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TV Record Europa (subsidiary)

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TV Record Europa is a subsidiary of the Rede Record, a Brazilian television network. It produces and distributes Record programming from Brazil in Portugal and Europe.[1]

In Portugal, it distributes three channels. Along with CMTV, TV Record also showed interest in distributing a free-to-air channel in the Portuguese Digital Terrestrial Television platform.

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We live in a vast sea of energy. Everything, every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning eternally into the cold, dark, absolute vacuum of empty space. Where there is what New Physics calls Quantum Vacuum Flow. It is the aether of the ancients, the vital energy of the metaphysical, are the random fluctuations of this vast potential field. Where space and time meet. Now theoretically and mathematically proven, the question is no longer. Is there zero point energy? But, we can extract from this inexhaustible unlimited free energy source, and showcase new technologies that are both cheap and safe for the environment? One thing is certain: If we continue with the rapid burning of fossil fuels and depending on nuclear fission The future of our civilization is in great danger. We are at a crucial moment where the ravages of industrial pollution and radioactive waste exceeded the ability of Mother Earth. Our limited oil and gas reserves will be depleted by the year 2025 if we continue with this rate of consumption. Self-interest of large corporations and government ignore the eminent crisis and resist the change of the state of things The obligatory question is: Is this kind of world we want to deliver future generations? Emerging from the frontiers of science a pioneering group of Theoretical physicists and inspired inventors are challenging our way of think about the use of the invisible forces of nature Despite the lack of funding and deletion pure and simple face an old-fashioned and classic worldview announcing an immense scientific revolution In this program you will witness the innovative work of tireless scientific inventors and visionaries who may have the key to true energy independence for every person on Earth. Nikola Tesla's reality of cold fusion and beyond. Follow us while we present: Free Energy, The Race to the Ground Zero. Most people agree that nothing is free like, for example, a free lunch. we still get our free oxygen from the air we breathe, free sunlight. And the water... used to be free until they start bottling it. But what about energy? We always had to pay for it, be it wood, coal, oil or electricity. The rule has always been that you could never have more energy later, than you had at first. This is a fundamental law of Nature. 19th Century Physicists Explained in the first Law of Thermodynamics, the conservation of energy. Hmmm... may be, but science has advanced a lot since then. What about the laws? Wow!! There was no that has not been broken. The Pioneers At the beginning of the last century, Nikola Tesla, the great inventor who gave us Alternating current and Tesla coil said: Electric energy is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can make all world machinery work without the need for coal, oil, gas or any other type of fuel. This new energy for the world machinery will be derived from the energy that operates throughout the Universe, the Cosmic Energy. With more than 200 patents in its name, Tesla was about to get electric power no cables, when she had problems with J.P. Morgan and the financial interests of 1901 Your ambitious project Wardencliffe, to magnify and transmit energy in boats in the sea and its plan to provide free and free electricity to the whole world was sabotaged by Morgan leaving Tesla disillusioned and out of money. The wealthy industrialists of the time knew that their plan to cable the world with copper of their mines would change and could not control supply and distribution Tesla's ideas of developing technology in harmony with nature were in conflict with the prevailing American attitude of the time in which Humanity was placed on Earth to subdue and dominate nature little by little Tesla was charged with insane and deleted from the historical record When he died in 1943 all his scientific notes have been confiscated by US government agencies Who knows what extraordinary ideas and devices could have inherited our world if they had recognized its genius When JP Morgan Forbidden Tesla to Distribute Electricity Worldwide, Through the Tower Wardencliffe, decarou: "I can not put an accountant, I will not finance." This has literally changed the course of history and in the last almost 100 years We are suffering because of economic interests For sure Since then, it was known that Humanity was not prepared to manipulate the forces incredible that Tesla had glimpsed But the twentieth century would bring world wars and technological innovations far worse than those witnessed by Western civilization. Even before Tesla, the preliminary work that would lead to free energy was realized by great scientists like Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell. In 1931, Faraday mounted his spinning magnet and disc generator based on Earth whose rotation around a molten metal core, keeps the planet spinning in a self-sustaining magnetic field. His work, later resulted in the development of the dynamic. Also called a homopolar or unipolar generator, the Faraday generator provides the bases for much of what is being done today in the electromagnetic approach to free energy, such as the "N" machine by Bruce DePalma and the Paramahansa Tewari spatial power generator (SPG). Repeated experiments have detected anomalous electrical outputs larger than the ones used to make the disk spin But friction and voltage limitations have hampered its efficiency and acceptance in general. James Clerk Maxwell best known for his Maxwell equations, is famous for making things clear with their theories about properties of electricity in a way that eliminates zero point energy. But Maxwell's more advanced work allowed the existence of the ether a substance thinner than air that since the times of Plato has been considered a scientific fact. The prevailing belief of the time was that the quantum void was a fine matter fluid, called ether material. Today we know that it is false, the ether exists, but it is not an observable fluid material. Faraday had reestablished this notion of power lines, but thought that the electromagnetic field or the electromagnetic changes in the ether were actually vibrating strings and the strings were submitted to pressure and when there was a change, what really happened was that ropes were ripped. Maxwell says he intends to capture what did Faraday say in Power Line Theory and that's what he did. Maxwell's current theory is 20 equations, 20 unknown, in quaternions, which are top-level topological algebras. You can do things you would never dream of doing with tensors, and of course it can not do with vectors and certainly you can not do with theories that started our Universities. All this hopes to be rediscovered and revealed. The now-famous Mickelson-Morley experiment at the beginning of the last century can not detect a stationary ether, just as classical physicists presumed, that once and for all, this does not exist. The case was terminated until quantum mechanics reopened the discussion, pemitindo a new interpretation of how matter interacts with the zero point field. Most of our scientific community really believes that the nature of space empty, it is completely empty, devoid of anything. and historically this is very interesting because in the eighteenth century and before too believed that there was an ether, a substance that permeated all space and in 1905 When the theory of relativity became famous they said, well, we do not need the ether, The empty space is empty. But 20 or 25 years later when Quantum Mechanics came suddenly a new energy appears in the equations of Quantum Mechanics What needs to be there for the equations to work and has to do with fluctuations electromagnetic field energy and with a very high frequency that interacts with everything and this is called zero point energy (SPA). and it turns out that all elementary particles interact with this energy. converting to a potential energy source, this is what we are discovering Free energy, which is also known as zero point energy, is basically energy contained in the void of space, energy that is undetectable by any traditional method. In fact, the energy is homogeneous and isotropic, the same everywhere, and in all directions And because of this, trying to extract it or measure it implies the same problem who tries to weigh a bowl of water under the surface of the ocean How to measure it and in relation to what? That has been the dilemma of physicists, and in this century we arrived to a great alley-without-exit; an alley-out where there is no what we call consciousness, there is no such field of zero point or this place where energy can reach and the answer now seems to be yes Why theoretical physicists and numerous experiments in quantum mechanics clearly shows the existence of this omnipresent electromagnetic field called zero point field In fact, despite the skeptics often refer to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, was Einstein himself who said in 1920: "There are strong arguments in favor of the existence of the ether. Denying the ether forces us to assume, ultimately that empty space has no type of physical property. The fundamental events of mechanics do not harmonize with this approach. According to the General Theory of Relativity, to space one must attribute some qualities; in this sense, therefore there is an ether. According to the General Theory of Relativity The space without ether is unthinkable. The term "vacuum" has been used in totally different senses. Some engineers use to say that they aspire to all air and that they call emptiness and that is the vacuum technology. = But that's not what we're talking about. We are talking about the space-time void. Today we know, for example, that the Lamb Effect in Quantum Mechanics shows that this exchange of energy between emptiness and charged particles is real, in fact, and produces real effects, and we can measure them, and Willis Lamb gave the Nobel Prize of Physics for doing this kind of measurements and demonstrating them in the writings of Physics. Once we have known it to be real, it has been detected in experiments. The Casimir Effect shows clearly that it is there and generates energetic effects on current materials It seems that in the modern approach of Quantum Mechanics If you apply the knowledge acquired here, you will find that the void is extremely active, in an intense energy flow, which go in all directions at the same time. The density of this, estimated by several physicists, is extremely high. For example, in a cubic centimeter, if you put raw energy in this cubic centimeter, and condense it in mass and divide it by C² (C = speed of light), you will get a larger mass than you could see our largest telescope in the Universe perceivable on all stars and planets nowadays. So the energy here is extremely dense and extremely intense. This drives everything we call physical reality, since quantum level up to the perceptible level and the perceptible world in which we live. Everything is energetically driven by vacuum. Zero Point - Absolute Zero in degrees Kelvin. Energy Density 10 raised to 93 g / cm3 Can we define the random stream? "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" - a revolutionary book, written by T. Henry Moray an electronic engineer and enthusiast of Tesla, in the early twenties, engaged in a device which claimed to intercept radiant energy from interstellar space. Continuous state detector, or Moray valve, contained a complex series of semiconductors, high voltage capacitors, transformers coupled to an antenna and a ground. by stimulating the oscillations existing in its spatial energy Radiant energy device, operated for days, providing 50 kW of electricity. His public statements were made in the presence of journalists, and scientists at Bell Laboratories and the Electrification Administration Rural Department of Agriculture. Although they have not found any evidence of fraud, No one could explain how the radiant energy device worked. In the 1930s, he created semiconductors and transistors long before his time. Unfortunately, as many inventors have suffered, When he refused to sell his invention to the powerful, Moray and her family were threatened with death and the laboratory was ransacked. Ignored by the US Patent Office, Moray has discreetly stopped the public disclosure of his device, After being destroyed by his assistant, Felix Frazer, a Communist sympathizer, frustrated because Moray has repeatedly refused to lead technology in Russia. Today, the sons of Moray, John and Richard, continue to follow their father's dream. In Europe, Viktor Schauberger's experiments with vortexes, in the 1930s, brought significant clarification in how spiral movements, inherent in all natural systems reverses the effects of entropy. Studying the properties of the moving water spiral, created an implosion generator, which concentrated electric charge. Viktor Schauberger, is one of my heroes, talked about a possible science, based on... implosion instead of "let's blow it all up, and we'll study the atom dividing it into its components", We will study the atom analyzing your natural motions, spirals like anything else in nature. Schauberger's ideas became well known before World War II When he was forced to work with the Nazis on exotic records similar to flying saucers, as well as your power generator. In 1958, traveled to the USA where you were told you could produce your devices but was deceived to sign giving up all his rights and none of his inventions were developed. He returned to Austria, where he died disappointed and depressed. The contributions of the visionary philosopher, artist and scientist Walter Russell for understanding energy are significant despite being ignored by official science. Russell revised the periodic table. basing on a spiral predicted many unknown elements and isotopes, such as plutonium and deuterium (heavy hydrogen) Your cosmological theories, the mystical nature of reality challenged what physicists thought about energy, light and matter, as a single substance. Electrostatic "There is electricity in the air" is a very common and certain expression Take a comb and iron it in your hair on a dry day and you can get a static shock. Of course it is electricity, but can it be captured to produce enough energy for general use? Benjamin Franklin is credited as the inventor of the electrostatic motor, in the eighteenth century but the energy generated was modest. Wimshurst's electrostatic generator was a high voltage mechanism developed in the 19th century that could be started manually and automatically and that produced great sparks while carrying cylinders of Leiden. Nowadays it is used in electricity classes in schools but its practical applications are considered unimportant. A high-tech variation of the Wimshurst device, is the Testatika, or Swiss ML converter. Developed by Paul Baumann, and the Swiss community Methernitha in the 70s, This free energy device surprised the world, and has been operating for over 20 years, providing electric power to a small, self-sufficient Christian community. Many expert technicians were surprised by the surplus energy. However, because the community believes that the majority of Humanity is not prepared for the responsibility of such unlimited energy, keep the technology for themselves until the world is spiritually prepared. Other researchers such as Dr. Oleg Jefimenko, continued to Seek practical applications for the electrostatic motor in real life. This was his greatest achievement because he used a specific type of electret, A waxy substance that holds opposite electric charges at its ends, how a magnet, in many ways, is the electric equivalent of a magnet He got a very compact engine, and works continuously using atmospheric electricity. As the homopolar generator, the motor Electrostatic is based on the dynamics of our Earth's environment. As wind or solar energy; which provide real sustainable alternatives. Only with a slight increase in efficiency, could help to replace our current dependence on fossil fuels. Are we clever enough to learn the keys provided by our planet? The Modern Era From Electrogravity to Energy Crisis. On this basis of innovative thinkers and inventors, such as Tesla and Moray, began the modern era of research into free energy. In the 50s, while exponentially increasing UFOs seen in the US and an incipient space program tried to reach the Russian launch of Sputnik, A man named T. Townsend Brown, was busy with experiments that defied conventional understanding of what is electricity, gravitation and propulsion. Along with Doctors Paul Biefield and Agnew Bahnson, Brown took the high voltage to another extreme. In these rare images, the first electrogravy experiments were recorded. Using high voltages of 20,000 to 200,000 volts, Brown discovered that highly charged capacitors develops an appreciable force, in a certain direction. Although a patent has been granted to its electrokinetic generator, No one has replayed your experiment until recently. Larry Davenport, demonstrates its replication of Brown's electrokinetic apparatus, explaining: "When I started reading Brown's material I did not understand the difference between ionic wind devices, (which are abundant out there and some are very effective in producing ionic winds) and his specific material. Finally I decided to do Brown's work. In 1994, I analyzed his device, tried a few different things that did not work, so I thought, "Well, suppose Brown was the pioneer in this and people who make claims and patents then refer to it I will recognize your work and I will start over. Get the balance was very important " Its specific method of propulsion was using high voltage separation in the vehicle found that the circular ships were best for the application of the ships with wings . However, recently discovered through the research of Dr. Paul LaViolette that the B2 bomber seems to use technology electrogravitic the army admitted that carries electrically on the back = = front of wings. There is also the use of very high dielectric Depleted uranium is used on the front of the wings. And if there are other applications, this technology in the B2 project, we are seeing, that because the combustion gases are negatively ionized, also. Suddenly we have the separation by high voltage, required to provide additional lift force, especially at high speeds. Just as electrogravity in this respect has a very simple process, but provides a very large force, for energy consumption, initially very low. Like many other promising inventions developed during, The Cold War. The National Security Act prevented scientists such as T. Townsend Brown, to market or publish, any technology that potentially could be interpreted as having military applications. The triumph of the American space exploration program, gave space to era limitations in the late 70's. Unfortunately the famous energy crisis, made us aware of our dependence on limited resources. Many inventors have promised exciting results, on devices that said, would solve the crisis. Affirmations of over-unity, where output power exceeded input, were repeatedly announced, but when they were tested, most Of rudimentary prototypes worked poorly or did not work. Measurement methods were not able to give accurate results. The few that Achieved modest output energies were ignored by official science and the patents denied. And without patent protection, the inventors do not have financial incentives to invest the millions of dollars required to mass produce and sell such equipment no matter how promising the technology is. And, on the other hand, the Newtonian classical dynamics, led us to the moon and the Einstein equation, E = mc2, showed that energy can not be created or destroyed. Any mechanism that does not comply with this law was labeled perpetual, unworthy of scientific examination. When I started in 1980, free energy was an issue not discussed. We talked about it behind closed doors, People we did not know and the information was transmitted through various means, so that suddenly unconventional energy - an expression developed by us - arose in military applications. So it's a controversial topic that at that moment really meant that there is something out of nothing. So, they said, it was something that lacked scientific rigor and was only about one group of lunatics, who would sooner or later be educated by scholars about Several laws of physics have been violated. Most scientists equated to the notion of free energy devices (overunity) to machines of perpetual motion, and as such, they were nonsense. See, it's a pun, the scientists interpret in a way, and those who try to do so consider it as an open system. Fortunately, today we have a certain type of thermodynamics, you know, for which were awarded Nobel prizes, Prigogine for example, by systems away from thermodynamic equilibrium, that has its systems open and energy flows from the outside and through them. Such systems can produce overunity (free energy) is perfectly legitimate physics. Today, most scientists have no idea of the scientific literature on the existence of zero point energy. Mostly, because most of them are not physical I attended school and I have a PhD in electrical engineering and systems theory and no teacher had heard of it. And yet it was in the library. So, most scientists are experts in their own field, and today the science is very fragmented. For those who know of the existence of zero point energy could argue that it has a random nature and, as such, can not be exploited as an energy source. But recent work on thermodynamics by Ilya Prigogine, who won the Nobel Prize in 1978, Show how this energy can organize itself if you have the appropriate systemic conditions. This is happening in some experiments, and some inventions are exploiting this energy and producing anomalous energy. Another resistance comes from the physics community itself, especially those who know this energy and know it could be harnessed, everything would change. The nature of physics would change, then, the most important foundation of physics would have to be quantum, quantum energy, which is incorporated in air and space. And I really do not understand, and mathematical equations are extremely difficult to solve, and it looks like it will be the basis of String Theory in the future. So what seems to be nothing, will be understood as a field effect, as the extraction of an energy that is already available but can not be seen. How the radio waves for example the television set is a good example; If you show a primitive tribe, it will look like a magic box, but only converts invisible energy from air into signals, images and information. The wheel of shovels in a river, used for grinding cereals is a free energy device. It's the same as a windmill, for example. This means that we take energy from an external source and use it. So it's an open system (autopoietic) and the system environment is providing a flow of energy within itself, ie the system itself is retrieving and using. Primordial requirements: must be an open (autopoietic) system, must have an external power source to provide the power to be used, then it is not something more mysterious than a windmill. And now the circle closes and we realize that some notions of the nineteenth century about Physics and Metaphysics as ether and vortex, are currently being recovered, and those ideas were proved by modern experiments, by quantum mechanics and so on. Grouped together in this magnificent synthesis, which I call sacred science. a completely new science, a new physics where consciousness prevails, and you do not have to follow any guru or a leader or something, because we have everything we need in the Universe And everything belongs to us now. And are some of the essential principles that are behind the discovery of free energy. Inertial Propulsion The force of inertia is known in mechanics, but until recently was considered too weak and difficult to use for propulsion. According to some theorists like Hal Puthoff, inertia, like gravity, occurs when you try to accelerate an object, against vacuum zero point fluctuations. we come across resistance, literally, Canadian inventor, Roy Thornson, developed an inertial propulsion engine, which wins resistance using centrifugal force. Does not push anything and does not emit gases (combustion), but calculated that it is 20 times more efficient than a combustion engine. Here the Thornson propulsion engine, Boosts a canoe in a pool. The engine that is in a box never comes into contact with water or air. In the pendulum test, Unidirectional forces are generated, to keep the pendulum on one side. Can be demonstrated in the laboratory, how it is done, with electrical engineering reviews and projects that can slope upward and pass the pendulum test, In other words, it stays on the same side constantly, and also boosts a canoe in a pool, The marketing of this equipment is a very difficult task. as with many inventions. But the point is that, quantitative laboratory measures, showed that it is 20 times better than a jet engine. A typical commercial jet engine, I think the plan reviewed was the DC-9, and has about 0.016 N / watt. And this is in the metric system. But when the Thornson mechanism is analyzed, it gets 0.3 or 0.32 N / Watt virtually 20 times better than a jet engine. Roy Thornson is perfecting the system to increase performance. Unfortunately, like many inventors, even with a US patent on hand, did not get enough capital to launch its engine in the market. Plasma - Lightning Contolado. We've all seen these little toys, demonstrating the occurrence of lightning in a bottle. The electrical phenomenon known as plasma discharge. Several inventors who work independently, are presenting an exotic mixture of gases, metals and processes, to extract the excess electricity from this phenomenon of nature. In 1996, Paulo and Alexandra Correa, received the first patent for a device of this type, called abnormal pulsating luminescent discharge reactor, The first one that converts Plasma discharge directly into electricity. The inventor of Utah, Paul Pantone, has developed what he calls the GEET fuel processor, a plasma generator, similar to a super carburetor, that seems to work, really with 80% water and is completely clean. This device replaces the carburetor and exhaust pipe, and combines them into a single device. Now it's basically a mini refinery allowing the motor to be connected with anything from battery acid mixed with water, even crude oil taken directly from the soil. This is crude oil from Angola, coefficient of 39.5 API. Crude oil is only used at startup, the main fuel is water. Combustion gases go down here around and are deleted here. the decantation chamber extracts some of the heat from the exhaust pipe. In addition, this pipe collects the gases from the exhaust pipe, takes them to the decantation chamber and bubbles them down. The bubbles pass through the fuel, are pushed to the top of the chamber, collected by the tube and powered by the exhaust pipe chamber. While being fed, there is an internal vacuum and a heat exchange occurs. This process has been discussed several times, It is said to be a field of plasma, an electric field. We know it emits radiation, which is not alpha, beta or gamma and we have X-rays for demonstrate that no matter what happens inside the unit it is affected in different ways compared to stainless steel and ordinary steel. When the temperature of the gases emitted is identical to that of the air drawn from the atmosphere, we have 1 to 3% more oxygen in the air that comes out of the exhaust pipe than in the air We breathe. There is no trace of carbon, the carbon disappears. More than disappears, it transmutes into another substance, a lighter element. We have plenty of lighter elements here, unexplained from here below. But during the heating process, molecular changes occur. After using this engine from 1983 until now (1996) and often have used it for about 8.5 hours per day, We never need to change the oil or the filter or have to clean it. I took the cylinder head three times to check inside and had no dirt. What we have here is the GEET device of Pantone, mounted on 2,300cc engine, with four cylinders. As you can see, we have here a transparent container in which the fuel is. When the engine is turned on, the air is sucked in by the created vacuum, through fuel, bubbling the fuel, whose resulting vapors go out here, go down this tube, to the reaction chamber And come back here... To be admitted by the engine through this tube. This is our air filter and this tube is connected to another valve which is controlled by this lever, which regulates the air and the intake of fuel. This is the valve that controls the return of air, that goes through this pipe into the tank. During testing, the 2,300 cc engine, achieved an efficiency about 300% higher than normal. This engine usually makes 20 miles per gallon on the highway, now it is 60. The tests have not yet been completed, but we are confident that there will be no decrease in potency. I witnessed the demonstrations made by Paul Pantone and I was amazed at the affirmation of possibility to use any fuel or water or even mixed with oil and so on. It is similar to something that has already been validated, as Grunnermann, which is being used, currently in the state of Nevada. However, this information is even more shocking, because it seems to be true, if it is correct and can be validated openly Seems to be talking about a totally different process which is a kind of transmutation of elements. They argue that there is no carbon in the exhaust pipe, which is unthinkable When you use hydrocarbons as fuel even mixed with water, It has to come out carbon! And he says he has no CO or CO2 emissions here. and it visually looks like there is not, and it seems that it does not loose particles of soot from the exhaust pipe. So, I have some hopes on it. Our demonstration units will reach 25,000 copies, by the end of the year, or beginning of the next year. Adapted, now, to include our system in the exhaust pipe and our gun here with standard equipment leaving the factory to distribute to the public as soon as possible. After being rejected by dozens of US manufacturers, Pantone now has contracts with several major foreign countries. Recently, some US companies have decided to look at it one more time. Cold Fusion / New Hydrogen Energy. In 1989, two physicists at the University of Utah, Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischmann. created a hysteria in the media with its announcement of cold fusion in a bottle. Although independent experiments, reported similar results in their tests, cries of "fraud" were immediately heard from MIT and other prestigious universities. The little creature was quick and ruthless. Throughout the history of science, when there is something very threatening for established ideas as the revelations of Galileo through the telescope and its idea of revolution of the Earth around the Sun and not vice versa, continental drift, and many types of theories, which were subsequently validated, The initial reaction of science is to say that they are nonsense and reject them, even without analyzing the data. And I would say that the phenomena of cold fusion and free energy or the "new energy", are so threatening, for the fundamentals of modern physics and chemistry and other sciences, that we expected this negative reaction so intense. The true story of cold fusion is that it never died. Immediately after the announcement of Utah March 23, 1989, hundreds or thousands of people around the world, scientists and engineers, began to replicate the experience of Pons and Fleischmann. and there were positive results, anyway, including energy, excess energy, output greater than input, and that could not be explained by any chemical reaction or any previously stored energy. The unfortunate situation was when the US Department of Energy initiated the creation of a false commission, of supposed "experts", Many of them were predisposed from the beginning against the subject. They came with the expected responses in just three months, and ratify them in six months. Although the evidence existed. These physicists, Nuclear physicists who worked with the hot fusion, Tokamak and things like that, has an enormous amount of evidence, which show exactly what they were hoping would happen with nuclear reactions, in this hot gaseous plasma. They believed, and it's a good approximation, what nuclear reactions occurring in a cold fusion cell, should be the same, But, Mother Nature does not always accept prejudices or our beliefs. As such, Mother Nature said: "This is a different environment and are different reactions, So," guys, study more if you want to know what happens " The problems that arise in the evaluation of a cold fusion device, is not so much if it works, but if it always works And many, many scientists think that if it does not always work then there is something wrong. The problem basically is the preparation of the metal. is valid especially in the heavy water experiments of Pons and Fleischmann Some materials simply blocked the effects of cells, and others on the contrary, amplified the effects. Many studies are being done in this area, More than 200 laboratories from 30 countries, are reproducing, or advancing or succeeding with different types of cold fusion devices. Patterson's energy cell, from Clean Energy Technologies Inc. in Dallas, Texas, is one of the most spectacular devices in the field of cold fusion. But it happens to be the first device that has a US patent, which is very important, obtained almost by accident, since hundreds of applications were rejected. This cell is very similar to the Pons-Fleischmann concept, except because it uses small granules with metallic coating, an alloy of nickel-palladium or sometimes just nickel and ordinary water, not heavy water like used by Pons and Fleischmann. and produces, with a fluid stream of liquid or electrolyte, and with only a little bit of mixed lithium sulfate, produce a spectacular energy. In fact, in one experiment, the power supply was stopped completely and the cell continued to produce 20 watts of power, without any flaws, for at least 14 hours. I understood that it could continue to work for a few more days. The typical energy ratio of such cells is very large and completely repeatable. is between 10 and 1000 for 1, ok? when dealing with a very small power input. Could reach more than 1,000 Watts With a consumption of only 1 Watt. Clearly, these cells can be made to self sustain, operate independently, continuously. Dennis Cravens is an independent scientist, which does basic research on the effects of Patterson cell. The most important thing observable here is total surplus energy, which is usually in the megajoules range. If we do a chemical calculation, the amount of metal we have here is about 20 mg, made into moles, will be about 100 kcal / mol, the typical energy reaction, if you could imagine one. We can not imagine one, but maybe we would get 32 kcal, if we melted all the metal. So, we get three or four times more surplus energy through this system, than burning everything chemically, If you do the math, you will see that you can not get there, it is more likely that a small percentage is in the range of Millions of electron-volts (MeV). It was discovered recently that the Patterson cell will produce heat for at least 14 hours after it is turned off. It's a phenomenal breakthrough, Although it has not been announced or published respectably. But this means that we are dealing with a source of free energy, Inventors never use this expression, for obvious reasons. But the important thing is that you need more understanding and also holds the key to the type of devices we need. Another interesting fact of the Patterson cell, is that it produces hydrogen and oxygen as a byproduct. Produces using any type of water through the electrolysis of this water, depleting the hydrogen and the oxygen. We have two points of view about this: For example, if we were forced to a situation that we were in a space closed and without the opportunity to spend more time outdoors although passed 90% of the time of every form, the supply of oxygen would be very valuable, even if you are not using hydrogen. But it is also possible to store hydrogen and to have thus, vehicles powered by hydrogen and use oxygen in the enclosed space. Another area that has emerged as a result of cold fusion, what is considered as a heresy and a disaster for scientific initiative, such as overunity and the concept of output energy greater than input (surplus energy), is the transmutation of heavy metals. Now in common cold fusion experiments, we have seen the Used metal, turning into another. For example: the production of copper. Production by other isotopes, such as rhodium. The change of palladium in other things. It is a fact confirmed, and undoubtedly, occurs with minimal energy consumption. So this leads us to an analogy with old alchemist claims, they were able, so says the story, they said and there is some evidence of what were able to do, make low-energy processes that transmuted into gold Other elements such as lead, mercury or others. This is done nowadays in laboratories, and in every case I know, in the history of science, where a small effect, initially, to produce something, was later increased in scale. So it is very possible that our civilization enters into an era of alchemy where low energy processes, can produce precious metals. When we look to the future, I think we can find ways through which we will produce certain elements we need through these low energy nuclear reactions. I think we'll be able to start add or extract certain parts of the nuclei of the atoms, to get the kind of stable atoms we need. But more important, I think frankly, that we will be able to pick up radioactive materials and add a proton or change it somehow, and make these materials radioactive become non-radioactive. And this will be a big step forward, for current problems and eliminate the disasters left behind, of our atomic bombs or nuclear power plants, And of course things like Chernobyl. So in the future we will have prepared the fundamentals of cold fusion, through which we will be able to make a series of nuclear changes so far outside the current model what can be done with nuclear reactions. Many energy companies across the US who are now alerted and are sending their representatives to conferences on cold fusion. We find them often, they support us and they will be the vanguard of New Energy Era I think any utility company that does not get into it now is doomed, Because, honestly, when we have electricity and heat generation, that can be in a house or a building, Why would you want to be connected to a distribution network any longer? It does not make sense! People will bring arguments against this, but I think the distribution network will disappear. It is a remarkable process that will provide interesting developments in the near future, but the task of extracting energy from our environment requires a Exotic, super-advanced technology that will potentially hold under the control of financial interests disregarding the benefits? The rare metal, palladium, would still have to be discovered, extracted and purified. or are there simpler and low maintenance available technologies that could be Removed from the shelf and installed by anyone at a unique and affordable value? Let's look in detail at some people and companies, who are working for years perfecting devices, They claim, will do this. The inventors of the current planetary consciousness No other person in the field of free energy is as firm and persistent as the inventor of the Mississippi, Joseph Newman. Since the 1970s, Newman has had his patent application repeatedly refused in the US for your power machine, Although many engineers, scientists and even congressmen have witnessed in your behalf. In 1968, I invented a bicycle, which looked like a horse, I used a flywheel of 36 kg that I made, installed a clutch of a 30 horsepower engine above the rear wheel axle. If a child rises, it generates inertia in the steering wheel of 36 kg that engrenava With the clutch and immediately the front was lifted from the ground and it was this distance from the ground. The children's eyes looked like a silver dollar with astonishment. The attempt failed, but I heard that a gyro was a stabilizer. So I went to the library and found a book about gyros. And when I began to study the mechanical characteristics of a gyroscope, The question that got me hanging around for three years was How to know the right direction to maintain? And why could not I get anything when the direction was parallel? I saw that the laws of the gyro fit exactly in this If you study the laws of the gyroscope, get this little gyroscope and puts it to spin, you can do, I think everyone knows how to do this. If you turn in one direction, go in this direction If you turn in another go in this other If you rotate 180 degrees, and pushing it up goes in the opposite direction, if you move it along Rotation axis, do not react it hold in the parallel position. is exactly the same as it happens when moving a conductor through a magnetic field. If you push it to low the current goes in one direction, if it pushes it up goes in the opposite direction Rotate the magnet 180 degrees and everything reverses. If you move it parallel lines of force, With the copper wire there will be no current. This told me that the energy in a magnetic field is a gyroscopic particle. And I do not care what the rest of the world said, Because they could not answer my question honestly. It was obvious to me, the energy of the magnetic field, consists of gyroscopic particles. It is the mechanical essence, behind Einstein's equation E = mc², moves forward in C and rotates in C, this is Einstein's equation or E = mc². Appears only when we have the alignment of atoms in matter it does not matter if it is a conductor, iron and so on. When the atom is aligned, the magnetic field appears, If you leave the limits of matter you will get a river of energy that can be explored. What I am going to show, is an energy technology that will drastically change your life, against what the powerful fight the current system and I will show them the story of this fight, but can see for themselves that it works. And for this, you have to fix these meters, because this will indicate that it is more energy in the system, Than it flows from this battery. The electromagnet passes from one end of the shaft to the other. is shaped like an egg with six sides. Blue indicates a current in one direction, and red, another perpendicular to it. The switch shows that the circuit is interrupted, every 90 degrees, moving from one coil to another. See the indication increases, when it is working because the batteries are starting Loading and increasing from 200 up to 400. See that more current is produced through this system than these batteries are able to provide. Why batteries do not produce radio frequency power then the radiofrequency power has to come from the motor. The radio frequency power is real, and we know this because, this indicator only works through the heat conversion, which is converted into electricity because it works through a converter. It is a very precise device and indicates that it has twice more current in this system than these batteries can provide. Batteries can not produce radio frequency power, and measurements are real, has to come from the system itself and clearly shows that the output energy is greater, that the input energy in the system. This is what they are saying and seeing, more than 30 scientists, who came to my house from all over the world. Some came from England and signed sworn statements that the invention worked. The specialist of the court, Mr. William Scholar, former member of the Patent Council was an electrical engineer and the federal judge-elect said his references they were magnificent. He reviewed his sworn statements and granted the credit he deserved. He said the evidence was conclusive, the invention worked There is no evidence to the contrary. And the Patent Office refused, saying that the patent protocol was violated. We as observers see everything without movement. We see objects and we see them standing still, and everything in the stores stands still. So that For us as observers, we believe that the natural state of our planet is static, without movement. But in reality, if you go to the basic atomic composition of matter, you will notice that the natural state of the universe is motion. The unnatural state, then as we conclude, is the lack of movement to the observer, because movement is what causes something to become solid become solid mass that will be influenced by other masses, why do they remain immobile, and not can move because of the force of attraction. And we, as observers, see and say that the natural state of the planet and the universe is the lack of movement. We believe like hundreds of years we believed that Earth was the center of the Universe, and we were all that existed. And in the days of Copernicus, they believed that the stars were not cosmic objects, but like a cake full of raisins with 3 km thick and that the stars were the small stars that were inside. This was due to our prejudices, and predisposition based on what we saw, that everything was centered around us. I say we open our eyes and minds, to see the greatness that is in front of us. Space travel will become reality, Our children going to live exciting moments, having a universe to travel, but the values of the human race would have to change as well. While Joe Newman, still fighting for recognition and fair compensation many Entrepreneurs are competing to be the first in the market for magnetic motors built with sophisticated high-space-age materials technology using microprocessors to adjust pulsations and revolutions per minute David Potter, of GALTECH Semiconductors shows us, its newly patented permanent magnetic motor called electric carousel generator. This is the latest version of the electric carousel generator. It is a rotating version. It has a rotor inside and there are 18 different sections, which we call the coil section Here the 18 make the outside diameter. are the six coils we use to start the engine. Up here we have an encoder that sends a pulse to the electronic part of the device below are the electronic assemblies, which actually make the connection between rotor and outer coils, giving start / stop signal This is done by a specific index point that has the encoder that establishes the connection between the two components. The electronic circuits here and the box are constituting a set of TTL logic counters, counting the number of encoder pulses starting or for different coils, depending on the relative position of the rotor. We have also coupled to the system here, a computer. Which allows us to make the change of the working frequency of the system. We can change the value of one pulse per cycle up to 40 pulses per cycle, which means a frequency of 100%. It is an integrated cycle and what we do, is to change pulse rate on the computer, transmit data to electronic circuits. and when it receives the impulse index, that is, an rpm. update the data of the counters and this changes the pulse frequency of the system. We do not have an automatic ignition on the system at this time, this is something that will be made with Intel chips. We start at a rate of approximately 13 impulses which gives a 16% run. It takes time to start engine rotation because it also works as your own, flywheel of inertia, so let's go increasing power gradually. Within this system everything flue in magnetic field, The internal friction force is very small. Once the accelerated system is stabilized at a third of the revolutions. Now working at 30% of the working frequency per channel, The speed continues to rise a little. Speed calculated with an oscilloscope here is about 1850 rev / min. The two curves, one white and one green, indicate the two engine channels. The small voltage peaks here are the amount of time each channel is working, the flat part below is the amount of time they are erased. You can see how much it is pulsing, how long it is working and how much it is deleted. An analogy I like to use is When someone rises from the ground and crosses the street he, requires a lot of energy. But if you put it in a wheelchair, once pushed, just have to give some small strokes so that the energy used to move the same load is much smaller. It's what we do, we greatly increase speed and soon we give a few taps, revitalizing a bit while spinning and we use the inherent inertia of the system, for the remaining path so that we use a high-speed boost in the system. What do we do is the use of magnetic energy. Magnets have a specific life cycle, lose about 1% per year. So that we are not creating energy from nothing, The system will not work forever, it is not a perpetual motion. We use the amount of energy stored in the magnets. Since this energy is used, Magnets can be removed and can be recharged. All we do is maximize the efficiency of the electromagnetic flow that is here to produce an output of electricity. When will we be able to see free energy devices fueling consumer products like this electric car? Well, but they're already here, and maybe you can buy one at the end of this program! In Oklahoma, where oil has been king for more than a century, the inventor Troy Reed was busy in his workshop building magnetic rotation engines, which Second it will revolutionize our way of moving around the world. This is a new prototype magnetic motor And I can give you some explanation, about what is called a magnetic field. All magnets, the big old wooden prototype, has a system, while the engine runs, has a voltage to overcome sharply, a shock like this. For example, if we make this engine run with the finger, and run... but that does not happen. So what I did was delete the axis of rotation, I removed the axis of rotation, removed the injectors and the system of this motor here. As I start the engine as if it were a crank the engine will start What I will do is energize this engine here. As you can see... in the ammeters here It will indicate when we reach 150 volts, Then I'll turn it off And I'll turn on the light. If you rotate it, you can see this side, all functional components are, controlled by a small computer. Get these 5 volts... They are 150 volts, All we will do is turn off all the switches. Let's be sure that there is nothing connected to the motor, here is the power cord! Here are the 150 V! The engine continues to run. You can turn and rotate the table, and the energy keeps flowing. There is nothing attached from behind or on the floor. Rodo and it continues to work, giving electricity. We hope you next year, you can use it in your homes. The interesting thing is that it can be used on electric cars. This engine can go in the trunk and generate electricity to charge the batteries. Precious car, you can take it wherever you want. Does not pollute the air. The electric cars you have seen have no more than a standard transmission. This is a car with automatic transmission. There are not many useless things. I saw many electric cars that had many things inside. Everything I have in it, is the battery to turn on the radio and the heating. We have two security switches here, Could have been mounted within a closed system but I left here to be seen, so people can see the technology and security of the system. This is a control box, which reduces the amperage. This is the good thing about electric cars. All electric cars have SURGE technology inside. They create heat and should have a fan to decrease the heat of the controller We do not want it to get hot. But, that it stays cold because it keeps cold, Protect all computer chips in the control box. That means you can drive for longer without any problems. This electric car has two indicators in front of the exchange Automatic transmission. which are called voltage and amperage. This is what I was talking about about the amperage in cars. That means we can adjust the amperage. The voltage should be around 120 volts. At first there will be no amperage. The indicators are down here, and we are ready to drive the car and you can see for yourself what you can do. Pass the gear, and motor sounds like a little sports car. Gears going well, it's a fantastic car, you can drive. If you look at the amperage, you will notice that it has decreased. The amperage has decreased a lot. This is what I like about these electric cars If you accelerate, the maximum you will get will be about 100 amps. That's what we want to do: keep the electric car low amperage. So you can go to just about anywhere you want. If you want to make a trip, no need to worry about returning home to recharge it. because this technology is called SURGE technology. It's a good car, I like I worked hard in this car, Do not need gas or gas to run, and technology is available, Will be here! It will work fine... For everyone, for humanity. We will see each other. It is your future! As we have already seen, electromagnetism seems to be the most viable path to many contemporary inventors. The magnetic motor continues to challenge the overunity barrier. But simpler methods have been demonstrated by simple intelligence. Dennis Lee, Technology for a Better World, strives to achieve his dream to gain energy independence for anyone on the planet. Arrested for two years without being convicted of any crime, Lee organizes public demonstrations in major US cities, and forms individual representations to launch their devices on the market. A controversial figure, which some consider a joker and others a charlatan like PT Barnum proclaiming "free energy for the people." Lee has assembled a large number of prototypes and processes, including those of other inventors such as Yull Brown. Despite stating that your machines do not use zero point energy Because they extract heat from the environment, its many devices, supposedly reach levels of extreme efficiency recycling excess energy through closed circuit systems. I have built and developed the most efficient heat pump the world. These are heat pump evaporators. They are 2.4 m high by almost 1 m wide. Now, I use coolant that boils at 40 degrees below zero, So anytime, it does not matter if it's day or night, or be tempest with wind and rain, or snow or is it a hot sunny day, or are in the middle of cold nights. While inside this panel the coolant stays cooler, then, regardless of the external temperature the phenomenon that heats the panel, be the heat of air, sun, wind, rain, or snow, will be transferred to the refrigerant on the other side because it is the second law of thermodynamics: The heat goes to the cold. So if it's colder than any object that touches it, then it will give you warmth. A low heat will have a strong effect, because this gas expands without measure and as it expands, is pushed inside the compressor not aspiration - I know engineers and inventors who do not like the term - but through negative pressure. So, as the compressor is creating this pressure negative, gas migrates to it, So, a compressor is like a gasoline pump, pumps gasoline. Just as the gas is pumped into the compressor and the temperature increases. Although this panel is frozen, if you touch it with the hand, and the same happens if you touch the pipe coming out of the panel, When it arrives at the compressor, significantly reduces its volume increases pressure and temperature exiting the compressor. The tube should not be touched when it is operating because it reaches temperatures between 90 and 120 degrees. So we get heat, heat is transferred to the panel, then we use a compressor to pick up the seemingly useless energy obtained, and we increase the pressure and temperature and convert it into very useful energy, then the heat will be transferred later. This is a primary compressor, which receives the freon of the panels and makes them work, because this direct coupling causes the pistons to move up and down, This produces heat in the boiler, which dilates the other freon through this double action piston, going back and forth, and With the help of mechanical devices, they do the conversion. in axis rotation movement, and this axis rotation rotates this wheel, which in turn drives the movement of the compressor and Compressor generates heat, which rotates this wheel. One can say that these two wheels feed back. And, by the way, since freon has collected heat and Acquires energy, and climbs here. This is a capacitor that is sucking water from the bottom of the tank or well, And we take water by this pump here, which is driven by the same rotation mechanism, Bringing water to the condenser, which is the most effective in the world at 100 °, delta-T 6 million BTU While we are passing the water, it heats up, But the water is also pumped, and I will show you how to do this. And we also cool the freon that enters this container and is pumped back into the boiler, via A small piston pump that works on the same cylinder. Ready for a test? "Let's try and turn it on, people!" It's okay, when you're ready master! So you're pumping water with energy from the air, and we also light bulbs with surplus energy. The bulbs have been lit with surplus energy from the air, they are pulsing, no were prepared for this, are not stable, but we think that we could demonstrate that we have the excess of energy. The main thing is that you are pumping water, it was to pump water. It's a closed circuit, because it comes out of the boiler and comes back to it constantly. I had a heat pump in a freezer, I lowered the temperature to 28 degrees below zero in dead space. If you have any experience in refrigeration, imagine this, we are in dead space, the temperature is 28 degrees below zero, I did this every Saturday for a year, People, from all over the world, came to see you, I asked them to bring their own test equipment, disassemble the device if you wish, We have a $ 10,000 prize for the one who discovers a trick on it. And every weekend, I lowered the temperature to -28 degrees in dead space and we got the water to be hot enough to burn the hand of the energy we extracted from this box, reached -28 degrees and a coefficient of 2-1 performance. The same yield GH heat pump in the USA. Only that is at -28 degrees in dead space. And we challenge all manufacturers of heat pumps, to come whenever they want, to find a mistake or to bring in your own bomb and see if it does the same. Never seen one! Yes, many customers came, and many people around the world, of Pakistan... of all places. So I was testing here every weekend for a year, And one day came a euphoric man the demonstration. About us Trying to build this, it took us two years and cost $ 2 million, and I am increasing capital, through the sale of heat pumps, and this person came to the end of the demo and told me: "Mr. Lee, I am absolutely amazed, I want to shake your hand and tell you that I have no doubt, that you got the best heating system in the world. Yours is better than the solar and any other system that exists. You did it! But you have to know me, And you know why you should know me? Because I built the most efficient thermal engine in the world, And you have the most effective caloric source in the world. If we bring together the two technologies, We can become the most dangerous men in the world. I thought, "Well, I've never been the most dangerous person in the world, And I think I would like to be And that person's name was Dr. Fischer. This person demonstrated that he had built the steam engine wrong. I had the pleasure of rebuilding his engine on the my research lab And I got the big engine, because. "Why did not we want something like that?" I do not want to connect people to distribution grid with a new system that will exploit them even more, with all the arrogance that goes with it. I want to give people the chance, are completely independent of the distribution grid, Remember? That was my goal. So I got this great engine and reduced the size, to a model a little smaller than this one. It was a little smaller than this! It was about 33 cm in length and 15 cm in diameter. And that would be enough to generate all the energy needed for your home. That's why I wanted nothing bigger than that. And certainly this Small module would fit in any glove compartment of any American car. I walked all over the country, telling my story. I have counted in all the states of the USA, and got a thousand people together. Together we made a campaign advertising, we put an ad in the media because they did not cover. So we put ads on TV. We made a 60 second announcement where we cut the electric line and we said: you can feed your house without using external electricity, You can start your car with a new engine that does not consume gasoline. We made a 60-second ad broadcast to the whole country. We figured it was seen by about 10 million people. And after that happened, that was too much, could not be tolerated! Then I got a letter from the State of California inviting me to go back to California, and go to court. So I flew from New Jersey back to California to go to court And when I got there, the judge said: "Maybe you're wondering what you're doing here." I answered yes. And he said, "Well, because the State of California ordered me to arrest him" I said: "Very interesting because they sent me to prison, without ever being convicted of any crime." "How can I go to jail without trial and without being convicted?" "And I said: You can not do that, can you?" And he said, "The state of California has ordered me to put you in jail and it's there that you will, but you can appeal several times." And that is an exact quote, by the way I have the transcript. Out of prison two years ago and now we have rebuilt our entire national distribution network. We are in every US state. We are in every major US county. We have people who understand exactly, how the Government works, how big "guys" work, how energy companies work; And now we understand everything and we have much more technology than we had in 1987, and much more money than we had in 1987, And we are about to shake your world! Beyond this dimension If the results of these pioneering inventions were not enough, one Curious combination of side effects, from free energy research, include things like metal transmutation, formation of new isotopes and yes, includes anti-gravity. Levitating effects, of a rotating magnetic disk, resemble UFO images hovering in mid-flight. The British inventor John Searl, has been oriented this way, but his technique is not the only approach. The remarkable works of the Canadian inventor John Hutchison has attracted the attention of businessmen and government scientists since 1979, when started using ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in very unusual ways. Came to be known as the Hutchison effect. The objects we see moving here, do it through a form of levitation, by translational movement. Means that objects become lighter and can float. Being the heaviest barium cylinder, we see with the two strands coming out of it, tends to lose about 3 kg of its weight. In physics this is explained as autorressonance, what they call ferromagnetic or piezoelectric variant voltage. Through a power amplifier and narrow wide bands of electricity generated by this crystal. Advanced applications using free energy or zero point energy to drive them would be the propulsion technologies. This is a crystal converter I made almost a year ago, to check if the principle worked, and it works to this day. The principles involve the Casimir effect and a type of space charge within the potential barrier technology of semiconductors, and a floating activity called zero point energy. that flue through space-time. The idea is that the material inside this tube interacts with the zero point energy. And coming the way from the inside. I have here a piece of this common mineral material, subjected to the heat produced by me until I get this piece; I'll read it here should get a higher value, because it's a "hot spot" here. Here I have almost half a volt, as you can see. As you can see there is no battery or something like that except crystalline material of different configurations. This is a fixed, constant state, it is always so, and has been tested for a year and subjected to stress testing. So I decided to assemble the same material in cylindrical forms. Are different cylinders with different mixtures and found that the cylinders are not as strong as this material here or this other small one here. In fact, it is stronger than this large artillery shell. And what I want to do is demonstrate this power generation, spinning a small engine. I am connecting this to the base, another cable to the top, should turn and turn. So this kind of material can power motors. Of course it is a very small engine, but with a larger amount of material, can generate multiple horsepower if necessary. Hutchison expects its simple method to produce crystals of energy converters the hand and at home, attract investors who can see the potential of batteries permanent that will never have to be loaded. "... non-toxic, which interconnects with zero-point energy in space-time." Hutchison's most spectacular experiments approach the paranormal and has generated more than a simple interest of laboratories US military research. I did about 750 demonstrations of levitation, translation movements, samples of metal being disintegrated, making transmuted and unknown metals. A variety of unclear effects: wood impregnated with metal, or other objects. Monopolar magnetic fields, written in many newspapers. A large amount, like a Pandora's box, of different effects, on the frontier of scientific knowledge. In this series of extraordinary videos filmed by Hutchison, we see what happens when electromagnetic frequencies precisely adjusted Hit objects in your garage. At the subatomic level, I think a dimension change is activated by very conventional electrostatics, I use radio frequency fields and Tesla waves, which form a key or hole that opens another area of space-time, which could activate the zero-point energy fields. and interdimensional reactions like gravitational waves and time waves, or chronos, if you prefer. When we are dealing with chronos and gravitons, which are particles that are causing a distortion in some way, which causes the disintegration of objects or vibrate or oscillate in the center. The same happens with steel bars that can disintegrate Or become light. Here, an ice cream in a plastic cup. And finally, a 32 kg cannonball. What is both interesting and frustrating in your invention is that is using a combination of Tesla and VanDeGraff coils to produce very shocking experiments of levitation that in one case, for example, lifted a 19 kg bearing to the ceiling, using only electromagnetic fields. When we examine, we find that there is a graph of the position x time function we can determine, and also the velocity x time. But when we really analyze the acceleration x time is a rising line. So as scientists, we are forced to admit that we have a third derivative effect, what, in my opinion, leads us to a new unusual force, which I call hyperforce, since it needs to get a derivative to get a straight and flat line in constant increasing acceleration. Thus, the Hutchison effect has been used as a reference for Comparison with many other high voltage propulsion devices. Electrogravity in other words. Now that we witness the mighty potential of these revolutionary new sources of energy, Some interesting questions start to appear. What are the environmental consequences? or more, for the very structure of space-time? Once Do we begin to explore these less understood forces on a planetary level? Remember the promise of nuclear energy? That electricity would be too cheap to measure? There are side effects in the exploration of free energy that we can not predict until it's too late? Are there effects that can go down to the fundamental basic level of all things governing everything, everything that has to do with the mind and the connection with the body and so on. For example: if extremely powerful pulses are generated, which is called magnetic scalar potential, has a dark side. If you produce pulses strong enough, can interrupt normal and smooth flow of time, What means that we can break the connection between body and mind, you press and ends up separating one from the other, this means instant death on all levels. each cell dies, each microbe dies each parameter dies, Each virus dies, the whole body dies. So it is obvious, that if you try to exploit these energies in huge quantities, should be extremely cautious. Can not do it anyway because you are running the risk of generating terrible effects. So there are some limitations, application of this technology. There is a risk that if we extract a lot of energy from the zero point, Of course, these things can overload and explode, what happened sometimes with my devices. Essentially it is an interesting technology that can get involved, but it is I need to take some simple precautions. If you are drawing too much energy from the zero point, Electromagnetic fluctuation, may have a minor meltdown, one day I had to clean this area because of a small merger that occurred. Can a source of energy be dangerous? For example, I would say that it is normal to be cautious. Convince is energy, and as such is potentially dangerous. And I think we have to treat this research respectfully. I think it's very reasonable, you should be cautious. I heard good things and some effects could be very beneficial to health. There could be good effects as there could be potential detrimental effects. I think it's just like any other when it comes to energy. Can be used for good or for evil, it just depends on us. When the paradigm shift occurs. Probably because of your traditional understanding invisible forces like chi or ki, Eastern cultures, especially Japanese technology enthusiasts, adopted the concept of free energy. Great scientists like Shinichi Seiki and Shiuji Inomata, receive support Considerable by government and industry. Meanwhile the Japanese, of course, have started to develop various systems commercially For example, a Japanese consortium funded the work of Pons and Fleischmann, Japanese company Toshiba, is working with Inomata and several other companies come together to develop free energy options. And, of course, Japan has no interest in oil, it does not have its own resources. Therefore, it is in your own interest to lead the field, to make small devices that will replace circuit breakers and internal combustion engines. Inomata Machine N To understand this machine, it is necessary to change the thought, A paradigm shift in yourself. So far, physicists, the common science, consider only the material world. But we should look for a different world, an invisible world. And recognize that the invisible world and the material world are connected This energy comes from another dimension. Fossil Fuels - Nuclear Energy - Renewable Fusion - New Hydrogen Energy Space Energy This is true science, which is supported by science. a real technology, with all the related phenomenology being examined and understood rigorously, With all the modeling done, so that it can adequately represent this innovative theoretical engineering, We will sit and design circuits that will always work. We will have components on the shelf that we will buy, assemble and operate We are no longer at this stage. Our current stage is "childbirth" and not that of a teenager running and playing, playing baseball in a field. We are at the birth of a baby, which is very difficult because it is facing many interests. Orthodox scientific community strongly opposes because they think it's silly. They think it's the old idea of perpetual motion in a closed system generating energy from nothing. And this is absurd because it is impossible. Are there very strong global economic interests, and probably are The world's strongest economic interests, which strongly oppose this. Imagine what it means for oil-rich countries? The same attitude applies, in fact, and in other cases, what it will really do is overcome the oil phase, But the petrochemical industry will not disappear they will still need oil for certain materials and chemicals, then there will be more and more petrochemical industry. instead of burning and discarding the oil, polluting the biosphere. Many things will be readjusted. It will transfer control of many great tycoons, which now overwhelmingly dominate the world economy. And the world will change! So, you will see happen, and we have enough historical examples. When the magnates realize that this is real and can become functional, with the help of internet, free publications, computers and so on. They will not be able to hide the information for a long time and it is embarrassing to continue killing the inventors, they have stopped doing this 15 years. At some point we will see an overwhelming availability of funds. And when the funds become available, they will convert, because they go where the money goes, because they are bought and they are paid, simple because they can not do research without funding. If I cut the research funds of a teacher he is out of work and leaves the university. This means that science is at the mercy of economic interests in this country and in most of the world. When money disappears, science disappears. Only this way will mobilize young students, When, finally, they will have funds for the experiments, do their doctorates and so on. Will there be a very rapid assimilation and the progress of a new and expanded electromagnetic science. There are certain stages in scientific development, in which you will face problems and barriers where we feel compelled to reconsider and move in different directions. I believe we are seeing one of those peculiar periods of time in the history of of science where we will take a turn in some adored models. but not much, But there will be changes and opens the door to a huge amount of new technologies, on electricity and magnetism and nuclear reactions and the development of engines, applications for batteries, spaceflight and perhaps antigravity, I believe in creating rare elements in abundant elements. I think it has reached a turning point, When the world opens a door. For a millennium of a new science. We are talking about instruments for real life. We are talking about experiences in science, which shows us, without a doubt, that we have technologies that will allow us to free ourselves from the bondage we feel now. Free from these economic restrictions we have created for ourselves. Because, see, if the energy is free and will be very soon, then the food will be free, the villa will be free. Then we will be free to express our creative potential and not be like clones And we will also be free to explore our higher self, will be a very exciting future. The future of the world, seen by conventional thinkers and also by many progressive thinkers is trivial compared to what will be cold fusion and free energy. No aspect of human culture will remain untouched, after this energy revolution. The simple fact that the material that covers 70% of the planet's surface, can now be available as a fuel source, and the fact that a huge percentage of our bodies is made up of water. And this is a fuel! "And a source of energy!" And will have incredible implications in psychology, religion, history and geopolitics. The image of the Middle East and the strength of oil interest will be seriously altered. Air pollution will be eliminated in most cities, which are now affected by internal combustion engines. And space travel, which is one of my favorite subjects will be transformed. The ability to travel to other planets and stars will receive a gigantic boost, an impulse that I had never imagined in my entire life, as an engineer that deals with such things. Some people are saying that the title of my book: "The Next Energy Revolution" is a bit scary; that this "revolution" causes some sudden and radical changes in the status quo and the people whose jobs depend on this status quo then, probably "evolution" is the most appropriate terminology. But, one way or another, our political leaders, business leaders, the executives of public utilities, need to accept the change for clean energy sources. And it probably comes from outside, and can happen very quickly. I'm not really worried, because of a radical change, Because humans seem to be ready for a change. There are a lot of fear, but also many positive expectations, and we may need to get rid of what we have, to build a cleaner, healthier world. Is Humanity Ready? "Do we have the maturity to deal with it?" Are we giving matches to a baby? These are the questions! Well, the first answer is, that we are regressing to the point of being between the If we keep the status quo, we are doomed anyway. It looks like we're going to shoot our own foot with this energy available. If we are not mature enough to handle it, Well, I guess we're doomed anyway. We have a chance to survive, to go ahead, But it will be necessary in some way for a transformation of consciousness. With philosophical movements and so on. People are starting to wake up. Now it's no longer a solitary game, but a team as we learn to work together and show mutual empathy, we can transcend the old selfish consciousness, that caused all problems and wars and so on, and achieve recognition that we are planetary beings. We introduce some inventors and their remarkable devices in this program. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the world, scientists, engineers, businessmen, working hard now researching and developing this phenomenal technology. To the point where it can be augmented and marketed with great success. We are at a crucial moment in the history of mankind. We can as a society, abandon our fears associated with violence of the past and accept the unknown? We can abandon our rigid skepticism, in favor of a curious open-minded spirit? Our own survival may depend on the answers to these questions! We hope to have given you enough information, through which you can base your future decisions on this exciting new field. A field that will soon affect the lives of all and also the fate of planet Earth. See you on arrival! The Race has begun! From the Documentation Center of Philadelphia: "Asked, if the sudden introduction of its principle would not in any way disturb the current economic system, Dr. Tesla replied: " Already seriously disturbed " And he added that now more than ever is the right time for the development of new features.



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