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Sharqia Governorate

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Sharqia Governorate
Flag of Sharqia Governorate

Sharqia Governorate on the map of Egypt
Sharqia Governorate on the map of Egypt
Coordinates: 30°42′N 31°38′E / 30.7°N 31.63°E / 30.7; 31.63
Country Egypt
SeatZagazig (capital)
 • GovernorMamdouh Mustafa El-Sayed Ahmed Gharab[2]
 • Total4,180 km2 (1,610 sq mi)
 (December 2018)
 • Total8,017,894[1]
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
HDI (2017)0.694[3]

Sharqia Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الشرقيةMuḥāfāzah Al Sharqiya, Arabic pronunciation: [aʃ.ʃæɾˈqejjæ]) is the 3rd most populous of the governorates of Egypt. Located in the northern part of the country, its capital is the city of Zagazig.


Bilbeis is the former capital of Sharqia. A section of the governorate once was part of the Qalyubia Governorate. There is a strong agriculture industry, poultry and fish farming in Sharqia.[4]

The rate of poverty is more than 60% in this governorate but recently some social safety networks have been provided in the form of financial assistance and job opportunities. The funding has been coordinated by the country's Ministry of Finance and with assistance from international organizations.[5]

Municipal divisions

The governorate is divided into the following municipal divisions for administrative purposes, with a total estimated population as of July 2017 of 7,192,355. In some instances there is a markaz and a kism with the same name.[6][7]

Municipal Divisions
Anglicized name Native name Arabic transliteration Population
(July 2017 Est.)
Abu Hammad مركز أبو حماد Abū Ḥammād 433,336 Markaz
Abu Kebir مركز أبوكبير Abū Kabīr 447,083 Markaz
El Husseiniya مركز الحسينية Al-Ḥusayniyah 373,774 Markaz
El Ibrahimiya مركز الأبراهيمية Al-Ibrāhīmiyah 183,209 Markaz
El Qanayat قسم القنايات Al-Qanāyāt 63,016 Kism (fully urban)
El Qurein قسم القرين Al-Qurayn 84,358 Kism (fully urban)
New Salhia قسم الصالحية الجديدة Aṣ-Ṣaliḥiyah al-Jadīdah 52,883 Kism (fully urban)
Awlad Saqr مركز أولاد صقر Awlād Ṣaqr 226,973 Markaz
Zagazig 1 قسم اول الزقازيق Az-Zaqāzīq 1 176,240 Kism (fully urban)
Zagazig 2 قسم ثان الزقازيق Az-Zaqāzīq 2 207,463 Kism (fully urban)
Zagazig مركز الزقازيق Az-Zaqāzīq 877,977 Markaz
Bilbeis مركز بلبيس Bilbays 818,029 Markaz
Diyarb Negm مركز ديرب نجم Diyarb Najm 493,043 Markaz
Faqous قسم فاقوس Fāqūs 104,244 Kism (fully urban)
Faqous مركز فاقوس Fāqūs 615,176 Markaz
Hihya مركز ههيا Hihyā 299,620 Markaz
Kafr Saqr مركز كفر صقر Kafr Ṣaqr 279,595 Markaz
10th of Ramadan City 1 قسم أول مدينة عشرة رمضان Madīnat 'Ashirh min-Ramaḍān 1 74,164 Kism (fully urban)
10th of Ramadan City 2 قسم ثان مدينة عشرة رمضان Madīnat 'Ashirh min-Ramaḍān 2 145,278 Kism (fully urban)
Mashtool El Souk مركز مشتول السوق Mashtūl as-Sūq 219,794 Markaz
Minya El Qamh مركز منيا القمح Minyā al-Qamḥ 771,987 Markaz
Minshat Abu Omar مركز منشاه ابوعمر Munshāh Abū 'Umar 86,670 Markaz
Tanis مركز صان الحجر Ṣān al-Ḥajar 158,443 Markaz


According to population estimates, in 2015 the majority of residents in the governorate lived in rural areas, with an urbanization rate of only 23.1%. Out of an estimated 6,485,412 people residing in the governorate in 2015, 4,987,707 people lived in rural areas and 1,497,705 lived in urban areas.[8]

Industrial zones

According to the Governing Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) the governorate is home to two industrial zones. They are located in New Salhia, and in 10th of Ramadan.[9]

Cities and towns

The following cities and towns are located in Sharqia Governorate.

Name Population

(2006 census)[10]

10th of Ramadan 29,601 30°18′23″N 31°44′29″E / 30.306503°N 31.741455°E / 30.306503; 31.741455 (10th of Ramadan)
Abu Hammad 36,592 30°32′40″N 31°40′47″E / 30.544376°N 31.679831°E / 30.544376; 31.679831 (Abu Hammad)
Abu Kebir 104,100 30°43′00″N 31°40′00″E / 30.716667°N 31.666667°E / 30.716667; 31.666667 (Abu Kebir)
Awlad Saqr 19,515 30°55′49″N 31°41′51″E / 30.9303418°N 31.6974966°E / 30.9303418; 31.6974966 (Awlad Saqr)
Bilbeis 141,285 30°25′00″N 31°34′00″E / 30.416667°N 31.566667°E / 30.416667; 31.566667 (Bilbeis)
Diyarb Negm 52,611 30°45′05″N 31°27′28″E / 30.751389°N 31.457778°E / 30.751389; 31.457778 (Diyarb Negm)
El Husseiniya 29,565 30°51′40″N 31°55′11″E / 30.8610931°N 31.919806°E / 30.8610931; 31.919806 (El Husseiniya)
El Ibrahimiya 35,022 30°43′06″N 31°33′47″E / 30.7183986°N 31.5630861°E / 30.7183986; 31.5630861 (El Ibrahimiya)
El Qurein 64,559 30°36′06″N 31°44′39″E / 30.601771°N 31.744135°E / 30.601771; 31.744135 (El Qurein)
Faqous 73,081 30°44′00″N 31°48′00″E / 30.733333°N 31.8°E / 30.733333; 31.8 (Faqous)
Hihya 43,672 30°40′07″N 31°35′25″E / 30.668702°N 31.5904°E / 30.668702; 31.5904 (Hihya)
Kafr Saqr 30,004 30°47′47″N 31°37′34″E / 30.796389°N 31.626111°E / 30.796389; 31.626111 (Kafr Saqr)
Mashtool El Souk 47,153 30°21′38″N 31°22′39″E / 30.360556°N 31.3775°E / 30.360556; 31.3775 (Mashtool El Souk)
Minya El Qamh 67,450 30°30′55″N 31°20′46″E / 30.515278°N 31.346111°E / 30.515278; 31.346111 (Minya El Qamh)
El Salheya El Gedida 9,350 30°37′47″N 31°56′28″E / 30.629774°N 31.941019°E / 30.629774; 31.941019 (New Salhia)
Zagazig* 318,393 30°34′00″N 31°30′00″E / 30.566667°N 31.5°E / 30.566667; 31.5 (Zagazig)

Notable people


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