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Vera Ivanovna Nazina
Born26 April 1931 (1931-04-26) (age 87)
Leningrad, USSR
EducationVera Mukhina Institute
Known forPainting

Vera Ivanovna Nazina (Russian: Ве́ра Ива́новна На́зина; born 26 April 1931 in Leningrad, USSR) - soviet Russian painter, Graphic artist, living and working in Saint Petersburg, a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation),[1] regarded as one of representatives of the Leningrad school of painting.[2]

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walk back into today's video a little bit of drama it appears this drama is between Edwin costa his girlfriend Mina bell exbest friend vincent cyr also known as Michael Ryan Cyr and his girlfriend was at the center of all this Instagram model baby dasha also known as Julia wood with I can't pronounce it it's German but pretty much baby - it has been daxing and harassing and as well as many other very bad things towards Edwin and his girlfriend you're gonna want to watch this it's it's it's some tea so four dozen you don't know we have a little bit of background ketchup here around late 2016 in the early 2017 Edwin of Edwards generation his girlfriend Mina Bell - and see her all lived together seer who was already in a relationship with Dasha for a year decided to try a poly relationship with his ex-girlfriend Mina and invited her to come live with them apparently - I suggested this poly relationship and the main focus of this was to get me to come live with him because she admittedly intended to ruin Mina's life I'm not sure how people just go about waking up and being like got my coffee let's go ruin somebody's life both girls are featured in some of seers videos and both look eerily similar to each other Mina Dasha Cyr and Edwin all appeared together in are you trying to smash one of my girls on Edwin's channel in the beginning of February 2017 Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house and Edwin makes a blog as they are leaving during this vlog he seems very upset I have lived with a bunch of people it was in 2015 where I had this really cool idea that I was gonna rent I was gonna rent this mansion out for a year which which we did and move in a bunch of my friends and so we had this mansion for a year it was really cool except for it really awful you don't need roommates around November January 2016 2017 Mina discovers that - has deleted Mina's entire Instagram account it is believed that she did this out of jealousy as Mina had more followers than her at the time you we painting a picture here I think the pictures being painted - it goes on periscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin and that their actions hurt her and see her greatly soon after Edward didn't mean unless the house - a harassed mia online through photoshop memes and sends her minions after her to send her rude messages on Twitter as we get into this you're going to see the depth that an individual would be willing to go just to hurt another person so if you don't know who - is she's known as Baby Dasha she's a social media sensation also known as it's baby fox who rose to fame as the girlfriend of youtuber Vincent Cyr she is an animal activist and also works as a model in Los Angeles she has also worked with arsenic TV now I'm told is actually in one of edwin's videos I'm sure that she posts these statuses where she's just this big animal activists but actually she wears leather and things that go against what she says but that hypocrisy that I just mentioned does not compare to the hypocrisy that you're about to see in case you don't know who Vince is serious YouTube phenomenon filmmaker an actor who runs several channels including two more popular ones Cyr 12:16 and I MC or he has more than 600,000 combined subscribers on YouTube now I did check this out he does have a twitch channel - it looks like it just does a lot of a role playing and a lot of ASMR role playing I'm gonna put the links in the description to the videos about the background of everything from Edwin's channel edwin is having a lot of trouble with this right now and i'm just trying to help make this situation more aware because these people are coming at edwin and mina and it's making it pretty difficult for them to just live normally and i think that if we bring this to light of all of what Dasha is doing then maybe people will stop trying to flag his videos and things like that because that says YouTube that's how we make living that's how we pay our bills and stuff like that it's not funny to do that and this is something is very serious and the serious depth of this reaches legal bounds in this as you will see so it got a little bit weird when someone reached out to Edwin and to let him know that there was an anonymous thread where they were posting about drama that was supposed to be over with it wouldn't went to investigate and this is what he found see this right here was somebody asking does anyone know meaning his real name a second person says yes I saw a pic of her passport a while ago something foreign a third person comes in and says where does the name blank come from and then another anonymous person posts the passport a personal passport and an identification with a very private information on it and it's very dangerous to do this because when you dock someone like this you're putting their personal information out there and there's all kinds of just people with not your best intentions in mind that can find you and you can potentially get hurt or put your friends and family in danger and for somebody to do this it's pretty it's pretty bad even worse was when it was discovered that these these all these people that all these different people right here we're actually the same person I know that's weird look turns out that the website let's say posted and said had been out stasher for posting over a hundred and forty times in the thread alone meaning more than 10 percent of the comments were hers posts included daxing Mena via a photo of her passport unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Nina's phone rumors about Mena hooking sere being an innocent non-cheating angel alludes to Edwin being a pedo for dating a 20 year old and defending Dasha first off 20 year old is not pedophilia it's 20-story that's an adult what that makes no sense Edwin announces in a new video about her fuckery hinting at her lol cow posts an old clip resurfaces of - a yelling Sieg Heil mein Fuhrer and just very anti-semitic Semitic things I see as your path to see in warning you're about to be triggered these are tweets clips from baby Dash's Twitter that has now since been deleted after this controversy she says I need y'all to sincere images of Nazi or SS haircuts he's getting a haircut and needs inspiration which is okay but then going forward she says you do a Nazi salute and say Shamim yeah I don't even T pronounce it I'm not German but she is friendly reminder that I am a Nazi Wow and her and see her dance - and I want to point out that this this this that I'm reading it's an anonymous thing but it was actually identified as her so she is saying her and see her dance - Hitler music video on his stream as a joke get over it it happened a long time ago it doesn't mean she's a Nazi a racist well that's weird because down here below this other piece right here this other anonymous person who had just so happens to have been identified as Kasia he says IDI when a Mexican tells her it when a Mexican tells her Clint claims she's illegal with no proof which looks bad on his Mexican side best friends and I know you guys are watching Rick what's up my brother tell me you slapped this girl right in the face if you if you said this if you could reach her you slap her through this screen violence but this is very very racist extremely if that didn't make you dislike this girl enough already this goes German mmm there needs no context from me on this I'll just let you guys form your own opinion but wait there's more as you can see she says anonymously might I add I just watched Mina's love stream and I seriously hate her she talks like a retard child the word the word a retard triggers me as my aunt is was special bless her heart may she rest in peace that's trigger warning on that well what if you make several fake can't anonymous accounts under different anonymous usernames talk to yourself not only in the third person but if you have you're talking in the first person the the second person and third person you you've reached the realm of creepy to where you're you you're the first person to ever talk about yourself in fourth dimension you are a fourth dimensional hater that's that's crazy you heard it here according to that phrase she's a fourth dimensional hater moving on when all these things were figured out of course she reacted by deleting her Twitter and profiting her Instagram account Dasha announces getting therapy for her depression a truth blog is made and immediately attacked by a user who outs himself as hint a guy it's a beautiful name what we should do is respect this person right off the bat he is known as the notorious Dasha white knight this guy has got me thinking that it can't only be that's right you guessed it Vincent Cyr or Ryan himself it makes sense to me it's his girlfriend he's going to defend his girlfriend unless he's got like three other four other girlfriends which I heard he was into will while all this mess was happening Edwyn taked takes ear to core over unpaid debts and actually won but he's yet to be paid if you want to know more on that story I'm gonna have the video link to his video in the description below one of the other really disturbing things is that she accused Edmonds girlfriend Mina and for copying as you can see here she posted well not her it was posted anonymously as somebody else but it was found out to be her says there's actually a lot of proof Mina copies Dasha as look she's talking to about herself and in the fourth dimension copies Dasha as much as she you just have to look harder if there's a lot of evidence of somebody doing stuff you don't you don't have to look harder it's there's a lot of it remember you said it yourself there's a lot of it and Dasha also Ward this ugly coat before her I am NOT saying - is super original just showing it you that mean it is just as stupid she insulted herself in the fourth dimension that's crazy but know this it I put this on here specifically to show you yes that is the same jacket same similar jacket but this is the company that was reaching out to Mina for a brand deal before Dasha here he says hey babe we all have fallen in love with your style and vibe here and would love to send you some pieces if you would be interested very interested I love your orange coat this one would would that be a piece I could choose and they say yes and they send it to her and here we go fourth dimension girl says there's actual proof - you're provided with pictures top and Twitter it's baby - victimizing and there's a whole thread where - just shows how Mina also copied her with date she posted that way back when Mina's started whining again about how Dasha is so creepy hmm these were leaked photos that were actually leaked by dasha saying Meena is not a ferret the fairest of beauties posted her nude pictures which are absolutely illegal to do and even took pictures of her and photoshopped them to make her look bigger than she was like literally that's creepy pure definition of creepy it looks to me like Dasha is what they call a sociopath maybe even narcissistic and many different others I'm sure you you were already thinking the same let's look up the definitions and see if that could have a match the characteristics of a sociopath make up who he is a sociopath traits influence with what he does a sociopath is a cold callous and calculating individual also has a pattern of lying irresponsibility manipulation and lack of emotion may be the type of person that would create four different accounts anonymously and talk to themselves repetitively proving points to themselves and posting pictures to themselves about themselves and then talking it's like it's confusing because it's fourth dimensional it's talking in the fourth dimension I've got a headache now there is so much more to this story there's more to this story than I could ever possibly put in this one video but I'm gonna put Edwin's channel in the description below and you need to go March these videos I'm going to reach out to baby Dasha and try to see if I can get a comment from her so you're gonna want to make sure you're following the RIP Zilla Twitter and if you're not fond the result whitter make sure you're on the rips of discord links are on the channel and in the description you are going to wanna see what happens next guys this is absolutely crazy so as interesting as this is there's always something this morning to me that's right you guessed it I want to know what you think it's much go ahead leave your creative and/or interesting responses in the comment box be there's always brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video I'm not saying that you know these people are particularly just the worst horrible human beings I'm just saying that they they have some things that any work on they probably need to go see a psychologist a therapist drink more coffee and you know probably they should start ripping ripping or Gregan and how do you become a member of the red squad all you gotta do is subscribe notifications turned off be in the comment section every single video cuz I'm gonna be there Greg the cat's gonna be there in the rest of the Brett school community is going to be there and I expect to see you there too because this channel loves you



Vera Ivanovna Nazina was born on 26 April 1931 in Leningrad, USSR. In 1945-1946 she engaged in the art studio of the House of Young Pioneers and Schoolchildren of Dzerzhinsky district of Leningrad.

In 1947, Vera Nazina entered the сeramics department of the School of Art and Industry in Leningrad. In 1950, Vera Nazina transferred at the faculty of monumental and decorative painting, she studied of Alexander Kazantsev, Ivan Stepashkin, Piotr Buchkin, Gleb Savinov.[3]

In 1955, Vera Nazina graduated from Higher School of Art and Industry named after Vera Mukhina in Alexander Kazantsev workshop. Her graduation work was genre painting named "Children at harvest".

Vera Nazina has participated in Art Exhibitions Since 1958. She paints portraits, genre paintings, home interiors, landscapes, still life, sketches from the life. Vera Nazina mostly works in the technique of tempera painting and watercolors. Her personal exhibitions were in Leningrad (1984), and in 1985 in towns of Slantsy and Ivangorod, both in Leningrad Province.

The leading theme of Vera Nazina creativity is baby images, people and way of life of the northern Russian countryside. Her paintings are distinguished decorative and dominance favorite red and pink tones, penetrating and unifying color works.

In search of plots and original materials for their work, Vera Nazina often traveled to Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region, she visited Kargopol, Shozhma, Nyandoma, Kholmogory, worked in Staraya Ladoga, and on the Academicheskaya Dacha.

Vera Nazina is a member of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - the Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation) since 1960.[4]

Paintings by Vera Ivanovna Nazina reside in State Russian Museum, in Art museums and private collections of Russia, France, Germany, Finland, USA, England, and in other countries.

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