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Universal Channel (Asia)

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Universal Channel
Universal Channel 2013.png
Universal Channel logo
LaunchedJuly 1, 2008 (2008-07-01)
ClosedJune 30, 2017 (2017-06-30) (Malaysia and Sri Lanka)
July 1, 2017 (2017-07-01) (Rest of Asia)
NetworkNBCUniversal International Networks
Owned byNBCUniversal
Picture format480i (SDTV) 16:9
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan100% Characters
Broadcast areaDefunct
Formerly calledUniversal Channel (Philippines only, July 26, 2010-August 3, 2012)
Sister channel(s)CNBC Asia
Golf Channel
DreamWorks Channel

Universal Channel was a television channel specializing in movies and television series in the thriller, drama, comedy, crime and investigation genres. It was owned by Universal Networks International. This channel was officially launched in Singapore on 1 July 2008 along with Sci Fi Channel (Asia), now Syfy Universal (Asia).

On the first on-air broadcast launch saw the official slogan was It's the People Who Make Us. On July 24, 2010, the second on-air look with colorful visual ident theme and the official slogan was "Characters Welcome" as well as the channel converting from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 widescreen picture format since February 8, 2011. It brought the latest of new series, including two Asian TV premiere series, as well as returning to first seasons of almost all programs already aired.

On January 28, 2014, the Universal Channel refreshed itself alongside other transformations. Among the changes under the rebrand included the channel aligning itself with the international logo and slogan 100% Characters. The channel brought the Same Day or Express from the U. S. telecast with selected programs.

On July 1, 2017, Universal Channel along with Syfy ceased transmission at midnight in the rest of the Asia.[1] In Malaysia and Sri Lanka the channel discontinued a day earlier. The channel programmed with a finale episode of Shades of Blue on that day, an ending with the season one finale "One Last Lie" before going off-the-air. Most of the programs of Universal Channel were moved to DIVA.

YouTube Encyclopedic

  • 1/3
    316 816
    10 642
  • ✪ Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud - Episode 1 (English Subbed)
  • ✪ Disney Channel movie/Universal/illumination entertainment
  • ✪ The Event | 20 October, 9pm, on Universal Channel


In ancient times The chaos magic of the demon world Was sealed by the Xuan-Yuan sword But the demons magic became too powerful overtime. At the final battle, Xuan-Yuan sword was shattered into two pieces and fell to the world. After a millennium, The two pieces of Xuan-Yuan sword Generated two brothers The Two countries, Yao-han and Xiao Yue are at war One Brother is a leader in Yao-Han And the other brother? I don't know where to begin... Shi Jun, this way please the army is tight with food. have been since the 3rd. I'll take a look at this rope way if it's easy to use. And how long will it take from Shanlan to get to Ju. Please take a look. Yes There are nine peaks and ridges here. Nine - cable way connecting each other. Seven cable carts can be transported at the same time. 100,000 rations in total and will take seven days to ship. That's spectacular. This plan must work for Flow Ma Yuan sake. I believe it will solve the emergency for rations! The bird reports, 100,000 rations are ready to be shipped out. That's great! Plus with your help protecting Flow Ma Yuan It seems that this supply chain plan is fool proof. Rest assure, Flow Ma Yuan arrangements are already ready. I am also ready. Front square peak is the main power behind Flow Ma Yuan fortifications. Rations enter through the main entrance of the rope way and is guarded by Yan-Feng. The foot pass is guarded by strong guards. Here the terrain is empty. Anyone who intrudes is easy prey For our long range bow men, Qiang Wu You Tao and Tu Wei guards Tianjiang peak Both reinforces the delivery pass with the operation of the power tower Here is Tianfeng, located in the center of the Ma Yuan stream and is guarded by me I use the mobility of the multicolored phoenix to support the other peaks. This is truly impressive. The burden of guarding the food. If It's all on the inside, How can the DAO hold? Hopefully the food supply is sufficient for the battle for the mountains. Now that the war is imminent These 100,000 rations Will become the life line of the armies northern expedition It is said A army fights on its stomachs By the military order of the prime minister If I fail to protect the grain, I will be dealt with by martial law. I'm worried people will come to attack flow Ma Yuan Muyun Your sword is out of control again Brother Yi? Did I almost hurt you again? It's all right But why did your sword suddenly attack? Today is my anniversary with Lan Yin In this world The person who knows me best Is only you Promise me You will never leave me Brother Yi, Can Lan Yin really be resurrected? When have brother ever deceive you Just give me a little more time I will definitely get Lan Yin back intact Brother Yi, You suddenly came looking for me. Is there something wrong? Brother knows you don't like worldly conflicts So I never got you involved But this time the situation is somewhat critical Yao Han Fei yu has appeared in the mountains Feiyu ten Jie (Order of Gutiangan) Each person had a unique ability And secretly carried out secret missions for Yao-Han Gradually they gained world fame One leader's name is Yan-Feng, capable and intelligent Tang Yunlong, mumbo jumbo... Even though Tang Yunlong was the best. The Art of war is more green than blue. With the ability of a million enemies This is the reason brother is forced to come to you Brother Yi, don't worry I will immediately go to Ma Yuan I do this Only for righteous brother. Thank You I was in a bind The butterfly is poisonous! These butterflies are poisonous be careful! Protect the food! What the fuck? Be careful! Protect the food! Regroup! Xiao-Yue people are attacking! Protect the food! Give them a chivalrous fight! Protect the food! Where did this dragon sword come from? I didn't know Xiao-Yue had such a powerful master. Very Good - Yan Feng Tong Kwai Tsing Yi - Attack Move! Flying Feathers martial arts huh, Bring it! Do anything in the shadows And it will look like two moves Despicable attack. Say what you will. I'm not the one who is going to die. Shang Heng leave this to me. You go and protect Shi Jun. Alright Sister Pan ER What happened to you all these years? Also, why do you have the mark of a fallen one. Who are you? You can't recognize me anymore? Sister! We are fairy sisters from heaven Ordered to find the whereabouts of the Xuanyuan sword We were forced to separate because of the chaos Why are you with Yao-Han? I'm not your sister I don't have time for this right now You got the wrong person Found You Hurry! Hurry! White Hair! If you hurt him I'm going to tear you apart Hah You are Feng-Yan am I right? I'll let him go if you destroy the cable way Yan-Feng... Don't worry about me Release the arrows! Yan-Feng is hard to deal with I'll use the hostage to distract him While they focus on destroying the Ma Yuan rations. By myself I'm no match for white hair I have to outsmart him Release the arrows Yan-Feng, Thats and order! Forget about me! At this rate Flow Ma Yuan will really be lost! And the battle for the mountain Will Fail! Shi Jun! In the future I Yan-Feng will seek vengeance for you! He doesn't care for his masters life? Release the arrows! Those who disobey will be executed! Release the arrows! Fire! Shi Jun Yan-Feng Not good Where did he go? Where's the man? What is that!? What is that!? Xuanyuan Jianqi sword! Not good! Xuan-Yuan sword is so powerful Another reincarnation of the sword and also part of the bronze bird army? He has not yet mastered the sword and still cannot complete the unity With White hair breaking Ma Yuans grain road Yao-Hans plan on getting 100,000 rations Has been destroyed How is it going? We were lurking in the Yu, spying. Two days ago There was a bronze bird army man in a purple coat Talking with Xiao Yuwen He said he had a boy in his hand Who could break through Ma Yuan I became nervous when I heard that This man seems to be able to read minds Just with one glance He saw through my identity The others has also been exposed Me and Xiang Zhang was able to escape Only Xiang Zhang can lurk the secluded mountain now with his stealth enchantment We can still get information But only through him Lets go What happened? All 100,000 rations were destroyed It's not a trivial matter. With the rations destroyed... I'm afraid it's hard to escape military punishment Shi Juns life is on the line Heng Ai, You have to hurry Yan-Feng What do you think your doing here? Shi Jun Protecting Flow Ma Yuan was my responsibility. Yan-Feng is willing to be punished Ma Yuan was under my command I made the military orders I should be the one apologizing It has nothing to do with you all Get up Qiang-Wu of the ministry You-Tao of the ministry Tu-Wei of the ministry Is willing to be punished with Shi-Jun Flying Feathers are one Please punish us with the king Pioneer Camp, Jia Liu, also willing to share the blame with flying feather The riding fleet also willing To take responsibility Heng Ai, where the heck are you? Knight! Execute! Cut! Heng Ai The prime minister has ordered Shin-Jun and Yan-Feng for an audience Prime minister The crime for Inadequately protecting the food I am willing to bear Poorly protecting the food Is a serious crime But not serious enough to be put to death Now that the war is imminent It's a good chance for you to redeem yourself Thank You Prime minister! 100,000 rations were destroyed Morale is bad This war I'm afraid won't be a quick one won't be a quick one? Is it that prime minister Does not intend to retreat? Yan-Feng Yes, I am here You ruined my 100,000 rations You must find a way to give it back to me The Cangwu tribe has promised to lend us food But the way to retrieve the food is perilous I'm afraid the Bronze Bird Army will come to destroy our last hope Qing'er, something troubling you? It has been 100 years Only You know my temperament Yet, only you Can understand the words of my lute That is natural Remember when you and I first met If it weren't for you playing your Pipa and me listening to the pain of you losing your loved ones You and I would not be in these circumstances today And here I thought Mountains and rivers cant be friends I have been in the world for hundred of years And I still cannot find my sister Fortunately I met you From then on I could forget the past A whole lifetime But yesterday I met her Your sister Is Qing'er, right? It seems my sister didn't perish in the sea of fire But she does not seem to remember anything Didn't know who I was And even fought me Isn't that good? If she remembers you, You already stayed with me for so many years How do you explain that to her? You and her are fairies Fall in love with a fallen And face millions of insanity Or fall in love with mortals and you will disappear. Maybe this is fated by heaven I plan to succeed In finding the two pieces of Xuan Yuan sword. failing is not a option. I will make sure you sisters are safe and sound. Thank You But Don't worry too much The horse ropeway is broken Gong Yangxiangs last move is borrowing food from Cangwu. My crony is already in the Cangwu clan He has been probing for the identity of the food delivery person As long as the Muyun finds the man in the portrait You wont have to get in Involved I'll take you back then I'll definitely make sure to step on Yao-Han You also Shouldn't worry about becoming her enemy anymore. My heart aches My hand I'm disappearing Have I really fallen in love with him Am I going to grow a tattoo like Ping Er Who did she fall in love with? Heng Ai its so late already Not going to sleep? On the way to Zhiling Make sure to be careful I know it's dangerous. Many have died. There are rumors of a tree demon. Lurking the area I will be careful and avoid it If the prime minister had not ordered the battalions of soldiers to appease By constructing fortifications I would have arranged a few more people To accompany you to get the food Thank You We are friends No need to thank me I finished sewing it, I'll go now I can't fall in love with mortals Can not... Can not! Heng Ai You are disappearing Is it because of Yan-Feng? This road is the only way to get from Cangwu to Yao Han For now You are responsible for changing the way with spells Muyun... Will be responsible for bringing them from the fork into the jungle. This cant be right What's going on around here? Are you carrying food? Who are you? I am from Yao-Han and my name is Yan-Feng You got here so fast Now there's no need to worry about getting lost. Where is the disaster relief rations? I am the disaster relief rations How could it be a little girl? Reporting in We found no trace of the Cangwu tribe My lord... It has been 30 minutes since the agreed time There is still no news It could already have been stolen by bronze bird army Such a huge supply If it was stolen It would not go unnoticed The paths to the Cwangwu clan Have you already checked it? All over Its just that We couldn't find Gao Ling Shan Road Gao Ling Shan Road? Where the heck is Yao Han Why are you always staring at me? Where is the disaster relief rations? Right here you Just gotta take me there Is this a joke? Let me tell you, even if i was joking with you With a face like that, it would be a waste Anyway, just take me to Yao-Han You will get your rations and then your going to send the relief Then I can get back to work You know, I was not joking with you Lead the way Hold on Tree demon What kind of monster is this? Help me Help me! It's a tree demon. Grandpa Sun Help me! Help me! Help me! Let go of me Help me Let go of me! HELP ME! Who are you? Are you one of the bad guys? I'm not one of the bad guys I just want to ask you if you're from Cangwu. Because I saw... This mark on your bag I'm not telling you White hair? Looks like the Bronze Bird Army is also eyeing the Cangwu food team It's you again Yang-Feng My Jade Don't run Hold it Help Me! Yan-Feng hurry up and save me Yan-Feng Save Me! Save Me! Help Me! Go Where did they go? Where are they hiding? You dare take advantage of me And he said he was not a bad person Fortunately, I did not lose my jade Playing dead I see How do I get out of here? So dangerous What happens If I run into the tree demon again I also don't know where grandpa Sun is Don't tell me grandpa Sun got eaten by the tree demon This man is bad luck How could I be so unlucky to meet you? It doesn't matter Even if he is bad luck He did save my life Hey. Hey.. Hey! He's hurt Lets see if my medicine can save him What do you think your doing? Don't do anything funny You should tell yourself that Your the one who took off my clothes And even tied me up Are you blind? I'm just applying medicine So your just being a kind person I must still be dazed. I could of swore someone hit me. Was it you? How could it be me? I never hit people Also, I am very weak See Very weak If you're such a good person, then can you untie me I can't I'm a good person but how do I know you are too You're a very capable man If I untie you, how do I know you wont harm me. So lets just leave it on. OK What is your name? Why would I tell you At least we met Although the meeting was a little awkward Right... My name is Ye-Yaxi Ye-Yaxi? What a strange name. Strange? You just dont understand. My name is a very nice name where im from. Your not from the central plains ? No wonder you went this deep into the forest. Why, are you lost? I'm so smart, how could I get lost? It's because we are going to Yao-Han and this is the quickest road. Going to Yao-han? You little trickster, how dare you trick me I didn't even try to trick you Then why else did I tell you I don't even know if your a bad person I'm a good person I'm here to escort the Cangwu food team Pretending to be a escort and still saying he's not a bad person I'm not going to be fooled Tell you what, stop talking nonsense From now on we don't know anyone And you? Just stay away from me because we don't know each other The tree demon is back again Come with me You wait here I'll be right back Why am I waiting for you? I'm not waiting for you I got you out of there You can take your leave Okay then Good luck not being captured by the tree demon especially when your barefooted You Why should I wait for you? Your the bad guy I can get out myself I'm sorry. I kept you waiting. So originally, you went to look for my shoes? Where's Grandpa Sun? With me here, don't even think about taking her away Yan-Feng Yan-Feng? His name is Yan-Feng? Yes He is Yan-Feng of Yao-Han You hurt my brothers And now you are posing as me Today I'm going to get rid of you Just by yourself Don't get cocky Your not Yan-Feng? So then who are you? You must make sure to destroy the food For that to happen, she must not fall into the hands of Yao-Han I must kill this girl XuanYuan Sword Watch out Am I dreaming Lan-Yin What's going on? It hurts so much Ye-Yaxi! Lan-Yin!


Operating channels

  • Universal Channel Asia HD - SG/HK/MY/PHP/JKT feed; available on HD format in selected Asian countries
  • Universal Channel Asia - same as the Asian feed; available on SD format in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka
  • Universal Channel Philippines - same as the Asian feed but with local advertisements.
  • Universal Channel Taiwan - same as the Asian feed with Chinese subtitles; available on HD format

Final Programming



  • 1000 to 1
  • Addicted To Love
  • The American President
  • Back to the Future trilogy
  • Bourne Movies
    • The Bourne Identity
    • The Bourne Legacy
    • The Bourne Supremacy
  • Billy Madison
  • Bringing Down The House
  • Columbus Circle
  • Evan Almighty
  • The Fast and the Furious
    • 2 Fast 2 Furious
    • Fast and Furious
  • Final Recourse
  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
  • Flipped
  • The Gourmet Detective
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Killer Reality
  • Mr. Wrong
  • The Nightmare Nanny
  • The Perfect Man
  • Possessed by Evil
  • Shadow Witness
  • Snow White: A Deadly Summer
  • Time of Death
  • Up Close & Personal
  • Willed to Kill


  • AFI Lifetime Achievement Award: A Tribute to Mike Nichols
  • Miss Universe 2008

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