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Thomas Montgomery Bell

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thomas Montgomery Bell
House Majority Whip
In office
Preceded byJohn Wilbur Dwight
Succeeded byHarold Knutson
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Georgia's 9th district
In office
March 4, 1905 – March 3, 1931
Preceded byFarish Carter Tate
Succeeded byJohn Stephens Wood
Personal details
Born(1861-03-17)March 17, 1861
near Cleveland, Georgia
DiedMarch 18, 1941(1941-03-18) (aged 80)
Gainesville, Georgia
Political partyDemocratic

Thomas Montgomery Bell (March 17, 1861 – March 18, 1941) was an American politician who served as House majority whip from 1913 to 1915.

Bell was born in Nacoochee Valley, near Cleveland, Georgia. He graduated from Moore's Business University at Atlanta, then taught public school in Cleveland from 1878 to 1879. He then worked as a traveling salesman for several years. He served as clerk of the superior court of Hall County, Georgia from 1898 to 1904, then was elected as a congress member in the Democratic Party of the United States, serving from March 4, 1905 to March 3, 1931. He served as majority whip from 1913 to 1915. In 1922, he was a prominent voice of racist opposition to anti-lynching legislation, arguing that political equality for African Americans is "something that would never be tolerated and should never be advocated by anyone."[1] After an unsuccessful renomination in 1930, he returned to the private sector and died in Gainesville, Georgia.

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You're bout to get a breakthrough Put your hand down keep your hands up Cuz this gonna be the last time you raise your hand Cuz when you come back here next time you're gonna bring three of folk folks, who are Not food folk and you've all been sitting next to one Are you hear what I'm telling you so the first thing I need you to do I'm giving you an assignment I need you to go talk to God for 30 straight days as early as you possibly can or as late as you possibly can I Don't care when you do it when you get home from working all day or get a bright early in the morning and I want You to stop trying to be what they want you to be and I just want you to have there What do you want me to be? What do you want me to do? And he said I want you to teach a Genie class. That's where I want you to start Number two he told you to multiply now, let me tell y'all something Multiplication is so easy. And it's so easy because you've learned so much from adding. Oh You're not here well, I'm trying to tell you I told my son sir If you blow up the way you say you want to blow up ain't nobody ever gonna respect you because you wanted been through that Your lond I know who he was but when I heard your story about the knees and honey I said She gonna be alright, I don't care how much stuff she gonna have to go through She gonna be all right Why? cuz she failed and know how to get back up and then she fell again and got back up and then she failed again and Got back See what you got understand is you rushed me multiplied on everything you need to understand is Indian food for you Everything I needed to do to get here. I learned in the GT class I'm running a TV class, but I wasn't getting paid see because when you start doing The Alabama Kristen time and they give you a big check When you start doing the New Orleans Saints making your big check when you go to Poland in front of 10,000 people you can't practice then I Wish think it's catchy. 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Oh boy, bring out the food and it's a literal Turkey sandwich or we bread with cheese and you can see all them folks in first class looking at that turkey sounds like yo this like an 8 this like a third-grade turkey sandwich this some your grandma gave as she's broke and They lookin like I know they just did bring us out normal. We bread with cheese in Turkey Oh I look at that sandwich. I was like, whoa. It's way too much turkey in here. I Used to be home, so I'm like they wasting turkey. I took the big piece off left look, he's off put the mayonnaise and mustard on that joint and I'm looking around at first glad they didn't cut the Joker's in half. I'm like Yeah They got it nice and neat and they ain't touching it. Oh my oh boy. You're gonna eat that How about them chips I'm trying to tell you God gave you a gift so much. You gotta use it in church right now So what you got to do it for free right now? It always gonna be free Joseph don't brother Always healing your brain is just one down. So you gotta start in Potiphar's house. You've got to start in the prison But one day you gonna listen to me very closely one day you will do the exact same thing You just will do it on a bigger level Go back to read the Bible Joseph didn't do anything different than the nparticles house. He didn't do anything different in prison It did the exact same work But because he used what God gave him He didn't he never read once where Joseph complained Joseph went to palabras house as a slave and cleaning that jokah up and worgen Ozzy like nobody's business Potiphar was like whoa look man. What did you say I did I need you to do I Need you to be over everything in my house Except my wife then Quietus kept Joseph was so good at what he did. 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I'm like with me I'm still I'm still tripping with people man. Welcome to me crying brother. You changed my life I'm like a video changer, but I mean I've met you before weenie had no music playing I Mean on stage I need drums. Like I ain't no and you ain't in like bruh. You changed my life And watch this just one not just one, you know you made it when the bra say flat out bro, I know goofy I don't take pictures with doings That's what you know you made it Brook wells me like I saw D way. So I'm like what I Saw the brown like I ain't even near that but ET when I saw you it ain't me It's the Holy Ghost when I saw you I'm like, whoa. Can I get a pic? God said to me, I'm not gonna let nobody else blow you up. I'm not gonna let nobody he'll take the credit This is the work that I've done This is the label These are the sacrifices Jesus made on the cross ain't nobody else will take the credit for Something what's your proof when you start multiplying And what God starts to do is he starts them and you get your stuff together. He starts to bring people in your life


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U.S. House of Representatives
Preceded by
Farish Carter Tate
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Georgia's 9th congressional district

March 4, 1905 – March 3, 1931
Succeeded by
John Stephens Wood
Party political offices
Preceded by
John Wilbur Dwight (R-NY) (No majority (Democratic) whip 1911–1913; Dwight was Majority whip 1909–1911)
House Majority Whip
Succeeded by
Harold Knutson (R-MN) (No majority (Democratic) whip 1915–1919; Knutson was whip 1919–1923)
Preceded by
James Tilghman Lloyd (MO) (The Democrats had no whip 1909–1913; Lloyd served 1901–1908)
House Democratic Whip
Succeeded by
William Allan Oldfield (AR) (The Democrats had no whip 1915–1921; Oldfield served 1921–1928)

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