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Franklin Institute Awards

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The Franklin Institute Awards (or Benjamin Franklin Medal) is a science and engineering award presented since 1824 by the Franklin Institute, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.[1] The Franklin Institute Awards comprises the Benjamin Franklin Medals in seven areas of science and engineering, the Bower Awards and Prize for Achievement in Science, and the Bower Award for Business Leadership.[2]

YouTube playlist of all Franklin Institute Award Winners

Benjamin Franklin Medals

In 1998, the Benjamin Franklin Medals were created by reorganizing all of the endowed medals presented by The Franklin Institute at that time, into a group medals recognizing seven areas of study: Chemistry, Computer and Cognitive Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering, Life Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. The first Benjamin Franklin Medals were presented in 1998.[2]

Medalists are selected by Committee on Science and the Arts (CS&A) after thorough investigation.[3]

2018 Franklin Award Winners

2017 Franklin Award Winners

2016 Franklin Award Winners

Bower Awards

The Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science and the Bower Award for Business Leadership are the newest awards, established by a $7.5 million bequest from Henry Bower in 1988.[2] The Annual Bower Prizes are $250,000 USD each.

Former awards

For articles about the seven former awards, see Category:Franklin Institute awards.

List of laureates

Recipients are listed in a database on The Franklin Institute website.[4]

Year Name Field
1998 Desurvire, EmmanuelEmmanuel Desurvire Engineering
1998 Laughlin, Robert B.Robert B. Laughlin Physics
1998 Payne, David N.David N. Payne Engineering
1998 Prusiner, Stanley B.Stanley B. Prusiner Life Science
1998 Stormer, Horst L.Horst L. Stormer Physics
1998 Tsui, Daniel C.Daniel C. Tsui Physics
1998 Zewail, Ahmed H.Ahmed H. Zewail Chemistry
1999 Chomsky, NoamNoam Chomsky Computer and Cognitive Science
1999 Engelbart, Douglas C.Douglas C. Engelbart Computer and Cognitive Science
1999 Kaminsky, WalterWalter Kaminsky Chemistry
1999 Marshall, Barry J.Barry J. Marshall Life Science
1999 Mather, John C.John C. Mather Physics
1999 Shorthill, Richard W.Richard W. Shorthill Computer and Cognitive Science
1999 Tonomura, AkiraAkira Tonomura Physics
1999 Vali, VictorVictor Vali Computer and Cognitive Science
2000 Cocke, JohnJohn Cocke Computer and Cognitive Science
2000 Cornell, EricEric Cornell Physics
2000 Danby, GordonGordon Danby Mechanical Engineering
2000 Gorham, EvilleEville Gorham Earth Science
2000 Grubbs, Robert H.Robert H. Grubbs Chemistry
2000 Ketterle, WolfgangWolfgang Ketterle Physics
2000 Labeyrie, AntoineAntoine Labeyrie Electrical Engineering
2000 Powell, James R.James R. Powell Mechanical Engineering
2000 Wieman, CarlCarl Wieman Physics
2001 Folkman, JudahJudah Folkman Life Science
2001 Guth, Alan H.Alan H. Guth Physics
2001 Minsky, MarvinMarvin Minsky Computer and Cognitive Science
2001 Sharpless, K. BarryK. Barry Sharpless Chemistry
2001 Van der Voo, RobRob Van der Voo Earth Science
2001 Widrow, BernardBernard Widrow Electrical Engineering
2002 Allinger, Norman L.Norman L. Allinger Chemistry
2002 Chilton, Mary-DellMary-Dell Chilton Life Science
2002 Iijima, SumioSumio Iijima Physics
2002 Nakamura, ShujiShuji Nakamura Engineering
2002 Navrotsky, AlexandraAlexandra Navrotsky Earth Science
2002 Suchman, LucyLucy Suchman Computer and Cognitive Science
2003 Atal, Bishnu S.Bishnu S. Atal Electrical Engineering
2003 Bahcall, John N.John N. Bahcall Physics
2003 Davis Jr., RaymondRaymond Davis Jr. Physics
2003 Goodall, JaneJane Goodall Life Science
2003 Hochstrasser, Robin M.Robin M. Hochstrasser Chemistry
2003 Koshiba, MasatoshiMasatoshi Koshiba Physics
2003 McCarthy (computer scientist), JohnJohn McCarthy (computer scientist) Computer and Cognitive Science
2003 Phillips, Norman A.Norman A. Phillips Earth Science
2003 Smagorinsky, JosephJoseph Smagorinsky Earth Science
2003 Thornton, Charles H.Charles H. Thornton Engineering
2004 Bacon (physicist), RogerRoger Bacon (physicist) Mechanical Engineering
2004 Gray, Harry B.Harry B. Gray Chemistry
2004 Karp, Richard M.Richard M. Karp Computer and Cognitive Science
2004 Meyer, Robert B.Robert B. Meyer Physics
2004 Newnham, Robert E.Robert E. Newnham Electrical Engineering
2005 Blackburn, Elizabeth HelenElizabeth Helen Blackburn Life Science
2005 Joshi, Aravind K.Aravind K. Joshi Computer and Cognitive Science
2005 Nambu, YoichiroYoichiro Nambu Physics
2005 Vail, Peter R.Peter R. Vail Earth Science
2005 Viterbi, Andrew J.Andrew J. Viterbi Electrical Engineering
2006 Clough, Ray W.Ray W. Clough Engineering
2006 Danishefsky, Samuel J.Samuel J. Danishefsky Chemistry
2006 Leopold, Luna B.Luna B. Leopold Earth Science
2006 Norman, DonaldDonald Norman Computer and Cognitive Science
2006 Nottebohm, FernandoFernando Nottebohm Life Science
2006 Scoles, GiacintoGiacinto Scoles Physics
2006 Toennies, J. PeterJ. Peter Toennies Physics
2006 Wolman, M. GordonM. Gordon Wolman Earth Science
2007 Biemann, KlausKlaus Biemann Chemistry
2007 Dennard, Robert H.Robert H. Dennard Electrical Engineering
2007 Flemings, Merton C.Merton C. Flemings Materials Science
2007 McDonald, Arthur B.Arthur B. McDonald Physics
2007 Squyres, Steven W.Steven W. Squyres Earth Science
2007 Totsuka, YojiYoji Totsuka Physics
2007 Wexler, NancyNancy Wexler Life Science
2008 Ambros, VictorVictor Ambros Life Science
2008 Baulcombe, DavidDavid Baulcombe Life Science
2008 Broecker, WallaceWallace Broecker Earth Science
2008 Eschenmoser, AlbertAlbert Eschenmoser Chemistry
2008 Jin, DeborahDeborah Jin Physics
2008 Pearl, JudeaJudea Pearl Computer and Cognitive Science
2008 Phadke, ArunArun Phadke Electrical Engineering
2008 Ruvkun, GaryGary Ruvkun Life Science
2008 Thorp, JamesJames Thorp Electrical Engineering
2009 Bajcsy, RuzenaRuzena Bajcsy Computer and Cognitive Science
2009 Benkovic, Stephen J.Stephen J. Benkovic Life Science
2009 Grassle, J. FrederickJ. Frederick Grassle Earth Science
2009 Robbins, Richard J.Richard J. Robbins Engineering
2009 Whitesides, George M.George M. Whitesides Chemistry
2009 Zadeh, Lotfi A.Lotfi A. Zadeh Electrical Engineering
2010 Cirac, J. IgnacioJ. Ignacio Cirac Physics
2010 Goldwasser, ShafriraShafrira Goldwasser Computer and Cognitive Science
2010 Nowell, Peter C.Peter C. Nowell Life Science
2010 Sessler, Gerhard M.Gerhard M. Sessler Electrical Engineering
2010 Spalding, D. BrianD. Brian Spalding Mechanical Engineering
2010 Stubbe, JoAnneJoAnne Stubbe Chemistry
2010 West, James Edward MaceoJames Edward Maceo West Electrical Engineering
2010 Wineland, David J.David J. Wineland Physics
2010 Zoller, PeterPeter Zoller Physics
2010 Peltier, W. RichardW. Richard Peltier Earth and Environmental Science, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2010 Gates, William H.William H. Gates Bower Award for Business Leadership
2011 Anderson (psychologist), John RobertJohn Robert Anderson (psychologist) Computer and Cognitive Science
2011 Banfield, Jillian F.Jillian F. Banfield Earth and Environmental Science
2011 Cabibbo, NicolaNicola Cabibbo Physics
2011 Daubechies, IngridIngrid Daubechies Electrical Engineering
2011 Kamen, DeanDean Kamen Mechanical Engineering
2011 Nicolaou, K.C.K.C. Nicolaou Chemistry
2011 Church, GeorgeGeorge Church Life Science, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2011 Kavli, FredFred Kavli Bower Award for Business Leadership
2012 Vapnik, VladimirVladimir Vapnik Computer and Cognitive Science
2012 Thompson, LonnieLonnie Thompson Earth and Environmental Science
2012 Mosley-Thompson, Ellen StoneEllen Stone Mosley-Thompson Earth and Environmental Science
2012 Carroll, Sean B.Sean B. Carroll Life Science
2012 Nelson (astronomer), JerryJerry Nelson (astronomer) Electrical Engineering
2012 Sunyaev, RashidRashid Sunyaev Physics
2012 Hashin, ZviZvi Hashin Mechanical Engineering
2012 Brus, Louis E.Louis E. Brus Chemistry, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2012 Chambers, JohnJohn Chambers Bower Award for Business Leadership
2013 Meinwald, JerroldJerrold Meinwald Chemistry
2013 Labov, WilliamWilliam Labov Computer and Cognitive Science
2013 Berner, Robert A.Robert A. Berner Earth and Environmental Science
2013 Jaenisch, RudolfRudolf Jaenisch Life Science
2013 Suresh, SubraSubra Suresh Mechanical Engineering
2013 Dalgarno, AlexanderAlexander Dalgarno Physics
2013 Dell, Michael S.Michael S. Dell Bower Award for Business Leadership
2013 Iga, KenichiKenichi Iga Electrical Engineering, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2014 Kleppner, DanielDaniel Kleppner Physics
2014 Walsh, Christopher T.Christopher T. Walsh Chemistry
2014 Tauxe, LisaLisa Tauxe Earth and Environmental Science
2014 Iwasaki, ShunichiShunichi Iwasaki Electrical Engineering
2014 Kryder, Mark H.Mark H. Kryder Electrical Engineering
2014 Frank, JoachimJoachim Frank Life Science
2014 Nayfeh, Ali H.Ali H. Nayfeh Mechanical Engineering
2014 Clarke, Edmund M.Edmund M. Clarke Computer and Cognitive Science, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2014 George, William W.William W. George Bower Award for Business Leadership
2015 Lippard, StephenStephen Lippard[5] Chemistry
2015 Newport, ElissaElissa Newport[6] Computer and Cognitive Science
2015 Manabe, SyukuroSyukuro Manabe Earth and Environmental Science[7]
2015 Harrington, Roger F.Roger F. Harrington Electrical Engineering[8]
2015 Bargmann, CorneliaCornelia Bargmann Life Science[9]
2015 Kane, Charles L.Charles L. Kane[10] Physics
2015 Mele, EugeneEugene Mele[11] Physics
2015 Zhang, ShouchengShoucheng Zhang[12] Physics
2015 Huntsman, Sr., JonJon Huntsman, Sr.[13] Bower Award for Business Leadership
2015 Kruth, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Kruth[14] Mechanical Engineering, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2016 Seeman, Nadrian C.Nadrian C. Seeman Chemistry
2016 Patt, Yale N.Yale N. Patt Computer and Cognitive Science
2016 Atwater, Brian F.Brian F. Atwater Earth and Environmental Science
2016 Golomb, Solomon W.Solomon W. Golomb Electrical Engineering
2016 Langer, Robert S.Robert S. Langer Life Science
2016 Chien, ShuShu Chien Mechanical Engineering
2016 Soon-Shiong, PatrickPatrick Soon-Shiong Bower Award for Business Leadership
2016 Borucki, William J.William J. Borucki Physics, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2017 Matyjaszewski, KrzysztofKrzysztof Matyjaszewski Chemistry
2017 Sawamoto, MitsuoMitsuo Sawamoto Chemistry
2017 Posner, Michael I.Michael I. Posner Computer and Cognitive Science
2017 Holonyak, Jr., NickNick Holonyak, Jr. Electrical Engineering
2017 Wallace, Douglas C.Douglas C. Wallace Life Science
2017 Dresselhaus, Mildred S.Mildred S. Dresselhaus Materials Science and Engineering
2017 Cohen, Marvin L.Marvin L. Cohen Physics
2017 Lorius, ClaudeClaude Lorius Earth and Environmental Science, Bower Award for Achievement in Science
2017 Mulally, AlanAlan Mulally Bower Award for Business Leadership
2018 Trumbore, SusanSusan Trumbore Earth and Environmental Science
2018 Razeghi, ManijehManijeh Razeghi Electrical Engineering
2018 Bejan, AdrianAdrian Bejan Mechanical Engineering
2018 Quinn, Helen RhodaHelen Rhoda Quinn Physics
2018 Goodenough, John B.John B. Goodenough Chemistry
2018 Cerf, Vinton GrayVinton Gray Cerf Computer and Cognitive Science
2018 Kahn, Robert E.Robert E. Kahn Computer and Cognitive Science
2018 Horvath, PhilippePhilippe Horvath Life Science, Bower Award for Achievement in Science


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