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Udruženje javnih radija i televizija

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alliance of Public Radio and Television
Udruženje javnih radija i televizija
TypeBroadcast radio and television
HeadquartersTakovska 10, Belgrade
Broadcast area
Serbia and Montenegro
OwnerGovernment of Serbia and Montenegro
Launch date
Affiliation(s)European Broadcasting Union

Udruženje javnih radija i televizija (UJRT; Serbian Cyrillic: Удружење јавних радија и телевизија, English: Alliance of Public Radio and Television) was the union of public broadcasters of Serbia and Montenegro. It served as a full member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) from 2001 until its dissolution in 2006.

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planned for the bombs television journal of the important things to look at all partially eleven monday wednesday and trust presentation of the laundry later on launching the world's most ahmed walk and what distinguished companion to the world on advancing this is david rocks may i introduce our co-editors for this edition of the launching cross school mister william bradford hwy and mister henry password our distinguished guests for this evening is the honorable john sherman cooper senator-elect from kentucky so the cooper very happy to welcome you to costco this evening i'd like to begin by asking you because of your experience in the u_n_ what do you think there's any chance for a truce in korea now because of the moment immediately uh... i i do not think so fortran immediate troops and frankly i have never felt that the brushes i think they're actually in recent days resolution and in a resolution is for them and their forms john mclaughlin says that he thinks he has a clear a definite solution of the problem mistaken view of that that uh... general eisenhower or consult with them now forceps question for general eisenhower i have it i would guess that he would be premature to find out what his plan is i think you'd been with me or what steps do you think can be taken to put their pressure on the chinese communist of one approves lois dot think of this grand questions this part of the of the uh... larger difficulties between russia and the rest of the world and with that did you start out but knowing it it's a difficult problem of a long problem because we have the real force there uh... i believe that we've got the strength in korea which will give the greatest influence to our well a lot of some of us absolutely suspects of the viewpoint not knowing the sales but the military dispositions are there i'm not certain how much should be added but before the convention russia measure primarily that that they cannot win that they must adjust the position of and graham and i think we've got to have the straight brother uh... certainly favor the the proposition in general eisenhower that his quickly as we can we build up the streets of south korea very strongly that every bit of influence that we can bring to bear upon the other members of the united nations should be brought to get from them military strength added economic strength lozano thank god for our yours of course the night of thinking about the u_s_s_ helen out in the pacific and all of this uh... meetings going on out there uh... nasa first of all uh... why do you think all of these cabinet members of the most out to sea general eisenhower and carried aboard the that helicopter with mrs it's a good operation well you know the illusion that had a little melodramatic fiorello no i don't think so i think spare parts the the first place everybody presented in korea he's he's just finished up whatever information that he could get their and i think it's with his experience it that he has got new information and much clearer beautiful mister those has been in washington conferring with the state before me has there been and now they meet together and there's a chance to bring together those with different viewpoints but we'll be right back i think that probably the best opportunity he'll have until the takes the oath of office and perhaps for a long time after that as many of his advisers together and have the chance attitude confer without interruption well is it wrong about other things besides career that right here on wednesday one of the things that make you intersting bad years and here is uh... you republican who's just uh... been elected to the senate down in kentucky and i believe that you are the only republican that was elected to the senate an estate it did not vote for eisenhower is that correct sir but that is true but it just like a few votes of voting for as a narrative about a million votes mister stevenson shed kentucky of only seven hundred votes and yet uh... no stevenson kid to state you were elected to the senate that bat what what was your majority twenty nine thousand now add let me ask you this year plan where you elected to the senate uh... what did you have the general eisenhower didn't have been that in kentucky i'd like to make it for him i thought it would be here on this program it's at all as a diabetic cannon so that they want why do you think he has it made the change but why do you think you're an admitted ticket into packages is because you there well no no no i haven't said much the third race are made for the senate and six years and of course they do normally i would hope so i was on the senate two years and and uh... they approved of my records there you are and i was on the ground notified all the time generalize matter came into kentucky one day we're getting money back to you the care kentucky the floor of about eight or nine months i was on the ground every day making fight one dollar out of the republican party is a strong in kentucky and these are the growing party there los angeles unquestionable always ask as and you are a republican from kentucky actually this kentucky has a rather strong republican party out of about million registered voters we have a registered voter about two hundred and twenty five thousand registered republicans weekends too consistent with the republican vote since nineteen hundred we've had five out of the fifteen governors which are about the first republican has been sent to congress live from top team twenty five years when she won nineteen forty six the ninety minutes or so if there was a first one we've been elected the senate for the senate and twenty five years sultana khobor really huge insurance from a state that has a strong republican party what do you think of the republican party's chances making the south the reluctant party system itself my status said a border state and and and then that uh... kevin or you could class west virginia missouri even tennessee i think that all of those states those four states have to become republican states are to at least two then a position where they could republican majorities a much more often and i think there that's a problem reminders from outside from the in kentucky and these border states parties in those states watching their leadership having good programs and uh... in my best to develop their own party i think the situation in the south is different at lower higher status not typically southern state politically rests on the same problems where the problem of not having local and state administrations which give your continuity where we can beat themselves is too take advantage of the azamara pickford to take into the leadership some of the democrats who for generalizing undertaken that leadership even more informing young people came under his banners here's a national holiday although you're republican you have been serving as a delegate on the u_n_ happens to under the as an appointee of the truman administrators are served as a governor in nineteen forty nine and because of your experience there i'd like to ask you some questions about the u_n_ phrase do you think the in the united nations is says wealth has been it's not a success in the terms of people have hoped i think it's had a successful i think it's great successes of his it's been a national astronaut which as hell together the nation's where members of the satellite nations and russia and kept them pretty generally reform fence posts as against rs russian domination and aggression or has as one of those things affect being to act as a sounding board for rashi in propaganda against the united states has just given a rash of a forum is also given united states smaller countries whistle it was given or the other nations of the world there at least the representatives of their chance to uh... see the russians to hear them and our allies their propaganda i think that's been a definite valley grocer our viewers i'm sure would like to have reviews on about the republican party is likely to do on domestic issues on january the twentieth first of all so you believe that the republican party will reduce taxes i think the loop take the steps which will lead to revenge from texas i think production taxes depends of walpole would happen soon general were so you think that the uh... that the republican party will attempt to repeal any of the so-called social legislation that's been built up by the new unfair deals detail there may be specific laws will be repealed in general i think the general programs of social security weijin are lol some labor legislation well i don't know if your program and will be maintained but they will be examined and analyzed when you come from the state business they'd consider believable you think that they'll be more strikes i have the believes that there will be fewer strokes i think we'll all have already seen some evidence of that sense election subscribe to bring some reason i say that is i believe that one labels and capital as well but i think particularly labor because understood evaluate i think a stronger advocate but and the merits always when they know now that they've got to do what they say they want to do bargain collectively well then you're going to have better chances for green rockwell and clarence and tanya seven thank you for being with us thank you very much the opinions you heard our speakers expressed tonight are entirely the wrong the editorial board for this edition of the launching promised go forth mister william bradford here really and mister henry has lived our distinguished guests was their honorable john sherman cooper senator-elect from kentucky under any christmas tree yes the little packages which intrigue what can it be we say and this christmas many hope that the in one like this there'll be a long gene the world's most alright watch throughout the world no other name on a christmas watch means so much 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our quoted to us for this edition of the long-chain promise co first of all die roger as a matter of the new york harold red beyond and mister william bradford keighley edit where all the american market our distinguished guests for this evening is they are over air flight one o_ united state senator from oklahoma the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speaker german army at house will vote against remembered you sir as very energetic freshman senator who want to read a dramatic victory in oklahoma last year ten first i think they'd like to locate you in the political climate i believe you're a democrat actors and you have a fury and uh... and you call yourself a favor i wouldn't hardly call myself a regular i call myself a bit darker arrival girl with the democrats uh... generally but time again i call as i say hammond sometimes i can't go wrong and general however you are supported administration journal yes i think we're on the right policy to help this country find prosperity and peace well i'm sure that our guest would like to have your reactions on the corruption issues now are you concerned over d corruption stories that are breaking daily in the press him i think it's one of the greatest problems this country faces his team continue to be give a patient honest government and we cannot tolerate anything less think the important thing about the corruption that has been uncovered it has been uncovered by a democratic congress in both houses and that the committees that have been investigating of benjamin button unep you're not sleeping under under the rug do you think it's a problem of the country or a problem of the administration i think it's problem a bull i think you're always going to have a certain percentage of man of bad faith one now you have uh... a large sums of money camel in large problems panel important thing is to prosecute those to the fullest extent of your body and to be sure that and he uh... dereliction of duty is thoroughly cleaned up if you're the president as round prone to sidestepped the issue uh... i don't really has i think he is he's moved in just a strong as he can on this uh... corruption i think the changes that have been made and will be made will prove that uh... we're going to bring us up this disbanded early as it can be done they in fact i have said that did the situated in reflect some uh... laxity in the white house itself uh... i couldn't say that there have been mistakes in apartments perhaps and then uh... i think the system probably wrong i think one of the things that happen that concerns me most is that the uh... things are coming out about the internal revenue depart and i believe that the political appointments is the wrong system to trust you political henchman the collection of sixty billions of dollars i think i'll be career work now either so fair some introduction of illinois state on the show not long ago he thought that uh... that was some they call it collapse of conscience in the country or that the company was losing some of its capacity from our own indignation how are your views on that last well sir i can certainly senator here in the country properly and they get the congress and properly indignant and the fact that the important thing about this corruption issue is that it is being cleaned out and will be cleaned up at the country was tolerating it the country just rub their children several is followed by the some of this and what can you do about it that would be something to worry about the fact is your cock to get it and you're out to clean about who feel that this will have something tacked on the forthcoming elections undoubtedly it will be a part of uh... the campaign to be one of the things democrats will probably be called to account for work through their document uh... unless the things properly cleaned up and i believe it will be properly cleaned up and the guilty people punished and on the system it is wrong and by that i mean the system used by both parties that's political appointments for internal revenue positions chevy chase's civil service and career point now speaking of the next election sir i believe that you have just been uh... had something to do with the investigation into how the actions of the amount of money spent in the re-election of senator pat yet i trust you dollar what conclusion did you reached afternoon investigating that election well this is not the first though i think we've been handling investigated several states uh... malino harlan several others we've got the conclusion that we've got tighten up the loopholes in the corrupt practices act was passed in nineteen hundred twenty-five and the limits that uh... fixed ten thousand dollars per state of new yorker for the state of california these tremendous aloha is entirely unrealistic in the lab today's demands and you're always going to have money spent in excess of those amounts unless you correct the loopholes and put the realistic lemony and make the cabin accountable for every dime is spent on his behalf whether by satellite organization over by the calving time you didn't investigate or how they deliver effort to discredit senator ted i think i think senator kapiti u_n_ will say it was a very poor investigation factor we got more complaints from the ferguson side regarding investigated brookside darania article about all would you go about uh... amending the corrupt practices act eliminate uh... so much money being spent during an election well i think in the first place you ought to put a realistic limit on what can be spent to say ten thousand dollars to one of the senate seat in ohio is entirely fantastic he didn't have television radio in have colored prelinger billboards read things in nineteen hundred and twenty-five murder mandatory to be used in a campaigning today crazy anyone raising any probably two hundred and fifty thousand i have a million dollars if necessary in these big states and then requirements and accounting but every time i spent whether by the camera that format the satellite organizations that now spend money on his behalf ostensibly without the camera knowing is being spent now let's relate your conclusions do the probabilities of nineteen fifty two zip do you anticipate uh... paid very vigorous campaign and fifty-two or i think it'd be one of the barest and perhaps one of the dirtiest political campaigns history unless the congress passes a new set of mark is approved by the rules we don't have to have some some pattern with which both parties can live by in a bizarre do you think they made a uh... we may set a record and national expenditures unless something is taken out and i think it would be easily possible if you consider i think uh... million two hundred thousand being spent in uh... uh... the path campaign and by his supporters for other portions of the republican ticket and perhaps a eight hundred thousand for the democratic side you can do thirty fantastic sums for one of the forty eight states but we also set a national record of mud-slinging well i think that's liable to be one of the dangers and we're trying to work on mister levin and uh... defamatory statements i think that is another danger that you can tear up-to-date fabric of government played on a limited insight fighting that major well we're trying to do it and senate races by a giving notice now on the senate rules that uh... a man's campaign the type of campaign that he runs will be uh... one of the matters in which he's just freeze qualifications to be a member of the united states senate senator your promenade and border states so our audience tonight would be very much and it did in your predictions for nineteen fifty two now specifically do you think the president will be a candidate to succeed himself but you know i don't believe you well that's only a guess no one has ever told me that uh... observed political swing voters that political writer and i'll either as a congressman about the standards then we do you think will be democratic nominee of course my guess is that uh... speaker sam rayburn will be the logical man to be the democratic why do you think sam rayburn well in the first place he's held the number two job in this country which is bigger than it is far more important the vice presidency longer than any benefit uh... any manner his never served in the house of representatives is order sam rayburn zend you've got uh... hunters out throughout the country and all forty eight states who believe any men respect what about his political location at the democrats have nominated a southerner for president many years that's right but uh... sam fortunately have demonstrated over the years that he's been speaker the house of complete parents for both the northern mister then you can ask any man from new yorker connecticut massachusetts certainly the northern states is never served in the house with rayburn and you'll find that they are saying all times of mister abrams an extremely fair now as to political settlement in your state if the election were held today sir andy race were between uh... mister rayburn and senator taft how do you think oklahoma go well i really believe oklahoma would vote for mister reagan and out suppose a referee between uh... mister rayburn and mister eisenhower general idea my stride and i would make a very very uh... hard candidate to beat the only way you could begin perhaps would be to uh... connect him up with the republican congress that he'd have to work with during the uh... the four years if you were elected and rodney republican congressional record do you think that uh... general eisenhower will be a candidate well courses bento off a lot of congressmen and senators and others trying to find out the answer that question month yes is that he will not be a camp i'd like to have one uh... uh... their observation from you sir senator smathers and young man itself is on the radar in front of the night and we were talking about what days young congressman are you hopeful this year about what's going to happen in this country sir off because i feel a lot better about this uh... leslie finish this year than i did stock volume we're beginning to see our way through this uh... colon partially heartwarming right nineteen fifty two will be a europe war economy and a half packed that's all india twelve it will still have our restrictions on building and priorities and think that there are no i don't believe you can get taxes and happily been briefed about the point of diminishing removals will develop uh... yes table the senate as i understand that you've said in the night you are quite concerned about the corruption issue you are interested and uh... putting a ceiling on expenditures and you think that we're going to have a very high presidential race in nineteen fifty two thank you very much for coming up martin and being with us the editorial board for this 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bethlehem i have editor of the freemen and contributing editor for newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this evening if the elder brother fifty-four united state senator from tennessee the opinions expressed not necessarily those of the speaker syndicate roar of the members of our promise to avoidance of course remember your sir from here sensational crime investigation they know that your the vigorous financially i do now aspires to be a democratic nomination for the presidency denial again to appreciate views on some of your political views concert if you are running for the democratic nomination what is your criticism of what is your principal criticism obey democrat at democratic administration that now exist immature they're going to make it very clear in the beginning that firemen reading online i'm not uh... i think that we have had a inspiring democratic administrations i have supported the foreign policy in the economic and social bubble president roosevelt infested p_m_ here anywhere in the editor well i don't uh... i don't care for them as threatened on the dealers won't leave them out and uh... we're going to new dealer fairview avenues with the american people have made great advancement both in our foreign policy and our domestic policy on ruby rescue democratic administration you want to know why i'm running for president i feel that uh... every american bar area spires too i want to do what i can do see that we continue on with me aggressive foreign policy the do not abandoned their place of leadership in the world also i'm very much interested in seeing as we continue to have our social economic gains i doing market place additional emphasis upon the necessity of taking affirmative action and made effort against uh... corruption ones too to federal government taking more leading parts both congress and the negative department in the leadership the mattress living in the mail today or tomorrow i feel that we must uh... okay on the sound of fire financial basis but we cannot go on year after year on the basis of deficit nothing to do it if there's room for so you think almost certainly on the program uh... not as you know but i think there is room for it near arab leaders and uh... number of people in both of our political party welfare i think the band that if there are two red issues between you and me president one of the news that you don't feel that there is the within the black think dealing with the corruption territory sufficiently adequate dealing with it and that you are worried about the spending program with the landlord of april i'm not the intended to kill anybody that uh... previous them then i think both in government and government but i think in congress in the executive department in math in our country general at all levels of government that we ought to place more purposes upon them effort against the racketeering the wrongdoer the force of course i have had a more deferment familiarity with uh... the condition in the country today them perhaps and other people so it doesn't trust me as being something that we must first take a action uh... all along the line and the federal level of government at the moment people who think that is we didn't need to know i would think that i'm not trying to break in the i'm not trying to grow issues between and truman announced for than anyone else in moscow running for senate fear that i have the qualifications that i've had the experience that i have the ideas for the future of america which the american people want which will appeal to the voters of america flips on a day or if there are differences as you formula on basic philosophy though you you are at an impasse sense our people must make some choices in nineteen fifty on basic philosophy you approve most of what was done domestically and in foreign policy in the roosevelt administration but also in the truman administration i thought that mister fuhrman as a political figure you want to extend the philosophy album roosevelt and truman administration uh... generally that's true and i want to see them carried on earth vigorously i think i do have some manner points of difference as to our foreign policy but i think that we have been growing maintaining and carrying out our position of leadership in the world interest you're not having a very uh... i think that we did a i think in the united nations and the mid-atlantic we have done things that were necessary and you are not concerned with our are being overextended abroad you believe that we do have commitments abroad and that we must continue to large sums of money abroad and we must continue to pump station american troops abroad and be generally concerned uh... greatly concerned with what goes on in the rest of the world uh... yes i do i think that we have to sheriff part of the responsibility along with the other nations in the north atlantic i think the remotes the joined other free people in the interest of i think that we must build four days system of collective security that's going to reverse the trend toward the twenty five years there through the that uh... as to how much we should spent on military withdrawal economic assistance biography in fact it over it long period of time enough to get into an actual war or left the condition gets first-degree or going to have to come down and even our defense spending so that we will not be bankrupting ourselves indirect armed services committee we have seen a preview of ways both the military spending abroad and then uh... the timing of our armed services where are your committee forum on the record and unjustly committee yes well currently if this plea research dole basically you feel that the country would be better all in nineteen fifty two electing another democratic administration so that you could continue to carry on what's been put in motion by roosevelt and truman yet that week that certain demands that fewer i think that uh... we should have another democratic administration for samples that i have a argument but i think it's very vital to the country that we do elected democrat and then of course we do have a philosophy i think the general courses we've been going on all right in the public interest i don't know um... first erection and the way a foreign policy we feel we've we had a republican administration and i think the fact that the republican party generally has the economic and social james lee resource development that we've had in the country although many of them favored it but at the party of opposed it where the not speak well for the future of those programs and a republican administration for summer most of the people who have touched their candidacies say that you think opposition within the democratic party from tour ends while the southern democrats are supposed to think that you too much in favor of the fair deal and uh... some of the administration democrats feel that you had uh... uh... been picking through with that listen more on the question of corruption tomorrow would like to comment on that yet from thirty one mr hope that uh... that's quite true i had to face opposition from both in the south both in the north forward points out that i think it's going to be very difficult for us to have a president who will me to exact formula of into section of the country and then i think that in the section that expects that is does not looking at it from a number of people uh... how i feel that my position is the uh... one of those take into consideration various parts of the country and uh... that's what i'm going to present to the people namrata category i think they will understand that they no section of the country can have a man just exactly like the one they want what do you think the president first there uh... took his name out of the primaries of new hampshire and then decided to back in again you anything on that well uh... mister i have not have enough trouble keeping up with my own difficulties without the trying to jetstar speculate about somebody else's though all i know is that reading the paper that mister mckenna carpet organizational reasons that president should go back to me new hampshire primary i think the idea being that the political organization bear might suffer if uh... even allows named remain on the primary but i never talked me into the netherlands for the final questions then everything for karate went on to something too will be decided by the voters inlet coming campaign or you're talking about you know a lot about the presidential campaign he are you remind me carol and i think the government the issue there's a lot of foreign policy or we're going to go on and strengthen and better our foreign policy and follow through with our position of leadership for reform turn back time scared you know go to some extent sent back to isolation i think that's on one side but i think on the other side that the uh... american people are going to believe that the democratic party can better be the better trusted to carry out our social economic than the republican party but i think on those two things would be an issue of course uh... the bigger issue in government at this time is but cleaning up in a crime and corruption taking leadership in the interest of battle against the part of a crime that are going to have a lot of some of the people have been reminded parade route for not talking about but i don't think mister the editorial board with it but there's no going on here in collinsville flows mister william bradford hilly and mister henry have our distinguished guests was the article that these people united states and other from tennessee none of the i nor the camera can determine i went out at the events in the winter olympics at oslo the winner is determined by the world on earth to watch laundry flip-flop soap for timing championship sports in all three saltwater there is one reason and one reason alone 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long dream come true a television journal of the important this is avail broadcast on the drop-off laundry the world most on that one and wet law distinguished companion for the world all night long game so then seven from coast to coast by more than four thousand leading killer proudly display their family agency logon gene but norwalk this is playing tonight speaking television generosity impulses partially eleven months is wednesday and friday presentation of the long blah blah later on lodging the world's most on it locks and west distinguished companion to the world on and on gene but evenings this is david rocks may i introduce our co-editors for this edition of the logging promise toh mister william back with you we editor of the american maturity and mister darman by rockets an editor of the herald tribune our distinguished guests for this evening is the honorable everett united states senate up from illinois the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speakers sided that's another one of the leading republican spokesman in congress and also the presidential campaign would like some of your current views from washington now i understand sir that you have just recently introduced a bill to in the senate which would limit the powers of the wage stabilization boyd and since they dub usb is tied so directly with the steel situation uh... we should tell us something about or mister rogers you're quite correct as a matter of fact there is pending in the senate banking committee at the present time an amendment to the i'd offer to the defense production acted springs out of the steel controversy in essence of course it would uh... give statutory authority of the week stabilization which exist today as a matter of fact only under executive authority an executive order and secondly it would send back issues like union shop in representation to the national labor relations board for administration of the taft hartley act as designed by congress in the first instance you not feel that these belong with the dub usb that's quite correct diminished one other very important aspect of this amendment and that is that the number of members on the board or public members must exceed the aggregate of industry and labor members and the public members would be confirmed by the senate why do you wanna do you insist on the senator dirksen do you feel it uh... wage stabilization boorda as it is presently constituted is slanted toward labor well as a matter of fact i sat through most of the testimony including that of governor arnold the prize administrator mister roger putnam the economic stabilization administrate or and also uh... mr fein together and then later on of course we had charlie wilson and i came to the conclusion from the testimony that they were more interested in labor peace and they were in the principle that was involved and that you got some other old like sentiment and for that reason i want to see the public members of the board confirmed by the senate because then at least we can be sure we are going to get public members or represent the public interest while senate there now at present the waves stabilisation bull as eighteen members have sneaked that's correct and six out of my from labor and six out them supposedly from industry and six adam supposedly represent the public events right and none of them are confirmed by the senate none whatsoever and all are appointed by the president and what you want to do who has to make most of them public members that require that the senate approved them so that you can examine the record in possible basses outside each one of those members as a matter of fact mr here i would have no objection to making them all public members because it is a larger public interest that is involved here and then have all of them confirmed by the sent as a matter of fact uh... when mister i was on our show a couple of weeks ago he said that it was in the public interest that he made his decision for the president to seize the steel industry well that could be a matter of opinion of course and uh... when it comes to my own view point with respect to see here i think it was illegal i think it was on justifiable i think it was on warranted and that there was no constitution excuse for it what's when you think that if the uh... wage stabilisation board had a public membership mr otto would have been able to reach this conclusion i doubt very much as a matter of fact in if you had review of public representation on the board confirmed by the senate which chances are that we wouldn't have this controversy on the national doorstep today now this decks an amendment death to change that to redefine the powers of the debbie s b uh... what what chance do you think that has to being adopted well i think it has a fair chance of course i do know sort of holding the committee little from time to time and it for any reason it fails and the committee certainly it will be offered on the senate floor and i'm of the opinion of course because of the controversy now that he will commend itself through the serious thinking of the members of the senate now the administration is opposed to all very definitely so uh... what grounds well dickie of course the board is presently constituted is uh... doing a good job and uh... where perhaps they don't want to set up to start with the present our is there any evidence from from your constituency that wsd is doing a good job anon whatsoever that i know him as a matter of fact the course of the people back home don't know too much about the operations within the book i head however a chance to read the recommendations of the vote many times i read the dissenting views of the labor members in the industry members and i'd come to the conclusion that there was a little bias there and so in the hope of the eliminating them and also to make sure there'll be no recurrence of this difficulty into other industries like oil and rubber and aluminum that involve the national interest in the defense efforts i want to see the board reconstituted in given statutory authority and the fear that that will happen that uh... similar situation staying loyal bears a striking the on the streets present time well mister rogers is a matter of fact the controversy or relating to our live before a couple of panels in the way destabilization board at the present time rubber maybe their aluminum might come on and there might be a good many others and we simply cannot afford it could very logical e progress to the door step of sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue greg exactly so senator al audience of course is gravely concerned in this trip crisis and i'm sure that they would appreciate a prediction from you how do you think this uh... constitutional crisis is going to be resolved well mister jerry of course uh... the u_s_ supreme court is not always predictable as you know and there have been so many sharp five-to-four a defense industries and by the supreme court they might vary conceivably not pass on the seizure issue at all and simply go on the theory that the stupidly taft hartley act which was created through by congress and which is after all a trustee of congress operated by the national labor relations board has a certain authority in certain remedies that have not yet been exercise resume may very simply say until all around these have been exercised various location for them to pass on a major i you know you're saying sir that you don't anticipate and heard a decision by the supreme court in this mail not necessarily agree with us on this very shortly as a matter of fact because of the high public interest would like to know what you one other observation from you sir do you think that feeds anything that has happened to the judiciary that the american people should be concerned about is the judiciary still an adequate check-and-balance on executive power in this country well i i i don't like particularly the breath on that question except to say that i can find you a lot of people in the country who have their fingers crossed for matlab and i beginning to wonder whether a political note has intruded itself into the judicial findings in the country well speaking of crossing their fingers in the intrusion of political notes on it thorsen uh... this afternoon or late this afternoon they factories are for the washington announced that it was drawing controls on installment five an announcement which i'm sure have some profound effect around the country do you know this any political influence in this uh... decision uh... it means essentially that all last holdout on controls over the purchasing over the vast spending that when i'm in this country following the korean incident is now listed well now there's a right if you'll bear with me just a minute i'll give you what i think is around a dancer first of all i share the view that has been expressed by a number of people in washington and in the senate led by means of control by means of credit control by means of taxis and by means of reduced public spending we might have kept this thing in balance without the necessity for the kind of physical controls that we have today now then i beginning to think that this thing softens up and i see a softening of business in a good many sections of the country that the administration seems to be interested in keeping this fate prosperity as i call it going until election day and if you need authority for it we'll look at the president's message here on the state of the union to the joint session in which he said the domestic economic issues and the international matters cannot be separated that's just another happy way of saying that you can't separate the cushy jobs from the corpses in other words you would feel so that uh... the administration is endeavoring to maintain inflation and to maintain what you call a fake prosperity and solo number four well when you see the administration candidate and a candidate for the presidency around the country talking about the prosperity of the key the democrats have brought to the country obviously that's going to be one of the key issues with him in the campaign and if they're going to utilize it in cash in on it they've got to maintain it and and maintain it you've got to do certain rather peculiar inquiries things and maybe this is one of them passive what do you mean bad faith prosperity it what you call it a fake prosperity well mister hewitt whenever a prosperity has drenched with youngblood i call it a prosperity and i've got a better name for the man i'd call it blooded graveyard prosperity you are i suppose referring to korea sir as a matter of fact in mail i mention this now that you raised korea what if anything it is that where observing the seventh anniversary of v_ e_ day and here we are a emerged in a struggle seven thousand miles from home where the treasury listers paramount lioness almost aggregates a hundred and nine thousand american casualties of the present time but here you've got surplus labour going into the defense plants of the country here under neutral security in the marshall plan and that sort of thing we are exporting some of the surpluses from america that is not adorable prosperity it's got just a little touch of a holy young blood upon it and that's why i call it a piece of victory senator dixon here of course uh... have been very active in the presidential campaign and i'm sure that then you're a great leader and a protest movement against the administration i'm sure that our audience would like to have your prediction alastair how that fight against the government this year's going well mister if you are you referring to the uh... campaign on the republican side of the examined well as the world so well knows i'd throw my marbles in with bob taft uh... i'm always heartened by the fact that as i get around the country they say he's the best of the republican party has and then of course the conviction of a little by saying but of course is you know he can't win well as a matter of fact i manage his campaign in illinois and we gave them a little over a nine hundred thousand votes as a demonstration that bob tech and we're well thank you know i'm very much involved ask for me because i think he would make a great president he may not make the greatest president that you have ever had but he'll be one of the greatest of america ever had well thank you very much for being with us tonight sir the editorial board for this edition of the law engine problems call it was mister william bradford hwy and mr donald i rogers our distinguished guests one of the honorable everett dirksen united state senator from illinois do you have a problem of selecting a gift of great prestige for someone important to you well that problem is not happening solved with launching the world's most i watch because of the fine quality of the watch itself 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highest this is david ross for your regular post grad night inviting you to join us every monday wednesday and friday at the same time for the long think one of school a television journalist of the important issues of the hour passed on to have laundry the world's most bottled water and reply distinguished companion a lot of laundry old and service by more than play december people on gene written off one helped television journal of the implementation of the house presentation of the laundry and what's not watch just maker up small jane the world's most on it a lot and whatnot distinguished companion to the world on its own gene good evening this is david rocks may i introduce ella co-editors for this edition of the launching promise kal mister william bradford you we had a tour of the american mercury and lieutenant colonel and soulcalibur an editor of the new york herald tribune our distinguished guests for this evening is the honorable fred a season united state senator from nebraska the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speakers sends a signal graded your nebraska newspaperman who say they have to plan of uh... late senator query can i say we like you tell us something about impressive ended flat situated in your area now can you describe for our audience something about how serious this flood has been saved yes i'd be glad to have to do it this president suri river flooding of the greatest in the history of man not only goes to the white mangroves insofar as the archaeologist compelling entire history of the indians and anyone who may have come before them how many people are lost their homes over driven from their homes as far as removed told mom about eighty thousand people had to be evacuated but managed to a larger percentage of those homes and not and what is the property damage uh... we believable exceed three hundred million dollars now of course to this river has been rampaging including for many years can you give us some indication of and how much loss has been over the period of the last ten or twelve years login in actual damages a to installations of buildings with towns of public utilities of farm fencing barnes and that sort of thing the damage is done about that one in three quarters billions of dollars congress has been played in certain quarters appropriating enough money for an adequate tough luck control program do you think that's a fair criticism well of course is a member of that congress colonel even relief asked me to give you a complete affirmative i would say that some of the four has been congress' yes and determination of first things first probably congress' missed a little bit on what was first feels like uh... it's a matter of more money or better players things matter more money because we have the poignantly the fix loan plan which was first uh... adopted in nineteen hundred and forty-four sperling adequate support is taking care of the missouri river basin and its flood situation is concerned when we need the money to carry the flame out you can stop the flow with paper challenge would like to know something about that picking on plan now is this the plan thrown out by the army engineers for controlling the river food is really bombarded planner was to do anything me to authors of that word general paper the army engineers and players along the department of agriculture uh... technically it is today known as the fixed phone plan beyond amendment young amendment came about through the efforts are demanding glad when young low carried out the idea of upper one or shed controllable of the revert so that you didn't start all of your efforts on the main spaniel some water back in other words on the forms and hillsides leading down to the tributaries are the main stand there and that's this is a plan for the construction by the federal government of a okay of a number of dams and roads that's correct about how many campuses is engaged in the plan well all in all of you carried out the complete plan will be about a hundred such installations in the military bases not now remember the missouri basin just doesn't little playing the river flows down because actually you've got of up to six lamb i am united states in that basin but there are four major names involved in that those four bands one completed would stop a repetition of the flood we had in nineteen fifty two please as a surfeit edu president truman's planned i believe involving six billion dollars for national flood control is not part of the president's plan uh... yes i'm glad you used the word party williamsport course the president's plan the encompasses a great many things besides the construction of these main spend and spend and and the flood control in the tributaries and on the phone lines i'd rather not be in the position of trying to defend the president's plan of six million circuit all mine well i i i wrote and said and we we we know that uh... we can spend a great deal of money and we can get some benefits but now i just how much money that do the people of the united states have to spend to complete the pics on plan other complete the pics long-planned again for the the job of controlling these ravaging floods on the missouri river would cost the people of the united states about a billion three hundred million dollars or four hundred a million dollars less when the floods along with the cost of the united states veteran said if needed spreads in the last ten years it cost the people in the united states more than it will cost to build these damn yes that's right an actual damages out of those and getting out of those floods at their cost of the people in in new york and other people who knew that said that area uh... they expensive to us if you haven't at least alone at least two ways one maybe moment tangible and difficult to visualize we know that whenever you have flood damage more damage from anything of tornado which of course you can't control at gmail soccer about a twenty percent lawson income tax collections now i assume that everybody listening to this program pays income taxes in this day and age in america so you can charge up twenty percent of his total loss to the people here in new york state for instance fair share of the growing at the more taxes because those people out there won't make the money to pay them allen specifically insofar as all of us are concerned nineteen fifty two flood on the missouri river will cost the average family in united states at least fifteen dollars and fifty cents on their grocery bill because you see them sorry basin is the bread basket of america and we know that those losses we suffered in farm programs will cause a one percent increase in the cost of everybody's food for the ensuing near in other words every campaign in new york great land a jacksonville florida or chicago every family in the united states will have to pay fifteen dollars more for food this year because of this flooded i think that is correct and that's a very conservative good week and the fam shudder but seem to be getting worse and worse in your opinion every really accomplished anything in flood control up to now or yes colonel we can talk all evening about that but uh... though so far the missouri basin is concerned the construction while before pixmania which was closed last year till now for those flood waters that had the band not been there the flood would have been two feet higher in omaha council bluffs here in south dakota the walls well of course i would just because a vision of millions and millions of dollars of damage because but chances are been impossible the whole bit blood within the levees which this which they had all the flood now and i don't know exactly on that had been completed now that's that's part of your picture on prayer and it's one of the four major hand gesture we're telling us that because you can't you had that damn completed the tribe was not as bad as it would have been without that that people of the correct and reached down that he has now completed uh... will reduce the danger of any any future for that yes i think everybody who has studied the river the army engineers a civilian authorities even the people who argue about the pics long-planned all agree that the fort bans when completed withheld the flood waters back to the extent that instead of having a fun women who had a state of the river about two feet less than floodlight all the way down the river tumor joins a mississippi designed to declare four yes one of the issues that divide our people mostly if you're on the tennessee valley authority i think we americans are divided into though to those who think t_v_a_ something pretty great and those who do not now at is there any enthusiasm in the misery that it's already p_d_a_ plan very little sir and what there is is the engendered primarily by the exciting department united states government and by the uh... bureau of the interior of the federal government subir clicking on a national scale in whose hands worldly flood control of problems of the future fallen me army engineers and a national hardy the order first that's uh... that's a national question though so far as the missouri basin areas concern of the ten states out there in the midwest and west if we have our way in the control of this thing will be in the hands off representatives of those ten states drawn from the so-called penn state compact and from the governor's conference of those ten states now you know i i i think for tech damn i believe gave his no is not i had to electric damage it no it is not is just for flood control answer narrated here that the proposed damage to be hydro-electric dams yes uh... some of the more however the production of hydro-electric power or the promotion of electrical energy is not a major part of the big storm plan it is interjected into the plant only so far as it is necessary to amortize the cost of some of these bands so that the irrigation water drawn from the bands will not be permitted even close to the farmers and short now are people can understand the in the missouri badly you're not going to have under that plan aidid a power development similar to what we've had in the and the tennessee valley and then add in the northwest mall you will have neither the emphasis on power that you had in the tennessee valley when you look when you have the extent of manufacture and uh... and and met a really remain primarily agricultural bend and and and your plan disease and famine in two ada irrigation and and crop development irrigation the course of canceling proper bollam flood control in navigation on the missouri at least up to the point of all now when winds there it will be pixel unplanned for controlling this river when will it be completed according to the president's get you well according the present schedule on the basis of the appropriations which of the made up to first with your fifty-three it would be at least nineteen sixty before these major brands were completed major installations were in on the river mall if we get our way uh... we will try to bring that up and certainly found that terminal date by three years on you know as in other words now add strength is eight years uh... to take a test completed here's a senator from nebraska but trying to cut down that time i'm sure that our audience very much appreciate your views tonight you and thank you for being with us the editorial board for this edition of the launching promise coliforms mister william bradford hwy hand lieutenant colonel and soul calibur our distinguished guest was the honorable quitting seton united state senator from nebraska do you have a problem of selecting the gift of great prestige for someone important to you well that problem as most happily solved with long gene the world's most honored watch because of a fine quality of the launching walks and because of what the name 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and whitmore distinguished companion to the world armored laundry sold and service from coast to coast by more than four thousand leading jewelers who proudly display this emblem agency for long gene whitmore watches times lava launching thomas television journal of the implementation of the house russell you every monday wednesday and friday presentation of the laundry look small watch company later on launching the world's most ahmed watch and whatnot distinguished companion to the world ahmed launching good evening this is david rocks may i introduce our co-editors for this edition of the launching promised school mister william bradford hwy editor of the american mercury and mister altman read junior of the new york herald tribune our distinguished guests for this evening is the honorable henry cabot lodge junior united state senator from massachusetts the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speakers mr lyons it's a great pleasure for us to and even i don't know lunging promise closer audience knows you college says this thing the senator from massachusetts and tonight would like to ask you something about general eisenhower's tactics when he returns here now so can you tell us first can you tell our audience uh... what some of general eisenhower's plans are when you're rags in the united states well he plans to her arrive in washington and then good abilene kansas where he makes a speech on me on the fourth of june on june the fourteenth speaks in abilene about how many speeches on their lives do you think he should and well night you could tell at this for it what is this is a great mistake true make your plans for the end of the campaign three months ahead you shouldn't do that well i understand that is uh... we heard a rumor that he was going on in colorado north probably spend a great deal of june and colorado best-kept secrets of the whole campaign are not that the six thousand people and under and it never got put in the store sunday lodge but skinning uh... what subjects do you think general eisenhower ought to be aware that hard-hitting subjects and made speeches that he well might why do you think and shot the people in this country would like to know that they are not play rise yet well i think people are pretty clear about eisenhower i think most of them talk about not being clear comes from the campaign managers of his opponent and i think one when not to run the campaign is to run it sows to please your photos campaign managers uh... we had a big victory mentioned is the other day uh... have a lot of people voted for eisenhower in fact he ran a very strong in the democratic primary as other staff campaign campaign manager of the immoral that we want to get democrats and the promise of a briseno well it is much of the republicans only have twenty one percent of the vote how are you going to win if you don't have the democrats the independent legal about cats and dogs with house i don't know now senators there has been uh... consider both thought and discussion about said general eisenhower would use in about his being warned to say it's say nothing parties being warned of a forthright how do you expect him to be forthright in his answers to questions when he returns here of course but you can get a happily tactics uh... we we've we've got to have a tactics in this campaign we feel is the most popular man which is the best qualified men is men everybody wants and also job is to say that that demand is translated into let's take uh... i think he's because he's going to be forthrightly always has been you're going to be just as forthright in dealing with domestic pressures and political questions that we have been dealing with military farms persons with no doubt about that you don't think that then that uh... that he is gonna temp to follow a tactic of saying nothing and what it is pretty ridiculous i think that is ours is ridiculous is the role of the group without by his opponents lilly was devastated for middle after the convention processes improve within a visible in clothes he's going to be just as freed of the property was present at columbia now i'll point to start all those things were obviously places on the face of the all sunday la jolla delegate because they've been really she will get him to return it fabricate them while sound a lot for example on certain questions as claire i general eisenhower stands on the whole subject of socialism but do you think guidance on that principle to the particular he should be a little together things that are current such as the steel strike at at at at live com tone well i don't think you ought to go into legislation that was enacted the taft hartley law was enacted the with mary hogan bill that banker jones act i don't think you need to go back across his opponents would like him to say how he would have voted if he had been a senator drill f_-fifteen unit we want to sell it anyone exactly wasting his time either and i can imagine no greater weight of the public's time than to try to figure out how he would have voted by the federal o_j_ has artistic athleticism respects and i think that i think issues that involve the future uh... those of special things but something else again this specific issue uh... that tad land soil i believe he took a specific position on that didn't last week they did not letter that was released in texas are not sure well as adlai the list of published report bashing powers forces in texas jack porter had received a letter from last art which seemed to indicate or they interpret it that he had taken uh... the texas and california position for states rights on time and so i'll packed did you understand that that western laura dern of democrats are where air i think there was some other thoughts within the letter federal jack porter icing on quite a few thank you wouldn't you think it would be in the states and to take it as a that action power has endorsed the texas position on taxes and i wouldn't say that i said his letters etc water was not go simple it was a brief review of the indicate i said there was a other thoughts in there about oil care comes back okay mary claire his opposition to the administration's foreign policy in certain areas side ministrations policy kara what is going to study the material running so he doesn't have to have me to do that uh... i know that he's always been critical of the administration's foreign policy thus far back as potsdam he told the president that we should make no concessions to the russians to get through the war games penitent and that was advice had been followed we wouldn't have had the mistakes of the altar of gold would not have been sold on the river and trying to whatever savings that have betrayed i know all there are always going to say either man well able to make a good one for themselves uh... senator let's come back just a moment to your point about uh... as perhaps being immoral to attract democrats into the republicans are marked or well criminals picnic my point is that you cannot possibly win by going absolutely should withdraw hota uh... you have to attract democrats and independents right are you concerned sir about the fact that a great many new dealers are apparently supporting general asking how r william name one well i don't know particular facility but i mean we were at work well though is that fact is it true that in in your dealers in massachusetts are supporting the general i don't know how much newman and what i don't know that my democrat well i'd say allah tension name when mister norman thomas i believe it is a little uh... having expressed himself on this show to the three weeks ago he scheduled for a few supporters are together for all i know we have millions and millions of supporters and excluding probably welcome everybody that supply demand that uh... i'm trying to make is that you as a republican leader you're quite anxious to get through democrats and even your dealers to vote for the general if necessary i think they're trying to drag a little parliament arithmetic further every republican motor voter bill would be forty one percent of the world well you just cannot win with only one percent you've got to augment when you've got to get democrats are independent rose can you go all right sleeping i think you can say and sweeping victory in massachusetts new york ended in other states recently do you think his chances for winning on the first batter pretty yet at this point fifty pdt impossible to tell about about this time of this far ahead you character or whether it's the first of the second of the flu the foreperson possible toe do you have uh... and let me ask you this as his principle campaign manager or as one of his campaign managers have you been satisfied with the campaign to date sir has it gone along the lines that have been any surprises for you wonderful who've been running it and and and uh... uh... i don't suppose anybody who's ever satisfied with what he does i i uh... don't think any man feels he's done his best work all the time i've had some disappointments of course what are your plans and airline wants child has nine in former candidate for re-election to the united states senate massachusetts you would not want to be his campaign manager for example well miller one of the error i don't know it uh... adult hartford you understand this but i look up to the congressional request beyond well now i do you have a very much to do between now and the convention of the road at a time to speculate about what happens after the congressional idea any announced opposition in massachusetts as yet busy and mister kennedy and it's going to be a opponent their isabella stewart he's already announced respected have any is there any opposition in the republican primary electorate you don't expect any i don't know about it but i know of the republicans need to move through this full of surprises out of making a difference now uh... we would you can't predict forrester estou there how many votes uh... general eisenhower will hailed by june the twenty s i've never met a production of mywire for uh i say that we're ahead now i say that the uh... poll reported in the papers are incomplete necessarily so because they don't know the and witness of all the situations the way i do uh... salim holes in the papers are misleading where do you how many committed delegates to ukraine for the general i'm not claiming anything numerically at all at any time when you said that the task forces advanced optometric hair on them and not done again substantially well from the program out of the ohio primary is held so the judge is going to make some games but that is something that we can anticipate on-time content it partially here i don't think uh... you gotta make any games uh... in the in the true sense out to be done to get his is hardcore approach that we're all nominees hair but he hasn't been again anything outside of the senate as a as a final question sir and speaking as a republican leader do you think that there will be and he is really serious hoooo moons in the republican party as a result of this coming convention do you expect to see a united party after the convention whoever gets the nomination but i do with the present time i certainly do and i certainly hope so i think i've are going to be nominated i think i have in our appeals to follow it in the republican party all factions all groups he showed his new hampshire he shall never new jersey and massachusetts everywhere they had a chance to express themselves for senator i'm sure that our audience very much appreciate your views tonight and thank you very much for being with us the editorial board for this edition of the laundry in front of school was mister william bradford here we had this problem re julia our distinguished guest was the honorable henry cabot lodge junio united state senator from massachusetts here our viewers of the famous mobile this economy run time by launching as official watch for the american automobile association we'll have a dual cooperate because it's the type of event that would sure we approve and open contest that war where the results win or lose are made public power congratulations to mobile gas and you know that it was uh... in just under open competition in the laundry in the game and the fact of the world's most donald watch it yesen worlds best competition the results win or lose all public danielle laundry and watches nab one highest honors wherever entered but don't look and world's fair grand prizes and twenty-eight gold medal awards yes and in observateur a accuracy contest still long-chain watches have one innumerable honors for accuracy at all the great national observatories now if you wish to own just about the finest watch made anywhere in the world your choice might well be launching the world's most honored watch as a gift for any important 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the laundry in front of him television journal of the implementation of the opt partial you every monday wednesday and friday presentation of the laundry list of all what happened later on launching the world's mohammed law and what distinguished companions of the world on its own good evening alco editors for this edition of the laundry in front of school william bradford hearing editor the american military notion warren washington correspondent of the bottle career experts our distinguished guest for this evening is the honorable herbert lemans united state senator from new york the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speakers senator leahy arcata school portents of course no juicer for your long and distinguished public service career as governor of new york humanitarian service with and i'm now is senator from new york and we understand so that your paramount interest now is an immigration back what is the question it may have of immigration and issue at the present time wellness usually i think that his notebook of great importance today because the press in immigration laws go back to nineteen hundred and thirty-four and that based on the nineteen hundred and twenty census that confusing complicated based on intolerable concepts of racism in racial discrimination they need womanizing liberalizing and khadafy there's another important reason why we have to pick up the matter because the president recently a suggestion to the congress met three at least three hundred thousand additional persons be admitted into this country refugees from communist jerry and said this is people's timidly grease the netherlands and western give me yet pending in congress today to bills on immigration lundy mccarran walker-viola and the other subs to fill the humphrey demanded centered lehman high understand that you are not particularly in favor of the mccarran water bill could you tell us what so i would like a lot of david letterman you guessed it because i think a lot we can't be a lot of uses police measures and texas racist principles in discrimination into our laws which are up the republican to american ideals some of the depiction of the make and what would be allow that discretion with regard to the admission of people is that the talent to the conscience abroad and based on his opinion not on fact and there's no from that opinion i believe the bill would slam the door in future immigration i believe it would threaten hundreds of thousands of aliens uh... now in this country would deportation on technical and said under substantial grounds in five min five thread of revocation of citizenship it what the props and as a ship thousands literally thousands without people who have been naturalized or maybe naturalized in the future now did you have to go out as an example is that what i mean take the question of deportation under the mud can b l and in in in this country thirty years with white american white children grandchildren could be deployed it had committed if he committed a crime however insignificant twenty five or thirty years ago he could be suddenly he has been deported instead back give me is how quickly with no chance eleven saying his family again another alien might have lived here thirty or forty years way back in the nineteen twenties status say he might have belonged to an organization which you can eat general now clients abrasive yet and might have said that connection with this organization twenty years ago a more but under the mat can be helped not only could he be seized and deported no matter how old are abiding since then but no it would have no chance of appeal the question of the revocation of citizenship which i think it's uh... uh... totally evoking the prosecution of course i'll constitution courses at there's no distinction between a table on a naturalized citizens the mccann built authorizes the revocation of naturalization taking away our citizenship for acts not serious enough to constitute the even up crime the native-born citizens get a couple of instances on that a naturalized citizen refuses testimony before congressional committee investigating service to that he could be deprived of citizenship if this refusal is within ten years after you'd been naturalized and another naturalized citizen joins the communist front organization for any purpose or reason within five years of his naturalization naturalization and his citizenship good could be could be taken away from you and i have answered all at senator lott on legislation you have an answer to that in the slate yes i have to be i want to say that them again bill would create a huge number of second-class citizens constantly under threat of losing american citizenship uh... famous newspaper columnists reason these days if this pending legislation in the town one of the uh... should be enacted we might as well take the statue of liberty out of new york oppa and send it back to a friend who wins the game popiel the hopi naman dito safeguards the politics and possible civil rights and lebanese even parades it not only revivals and codifies but also with the risers and human actions operation immigration laws it makes it possible for an increased number of of witty immigrants to come to this country week will be on your spoke yesterday the unusual names come because such a large number in way back in nineteen fourteen nineteen twenty four were assigned through the northern countries like england and holland and belgium and france and not use we pull those and use them foca for people anywhere in the work in which they may come and that means the admission not be increased in the total number of of immigrants because that will still be limited to a hundred and fifty thousand but increases the number that actually can be increased in will be increased by about eighty or ninety thousand five billion to it is important we do an obvious delay emphasis forms of family unit and the desirability of really your reuniting divided families entirely it would improve relations with people in europe not only by a omitting increased immigration into this country but by removing racial unnatural discrimination whichever route as being the guy connects them against this among peoples abroad for senator i'm sure that our audience very much appreciate your views on immigration now tonight and then uses these steel seizure the presidency chair of the steel properties and has been a great deal of criticism now are you sure generally in sympathy with the president's action i think the president had no alternative but to seize the steel companies i think two thirty p happened two things with that if it's ever been had been made on the basis demanded by the steel companies now the wage an increase of twelve dollars of time which in my opinion was entirely and justifiable it would have inevitably lead to serious violent inflation which would have been eight great trip to the solvency and security of this country and furthermore if he had to seize the steel mills it would've made it clear to him and possibly have as much as five to seven million tons of steel greatly needed commodity which is in short supply and would have ended up in that way uh... threatened depends activities articulated and our national economy and you know i don't think the president that andy alternative and then you're not greatly concerned over the constitutional issue that's been raised tonight i'm not a constitutional law and i i i i can't express any opinion but i believe that the president and it's been show and i think by the history of this country not only has the right but they do to do everything he can to safeguard the security uh... his of our country now i think the security of our country could easily have been threatened by a steel strike and i think the president under those circumstances it the only thing and they courageous and right thinking president could have done psych seizing the steel mills sender mastectomy questioning into the political field for a moment we having some conventions coming up i understand you're going to new york tomorrow at a dinner honoring w people here are my dad which there will be some presidential candidates number one on the political questions do you have any preference for a candidate at this time on the democratic ticket pat and going to the dinner and then speaker i have not i have not express my views up to the present time with regard to the candidate on the democratic ticket or on the republic but after the dent out going on for this to be a meeting in a favorite son from new york is to be a selected is that right sir s on friday on consulting with some of the other democratic leaders in new york and we will discuss the whole situation your favorite candidate for the u_s_ senate to uh... for the seats and uh... held by arriving in lives for the democratic minority owned tinkered this one that has been discussed until all still i have not discussed his editorial in my opinion is wide open what what we have not had not reached and what is what is your opinion sir as a final question what is your opinion of mr erode hammond i have a of very hira dot abraham i've known him for a great many years and in my opinion there is no more patriotic no more able man in this country of ours of enable habbo thank you very much for being with us the editorial board for this edition of the laundry room promised go for it william bridget healy added to the american migraine motion warren washington correspondent for the bottle career express our distinguished guests what they are moderately mum united state senator from new york the big news in the world of sports is the opening of the major league baseball team here at school year form part of the both american and national reporting we would probably want to fix it priming ballgame throughout the day winding up of the world series front lawn portland comprehensive including the conference board of the american automobile association the american powerboat association for national aeronautic association and for nineteen fifty two have been united states olympic committee at selected laundry watches for climbing all events for the selection of the united states olympic team wisely so well the answer is found in the greater accuracy which has been built into every launching watch accuracy as an established fact proven year after year in the competitive accuracy trials conducted by the great government observatory that is right throughout the world northern name on the water the world's most armored one friendly our product of the long being written or what company since eighteen sixty six maker of waters of the highest there this is david ross speaking for your regular holes inviting you to join us every monday wednesday and friday evening at the same time for the long team chronicle a television journal of the important issues of the hour broadcast on behalf of laundry the world's most arnold what whitmore distinguished companion for the world armored laundry sold in service by more than four thousand meeting to order probably the slavery emblem agency belong to you with norwalk


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