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April Fools' Day Request for Comments

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A Request for Comments (RFC), in the context of Internet governance, is a type of publication from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Society (ISOC), usually describing methods, behaviors, research, or innovations applicable to the working of the Internet and Internet-connected systems.

Almost every April Fools' Day (1 April) since 1989, the Internet RFC Editor has published one or more humorous Request for Comments (RFC) documents, following in the path blazed by the June 1973 RFC 527 called ARPAWOCKY, a parody of Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem "Jabberwocky". The following list also includes humorous RFCs published on other dates.

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after the April 30, 1777 was born in germany carl friedrich gauss next to Archimedes in Newton the best mathematician who has existed son of a humble worker at three years corrects to his father a miscalculation at 10 solution to a curious problem how much do the numbers include between 40% and 65% are recommended. the young man causes the result in a while record and leave all your class stunned the result is 5050 the famous bell of gauss different sciences are applied in psychology admits intelligence in the center the majority of the population with a normal IQ the left those who are by below and to the right the gifted gauss made decisive contributions to The science he died in 1855 and his will scientist of only 19 pages still trying to unravel obviously gauss was a genius he occupied that right part of the bell that the same drawing and in which according to statistics is located around 2 percent of the world population and Many of them do not even know it has contacted by the association Spanish to place twice its message after the training to see what steps you should take for each child can be gifted that problems that it can generate has called not for the theme of my son and I am the the slightest possibility this way of exit for specialists argue that the giftedness is determined by a genetic factor but there is another component as important as this one or plus the environmental environment where the child and the motivation he receives will be decisive for the development not of your high intellectual capacity science you should still answer one more question complex how the brain really works a gifted person marta has answer for this question to his 36 years has one of the coefficients intellectuals of Spain happens and exceeds 200 the average of the population is at 100 Marta has five races universities in Spain and 26 in North America speaks six languages ​​and deficiencies of the education system Spanish they pushed it in the eighties training in the United States is very easy to understand is how the hard drive of a computer while and the others have a 4 86 the gifted we have a 20 and a 30 what happens is that he and he they profess ideas much more fast that is to say they are formulated knowledge more quickly but then of course it depends on the software of the programs that goals and how interacts was on the hard drive is say the fact of having a speed hard drive does not imply that be smarter or be more Happy it depends on how management is your intelligence that you have or rather of {0}How much?{/0} {1} {/1} how does it stop using intelligence for many times you want and you can not have giftedness can become more normal than people think two out of every hundred individuals are not in Spain may have more than half million people with high Capacities It is also unknown that a very high academic failure many they occupy current jobs and others live their entire lives without reaching discover that they have a gift francisco bagpipes the psychologist and one of the few experts in Spain for diagnose gifted has passed the most of his life treating children and adults of high abilities anyone can become an adult with or without a university degree a poorly paid and poorly paid job with a failure not only school but also social and affective staff if can have high capacities psychology relates very often the unhappiness with the high capacities allergies depression anxiety suicide a large number of diseases are originated in gifted people mainly caused by the incomprehension of the environment for children most of the time the school becomes the point of departure of all these disorders more gays rocha rows because if frame martos 42 "Yes, yes, yes! children of high abilities end up retaining the lessons much more fast than his classmates in some cases the explanations there are so many left over so the classes become in something boring the school happens to be a place where you do not learn are repeated concepts is a is caused a lack of motivation first and later a absolute repulsion for the school world it is important that people know that they do not there are some physical characteristics Clear exteriors that indicate us this child is this child is not is not the smart kid who leave some TV shows This is not necessarily the child gifted the educational system I should do screening tests call in English to check all Children who start school that children have high abilities and that is not done the preparation of the teachers will be essential for these guys but a important part of the teachers recognizes his disability and his lack of preparation to detect children gifted I've been working at the school published 27 years old I have been teaching for 39 years my experience in teaching is 34 Years in my 30 years of experience as teacher detected as a student up of high intellectual level to find A case making memory in these years of agreement of 22 will not detect me and the truth is that I do not know if I was in some time some child with high capabilities with giftedness now divide us depression or six if we interpret the statistics a teacher with an experience of about 30 years of teaching obviously it will have coincided with more of 12 gifted students for their classes will have passed at least 20 or 30 the question is obvious if we do not have detected that it has happened with those Child the ministry has a protocol of acting with things and we logically if all those protocols we can also act but I think that it should be mild day it would be necessary to pass some type of test in general the teachers we are quite misinformed these myths the administration we do not prepare us to detect this kind of children and we have had at least the who have already my age we do not have anymore gives information and training in this field is quite scarce I did the race and I studied what I had to study but just to normal intelligence students let's take into account that everything that leaves the norm and is special because we call special children those who do not they arrive and we do not call special children to what happens if we call them but not we treat ourselves as such we do not want them detect should be exactly the same as the best a lot of surprises, maybe I've I was lucky to have a student about total and the Latin the misfortune of that I have not noticed and the we have lost as gifted is probable is probably not eight years old but his intellectual qualities are those of an older girl says that the school is boring and he tells his parents who does not want to go there good me when when they found it empty they go to burrón saving because already I know that they even drive and joe biden draws for example a flower shop the opi that easy sometimes more than one I have not done it because it's so easy already happened that the professional of the scolding not because she expected me nothing to come and what to kill and in a month at rest or less the story of aena not has done nothing more than start the situation that is why going through already lived before others gifted adults talk negatively from an educational system who overlooked your needs I have had school failure and my home appeared to be a happy child in the school they took me for mentally retarded I almost came to believe that it was unintelligent that he had true delay I could believe it can they perfectly claim to have self-esteem low I think I did not have esteem that is different that is almost worse for me was a punishment be for me the one who it was a punishment but because I felt like I was imputando were coercing me they were but it was because it was not that environment for me there was no atmosphere suitable for me to school I've always liked the effort intellectua now so the contact with the people most of the time I do not I liked nothing explained to me something you know and I felt that it was I was trying as if it were a child or be like a child you know but I felt like he treated me less than me true age whether he was eight years old of age a five year old boy and I I think he treats me like an adult I remember me tycoon to recriminate the teacher is to have raised the I'm going to tell him that is not like that or go deeper or materialized lomas barely spoke because it was not a pretty situation quite marked and a situation in the that I found time later with with some people passing that is truly not not able to understand that with someone feel authentic Martian who play jokes around the world laughing and you do not it's not that I do not understand it but that you do not it seems like a joke totally simple and you spend a joke and they look at you because they have not understood nothing but I at school my In particular, it could not be crossed out even a rebel was that I did not absolutely nothing matters what there would be nothing nothing there or breathe the the air that was there was a real anguish being there if they see that you have capacity that I told you I told you yes and if you see that you are able to take a course that you leave move forward because he is able to do it he is for design of what is asking if that person who is asking he is capable me for example why I I have to go to Japan has studied years has surpassed all because a child can with it forward if another child but party in its course forward but that be free Pablo left school and did not finish general education {0}5.1{/0} {1}{/1} {0}Basic Information{/0} elisa completes her academic training in england and with painting has found the best way to express what that feels and bosco despite having a coefficient great intellectual has failed academically in Spain the gifted see them very very unhappy the sisej I have friends that they are happy but we are a minority because a good part of them mostly gifted adults have not made your dreams and life come true write for a dream for me and for a dream I have to have the power to have a personal satisfaction made of a personal vocation is of type I have to work on what I want and have got the degree to work in what I want and are many times not It has been possible to be gifted because systematically they have cut the wings and it's been a while since they want to fly and that's a problem unfortunately I have to accept that if the known any case in which there were several suicide attempts I am in a position to say that 95 percent of the pathologies and of the learning disorders that are Generating the gifted in Spain many of which are doomed to suicide many of which have dissociations and very serious disorders both personality and disorders behavior are given because the system it does not guarantee its fundamental rights your rights to education what I many students say I am from outside the outside of the box and they force me to be inside a box so they tell me children of five years because to me the lady in class mean and learn the letters and hit me if I read because they force me to go to a college Fools only a five-year-old child tells me gifted and I know that right now could be making war that I would like to thank and it will be and it is very hard It is very hard to be here with 23 years old I am I'm 23 years old for married academically and I'm in second of baccalaureate are very hard I would have been me if that child would have depended on me had I seen some taken does not realize that something is happening they are memories of happiness when Child e to pick up children like every tomorrow I arrived he's going to look for his daughter to school in primary school in the public school of a village of ávila the small account that the classes are repetitive and boring his parents consider that the problem if your daughter received more level knowledge what formally it's called acceleration academic they have been several months and every day after school they meet with a demotivated girl this morning today this good we moved a theory Abreu said Andy Murray Aug whoever comes and see the video No. between this year they are used for me now it is criminal Baby clothes line entry landmark josefina jeremy are disoriented to overtake his daughter a course in a must demonstrate in a test of intelligence that happens and is superior to 130 the psychopedagogical cabinet of the administration has already done these tests some time ago the results were positive but the reports did not recognize the giftedness of the girl the family has also visited a private psychologist who after perform new tests has confirmed that does not have an exceptional level of giftedness normally when it came out he asked her what was the day what have you done and notice that he usually does not remember half of the time it's like not was present does what is complaint is because you have to spend so much time at school to learn let's say it's not a gift either a luck to be gifted but not imagine those people who think that these children who have that gift can suffer in its own way because of the limitations of criminal system is not like the rest of its comrades It seems evident that his mental age is not corresponds to his eight years of age chronological has a great facility of oral expression they like to read you passionate music and perform amazing paintings with their watercolors in his paintings he talks about figures geometric flowers and still lifes palaces of fairy tales and camper landscapes de naty has a special concern for learn but curiously rejects the idea of ​​going to school He has also suffered bullying and has suffered from disorders and allergies that specialists attribute to the stress that causes school eina has suffered harassment on the part of his companions of the two schools especially the first school that he attended from the preschool up to 1st grade she told me that she did not want to go to Cole that the kids did not want to play with her once they caught her between five children of your class in several the they held and two others took care of hit her came home with her lips broken then she did not say that it produced sopor cole all the stories that we send you memorized but memorized them at the foot of the lyrics and also with the vocabulary that came in the story look dad stopped mom duck can not believe what was watching the strange game quito ldu-q the Madness a disaster for children gifted to be seen with that ability and not to be recognized in the world supposes generate anxiety or generate depression or generate aggressiveness some of these reactions is the one more often we see today is the first day of the trial as the demotivation of aena continues jeremy josefina have decided to take the case before a judge who will determine whether the girl should be accelerated as advised the particular psychologist can stay in its course as the school they have hired a lawyer specialized in the subject and think take the case to the end there are very few families that dare to take this step are about to bring a judge to the attention of situation that they live to climb in that by example one day I will be surprised by the city ​​in a first moment to multiply alcohol gel voucher and a month and in every moment every x and the Monday when not but they are going to learn some do not prefer to go and something gay has dialogue and so learn but also the issues of water or water the water continues present in united states nowadays it is said equipment and why not I know if you touched me very low inning and not that they get bored because they are makes them repeat again and again what they they have already learned that simple Smart children understand what it has been explained to you in many occasions almost by their own reasoning without needing explanation to the first explanation they have understood it and then starting of that all the new repetitions are boredom in sixth last year there were 6th graders and how are we doing same classroom I listened to what he said I was screaming stressed is this what mine it was the second and then it would not be the second is engineer book baos very easy and hugo moyano that having left my own section I listened to those of the 6th and of course when I asked the teacher was where are you going I tell you why I have that is not said yet there is joy in the first session of the trial has finished have professors declared of the girl are handled figures and those figures are of an official nature that there may be 22 and a half percent of the school population as about adopted today we have seen that of the teachers who have acted one of them he said that in particular he is 36 years old of experience and has never seen a about or his whole life the conclusion that I draw and as data objective is that none of them has manifested having experience with children gifted he told me he was giving the lawyer's impression seems positive and that parents should not yet are aware of the uncertain future that they still have ahead I have seen that accelerations do not they are common or easy and in many cases are not the solution either but it's a what clings to families that do not they have possibilities to educate their children in the united states with the order in the annual days of giftedness parents professional associations and to members of the administration they exchange impressions and the two daughters of rosa and josé miguel have high capabilities and two stories completely different violet the little one was also capable to memorize the stories that today when I was a girl and I had a Amazing ease of concentration there are certain things that speeches that children are learning alone nobody is teaching you some things reading is what happened to him that was learning I did not realize it happened tells his mother with the fight already stories and the other simply day the pages but in the second or third iteration some words said the Suspicion was good because it was gone learning to rehearse then it turns out that not that in other identified texts the words could be said is violent and I thought it was really absurd be a day if he was in it his room and I heard the door but very tiny, very tiny but I remember her as a goop and I sitting there looking at the window I did not I saw missive I had a year and a half and I I said violet and no case but in my case it is neither notice nor notice notice that your body to the least reflex and did it two or three times and not he did not even case image alarm tells him Rosa this girl for me that not me well and it is simply that it is concentrated to a lot of distance from you about years they lived a situation similar to the parents of Ana Rosa and José Miguel requested the acceleration only for violet because there was started to develop disorders of different nature the school opposed but did not give in his effort was presented one day in the school accompanied by a lawyer and they will file a lawsuit in a judged to request the celebration of the tests and all three seemed obvious and in this case the school He chose not to force the situation accelerated to violet a course without need to get to the judicial the acceleration has only solved in part the problem let's say it has gone from a situation I get bored I get bored I get bored situation of I could take advantage better the time in another way and about all the symptoms are the symptoms already Somatic say that Spain is not well they have disappeared because for me to be in school with the people of my age was to be the mother leg of the paquitos and the soul to see me surrounded by girls to god for being key I had but I saw much older compared to that it's as if now I I put people not much more little I believe that the teachers of also to the gifted kids that go well academically and very badly at children gifted that do not go well academically what they show me there are gifted children who use as a strategy for survival won passage did not go through his pair by gifted the camouflage and they do particularly our women the most comfortable way of survivors that nobody finds out that they and about all because that for me is going to be a problem hope is the older sister of violet she also has high capabilities but he has not asked for the celebration likes swimming and prefers to focus in this sport with which he has achieved several championships take the common academic world always Hope complement is a faithful reflection of people with high abilities that has lost confidence in the system educational of our country is also an example of how bad they can be get to spend in class many guys with these characteristics and I say that last year they know that should be my notes I do not know if I had ten or eleven subjects I took about six or seven outstanding the rest eights and I have to miss this to suspend the course because last year for me it was hell this year I talk to my parents sometimes of 3rd of that yes they overwhelms me very much and I drop my tears It seems a shame to me waste it seems that no country has leftover talent than the planet we have plenty of talent and that if Some site is able to detect it and make good use of everything you have even that could waste that this one, you have to do it, I'm learning to prove it by learning then of course it is memory once you get they forget two days will pass is approved but you would have two days is not the case of our daughters but the cases of the gifted kids that end up really being a school failure that today that there are and many because we are doing in that sense as country we are wasting the best talents No. You aena's story continues its course today it is the turn of the experts and the interrogation review with them before entering picking up intellectual of has not been observed confirmed by two different specialists but three or four and of course it is exceptional endowment therefore the answer should attend as quickly possible to be placed at that level josefina and jeremy are especially nervous it's a very important day they think that the judge can authorize the acceleration and I think the judge himself is giving account of the situation and that where does it go? administration does not want I do not want to meet other children because it supposes them then you have to invest in some resources to remember teachers buy them ex why the psychologists they do not know and then to see what we do with these children because these are covering from within from the center you know or what is the problem in my opinion our expert has shown because he has come here because it is a person with a lot of experience take more like 15 years watching how two gifted children all 8 week while the state team has a case his experience that is the case of our daughter her parents come out convinced of that everything is ready to sentence but the lawyer transmits a terrible news that had not been shuffled officials will let you know says the what if there would be some problem the judge needs a third psychological recognition of the girl before giving his verdict for josefina 'jeremías' a blow in a must perform new tests of intelligence of those who are already tired and many years ago that in Spain we make curricular adaptations significant or not for any child have any serious difficulty or less serious in the case of gifted this is very strong it turns out that we have to prove convincingly sometimes before the courts of justice that this child has the stamp of giftedness and if you have a 125 instead of a 132 it turns out that he is no longer admitted because I do not know what reasons he is no longer gifted and if he is not gifted he can no longer accelerate all this is catastrophic to gifted children and for their families but that's not his last monovalent video I do it is exceeded in mind make nayap sets what you have to do this for now answers in summary this answers such questions what if that if the other and I know what logical is that it took time to do it because it bores me to finally move on to that new Recognition what nobody knows yet is that this unforeseen will delay the sentence seven more months so the trial goes to last all year also the girl will keep going during this time to its same course and with the same teachers to whom their parents have denounced ubeira fruit fl uo this barça before a team without figures of lands but the hull has been discovered city ​​john and xavi issste ya jose antonio marine is one of the most thinkers important of our country of his extensive work highlights the analysis that he has done on the intelligence and its failures for this philosopher essayist and professor the intelligence and talent are the basis of our society is a child with Down syndrome we must give you all the possibilities that a child already has who has economic difficulties we must give you all the possibilities that we can already a child who is heap everything we have to a child who has exceeded all those that have why because it is the justice that we have he pointed we do not have duties of justice extra towards the gifted we have the same failures in this we have a failure percentage in school failure absolutely absolutely indecent so that images is system failure potential. it was not like that in the united states and not works if in Japan where they have been given account that the great resource of actions is the intelligence you give e almost a year after starting the trial to try to be recognized the high capacities of ena and after to realize the innumerable of intelligence the magistrate of the court of ávila issue sentence and consequently stated for the purpose corresponding educational that the girl in the coral has the condition of student with educational needs specials associated with conditions personal giftedness and as for such a gifted condemned the public administration defendant to proceed to the Corresponding curriculum adaptation individualized with its incorporation to upper reaches the judge has given them the right the news should have supposed a great relief but there is a deep frustration in the family the school has It took a month to make effective the sentence also in the trial it has been shown that the tests that the cabinet did psychopedagogical of the aena school they are full of mistakes for them was a kind of a practice a learning for them to come liver with our girl on top not do more then said an error in the assessment of logical reasoning here they put 70 topic has been 95 a correction error of the subway complex gamers this is full of golf and you know what It has been quite traumatic for everything in five episodes I believe that I am now almost a point that's how I'm trying to block or I would like to forget about the dog God It has been several days since nothing has been accelerated and is currently more happy in red Now I want a little more duties front not much they agreed when they had a child has been closed and closed classrooms and she is much happier because she sees that the things that will force her to close the school cova seven remaining it is easy that you already know and so that they put it on you but you have to study it because it is not magnified not are the same ones that have been admitted that it's like it costs a little more creamy I like the truth 85 throughout this process josefina and I arrived I have been collecting information and now they start to weigh an idea if the acceleration only will serve in the short term what will happen next is like a kind of patch she is 'happy' returned because she sees which is something a little more interesting than there is higher unit demand no more stimulating more more challenge is what that these children want and I think that they really do not know about these children but any child the federation alone we serves to improve this year to year comes probably the child will get in front of most of your partners of the new accelerated course and after two years practically sure we will have to reapply a new federation I am sure that within a certain time it is true start to open again because it really is like this with this kind of dr kids it's not about accelerating every year that children with high abilities they need but to invent a system in that your normal acceleration is accepted is integrated and has channel from the west or any kind of shelter I think that on behalf of the administration in the end we had to spend a a lot of money they would like us let's disappear the decision seems impulsive but it is very weakened the wounds that have open with the educational administration only come to support this determination the best for all is leave besides the generation will only serve temporarily that solution does not convince neither to josefina nor to jeremy to them them like to have the money necessary to travel with your daughter to the United States and who is studying there for the moment they are for another trip they leave their house and they they march to 500 kilometers in search of a alternative school that seems convince them I'll see the high IQ of enapu push them to new conflicts with the colleges and the experience has been discouraging leaving behind and they leave hoping that this new school is better suited to needs of his daughter the luck you have Ana's story does not seem to have an end but not only yours every day the Spanish association of gifted receives calls in which a story like this one is about to Begin I call you because I have a girl small that it seems recently that through a psychological profile have detected that could have high capabilities and the truth that we are a little lost because we no longer know what do we have the opinion of particular psychologist the opinion of from school psychologists and we I would like very much to comment with you and tell us through your experience where we should continue thank god as they have done in there his parents many scientific doctors and huge Spanish researchers talent had a day to do the suitcases but they did not leave their city they left their country hundreds of them are spread over everyone and they are part of a list entitled brain drain in the institute of cancer research of london jaime carvajal works entered the eight years ago that has been almost 15 without stepping on a Spanish laboratory this prestigious researcher considers that intelligence in Spain results a problem what it gives is pity a process of many other states that go to be able develop to be able to do it really happens to be a little less what that we are going to the head every time is more important to be a study that really people in spain today is a problem the intelligence while the rest then in england it's not when I go to present my work congresses international because you can submit like jaime carbajal of the institute of cancer research in london I would like you to present as Jaime carbajal of the institute x in madrid and in barcelona in valencia el sevilla me like carvajal that develops studies to try to identify the causes of a type of childhood cancer he was about to abandon everything Once from a young age he had the function of the head and the only time that decided to abandon science was then he's working a year in Spain and discover that if that was the science I did not think to see well in england learn english to change of career and what discover my career maybe my vocation is that young people scientists and researchers either they have easy Miguel de Navascués out biology and he got his doctorate in norwich england back to Spain takes six months looking for a job and now it feels lucky because he has an offer labor for three months without prospects of continuity Marta Lopez completed her training in the institute the jewel of san diego in California, United States his work focuses on studies on the mechanisms involved in generating immune responses wants to return to Spain but not at any price in united states you are you are a researcher visit recognizes as such snacks is a professional option like any other here an investigator is a bit a eternal student on a step higher are the researchers who have already finished their studies and eternal contract without continuity enrique díaz is a geologist who leads eleven years with different scholarships and contracts around the world and dozens of Studies published in different languages Now he has returned to Spain with a ramón contract and cajal his return is based on family reasons the Spanish newspaper archives keep one of the most grotesque cases of I treated the scientist several years ago the young researchers jordi pétriz and oscar fornás had a precarious contract at the institute Oncology of Barcelona remained in I stop midway through an investigation that it would end up being revolutionary pétriz directed towards work that is a terrible blow practically sinking takes away the sleep that can leave even on the verge of a depression by example without employment and with these means they paid for the end of the investigation and six months later they got the === Public Acclaim === the embarrassing business transcended the public opinion and they had to relocate the accelerated today jordi pétriz that conducts research Oncology is still feeling frustrated by the little recognition that has science in Spain some moments has also come to thinking he left everything and operated on me I recycle now it would be very difficult for me and integrate into another kind of life because I love this world so many times I think and that I would work now to dedicate myself and that is surprising if you have there were some moments that one then in nights he can not sleep says abandoned but not because he has that worm inside that encourages you to follow and we have to follow and although it is a very hard road for one yes and with the effort the The history of mankind is full of great geniuses many were understood in his time dalí enjoyed respect and admiration others went unnoticed vincent van gogh died alone forgotten and poor the painting literature and music we they make enjoy and admire a work teacher that does not stop being a creation of intelligence the brilliance of mortal the sensitivity of beethoven the literary quality of Shakespeare or the orson's cinematic precocity welles had a because they were genius but intelligence does not just cause admiration also provides well-being scientific advances have prolonged our life and have improved its quality contributions from men like newton einstein have made us understand better the world around us they all have something in common their intelligence and his talent were dazzling for jose antonio marina the real wealth of a society is not measured by the money but for the intelligence of each and every one of the people that the They constitute 500 thousand European scientists work in the united states as saying go a The gift that they are making us spend the money in shape the scientists and then we use them ourselves Europeans are these others are fools and I a half in jest half seriously a test of intelligence of nations with 2 with 2 with two parameters the proportion between what is spent on hiring scientists and what is spent in hire soccer players the nations that Spends a lot of hiring footballers and little treats scientists are very stupid when this story started enah I was eight years old and within a few months will be 10 the family has changed city in looking for an alternative school josefina and jeremy think that the system Spanish educational system has forgotten its daughter and they do not believe in him but they now they want tranquility have proven that having giftedness does not imply nor social and academic success it is more they have found that 50% of students with high abilities fail at school they look back and review that the trial against the administration and they think it cost them too much many troubles and more than 6,000 euros that Spanish legislation recognizes the right to education of these children but in practice not It is always so therefore the purpose of the family is other your goal is simple and at the same time tremendously complicated they want to live in a place where the intelligence of Dwarf is a problem e bush after


List of April 1st RFCs

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A parody of the TCP/IP documentation style. For a long time it was specially marked in the RFC index with "note date of issue".
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Updated by RFC 2549; see below. Describes protocol for transmitting IP packets by homing pigeon.
In 2001, RFC 1149 was actually implemented[1] by members of the Bergen Linux User Group.
See also RFC 6214, as noted below. Describes the adaptation of RFC 1149 for IPv6.
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This RFC is not solely for entertainment, but the described protocol has regularly been implemented at hacker events in Europe.
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An April 1st RFC was not published this year.[2]
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Submission of April Fools' Day RFCs

The RFC Editor accepts submission of properly formatted April Fools' Day RFCs from the general public, and considers them for publication in the same year if received at least two weeks prior to April 1st.[3][4] "Note that in past years the RFC Editor has sometimes published serious documents with April 1 dates. Readers who cannot distinguish satire by reading the text may have a future in marketing."[5]


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