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Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel, Zemun

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Monastery of Saint Archangel Gabriel
Manastir Svetog Arhangela Gavrila
Манастир Светог Архангела Гаврила
Monastery information
OrderSerbian Orthodox
DioceseEparchy of Belgrade and Karlovci
LocationZemun municipality, Belgrade, Serbia
Map showing Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Syrmia
Map showing Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Syrmia

The Monastery of Saint Archangel Gabriel (Serbian: Manastir Svetog Arhangela Gavrila / Манастир Светог Архангела Гаврила),[1] also known as the Zemun monastery (Serbian: Manastir Zemun / Манастир Земун),[2] is a Serbian Orthodox monastery. Its church was built in 1786, on the site of an older church in the Donji Grad neighbourhood of Zemun (today part of Belgrade, Serbia). The monastery was officially established in 1990.[3]

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  • ✪ Žig Zveri-Digitalni Anđeo (Mark of the Beast-Digital Angel)


Digital Angel-Mark of the Beast Lord's Prayer (Saint Sava,the 1st archbishop of Serbia) (St. Basil of Ostrog) (St. Nicholas,bishop of Zica and Ohrid) (St.Justin,archimandrite of Celije monastery) (elder Thaddeus) (patriarch Paul of Serbia) May God help you,dear brethren! This which you will be watching is reality surrounding us on an everyday basis, the reality which is approaching us with each second and each blink of an eye. Nothing was made up or added,it's all truth. Let us not close our eyes even after watching the video,but to repent,forgive everyone and turn to God.The blessing was given for making this video,let only God know by who,for obvious reasons. May watching of this video be for salvation of our souls,so we can pure-heartedly understand everything and take necessary steps so our faith wouldn't be on paper,but a living faith. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.Amen! "But know this:if the host knew in which hour a thief would come,he would not let him dig under his house." "So you be ready,because the Son of man will arrive in an unexpected hour." "Beware that nobody deceives you!" (Matthew 24,4) "And it (beast) made everyone,be they minor or major,wealthy or poor,free or slaves,receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,so nobody could buy or sell except the ones having a mark,name of the beast,or its name's number. "There is wisdom.Let the one who is wise count the number of the Beast.For that is the number of man,and his number is 666 !" (Revelation 13) In this American company,following director's example,all employees must receive a chip or they lose their work place. Will this soon become an example everywhere in the world? ""A mark under your skin" Like bar code on this can,all humans will be bar-coded,or chipped,it is only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory. RFID "Verichip" "Radio frequency identification chip",or "Digital angel", how the creators named it "Baja Beach Club" An elite night club which offers all the false pleasures in which the contemporary world enjoys, membership in the club is conditioned with voluntary receiving a chip in your hand,as a membership card and there are membership benefits such as no waiting in line for entering or getting drinks. The mark detectors will be installed on entrances and exits of all facilities,malls,airports,etc. Every person passing between the detectors will be identified,and monetary transactions will be executed in similar ways. A miniature version of human chip reader ,a step forward from today's cash registers NATO pact is introducing mandatory chipping of its soldiers "Metro market" Whoever does not possess a bar code card with magnet tape, and does not show it on entrance, cannot enter and buy merchandise. The Mark will replace the cards system and whoever refuses it will be out of the system and unable to buy food and water. Let us peacefully depart to villages and mountains and ensure the conditions for survival on time, or it will be too late. After receiving new health cards,the next step will be a new patient control health system. Whoever does not possess a chip implant,loses the right to be treated or any other health services.Humaneness is no more. They have been lying from the start that the chip won't be used even on the animals.Laws of the European Union (EU) require each dog or domestic animal be imprinted with microchip.If the dog doesn't possess a chip,it cannot pass the borders and enter the EU countries. When will this start applying for humans too? Why is,indeed,Europe uniting? Every unregistered household in Serbia,which hasn't imprinted bar-code on its cattle,cannot sell its products. Specified reasons for that are disease and infection control. Every household must register and receive a card. Who is next in the line for mark receival? Firstly,the most respected world organizations,like the UN,will suggest and recommend,on account of world peace and security,including citizen protection from terrorists and illegal immigrants,that all loyal citizens voluntarily apply for marking. Today, led by IBM Corp. ,a new marking system, a far more advanced technological solution for marking and monitoring the whole human population, has been perfected. The 666 bar-code mark has exceedingly done its job, seeing how people today are ready to accept it on themselves just like they are ready to receive it on all the new documents.Those on the opposite side know that and that makes them rejoice! "Chip mobile" -a testing phase The U.S. citizens, scared with terrorism, start calling "VeriChip" offices,ready to arrive to their home addresses on call, for security reasons. The whole households are receiving the chip voluntarily so they could, by using an IBM Corp. online service - satelite tracking (GPRS) - track every move of their children and close people.What a deception... Since 2008, children's uniforms or bracelets being chipped will become mandatory in many world educational institutions. Where does that lead? They are already getting us used to offer our right hand during the voting and to having us marked with spray. They are getting us used to that so the upcoming marking would seem like something normal and positive, and not voluntary apostasy. "RFID" Children tracking chip-bracelets An IBM future shopping advertisement from 2006. "Digital angel" in practice Who did really establish the UN and why is the first upcoming president's chair still empty? Who is he,and are the EU and UN just his instruments,playing his melodies? Why is the Solomon's temple reconstruction in Jerusalem being prepared?Who do they want to anoint as an emperor and announce the world's new God?Who is that false peace-bringer that's going to reveal himself soon,with the "Declaration Day"? (The "Declaration Day" is the announcement of the New Age world leader, which will be broadcast on every TV station worldwide, by the UN warranty) "The room of silence" Rituals and rites before every UN meeting are being held here, under the excuse of "praying for peace in the whole world". Do you know that the "New Age" movement is organizing it all? The smooth-tongued world leader, the false peace-maker, will suggest abolition of all religions and uniting the world into a new religion, with a promise of achieving world peace and ending all wars.He will be offering abundance to everyone who willingly accepts his mark and him as a god, which will, obviously, be blackmailing and a hoax. By the order of all world organizations, starting with the UN, only one and only new world Church, led by Antichrist, will be accepted. New York City, the source of world dictatorship and power and the head office of the UN.It is also known as the "Big Apple". Apple is a symbol of DOWNFALL. Will NYC live up to the same fate as Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And will there be a nuclear harvest, that will wipe out 2/3 of the world population, after attacking Iran? Should we remind ourselves of the 1999. events? (Yugoslavia bombed by NATO) Or should we believe that they are inviting us into world integrations out of love and peacetime reasons? Satanic greeting "The HORNS" Eurosong 2006 winners John Kerry Do we all know who he is? Take a look at this: John Kerry, one of the leading American politicians, shaking hands with Anton Szandor LaVey, the archpriest of the "Church of Satan". Religious basis to the "modern" satanism was first given by Aleister Crowley. Based on his teachings, the "Church of Satan" was founded by LaVey in San Francisco in 1966. Skilfully using the 1st amendment of the U.S. constitution, he succeeded in registering it as a religion. Marilyn Manson, the famous rockstar, with his mentor from the "Church of Satan" The freemason handshake Who has established the USSR and SFR Yugoslavia and pretty much eradicated orthodox christianity with the communist regime?Why is their star worn on foreheads? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Satanists and conceptual creators of marxism. By an order of the eye from the pyramid top, they were only carrying out the Rotschilds' plan. Marx' and Engels' children, Lenin and Stalin Churchill, Truman and Stalin shaking hands according to a freemason way.THEY SERVE TOGETHER. THEY WERE ONLY OBEYING THE PYRAMID HIERARCHY. From whose top LUCIFER is controlling all the lower levels of knowledge and obedience. Lucifer (Satan) = "the light-bringer" Illuminati= "the enlightened ones" (essentially the darkened ones) Aleister Crowley was a 33rd degree Scottish rite freemason, an agent of British secret service "MI6" and a counselor of his satanic brother Winston Churchill. Logo of British intelligence service "MI6" In modern magic practice, every christian novice must take a cross, turn it upside down and break its horizontal arms down, showing he has rejected Jesus and His religion. Uneducated christians think it's a sign of "peace".The word "peace" referring to this symbol means that the novices have achieved spiritual peace when they broke a cross,just like a witch accomplishes her inner peace after casting her spells. The "V" symbol is a satanist blessing during their rites.It is a fivefold greeting that is used in freemasonry and magic. It symbolizes pentagram (V=5) During these recent years, Serbian greeting to victory, saluting, was being done with three spread fingers. Rarely anyone ever wondered what that salute means, and where and when does it originate from.Those who did ask themselves this question have come to unexpected results. Croatian "ustashas" used to take oaths in front of their commander and a Roman catholic priest with three spread fingers of their right hands.This greeting was taken from German SS units, though, according to some sources, it can be sensed that Croats were using this greeting even during WWI. Serbian warriors were taking oaths with CONNECTED three fingers of their right hands, as a symbol of unity of the Holy Trinity, exactly how orthodox christians are shadowing themselves with the symbol of cross. The origin of this usage of three connected fingers together with other two bent fingers dates to IV c. , from the time of st. Meletios, the archbishop of Antioch. Among other things,debate about the nature of Lord Jesus Christ led to the archbishop conjuring up the trinitarian unity of God to people present on the Council with his hand. When the archbishop Meletios connected his three previously spread fingers, light resembling a lightning shone from them. Just how the Sun has three properties (light, mass, heat) so God has three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) That is what three connected fingers represent. And since God came down to Earth as a man too,the two bent fingers represent Lord Jesus Christ's two natures, human and divine. The first separation of fingers (and Holy Trinity) with Serbs happened in the beginning of 1990s. Serbs keep forgetting ancient christian greeting with connected fingers and start adopting the anti-christian one with split fingers. There is only hope that people will see the warning and renew the orthodox greeting. 200 million muslims from the ancient river of Euphrates will march into jihad. The world's rulers promised them islam would rule the world, which is a trap. Prescott Bush, father of George Bush, also a member of masonic-satanist cult "Skull and bones" from the Yale university He was coordinating the service of internal incomes, which was controlled by same people who own the "Bank of federal reserves" and "Virginia Company". They financed Adolf Hitler and Nazi movement Adolf Hitler, family Rotschild ("red shield") Hitler and Lenin, Vienna, 1909. Churchill - another brick in the pyramid structure (Churchill and Tito) Masonic symbol dominates with a star (pentagram).Tito used to wear white gloves, yet another symbol of freemasonry. Let us see what Holy Fathers of the latest times think about happenings in Serbia and our global f(oes)riends. People from Europe or even world are not our enemies, but laws and powerful men which act from those centers of powers. ( elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica 1914-2003) Here is in short what he was saying about the present and near future... Carla del Ponte is Pontius Pilatus of the present time "Beast from the Apocalypse" That's the strongest computer in the world, situated in a cross-shaped building (Berlaymount) in Brussels. Electronic camp for the chipped ones Electronic dossier - Antichrist's invention Millions of people and all of their life data will be controlled there. Every internet address starts with "www" characters, which is an abbreviation for "world wide web". They chose that name, couldn't they have chosen any other? Jewish alphabet does not possess separate symbols for numbers and letters. Letters are also being used as numbers. Each letter has a numerical value. The Jewish equivalent for English letter "W" is the letter "Vav/Waw". Numeric value of the letter "Vav" is 6. English WWW=Jewish Vav Vav Vav=numerical 666 (letter Vav/Waw) The drawn only needs to be deciphered, and every rational mind can do it.There is the wisdom. The Jewish alphabet has absolutely nothing to do with numerology. Numerology, astrology and tarot are condemned teachings because God Himself has cursed them as well as the ones practising them Let us observe things as they are through simple mathemathics... Alphabet has 26 letters. Jews, again, gave each letter its respective value, by a simple formula. Every letter, in alphabetic order, gains 6 as a multiplier. The name of Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III), translated into ASCI computer code values gives the result 666. Like many, many other words and names.It is all because they all serve the same goal and the same satanic forces. Pope's tiara with inscription "vicarius Filii Dei" ("substitute/vicar of the Son of God") In Latin alphabet, certain letter have numerical value too. we can see that "U" and "V" have the same value,which is 5. When all the letters from the phrase "Vicarius Filii Dei" are summed up, the result is 666 For judaism, number 666 is golden, because exactly that many talents of gold were brought into Solomon's treasury each year, from taxes. By st. John's Revelation, in christianity it is the mark of the Beast. Who is trying to suppress christian and implement Jewish symbolic of that number in everyday life? So, number 666 is a symbol, a certificate which used to denote tax subordination. And now the devil has chosen 666 so that may, in some way, symbolize a sort of tax, that will be charged from christians in his favor. Mark will be a tax on soul in the end, and until then there is but one step, and that's the pre-contract - new electronic documents. After that, we all know what is coming. Indeed, no one will know the day and hour of the arrival of our Lord. But Antichrist is considerably preparing himself to sit on throne of the world's stage and it's clearly evident to everyone now. All signs that God told us about are here, so we can follow the end times of humankind. Elder Thaddeus used to wisely say: "You all can see how toast we are". Let us see what else father Thaddeus used to say... The U.N. are openly serving Satan. Antichrist will be their first and last president. Churchill and Truman were not hiding. Elder Thaddeus used to say that freemasons-luciferians are not even hiding anymore. The society of skull and its children - today's marionettes. George Bush Let us see now how George Bush and John Kerry (both members of satanic-masonic cult "Skull and bones" answer, asked by the press, if they are members of that secret society. Masonic thank-you note from Great Lodge of Israel to Bill Clinton Jews have returned to their Promised Land and the state of Israel was founded in 1948. ,exactly somewhere around 2000 years after the persecution, which coincides with biblical prophecy. Many Jews still do not know that they have crucified the real Messiah and that they welcome and announce a false god, the real God's enemy, who will be presenting himself as the peace-maker, the ANTICHRIST. They will erect the Solomon's temple in Jerusalem again and anoint a new world leader inside it, their false Messiah, and they will grant him the honorary title of god and president of all nations on this planet.Everyone will be carrying his name on their marks and so they will renounce the real God. When the freemasons were asked (in 1903.) how they will recognize their leader from the top of the pyramid,they answered:"He will get in touch with us over waves". Today,we know about media- radio and TV signals. SIGNS ABOUT ANTICHRIST'S ANOINTING BEING PREPARED Elder Thaddeus was considering Lord "Maitreya" being a potential candidate for Antichrist. We know that he is the leader of "New Age" cult, who thinks of himself as the final sum, unification of all religions. They want to transform the world in each of its aspects and that everyone obeys Maitreya as god. More accurately, they even consider him god (incarnation of all gods). Born in Syria in 1962. Benjamin Creme, his emissary who's promoting him across the world as the future unifier of the world and a guarantor for a better, peaceful world, without wars and famine. The "New Age" movement has founded a group inside the UN in 1982., under the name of "the society praying for peace in the world". Again, Alice and Foster Bailey, founders of this mind-controlling sect promoting satanist rituals and meditation, are behind it. The company's name is "Lucis Trust" (Trusting in Lucifer(?)) "The room of silence" (U.N. -NYC) in which they pray for (no) peace in the world We (Serbs) call that witchcraft. Ancient Egyptians and their pharaohs served Lucifer and his fallen angels (false gods).Moses had saved Jewish people from being slaves to that evil. Firstly to Adam and Eve, and later to Vedas, the same snake from Eden presents the "truth". (Sathya Sai Baba) Let us take a look at one of the Lord Maitreya's (who's suspected of being Antichrist) promotional advertisements. THE ANTICHRIST IS READY. "The time of my appearance is at hand, and soon, now in my complete edition and with all the arguments, my face and words will be known to everyone." THE ANTICHRIST IS READY The U.N. logo in masonic blue color with 33 sections inside of a circle, in accordance with 33 official degrees of Scottish rite of freemasonry. Frame of the U.N. logo originates directly from masonic, or more correctly Illuminati symbolism, as seen in the picture.Above is the Lucifer's eye in the triangle. The Rockefellers gave the land for the U.N. building in New York, where there used to be a slaughterhouse. They say everything will be better when we (Serbs) enter the Europe (EU). Lock 100 wolves and 100 sheep together and everything will be fine (sarcasm). (elder Gabriel of Bosnjane) Do you remember the 1960s' events, when Russian/Soviet scientist have dug a hole 14km under ground and recorded human screams with probes? They have practically recorded hell! Let us see the next attachment. Soviet geologists have been exploring Earth's core in Siberia during the 1960s.The expedition was led by experts, and they had all the necessary equipment. They dug a 14,4 km deep hole under Earth's core with a special drill, for the sake of exploring underground processes, temperature, magma movement, etc. The drill suddenly started accelerating its rotation.Dr Azakov, leader of the expedition, stated that "there can be only one explanation - center of the Earth is hollow". The next surprise was the temperature they measured in the Earth's center.The calculations have showed it was around 1100 degrees Celsius. Dr Azakov strictly emphasized:"This is far more than what we have expected, it all looks like it's real hell situated down there, brutally burning everything." "...the latest discovery was, however, even more shocking for our ears, so much that the geologists feared to continue with the project. We have been trying to listen to the underground movements during certain intervals with supersensitive microphones that we lowered down the hole. What we have heard afterwards has overturned the scientific logic into fear and concern. It was some quiet but high tone for which we first thought came from the equipment.", explained dr Azakov. "...but after certain checkups of the equipment, we have finally understood that the sound, indeed, originates from inside Earth.We barely believed our own ears.We heard human shrieks, painful screams.Even if one voice overrode the others, we could hear thousands, maybe millions of souls screaming and howling in the background.After this creepy, terrifying discovery, approximately half of of the scientist aborted working on the project out of fear. Luckily,that thing down there stayed down there.", said dr Azakov. The microphone was melted by high temperatures. Some of you may be familiar with this, and some may even remember those times when this happened. Still, communism reigned back then, and the whole case was forgotten soon afterwards. Let us listen to the audio recording (warning, the sounds may be disturbing) Depending on the degree of our sins, there are also degrees of our punishment (hell). There are lighter and heavier levels of hell, just like the degrees of our transgressions. A desert, claustrophobia, darkness, etc. Bible clearly states that hell is a bottomless hole (matching with the Earth's center). Holy Fathers also say that other planets and stars are also suitable for the role of levels of hell in the universe. God surely did not let His Word and His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, be falsified. He clearly states, through both the Old and New Testament, that Hell is real. Jesus came down to hell to trample the forces of devil, and he indeed says that only prayer and fasting (which are the conditions for Holy Eucharist) cast the demons away. We ourselves want hell.God does not want it to anyone, He loves us more than we love ourselves, but He also gave us a free will to choose. "And whoever bows down to the Beast and to its image, and receives a mark on their forehead and arm, they too will drink the wine of God's wrath(...)and the smoke of their torment will be getting out forever; and those who bow to the Beast and its image and receive the mark of its name shall never have peace in day or during the night"(Revelation 14) Do not let people fool themselves by thinking that the mark cannot throw out love and faith out of their hearts, because God Himself, as Holy Spirit, has foretold through the Holy Scripture what will happen to those who receive the mark. We must conquer vanity and thoughts which make us think we will stay loyal to Christ even after receiving a mark, for we are not above God, who Himself said not to receive it. (st. John Theologian) The signs of Armageddon approaching A folded USD $20 bank note, showing the 9/11/01. The World Trade Center building can be seen burning. Let us see an interview from Aaron Russo, famous movie director and an ex friend of Rockefellers. Having gotten to know about world's powerful men's plans, he turned against them. The interviews may be found on Google Video, the key words are "Aaron Russo" This is a short part of the whole story. DIGITAL ANGEL ENEMY OF OUR BAPTISM AND OUR GUARDIAN ANGEL This microchip is being charged based on our body temperature differences. They spent lots of money so they could find two places in the body where the temperature is changing most often: Our forehead area (primary position), right under our hair line The back of our arm (alternative position) They have noticed that the chip frequency has a great influence on behavior, so they have been exploring and have perfected the possibilities of using the chip for modifying human behavior. Birth control can be achieved with a person being brought into menopause by using the chip, i.e. reducing or completely stopping the secretion of estrogen. The microchip can be used for causing migraine and stimulation or cessation of sexual urge. "The electronic acupuncture" "How is it possible to control people if they do not identify themselves first?" People such as CIA members have been visiting such meetings. Discussion was about the topic: "How to make people believe into the necessity of these chips?" The answer was: "Let us make them realize that they may lose their children if they do not accept these chips and so on." On these meetings, people were spoken about as if they were cattle. CIA suggested printing pictures of lost children on milk packagings. What's the most important in the whole story is that the chipped person can be easily manipulated and controlled with the help of special, low frequency waves transmitter. These waves have effect on our brain over the microchip which can completely change the usual thoughts and emotional patterns. By doing so, they can make a person act according to the ideas of someone else, who is operating this project. Eye on the pyramid top is the eye of Lucifer! On the pyramid base, the year of founding Illuminati is written. (MDCCLXXVI=1776.) NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM = New World Order (Illuminati's goal) New World Order represents an old aspiration of a group of people to reign over the planet Earth, led by Lucifer, presented on top of the pyramid. Conceptual creators of it are Illuminati, a secret organization of "the enlightened ones". (freemason (antichristian) pyramid) The main supports of NWO are strong organizations, among which the most significant ones are "CFR", "Trilateral Commision" and "Bilderberg group". They are functioning according to the synchronization system. Such system of control has an aim of causing thinking disorder with people and to ensure that, when the "D" Day arrives, people voluntarily accept all the offered changes, reasoning how it is the best possible solution. "IF A GOAT IS LYING - HER HORN ISN'T" (a Serbian proverb) Brothers and sisters! Whoever accepts the mark is renouncing their baptism, faith and love.In one word - God and their immortal soul. What do you gain by accepting the mark? False promises, but nothing in the end, because God will allow droughts and famine so the culprit may be uncovered. But all that will last 3 and a half years, there will be enough food and water for the wise who get away from modern way of living and thinking on time and dedicate themselves to a righteous live. In 2000., The most holy Mother of God has showed up before many believers on top of an orthodox church in Egypt. Infidels and the police have been looking for a source of inexplainable light (flashes), that has been shining upon the massive temple, in the 50 km radius. But they have found nothing but that the source of light is coming from clear sky. More correctly, the gracious fire from the heavens. Look at the footage About the end times and Serbia elder Gabriel (1900-1999) TAKE NOTE! The prophecy of father Gabriel about Serbia that you will read is from a record of nun Makrina Majstorovic and the sisterhood from a monastery where fr. Gabriel served God. Everything is written just like fr. Gabriel held sermons for people.Father gave his blessing so that his words may be published to people after his death. But he also said the following:"Do not write it for my sake, I won't need that but you, the troubles await you, and you will need that!" (elder Gabriel's father, Velisav, a WWI veteran) "Belgrade will be razed, part of the city will be sinking.I see columns of people leaving that city, escaping. Do not go there and create future in it, you will have to run from it. It will be dangerous to even pass through a street there, people will fear for their lives." "All the relics and important historical records should be removed from its buildings." On question:"How...why,father?", he would answer:"I can only see ruins, nothing else, even some houses will be collapsing by themselves.It's being undermined by animals (machines) passing through those Roman wells, making hallways beneath, and houses and buildings will start collapsing by themselves because of the undermining. And some other trouble will demolish it too." "Because of the sins, some in Belgrade are getting rich and living luxuriously while some cannot even provide bread for their children, they must make for living by immorality.And for other lawlessness will all this happen. Blood will be spilled in the parliament, people will rise, a civil war will outbreak, and from there it will spread on all the other cities, the Jovanovac river will be all bloody. The people will be divided, authorities will try to solve everything using pens, but there will be no use from that." "Then, Serbia will be fragmented. Vojvodina,Kosovo and Sandzak will be separated. Montenegro will be partially Albanian, it will be given to them (Albanians) for use. Our people will not be able to even live there." (greater Albania map) Pact with the devil, which has its expiration date The flag of Vojvodina (autonomous area in Serbia) with three stars (its parts - Srem, Banat, Backa) positioned to form a pyramid, and pentagram inside. Do we have the right to ask if this is a joke or just an old plan? (Vojvodina passport?) "Belgrade Arena" or "Limes hall".Limes is border value. The hall is on the very pass from Vojvodina to the southern part of Serbia. "Sandzak" is a Turkish word for "military base".Why is the name "Raska area" being avoided? (note: mainly muslims live in Sandzak) Do we remember a statement made by German ambassador Andreas Zobel about a parallel between Vojvodina and Sandzak? But, christians and muslims have the most important mutual belief, we will all be judged by Lord Jesus Christ, In islam respected as "prophet Isa" Now if we understand the essence, let us be harmless like pigeons And wise like snakes. Elder Gabriel used to say... "They will be demolishing our sacraments there too.And the world will be supporting them,the same world that bombed us (in '99.) They will take Vojvodina away from us, and they will be selling our plains, when Belgrade is no longer our capital, then everyone will live for themselves. Foreigners will be in charge of everything then, they schemed that, but people will rise." "Then there will be famine, peril, some diseases will be harrowing, people will start dying so quickly that priests won't be able to bury them in time. People will rarefy, especially in villages.They will have to walk for long so they could talk to each other. There won't be healthy water and food either, except on hills and mountains. People will start fighting to get in line for water." The Coca-Cola company is holding almost all the most important water sources in the world, they will have control over almost all the water supply centers. Why are, even here, almost all the water bottling factories being bought by Coca-Cola? Who lets them do that? Will they start blackmailing us with buying water and everything else only if we were chipped, after poisoning the rivers and droughts taking place? When you read "Coca Cola" in opposite direction, which would be Aloc Acoc, it means... (satanists have a rule of writing and reading everything that way) In Arabian "No Muhammad, no Makkah" It seems paradoxically, but Gadaffi is a "Coca Cola" shareholder. Flag of future unitarian Africa which will be a part of the unitarian world "People will run away from the cities in columns, they will have nothing to live from, factories won't work, and yet they will be indebted to state, they will have no means of repaying them. People won't have enough to buy a bread, and they will be taxed with everything they have!" There will be great spiritual apostasy, whoever doesn't accept orthodox faith with all their heart they will believe various deceptions and they'll believe thieves and liars, false promises of foreign rulers, and they will have nothing from that.Many will start searching for their hearthstones, but they won't be able to recognize their gardens and properties from all the roots around. Good for those who got used to living modestly, and those who used to live in abundance will not be able to accept poverty and hunger easily. Their money will not do them any good." Then, when all that is happening, preserve the seeds of everything, grain and vegetables, so you will have something to sow, because there will be no seeds to buy like now, and you will have seeds to sow and feed yourselves." "But, Albanians won't stop, they will not be resting, they will keep constantly moving the borders.Foreign rulers will support them with funds and they will drive Serbs out from their own land, troubles will press them and they will have no rights there, they will be living in fear, they will only be given a handful of land so they can live there but our nation won't have any rights there either, Albanians will be in charge of everything.They will have conflicts with Greece and FYR Macedonia, the borders will be moved." "Turmoil will spread across all the other neighboring countries, and they will have to obey, for they are their members, they will be blackmailed." (st. archangel Michael) WHO WILL DEFEND US WHEN OUR MILITARY AND ITS UNITS ARE RUINED? A BIG WAVE OF CHANGES HAS THROWN A LOT OF SPIRITUAL TRASH ON SERBIA'S COAST SO THEY COULD MAKE NEW GENERATIONS OF THE LAST GLOBAL SODOM AND GOMORRAH THROUGH DEMO(N)CRACY. "The parade of homosexuals" A mockery of God's commandment "reproduce and fill the world" Look at the motto and the pyramids on them. "Big Brother" The aim of this show is certainly not entertainment of the audience, but rather a psychologically getting used to absolute video monitoring and surveillance, just like it's the case with the competitors.And public display of immorality whole day everyday.In service to the eye on pyramid top (the show's logo) people should be manipulated to accept this shameless life, because the "big brother" will enter every home in the world through the mark- "Digital Angel". The show is being (used to be) led by Donald Trump (the U.S. president in 2018) . Who is standing behind him? Elder Gabriel spoke about stolen Serbian lands... "Serbs will have no freedom there until Russia becomes an empire. Pray to God so that comes as soon as possible. Then Serbs will have better days.The orthodox will unite.They will finally understand that they are stronger united and then they will defend what's theirs. And muslims, they are already listing themselves, and they are all fighting for one cause, they are constantly making deals how to reign above all, and pope is doing the same." "You know what st. Cosmas of Etolia said:'Whatever happens to the orthodox in the end times, curse the pope for he will be the causer of all evils.' He is taking part in all negotiations and sticking his nose in everything, that Roman catholics may take everything before Belgrade. They are already making a map where they are reaching Zemun (part of Belgrade, a city inside a city)." (He did not mean catholic believers, but papal forces that will accomplish all that through Croatia) (map of Greater Croatia) "The state won't be run from Belgrade anymore, but separately, each separate area will have its center for everything. When they tear Serbia apart, it will be separated, only the narrow part of it will stay, and only there will be peace and order, and turmoil will reign over the other parts. Foreign forces will get involved as well, foreign army will march over our country as if it was theirs, so they can "preserve peace". "They will wage war with airplanes above our heads.Then, in those troubles, what's left of Serbs will weep to God to be given an emperor.During that time,Russia will become an empire, and world powers will only be afraid of the Russian emperor, and there will be such a force with him and a blessing that all the world rulers will tremble wherever he shows up, and the heavenly force will be with him.The Russian emperor will protect the orthodox across the globe, and Serbia as well.And then, the yellow people (Asians) will start converting to orthodoxy, making the whole world wonder." Hiroshima and Nagasaki - two cities with a significant number of orthodox christians Japan and China have millions of orthodox believers, and their numbers keep growing "And when Russia becomes a monarchy and the Russian emperor is anointed,lucky those who live to those times (father spoke in tears), what a grace will reign over the Serbian land, the smell of incense will spread all over the ground. Right after, all foreign forces will retreat from Kosovo, leaving Albanians behind, and the latter will start running that Albania will start being too narrow for them. They will be too scared to meet the Russian emperor on Kosovo. Then the emperor will return us our land with an imperial decree and verify everything that was ours." "And everything on Kosovo will be ours again, because that is our country, soaked in our blood, they cannot possess it." (Miloš Obilić-killer of sultan Murat in battle of Kosovo in 1389.-represented as a saint) (st. emperor Lazarus, who died in the same battle of Kosovo in 1389.) (the battle of Kosovo, 1389. a.D.) (Karadjordje ('Black George') Petrovic, leader of the First Serbian rise in 1804.) (Serbian army marching during the WWI) Serbia has been in hopeless situations and without defensive strength even before.But our martyred ancestors were always returning strengthened and triumphant.That's going to happen again when we return to orthodoxy. Elder Gabriel about Antichrist ''The world rulers will join up, then connect themselves by arms trade.Freemasons, Jews, they will decide to put their leader on top of that community of theirs, who will be in charge of everything. They will take the place where the Solomon's temple was and repair it, so it becomes their center, the place where they will anoint him. So they can show themselves mighty and strong to the world." "They are already preparing everything for his enthroning, America is exceedingly leading in it, so are Jews and freemasons, they will be so rich that they will worry about how to protect their wealth.That man, who will be their ruler, has already been born, by an impure woman, and that is why 'the one' (Antichrist) will possess him. He will be cunning and evil and an avenger, but he will be hiding all that skilfully and acting benevolence and offering everything, only promises, just to show himself as someone wise, who wants good to people and the world." "He will sit on the throne, and he will even request everyone accept him by force.He will be praised everywhere and in all places, and his promises will be praised as well.He will request to manage all the technology and knowledge, to rule all people over some chips in which he will possess all data about every person,everything about them.Firstly those will be implanted in prisoners, and afterwards they will be putting all the data into people's foreheads and hands.And everything will be written there:when somebody was born, how much money they possess, what they are sick of, etc." "Christians must not accept it then, that's the sign of 'the one', but they must hide in caves and on mountains.Those who do not accept the mark will not be able to even buy or sell, but Lord will be miraculously feeding his faithful ones, even though great drought and famine will be released on Earth, exactly so 'the one' cannot fulfill his promises and to reveal himself as a liar. People will throw money along the way, for nothing will be able to be bought with it." "It is known that the Lord was feeding His people with 'manna' in desert, and so He will take care of His people in those hard times. The Holy Fathers say that period will last around 3 and a half years. During that time, the Lord will send ss. Enoch and Elijah to encourage people to endure in faith and recall of the Second Coming.Many miracles will occur when ss. Enoch and Elijah come down.Then the 'Babylon' will be wiped out from the face of Earth, and everyone considers it to be America - land where all the evil matured." "The Antichrist will only fear the Russian emperor on Earth, he will be afraid to step into the land where he is situated, he will tremble from him.And those countries, who schemed to annihilate, split and bombard Serbia will suffer heavily.France will be set on fire, and Germany will experience a big trouble, and famine, nothing will bear its fruits, so they will be forced to come to Serbia in search for wheat and bread, but the emperor will rule our land, he will be in charge of everything, in those times there will be wheat and everything else in Serbia." "And during the times of Antichrist, during those 3 years when drought and famine will rule the whole world, before Christ's arrival, the people will be hiding in mountains and on mountains, all orthodox will hide in groups, and many will die martyrs and from famine and diseases.In that time there will also be wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.Our job is to pray, to talk about the upcoming peril, and not to interpret the possible dates, just like the Holy Scripture tells us, that only our Father in the heavens knows about those dates and times." "and then", he used to say, "when the trumpets sound from sky, to announce the Second Coming of the Lord, when our Lord shows up from the east with His Mother and all Saints, with angels, then He will first recall the dead with a trumpet, graves shall open and all the deceased will stand before the Lord, and afterwards all the living will see Him in one instant.The righteous ones will rejoice, and the unrepentant ones will in fear await His trial.Right before that, the sky will open, the stars will start falling, an albescent Cross will shine all over the sky, and all nations on Earth will see it.There will be great signs on both heaven and Earth, before Lord's arrival." (THANK YOU FOR WATCHING,GOD BLESS)



The founder was Teodor–Toša Apostolović, the president of the Zemun ecclesiastical province. After the dismantling of the quarantine zone (kontumac) in 1842, the church lost its importance and by the second half of the 20th century, it was abandoned. In 1981, the abandoned church was used by then jeromonah (present Bishop) Filaret. On his behalf, the church was renovated, as the frescoes were destroyed and the church was used as a weapon cache. In 1990, protosinđel Filaret gained a permit to build a temple (cathedral) of 3,000 m2 on the site of the church, however, the following year, newly elected Serbian Patriarch Pavle declined.


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