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Walter Hugo Khouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Walter Hugo Khouri
Born(1929-10-21)21 October 1929
Died27 June 2003(2003-06-27) (aged 73)
OccupationFilm director
Years active1953–1998

Walter Hugo Khouri (São Paulo, 21 October 1929 – São Paulo, 27 June 2003) was a Brazilian film director and producer of Lebanese and Italian descent[1].

Khouri made 25 feature films and won several national and international awards. His 1964 film Empty Night is considered one of the best Brazilian films of all time and was entered for the Palm d'Or in the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.[2]

His films show characters who seek meaning for a distressing existence. He was also notorious for welcoming and introducing young professionals, being the first director to cast the presenter Xuxa Meneghel in 1982 in the controversial film Love Strange Love.

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present in a movie by with cinematography musical score players titles written and directed by Bye! That's enough, daddy is in a hurry. -Let me start it? -Sure. -Tell mom I'll back earlier. -You will not. -I will. One year ago you wouldn't let me go out alone. Never. Not even staying at the gate. You were jealous about everything. I'm waiting for you to say you don't like me anymore. Then you won't see me again. You can say it. -But you know I do like you, right? -I'm not so sure. Only it's not the same as before. I notice you feel bad with me. It's not because of you. I don't feel well anywhere, with anybody. That's all you've to say? I'm trying to be honest. I'm tired of always pretending. It's not because of what you think, because you didn't want to... I know. When I think about you, I become worried and uneasy. Not for me, but for yourself. -That's waste of time. -I know. It seems impossible to help you. And you don't want to be helped. -I couldn't get earlier. -I just got here too. -I don't want to go out tonight. -Why not? -I'm tired because of yesterday. -Let it be. -Why? What's the program? -No program. Carlinho's wife and the other one quit. -Let me go, then. -You won't make me go alone, will you? Let's look around. When there's no program we find the best stuff. The same as usual. Tomorrow I'll have to work. -Many would like to lose a night of sleep this way. -But I'm tired of that. Sometimes I'd like to go to a birthday party, with Happy Birthday'sť and all. -Let's look for something different tonight, then. -That doesn't exist. -Everything ends the same way. -Don't make that face, I have good news: -Renata's sister made a date with me for tomorrow. -Finally. Now what interests you: Renata will be there too. I swear. And because of you. What's different isn't so hard to get after all. More different than her... Ops! I know her. She's earnest. What? There's no such thing in this world. ...Except for our mother or sister! If that! -Good evening. -Good evening. -Two Scotch neat. -Not for me. -C'mon, I'll pay. Bring 'em. -This is getting more and more boring. -I told you so. We won't find anything here. Let's drink and get out. Waiter, one more. What's up? Let's get out. I'm not good at comforting anyone, baby. I'm looking for someone to comfort me. He's looking for something different. You're too normal. -How much? -After midnight, things will get better. I know. It's a good thing I won't be here. He's handsome. Yeah. The ladies' man. Let's go. Waiter! One more for the girl. Bye, baby. I'll find a way to get out of this country again. I had enough. You came back from Italy last year complaining it was more boring than here. It probably was. Look there. -That's the one, but she's waiting for someone. -She can stop waiting. I doubt it. -Luisinho! -Hello! -It's been so long! -Yes. Would you please? -What about your mother? -Same old same old. My God! The last time I saw you, you were this big. Now I find you in a bar. -It's even strange. -You still look great, as usual. You haven't introduced me to your handsome friend yet. -Mrs. Mina Soares, Nelson. -Glad to meet you. I was at my table, looking at you and thinking who those strange boys might be. -Who would have guessed? -It's a small world. -We're at that table. Do you remember my husband? -Of course. -That old lewd. Don't bother. We have a pactť. One doesn't get into the other's life. But he always gets into mine. Oh, well... Why don't you come to our table? -We're waiting for somebody. -You can bring them too. We're with an interesting group. But it's dead boring today. There's no such thing as night life, son. I'm eager for the beach season. At least we can play. I'm waiting for you there. Really. -What a bothersome! -Looks like she'll wait for us indeed. I know what she's wanting. But she's not getting it from me. Seems that she liked you. -I pity people like this. -Pity? -Yeah. You sympathized with her, eh? -What's different is always taken. -Yeah. You're having bad luck today, huh? I'm not giving up. The meal is coming. Let it be. Come on. Don't you want to come with us? -I can't -You went with the big spender, haven't you? -Not today. -And you slept with him. Come on. Come on. Cut that out, Luis. Not that way. I can double what the big spender gave you. And you'll enjoy it a lot. He told me you're an expert in things... I've never seen. You can ask what you want, honey. Excuse me. -Will you keep that face? -I didn't want to go out tonight You needn't get upset just because you don't like women. It's not your fault. -But you don't want to understand! It's not that. -I do understand. The other night, when you were drunk, you'd said: <i>It's a monstrous thing that man can sleep with any woman.</i> Stop being an idiot. -It's not like that. -It's almost like that. Almost, but it isn't. I think you're being foolish worrying about that. It's ridiculous. Stop bothering me. -A city with five million, and there's always an acquaintance to annoy you. -Who's that? Lico Mendes. If you don't like the food, we'll leave and get a pizza. -You already knew we wouldn't, didn't you? -Yes. -So, why did you bring us? -We had to go somewhere new. -What're you doing here? -The same as you. -Where's everybody else? -Who else? -So you're alone? -Yeah. -You? -Yeah. -Come over! -Come over! -Let's go. -Good evening. -This is the greatest bon vivant you'll ever know. Carries on his life like nobody else. And damn well. -He's enjoying while he still can. -Unlike you, who waited to get old. -Exactly. Unlike me. -You know how to carry on your life, Luisinho. -Me? Didn't you see we were alone? We just went to eat raw fish. Now you... They like going with me because they take what they can from me. But when it comes to the crunch, I'm so drunk I end up sleeping. And that's it. Right, Mara? -That wasn't funny. -It's not supposed to be. It's tragic. But it's like that. And you'll have to take me home. Christina and Mara are good girls. They don't go out with anyone. Only with elegant people. You'd be astonished to see how much they charge. Luisinho is good for you. He is richer than I am. -No... -But your father is. Not to mention his wife. -You better stop drinking. -It's his day of annoying people. -You mean my night, Mara. -Nobody's forcing you to go with us. I know. It's just I'm stupid. Now I'm chief of police. Take this. It'll remove the effect of the other stuff. That's a lot of things. This is the tenth place we come into tonight. And it will be the last one. -You better stop. -I'll take things to the limit. Lico! Don't fall asleep! Get up! The other day he slept while driving. What a shame. He always does that. Get up, Lico! And we have to carry him home. -Not anymore. It's not worth it. -Let him sleep there. I'll come back, honey. -367, 368. -What's that? That's nothing. 367, 368. Well, let's start it? Smile. -What for? -Just give me. I don't like to do something ordered. Come on... Wait a second. I want to say something before. -You needn't get upset, but... -What is it? Are you suspicious about something? It's not that. I know you're a friend of Lico's. But we're tired of playing the fool. What we give can't be taken off later. -And you're young. -So what? So, here's something I learned: Old men always pay. Differently from young men. -They think they're doing us a favor. -Do you think we wouldn't... Don't know. Only when it's happened there's no use complaining. If we'd make a scandal, we could get arrested like those women. But you... Nobody's going to arrest you. You're ruining the mood. -You'll turn on later. -How much is it? Alright, since you're being rude. It depends on how long we stay here. How long I want you to. Half an hour or till the morning. I don't like scheduled time. You know we're not like others. We only go out with... ...People like Lico, who always pay. How much? Don't talk to me in that tone. If you don't stop it, I'll go. Take this for now. And there's plenty left. I don't even know why I'm doing this. Lots of women are crazy about sleeping with me or with him. For free. Some could even pay. -Then you got the wrong women. Want to give up? -No. I want to see how it is. Aren't you splitting with her? I keep her money. She's dumb, sleeps with anyone out of pity. -It's not like that... -It is. If I didn't keep it... You talk too much about money, you're ruining the mood again. Who else thinks about that for me? What will I do when I'm old... I didn't come to discuss your future, dear. I'm not Social Security. Enough. Stop it. Okay, we will. Come here, big boy. Come. Are you upset? -You didn't like it, then. -I don't know. I'm never sure if I like something. I have to think about it later. You didn't like me. Of course I did. I'm very hard, big boy. -Nelson... -Alright. -You're impatient. Always hurrying up. -I want to experience everything. What's the matter? Nothing. I'm a bit tired. Just that? I'm also thinking. About someone? No. I wanted to be with you first. You're thinking about something else. I don't want that... -You were enjoying staying with him, right? -Until when you came to mess things up. -You'll like it with me even more. -Will I? -You'll see. Listen... -What were those numbers which you said? -Ah, those were your number and hers. -What number? -Your entrance number. You're 367. That's ridiculous. Not even 20-year-old boys do that anymore. -Why? Didn't you like your number? -Why don't you number your sister? Because I don't have one. If I did, I'm not so sure. -Soon you'll start liking me. -Whatever. For me, you're number 1800. What's that? Nothing. It's a mirror. Let me out! -Look! -No! Look. Look. Why do you keep like this? It's nothing. Sometimes I feel so well that... -...Don't know... It doesn't seem... -I understand. But those I feel well with forget me in the next day and don't look for me again. I like it so much when people look for me for the second time... Many come again? Some. Seems like you're angry about yourself. I'm right, aren't I? I guess so. You should stop thinking about one thing only, everything gets better then. For me, at least. You like it, huh? You didn't want to look before. Now you're priding yourself. -You're all sluts. -What were you waiting for? What were the other 366? You memorized your number, huh? At least I don't put a mirror like that. I'm starving. Nelson, will you get some pizzas? OK. -Wait, I'll give you the money. -I have it. -Wow, why so many things? -Keep eating. It's a pity to waste so much. Listen, why's he like that? -Is it sour grapes? -He's always like that. -Starts well, but starts to get upset. -Why did he come anyway? Don't know. When I invite him, he says no, but he comes. And stays like that. So, why do you invite him? I know he disagrees with some things, and I find funny he tortures himself. -And I get depressed going alone. -But that's not right. I don't know if he loves it or not. -But he can't resist when I invite him. -How about you? Do you like it? -What do you think? -Sincerely, I'm not sure yet. What do you mean? If we don't say such things, people think we're not enjoying our lives. Yeah. Enjoy it while you still can. -Here. -How much? You don't like when I do, but you can't stop talking about money. Quit it. I don't talk like that. I don't care about money. -Because you have it. -Maybe. With money we can pretend we're enjoying ourselves. And can reach the number... 368. I don't need money for that. Right. Will you say tonight was the first time you gave money to a woman too? -You're the type that does anything to get a woman. -Stop being silly. Women are like home pools, after one week we swim because we have it. Just because you have it, doesn't mean you have to enjoy it. -What did you bring us here? -The usual question. It even sounds like a vinyl. We always hope it'll be different, we'll find a spectacular woman who will eat us alive. -You should have gone to Africa! -He's even a bit fat. You should have said that before, he wouldn't have to get the pizzas. What an indecency! So exaggerated. Now we'll watch Santa Claus' Presentsť. His favorite one! -Who gave you that key? -Elio did. He said I could come after midnight. -Oh, yes? -Just for tonight. That's why I don't like to lend the key. It gets worse than a brothel. -Elio said it was his apartment. -Did he? Did you hear? I'll have to get that lock changed for the tenth time. -It doesn't matter. Good evening. -Wait. Since you're here, how about joining us? We're having a movie screening playing Santa Claus' Presentsť. Ask her if she wants to watch. Let's see it. -She's pissed off. -I'm sorry for her. She looks like a family girl. Can you see what's tough? After this, they'll even get on a bus. Do you still want to watch the movie? Or did you have enough? I had. We need something new, or we'll sleep here. -I have an idea. -What? -Come here. No, you come here. -How about it? -Don't know. Talk to them. -It's rude to whisper in front of us. -What is it? -What is it? -Come here and I'll tell you. Shame on you! I want to know, too. It's just to end with monotony, this looks like a family house. -Indecent! -Talk to her. Are you mad? Yes or no? -Who do you think we are? -You are what you seem to be. Don't! Now, come on. Give me a cigarette. She's not used, but learns quickly. What about you? What do you think? I don't want to! Enough, I'm warm. The heat is so good after that rain. I'm sorry for not doing that, but there are some things I don't like. -And I kept looking. -I don't know why men like to see such things. Me, neither. You like it too, don't you? Everywhere we go they ask that. What is it? You became happy again so quickly! You were furious. I thought you'd leave. I don't like to get sad. I want to be happy as much as I can. -How can you be like that? -How? -You mean because I'm a... -No... I don't mean anything. Forget it. Come here. And why are you like that? You know you're funny? I don't think you're bad at all. And I'm like this and I don't mind. Am I pretty underwater? Dating in the bathroom, huh? -She has Cleopatra complexť, can't see a bathtub she... -So what? Is it forbidden to take a bath? I could care less if you drowned. I have to strengthen myself, or else... Do you want to leave? -Whatever. You decide. -It's 3 a.m. -You're bored, aren't you? You're right. -Do you amuse yourself saying that? -Yeah. -But if you repeat that, we end up really bored. -Don't you like anything? -I don't think so, if I do, it's for a short period of time. We can see that. I'd like to see you in a bad situation. No 368. Broken like those two. -I'd like it better. -I know that. You're the type of guy that, without money, wouldn't get anything. Anything! You better shut up. I just gave you money because I see you're miserable. Finding a woman like you is the easiest thing in the world! Right. You two make a great duo, huh? That one always with a sad face, and you saying you're bored. What a nuisance! Come on, Christina. I'm through! We're here since 11:00, making up things like poor devils. She's right. -You just have to look at us. -At least I don't annoy anyone. I'm just defending what's mine, since no one else will. If you lived like us, you wouldn't get as bored. Hey, kid, that's not a book for children. -She's right. -I agree with her. -So, what are we waiting for to leave? -Nothing, we just need to get up and go. Well, nobody's asking to leave. You paid, you have the right. We'll stay until you want us to. You don't need to get upset because of what I said. It was because of the drinks. I had a terrible nightmare... I had bloodied hands, running through a street... escaping from someone... ...who I don't know. I ran, ran to escape. But the houses had neither doors nor windows. I always dream about blood and people running after me. What could all this mean? Stop it. I don't want to know anything else. What a crazy woman! THE OBJECTIVE IS: THE MOON KENNEDY'S ASSASSINATION THE GREAT CRIME Let's go, Nelson. I have to leave. Enough with that. Get up. Let's go. -Wait. -No. I want to go now! -Now you want to hurry up? -Stop talking, you're a snore. So are you. And you're also a failure as a man. -If I were you, I'd look for a doctor. -You're crazy. I searched all night to find a crazy woman like you, full of manias. What about yours? I pay for mine! This is for your aging fund. Soon you'll need it. Look, this is for your collaborative spirit. Also for your good will. Would you please? Did he buy flowers to us? They're to his wife. Ah, to tame the vixen? She must be something. Don't know, he never introduced me to her. She's full of cash and he's afraid to lose it. -Should I drop you home? -No, drop me at that square. I want to walk a bit. -Walk? It's useless to sleep now. -In three hours I have to fetch a work. I'll go to bed earlier tonight. It was annoying. At least tomorrow we'll have Renata and her sister. Classy, beautiful people. And Renata, according to you, is even smart. We'll forget this nightmare. -I won't go. -Why not? -Because I don't want to. -Alright, tough luck. -Bye. -Will you go or not? Renata's coming for you. If you quit, nevermore. -At what time? -After half past eight. -Where? -In the corner of the Paulista and Augusta streets. If I go, I'll meet you at 8:15. Will you go or not? Say it. I think I will. Right, I'll wait for you there. What are you laughing at? Nothing. Let's go. Translation by SWFH Special thanks to ANGEL and BOB



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