show about this sometime with somebody that's actually lives in LA that can tell some interesting stories and and maybe add more insight yeah this subject and we'll be able to bring a little bit more of our research yeah like David said we try to keep our shows at two hours exact because at some point we try to get these on radio shows and stuff they have to be a certain time format in order for news that way creates less work for me later on having to go in and edit certain things out of it so yeah and John and I are doing a show on Thursday night that's got the call-in platform where people can call in and talk with us and discuss various things that are on the heart so we'll try to be as make ourselves as available as humanly possible um I just would like to sum up actually that is all the questions that I had but I'd like to sum up this because I found some new statistics about child abuse and we have to remember all these stars were children and like I said this is I think where a lot of it started but here are some statistics one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old so when you're in a room and you think you're the only one who's ever been abused you just think different because that's not true there's others in there over fifty eight thousand children were sexually abused last year 8.3 percent of reported child abuse cases were sexual abuse thirty-four percent of people who sexually abuse a child are family members 12.3% girls we're age ten are younger at the time of their first rape or victimization and thirty percent of girls were between the age of 11 and 17 27 point eight percent of boys we're age ten are younger at the time of their first rape or victimization 96 percent of all people of all who sexually abuse children excuse me I'll repeat that 96 percent who sexually abuse children are male and seventy six point eight percent of people who sexually abused children are adults three hundred and seventy five thousand children are at risk of becoming victims of commercial child abuse exploitation each year caregiver alcohol or drug abuse is a child abuse risk factor putting kids at a much larger risk for being abused the average age when girls first become victims of prostitution is twelve to fourteen years old and the average age for boys is eleven to thirteen years old these are facts these are come from the national facts about child abuse so this leads me to know that we all need to be spending more time in prayer to help protect our children and we need to be compassionate when people come to us with their stories we've been doing this for years and nothing really surprises us but this Hollywood thing it has just become really blown out of proportion of all the things that have done there because that is what people do to be entertained they watch movies and we're subjecting ourselves to a lot of things we shouldn't see and these people in Hollywood they've actually wanted to keep going and because of the pride that's involved a lot of it in their acting so thank you for the show John it really was interesting well thank you sister Donna for doing the questions and thank you John for doing a great job thank you so very much and a big thank you to all of our midnight ride listeners you are just the best and with that high five everybody we'll see you next Saturday night on the midnight ride and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast [Music] who is able to play [Music] [Music] Oh you [Music]



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