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Freedom of religion in Austria

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The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respected this right in practice for all but a minority of religious groups. Government policy continued to contribute to the free practice of religion for all but those religions termed "sects." There was a report of an anti-Semitic physical attack against a person and a violent anti-Semitic attack against property. Other anti-Semitic incidents occurred during the year. There was some societal mistrust and discrimination against members of some non-recognized religious groups, particularly those referred to as "sects." During 2006 there were 32 cases of discrimination based on religion brought before the Equal Rights Commissioner. Muslims also reported prejudice, particularly with regard to headscarves and Muslim cemeteries.

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The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit, non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe. PLASMA SCIENCE Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge and space technologies that provide solutions to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy, Transportation, Materials, and more. The application of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet, as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials, GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation as the entire content of fields which accumulate and create matter and it is NOT defined by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational, which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both, it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance they distance themselves until they find the balance they can give to the others that they can receive what they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS, is nano-coating metals. This is carried out either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating (Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers of nano material, which build up during the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution, creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used in various applications. Conventional science teaches us that what we can't measure, does not exist. This led to a separation between science and spirituality. Plasma Science combines both of these worlds. The entire Universe is made up of magnetical (giving) and gravitational (taking) fields. We absorb only those fields we can use, and we emit fields we do not need. After a while, the fields are balanced, creating balanced matters. Imagine there is a technology which can balance your body, Emotions and Soul. And because everything is made of fields, including our Emotions, this simple technology easily processes the roots of your disease! Keshe Foundation developed simple methods, ready to use materials, and efficient medical health units that work on different field levels to process many existing health conditions and help restore the natural balance in your body! More and more studies are showing that Emotion is a part of many illnesses. After use of the Plasma Coil Units, changes in Emotional patterns are noticed, and then following this, changes in the physical body occur. We don't cure diseases but “process” them by bringing the body to a balanced state in such that the disease cannot exist. This means you can achieve complete Emotional and physical balance in relatively short time. People all over the world use GANS and GANS water (Plasma Water) within different devices and processing methods. The Keshe Foundation offers a full spectrum of information pertaining to GANS and its uses, from solid Plasma to liquid Plasma to field Plasma. Which of the available information, processes or devices resonates with you? At the same time we open the door to the power of our Soul. Keshe Technology elevates the Soul of the man in order to bring balance to our body, bring balance to our flow of Emotions, bring peace to the world, and readiness to open up to the Universal Community. The Keshe Foundation is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of any practice and speciality, to apply to the Foundation's Private Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced non-invasive Plasma Technology. The Weekly Private Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge of Medical Doctors. The weekly Class is broadcast live over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm Central European Time (CET). Presently the Class is only offered in English, however you are free to bring a translator to the Class. If you can't participate in a live broadcast you can watch them later at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient's case that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued findings and data, gained from the analysis of the patient's health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : In your email, please state your willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you're planning on bringing a translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions on how to apply to the Workshop. As a part of the application process, applicants who apply, including any Translators brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the: Keshe Foundation's World Peace Treaty, which can be found at the following web address: All Applicants will be required to provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass an extensive security background check, before they are granted access to the Teaching Workshop. Helpful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! (RC) Welcome everyone to the Cancer Blueprint Day of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. This is the first of perhaps, a weekly series, that may occur. And it's Tuesday April 18, 2017. We have ... title of this particular workshop Cancer Solution in Exchange for Peace. And this is about a new Cancer solution breakthrough, being presented by Mr Keshe. And let's, I think he is ready now, let's see if we can tune into Mr Keshe there. Hello Mr Keshe are you ready? (MK) Yes! Good morning, good day to you as usual, wherever and whenever you listen to these group of teachings. As you remember, about two years ago, we started this, 'Blueprint days'. Where and whenever we see a change of course. And in that respect, at this moment ... The, he want to start the video apparently. In that respect we have ... come to the point that, there is enough information and knowledge and there is enough background knowledge and experiment done by scientists, on different aspects of the technology. We have to clarify the use of the materials and how they've been used. And this teaching today, will start a new course of actions by the Keshe Foundation. One of the biggest problems for Humanity is what we call Cancer. Cancer has been something whenever and wherever the doctors could not understand the knowledge of the change of the condition of the Physicality of the body of the Man. In that process, when the doctors cannot understand it, they call it a 'Cancer'. That's all it is, now we started exploring more and more, understanding more and more in how the Cancer actually progresses. How and where and why which methods it is established in body of Man. Over the past 30-40 years the knowledge of Cancer, has become fairly tuned to full understanding. And what we understand in the Keshe Foundation is very simple. Cancers are produced in three ways as far as we can see, maybe four. One is Emotional. This is when the Emotion of the Man creates a given energy, that, that energy in interaction with the Matter-State of the body, it becomes to manifest itself as an entity. We say in Space you can wish and you will receive. You can put your hand out and have the energy from your Soul, that by filtering of your wishes that what it is, you will receive that material. We create the Emotion of sorrow, we create the tears. We know the process, but we never knew how, actually can be controlled. We create Emotion of rejection and in that process what we want to reject we create the material for it to start the process of rejection. In olden days Man knew how, even to reject part of his arm and hand and fingers. When they were trapped, they could not cut it but the wish was so strong, like reptiles they could literally sever the finger or the arms. But this knowledge over time has disappeared in the vocabulary of the knowledge of the Man in the brain of the Man. By the same extent, when the Man wishes to create, to reject, to bring about a condition where he wants to see the change. And that change, because it's given by the wish of Man, is so strong that no medicine can fight it. You can use chemotherapy, you can use radiation, you can use anything you like with the present medicine, but you'll find out, it'll come back again. Because, in the world of medicine today, the world of science have missed the main criterion of the Cancer. 95% of the Cancer of the Man is created by Emotion. So, in that the Emotion, in that condition, Man subconsciously, wants to create a condition that, that organ will not be there. Be it prostate, be it breast, be it the stomach Cancer, be it liver or whatever we might call it. We never understood. And, this is one of the main problems with the present world of science, that Cancer, majority of it is Emotionally based We wish it, and our wish is so powerful that no medicine in the World can overcome it. They give your a chemotherapy, they give you everything else, and after few years it come back. Because, in the present world of medicine, the Emotion of the Man is not calculated, we have not considered it. With this new technology, where we tackle the source of Cancer. And that is why you see so much rapid changes. That's why we put these Cancer teachings on. Is that now for the first time we understand. In majority of the cases 95% of the cases of Cancer, the physical change in the structure of the body of the Man, is wish by the Emotion of the Man through the source of the energy of the Soul of the Man. We wish it subconsciously. And we create it, directly, then we come to see what we have created. It's very much when we wish to have a longer finger to become a musician for a specific instrument. The same way we create these organs, these materials inside ourselves. With the new technology which we offer, and is on the table, which we'll discuss. And you will see some effects of it. And some papers which are delivered by what we call a 'standard medical trial system'. You see that the explanation is that we use certain, what we call gases in Nano State of the Matter we call GANS. Where, in fact, no perfect system has ever been created, to use or produce one type of GANSes. In all the GANSes produced, especially with CO2, there is a minute amount of GANS, 'Gases in Nano State' of Zinc. Which that amount of Zinc within the structure of the CO2, play it's game. The Emotion of the Man, the neural system of the Man, works through Zinc in a GANS state. So, why this technology works good is because, in one way you change the energy of the tumor. On the other hand, you elevate the Soul of the patient. Through the elevation of the emotion through Zinc. So, this is what you see on the results. Because, now we understand it, we understand the process, we understand the situation, how it's arisen. Why do you wish to have a breast Cancer? Why do you wish NOT to have a breast Cancer? But the wish for your child not to suffer the pain you suffered in childhood. Or the child does not go through what you went in the childhood that you could feed, you don't want to, the suffering to carry on. What's the best way, would you do give life? A woman gives life through the breast to feeding a child. So, we see the Cancer in the breast. We see the same thing when there is a conflict with the father and the son. Majority of the time, we see prostate Cancer, where does the father give life to a child? Prostate is a player in the game. So, he wants to get rid in what caused him the problem that he'll never make the same problem again. Now we understand a lot of disease are what is known as psychosomatic, which means psychologically through Emotion we create the physicality of the disease. Cancer is another one, and the more we understand, the more we realize, the psychosomatic condition of the Cancer, can be changed. In two ways: We can hammer it. We can bombard it. Radiation, Chemotherapy or anything else. Or, we can go there a new way, which is: Sort the problem at it's root, which is the Emotion. Once you sort the problem at it's root, you elevate the Emotion, that with it you allow different fields to reach or to be reached by the Physicality, the Cancer is just a technicality, till we see the change of. This is important for us. This is why in the program today, and in the coming weeks, you will see strange phenomena. You will see things which in the present world of medicine is absolutely impossible. And this is the reason, because for the first time, we go for the essence. The majority of the Cancer positions, which means, body wants to produce something new, that the mistake of the past cannot be repeated. But, in that producing accumulates the material, and in that process, creates Cancer. Cancers, are literally done, in a very simple way. What we see, is that... Can you see the whiteboard? Or do I stop sharing and go on the whiteboard. (VV) Stop sharing please. (MK) Okay! I'll go on the whiteboard. We share! It's not allowing me to go on the whiteboard. Okay! We are on it. So, what we see, it's very simple. The body of the Man has his Emotion. In achieving, that Emotion it creates a Field. Which interaction with where the field is received with that Emotion, leads to the point of new tangibility of matter. But, the body of the Man has a given content. He has Copper, he has Zinc. It's got Calcium and Potassium, It's got everything else material, which the body of the Man carries. So, when the strength of the Emotion, Field filtered from the Soul of the Man, in coming to the Matter, solidifies, to the center of the Cancer. So, what we see, and Dr Rodrigo and other doctors will tell you, is up to now, when you go to the doctor... Doctors are not really concerned about, what elements are elevated in your blood. But, with the new technology, we have to. Because, now we understand, if the strength of the Fields Which's filtered from the Soul of the Man, through the Emotion of the Man, comes to be at the strength of, let's say Zinc or Copper. That material, in that point, becomes the seed of the oyster of the Cancer. So, every Cancer has a center, and in that process, once started, the immune system of the body of the Man, tries to get rid of, what is created by the Emotion, and by Physicality. So, now we get what you call 'immune system attack', trying to disturb or destroy the center, the material which the Emotion of the Man has created. In that process, what we see as it carries on, furthest of, as it comes into play. And, what happens, now will start oystering, and we see the growth of the Cancer, the tumor. And, if this condition is repeated, because now that it has managed to survive, it get's replicated, in other part of the body of the Man. So, we have two choices with the new technology. Is to deplete the oyster, and then remove the Wish of the Man, the Centre element. Or, by looking at the blood results in the elements sector, we see what material is elevated, and that material which is elevated, it gives you the indication, what is made from, the seed of the Cancer cell. In single tumors, doctors can tell you, who have experimented with the Keshe Foundation Technology. You can remove this cell, it's a specific way of producing certain systems, which the energy transfer between the systems, allows the depletion of the energy of the material. And once the mother seed of the pearl has disappeared, the Cancer has no strength. What we see is, the tumor goes black. And then when it goes black is matter of time, that the immune system of the body of the Man will, more or less, depletes and eats up everything. You will see one of these in a few minutes. It was shown in Rome Conference by Dr Rodrigo. For the first time we'll show it in public. It is unimaginable what you will see. Those who have seen this video, it's been on the Internet sometimes, is a major achievement, with the new technology. It's a Plasma, it's understanding of change of not only the environment of the Man, changing the emotion of the Man, and then allowing the depletion of the Cancer, to a normal entity that itself disappears out, and it gets absorbed by the body of the Man. In that process, sometimes we see the rejection of the pearl. Center of the pearl. We have other Cancers, which are created by accident. Sometimes, the same process instead of the Emotion comes by hitting, Something hits your body, we see this quite a lot, especially recently, in something, what is know as 'car accidents' Heavy car accidents create the same kind of center, which then starts the Cancer and it goes through. There is another Cancer, which is not a Cancer. But, has been part of the Man's progress in the Evolution of his Life. We evolve, and in that involvement of the Life To fit into the new environment our body, can not operate or does not see how to handle the new changes. What we see now in many cases part of the evolutional Cancer comes with women. Because, if you look up to 100 yrs ago or plus. ...Women menopause was around about 25 to 35. Now, in more Nations where we see more National security, and we see more sharing of the burden of the growing of the children by the society. This figure of menopause for women is getting pushed to 50's, 60's and 70's. I have one thank you very much. And this in some women, which can not go through because of the Emotion which comes with it, of the change. We see some, what we call, 'evolutionary' Cancers. These, are very hard to handle, these are extremely to, be able to process and these count for between 1 to 3 to 5% of the Cancer we see nowadays. The accidental Cancer is random, there is no data for it. But, the more and more high-speed accidents we see 5, 10, 16 yrs later we see the beginning of Cancer. And when you go back to the patient and you ask them, they say, "Yes, I had an accident in such a place" We've seen this now we, just chart, part of the chart of the Cancer System. What is important for us today, we touch on mainly how the Emotional Cancer has been handled. You will see Dr Rodrigo in a way, that it can be distributed on the Internet, will show the process of Cancer reversal. This is one of the impossibilities of world of science. If you would have seen, or you could have been... imagine even 5 months ago, there is such a thing possible, the doctors would have been going crazy, telling you, "this is impossibility," But, with a... in the hand of a highly competent and knowledgeable doctor like Dr Rodrigo you see the change, because he understands the Totality. He's not not just handling the tumor, but changing the environment, creating a condition of breathing, creating a condition of elevation of the Soul which through elevation of the Soul and, in a way changing the expectation of the Emotion, by raising the filter strength of the Emotion, that filter does not exist anymore. So, now , there is no reason to keep a communication between the brain of the Man and a tumor. And in that process, where brain has no more contact in a Physicality of the confirmation of the existence of the tumor, tumor becomes redundant, because it has lost the reason which was created. Now, if the strength was at two, with the elevation of the Emotion at three, there is no room for two. So, you change the environment of the Emotion, 'the filter strength', what we call it, and then you see the change in the position. Now, once you elevate the Soul, it's a matter of Physicality for the body of Man to loose with something, which has suddenly appeared here. Use immune system, use everything else, reduction in cells, creation of new cells, and then, we'll see the changes. What we would like to do is to go to Dr Rodrigo. Because, they say, "the proof of a science is in black box theory". Which means, we keep a black box. it's the body of a woman, Dr Rodrigo will take it. And, if any doctor in the World can tell us how such a thing is possible, than we have a new magician. And that magic is the World of Plasma. We show this first, and then, we go into the next step. We have number of people who want to show or explain how, they have overcome Cancer. And how we know in one case, the wish of the person is so overwhelming, that she does not want, or he does not want to be able to carry on, because there's something in the background which is only to her and her only or him and him only that wishes the termination the way she likes. We can not override the wish of a Man. Does not matter what we use. " Thy shall not steal ". A physician cannot override, but can elevate the Soul of the patient. That the patient sees a new light in life. And, if that new light does not satisfy the condition, she can take a new course. I would like to ask Dr Rodrigo in the background to join us, if he's available, please? (RV) Hi, Mr Keshe. How are you Mr Keshe ? (MK) Good morning your Excellency. Dr Rodrigo is one of the heads of the New Universal Council, which has become the Earth Council heading the South America. And, he is one of the leaders in the Health of the Keshe Foundation. Would you like to introduce yourself ? And I go silent. And then I'll take over when you finish. (RV) Yes...I'm... Dr Rodrigo. I'm also a doctor belongs to the.... groups of doctors who work together improve of humanity, Finding them, looking for new technologies, in order to change the process of any disease. So, here, I'm going to... May I start the presentation Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes, you share, I stop sharing, it's your screen. (RV) Okay ! Okay. This is a case of Breast Cancer treated by Plasma technology. I'm going to talk a little bit of myself. My background. I've completed Medical School in Mexicali, Mexico. Then, well I made a Specialty in General Surgery, in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mexico City, Mexico. I have afterward, I had a Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Madrid, Spain. Then, I continued with another Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in Luca, Italy. Then I practiced this beautiful specialty for 30 years. Now, I'm assigned ...continue this new beautiful technology. Okay, I'm going to present this patient, as a 36 years old female, who has a Breast Cancer in the Lower-Inner Quadrant. As a Core Biopsy Results, here is a biopsy and it found there was an invasive 'Ductal Carcinoma Nuclear Grade 3' This patient ... decided not to have to follow the traditional way of treatment with the Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy. And I think she wanted to find something different. But she came to me... 6 months after she was a... she had... she started to have a problem So, after it had a biopsy, the breast started to grow... a week, that size. Obviously, had an infection. that's what's put her on antibiotics, and didn't respond. So, it came to me and asked for help for ... she came to my office, put herself in the Unit. And says: "To see or to feel if this environment will help" her. The beautiful thing about this is as soon as she got inside the environment that I will explain later on and show you the machine she went into it. She starting to feel better and the pain disappeared instantly. So, when ... she came here, with no energy, high fever and pain, and unable to sleep. And the first thing she had being inside the machine has the pain disappeared. And for the first time, she was able to sleep after several months, 6 months. She start feeling well. So that she's, inside of her she felt that this technology that will help her. But, before, so this also... she came for the blood test only, ...presenting, signs of infections. And the Anemia that she had, requires a blood transfusion of many times. that I will show you later on how that process happened. So, before I started to... explain about this... this case, I'm going to show you, the way we address now the new, with the new technology how we address the diseases how we address every patients. So we... divide it in four steps. The first one is 'Physicality' Every doctors, we, as myself, we work all the time on the Physicality, removing tumors, surgery, pills, drugs, every... but only addressing the Physicality. The energy, as a doctor, the only thing that we know about energy is... the energy comes from the brain, which is a electrical pulse, which is part of the Physicality. The way we see energy is totally different. The Emotions, I will explain as well how the Emotions are important in developing any disease. So, most of the doctors... don't address this one. And, at the end also the Soul. The Soul for the doctor's means, some... It's just ... with lots of respect to all of them, but...for most of them, it means so, only, or related to their emessu ... to religion. They don't address this ... part of the body. So, the way we address, now, any disease, when you condition the Physicality is: first to know the Elements of the body. This is the Elements of the body. 20...27 Elements of the body. 96% of the body is formed by 4 Elements. Which is: Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen. We have to understand, not only 96% of the body's made of these Elements, but, also 96% of the Plants, 96% of the body of the Animals are made of these Elements. And the rest are 27 elements. So, we don't need... If we...if we put ourselves or keep ourselves balanced with these Elements, we can change anything in the body. We don't need millions of medications that are in the field. So, if we understand how the body is made of, what kind of Elements are made, have the body or what kind of metals are involved in any disease, we can change the process of any disease. So, to understand why those Elements, we have to understand, how the life is made of this World. So, we see outside, the Sun, but, actually, the Sun, that we see in the light, but it's not a Sun, it's the light that comes, that happen between the interactions of the field, or the Magnetic-Gravitational field of the Sun, in the Magnetic-Gravitational field on Earth and we see this light here. Then up, and this bring ... That interaction of fields brings those Elements to Earth which is Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. So, that what's we need, what we get from the Sun, those Elements. We are made of those Elements. So, this technology duplicates this effect. We can bring with this technology, these Elements in the environment. That's what we do. So, the body composition is 96% of those elements, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. So, and, on the other hand, when we understand that the body is made of ... I mean, the body has the... 75% of the body is made of water, H2O. Once we understand these elements, that with the interaction of this Amino Acids or proteins in the body with the water, releases Hydrogen which is the energy of the body. Always the time... All the time we are thinking, we say, "Oh, the body needs energy." How the energy comes to the body? When we drink, when we eat. How does energy comes to the body? It's releasing this energy. It's like an example I give you, I'm going to give you an example: When we are thirsty and we have been working a lot and we need some kind of I mean, we need a little water or water to because we ... we have been sweating a lot so we need water, and we feel weak. And as soon as we drink a little sip of water, normally we think, if we drink water, it has to go through the mouth, through the esophagus, through the stomach and end up in the blood stream and then take that water to every single part of the cells, but actually what our body, what the body needs, is the energy. So as soon we take the body, the water and it touchs the tongue, it release, it changed that water in Plasma and releases the energy and the Oxygen and it goes to every part of the body. And I will explain how this happened. The energy, the way we see the energy on the body, is so different. There's a lot of devices in... everywhere that can show that we have an energy. They can prove that we have an energy around our body. The Kirlian technology devices, there is a lot of devices. Even people, people can see the energy And we have... in a group of doctors, an incredible person, whose name is Klaus Priller, He can see energy of the body. So, that energy is part of us. So the way I understand this, the way to understand this, as I said before when we are, when we are thirsty and we need water. We think that every single cell of the body ... need to have water so we have to drink a lot, to water, to wait minutes or hours to get this over to the ... to every single cell but as soon as you got a little sip of water, we feel the effect. Because that effect, is like a, it goes... that Plasma that releases of that, that Hydrogen, in that environment, and touches every single cell in the body. We are in a Plasma state, and we have proven that the body is a Plasma organ. Not just the Physicality, as we thought it is. It's a different way. Once we understand how the body works, how the body is and, the process, everything: The way of treatment is going to change dramatically. So, we have that energy around the body, It connects every single cells of the body. We.. so .. Well, I'll give you another example: When, if you stop breathing for 20 seconds or a minute, you're dying for Oxygen to your body. But as soon as you get, you have a little sip of, I mean, a little of air, As soon as you have... air passes through the back of your tongue, you feel energy, do you feel all the Oxygen every part of your body. How is that possible? Because according to the medicine, the way we learn as If you need Oxygen in your body, you start breathing, that means Every single cell of the body needs Hydrogen, so we have to breathe, they have to go through the lungs to the alveoli and change, and pass that Oxygen to the red cells and bring them to every single cell. It takes a lot of time to do that. But, because we have this field of energy around our body that, when that air, passes through the back of the tongue changes to then Plasma and release that Oxygen to ... and it goes to, every single cell of the body instantly, because we have that field around us. So, and another way of thinking is The Emotions, the way Mr Keshe explained. According to the medicine we said: "98% of diseases are psychosomatic". What does it mean, psychosomatic? We put, we put everything on stress. Stress is a very bad word. It means nothing. With all due respect, means nothing. But stress for us, for doctors, means that there is some kind of hyperactivity in the brain, or in the body, and we have to calm down this body in order to release their stress and the body will change. But we have not seen anything, anything change, treating the patient this way. So well, what we've given to the patient, something to shut down the brain, to block the brain, instead of addressing the Emotions we just see the stress, giving some kind of hyperactivity, giving pills to shut down the brain, to calm down the body, and relax and that will fix or change the environment and the body will be able to heal. And we don't see that, because stress, as I said, is a very bad word. I would say, Emotions. Every single disease, or most diseases, are involving Emotions. I may give another example: I will explain why can, Emotions is involved in this Cancer, but I will give another one like, people with Alzheimer. Alzheimer, people that ... what happened in those people ... we see according to the medicine the brain is dying and see ... black spots in the MRI of the brain and see, oh it's dying so it's disconnecting to the body, to the reality. But actually what happened is, and Emotionally those people don't like to live in the life they're living, the environment they live in, the house, these changes, some of the patient, some of those people were moved from one country to another one, another house to another one or different families. They changed, and they don't like that environment so they block they're starting to block themselves to live in that reality. And inside the brain, the subconsciousness says "I don't want to live this" So they started to shut down the brain, so that's why we see the black spots on the brain, they're starting to, not to be connected to the present, because they live in the past, so, Inside of the brain, they are shutting down the brain, the body because they don't want to live this, like this present or this life, We have seen, I know this is not a part of this presentation, but we have seen with treating these patients the Emotional and the change in the environment, people come back to the reality, we people have seen there are people that are lying down in their bed for months without blinking the ... without blinking the eyelids or their eyes, and not even being able to... eat, just feeding them through a tube through the nose. So, as soon as we started to put these patients on this environment and giving ... this GANS to treat their GANS...People come back to reality. It's an incredible effect that we have seen. So the Emotions, it affects the whole body. So ... In the fourth level of seeing the process of any disease, is the connection to the Soul. As I said, for many people, Soul is only related to religion. But we are Souls, we are not the body, we are Souls. Living in this environment, this life. So, when we are taught, when we are ... When we are able to connect to the Souls, that means that no Emotions involved in this, and we feel just Unconditional Love. That means that nothing bothers us, nothing bothers this body, so the body heals. It's incredible! And that's the beauty in this technology, that help us to get rid of those Emotions and tries so hard to touch the Soul of ourselves and be able to change everything. So, when ... how do we apply this technology? We have a protocol that we have created this, in the medical team. That's every, in every patient we do this, in every patient. Even if he had Cancer, any disease, diabetic, high blood pressure, whatever disease the body has, or every person, we address it this way. So, we have to address the Emotions, we use a breathing device, to every single person that we treat, as he said, "Most of the diseases 95%, or 98% of diseases, involve some kind of Emotions." So we give, and we treat that things on every patient given these devices. Drinking water as well, they are drinking GANS water to bring balance to their body. Using the health unit that I will show you. This health unit that we're using target the organ, every single organ. So that means when we are in this machine that unit 'health unit' that we call them It doesn't mean that once you are inside you are going heal yourself. That's gonna start some hands-on changes inside the body but we have to target, we have to target the body So we have to understand, what is, what part of the body, has a problem. Either as the body has a more of the Element that we have to remove them like a cancer or that, how Mr Keshe was explaining he has the seed of this Cancer has some kind of metals. So, it means that, that's a lot of Elements on that body so we can change that environment or either we can reconstruct something in the body like the... if there is a lack of any Elements that the body cannot bring balance, it cannot heal itself, cannot change this to, or cannot repair. So we give them those elements that the body needs, in order to repair any part of the body, any organ in the body. So the way we treat it is; so the first step is breathing device, so we target the Emotions, We use the devices that we use GANSes the Zinc GANSes, the wet GANSes of Zinc, and the water GANS of C02 at 50% and 50% mix it, so we target the Emotions. Once this is, if we don't... Put a person inside any of the health units or give them GANS without treating the Emotions, I will say it's so hard to to bring balance to their body, their body will not be able to reconstruct itself. To change that problem, that disease. So we have to address... I would say in 100% all the people that we treat, we have to address the Emotions, all of them. So we use it. I myself, I created this one and there is a lot of devices. A lot of beautiful people around the world is creating different devices in order to get this environment of Zinc and C02 I use this tube myself I had a... A tube, a 5/8th tube, and another one, 1 1/4 tube, wrapping the whole big tube the small tube is filled up with with the GANS of CO2 and Zinc GANS So the people breathe that GANS inside. When people comes to me and says how would I know that there is energy inside? And I have two balls that has two plastic balls it has liquid Zinc and CO2 GANS, inside and allow them to touch them and put them closer together, they feel the energy like a magnets. They feel the energy so they proven that it's energy interacting in between those GANS So I've given, every single person that I treat, I give them, I give this breathing device. And soon as they start breathing I mean for a few days later they starting to feel a lot better. Their Emotion is not they know they have Emotions but that don't affect, doesn't affect anymore, just they say: yes I know they have those problems but they don't affect them anymore: "I feel more relaxed" "I'm able to sleep I'm able to think better." Because we have to understand, we create our own reality. In the mid-brain when we have access to the mid-brain we can create anything we want. If we have problems, if we have drama in our lives, we created this drama in our life. So we have problems those Emotions we created this... This... We change this body according to the Emotion. So they have create a reality that we wanted to create. So whatever we have in the mid-brain, we create this. So it's like... if you, how many people, how many masters, and teachers, we have right now, to teach us on how to create reality, says, we have to "focus on something beautiful and love" and different environments, but if we have so much drama in the brain we create the drama. We cannot create a different reality. So this is like the way I see it in order to get to the mid-brain when we have so much Emotions it's like having a furnace, or a water, a bottleneck, it's a small window to access to the mid-brain but as I said it's a ... funnel. We have so many Emotions that covers that window. So we have to get rid of those Emotions in order to get to that mid-brain, and create a different reality. So this technology, this using of this GANS water, GANS of Zinc and CO2 stripped, removed, cleaned that path so we have a clean open access to the mid-brain. And then we can create a different reality. See, we stop thinking about that drama creating the disease, the disease disappear! We have so many doctors in the World that treats, they start treating the Emotions of the people and we see better result than in any traditional medicine. So because it works, we create that disease, whatever diseases, it's not only cancer, any diseases. So we have access to that mid-brain to remove those dramas and we can create anything. So that helps a lot. The drinking water goes well. We are using the CO2 GANS water to have cells connections, the Neuro system and also to treat the Emotions. We have the Zinc water GANS to target the Emotions. We also using the Copper Oxide water GANS to stimulate the muscles, ligaments, disinfection etc. We can use every single Element, we can create any Elements that we need to, in order to bring balance to the body and change to help the body to re-generate anything. Also we use CH3 for energy. And the way it works, so many see ... A lot of people ask me, "So, how this CH3 gives energy?" We understand that we have to interact with their body, So when we have, remember we have on the body water 75% of the water is H2O, so, two molecules of Hydrogen and one Oxygen. When we get the CH3 link, when it makes contact or interacts with the water of the body, releases Hydrogen, which is the energy. So that's what we have, energy out of this. We have to understand a little bit of chemistry, how the body works, so... and it's easy. But at the end it says, also we say, "We never give CH3, people who have Cancer." Because, if we energize we want to energize the body, that Cancer, those cells, Cancers, are part of the body, so, as well, we energize those cell. So, we have to be careful not to give CH3 to people that have Cancer, even though those people who have Cancer, have no energy, they have lack of energy, they are so weak. But we have to address this in a different way, so not to give CH3. Even though, as I said, they are weak, so we are not giving because we've given energy to the tumor cells. So the cells, the tumor cells, the Cancer will start growing as well. So, we had to be careful not to given CH3 to people who have Cancer. That's also we get, to give to people in order to get energized Plasma food in different ways. We can use a device like this vial with the Plasma liquid inside. And, as well we can use the patches. We put the food GANS inside a patch, then we put them on the back, on the level of the stomach, and one CO2 in front of the stomach. So we have different ways to give food to the body because the body works in the Plasma State. It's so beautiful the way we see the body now, is; we don't need, actually we don't need to eat anything. Because also ... the body once we have any food when we eat food and it comes to the stomach, the food, the stomach turns every single Element that we eat, to Plasma. We can give another lecture of this and spend hours to explain this. It's a beautiful way to understand this, the body, how the body works right now. And when I give lectures I explain to people how this Nano Technology is made up. How we create energy and also the body is the same way. When we start Nano-coating any device any plates or any Copper the way... that we see that, Nano-coating those layers on the... Nano-coated is the same way the body is, it's layers we create. We have layers, we have like them a Nano-coating cover on every single organ so we work on a Plasma. So, if we given the Plasma, whatever the body needs, it will get it through the skin. So, this is another way to understand this is ... We can find these instructions on the use of Plasma and the Keshe Foundation... Facebook or in every member that we, join to, join the Keshe Foundation we can, we see that we can find this, instructions how to use the Plasma and everyone can have to have it in their home. So there're different ways to have a first aid kit, instead of medicine all that we can use this so. This is the health unit that I made that, thanks to Mr Keshe's instructions and... We all made a lot of people in the World, make this, this kind of devices. Anyone can use what ever they want as a structure, but the main thing is the coils that are inside, that we were taught by Mr Keshe, So it created an environment. People, once are inside, they feel the energy. When I give lectures to people, so people say: "Oh, yes, energy, okay Peace and Love" they feel, because when we talk about energy people are tired of this way of listen to a lot of people they say "Energy unit", and nobody feels anything. Here you feel the energy. Once you are inside that environment, you feel tingling, heat, energy going through all your body. So, use this body, this person has to be inside, especially, a time depends on what kind of diseases. But once you are inside, as I said, not because you are inside of this unit, you will heal yourself, and say "Okay" or "change the whole body". It will help you, it will help you to have the elements that you need. You have, we have no money of this unit. On the bottom which is standing up, and the battery, has a coil mixed with GANS or filled with GANS of Copper Oxide and Zinc and CO2 on the bottom In the middle, there comes the whole body, it's the GANS of CO2, and in the top is Zinc. The wires are is Zinc, the Plasma batteries are Zinc, made of Zinc and the GANS that I used is Zinc, that controls the Emotions. So, we have to understand that the 80% of the energy that the body needs it comes through the skin or through the breathing. And 20% of that, of the energy. So 100% of the energy that the body needs, 80% comes through the skin or through the breathing and 20% comes through the food. But that 20% of that food also, we change it in Plasma, in energy. So, once we understand this technology, and see, it's so different way to treat the patient. So, if we receive that energy through the skin or through the breathing so when we create that environment, we've given the body the elements it need, as I said: "This technology imitates or replicates the effects of the Sun". How many times have we said: "We have to... We need the Sun in order to survive" because we get not just only that the Sun helps us to synthesize the Vitamin D but it gives the elements that the body needs, it's for body in a nice way the body with the elements, with the protein that the body needs Amino Acids the body needs as I said: the Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and the Hydrogen. That's what we need from the Sun. So, we create this environment that we can give the elements that the body needs. And we can put, as I said, we can create any other element, as I said, "The body is made of 27 atoms", we can create those elements. The body needs those elements we can create it as a Plasma and give them to the body. So, this is a different device, it's also that we made ... thanks to the Mr Keshe teaching that We have two rings, two tubes. One inside the other one. So the inner two has different GANS than the other one, normally it has Zinc, so make some Zinc GANS of Zinc and CO2, So, just this liquid, can change the body, can give the elements to the body, in order to start repairing itself. Changing, bring ... "Bring miracles", I would say. This is so beautiful this technology just... People just standing inside, for minutes or an hour sometimes has to be inside one hour to transmutate. What it does is? This is ... It's not that, some people ask me if I, if they stayed all day inside that environment it will change all the ... be able to repair everything. No. It has to be in gaps or in certain times because we... what we doing with this is retraining the environment. What happened here, this, what happened in the environment? We have so much pollution in the environment, they creates so much imbalance in your body, they start making diseases. We have so much pollution around us, or poisonous on the food that we eat, and we have so much chemicals and everywhere, so much pesticides, so much things that causes an imbalance and our body start creating diseases. So, this environment inside is creating a nice and beautiful environment. So the body has to remember, how to work or function normally. So, the same way the body creates diseases, the same way we have to retrain the body, retrain the brain, to do the opposite, to repair himself. The body has the ability, the skill to repair itself. The same way as we cut our self, we cut a little, we have a little injury on the skin and it heals and it forms scars. The body can change every part of the body, even the brain tissue. We don't stop, so doctors says: "Brain tissue can not be regrown". We have proven, we have proven many times, that the brain tissue, the Neuro tissue can regrow, everything, we can regrow any part of the brain any part of the nerves, we can change everything. We have proven it, we have many cases and I invite people to be involved in this technology and attend the meetings, a lot of students all over the World given lectures, and in any country and any language we can find now this technology. We have no barriers, no limitations to understand because, there is a lot of people all over the World teaching this beautiful technology, in every single language. So you can find that. So, that's what we want bringing a different environment to the body. And, as I said, we have a beautiful person in the group of doctors that is a person from Austria, Klaus Priller. He can see energies, so he asked me to show him these devices and he saw the energy around the environment, around these devices. And the one, you see on the left side, the energy that creates is like a toroidal field, but also the energy goes from your back, back and fourth in your body, so it changes. And the other one, it creates a vortex, but it changes. The way the last one, we have in the in front of the person, in front of those rings or those coils, we have a sea salt container. That as a gravity pulls the energy that the body has to release, they has to get rid. So it pulls it. And the other one, on the right side, which is the vortex, it creates vortex connected to Earth. So, whatever the body has to get rid, it goes to Earth. So, this is different way. And we're working as a group, everybody, a lot of people around the World making those devices in order to bring this balance to people. This is, this, all this technology belong to you people, belong to you, belong to all the World. What, whoever creates any of those devices as they said, no one answer the way we used to see the ... the way of leaving the system, that when somebody creates something they have to, they going to make a patent and keep it to ourself and make money. The beauty of this technology or the beauty of the Heart of Mr Keshe that he created all this technology, he creates all this, he patented this, all this. Whoever wanting to do something related to Plasma, it's already patented. But he give it to the whole Humanity. So, whoever build something related to Plasma belong to Humanity. There's no more that "Oh, it's mine", "Its belong, it's mine", "I create it and I'm gonna make money out of that." No, all this technology belongs to the Humanity. So, whoever creates something, they post it on Facebook, they post it in different websites in order to people have access to this technology and start to replicate it, start changing. So, this technology is for you, for everybody. Nobody owns this technology, you own this technology. You, Humanity. Thanks to Mr Keshe. He gives a gift to give it to us. So, we had to take advantage of this technology to change the whole World. So this technology, once your inside, creates an environment, creates a different field so what it does ... it creates a field that brings body, brings balance to the body when we talk about Plasma, is... Plasma always try to bring balance in the Universe and in the body the body is, of the whole galaxy so whatever happened in the body the body is trying to bring balance in order to change that spot on the body that's having a disease, so we create a different environment using a different GANS to change the body either adding something that your body needs or removing. So as I said, "creating the balance." If the body is a lack of something like ... let me have an example if we have a... like a knee problem you had ... you're waiting for your knee ... or the cartilage of the ... your knee are almost gone, you have a little bit of cartilage you're waiting to have a knee replacement If we have a little piece of that cartilage once we bring that environment around the knee brings those Elements, it can repair itself. We don't need surgeries, in the future, we won't need any surgery. Surgeries we need with this technology, we can remove anything. With this technology, we can repair anything, we can bring anything, as a Plasma. We don't need pills, we don't need injections, we don't need surgery. In the future is gone. All this... gonna be different. But we're working, we're working together in order to bring this technology to all the people. We're testing. A lot of people... Oh humanity is the way they see this, they want to see something now! When we present a new Technology they wanted the results right away! We're learning everyone, we have a group of doctors and we expanded this group everywhere in the World. We're learning how to use this technology, and we use it and we start seeing the results. And as soon as somebody has results they post it, there's a website that you can see the experience of people using this technology. So we're learning so we invite you to use it and share whatever you change whatever you have, any change on your body or experience in your body, share this experience. We want to share, we want everyone to share any experience they have had with this technology. That's what we wanted, to bring something for Humanity. So this is said. So, and also as I said on the list of things that we use or the protocol that we use on the patient the last one is CO2 GANS Ampules. We are in trials to using CO2 GANS Ampules, in different diseases, like severe conditions, Cancer with severe condition that have, they cannot stand inside of this unit, they cannot come to the or they cannot build any of the devices so we give them, we have this new way of treating those patient and we are starting to have a beautiful result using CO2 GANS Water, even in patients with HIV, Malaria, Ebola ... conditions that we thought there was no cure for that, or no .. But now we can bring balance to the body so the body can change, the body can repair, the body can... reconstruct itself. So that's what we do, bring balance to the body. There's nothing else we don't, i don't do anything. The technology it only give you the Elements that your body needs in order to repair itself. That's what we do. That's what it does. We have to understand 96% of every body is made of Carbon and Oxygen. So given those Elements, slowly the body starts changing this environment. So, now back to the patient, not to the patient who has ... Plasma. But I always like to explain to people, why this, how this technology works on the body so they will understand how we can have these results. So this is a patient who had a breast cancer, the big, huge tumor. So, first of all we have to analyze the Emotions. When we have breast Cancer, first of all we ask which breast was involved, the left one or the right one. The left one is connected to the childhood to the Mother, to the Children, One, why because this is the breast, that mostly the women give breast feeding the ... the baby. Or we are connected to a mother with a breast, left... I know I mean yes, we give him... a girl, I mean women, breastfeed them from both but most of the time, they started or most of time they're given from the left side. So this, the left side is connected to the mothers, is connected to the child and when you have some issues, when you mother or when you, or with your child you have a connection, that which is the breast, that one is connected to the Emotions to the love of that person. And we... when you have issues, some problems with them, inside your brain you create something that want to get rid of that connection, you want to cut that connections that, or that connection with your mother or with your child, with your children, you're going to children, you want it to happen. And what is that connection to your breast? That's when your brain says: "Ok i have a breast that is connected to my mother, is connected to my child, I'm going to create, I'm going to get rid of that connection. Which started to make that Cancer. So the body, the same way the body, the brain created the diseases, the same way, we can do the opposite. When we treat the Emotions the same way we gonna reconstruct ... that breast. So, and the right side is connected to the ... to the partner. But that mean, I wouldn't take advantage of this presentation to understand more about to explain a little bit more about the breast how important is the breast, we know that we have five organ sense, five sense of organs, of some sense of organ sense we have known the... that sight, that we use the eyes to the sight, the precise so, that we have the ears to hearing, we have the mouth for test, for taste we have the nose for smelling, and we have the skin for touch. But we forgot we have the sixth, another sense, organ sense, this is the sixth one, is not just only for women it's for everyone, the organ that controls the emotions is the breast. Is the first the breast is connected to the emotions like a having, even a woman and a man has a big antenna. as we have that big antenna, and we control emotion ... Is a set of, I'm gonna give another example how to support this. That the breast is a big antenna, that picks all the emotions. If you watch a soap opera or you watching any movie, you looking at that, or that movie or the TV forward, facing the TV, so all the emotions come to the breast and feel that energy. I invite you to watch the same soap opera or any movie, on your side, not facing that TV. You see the effect is total different, you don't facing, you don't, you're not track, you're not receiving that energy straight to the body. So, you're on your side or you cover with metal, or aluminium something, the breast, you will see the effect is total different, you don't see that, you don't feel the same way, because the emotions come through the breast. We have to understand the whole body it works so different. So, back to this patient, I am sorry. But I'm so ex... I'm getting excited every time I'm talk about don't wanna jump, I'm so excited to explain to all the people it's so beautiful. So, and this people in... as I said to all the people or person who have or patient who have Cancer, we do a blood test. Blood test to determine, what kind of that metals are high in the blood. And the one we find higher, that's the one who's been involved in the Cancer that will be the, the seed of the Cancer. Understand why, once you understand the magnetic gravitational Field energy. So, how can explain that the tumor is growing, because something is pulling, something is pulling the cells, something is pulling energy. So people with Cancer don't die because the Cancer, people die, because the lack of energy, they have no energy. So, the tumor pulls all the energy, thats what, people die, because they have no energy, so something inside the tumors, something inside the, that Cancer, that pulls all the the energy and this part of technology we see, We named that pulling as a gravitational, has a strong gravitational field, it's pulling the energy. So we have to create a different environment outside the body in order to change that strong Field of energy inside the body. So, once we have, we understand or we know what kind of that metals. So that metal is energy it's pulling, so we make GANS of this metal whatever it is. In these cases the Calcium was involved, but I've seen breast Cancer that have Arsenic involved in the on the tumor. Some other who people have Lead, or some other have had Mercury. So, whatever metal we found, that is involved in these tumor, we have to create GANS. GANS in order to create a different environment, once we do that. So in this case, I'm gonna explain in this case was... ... As I said is, this, I'm sorry... This is the Cancer, example of a metal, that we had to find those, is gonna be the seed of the all the Cancer. In this case was Calcium. So if we have Calcium, the way we do to make Calcium, is easy. Is when we have a chicken bones, little piece of a chicken bones. Ones, you cook your chicken you eat it, and you have the bones, don't throw'em away just, take'em, cut'em in little pieces, and then put, because is too hard, put them on, in vinegar. Boil them in vinegar, four or five times, until it gets a little jelly. Once it gets Jelly, get rid of the vinegar and put the caustic, and then boiling water and it start. That reaction, start to, to create a different layers of, or start to nano coat it, to... to energize those molecules of the bones. So we put it on the caustic, this... There's teacher, there's a lot of teacher. You, you have interested to make GANS, of any food, or any... or any elements, go and find it. You will see any of those teachings, on the Youtube, in Keshe, Knowledge seekers workshop you can find anything. All the... all the instructions how to make any GANS, any GANS of anything. So this one, once we have this, the bones, after we put it on the with caustic and water, we leave it for six days. After six day we'd start to rinse it, rinse it with distilled water, to clean out the that caustic, that soapy, that alkaline solutions. Once we get rid of that, we add CO2 GANS water. After 24 hours we have Calcium of... GANS of Calcium. This is the way to do it. And this is the way to do, the same way to do GANS of food, or GANS of whatever you want to do. So this is the process to do it. Once you have a water GANS, you put 'em inside a patches. This is an example, you can put inside anything, any Elements, any Plasma inside of that, and create the Elements so. Once we have, in this case the Calcium, we create the two fields, different fields, with two patches, that we put them on the sides. In this case, there was just a big, huge Cancer. We put one patches on the sides of the tumor, which is in the breast left, on the left breast on the right sides. So we put the strongest field, the strongest patches on the right side, and the weakest on the left. What does it mean, the strongest and the weakest? Stronger we put three times like a... that's an example. Once we create this Plasma, we put em inside the patches, we gonna put like a 9 milliliters on the right sides, which is in the left side, excuse me, 1 milliliter, which is the ratio 3:1. So three, nine milliliters in the right side, one in the left one, on the left side. So that environment creates an environment interaction, that those fields will bring balance. So we have, the Calcium inside, and we have Calcium difference strength of Calcium outside. So a stronger on the one side, and weak, very weak on the other side. So it creates a magnetical gravitational field in between. And it brings that balance, will change the environment, that seed inside. And little by little bit, that seed, starts that blending in that environment, and it's disappear. Or, it becomes part of the body. So because normally the body has Calcium. But, in that normal concentration, it change that environment. The same way if we have a small breast, if it's not a big breast, but he has a small breast it's a small tumor, we can put the patches, the higher concentrations on the back. On the breast level and the less concentration in front. So we create an environment like this, this incredible, there's energy, goes in between. They brings, whatever is involved inside, it blends to that energy field, of those elements, and the... change the environment. The same way, if we want to repair, we want to add something, we can use the same weight, patches in different concentration, and bring the elements inside the body in order to change. So this one, this breast as you see, as, we started to use ... I'm sorry, but I warn you that this ... those gra... they are graphic those photos. So... you not use to do, to see this, But, I'm sorry to show you these photos, but they have... This is the only way to show that are these technologies. So we see this Cancer very aggresive, that has had infections, very... That destroyed a lot of tissue inside, so in the body start... That, the cancer start growing but also start repelling, rejecting all this tissue. And this is the seed that casidic??? loose terrible, start growing. This patient I know when we saw the doctor nobody want us to touch, nobody want to... It was taken to the hospital, because they were affraid of this, those doctors that says "No", "nobody can"... wanna to touch this, No one had any practice or experience, to really know this kind of tissues. So, nobody wanna touch it, thanks God, nobody touch it. Because we give... putting this patient inside, and inside of this environment, and we start seeing the effect that the body started to... so grow, so grow, so big. And it start... pieces of those tissues, starting to come off the body. Is, when the tissue rejected pieces of those Calcium. When we... the people are desperations... Started to reject pieces and that is... just little pieces were inside, they're very hard, the Calcium inside it's... But every time she rejected that little pieces, start bleeding, so that's why we have to, given blood transfusions to this person. And everytime she get to... went to the hospital, or so... They're... They don't wanted to do anything on this person, they don't want. I ask him to make a biopsy, nobody wanted to make any biopsy. So... We see the tissue, all the tissue, the Cancer was growing in left side, and we see that was dieing after being involved in this environment. So, the person, the body, the immune system, starting to reject, to get rid of that tissue and to get, start to shrink it. That shrinking of that tissue, because is ... That, a lot of ... breast tissue was destroyed inside. So that's why this... that shrink of that tissue, but... So I asked them, the doctors, we thought that we have to... go with far different doctors, because nobody wanted to do an... a biopsy, Because, they said, "it's a Cancer", they "don't need to spend time making a biopsy." But I insisted, until we find a doctor who were willing to do a biopsy. Okay... They wanted to prove me there's still the cancer. So, they made a biopsy, and we also... here we have a CT scan. There was reduction of the tissue, and also the lymph or the node lymphs. because at the beginning, when she had that pre-Cancer, they had lymph nodes everywhere, were so big, and was, when she went through all these cond... this environment, this technology. There, every part of the body would start changing. So we, finally we were able to make a biopsy of this tissue, and we find that was fibro connective tissue with extensive coagulative necrosis. and the ... ... was section of the mass biopsy showed granulation tissue, associated with extensive coagulative and calcification, which is highly suspicious for tumor, Necrosis. The adiacent viable tissue shows granulation tissues, stromal fibrosis and collections of hystiocystic, hystiocytic, and mixed chronic inflamatory cells. No evidence of viable tumor seen on the current biopsy. There was no tumor anymore. There was just distruction of all the tissue, because that tumor, but it's no cancer. The cancer was gone. This is just, we working on this patient to bringing, to keep this environments. So... this... The body is still changing. We're using... We're still using the... using this technology, to change the environment, this patient. But also I said to the people, to the person that if you need a surgery, we have to wait at least six months to get all this tissue soft, softened, and then we can start changes. There's many ways to reconstruct this breast. But still we're using this technology. Thank you so much, if you have any questions I'm glad to answer. I'm going to stop sharing and open to all of you... Do you have any questions? (RC) Okay let me [cough]... let me remind the viewers that if they have a question they can put their hand up, and I can promote you to a panelist where you can use your microphone. (RC) I think your microphone's off Mr Keshe? (MK) Can you hear me now? (RC) Yes, we hear you there now. (MK) Okay. I'm back again. As I said, "Thank you very much Dr Rodrigo. This was a very impressive presentation and it actually shows what the Technology is about." We have to understand that this is not the only way that the breast cancer shows itself. We have those who are internal and are caused and somehow created internally and they lead to the same thing. We don't see the tumor but at the end as has been said, "are cause and the end of life", what we call 'termination of Physicality' at the stage we are. There is a number of things which has been raised here. You gotta to understand, this process took about 60 to 90 days, from the start to beginning. On the other hand, we don't see any secondary cancer, in the body at this moment, as far as we understand. It shows there is no need for operation, there is no need. Once you elevate the Soul of the Man, the Emotion of the Man in respect to his Soul, the body will take his position. Is what we said, "Our features are decided by our Emotion, in respect to the energy of the Soul of the Man." There is something which I keep on repeating and has been repeated by Dr Rodrigo the same, and that is; there has been a massive misunderstanding about the position of... Soul of the Man, and this misunderstanding has led into a lot of problems. In the present life, or present time, we imagine, this is the body of the Man and his Soul is somewhere up here. We have thought that... this is the position of our Soul. So, we have nothing to do with it. It's something outside us. But, with the present knowledge and what we have gained, we now understand the Soul of the Man is within the Centre of the brain of the Man. That's why your Soul, as a source, as a Centre of the energy, as the Sun of the life, takes place inside the body and as you create different filters around it, you dictate in reality, different Physicalities. It is, somehow not, up to now fully understood. And if you're a physician and you can look at the MRI's, you're given nowadays look much more closer, you'll find the position of the Soul of the Man in the Centre of the brain of the Man, in the bottom part of it. And this, we will explain very soon, how the brain of the Man is created. As we go in more depth of the knowledge, we open the pieces which is been hidden to the Man. And this will change a lot. So what happens, this is the position of the Soul, and your Emotion takes around it. And in that position, your Emotion in its time and interaction, will lead to what you call, the 'Physical manifestation' of the Physicality of Man in his Emotional part and, in respect to his Physicality in replication in the body of the Man. We see the hands and the fingers on the side of the ear. We see upper arms on top of the brain. We see everything to do with the shoulder and everything else which grows, inside. This has been one of the mysteries of the Creation, where Man thought his Soul is outside his body. But in fact, the Soul of the Man, the operation, the Essence of the Creation of the Man, is within the Centre of the brain of the Man. And in that position, allows the field to be affected by the Emotion that, that Emotion reflects in the Physicality of the Man. And now we understand, how we lead ourselves into our Cancers. You gotta understand that every cell of the body of the Man, carries Emotional part, as much as it does, the Physical part. So, this has been part of what we see and how we change the condition because all we do, as present people, is we change the filtering thickness. If you change the strength of the filter, you increase its strength, at the lower strength there is no Cancer to be created. And that's how you disarm the body from its own tools of destruction of itself. In so many places, in so many ways, once Man understands this, a lot of things comes to order. In the present part of the understanding, you call it 'different chakras'. Now you understand, how what you call 'the energy points', are controlled by the body of the Man itself. And then you understand what you imagine to be a chakra above your head, energy point, where you call the position of the Soul, is within the Centre of the body of the Man. And this is what is important to all of us. For the first time we can position our Soul we can... If you translate or redefine Soul as: the Centre of the energy of the Creation of the entity of the Physicality of the Man. Then you understand it's easier to define Creation. It's easier to interact with the Creation. There is not a mystery that it's there something that leads to our Creation. The Sun is in the Centre of the Solar System. We don't see the Sun outside, that it creates the Earth and the other Planet. How can it be any different with the body of the Man? But in this structure, the Soul of the Man sits within the structure of its own Sun. And if we look at the whole structure of the brain of the Man, or any animal, We see it. We want it to be mysterious, but in fact, it's the Essence of... As it radiates out, it leads to our Creation If you put it together in a different way, there is no difference between the Sun and the body of the Man. The Sun sits in the Centre and radiates out equally, so does the Soul of the Man. And... due to massive amount of material which we have fitted around it we have created a much faster reduction in the fields of it. And this is what you have. And in that rapid reduction you'll lead to better, faster Physicality. If you look at the Sun as its rays goes out, the higher, the further, and wherever it goes, the Plasma of the Sun leads to Creation of Physical part, the Earth, Saturn, Venus And in the energy transfer from the Centre with a shell of it's fields we create, the we call it, 'the Solar System'. So is the body of the Man. The brain has become the filter, here the mass of the filter is very less, so, the slowing down of the fields is much lower so the expansion of the size and the boundary of the Physicality. In the brain of the Man, the Physicality is different, where it, actually the filtering is much stronger, much compacted fields, so, you see the Physical structure. There is no difference in the World of Creation. And this is what, now, we can interact, now we feed the Emotion. And by feeding the Emotion, we change the filter strength. From what was to be sadness to joy. Now, we understand that every Emotion has a Field strength. It gives and it takes, and now we can change it. What is pain to me is not pain to somebody else. It could be joy. Now, with this knowledge we can decide to change, and that change, because the string changes, it change the Fields, in respect to what's created, dissapearance of the Cancer. All we do, we continuously surround the body, and enter the body, Fields of Plasmatic condition, that the body takes its position to elevation of its own Magnetic Field of the Emotion, and change of the Cancer. This can be any disease. If you understand this, then you understand in the coming time, when the man travels into Deep Space, it's the strength of the fields which he creates around his Soul will dictate the shape of the Man in the Deep Space. Then we become the Chameleons of Space. In a way through the process of the health section, we open the door to the reality of the Creation in the Universe. These, at the moment, are very, very much what it is, the present limited understanding of the Man in respect to his own life. But what we have done, we have used in centuries, and thousands of years, herbs, materials, which could effect. In the recent past, we increased the knowledge, into the hand of those who could compact it, We have called them the pharmaceuticals. and we have called them different names. Tablets, injections and anything else we like, to only affect the Physicality. We never understood that the Emotion of the Man is connected to Zinc. In Totality, once we understood this, it changes the course. Now we can change the strength of the Emotion, with Physicality, according to what we put in. In this week's teaching on Thursday, when it's general public teaching, I'll explain this more. And then we understand more, how some of us become vegetarian, some of us become meat eaters, and how our life changes according to amount of energy which we absorb. It'll be very interesting. We open a new dimension in teaching on Thursdays. And you will understand. What was happen to us, in the past few decades, is that we have given our Trust of our world of health, into the hand of what we call Man of science. And the Man of science according to what their financial backers have said, have cheated, have depleted the Life of the Man, In a way... It says my Internet is unstable. Can you hear me? Rick? (RC) Yes, Mr. Keshe. (MK) Yeah, Okay. (RC) Sounds pretty good. (MK) Okay! So now, in past decades, we have given our trust in the hand of people, who have managed to control legislation, and push anything they like to affect our Physicality. We call them 'pharmaceuticals'. In fact, they have been helpful, but in so many ways, all the medicine we have, it's one way, it treats the Physicality, without understanding why the Emotion has come into play. One of these cases which we strongly oppose in the use of medication, is what we call the 'beautiful people'. Or what you call 'schizophrenic'. World of medicine has never understood that the world of a schizophrenic, is world of two entities within the body of one Man. We always called them 'the twins' because we could see them, because they had two Physicality's. We call them 'Siamese twins', which they share part of the Physicality. But, because of our own lack of understanding, we never understood that the two Souls can live within one body, that can share the body. In Totality, in the World of Creation, we call them 'the twin Stars'. When we look at the twin Star, we don't look at two individual Stars. We look at the collective, effect of that entity in it's environment. So, in so many ways, if the world of medicine ever understood this, Would have never created any medication for a schizophrenic, because they know it does not work. Because they understood that they have understood nothing in reality about the World of Creation. That there are two Souls within the structure of one physical body. No medication can change, unless you bother one. And you elevate the strength of the Emotion in one, that affects the Emotion of the other. If the man of medicine could understand there are two entities within the body or three entities within the body of the Man you call 'schizophrenic', you will never give him a medicine. You ask his name, what does he want to be known as. How does he wants to represent himself. And you will find out you speak to different Souls. Which they have different language, and they dress different, and they react different, and they show different Emotion, within the Physicality of the body they carry two entity. This is the lack of understanding of the Man, which we create medicines for the things we don't understand. And then because of our lack of understanding, we enforce it, with castration, with imprisonment, and putting these people behind and into institutes which we should be in there, not them, because in reality we never understood the Totality of the Creation. We are too physical and we don't understand. So, maybe with these teachings, as is Cancer, we have become through our medicine, the Cancer of Life of these people, who are in entity, the twins, the triplicate. We have to see it to believe it, speak to them the language they understand. You'll have a speak on, to two or three Souls which are confined within the same body. How this happens, I have taught many times. But at the same time as a pharmaceuticals, have created their own way of control that nobody else can afford to do it they have brought in clinical trials. That we kill more, to prove more, how ignorant of the knowledge of Creation we are. At the present clinical trials, when you want to intruduce something new, you create different animals, you give birth or allow animals to be created, born, and then you infect them with the diseases which is bothering you, and you are too chicken to do it yourself, you give it to the mouse, to the rats. And then you'll see what it does to them, and then you said because 99% of them, body of the whatever animal, is close to the Man, so we can barely, or maybe use it for ourselves. But, on the other hand, the Man never understood, that the Creation of the Amino Acid from the atmospheric part of the body of the Planet, has led to Creation of the Man. And, that is why all the animals have so much closeness. Because, Man up to now never understood as we've explained in many teachings, that it's made out of three part of this, beautiful Planet we call Earth. It has it's gaseous part, it has it's liquid part, and it has it's solid part. And the Amino Acid of the body of the Man comes from the gaseous part. And, that is why most of the animals on this Planet are so close to each other. The world of science never understood. That, us, Totality of the Life on this Planet depends on this, because whatever is made of the gaseous part, which is the Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen are the common elements. Then how they configure, and interact with the metal part, or the liquid part environment, what we call the solid surface of this Planet, leads us to different kind of the Creation. On Thursday, I'll explain very clearly about even how all the animals created under condition of certain strength. have the same features, why the Man, the cats, the lions have two section of brain. And how he comes to have two legs, two arms, and everything else. Or you become a bird, the feathers, the wings, and the legs. For the first time I'll disclose this understanding that the Man understands more about himself, how he attains his Physicality. And understanding this, how he retains Physicality in different dimensions, when he enters the Universal Community. In this process of understanding the structure, The president pharmaceutical creates another headache for us, with in a way pushing Humanity to the verge of actual insanity. This insanity is, why do we have to kill, so many animals for us to be sure, that when we use something, we are so coward, it wont damage us. I said sometimes ago, "If the condition of testing needs to see what is good for us, every single restaurant, every single take away, should have a FDA certificate." That the food has been tested on the mouse, and it has killed no one. But, we don't do that, we decided that, wherever there is a lot of money, we attach to it physicality of health control. Nobody controlled my grandparents, and my great grandparents of a generation when they were the medicine man. Now it makes a lot of sense to make a lot of money, and we put it under control of what we call 'pharmaceutical control', and nowadays if you want to eat a mint, you have to have a certificate from the shop, that it's a mint, and what the FDA does with it. We're going to carry on with trials which you or pharmaceuticals wants to do, and our resources at Keshe Foundation and our scientists are and will deliver this directly to all of you. Which means if you are a member of the pharmaceutical and you want to be, as part of the work it is your job to... join us on the Keshe Foundation website which we have developed, and is called, You can go in there and go to the bottom of the page. And what you will see is... that... there are two links. One link is connected to those individuals who want to carry on with the process of the Cancer. The other one is for pharmaceuticals and governments. We release the knowledge fully. There are some we cannot disclose here as we did before that you can rapidly develop these things in the background. We know government officials from number of African Nations are in the background. We respect you, and this is a gift to Africa. This directly you have to understand the the simplicity of the technology. If you are member of the Ghana we deliver these products across Ghanaian territory in the coming weeks at the disposal of the Nation. And the government will tell us how they want to handle it. There should be no cancer in Ghana in next 12 to 18 months. Those who are connected to the emotional part of the body of the Man. We release these technologies because it's the right of the Man to be free from the shackles of the control. I said to our supporters very recently, in this pages we see the Cancer touching the Physicality of the Man, and we are giving the knowledge freely. In the present environment what we have discovered, and what we are sharing worth trillions. With this opening we hope the other Cancer which is sitting with the Man, which is sitting with the financial world will respond the same. We call upon people like Bill Gates to open the funds for development. We know other people who are sitting there. This is the challenge, you wanted to bring vaccination now Keshe Foundation technology's at disposal of Man for Cancer. The reserve cash in Bill Gates fund what we call foundation in Netherlands we know of. We talk to them. Open it up for humanity, and we'll see there'll be no Cancer. If you are the True Man of your word? We know other people who are serving the same. We ask you to open your wealth to Humanity not to Keshe Foundation. Allow these technologies to open up rapidly that we get rid of the Cancer of the financial control. Because a healthy Man does not need any health care. On the other hand, we see a number of Nation's leaders controlling the pharmaceuticals for the control of Nations. And mainly this sits with the Kingships. In the countries where there are Kings we see they control the pharmaceuticals, to their benefit. We call for the end of Kingship too, because the man has to be free from the Cancer of Kingship. All man are equal. "Our wish is our command." And, we shall see very, very soon the end of the Kingships, across Europe and the rest of the World. This is the wish of the supporters of the Keshe Foundation and shall be done. We challenge the richest men in the World to open their wealth to serve Humanity the True way though the Keshe Foundation works and other agencies who work like us. Not to benefit themselves in the front and be charitable in the back. So, we need other organizations around the World, we need other Universities. If you are a Governmental organization, to come in, go at the bottom of the Keshe Foundation website, which is set up for, and join us to share the burden, and the financial support needed, to test for other organs. Liver, kidney, other tumors. The important position for us is now we know we seen it, it's 100% no Cancer. There he agrees too. So we need this to be done. We need this to be completed, because we know this technology, know this CO2... supports the intestinal cancer. This is our finding, the reason I brought this so advanced, first of all, I don't... I couldn't see even last week, why there is need for more sacrifices. All of us die, death is a more normal, but We need to take this further, we can do this back in Ghana Keshe Foundation, with the research in the Atomic Commission. Or this is the reason we brought this up, is more scientific organizations to join the Keshe Foundation, to do collaboration tests. At the Keshe Foundation we are very involved in this, and, as you've seen with Dr Rodrigo, for the breast Cancer. If you look at it, digestive or environmental, works the same. When you use injections, there is a minute amount, when you use digestive, still is a high proportion to be in. A calculation on the basis of present understanding. We see these as a Blueprint for Cancer, for reversal of Cancer, and for a Human being, estimated for a hundred kilo body weight, is eight hundred milligrams, which is less than a gram. It is important that we understand, and we respect the people who have done the job for the Foundation. we have seen a small residual amount of GANS in the blood stream, in analysis, physiology analysis. Which to us is a very good thing, because we inject in trials GANS into the blood circle. But if it's found its way in, then it can in a way, deliver the same thing, into the other organs if there is a secondary Cancer. That's a, that's a gain as well as... but it's for the scientists to do. As far as we can see, in the other trials, and investigations we've seen, this brings us to a close, in a way of this phase of the Foundation work with the Blueprint, which means, we ... thank you very much Benjamin, you're in. It'll be soon. Thank you very much Ghana Atomic Keshe Foundation. I can see Benjamin on the right side, he should be in the factory, but I don't know what he's doing at home watching this. But now I know where you are Benjamin. So, what we're going to do is, if you are a pharmaceutical we have given you a path. We know many people have used GANS in different forms to overcome Cancer. But because of the threats from what I call the hooligans of the internet, They have been, they have been pushed not to publish. We ask from next week and deliver your findings. We know there are Germans. We know there are Belgians. We know there are Americans who have used the Cancer process, with the GANS. Now we know it's safe. And we've seen it with the work of Dr Rodrigo. So, those of you who have a Cancer, volunteer your life. This is the right way. And then we bless your Soul. Then you elevate your Soul. But this gives us a clear indication that: GANS, gases in nano state, are safe, they are non-toxic. We are talking primarily in respect to CO2 Zinc Oxide has been tested primarily is non-toxic. We do not speak about Copper or anything else. Please understand, once you have a good working system, what's the use to try something else. In that, maybe we succeed better. But a combination of CO2 with Zinc Oxide supports both the Physicality change and the Emotional change. So what it is, we try to bring this section of the blueprint off, we come back on Thursday, every Thursday morning, if you are trying the material as a scientific organization, report back to the Foundation. If you are testing it or you have tested it, please report back to the Foundation. We publish it on this page and we still... we need huge amount of financial support for these kind of researchers. That it's done by all the people. We know the Ghana Atomic Centre is going to be built in next two, three months. I'm back in Ghana in next few weeks and then we carry on with the process. Mention that we allow our scientists to share their knowledge with us, and I know a lot of you, know a lot of it. You know scientists who their work is essential to the work of Humanity, and it's been shelved, send it to the same point at the bottom, and then find a way to disclose their work or bring them in to explain themselves. A lot of scientists cannot believe, that they'll be given a chance to show their work, because they have been silenced so heavily. It's our job as One Nation, to support all our citizens, scientists and the rest. And I said the wish in Rome conference, "to see the end of kingship", and my wish will be the Kingdom of Belgium to be the first, that they follow with the rest. Peaceful with a lot of prayer and respect that we can elevate the Soul of the king to put his crown down that he is equal to the rest of the Man. In front of another, just because he carries a gun in his pocket. Thank you very much indeed. We'll see you on Thursday. On Thursday we explain the fundamental structure of the body of the Man and open another door into the World of the Science and then you'll understand even how you've been constructed without you knowing why do you have a brain and what's the function of the brain to start with, that it starts the Soul of the Man. Thank you very much indeed for today. If there are no other questions we close. Are there any questions in the background? (SE) Mr Keshe I'd just like to thank the doctors and the researchers for ... their great gift and to let them know that the Universal Council is giving their support to them and thank the opportunity in order to help. Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. Please make a link on the Keshe Foundation front page as usual, where the Youtubes are, that people can see the Teaching, this part of it. Thank you very much. (RC) Well also there was a question from someone; "Is it okay to actually drink the GANS or only the water that's energized by the GANS? Know, there is a process. How you drink the water in different ways it gives you different properties. If you have people with a high blood pressure and sugar, you find out how you mix the thing together, affects it different way. It's the same water. As they say, "It's the way you do it, which counts." It's respect it is the way you do it. If you go back, if you're a diabetic ...Benjamin is in the background, if he's still there can come and tell you how to do it and if you are high blood pressure, using the same water, slightly in different way brings your blood pressure down and it holds it down. So, when you talk, to mix it's very important. Thank you very much..see you Thursday (RC) Okay we'll go into more... (MK) Bring your brain with you on Thursday you might find out how it was made. (RC) [chuckles] (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Thank you indeed. (RC) Okay that brings to an end the cancer blueprint day for Tuesday April 18, 2017. And, thank you everybody for attending. I hope you all got something out of it, I know that it seems like everyone did. ... A big moment for Mankind. And perhaps for others in the Universe even. Okay let's end the livestream for now.


Religious demography

The country has an area of 32,369 square miles (83,840 km2) and a population of 8.2 million. The largest minority groups are Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Roma. In past years the country experienced some immigration from countries such as Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which increased the number of Muslims in the country. The Muslim community has more than doubled since 1991 to an estimated 339,000, or 4.2 percent of the population. In recent years immigration has slowed down due to the introduction of a quota system in the late 1990s. By far the largest ethnic group is Turkish, of which 123,000 have Turkish citizenship. Many more ethnic Turks are Austrian citizens. The next largest groups are Bosnians with 64,600, Yugoslavians with 21,600, Macedonians with 11,000, and Iranians with 3,800. The largest groups of Arab Muslims are Egyptians with 3,500 and Tunisians with 1,000.

According to the most recent census in 2001, membership in major religions is as follows: Roman Catholic Church, 74 percent; Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches (Evangelical Church-Augsburger and Helvetic confessions), 4.7 percent; Islamic community, 4.2 percent; Jewish community, 0.1 percent; Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, and Bulgarian), 2.2 percent; other Christian churches, 0.9 percent; and other non-Christian religious groups, 0.2 percent. Atheists account for 12 percent, and 2 percent do not indicate a religious affiliation.

The vast majority of groups termed "sects" by the Government are small organizations with fewer than 100 members. There was a report of a physical attack against a person and a violent attack against property. Among the larger groups is the Church of Scientology, with between 5,000 and 6,000 members, and the Unification Church, with approximately 700 adherents. Other groups termed "sects" include Divine Light Mission, Eckankar, Hare Krishna, the Holosophic Community, the Osho Movement, Sahaja Yoga, Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy, Transcendental Meditation, Center for Experimental Society Formation, Fiat Lux, Universal Life, and The Family.

The provinces of Carinthia and Burgenland have somewhat higher percentages of Protestants than the national average. The number of Muslims is higher than the national average in Vienna (7.8 percent) and the province of Vorarlberg (8.4 percent), where industry draws a disproportionately higher number of guest workers from Turkey and the former Yugoslavia.

According to a poll by FESSEL-GfK, 78 percent of respondents state that they belong to a church or religious group. Of that number, 2 percent attend services more than once a week, 15 percent attend weekly, 17 percent attend a minimum of once a month, 34 percent attend several times a year (on special occasions), and 32 percent never attend.

Status of religious freedom

Legal and policy framework

The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respected this right in practice, except for religious groups that receive second-class status (or no status) under the 1998 Law on the Status of Religious Confessional Communities. Some of these groups are termed "sects." One group that has gone to court over its treatment is the Jehovah's Witnesses, which has taken its case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The Church of Scientology is also denied acknowledgement as a religious group.

The Government is secular. The Roman Catholic Church is the predominant religion; many Catholic holidays are also government holidays.

The status of religious organizations is governed by the 1874 Law on Recognition of Churches and by the 1998 Law on the Status of Religious Confessional Communities, which establishes the status of "confessional communities." Religious organizations are divided into three legal categories (listed in descending order of status): Officially recognized religious societies, religious confessional communities, and associations. Each category of organizations possesses a distinct set of rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

Recognition as a religious society under the 1874 law has wide-ranging implications, such as the authority to participate in the mandatory church contributions program, to provide religious instruction in public schools, and to bring religious workers into the country to act as ministers, missionaries, or teachers. Under the 1874 law, religious societies have "public corporation" status. This status permits religious societies to engage in a number of public or quasi-public activities that are denied to confessional communities and associations. The Government provides financial support for religious teachers at both public and private schools to religious societies but not to other religious organizations. The Government provides financial support to private schools run by the officially recognized religious societies.

The officially recognized religious societies are:

The 1998 Law on the Status of Religious Confessional Communities imposed new criteria on religious groups to achieve religious society status, although it allowed previously recognized societies to retain their status. New criteria included a 20-year period of existence (at least 10 of which must be as a group organized as a confessional community under the 1998 law) and membership equaling at least two one-thousandths of the country's population (approximately 16,000 persons). Only 7 of the recognized religious groups (Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Islamic Community, Eastern Orthodox Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Alevi Community and the Free Churches) meet this membership requirement. Of the unrecognized religious groups, no one meet this latter membership requirement.

The 1998 law allows nonrecognized religious groups to seek official status as "confessional communities" without the fiscal and educational privileges available to recognized religions. To apply, groups must have at least 300 members and submit to the Government their written statutes describing the goals, rights, and obligations of members, as well as membership regulations, officials, and financing. Groups also must submit a written version of their religious doctrine, which must differ from that of any religious society recognized under the 1874 law or any confessional community established under the 1998 law. The Ministry of Education then examines the doctrine for a determination that the group's basic beliefs do not violate public security, public order, health and morals, or the rights and freedoms of citizens. On June 8–9, 2005, several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) meeting on Anti-Semitism and on Other Forms of Intolerance concluded that "the existing system and in particular the 1998 Law on Confessional Communities is inherently discriminatory as it de facto prevents religious organizations from obtaining a state-recognized status and relegates them to a second-class status."

Once the Government recognizes them, religious confessional communities have juridical standing, which permits them to engage in such activities as purchasing real estate in their own names and contracting for goods and services. A religious group that seeks to obtain this new status is subject to a six-month waiting period from the time of application to the Ministry of Education and Culture. According to the Ministry, as of June 2007, 14 groups had applied for the status of religious confessional community, and 11 were granted the new status. The Church of Scientology and the Hindu Mandir Association withdrew their applications. The Hindu Mandir Association reapplied under the name Hindu Religious Community and was granted the new status. The Ministry rejected the application of the Sahaja Yoga group in 1998. Since then, its decision has been upheld in the Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court. Following a May 2006 decree by the Ministry of Education, the ELAIA Christian Community (ELAIA Christengemeinde) also received status as confessional community after applying on October 13, 2005.

In 2018 following religious groups constitute confessional communities according to the law:

Religious groups that do not qualify for either religious society or confessional community status may become associations under the Law of Associations. Associations are corporations under law and have many of the same rights as confessional communities, including the right to own real estate. Some groups have organized as associations, even while applying for recognition as religious societies.

There are no restrictions on missionary activities. Historically, unrecognized religious groups had problems obtaining resident permits for foreign religious workers. Unlike visas for religious workers of recognized religions, religious workers who are members of unrecognized religions are subject to a numerical cap for what is technically a nonpreference immigrant visa category. Administrative procedures adopted in 1997 for certain unrecognized groups, which exempt these workers from having to obtain governmental permission to work, helped to address this problem in part. These procedures allowed for application under an immigrant visa category that is neither employment nor family-based. New visa laws that became effective in January 2006 brought certain changes in the implementation for a number of visa categories. New poverty guidelines and shortened visa validity periods make it more difficult for some members of this group to obtain resident permits.

The Government provides funding for religious instruction in public schools and places of worship for children belonging to any of the 13 officially recognized religious societies. The Government does not offer such funding to nonrecognized religious groups. A minimum of three children is required to form a class. In some cases, religious societies decide that the administrative cost of providing religious instruction is too great to warrant providing such courses in all schools. Attendance in religious instruction is mandatory and instruction either takes place in the school or at sites organized by the religious groups. Unless students formally withdraw at the beginning of the academic year, students under the age of 14 need parental permission to withdraw from instruction.

Restrictions on religious freedom

Several religious groups that the Government did not recognize under the 1998 law, as well as some religious law experts, dismiss the benefits of obtaining status under the 1998 law and have complained that the law's additional criteria for recognition as a religious society obstructs recognition, and formalizes a second-class status for nonrecognized groups.

Although the Ministry of Education granted Jehovah's Witnesses the status of a confessional community in 1998, they were denied recognition as a religious society in 1997 under the 1874 law. A complaint filed by the Jehovah's Witnesses with the ECHR in 1998, arguing that the group had not yet been granted full status as a religious entity in the country under the law despite a two-decade struggle, remained pending at the end of the period covered by this report. This was one of three applications that the Religious Community of Jehovah's Witnesses filed against the Government at the ECHR. Three other applications were filed by individuals and dealt with the denial of exemption for the ministers of Jehovah's Witnesses from both military and alternative service. On February 1, 2005, the ECHR ruled that two of the cases dealing with military exemption were admissible as possible violations of the European Convention on Human Rights regarding freedom of religion and discrimination. On November 16, 2006, the Jehovah's Witnesses filed an application with the ECHR regarding aspects of the Law on Confessional Communities which does not allow for religious societies to receive tax concessions. The application was filed with the ECHR after the Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court dismissed the case. These cases were pending before the courts. In 2009 the Jehovah's Witnesses became a recognized religious society.

The State of Lower Austria and the City of Vienna fund a counseling center of the Society Against Sect and Cult Dangers (GSK), a controversial quasi-NGO, which actively works against sects and cults. In 2005 GSK received an average of $29,260 (€22,000) annually from the Federal Ministry of Social Security and Generations, and $24,166 (€18,170) annually from the City Government of Vienna. However, after 2005, GSK stopped receiving federal funding due to government cuts. GSK distributes information to schools and the general public and runs a counseling center for those who believe they have been negatively affected by cults or sects. Several states fund offices that provide information on sects and cults.

The Federal Office of Sect Issues continued to function as a counseling center for those who have questions about sects and cults. Under the law, this office has independent status, but the Minister for Health, Family, and Youth appoints and supervises its head.

The conservative People's Party (OVP) position regarding membership in a "sect" remained in force during the period covered by this report. The Party's stated position is that party membership is incompatible with membership in a "sect" if the sect holds a fundamentally different view of man from what the Party believes, advocates opinions irreconcilable with the ethical principles of the party, or rejects the basic rights granted by progressively minded constitutional states and an open society. In 1998 the OVP passed a resolution banning members of "sects" from being members of the party. This resolution was passed to target a native Scientologist who was at the time a respected member of his local party organization and his local community. There were no known reports of members of other sects being denied membership in the party.

On April 21, 2007, the press found a flier with the logo of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPOe), alongside the logos of neo-Nazi organizations which were promoting xenophobic attitudes. The BBC reported that the FPOe hosted several rightwing European parties, including representatives from the French Front National, the Belgian Ulaams Belang, and the German "Pro Koeln" party. The meeting focused on "foreign infiltration." How much influence such parties have on public attitudes toward observant Muslims or the Jewish community or reflect common attitudes of the general public towards minority religious groups was difficult to determine.

Prisoners who belong to nonrecognized religious groups are entitled to pastoral care. Some evangelical groups have reported experiencing problems with access to pastoral care in isolated instances; however, there were no allegations of widespread problems.

There were no reports of religious prisoners or detainees in the country. There were no reports of forced religious conversion.


The NGO Forum against Anti-Semitism reported 125 anti-Semitic incidents in 2006, including one physical attack. The incidents also included name-calling, graffiti/defacement, threats, anti-Semitic Internet postings, property damage, vilifying letters, and telephone calls.

On February 7, 2007, a court sentenced a 30-year-old Croatian immigrant to 15 months in prison for the November 26, 2006, destructive rampage against the Lauder Chabad School in Vienna. No one was present or injured, but a leader in the Jewish community said that the extent of the damage made this incident "the most serious in the last 20 years." Upon his arrest, the man referred to himself as "Adolf Hitler" and in the courtroom said there were too many Jews in the country.

The European Union's Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia has declared in the past that antisemitism in the country was typically characterized by diffuse and traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes rather than by acts of physical aggression.

The Government strictly enforces its anti-neo-Nazi legislation, which prohibits neo-Nazi acts, including Holocaust denial, incitement to neo-Nazi activity and the glorification of National Socialism. On December 22, 2006, British writer and Holocaust denier David Irving was deported to Great Britain. On February 20, 2006, he had been found guilty of denying the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz and sentenced to three years in prison.

The Government provided police protection for Jewish community institutions.

Societal abuses and discrimination

There was a report of a physical attack against a person and a violent attack against property (see Anti-Semitism). There was no reported vigilante action against members of religious minorities. However, some societal mistrust and discrimination continued against members of some unrecognized religious groups, particularly against those considered to be members of sects. A large portion of the public perceived such groups as exploiting the vulnerable for monetary gain, recruiting and brainwashing youth, promoting antidemocratic ideologies, and denying the legitimacy of government authority. There were occasional television/radio shows and reports featuring victims, or relatives and friends of such victims, who claimed to be exploited by a group termed a "sect," or a Satanic or esoteric movement. During 2006 there were 32 cases of discrimination based on religion brought before the Equal Rights Commissioner. Some observers believed the existence of and the activities of the Federal Office of Sect Issues and similar offices at the state level foster societal discrimination against minority religious groups.

Members of groups that the Government considers to be "sects" continued to complain that the Government lacks an objective stance when dealing with them. The "sects" claimed that the Government relies too heavily on isolated cases of persons who have had negative experiences with a group, rather than speaking directly to the vast majority of members who make no complaint. Societal prejudice could also be a problem; a poll in 2006 found that 90 percent of Austrians believed sects are "inherently dangerous."

The Church of Scientology reported that individual Scientologists experienced discrimination in hiring in the private sector. Jehovah's Witnesses complained about a brochure issued by the Christian Trade Unionists that mischaracterized the Witnesses as a sect.

In a guidebook for doctors working at schools, the Jehovah's Witnesses are listed as one of the confessional communities in the country but are also listed as a sect.

Muslims complained about incidents of societal discrimination and verbal harassment. Muslim women reported difficulties in the job market when potential employers learned they wore a headscarf. In 2004 the Equal Treatment Bill that implemented the EU Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Guidelines took effect, allowing such victims to take action in court. Women who wore the headscarf also reported that they experienced harassment in public areas.

In October 2006 graffiti crosses were painted on the walls of the Muslim cemetery under construction in Vienna's Liesing district. During the campaign for the October 1, 2006, national parliamentary elections, the Islamic Community also noted anti-Islamic slogans from the right wing Freedom Party.

Compulsory school curricula provide for anti-bias and tolerance education as part of the civics education and as a focus across various subjects, including history and German classes. The Ministry of Education also conducts training projects with the Anti-Defamation League in this context.

Relations among the 13 officially recognized religious societies are generally amicable. Fourteen Christian churches, among them the Roman Catholic Church, various Protestant confessions, and eight Orthodox and old-oriental churches were engaged in a dialogue in the framework of the Ecumenical Council of Austrian Churches. The Baptists and the Salvation Army have observer status in the Council. The international Catholic organization Pro Oriente, which promotes a dialogue with the Orthodox churches, was also active in the country.

At the end of the reporting period, construction continued on the new Islamic cemetery in Vienna's Liesing district, which was expected to be completed in late 2007. An Islamic cemetery was also scheduled to be opened in the state of Vorarlberg in late 2007.

On December 6, 2006, stories in the press and the BBC reported on a study conducted by political scientists at the University of Vienna about Muslim extremism in Vienna that found that 97 percent of young Muslims participating indicated that violence had no place in spreading Islam. On September 22, 2006, in reaction to the controversy surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's comments on Islam, the Catholic Church and the Muslim Community organized a "Day of Dialogue" in contrast to the "Day of Wrath" proclaimed on Al Jazeera for the same day. On March 22, 2006, a new interreligious platform for tolerance was presented to the public. Billed as an "initiative for a cooperative future in Austria," the group, "Christians and Muslims," seeks to promote tolerance and respect by encouraging Christians and Muslims to learn more about each other's faiths and each other. Subsequently, Jewish representatives also joined the platform.

Holocaust education was generally taught as part of history instruction, but also was featured in other subjects under the heading "political education (civics)." Religious education classes were another forum for teaching the tenets of different religions and overall tolerance. Special teacher training seminars were available on the subject of Holocaust education. The Education Ministry also ran a program through which Holocaust survivors talked to school classes about National Socialism and the Holocaust.

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