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The Brothers Karamazov (1921 film)

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The Brothers Karamazov
GermanDie Brüder Karamasoff
Directed byCarl Froelich
Dimitri Buchowetzki
Based onThe Brothers Karamazov
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Produced byPaul Ebner
Maxim Galitzenstein
CinematographyOtto Tober [de]
Distributed byUFA
Release date
  • 20 July 1921 (1921-07-20)
German intertitles

The Brothers Karamazov (German: Die Brüder Karamasoff) is a 1921 German silent drama film directed by Carl Froelich and an uncredited Dimitri Buchowetzki and starring Fritz Kortner, Bernhard Goetzke, and Emil Jannings. It is an adaptation of the 1880 novel The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.[1]

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The Murderer of Dimitri Karamasoff after motives by Dostoyevsky Don't worry, Katia. The old man will surely give me the 3.000 roubles. I'll go to him and tell him let me have the 3.000 I'm going to be married I'm going to marry my Katia and then I'll go to the colonel and I'll tell him: here it is here's the deposit you'll see, it's very easy what if your father doesn't give you the 3.000 roubles? how could he refuse? it's a legacy from my mother I want to believe that all goes well all will be well, Katia I beg you, Mitia 3 roubles. the gentleman didn't pay Smerdiakoff, be quick. it's Grushenka Hallo Smerdiakoff you didn't expect me, eh? well, how are you? where's the old man? I have to speak to him your father? father surprise visit, isn't it? I've come to receive some money and your blessings tomorrow. I don't have time now what's the matter? your father expects... Ivan? what's the matter? why doesn't the old man want to see me? tell me, Ivan what's happening here? the senile Salomon expects his Sulamith a Romeo aged 65 in a word... the old man's in love again I don't believe it! love is stronger than death especially the love of a Karamasoff what am I to do? I need the deposit of 3.000 roubles, and I have to get back to the regiment tomorrow Smerdiakoff, do you think the old man will give the money? he's become his confidant, you know the old gentleman will be needing the money for himself now he wants to get married, he's very much in love get lost! marry? you fool! who is she? une personne qui s'appelle Grushenka Grushenka. one of those local lose women. a whore he wants to marry HER? if she deigns to marry him, she'll soon be our dear mama for weeks he's been waiting for her every night I want to speak to him but I told you I don't have time now it's a legacy passed on to me by my mother wouldn't it be better if you tried to calm these gentlemen, Mr. Karamasoff? I want to marry her or don't you think it necessary? - she's a slut. I won't allow it that you make a fool of yourself you're not going to marry her! and now I'll talk to her myself right now I have to talk to her. ask her once more Grushenka, hurry up. we'll be late coming the carriage is waiting, Grushenka my coat Mr. Karamasoff refuses to leave tell him I have to go out I'm about to leave the carriage is waiting but I told him so the nerve! but what does that man want? I would like to speak with you alone let's go, children visit me tomorrow about noon that's impossible. I'm leaving in the morning. I must speak with you tonight and I have to go now but you'll return home later tonight, I'm sure? maybe probably if you want to wait that long alright, I'll wait Fenia, take his coat Mr. Karamasoff will wait. would you like to have some tea? our first. also an officer first he turned her head... and then… he didn't marry her. we haven't heard of him for three years now he writes again my sweet Grushenka... because we're rich at the moment and again she believes him so? what do you want of me? I have come here to ask something of you aren't you ashamed to drive an old man that crazy? you, a 20 year old woman! one can't talk sense with him any more so I have to ask of you... that you definitely promise me to end the affair make up your mind! one way or another I have to know why do you laugh? the scarf my scarf careful. you are tearing it give it to me so will you tell the old man tonight that it's over? the scarf cost me 100 roubles to hell with the scarf answer my question real lace. 100 roubles here you are. 100 roubles and to hell with the... don't you touch the picture to my dear Mitenka from his Katja give me the picture she calls you Mitenka? your fiance? give me the picture give me the picture will you give me the picture give me the picture so it's money you want. here you are, as much as you want ...are weeks of madness. He's lost his sense of decency and honour. He's drinking and idling all the time. That woman has driven him crazy. If you want to save him come here at once. Otherwise there'll be a catastrophe. In his madness he threatens to kill me. Your obedient servant, the unhappy father Fjodor Karamasoff P.S. I am certain that your beauty will be victorious. you're a cold person, Ivan. You only live by reason. but one cannot understand this with reason alone I went to Grushenka... and I was lost at once I stayed with her and now all's gone to the devil Katia the duty and the hounour yes, if you think so, the honour too I'm sure she'll come tonight she won't resist this she forced me to dig deep into my pocket a fortune for so much money one could... one could even commit a sin under the pillow you're to tell her the money awaits her under the pillow under the pillow, you're to tell her that don't you want to hide it behind the icons? it'll be safer it's safer with the Lord, isn't it? and tell her she's to beware of Dimitri she's to enter through the garden and she's to knock at the window like this Grushenka has been ruined by men like our father one should beat those devils to death even the father? yes even the father he'll kill his old man one of these days that's his affair I'll go to her and ask her: yes or no? open up I won't go away until you open the door do you hear I must speak to you at once I'll break in the door if you don't open so it's over? you've had your fun with me and now adieu, is that what you think? au revoir, M. Karamasoff why don't you answer? Grushenka yes or no? if you like, come to Mokroje - I'll be expecting you. With burning adoration, your Pavlik or have you found another man? how much does he pay you, the new one? 10 roubles? a decent price on the street, one only pays 3 for 10 roubles even I could be accepted agreed? listen. 10 roubles let me in I'll pay in advance or have you come to an understanding with my father? of course I couldn't compete with him that's above my means how could I? poor officer that I am why do you let me whimper like a dog in front of your door? I'll tell you again, Mitja Wait only one day more I have something to attend to just one day maybe I'll say yes to you then or maybe you'll say no won't you? and maybe, Mitja maybe I'll say no you've decided to go to my father you maybe or maybe to another one you whore out you've come to fetch her he wants to have a definite answer tonight you'll tell me what her answer is do you hear you'll tell me I'll let you know you you'll come to me at once I'll be expecting you Mr. Karamasoff, a lady is expecting you in your room Grushenka Grushenka Grushenka I've got the deposit money here it is now you can do what you want you can come with me to Moscow or you can stay here Katia I'll go with you I'll go with you wait for me my train leaves at 10 p.m. if you want to come with me... I'll wait for you at the station write out my bill. I'm going to Moscow come in put the bill on the table. I'll send the money now I don't have any money if you allow me... I have a message for you you? you've ordered me to come here but I beg of you... did she agree to go to him? did she say so? please let me go are you going to her? but I see you were going to pack and leave If I may give you an advice... answer me you bastard she'll come tonight she'll go to him he even set money aside for her in an envelope under his pillow under the pillow? yes under the pillow he even thought of a sign she's to knock on the window then he'll open she mustn't go to him give her that wait Grushenka, you've tortured me. I'll kill everyone who will come between us. If you go to my father tonight I'll kill him. quick if I may permit myself... to make a suggestion... if I haven't come back till 10 p.m. you money wouldn't have served its purpose 10 p.m. it's a good thing you're going away you're a clever person why? I have a premonition Grushenka will come tonight and you know your brother but you'll be there to keep watch you know I'm a sick man an epileptic I might have an attack any moment and you think that just tonight you'll have an attack? you can all go to the devil! did she really tell you that? that's exactly what she said I'll come at 10 p.m. sharp did she really say 10 p.m.? 10 p.m. close the shutters tight what a you standing there like a fool? fetch champagne, wine, caviar, sweets run along, you fool no one must know about it no one must know. especially Mitja mustn't know I wonder if he'll get over it at all? he will, it isn't his first attack Grushenka, is it you? where are you? come here, my dear where is she? tell me where she is! not at home tell me where she is! in Morkoje with the gypsies whom did she go with? why? she went to her first lover to the Polish lover I told you about what about me? blood good heavens, what have you done? what I have done... I'll answer for it. don't go there! to my little angel Grushenka, if she wants to visit me, and to my little chicken man woman woman man, the fairy tale is all done man woman woman man, the fairy tale is all done how comic she is, why is she childless? she's so nice and plumb, I don't understand what's going on don't cry, don't regret, if one man is of no use I'll get you a new one, and the think is fixed so, you've forgiven me yes yes, I forgive you everything how generous and that you have seduced me three years ago and then threw me out into the streets you'll forgive me that too? I'm not vindictive all shall be forgotten all shall be forgotten? you don't say also that you turned me into a whore? all that's forgotten? what a noble gentleman you have become and all this because you think that you'll get my money you? so you too have come to forgive me? oh no I've come to beg your forgiveness really? I am glad you're glad? glad. now Karamasoff will give a party wine music you're all invited Grushenka here's 1.000 take it and get lost. What is that? You're offering me money? 1.000? That's right, 1.000 take them and go to the devil, do you hear chase him away shut up champagne darling, I am so tired sleep Grushenka I'd give my life for one year with you it's beautiful to live in this world Grushenka if only there weren't that blood what blood? tell me what are you talking about blood? Grushenka First lieutenant Karamasoff you are under arrest yes yes I see the old man's blood I am guilty first lieutenant Karamasoff you are accused of the murder of your father Fjodor Karamasoff who has been beaten to death tonight the old man is dead? what are you saying? the old man is dead? he's dead? Grushenka. the old man is dead. Mitja! I've killed Grigorij. but I am innocent of my father's blood you don't have to worry about the old servant Gregori he's only slightly injured but it was him who accused you of murdering your father he's alive? Gregori who... Grushenka I am no murderer Mitja I believe you, Mitja this is Grushenka take that woman away I plead guilty of drunkenness debauchery and of violence but I am innocent of the death and robbery of my old father for three days you keep on claiming that but this doesn't advance the case the court needs evidence and the evidence is against you do you imagine I'd try to conceal such a thing? if I had killed my father? it's true... I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill him. but... perhaps in that very minute, someone on this earth had been crying for me or maybe my deceased mother had been standing beside me I don't know but the devil inside me had been vanquished is that all you have to say as your last word? yes that's all gentlemen of the jury you have a heavy duty to perform I have point out to you this great responsibility you'll have to weigh all the witnesses' statements and all the evidence in favour and against the accused in all its entirety the criminal court is a law court of conscience and now it's up to you, gentlemen of the jury to come to a decision according to your best conscience - how long do you think they'll deliberate? gentlemen, there isn't really much to consider you killed the old man you're the murderer Didn't you know that? we both are the murderers you and I in my opinion everything's clear nothing is clear. the servant Smerdiakoff's part hasn't been examined sufficiently but it was proven that at the time of the crime, Smerdiakoff lay unconscious having an epileptic attack maybe he only simulated the attack to have an alibi? but gentlemen, we cannot possibly neglect the experts' statements it has been proven that Smerdiakoff suffers from the effects of the attack even today the doctors even fear for his sanity that's why I told you that evening, shortly before the murder that I had a premonition and you left all the same. you've understood me very well that night you are such an intelligent person or did you imagine that your brother would kill the old man? I thought so too but he didn't kill him that was the only mistake in my calculation whatever happens... I'll always be with you. in order to divert the suspicion away from me I simulated an attack at about 10 p.m. I heard Gregori cry out in the garden I carefully went into the old man's room he stood near the window I had to kill him myself why did you kill him? because of the money in the envelope I wanted to travel to France afterwards I had a real attack and the gentleman at court tire their brains out for weeks an infinite number of witnesses give statements and accuses my brother and the public prosecutor manages to prove my brother's guilt by evidence get up you'll come to court with me and confess everything where's the money you've robbed? the money? you want to save your brother? as you wish here it is the members of the jury who are convinced of Dimitri Karamaoff's guilt of his father's murder shall lift their right hand but gentleman, you are condemning an innocent man arise for the court Smerdiakoff has confessed everything he's the murderer he's confessed everything to me Smerdiakoff has murdered and robbed here's the money Smerdiakoff has robbed Mitja, you are free Order or I'll have the court cleared what do you wish? Smerdiakoff is here he'll repeat his confession in court we both are guilty bring in Smerdiakoff the witness Smerdiakoff can no longer give his statement he has just hanged himself in the court building but he gave me the evidence the money he robbed there is no money there's a letter my Grushenka, you've tortured me I'll kill everybody... here's your name did you write that letter? yes, it's my letter I wrote it that night the night you killed your father I haven't killed him but you write: if you go to my father tonight, I'll kill him I'll kill him tonight 10 years Siberia Grushenka do you know what you're doing? yes I do, Mitja there are people living in Siberia too.



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