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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cast lists

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Main cast

Cast lists for different versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A blank cell in the table indicates that the information is unknown.
"N/A" indicates that the role in question does not exist for that version of the story.
Columns are in chronological order from 1978–2005, except for the two German radio series (1981 and 1990–1991).

Character's Name Primary and Secondary Phases[1] Stage Adaptation LP Adaptations[2][3] TV Series[4] Illustrated Edition (hardcover book)[5] Tertiary to Quintessential Phases[6][7][8] Movie[9] German Radio Series One[10] German Radio Series Two[11] Hexagonal Phase[12]
The Book (Narrator) Peter Jones Cindy Oswin (Lithos) and Maya Sendall (Terros)♥[13]

Roger Blake: ♠[14]

Peter Jones N/A William Franklyn Stephen Fry Rolf Boysen John Lloyd
Arthur Dent Simon Jones Chris Langham[13] Simon Jones Jonathan Lermit Simon Jones Martin Freeman Felix von Manteuffel Simon Jones
Prosser Bill Wallis Bill Wallis Joe Melia Michael Cule Bruce Hyman Steve Pemberton Wolfgang Hess N/A N/A
Ford Prefect Geoffrey McGivern Richard Hope Geoffrey McGivern David Dixon Tom Finnis Geoffrey McGivern Mos Def Markus Boysen Ingo Hülsmann Geoffrey McGivern
Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton Jo Kendall N/A Doris Schade N/A N/A
The barman David Gooderson Stephen Moore Steve Conway N/A Albie Woodington N/A
Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz Bill Wallis Michael Cule♦[15] Bill Wallis Martin Benson N/A Toby Longworth Richard Griffiths (voice) Peter Lühr N/A N/A
Zaphod Beeblebrox Mark Wing-Davey Ken Ellis♠[14] Mark Wing-Davey Francis Johnson Mark Wing-Davey Sam Rockwell Klaus Löwitsch Mathias Fuchs Mark Wing-Davey
Tricia McMillan ("Trillian") Susan Sheridan Sue Jones-Davies Cindy Oswin Sandra Dickinson Tali Susan Sheridan as "Trillian"

Sandra Dickinson as "Tricia McMillan"

Zooey Deschanel Barbara Freier Kornelia Boje Susan Sheridan as "Trillian"

Sandra Dickinson as "Tricia McMillan"

Eddie the Shipboard Computer David Tate David Tate N/A Roger Gregg Tom Lennon Ignaz Kirchner Matthias Ponnier N/A
Marvin the Paranoid Android Stephen Moore David Learner♦♠[14] Stephen Moore David Learner (costume)

Stephen Moore (voice)

N/A Stephen Moore Warwick Davis (costume)
Alan Rickman (voice)
Martin Flörchinger Jim Broadbent
Vogon Guard David Tate N/A Michael Cule N/A Bob Golding Joachim Höppner N/A N/A
Newsreader David Tate David Tate Rayner Bourton N/A Kelly Macdonald N/A N/A
Gag Halfrunt Stephen Moore Stephen Moore Gil Morris N/A Jason Schwartzman N/A N/A
The whale Stephen Moore Stephen Moore N/A N/A Bill Bailey Bernhard Minetti N/A N/A
Magrathean message voice ("Ghostly Image") Richard Vernon Richard Vernon N/A Simon Jones Dieter Borsche N/A
Slartibartfast Richard Vernon Richard Vernon Janos Kuruz Richard Griffiths Bill Nighy Dieter Borsche Horst Bollmann N/A
Lunkwill (First Computer Programmer) Ray Hassett Cindy Oswin Antony Carrick N/A Jack Stanley N/A
Fook (Second Computer Programmer) Jeremy Browne David Tate Timothy Davies N/A Dominique Jackson N/A
Vroomfondel James Broadbent James Broadbent Charles McKeown N/A N/A
Majikthise Jonathan Adams David Tate David Leland N/A N/A
Deep Thought Geoffrey McGivern Michael Cule♦[15] Valentine Dyall N/A Helen Mirren Hans Reinhard Müller N/A
Magrathean Public Address Voice Ray Hassett Douglas Adams David Tate N/A N/A
Frankie Mouse Peter Hawkins Stephen Moore N/A Garth Jennings N/A
Benjy Mouse David Tate David Tate N/A Zoe Kubaisi N/A
Humma Kavula N/A John Malkovich N/A
Questular Rontok N/A Anna Chancellor N/A
Kwaltz, a Vogon N/A Ian McNeice (voice) N/A
Shooty James Broadbent Stephen Moore Matt Zimmerman Douglas Adams N/A N/A
Bang-Bang Ray Hassett James Broadbent Marc Smith Ed Victor N/A N/A
Garkbit Anthony Sharp Anthony Sharp Jack May N/A Alexander Malachovsky N/A N/A
Max Quordlepleen Roy Hudd Roy Hudd Colin Jeavons N/A Roy Hudd N/A Herbert Fleischmann N/A N/A
Reg Nullify N/A Graham de Wilde N/A N/A
The Great Prophet Zarquon Anthony Sharp Anthony Sharp Colin Bennett N/A William Franklyn N/A Wolf Goldan N/A N/A
Dish of the Day N/A Michael Cule♦[15] N/A Peter Davison N/A N/A
Hotblack Desiato N/A Barry Frank Warren N/A N/A
Bodyguard N/A Michael Cule♦[15] David Tate Dave Prowse N/A N/A
Haggunenon Underfleet Commander Aubrey Woods N/A N/A N/A
B Ark Captain David Jason Michael Cule♦[15] Frank Middlemass Aubrey Morris N/A N/A N/A
Number One Jonathan Cecil David Tate Matthew Scurfield N/A N/A N/A
Number Two Aubrey Woods Stephen Grief David Neville N/A N/A N/A
Number Three N/A Geoffrey Beevers N/A N/A
Marketing Girl Beth Porter Leueen Willoughby Beth Porter N/A N/A N/A
Management Consultant Jonathan Cecil David Tate Jon Glover N/A N/A N/A
Hairdresser Aubrey Woods Stephen Grief David Rowlands N/A N/A N/A
Caveman David Jason N/A N/A N/A
Character's Name Primary and Secondary Phases[1] Stage Adaptation (specify) LP Adaptations[2][3] TV Series[4] Illustrated Edition (hardcover book)[5] Tertiary to Quintessential Phases[6][7][8] Movie[9] German Radio Series One[10] German Radio Series Two[11] Hexagonal Phase[12]

♦ "The Rainbow" production ♥ Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool production ♠ Theatr Clwyd Production

Additional cast for the Secondary Phase

Cast lists for Radio Series Two of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.[1]
Character's Name Secondary Phase
Frogstar Robot Geoffrey McGivern
Arcturan Number One Bill Paterson
Arcturan Captain/Radio Voice David Tate
Hitchhiker's Guide Receptionist David Tate
Lift David Tate
Roosta Alan Ford
Frogstar Prisoner Relations Officer David Tate
Gargravarr Valentine Dyall
Vogon Captain Bill Wallis
Vogon Guard Stephen Moore/David Tate
Vogon Computer David Tate
Ventilation System Geoffrey McGivern
Nutrimat Machine Leueen Willoughby
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Richard Goolden
Bird One Ronald Baddiley
Bird Two John Baddeley
Wise Old Bird John le Mesurier
Footwarrior John Baddeley
Lintilla (and her clones) Rula Lenska
Hig Hurtenflurst Marc Smith
Film Commentator David Tate
Computeach David Tate
Pupil Stephen Moore
Varntvar the priest Geoffrey McGivern
Android Stewardess Rula Lenska
The Allitnils David Tate
Poodoo Ken Campbell
Autopilot Jonathan Pryce
Zarniwoop (Vann Harl) Jonathan Pryce
Man in the Shack Stephen Moore
Character's Name Secondary Phase

Additional cast for the Tertiary to Quintessential Phases

Cast lists for different versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A blank cell in the table indicates that the information is unknown.
"N/A" indicates that the role in question does not exist for that version of the story.

Character's Name Tertiary to Quintessential Phases[6][7][8] German Radio Series Two[11]
Hitchhiker's Guide Receptionist N/A
Lift Michael Fenton Stevens N/A
Vogon Captain Toby Longworth N/A
Vogon Guard Bob Golding N/A
Lintilla (and her clones) Rula Lenska N/A
Zarniwoop (Vann Harl) Jonathan Pryce N/A
Wowbagger (the Infinitely Prolonged) Toby Longworth N/A
Zem the Mattress Andy Taylor
Krikkit Robots Dominic Hawksley
Walkie Talkie Fiona Carew N/A
The Boy Theo Maggs
Deodat Bruce Hyman N/A
Cricket Commentator #1 Henry Blofeld as himself
Cricket Commentator #2 Fred Trueman as himself Walter Hohe
Wikkit Voice Dominic Hawksley Heinz Schimmelpfennig
Agrajag Douglas Adams Klaus Herm
Judiciary Pag Rupert Degas Bruno Ganz
Krikkit Man One Michael Fenton Stevens Bernd Wesselmann
Krikkit Man Two Philip Pope Andreas Serda
Krikkit Man Three Tom Maggs Joachim Prech
Mancunian Correcting-Fluid Magnate Michael Fenton Stevens
Krikkit songwriter Philip Pope
Thor Dominic Hawksley Edgar Hoppe
Woman with the Sydney Opera House head Joanna Lumley
Party Doorman Paul Wickens
Hactar "Young" voice: Geoffrey McGivern

"Dust cloud" voice: Leslie Phillips

Peter Lieck
Krikkit Commander Dominic Hawksley
Dispatcher Bob Golding
Silastic Armorfiends Bob Golding
Elder of Krikkit Dominic Hawksley
Krikkit Civilian Bob Golding
Prak Chris Langham
The Book's "update voice" Rula Lenska N/A
Rob McKenna Bill Paterson[16] Otto Sander
Fenchurch (Fenny) Jane Horrocks Nina Hoger
Barman (Old Pink Dog Bar) Arthur Smith N/A
Russell Rupert Degas Eberhard Feik
Alien Teaser Bob Golding
Stewardess Alison Pettitt N/A
Hooker Fiona Carew N/A
Vogon Helmsman Michael Cule N/A
Evil-looking bird Chris Emmett N/A
Canis Pontiff Chris Emmett N/A
Raffle Woman June Whitfield
BT Operator Ann Bryson N/A
Barmaid Ann Bryson
Jim (bartender) Simon Greenall
News Anchor 1 Simon Greenall
News Anchor 2 Ann Bryson
Speaking Clock Brian Cobby N/A
Zirzla Leader David Dixon N/A
Ecological Man David Dixon
Arthur's BBC Boss Geoffrey Perkins
Murray Bost Henson Stephen Fry Heinz Meier
East River Creature Jackie Mason
Vogon Councillor Dominic Hawksley N/A
Steward Simon Greenall
Mrs Kapelsen Margaret Robertson
Vogon Clerk Michael Cule N/A
Wonko the Sane (John Watson) Christian Slater Hans Christian Blech
Tricia McMillan (parallel Earth) Sandra Dickinson N/A
The Lajestic Vantrasheel of Lob Bob Golding
Radio commentators Nick Clarke as himself

Charlotte Green as herself
Peter Donaldson as himself
Sir Patrick Moore as himself

First Grebulon Andy Taylor N/A
Second Grebulon Michael Fenton Stevens N/A
Prophet John Challis N/A
Information Creature Mitch Benn N/A
Gail Andrews Lorelei King N/A
Colin the Robot Andrew Secombe N/A
Old Man on the Pole Saeed Jaffrey N/A
Smelly Photocopier Woman Miriam Margolyes N/A
Stewardess Lorelei King N/A
Accountancy Bird #1 Roger Gregg N/A
Accountancy Bird #2 Michael Fenton Stevens N/A
Accountancy Bird #3 Danny Flint N/A
Lift Roger Gregg N/A
Grebulon Underling Philip Pope N/A
Grebulon Lieutenant Michael Fenton Stevens N/A
Random Frequent Flyer Dent Samantha Béart N/A
Old Thrashbarg Griff Rhys Jones N/A
Strinder Roger Gregg N/A
Doctor Roger Gregg N/A
Grebulon Leader Andy Taylor N/A
The Patient Lorelei King N/A
Bartender (Domain of the King) Roger Gregg N/A
Elvis Philip Pope N/A
The Newsreader Neil Sleat N/A
Runner Tom Maggs N/A
Character's Name Tertiary to Quintessential Phases[6][7][8] German Radio Series Two[11]


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