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Toto Tours Italy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Toto Tours Italy
Film poster
Directed byMario Mattoli
Written byVittorio Metz
Marcello Marchesi
Produced byLorenzo Pegoraro
CinematographyTino Santoni
Edited byGiuliana Attenni
Music byNino Rota
Release date
  • 1948 (1948)
Running time
88 minutes

Toto Tours Italy (Italian: Totò al giro d'Italia) is a 1948 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Mattoli and starring Totò.[1] The film features cameos of famous cyclists and other sportsmen of the time: Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni, Ferdi Kubler, Giordano Cottur, Gianni Ortelli, Oreste Conte, Adolfo Consolini, Louison Bobet, Briek Schotte, Amos Matteucci, Jean-Pierre Wimille, Ulisse Lorenzetti, Di Segni, Amadeo Deiana, Aldo Spoldi, Giuseppe Tosi, Camillo Achilli and Tazio Nuvolari.

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- Hello - Why are you smiling? - I've been searching for a CD since this morning. Which CD are you looking for? Roots? Rock? Reggae... - With your hairstyle, Reggae should have been your first choice. - I am in fact looking for a rap CD, that's my friend's favourite. Since you're here, you want to help me look for it? - Which group is it? - Brothers Possee. - I'm one of the artists of Brothers Possee. - Don't you listen to rap music? - No, I don't. Rap? Are you crazy? Listen to this type of music with my father in the house? - Oh! Brothers Possee ! I found it. Thank you for your help. - Oh Don, Nice to see you. It's been a long time. - You know this is a place for artists. It's my home. One love. — Here you go... $800. Thanks for coming, have a nice day. — Thank you. — Miss, thank you for choosing SOGEXPRESS. Here is your calling card. — Hi Mom, it's Anne. I've just received the money you've sent for me. — Oh! Anne what kind of music are you playing in my house? Now I understand. All the money I've been working hard for to send you to school and feed you, you're spending on this stuff. ‘ Dad: - Haven't I told you, you should only listen to French music singers like Paolo Rossi... — Tino Rossi, Dad! — Who cares? I said Rossi didn’t I? You should listen to Mireille Mathieu and all the people like her. — Yes, Dad. I've already told you that I like Mireille Mathieu. Besides she is my favourite singer. — It’s not only Mireille Mathieu but also all of those high-class people like her. — But Dad, how could I only like the things you like? — Aren't you a kid? You're supposed to accept whatever they give you. I'm telling you again Anne don't play this "Bidyonel" music in the house ever again. — Dad? What's music "Bidyonel"? I was only listening to a Rap song. It's a new type of music, theyjust call it Rap. Music Bidyonel? — What do you say they call it? — Rap, Dad. — Rack? — But Dad you should understand that times have changed, I am young. How can I only listen to ancient music? — I don't see what the evolution of time has done for you. Anyways I'm serious Anne, I'm telling you again I won't have this kind of music in my house. — You win Dad, you win. — Who is it at the door? Do I owe? — Bicha it's me. — You? Who are you? I have a Rendez-vous? Oh! It's Demerant. Come on in. I made a fool of myself. — Bicha, how are you? — I haven't seen you in a while. — Don't say that. Look at my girl! So grown up. Hello baby girl. — Have a sit. — I'll leave you with your friend. — Where are you going? Sit down. Do you want some coffee? — Yes, please. — Go get Demerant some coffee, it's still hot. — Isn't this little Anne? - Little? When they are young it's good. It's when they start growing up the problem begins. — I'm done with this thing. My kids are all grown up in the states they have their own home, their social security I am done with their education. Their mother likes it there. As for me, I'm back to relax and enjoy my darling Haiti. — Its not that it's better this way. Especially nowadays when you have kids in a house especially girls you have to be there to watch over them. — In the states its not like that. When they're old enough, you don't have any power over them. You can give them advice, but even then you can't order them around. Don't forget Bicha, I raised four girls... four... and you only have one. — Don't tell me what you went through. — Thank you sweetheart. - What is it? Where's my cup? Am I a saint? — Here's your cup, Dad. — She knows her Dad so well. You see her? No matter how old she is She can only marry the person I will choose for her: — Anne, you heard that? The man that your father chooses for you it's the one you'll have. Bicha, what planet are you living on? Things have changed. — You don't know how much I hate these words,"things have changed". — Bicha it's a reality and you have to accept it. The youngsters have another mentality. — Let me tell you, this mentality is not for me. To me there was only good education in our time. — Anne, do you agree with your Dad? — No. — Oh, you don't agree? You'll see then! I was listening to a song earlier and my Dad turned off the radio. — Bicha you exaggerate. — And there is something I haven't told him yet. — come here. You have a boyfriend? — No Pe Demeran. - Bicha it seems your heart stopped for a moment. — These things can't touch me. What is it you want to tell me? — Anne I am talking to you! What do you want to tell me? — Dad, this is a gift that I bought for Linda. It's her birthday. She wanted this gift, this CD. — Here is the thing. — I'm not done... She wants you to buy the gift that SHE wants. — She's having a party and she invited me. — Here's the thing! — I've asked her to have her mother call you so you could let me go. — Now you're talking! — What time does this party start? — Seven. — What time will it end? — Eleven to midnight. — Midnight hey? The devil's hour. You can't go. I don't want you to be taking rides from "vagabonds". I don't have a car. There's nobody to take you to the party. Anne's like a daughter to me, I will drop her off at the party. — You're still not good. You can't go, there's nobody to pick you up from the party. I'll take the responsibility to pick her up from the party. - You're still not going. There's nobody to watch over you while you're at the party! — Bicha you're impossible! Give the girl a chance for heaven's sake. — Fine Pe Demerant, you've forced my hand. It's your responsibility. You've taken a CIA assignment you know? — I know Bicha, Anne's like a daughter to me and you know that I'm in your best interest. — Thank you Dad! Thank you Pe Demerant. — You're welcome sweetie. — Bicha, you know I enjoy watching you with Anne. — It's true Pe Demerant. I am raising a girl. Even if you wanted to listen to a tape of Roger Colas at that party you would have to go with it in your pocket. The parties these days only have Dj's. I clon’t want Anne going to these sorts of assemblies so she doesn't meet people with weird looks, dreadlocks, Rasta. I don't want her talking to this kind of people. — But things have changed. — Anyway my Bro, you're responsible. The latest my daughter can get home is 10 o'clock. — Trust me. - Happy birthday. — Thank you. Don't forget you're all invited to my party tonight You must all come with your sweethearts. — Linda, Happy Birthday. — Thank you. Don't forget to come with your boyfriend. Don't forget to add the Kraft mayo and cheese. — Hey Linda! How are you? You're fine? - I'm on — You've just bought out the super market, did you leave some for me? - There's still some. Don't forget to come to the party tonight. — I wouldn't miss it. - Bring your boyfriend. — Jude, do you see what I see? Tonight I am not leaving here empty handed. We need to go fishing. — Don't even talk about it. - There are a lot of nice fishes here. — Talking about fishes, there are sharks here to, look at this one. — What did you say? - Look at her... - Where is this one going? - Look at that big mama. — Linda! I was looking all over for you. Happy birthday. Here. — Thank you. You are so pretty, turn around! I thought you weren't coming. — I would have died. How is your mother? — She's ok. You should see how big she is. — How is Ronald? — He's ok. — Where are the other girls? I can't wait to see them! — They are all here, with their boyfriends of course. — You're always making fun of me, let's go. — Excuse me. — At last Anne is here! — How are you? — Fine. — What time did your father tell you to leave? — 10 o'clock. Ronald I see how beautiful your girlfriend looks. I suppose you're happy- Happy birthday. — Anne meet a friend of Ronald, it's Kato. — What a nice surprise! — What? You know each other? — Very recently, yes. - Anne now you're being secretive. But I have to leave now. There are people waiting for me. See you in a few honey — She’s coming Ronald, you don't have to be afraid. — I'll be right back. — Were are you going bro? Have a sit Anne. - Thanks. — Ronald is very much in love with Linda. — They have been together for six years. Linda is his first love. And you, why aren't you here with your girlfriend? — I don't have one for the moment. — Don't give me that. You? A star always has a girlfriend and usually they have quite a few. You can tell me how many you have. — Zero... The girls talked a lot about your father earlier. I thought I would never see you again. after you slipped through my fingers this morning. — I couldn't stay. I had to go. — You could have invited me to this party. — I had just met you. Ronald is your friend. It's normal that he invited you. — How about now? — Now? I think you're lying. Don't tell me you don't have a girlfriend. — Anne, why would I have one and not come with her when Ronald told me that every girl at his table would be accompanied? — And you still came alone? — You know, I wasn't doing anything at home I was bored, with no electricity. I decided to come listen to some music and enjoy myself. You know. — You're sure? — I could say the same thing for you. You're alone. — What makes you think that I am alone? - I've just told you, the girls talked a lot about your father. And the way things are grooving it's a fact that if you had somebody he would be here with you. Right? - Let's go give rap a try on the dance floor. — I don't dance rap Don Kato. — Come, I'll show you, come. — I don't understand. Why is he monopolizing the girl like that? — I can't hear you I'm fishing. — Linda! Linda? — Yes sir? - What a beauty! It seems I am one of those who hasn't wished you a Happy birthday yet. — Well, thank you for doing it now. You are? — Jude Dutreuil, and this is my friend Wesly. - Inspector llllesly Lisket... To me I would be even more delighted if I could take you for a round of the dance floor. — I'm sorm the guy you see over there is very jealous and he has been waiting for me long enough I have to go to him. — Tell me Linda. The girl over there? Is she alone? — If she were, she is not anymore. As cute as you look it shouldn't be hard for you to find some company, there are a lot of girls here. Excuse me. — The way you were talking things should have gone fine for you! — What about you? Your rebuff is better. — What's wrong? You seem odd; you keep looking at your watch. — I am not interested to the party since the girl left. — Ah Jude! We're still having fun and you complain about that girl. Maybe we should just leave. — What about that light skin girl you were dancing with earlier? — Her? Shes just a girl looking for a job. I gave her a card. You know I always have a place for them. — I know, you're always on top of the game. — What's up Pappy? The car broke down? — Well, the car seems to not want to get us home tonight. It's not the first time, but today it's worst. — Wesly, let's see what we can do. Oh, we haven't even say hello. — Weren't you at Linda's party? — Ah, you were at the party too? — Yes, and I watched over her as an auxiliary of justice. I am Wesly Lisket, Officer at the Delmas police station. — Nice meeting you. — I watched over her as an admirer. - Nice meeting you too, but now it's not a question of admiring or making compliments; the car needs to be fixed. — Don't worry. Give us the flashlight, we're going to check. — Ok thank you. — Get in the car and try starting it. - Ok. - G0 now. Wait, wait, wait. Go again. — Ok, well, the car is not going to work, we'd better leave it. I'll take you and your daughter home. I'll call somebody at the police station to come and tow it. - Thank you, young man. - Lock the doors... - You're so nice. What do you think Anne? — We don't have a choice. - Let's go. I lock the doors. — It's fine. You can sit in front. Make yourself comfortable. — Why are you looking at me like that? You need something? — I don't need anything. I just think you're pretty. - Thanks. It's not a reason for you to keep looking at me. — It's nothing. Didn't you notice that I was looking at you at the party? I have been looking at you all night. I even asked questions about you. — About me? To whom? — Your friend, Linda. — Oh yeah? — Anyway, it seems I have competition. I suppose you know better if you had to choose between me and that Rasta you would pick me. — Such pretensions. Anyway I don't understand what you're talking about. - What's all the whispering about? If you're praying do it louder. I love to pray. — No, we are just joking. — Jokes? I like a good laugh, let me in on it. — It's not true Pe Demerant, he's just annoying me. — Annoying you? I am not going to let this ride be a burden. Please be respectful young man. Be respectful. — It's OK Pe Demerant, we're just joking. You know, I am in the back with a beautiful girl and I am talking to her. — Pe Demeran I am very mad I never thought this about you. — Bicha before you say anything let me tell you what happened. — I trusted you. — Bicha you must know what happened. — What happened? — If it weren't for those two guys the young man and his police officer friend Anne and I we would still be on the streets right now. The car broke down. — You see Anne, even with the way she looks, she's a kid. — Dad! — Anne has nothing to do with it. — Because you're with the cops you... — Meet the young man so you can say thanks. - My name is Jude Dutreuil... — Tonton Bicha until now. — I'll see you soon. We'll take care of the car. — Thank you. Say good night to the Inspector for me. - Go inside Anne. — Take the chair and put it inside. — It was an accident, it could have happened to anybody. — But we said 10 o'clock. — An accident can't be prevented. — I could have been sleeping for a long time. Sorry but I want to close my door: Sorry but I want to close my door: — Hello. — Hello, is it you Anne? - It's me. Don? I am not your friend. You couldn't have called me? — I did, your dad picked up. - My dad? — He yelled at me. — You're in trouble. How are you? - Ok! — Did the guys make you stay late at the party after I left? — I didn't stay that late. Ronald and I left about an hour after you did. I must tell you they bugged me a lot. — He was having fun with Linda? — They're very much in love and I was alone admiring their love making while I was thinking of you. I have to give them the change. — With whom? — With you darling. — With me? I don't believe you. — Anne I love you and you're the only girl I want. The only one! I didn't have time to tell you before they came to pick you up. Aren't you going to say something? — I adore you too Don. — This deserves a kiss don't you think? — If you were here maybe. — But I am honey. Don't you feel me? — You know you're funny Don? — You see. You're starting to develop other talents in me. — Well, we'll see. Anyway, you've never told me anything about yourself, your family. Do you do anything besides singing? How do you live? — You're asking this question to the Rasta Don Kato or to Donald Cator? — To you. — Don Kato is the singer of Brothers Possee and Donald Cator is your future ethnologue my darling. — Ethnologue? Ybu're a student? — This is my second year, sweetheart. — At the faculty of ethnology? I would never have thought that. — Especially with my hairstyle. — No, no I didn't mean to hurt you. — It doesn't matter. I'm used to it. You wouldn't be the first to think so. — Am I the first one to make your heart race? — The last one. — I hope so. Let me tell you. Do you know who took me home last night after the party? — Anne! You're still on the phone? — I'm almost done Dad! Don, I can't stay my dad is home. — Anne, Anne, wait... wait... I wrote a song for you. — I already inspire you? When are you going to sing it for me? — Tomorrow at your house. At 3 o'clock. — What about the address Don? — Linda already gave it to me. — Hey! is this yours? — Where did you find it Mom? — Mika was chewing on it in the back. — Mika! Anne's song! That dog is too much. Does he have to eat everything he finds? — I've been hearing you talk about this Anne for a few days now. Who is Anne? — Ah Mom, let me tell you. You see Anne... — Who's that? — She's nice. You're going to love her: I'm coming over here with her. She's going to like my beautiful Mom too. I'm sure of it. — It's time for the repetition bro. — Brother, you see what your dog did? My song for Anne! Brother I'm not going out today without punching his lights out. — Leave it alone bro, so that's Anne? - Yes. - It's your first love? Lets go. — That's what you have to say? - Enough! Why all the talk ? You have no conflict when it's about your band. But when it's about women or that dog... Let me tell you. Your brother Alan is coming home tomorrow. Next week I'm going on a trip. You better find a way to get along. — What time is my brother coming Babas? — At three, I am going to pick him up at two. — Oh, I can't be there. I have to be somewhere at that time. — You have an appointment at the time your brother is coming home? — With who Bro? Anne? — You're always getting into my business. Yes, it's Anne. That's what you wanted to hear? — I don't care who goes as long as Alan gets home to me. — I'll go alone then. — That's what you couldn't say? — You bad boys! — This rain is the cause for my sore throat. — Yes Dad. - Come here for a minute. — Here I am. — Sit down. You see what the co|d's doing to me? You were snoring while I was suffering with my throat. You know once in a while, we have our little conversations. — Yes. — Ever since your mother left, I've been both a mother and a father to you. I'm working hard at the store and when your mother sends the western union we keep Up- I love your mother a lot and she has benefited a lot of privileges being my wife. I wish for you to have those same privileges when you're old enough to get into a relationship, Although it would be better if you became a Nun. — But Dad, what if it's not my vocation? — Well then, you'll wait until you're old enough. — How old is that Daddy? — Thirty or something. From time to time these days, the phone rings for you. Like the other day I picked up the phone it was a male voice. when he heard my voice, it was like he didn't want to talk, like a cat took his tongue. The other day you were on the phone smiling, you're happy. I want to know who you're talking to like that. — My friends Dad, my friends. — Your friends? Anyway, I know girls and boys can't be friends. As your late grandfather used to say that boys and girls are like matches and gasoline. And it's when I met your mother Francilia I realized that. — My mother? — Yes, Do you know how you got here? Anne, I'm telling you, if this boy is after you, tell him I have this stick to go after him too. I want you to concentrate on your studies. From now on, you're under surveillance. Cleanta? Where's Cleanta? — Yes Mr Bicha. - Come here. I want you to watch over Anne from now on. — Yes Mr Bicha. — Because my pain is yours too. — Yes Mr Bicha. — How much am I paying you here? — Fifty dollars. — So work for your ffty dollars! — Yes Mr Bicha. - Get out of my face! You too go! Go get your books and study! Now I don't feel good. If it's not my blood pressure it must be the diabetes. — Good moming Pe Demeran. — Good morning my child. You see they brought me the car. — I see that. I haven't thanked you yet Pe Demeran. What happened was my fault. — Oh no, you see cars? They are like women. You can never count on them. — Pe Demeran, how are you? — Oh! Inspector, its a pleasure to see you again. Oh, your friend is here too. — One after the other. How are you? The car had some problems but I took care of it. — Thank you. — Hi Anne, still so beautiful... you ok? — I'm fine. — I am so happy about the job you've done. — It's nothing. — I want to invite you in for a drink. — With pleasure. — With pleasure, there's no problem. — Anne you go home to your father. — Just a minute. Wait... I wanted to go over and say hi to Tonton Bicha. — My Dad is not home. — But wait... Wait Anne. — Young man, don't let Bicha catch you in his house. He is not a nice person. Be careful. — I'll be right back llllesly. I'll see you in a few. — You heard the neighbour, if my father were to catch you here... — It's normal. I understand why your father is jealous like that. You're so pretty. That's why I'm here. — Oh yeah? — Are you falling for the guy at the party? I'm sure you're smart enough to know what kind of man you can go with. - I don't see what you mean. - You can still change your mind. Your Dad isn't here right? The way you look around, do you have a date with that other guy? He won't come. He's somewhere else smoking weed. — None of your business. - I think you're prettier when you're mad. Anne, do you know who I am? I am the owner of "Judet Tours"... Don't tell me you really think you can have a future with a guy showing off for free on TV? I am a "Big Boss" honey With me you will never suffer. — I don't want to hear you anymore. I am not the way you think. Those things don't work with me. — How are you baby? — I'm fine and you? — I'm OK... Nice! — How come you're so late honey? It's your fault that guy was bugging me just now. — You know. The repetition started late because of an electricity problem. And the music I'm working on is your song. — What's the title? — Anne! - Anne? You are putting my name in your song? — But you inspired me darling. I love you Anne. - Really? — Yes, I love you a lot. You want me to show you how much? - This is a home special delivery! Anne! You think you're grown up! Where's my stick? Help! There's a thief! Help! Police help! He's a thief! — Shoot him! Shoot him I tell you! — Is he dead? — What's going on here? — Give me the gun! — He asked you to give him the gun! - Get in the car! — What's going on? — Pe Demerant, get my cap for me in the car. — What's wrong? What happened here? - Policemen on duty! The bloodthirsty man came in my house! — Young man where do you live? — Delmas 95. — You know him Pe Demerant? — Bicha don't get into this. It's your fault that somebody almost died today. — What was he doing in my house? — Bicha, go home. Young man, let me take you home. — Anne, go home. From now on that's enough! Move! It's your fault all this happened. — Have you lost your mind Jude? You think you can take my gun like that and shoot a person in front of everybody? — Don't talk to me! It's your fault I didn't solve that problem. — Jude things are not that simple. I tell you, one day, you're going to get in trouble if you don't think first. — She loves him that much? She's in love with him? You as my friend should have understood me but you stopped me. - I don't get it. With my gun in your hands, how else can I help you court her? — I don't know, you've just stopped me. — Jude you can't kill a man just for that. Besides if the girl doesn't love you, that's not going to make her change her mind. — Don't you see what he did? — No matter what! I don't agree with you. — Aren't you my friend? Yes or no? — So I should let you do whatever pleases you because I am your friend. - No problem! Anyway, I have other plans... — What do you mean? What other plans? — Aren't you my friend? Yes or no? You heard the statement Bush made before attacking the Afghans? If you're not with me you're against me. I have other plans. You think I'm going to lose the $270 I spent on the broken car like that? — That's nothing Jude. You did it for a girl you love. That's nothing. — What's your name young man? — I'm Donald Cator, my artist name is Don Kato. — What? - My artist name is Don Kato. — It's obvious that Anne and you are in love? — Yes... Yes and I love her a lot. — How could you let her father find you in his house like that? Didn't she tell you that his very strict? He's a very bitter old man! — I know but... — Young man, I'm telling you. You must understand the old man. You can't ask him to change his old ways. Let me ask you something. Be honest with me cause Anne's like a daughter to me. Do you really love her? — Yes. And nothing is going to make me leave her. — I'm sorry Pe Demerant. But you must act like a vagabond with vagabonds. You hear? — No Bicha! You're too annoying. You have bad manners. When a father has a young girl to raise he doesn't act like that. - You want me to let this fool gobble my little girl! With the way he looks, can't you tell he is idle? — Bicha, when a young girl loves a young man the more you fight him, the more she wants him. And what you don't want is what you'll get! He might be your son-in-law anyway. — Oh no! I swear 77 times 57! - What are you going to do? You are going to keep on making public scenes? You're going to find an audience and keep on humiliating the girl? — I'm watching over what's mine. I'm an old rat! - Bicha, I don't think the guy is as bad as you think. — I don't see that. Anne is not old enough to be making these people with dreadlocks come into my house. At least if it was the other young man, the officer's friend you can see he has parents watching over him. If it were him, I would listen. - So now you're judging people from the outside? People get in trouble for that. — Anyway Pe Demerant, I won't have this “virus" in my house. I don't want to deal with his sort of people. - I give up. Anne is you're daughter, you win. I'm going home. - You're not the same. It must be because you lived in the States. Otherwise you would not think the way you do. - Bicha, I'd better go. I'll been waiting for you so we can continue the game. — What game? - Dominoes Bicha. Dominoes. — I can't play. Bicha is at war right now, with a “virus". — The food is good today cléanta did good. It's like the lottery with her, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. Anne, I should tell Francilia not to send you these short skirts anymore. They'll get you in trouble. They are the ones making tramps have eyes on you. — Anne, give me the phone or I'll break your skull. - Who's making the noise? — The house's owner. And you? Who are you? — Oh, Tonton Bicha, it's Linda, can I talk to Anne, please? — It's not the person I thought. — Tonton Bicha, how are you? — I'm fine, watching over my stuff. How is your mother? — Shes all right. — Tell her I said hi. It's your friend Linda. Don't stay too long on the phone. I'm going to give those rests to the chickens. — Hello. — Anne, how are you? — Ah nothing works. I haven't seen Kato in a week, my father is watching me all the time and I think he has given the chauffeur some money on the sides to watch me. He's always the first one outside when school lets out. — By the way, I heard that there was quite a scandal at your house on Sunday. — It was that same guy from the party. — Is he out of his mind? With all the girls out there can't he find one of his own? — No matter what I don't like him! Donald is the one in my heart. Linda, I'm crazy for him! — Tell me, your father is not there? — No he left. — Anyway I'm calling you to let you in on a program. We're all going to Fort Jacques. It's going to be big! You know there's no school on Thursday right? - Yes? I just want to see Don. If he goes, I will fhd a way to be there, no matter what! Tell me, who's keeping you so informed about me? — My dear Anne. I'm always well informed. Well, wait... someone wants to talk to you. — Hello Anne, it's me. — Donald! — Honey! I'm so glad to hear your voice, especially after what happen the other day. — Why did you do that sweetheart? I've been talking for a long time to Linda. — I wanted to surprise you. You know I can't call you when your father's there. Did you think about me baby? — A lot. Even more since the drama. — Me too. I think of you a lot. You can't possibly imagine Anne how I miss you. — When am I going to see you Don? I can't wait anymore. — Thursday at Fort Jacques. — For real? How come? Ybu have a plan? — Of course baby.. — Anne, hang up the phone! Hang up! — I'm done Dad. — Why are you looking at me like that, dad? — So, you're plotting behind my back. Anne I told you that I don't want those kinds of people for you. Don't you know that I can send you away? Anne, why don't you use your head? — Dad give me a chance! Why do you hate him like that? What has he done to you? - With the spaghettis on his head! I should care? Take the officer's friend for example when you look at him you see he's a respectful guy with a family. — Jude? But Dad the real person is inside of you. The outside is only a cover! — Ya well, you're boyfriend doesn't only have a cover, he has the kettle also. — Dad, Jude is the one that almost killed Kato. - So... He's not to blame. He thought he was a burglar besides he looks like one. — I don't want you to say that Dad! - Stop me! Besides Linda seems to be plotting with him. I must ask the chauffeur to keep a closer eye on you. — You should just put me in jail to end the story! — Nothing is impossible you know? Curse yourself! Those short dresses that your mother keeps sending you! I'm going to bum them all! — This song is very good, it's Tropicana of Cap-Haitian. It's not "rack". Who is bothering me? If it's your Mom, I'll talk to her later. I'm listening to music. Ask her to send the money through SOGEXPRESS. — Hello... Dad its for you. - Bugging me... Hello. Yeah its me. What? Who's this? Hello... They broke into the store!!! — Dad you want me to go with you? — No, you can stay. — Miss Anne, you're going out? What am I going to tell your father? - You know what to say. I'll be back Cléanta. - Now I understand! Me! Me! They see me they don't know me. I understand. They say there's a break in at the store that's not true, it's a plot. The phone rings. I don't know who it is cléanta! - Yes Mr Bicha. — Where is Anne? — She went out. — Where did she go? — I don't know, I was in the back. — You were in the back... Now I understand! There were talks about Fort Jacques... It's a holiday... I understand. They push me! - Cléanta. — Yes Mr Bicha. - Drive the tank out. - Yes Sir! - I'm going after a gangster in the fortress. I'm out. - I never felt so good. My life completely changed since I met you. - Mine too. I think if I have not came, I would be mad at my Dad. - Now hes gonna be mad at you. — I wanted to see you so bad. — Anne, I love you. — I love you too Don. - What's in your mind? - My father. He must be furious at me right now. I shouldn't have done that. - I'm to blame and I know that. But honey, it was the only way. he wouldn't have let you come and we wouldn't be together now. I know, but I love my Dad too. I've never done this sort of things before, you know? I don't want to deceive him. I know my father. He might just come all the way up here. He never gives up. - Your father won't come here. He loves you. If he trusts you, he's going to wait till you come back to blame you. or beat you with his stick. He has quite a big one! - That stick is for you. — Oh my goodness! I feel good baby! — What! The old man really came all the way up here? - You wished I would bargain her. — Let's go honelfi — Go where? Go where? I'm hurt. — You should go Don. - That's it Anne? - Yes that's it. Sorry. - Dad... - You see where you put me. I'm hurt. - Calm down... - You're going to pay for this. Linda you're in it. Anne let's go... Let's go... I will get you for this. You see me but you don't know me. I'll get you! Thief! - What's up brother? What happened to you Bro? You haven't said a word since yesterday? Same thing at the repetition. If you have a problem talk to me. What's wrong with you dread? Anne is pregnant? — You can't say anything without referring to the girl? — I know you brother, I know you well. Something's off. Anne left you. — No she didn't leave me and she's not pregnant either. You know the story. Her dad is harassing me. And that's what bothers you? You ain't cool man! — When will you have a heart, Babas? — You say that to me? Don't you remember Stephanie? Do you think I'll ever forget her? Since she left me, nothing matters anymore. — She left you cause you used to act like a kid. You wouldn't listen to your older brother. You're my youngest brother, let me give you an advice. When that girl loved you, me, if I were you, there are some mistakes I wouldn't have made. - Now it's your turn. I'll see how you gonna manage. Those parents go too far sometimes. - Too far! Too far isn't enough! In my case they're nothing but crazy. The same thing that happened to you, happened to me yesterday. — What did you do? — I stayed calm. You weren't that smart. You preferred to argue with your girlfriend's mother. You had no right to do such a thing. — Kato don't say that, that's old news. — Her Dad doesn't like me at all. You know how he calls me? nViruS"- — What about Stephanie's mother calling me "beggar"? Me! R-Bass Cator! And not only her but also her older sister, her stepsister, her brother... All of them on my case! Sad story! You'd better give up! — No way!!! — You're crazy my man! — Yes, I am crazy. No matter what he does, nothing's gonna make me leave her. — It's for real you're crazy dog? You can't even stay and talk to your brother. Anne did this to you? — Good afternoon Pe Demerant! — Oh! young man! What are you doing here? What brings you here? — I want to talk to you. — Have a sit. — Thank you. - I wam you. If it's about what I think, I've washed my hands. I'm really disappointed in you guys. Don't you know you could've killed the old man? — It's not us Pe Demerant. He put us in that situation. We wouldn't have any problems with him otherwise. — Now you're accusing him? Like he's responsible for what happened. You guys are too much! — Pe Demerant, you know what Bicha did? He came all the way up there, humiliating me in front of Anne's friends and all the girls. He brought her back home just like that. — Bicha went all the way up to Fort Jacques to watch over you? He's that jealous! But that's no reason to tell him that they broke into his store, make him run like that! Don't you know he cou|d've had a heart attack? He has high blood pressure you know. You, what are you doing here at this hour? Shouldn't you be at school? — I'm done with that Pe Demerant. — Oh yeah... One never finishes with school? - I'm studying ethnology - So you're in college... - And I love music. - So do I. \bu just saw me play the accordion. You're not the lazy guy I thought you were. You've got bones. I'm glad to see that. — Tonton Bicha only cares about my hairstyle. He doesn't try to see the real person in me. — Bicha can see your appearance, not your knowledge. - Why is it such a big deal to be a rasta? — Because many of them are bad. You, with your education you're different. But many are not. - But why can't people make the difference? - Me, I don't do the mistake. I can make the difference. I lived in the States and Canada. I even went to Jamaica, the source. I know them well. I even had Rastas dating my daughter. Many are serious, well educated men. — Well Pe Demerant, I'm really sorry for Tonton Bicha. I don't mind about the other Rastas but Don Kato is different and Bicha will soon have to learn the difference. - Well my friend, I'm really sorry. There's nothing I can do. I'm out. - Pe Demerant, I'm crazy for Anne and I can barely see her because of Bicha. Please, help me, Pe Demerant. Help me. — There's nothing I can do specially after what happened the other day. Besides, as we were together coming from the store Bicha kept talking about the other guy. — What other guy? — The one that gave us the ride that night my car broke down with Anne. — I think it's Anne. I'll be back. — Don, what are you doing here? — Miss go inside so I can leave. - You can go Chatelain! - I can't let you talk to the gentleman. - You can go. He's a friend — Your dad said you must be inside before I leave. — Move man! Move! - My goodness! - Why did you scream at him like that? - My God! Daughters! — Aren't you going to kiss me? Tell me what happened after I left? What's wrong darling? Why are you so mean? Don't tell me we will have to break up because of what happened in Fort Jacques? Why are you looking at me like that? I talk to you and you don't answer. — You think that's the only thing that can break us up? Let me ask you. The guy who almost killed me the other day, you know him? — Jude? He keeps bothering me. Did you see him again? You guys fought? - It would please yo, wouldn't it? - Darling... Come inside. - No, I'm file. You most likely know who your father wants in his house. - I don't get you. Are you jealous? Because of Jude? - And you're surprised? And it's obvious that he too is jealous to the point where he's ready to do anything. - None of my business. He's not my friend. — You're sure? Who took you home after Linda's party? Who almost killed me, I don't know why? Your father doesn't like me and you have a gangster ready to kill me anytime and I think he's the one your father wants and you're so calm... — Who cares if the guy is wasting his time? Who cares if my father wants him? You know I love you. I don't care what other people think when it comes to you. - But you never told me you were in his car after the party. — No big deal! You think in the short time we spend together I should even care about such silly things. - Silly? A guy wants me dead because of you and you think it's nothing. — That's not the question. Why aren't you listening to me? — What was he doing here that day? Is he related to your father so that he only says good things about him? And all this against Don Kato! Will you answer? - Why answer if you already made up your mind? You think I'm with Jude. Jude! - I didn't say that. I'm just asking. - But you think it! Me with Jude? You're ridiculous! — Go away Don! - Stay with me Anne! - Go away! - Jude, now it's your game! — Thank you Cléanta. - Who's this? — Surprise! - How are you? - It's been a while since you came here. - Oh, your father hasn't eaten yet. Let me take another sit. I'll be fine here. — You look beautiful for a Saturday morning, what's going on? — Nothing special my dear. I'm as usual. - Tell me... — How are things with your boyfriend? No fights I hope. - No such things with me! I don't give him that many opportunities. How is everything with the two knights? — My father and Kato? Two fools! — You talk like that, where's your father? - He's not here. I feel you're the only one having fun now! - Anne, I don't like when you say that. I don't like when the other girls say it either. What about your Donald? — Oh yeah... Donald can be so stupid at times! — Anyway, I have some news for you. — What is it? Kato has a new girlfriend? Tell me Linda! You saw him with another girl? - Donald has a new girlfriend! You saw him with another girl! Everything is Donald? No it's not about him. You know where I've been this moming? JUDET TOUR. My mother leaves Monday and they usually plan her travel as well as mine and my sister's. Guess who manages the agency. Jude Dutreuil. — I know. He told me before that scene with Kato. He wanted to impress me. — What? Anne I must confess that I was really impressed. — If only Ronald could hear you! — Obviously, he is not here now. - I'm curious Linda. What did impress you so much? — Everything! I mean it's everything. Really! What I saw this morning is far from what I previously knew about him. He was very cool when he saw me. And maybe it's because he's so in love that he messed up the other day. And if he compares himself to your boyfriend! You certainly know that this kind of person is very arrogant. - You're really impressed. The way you talk! - Anne I tell you what I see. You weren't there this morning. You see this man? He has an amazing office. He looks like a real man... How could I say? A young successful entrepreneur. He's a real man! Trust me! — Kato is acting out! — I voted for Kato at first. He is impressive too. He's kind of cute. Maybe he's a star... but it's not enough. Trust me. Can I ask you a question Anne? — Go ahead. — Do you think you've chosen wisely between Don Kato and Jude Dutreuil? — I don't know. I just hope I wasn't wrong. — Miss Beatrice Tales... — Yes, Mr Dutreuil. — Your results aren't that good but I'm still offering you a job at JUDET TOUR. — Thank you Mr Dutreuil. - I see that you're very beautiful this morning. Is it to make sure you get the job, darling? - I just want to say it's an honor to work for you. - Thank you. — Do you want me to start today? — Why don't we leave the work for tomorrow and start celebrate just the two of us tonight? — You're the boss. If you want me to start tomorrow then I'll start tomorrow. Excuse me. — Where are you going? — Home! — But you're already home in a way. — How come? What do you mean? - Hold on! Hold on! Your positive features are certainly not in your file. You have no qualification for the position. I offered you the job, because I think you will make a nice looking and enjoyable secretary. — You're mistaking on the person you want as a secretary! - What? - I'm not that kind of person. — Give me my f... envelop! You take it or you leave it! — If I wasn't in your office I would've slapped you! - Whore! - You suck! - How dare could she? — Inspector Lisket is here sir. — Let him in. — What gives you the right? — A cop in this country has all the power. What's up man? — Same things... I'm very mad... — I just saw a beautiful girl in the front. is she the girl from the party? — Yes, that's her. — She looked mad. You didn't fire her? — Me? She f'red herself. The girl is miserable. She doesn't own a cent. She looks for a job and her thing is well hidden in her skirt. As if she were somebody! — Oh my god. You're always fighting with women. — It's not about fights man. It's about principles. And if you're not careful with women, they gonna take everything you own. - Let's be serious now Why did you ask me here? — Are you ready for some good news? I have two things to tell you. Before we start, you want something to drink? — I think I have some time, we can talk. I would like to drink something. — Hugline? Bring us two glasses with ice and... What do you want to drink? Anything? _ Anything. - With anything you can find to drink, thanks. First, the Rasta lost the game. - I don't get it. Be more specific. - Yesterday I witnessed a fight between the two. If they didn't brake up they don't talk anymore. But I'm almost positive they broke up. — Jude be serious. This is what you call good news? I thought you were going to tell me that the old man has accepted you in his house. — It's time for us to take some positive action. — What do you mean? - Eliminate him! E L I M I N AT E him. — You mean kill him? I thought we wele done with this thing. — You really think I'd give up on it like this? Even though you've known me for a while. I'm ready to gamble on this girl and I would give up for this bastard, this rasta. You don't know me then. If you can say something like that you know nothing about women. Let's be rational. She's her father's only kid. She's well taken care. She has no bills. Next, see how innocent she looks, her charm... Imagine such a girl calling you "Papy! Papy!", caressing your hair and more. And that's just the beginning. She and I will be the perfect couple. And you want me to give up to that rope-headed man! What I want, you will have to do because it's what I want! We've been hanging up for a while now. - Jude you're in love at last. - What do you mean? - You think I'm going to lose her like that? - Jude, let's clear things out. What exactly do you want me to do? — Wesly, we've been friends a long time right? — True. - We're going to set him up. Once he's in jail, I will do my part. I've studied the mind of the old man. You know the police system, you know how it works. It's up to you now. That's what I want. — oh god. - Wesly, we're friends. right? Are you with me? Yes or no? — OK Jude, we're friends! Leave it to me. I agree. - No more talks! Friends forever! I haven't told you the most important part yet. I have another assignment for you. Come! - What is it again? - Come on! Follow me! - What do you see in this comer? — I see three boxes. What's in them? — They contain heavily sophisticated computers. - There's a lot of cash invested here! - Don't worry about the cash. Soon Judet Tour will be the equivalent of the US embassy — I don't understand. — I am ready. I hired two computer experts. — The two guys you were talking about? — No, those two were arrested in Miami. It's not them. I have two Canadians. One was born in Haiti that means they do know the country. - But what are they gonna do with the computers? I still don't get it. - Let me show you. These things I keep secret. - Let me help. - It's all about money... - What do you see? - Two passports and two American visas. - You see American visas and you see computers. The computers are going to print out visas just like these. - Like photocopies? - Photocopies no way! It's the real thing! Imagine a hundred visas per day for six thousand dollars each. - What do you think? - Now we're in the money! - And there's more... It's about time to really take care of Anne. I'm going to buy her a new car. - What if it doesn't work? — Of course it will! Put yourself in Anne's shoes. As a poor girl, you wouldn't take it? And tt's time for me to get rid of that old woman. That 53 years old woman is a shame! The other day, I went to the beach. There were many respectable people around. We were hand in hand and a guy shouts without any pity; "Jude is she your grandmother? - Jude, you just made this one. You used to love her. - Love? — Let me go, my head is full. I need to think. - I can see that. - I'm gone... — Wait, wait, wait...Don't go yet. — What else? - I almost forgot... I want to be there when you arrest the "spring headed" guy. I want to see this. - That's another thing... Let me go. - You know why I want to slap his face just to be sure he gets it. — OK guys, it goes this way. - Are you ok? - Yeah... Let's go. - R-Bass, I'm leaving. - Ok. Same time tomorrow then. - come here! You! Come here! Get in the car! - I said get in the car! - What's wrong with this guy! — Wesly, he's coming your way! Be ready now! - Please help me. He's been following me. He's after me! - Face the car! - Game over! - Step aside Jude! - Let me finish him! - You stay here! - Let me handle it! - Son of a... ' what‘ 9°in9 on? - Shut up! - Put him in the car! - You won't let me kill him! - It's not what we said. Wait till tomorrow and you'll see what happen. — Cléanta doesn't clean these things at all, this one rings louder cause its cleaner. - Dad, the electricity is back! - Thank God. We're blessed! No cool water since yesterday! I'd rather buy a jar if I had the money. - What time is the Eddy Murphy movie? - I don't know - Of course you don't. Your mind is busy. — Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this special news edition. Port-au-Prince police dismantled a gang today. Inspector WSes|y Lisket in charge of the operation stated that these people are part of a very active gang based at Delmas. One of them is Don Kato lead vocal of Brothers Possee. As a consequence, there were many reactions in the artistic community. It happened while the band is working on their new song "Anne". Some reliable sources confirmed that this girl is linked to the arrest of Kato. Kato's friends say all this has been set up by Inspector Lisket But the police officer maintains his allegations. — I hear a lot of talks around the arrest of Don Kato, member of a gang operating in Delmas and terrorizing the population. Let the role and attribution of the police force be clear to everybody When after putting at risk the lives of our men we succeed in dismantling a gang We as cops have done our duty and we're not in charge anymore. When one goes to jail, that's not our responsability but that of the justice system. We're not the ones to say if a person is guilty or not. |t;s up to the justice system. I heard a lot of rumors about a possible plot but we as cops, only trust facts. And the only fact is I have 13 cases of kidnapping in this file and Kato's gang is involved in at least 4 of them. - Mrs Cator why did they arrest your son? — Yes, they arrested Kato. - Why did they arrest him? - It's about him being a rasta. You know once you have dreadlocks in this country they think you are a gangster. — They say your son is a thief. - Wearing dreadlocks doesn't mean you're a thief. Rasta doen't mean gangster! - Oh God! My daughter's name is disrespected on TV! - You see Anne! Your guy humiliated us. They just showed it on TV! People are gonna see me Bicha as a gangster's father! I'm going into exile! - Dad calm down! Let me turn the Tv off. — Calm down? How can I calm down? Didn't you see what they just showed on TV Sexy as I am, if they take me, where are they going to hit me? - Dad I don't trust the police officer. Let me go drink some water! - You don't trust him! It's not a game. They can come here and arrest us anytime. - See... Who's it? - The po|iceman's friend! - Police? You see what you're putting me through, Anne? You see what you did? You don't have to break the door down. I said I was coming. You're the cops, you're the justice. I respect the law. - It's you.... - How are you Bicha? - You said police! - No I said the po|iceman's friend. - Everybody's fine? How are you Anne? - I'm fine. - Have a sit. - Don't worry Tonton Bicha. Everything is ten-four. — What can you tell us about all this? — I was on my way to Cap-Haitian when my secretary called to give me the news. I cancelled the trip and I immediately called the Inspector. He promised to help even though he said he doesn't want to get involved too much. Because when it comes to gangs, it's a very sensitive matter. And he assured me they would not arrest anybody in this house. But Tonton Bicha you must tell Anne... She must not mix up with this kind of people again. — Thank you very much my son. Oh, you've made me so happy. If you are not a messenger from God then Jesus sent you. Do you want some coffee? — No thank you. — To please me, have some soda. I don't have any ice but I'm going to buy some even to hell so you can have the soda. — I don't drink sodas Tonton Bicha, but I will, just to please you. — Thank you son! Anne, stay with the gentleman, I'll be right back. — What's wrong Anne? I just said that everything is fine now. Kato is in jail... and I'm here ready to make the real woman out of you. - I don't expect anything from you. My father provides for all I need. I'm his only daughter. The only person I miss is the man I love Don Kato. — Don, Don, Don, Kato! You're still after this man? What is that? If you miss him that much I can call my friend Wesly and have you locked up in the same cell. — Go ahead, call your friend. What's stopping you? Call him! — I won't do it for two reasons. First because I love you and then because of your father. — My father? Since when are you my father's friend? Everything Wesly said on Tv is not true. It's just a plot you cooked up to keep Kato and I apart. — Anne, you're too young to understand what I've done. I love you. And it was the only way to get rid of that rabble, that gangster. I dit it for us. - "Us"? There's no"us". - There is you and I Anne. When will you understand that everything I do is for you? I love you and I want to make a real woman out of you. You wouldn't make it with Kato, a guy barely out of poverty. I can take care of you... give you anything. You don't imagine how many women wish they were you! I want you to be a real woman... my wife. Now go outside. I'll show you something. Come on... come on... Let's go! — The car is yours darling. You won't have to worry about cars breaking up in the middle of the night anymore. This deserves a kiss, no? - No. Is your name Don Kato, Jude? — Anne you put me in a bad position. If you make me hate you as much as I love you. What happened to Kato is gonna happen to you. - Don't touch me! - What's going on here? Explain to me! - Tonton Bicha, I wanted to tell you that Anne and I we... — We what? — She asked you a question young man, you what? - Tonton Bicha I have a surprise for Anne. This car is for her. I wanted to give it to her as a gift. - Hold on! There's something I don't get. You say this car is hers... Why would you offer her a car? - Hi Pe Demerant. - Hello young man! How are you Bicha? - I'm fine. But after what I just heard, I'm speechless. - You're not the only one. When I saw the beautiful car I could guess you have a special guest. And young man, it's true you gave us a ride But after you almost killed a man you didn't even come to say you're sorry. - I was about to but Tonton Bicha had an emergency. I'm here to help him and calm down his fears. I handle everything for him. - I see... Your friend is here too? Is it his car outside? — No it's not his. - I heard this car is for Anne. I'm trying to find out what's going on. - Oh that's breaking news! - And I really want to know what's going on! - Bicha I'll talk to you later. Anne follow me right now! - I'll be back Dad. - Yes daughter. — Anne, where are you going? — Anne sit down. - Thank you Pe Demerant. - Anne you're like a daughter to me. But I still don't undestand... Can you tell me why this guy is giving you a car if there's nothing between you? - We never really talked. I don't really know him. Except that night he gave us a ride he told me he owns a travel agency. — For a young man he certainly has a lot of money! — Why do you say that Pe Demerant? — Don't you and your father watch the news on TV anymore? — That's what we were doing. I turned it off when I saw Jude's friend lying about Kato. - Anne listen. Theyjust showed in the news the names and pictures of many persons involved in crimes in the States and Canada. Two ended up here in Haiti. They already committed a lot of crimes. They attacked many banks They've stolen about $60,000. They're also behind the fake credit cards going around. — You think there's a connection with Jude? — I'm getting there. Remember when we were here having drinks the day Jude almost shot your boyfriend? — Yes, the day they brought your car. — Yes. While we were here Jude received a phone call on his cell. The call disturbed him and he asked for a piece of paper: And what he wrote was the name of these two men involved in those crimes. — How did you fhd out Pe Demerant? — Because when he rushed out after Kato, he forgot the paper on the table and I took it. — Who was he talking to on the phone? - I heard him say Ritchel. — What are we going to do Pe Demerant? We must go to the police with this information. — What? You want those guys to come here and kill us! - What about Kato Pe Demerant? Didn't you hear what Wesly said on TV? - Yes. If he can lie that easily, he's not honest. - Wesly and Jude are always together. They made up this story about Kato being a gangster. I think once the police catches Jude this entire thing will be over. We must act now. We can't wait more. What are we going to do Pe Demerant? — That's what I'm thinking about. Wait a minute. My nephew is a cop. He can help us, let me call him. - Hello. - Metropolitan police. Mayl help you? - May I speak to officer Fontaine please? — Who's asking? — Pe Demerant. - Pe Demerant it's me. How are you? - Fontaine how are you son? It's been a long time my boy! - I don't have much time. I'm an Inspector now. - Well congratulations! You deserve it! - Thank you. - Fontaine, I'm calling you for a special reason. It's very confidential. - Good job guys When will you go to Montreal? - Next week. - I need another delivery before you leave. - No problem! - See you... - Honey! What are you doing? We're not done yet. Come on! Come on! - Chief, we found the house. The two Canadians just left, we're following them. — We're still following him. He just got inside Epi d'Or with a girl. They're eating. We stand by. — After only one week of training, you're already mine. Now that's my kind of girl! — It's the way you want it Boss. — Darling, don't worry. We'll bring some money too. — As you wish but don't forget my internet this month. - The bill already came? They sent it? - Yes. - No problem. sweetheart, you have minutes on your cell? - Nope. I'm glad you thought about it. — Oh sweetie. — No, you don't have an appointment! I already told you he's not here. He's not here! - Police! Get out of the way! _ The gun! — How did they get in here? — I told them not to come in. - Miss, step aside! — Chief, all the passports are here. - Take them all. - Mr Jude Dutreuil you're under arrest. Book him! — Let's go! — Under arrest? What for? I really don't understand what's going on. Call Inspector Lisket! — Inspector Lisket is in custody since this morning. Go with him! — Myriam make a file for this prisoner. — There's a beautiful girl waiting for you. — Oh yeah? - Officer, I'm a businessman, not a thief! - Let's go kids! — Where's my mother? — I don't know. — Let's go. Bicha let's go. — Now you must marry her!. Wedding! - I missed you a lot Don! - I missed you too baby! — Pe Demerant it seems you really want to change me. Don't you think I'm too old for that?


Totò Casamandrei, a middle-aged high school professor, sells his soul to the Devil to win the Giro d'Italia and impress the young Doriana, a cycling fan.



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