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Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise
Created bySeth Green
Matthew Senreich
Original release
NetworkAdult Swim
ReleaseApril 6, 2014 (2014-04-06)

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise is an episode of the television comedy series Robot Chicken and it was aired as a half-hour special during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on April 6, 2014.[1][2][3] It serves as the sequel to the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special that focuses more on the Legion of Doom and is followed by Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship.


Arkham Breakout

In the opening segment, the DC villains escape from Arkham Asylum, which is being guarded by the characters of Robot Chicken.

Buying Cookies

Bizarro has difficulty communicating with a girl scout.

Working for Doom

At the headquarters of the Legion of Doom, the villains have their typical everyday problems. Scarecrow gets his foot briefly stuck in the swamp and gets violated by an alligator. Sinestro works to use his key card which doesn't work as Riddler asks if he is operating it right. Lex brings his daughter Lena to work at Hall of Doom Coffee during her spring break as she takes Darkseid's order. When Black Adam asks Gorilla Grodd if Weather Wizard wants coffee, he states that he texted him. Two-Face puts in his order as he tries to flip a coin for his additional orders as the coin accidentally goes into the coin jar. When Brainiac states that the Wi-Fi password doesn't work, Poison Ivy advises him to use the Wi-Fi in his brain since he is a super-computer. Brainiac explains to her that he has 3G where he is in a family plan where his mom blows through all his data watching Castle on Netflix leaving him with no minutes. Gorilla Grodd interacts with Lena where he sympathizes her plight and suggests that they should follow each other on Twitter where Damon Lindelof once favorited his Tweet. Gorilla Grodd then talks to Black Adam about Lena and spring break. Weather Wizard replies to Gorilla Grodd's text stating that he wants an Americano. Black Adam has Gorilla Grodd tell him that they already left.


Superman introduces his "clone" Superboy, to the Justice League.

Bat-Hound vs. Bane-Hound

Ace the Bat-Hound and a dog dressed like Bane re-enact a running joke from the last special.

Sexx Luthor

As Lex Luthor talks to the Legion of Doom about a targeted energy pulse being sent to the Hall of Doom, Scarecrow sends something to Gorilla Grodd. He forwards it to Sinestro and Catwoman. Lex catches the four in the act and asks what is so important. Scarecrow then proceeds to show it to him. This footage is shown to be Lex's days from his youth as "Sexx Luthor" from the Smallville High School Talent Show is shown. Lex Luthor then destroys the laptop in front of Scarecrow as Gorilla Grodd has downloaded the song to his cell phone's ringtone.

Reverse Flash

Reverse-Flash introduces "Reverse Iris" to his enemy and his enemy's girlfriend.

Giving Bats a Ride

Batman and Green Lantern try to come up with a less emasculating way for Batman to enter the battlefield as the Justice League fights Chemo. When Green Lantern enters with Batman on a sailboat construct, Chemo is in awe as he quotes "I got to call my dad".

Worked to the Bone

Lex Luthor states to the Legion of Doom members about something involving bumping Eddie's plans to the end of March and that nobody loves "Malcolm in the Riddle" anyway. When trying to get a vote from the uninterest Legion members, Black Manta states that they are worked to the bone where they are butt-polishing their own seats into reflective surfaces and that he once pulled out a chair for Gorilla Grodd and got into a starring contest with his eyes. Scarecrow then asks why they don't get vacations as everyone chants "vacation". Lex Luthor states that they have plenty of time off in the form of prison. Starro appears agreeing with Lex by quoting that he is back to work the next day. Captain Cold flushes him down the toilet despite Brainiac's warnings as he mentions about giant sewer alligators. When Captain Cold considers it an urban legend, Killer Croc briefly appears and quotes "you think so"? Resuming the meeting, Lex finds out that Lena escaped to spend time at the beach with her boyfriend when Scarecrow's nephew Calvin fills in. As Gorilla Grodd states to Sinestro that Lena does what she wants, Lex considers this an insubordination that won't stand. Scarecrow then sends Calvin off and to tell his sister that he loves her. Lex orders Brainiac to tap into the grid in order to cross-reference the data of every airline in the country until Gorilla Grodd views her Instagram vacation pictures with Toyman being impressed with the beach house in the picture. Lex decides to fly the Legion to the beach to search for Lena as part of their "vacation". He then engages flight mode which surprises everyone. Catwoman and Scarecrow then take this time to complain why it's flight mode wasn't used when they all had to commute to the Okefenokee Swamp. As Lex Luthor orders the Legion of Doom to buckle up, Swamp Thing has been summoned by the nearby swamp animals where he claims that the Hall of Doom upsets the balance of the Green. When the Hall of Doom's rockets start to activate, Swamp Thing evacuates the nearby swamp animals as he is hit by the rocket fires. A promotion for "The Death of Swamp Thing" is shown. When the special returns from commercial, promotion for the upcoming comics "The Return of Swamp Thing" is made.

Invisible Emergency

Green Arrow struggles to fly the invisible jet when Wonder Woman's knocked out.

Doctor Date

Doctor Fate's date takes a turn for the worse when an actual doctor is needed.

Cyborg's Poop

Cyborg shows how he goes to the bathroom.

Comic Book Deaths

At Green Arrow's funeral, Batman rants about how death works in the DC Universe that involves either making use of an alternate Earth's superhero, cloning them back to life, or them being given a magical amulet which everyone in attendance has gone through when they had their deaths. In the final scene, Green Arrow is alive which surprises Ice.

Nerd at the Daily Planet

The Robot Chicken Nerd gets an internship at the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olsen talks about the signal watch he uses to call Superman when he's in trouble. When Jimmy falls out of the window, he forgets his signal watch. At the zoo, the Nerd gets grabbed by a gorilla as the Nerd sets off the signal watch as the gorilla eats it. Superman arrives and beheads the gorilla thinking that it ate Jimmy. The Nerd gets his first article titled "Superman Murders Gorilla" as he talks about it to Clark Kent. Clark begrudgingly quotes "congrats".

She Likes Fish

Aquaman talks with his date's pet fish to see if she's a keeper.

Spring Break of Doom

The Legion arrives on the beach and uses the time to hang out and cause mischief. Sinestro and Mr. Freeze lie in the sun as Sinestro gets scorched. Joker compliments the beautiful day as Weather Wizard quotes "You're welcome". Clayface gives money to girls where he interacts with a sand sculpture before they are hit by a high tide. Penguin, Scarecrow, Brainiac, Black Manta, and Riddler mistake the Justice League's private beach for a nude beach. As an also nude Joker runs behind Penguin, Lex arrives scolding the villains for goofing off and where their clothes are. When Superman asks what kind of freak show he is running, Lex states that he is looking for his daughter. Everyone present discovers that Lena and Superboy are dating, much to the dismay of Lex and Superman who demand that Lena and Superboy never see each other again. Members of both teams later ask Superboy and Lena about it which leads to a parody of "Summer Nights".

Starro Attacks

Before a fight between the two sides happens, a mutated Starro returns on the beach to wreak havoc. As Martian Manhunter compare Starro's giant size to a New York sewer alligator, Brainiac tells Captain Cold "I told you so" as they are struck by Starro. This forces the heroes and villains to team up to stop him.

  • Martian Manunter, Green Lantern, and Sinestro attack from above where Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Scarecrow, Green Arrow, and Black Manta attack from below. Starro launches smaller Starros which falls onto Catwoman, Doctor Fate, Gorilla Grodd, Joker, Poison Ivy, and Toyman. Harley Quinn accidentally hits Joker trying to get the smaller Starro off him who flies into Batman's arms. A promotion for "Death of the Joker" is seen with 18 variant covers which Robin states that he got his.
  • Green Lantern and Sinestro try to do the bow and arrow maneuver only for them to both make bow constructs as they are swatted away.
  • Penguin loses control of his flamethrower umbrella which burns Scarecrow and Two-Face.
  • Riddler quotes "Riddle me this, can anyone hear me"? He is then stepped on by Starro.
  • Before Flash and Reverse-Flash can use their speed, an out-of-control Penguin accidentally burns them.
  • Cyborg shorts himself out stepping into the water when trying to attack.
  • Aquaman summons the creatures of the deep only for seahorses to arrive.

Though Starro reconsiders his attack after seeing Lena and Superboy's love, he is defeated by Batman and Green Lantern's sailboat. Superman and Lex agree that they can't stop the power of love.

Later that evening, the Justice League and the Legion of Doom attend the wedding of Gorilla Grodd and Bizarro. Jimmy Olsen asks if this is how the second special ends. When Batman asks if he should be dead, Jimmy states that he got a magical amulet. Lex reunites with his bandmates to perform as Sexx Luthor once more.

In the post-credits, a promotion states that "The Joker Returns" is on sale now.

Voice cast


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