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Stewart Alexander

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stewart Alexander
Stewart Alexander 2011.JPG
Alexander in Los Angeles, 2011
Personal details
Born (1951-10-01) October 1, 1951 (age 67)
Newport News, Virginia, United States
Political partySocialist
Other political
Liberty Union (affiliated non-member)
Peace and Freedom (1998–2012)
Green (2010–2011)
ResidenceMurrieta, California[1]
Alma materCalifornia State University, Dominguez Hills
OccupationPolitical writer, activist, automobile salesperson

Stewart Alexis Alexander (born October 1, 1951) is an American democratic socialist politician, presidential nominee for the Socialist Party USA in the 2012 election,[2][3][4] and former SPUSA nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 election.

A resident of California, Alexander was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for lieutenant governor in 2006. He received 43,319 votes, 0.5% of the total. In August 2010, Alexander declared his candidacy for the President of the United States with the Socialist Party and Green Party.[5] In January 2011, Alexander also declared his candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party.[6]

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  • ✪ Episode 244 Stewart Alexander Physical Medium on We Don't Die Radio Show
  • ✪ Stewart Alexander Interviewed on The Otherside Press


Welcome to another episode of We Don't Die I'm your host Sandra Champlain author of the best-selling book called We Don't Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death and today is an exciting day as we are recording a video episode so if you are listening right now on iTunes and you would rather see us speaking myself and a wonderful guest simply go to Youtube and type in We Don't Die Radio 2 4 4 because this is episode 244 our guest today is Stewart Alexander who's one of the world's most recognized physical mediums his development starting in his home circle back in 1967 and I'm really grateful to have met Stewart this past November at Banyan retreat I received a copy of his book if you can see it right here it is called Stewart Alexander an extraordinary journey and also one of the reasons I felt so strongly about bringing Stewart on as a guest I received a copy of this double CD set no I don't know if you can see it too well but it is called physical seance room physical seance room recollections wonderful memories of physical phenomena as told by senior spiritualist which I have listened to about five times and there's stories from past people that are so precious that Stewart and I both feel that they need to be shared as far and wide as possible so Stewart's website if you want to do a little bit more research on Stewart is Stewart Alexander so I guarantee you this will be a fun uplifting episode as Stewart and I have had many laughs so far in our conversations Stewart Alexander a warm welcome to We Don't Die Radio. Okay so if there's lots to talk about today and I want to be mindful of time but there's many people who don't know who you are of course there's many people who do but if you could just give a little bit of your background and um physical mediumship to me was brand-new two years ago and I blew my mind that it was even possible and maybe you could just give a few words about how you got started in it yes I think I should begin by pointing out that sale my early twenties I have no interest and you're nothing whatsoever about spiritualism nothing and then when I was in my early twenties I read after Finley's all-time best-selling spirits book on the edge of the etheric and that I suppose was in common with many other people who have come across a book oh you nothing about a subject until it off my eyes you know this was extraordinary to me what this man had written about you know it experiences with this unbelievable medium you know I knew nothing about these things until I read that book and that really was the beginning of a very long journey for me and it was very very fortunate throughout my life really from that point onwards in that I have met I met many other interests who we knew somebody and sat with some of these wonderful wonderful physical medium so today we can only read about because they're no longer want you sir and I can remember very well any many times sitting elderly speechless mesmerized absolutely bad the spoilers their experiences as the told them to me and it was just wonderful absolutely wonderful book and something to be precise in 1990 an organization became called the MODOK society political mediumship because by then physical mediumship had virtually disappeared from spiritualism it virtually gone there was no known physical mediums a platform and a bath on that reflects the bollocks media and also Scott Higgenson but apart from though - you know the Spiritualist movement just didn't have any other physical mediums and so the society was formed in the whole but it would encourage people to begin sitting again within orb circle to try to develop this unique form of mediumship and we're very very fortunate to be on to the archives of his father society just basically because by then I'd really studied the entire subjects had interviewed all of these many many people and you a great deal about the history of spiritualism of all the various people various mediums fall across a Europe America England I knew of them and they're probably appointed me the archives officer and a certain party some years later as suddenly thoughts it was so it was so sad but these elderly spirits had spoken so you earlier were all passing into spirit and as it passed interstate they were taking with them these wonderful recollections so were being lost to our movement and I can remember thinking well I've got to do something about this a thought came into my mind and a person addressed the north on society monthly newsletter and also in various spiritual publications with what asking of these people to come forward asking if they would kindly leave on record on perceptive their accounts of what it excuse please many years area with these mediums or no longer of this earth and I have many many over suit this contact me and I had a great many a finish of a great many cassettes where these people were telling their stories of what they had experienced and the promise I made to each and every one of them was that their stories would always be kept alive that has been all future spirits would be able to hear their stories and that was the promise I made to all of these people anyhow the years passed by my one by one they're all only low mysterious passed into spirit so there were none now obviously these people who had left their recordings and about I don't know 15 years later all these cadets were on the dope in my study and about 15 years later I was working mustardy and I happen to cross us of all of these success and in that moment of that Wow no I've broken the promise I have made all of these people I had silenced these people and so therefore I decided I would do something about this and I thought well my next seminar I want to something out of each year and the next seminar I should pick a selection of these cassettes along you know and then I would give these over the spiritualists no longer on this there a voice so that all the people attending the seminar could listen to these voices from the path there could hear there could be addressed by these people were longer on the air this is what after do I'm the very first extract from the percent I wanted to play was from an American gentleman called Jean a correspondent for some years with team words and he always told me is said to store he said I have witnessed in my lifetime every form of physical manifestations it's possible to witness and some of these stories were just mesmerizing some of the things that he'd experienced at a we thought and I thought I really must allow all these people the seminar to hear this and so I introduced it once and all the other people and I said now listen I said it's not me that's going to be speaking to you now it's these people from the past these food to Estonia and I press the button on the player and the pig snout and I thought well aptly it was a wake-up call because in that moment on the ground if that cassette see you ate it so quickly then all the other percocets were also deteriorating to do something about this I've got to arrange to have all of his cassettes time stared onto CD and so the man who had all the necessary equipment agreed to do this for me and the result topic was that don't see the album which you've just yeah absolutely the double CD album and you know so that was market in 2014 that was made available in 2014 and as you said thunder it's made up of extracts font cassettes of all these various people all these elderly spinach is no longer on this air of their voices their accounts their memories are preserved forever and all spirits no matter all they are where they are really should listen to these people from the past because this tells us all something about the way that suits was amused to be when we have wonderful mediumship like this you know and all right through our wonderful mediums today but not in the same numbers as they used to be you know and and these people tell their stories of what they experienced and so we produced this in 2014 and it really has on all over the web Paris on into America it's on floating when it's on into Europe all over and I'm so delighted and I can tell you this much that whenever I listen to these whenever I listen to if I knew all but one of these people I knew them personally I'd met them and when I listen to that I walked up alone I know because I remember these people so well and it's like being sat there all those years ago listening to this wonderful stories and so I will set quite emotional when I listen to listening to this so that's the story of how this the CBS came into being yeah but what I want to say about these CDs personally is being on the adventure of discovery to life after death and it all stems from a real strong foundation in helping those of us who are grieving because we are and I know you come from that same thread you can really get that life after death is real but our loved ones are still around we live a much higher quality of life but when I first began research on you long before we met I saw a video let's see where were you you were at a church Bournemouth spiritualist Church yeah buried yes and that's a video on YouTube which I'll connect to this episode people can find that in the description but it's about an hour and a half and it's on your journey and I thought wow who is this man what is physical mediumship was incredible and then upon and of course I'm delighted that we've met and we're friends now but listening to these CDs I've listened to them at least five times and this morning when I was preparing for the interview I was remembering for whatever reason the gentleman named Roger Bannister Sir Roger Bannister was the first person who ran a mile in under four minutes perhaps and it was said before that it could never be done never be done yes not only did he run it but what he made available is now it's a common thing for people to run the for under four-minute mile and it's interesting that he came to mind because he just passed into the spirit world two days ago yes I learned and so by sharing these these CDs which are also online as audio people don't have to get a physical CD there's a website called and if you just type in Stewart alexander you can find them or if you go to Stewart alexander you can find them as well and to hear the stories i think for now being in 2018 people that are unaware of physical mediumship or these these stories of the past because they hear them I think there's something in our minds that say if that happened once it can happen again and so my hope is to awaken many of us who want to go on this discovery to listen to me to start our own home circles and to have these things alive again yes yes yes and it sound exactly what you say sir I think if we compare the Spiritualist movement today to what it once was what it was for over a hundred years I think that movement step backwards I do I believe that anybody that knows the history of the movements you know and then looks at what spiritualism is loft into then they would have no option but to face the facts that food through them has taken a backward step dog food with anything out what so ever thought that none and I think one of the main reasons for that of course we've got to remember that mediumship itself for over 100 years was the very heartbeat of the movement you stood up the very center of the moment which indeed it does today but if you compare the general standard of mediumship today to what it was for over a hundred years I think you would absolute miss that it is not of the same standard it's not as you know it's not as readily available as it once was and I think if we care to look at the reasons why or consider why that could possibly be the case my opinion is that the home circle through over a hundred years stood at the very centre of spiritualism it was the full speed of spiritualism it was you know now I'm afraid to say that's not the case and most people are led to believe that they can attend courses where where your connection with spirit can be enhanced all that we can release the medium within and that nature now don't misunderstand because I do believe that there is a place for courses and we can only learn from people who have the knowledge truth can be supported by then we can be encouraged we can be helped with development question about that but unfortunately a lot of people attending such courses think that that can become a medium very quickly and there is no shortcut to the development of mediumship and then what's the home circle is reinstated back into the very center of spiritism I'm sorry to say but I think the movement will continue to go downhill and I really do you know why have we not got the general standard of mediumship today as we had for all of those many years some years ago and that's me is the reason deco being you know it's no longer of good importance as it was for so many years you know and there is no shortcut to development and with physical mediumship I mean I believe that for many years you know monkeys before his meeting developed this community almost years before anything physical happened sitting in circle it's all in it together each member is important that was a whole you sit there with great patience no particular expectations other than the fact you will give everything you can you know to this very well and you sit there you may sit there and even if you sit there for that is at the end of that you've got nothing you have wasted time because where else in this troubled world knows come together all on the same wavelength all singing conversing in sheet or learning the same balance to be as one together to shut the door to the outside world and leave that house out the answer and so you know where else can you find you know that kind of situation becomes you know flee from wonderful to just be together and wait upon this you know anything's possible and if just one person's the owners then the circle as a whole is everybody games in China special games you know I keep telling this coming up on my screen some of you internet connection problem with the internet connection between you two that was very quick yeah so back to what you were saying I am so grateful for technology because technology allows us to be doing what we're doing right now and to be able to share the CDs and so much more but I think because of technology so many of us are busy on our computers or our cell phones and we're not getting together like the people did in olden days I mean there was no televisions or maybe beginning of televisions but people got together to play their musical instruments to sing families and friends would be together right - that's absolutely correct no question about that correct soccer you know there wasn't the distractions years ago that there are today but then if the circle is formed people have to be committed to that circle and if for example the circle decides to meet on a Monday evening every Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. then the circle should meet at some 30 p.m. every Monday and the only reason for absence is illness you know you know vacations that kind of thing but other than that no other excuses the circle has got to be committed and if no one can commit that way then this shouldn't be a member of the circle you know so I believe that the home sake of austerity back it's a mainstream spiritualism I really did what it was very strongly of this and you know there is no shortcut to development there really isn't a shortcut and I think you see I I know people who have gone along to course is no setting a home circle and within a matter of months the spiritual platform don't see it now exactly what the demonstration I'm not said but it's not mediumship you know and you see this so often and this is so sad so that when you look back at these wonderful wonderful mediums from the past you know it's it's wonderful you know just to see what they were actually producing you know wonderful first couple of tracks I write on the c-d-c speaks about developing home circles and and how not only to do it but you don't have to have someone in mind as a medium it just can be people that are willing yes yes yes I'm spirit just asleep together is the part that somebody may develop that contact may be made with the spirit well and that's what it should be a house you know that's what it should be about but in today today we live in there an innocent world will want instant results and it's not possible with mediumship it isn't you know and I love some people who've been so promising have been developing wonderful is well within arm circles who can't wait to get out and working people in the box you know before the public and that don't understand it and do not understand it because that could all back it fed the development of the mediumship you understand what I'm saying if they had scared within the home circle talking unknown to the outside well then in all probability you know they're being ship moved about further but then it's limited because of the fact that choose to go out and demonstrate publicly understand I don't understand our egos told my listeners if you ever hear me developing an ego that it's all about me just damn permission to tell me smack my gosh whatever and I know you're someone to that this wasn't gonna be an interview about you and pushing Stewart Alexander no but to share stories that can make a difference and to help people know what's been possible before and what's still possible if it gets so important but the ego is it is thunder you know the only reason that I began working publicly and that was for the no mark society the know about society when it first came into being and I became a member of the committee of the society became at Starrcade laughter sir and they didn't know that I've developed physical mediumship there have no idea and I have no intentions of telling them because we were a home sample I was just got up on circle and then the very first demonstrating a physical mediumship we had with the North artist was that it very first residential seminar and it was a young man at the time he was working under the name of Lincoln and now we're not just call me back okay and he demonstrated now I'd never ever experienced physical manifestation the crosses that got to that with sitting with Leslie Flint's on several occasions and listening to these voices you know speak upon on a dare but other than that I've never witnessed what was happening my circles I've never seen him I was those in a trance condition and so the SAPS about me four seats upon colleague died and he was the medium for the night and I think that was the first public demonstration he'd given and I thought then that something was two trumpets on the floor and threw him and i sat there the lights went out total darkness and there would be 50 60 people in circles coupled around and what I witnessed just touched me it was wonderful to see these trumpets flying all over the lumen and voices speaking and I thought I'm seeing what something in that sector which I've never seen before and the point I'm coming to is a afterwards when everyone was soaring as they now look to them then I could see the joy on people's faces how people have been lifted how what a difference it made their lives just you know an hour and a half yawns and their lives have been transformed and I remember looking and thinking how so selfish that we were keeping this hidden keeping it to ourselves now had a lot of witness now that night then probably I would be speaking to you tonight and probably still think just about at the home circle totally unknown but that now he talks only changed my mind and diary and thought I'm so selfish I've got to you know I saw that to work for the Lord our society and that's how I gave out into the public but I'm no no intentions of doing yeah and Jean woods there's I took some notes um some of my favorite parts of the CDs and he was from Ohio here in the USA and there was medium by the name of Chris and he gave his recollection of his parents both materializing and he could see them and talk to them and of course when they both tried to appear at the same time there wasn't enough power for them to both talk it just really brief but to hear stories like that and it's you know it sounds so fantastic and so impossible that there could yes a substance such as ectoplasm and that our loved ones can step through it and become real again with warm hands and can kiss our faces and we can hear their voice incredible absolutely you know and the senton assistance under there's a lot of students have no idea about this no no no it's incredible I'm so we forgetting about the past you know a lot of spirits are no knowledge about these wonderful mediums on the past and what you know was what we were capable of producing within the zoom none and that self snap you know that this earth Sam and as I say because now we've turned it into like a man of religion and I don't understand it because to me spiritualism began life dealing with fats fats science stealing facts we've made a religion out of smooches and I wonder why a religion that would be made up of science you know they're both based on practice all at once and you know smooches a nice piece and was bit Union Pat it did rely on faith but all it I'm nothing to do with this you know but any of that's me studied about mediums in the past and people that would sit with them there doctors are scientists they're attorneys they're prominent people in it yes I was stuck with why you'll see men and women have left news yes and they were tested that I've been to a few seances and I'm careful who I talk to about it because people say well if something happens in the dark how can you believe it you know how can you believe it and to be present and witness phenomena and witness people's loved ones speaking through them yes currently I have not seen anything happened within the light myself but within you know people that I met and the stories that are on here it's plenty of stories that people have materialized in the light but it's yes to try to and normal what I ever try to convince anybody this is real but I say you know my feeling about the mediumship is that physically from her physical manifestations do not to battle the prove that something extraordinary is happening but not necessarily survival but when that when those manifestations are then coupled with survival evidence then that's a mighty strong piece for the reality of survival communities you know and I will say physical mediumship on its own very very interesting and obviously a spectacle obviously it is but then if that is all wings with survival evidence you know look Lots coming through and speaking to us that's something else you know that puts forward a very strong case yes I was listening to them again this morning just because they oh they feel so good to listen to there's a mrs. Gordon talking about being in the in some mediums back in the day there was a dim red light on but both her sisters who passed within like nine months of each other and her father came out and spoke with her yes that is a message of survival I think mrs. mr. William Cookson witnessed a girl materializing and kissing the mother and father yes well Belle cooks sauceman assassin and he very well indeed and he was quite a character with Okotoks but quite a character and you know his wife was absolutely transformed when he attended this seance with Helen Duncan and his brother his deceased brother came out to the cabinet and came across to him and he said it was a sedan was app so if perhaps you're because it's the best time you ever taking part in anything like it he said now that sort of terrified but you know bill Cox lived the remainder of his life many many years on that one evening that one experience indeed he would tell everybody about it you know years years later after you had that experience do with so that seemed person that that made on his mind you know how transformed his wife but their children are deceased and they stop living themselves it's like grief can kill us internally and I've spoken to people 3040 years they've been there life has been stopped and if there can be an audio to listen to a book to read if people can visit physical saying on start a circle and have this proof we can go on living again yes yes I think it's every parent's worst nightmare isn't it to lose child no question about that you know no upset many times that's what goes on within the sea on through can be extremely emotional there's more question about that but yeah you know you can't escape the grieving process and I always say even spiritually so are a hundred percent convinced of survival if they're little to look long then you cannot escape the creepy process you know it's Bobby's nature my passes beginner passed as a result of the world of oxygen getting a SAP for many years on my left Apple apps on our left and knowing everything that we knew about to that everyone everything with experience when we very unexpectedly luster due to a road accident we couldn't sit for several weeks we just put wat6 every one of those with saw moves rabbits was just sick and eventually when we did see probably four five weeks later we didn't go into the scene we couldn't go into the sea on so on we just sat in another room together and he was his most emotional thing it was a wonderful time and very quickly we then went back into the sea on through boxer so you cannot escape the breathing process it doesn't matter if you Christian or Buddhist Hindu a spiritualist an atheist whatever you are you cannot escape the grieving process you know so I wouldn't sort of absolute truth I wouldn't pretend to suggest they do embrace the reality of life after death so they have an online group and they meet in different locations but it's really wonderful to get people together to support each other and hear these magnificent stories that it does help it does help being part of a community does help to alleviate some of the pain and just as a reminder there's another story I want to bring up was this is Ivey Northridge yeah if our viewer right now or listener a man came through and the seance saying his name was George and that was her father mm-hmm correct and yeah and she didn't know her dad as he she he had passed when I think she was just three months old but he says no you go home when you tell your mother and not only that but he gave her five notes that he whistled whistling yes yeah and he repeated them and made her repeat them right there the seance room and to go home and ask your mother and it's so touching of story because sure enough the mom looked up the the father's birth certificate she knew him as Henry and he was actually George Henry says that was the first and then the daughter did the whistle and the mother burst out in tears because back in the day when they were courting he would walk outside the house and he'd whistle those five notes and that would be their love sign and she would come out and meet up with him and you know I mean I've had similar stories down the years you know and I just think to myself you know that if real evidence real survival evidence how could you ever double to the end you know if you were fortunate to receive that yeah well people back then you know so maybe 30 40 to 50 years ago very often one second for what gold Christmas tree seances and they will decorate the tree which would be in the center of the circle and there were some times for Tory's on the tree or around the base of the tree and very often would manifest and play with the toys you know I mean how wonderful is ask but I dare say that today Christmas offices of probably unknown now they belong to the past you know okay I think I'm turning you know unless we get back to basics the home circle I think we should movement continue to go backwards I really do and I also think that we are where we were left a wonderful legacy a wonderful legacy by our pioneer ancestors by our pioneer school is back and your suitors a wonderful legacy for us to capitalize upon I mean back then people of real roses you just said you saw some good men and women of letters meant on world of science people from the world of science you know investigated and tested and became absolutely convinced of survival you know and then risk their reputations absolutely risk their reputation but standing up infinitely inside well and speaking mock the boundary will convinced will seduce and so the left is a wonderful legacy first to capitalize on what as we done with it with betrayed them back on send you know with I think nobody wants to be laughed at I think a lot of people are afraid to share that this is something we're studying because people might think we're a little strange weird and then people do know that there have been frauds in the past and even they have made not the story incorrect about Houdini and Marjorie yes absolutely I have read many books many books many articles about Marjorie Canada the journey has been Miller but that was a pseudonym Marjorie but many many people as many articles many books and I you know I suffer from high blood pressure but when I read these box you know because so often they do in truth or too fast fiction and automatic license you know all thrown into the mix and none of them really tell the truth about Marjorie you know her husband who was probably one of the most renowned surgeons of the big over in Boston work well surely you know a man of great sort of an academic standing in this everything you know for his wife's gift no it's White's mediumship it was a hundred percent convinced that she was genuine and she was and you know some years ago I was very very fortunate to be in contact with a lady called Mary Nestor and Mary Nestor was the daughter of a doctor and Mrs. mark Richardson and Dr. Richardson was whacked with Dr.. Crandon market suspend and and they became part of the circle and she as a young woman she grew up with the mediumship basically and as a young woman she sat several times with the Marjorie circle and she wrote several tabs to me we can't responded quite a lot and she told me what she experienced and what she told me is always ignored always ignored but all these ticks are come along you know to say that she to come down here has been a flood all of them talk nor the manifestations for which there is no there is no explanation other than the fact there were genuine you know wonderful wonderful things but not of these critics touch upon nursing the concentrate on things that could you know be explained away as a product of thought and you know so often I become so annoyed about this because she was the most wonderful she was known as the jewel in the crown of spiritualism she was not was the eighth wonder of the world you know and I'm Noda and she gave everything she gave my life you know to meet her mediumship and what did she get you know Houdini when he became part of this Scientific American committee who examined a meaning Jim when he went into those became involved in the both tests we've got to remember that he was the most famous magician of the dish the most escapologists of the day no question about that now he had by then a reputation for exposing mediums and when he went into those tests of Margery he said that he would be open-minded he was willing to be convinced oh I'm sorry but it's nonsense absolutely not a magician things in a particular way the do they think in a particular way and when it and he in actual facts he admitted to an associate that he would catch her out because he took a trickster to trap a trickster and this came to light when a police pass on water or did Amy passed on but he admitted he stated to an associate that he would explore the wonderful Margery so the world's greatest magician world's greatest magician was coming up against the world's most renowned medium and she was at that time so he was hell-bent on exposing her and there would be no way that she would convince him you know what I could go on forever without getting actual bad but it just annoys me when these critics totally it's it's honesty you know they killed Marjorie of being dishonest they're equally as dishonest but totally ignoring the what took place sent Langley that was there at less turn that she little Boston you know she was a wonderful wonderful medium and I feel so sorry and sad that you know that with stigma attached to that of Dr. Condon you know people just gave this away for healing others would charge just a small amount and there were really good people I mean there's I read the book about Alec Harris that his wife wrote and that is my favorite book so far on just one evening they're 23 Souls loved ones step through and and it happened in the red light and even on the CD set I think who was it was Mr. Douglas Lawrence was talking about seeing Helen Duncan still sitting in the chair and yet Albert came up and he told him to put the lights on for a short while and he could tug on his beard and pull on his ears and pinch his nose and feel that he's warm absolutely well at my seminars we very often Oh the last bill Simon has the last few years we've had Alec houses ransom you know come on because he grew up with the media ticket tonight we've also had his son badly he's got long he's talking to us so it's just wonderful to have these people to sit there to listen to their wonderful mesmerizes extraordinary stories really well I'll tell you something now sunder some years ago some years ago I was a member of the Society for psychical research England English Society for psychical research and my median kid had just began to develop the physical mediumship and I felt I was guilty bound to contact them to ask whether or not we would like to send researchers to I mean I was taught the innocence you know after I did and the effects of their research is long after one of the sittings what the researcher saw the remain nameless told us that he some years earlier a fat with a leak Ali's sister story doctor told us this is a servant of the daughters is said that he found out that local spiritualist Church had arranged for party people for mature members to go along to sit without calories so yes president whether or not he could go and the president said what I'm sorry but it's folly is subscribe so we can't take anybody else but if anyone else if anyone drops out for any reason then we'll give you the first you know invitation apparently would be before two or three days before someone or you to go was ill couldn't go the president a sneeze researcher would he like to go and he said yes and so he said that morning it's a we all gathered together outside the church waiting for a bus to come along to take us all to sit with Ali Curry's he said Ortiz who was an old gentleman holding a bouquet of flowers he said I found out this old gentleman had lost his wife a few weeks earlier and you're taking the bouquet of flowers coughing of his wife would interior house so he said they traveled to only Harris's home you said Ben we all sat in bills it said an egg sack immediately in front of this old gentleman it was still holding his well as if that and how they carry sack in a cabinet tracing us all he said the matter while he said the curtains open and this figure came out this supposed materialization was saying wonderful wonderful if some but it was so dark it was so dim black was so deep it could see whether or not it was in the tumor it could have been a mica it's in the bath no he said I didn't know he said what he said right towards the end he said the captain Hoffman he said on this little old lady came out he said then every hair on the back of man next look it's a gun this old gentleman puts me a sad that forward shouting his wife's name he said well I've never I've never seen anything like it they kiss they embrace it said the options there for sometime he said then I noticed he was she was going downwards toward the floor it's another look I saw she was deep into realizing and she was going down he was going down with her and at the end he said it was just a head on the floor and she sing I've got to go and he was seen no God doggone she said I've got to go he said and then he just went down to a bundle rectify the money shot back into the cabinet right ok a few years ago that same researcher wrote a book and in the book he thought the story of his sitting with poly pellets and how he had expose him as a fraud so you tell me you know mediums accused of dishonesty is that you know I couldn't believe this I mean I'm ready because because I'm so infuriated but I've been told this this is what being claimed and also I don't even want to read the book I don't want to read the book I'm not interested you know but so this you know it's not all one-sided you know you know sometimes mediums can be fraudulent that can't be thought you want me to let up being expose this is no doubt about it but then you get equally in my opinion you can get dishonesty all walks of life and it's ah if it's not an example of total dishonesty I don't know what is ego kicks in greed if we look at what's on television I mean everything is on the negative that's happening everything and I always thought there should be a good news network there's so much good happening in the world and their spouse about yeah there's something that people know or they believe and I don't know why you know a lot of people can focus on the negative or these reality shows that are so many people want to be as a member if she know his I think that's the thing but you know I think to myself why did he do that was it because you wanted to say certain research well nobody else could see that it was a pure but I see that you know both you know him so far I don't know no I mean said I can tell you Crossway only cross may you I consider as my second mentor or sat with these three mediums on the past I knew I worked for some years he formed a circle around me it was the most wonderful person to be some of the most memorable experiences of my life was to sit listening to intern in his stories and he knew Ali Kairos very well indeed and the stories that he told us about what being goodness when sometimes 3d form until as forms would all be out in the room at the same time all the conversations with people it was their evening when he noticed he looked cabinet curtains welcome one of the guys was in the circle is so now at immediately beside with cabinet is said that sound and I looked it said now lots and I realize that howdy Collison his legs had disappeared he said that there was it strong can he said what nothing below it's enough time to totally that what I like how his wife is certain she was talking you said a friend back and not a certain was just on exist and he said suspended in midair its body it button he said once again this tethered garland there was an empty chair he said Sam saloon said Louie Alex is gone where eat it she said oh don't worry around gasps stop talking and he turned and he said Louie you said go down the stairs unlock the door boy you found a husband on his hands and knees in the dog wake him up and bring him back he said Louie went down the stairs he said we had the door unlocked she went out minute later came back up the stairs I went back sat in his chair trying to dance and this see us continue I mean if you'd seen that if you'd experienced that I'm constantly telling you stories - maybe I mean just you're not wonderful how fortunate he was in his life to people like only carries heaven Duncan he was you know various mediums wonderful there's some kind of a luminescent tape you put on your knees just to say that you're there and he was saying at one point you were levitated six feet off the ground yes because it's just to witness it versus just hearing the story is that these things did not happen overnight it took many many years my person Circle now has been meeting I think it's about 33 years so we've been sitting every week for 32 years apart on vacations and Christmas pop you know so but other than that we've been sitting 32 is so these things take time and I always say we never happen - realization in the eyes but if the spirit people at our next circle said Stewart if you will give six months of your life on earth we will be able to materializing the light absolute took a year you know I would give that because I think it's the most wonderful thing that people come along to the circle you know and especially if the we've recently bereaved come along to the circle and grow out a different person because they've had that holds enough do and I think you know that be where babies are you know for people to be able to experience yeah as opposed to like a materialization because yes I experienced that future yeah then voice doesn't enemy directly from the medium it's some point in space with moths with Leslie friends it was about a foot away from his lecture that the voices would speak you know but it was independent of it he would very often speak at the same time you know he would take part in the conversations you know with my office the offices sometimes they are independent in that where the speak for my distance sometimes to speak to the trumpets no you know what a trumpet is you know not a musical instrument you know like I'm like yes absolutely so sometimes I speak to nearly said a mega fourth of the drug base you know yeah so that is the voice it doesn't only direct upon the mediums borehole of it comes from point in space remark from the medium but so the spirit person speaking would be speaking in their own voice okay she just was talking about at one of your seances how her husband had come through with specifics and it's just such it these stories they heal us and people may never have the opportunity to sit in the home circle or to visit a place to witness this but I tell you it for anyone who's viewing or listening right now to get a copy of this and like I said you can get it online it's in the episode here at type in Stewart Alexander or Stewart Alexandra there so healing event Oh just to know what's possible and I'm all for sharing these audios as much as I can and yes yeah because it helps are there plans for future it goes but isn't it wonderful Sandra that these people although she is the girl who recorded their recollections that their voices are still being headed today and that their recollections have died away with them but you know the still reference you know you have put a face on it there is no patent on it it's wonderful and I'm just so delighted for all of these people you know that people can still listen to their wonderful stories you know are there plans for future yes I have yes I have it's a question of finding the time and you know to do this but I'm hoping there will be a follow-up to this one yes yeah yes and what people could maybe find within the pages yes I have to begin by seeing that quite some years ago sure why don't you answer book I'm not interested in writing the book you know if I kept seeing this and the biggest problem for me founder and I do mean this and see this I am NOT interested remotely interested in self-publicity I've just arms and I thought the biggest problem about writing the book would be that it could be interpreted so very easily as of misteltein I didn't want that in fact I brought to great pains to point out at the beginning of the thought that this is not nothing to do with it you know please it's got nothing to do with it at all but I wanted to tell my story I wanted to that all I became involved in speech freedom my journey through speakers and the various people have met the incidents expense advanced experiences had because I think at the end of the book I remember reading some years ago mostly Princeville voices in the dark and thinking to myself you know to me it was so inspiring to be just in the same way as when I left Finley's on the FTP aesthetic you know and you mentioned some time loss under about mediums who were not you know or don't even charge money people in the past who lost a lot of jobs you know and that's just been something that's done in the just on Campbell Sloan who Findlay talked about you know I get on the air TV hello he was just such a man just such a person but he did work full-time at another you know job and then that was just something you did I'm evening you know so there's an example you know John Campbell song I know many like it you know there were not professional mediums as such in that wet period for the work they did on the carpet as well you know and so I wanted to tell my story how I became in all the long journey that had you know and that basically is what the book is about you know the people I've met the experiences and all of that you know that's what it's about you know there are me I've told you now this is true and people who listen to this or see this interview you know may not believe what I'm about to say but this is the gospel truth my one weakness my one we left about the book is the facts I agreed to have my order to go home I really honestly want some cake but I really you know that's not big you know but so that's my maxi movie dress that I agreed to having that is mentioned people who've been important on my journey you know people such as the maybe one considers to be my first meant which was a lady called Kat Mathews blossoms in spirit but she was a wonderful wonderful of medium wonderful medium and she created a separate I've been very fortunate she created a circle and maybe tried to develop the mediumship further and after her that was uncross we mentioned earlier you know and he did the same thing so I've been very very fortunate but it's been a place yeah to mention people that bass you know people that the Spiritualist movement well specially cut Matthews you know with long since you know she was just a pallet person you know who occasionally demonstrated on the spiritual platform but she was just excellent medium excellent person so it's been a real pleasure to to mention it you know I I know from my own life that I've kept it quiet my journey and I never I was so afraid what people would think of my strange a my weird and once I did write my book and I started sharing with the radio show I realized more people than not are interested not everybody and never pushy but you don't have to share any of this this can be your own personal journey and I recommend so much not only Stewart's book because he does not brag about himself but it's some very good reading and without a doubt this CD or just the audios because you can download those digitally and listen to them immediately if you like there's something that gives me life by being in this conversation I know when people watch and read all those some of those reality shows that are negative or the negative things in the news that does not enrich our lives but reading like this visiting places like I've been visited and met you at Banyan Retreat those places enriched my life warm my heart and I'm filled with so much love and laughter can I just say something that you just touched on in actual fact and I share this with you you know I had my own business for thirty years okay it was important that man being ship would stay under wraps because I knew that if it became common knowledge it would adversely affect the business no question about that yes also also my sons grew up doing absolute knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about spiritualism my media if nothing absolutely nothing because we kept the zoo separate the business the family life the mediumship we kept them separate you know I've always said you can't be a medium 24 hours a day seven days a week because it's unhealthy and I can tell you the first time I became incensed the very first time I became into us a few days later I was at work you know the fact it was the lunch break everybody had gone for the lunch and they all sat at my desk and suddenly I felt personally control me that better doing clothes whoa whoa turns out this account at this and I made an agreement then in my man with is well-versed look I cannot have you in my everyday life I just can't you know I've got to keep this separate but what I can promise is that when I walk into the sea then I will give everything everything I possibly can get upon that day on they've kept their pass to the bathroom and I kept mine and I always say I mean we are family and no idea that I do what I did none whatsoever happens but what I do see is when I walk into the sea on sue then I become Stu Alexander I become somebody else when I walk out then I've become just me again and that's the juice that's - I think I have met people over the years medium is developing etc who lived at mediumship 24 hours a day seven days a week did that's the sole topic of composition and nothing but this Plus this grass on what they would otherwise be capable of you know because we can live in some ways you know this should really keep it quite secular and then when they stand to work as a media then they can give them over little otherwise be able to give 75 last week and there was an opportunity to do an interview with someone that I really wanted to and it just hit me mom's alive and right in front of me we can certainly push this interview off till next week and I can be the person I love it's just so easy Stewart I want to just share something that you have written on your website and once again for our listener or viewer Stewart Alexander medium is the VA's website dot com Stewart Alexander but you wrote through this online presence my goal is to encourage the formation and development of more home circle out of which new generations of trance and physical mediums may emerge and demonstrate the wondrous reality of survival of the human soul beyond death intangible communication between the two worlds that really sums up what you're about not ego not selling a book but to really connect the two worlds and let people know the reality thank you so much it's been my pleasure it's been my pleasure what can I say over all of what I've already said Sunday it's been a real pleasure you know to do this interview and I just thought that people who listen to it or see it will be able to appreciate the fact that we together have done what we've done this afternoon because we passionately believe with our hearts in survival and in communication and I do believe that the world today would be a great different place if mankind could finally accept that you know as a fact because the spirit people often say if that was possible for the whole of mankind to be confident and truly we could have heaven upon earth and I've no doubt about that you know know so thank you very much indeed for this opportunity to tell myself once again you can check out his book Stewart Alexander an extraordinary journey and the fantastic audio physical saying outs room recollections and in the description of this episode I have exactly where you can get those and they're really worth listening to and reading our home base for this show is we don't die radio dot com which meet now you can find 244 episodes about the afterlife and living a good life and also as a gift if you are someone grieving I have a very healing audio called how to survive grief which as Stewart was talking about we can't get away from the grieving process but it gives some understanding of why we grieve and some things to alleviate the pain and that's my gift to you and this September 2018 I will be one of many speakers at the afterlife symposium and we will have some representations of physical mediumship but if you're somebody interested in learning more about creating a home circle I encourage you well even just go to afterlife symposium org and see some of the speakers may be joined there our organization is I think twenty-five to thirty-five dollars a year and lots of great people so in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and I'm always delighted to be your host on we don't die radio and I personally do believe that life is an education for the Soul and that life here on earth is important so I really want to thank you for listening or for watching and a big thank you to my friend Stewart Alexander who always brings a smile to my face so thank you so much and we'll see you soon.


Early life

Stewart Alexis Alexander was born to Stewart Alexander, a brick mason and minister, and Ann E. McClenney, a nurse and housewife, in the Mary Immaculate Hospital on the banks of the James River, near the Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company, in Newport News, Virginia. Because the facility was then a segregated hospital, young Stewart and his mother were quickly relocated to a basement room.[7]

While in the Air Force Reserve, Alexander worked as a full-time retail clerk at Safeway Stores and then began attending college at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Stewart began working overtime as a stocking clerk with Safeway to support himself through school. During this period he was married to Freda Alexander, his first wife. They had one son.

He was honorably discharged in October 1976 and married for the second time. He left Safeway in 1978 and for a brief period worked as a licensed general contractor. In 1980, he went to work for Lockheed Aircraft but quit the following year.

Returning to Los Angeles, he became involved in several civic organizations, including most notably the NAACP (he became the Labor and Industry Chairman for the Inglewood South Bay Branch of the NAACP).

In 1986 he moved back to Los Angeles and hosted a weekly talk show on KTYM Radio until 1989. The show dealt with social issues affecting Los Angeles such as gangs, drugs, and redevelopment, interviewing government officials from all levels of government and community leaders throughout California. He also worked with Delores Daniels of the NAACP on the radio and in the street.

Los Angeles mayoral election of 1989

In 1987 he met Norton Halper, a community activist, who convinced him to run for mayor of Los Angeles.[8]

Alexander launched his campaign for mayor of Los Angeles in 1988, personally visiting over 14,000 doors to get the necessary 1,000 signatures to appear on the ballot. Many of his ideas for the campaign came from a hearing of over 200 community activists in Los Angeles, about the city's problems, which he moderated.[8]

His campaign focused on the issue of redevelopment. Stewart felt that the billions of tax dollars spent on redevelopment were wasted on helping wealthy contractors and corporations earn more profits at the expense of the residents who he felt were in need of social programs and employment. Furthermore, his campaign dealt with the issues of crime prevention and the aforementioned social programs. Stewart believes that these social conditions led to the Los Angeles riots of 1992.[8]

Tom Bradley won the election against major opponent Nate Holden. Alexander finished seventh with 2,691 votes (0.84%).[9]

Later campaigns

Alexander became an automobile sales consultant and began looking at other political groups outside of the Democratic and Republican parties. He saw the popularity of independent H. Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996 as proof that America was interested in more as well.[8]

He was the Peace and Freedom party candidate for lieutenant governor in California in 2006, receiving 0.5% of the vote.[10]

In 2008 he was nominated for Vice President of the United States by the Socialist Party USA.[11]

On October 15, 2011, he was nominated for President of the United States by the Socialist Party USA at the party's convention in Los Angeles.[12]

He also unsuccessfully ran for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for governor in the California gubernatorial election, 2010.[13]

Presidential campaign

Alexander shortly after his nomination for Vice President of the United States of America at the Socialist Party USA National Convention in St. Louis, MO, October 20, 2007.
Alexander shortly after his nomination for Vice President of the United States of America at the Socialist Party USA National Convention in St. Louis, MO, October 20, 2007.

At the 2011 Socialist Party USA national convention in Los Angeles, California, Alexander was elected as the party's nominee for President of the United States.[14] He won the nomination in the first round of voting, against former SPUSA co-chair Jerry Levy. Alexander's running-mate for Vice President of the United States was Alejandro Mendoza of Texas.[15]

In August 2012, Alexander sought the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party, a ballot qualified socialist party in California. Alexander/Mendoza lost the nomination to a ticket of comedian Roseanne Barr and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. Shortly thereafter, Alexander resigned from the Steering Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, citing a lack of support for socialist candidates by the PFP.[16] It was later confirmed that the Peace and Freedom nomination was decided ahead of time through a backroom deal involving Barr, Sheehan, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation[citation needed].

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