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1938 United States House of Representatives elections

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1938 United States House of Representatives elections

← 1936 November 8, 1938[1] 1940 →

All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
William Brockman Bankhead (Young).jpg
Bertrand Snell cph.3c04408.jpg
Leader William B. Bankhead Bertrand Snell
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 3, 1935 March 4, 1931
Leader's seat Alabama 7th New York 31st
Last election 334 seats 88 seats
Seats won 262 169
Seat change Decrease 72 Increase 81
Popular vote 17,715,450 17,274,585
Percentage 48.7% 47.5%

  Third party Fourth party
Party Progressive Farmer–Labor
Last election 8 seats 5 seats
Seats won 2 1
Seat change Decrease 6 Decrease 4
Popular vote 350,346 342,530
Percentage 1.0% 0.9%

  Fifth party
Party American Labor
Last election 0 seats
Seats won 1
Seat change Increase 1
Popular vote 250,796
Percentage 0.7%

Speaker before election

William Bankhead

Elected Speaker

William Bankhead

The 1938 United States House of Representatives elections was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1938 which occurred in the middle of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's second term. Roosevelt's Democratic Party lost a net of 72 seats to the Republican Party, who also picked up seats from minor Progressive and Farmer–Labor Parties.

Multiple factors contributed to the Democratic decline. One main reason was the Recession of 1937. Unemployment soared, undercutting the Democrats' claim that the New Deal had ended the Great Depression. Democrats fought among themselves, especially over Roosevelt's "Court Packing" plan. In addition, there was backlash against Roosevelt's intervention in the Democratic primaries which angered conservative Democrats.[2] The labor unions, which were emerging as a powerful grassroots factor in the New Deal Coalition, split bitterly as the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations fought over membership.

Internal Democratic strains were exacerbated by an effort led by Roosevelt to purge certain conservative senators for defeat in Democratic primaries, including Walter George of Georgia, Millard Tydings of Maryland and Ellison Smith of South Carolina, along with the chairman of the House Rules Committee, John J. O'Connor of New York. All but the last were reelected.[3]

While a number of New Deal supporters won primary elections, such as Sen. Alben Barkley in Kentucky, who defeated Happy Chandler, In Idaho Sen. James P. Pope, a prominent New Deal supporter, lost his bid for re-nomination, as did California senator William McAdoo. The many seats Democrats won in traditionally Republican districts in the 1930, 1932, 1934 and 1936 elections meant that they had to defend a large number of marginal seats.

Meanwhile, the Republicans were united; they had shed their weakest members in a series of defeats since 1930.[4] Re-energized Republicans focused attention on strong fresh candidates in major states, especially Robert A. Taft the conservative from Ohio,[5] Earl Warren the moderate who won both the Republican and the Democratic primaries in California,[6] and Thomas Dewey the crusading prosecutor from New York.[7] The Republican resurgence in 1938 was made possible by carrying 50% of the vote outside the South, giving GOP leaders confidence it had a strong base for the 1940 presidential election.[8]

Overall, the Democrats lost 72 seats in the House, though with 262 seats, they retained a majority. The defeats were nearly all in the North, as the South resumed its historic role as the Democratic base in Congress.[9]

Overall results

262 1 1 2 169
Democratic AL FL P Republican
Party Total seats (change) Seat percentage Vote percentage Popular vote
Democratic Party 262 Decrease 72 60.2% 48.7% 17,715,450
Republican Party 169 Increase 81 38.9% 47.5% 17,274,585
Progressive Party 2 Decrease 6 0.5% 1.0% 350,346
Farmer–Labor Party 1 Decrease 4 0.2% 0.9% 342,530
American Labor Party 1 Increase 1 0.2% 0.7% 250,796
Socialist Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.4% 141,575
Townsend Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.3% 96,489
Independents 0 Steady 0.0% 0.2% 81,170
Communist Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 28,781
Royal Oak Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 8,783
Prohibition Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 8,499
Union Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 5,905
Socialist Workers Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 2,641
Liberal Labor Choice Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 2,627
Constitutional Democrat Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 971
Socialist Labor Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 753
Kenney For Congress Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 527
Freedom Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 492
Create Steady Employment Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 489
State Rights Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 314
Pathfinders Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 215
Commonwealth Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 113
Others 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 45,368
Totals 435 Steady 100.0% 100.0% 36,359,419

Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk

Popular vote
American Labor
House seats
American Labor
  House seats by party holding plurality in state     80%+ to 100% Democratic    80%+ to 100% Republican     60%+ to 80% Democratic    60%+ to 80% Republican     Up to 60% Democratic    Up to 60% Republican
House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80%+ to 100% Democratic
  80%+ to 100% Republican
  60%+ to 80% Democratic
  60%+ to 80% Republican
  Up to 60% Democratic
  Up to 60% Republican
  Net gain per state     6+ Democratic gain    6+ Republican gain     3-5 Democratic gain    3-5 Republican gain     1-2 Democratic gain    1-2 Republican gain     no net change
Net gain per state
  6+ Democratic gain
  6+ Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain

  no net change

List of races


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama 1 Frank W. Boykin Democratic 1935 Re-elected Frank W. Boykin (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2 George M. Grant Democratic 1938 Re-elected George M. Grant (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3 Henry B. Steagall Democratic 1914 Re-elected Henry B. Steagall (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4 Sam Hobbs Democratic 1934 Re-elected Sam Hobbs (D) 88.2%
C. W. McKay (R) 11.8%
Alabama 5 Joe Starnes Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joe Starnes (D) 99.7%
Frank J. Payne (I) 0.3%
Alabama 6 Pete Jarman Democratic 1936 Re-elected Pete Jarman (D) Unopposed
Alabama 7 William B. Bankhead Democratic 1916 Re-elected William B. Bankhead (D) 71.3%
E. M. Reed (R) 28.7%
Alabama 8 John Sparkman Democratic 1936 Re-elected John Sparkman (D) Unopposed
Alabama 9 Luther Patrick Democratic 1936 Re-elected Luther Patrick (D) 93.5%
J. G. Bass (R) 6.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona At-large John R. Murdock Democratic 1936 Re-elected John R. Murdock (D) 80.3%
M. E. Cassidy (R) 19.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 William J. Driver Democratic 1920 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Ezekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Vacant 1930 John E. Miller (D) resigned November 14, 1937 when elected to U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Wilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3 Claude Fuller Democratic 1928 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Clyde T. Ellis (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 4 William B. Cravens Democratic 1932 Re-elected William B. Cravens (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 5 David D. Terry Democratic 1933 Re-elected David D. Terry (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 6 John Little McClellan Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
William F. Norrell (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 7 Wade H. Kitchens Democratic 1936 Re-elected Wade H. Kitchens (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Clarence F. Lea Democratic 1916 Re-elected Clarence F. Lea (D) 63.0%
Ernest S. Mitchell (Townsend) 37.0%
California 2 Harry Lane Englebright Republican 1926 Re-elected Harry Lane Englebright (R) Unopposed
California 3 Frank H. Buck Democratic 1932 Re-elected Frank H. Buck (D) 93.3%
Nora Conklin (C) 6.5%
George C. Kimber (W/I) 0.3%
California 4 Franck R. Havenner Democratic 1936 Re-elected Franck R. Havenner (D) 61.2%
Kennett B. Dawson (R) 38.8%
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican 1926 Re-elected Richard J. Welch (R) Unopposed
California 6 Albert E. Carter Republican 1924 Re-elected Albert E. Carter (R) 94.4%
Dave L. Saunders (C) 5.6%
California 7 John H. Tolan Democratic 1934 Re-elected John H. Tolan (D) 55.3%
Charles Wade Snook (R) 44.7%
California 8 John J. McGrath Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Jack Z. Anderson (R) 55.0%
John J. McGrath (D) 45.0%
California 9 Bertrand W. Gearhart Republican 1934 Re-elected Bertrand W. Gearhart (R) 96.3%
George H. Sciaroni (W/I) 3.7%
California 10 Alfred J. Elliott Democratic 1937 Re-elected Alfred J. Elliott (D) 67.3%
F. Fred Hoelscher (R) 32.7%
California 11 John S. McGroarty Democratic 1934 Retired to run for Secretary of State of California
Republican gain
Carl Hinshaw (R) 47.0%
Carl Stuart Hamblen (D) 41.1%
Ralph D. Horton (Townsend) 8.7%
John R. Grey (Prog) 2.6%
Orla E. Lair (C) 0.6%
California 12 Jerry Voorhis Democratic 1936 Re-elected Jerry Voorhis (D) 60.8%
Eugene W. Nixon (R) 32.8%
Russell R. Hand (Townsend) 6.4%
California 13 Charles Kramer Democratic 1932 Re-elected Charles Kramer (D) 65.9%
K. L. Stockton (R) 30.7%
Louis Baron (C) 3.5%
California 14 Thomas F. Ford Democratic 1932 Re-elected Thomas F. Ford (D) 68.3%
William D. Campbell (R) 31.7%
California 15 John M. Costello Democratic 1934 Re-elected John M. Costello (D) 60.4%
O. D. Thomas (R) 37.4%
Emil Freed (C) 2.1%
California 16 John F. Dockweiler Democratic 1932 Retired to run for Governor
Lost re-election as Independent
Republican gain
Leland M. Ford (R) 62.8%
John F. Dockweiler (W/I) 21.2%
Ted E. Felt (Townsend) 10.3%
J. Barton Hutchins (Prog) 4.3%
La Rue McCormick (C) 1.3%
California 17 Charles J. Colden Democratic 1932 Died in office
Democratic hold
Lee E. Geyer (D) 58.8%
Clifton A. Hix (R) 28.0%
Fred C. Wagner (Townsend) 9.2%
Robert O. Bates (Prog) 3.9%
California 18 Byron N. Scott Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Thomas M. Eaton (R) 48.6%
Byron N. Scott (D) 48.3%
Solomon Carr (Prog) 3.1%
California 19 Harry R. Sheppard Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harry R. Sheppard (D) 53.3%
C. T. Johnson (R) 46.7%
California 20 Edouard Izac Democratic 1936 Re-elected Edouard Izac (D) 60.4%
John L. Bacon (R) 39.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 Lawrence Lewis Democratic 1932 Re-elected Lawrence Lewis (D) 65.3%
William I. Reilly (R) 33.4%
Edgar P. Sherman (S) 0.7%
Oliver L. Barnes (Proh) 0.5%
Colorado 2 Fred Nelson Cummings Democratic 1932 Re-elected Fred Nelson Cummings (D) 51.7%
William S. Hill (R) 47.6%
Charles R. Axelson (S) 0.6%
Colorado 3 John Andrew Martin Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Andrew Martin (D) 57.4%
Henry Leonard (R) 42.6%
Colorado 4 Edward Thomas Taylor Democratic 1908 Re-elected Edward Thomas Taylor (D) 63.7%
John S. Woody (R) 36.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 Herman P. Kopplemann Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William J. Miller (R) 43.5%
Herman P. Kopplemann (D) 40.8%
Edward C. Roffler (S) 15.7%
Connecticut 2 William J. Fitzgerald Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Thomas R. Ball (R) 48.4%
William J. Fitzgerald (D) 45.2%
Thomas E. Bowman (S) 6.4%
Connecticut 3 James A. Shanley Democratic 1934 Re-elected James A. Shanley (D) 43.4%
Ranulf Compton (R) 43.2%
Harry Watstein (S) 13.3%
Ernest Castigliani (Lab) 0.1%
Connecticut 4 Alfred N. Phillips Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Albert E. Austin (R) 43.4%
Alfred N. Phillips (D) 31.4%
Charles H. McLevy (S) 24.9%
Jack C. Bergen (Lab) 0.2%
Clara Scala (C) 0.1%
Connecticut 5 J. Joseph Smith Democratic 1934 Re-elected J. Joseph Smith (D) 42.0%
Roy E. Rice (R) 41.8%
John W. Ring (C) 16.2%
Connecticut At-large William M. Citron Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
B. J. Monkiewicz (R) 43.1%
William M. Citron (D) 39.7%
Arthur F. King (S) 15.8%
Alfred Johnson (Soc-Lab) 1.1%
F. Henry Sattler (Union) 0.2%
Jacob Winnewisser (Lab) 0.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large William F. Allen Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
George S. Williams (R) 55.9%
William F. Allen (D) 43.3%
William J. Highfield (Ind Rep) 0.8%
Ralph L. Brown (Prog) 0.10%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 J. Hardin Peterson Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. Hardin Peterson (D) Unopposed
Florida 2 Robert A. Green Democratic 1932 Re-elected Robert A. Green (D) Unopposed
Florida 3 Millard F. Caldwell Democratic 1932 Re-elected Millard F. Caldwell (D) Unopposed
Florida 4 J. Mark Wilcox Democratic 1932 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Pat Cannon (D) 81.5%
J. S. G. Gallagher (R) 18.5%
Florida 5 Joe Hendricks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Joe Hendricks (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 Hugh Peterson Democratic 1934 Re-elected Hugh Peterson (D) 99.3%
H. W. Shepard (R) 0.7%
Georgia 2 Edward E. Cox Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward E. Cox (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3 Stephen Pace Democratic 1936 Re-elected Stephen Pace (D) 100.0%
Alexander Stephens Mitchell (I) 0.02%
Georgia 4 Emmett Marshall Owen Democratic 1932 Re-elected Emmett Marshall Owen (D) Unopposed
Georgia 5 Robert Ramspeck Democratic 1929 Re-elected Robert Ramspeck (D) 97.2%
Henry A. Alexander (R) 2.8%
Georgia 6 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) 99.9%
H. W. Shepard (R) 0.1%
Georgia 7 Malcolm C. Tarver Democratic 1926 Re-elected Malcolm C. Tarver (D) 100.0%
Alexander Stephens Mitchell (I) 0.02%
Georgia 8 Braswell Deen Democratic 1932 Retired
Democratic hold
W. Benjamin Gibbs (D) Unopposed
Georgia 9 B. Frank Whelchel Democratic 1934 Re-elected B. Frank Whelchel (D) 99.9%
E. L. McCravey (I) 0.1%
Georgia 10 Paul Brown Democratic 1933 Re-elected Paul Brown (D) 94.4%
D. Talmadge Bowers (I) 4.6%
Mrs. A. R. Shivers (I) 1.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 Compton I. White Democratic 1932 Re-elected Compton I. White (D) 62.8%
Rex T. Hensen (R) 37.2%
Idaho 2 David Worth Clark Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Henry C. Dworshak (R) 53.6%
Bert H. Miller (D) 46.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 Arthur W. Mitchell Democratic 1934 Re-elected Arthur W. Mitchell (D) 53.4%
William L. Dawson (R) 46.6%
Illinois 2 Raymond S. McKeough Democratic 1934 Re-elected Raymond S. McKeough (D) 54.4%
Noble W. Lee (R) 45.6%
Illinois 3 Edward A. Kelly Democratic 1930 Re-elected Edward A. Kelly (D) 56.0%
Goodwin L. Dosland (R) 44.0%
Illinois 4 Harry P. Beam Democratic 1930 Re-elected Harry P. Beam (D) 76.4%
Dominic M. Janec, Jr. (R) 23.6%
Illinois 5 Adolph J. Sabath Democratic 1906 Re-elected Adolph J. Sabath (D) 74.8%
Max Price (R) 25.2%
Illinois 6 Thomas J. O'Brien Democratic 1932 Retired to run for sheriff of Cook County
Democratic hold
A. F. Maciejewski (D) 58.7%
Robert Isham Randolph (R) 41.3%
Illinois 7 Leonard W. Schuetz Democratic 1930 Re-elected Leonard W. Schuetz (D) 54.3%
James C. Moreland (R) 45.7%
Illinois 8 Leo Kocialkowski Democratic 1932 Re-elected Leo Kocialkowski (D) 75.3%
Rena E. Pikiel (R) 24.7%
Illinois 9 James McAndrews Democratic 1934 Re-elected James McAndrews (D) 52.7%
Charles S. Dewey (R) 47.3%
Illinois 10 Ralph E. Church Republican 1934 Re-elected Ralph E. Church (R) 58.1%
Joseph F. Elward (D) 41.9%
Illinois 11 Chauncey W. Reed Republican 1934 Re-elected Chauncey W. Reed (R) 65.9%
William J. Bossingham (D) 34.1%
Illinois 12 Noah M. Mason Republican 1936 Re-elected Noah M. Mason (R) 60.7%
Edward C. Hunter (D) 39.3%
Illinois 13 Leo E. Allen Republican 1932 Re-elected Leo E. Allen (R) 65.6%
Theodore A. Secker (D) 34.4%
Illinois 14 Chester Thompson Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Anton J. Johnson (R) 51.5%
Chester Thompson (D) 48.5%
Illinois 15 Lewis L. Boyer Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Robert B. Chiperfield (R) 54.5%
Lewis L. Boyer (D) 45.5%
Illinois 16 Everett Dirksen Republican 1932 Re-elected Everett Dirksen (R) 63.5%
James C. Dillon (D) 36.5%
Illinois 17 Leslie C. Arends Republican 1934 Re-elected Leslie C. Arends (R) 60.9%
Thomas V. Watson (D) 39.1%
Illinois 18 James A. Meeks Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Jessie Sumner (R) 55.3%
James A. Meeks (D) 44.7%
Illinois 19 Hugh M. Rigney Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William H. Wheat (R) 51.5%
Hugh M. Rigney (D) 48.5%
Illinois 20 Scott W. Lucas Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
James M. Barnes (D) 55.4%
Stuart E. Pierson (R) 44.6%
Illinois 21 Frank W. Fries Democratic 1936 Re-elected Frank W. Fries (D) 50.3%
Frank M. Ramey (R) 49.7%
Illinois 22 Edwin M. Schaefer Democratic 1932 Re-elected Edwin M. Schaefer (D) 52.4%
Jesse R. Brown (R) 47.6%
Illinois 23 Laurence F. Arnold Democratic 1936 Re-elected Laurence F. Arnold (D) 53.8%
O. A. James (R) 46.2%
Illinois 24 Claude V. Parsons Democratic 1930 Re-elected Claude V. Parsons (D) 51.1%
R. R. Randolph (R) 48.9%
Illinois 25 Kent E. Keller Democratic 1930 Re-elected Kent E. Keller (D) 52.3%
R. G. Crisenberry (R) 47.7%
Illinois At-large Lewis M. Long Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Thomas Vernor Smith (D) 25.9%
John C. Martin (D) 25.7%
Stephen A. Day (R) 24.2%
Simon E. Lantz (R) 24.0%
Harmon W. Reed (Proh) 0.2%
A. G. Carnine (Proh) 0.1%
Illinois At-large Edwin V. Champion Democratic 1936 Retired
Democratic hold


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 William T. Schulte Democratic 1932 Re-elected William T. Schulte (D) 54.9%
M. Elliott Belshaw (R) 45.0%
Ralph Logsdon (S) 0.07%
Indiana 2 Charles A. Halleck Republican 1935 Re-elected Charles A. Halleck (R) 57.8%
Homer Stonebraker (D) 42.2%
Indiana 3 Samuel B. Pettengill Democratic 1930 Retired
Republican gain
Robert A. Grant (R) 51.0%
George N. Beamer (D) 49.0%
Indiana 4 James I. Farley Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
George W. Gillie (R) 58.1%
James I. Farley (D) 41.9%
Indiana 5 Glenn Griswold Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Forest A. Harness (R) 54.7%
Glenn Griswold (D) 45.3%
Indiana 6 Virginia Jenckes Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Noble J. Johnson (R) 50.6%
Virginia Jenckes (D) 49.4%
Indiana 7 Arthur H. Greenwood Democratic 1922 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Gerald W. Landis (R) 51.1%
Arthur H. Greenwood (D) 48.9%
Indiana 8 John W. Boehne, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected John W. Boehne, Jr. (D) 56.4%
Charles F. Werner (R) 43.6%
Indiana 9 Eugene B. Crowe Democratic 1930 Re-elected Eugene B. Crowe (D) 52.1%
Clifford H. Long (R) 47.9%
Indiana 10 Finly Hutchinson Gray Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Raymond S. Springer (R) 53.5%
Finly Hutchinson Gray (D) 46.5%
Indiana 11 William H. Larrabee Democratic 1930 Re-elected William H. Larrabee (D) 51.6%
William O. Nelson (R) 48.4%
Indiana 12 Louis Ludlow Democratic 1928 Re-elected Louis Ludlow (D) 53.7%
Charles W. Jewett (R) 46.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 Edward C. Eicher Democratic 1932 Retired
Republican gain
Thomas E. Martin (R) 57.7%
James P. Goffney (D) 41.8%
Herman O. Hansen (FL) 0.5%
Iowa 2 William S. Jacobsen Democratic 1936 Re-elected William S. Jacobsen (D) 50.3%
Alfred C. Mueller (R) 49.7%
Iowa 3 John W. Gwynne Republican 1934 Re-elected John W. Gwynne (R) 59.7%
W. F. Hayes (D) 39.5%
Alderdyce (FL) 0.5%
Trickey (Prog) 0.3%
Iowa 4 Fred Bierman Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Henry O. Talle (R) 51.9%
Fred Bierman (D) 47.6%
Wilbur L. Peck (FL) 0.6%
Iowa 5 Lloyd Thurston Republican 1924 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
Karl M. LeCompte (R) 53.9%
Ruth F. Hollingshead (D) 46.1%
Iowa 6 Cassius C. Dowell Republican 1936 Re-elected Cassius C. Dowell (R) 58.5%
Hubert Utterback (D) 40.5%
Pugh (Prog) 0.4%
Hugh Fagan (FL) 0.4%
Tennant (Proh) 0.1%
Iowa 7 Otha D. Wearin Democratic 1932 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Ben F. Jensen (R) 59.0%
Roger F. Warin (D) 40.8%
G. L. Harrison (FL) 0.3%
Iowa 8 Fred C. Gilchrist Republican 1930 Re-elected Fred C. Gilchrist (R) 62.5%
H. Lloyd Eveland (D) 36.9%
Lowe (FL) 0.6%
Iowa 9 Vincent F. Harrington Democratic 1936 Re-elected Vincent F. Harrington (D) 49.7%
Albert F. Swanson (R) 49.3%
Charles F. Schrunk (FL) 1.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 William P. Lambertson Republican 1928 Re-elected William P. Lambertson (R) 60.3%
H. N. Hensley (D) 39.7%
Kansas 2 Ulysses Samuel Guyer Republican 1926 Re-elected Ulysses Samuel Guyer (R) 56.4%
W. F. Jackson (D) 43.6%
Kansas 3 Edward White Patterson Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Thomas Daniel Winter (R) 53.4%
Edward White Patterson (D) 46.6%
Kansas 4 Edward Herbert Rees Republican 1936 Re-elected Edward Herbert Rees (R) 63.1%
J. Donald Coffin (D) 36.9%
Kansas 5 John Mills Houston Democratic 1934 Re-elected John Mills Houston (D) 50.3%
Stanley Taylor (R) 49.7%
Kansas 6 Frank Carlson Republican 1934 Re-elected Frank Carlson (R) 63.4%
Roy L. Hamilton (D) 36.6%
Kansas 7 Clifford R. Hope Republican 1926 Re-elected Clifford R. Hope (R) 65.5%
Claude E. Main (D) 34.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Noble Jones Gregory Democratic 1936 Re-elected Noble Jones Gregory (D) 76.0%
Alvin H. Schutz (R) 24.0%
Kentucky 2 Beverly M. Vincent Democratic 1937 Re-elected Beverly M. Vincent (D) 63.8%
Richard H. Slack (R) 36.2%
Kentucky 3 Emmet O'Neal Democratic 1934 Re-elected Emmet O'Neal (D) 61.1%
Frank A. Ropke (R) 38.9%
Kentucky 4 Edward W. Creal Democratic 1935 Re-elected Edward W. Creal (D) 59.2%
Harry H. Wilson (R) 40.8%
Kentucky 5 Brent Spence Democratic 1930 Re-elected Brent Spence (D) 68.4%
Joseph Arnold Kreke (R) 31.6%
Kentucky 6 Virgil Chapman Democratic 1930 Re-elected Virgil Chapman (D) 64.8%
Chester D. Silvers (R) 34.8%
Thomas Anderson Brockman (I) 0.4%
Kentucky 7 Andrew J. May Democratic 1930 Re-elected Andrew J. May (D) 53.2%
Hillard H. Smith (R) 46.8%
Kentucky 8 Joe B. Bates Democratic 1930 Re-elected Joe B. Bates (D) 58.8%
H. Clell Hayes (R) 41.2%
Kentucky 9 John M. Robsion Republican 1934 Re-elected John M. Robsion (R) 66.8%
Bert Rowland (D) 33.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 Joachim O. Fernandez Democratic 1930 Re-elected Joachim O. Fernandez (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 2 Paul H. Maloney Democratic 1930 Re-elected Paul H. Maloney (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 3 Robert L. Mouton Democratic 1936 Re-elected Robert L. Mouton (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 4 Overton Brooks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Overton Brooks (D) 99.6%
Ben Neal (I) 0.4%
Louisiana 5 Newt V. Mills Democratic 1936 Re-elected Newt V. Mills (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 John K. Griffith Democratic 1936 Re-elected John K. Griffith (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 René L. De Rouen Democratic 1927 Re-elected René L. De Rouen (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 A. Leonard Allen Democratic 1936 Re-elected A. Leonard Allen (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 James C. Oliver Republican 1936 Re-elected James C. Oliver (R) 59.0%
Harold B. Emery (D) 41.0%
Maine 2 Clyde H. Smith Republican 1936 Re-elected Clyde H. Smith (R) 54.3%
F. Harold Dubord (D) 45.7%
Maine 3 Ralph Owen Brewster Republican 1934 Re-elected Ralph Owen Brewster (R) 63.4%
Melvin P. Roberts (D) 36.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 T. Alan Goldsborough Democratic 1920 Re-elected T. Alan Goldsborough (D) 62.8%
Charles H. Gibson (R) 37.2%
Maryland 2 William P. Cole, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected William P. Cole, Jr. (D) 66.3%
Irving H. Mezger (R) 32.5%
Eric Arlt (Union) 1.2%
Maryland 3 Vincent Luke Palmisano Democratic 1926 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. (D) 56.6%
John A. Janetzke, Jr. (R) 43.4%
Maryland 4 Ambrose Jerome Kennedy Democratic 1932 Re-elected Ambrose Jerome Kennedy (D) 50.2%
Daniel Ellison (R) 49.8%
Maryland 5 Stephen W. Gambrill Democratic 1924 Re-elected Stephen W. Gambrill (D) 68.0%
A. Kingsley Love (R) 28.6%
John N. Torvestad (Prog) 2.0%
David L. Elliott (I) 1.4%
Maryland 6 David John Lewis Democratic 1930 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
William D. Byron (D) 50.8%
A. Charles Stewart (R) 49.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 Allen T. Treadway Republican 1912 Re-elected Allen T. Treadway (R) 58.8%
Owen Johnson (D) 41.2%
Massachusetts 2 Charles R. Clason Republican 1936 Re-elected Charles R. Clason (R) 61.9%
James F. Egan (D) 38.1%
Massachusetts 3 Joseph E. Casey Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joseph E. Casey (D) 51.8%
J. Walton Tuttle (R) 48.2%
Massachusetts 4 Pehr G. Holmes Republican 1930 Re-elected Pehr G. Holmes (R) 54.1%
Edward A. Ryan (D) 45.9%
Massachusetts 5 Edith Nourse Rogers Republican 1925 Re-elected Edith Nourse Rogers (R) 74.8%
Francis J. Roane (D) 25.2%
Massachusetts 6 George J. Bates Republican 1936 Re-elected George J. Bates (R) 74.7%
James D. Burns (D) 25.3%
Massachusetts 7 Lawrence J. Connery Democratic 1937 Re-elected Lawrence J. Connery (D) 63.8%
George W. Eastman (R) 36.2%
Massachusetts 8 Arthur D. Healey Democratic 1932 Re-elected Arthur D. Healey (D) 55.1%
Rufus H. Bond (R) 44.9%
Massachusetts 9 Robert Luce Republican 1936 Re-elected Robert Luce (R) 50.7%
Thomas H. Eliot (D) 49.3%
Massachusetts 10 George H. Tinkham Republican 1914 Re-elected George H. Tinkham (R) 64.4%
Martin J. Kelly (D) 35.6%
Massachusetts 11 Thomas A. Flaherty Democratic 1937 Re-elected Thomas A. Flaherty (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 12 John William McCormack Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) 77.1%
Henry J. Allen (R) 22.9%
Massachusetts 13 Richard B. Wigglesworth Republican 1928 Re-elected Richard B. Wigglesworth (R) 68.4%
Andrew T. Clancy (D) 31.6%
Massachusetts 14 Joseph William Martin, Jr. Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 58.7%
Lawrence J. Bresnahan (D) 40.5%
Mortimer A. Sullivan (Progressive Labor) 0.8%
Massachusetts 15 Charles L. Gifford Republican 1922 Re-elected Charles L. Gifford (R) 59.0%
John D. W. Bodfish (D) 41.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 George G. Sadowski Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Rudolph G. Tenerowicz (D) 80.4%
Charles A. Roxborough (R) 18.8%
Ben Fischer (S) 0.4%
John Johns (Const Dem) 0.3%
Theos A. Grove (Soc-Lab) 0.07%
Michigan 2 Earl C. Michener Republican 1934 Re-elected Earl C. Michener (R) 64.4%
Walter C. Averill, Jr. (D) 35.5%
Florence Howard (Commonwealth) 0.04%
Edmund T. Taylor (Soc-Lab) 0.03%
Michigan 3 Paul W. Shafer Republican 1936 Re-elected Paul W. Shafer (R) 66.0%
Gordon L. Stewart (D) 33.9%
Duly McCone (Commonwealth) 0.05%
Michigan 4 Clare E. Hoffman Republican 1934 Re-elected Clare E. Hoffman (R) 59.2%
Felix Racette (D) 40.8%
Michigan 5 Carl E. Mapes Republican 1912 Re-elected Carl E. Mapes (R) 59.1%
Tunis Johnson (D) 40.9%
Michigan 6 Andrew J. Transue Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William W. Blackney (R) 55.0%
Andrew J. Transue (D) 45.0%
Arthur H. McMaster (Commonwealth) 0.02%
Michigan 7 Jesse P. Wolcott Republican 1930 Re-elected Jesse P. Wolcott (R) 69.0%
Charles F. Mann (D) 31.0%
Michigan 8 Fred L. Crawford Republican 1934 Re-elected Fred L. Crawford (R) 58.7%
Louis C. Schwinger (D) 41.3%
Michigan 9 Albert J. Engel Republican 1934 Re-elected Albert J. Engel (R) 58.2%
Noel P. Fox (D) 41.8%
Michigan 10 Roy O. Woodruff Republican 1920 Re-elected Roy O. Woodruff (R) 66.3%
Harold C. Bellows (D) 33.5%
Charles B. Asselin (Const Dem) 0.2%
Michigan 11 John F. Luecke Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Frederick Van Ness Bradley (R) 51.4%
John F. Luecke (D) 48.6%
Michigan 12 Frank Eugene Hook Democratic 1934 Re-elected Frank Eugene Hook (D) 51.7%
John B. Bennett (R) 48.3%
Michigan 13 George D. O'Brien Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Clarence J. McLeod (R) 50.6%
George D. O'Brien (D) 48.9%
Louis Busker (S) 0.2%
Edward A. Carey (Const Dem) 0.2%
Theodore Gramaticoff (Soc-Lab) 0.05%
Michigan 14 Louis C. Rabaut Democratic 1934 Re-elected Louis C. Rabaut (D) 57.6%
O. Z. Ide (R) 42.1%
Loren Walters (S) 0.2%
Stanley Romanski (Const Dem) 0.1%
John Vonica (Soc-Lab) 0.02%
Michigan 15 John D. Dingell, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John D. Dingell, Sr. (D) 54.0%
Archie C. Fraser (R) 45.6%
Francis King (S) 0.2%
Francis J. McDonald (Const Dem) 0.2%
Edith Walzel (Soc-Lab) 0.04%
Michigan 16 John Lesinski, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Lesinski, Sr. (D) 55.1%
John L. Carey (R) 44.5%
J. G. Betz (S) 0.2%
Leonard R. Kolpacke (Const Dem) 0.2%
Joseph Vers (S) 0.08%
Michigan 17 George A. Dondero Republican 1932 Re-elected George A. Dondero (R) 61.4%
Samuel G. Backus (D) 38.3%
Walter Allmendiger (S) 0.2%
W. Clifford Bentley (Soc-Lab) 0.09%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 August H. Andresen Republican 1934 Re-elected August H. Andresen (R) 64.9%
Ray G. Moonan (D) 35.1%
Minnesota 2 Elmer Ryan Democratic 1934 Re-elected Elmer Ryan (D) 43.6%
Joseph P. O'Hara (R) 35.9%
C. F. Gaarenstroom (FL) 20.5%
Minnesota 3 Henry Teigan Farmer–Labor 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John G. Alexander (R) 45.3%
Henry Teigan (FL) 42.8%
Martin A. Hogan (D) 11.9%
Minnesota 4 Melvin J. Maas Republican 1934 Re-elected Melvin J. Maas (R) 53.1%
Howard Y. Williams (FL) 35.8%
A. B. C. Doherty (D) 11.1%
Minnesota 5 Dewey Johnson Farmer–Labor 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Oscar Youngdahl (R) 54.7%
Dewey Johnson (FL) 36.8%
John L. Gleason (D) 8.6%
Minnesota 6 Harold Knutson Republican 1934 Re-elected Harold Knutson (R) 63.2%
Harry W. Christianson (FL) 28.5%
Harold F. Deering (D) 8.3%
Minnesota 7 Paul John Kvale Farmer–Labor 1929 Lost re-election
Republican gain
H. Carl Andersen (R) 42.6%
Paul John Kvale (FL) 36.7%
J. L. O'Connor (D) 16.7%
Albert S. Falk (I) 4.1%
Minnesota 8 John Bernard Farmer–Labor 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William Alvin Pittenger (R) 51.8%
John Bernard (FL) 41.4%
Merle J. McKeon (D) 6.8%
Minnesota 9 Rich T. Buckler Farmer–Labor 1934 Re-elected Rich T. Buckler (FL) 42.0%
Ole O. Sageng (R) 38.5%
Martin O. Brandon (D) 19.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 John E. Rankin Democratic 1920 Re-elected John E. Rankin (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 2 Wall Doxey Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wall Doxey (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3 William Madison Whittington Democratic 1924 Re-elected William Madison Whittington (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 4 Aaron L. Ford Democratic 1934 Re-elected Aaron L. Ford (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 5 Ross A. Collins Democratic 1936 Re-elected Ross A. Collins (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 6 William M. Colmer Democratic 1932 Re-elected William M. Colmer (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 7 Dan R. McGehee Democratic 1934 Re-elected Dan R. McGehee (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Milton A. Romjue Democratic 1922 Re-elected Milton A. Romjue (D) 54.7%
James Grover Morgan (R) 45.2%
R. D. Morrison (S) 0.06%
Missouri 2 William L. Nelson Democratic 1934 Re-elected William L. Nelson (D) 57.9%
Mrs. George B. Simmons (R) 42.0%
H. V. Ousley (S) 0.05%
Missouri 3 Richard M. Duncan Democratic 1932 Re-elected Richard M. Duncan (D) 55.3%
Fred Maughmer (R) 44.7%
Missouri 4 C. Jasper Bell Democratic 1934 Re-elected C. Jasper Bell (D) 80.4%
George E. Kimball (R) 19.6%
W. F. Rinck (S) 0.01%
Henke (Soc-Lab) 0.01%
Missouri 5 Joe Shannon Democratic 1930 Re-elected Joe Shannon (D) 81.0%
Leslie J. Lyons (R) 19.0%
Hiltner (Soc-Lab) 0.001%
Missouri 6 Reuben T. Wood Democratic 1932 Re-elected Reuben T. Wood (D) 50.3%
Phil A. Bennett (R) 49.7%
Umstead (Soc-Lab) 0.01%
Missouri 7 Dewey Short Republican 1934 Re-elected Dewey Short (R) 56.3%
Frank H. Lee (D) 43.6%
Louise Carpenter (S) 0.1%
Missouri 8 Clyde Williams Democratic 1930 Re-elected Clyde Williams (D) 55.3%
Homer S. Cotton (R) 44.7%
Doyen (Soc-Lab) 0.02%
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 60.5%
F. B. Meyer (R) 39.4%
Harry Shumaker (S) 0.07%
Missouri 10 Orville Zimmerman Democratic 1934 Re-elected Orville Zimmerman (D) 58.9%
Ralph Hutchison (R) 41.0%
Frank Jones (S) 0.08%
Missouri 11 Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. Democratic 1934 Re-elected Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. (D) 61.8%
William E. Buder (R) 37.9%
Paul W. Preisler (S) 0.2%
Wagoner (Soc-Lab) 0.06%
Missouri 12 Charles Arthur Anderson Democratic 1936 Re-elected Charles Arthur Anderson (D) 52.0%
Russell J. Horsefield (R) 47.6%
Kovaka (S) 0.4%
Genck (Soc-Lab) 0.06%
Missouri 13 John J. Cochran Democratic 1926 Re-elected John J. Cochran (D) 69.0%
William Gray (R) 30.9%
A. W. Nichols (S) 0.1%
Kochendorfer (Soc-Lab) 0.03%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 Jerry J. O'Connell Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Jacob Thorkelson (R) 54.4%
Jerry J. O'Connell (D) 45.6%
Montana 2 James F. O'Connor Democratic 1936 Re-elected James F. O'Connor (D) 53.8%
W. C. Husband (R) 46.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 Henry Carl Luckey Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
George H. Heinke (R) 47.0%
Henry Carl Luckey (D) 46.6%
Catherine F. McGerr (I) 6.4%
Nebraska 2 Charles F. McLaughlin Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles F. McLaughlin (D) 57.3%
M. F. Mulvaney (R) 39.9%
James Levi Nelson (I) 2.7%
Nebraska 3 Karl Stefan Republican 1934 Re-elected Karl Stefan (R) 75.3%
Edgar Howard (D) 24.7%
Nebraska 4 Charles Gustav Binderup Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Carl T. Curtis (R) 58.2%
Charles Gustav Binderup (D) 41.8%
Nebraska 5 Harry B. Coffee Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harry B. Coffee (D) 62.4%
William E. Shuman (R) 34.1%
Milford Flood (I) 3.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large James G. Scrugham Democratic 1932 Re-elected James G. Scrugham (D) 66.4%
Harry E. Stewart (R) 33.6%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Alphonse Roy Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Arthur B. Jenks (R) 53.9%
Alphonse Roy (D) 46.1%
New Hampshire 2 Charles W. Tobey Republican 1932 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
Foster Waterman Stearns (R) 59.1%
Alvin A. Lucier (D) 40.9%

New Jersey

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 Charles A. Wolverton Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Wolverton (R) 62.0%
Thomas M. Madden (D) 37.5%
Samuel Josephson (S) 0.3%
Elizabeth S. Aceto (Proh) 0.2%
John F. Norman (C) 0.06%
New Jersey 2 Elmer H. Wene Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Walter S. Jeffries (R) 50.6%
Elmer H. Wene (D) 49.1%
Isaac Stalberg (Roos. Ind.) 0.2%
Margaret V. Moody (Proh) 0.08%
Anthon B. Ferretti (Peoples) 0.04%
Frank B. Hubin (Roos. Ind.) 0.02%
New Jersey 3 William H. Sutphin Democratic 1930 Re-elected William H. Sutphin (D) 50.5%
James K. Allerdice (R) 49.5%
New Jersey 4 D. Lane Powers Republican 1932 Re-elected D. Lane Powers (R) 61.3%
Richard J. Hughes (D) 38.4%
William C. Kauffman (S) 0.1%
Samuel E. Golder (Proh) 0.1%
New Jersey 5 Charles A. Eaton Republican 1924 Re-elected Charles A. Eaton (R) 56.7%
Franklin W. Rice (D) 43.2%
Jeremiah Morse (Proh) 0.1%
New Jersey 6 Donald H. McLean Republican 1932 Re-elected Donald H. McLean (R) 61.4%
Richard F. Green (D) 37.4%
Marion Douglas (S) 1.0%
Lillian Riker (Proh) 0.2%
New Jersey 7 J. Parnell Thomas Republican 1936 Re-elected J. Parnell Thomas (R) 64.0%
Edward W. Wildrick (D) 35.6%
John L. Humbert (FL) 0.4%
New Jersey 8 George N. Seger Republican 1922 Re-elected George N. Seger (R) 59.2%
Fred Hoelscher (D) 40.1%
Manuel Cantor (C) 0.3%
Jacob H. Schmitter (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
Arthur W. Collard (Proh) 0.08%
New Jersey 9 Edward A. Kenney Democratic 1932 Died in office
Republican gain
Frank C. Osmers, Jr. (R) 59.3%
Vincent Clausen (D) 39.9%
Elizabeth Jane Kenney (I) 0.5%
William F. Klemm (Ind Prog) 0.3%
New Jersey 10 Fred A. Hartley, Jr. Republican 1928 Re-elected Fred A. Hartley, Jr. (R) 55.6%
Lindsay H. Rudd (D) 39.5%
Nicholas Fiore (I) 4.4%
Rose Risk (C) 0.5%
New Jersey 11 Edward L. O'Neill Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Albert L. Vreeland (R) 50.3%
Edward L. O'Neill (D) 44.8%
J. Roosevelt Womble (Lib) 3.0%
Reuben Plaskett (Socialist Workers) 0.7%
Lillie Brewer (C) 0.6%
John C. Privitera (I) 0.6%
New Jersey 12 Frank W. Towey, Jr. Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Robert W. Kean (R) 55.0%
Frank W. Towey, Jr. (D) 41.3%
Irving Rosenberg (Socialist Workers) 2.3%
Morris Friendal (C) 0.9%
Rubye Smith (S) 0.5%
New Jersey 13 Mary Teresa Norton Democratic 1924 Re-elected Mary Teresa Norton (D) 79.8%
T. Burton Coyle (R) 20.1%
Jay Anyon (C) 0.1%
New Jersey 14 Edward J. Hart Democratic 1934 Re-elected Edward J. Hart (D) 78.6%
Henry T. Stuhr (R) 21.1%
G. Darrell O'Neill (S) 0.3%

New Mexico

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large John J. Dempsey Democratic 1934 Re-elected John J. Dempsey (D) 58.4%
Pearce C. Rodney (R) 41.4%
E. W. Fawkes (Citizens) 0.2%

New York

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 Robert L. Bacon Republican 1922 Died in office
Republican hold
Leonard W. Hall (R) 63.0%
John F. Kiernan (D) 34.0%
Pierrepont E. Twitchell (American Labor) 2.7%
Robert Koeppicus (S) 0.3%
New York 2 William Bernard Barry Democratic 1935 Re-elected William Bernard Barry (D) 67.6%
George Archinal (R) 31.5%
John Petrone (S) 0.9%
New York 3 Joseph L. Pfeifer Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joseph L. Pfeifer (D) 64.8%
Philip Tirone (R) 23.3%
Bernard Kleban (American Labor) 11.2%
David Breslow (S) 0.8%
New York 4 Thomas H. Cullen Democratic 1918 Re-elected Thomas H. Cullen (D) 74.5%
Edwin R. Kaprat (R) 24.8%
David M. Cory (S) 0.7%
New York 5 Marcellus H. Evans Democratic 1934 Re-elected Marcellus H. Evans (D) 58.3%
Francis H. Warland (R) 30.1%
Joseph Dermody (American Labor) 10.7%
Sam Baron (S) 0.9%
New York 6 Andrew Lawrence Somers Democratic 1924 Re-elected Andrew Lawrence Somers (D) 52.0%
Gustav Drews (R) 46.3%
Jacob Axelrod (S) 1.6%
New York 7 John J. Delaney Democratic 1931 Re-elected John J. Delaney (D) 59.6%
John J. Blust (R) 19.8%
Bernard Reswick (American Labor) 19.4%
Joseph G. Glass (S) 1.1%
New York 8 Donald L. O'Toole Democratic 1936 Re-elected Donald L. O'Toole (D) 54.1%
Dorothy J. Bellanca (R) 44.7%
Alfred S. Belskin (S) 1.2%
New York 9 Eugene James Keogh Democratic 1936 Re-elected Eugene James Keogh (D) 54.1%
Nelson S. Kirk (R) 34.0%
Spencer K. Binyon (American Labor) 11.0%
Simon L. Goldbloom (C) 0.9%
New York 10 Emanuel Celler Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 73.5%
Arthur H. J. Macmullen (R) 24.9%
Jack Altman (S) 1.6%
New York 11 James A. O'Leary Democratic 1934 Re-elected James A. O'Leary (D) 58.9%
Percy C. Ryder (R) 33.9%
John V. Murphy (American Labor) 6.6%
Ernest K. Barnard (S) 0.6%
New York 12 Samuel Dickstein Democratic 1922 Re-elected Samuel Dickstein (D) 89.0%
Hyman Hecht (R) 9.6%
Mary Fox (S) 1.4%
New York 13 Christopher D. Sullivan Democratic 1916 Re-elected Christopher D. Sullivan (D) 63.8%
John Rosenberg (R) 18.2%
Eugene P. Connolly (American Labor) 17.0%
Joel Seidman (S) 1.0%
New York 14 William Irving Sirovich Democratic 1926 Re-elected William Irving Sirovich (D) 68.4%
Maurice Wahl (R) 30.0%
Daniel Glendenin (S) 1.6%
New York 15 John J. Boylan Democratic 1922 Died in office
Democratic hold
Michael J. Kennedy (D) 67.3%
John Kane, Jr. (R) 22.6%
Daniel L. McDonough (American Labor) 9.4%
Meriweather Stuart (S) 0.7%
New York 16 John J. O'Connor Democratic 1923 Lost renomination
Lost re-election as Republican
Democratic hold
James H. Fay (D) 52.1%
John J. O'Connor (R) 46.9%
McAlister Coleman (S) 1.1%
New York 17 Bruce Fairchild Barton Republican 1937 Re-elected Bruce Fairchild Barton (R) 55.0%
Walter H. Liebman (D) 36.2%
George Backer (American Labor) 8.3%
Clinton W. Keyes (S) 0.4%
New York 18 Martin J. Kennedy Democratic 1930 Re-elected Martin J. Kennedy (D) 60.8%
Raymond S. Fanning (R) 30.5%
Martin C. Kyne (American Labor) 8.1%
Sidonia Fried Sugar (S) 0.7%
New York 19 Sol Bloom Democratic 1923 Re-elected Sol Bloom (D) 53.3%
Robert P. Levis (R) 28.1%
Joseph Schlossberg (American Labor) 18.6%
New York 20 James J. Lanzetta Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
American Labor gain
Vito Marcantonio (American Labor) 59.7%
James J. Lanzetta (D) 39.0%
Murray Cross (S) 1.3%
New York 21 Joseph A. Gavagan Democratic 1929 Re-elected Joseph A. Gavagan (D) 69.5%
Lorenzo H. King (R) 29.6%
Frank Crosswaith (S) 1.0%
New York 22 Edward W. Curley Democratic 1935 Re-elected Edward W. Curley (D) 64.5%
Arthur D. Fisher (R) 23.0%
Thomas C. O'Leary (American Labor) 11.6%
Aaron Levenstein (S) 0.9%
New York 23 Charles A. Buckley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles A. Buckley (D) 50.8%
Isidore Nagler (American Labor) 28.4%
Robert H. Brennen (R) 20.8%
New York 24 James M. Fitzpatrick Democratic 1926 Re-elected James M. Fitzpatrick (D) 48.7%
Louis Goldrich (R) 33.2%
Bartholomew F. Murphy (American Labor) 17.1%
Fred Harwood (S) 1.0%
New York 25 Ralph A. Gamble Republican 1937 Re-elected Ralph A. Gamble (R) 64.9%
Homer A. Stebbins (D) 32.0%
Michael Cimbalo (American Labor) 2.8%
Leonard Bright (S) 0.4%
New York 26 Hamilton Fish III Republican 1920 Re-elected Hamilton Fish III (R) 64.3%
Ben Martin (D) 35.0%
Edward J. Bowen (Freedom) 0.5%
Hans Peters (S) 0.3%
New York 27 Lewis K. Rockefeller Republican 1937 Re-elected Lewis K. Rockefeller (R) 61.0%
George W. Markey (D) 39.0%
New York 28 William T. Byrne Democratic 1936 Re-elected William T. Byrne (D) 60.4%
William B. Cornell (R) 37.5%
Edward J. Addy (American Labor) 1.9%
Frank A. Andrae (S) 0.1%
New York 29 E. Harold Cluett Republican 1936 Re-elected E. Harold Cluett (R) 65.0%
Harry M. Brooks (D) 34.7%
Coleman B. Cheney (S) 0.2%
New York 30 Frank Crowther Republican 1918 Re-elected Frank Crowther (R) 60.1%
C. Dorothea Greene (D) 39.4%
Herbert M. Poller (S) 0.5%
New York 31 Bertrand Snell Republican 1915 Retired
Republican hold
Wallace E. Pierce (R) 64.1%
George C. Owens (D) 25.7%
Jesse W. Williams (Townsend) 9.9%
Forrest Wallace (S) 0.3%
New York 32 Francis D. Culkin Republican 1928 Re-elected Francis D. Culkin (R) 75.5%
Virginia A. Spencer (D) 24.3%
Orley N. Tooley (S) 0.2%
New York 33 Fred J. Douglas Republican 1936 Re-elected Fred J. Douglas (R) 61.2%
Ralph A. Peters (D) 35.7%
Stanley C. Walewski (American Labor) 2.8%
Albert R. Tully (S) 0.3%
New York 34 Bert Lord Republican 1934 Re-elected Bert Lord (R) 65.3%
John V. Johnson (D) 34.4%
Merle A. Wilson (S) 0.3%
New York 35 Clarence E. Hancock Republican 1927 Re-elected Clarence E. Hancock (R) 64.1%
Caleb C. Brown, Jr. (D) 35.6%
Thomas P. Shallcross (S) 0.3%
New York 36 John Taber Republican 1922 Re-elected John Taber (R) 55.2%
George F. Davie (D) 23.1%
Charles P. Russell (American Labor) 21.3%
Walter O'Hagen (S) 0.5%
New York 37 W. Sterling Cole Republican 1934 Re-elected W. Sterling Cole (R) 60.5%
David Moses (D) 39.1%
Trevor Teele (S) 0.4%
New York 38 George Bradshaw Kelly Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Joseph J. O'Brien (R) 55.8%
George Bradshaw Kelly (D) 43.7%
James Oakes (S) 0.5%
New York 39 James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. Republican 1932 Re-elected James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. (R) 65.8%
J. Frank Gilligan (D) 28.4%
Edward J. Wagner (American Labor) 5.5%
Clair Walbridge (S) 0.3%
New York 40 Walter Gresham Andrews Republican 1930 Re-elected Walter Gresham Andrews (R) 62.6%
John L. Beyer (D) 34.4%
August Hein (American Labor) 2.6%
George Brickner (S) 0.4%
New York 41 Alfred F. Beiter Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
J. Francis Harter (R) 50.5%
Alfred F. Beiter (D) 49.1%
Alice Lebert (S) 0.4%
New York 42 James M. Mead Democratic 1918 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Pius L. Schwert (D) 45.8%
John C. Butler (R) 42.3%
John A. Ulinski (I) 11.1%
John E. Kralisz (I) 0.5%
Connie Wilson (S) 0.3%
New York 43 Daniel A. Reed Republican 1918 Re-elected Daniel A. Reed (R) 65.3%
Samuel A. Carlson (D) 34.7%
New York At-large Caroline O'Day Democratic 1934 Re-elected Caroline O'Day (D) 26.7%
Matthew J. Merritt (D) 26.5%
Helen Z. M. Rodgers (R) 22.6%
Richard B. Scandrett, Jr. (R) 22.3%
Israel Amter (C) 1.2%
Edna Mitchell Blue (S) 0.3%
Brendan Sexton (S) 0.3%
Jeremiah D. Crowley (Industrial Government) 0.06%
William Herlet (Industrial Government) 0.05%
New York At-large Matthew J. Merritt Democratic 1934 Re-elected

North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Lindsay C. Warren Democratic 1924 Re-elected Lindsay C. Warren (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 2 John H. Kerr Democratic 1923 Re-elected John H. Kerr (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 3 Graham Arthur Barden Democratic 1934 Re-elected Graham Arthur Barden (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 4 Harold D. Cooley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harold D. Cooley (D) 63.9%
Willis G. Briggs (R) 36.1%
North Carolina 5 Franklin Wills Hancock, Jr. Democratic 1930 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Alonzo Dillard Folger (D) 69.7%
John W. Kurfees, Jr. (R) 30.3%
North Carolina 6 William B. Umstead Democratic 1932 Retired
Democratic hold
Carl T. Durham (D) 75.2%
Oscar G. Barker (I) 24.8%
North Carolina 7 J. Bayard Clark Democratic 1928 Re-elected J. Bayard Clark (D) 75.7%
Edgar C. Geddie (R) 24.3%
North Carolina 8 Walter Lambeth Democratic 1930 Retired
Democratic hold
William O. Burgin (D) 55.2%
John R. Jones (R) 44.8%
North Carolina 9 Robert L. Doughton Democratic 1910 Re-elected Robert L. Doughton (D) 60.9%
Monroe Adams (R) 39.1%
North Carolina 10 Alfred L. Bulwinkle Democratic 1930 Re-elected Alfred L. Bulwinkle (D) 56.5%
Frank C. Patton (R) 43.5%
North Carolina 11 Zebulon Weaver Democratic 1930 Re-elected Zebulon Weaver (D) 63.8%
Vonno L. Gudger (R) 36.2%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota At-large William Lemke Republican 1932 Re-elected William Lemke (R) 37.3%
Usher L. Burdick (R) 36.3%
Howard I. Henry (D) 13.4%
Alfred S. Dale (D) 10.9%
J. B. Field (I) 2.0%
North Dakota At-large Usher L. Burdick Republican 1934 Re-elected


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Joseph A. Dixon Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles H. Elston (R) 58.2%
Joseph A. Dixon (D) 41.8%
Ohio 2 Herbert S. Bigelow Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William E. Hess (R) 59.0%
Herbert S. Bigelow (D) 41.0%
Ohio 3 Byron B. Harlan Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Harry N. Routzohn (R) 55.8%
Byron B. Harlan (D) 44.2%
Ohio 4 Frank L. Kloeb Democratic 1932 Special election
Resigned August 19, 1937 to become U.S. District Court Judge
Republican gain
Walter H. Albaugh (R) 54.91%
Roy E. Layton (D) 45.09%[10]
General election
Winner of special election did not stand in general election
Republican hold (from special election)
Robert Franklin Jones (R) 59.81%
William B. Swonger (D) 35.30%
John C. Fisher (I) 4.90%[10]
Ohio 5 Frank C. Kniffin Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Cliff Clevenger (R) 56.8%
Frank C. Kniffin (D) 43.2%
Ohio 6 James G. Polk Democratic 1930 Re-elected James G. Polk (D) 50.5%
Emory F. Smith (R) 49.5%
Ohio 7 Arthur W. Aleshire Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Clarence J. Brown (R) 57.6%
Arthur W. Aleshire (D) 42.4%
Ohio 8 Thomas B. Fletcher Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Frederick C. Smith (R) 54.5%
Thomas B. Fletcher (D) 45.5%
Ohio 9 John F. Hunter Democratic 1936 Re-elected John F. Hunter (D) 50.4%
Homer A. Ramey (R) 49.6%
Ohio 10 Thomas A. Jenkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas A. Jenkins (R) 66.0%
Elsie Stanton (D) 34.0%
Ohio 11 Harold K. Claypool Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harold K. Claypool (D) 52.1%
Tom P. White (R) 47.9%
Ohio 12 Arthur P. Lamneck Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John M. Vorys (R) 50.9%
Arthur P. Lamneck (D) 49.1%
Ohio 13 Dudley A. White Republican 1936 Re-elected Dudley A. White (R) 69.4%
William L. Fiesinger (D) 30.6%
Ohio 14 Dow W. Harter Democratic 1932 Re-elected Dow W. Harter (D) 53.3%
Edward S. Sheck (R) 46.7%
Ohio 15 Robert T. Secrest Democratic 1932 Re-elected Robert T. Secrest (D) 52.3%
P. W. Griffiths (R) 47.7%
Ohio 16 William R. Thom Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
James Seccombe (R) 50.7%
William R. Thom (D) 49.3%
Ohio 17 William A. Ashbrook Democratic 1934 Re-elected William A. Ashbrook (D) 52.6%
Walter B. Woodward (R) 47.4%
Ohio 18 Lawrence E. Imhoff Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Earl R. Lewis (R) 50.3%
Lawrence E. Imhoff (D) 49.7%
Ohio 19 Michael J. Kirwan Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Kirwan (D) 52.4%
William P. Barnum (R) 47.6%
Ohio 20 Martin L. Sweeney Democratic 1931 Re-elected Martin L. Sweeney (D) 70.4%
Thomas F. McCafferty (R) 29.6%
Ohio 21 Robert Crosser Democratic 1922 Re-elected Robert Crosser (D) 68.7%
J. E. Chizek (R) 31.3%
Ohio 22 Anthony A. Fleger Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Chester C. Bolton (R) 55.5%
Anthony A. Fleger (D) 44.5%
Ohio At-large Harold G. Mosier Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Republican gain
George H. Bender (R) 27.0%
L. L. Marshall (R) 25.2%
Stephen M. Young (D) 24.5%
John McSweeney (D) 23.3%
Ohio At-large John McSweeney Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 Wesley E. Disney Democratic 1930 Re-elected Wesley E. Disney (D) 63.2%
A. M. Armstrong (R) 36.3%
Martha A. Morrison (Proh) 0.3%
Philip J. Dickerson (I) 0.2%
Oklahoma 2 John Conover Nichols Democratic 1934 Re-elected John Conover Nichols (D) 71.3%
Bruce L. Keenan (R) 28.7%
Oklahoma 3 Wilburn Cartwright Democratic 1926 Re-elected Wilburn Cartwright (D) 85.4%
Frank D. McSherry (R) 14.6%
Oklahoma 4 Lyle Boren Democratic 1936 Re-elected Lyle Boren (D) 71.6%
Ed Ball (R) 28.4%
Oklahoma 5 Gomer Griffith Smith Democratic 1937 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
A. S. Mike Monroney (D) 71.9%
Harlan Deupree (R) 27.6%
Lizzie Varvil (Proh) 0.5%
Oklahoma 6 Jed Johnson Democratic 1926 Re-elected Jed Johnson (D) 69.5%
James F. Rowell (R) 30.1%
Margaret E. W. Austin (Proh) 0.4%
Oklahoma 7 Sam C. Massingale Democratic 1934 Re-elected Sam C. Massingale (D) 76.1%
A. L. Smith (R) 23.9%
Oklahoma 8 Phil Ferguson Democratic 1934 Re-elected Phil Ferguson (D) 50.2%
Charles E. Knox (R) 49.2%
H. P. Hunt (Proh) 0.7%
Oklahoma At-large Will Rogers Democratic 1932 Re-elected Will Rogers (D) 68.7%
R. R. Wilson (R) 30.9%
E. W. Fickinger (Proh) 0.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 James W. Mott Republican 1932 Re-elected James W. Mott (R) 70.7%
Andrew C. Burk (D) 29.3%
Oregon 2 Walter M. Pierce Democratic 1932 Re-elected Walter M. Pierce (D) 57.9%
U. S. Ballentine (R) 42.1%
Oregon 3 Nan Wood Honeyman Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Homer D. Angell (R) 50.9%
Nan Wood Honeyman (D) 49.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 Leon Sacks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Leon Sacks (D) 53.5%
John Alessandroni (R) 46.5%
Pennsylvania 2 James P. McGranery Democratic 1936 Re-elected James P. McGranery (D) 52.4%
Edward W. Henry (R) 47.0%
Charles W. Drummond (Royal Oak) 0.4%
Reginald B. Naugle (I) 0.2%
Pennsylvania 3 Michael J. Bradley Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Bradley (D) 52.0%
William T. Connor (R) 48.0%
Pennsylvania 4 J. Burrwood Daly Democratic 1934 Re-elected J. Burrwood Daly (D) 53.8%
Edward F. Roberts (R) 45.6%
Frank A. Warner (Royal Oak) 0.4%
Donato Di Iorio (State Rights) 0.2%
Pennsylvania 5 Frank Joseph Gerard Dorsey Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Fred C. Gartner (R) 52.5%
Frank Joseph Gerard Dorsey (D) 46.5%
Edward M. Walsh (Royal Oak) 0.9%
Anthony De Lisi (State Rights) 0.09%
Pennsylvania 6 Michael J. Stack Democratic 1934 Lost renomination
Lost re-election as Royal Oak
Democratic hold
Francis J. Myers (D) 49.9%
J. Howard Berry, Jr. (R) 47.5%
Michael J. Stack (Royal Oak) 2.6%
Pennsylvania 7 Ira W. Drew Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
George P. Darrow (R) 59.3%
Ira W. Drew (D) 40.2%
John J. King (Royal Oak) 0.5%
Pennsylvania 8 James Wolfenden Republican 1928 Re-elected James Wolfenden (R) 67.6%
C. Fenno Hoffman (D) 32.4%
Pennsylvania 9 Oliver W. Frey Democratic 1933 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles L. Gerlach (R) 56.7%
Oliver W. Frey (D) 43.1%
B. H. Maybury (Proh) 0.2%
Pennsylvania 10 J. Roland Kinzer Republican 1930 Re-elected J. Roland Kinzer (R) 64.1%
Thomas Jefferson McClelland (D) 35.7%
Harry P. Young (Royal Oak) 0.2%
Pennsylvania 11 Patrick J. Boland Democratic 1930 Re-elected Patrick J. Boland (D) 52.5%
William F. Hallstead (R) 47.5%
Pennsylvania 12 J. Harold Flannery Democratic 1936 Re-elected J. Harold Flannery (D) 51.2%
Michael A. Yeosock (R) 48.8%
Pennsylvania 13 James H. Gildea Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ivor D. Fenton (R) 53.2%
James H. Gildea (D) 46.8%
Pennsylvania 14 Guy L. Moser Democratic 1936 Re-elected Guy L. Moser (D) 46.7%
John C. Evans (R) 41.9%
Raymond S. Hofses (S) 11.4%
Pennsylvania 15 Albert G. Rutherford Republican 1936 Re-elected Albert G. Rutherford (R) 61.6%
Harry M. Turrell (D) 37.9%
Judson N. Bailey (Proh) 0.5%
Pennsylvania 16 Robert F. Rich Republican 1930 Re-elected Robert F. Rich (R) 61.5%
Paul A. Rothfuss (D) 37.8%
Emma McNaughton (Proh) 0.5%
George Rogers (Royal Oak) 0.2%
Pennsylvania 17 J. William Ditter Republican 1932 Re-elected J. William Ditter (R) 68.5%
Carroll L. Rutter (D) 31.2%
Frank P. Klesichte (Royal Oak) 0.3%
Pennsylvania 18 Richard M. Simpson Republican 1937 Re-elected Richard M. Simpson (R) 60.5%
Richard L. Schroyer (D) 39.5%
Pennsylvania 19 Guy J. Swope Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John C. Kunkel (R) 55.0%
Guy J. Swope (D) 45.0%
Frank Tate (I) 0.004%
George I. Pieffer (Proh) 0.001%
Pennsylvania 20 Benjamin Jarrett Republican 1936 Re-elected Benjamin Jarrett (R) 61.1%
Earl H. Beshlin (D) 37.7%
Maude G. Reynolds (Proh) 1.2%
Pennsylvania 21 Francis E. Walter Democratic 1932 Re-elected Francis E. Walter (D) 50.2%
Alonzo L. Reinhard (R) 48.4%
Everett Kent (Royal Oak) 1.4%
Pennsylvania 22 Harry L. Haines Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Chester H. Gross (R) 50.3%
Harry L. Haines (D) 49.7%
Pennsylvania 23 Don Gingery Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
James E. Van Zandt (R) 57.1%
Don Gingery (D) 42.5%
Aaron N. Work (Proh) 0.4%
Pennsylvania 24 J. Buell Snyder Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. Buell Snyder (D) 51.2%
J. C. Glassburn (R) 48.5%
Minnie B. Shaulis (Proh) 0.3%
Pennsylvania 25 Charles I. Faddis Democratic 1932 Re-elected Charles I. Faddis (D) 53.1%
Warren S. Burchinal (R) 46.9%
Pennsylvania 26 Charles R. Eckert Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Louis E. Graham (R) 52.4%
Charles R. Eckert (D) 46.8%
Samuel R. Maitland (Proh) 0.8%
Pennsylvania 27 Joseph Anthony Gray Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Harve Tibbott (R) 55.8%
Joseph Anthony Gray (D) 43.6%
James T. Malloy (Royal Oak) 0.4%
Nathan Asbel (S) 0.3%
Pennsylvania 28 Robert G. Allen Democratic 1936 Re-elected Robert G. Allen (D) 53.9%
Roy C. McKenna (R) 45.8%
S. W. Bierer (Proh) 0.4%
Pennsylvania 29 Charles N. Crosby Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Republican gain
Robert L. Rodgers (R) 53.8%
Norbert James Fitzgerald (D) 45.6%
Ira M. Ramsey (Proh) 0.6%
Pennsylvania 30 Peter J. De Muth Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Robert J. Corbett (R) 51.2%
Peter J. De Muth (D) 48.8%
Pennsylvania 31 James L. Quinn Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John McDowell (R) 50.7%
James L. Quinn (D) 48.8%
M. J. Dibble (Proh) 0.5%
Pennsylvania 32 Herman P. Eberharter Democratic 1936 Re-elected Herman P. Eberharter (D) 63.3%
Jacob E. Klason (R) 36.1%
Stanley K. Kazorski (Royal Oak) 0.6%
Pennsylvania 33 Henry Ellenbogen Democratic 1932 Resigned when elected judge
Democratic hold
Joseph A. McArdle (D) 51.6%
James I. Marsh (R) 48.4%
Pennsylvania 34 Matthew A. Dunn Democratic 1932 Re-elected Matthew A. Dunn (D) 50.0%
Robert B. McKinley (R) 49.6%
Walter L. Bouve, Jr. (I) 0.4%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Aime Forand Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles Risk (R) 50.3%
Aime Forand (D) 49.7%
Rhode Island 2 John M. O'Connell Democratic 1932 Retired
Republican gain
Harry Sandager (R) 57.0%
Edward J. Fenelon, Jr. (D) 43.0%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 Thomas S. McMillan Democratic 1924 Re-elected Thomas S. McMillan (D) 98.2%
B. L. Hendrix (R) 1.7%
J. E. D. Meyer (I) 0.04%
South Carolina 2 Hampton P. Fulmer Democratic 1920 Re-elected Hampton P. Fulmer (D) 98.8%
B. L. Hendrix (R) 0.8%
S. J. Leaphart (I) 0.4%
South Carolina 3 John C. Taylor Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Butler B. Hare (D) 99.6%
O. B. Menees (R) 0.4%
South Carolina 4 Gabriel H. Mahon, Jr. Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Joseph R. Bryson (D) 99.4%
H. A. Costner (R) 0.6%
South Carolina 5 James P. Richards Democratic 1932 Re-elected James P. Richards (D) 99.8%
A. B. McCraw (R) 0.2%
South Carolina 6 Elizabeth Hawley Gasque Democratic 1938 Retired
Democratic hold
John L. McMillan (D) 99.2%
W. S. Thompson (I) 0.8%

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Fred H. Hildebrandt Democratic 1932 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Karl E. Mundt (R) 54.0%
Emil Loriks (D) 46.0%
South Dakota 2 Francis H. Case Republican 1936 Re-elected Francis H. Case (R) 61.4%
Theodore B. Werner (D) 38.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 B. Carroll Reece Republican 1932 Re-elected B. Carroll Reece (R) 58.0%
John A. Armstrong (D) 26.5%
James P. Kivett (I) 10.9%
Charles W. Clark (I) 3.1%
G. M. Smith (I) 1.5%
Tennessee 2 J. Will Taylor Republican 1918 Re-elected J. Will Taylor (R) 64.1%
Judd Acuff (I) 32.0%
Calvin Rutherford (I) 4.0%
Tennessee 3 Sam D. McReynolds Democratic 1922 Re-elected Sam D. McReynolds (D) 73.9%
Joe E. Benson (R) 26.1%
Tennessee 4 John Ridley Mitchell Democratic 1930 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Albert Gore, Sr. (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 5 Richard Merrill Atkinson Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Joseph W. Byrns, Jr. (D) 90.6%
William I. Love (I) 9.4%
Tennessee 6 Clarence W. Turner Democratic 1932 Re-elected Clarence W. Turner (D) 82.2%
John V. McDonough (I) 11.2%
Maurice G. Riding (I) 6.6%
Tennessee 7 Herron C. Pearson Democratic 1934 Re-elected Herron C. Pearson (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Jere Cooper Democratic 1928 Re-elected Jere Cooper (D) 95.4%
David I. Nunn (R) 4.6%
Tennessee 9 Walter Chandler Democratic 1936 Re-elected Walter Chandler (D) 98.4%
Edgar L. Clark (I) 1.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) 98.8%
Joe C. Hailey (R) 1.2%
Texas 2 Martin Dies, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected Martin Dies, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Texas 3 Morgan G. Sanders Democratic 1920 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Lindley Beckworth (D) Unopposed
Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic 1912 Re-elected Sam Rayburn (D) 97.9%
Ross E. Johnson (R) 2.1%
Texas 5 Hatton W. Sumners Democratic 1914 Re-elected Hatton W. Sumners (D) 95.0%
Heber Page (R) 4.7%
H. T. Healey (I) 0.3%
Texas 6 Luther A. Johnson Democratic 1922 Re-elected Luther A. Johnson (D) Unopposed
Texas 7 Nat Patton Democratic 1934 Re-elected Nat Patton (D) Unopposed
Texas 8 Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 1936 Re-elected Albert Richard Thomas (D) 98.3%
John A. Deering (R) 1.7%
Texas 9 Joseph J. Mansfield Democratic 1916 Re-elected Joseph J. Mansfield (D) Unopposed
Texas 10 Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic 1937 Re-elected Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Unopposed
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Re-elected William R. Poage (D) 98.6%
D. E. Wooley (R) 1.4%
Texas 12 Fritz G. Lanham Democratic 1919 Re-elected Fritz G. Lanham (D) Unopposed
Texas 13 William D. McFarlane Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Ed Gossett (D) 98.6%
Adolph Lohman (R) 1.4%
Texas 14 Richard M. Kleberg Democratic 1931 Re-elected Richard M. Kleberg (D) Unopposed
Texas 15 Milton H. West Democratic 1933 Re-elected Milton H. West (D) Unopposed
Texas 16 R. Ewing Thomason Democratic 1930 Re-elected R. Ewing Thomason (D) Unopposed
Texas 17 Clyde L. Garrett Democratic 1936 Re-elected Clyde L. Garrett (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 John Marvin Jones Democratic 1916 Re-elected John Marvin Jones (D) Unopposed
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Re-elected George H. Mahon (D) Unopposed
Texas 20 Maury Maverick Democratic 1934 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Paul J. Kilday (D) Unopposed
Texas 21 Charles L. South Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles L. South (D) 93.0%
Max J. Bierschwale (R) 7.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 Abe Murdock Democratic 1932 Re-elected Abe Murdock (D) 59.7%
LeRoy B. Young (R) 40.3%
Utah 2 J. W. Robinson Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. W. Robinson (D) 62.3%
Dean F. Brayton (R) 37.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont At-large Charles Albert Plumley Republican 1934 Re-elected Charles Albert Plumley (R) 64.0%
James Patrick Leamy (D) 36.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 S. Otis Bland Democratic 1918 Re-elected S. Otis Bland (D) Unopposed
Virginia 2 Norman R. Hamilton Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Colgate Darden (D) 87.7%
Carl P. Spaeth (I) 12.3%
Virginia 3 Dave E. Satterfield, Jr. Democratic 1937 Re-elected Dave E. Satterfield, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Virginia 4 Patrick H. Drewry Democratic 1920 Re-elected Patrick H. Drewry (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5 Thomas G. Burch Democratic 1930 Re-elected Thomas G. Burch (D) Unopposed
Virginia 6 Clifton A. Woodrum Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clifton A. Woodrum (D) 55.9%
Fred W. McWane (R) 44.1%
Virginia 7 Absalom Willis Robertson Democratic 1932 Re-elected Absalom Willis Robertson (D) 63.9%
Charles C. Leap (R) 36.1%
Virginia 8 Howard W. Smith Democratic 1930 Re-elected Howard W. Smith (D) Unopposed
Virginia 9 John W. Flannagan, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected John W. Flannagan, Jr. (D) 66.7%
L. E. Gulliford (R) 33.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 Warren Magnuson Democratic 1936 Re-elected Warren Magnuson (D) 61.7%
Matthew W. Hill (R) 38.3%
Washington 2 Monrad C. Wallgren Democratic 1932 Re-elected Monrad C. Wallgren (D) 61.5%
Charles A. Sather (R) 38.5%
Washington 3 Martin F. Smith Democratic 1932 Re-elected Martin F. Smith (D) 60.3%
Walter S. Talbott (R) 39.7%
Washington 4 Knute Hill Democratic 1932 Re-elected Knute Hill (D) 50.4%
Frank Miller (R) 49.6%
Washington 5 Charles H. Leavy Democratic 1936 Re-elected Charles H. Leavy (D) 57.1%
Norman A. Ericson (R) 42.0%
John F. McKay (Ind Soc) 0.9%
Washington 6 John M. Coffee Democratic 1936 Re-elected John M. Coffee (D) 73.0%
Willard V. Young (R) 27.0%

West Virginia

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Robert L. Ramsay Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
A. C. Schiffler (R) 54.8%
Robert L. Ramsay (D) 45.2%
West Virginia 2 Jennings Randolph Democratic 1932 Re-elected Jennings Randolph (D) 54.6%
Melvin C. Snyder (R) 45.4%
West Virginia 3 Andrew Edmiston, Jr. Democratic 1933 Re-elected Andrew Edmiston, Jr. (D) 55.3%
H. Roy Waugh (R) 44.7%
West Virginia 4 George William Johnson Democratic 1932 Re-elected George William Johnson (D) 52.9%
Raymond V. Humphreys (R) 47.1%
West Virginia 5 John Kee Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Kee (D) 61.3%
Hartley Sanders (R) 38.7%
West Virginia 6 Joe L. Smith Democratic 1928 Re-elected Joe L. Smith (D) 62.3%
R. E. O'Connor (R) 37.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Thomas Ryum Amlie Progressive 1934 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Stephen Bolles (R) 49.1%
Francis H. Wendt (Prog) 32.0%
Calvin Stewart (D) 15.8%
Harvey C. Hansen (I) 2.8%
Thomas O. F. Randolph (Union) 0.2%
Wisconsin 2 Harry Sauthoff Progressive 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles Hawks, Jr. (R) 44.8%
Harry Sauthoff (Prog) 43.3%
Reinhold A. Gerth (D) 11.9%
Wisconsin 3 Gardner R. Withrow Progressive 1920 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Harry W. Griswold (R) 50.1%
Gardner R. Withrow (Prog) 42.0%
Bart E. McGonigle (D) 7.9%
Wisconsin 4 Raymond Joseph Cannon Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Lost re-election as Independent
Republican gain
John C. Schafer (R) 32.0%
Thaddeus F. B. Wasielowski (D) 31.4%
Paul Gauer (Prog) 28.8%
Raymond Joseph Cannon (I) 7.0%
Robert Sprague (Union) 0.7%
Wisconsin 5 Thomas O'Malley Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Lewis D. Thill (R) 43.1%
Thomas O'Malley (D) 28.6%
Alfred Benson (Prog) 27.4%
Henry W. Otto (Union) 0.9%
Wisconsin 6 Michael Reilly Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Frank B. Keefe (R) 53.6%
Michael Reilly (D) 30.1%
Adam F. Poltl (Prog) 15.4%
Joseph Willihnganz (Union) 0.9%
Wisconsin 7 Gerald J. Boileau Progressive 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Reid F. Murray (R) 48.9%
Gerald J. Boileau (Prog) 38.0%
James J. Cavanaugh (D) 11.4%
Herman H. Behm (I) 1.7%
Wisconsin 8 George J. Schneider Progressive 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Joshua L. Johns (R) 36.2%
George J. Schneider (Prog) 31.5%
John E. Cashman (D) 30.6%
Peter J. Gloudemans (Union) 1.6%
Wisconsin 9 Merlin Hull Progressive 1934 Re-elected Merlin Hull (Prog) 53.4%
Hugh M. Jones (R) 40.3%
William F. Crane (D) 6.3%
Wisconsin 10 Bernard J. Gehrmann Progressive 1934 Re-elected Bernard J. Gehrmann (Prog) 57.5%
James H. Carroll (R) 42.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large Paul R. Greever Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Frank O. Horton (R) 52.9%
Paul R. Greever (D) 47.1%


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