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Rai 1
Rai 1 - Logo 2016.svg
Launched 3 January 1954
Owned by Rai
Picture format 576i (PAL) 16:9
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share 15,71% (May 2016, [1])
Country Italy
Language Italian
Broadcast area National; also distributed in Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Tunisia,[2] Malta and via satellite across Europe and in certain areas by cable.
Headquarters Rome
Formerly called RAI (1954-1961)
Programma Nazionale (1961–1975)
Rete 1 (1975–1983)
Rai Uno (1983–2010)
Digital Channel 1 (SD)
Channel 501 (HD)
Digital DVB-S (scrambled in Mediaguard during some events) on Hotbird, Astra, Atlantic Bird and Hispasat
Sky Italia Channel 101
Digiturk Channel 101
CanalSat Channel 365
NOVA Greece Channel 854
Cyfrowy Polsat Channel 209
UPC Switzerland (Switzerland) Channel 252 (HD)
UPC Austria (Austria) Channel 652 (SD)
MC Cable Channel 201
UPC Romania Channel 192
Com Hem Channel 177
TV Cabo Channel 227
Cablecom Channel 093
Channel 202 (digital CH-D)
Hot Channel 155
Numericable Channel 76
UPC Romania Channel 741 (digital with DVR)
Channel 192 (digital)
DNA Oy Channel 375
blizoo Channel 109
Ziggo TV Italiana Ziggo App
Kabel Deutschland (Germany) Channel 866 (SD)
A1 TV (Austria) Channel 101 (SD)
Telekom Entertain (Germany) Channel 381 (SD)
Streaming media
RaiPlay Live streaming
 Logo used from 2000-2010
Logo used from 2000-2010

Rai 1 (until May 2010 known as Rai Uno) is the flagship television channel of Rai, Italy's national public service broadcaster, and the most watched television channel in the country. It is a general interest channel, mainly focused on shows, movies and public service; its direct competitor is Mediaset's Canale 5.

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Hey Bikramey? Yes! Finish all the dishes before going to the school. Okay! And listen! Bring two kilos of chicken from Aulyal while coming back. Ok Oh my God! She is no less attractive than a heroine. Listen children if you too go to watch movies and be absent like Aitey, then i will punish you too like this. Do you understand? Yes! Understand sir. Sit down. Aitey tell me the climax of that movie. I paid five rupees to watch that. First give me money then I will tell you. Come on tell me. Hey Donkey! Why are you making noise? Get Up! Now tell me the spelling of doneky. You don't know a that bit. You donkey. Jun! You spell Donkey. Very good. Jun! Hey! Jun is mine. If you touch her I will cut your hand, if you see her I will turn you blind. I have already touched her and seen her. Now dare to burst my eyes. Don't open your mouth wide. Otherwise.... Otherwise what will you do? You will know at that time. Let's go. Tell me what is happening in the film. Come on tell me. Why are you silent? There is a fight between hero and villain. Hero has severely beaten the villain. Now it's my turn to watch. Do it fast? Shit the villain is again beating the hero. My shoulder hurts. Get off. Now it's my turn. Hey! Who is there peeping from the hole? Evade them! Merchant the chicken has been omitted. Write down as you will get money. Our boss asked us to bring two kilos of chicken. Where is the money? On credit. Just keep on writing and omitting daily, you get the money. Here is your share. His majesty Bir Bikram Bikram, our names are unscripted in the coin It's usual to have written friends name. Bikram listen! Why did that aulyal wrote his shop name in English? He thinks that it would attract the people. Shit! Man becomes great studying English. Now I will go to the city, study English and become a great person. Who will take you to the city? Kira merchant has told me to take there. I am orphan so wherever I go, my job is to clean dishes. Listen birey! I will clean the big dishes of city now. New merchant may sell you along with the moth. His face says he is a good person. He said he would send me to school too, Now I fell like I will go to school in uniform. Are you really going? My heart is unrest hearing. That's why I didn't tell you earlier. I planned to move tomorrow. That's why I proposed Jun today. You see today my tail reached farther. Dawn doesn't come before dark night, union doesn't happen without departure. Haven't you heard the dialogue in film? Life is like a film, today is the union and tomorrow departure. Take it. No thanks! Come on take it. Whom do I give from tomorrow? You and Jun are the two whom I can count as mine. You won't forget me after I am gone, will you? Not at all. However, I am afraid. Hand can erase this written with chalk, water can wash away written on sand but the things scripted in this coin remains for epochs. This will remind us even if we forget. What does the new coming guest say sister? What else does it say? Each time kicks and asks about maternal uncle. Is our upcoming guest dishonest? Why does it need maternal uncle when the mother is always there? I'm just the mother. You are all one relatives. You shouldn't talk like this in such situation sister. It will have inner impact. You should be happy in such situation. You untouchable immediately get rid of this sin. It won't be good for you if you utter my brother's name. Guest petty bank is also about to be full. Today I nearly forget to make a deposit sister. We shoulf provide good education to our upcoming guest. Have you taken the folic acid tablets? Yes, I did. What do you think? Will it be a boy or girl? How would I know? Am I the god? This time sister's.... Have you brought the offerings? Hey mane! Why are you silent? Have you brought the offerings or not? Brother! You should pose like this. You should look handsome, I have called beautiful models. It seems to go viral. Aitey brother! You look exactly like Bhuvan Hamal in this pose! But the matter is Jun sister.... Shit! You scoundrel! Jun sister is going yo the school. Tatte! What is this? He has spoken without taking money. Has he turned into gentleman? Which way? Down way path! Down way path! Today you are looking very beautiful. Aitey in love with teacher and you don't believe. I am no less than hero. Where are you going without watching the race? Have you forgotten how you clapped when I won the race last year. Staring each other we nearly feel in love. This year also my victory is guaranteed. This time also it seems it would go viral. You don't trust me! I have already made three packs in one side falling in love. Rest three packs would come automatically after marriage. Namaste! Today... Whole shiwalaya is joyous because... Our village has been electrified. From foreign assistance and labor donation from shiwalaya.... On the accession of completion micro hydro in our village. Today I would like to request Mr. Ram Bir Pahadi, Ex VDC chairman to welcome the open race competition being organized by shiwalaya youth club. All present fortunate people... Despite governments failure to deliver,the foreigners have given us. I you want I will comlete this work in one month. He is boring with a speech as I come to watch the race. Brother! He teased with inappropriate signs. Don't make a noise like broken radio. Straightly tell why you are here. It's not that only brother, he snatched away Jun sister's shawl and kissed it. Take the reward. Now tell me who is he. Aitey! It is necessary for you to know the pain in this heart. Only waving the fingers won't help. Wave the flag and start the race. All villagers are waiting to watch the race. Even I know waving the fingers won't start the race. I must raise a flag. I end up my speech. Thank You. Now our race is about to being. All runners are prepared. Aitey come back with victory. Clapping all, now the winner is Aitey kaji in the race competition. You shouldn't be short tempered. I will keep this one. Hey tate! Where are you? Who beat whom? Now you put your issue. What is the condition of sister's natal condition? It's good. Will it be boy or girl? Your quest has been fulfilled capacitated by your offering. Now tell me who beat whom. That means you raised your hand against your elders? It's everyday! What shall I do you bire? That mean you have crossed the limitation. Now on you will be expelled disgracefully if you raise your hands to anyone in village. Have your say. Still stares at me! You didn't charge the god for the information, did you? I have to lighten my head. Go get some mouth freshener. That's your punishment. Whatever you bring! Keep it in mind! Jun is for Aitey What did you say! Whatsoever, we all villager respect him as God, brother. If you have guts charge me! I will see you. How will you charge disobeying the god. For you black letter is like buffalo. How dare you dream of loving teacher? What did he say? What does that mean? I will tell you after I ask Mane. What are you whispering? If you want teacher, find the other and make sure you read alphabets. How dare you! Keep it in mind! Aitey's anger and snake's poison are the same. Shall I bite him right now? Hey tate! My anger is ascending from my feet to my head. Whether you hold me or evade him. Otherwise, his days would up here. Come on charge me! Are you afraid? Where will you run away? The god banded only hands not legs. What happened? Was there earthquake. Keep this secret. Don't tell anyone. I will make your three... Is he gone? Yes he did. What do you want boy or girl. Anything will do. You will have either boy or girl, have no doubt. Take this. Tell me who kicked whom, knocking the heart. Bir brother to Aitey brother. Oh! I should bind his legs too. Good! Good! People get caught in bed omen, get indebted, I got God. The god banded the hands and legs made by himself. What to do? It has to be followed which has been followed by the ancestors. You are my hands and legs, we must enrich power. Let's go to school. I have to give shawl to jun. Today is last Monday of this month. We can meet sister-in-law on the other side of the river. Sometimes use your brain brother. You are right. Let's go. We can visit the temple as well. I don't go to that village. That is a hectic place and the old tuen is a headache. If you don't want to go then so be it. Where are you up to bire brother? I need some goods. How much do you need? Bring me eight to ten sacks of sugar. Let it be. I will take it latter. Come on take it! You might be in need of this. Make sure you deliver the goods. Greeting. How long will you hold yourself on your greed? What's wrong with you? You have grown older and you have kept the shop same. Bikram run away without paying two kilos of chicken. When he pays his credit, I will renovate. Have you finished your work? Yes! Come on, sit. Here is your shawl. Take it. What is this? Just you have look. What a beautiful watch! Do you like it? Yes! I like. For whom is that sari? Not for you. When did I say it was for me? Come on tell me for whom is that sari. I will tell you later. I don't know what you mean by later. I will tell you when time comes. Why do you fight with Aitey for me? How pompous are you talking? Tell me the reason of the fight. You get hurt when I get hurt. You bring things after you mule train. There must be some reason. Don't be stubborn. I told you I will tell you when time comes. You take care of your time. Let me pull myself. You just sit I will pull. I was telling you... Slowly!! 8,9,10... I wonder if you are a leader or the contractor. Again if you launder the budget of the bridge of the River, I will make you the prey of fish in the river. Such a torture for such simple thing. In the absence of the bridge, sister-in-law's hand bleeded. This is just a demo. Do you know what happens if the bridge is not constructed. What will happen? Only Bire brother knows that. Brother the exercise gives massive strength. Ok keep in touch. Mother!Is it come? The signal on and off. The signal on and off. Ask her again? Mother! Is it come? It's on now. It's on now. Bir! See, how do I look? Hatti! Tell her, how she is looking Is our bir brother infertile? He doesn't give a damn to such a beautiful girl. He is still sleeping. What are you doing mother? Hey! get up! What's wrong with you mother. Why so ill tempered? Flowers are all wasted. What happened to flowers? So when it come to flowers, you again awareness. Nothing is wrong with the flowers. Tell me when will you make Jun the daughter-in-law of this home. Consider one things mother, after entry of daughter-in-law, son becomes distant to his mother. I have seen many cases in the village. But now let me sleep. Each time you abort the issue. Will you marry after my demise? I won't let you die mother. But now allow me sleep. Today you don't have to make an excuse. Tell me if you love Jun? Yes, I do. Then why do you delay in making me mother-in-law? The lover should also so the love. Be careful! It's prestige of a girl. Mother! I love Jun same as I love you and other relatives. Hey! Why is this for? Is this not for Jun then for whom? Give me that! You don't understand. If you don't love her than without seeing Jun once you don't feel like eating. If some does anything you go to fight. Early in the morning you go to pull tune for Jun. You like Rhododendron but you have planted Jun's favorite rose. Jun comes, picks up the flower, put's on her head and smile looking at the mirror you brought. Is it? Don't be kidding Life can't be spent along, the presence of espouse is inevitable. You said it, didn't you mother. That the birth, death, and marriage are pre-destinated. It must be pre-destinated. Yes! But the God has sent Jun for you fool. I want to become a doctor miss. I want to become the pilot and fly like a bird. And you. I will be a notorious don after study and will cleans the leaders. Yes say? Miss what do you want to become. I wanted to become a great singer. But I became your teacher. Yes! Miss you will have to sign for us today. Really? Yes, Miss. Glittering and tilting. Do you think that we don't know to sing? You should also have sung. How could have I sung? What is this? Scoundrel wearing the Neplease hat? Have you ever faced mirror? Yes, I have while trimming the hair. You stink a lot. She is a BA pass teacher. How will you keep her with dignity. Shut up Aitey! I will tear your mouth apart if you don't mind your tongue. Our relation is as transparent as glass. You don't have to introduce Bir to me. I know him very well. And when it comes to love you don't have to do me favor. Let's go. People say love is blind. Did I really become blind. Hey Bire! Have a nice journey! Ok. Thank you! Don't you ever drink? Okay! Listen! Do you want me to bring anything for you. I don't need anything. Your safe return will be enough for me. Okay! Brother you never ceased to ask her for things and sister-in-law always refused to ask for. Then why do you set discussions. Don't call her sister-in-law. You aren't matured yet to understand. Now it is conformed that brother is impotent. Did you say anything else? No, I am talking about the equipment to make goats impotent. Bad omen is coming playing the instrument. The army turned this abandoned road to a motor able road within 5 years during 10 years of contract. It was a fuss, aligning to the propaganda that road wouldn't be constructed, we added more mules, now what do you do? Nepal army has completed the road in 5 years which was scheduled for 10 years.. And the motor has arrived in our village. And the person to introduce vehicle is our Aitey lord. And the driver to drive the vehicle is our passaji. Do you remember to return the money. And on the behalf of shiwalaya we went to honor you. I request all of you to come in fornt for honor. Not the red Tika, now arrange for vermillion powder. Now Aitey will make you bride. I will make you queen. I do everything for you and you discard my love. Now the days of that stinky Bire and his dirty mules are gone. Accept it cheerfully otherwise will be extravaganza here. My relation with bir is unbreakable even I wish. You are powerless. Still keep on trying. You should know how strong this relation is. Seems like she likes that stinky fellow. Hey! Blow the horn. These mules and this vehicle, does it match anywhere? I was wondering what was stinky and it's him What? I will see if you walk again on this road by tomorrow. Is this your father property? This is my road. Your days end from today. Stop mules train otherwise both the owner and mules might get under the wheels. Come on right now if you want to run through! Brother! The God might curse. Come on then.. Let's fight. Brother allow me to contest, I have done plenty of exercise. Come on then.. Come on and let's resolve. I give you this road. You give Jun to me. I will snatch away your tongue if you utter Jun's name again. Is he frightened? Play the music! She is coming. He must have understood. Give it! Look! You me and Bire aren't we friend? We studied together, and now why you became his enemy? Aitey! Let him run the mule train. What will you lose? You have wealth, you are educated. What else does he have? His wealth, dream, goal everything is his mules. What else does he have? He would be disastrous. You never see my distress If so then confess love with me. I will transfer half of my wealth in his name. Aitey! You are my friend. How can I say I love you to you? If I am your friend then what does he mean to you? Say it! He is my life. I love him. You know that well. That's why I can't sleep well. How can I let you be his? If you can't say I love you.. Sit on horseback with me. Hold me tight. I will take you to the tour of shiwalaya and then I will think with cool mind You don't exceed your limit. If bir revives then you will be swept away. Brother! Brother! Why did you go to beg to Aitey? So, that's the reason you are angry. The one who saw me begging must have told you the reason why I went there. If anything happens to you. You don't get into my business. let me do my work. And couldn't you slap him when he called you Juney. Why should I slap him for calling my name? Look! I absolutely doesn't like you getting in fight. You doesn't like? Who am I to you that I have to do your favourite things? You are teacher and remain like a teacher. Do I mean nothing to you? I already said, didn't you hear? Then you go to hell. Tension after tension... What's wrong with you? Sister-in-law went angry. I saw her wrath for the first time. Oh set! Is she really angry with me? She doesn't look back. The vector of the sin of some stranger, You are such an evil witch, who spoils our society. Such women should be expelled from the vilage. Isn't it brothers and sisters? Yes! Yes!.. Expelling from the village! And you are the one to guarantee the expulsion. Who is your father? Nayan Pandit. You know that too. Why do you ask? What is the guarantee that he is your father? I have citizenship and I inherited his property. Who kept you for nine months in womb? My mother. Who gave you this youth hood? My mother. You too know that mother is the one who shows you the world. Even she might have wish to show world to her children. What's wrong with you? You all know whose child is going in her. Why do you change your colour. Mane take sister home. I guarantee her right to stay in this village. Is there anyone who want to oppose? Don't cry. I am there if someone says aything. Mane just take sister home. Just take her. You did a favor brother. Whilst talking, sister-in-law arrived. Shit! Sister-in-law left. Her wrath doesn't seem pacified even after a week. This is the fifteen time that she turned her way. Brother!! I told you to love her madly, you didn't listen. Now tolerate yourself. Tomorrow you are going to graze the mules. Don't know when you will meet. She might exit from hand. I was examining till now. I know how to persuade her. Hey! Where did you get lost? You know how to make me happy, don't you? What can you do for me? Don't give me a promise, I can do anything. That means will you jump from the tree if I ask you to do? What are you doing? Didn't you tell to jump off the tree? Now on, don't do anything stupid even if I tell you. The thigs that you say would never be stupid. You said to jump, I did. Didn't you tell to do so? Brother! Mother is suffering from incurable disease and the medicine will be ineffective. This is the last stage. It would be better for her to take home and provide rest instead of keeping here. That means the treatment being provided here is useless. It is found that mother got contracted with this disease long ago. Had it been better if you had initiated the treatment earlier? Now I will take her Kathmandu. Please suggest me. Which is the right hospital of the Kathmandu? Namaste! Instead of taking Kathmandu make her rest at home. I don't find the treatment possible discovered by medical science. Engage her in religious activities which will make her happy. I don't understand what he is saying. You try to understand. Have you give her the medicine? Not yet. Shouldn't you provide her timely, go fast! You can take her anywhere else as your wish. And you, daughter? A kind of. Actually what's the matter with her doctor? She is suffering from incurable diseases. It is very hard to save your mother. We tried our best. God bless her now. What had happened to me, son? It wasn't that much serious mother, just a minor disease. It's medicine is available only in Kathmadnu. Let's go to Kathmandu. Let's do the medication and visit Pashupati Nath temple too in old age. Are you calling me old? My hand are still moving Let it be. I won't go to Kathmandu. Nothing has happened. If there was disease then something would have happened. I am used to with this old disease. I won't go to Kathmandu You always insist like a child. Come on let's go. Mother. Mother. Mother, are you angry. Not at all. Then shed smile. Have you told me shere's jokes to make me laugh. Wiil you listen? One day Shere... Was walking in forest... He got struck with thorn.... The thorn was big and he tried to feel and found himself lucky that he wasn't wearing his new slippers that day, Shere is very turbulent... Shere is very turbulent... Do you want to hear one more mother? Do you want to kill your mother untimely telling the jokes? Don't talk like that mother! I won't let you die like that. Mother is our everything. According to the doctor, mother is suffering from incurable disease. I know it's curable. The doctor was ignorant so he said so. I will take mother Kathmandu anyway, even taking the loan. What to do? Because of road trade,business has been crippled. I use the saving on building home. Where does the money come from in absence of trade? Don't get hurt that I didn't help you in such situation. GIve me one bundle cigarettes. I need some goods. How much do you need? Bring me eight to ten sacks of sugar. Let it be. I will take later. Come on take it! You might be in need of this. Make sure you deliver the goods. Will I offer my beautiful daughter to such begging family? Father. How quickly you changed the party. That day bir was your hero. Now has he turned to stone? He has been spending for his mother's medication. Why do you have to bother? It's all for you daughter. His business is blown away by vehicle. Today he sold your pedant. Will he not sell you tomorrow? Knowing everything, how can I offer daughter to such a beggar. And daughter... I didn't have second marriage after the demise of your mother. Do you know that reason? If you hadn't shown greed for money then I would have been playing in the lap of my mother. Father. Money is nothing. Gold pedant is nothing, I can give my life too for him. Education.. Clan.. Everything matches perfectly. None suits better than you for my daughter in this entire Shiwalaya. Today, I will call the priest and arrange the marriage on nearest suitable date. If we go after suitable dates then it would be messey. I will steal Jun whenever favorable. I will make her the queen. Give me blessing. Is it a bundle of One Lakhs? What wrong with you? First listen to me. Aitey is trying to steal me and father has also approved. But I left home forever and came with you. Before I hug you with love, everytime you told me later, today i want listen it. Don't feel remorse that I am talking such in hard times. I beseech that don't tell me that you would tell later. Jun! I will die but I won't marry you. Bir, you are my love. I know you love me. Tell me once that you love me. Otherwise, I don't wish to live even escaping from these monsters. Finally, Aitey succeeded in stealing Jun. Poor Jun! Bir! Help! Bir! Help! Thank you! Who are you? I'm tourist. Name? See you soon! No doubt you love me but such intense. You love me more than I do. Finally I have come for you and none can set us apart. Nonsense! Hey! What are you doing to my daughter? And remember one thing daughter. I won't give my daughter to such bullshit? What's the matter lord? How can your son save my daughter? His name is just Bir (BRAVE). He is a coward, he doesn't have a brave heart. Who are you to talk such nonsense to my son? What do you mean? Who am I? Why are you talking with unknown person? Nothing like this would have happened if your son had wished. I had already given charge of my daughter to your son, but in vain. Your son doesn't have brave heart. What do I do? He doesn't have a courage. Premkaji had also stolen you. Aitey is also doing the same thing then what's the matter? She is my daughter. I am her father. I know better what's good for her future. You aren't educated Kaji instead you're spoiled. One who entrust is daughter to the person who treats her like beast. Are you giving your daughter's hand to those people. What's more valuable , money or the daughter? Keep quiet mother! let's go home. She called me spoiler. You're teacher so tell me what's spoiled in English. I want to quarrel with this old woman. Just leave me! I am your father. Your happiness is my happiness. Today I will just conclude this issue. There are plenty of days. Just go home. I am happy with this. You too come with me. I have left your home father. I will live forever with Bir. What did you say? Say it once again. Ok, then. I will immediately go and tell everything to that old lady. Doctor has also given date, that old lady is about to die. Please don't tell her Dad. Then let's go home. Come! Tatte! Yes! Brother. I am in a huge tension! It seems like my moon is under eclipse. We have to find remedy of this problem. Don't cry brother! Offering this black cock to the temple will yield everything good. Hey! What's wrong? Don't you know where it hurts! It hurts here. Don't play nonsense. Get lost. Not only you. It hurts me here too. Just see the behaviour of this drunkard. Is one Ox not enough for us that other donkey came here. What's this! It's been viral and you are just sitting and watching. It seems like Gwale has imported maroons from city to beat me up. He have such big hands, won't he beat me up? Don't you love me? Ahh? Aitey do I need to shut down your mouth. Get lost from here. For me... ..both son and daughter means Jun. Beautiful moon. She nearly got entrapped with Bire. Now it's been all clear. Now if someone enquires about the profession of my son-in-law, then how could i answer. What a shame. Whatsoever I am the educated lord in this entire village. Lot's of book's pages are swallowed by me. So my name exist as Pannakaji. I have name, prestige, my daughter has also good character. Why should I bow? I know it very well. Since, you are new in village. How you know everything about this village? Tell me, who else is educated as you in this entire Siwalaya. I came to pay you a visit listening to the praises made by others for you. Daughter! Bring some foods and tea for this young gentleman. No! no! There is no need for such. What's your name gentleman? He must have fallen for Jun. He is perfect match for Jun. He is also lord. I am also a lord. If I could arrange their marriage then my daughter would be queen. My daughter's happiness is mine. Now on, I won't give my daughter to that useless fellow Birey. And the next villain Aitey has been already rejected. I heard that you saved my daughter's life... I am grateful for that. It's ok. It was my duty. What have you think about further daughter-in-law. It's not further. It's father. I mean your preference to be in Son-in-law. It's been a long time that i learnt English. I get confused time and again. How could I exactly tell about further son-in-law? It would be great with somebody like you. You are also the lord, I am also the lord and rest two are bullshits. As I uttered bullshits, one has came. Hey! Why are you here? I am here to talk about Jun. You are about to waste all your remaining wealth on mother who is about to die and further you are uneducated. And your profession is also gone. Witnessing everything how could I offer my educated daughter to you? She is a teacher who teaches English in school. I will get any amount for you as you want but I won't let anyone to have Jun. Give me Jun's pedant otherwise I will tell your mother. And listen, don't talk to Jun about this. Otherwise... Ok, have a good day. That means you have a good day. Bodyguard means security. Security means bodyguard. Jun means Moon and Moon means Jun. You better know. You are guest so behave like guest. What is in between you and Jun? Aren't you satisfied with that day's beating. Tell me brother. What's in between you and Jun? Don't you ever dare to interview me again? I don't know what's between you and Jun. But.. I am already falling for Jun. Where was that bullshit? I tried to trace but didn't notice where he hid. You will get good reward. Find him out. I want to play instrument from his skin. What is it brother? Is he the tiger of Siwalaya? He roared a lot. He is a tiger. He is resting now. Don't poke him a lot brother. If he is distrubed then you might not get chance to rest. Brother, I am Mane. Full name Man Bahadur Bishwokarma, untouchable by caste. Don't we know where human beigns born, brother? I am the district SLC topper with 89.9%. I couldn't study further then. I have a sister in pre-natal phase. I am searching for the fleshy cock. My name is... What's in name brother? Jealousy is obvious when there is entry of beautiful sister Jun in between you two rowdies. Today I am giving you a good cock. What's the matter? Brother! One shouldn't hide the things in heart rather one should speak the heart. Let's go. I'm not here to talk about love? You take mother to Kathmandu I will take care of things here. And how will you take her to Kathmandu? Did you get the permit for the mules? Yes, Brother! Don't you see, we can work everywhere? Brother! But.. We are deprived of money and now on they won't allow the permission. What? Mules were taken after permit. Aitey threatened the merchant while handling the money. The merchant neither gave money nor work. Aitey even threatened me to push off the cliff if I was to permit again. I was worried for life so I can away brother. She is coming !!! Why are you being villian? And why did you threaten Hatti? When had he been Hero? So, that's the matter. I am your crazy lover. For you not only being villain. I could give away my life. Oh! It's like this then. I will always be your hero when you became my bride. I will make you a queen. What's your lingering with that bullshit? Don't I love you? I love you.. ...more than that bullshit. When will my love blossom? Why don't you understand? Do you really love me Aitey? It's not pompous love, right? Tate! Tell her in the same emotion again. Brother loves from the core of his heart. He won't look for anyone else besides you. Can you do anything for me? You just make a wish. I will do anything. I can forsake life for love. If so then lets fall off from this cliff together. Can you do that? I can do that bit for you. Let's do it. Oh my God! Why are you kidding? leave me? You don't have to do anything for me. Just stop acting like rowdy otherwise I will go to police. You better understand. You said it harsh. You need to understand one thing. Aitey doesn't only know want to love but he knows how to use his wits. It would be advantage for that bullshit if I die alone falling from this cliff. Do you think I am fool. How could you escape all the time? Today I will make you mine anyway. Let me go! Tate! Seems like bull is unleashed. I am coming. Thank you! No thanks on friends. Come on I will drop you. It's fine. I will go myself. Are you afraid of me? No! Come on. Actually I was crazy for you at the first glance. I only dreamt you. Good joke! You think I am kidding. More than that. You brought me to my school without my request. One knows everything about a person whom he loves. Heart instructs. Sorry! I am not habitual to experience the love of the heart. Try it elsewhere. I am leaving. Listen! I know it well that you love Bir! But I say your future is not secured with Bir. Bir and me. We are childhood friends. Whether he tells or not but I know he loves me. If so then he would have already confessed. But I really love you. Don't you believe? Tell me what shall I do? What's the difference between you and Aitey? This is not time to differentiate. Answer me whether you love me or not. It's too much. Do you want to take advantage of saving me? Tell me which place. I will have the dress up of your choice. Sorry, this is my love. What sort of teacher you are, unable to differentiate between love and disgrace. Now no more discussing, just answer my question yes or no. Hey Teacher! Tomorrow I will be here at the same time to propose you. Brother you propose her before the city guy does. The bull is already here. You act elite as if it is your property. What does Jun mean to you? It's none of your business. And why is this all for? What does Juney mean to you? Don't misspell her name? Let's go! Wait a while. What? Look!! I also love Jun and I achive the thing I love at any cost. If you love her say it. I won't cross your road. Otherwise... I know how to achieve Jun. Get aside. Jun! Please, don't say no. Answer me whether you love me or not. Brother! For God sake. I am again giving you the last chance. Confess your love for Jun with these flowers. I won't give her flowers with thrones. Just remember one thing. I won't let Jun to be anyone else even if I have to give up my life. I too have a life. Look! Don't make an excuse. Make it clear. What does Jun mean to you? Is she your sister? Friend? Who is she to you? What is Jun to you? Jun is my... Jun is my friend Bikram's love. I have committed to protect her vowing to the God. I vow to God that I will protect Jun. But you will have to come. I swear to God. I will come breaking the mountain. Jun! Get up! I thought your care is love. I was waiting to listen when you said you will tell me later. I have accepted you from the bottom of my heart. I had embellished all my dreams for you. I laughed for you. I cried for you. But today, how easily you said that I am your friend's keep safe. Yes, I replied to "I love you" in childhood. But it was just the fuss of English Language. When I didn't knew the meaning of love... Why such cruel punishment for me when I was even unaware of love? Jun! Listen to me! I started loving you when I learnt the meaning of love. I thought of you every moment. But you.. Now on if you obstruct my way then I will commit suicide. What did Jun say in English? She said you live by your words. You are great brother. Anyway she said right. Jun is my friend Bikram's keepsake. I have vowed to God to keep her safe. Mother! Won't I be cursed by mules? No. Why you would be cursed? I torture them a lot.. make them carry loads. They don't even asks for water. Listen son! Everyone has to do their jobs. One would be cursed if he wouldn't do his task. You have performed your task.. .. and it has done its. If I sell it? What do you do after selling them? I can't say that I will use that money for your treatment. It's been difficult time so I will buy a tractor. As your wish. Do what you feel better? I will be complacent if you get well. Have a nice journey! It's saying that nurturing is divine and killing is sin. Neither could I nurture you nor could I kill you. Go! Don't get hurt. Don't complain that I isolate you in your old age. God didn't favor me. Go! Your totem is with me. Hey Birey! Why are you talking to these animal? Does anyone cry like a girl on their departure? I am not crying. It might be easier to cry but it's very difficult to tolerate. Take it away. Brother! It is bit older so make it carry less loads. And it has wounds in its feet. Don't worry. Brother! As you sold the mules.. I am leaving. I miss my parents a lot. So I will go home. I will my parents. And afterwards I will go abroad to work. Brother! It is said that friends and relatives are useful in needs... ..but I am leaving you, when you are in need. Don't call me dishonest. Even I don't want to leave your company, mother affection and this village. I am not only one to survive. Old father. Ill mother. I have money for the journey. I don't have courage to beg farewell from mother. I don't have brave heart like yours. I easily cry. And how would I persuade mother. You convince mother. Convey my regards to mother. Brother! You will always be in my heart. Someday I will return remembering you. I have seen you crying for the first time. Brother! I examined everything. There is no doubt that you are a he-goat. Now love Sister-in-law alot. I am leaving brother. Hatti! Please don't tell me not to leave. Seems like you have gained wits. You have changed the whole maps of the shops. Did you learn that funeral cloths have no pockets? Do you know Bikram? He came and paid all the dues, so I changed. Bikram? When did he come? He said it's been a week. He is living in the hotel of mother's group. Bullshit! You pretend to be Bikram to achieve Jun. I have told you Jun is Bikram's keep safe. Now on if you misuse Bikram's name... I am your sworn friend Bikram. One day I will come to see you riding a motorbike like a hero does in cinema. And I will take Jun forever keeping her in back sit of the same motorbike. For now Jun is on your own patronage. Juney is just mine. If someone calls her Juney then no mercy on them. Don't be passive like now. And you too just call her Jun. For now I am leaving. I was unable to recognize you. Are you angry with me? NO! Do you know... the movie that we were deprived to watch. I watched that movie in the city. Hero save heroine from villains for his friend just like you. And you.. ..were escaping without heroine and without telling the friend. Life is not a movie my friend. Have a sit. Yes. You said it right. I came here for Jun. But she doesn't have an ounce for me in her heart. What will she feel if she knew I am here for her. That's why I have to go. Keep quiet. She loves you a lot. You too love her. You will be cursed. Jun and my relation is as transparent as sunlight. For whom is that sari? This is for you? Didn't I say you that I will tell later? You will love it. Don't refuse this. I didn't wonder knowing that you were Bikram. And your activities didn't influence me. Do you know why? Because I never thought about you. I don't mean that you meant nothing to me. You are my good friend. But sorry bikram! I can't give anything for your sacrifice. It would be better to conclude this issue here. And Bir... I have no any grievance with you. You are such that. I am fond of your habit. We can live as friends. Look at Jun over there. Where is she? Hey! I am talking about that moon. One moon... ...endured the whole darkness. That hill... ...looks very beautiful... because of the light of moon. Better than... ...that is this flower. Listen son. Bring Jun to this home. Entire home will be full of lights. We will talk things after returing from Kathmandu. Right issues can be discussed at any time. Listen son. There is scar on that moon. And there is also the scar of your name in Jun. Think of it. And mother's happiness? Her wish to make Jun daughter-in-law. And isn't there any meaning of Ju apology to me? Don't talk like this? Life isn't what we imagined? God doesn't fulfill everyone's wills. I just want to see mother happy in her sound health. I wish to see you becoming groom as we return from Kathmandu. As I have kept your promise you have to do the same. Ok! I will keep the promise. Brother! Brother! Mother! Mother fell off from the tuen. What? Mother! Mother! Bir! Bir speak some words. Brother! Bir speak some words. I will perform the funeral rites after the construction of the bridge. If the bridge is not constructed within this month then I will have the last rite of mother and yours too. Hey! What are you looking for? You all go. And work 24 hours and construct the bridge immediately. Bir! What's wrong with you? Brother! No one is there for me. Everyone left. No one listen. Even the God! Don't talk like that. I am here, Bikram is here. How do I get convinced even you denied to keep my promise? Listen! Do as I say... ...otherwise it will pinch me until I die. Don't talk like that Bir. Tell me if I have done anything wrong. I am ready to accept my punishment. But don't accuse me. Bikram has come for you after so many years. Have trust. Look bire! Don't be stubborn. Let Jun decide what she does. Why should we go against her will? And it isn't necessary to obey what you say if you are mouring. Look! Don't play with Jun's emotions. Do as I say. You didn't get me. Jun couldn't be yours because of me. I could die for you. I am ready to surrender to Bikram. Listen Jun! Don't make decisions in agony. No Bikram! I have already made up my mind. I can't afford to lose Bir. For Bir happiness, I am ready to become yours. Your assumption is right Bikram. Whatever I did was drama.. make Bir happy. He won't take time to die. He is stubborn. If I become anyone eles's then it's just a contract. It applies to you too. I said many things to you in agony. I even hated you. If I have ever hurt you forgive me thinking me yours. Why should I forgive you. You just hated me. You didn't hurt me. Bir! At least I can't lie to you. Hate means to detest. Oh God! What to do? I know. Hate lasts shorter. I just wish to see you both happy. Bikram! Love Jun! She yells, goes mad. She is not like before. Now she is stubborn. If you deprive Jun of love then I will forget that you are my friend. Don't worry Birey. My dream to own Jun from my childhood has fulfilled today. And the credit goes to you. After sometime... ...We are going to Kathmandu. And I will fulfill her dream to become singer. Do you know! Do you know! You left me deserted. Now I know what you mean to me. I can't forget you. I can't live fully looking you joyful distant far. To forget you... I will have to die. You always used to tell me not to drink. But today I am drinking. To remember you or to forget you? Are you crying? Oh! It's raining. Brother! You used to tell not to drink. You used to tell that drinks engulf human beings. It will engulf your life. Life! For whom should I reserve this life? Mother also left unknowingly. And... And what?... You drove away Jun sister by yourself. Have you seen Jun? The clouds overshadow Jun. The clouds never overshadow the Jun(MOON) brother. It just blocks. Clouds losses and goes sporadic and again Moon appears. I know it. You are drinking on being bereft with Jun rather than bereft with mother. How do you know? Is it written over here? I don't know how to read? The downpour fails to wash away your tears, speaks everything brother. The time won everything. What's the capacity of time? Time won't alter your and Jun's relation. Jun sister's just got tears for her to love you. How would she survive without you? Me too. How could I survive alone without Jun. I lost myself. How do I get convinced even you denied to keep my promise? Listen! Do as I say... ...otherwise it will pinch me until I die. Just come down with your daughter. Come down... Where is your daughter? I want to marry her. How could you marry her? I had to treat you as my son-in-law and show respect. But... You took my money and you gave away your daughter to other. Tate! Check his pockets. Leave me! Jun is going to Kathmandu for her voice test. She is going to Kathmandu with that hero to play instrument. My job is to inform you. Rest is your wish. Not to sing but she is going there to play the instruments. Aitey! Will there be song without playing instrument. Before the song begins, the instrument is played first. He is no more reliable. I will do whatever is necessary. Don't worry! Everything will be fine. Brother! Sister is in panic. She needs to be taken to the city. I went to talk to Aitey for vehicle but he halted the vehicle. What a jerk? Let's go. The second thing is... They are giving permit to other vehicle from other committee against Aitey lord. We strongly oppose this step. For this transportation halt is far thing.... From today we will close this Siwalaya bazar. Hey! Come here. What? What is this drama for? You stink, keep distane. If you have taken vehicle for villager's facility then allow it. Mane's sister is dying. Ok, I give you the road... ...and also the vehicle. You simply bring Jun to me. Mane. What are you doing here, yout sister died there? The poor woman died. I will see you. Did I really do injustice? That means you exceeded a lot Birey. I bind your hands and legs. You made me alone. You made me alone from the village, friends and mother. You made me sinner. I never wished against anybody's welfare. Give back my all promise to me. I want to live. Mother! I assassinated your happiness. Send back Jun to me. I used to love her and I still do. But I couldn't lie to you. I had taken oath of the God. Jun I can't lose you. You deceiver! Who are you? Who are you? Are you the God? You are just a sinner. Got it! But today I'm happy that you accepted your heart's feelings. Do you even know how much you have hurt Jun? We knew everything what you used to do and where you used to go? It was all drama to know your inner feelings. Look! Together we have to make Bir jealous. He will suffocate and speaks out his feelings. Birey is looking at us. He shouldn't know that we are pretending. I am ready to do any drama to get Bir. Now tell your inner feelings that you love Jun. Tell now. I will tell. I will make you bride and make those two bulls brother-in-law. If you are afraid then tell me. Can you deal with him? Then go! Bir! Leave him! Hey boys get him. He will never be good. Your anarchy doesn't work anymore. What was meant to happen it happened? Now, I have to go. Now everything is clear. I love Jun thousand times more than you do. There wasn't any moment... ...I didn't remember Jun. But today I realized... ...the way you understood Jun I couldn't. I am lucky that I got a friend like you! You stayed happily infornt of mother giving away your heart and hiding the pain. You loved Jun. There was no doubt. But I... ...wanted to hear it from you once. Does everyone love with declaration? You took so many years to convince me. What else you didn't do for me. But... I always looked for love. Embrace later. Now I have to go. Now bade farewell. Farewell? Can't you stay any longer? I have to go. I have got a father who gave fortune. But not the mother by birth rite. This country, this land is my mother's lap where I grew up. And today I have got an opportunity to help Nepal mother's head being Gurkha. British army. Which means brave gurkha who valorizes country worldwide. My vacation is over. I must go. Hey! If Jun asks tell her that I have gone to Kathmandu.


Early history

The first set of programming for Rai 1 was almost completely educational with no advertising, except for the popular Carosello. Early shows were meant to teach a common language to a country torn apart by World War II. Shows like Non è mai troppo tardi... were simply shot in a classroom set and meant to help with reconstruction. While televisions were not widely available nor affordable, those who could spend the money on them became community leaders and often invited the neighborhood to visit. Bars and cafés turned from places where men would meet to argue or play cards into miniature cinemas where arguments over what show to watch would break out. Women and children were also more accepted inside the bars, as a result of the lack of men post-war and their need to enter working society. Churches also bought televisions are a means of drawing people to spend time as part of those communities.

Rai 1 HD

The channel launched an HDTV 1080i simulcast in September 2013, available nationwide on satellite, and on DTT in few Italian provinces. Previously, HD programs used to be aired on Rai HD.

Directors of Rai 1

  • Mimmo Scarano 1976 - 1979
  • Paolo Valmarana : 1980
  • Emmanuele Milano 1980 - 1985
  • Giuseppe Rossini 1986 - 1988
  • Carlo Fuscagni 1989 - 1993
  • Nadio Delai 1994 - 1994
  • Brando Giordani 1995 - 1996
  • Giovanni Tantillo 1996 - 1996
  • Agostino Saccà 1998 - 2000
  • Pier Luigi Celli : 2000
  • Maurizio Beretta 2000 - 2001
  • Agostino Saccà 2001 - 2002
  • Fabrizio Del Noce 2002 - 2009
  • Mauro Mazza 2009 - 2012
  • Giancarlo Leone 2012 - 2016
  • Andrea Fabiano 2016 - 2017
  • Angelo Teodoli: 2017 -

Current programmes


  • TG1, the main news service, directed by Mario Orfeo, produced in HD from 2014
  • TV7, weekly late-night news programme, produced in HD from 2014
  • Meteo 1, weather bulletin, produced in HD from 2014
  • Speciale TG1, enquiring programme, produced in HD from 2013
  • Porta a Porta, late-night talk show hosted by Bruno Vespa

Documentaries and Culture

  • SuperQuark, hosted by Piero Angela, produced in HD from 2014
  • Quark Atlante, SuperQuark Saturday afternoon spin-off, focusing on wilderness and adventure
  • Lineablu, focusing on the Mediterranean Sea and shores, hosted by Donatella Bianchi, produced in HD from 2012
  • Linea Verde, focusing on wilderness, agriculture and rural cooking, hosted by Patrizio Roversi and Daniela Ferolla, produced in HD from 2013
  • Overland World Truck Expedition, adventure and documentary expeditions, produced in HD from 2013
  • Passaggio a Nord-Ovest, focusing on history and archaeology, hosted by Alberto Angela
  • Cinematografo, focusing on the seventh art, hosted by Rai 1 deputy-controller Gigi Marzullo
  • Rewind – Visioni private, focusing on TV history, hosted by Cinzia Tani
  • Magazzini Einstein, focusing on arts and culture

TV Series


Traditionally, Rai 1 broadcasts only two sports, but they are the first and second most followed sports in Italy: football and Formula 1. Rai Uno usually broadcasts all the Italian national football team's matches, as well as the matches from important football competitions such as the World Cup and the European Championship. Starting from 2006, it has bought the rights to UEFA Champions League. In 2012 Mediaset bought the rights for the Champions League.

Rai 1 has always broadcast Formula 1 races (excluding the first half of the 1990s, when the rights were bought by the Mediaset group) with high shares. Its current rights is expired in 2017.

Early programmes

Until the autumn 1976/77 season, regular broadcasting was in monochrome (black and white), with very few exceptions (shown in bold). Regular colour broadcasting began during the winter 1976/77 season.


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