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The Flame's Daughter

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The Flame's Daughter
Also known asLie Huo Ru Ge
Based onLie Huo Ru Ge
by Ming Xiaoxi
Written byMobao Feibao
Directed byLiang Shengquan
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes52
Executive producer(s)Gao Shen
Production location(s)Xiangshan Movie & Television Town
Running time45 mins
Production company(s)
Original networkYouku
First shown inChina
Original releaseMarch 1 (2018-03-01) –
April 5, 2018 (2018-04-05)

The Flame's Daughter (Chinese: 烈火如歌) is a 2018 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name by Ming Xiaoxi. It stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Vic Chou, Vin Zhang and Liu Ruilin in leading roles.[1][2] The series premiered on Youku on March 1, 2018.[3]


In ancient times, Anhe Palace was in a position of placing the country into jeopardy. The owner of the palace, An Ye Luo, was in love with his senior An Ye Ming, but An Ye Ming married a wandering warrior named Zhan Feitian and birthed a daughter with him. In order to protect her daughter from An Ye Luo's grasp, Lie Mingjing, Zhan Feitian's sworn brother, swapped his son Zhan Feng with her.

After Zhan Feitian’s death, Lie Mingjing named the girl Lie Ruge and took custody of Zhan Feitian's son, Zhan Feng. Lie Ruge grew up with her seniors, Zhan Feng and Yu Zihan. Lie Ruge and Zhan Feng both fell in love but An Ye Luo, seeing Liehuo Pavilion growing in strength and power, tricked Zhan Feng into believing that Lie Mingjing killed his father. This resulted in Zhan Feng breaking up with Lie Ruge, who eventually became acquainted with Yin Xue, somebody who grew to protect her.

Over time, An Ye Luo managed to coerce Zhan Feng into killing his biological father, Lie Mingjing. When Zhan Feng hesitated to do so, Lie Mingjing's adoptive son killed Lie Mingjing (who did so to please An Ye Luo). Eventually, Zhan Feng learned the truth about his birth and decided to get revenge on An Ye Luo. Together with Lie Ruge, Yu Zihan, and Yin Xue, they were able to defeat An Ye Luo and restore peace to the nation.



Actor Character Introduction
Dilraba Dilmurat Lie Ruge Heiress of Liehuo Pavilion. Though she does not possess strong martial arts and is lacking in worldly experiences, her kind and bright personality makes her loved by everyone. She becomes "reborn" after undergoing various tribulations, and was able to remove the curse that was placed on her since she was a child that prevented her martial arts from improving.
Vic Chou Yin Xue An otherworldly expert who is inscrutable and mysterious, and possesses highly skilled martial arts. He will do anything in order to keep Ruge safe and happy, even at the cost of his own health.
Vin Zhang Zhan Feng Eldest disciple of Liehuo Pavilion. Adopted son of Zhan Feitian, biological son of Lie Mingjing. A resolute and reticent man who is also gentle. He has a lifetime pact with his childhood lover and friend, Lie Ruge; but it was ruined after he was misled by An Ye Luo. He then turns into a vengeful, cold and cruel man.
Liu Ruilin Yu Zihan / Prince Jingyuan Seventh prince. He was harmed as a child due to the inner political maneuvers within the palace; and lost both his hearing and ability to walk. In order to get away from the palace trifles, he retreats to Liehuo Pavilion where he becomes the second disciple. Calm, intuitive and as gentle as jade, he is Lie Ruge's loyal companion and protects her from dangers.


Liehuo Pavilion and associates

Actor Character Introduction
Xiao Rongsheng Lie Mingjing Chief of Liehuo Pavilion. Lie Ruge's adoptive father, and Zhan Feng's biological father. He is proud of Zhan Feng and believes in him no matter what.
Chen Yelin Ji Jinglei Third disciple of Liehuo Pavilion. He is loyal to Zhan Feng, but his loyalty doesn't cloud his sense of right and wrong. He also has a crush on Xunyi.
Fan Yining Yi Lang Chief of Zhihuo Hall. He is cold and awkward and is known for being Lie Mingjing's most trusted confidant, but ends up betraying him out of greed.
Jin Po Han Yingyi A former courtesan who was brought to Liehuo Pavilion by Zhan Feng. She pretends to be weak in front of Zhan Feng, but actually knows martial arts. She is at odds with Lie Ruge. She is also the one who put the idea of betraying Lie Mingjing into Zhan Feng's head. She is forced to commit suicide by drowning.
Li Dongheng Zhongli Wulei Chief of Qinglong Hall who is in love with Die Yi.
Chen Kai Murong Yizhao Chief of Jinhuo Hall who is close with Lie Ruge. He is known to have spoilt her in her youth, therefore he gets criticized whenever he defends her. Ruge regards him as an uncle.
Chen Yue Chief of Ling Hall who is often at odds with Murong.
Yuan Yuxuan Die Yi Lie Ruge's personal attendant who is in love with Zhongli Wulei. She is killed by Yi Lang.
Fang Xieyue Madame Huang A kind woman from Ping'an who initially helps Ruge and Yin Xue, believing that they are a couple who ran away to elope.

Anhe Palace

Actor Character Introduction
Lai Yi An Ye Luo Owner of the Anhe Palace, a highly skilled and powerful man. He is persistent and sincere toward loving An Ye Ming, but not getting his feelings reciprocated turns him into a cold and vengeful man who is hell-bent on making everyone suffer along with him.
Gong Beibi An Ye Jue / Yan Niang Third disciple of Anhe Palace. She disguises herself as the second mistress of Pili Sect. A treacherous and capricious woman who only listens to her senior brother, An Ye Luo.
Dilraba Dilmurat An Ye Ming First disciple of Anhe Palace. Lie Ruge's birth mother who An Ye Luo was in love with.

Wu Dao City

Actor Character Introduction
Qi Hang Dao Wuxia Eldest young master of Wu Dao City who is greedy and clever man. A huge womanizer.
Gao Yang Dao Wuhen Second young master of Wu Dao City.
Dai Si Dao Liexiang Young mistress of Wu Dao City. She is kind at heart and stands up for justice and ends up falling in love with Lei Jinghong. However, she is torn between her love for Lei Jinghong and loyalty to her brothers.

Pili Sect

Actor Character Introduction
Chen Xuming Lei Hentian Chief of Pili Sect.
Zhang He Lei Jinghong Young master of Pili Sect. A brash and reckless man who is unafraid of anything and is known for his childish behavior. He's persistent when it comes to Dao Liexiang and their relationship.
Ma Deya Xunyi Head attendant of Liehuo Pavilion. Her real identity is the young mistress of Pili Sect, Lei Jinghong's long-lost step-sister, daughter of An Ye Jue.

Pin Hua brothel

Actor Character Introduction
Ge Shimin Bi'er A maid at Pin Hua brothel. Her actual identity is the former third chief of Qing Long Hall and is Lie Mingjing's confidante. Before Lie Mingjing's death, she was assigned to guard Ji Jinglei.
He Suo Youqin Hong Yin Xue's disciple. A skilled Qin player.
Wan Meixi Mother Hua Manager of Pin Hua brothel who respects Yin Xue, after he took her in when she had nowhere to go.
Wu Peirou Feng Xixi A courtesan. She was served by Lie Ruge during her stay at Pin Hua brothel, but killed off.
Long Zhengxuan Feng Huang A courtesan who later went on to accompany Lei Jinghong. Initially, she helps him out of pity but comes to develop feelings for him.
Luo Siwei Xiang'er Feng Huang's personal attendant. She was later brought by Dao Wuxia to Wu Dao City and becomes his personal attendant.

People at the palace

Actor Character Introduction
Shao Feng Emperor
Li Guangxu Prince Jingyang Second prince who vies for the throne.
Wang Renjun Prince Jingxian Third prince who also constantly vies for the throne. Prone to using underhanded tactics.
Fang Gongmin Prime Minister Liu Prince Jingyang's helper.
Yan Jingjie Xuan Huang Yu Zihan's personal bodyguard.
Sun Xiaolun Huang Zong Yu Zihan's personal bodyguard.
Qiu Bo Chi Zhang Yu Zihan's personal attendant. A skilled healer.


Actor Character Introduction
Wang Lu Zhan Feitian A wandering warrior who was sworn brothers with Lie Mingjing. Lie Ruge's birth father.
Wang Gang Xie Houyou Chief of Duanlei Pavilion.
Wu Tong Cao Renqiu Xie Houyou's disciple and son-in-law.
Shiyue Anxi Xie Xiaofeng Cao Renqiu's son.
Xu Min Grandmaster Piaomiao Yin Xue's teacher.
Zhou Qi Yin Xue's senior brother.



The series is produced by the same team behind the 2017 hit drama Eternal Love, which consists of Gao Shen as its producer, Zhang Shuping as style director and Chen Haozhong as artistic director.[1] Director Liang Shengquan is known for his works in Swords of Legends and The Mystic Nine; while screenwriter Mobao Feibao is known for her success adaptations of popular IPs like Scarlet Heart and My Sunshine.[1] Costume designer Ru Meiqi and makeup director Su Yongzhi; who worked on Nirvana in Fire and All Quiet in Peking also joined the team.[2]

Filming began on 30 March 2017 at Xiangshan Movie & Television Town, and wrapped up on 26 July 2017.[5][6]


1."Ru Ge (如歌)" (Opening Theme song)Dan SisiTan XuanJason Zhang[7] 
2."Yu Huo Cheng Shi (浴火成诗)" (Ending Theme song)Dan SisiTan XuanDilraba Dilmurat & Mao Buyi[8] 
3."Listening Snow (听雪)"Liu YangTan XuanZhang Bichen 
4."Late Maple (晚楓歌)" (Song of Rhapsody)Liu YangLu HuMeng Zikun[9] 
5."Incredulous Laugh (一笑荒唐)"Wu MeidanWu JianmingLiu Ruilin 

Awards and nominations

Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
24th Huading Awards Best Actor (Ancient Drama) Vic Chou Nominated [10]
Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards Web Drama of the Year Won [11]

International broadcast


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