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The Jacksons: An American Dream

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Jacksons: An American Dream
The DVD cover for the miniseries.
Written by Joyce Eliason
Directed by Karen Arthur
Starring Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
Angela Bassett
Holly Robinson Peete
Margaret Avery
Alex Burrall
Jermaine Jackson, Jr.
Bumper Robinson
Floyd Meyers Jr.
Monica Calhoun
Jason Weaver
Angel Vargas
Terrence Howard
Vanessa L. Williams
Billy Dee Williams
Wylie Draper
Colin Steele
Theme music composer Harold Wheeler
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 2
Producer(s) Suzanne de Passe
Joyce Eliason
Jermaine Jackson
Margaret Maldonado
Stan Marguiles
Running time 240 min.
Distributor The Stan Marguiles Company
KJ Films
de Passe Entertainment
Motown Productions
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Original network ABC
Original release November 15 – November 18, 1992

The Jacksons: An American Dream is a four-hour American miniseries broadcast in two halves on ABC and originally broadcast on November 15 through November 18, 1992.[1] It is based upon the history of the Jackson family, one of the most successful musical families in show business, and the early and successful years of the popular Motown group The Jackson 5.

The miniseries was executive produced by Suzanne de Passe and Stan Marguiles, produced by Joyce Eliason, Jermaine Jackson and Margaret Maldonado and directed by Karen Arthur. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, where director Arthur had previously filmed her feature film Lady Beware.

The Jacksons: An American Dream is based on Katherine Jackson's My Family autobiography. A critical and commercial success, the program won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Choreography. The title alludes to the iconic concept of the 'American Dream'.

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Jude exit look look He's gonna ask you to do dance Lulla Jackson's brother I know I'm Catherine Scruse Derivation I just. I don't dance fast. So. We dance slow. (sigh) So What's wrong with your leg? I had polio when I was a kid oh! Don't Tell me you had to go around wearing one of those brace things? for a few years is all Everything's fine now You ever been to California? You know that was cool to leave my father And it'll get the job in the steam school are your folks divorced My folks are divorced too divorce is hard on everybody Sure I would never do that to my children When I get married I'm going to stay that way It's no need to be shy about your dancing Like music I Love all kinds of noisy and mostly country-western we had like controversy - you do injury spirit stuff I say That divorced parents of my country-western Everyone could account for me There's some people been married 50 years and have that much in common Like you said he told her He's the best looking I've ever seen Hmm, I don't think he's much height What type is your type, but I don't already made up my mind the type of man I'm gonna marry, and we just got to the saxophone Hey, hi Do you know what I heard Lulu's brother Jack got married Good thing your mother a dozen shirts today Mama says that six dollars and fifteen dollars from last month. I'd tell your mama up here next time I hope she's feeling better Mr.. Graham asked how you was feeling mom? Wanted to say what a make my mama feel better is to get paid he didn't oh Man hold it tight this Yeah, Cathy. This is the way you apply haunches gently Didn't we cover it with hot towels? Gently on It feels better Got to feel better House cleaning for the dryers tomorrow you're not gonna clean nobody's house tomorrow Martha. You're gonna get some rest hey What's that something? You don't get enough of hmmm? interested in nursing Caden I Don't know you make a good nurse an excellent nurse you should think about it Katherine's got dreams of being a movie star. Oh what what else is it? Country western singer mom, but that's not for real. That's just playfully nurse this thing is more practical I Think oh we got popcorn the spring it gives like the white cap Forced now you've been gone long are you doing Katie? Come on talk to me girl I'm doing fine He's the horse he's come looking for you told you not my time Merry Christmas Zeus yes, Joseph Jackson could I speak with Katherine? Just a moment Yeah, yes is someone here to see you see me mum yeah I brought you something Katy Merry Christmas Thank You Todd you can open it What is it? Necklace and matching earrings to the diamonds Oh, I don't really care for diamonds I don't want to take up too much of your time on Christmas morning But maybe this weekend we Could catch her show her something uh I'll think about it Yeah You do that Ladies So make yourself comfortable I Am I'm comfortable I'm more comfortable over here more together warmer I Didn't know you were composites a lot. You don't know about me. They're gonna spend my whole life in the steel. Mill. Uh-huh That's not me that's Monsieur Found a golden gloves. They're gonna be my ticket all the way back to California about a few months No, maybe huh take you with me I Could like it living in a ranch house palm trees Tonight Katie Yeah, oh You shouldn't get in the habit of letting boys kiss you It always leads to something else. I don't care so much now I was looking in the window I Saw him kiss you Look at me Catherine. I'm sure he's a very nice little boy But you've got to be careful a Young girl like yourself you Get in trouble But I'm not gonna kid you trouble I'm gonna be a nurse remember Oh Oh It's gonna be waiting up for me, it's just one minute You can talk to me Katie, I understand if you tell me things that maybe you don't say to other other people Right here in the eye What do you see a monster is something? You know me? I'm going together two months You experienced jokes You've been married That was a mistake a terrible mistake And I knew that right after we got married I never hurt you Katie. I never do anything Don't Sweet voice Katie I Used to think about being nothing Amy - hey my brother Luther oh he got a little bad Maybe you can say first Make a buzzing hmm You didn't get to live in a fancy house How a stream no living in a big house Stranger things have happened Oh Yeah, I better go home now relax, no Smell great you can trust me Close your eyes don't be afraid trust in me The hurt you I See envision fiends the way I do Oh Somehow and we can do Woman to talk to the young man No He's leaving town He's gonna be a musician or boxer in Los Angeles It's been saving its money I Don't want to grow it before Enough to get myself settled in California Steve Mills for me kale Yeah of course I Was just I was thinking about nursing school Dr. Hayes is arranging it for me Are you Mother says lawmakers Payback You are aren't you? I Don't want to tell me I never would have told you I Don't want to mess things up for you. I mean Man I was gonna marry anyway, you know Dr.. Hayes, maybe he could help me you know the real things But I don't want to miss things up did you - oh? I don't want you to be cool Then going down to clown point we're gonna find this as a justice of the peace What about your dreams Now we put the California Sorry go oh, I think it's down to a minute Being laid up is definitely telling me look. I don't got no answers for Yeah I just let the oil get down There now Jimmy Camus Tito, Jackie sooner be nice or Vitória cut him up close to rebus Come on your daddy's home We didn't hear you drive up Suffer ready You didn't eat off My mom do you think it might last this time Could be a month it could be six months And we'll manage you always do they're not going to welcome Me back I Just been touching this no no of course not You're not gonna sell it it's your music my 70 Round up fellas move on sex other guy's gonna call ourselves Falcons see if you can get some gigs be some money Luther you're coming in too late you gotta concentrate relax lighten up a little Gamelin I got no time to jam you know what the rate that we're going. I'm gonna have to put my kids to work You want to see something some real talent Oh Leno says my rent is No I Got the lowdown My car won't start money I'll sit my money just to taxes Oh what I'm gonna do when is Till you killed them in there the nightmare That's why I want you to come with me me understand people appreciate us over there American music Love me over there gonna be singing, and I'm a clean up till the fan will be fighting over my body Good you know well now I'm boxing a bunch of kids they say You know the gig here gig there It's not exactly what I had in mind for the Falcon. Well. What about the club over on Mason? I thought you said they were interested Well now they're not Hey Katie Hey, Katie you're not pregnant again are you? Afternoon oh I'm just so embarrassed how am I ever going tell my mother? Well are you ever planning on telling me? You should be using birth control, I don't believe in no birth control. You're not bad. Oh, so All our dreams I Gotta have a little bit patient skating In one of these days we're going to be packing up out of here Moving to the coast I Haven't given that up I Still had the dream This is what has come - not stealing mutaters and left here - righto foods Yeah look You don't eat You don't live survival huh It's been four months, man Four months or something later This is not the way, I planned it another thing this was not the plan You Know You If he wants you to call in Joseph Michael now, there's no need to crime home everybody crazy Hey, I'm on Iran at barbecue shows now's nice wonder what we got planned, huh? Breathing oh Honey, did you wash these greens before you cook wash? Honey, it's bugs. You know in this water. You gotta wash greens real. Good before you cook them now As we start this over again The cornbread came out good mother music this let me change this dress father be getting home from the meal soon Tito I told you before that guitar is not a toy, it's a valuable instrument your father gets a gig something's wrong with his guitar I Was careful well your father would have he saw you playing with it Go put it away quickly Collard greens Michael he knows I don't like anyone breathing on my food. Did you crash the bunch and look at you? It's not For your shoes Michael Michael obey your father come out from under there you gonna get it boy. It ain't no way you not gonna get it You can't catch him he's a rabbit How are you every wood My friend strap, I could use one just be so hard Somebody hates you or take something out of you hurts way inside see Come true in a strap Look back no Why are you getting so many kids you gotta sleep in shifts? Please donate the problem problem is keeping them fit The top working double shifts man what am I supposed to play guitar? Dramatic group can't get arrested. Hey man. That was a dream This is reality Who did this stringer my guitar Who do this I didn't do it God God God swear to God believe me there who Who's been touching what's mine? Boys come on out here come on Jim it's so late. Would you let him get some sleep, please? I want them to hear this The whole family want to get to the bottom of this And I don't care how late it is I Want to know what's been going on around here Now I fix the strings on this guitar I'm gonna invite Tita to play for me And you better not mess up boy, are you gonna get more? Try being a to One every one of those bricks moved by the time I get back home y'all understand After school y'all get here get right back to it Why? I'm gonna tell you why first It's gonna keep you out of streets and out of trouble and second It's gonna make it tough Baby Why you want to scares like there you hungry, okay? Would you give the money for that who's it for This is potato V With the provision that you share it with whoever wants to practice our practice I'll practice every minute I promise well, that's what you gonna have to do if you want to play really good practice makes perfect Now who knows we might even get a group started. Yeah, maybe the Jackson boys Jackson brothers Jackson for Jury's Danielle, would you like to tell the class what your dreams are very? Good and Marlon And Michael what about you? I'll have you a great singer I know about a hundred songs and I listen to them and I learn them That's all I want to sing in the school pageant so can I but? I'm not on the committee, but you could ask please Sure I'm sure Joseph my brothers I'm too little I May be short I am z-man You know I can do it No Climb every mountain Search I know Follow everybody Every path you know Every mountain For Every stream follow Every rainbow till You find a dream a dream that will need All the love you can give Every day of your life Every stream follow every rainbow Yo Mr.. Jetson boys just became to justify Have you lost your mind You need the right equipment oh I don't believe this where on earth did you come up with this kind of money? You ever hear about buying on time Look I used every time Jackie shoes Oh Clear through to the soles of his feet I'm trying on outfits mall at the Salvation Army The roof needs fixing the water heater shocked me I Stretched the pennies as far as I can and you throw it away I'll be in the talent show I'm looking to the future You mean the high school talent show that's what you preparing for This neighborhood, it's filled with talent to kids you hear me every last one of them in a singing group here We are crowded in this low house if we don't get into that why don't we build on an extra bedroom? Katie Katie we buy two instruments now we buy the instruments not in the later. We can get whatever we want I've been to be even these boys haven't even hit potential now that that kid from down block that Johnny Jackson I'm gonna have him on the drums, and I'm gonna get that Ronnie rancifer kid won't care, but it's going to be professional Oh Watch again, that is not the way to The other side Michael sure That's the concentration we need you guys want to be in V talent contest you're gonna have to prove it to me I'm not gonna be embarrassed understand Here we go again In my life No no no Marlene Marlene you missed the turn again, I was trying He's singing out of tune throwing everything off. How are we gonna ever get anywhere like this? Every kid in this block and do it better than you guys you don't concentrate you don't listen Marlon outside go guess which I was Donny honest I was you start whining before you get this would you stop it be a man go? That's the only way you can anybody Especially when the Phenom Next week Working the boys the hard Bay even twice as much work, I never heard nobody You know that Marla's gonna be a dance if it kills them can't cut it Katie Doesn't have it It seems out of to me missus steps Driving them from the group what? Joseph Walter Jackson There's lots of things that you do that I do different, I keep quiet, I don't say nothing about it mostly but on this I got to speak I See him Always trying to outrun my always trying to beat him at some game you do this to him in he'll break it I'm gonna go let you do that Game let that happen Are you too hard on him you too hard on all of us now. I'm telling you what I know It's gonna have on the way. What do you want Katie? You want to work in this some some Spielman for the rest of their lives? What you want him out of some street corner what you said dope Trouble some gang don't you want you know I don't But I don't want to see him get whupped either. Yeah. Well. That's the only way I know how? That's not much father raised me Cuz every man on the street handles their kids Kids got to be strong Katie, that's the world we live in My kids out of here forget about of Galle out of those steel mills, I'm gonna make that happen Don't be able to to see their dreams come true Their dreams Joseph are yours You're my best friend mr.. AK or the one who listens to me Gotta win tomorrow mr. Joseph says we gotta be winners He says we got what it takes Joseph says that Joseph knows Oh You wanna leave me Good oh I keep telling jokes, it's just high school. We lose this one. We could be working ten times harder The winners of the Roosevelt High School talent contest The judges have decided unanimously You play guitar really well All that hard work paid off Dude good boy We won, but you won, mr.. Ass, where are you? You should have heard them clapping and cheering for us I Can't explain what it felt like my back is so much That's what it's like when you win winners Where are you mr. At I want to show you what we won mr. That? Good Michael Michael, sweetheart wait Michael You never heard nobody and Joseph killed him Sweetheart is just a dirty old mouth. Well. We can't have mais in our house Everyone has things that they had to overcome like mothers we're All mad and angry because I have a lamp I just think that I have to be stronger and It's the same of you It wouldn't be lots of times in your life When you're gonna be hurt sad But you just have to remember that it's a test okay Can you remember that It's just a test WJZ a stars - Winner Color TV set Indiana downs probably they white Jackson Taking a second place We've had enough trouble It was unfair White voice y-yeah how much of a contest Second main so bad it's better than losing second is losing It's the only one winner first The Jacksons don't lose contests am I making myself clear We need more movement more dance come on let's go You got to punctuate every time With sand otherwise we got work to do you understand work Where's Michael You been weird all gold every penny yarn How much you give in small boys Nickel would you sell them for a nipple? You better stick to singing, but wait come on Okay, yes what you think about? What is the consciousness no for me so much trouble Baby Come on let's go, Jemaine - who's gonna pay 20 fosters4 are You mind me you're here Marlon. I don't want that out of you anymore That goes for you too, Michael stay with me Hey, hey Jackie You gonna come to batting practice look you got a babysit again. I got a rehearse. Yeah, well, what about the team? No man we got an anniversary party with plans for we got to go over the songs Well let's go Big stuff huh play it down in front of the ball Hang it up to nothing you got the big it so bad. He can't even fit through the door Nobody good enough for the Jacksons, don't worry - hey No more fight, let's do it, right My boys don't fight his work. He told me not to be afraid of anybody and it worked All right everybody out early Alright boys c'mon it's all going babe. Come on Oh How'd it go good It went real good All right You boys go right to bed. It's almost time for school Oh What kind of place was this one all right, it's a nice place nice okay hmm Joe I don't like this children up all hours of the night when they need to be in the bay. I'm ready for bed To be What it don't always work look at the guitar no the guitars, okay? Yeah, yeah and a couple of apps for good Don't wipe your nose boy Borrowed get some use apps Mr.. Scoville She's beginning the fight The blend is not homogenizing Michael you need a little bit more attitude with your vocal What's that -? Wouldn't give you this ah A little nervous it's their first time in a recording studio Michael, try it again this time with lots of attitude Oh It might not be anything we just might get airplay you mean you might be on the radio Hello Why are you calling? What do you want? Yeah, look honey. We changed things around a little bit today was this girl calling Jackie. No girls always running after Jackie Looks better huh, I mean honey with all that equipment in here. It's just too hard making it look like a living room What do you think you like it I? Like things the way they were Mother is the woman of the house. She's got a right to fix things the way she wants it Is that so Yes it is You tell me girl They're getting to that age. I can't really both. They're both good-looking kids I mean they got good personalities. They attract kids this family is part of stay together That's the only way this thing's gonna work It can't always be about family for goodness sake don't you think they want to be around a friend sometimes? Dad I thought they'd understand boys Let's go here We sleep Okay look I want you guys to watch the temptations Now this Ruffing character. He puts the microphone into the air spins Then he does the splits Michael can do that you watch them doing all these James Brown moves James ones got a solid band behind Are you doing? That's a nice fish you got okay? Jackie come on. We got work to do back-breaking work to do Bye Jackie alright see ya Were you been Nowhere oh yeah, where's that? Paulina me was just watching TV. That's all I'll hang out with my little brothers all the time. I want some freedom You want freedom you're free You run away you stay away What's wrong come back here expecting breakfast I'm here, Joseph I want them all stacked up over there Got it Yeah You want to moved again doing it for two reasons one? So you don't forget where you come from - so you won't forget what you could end up I don't know any better. I might think you were gonna throw that at me No I'm not gonna throw it We got a shot tomorrow in Chicago All the gigs all the contests that led to this one it's gonna be on the same bill as Jackie Wilson All your favorites tonight open up the show for are you ready for this? I just sitting tight lazy German mr. Excitement himself give it up for mr.. Jackie will You can't sleep oh Honey what's the matter are you worried about Raven? Of course I am Even though this kid Gershon no one Joseph Cassano Brown my boys lived in this neighborhood all his life She's gonna get married Dave said I'm just xxx I Think she should have a bus the boys have a gig on the 30th Shell is what? We're gonna pretend that I approve this marriage, and I know I don't You have got to make your peace with this You are her father. She loves you she needs your support I Got other things to deal with Suppose this the first time is complain It's the biggest the best, but what are we gonna get there? I told you when we get to New York It was Junior Stevie Wonder JZ Shoes I'm glad she was like those someday Pennilyn Talking about more than shoes here guys Mike Talk about a whole history of black performance Come on let's get ready Apollo Theater tapas place you ever gonna play the big time This contest makes stars Yeah Miss Curtis makes stars Be careful We Go out there you're gonna be able to sing No tomorrow okay You know some of the greatest stars have been discovered here at the Apollo. Theater is a matinee and without an exception I want you to put your hands again and welcome all the way from Gary Ladies and gentlemen they're stopping to touch the hollows famous lucky long it didn't work with a dim fuck Did I say Jim told me but maybe it will for these boys? They did my lorry tell me Joe hold on a second I've had interference here they did they won We are on our way to Detroit Bobby Taylor the Vancouver's pretty corner on show tonight he says we can all stay at his apartment Make beds on the floor on the floor You know I don't understand He is going to set up an audition for Motown Reedy go wake up your brother the boys audition for motel Mr.. Gordy, they're really talented, they're so cute won't you just come to the audition I'm sure the talented not sure they're cute for the kids I hate cats What about Stevie Wonder isn't he a kid? We got to deal with his mother his teacher his lawyer at the courts, and that's before we made a record And just as we get started. He's got to stop and go to school, but isn't it worth it. Yeah, well finally But these kids sang to me yesterday at Bobby Taylor's apartment. They are really special Please mr.. Horny Just watch for few minutes Oh Host give me a slow yes instead of a fast no Hey five minutes That I leave and you find me some talented adults Very nice indeed Mr.. Paz we'll get back to you shortly oh Yeah, you guys were terrific Why don't you go back to the apartment, I'll call you later What do you like this, huh? Well how do you know that I can tell he don't want anybody you know how much but he did Which is another with trouble legal hassles What do you want to do excited agree that fantastic pull all the stops I already got some great ideas for them I know exactly what I want to do. I can't wait to get started I Love it Thanks People make a refugee. Oh, you know, that's what they say he's signed a contract Oh, we got us a piece of paper. I still got to put bread on the table right carjack didn't do that Justice here, god bless you Must be proud Thank you for coming to my wedding how Do I know oh Hi guys You nervous Now mr. Gordy wants the guys to perform for the key people in the company today that sales marketing and creative What does that mean creative well that's the department that the songwriters and the records for? It's kind of like they create the songs and they become record all and everybody's when it comes to you guys perform today You mean like Diana Ross? Michael stop asking so many questions. He tries everybody knows hey this place is so big Pretty impressive, huh well it's taking a little tour, and then we got to go down to the tool-house Who are they that's hazel mr. Cordes daughter and that is Roxanne and Patrice her cousins Its Mr.. Gordy just moved to California Thank you, Jemaine let me take you guys All of you heavyweights I hate to use the phrase I told you so but a fantastic Party like I've it's right at hi. I'm Jimmy. I know great. I'm here Okay three key thing First we need a hit record. I'll guarantee that second we need great promotion and marketing Third we need a great show so I want all of you brilliant people To put all of your brilliant minds to work because we're taking the Jackson 5 all the way to the top And I don't understand it what Michael and Jermaine have to fly out there long with Jackie O town will take care of them mr. Gordy He wants to start a wreckin right away immediately. He knows what he's doing Katie. He needs to lead finis Be out there in a week with mawlana Tito in the van Well how long before you send for the rest of us I? Keep telling you As soon as we find a house and as soon as we get settled It's all gonna work out fine This is our dream. We're going to California's coming true We're gonna steal family Pull now Randy, they're gonna be so big. They won't know us hips anymore Oh mom I keep tellin Tito relax your face muscles, baby. They wear this you bother For Joseph to find us a house yeah, they said the Sun is always shining It's always been two months already oh, oh my turn to face now, Jackie's gotta catch up Tonight as your hostess especially to introduce you to Michael Jackson and the Jackson I don't like it Diana Ross introduced at them is Michael Jackson and the Jackson on national television Well just came out like that If there's no stars in this group. That's the way it was set up, and that's the way it's gonna be This whole set I mean diamond Ross pretending like she Discovered them. Oh no Joseph, she just presented them. She did us a favor a big favor mr. Gordy asked if she would bring them out into the spotlight, and she was gracious enough to do so So gimme break. I'm trying to find some costumes for these kids Like my my kids already have custom so obviously they might shouldn't have the costumes. This is good for you Mike So this is your game Michael how old are you 9? billion Well you're cuter at 9, then you are at 11, it's called, PR. Yeah makes you more spec There's a whole lot more you're gonna have to remember the next thing you learn is how to do an interview Only if the act is about politics. We're supposed to say we're just entertainers, right You always want to be kind and polite courteous boys have good manners You've been taught at the dinner table Table manners he just say hey, bro, throw me some bread That acts like a birthday PETA Pick up be there will be there Let me have a car you might have to pick me up. What's thanks? Nothing Joseph will be there for? Ice cream eating math, that's a Joke I don't know anything about Java with So what do you think of la, I love it though the weather son the ocean It comes a big man with the moon I Gotta go look can we talk about this cool? I Never actually thought I'd see a palm tree Not in person For from Gary huh oh oh This is the most beautiful place in the world, I told you Katie - I was gonna get us - Californian You got me to California hmm me having all those babies. That's what got us to, California Yeah, we kind of backyard oh I gotta take them over to Diana Ross Styles. She's having a swimming party, and she wants to make some of the Oh my god, my hair, where's my comb Latoya? Where's my comb? Not you this is business Jackson five business just me and the boys What do you think Oh Yeah May Some people in the house want you to meet them Dry off okay, all right I Wish you could stay Michael Suppose you're gonna get lost in there Stop the chopper down there bitch get over there. You know better than that Hidden Ah Try Stang Just look over your shoulder, honey That's not a new lyric sheet. Is it okay if I put it in. Oh, yeah, it's okay, Michael. It's okay Michael I'm the boss He said shoulders No, no that was great. That's just what we want it. I? Love mistakes and another thing Jackie. Don't ever stop the tank you sing I direct okay You want me to do it again? Oh that was perfect. Just the way I wanted it perfect I Don't feel good you know The Osmonds don't always feel good either But they don't let it stop them That's why they're on the radio always day and night Come on Hey Every time Energy got energy Look it's gonna be right for the live show okay. I'll be there Okay um why don't you just try coming down and do the turn right here, okay? Mr.. Gordy um What we're just having a small problem. We're trying to work out Michaels turns, but it's really no big deal well You also told me to hand the microphone to Jackie, so I don't get caught in a wire That's exactly what we don't want to do Never relinquish your microphone this is your hammer This is what makes you the leader you understand This world This world a better place Is she Change things Ladies and gentlemen the lyrics of a song on reach out and touch somebody's head Make this world a better place if you can And I know you can So right now. I want you to reach out to the person next to you Grab their hand and raise your arms higher sky Sway from side to side Can you do that for me? I know you can Yeah Reach out until somebody's behavior And I'm gonna reach out right now To some very very special guests have with us this evening Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce you to the Jackson 5 Which let you consume if you like Naturally Chang's Son Touch that's crazy Nothing I'll be back later Let's meet you listen, they're all just nuts my sound yes, love Michael that's none of your business Why did you do it? You have to do and you take care of business you can ask me all the questions. You are okay? of course if you know how expensive this Might not break it right I Never see you anymore since you started private school Now you're going on tour You're gonna forget about me I'm crazy about your duty Hello Joseph you remember didi I introduced you St.. The time for socializing I got a job to do remember Don't want girls hanging around rehearsals Yeah, but hazel She's always here to see Jemaine. He's is different I Don't have a sale, but Berry Gordy's daughter But I still have a say over my son's I Just don't know how to boys getting doing this every night, so go to school everyday. Don't Start with your complain Enough precious Got a beautiful house everything you want Yeah Everything I want except you No you just don't even talk anymore is you always so tired you too, busy. Are you gone I? Cook dinner and don't nobody show up Stuck in the house all day says I can't drive drive for Easily got like bothering Suzanne too passive time. I want to go to the grocery store Okay, so you'll learn to drive Straights are so confusing I just In a visit I beat I just feel out of place colleges I Just don't know Again those days the good Are you okay Okay boys Two hamburgers One milk one ice tea and pie apple pie Yeah, make that two Okay, thank you Can you really order anything you want That's right Although I would just love it Room service of my own TV My little bed nice and soft Tell me something I Read in a magazine that you love hazel Gordy It was love at first sight or something Is that true to me yeah, that's true Hmm well I guess that's how you singing to last night, then he's recording That's too bad All that time I Thought she was singing to me. I didn't even know you last night But now you do do you like my perfume? Mm-hmm it's made out of roses. You know it's about a hundred petals just make one You like that yeah Your lips are as smooth as rose petals Jemaine you are so cute. It was hard for me to stop touching Room service don't bring up the food in a minute. Now. Don't you worry about room service? The hands are right here your hands were on me. No my hands are right here. I only kissed you No Joseph listen to me. I have a right to know where my children are and what they're doing never dreamed I'd be eating in the Jetsons how he greatly neither No, I don't care. How busy you are listen you Hello Joseph Well How we're doing I miss Jackson what did he say Where are they? well tonight they're in Nashville tomorrow Memphis Do you know that the fanclub issued a whole itinerary see Not hungry Excuse me Toy why you want to act so ugly in front of company just telling to go home They're fans. No it's because of them that your brothers have come this fall. I want to always show them respect We want to go back to Indiana. I wish I were there They Don't know you do I miss home, too We always have to stay here. Why can't we go out on the road cause your father says that no girls are laughing? No mothers even no mothers are loud You didn't even know where they were No we know that maybe but I know I Let this girl school one day I gave her my cookies People understand the pace ball so one day Stepped up to her And I say what you say You're just kids well we're gonna get married anyway good shoulder ring It's very pretty I'm sorry. It's um. I'm just shocked well, Joseph Aren't you gonna say anything? Joseph don't go after Joseph means Look I know it's hard. It's hard on me too, but give us some time, and he will get you see He's just upset the kids are so young Congratulations, bro hey, thanks Jemaine I Don't understand you got a beautiful brand-new house here, and you want to move Tito Tell you what You've been wanting some camera equipment All right, you can have the equipment And a space right here Made it to a darkroom for you take pictures Develop them you can have all the equipment you want I'll see to that Only don't marry that girl It's gonna mess up your life You know You got girls screaming all over you right now You get married, and they're gonna look at you different. I don't care. I'm gonna marry Dede No It doesn't have to be Then he won't cause trouble She doesn't wanna come in between me and my brothers She doesn't want to go on tour. She doesn't want nothing but me this work For nothing Good Isn't you what he said This won't break up the group or anything of course not getting marries. The only way out of here No, I don't make no difference. It's still the same aside stick to your guns, man Right so where you living? Okay, I found an apartment on this you know pretty little apartment. Okay, come on Tito. I don't care about your passenger I just care about being deep a big star everyone else around you got big house Michael Vaughn Hammond jump stop Wait that dad You hear me no more Michael Joseph all these years. I've had enough you cannot do it anymore Me and the boys the boys are young men now They have travelled all over the world they have millions of fans What are you going to do ask him to go get a white jumper tree bring it in here? So you can beat him with it? Joseph Go to bed Everything ok great ok I talked to Bob Jones. He's gonna meet us at the airport with the ties Bob's gonna make us welcome late, yes, sir Well, we'll go right to the stadium chaos What aren't we supposed to say National anthem star-spangled banner' you know you don't have to worry about a bang because you can do it a cappella What are the words? What do you mean? The star-spangled banner' it's a national anthem oh Say can you see You don't know well, we know parts, but we've never done it before Do you know the worst of the star-spangled banner' these kids I better get it right in twenty minutes Does anyone know the words of the star-spangled banner no Thanks, man What's those do have been green kale by the Twilight, okay, I got that I got that George with red stripes and bright stars For the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming Oh No Oh I'm not getting on that plane Suzanne Michael. We're already late come on Hey Mike come on Mike. See they're Your brothers all of us. We're depending on you Michael. You can't let everybody down. What about all your fans Come on be a man What do you think the planes in a crash The plane is not gonna crash No, I know you're tired I'm tired too. We all are It's a lot of hard work the airplanes and the hotel rooms and those fans and all that noise and Being away from home But I know once you get up on that stage you Like it Michael Sometimes I like it Times that don't how about a giant chocolate candy bar you can eat it on a place? No Michael you never turn down candy You've got down to the toughen them no Big Mike Hazel so excited to see you, I've been dreaming about this Mary S'okay, Joseph hazel will give me a ride home Couldn't get off that plane fast enough Oh Hazel when we lent it, and I saw you standing there I was so thankful I Was ready to bust through that window In case you didn't know And love you so Cory I love you too to me Jackson And the Berry Gordy's not gonna be satisfied until he has more my boys calling him daddy Go on he's not gonna bite Hazel and I We really like each other a lot I Really care about her. I just wanna get that feeling We love each other we Want to be together Good we want we want to get very Serious step you got a job daddy. Oh, yeah, I forget it you work for me Daddy be good Why don't you let me and Jermaine speak to each other alone Daddy behave now, please You know an entertainers light batters can have its problems There'll be the groupies women chasing after you and then when you and Hazel have kids She'll be left at home to take care of them. It won't be like that That's what you're saying now, but it's a rough game out there with a lot of temptations all of those girls Following you We both know hazel She'd never go for that. I Love Hazel She's the only one I love I've loved it from the first time I saw her. I know you do It showed me a lot over the years, you're a fine young man I Want you to know that I'll be here for you anytime Welcome to the family Joseph Jermaine's on the phone He wants to talk to you hand hey Zola, I don't want to hear it What did he saying he wouldn't come to the phone He wouldn't even come to the phone Yeah Okay see those. Can you look this way for the camera, please? Almost flowers 175 of German told me went to Wonderland all right Pine trees Sarah wants to spend that kind of money on his daughter's wedding Mother Maybe Michael wanted to marry hazel. Well, maybe he just wanted to be Barry Gordy son Stop it. You know I don't like that kind of talk you Know how sensitive Michael is So just leave him alone for a while All this marriage business has been hard on him Wedding is over Got that out of the way That's why I call this meeting tonight time to think about the future We're gonna play Vegas Made a deal the MGM Grand So what's this mr.. Gordy say who cares mr.. Gordy says? I'm your manager. I raised you Las Vegas Well Michael likes the idea Well we put Janet and Randy into the act we might interest the TV networks if I want to do a weekly show The Osmonds gotta show They're nice, kids. We ain't got nothing against the Osmonds you think Donny Osmond could hold a candle to Michael You think they better than us We'll show them to show everybody gotta keep up with the dream a Very gaudy does not control this family Understood Because I do What's the matter Mike You're tired singing all the same old songs We need new material So let's try the one you've been working on Man, what's the use we'll never get to sing it anyway Marvin Gaye is taking charge of his own music Stevie Wonder too. I mean they fought for certain things and it paid off Hey, Jermaine Why don't you help the brothers out here? Talk to Barry he's your father-in-law Father-in-law is one thing Group is another Anyway, we got a winning combination a seven-year run of hits got no more hits. We'll get it back man I'm not running to my father-in-law every time somebody's got a complaint You want to talk to him talk to him? I want to talk to him But he ain't gonna wanna listen We'll have you been used in the stuff the dermatologists gave you yes are? You constipated that can make your face breaking mother. This is serious About 10 years behind everything I won't leave this house until 28 Well if you're 10 years behind that means you're about 18, so that's about right. I'm not joking No is this to wine Fans expect me the sod and look another way Deal when I was little you just gotta be who you are Michael. I don't know who I am Except music Music is a mean It's all I remember my life is music Albums not doing anything My voice has changed You know what they say right in front of me That's a little Michael Jackson Hug Scott them Take them ugly Oh Mike I Respect my band's mother they mean us I'm letting them down You cannot live your life Trying to fit into other people's fantasies you just be who you are and You're beautiful You always acting beautiful From the moment you were born Oh Michael there's something in your eyes it touches everyone Era told me once that someone has to tell a story I Can't making stories in my head Sometimes that night, I can't sleep just thinking about them if out on a signal I'm filled up with music I just want to come out Cause there's no stopping Okay now listen up CVS is hot to trot you want to give us a deal. I mean like now prepared to give us the deal of the century I Just got off the telephone We Need to Talk We produced the show Las Vegas, right You boys like the freedom of it didn't you Motown has always been in our corner. Yeah, you should be writing your own songs Producing your own records Michael we got to change. I mean you said so yourself a thousand times I'm sick of sing and do up I Mean they don't even need us at the recording studio anymore. Yeah, you know they're gonna double over Anyway, look we choreograph our own numbers. We can do our own music and get away from the Bubblegum You know just as much about the record business as anybody over there at Motown Motown's taught us the business It trained us. You knew the business before Motown you were ready New professionals, you keep saying it yourself Michael We need some control Say it bro. Now. We can ask Motown to renegotiate our contract And what kind of value do you think they have on us these days What kind of content do you think you're gonna get? On the other hand we can write produce and perform our own records CBS is ready lady Jemaine What's up Josef's waiting for you upstairs he wants to talk to you You know this is about Um not sure it's the contract need you to sign contracts Yep Leave it in Motown well um to CBS all your brothers have already signed Jermaine Just waiting on your signature Sign it No I'm gonna give my own attorney I'm gonna have him check things out You're an attorney yes my own You just remember one thing It's my blood calling through your veins Not Berry Gordy's Just come to New York with us And we have a press conference and she's gonna talk about being with CBS You don't have to have any big statements to say what you're gonna. Do I'm not gonna do that look Jemaine You and me We've always been close I'm asking you to sing with us We have a show scheduled two days after the press conference come on bro sing with us How can I look at my left And I'd see you there Please bro Please Hey, so I don't know what's wrong I can't take this presser, it's driving me nuts Everything's falling apart berries my idol always has been and always will be But how am I gonna stay my brother's leave? Jermaine listen you got to do what you got to do. It's what you want to do No matter what we'll still be married. I'm still your wife But your dad this has nothing to do with me and my dad he knows how much I love him I Married you not the business Oh baby, I Don't want to leave Motown's having a hard time right now, and I just can't jump ship I Want to stay and help work things out I Just don't know I can do it hazel Leave my brother's I Just don't know What time is it It's almost time to go up okay now the important thing is for you guys not to panic got that don't panic Now Randy's here, and he's ready ready yeah Jemaine has always been at my left I Always look over at him. I'll be there on your left But you may not show I know it will Of course be sure. I'm ready Joseph. I've always been ready We depended on you Randy I've wanted to be a part of scroop since I was 2 years old. I'm ready This is your chance don't mess up, Joseph. I won't mess up trust me okay Like Be tough And blood is thicker than water We'll be back someday Okay, let's go You Never can Follow me wherever I go Me Is it never Inspiration it's Never can't see I He's hot Let's take that we're getting from the top from the top Working again online yeah, it was great. I loved it trying all these new sounds and stuff Michael sweetheart you didn't forget that the Cardinal tour starts this morning. Did you oh yeah? I'm not going Joseph is gonna be disappointed Bubba and your brother's love it I Started something I just can't stop right now. I can't It's like everything is coming out that I've been wanting to say Bubba We're all excited about what you're doing hey Brett is just gonna be a part of it I Still want to do alone is this gonna have to understand mother Are you doing wasn't me Yeah Well numbers hmm. I guess did it twice yesterday ring twice hang up Hmm Limo should be here any minute. I'm not go Not feeling too good, I catch up on a couple days Michael's not going either for Alex All right, I'm gonna catch a flight out tomorrow, right? Sore throat. Hey, don't push it we can handle this you guys getting pretty heavy schedule There's just signed an autograph session appearances easiest ABC Sample is doing baby Where's Randy Always got to be one to sleep Thank you, thank you Just thinking I'm a sweetheart Just thinking of a new light just thinking of the good signs think about my baby Baby It's like three year old and I'm sick of this land promotional tours. When are we gonna get to perform again? Yes, Franco sure ask my brother sees Michael? Need an appointment to see our own brother Yeah Could you go to started ice cream ice cream One pecan Pecan just go to start get me something All right Get the money out sent you essential money order did you get it, okay? Your life and you And I don't Know I don't want you I don't want you To us I never hurt you I'd never do anything to hurt you Joseph called again. I'm not here mama Jermaine called this morning I Supposed to lie I Just I don't want to talk to anybody right now Two weeks Katie the police will be looking for you soon, and the family's all upset worried reaping those words So tell them, I'm okay So peaceful quiet to play Times I kind of long for Chicago Alabama's home no Home is where your heart is Your home is California can Might as well face that one. I don't want to go back Don't yet know You got your strength you rested Time you faced up to the music Always had a lot of courage game You go to California That's where you're hard in game run away from listen, yah Impact How did the tour go Same ol same ol Where's Michael - Michael gonna record another record with his brother this What is everybody Randy's going off on his motorcycle Janet is dip it on a TV show The toilets down in the studio What about Michael And go for a whole week and get side of them I Think it started one Mary That's when it started and being so quiet Here Marlon was so close he felt like he was all alone Have you talked to Jermaine I Don't have anything to talk about What you said I think think I live in this house Got this letter Boys say they don't want you to be the manager no more If I country it's not renewed I Bringing bringing these management guys to help out So what did they do? Where's him hot boys minds gets me Kind of thinking I can't do my job Say shouldn't never I should never sign that contract with Motown from the beginning Stealing is away, and still my port is away Crane in a steel mill still in me Katie still carried out a row Amy What's it all mean Those boys think they know they know more than I do Who got them there Her boys are not young they come out of us, but they're not us. They have to go their own way Part of growing up, that's why they did it to show their independence Sure we brought it this far, but now they got to go on alone. They gotta take it a step further It's like Teaching the birds to fly They fly away, I guess They still love you Joe They still love him Budgeting I don't know I don't know how I feel He's down there right now. He rented the studio to do some remix thing. It's the perfect time to cash him Everybody is booked except Marvin and Michael. Did you ask Michael? Yeah, he said he He'd sit in the audience, but he didn't want to do the show Well he doesn't want to do the show then do it without him what? Wait what? Well in the way. The show is to honor me for billing Motown right yeah, I got big people to do that But he won't even listen to me He won't listen to anybody but you then you got a problem It's your show Millions of people are gonna feel cheated if Michael Jackson isn't part of the celebration then they've got a problem Can you can you just talk to him I'm just asking for I'm asking for a slow yes instead of a fast no What do you want me to do beg Sounds good, my Business is changed music has changed. Those were the good days Motel I Was like doing a fantastic machine that took care of everything how to walk talk Before everything, but what was inside but Putting together a special TV show Motown 25 I heard I want you to appear on it you and Jermaine brothers United I Don't know It's a long time But now is a great time I told Suzanne I rather just sit in an audience Need you in the audience besides I Would appreciate it. I've been doing too much TV. It's not just a TV show it's Motown 25 it's a celebration of a major accomplishment That broke through all of the obstacles all of the barriers It's about me about you You and your brothers haven't been seen together for years. We're gonna be great getting out there on the stage with them again people love magic You're singing it with Jermaine again, that's magic Michael You may think you're big now, but doing a show like this the right way Could really put you into orbit Don't do it for me do it for yourself. It'll be a great show anyway you It'll be greater You know once When I was a kid I'll stand next to you and someone asked her if I was your son I Want you to say yes I'm gonna tell you Barry sometimes. I wish that you were my dad If you really want me to do it, I will There's just one thing no strings huh, I was sing with my brothers, but I'm going to solo spot Thanks mother Senior boys together United her it's like my whole dream We can still light up the sky We can we can are we can do some commercials together, I'm talking I'm talking about millions of dollars You're not even Hayden got one in mind How you guys like that Hey, hey Joe Jackson mr. Jackson how do you feel about all of this you know I mean You have any kids no son in it Myself It's a miracle your clothes didn't catch on fire Second and third-degree burns on the back of your head. Uh yeah You'll get your hair back The family is all waiting out there. I'm gonna go and tell them that you're okay Tell him I like buying in the ambulance and what's why on the sirens wailing? All that stuff Maybe I did more for me and few boys Believe You too I Think of home I think of place where hands love I Wish I was back there with the things I'm in no way When then makes the dog To me Suddenly is no place Springer Say Me now To be back home where man Fancy we're an advantage they may all start wearing bandages on their head Michael yes money. I want to talk to you sit I Know you take the commercial for the family I Appreciate it because I know how hard it is when you have other things that you want to do my own music That's what my heart is I know You're torn and I understand But Joseph has a dream. He has a kind of vision the tour is Joseph's vision a Vision His and mine And now that jemaine's left Motown the family can perform together again I'd never be the same you Know I was sitting in my room Thinking about only a little You're always practicing I'm performing always on the stage You're so young when you started that's all you ever knew I wanted to play with other kids Said of your candy store Wanted to choke a tree on Halloween my bikes Used to see the other kids on the street playing I Never had time following that you Missed a lot. It's true. I always thought you believed Joseph someday I've thought of the hard times he put you through I Guess I still love him Michael He may have pushed a little too hard sometimes he may have made some bad business decisions he may have not listened But he's the one He's the one who made all this possible And you you're just so lucky because you can put it all in your music All of it all the sadness all the joy all the things from the past all the things you're feeling right now Michael come sit next I Know you I Understand that you feel lonely sometimes I know you're hurting but My momma told me about courage she told me it's in our genes So I tell it to you You'd be a good courage Michael, don't you be afraid of anything? Not Joseph, not a fans and what they expect of you Don't you be afraid of the world? Don't you be afraid of us it was a Jackson time in a musical Jaxon's Oh Is This time the baby They are Did you ever them she forwards Barking mr. For many reasons but Mainly because of Our mother our Father - for the dream That they had And American dream That started a long long time ago When I ancestors came here Slaves Pressed people beat down beaten up you Know we've come a long long way from 2300 Jackson Street When my brother means is the one for color TV You know our family wasn't beaten down by poverty And we're not gonna be beaten down by a fam either This is what it's all about This tour It's a celebration It's a victim Thank you Give We Thank you



The miniseries stars Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as the Jacksons' patriarch Joseph Jackson, Angela Bassett as the family matriarch Katherine Jackson, Alex Burrall, Jason Weaver and Wylie Draper played Michael Jackson in different eras, while Bumper Robinson and Terrence Howard played Jackie Jackson in different eras, Shakiem Jamar Evans and Angel Vargas played Tito Jackson, Margaret Avery as Katherine's mother Martha Scruse, Holly Robinson Peete as Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy and Vanessa L. Williams as Suzanne de Passe. The opening titles of the film shows footage of the real Jacksons rehearsing, performing on stage, a few clips from the "Can You Feel It" music video, album covers, magazine covers and pictures of the family. The film is mostly based on the autobiography written by Katherine Jackson, who issued the 1990 autobiography, My Family. Part one of the film was based on how Joseph and Katherine managed to raise their children, first in Gary, Indiana, then later dealing with The Jackson 5's early fame and its consequences. Part two of the film is based on the struggles of young Michael Jackson as he deals with his brothers marrying early into The Jackson 5 success, his problems with acne as a teenager, his eventual solo superstardom based on the success of his albums Off the Wall and Thriller and his legendary Motown 25 performance of "Billie Jean" as well as his difficult relationship with his father.

Michael Jackson’s voice is heard on: "Beat It," "Human Nature," "Billie Jean," "I Want You Back," "I Wanna Be Where You Are," "I'll Be There," "Rockin' Robin," "ABC," and "Dancing Machine." On all other songs, the Michael Jackson vocal part is performed by Anthony Harrell, Jason Weaver or Kipp Lennon.


Historical inaccuracies

  • The group is shown making a record of Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City". "Kansas City" was never covered by the Jackson 5, although the band did multiple covers of early hits.
  • In the Motown audition scene, Berry Gordy was not actually in attendance. Instead, the audition was videotaped and shown to Gordy at a later time.[2]
  • The Jacksons are shown getting an audition for Motown due to winning a talent show at the Apollo Theatre, and Joseph is touting it as their first signing. In actuality, the group's first recording contract was offered by Steeltown Records, a smaller agency based in their native Gary, Indiana, in 1967. The group had done one audition for Motown and was rejected. Following their moderate success with a couple of single tracks in Steeltown, the Jackson 5 felt confident enough to audition a second time for Motown, after which they were signed. In the film, prior to the Motown debut, Michael is seen in a recording studio, which may have been reference to their early career with Steeltown Records.
  • In the scene where Michael is seen shooting for the Pepsi commercial which caused his scalp to catch fire, it shows his body rolling down the stairs. In fact he actually walked down the stairs with his hair on fire and later realized and did a one rotation spin (not the usual spin move he did) and shaking his head wildly from the pain. However, the realistic display of Michael's burning was not seen until video leaked after Michael's 2009 death.
  • The film's depiction of Michael performing "Billie Jean" at the Motown 25 television special, has Jackson wearing his trademark white glove on his right hand. In reality, Michael wore it on his left hand that night. The style of the film's glove is also notably different, compared to the factual one.
  • The film lists 1959 as Michael's birth. Michael was actually born in 1958.
  • When the group performs on the Diana Ross special, Michael announces that the song I Want You Back is out on sale everywhere after they perform the song. In reality, Michael announced his statement before the group performed the song.
  • In the documentary, when the group performed the Star Spangled Banner at the baseball game, they sang it acapella and took place at a regular baseball game with unknown teams. In reality, a marching band accompanied the brothers when they sang the national anthem at Game 1 of the 1970 World Series, which pitted the Cincinnati Reds against the Baltimore Orioles.
  • In part 1 of the miniseries, they showed the year 1945 as the year Joseph and Katherine Jackson met as teenagers in East Chicago. They actually met two years later in 1947 when Joseph was 19 and Katherine 17.
  • When five-year-old Michael Jackson is shown singing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain", each Jackson family member, including Joseph, is in attendance. The real life Joseph was actually working overtime in U.S. Steel while Michael performed this. Joseph's father Samuel instead viewed the performance with the family. Joseph wouldn't see his son perform until he began singing with Jermaine during a group rehearsal.
  • In the scene where Joseph catches son Tito playing his guitar after the string broke, he reportedly whips him with the belt. However, family members and friends differ from what happened; while early Jackson 5 band members such as Milford Hite, claimed Tito was whipped, both Tito and Jermaine denied that the whipping took place that night and that Joseph just threatened to "whip Tito" if he played wrong after Joseph fixed the string.
  • In the scene after the alleged discipline by Joseph, the four eldest Jackson brothers began singing for Joseph while Michael is rebuffed by his mother. In reality, only Jackie, Tito and Jermaine sang for Joseph. In Katherine's book, she claimed that Michael was the fourth member and that Marlon almost didn't join because Joseph felt Marlon "wasn't talented enough". Katherine eventually convinced Joseph to put Marlon in the group though he reportedly didn't sing for the group until the group signed with Motown. In the early years, he played tambourine with them while Michael played congas.
  • In the bedroom scene with Jermaine and a groupie, Michael and Marlon are seen hiding in the bed and playing a prank on Jermaine by touching the groupie's leg only to run out of the bedroom when Jermaine catches them. In reality, according to Michael, Jermaine had Michael and Marlon sleeping in the next bed and told them to "pretend" they were sleeping while he and the groupies had sex.
  • In the scene where Katherine convinces Michael to partake on The Victory Tour, she gives Michael an emotional speech about family; however in biographies on the family, Katherine practically begs Michael to take part in the tour, which he agrees to. Following the tour, Michael left the group in December 1984, with Marlon leaving the following month.


The Jacksons: An American Dream became one of the most popular and successful music-biography miniseries of the 1990s. Part 1 of the miniseries was the third highest-rated program broadcast during the week of November 9–15 with a 21.1 rating.[3] Part 2 of the miniseries was watched by 38.4 million viewers[4] in 22.3 million households[5] becoming the highest-rated program broadcast during the week of November 16–22[5] posting a 23.9 rating, and 36 share.[4] Overall, the miniseries was watched in 38.3 million households and posted a 22.3 rating and 33 share.[6]

The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Choreography, and was also nominated for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Miniseries, and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Miniseries or a Special.

Bumper Robinson won a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Television Movie, and Alex Burrall and Jason Weaver both won a special award for Outstanding Young Performers Starring in a Mini-Series. The miniseries was later rebroadcast on VH1 and released to VHS and DVD. The DVD version of the miniseries was released as a two-disc set. The first disc was named "The Early Years" and the second disc was named "The Success Years". In 2004, VH1 would produce Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, which picked up Michael's life from the end of The Jacksons to the present, which at the time included him standing trial on charges of child molestation.

The miniseries aired frequently after the death of Michael Jackson. It has been shown on TV One, BET, Centric and VH1.


The Jacksons: An American Dream
Soundtrack album by The Jackson 5
Released September 29, 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Soul, Funk
Length 37:51
Label Motown
The Jackson 5 chronology
2300 Jackson Street
The Jacksons: An American Dream
Singles from The Jacksons: An American Dream

Track listing

All songs performed by the Jackson 5 except where noted

  1. "Who's Lovin' You" [Live] - 5:39
    • Recorded live in Gary, Indiana, May 29, 1971
  2. "Kansas City" (Jason Weaver) - 2:19
  3. "I'll Be There" (Originally on Third Album)- 3:56
  4. "In the Still of the Night" (Boyz II Men) - 2:51
  5. "Walk on/The Love You Save" [Live] - 6:05
    • Recorded live in Gary, Indiana, May 29, 1971
  6. "I Wanna Be Where You Are" (Jason Weaver) - 4:21
  7. "Dancing Machine" (Originally on G.I.T.: Get It Together) - 3:17
  8. "The Dream Goes On" (Jermaine Jackson) - 3:50
  9. "I Want You Back/ABC" [Live] - 3:23
    • Recorded live at the Forum, Los Angeles. August 26, 1972 (Later issued in its entirety on Live at the Forum in 2010)
  10. "Stay With Love" (Jermaine Jackson and Syreeta) - 4:19
  11. "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Originally on Maybe Tomorrow)- 2:59
  12. "You Are the Ones (Interlude)" (3T) - 1:51
  13. "Dancing Machine [Remix]" - 3:43

Other songs done in the film but not put on the track:

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