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The Woman in Flames

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Woman in Flames
GermanDie Frau im Feuer
Directed byCarl Boese
Written byErnst B. Fey
Georg Hirschfeld (novel)
Margarete-Maria Langen
StarringAsta Nielsen
Alfred Abel
Gregori Chmara
CinematographyHans Karl Gottschalk
Max Grix
Music byBruno Schulz
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
  • 23 December 1924 (1924-12-23)
German intertitles

The Woman in Flames (German: Die Frau im Feuer) is a 1924 German silent thriller film directed by Carl Boese and starring Asta Nielsen, Alfred Abel, and Gregori Chmara.[1]

It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich. The film's sets were designed by the art director Hans Sohnle and Otto Erdmann. The film was released on 23 December 1924.

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You used my shaver again. You've shaved your legs again. You need to change yet. Where's the wine? The wine? I forgot it. Forgot? What do I offer then? There's enough left. Otherwise they just get drunk again. What have you done all day? - Let me think... I've played records, talked with Marion on the phone, I've been thinking. The glasses belong on the other side. What do you expect from me, I'm the opposite of an ideal wife for you. I'm not a good cook. I'm unable to set the table. You just saw it. I'm not a good car driver. I failed the examinations because I drove into one-way streets. Certainly you forgot all that. You paid the bills. I'm a bad dancer 'cause I can't keep the beat. I'm not really good in languages. I was never good in maths. In school I even tried to get a medical certificate, that confirmed that I'm not able to attend maths because numbers and formulas make me dizzy. I can't do anything, every other woman has more to offer you. How are you? I don't love you anymore. Kiss. Eva The main course is stew with sausage. As dessert I bought fresh lychees. I'm stuck again with my master thesis. I'll finish it for you. And you make food for me. You can choose. But there're only canned sardines, potatoes and Bangkok salad. This is Eva. I hope I don't disturb. I got your number from Sylvia. Sylvia, don't you remember? She studies theatre science. It's a while now, I've had your number for a year. I'd like to meet you, only short. Good. You wanted to talk with me. Well? How can I help you? You need money, right? Either you have money for the rent, but not enough for the hairdresser. Or you go clubbing sometimes, then you can't afford new shoes. But if you buy the shoes, you can't afford clubbing with them. Are you experienced? What's your name? - Eva. Better call yourself Chantalle or Carmen. I'm Ivonne or actually Karin. Show yourself. Show yourself. I charge 25% provision. That's the common rate. I just don't want problems with that anymore. Well, the normal work goes like this: You lay on the bed, spread legs, don't move, everything costs additional the basic is 100.-, with rubber, 150.- without, with undressing 200.-. Legs up plus 20.-, handjob 50.- French 100.-, French completely 150.- A whole night 500.-. Never take more than 500, even if the pay. Afterwards they feel swindled. Afterwards they feel swindled anyway. You refuse anal although they all dream of it. Their wife they don't even dare to ask for it. The worst is when you start to feel something with a customer. Then you feel really bad afterwards, never get kissed on the mouth. He's one of those who talks all the time in bed, and asks constantly if you liked it. Afterwards he feels sorry for his money, because he believes you had fun too. Him by the fireplace is one of those who want to help you out. Quite a few of them tell you: you're too good for it. That one is always ready before it really starts. 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Rule No 1 for me is that I only do what I want. And my part? First you're still picky, then you take them all. Only unwashed customers are disgusting for me. You just make a fuss because have a crush on Chris. Earlier she tried all the time to question me about him. I'll be right back. Do you have anything against me? If I pay you have to take me. The essence of a prostitute is eventually her accessibility. You're obviously one of those who need to discuss everything. But I won't discuss it. A prostitute is there for everybody. You know the word "Love servant" That's the right expression for it. You're for sale. And I want to buy you. I won't sell anything to you. Not even a smile. I've got enough for today. I'll go home. - Bye. Did you sleep already? I never sleep early. I love the night. Life is more beautiful by night. Women are more beautiful by night. Back then I always wanted to stay awake 24 h. To not miss anything. But I rarely experienced anything. I stayed disappointed in bed for days. Want a drink? Maybe a cocktail? Side-car, Swimmingpool? Flantersban or a Jimby? Side-car works fastest and steals the will. I always offer it first. Then I want a Side-car. You want to hear music? Might be it's nice with silence. They are women's perfumes all together? Maybe you want to take a shower? Body lotion, shower gel. Towel, toothbrush and shower cap. Actually I had planned to wait a few days before I come to you. When we first met, I promised myself to first say no, when you want to sleep with me, so that you don't think I'm easily available. Not yet. I want to talk a little more. I just wanted to tell you something More important than to seduce is to learn to know each other. Maybe you need to get used to me first. I'm too tired anyway. You've always been successful with women? Why do you ask? Am I successful with you too? I am confused. But I wished to be confused. Good day. - Please come in. We talked on the phone? Do want a drink? Maybe a cocktail? Side-car, Swimmingpool, Flantersban or a Jimbe? - No thank you. Would you like to hear music? Let's get the finances fixed first. Would you please give me your robe? Cigarette? - Yes please. I promised myself that I should cheat on my husband for once. Then I better show you the bedroom now. Follow me. I'll go first. What's your name? - Brigitte. Can you charge them? - I hold the other ones for you. Good. - Ciao. Are you spying on me? If you don't like my outfit, keep it for yourself. Don't you want to know how I'm doing? First I missed you awfully when I came to an empty flat. Meanwhile I have a new one. Not as pretty as you but reliable. Marianne, not a very nice name. Klares, McCullough, Cayrol... You've read them already. - They are for my new friend. Seems he has to catch up on some things. How's the thesis doing? - I'm almost ready. I think we don't have much to talk anymore. But there isn't anything we can't talk about. I'd like to ask if you'd sleep with me one more time? You don't seem anymore that picky. So I was together with a whore for five years. I'm a woman who does men like you a favour. A married woman doesn't take money for it. Unmarried women who live from men are sluts. And when you do it as your profession, you're a whore. And I'll be the best paid whore, because I offer the least. Yvonne has sent me, I'm the home service. Well... Come in... It's the first time Yvonne doesn't come herself. What's your name? - Carmen. Please. You look good. - I'm in love. For the first time I'm really in love. I didn't remember how it is. I was rarely in love and mostly it was over very fast. Coffee? Milk and sugar? Yvonne used to take sweetener. My oldest son. My wife. You've got an attractive wife. When I look at my wife I always get tired. From a travel. 2 years ago. It suits you. My wife is thicker than you. I told you to wash the glasses twice. They're full of stains. Come over here. Turn around. 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They always want to forget that they paid me. I ask what they prefer. Mostly they only want the usual stuff. A little tenderness. That I touch them. They have to endure enough perversions at home. Most women make me sad. I tell each how pretty she is. They want to hear it even if it's not true. And if I forget it they ask for it. "How do you find me?" "You know the women. Why's my husband cheating on me?" Then I tell them all: "You've got pretty hair" "You've got pretty eyes." I like your eyes. I love your eyes. Because your gaze can be so hard. I love your eyes because they're too blue. And I love your nose because it's too large. I love your mouth because it's too narrow. And I love you. How d'you like it? - Very nice. Upstairs is your new working space. My workroom is downstairs. Not practical for once. Cool. A new perfume? - It's not mine. Eva, may I introduce Kurt? Kurt, this is Eva. I was curious to meet you. I've heard so much about you. A happy couple attracts always attention. - I've made coffee. Kurt is professor for Business Administration. He's my best client. He didn't dare to come to the other flat because of you. Has he never considered to invest in shares instead? The statue fits much better in here. It needs an empty wall. I find her slightly too big. I prefer the little one at your place. Thanks. Undress. You prefer approaching women at the bus-stop, don't you? And whispers to them how sexy you find them. Until they blush. Or you phone unknown women by night to tell them obscenities. Tell me what you're dreaming of, what arouses you. You won't get anything from me. Nothing. A women like me you'll never own. When you get out of here, you haven't even touched me. In Munich, on the Oktoberfest, I saw a waitress, who carried 10 beer mugs all at once, I starred at her until she noticed me. It... was almost that she would have ordered me behind the bar. I would have had to crawl under the beer dispenser, Where you almost get killed by the heat because the heater pipes go there. Always when she comes to tap new beer, I must quickly put my head under her shirt and satisfy her with the tongue. Meanwhile she steps with her heavy clogs on my hands. Mr and Mrs Koslowski. Dieter is professor at our institute. Gabi is a translator. Chris works free lance, as a photographer. Eva is literature scientist, she's currently writing her thesis. Yvonne works at the KDW in the cosmetics department. Have a seat with us. You over there. You want to start that restaurant with Kurt? Yes. We also want to include a small gallery room. Chris is unfortunately still undetermined. He collects suitable pictures for 5 years already. Like here. The right audience appreciates that. Then I finally know where I can have a classy dinner with my clients. First I only wanted to start a gallery. But then I found it depressing to live on others creativity. Now I open a restaurant. So I can work with both art and kitchen. Take care that the lights are not as awkward as here. In this light you can see every wrinkle. Which topic are you writing about? - Melancholia and boredom. Although she's neither melancholic nor bored. Currently I'm translating Cayrol. His French is especially complicated because you never know if he means youth or childhood. For the translation both will work but Cayrol always means childhood. It reminds of one part where I always had to cry back then. "I would lay my cheeks gently against the comfortable cheeks of my pillow, which are as plump and blooming as the cheeks of babyhood." Eva and I love the same books, the same films and the same music. We think and feel always the same. We are ideal lovers. We won't start a restaurant either. We throw our money down the drain. For beauty, luxury and adventure. Eva is the only woman in the world who doesn't care about safety. Fortunately you have Kurt, as a safety expert. What kind of photos do you work with? - My specialist field? My specialist field are ID pictures. It starts to get amusing. This is Chris. Chris is right? - Yes. This is Uschi, my wife. I'm Heinrich. You can take of over there. What does your wife like best? My wife is a cute kitty with endurance for all positions. You spend too much time with your clients. As if you'd have fun. Why do the guys pay you so well? Income: 5 clients a 300.-, 3 x extras a 200.-, tips 300.- Expenses: Rent for VHS cassettes, flowers, Kleenex. Is that the result of your Business Administration studies? You must these very well in case the tax authorities visit you. Don't tell me they pay so much for stuff they can have everywhere. Since when don't you like that I earn well? I want to know what you do for it? Nothing. At least nothing to be jealous for. I sense something with you. I notice precisely if someone only acts. I simply treat them bad. And the worse I treat them the more they pay. You take paid for disdaining them. I don't want that that you treat the men badly. I love the presence, I live for the moment. Chris is so reasonable. I understand him. Do I only care for myself? I enjoy to follow my feelings. Sometimes I wish to loose control. "What am I able to?" The idea frightens me. I read a lot again. Non-fiction makes me always sad. Only hustlers en route today. It smells so good. Suddenly it's Japanese. Before it was Chinese and before that French. Strange, that even appetite depends on fashion. I didn't know you're still working. Kurt is my best friend since many years, it doesn't concern us. Did he pay at least? - Kurt is my most trusty gold vein. I'll soon be as old as my clients. Or will you take care of me when I'm too old? Don't let him get away with something like this. Kurt is clever and patient. He knows Chris from "Klappenstrich". He fell for him at once. This is the first time a man means so much for me. When I first met Chris I fell right in love with him. He was so tender with me. He even ironed my shirts. And you really don't want him back? - A man with that work? That makes no sense. - A woman with that work isn't easier. All that talk about Chris makes me really longing for him. I'm not so sure that I have to love you. The day before yesterday I had one of those S&M guys. First I just stayed cool as always. I gave him what he needed. But then I couldn't stop, it was like an obsession. Have you ever scared yourself? I don't take masochists anymore. I can't handle it. Where's your piggy bank today? Is the expansion of the business too much for you? You should better jump over a date in between. Last week I cheated on her in Vienna on a business trip. Herbert, I had to think of you all the time then. Make room for me. - We need to take it easy today. Doesn't your wife believe anymore that you fell down the stairs? But you know my wife accepts it. Have you lost weight? - Kneel down! Prove your masculinity! At home you'll have to be strong and examplary again. Come on, fulfil your desires! We'll take the afternoon of. I don't want that you work so much anymore. It's one of the furs you must wear all the time. Or it's stolen at once. We'll engage a guard... in case I'll take it of. Have you thought about our future? - Please don't start you also. She has you in her grip. From me you wanted to be independent. Well, such a a good investment you won't give up easily. Eva has... 1200 clients a year, an average of 5 per day. There's still plenty time to do a good work. Even if she only takes 100.- from the total of 200.- for herself, it's still 130.000 per year. To be deducted are holidays an Sundays. If she works profitable, and doesn't spoil everything with private affairs, Thanks. it will be 1,3 million when she's 38. Additional come your income, after all you're dinks. Do you want to impress me with mental arithmetic? She didn't cost anything, you just took her over without any expenses. She simply adopted you. I appreciate your cynicism. Don't smile so excessive. They're not your clients. They're friends. Still you don't need to put on that smile. You may be friendly, but you don't need to smile provocatively. I smiled as I always smile. - You smiled provocatively. Then I always smile provocatively. A gift from Amigo. - Anything serious? Well, he wants to go to Brazil with me. He wouldn't like a professional, that's why I stopped working. He teaches her Portuguese already. Kurt, I must talk to you. I think it's better we don't meet for a while. I've brought that for you. Your home service. Come in. Your surprise is successful. Usually I'm offered a drink first. What would you like? A nice apartment. Why don't you meet Chris here? We didn't need to keep a secret so far. I think it's time we talk together in detail. How much? 100? 150? You shall only talk with me. I have ordered you. You don't need to give away your time. Good. Then I'll undress. That's the usual deal. Stop that nonsense. - You paid for it. For 200 I always undress. Dress again. Well? What do you want? You know how much the friendship with Chris means to me. I've known him for 12 years. He's of a kind... you rarely can find. A sensibility, if you consider where he comes from. You know his parents? He claims his father is an art dealer. He's a simple clerk at the registration office in Osnabrück. He has always been ashamed for his origin. Have you ordered me to tell about Chris' dark past? For your work he slowly gets too old. He has only one perspective, the restaurant and there he needs me. And I need him. I haven't demanded too much. I've never dreamed of living in a marriage with him. Chris is reasonable person. He can't choose you if he must choose. Everything's up to you. Good bye. I don't want to see your kind here anymore! Got it? Get lost! Did you see now what you wanted to see? I want a child with you. I want a daughter. A daughter who looks like I did as a child. As a child I was blond. I want us to marry. A women like me you won't marry. I dreamed I beat you. And how did I react. You liked it. Chris phoned right after you. You shall call him. He just wants to check if I'm really visiting you. Left over from my last heartthrob. One of those who die for you. If they even are in love... There are so many other ways to show you're in love. With jewellery, furs... and perfume. If you don't want it sweet. Yvonne has a new diet, she vomits after the meal. It's Chris. I don't want to talk with him. He can't handle when I'm gone, not even for one night. He doesn't understand that you must be alone sometimes. I've no idea how this shall go on. But it's not only his fault. Sometimes I think I fell in love with my ideal of a man. We should do something that draws off your attention. I'd like going to the cinema. To please Alf you should go to the theatre more often. I don't want. Well, then we can sleep early today. Maybe we should read lonely hearts ads to cheer us up? "Merchant, 55, employer, new in Berlin, searching the extraordinary broad, elegant, smart and classy, but nasty." "Three 19 year old soldiers search damp-hot loading racks for their guns." "Constantly shooting... which kitties until 35 want to give us a chewing out?" "Natural champaign source wanted." "Which high level lady makes me wet?" "Extra pocket money for schoolgirls", that's not you anymore. "Santa Claus with big sledge, long birch and filled bag wants horny angel. Up to 30." I bought the restaurant so you can stop. - What did you pay it with? With our money. My money's also gone? I bought the restaurant for us both. I told you repeatedly that I don't want the place. You didn't take me serious. All I own is charm, all I learned is to flirt. My only real talent is cooking. I first met a student with an affection for lady's fashion. I woke up with a gigolo. But I don't want grow old with a restaurant owner. Even if nobody understands it, I loved the gigolo. Say something. Anything or I start crying. You can't just leave now. Don't you want me anymore? If you leave now you never loved me. You can't just forget everything. Please stay. Accept it. Promise you'll come back. I'm waiting for you. Promise me. - I can't go on. I wonder how far I can go. I'm ready for anything. Sometimes I wish I'd loose control. I'm burdened with Chris' plans, it's getting harder and harder to return his tenderness. although I wish them too much. Now you can return my tenderness. Now you've got the chance. Kiss me. You shall kiss me. Kiss me. I want you to kiss me. Kiss me. I'll even pay you for it. Campari please. - Sorry, you're banned. But I just wait for Yvonne. - I'm sorry. You look completely like new. - They just threw me out. Then we go even more. That's Chris. He's afraid to meet you here. Subtitles: The Huge Animal From The North



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