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The Conformist (1970 film)

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The Conformist
(Il conformista)
Original movie poster for the film The Conformist.jpg
Directed byBernardo Bertolucci
Produced byMaurizio Lodi-Fe
Screenplay byBernardo Bertolucci
English Version:
Lee Kresel
Based onThe Conformist
by Alberto Moravia
StarringJean Louis Trintignant
Stefania Sandrelli
Gastone Moschin
Dominique Sanda
Pierre Clémenti
Music byGeorges Delerue
CinematographyVittorio Storaro
Edited byFranco Arcalli
Mars Film Produzione
Marianne Productions
Maran Film
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
  • July 1, 1970 (1970-07-01) (BIFF)
  • October 22, 1970 (1970-10-22) (Italy and United States)
Running time
111 minutes
West Germany
Box office207.3 million (Italy)[1]
570,149 admissions (France)[2]

The Conformist (Italian: Il conformista) is a 1970 political drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The screenplay was written by Bertolucci based on the 1951 novel The Conformist by Alberto Moravia. The film stars Jean-Louis Trintignant and Stefania Sandrelli, and features Gastone Moschin, Enzo Tarascio, Fosco Giachetti, José Quaglio, Dominique Sanda and Pierre Clémenti. The film was a co-production of Italian, French, and West German film companies.

Bertolucci makes use of the 1930s art and decor associated with the Fascist era: the middle-class drawing rooms and the huge halls of the ruling elite.[3]

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It's me .. is everything ok? What? She's gone? she's gone too? I'll wait in front of the hotel .. COME ON! who could foresee it, doc? as he went down in the street it was still dark then the door has opened and she came out too .. I thought "she could be here to greet him instead she opens the car door and let the dog get on the car she gets on the car too and .. do not you listen, Doc? -yes ..... yes .. rip off .. no good I kept the instructions for me .. are you sure? - what do you expect from marriage? - ..well ... the impression of normality - ..uhm 'normality' - Yes! stability .. safety .. as I dress myself in the morning He looks at the mirror and I feel That my imagine is different from the other people's imagine -what do you like about Julia? - I .. I do not know .. .. her body her sensuality .. ..when we're alone, together, she jumps on me and we fall on the carpet and ... ehm .. - And tell me about the servant and her big tits ?? - she's part of the kit .. - I know, now you get married and I'll lose my best friend .. but I'm. . . . . . . ..happy .... Two minutes Mr. Italo !! - Are you sure That he will come? - The Colonel? Yes, i'm sure! ..he promised .. ..he's very interested. . . but .... try to stay calm ... it's a strange fact: everyone would like to look different from the other people and you want to look like all the others .. - Ten years ago my dad was in Munich ..he Told Me That many times, after the theater, he went with some friends to a pub ..and there was a mad man, a bit funny .. talking about politic He Became an attraction They offered him some drinks, then he got on the table and started some crazy mad man talks ..He was Hitler ..! [RADIO VOICE] It ended on light music program Archangels with the Orchestra, sang Silvana Fioresi Oscar Carboni Lina Terms and the trio The Swallows mystical conversation alliance Italo Montanari Italy and Germany: Cornerstones of two civilizations in the story of the centuries each of Their meetings impresses a turning point in the course of history That today by virtue of the two leaders peoples find virtues in Themselves That deep here in this find They run rediscover the forgotten ones and mutual resemblance, that's what Goebbels calls the Prussian aspect of Benito Mussolini and what we think is the Latin aspect of Hitler Italy and Germany, bearers of two Major anti-parliamentary and revolutions antidemocratic <They established order categorical of Their clergy are meeting there Dear Clerici! Are there any news for me? - You have excellent references Will I be hired? - decisions to be Evaluated well State officials of the good reaction classical cultures career prospects with a recommendation from the comrade Montanari one morning you present yourself in my office with your nice face and make me a precise proposal The head's office! have you ever Wondered, Clerici, why people ask to collaborate with us ?? ... someone is afraid Most of all does it for the money .. Fascist faith for very few ... You .. you are not driven by any of These Reasons .. - When can I have an answer? > Soon .. I hope .. < "Undermine the salvation of ideals revolutionaries and the Fascist faith " I ask myself "what's your target?" I'm ready to start as soon as possible, as You decide. . . Well .. !! I'll introduce you to the prime Minister louis clerics to orders do warn the secretary minister he's waiting is the first time you come introduced by the Minister if when I exposed him the your plan immediately said superbly bring the paintings inspire confidence try to join the organization discover its correspondents here Italian yes yes yes that what matters most spontaneous and voluntary voluntary work repression of anti-fascism can not understanding women had decided to stay in Paris, so stay there, no? the bland mood board hospes as I go and Konko excuse me Doc, did not understand.. -don't mind, it's Latin beautiful Marcello not them to me? today I have a crowds need your flowers I thought I should go to a fortune-teller.. I want to know everything about you but what are you doing there? love Marcello we got engaged! there's a problem? My uncle gave me something from America! - what? Mama made the guest list you want see it?? -I trust it - Don Attanzi said that if you want to get married you have to confess.. communicative confesses that's the rule! believing 90 percent of people who go church me that believers and priests themselves and that's fine if you like it I go to confess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I love you if you . . . . . . . . . would . . . . . . . . . . . . . also.......... immediately . . . . . . . on the ground carpet ....want???? think before to the priest only then does not absolve me they all fulfill always at the bottom is missing so little have you thought of honeymoon..?? -of course can not say at all it is a surprise.. >surprise?? < SURPRISE??? I love the surprises . . . . . . . Giulia go there! Marcello someone wants us badly < ..To the dinner!!! an anonymous letter .. anonymous letter?? < true that sucks worse people of a tip was born in the back but there wrote it arrived this morning and trying to rome in short, you can know it says we support strong laws are things too bad lady with allowing if your daughter marry doctor Clerici worse than commit an error commit a crime, and father of Dr. Clerics is hospitalized for years madhouse it suffers from the source madness syphilitic... children as you know this disease Hereditary still time to prevent the marriage . . . by.. a friend I am ready to undergo all analysis... <not you say,,,,,, > yes yes yes yes absolutely in Germany the pre marriage visit mandatory at least so they told me! < no my dear you are not a man you truly an angel!! < thank you.. through my father's illness is not origin, medical ethics can confirm < about this..... my baby had the mumps scarlet fever alatri the measles and rubella profoundly moral in short, who are you who follow me?? < coincidence! I wasn't following you evidently we go to the same place..! allow me a question Is your name Clerici?? yes I'm dr Clerici ..service agents? who are you? < Special agent Manganiello! the colonel sent me here c'mon inside! thanks to this beautiful and disorder house looks like a pigsty is indeed a < yes! It's a sin... [Clerici calls "Alberi"] c'mon Manganiello!! so we do not reach them..!! < the more so.... doctor, can not go... slippery roads but only half an hour ahead < Speak less , and Move !!! very very slippery!! < I know I know I not care now we just have to think about how to save her !! < I understand you but what if we break the cranium What we concluded?? eeeeh doctor?? >Comrade Colonel and instructed me < < wait! wait here !!! mom please!!! cover yourself like I do not like to see you half naked.. ..aaaahhh..!!! I create a child moralist ! you know? I had a dream: you walked by that door you would sit on my bed and you give him a kiss Well do not you dress? < what time is it? >! it is late do not we go find Dad?? but why doesn't he die?! would save the Money Clinic.. I have so few Sell the machine < no no the machine I don't sell it! would mean dismiss off Alberi and me do not want to send him away I feel so alone in this house and then I want to see him whenever I want !! please do not speak of your lovers..! < my lovers??? I have one only... :( and he's got more charme than your chicken-girlfriend!!! AAAHAAAH!!! you're a pander , you are!! I do not sell the car.. I sell the house! I want to go all around Europe !!! Alberi was born to traveling . . . . . and Roma has become so provincial !! the children of parioli go to marry on the Avenue militia !!! They should go to f@#k in the ass.. special Agent in service Manganiello!! < Here I am!! There seems normal for this house ..for normal people?? < the colonel instructed me to tell you that..... > for a normal childhood?? ... this decay gives me the nausea... Manganiello!! < yes doctor!!! you see this? it's morphine!! what the colonel wants?? there's a little change of plans going to Paris before passing the border you will stop in Ventimiglia, "Via dei Glicini" number 3 < and what is there at nr. 3 in "Via dei Glicini"? > you will introduce yourself to Mr. Raoul . .he will give you the latest instructions! how long you are in the ranks?? > since 1923 . . . . . . . . Turkey . . France ... Africa .. Greece.... <Always on the move?? > never stopped, doctor!! everything for family and homeland ! Homeland is in front of the family!! Yes . . . .sir........ Doctor... < Comrade!! Manganiello see that individual is called "Chi" <Chi? > Chi means ' trees ' in Japanese but it's not normal the name "tree" !! < and he's a pimp .......might not be my brother but my mother could be his mother he procures a bit of morphine and exploits as he wants .. ..understand why I tell you this story ? ? five minutes doctor will not have time to pack say to the colonel he can count on me!! Alberi! Alberi! where you are? it's not done eating courtesy Alberi!! did you search him in his room? < I searched everywhere . . . even under your bed how are you?? today better than yesterday Yesterday we were very bad very bad we had to wear the shirt strong today better today the wind feeds inspiration I never tire of repeating if the state does not image model the individual as the individual can modeled on the image of the state etcetera etcetera slaughter and melancholy slaughter and gloom... > Antonio your son decided to marry Marcello is going to marry?! ................ to massacres and gloom.... > watch!! the participation of Marrying!! stop Marcello! he's your father! like admits I like it , sign it !! Read! he's less crazy than of what it seems I could stay a moment alone with my father when I was little I were telling your punitive expeditions I do not know anything because you remember ashamed is important to me when you were healthy you know truncheon Davi and castor oil and not to be lucky if you have not killed you also killed prince you believe the doctor well fatuity two years ago in Africa after mission so I came home telling me he received with which controlled all of you Well in Rome he has decided to suspend because it was no longer needed marco also accelerated by tower seriously some of the ads more women no way well you know we can not let armed witnesses I want to get down to that used to go you go Dr. marcello but we have to be there we have responsibility, but look at you, but yes and if global customer who does these baking dish carabinieri theme but you also play it marcello pasqualino sown but my mom how long since compensation will be When I made my first communion evil very bad son how old you are 34 and have lived all this time like a beast which to understand neither committed or as if everyone even more Good job, everyone all of them killed some and not have I felt the need to confess how I never felt the need to rush confess I was 13 v these psalms two companions widows they are fools to well ah yes that gives a report and strikes no I was neither pure held tena mouse we gave 26 race hold me hold mourinho beautiful eastern kemon 6 kiem Adam handyman later he tells what he wanted from you I did not understand it was just like a woman a woman felt him tremble short says state of kisses and learnedly but you're sure you're telling the truth and there was a relationship between you carnal fires up the wallop fi I know tells me special enough for you Please it almost seems a shame to sodomy the church is more serious if the killing of a man how dare you insolent remember most are the three you and you are a sinner, and after that you also had dealings with men no normal sex life ie hammer towards the eighteen and then only with women and that in your opinion from a sex life normal yes because he has more alive he lived always bad sin means heritage have a wife to a family that that I want I am going to build a normal life She marries a small bourgeois they say swarms a try but speaks but brighi mediocre full of petty ideas small petty ambitions throughout read these kitchen do not plural expressions normality want build my normal laboriously mandir religions out by religion God is so good as the virgin maternal christ and so merciful priest is full of understanding does not you have tried some time for my Crime just a bit of wonder They did not come right away confession and employees must son dinning rim forgiveness I have already repented Sometimes that forgiveness melody now yes I confess today that the blame commit tomorrow and the blood that blood valley the price you ask me now I I will pay for part of some sect some insurgent group no no I part of the organism that gives the for subversives in exchange absolvo of music in May next Sunday we glass right now I have just moved to this feast they wanted known nothing nothing you know they are so sensitive and when there is a blind instead he was community is in turmoil You must excuse them I'm leaving in mission n Your presentation was valuable I'm grateful I do not say never about us no former music we play music to speak with the leader suddenly feels a terrible year in Italy where six have started is the lesson the other time I was not enough stop crying execute for you the last place of IRI teacher who effect makes you work for shade gives the feeling of being at last He returned to the normalcy of you I was talking to me is a normal man you think a normal man I normal man and what turns on the road to watch the seating is a beautiful woman passing and discovers that it is not just me He turned himself in and there are at least 5 or 6 and is happy if I find people like us his peers So they like crowded beaches football games the downtown bar and he donated to ocean Piazza Venezia but those that are like that and distrusts those who always different for This is the normal man is a true brother speed of no true patriot true true fascist did you ever wonder how we're friends because you and I are different from others We are animals of the same race sky are here is that there you do not agree I know that you agree I'm never wrong listen rains on the tamarisk salt of ars rains on scaly pines tell you about flowers merits of wines raining on our hands news on our light garments on fresh thoughts that the soul hatch come to the beautiful fairy tale Yesterday disappointed that today minute poems marcello unworthy of time I insist they are unworthy of time if you speak so you look your mother I have to tell you something but you have to turn around if look at me ashamed maybe later I will not love me anymore but I have I tell you I am not as you think you are there I'm a virgin What do you think of me now because I married by hand not because they live dear i know you you have a modern mentality but I I wanted to tell you the same forgotten to warn that ventimiglia we go down an appointment but I have to tell you everything are you angry call another before me hurts who was a man of 60 years old discussed was a family friend who the lawyer for the well borehole but it was one of the witnesses insisted so much as he did say no six years lasted six years on August 6 330 dunkerque according sexton ventimiglia itself and because of wisteria number 3 doing so try to silence would still sacrifices from what I do this is not a dance band museum hours sends down the other down right away I'm crazy completely crazy you again and after a friend you ladies laura tones and spin are completely crazy crazy I'm clerics but it does waste time well in what sense but yes the activities of Professor paintings in France it has become intrusive and provocative It imposes an exemplary punishment you you had to get in touch with he inspire confidence collect information Instead instead there is a counter from roma you just delete it clear the operation will not happen to you in Paris the choice of location and time to you we have nothing else to say well this it means that I have no alternative Comrade clerics action must be prompt and decisive comrade the train to paris part of a wall 6 hat or Product hats where he entered great good behind me and I She asked him to do well if these here the theme of Italian said, but he took me by the hair I think I called him Uncle I spit my blouse I was very developed in 15 years He shook hangs close by make me swoon I do not know then was lying on the bed however, and I was over then I realized all I went to real strength but she liked it then he made me everything he would but as he cried to console me said he had appeared completely fool me she knows Thursday September head length width led to those phones to a cube-to-door fortune 567 glossy 54 4 teams square meters if my old professor at the university called him emeralds what yet he was the only class with laura always crowded girls first year were all in love with him assets than good gallera bland we maximum the year I had to graduate Roof ronaldo drive where years ago who knows If I remember I went to him for ask my thesis First thing they domandassero distance rider and you I did not answer anything and he said to me, he could not continue to teach Philosophy in a fascist country ready Black clerics your student in rome I would be pleased to meet you masi Professor Moore was wonder thesis Graduation It was the year that then if you left teaching has been a long time clerics said yes and you she said, I remember very well said to me, for me the reflection time is finished now begins the action time yes because there is no specific reason They talk a lot about her in Rome and I would be pleased to meet so on could come to my house when certain I am in Paris on their honeymoon I'm sorry if I come with my wife thanks to a beautiful voice not cobo as I start walking from god how long It will be the typical negative intellectual and helpless as I know anything he said always my uncle uncle for all direct-to so the anonymous letter has sent he know ready to do it answer all know there are no speak no French to speak Italian fronts there is no emergency will report okay He says it will be called in the afternoon was ufo web manganiello k Write to jamie bell clerics were 2 trumpets port trompe nine months ago I was not wrong Italian leads the teacher expects them I think I have you plans being fleshed mother marcello Syrian same god so-so sorry its clerics do not spa andrea She is afraid but I'm not afraid come to know my friends does nothing strange dogs usually bind me is the first time is true that Paris will like it boxwood very beautiful station Hotel It is also here with me if you want I can accompany you later around a bit so-so then when Italy comes in I'll visit rome and its related pious if asked museums and then but what they do Coffee was cold veins or does things you water who knows why he looks so It seems hostile hostile and gentle It treats me as if we had known years and years seem to have it in for me I've never seen her do not even know who he is those who love the paintings but Professor It could be his son but as he did not hear when he said When my husband told my husband but with mimeograph we never arrive alone stands for but you can not be trusted and then taken from the table now buy this left at least it took four months shock absorber put clerics told me never apologizes It is still busy but receives between Please few minutes I was in no hurry You said that you can have dinner together tonight bankers and then it goes to dance joan vila agree but I'm there to dance getting even allowed to dance in Italy now that I think is not possible because I have nothing to wear you know what do we do from partner to smoke and buy a suit mermaid mo immediately suffered no I can not or a lesson at school and half past three but I can go to the hotel if you want even r5 the Hotel du teletu if we wait for the 5 no se son says Spoleto man must really pay leave me go you do not mind here bagnolo Professor they may be given the medical Coffee the rally chart and Professor goodbye to revise Judges are curious as to marry him Gillets the scene I'm really curious she is the rich all this way to see me remember professor as soon as she walked into the classroom we had to close the windows you do not He bear all that light that noise I understood later why he did so in all these years you want to know the thing that stuck with me longer in the memory his voice picture a large underground shaped cave inside the men living there from childhood all chained and forced to watch bottom of the cavern far behind them shines the light a fire between the fire and the prisoners imagines a bottom wall similar to that small stage on which the puppeteer brings up his puppets It was November 28 I remember and now seeks to imagine men that pass behind which wall bringing of wooden statues and stone the Statues are higher than that wall not He could bring a gift from Rome The best of these memories clerics chained prisoners of Plato and how we look alike what they see what they see she of Italy it is expected to know the experience can only see the shadows that fire projected onto the bottom of the cave that in front of their shadows reflections things happened as you people today Italy if those prisoners were not free to speak would call perhaps those really their vision yes yes good would exchange for reality shadows of the reality of the myth cave This was the thesis that she well He knows propose ended then no party line made another sorry really I am saying I had a lot of confidence in her in all of you no I do not believe if it were not true would never strongest party often make me stronger to the point where we were at remained that a choice do was we wanted to emigrate we could all hear in our outrage in our rebellion of exiles the meaning of our struggle the way Old nice words but he went I have become a fascist excuse me Clerics not convinced fascist does not speak so a lover to a rose and examination thesis now deposits beneath which had After much laughter tends shanghai I really pay these sometimes you can keep it low thanks wait are you the Busari of juan define john sun but please stop I speak French I met a woman in your eyes where a similarity to ventimiglia really impressive and what does bitch and instead it goes well it's like I kissed you and then as you are finished nothing kissed on my part I was left with a great desire to find why so hostile because they are sincere He had a scar there no no they're not But who knows what is needed is not worshiped I guess the way I view the do almost smaller than that one of his bedside tisci that at least once nemolato month struck us that is thrown to under which shalit would you like to be Jesus you duffy I like I like to climb on the tour eiffel remain on the tourist no They have more suppleness Yes No and the element there claudio so the Slovenes breathing though as she falls to me but yes the UDC the folds of milan yours it gives him Dad sow group is a place to talk not here why not here I have friends in brazil crying all I if you come with me instead of I Friends in Italy I received a letter sneaky if you receive this letter Despite the censorship of prison v buzz hour as the deeds to you can no because you stop going on They come to the sudden night take kicking the cell door so as not to make me sleep because you keep it you make me read this letter I'll tell you later and then there are mock executions has me sent the priest three times I refused extreme unction They have even restored the castor oil but should have understood that after almost twenty years I'm used to I do not I'm nothing because I have to read this letter you really want me to tell you why you a fascist spy you know how you call it here in Demouge Your husband knows this because you think you have received're a worm, you make me sick I you are disgusting I'll get giulia rollers we share the first train for Rome does not You would never're too cowardly ok do genoa but the sky does not give bad care hugh grant ebay I do not know we come anna but which no giulia is seen here come or not Yes No to look nice but here and is giulia It is very large and all the wood of huge beds was my grandfather's first with Luke went there often those who are now with what happens there in spain move paris closed CIASU riardesi I was late and I do not see billy style to go back Doctor Doctor by know that you are there back to top you want to see everything the grigor day early the cold that makes little desire come What we do not talk something wrong you have any thoughts let's talk about I too have my responsibilities but Time passes and another expect a plan angry you will no longer have you stopped a moment but I say it is he who must stalk his wife that makes them think and with sau blames between the various cuts but some discomfort the heavens men's business future I understand you but the action has to be ready decisive They do not want more good because we lose the capital today metal We do not mind if we're a bit so no shock is that you're at the bottom of her recognized yourself and just now if you do not He was married and said yes the will also however, he said they are married is not to say nothing have to see with who married I like it theme hey hey hey Well now I dress no no no no no I want to die visas attilio you know you're doing nothing strange want the waitress now that you care I like it please do not look ashamed that we they hurt I am a woman like you, yes, but I look so time beautiful what I like when I marcello I will put violets on google and BiolEthic violent according wasp I think of a reference book mimmo bramall two points in giving you the earth weak can do their part the party an end some two nations that let's ask like having no parma violet I am for me They have for you Rice could not pieri you want They are harder instead they are for you anna giulia beautiful tonight at last all hotels you know I'm sad but when we paris we have not made love marcello the knees that sting marcello great news to have a husband in savoy house the professor part car in the morning, but will remain at anna paris for a few days and then She adds her husband and wants us go to the mountains from them but dates the address and no kind You told him that in the villa there are huge beds that rotate around Yeast are immense forests where there passes no one has ever told me that It can make the wall on the mind woods Clerics I was convinced that she was the New Italian type is a type that It does not exist yet, but we are creating with repression not with an example giving the castor oil throwing people around when prisons the blackmailing anna just to cantù Clerics a fascist and I'm a antifascist we already knew that before and decided the same scenario they get drunk on old professor of his former pupils They meet after many years in a Chinese restaurant yet I am willing to bet that she change his mind my husband is a professor impossible naive and its area in civita I I can forget that he was one of my best students tell me how the boy marcello seriously too seriously because they do not have to be serious people really serious They never seemed Giulia you have not never seen him laugh your husband no well yes a twice but super hot that bad there is no way my character a proposal for clerics to be with her wife to paris living among us will understand many things It is an opportunity for her very important what will the professor paris apology is right and just to have fun with his wife Giulia spoke about my project we have a beautiful room hugest feast then savoy returned to Italy thanks to the promise giulia of pushing in Paris Magnetic my husband leaves tomorrow you visited Paris and then we reach marcello truth I enjoy it but it was certain that I'm glad to be almost gentle if you want maybe giulia which is not good or not if you are dislike me see also the run miners awkward so I wanted to hear true Giuliante stop square then if restaurants swear on the train milly sorry marcello apple trees at least one test of his friendship we have to send a letter to one of the Our rome she alone can help me it needs to be personally handed there is no hurry to return from the bush risk of going to jail one of my risk much more professor would say that her face on purpose to get me in trouble all in all perhaps a bit of clerics Fascist prison would do you good excuse that there's been bad here Dr. careful I want to protect you want me I do not want to kill kill no I will not pretend keep it you have to say this want to give up because me alone so heavy and then I do not need anything not so are the doctor's parade Comrade us look good in the eyes this is a war, and who spring and deserter but who has not thought to desert at least once in his life, I do not I thought so the same yes yes yes yes yes but then I said then manganiello What do grandparents a home is not Mica the honor that you say to yourself stone itself and then I gave myself a pat I turned on my shoulder and a Tuscan me I am told the dorm radius manganiello do not fuck fucking martini not decay Come because if she was the one who says we have agreed to bring the letter and would use it against our fellow roma but faith there is nothing written a little trick to put it to the test but I do not stop because they are so beautiful and well there is to see so many more chieti you learn in the straw complete but a little by going starts tomorrow in another machine when the wife no better so we'll see you in Rome and good continuation I wonder what he thinks of me is Professor drunk really good every now and then drunk has less will believe but I swear that puts me judgment as the parade is not afraid You did feel like a morning husband must not leave I speak for myself I beg you stay you decided to go with me giulia there will your wife can not stand me I look at it giulia a stupid and not see that hangover We are all a bit lost evening then tested is not true that indeed can not stand you told me that you admires and Alcoa said they find you seductive I changed my mind rest in paris this with you now happy with professors I help make proposals really are I'll feel glad you are badly Hello but that honey cochrane mitri dinner leaves wounded cry truncheon 02 and they dream that had blind you and you took me in Switzerland in a clinic to have surgery beautiful Swiss and Professor paintings I was working in an intervention could regained his sight and was leaving 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me li metterei il muro tutti insieme anzi bisognerebbe criminale subito per alati attenzione attenzione sua maestà re imperatore ha accettato le dimissioni dalla carica di capo del governo primo ministro segretario di stato presentate la sua eccellenza il cavaliere benito mussolini e ha nominato capo del governo nel primo ministro segretario di stato sua eccellenza il cavaliere maresciallo d'italia pietro badoglio e brava come sei recato cappello della mamma si metta bella volte che mi hanno portato a mariti prova ma basta il relatore ha accettato le dimissioni dalla carica di capo del governo primo ministro segretario di stato presentate da sua eccellenza il cavaliere benito mussolini e ha nominato capo del governo e primo ministro segretario di stato sua eccellenza il cavaliere maresciallo d'italia pietro badoglio pronti a me maria piena di grazia il signore tu sei benedetta fra le donne e benedetto è il frutto del ventre tuo gesù anche deciso santa maria madre di dio prega per noi 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The film opens with Marcello Clerici in Paris finalizing preparations to assassinate his former college professor, Luca Quadri. It frequently returns to the interior of a car driven by Manganiello as the two of them pursue the professor and his wife.

Through a series of flashbacks, he is seen discussing with Italo, a blind friend, his plans to marry, his somewhat awkward attempts to join the Fascist secret police, and his visits to his morphine-addicted mother at the family's decaying villa and his unhinged father at an insane asylum.

In another flashback, Marcello is seen as a boy during World War I, who finds himself isolated from society by his family's wealth. He is humiliated by his schoolmates until he is rescued by Lino, a chauffeur. Lino offers to show him a pistol and then makes sexual advances towards Marcello, which he partially responds to before grabbing the pistol and shooting wildly into the walls and into Lino, then flees from the scene of what he assumes is a murder.

In another flashback Marcello and his fiancée Giulia discuss the necessity of his going to confession in order for her parents to allow them to marry, even though he is an atheist. He agrees, and in confession admits to the priest to having committed many sins, including his homosexual experience with Lino, the consequent murder, premarital sex, and his absence of guilt for these sins. Marcello admits he thinks little of his new wife but craves the normality that a traditional marriage with children will bring. The priest is shocked — apparently more by Marcello's homosexuality than the murder — but quickly absolves Marcello once he hears that he is currently working for the Fascist secret police, called Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism.

Now married, Marcello finds himself ordered to assassinate his old acquaintance and teacher, Professor Quadri, an outspoken anti-Fascist intellectual now living in exile in France. Using his marriage as a convenient cover he takes Giulia on their honeymoon to Paris where he can carry out the mission.

While visiting Quadri he falls in love with Anna - the professor's young wife - and actively pursues her. Although it becomes clear that she and her husband are aware of Marcello's Fascist sympathies and the danger he presents to them, she seems to accept his advances, as well as forming a close attachment to Giulia toward whom she appears to make sexual advances as well, possibly for Marcello's benefit. Giulia and Anna dress extravagantly and go to a dance hall with their husbands where Marcello's commitment to the Fascists is tested by Quadri. Manganiello is also at the dance hall, having been following Marcello for some time and being doubtful of his intentions. Marcello returns the gun that he has been given and secretly gives Manganiello the location of Quadri's country house where the couple plan to go the following day.

Even though Marcello has warned Anna not to go to the country with her husband and has apparently persuaded her that she should leave her husband and stay with him she does make the car journey. On a deserted woodland road Fascist agents conspire to stop Quadri's car with a false accident scene. When he attempts to help an apparently stricken driver he is attacked and stabbed to death by several men who appear from the woods. Anna sees her husband being murdered, and realising the danger to herself runs to a car that had been behind them for help. When Anna sees that the passenger in the rear of the car is Marcello, she begins to scream uncontrollably, then runs off into the woods. Marcello merely watches without emotion as she is pursued through the woods and finally shot to death.

The ending of the film takes place in 1943 during the fall of Benito Mussolini and the fascist dictatorship, Marcello now has a small child and is apparently settled in a conventional lifestyle. He is called by Italo, his blind friend and former Fascist, and asked to meet on the streets. While walking with Italo, they overhear a conversation between two men and Marcello recognizes one of them as Lino, who attempted to seduce him when he was a boy. Marcello publicly denounces Lino as a homosexual, Fascist, and for participating in the murder of Professor Quadri and his wife. While in this frenzy, he also denounces his friend Italo. As a partisan political crowd sweeps past, taking Italo with them, Marcello is left alone, remaining behind and separate from the passing crowd of the new movement, and having spurned his former friend. He sits near a small fire and stares intently behind him at the young man Lino was previously talking to.


Dubbing voices (Italian version)

Source: RaroVideo Blu-ray booklet.[4]


Marcello seduces Giulia during their train ride to Paris.
Marcello seduces Giulia during their train ride to Paris.

The film is a case study in the psychology of conformism and fascism: Marcello Clerici is a bureaucrat, cultivated and intellectual but largely dehumanized by an intense need to be 'normal' and to belong to whatever is the current dominant socio-political group. He grew up in an upper class, perhaps dysfunctional family, and he suffered a major childhood sexual trauma and gun violence episode in which he long believed (erroneously) that he had killed his chauffeur. He accepts an assignment from Benito Mussolini's secret police to assassinate his former mentor, living in exile in Paris. In Trintignant's characterization, Clerici is willing to sacrifice his values in the interests of building a supposedly "normal life."[5]

According to the political philosopher Takis Fotopoulos, The Conformist (as well as Rhinoceros by Ionesco) is "a beautiful portrait of this psychological need to conform and be 'normal' at the social level, in general, and the political level, in particular."[6]

According to the documentary Visions of Light the film is widely praised as a visual masterpiece. It was photographed by Vittorio Storaro, who used rich colors, authentic wardrobe of the 1930s, and a series of unusual camera angles and fluid camera movement. Film critic and author Robin Buss writes that the cinematography suggests Clerici's inability to conform with "normal" reality: the reality of the time is "abnormal."[7] Also, Bertolucci's cinematic style synthesizes expressionism and "fascist" film aesthetics. Its style has been compared with classic German films of the 1920s and 1930s, such as in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will and Fritz Lang's Metropolis.[8]

In 2013, Interiors, an online journal concerned with the relationship between architecture and film, released an issue that discussed how space is used in a scene that takes place on the Palazzo dei Congressi. The issue highlights the use of architecture in the film, pointing out that in order to understand the film itself, it's essential to understand the history of the EUR district in Rome and its deep ties with fascism.[9]


The filming locations included Gare d'Orsay and Paris, France; Sant' Angelo Bridge and the Colosseum, both in Rome.[10] Lead actor Trintignant learned his Italian-language lines phonetically, and per common practice in the Italian film industry at the time, was later dubbed over by another actor, Sergio Graziani.[11][12][13]

The film was influential on other filmmakers: the image of blowing leaves in The Conformist, for example, influenced a very similar scene in The Godfather, Part II (1974) by Francis Ford Coppola.[14] Additionally, the scene in which Dominique Sanda is chased through the snowy woods after her husband has been murdered, is echoed with mood, lighting and setting in a third-season episode of The Sopranos, "Pine Barrens", directed by Steve Buscemi.


The film premiered at the 20th Berlin International Film Festival on 1 July 1970,[15] where it competed for the Golden Bear. However, due to the row over the participation of Michael Verhoeven's anti-war film o.k., the festival was closed down three days later and no prizes were awarded.[16]

The film opened simultaneously in Italy and the United States on 22 October 1970. The first American release of the film was trimmed by five minutes compared to the Italian release; the missing scene features a group of blind people having a dance. They were restored in the 1996 reissue.[17]

The film was released in the United States on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on 5 December 2006. The DVD includes: the original theatrical version (runtime 111 minutes); The Rise of The Conformist: The Story, the Cast featurette; Shadow and Light: Filming The Conformist featurette; The Conformist: Breaking New Ground featurette.

In 2011 the Cineteca di Bologna commissioned a 2K restoration of The Conformist, supervised by Storaro himself (and approved by Bertolucci),[18] which screened in the Cannes Classics series on May 11, 2011, in conjunction with the presentation of an honorary Palme d'Or to Bertolucci.[19][20] The restoration was done by Minerva Pictures-Rarovideo USA and L'Immagine Ritrovata (laboratory of the Cineteca di Bologna).[21][22] In 2014 the digital restoration was released theatrically by Kino Lorber in North America, and released on Blu-ray by Rarovideo USA on November 25, 2014.[23]

Critical response

Vincent Canby, film critic for The New York Times, liked Bertolucci's screenplay and his directorial effort, and wrote, "Bernardo Bertolucci...has at last made a very middle-class, almost conventional movie that turns out to be one of the elegant surprises of the current New York Film Festival...It is also apparent in Bertolucci's cinematic style, which is so rich, poetic, and baroque that it is simply incapable of meaning only what it says...The movie is perfectly cast, from Trintignant and on down, including Pierre Clementi, who appears briefly as the wicked young man who makes a play for the young Marcello. The Conformist is flawed, perhaps, but those very flaws may make it Bertolucci's first commercially popular film, at least in Europe where there always seems to be a market for intelligent, upper middle-class decadence."[24]

In 1994 critic James Berardinelli wrote a review and heralded the film's look. He wrote, "Storaro and Bertolucci have fashioned a visual masterpiece in The Conformist, with some of the best use of light and shadow ever in a motion picture. This isn't just photography, it's art — powerful, beautiful, and effective. There's a scene in the woods, with sunlight streaming between trees, that's breathtaking to behold — and all the more stunning because of the brutal events that take place before this background."[25]

In 2005 Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times staff writer, said, "In this dazzling film, Bertolucci manages to combine the bravura style of Fellini, the acute sense of period of Visconti and the fervent political commitment of Elio Petri — and, better still, a lack of self-indulgence...The Conformist, which memorably costars Dominique Sanda as a sexually ambiguous beauty, is not merely an indictment of fascism — with some swipes at ecclesiastical hypocrisy as well — but also a profound personal tragedy."[26]

In a 2012 article in The Guardian, John Patterson defined the movie as an "expressionist masterpiece", which "offered a blueprint for a new kind of Hollywood film," inspiring New Hollywood film makers.[27]

The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 98% of critics gave the film a positive review, based on 52 reviews.[28]





The CD soundtrack composed by Georges Delerue is available on Music Box Records label.


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