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Possession (1919 film)

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Possession is a 1919 British silent romance film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Edwards, Chrissie White and Gerald Ames.[1] It is an adaptation of the 1897 novel Phroso: A Romance by Anthony Hope.

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The film portrays Robert Reinert and the mood of 1919, as nervous dynamite arose in the human psyche as a result of war and hardship. He was edited several times by the censor. At the premiere in 1919, the length of the film was 2637 meters However, according to the Records Office in Berlin Cinema Censorship, it was reduced to 2054 meters in November 1920. Now there are black and white copy of 1646 meters in the State Film Fund of Moscow, A fragment of 65 meters in the the German Federal Film Archives, and 777 meters of the U.S. Library of Congress. The colors of the last fragment have already begun to fade. Unfortunately, approximately one-third of the film is considered lost. This reconstruction - an attempt to get closer to the original concept of the film as close as possible. For this reason, we have reorganized the order of certain scenes and episodes, and added new intertitles Reconstruction was done in accordance with standards and traditions of the time. Almost nothing remains of the existing titles. Nerves, you - the mysterious heart of the road, the strongest ambassador of desires and suffering. If you do not survive, men will be animals. Are nerves are not the essence of you - the very soul? NERVES Prologue Mom! Thousands of miles from home, your son is dying. Mom! Mom! You feel it is a thousand miles away at the same time. What does this mean? NERVES Killer... ... You jerk... Run! Your pursuers are already at the door. The poor girl was left without water, he would die, die. NERVES Blessed are you, children who do not know more about nerves! About people shaking from nervous attacks, terror and panic, or from the wild, unbridled lust. NERVES End of Prologue Act 1 Roloff, owner of the factory, and his wife Elizabeth You walked with me on the path to this moment of success and eternal glory... We have created the greatest invention of all time It will make us masters of the world! We will conquer the world our machines and mechanisms, designed for overcoming any resistance! Can you hear me? The whole world! The flag is a symbol of our world domination. Start the car! Raise the flag! Car exploded destroying the newly opened factory. Quell their nerves, be calm, as I am. Otherwise we are lost! Panic This is the end of Roloff plans for world domination. I do not give up! Master John, the national educator Mary, Roloff's sister Great restlessness and discontent stalk the world... You ask for bread - they are looking for power! The peoples are groaning at the bloody battlefields. This is the end of lust for power, a kind of creepy murderous monster. Do you tremble with fear... Once I had nerves of steel, but since then... Since then, I keep seeing the ghosts of the dead, rising to unleash his terrible revenge on us, especially me. Your wedding dress, Mary, your wedding dress! Tomorrow is your wedding, a lucky girl! Do not you feel a mysterious power charging the air? Do not you feel the earth shaking under something colossal and unimaginable? I'll go take a look. It is better to be married was not to be married. Do you know the nurse that is to marry a man who does not love me? I can only belong to the person who owns the souls of men: Master John! Mary! The son of a gardener What happened? Riots in the streets. What are you? Coward! I only want you! I must go to him, he will speak at the rally! Have mercy, Mary! Down there people are fighting for their lives, and here you are with this love - a coward! Richard, Earl of columns, Mary's groom Tomorrow morning give this bouquet to Mary, my bride! She said that I am a coward! No, I am not a coward! Why? I do not know. Go to the wall! And so we lost our first and second sons. How could this happen? I did not want it! My wedding day begins in blood! End of Act 1. Act 2 Mary's wedding day Richard: Did the son of a gardener bring you my flowers? Mary: He's not a murderer. We must see to it that he is buried in a Christian way. Richard: He does not deserve it. The blind sister of John Masters Your sister is looking for you, Master John! Mom, why are you no longer alive to give me advice? Matthew 5:28: But I am unto you, Thou every one that ilk behold hedgehog's wife to her lust, already infatuated with her in his heart. My brother, I can not see you, but I feel that you are suffering. Invited to a wedding Master John, today is the day of my wedding. I'm sure will be very unhappy... Do you remember when you were my teacher? You were feeding animals and helping village people dying of hunger. I was happy then, and today I am in sorrow and despair. Mary, please, leave me alone. Maria disappeared. I will never marry Richard, Earl of columns. For God's sake, what's with you? Richard, I can not be your wife. I can no longer be the wife of a respected person. Another man took possession of me... Teacher John! I'm not finished with you! My sister's wedding is canceled. I'll explain everything later. Roloff is forcing Mary to speak. Mary, Overcome your shame and tell me... In his hands I lost consciousness... Due to the surge of nerves Roloff sees the scene as by described Mary. My love for her is unclean and sinful The teacher must be destroyed! Can love, the most beautiful of all the senses, be so passionate? This incident, District Attorney, is terrible, but He gives us the opportunity to get rid of our most dangerous political enemy! Devoted dog This is not true! This may not be true! I saw it! So help me God, I've seen it! End of Act 2. Act 3 John! People My good friend, where is John? At night Mary, I beseech you for God's sake, Tell me the truth! The teacher, John took possession of me. The National Assembly At the meeting, a dispute broke out. Speaker: We will not allow irresponsible fanatics to confuse us! Who are you? I'm closer to you than you think... I will prove his innocence in court. On the day of judgment You will free from the presence of disease. Seeing you in court would have been unbearable. Anxiety He was sentenced to six years of hard work! I have a feeling that a righteous man was condemned! In the courtroom, the atmosphere was that of tense anxiety. He stood there in silence and did not utter a single word in his defense. He remained silent, despite all the terrible accusations. Then came his blind sister. My brother - a good man. He reads the Bible every day. Everyone, Who look upon his wife lusted her, he was in love with her already. She thought she would rescue him, but inadvertently decided his fate. My love for her is unclean and sinful. This string can only refer to Mary Roloff! Do you admit having secret feelings of love feelings for Maria Roloff? Your silence is evidence against you! ... And then I took the oath... I swore I saw it. After the verdict was read, the teacher interrupted his inexplicable silence. Although the accusations are false, I will accept the punishment. End of Act 3. Act 4 He was sentenced to six years of hard labor! Can not you see how scared he was looking at me? I can not stand it! Why did not he say anything? Why did they sentence him? Because he's a criminal. This person is not capable of crime. I saw it. My poor brother, you have not seen it. I saw it. In the end, I swore I saw it. My poor brother, you could not see. So what is it? The teacher, John took possession of my soul, but not my body. I saw it and swore under oath. And now she says... What does it mean? Am I a fool or a criminal? What's wrong with me? We have to keep it a secret, Mary must be silent. I took the oath! But you can not sacrifice an innocent man! I am perjured. I am the most vile of all creatures. One I go to the district attorney. Your honor will tell you what can you do. All to be clarified with a re-investigation. Mary leaves his father's house. She passionate struggles with translating the ideas of Master John's life. What is this sudden longing? Where am I? Is this my castle? Help! Help! Help me, I'm afraid I will lose my mind! To determine his condition, Roloff consults a famous neurologist. A friend of mine is experiencing strange things, the kind that do not exist in reality. Worst of all, it's his own ego that pursues him. ...And at the same time looks quite healthy... All these people here look healthy. However, they are seriously ill. What is the reason for this? The development of the civilization, the struggle for existence, anxiety and terror of war, the sins of their parents. What do you want from me? Maybe you want to kill me? Why are you crying? Because you are so sick, sir! Nonsense! You cry for your idol, John, whom I put behind bars. My dear son, unfortunately, your parents' marriage was not a happy one. Your father was suffering from bouts of pathological rage and alcoholism. Bad heredity - that's how the nice the doctor calls it. Through the intervention of the District Attorney, John is released from prison. Paranoia Roloff, you're killing me! My Lord, is not Elizabeth, my wife? Roloff, you are responsible for the death of a noble soul! No one died as he died! No one goes to heaven as he went! I am not a murderer - he killed himself! He died? After all, you're grieving over his grave? Here! He was lying there. Do not shout, I can not stand it. Am I really so ill? End of Act 4. Act 5 No one knows why I was silent. Because I was atoning for their sins. John, forgive me. I carry a great burden. Richard is looking for Mary, his betrothed, and finds her. Richard: Mary, like you, I left everything. I want to serve you and your great ideas. Together with Mary, he takes part in the riots in the streets. My own nerves reflect the nerves around the world. And the nerves of the world are sick! My dear son, unfortunately, your parents' marriage was not a happy one. Your father was suffering from bouts of pathological rage and alcoholism. He is hopelessly lost. He is hopelessly lost. Only death will free him. I know that you will forgive me, John, and I outgrew my love for you. Now I am the wife of Richard. He is hopelessly lost. Why do I live? Now I know why he remained silent. A few days later Roloff's condition becomes critical. How unhappy you are because of me, Elizabeth. What are you laughing at, bitch? You go as fast as possible, perhaps I can break free from these terrible images. I strangled her, and now they lead me to death. Elizabeth, are you still alive? Save me! Save me! These horrific images that neurologist called illusions have returned. Do you understand my fear of scary thoughts, which I can not get rid of? I know you have a wonderful poison, the legacy of your dead friend. He prepared it for the poor that were hopelessly lost, to free them from suffering and brighten up their death. Do not let me down. Respecting my humanity, do not let me turn into a wild animal! How considerate of me! Euthanasia - an easy death, so the Greeks called it. Thank you, John. Apoplexy interrupted his life. After the death of Elisabeth, Roloff disappears from public circles. John tries to reassure people on the streets. Humanistic ideals can not be achieved by violence. Leave the streets! Go to work! Work - is power! Just like a dead man with a corrupt mind and body, the unemployed will perish! End of Act 5. Act 6 The mistress of the castle is ill. Later After Elizabeth's recovery, their friendship stronger. You will never accept my love for you. I'm just an ordinary person. Mary: Now you're ready to fight to death. John: You are distorting my ideas with violence and fighting. Richard: Anyone who resists the will of the people - our enemy. I want to stay with you. Do you accept me? It was a time of pure enjoyment. But it was spoiled by strange and totally unexpected ways. Now I understand. He remained silent because he loved Elizabeth. You, a wretched soul, need to step aside and let them be happy together. He knew about it. That's why he decided to die. I killed him...... It should not ever come out! He no longer loves me, he loves you. I do not belong here. I'll explain everything. He was pursuing a secret plan. He did this just to stop their terrible suffering. Believe me... Now I understood. He remained silent because he loved Elizabeth. You, a wretched soul, need to step aside and let them be happy together. It was murder. He must have fully recovered. Blame your indiscretion. We always leave the country. Elizabeth regrets that John has left. I will stand here on my knees and pray, O Lord, until you unite them. Elizabeth asks for advice from Mary. Mary: You will be able to return only when John is successful. Since Elizabeth is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she resorts to desperate measures. My poor sister will perish in flames! Elizabeth did not dare to confess to the crime. She disappeared without a trace. Richard dies in a street fight. Richard: In the face of death, I confess, that for the sake of love to you, Mary I fought for ideas which I never believed. Mary: Is everything in this world - a lie? Even our ideals? What is there left to live for? I set fire to the castle. I am responsible for the death of your sister. Now I am serving a sentence in a monastery. Maria commits suicide. Teacher John is called to the dying woman. Once again, forgive me for everything, John! I weep for what you did in your life. I never stopped loving you, good bye. I still believe in the ideas for which you fought and for which I'm dying! End of Act 6 Epilogue Reunion Love Recovery of mankind... Man... and his companion, eager for beauty and truth, united in pure love... Progenitors of a new and happy humanity. Back to Nature! Work! New nerves, new people! The End



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