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Ramón Cáceres

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ramón Cáceres
Ramon Caceres.jpg
Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic.svg
31st President of the Dominican Republic
In office
12 January 1906 – 19 November 1911
Preceded byCarlos Felipe Morales
Succeeded byCouncil of Secretaries of State
Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic.svg
18th Vice President of the Dominican Republic
In office
November 24, 1903 – December 29, 1905
Preceded byEugenio Deschamps Peña
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Personal details
Born(1866-12-15)December 15, 1866
Moca, Dominican Republic
DiedNovember 19, 1911(1911-11-19) (aged 44)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Political partyRed Party
Spouse(s)Narcisa Ureña Valencia
ProfessionLawyer and Politician

Ramón Arturo Cáceres Vasquez (15 December 1866, Moca, Dominican Republic – 19 November 1911, Santo Domingo) nicknamed Mon Cáceres, was the 31st president of the Dominican Republic (1906–1911). Serving as vice president under Carlos Felipe Morales, Cáceres assumed the office in 1906. Cáceres was assassinated in 1911, ambushed by rebels and killed in his car.[1]

Cáceres was the leader of the Los Coludos, also named Red Party.[2]

His death was followed by a civil war and, ultimately, by the U.S. occupation of the Dominican Republic in 1916.[3][4]

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this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of help altruistic through thought I always present Maria Paloma Chrysostom in this case yes tell you that I am directly supported by bert hellinger I am included in your list see hellinger is the creator of the family constellations then he He asked us apart from what he had been doing since 1999, when he first came to Spain I've been with him learning, I've also been in Mexico, good condition then I am directly endorsed by him as a therapist as a facilitator of family constellations what are family constellations because it is a psychological therapy is like something that revolutionizes I like it before it was washed in the river and now we have washer dryer and it does not even wrinkle and ironing then psychological therapy also is evolving everything has to change is like an evolutionary process good afternoon in which it is changing what is this therapy in what it consists and how it works and how it works we are in psychology systemic we are within systemic therapy all systems there is a law first I'm going to talk a little bit about physics a little because there are many people who without knowledge like everything novel can talk inappropriately about this therapy when everything is not known you do not know you do not know how it works how it acts then I'm interested in explaining a scientifically little bit what is this about systems there is a law that is the law of systems what in 1954 an Austrian biologist recognizes and it is within physics the physics and a law just as there is the law of gravity that there is a series of laws is the law of systems in which good act is above all we talk about systemic action let's see what it is a system and let's see how they act and what laws there are because we have to discover that we are part of another system that is the family system and that as such there are laws that act and that if you go against those laws It's like you're tripping life and we will also see what is in that family system in which we are born that we all know that there is a genetic DNA but we are going to discover that there is another emotional adn acting but first of all what is this systems first thing we go to clarify that system is something systemic are a series of elements that are linked together interacting and the bable we see it externally but externally we all know that the earth is part of a system the earth is part of the solar system this is the first thing that comes to mind head and in this system everything are interrelated but in addition to a very important way because the earth without the sun there would be no life we think that the other planets know astronomy or astrology we see that if they interact with each other but there are elements of the system frankly important in that interaction if we continue to look at a broad level at a macro large level we see that the solar system is part of a galaxy worth we could keep looking but let's see it at a micro level at a very small level small level I have a heart the heart can only act has felt the heart is also within a system the circulatory system and all are related and interact what same as the brain is within the nervous system so then we are realizing that we are inside planes of systems we are interacting with systems and that tells us this system in my assessment I will put a system that is a constellation of stars imagine a constellation of stars the greater bear the lesser bear what we want these stars relate to each other create force fields these force fields hold together the structure of the system this is united they take millions of years in the cosmos in this structure have a movement but between them they remain united then this law of the systems that he told us the Austrian biologist tells us that if we act at a point of a system that action affects the other members of the system or elements of the system that acts in the same way if I implied acted generated a force in an element of this system is going to impact I want you to see the other members of the system because it is a little base that we will see in what is the constellations of what consists the therapy and then there is another thing that I explain here also what happens if I exclude we already have a first law that if you created a force at one point of a system this force impacts in the other points of the system but let's see another one that is the most important what happens if I exclude to an element of the system prevented that receives and that emanates its force I'm breaking the system I'm breaking it I'm loading it I'm just breaking a structure worth and if I break this structure that will happen to the other elements would look for another series of fields to discover to look for a balance in the existence everything looks for balance the water when it leaves it goes looking for the place to find balance to drain everything looks for balance if I exclude an element the other elements or members would leave looking for a place of balance this we are talking about the cosmos we could allow every time there an exclusion there would be a chaos because if they look for another place of equilibrium they would create an interaction with other systems would create creating chaos existence can not allow it can not allow it and says if there is a exclusion the other members will carry special charges will be charged energetically to compensate for this imbalance in this way we maintain balance in the system at the physical level to understand it because now we are already passing the family to the physical imagine my body my body is a system a system that has many organs what happens if I exclude this leg this organ from my body and I I want to stay exactly the same as before what happens to the other organs of my body what is happening to the other to the other leg recharges what happens to my spine and my shoulders tighten then if there is an exclusion the other members will assume special charges this we have seen then what is the if it is not the second is the first law of constellations is the law of belonging this law of belonging tells us no one can be excluded now now now it's still a little explaining no one can be excluded now we look at it and we see that what is meant and what sense is excluded because if someone is excluded the other members are going to take charges now begins to explain this is how a law is worth we have this and that is our system imagine that you are like this point a star I say that when you are young you think that you have nothing to do with a system that you are unique you feel that you are going to get what you propose you believe that everything you insist and you make an effort you get it but when we go having a certain age we know that it has not been like that there are many things that resist that for more what you try is like a wall in front of you that you can not advance or also like something holds you back you want your breakthrough but something throws you something you're like you're stuck in something that you do not know a few fields of force that now see we will see what if we have to be clear is that if I am this point this being this star I'm here thanks to some parents I repeat again when you are young you think that not that it is worth that you you get it you know that you have a body thanks to your parents you know that your body you and your constitution your hair color all the is due to your parents to your grandparents to your ancestors that is no different if they are all tall and blondes and so on, you're not going to suddenly come out totally different unless you there is someone in the family system that has that physical constitution but you you will carry that physical constitution of your ancestors then this star is thanks to parents if our parents would not be here logically they have given us life but our parents have been given life by their parents and these in turn yours and these in turn yours then if we go looking at all this is a constellation all this is a system is a system family in which I am here thanks to all of them and I know that my DNA is genetic is given by all of them their physical constitution lately biology research are to see in the DNA chain that is What is altered that is what is sick is what the sanan van to look for the link in it and they are good because they are all the advances of the biotechnology but that discovers us bert hellinger with the family constellations discover us that there is also a DNA emotional this yes that is the novelty this is what what do you say what is this what happens what is this about an emotional DNA does not have sense we fully accept what genetic DNA is but what is emotional but we are entering the whole emotional field with goleman intelligence emotional the importance of acting emotions in your life in you physically, emotion is an energy field the emotion acts and the energy is not destroyed is transformed then there is also an emotional field in all of our ancestors and let's see what that emotional field is like, I say that if you want to leave an inheritance to children sometimes we want to leave something physical but what that you are going to leave really is all the emotional field unresolved that inhabits in your interior because all the emotional field is transferred is emotion is energy is something that will be passed down generation after generation unless you assume unless you transmit unless you heal all this field but that is the field that our ancestors have left us I put here you imagine that the grandfather we have dad we are going to put a return let's put a great-grandfather a great-grandfather let's put participated in the war and it is not known about him there are many people who have been not only in the civil war the war of cuba the war of the philippines the war of Africa almost all almost everyone in our systems we have people who have participated in wars let's get right now with this war theme because the excluded we will see that they are of many types excluded is someone who suddenly is not in the system anymore, he is hated he does not want to know of him either because he disappears or because he does not want to know about him for problems sometimes of homosexuality in a few times but for problems of inheritance due to early death problems when someone dies early a son or someone with some conditions we do not want to know we want forget an excluded we told them is someone to that you have closed your heart you do not want to remember it I do not want to know problems between husband and wife problems between siblings problems then all those problems in which I break up the relationship excluded a person by the reasons that are and that is an excluded we said that nobody can be excluded now we will see explain how it acts that is not exclude if someone has done something negative how you would have to act properly to not break this energetic framework creating because if there is an excluded what we do know is that the descendants are going to carry special loads what is happening in the excluded were we saying that sometimes the grandparents great grandparents there are excluded there are many there are many It's like relationships I do not want to know about you I cut the relationship or disappears this phrase of went to for tobacco and did not return or are there phrases a bit we could say good there are phrases that tell us that suddenly the person has disappeared in these exclusions if there is a exclusion we have seen that there will be burdens in the offspring is worth there is a man excluded and suddenly the descendants they have to take on a special emotional charge of what kind I always put here I make an example a visual example so that you can understand how he acts I set the example of a courtship or a relationship I do not be someone who wants someone who wants to not care what it is are taxed you do not care who else does not care what Goya is worth this is an example is a relationship is a relationship between a couple when a sometimes we say who is part of a system here we are not going to talk we are not going to give too much information because you could give a lot of information and they do not form part of the system not only people at blood level in people who they have a deep emotional relationship, then there is created a emotional relationship and are already part of the system is a couple a couple in the which is a deep relationship take a series of years in some occasions I have found that they can have even one child among them and who is the second thanks and suddenly a new woman appears in this field and this man falls in love with this new woman As the first woman remains, many times we do not usually leave relationships properly we have a facet when we talk about self-knowledge we have a childish facet in which we cut how we can how we know but there are insecurities there is then this man He has cut it as he could and he has simply stared at this new woman and form a new family with this woman but she is as she stays she is excluded she has not been given her place she has not been thanked her and she is left with a kind of loneliness of sadness something is happening and this is an energy field to stay in it is going to keep going we are saying what happens and who usually happens to imagine that they have a girl that is me they have a daughter and a daughter appears new becomes young becomes adult and begins to see that all the men who appear to their life they are creating a difficulty this is a feature is something we are putting we are not making a constellation we are making an example of how these fields normally act then I do not understand I am cute I am nice and I do not understand I do not understand that men that appear in my life go away is one are not two I met women in these situations and you have to look she is right now living what is good in the field of sadness what happens with that field of sadness who is going to get to the descendants is one excluded and we have said that no one can be excluded that if someone is excluded the descendants will carry burdens special I have to live his pain I have to live his sadness now we will see why because at random you say good and this makes sense now we will see why I choose this place in my life to live this for the playoffs but you understand how they pass you understand how it really is to pass the energy field to descendants when someone is excluded that makes a constellation and now let's look at it a little bit good and you're going to ask the first doubt that one raises is because I have to occupy this place in the system because I have to occupy a place where there are a number of excluded behind me if we look at it with a lens of self-knowledge if we look at it with a personal life perspective and this when you listen to me the talks of self-knowledge I come here to do a learning I come to study a mathematics history lesson a lesson love love I come to study something concrete so so much I go to the place I go to the university where I have the subject for the study where I have the books to be able to study that subject I come to this system because I know that here I will have the lesson I will have the books to be able develop my love develop my security nothing is random I'm not here because by chance I have not caught this energy charge by accident but I am within an evolution field I am within a field we could say self-knowledge learning amplification amps development and this is the ideal place for me life this we say is never wrong is pure wisdom is my mind the one that does not understand sometimes what happens what happens and many times I go against these laws that are acting but I'm here because that's what I need for my evolution we do not have only to see it at a constelar level that is going to help in my life process but also we have to see it as evolutionary learning of my reality of my essence yes before coming man who has breached who has left things man has everything a but who has left the wrong things then logically it happens because she is part of the system I I'm not going to tell you what there will be and I do not know that anymore but if I tell you more or less how acts that makes a constellation a constellation the first thing that will live or do not live people are we enter another field of consciousness we enter an emotional vibratory field and you do not know how the force that it has and acts we could say the energy changes that occur then he goes to apologize with a series of keywords will say sorry I was you the First, I thank you for all you have lived, that is, you will be grateful for what you did not know do in its time in a constellation is done the second woman is going to also say that this is another law that we will see the law of order has to give thanks to the first this is how he has left the place he has left his space hamas feel us we will see superiors but simply thank and say you are the first and I am the second there are a series of steps in which this that was broken she she starts to feel gratitude she starts to smile in constellations we enter a field that feels vibrates and then you realize that everything is healed that everything is sewn there is a movie that is brave the walt disney that there is a tapestry that is the family that It is broken and that must be said because something like this is what you have to do with family systems with all those broken that there is of exclusion is then When this is healed, the daughter is free and the darning has been done. made the bodoque has already been placed what was dislocated energetically ok and they are grateful everything is like this Imagine that adults do not want to take this step they do not have the security to thank and and if we are going to see this person logically although sometimes we work with children but it is based on dolls and things I'm talking about a case I'm putting a very simple case because there very complex and very complicated cases in which you have to do a lot of work Well, quite deep, I expose it because I see it in a way simple then comes the person who is already adult a girl in her twenties years comes if she it opens really opens your chest because all this work we do at the level emotionally you do not have to take anything or act anything, I say that the only tool are the Kleenex because ma'am or because the emotion really is going to sprout because if I am leaving couples in me there is a very big sadness that is what I am living but that has to do with it and that field opens I dare to open it I dare to feel this is the I dare to live that emotional field and here is the first that we have already said experiences thanks the first thing that we have said with the law that the Austrian biologist explained to us when you act on a point affects the other members of the point or if you really do if you do it, it is going to affect the other members, this is the physical law that's why I told you that it's not something that is random, it's not something that we're not inside of physics and lately quantum physics is making the big change the great transformation of all of it and then when this person dares it's more sometimes a person is coasting and someone's phone rings that had not called for years and suddenly calls at that time or good peculiar things and to the maximum one enters a field who we did not know until now that is acting and that there is a greater vibration look at last week and costel in logroño there was a person that good because worked and suddenly appeared we were already at work appears a kind of big blowfly and suddenly the person was left livid and it says is that my grandmother died because of a blowfly bite was allergic and there we started working because we were working with grandma after all, the fly went away how could this tell you a thousand situations in which we notice that there is a field that acts and needs everything appears what is needed or a song appears in a moment determined in one place or it appears and everything is like it's helping you from a once and for all all those excluded from the systems are healed because if not we carry on our backs like a lot of weight a lot of cargo then a constellation what will do is heal the field give rise to the excluded and in the moment that results in the excluded others they lighten the others lighten up is how many people say it's like I I remove a load and did not know I was carrying the load no but it does not matter when we started ago we are talking of 99 15 years bert hellinger if we had a little bit to know what had happened was even insisted in these 15 years it has evolved a lot but has changed its way of coss loom and everything is evolving and changing now you do not have to know anything appears what you have to know appears in what to see what you have to do is dare to open your chest dare to feel if you do not want to feel you are the one who closes the field when we talk about this vibratory field we have not been aware until now if you approach a person says it's hockey to taste I feel this person radiates something to me I feel at ease even though you do not talk, you are feeling your hydra field you approach another person or another place that fries I'm feeling fatal I'm going because they are radiating all we are not only a physical genetic part but we also have an emotional field an emotional vibrational field then Like if you remove a hair you put it under the microscope you see all your chain DNA is very easy to get the genetic DNA and from the simplest there is lately as the constellation pulls open the emotional adn we enter a field in which they will appear especially the excluded but speaking of this one of the examples that I put I have been a teacher until three days ago and I'm retired I just started retirement then in this profession because there are many children with learning difficulties many a child with learning difficulties although parents want many times you are looking at excluded you are looking back and can not the child can not be attentive to his own because he has to carry many excluded from the system but the case that I'm going to tell you was a girl with serious difficulties learning very serious and I told parents we can look at a constellation to see what happens to your daughter what happens I'm going to say is an example nobody knew anything total that when you open the constellation I see that the girl looks as if she had an older brother and I say mostly to the father because we had worked with the mother I say you have another child and the more or less we had already had a friendship dove I do not have another child I guarantee you for the most sacred thing that I do not I have another son I will not say the name but I will you insisted you have another son your daughter looks at a big brother with which it does not fit at all the matter is that suddenly there is Sometimes they say how it is not me when someone says as I'm not saying now we have already reached the point because it appears that is when something has to appear even if it is not known or appears the botfly and the person that the other day he did not remember at all that event appears and he sees it is like if you you are really receptive if you want to heal that system if you want to have that to dare to feel and you open is like everything is in your favor the essence the soul everything is put to your favor then this man says as not I was in Germany as a young man and I had logical relations with a girl he told me so but the girl in her She told me she was pregnant but I had to come to Madrid. my parents told me do not worry if you are pregnant we are going to tell you after months the parents came back do not worry you are not pregnant after two months of the constellation because when a constellation opens begin to happen things I start to look like people start to move around the field starts to happen things I will not say he had a company with germany we could say he always went by car and that one at that time was by plane and when he arrives in Germany he is held in customs and they tell him you should German state so many euros because he has taken care of his son in the German state all the social ones took care of it then this girl stayed But well, I had already given the data afterwards, this was after two months After three months he finds contact with the son and brings us a photo and we says who is I say you as a young person says is not my son 21 years old German is not the only one that has appeared have appeared more for me the biggest thing is that they are people that then thank the parents there are no problems and that stranger you say no there is why know what appears that has to appear appears is like a field what only that you have to be available is available to what you have to open it is true that the truth comes out sometimes not l the truth there are many things that have been hidden in the systems that have been obviated in the systems because it hurt there was pain and that is hidden is a weight on the offspring when the truth emerges no matter how hard it is sometimes because sometimes it is really difficult what comes out suddenly it's like a liberation is like a joy is like saying ya now I can breathe another case I can breathe is that I could not breathe not only the constellation but in life it's like it costs me or like something I carry on top of me and it's an emotional field that changes is like a vibration that leaves the index the truth will make you free really the truth comes out no matter how hard it is sometimes it is very hard place everything gives place to all this son found his place and from there someone can tell what happened to the girl because the girl found the school special that she needed in February a school of four or five children for classroom with very few people finds it is like opening it's like there's a alliance with that opens up in favor of all elements of the system is like life starts to go in favor instead of going against it is like there is something going to heal and especially life starts to make it much easier is like you get rid of something then there is also the personal work logically consciousness you have a great liberation it's like that but then you have to be aware of why you were in that place what was your mission what was your learning what is but logically you it's going to be easier you have as allies for that work that is going to favor OF LIFE you have understood a bit what are the constellations in this is for me it is very important to say that it is the emotional DNA because everything is genetic what we know but what we had no idea is that there is another and emotional and there are many excluded in many systems for whatever reasons and there are many fields emotional and pain that continue to happen continue to pass from generation to generation generation in the wars there are deaths in a lot of death a lot of death and that death creates a lot of pain in families and of course a warrior or a person that fight is to defend a person who kills in constellations there are no sides It is simply who has killed what he has produced and heal organizing these do them in a group because the representatives sometimes give much more information thing that can also go out individually but the group gets out a representative for the father another for the grandfather what the facilitator consider and then quickly start entering you are entering a field of vibration in which you can see where you are in the exclusion where the pain is where is what is lame to go to place it is also I say how a kind of surgery is to look for where is the pain to heal it to do a surgery and complete it and that the person really stay in that feeling of liberation from a burden that has to see with his system that he carried for loyalty to the system so vergel imber says blind love to the system every child at birth looks for a hole exclusion to occupy that place and we could see why but just I'm going to finish with a second law, there are three laws, one of order and the other, of balance and act in this order with strength but the law of order the first law in constellations is the law of belonging and the second law so they are among the other colors and the second law It is the law of order we have seen in the previous example what is the order and how really a second woman has to thank the first and consider the second and this sometimes costs a second it feels like more important it feels you feel better and this is distorting the established relationship is like you it removes force in the law of order if I am in a row the first one has priority to choose logically I'm in line I always see myself in a fish shop here everyone has their and then the one that is first can choose all the fish that there is but the one that is last when it arrives will be what that somehow it fits you may or may not but it is a way then in the first order is like they have priority lately we have broken that order who are the first in every system of which we are parents grandparents etc. but normally right now the parents are before the son the son is here thanks to his parents but that order has broken the son by education by culture by studies it considers superior to parents we are breaking the order and sometimes belittles and rejects there are many reasons why it happens but it is true that We have disrupted this order so the son considers himself superior to parents even says what they have to do they do not respect that they know what really a parent wishes in spite of things parents have their vision and there to respect are the big ones while the son thinks himself superior and knows more when that is happening what will happen what will happen to the son of this son that is going to be placed also above is going to be above your parents is going to be a rebel is going to get inside inadequate fields when the order breaks breaks completely then we are talking only about exclusion but when the order is broken when I do not respect my elders a lot of people say is that my parents but are your parents have been able to do what they could have done but so given life and you appreciate that and they are the greatest are the greatest Starters I will not say much more but all this this order is vital this order is sacred there are times we do a little job in which you feel the parents behind and know what the big ones are and you you come back and you really bow to them, giving thanks If you thank whoever gave you life, life opens up if you do not thank and you put yourself above who has given you life, life closes you we are inside the energy field the life is energy all of it is an energetic vibration of various types emotional and mental physics but all interacting as we do not respect the orders in which we are living will have problems because we have them because we respect orders we do not know about the fields we do not really know who I am what am I doing here that is life this I always say that is when I I present my presentation is always tried to be the best I could but when I started to understand what life is, it was with the death of my first son of cancer at two years there life had no meaning and I said oh I understand what life is or I do not want to continue living from there you start to investigate to see from there my first son was my first teacher then I had a second son who was Antonio Blay Fontcuberta which is what we talk about self-knowledge and my third teacher has been bert hellinger in which with this healing and revolutionary therapy and that open the field I say that a constellation opens you not only the walls that you have in your chest but it opens you the understanding of life in ones planes that you were unaware of being in a constellation workshop how to open the field to life and see how limited your brain sees limited that your brain understands things there is much more that escapes us and a workshop of constellations expands that vision I think that with this we are going to to leave the explanation of what are constellations if you want some question but if you want something to explain a particular subject something well, we can it's a one time all of these are interesting questions to the principle was believed that it was only once because we talked I'm talking to you 15 years ago then we thought that with one time because it is also slow I say that in a constellation we make a planting we remove the soil what we prepare and we sow and then it is the person that welcoming that sown goes to allow that seed to flourish there are many people who say it has changed my life a constellation and there is another one that says it does not depend on how it has careful sowing that is done is important then and that when you sowing does not grow immediately it takes a while if you're going to start see quick movements I told you before this man that two months later this happened to him when he had been going German for three months, this is quite fast but movement starts to look but the location requires more time how long you do not know there are people who they have more time other less sometimes they talk about two years two years like everything is placed I have cases that after two years of making a constellation had to go to Mexico to hunt down the sponsors of two people who did constellations and they met at two years old there was a person who worked with schizophrenia we've all talked about mental illness not we spoke was from Extremadura came from all the conquest of America last name cuts and at two years this person appeared to do all the work of Self-knowledge at two years old and it's like things are being placed but you realize that sometimes they are like fringe pending things then sometimes we have been able to remove layers of onion but we have some more not always but it's good that at some point when you feel it when you be prepared because a constellation is strong enough to move everything and you have to be prepared I say it's like painting the house but there is a period of time even before paying for it even if you do not know it you start to notice you moved is like you're preparing for a cleanup but then it deserves deeply how is the house clean at times when you say now I need because I'm seeing that there another event in my life as it is cycled that I can not constellate it is important to know what is the concrete problem that you have what difficulty you have a level of work at the level of a couple at the child level any level whatsoever anything is working anyone and what is behind and I always say that when I finish a constellations workshop I close the mouth I will take thousands of constellations made but it closes my mouth because it is so impressive you stay is so shocked of what's behind the problem of the person you say but good and like this but it looks so clear that is what is interfering in that person's evolutionary process of that circumstance and what truth that is really interesting then really to lately coastal has cost the moss but not immediately it is not say because then the planting like that the revolves is not something that is me I say sometimes additions we have talked about additions which is another case good at adoptions but you do not have to be addicted to constellations if you can live sometimes as a representative is a joy because You see yourself opening sponges but making continuous constellations is not right you have to leave your time pose be seeing and when one feels that if it is available that there is something also in life that is interfering you good is going to look at that topic do the other thing Well thank you very much for having been and nothing until you want to live a workshop those who have not lived it is worth it first those who already you have lived you know that it is worthwhile but knowing that this therapy exists is very important i ah


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Political offices
Preceded by
Eugenio Deschamps Peña
President of the Dominican Republic
Succeeded by
Position abolished
Preceded by
Carlos Felipe Morales
President of the Dominican Republic
Succeeded by
Council of Secretaries of State

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