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The City of Beautiful Nonsense (1919 film)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

City of Beautiful Nonsense
Directed byHenry Edwards
Written byE. Temple Thurston
Produced byCecil Hepworth
StarringChrissie White
Henry Edwards
Release date
  • 1919 (1919)
CountryUnited Kingdom
LanguagesSilent film
English intertitles

City of Beautiful Nonsense is a 1919 British silent film drama directed by Henry Edwards, who also starred in the film with Chrissie White. The film is based on the best-selling 1909 novel of the same name by E. Temple Thurston, and is a tale of a woman intending to marry for financial gain and security, who realises at the last minute that to be true to herself and to have the prospect of a happy future she must instead marry for love. A sound version of the same story was made in 1935 by Adrian Brunel.

The film appears to have been well received and popular with audiences, and has been described as "the most talked about British film of 1919" and "technically on a par with the current Hollywood imports".[1] A contemporary review in The Bioscope admired Edwards' "poetic embellishments" and "symbolistic touches".[2]

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Dad? Dad? Dad! - Dad? - We're trying to get some sleep here. Dad! Have you seen Sergeant Van de Velde? Dad! Dad! Dad! Damn, dad! Rosa's dead. What? Casimir... My sweet Casimir. Mum died. She had tbc. Here, read this... Coralie... Gas! Gas! Miss Van De Velde! Miss Van De Velde! Hello Coralie. I spoke the mayor again. And in fact, Coralie, you know that, in fact, I want to help you. The Province wants to put all of you in an orphanage. In fact, that's the law. And actually, we of the Infant Welfare Centre agree on that being the best solution for everyone. The law is the law, isn't it Coralie. No one here will go to the orphanage. We'll see about that, Coralie. The war ended about a year ago and your dad still hasn't returned. Neither has Casimir. They're missing in action, And as long as there's no family guardian, we're obliged to put you all in the orphanage. It's the best for everyone, in fact. No one goes to the orphanage. We'll solve our own problems. We don't trust you, Miss Bontinck. And we don't trust that orphanage either. In fact. But Coralie, I'll have to come with the gendarmes. And they'll drag you to the orphanage. Over there, they know exactly how to handle your kind. You'd better get out of here. Are you threatening me Coralie? You're such a stupid girl. Schellebelle! I'm always in the wrong place at the right time. You dirty bitch!!! Peter. Someone's coming. Who? I don't know him. It's Casimir, my brother. Casimir! I've brought you some cauliflowers. It's me. I know, Peter Two saw you coming. Hello aunt Stephanie. Hello Camilia. I've brought you some cauliflowers. Peter Two told us. How many Peters are there? Two. And three Mary's. Casimir is back! Casimir is back! Casimir is back. Remory, is the soup ready? What's all this then? You haven't arrived a day too soon. Where's dad? Who's that? That's our brother, Casimir. And the gentleman lying on his back, is your dad. My dad? Is he dead, his dad? - I don't think so. - I guess he's asleep. Ask the police, Slosse. Louis, can I first go and inaugurate that monument? Damn it, Slosse, those children need to be taken to an orphanage. Show me your tits, Virginie. I beg your pardon? Show your tits. My sweet Virginie, They seem to be well-cared for. The only women allowed to speak to me in that manner, Are those whose tits I am allowed to hold in my hands. Can't I touch them? Come on... I can't hear you, Virginie. Rather not, Mister Mayor. In fact. Then you'll have to change that language of yours in the future. You're not the one to tell me how to do my job. The gendarmes are on their way already. And if you'll excuse me now, I have to go and inaugurate that monument. Mieke? Dear Virginie, one can tell that you haven't had to breastfeed any children. Pass by anytime you want. You know where to find me. Gendarmes! Positions! Coralie Van De Velde? I'm Sergeant Van lmpe. Are the families Van De Velde, Hoste, Broeckaert, Inghelbinck, Bontinck, De Martelaere, Uyttenhove en Van Lippenvelde living here? - You're too late. - Am I? My father has returned from the front. Your dad. Remigius Van De Velde. He'll take care of us from now on. Can I see your father? Yes. - You won't be able to wake him like that. - But we have to! Casimir, give us a hand, boy. Come on. He has to wake up. Remi!? What are you doing? It's the only thing that might help right now. - He's on his way. - All right. Come on. Wake up. Idiot. Remi! Remi, wake up. Come on! - Damn! - Is that your father? Sergeant Van De Velde? Sergeant Van De Velde! Remi. He's tired. He's really tired. I can smell it. Right. I take note of the homecoming of Remigius Van De Velde And the state in which I have found him. For the other families my orders remain unchanged. That's not correct. An application for the custody of the other children, Has been submitted on the 24th of last month. In the meantime, the children remain allocated to the person who submitted the application for custody. - And who is that person? - Him. All right. I want everyone to assemble in the courtyard. Two minutes. For clarity's sake, I would like to know who the following children are. Leonard and Peter Broeckaert. Angèle, Henriette and Mary Hoste. - Why? - For clarity's sake. These are the Hoste girls. Those are the Broeckaerts. Mother Hoste has been put in prison for theft. And the family Broeckaert should remain available, As father Broeckaert has been executed in Oostakker. Mary! Come with me! Dirty bitch! I'll show you who's in charge here. Damned! - Leo! - Leo! - Leo! - Leo! And you boy, if you're Casimir Van De Velde, I've got some good news for you. You've been selected for a medal. Congratulations. You can shove your medal up your ass. I'll get them. Who's coming with me? And you're coming too, Casimir. Coralie, my girl, just try to think first. And what are you up to? Who asked you to arrange things behind my back? Do you plan to hook our father? Is that it? Your sister has barely been buried for a year and already you're after her husband. You should be ashamed of yourself. I only did what I thought was best, Coralie. You can have him, you dirty bitch. That drunk! Damn! Slosse, those Van De Veldes are back. I thought they were dead? Who told me that they were dead? They're back. They'll probably have had some delay. Mister Mayor, what an enchanting ceremony. Thank you. Thank you. - Who told you this? - The constable. Lomme, tell the constable to come to De Drie Koningen. As you wish, Mister Mayor. There are some clouds coming up, Cazze. Shall we go for a drink? What about De Drie Koningen? Mother, would you like a drink? Why doesn't she tell us what she needs those flowers for? At least then we would be able to understand her. She's getting on my nerves. Make her open her mouth for once, damned. They can't all be chatterboxes like you, Liesbeth. Look who's talking, Corrie. You're one of the same kind. Cazze, aren't you going to say something? Could you please take you're voice down? It's impossible to play with all that noise! Mind your own business. Silence is golden, Liesbeth. You'd better follow the example set by your mother-in-law. Even at her marriage, when she had to say her vows to Frans, she held her tongue. She just nodded. I'm going home. I won't let myself be abused here. Carlos, we're going to the back room. Madame Estelle, how do you do? Father, you here again? Ladies and gentlemen. So? - Remi and Casimir have come back. - That I knew already. Apparently he submitted an application for adoption of all the children living there. He was completely soaked. And he hit a woman that was present there. Still, they did take the families Broeckaerts and Hoste. There seems to have been some heavy fighting. One of the gendarmes had to be taken off to hospital as he was urinating blood. And they're stitching up the other one right now. That's all I know. We have to get those children out of there. I want to find out how someone can submit an application for custody while he's not here. I want to know who that woman was, I want Virginie Bontinck to lodge a complaint against Remigius for committing an act of violence and for public drunkenness. I want that application for adoption to disappear. And I want this village back to normal again. I want everyone to make that happen. And I want it now! Miss! Can you put this up please? My sweet Virginie! Are you applying for a job here? I'm always in the wrong place at the right time. Plan B. We'll arrange for you to sleep inside tomorrow. I want to sleep inside tonight. In my own bed. That's impossible, your bed is full of children. Ok, then I want one of the beds of those that were taken. That's impossible, they'll come back soon. Listen. For a year and a half I've been dreaming about my own bed. I've finally come home and can't sleep in my own bed because our house is full of children that I don't know. What do you actually think that I've been doing here in the meantime? You will just sleep here tonight. And stop nagging. Do you hear me? Fool! Listen, Casimir. There'll be no more yelling here and definitely no more fighting. It's my house now and I call the shots. You can work on the field. If you don't agree with that, you can always sleep outside. I've been sleeping outside for the last year and a half. What? Come on everyone, let's give him a hug. Keep them away from me. Don't be afraid. He's a good boy. He has just forgotten about it. Stephanie? Yes Mister Mayor. Good to hear that your brother-in-law and his son have come home. Thank you sir. What happened to your nose? Did you hit a door perhaps? No, I was cleaning up some bottles behind the bar and Carlos accidentally pushed the big ashtray right on my nose. - But that should be gone by tomorrow. - Did you need anything else? No. Maybe tomorrow. When you'll be presentable again. Just call on me. It's the best solution for everyone. All right, but I'll be the one taking all the risks. That'll have to be compensated Slosse. If you give me those two hectares surrounding the little chapel, we can call it a deal. I don't agree with you. We'll do it this way. This part will be mine. That's the house of the Van De Veldes. That'll be taken down anyhow. And this part will be yours. Entirely. Then we'll just have to expropriate those two small houses. And make sure that the Governor pays for the bridge across the Schelde. We can't go on farming forever, can we Raf? This is our chance to do something for Schellebelle. That may be so, but we're going to make some nice profit on this, Slosse. And what's wrong with that? We make a personal investment, and the community takes the profit of it. That's just how economy works. And now is the time to do it. Within two or three years people from Brussels will come and put their nose in it. Or worse. Do you have any idea what is happening in Russia at the moment? And what about those children? - They'll be better off too. - They just don't realise it yet. Come on, there won't be any people getting killed. And Remi? He has to go. What are you going to do? Once they hit the bottle, they stay on it. Who are you? Frans. Frans De Mulder. How did you figure that, little monkey? You won't be able to make him talk, sir. He never talks about the past. We don't even know what happened to his parents. Mind your own business. What about your parents? - My mother died. - Angina. And then my father was demanded to go to the front. He died in Poland. We don't want to go back to aunt Virginie. That means that you're father is Marcel Bontinck. He was the best soccer player in the world. That means that you're father is Marcel Bontinck. Hey, your father was the best soccer player in the world. The best in Schellebelle you mean. No, no, of the entire world I think. Listen, we're from Serskamp. And our dad, once beat the whole team of Schellebelle. So Christine's father can't have been that good a player, can he? I've always learnt not to take those from Serskamp too serious. - Helaba! - Hey! Did Slosse say something? Has he told you what he's up to? Lomme, I know what you think. I love you. I really do. But we have to help Remi and the children. This is all I can do, Stephanie. They'll find out that I forged the application document. I don't like you hanging around at Remi's. I'd prefer you not going there anymore. That's impossible. I can't do that, I promised my sister. Those children are there, Lomme. I don't believe you. I don't believe you! Coward! Why are you so scared of Slosse? Shut up about Remi. I love you now, Although you're a terrible coward. Come on, as if your sister would ask you to look after her children and after her husband. Especially you, the one person who did everything to steal her husband. Screw this. What are you waiting for? Leave! Where are we? - And who are those children? - Untie me! If you don't even recognise your own barn and your own children, hard measures have to be taken, Sergeant Van De Velde. We'll see you in an hour, I'll bring you some food then. Come on, outside, all of you. Come Camilia. Camilia! Release me, please! Come, Jefke, you can greet your father within a few days. If he behaves. Come on Peter, release me. I'm not Peter. Peter is outside. I am Jefke. Are you Jefke? Damned, you have become a big boy. Release me, please. If you behave. Jefke! Jefke? Jefke! Damned! What did you plan to do with this piece of land? We want to grow rye here and some grassland there. We want to start keeping some cows again. - How many have we got left? - Cows? None. None? Then why would you start keeping cows again? It'll take five years to reach the amount we had before the war. Because we're expanding. We're going to be a big modern farm. We've got wheat and rye on one, two and three and on four and five we'll plant flowers. - Flowers? - Yes. Come on. Why would only people of Lochristi know how to plant flowers? How old are you? Fifteen, Oscar De Martelaere. De Martelaere. You're from Serskamp. So? I think I've already met your sister. She's one of a kind too. What about Leo? We'll discuss that tonight. What about Leo? Tonight! What about Leo? No, no, no! Can I get some water please? No, no, no! Water? - Ah - Here, take some. You must excuse me... Would you like some soup sir? Soup? Yes! One; water. Two; soup. Did you serve? Yes. Where? Saint Gond. General Lambert. After that, the 8st regiment in Ypres. Here in Belgium. I was in Passchendale. - Would you like a sandwich? - Yes Serskamp, could you go to the horse of Mister... Latif. - Excuse me? - Latif! Could you go and take care of his horse? My name's not Serskamp, it's Constant. Thank you. Come on boys, release me.? You won't regret it. I've got money. I'll put it in another way, boys. No more games. I'm going to bring my dad some food. Casimir, release me boy. He didn't come here for water. My hands. You're a good boy, Casimir. You really are. But it's time I show you why you've tied up the wrong man. Enjoy your meal. Get out. Come on, Casimir. Get out. Thanks for the soup. And you too my girl. And for the sandwiches. I'll come back to compensate you for your hospitality. He thanks you for the soup and the sandwiches and he'll come back and bring something to thank us for the sandwiches and the hospitality. What's up? Are you going to let him go to that barn where you locked dad up? And how come that all of a sudden you speak French so well? Our mother spoke French. I would like you to understand, Mister Annemans, that this is not just a case of making money or profit. There are real problems with that family and we've run out of legal ways to solve this. We're not really interested in that, Mister Gheylens. It is only the money that counts for us. But it's a political matter, a matter of principles. Principles?! Principles indeed. Those children are taken hostage. The authority and moral values of our country and community are continually being ignored in a very aggressive way. If we don't put a hold on this now, We will very soon have to deal with situations similar to those in Russia. Or worse! I don't understand the fun in this! In fact, we are the victims. The community is the biggest victim in this whole case. Mister Gheylens, You have no idea how many times we've had to listen to this kind of monologue. To me it all sounds the same. During the war we've had to take the same bullshit from Captains and Sergeants, and after that, from several other employers. In fact it all boils down to the same. We end conflicts. Usually by taking someone's life. You're the one in charge. We're the mercenaries and we get paid for it. And we sleep well at night. Often with a full stomach, And a little drunk. We wonder whether you'll sleep well from next week on. Maybe you will, But how you will succeed in doing so, That doesn't interest us at all. And all that nonsense you're deluding yourself into, doesn't interest us either, Mister Gheylens. That's your business, not ours. Do you understand? Would you tell a whore that you love her? Just because you feel guilty about your wife waiting at home with five children, for your needs to be fulfilled. Either you do it, Or you don't... But don't you try and fool us Mister Gheylens. We'll do what is necessary. Yes, but only the father has to go. I hope that they won't be shooting back then. Otherwise they might get hurt by a bullet. We will defend ourselves too? You must understand that. We'll try to solve it with as few little victims as possible. Unless there's no other option. Yes. To be honest Mister Gheylens, From the way I look at it, There's not many options to solve this in a decent way. We're not the kind that arranges things with a light touch. But you already knew about that. If not, you wouldn't have hired us.? Our imagination in this area of expertise is rather... Limited... Let's call it a deal, Mister Gheylens. We expect half of the amount in advance and the other half after the job has been done. I haven't got the money on me, but I can give you the first payment in the village later on. Where will we meet? In De Drie Koningen? The drinks are on me. You're a good person, Mister Gheylens. Idiots. Sweet mother sleep tight Sweet dreams, whole the night. Move it, the Mayor is here. I'm Mary Uyttenhove. I'm 8 years old. That's Remory Uyttenhove. She's twelve years old. And that's Johanna Uyttenhove. She's fifteen years old. Sixteen years, almost seventeen. There is a difference... Three tankards of beer, two bottles of Balegemse and a lemonade. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your generosity Don't worry about that little problem across the river, we're taking care of it. I have no idea what you're talking about Mister. Thank you anyway. Pardon me. Some people really shouldn't be drinking. What was that all about? I believe you are a clever girl. What's your name? Magdalena. Thanks for cheering me up me last night. She can talk, but I haven't heard her say a lot this year. She doesn't see the use of it, I guess. She's a bit stubborn. Leave her be! This is our sister Mary. Last week was her birthday. Did you get a present? We had pancakes. She would have liked to get her violin back. The Germans took it. I am Fransiscus De Mulder. I am on my own here. Henri too. His dad perished in Passchendale, his mother dropped him here And then she jumped in the cesspool. Now you know. Come on Frans! You're such a nuisance! - Am I lying? - Maybe you should tell your own story. He arrived one day and refused to speak. Madame Estelle, an advance payment for you. Can we go outside for a minute? I want to talk to you. By the way. This will have been the last time I participated. I've got other plans. Then I'll need my money back, Latif. That? That's my bonus for helping you all those months. That's not the way it works, Latif. I don't give any bonus. Give me back that money. We'll meet again one day, Latif, and then I'll ask my money back! Frans, in bed, quick! I don't mind doing the dishes the whole of next week. But I really want to hear this. Ok, it's all right. We'll go and fetch the others tomorrow. You will draw their attention and as such give them a reason to come back for more kids. Let them try! We'll hide them. Somewhere. I'll get it. Good evening. Can I come in? We've run out of water. There's nothing left. Mister Casimir, I've learnt that when one asks bread in Flanders, one is given water. And when one asks water, one is given bread. And soup. I was hungry. What else could I do?? I brought something for you. To thank you. - I do not trust him. - I do. As I promised. But that's far too much!? Maybe you can give me some more sandwiches then. Tartine means sandwich, doesn't it? Sit down. Frans, there are some carrots and soup left. Can you get them? There we go. And bring a slice of bread as well. There's something going on Stephanie. I believe it has something to do with your family. And how are you involved? I'm not. I just see things. Me too. Leave me alone. Hypocrite! Leave me alone. - Are you gonna calm down? - No! You dirty bastard! How can you butter up Slosse like that? You're two of a kind! Do something. Just for once do something! Listen. I'm faithful. I really try to do my best to... I love you, Stephanie. I really do. - I believe that we should go tomorrow night. - I think that you are taking too big a risk. I promised Leo and Henriette that they would be safe here. I'm going to get them. Can you wake up Mary Two? We have to go and fetch Leo. We just have to. It's not about how you're going to do it. You just can't do it. We're not here to talk about whether we will do it or not, but about how we're going to do it. I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to stick your neck out. Do you know why you don't? Because you're a chicken! If I may give you any advice? Leo and the others are better off in the orphanage. It's safer for them there. It's not safer! How do you know? Who do you think you are? It would be better for all of you to move for a couple of days. Why? Move out? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing here? It seems like open house here. Coralie, listen to me. We've had a gang of men over tonight. One of them is Annemans. He is wicked. He is from Berlare. The story goes that he murdered his wife and that his son of five is missing. They say that he has turned to be a mercenary. He does things for money. Bad things. And tonight Slosse handed over money to Annemans. And it has to do with this house. What do you want to say? - Is Casimir here? - Yes he is. He was there! He's one of Annemans' men. Children, get away from him! No, no, no! I am here to help you. Really. What is this all about? Do you plan to hurt us? You can try! Come on! Out! Out! Is he the Annemans of Berlare? Out! I will help you. You've got a beautiful family, Coralie. I will help you, whether you want it or not. Jezus, Holy Mary. Give me strength! Jezus, Holy Mary. Give me strength! Sir, can I help you? Sir? What is this? Leo? Sir!? Coralie. Home. Other children? Peter, come on! Leonard Broeckaert, stay here! Jezus, Holy Mary. Give me strength! Angele, Henriette, Maria, come! - What's happening? - We're going home. Angele, come! Hold it! Everyone, keep silent. Silence! SILENCE! The house of the Lord is not a pigeon's breeding nest. I don't know when either, but he has to go. Everyone fears him. Maybe we have to do something in order to get new elections. Did you make us come all the way to Wetteren for this? He'll be re-elected in no time. He wants to build a bridge over the Schelde. He wants to get the Van De Velde children out of their house and take their land. That is farming land! He wants to build industries and petrol stations on it. And who'll make money out of it you think? Who'll stop him? It's doesn't sound as a bad idea to me. The automobile is the future. Come on Cyril, have you been to the city of Ghent recently? What a wretched business there. People can't breathe anymore. They're sharing small houses with two families. They work very hard for a mere pittance. Are you turning into a socialist, Lomme? So what if I am? We have to get Slosse of his throne. He will be the end of Schellebelle. Believe me. Lomme, you'll never succeed in that. Bunch of cowards. If that'll be your type of men in the future, that spells trouble. You're doomed. You're even worse, you fancy my brother. - That's so not true. - No? Anyhow, Casimir is a good boy. That Arab you like is a criminal. Believe me, Casimir has got a screw loose as well. Isn't that the case with all men? Coralie! A carriage! It's good. And these children till the land? Good? Twenty children? Including you? Twenty-one kids then? Sorry Casimir. That was a joke. I'm more of a child than you are. Fathers should look after their children. Not the other way around. Shall I release you, dad? No, it's all right. Just leave me here. I'm not strong enough yet. But if you can do me a favor... Ask your brothers and sisters to come and have a chat with me now and then? He went to fetch the others in the orphanage. They're back, Casimir! They're back! We're going to make pancakes. Have you already tasted that, pancakes? No, I have to return the carriage. He has to return the carriage. Did you borrow it from someone? If he returns it, he has. Do come back! Johanna, fifteen eggs. Make that twenty. I'll bring you a pancake later on. What's going on? The other kids are back from the orphanage. We're twenty-six again. Twenty-six? Including you? Yes. Including me. Schellebelle is Schellebelle. It's not Dendermonde. It's not Wetteren. And you all know that I am trying very hard, To turn this village back into the village it was before the war. But that takes time. Throughout the country. Mayors have been dismissed after the war. The same has happened here, But I don't know why. I don't know if everyone here realises, What has happened in other villages after the war. The only thing Mister Gheylens did, Was maintaining a good understanding with the Germans. To make sure that we were spared, From the famine and killings. In other villages I've seen the lists and lists, Of those who were drafted into military service And those who were killed at the front. Honor to those who deserve it. I haven't got the same skills or experience of my predecessor. I must thank him for the support I got tremendous support from Mister Gheylens and his party. Without any personal gains. They support me in the important and difficult tasks, The tasks that come with this job The job I perform in his stead. I admit l am looking forward to the day on which, if God wants it, I'll be able to help him. Until then, I will continue. I wish you all a happy and safe Potjesmarkt. Mister Mayor, have you got a moment? We've checked the handwriting of the signature. It's a fake. According to the grallo... granno... According to the man who knows a lot about handwritings. He compared the signature to a former signature of Remi Van De Velde. According to him it isn't the same signature. So we can take this to court. How long will that take? I don't know. Maybe until September. All right. Arrange it, as quickly as possible. All right. And the woman that was there... I've got a description from the constable. It's probably the girl working in De Drie Koningen. You know, the deceased mother's sister. Stephanie? Yes, indeed. A tall pretty one. With short hairs. Thank you, Oswald. Mister Mayor. Mister Slosse! Excuse me for disturbing you. That was an excellent speech. I hadn't thought about it like that. About Mister Gheylens. I'll tell the Women's Association about it. I've always thought better of him than most people. You can tell all your members to inform their husbands. That way Mister Gheylens might be able to help us out after the elections. I'll do that. Mister Slosse. Mister Gheylens. Good evening. Je ne sais pas quand. He doesn't know when. Surtout pas avant lundi. On a trois jours, maximum cinq. We have three to five days time. We are going to need something other than catapults. I don't want a war in my house. We'll find another way to solve this. How? I don't know. I can't know it all, can I? Aren't human beings able to solve conflicts without fighting? The newspapers are full of headlines screaming "Peace at last" Some things come at a price, Coralie. Apparently our land is important enough to fight for. I've spent a year and a half making sure that the Germans wouldn't gain a single yard on us And during that same year and a half, we couldn't take back a yard of what they had already taken. Was this yard important enough to fight for? Important enough for so many people to die for? Apparently it was. Now our home is at stake and I'm going to fight. If they come with a knife, I'll fight with a knife. If they come with a gun, I'll fight with a gun. I'll go and see Slosse tomorrow. Meanwhile, we'll have to prepare ourselves. We should draft a defence plan. Latif and I will do that. So what are we doing then? You can start by putting the kids to bed. Can dynamite be of any use to us? I know where we can get some. No. That's too dangerous. We have nobody who can shoot well enough. My dad was a sniper in the army. He's a great shot. Give me a double shot of gin and I'll be up to it, but... Where are you gonna find the dynamite? One of my dad's friends, He digs railroad beds. He often uses dynamite. And he's going to give it to you just like that? I know where he keeps it. You guys can start practicing. Without bullets? Sure, just like Mary here. It won't be easy. Everybody should know that. They'll come early. Their goal is to eliminate Remi in order to avoid all discussions, And then torch the house. They'll be brutal. They'll show no mercy. They don't care about victims, not even children. What did he say? Lomme. Can I have a word with you, please? No time, Stephanie. I have to see the Mayor. I'm sorry Lomme. I shouldn't have yelled at you, But I won't bother you anymore. I want a man who's ready to stick his neck out.? I love you, Lomme, But we can't be together. You wanted to see me, Mister Mayor? - Please sit down, Lomme. - Thank you. I was here already before him. Lomme, I'll have to fire you. And why is that? Why? Why!? I'm always in the wrong place at the right time. ...within his own party, in his own office, Somebody who's cooking up plans behind his back In order to have him dismissed. I can't afford to get associated with you. And I can't bear to look at your face any longer. Go back to Ghent to work in the textile factory. And take your whore with you. Who may I announce? Hey, hold it! Young Gentleman Van De Velde. That has been a long time. I came to hear what you are up to, Slosse. You're a man of God, aren't you? But you're going to throw us out of our house. And send us to the orphanage. Not you, Casimir. You're old enough. But the other children will have to go. They lost their parents. And the government is so good as to take in these children. You should be stupid not to seize that opportunity. Are you all right, darling? Yes, yes I'm fine. He's going to take our land. - What land? - Van de Velde. After all, it's his land, young man. I always tried to make an agreement with your father, But he kept opposing me. Isn't it only normal that I'm trying to get my own land back? No, it's not. It was a deal between your father and mine. And there's still a fifty year lease on that land. Unless your father dies before then... Look, my father was a simpleton. Too good for this world. He shouldn't have made agreements about land that is actually mine. Because six months later, he drops dead. And I get stuck with a piece of land I cannot use. I certainly hope, for your sake Slosse. That nothing'll happen to my father. In that case you'll have to deal with me! Even if he falls down a ladder at home. I will know where to find you. We can only pray for your father's health, Casimir. And what's that bridge supposed to be? Just an idea. Here you are, that's also just an idea. Come. Damn. Completely broken. Shall I come back some other time, Mister Mayor. It doesn't seem to be the right time now. Say what you've got to say, Virginie. But first remove that suffragettes' rag from your neck. You can't get in here like that. Just leave it on the piano. Look at this. It's all in pieces. First of all, It's very important to keep our assailants at a safe distance. Casimir! Coralie! I'm ready, Coralie. I want to get out of here. It'll be all right. Release me, please. Come on. We'll split up in groups of four. What's that good for? That's for not teaching us French when we were kids. I'm so tired. These are tough days for everybody, Mary. Come on. Mary? Aren't you cold? What was that? That was my ritual cleansing and my prayer. Mary! I'm tired... Pretty please? I didn't understand everything. Something about praying to God. You still believe in God? It's good to be grateful every once in a while. For this moment for example. And that you are pretty. He's a bit of a flatterer. What did she say? I didn't understand. You're an extraordinary woman, Miss Coralie. Incredible. You're pretty, strong and gentle. I admire your softness. You're a true heroine. Really. The truth is... The truth is that I'm madly in love with you And one of these days, I'll ask you to marry me. Because I want to love you for the rest of my life. What are you looking at? No, that's not the way to do it. You should... Full! Full! Full! Stephanie? What's happening here? We're getting ready to defend ourselves. Defend yourselves? Sleep well. Good night. Are you already allowed to sleep inside? It's all right like this. I'm sorry, Remi. I'm truly sorry.? For what happened between us before the war. Did you clear things up with Rosa? I went completely crazy. The more I tried to get you out of my head, The worse it got. Remi. You should remember the nice moments of your life. And leave all the shit behind. What was the best moment of your life? That night... The night I left for Dixmude. We celebrated all night long. With the children. And with Rosa.? I carried that memory in my heart for the rest of the war. It is said that when you die, Your whole life flashes by, But I don't believe that.? I think you flash back to... to the most important moment. For better or worse. I've seen so many men die. Some of them had long talks with the woman they loved. And others lashed out at their father. Are you afraid to die? Not at all. Remi.? Come on. But first I have to make up with the children. Most of all with Casimir. I'm not afraid to die. It'll be beautiful. I'll have Rosa to guide me. But I cannot die... Before I made it right with the children. Damn. Rosa. He misses a revolver. There was a revolver hanging on his horse and now it's gone. There must be a thief around. My eau de cologne is also gone. - What? - You've lost it so many times before. That revolver is far worse. I don't want any accidents. - Who's doing the night watch? - Latif. We're ready. Everything is prepared. Everybody knows what to do. They are there! They're coming! Everybody at his post! No... No! No! No! She's gonna drive into the trap. No! Damn no! Damned, stupid cow. Hey! What's happening here? Get inside! I'm always in the wrong place at the right time, aren't I? It's always the same, in fact. Latif! You dirty bastard! Get up! It's not finished yet! Get up! We finally meet again, Latif.? I've come to collect my money. Yeah, keep on laughing. Dirty traitor. Bastard! Farewell! Dad! Hello dad... Frans? My little Frans? You killed mummie! Frans! FRANS! Frans! Frans! The cart! Quick! The cart! I'll take the wounded to the village. Latif? I'm staying. - But you're hurt too. - It's ok. I'm staying here. Frans! Where is dad? The cart is here. What's he doing here? He's also wounded, isn't he? Gee Lisa, gee! - Where is mum? - What? - Where is mum? - In her wheel chair. Attention ladies and gentlemen. Come and see the great cinematographic spectacle, That is taking place tonight, here in the town square of Schellebelle! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Where is he, damn? Alice, my bag! Doctor!? - Him first! - But... - Him first! - But... Slosse! Slosse! What 's up, Casimir? People, make way for that boy. Would you please put that gun away, Mister Van De Velde? You will pay for it, Slosse. If that boy dies, you die too. What happened to that boy? You paid those men to chase us from our house. That's what happened to him! That's too crazy for words. Just carry on, people. It's 'Potjesmarkt' again. Casimir, we'll sit together and sort out what happened. Together with the police. You're going to tell us who paid you. I don't know anything. You know what? I'll pretend that I don't know how to hold a gun, And I'll accidentally shoot you in your crown jewels. How did this work again? What kind of nonsense is this? No, not him. The other one! That's wrong. It must be a mistake. It just isn't right. I don't have to listen to this bullshit. This man utters false accusations in order to save his neck. He'd better let someone take care of him. You're going to pay for accusing me wrongly Casimir. Stop him! It was Slosse! It was Slosse! Stop him! We have to sort this out before we start accusing people. Bring him to my office! Hold it. Slosse! It was Slosse! Casimir, Put that thing away! Virginie Bontinck is dead. My father may be dying. You've got a lot to answer for, Slosse. My boy, let us help you. Come on? Stop it, Casimir. Stop it! It was Slosse! It was Slosse! I'm sure of it. I've heard conversations and I've seen situations that can only be explained like that. I heard Gheylens and Slosse talking about a bridge across the Schelde. And about the Van De Velde's land. It was Slosse, for sure. Well, well. Lomme opens his mouth for once. Something that was whispered in your ears by the whore you have a crush on? She's not a whore. And I love her! I've seen and heard everything myself. It was Gheylens, wasn't it! You heard that man, didn't you? Where are your thoughts, buddy? It must have been Gheylens. No, not Gheylens! You dirty bastard!? It was your idea and your money! He gave me the money to pay those men. Get that gun out of my face, you little scumbag. Alongside our father. She'll be pleased.? Ninety-six years. I would sign for that. Ninety-six years and she did nothing of importance, Besides being a good mother for her children? And a good wife to her husband. And happy, as far as I know. Isn't that enough maybe? Yes. That's what I mean. I would sign up for that. How do you know what she achieved in her lifetime? She never said a word. When you are like that, there's no talking to you. Corrie, there's another Coralie here. Hi Lomme! Aunt Stephanie. Remi, is it all right if I hand out a few glasses to the grown-ups? Go ahead, Lomme. But I won't be drinking with you, if you don't mind. Congratulations, aunt Stephanie. Thank you. And what about you? When are you getting married? He popped the question yesterday, the fool. Seriously? She said; No. We're going to wait a little. You did understand him, didn't you? Yes, my French has improved a lot. His Flemish too. Have you made love yet? - Yes - You pigs! Is this where the Inghelbinck family lives? Daddy? I told you so! Mary! Magdalena! I couldn't come earlier. I did my very best. Is that Berta? And Urbanie? Yes. Come to daddy. No? She'll come. I've brought you a present. Daddy! Thanks for everything. I think you will have to come and visit us. Otherwise Magdalena will give you trouble.



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