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Premium Brands Holdings Corporation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation
Traded asTSXPBH
S&P/TSX Composite Component
IndustryFood Manufacturing and Distribution,[1] Food service[1]
FoundedRichmond, British Columbia, Canada
HeadquartersRichmond, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
George Paleologou, President and Chief Executive Officer
Will Kalutycz, Chief Financial Officer
Green Arrow Up.svg
$1.862 billion CAN (2016)
Number of employees

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation is a Canadian specialty food manufacturing and distribution company. It is a publicly traded corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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Michael Vodicka on marijuana stocks, Canadian cannabis trading & investing, & more! // hemp weed pot, marijuana stocks 2017, marijuana stocks to buy, marijuana stocks to buy now, marijuana stocks canada, medical marijuana stocks, trading marijuana stocks, marijuana penny stocks david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell I'm very privileged today to have mr. Mike vodka superstar trader there is the man himself yep and we've had a video yep no problem we have video and audio today so we get to see the man as well as hear his insight and wisdom today Mike vodka among other things is from cannabis stock trades with an S at the end dot com and i'll give him of course plenty of time to tell us all about that so first of all welcome mr. Botica to my program today thank you David I appreciate that I'm happy to be here yeah absolutely um I appreciate your time today so let's start at the beginning what is your background in stocks and finance in general sure absolutely educational background is one to the University of Kansas study business graduated in the year 2000 and I've basically been working in financial services ever since about 17 years when I finished school I pretty much jumped like right into the financial sector in Chicago um I started working at the chicago board of trade first thing I did was selling trading software to like go rounds like all the trading firms and install software programs into their you know their desktop computers get them set up with charging systems data system so that was kind of like my introduction to professional trading and what I saw I was just like fascinated by the whole industry um trading was like super interesting it was like a sexy industry everyone was fun everyone was making money so naturally I said I'm like how do I get to this side that that's because it was on this side of the best you know becoming a traitor so I'm actually I did become a drug I was a derivatives trader at the port of trade for like four years my late 20s um I work for you know a billion dollar trading firm it was really exciting was really fun my job is basically to make you know huge bets all day every day you know some days I made a lot of money someday that lost a lot of money what I notice is like at the end of the month you know I ended up probably making a little bit of money but after like you know three or four years I kind of got burnt out on the training scene oh it was really intense um it was just really there's a lot going on it was stressful so at that point I kinda started migrating what getting more interested and sort of like moving towards like investing longer-term buy-and-hold kind of things now that's not to say that make trade it's not great it's really great it's really interesting it you could do well at it but for me it was just sort of an evolution um and then at that point you know I was a portfolio management arms are a portfolio manager for a private investment research company for like four or five years and then I ended up starting my own wealth management firm I've been working at my own wealth management firm now for six years I manage millions of dollars for dozens of clients we've been very successful and then the other thing I'm involved in with his cannabis stock treats which you mentioned before but I mean I'm involved in cannabis doctor eats you know i'm one of the founders on the editor of canada stock trades but then also like my wealth management clients that I've been managing for years and years that was really like Mike introduction in the cannabis docs and we've owned cannabis docs for for many years now and we've done really well done very well very good sir are there any mentors that you'd like to give a shout out to any mentors hmmm good question well at the chicago the chicago board of trade was like a wealth of like trading information or a lot of really interesting personalities down there you know people who had been in the industry for 20 or 30 years however no one that anyone um this video has ever heard of but um is that a separate question than like books I've read or like kind of publications so to speak sure anything you'd like to references and influence that you'd like to give credit to yeah absolutely um well here's what I can tell you is it like when I first got into trading I basically like my goal was to like learn as much as I possibly could about the industry and basically read everything I could find about trading so I'm a couple the books that like really influenced me on some people may have heard of these books but i definitely recommend they're excellent first one is market wizards there's actually a couple of different versions not versions but there's market Wizards wand market wizards to those are awesome blogs there basically interviews with the world's most successful traders so that's a good place to look another book that I thought was really cool that definitely influenced me was reminiscences of a stock operator have you heard of that I have I have okay yeah I thought reminiscences was great too and those those folks are just loaded with you know the great little nuggets tidbits about trading and you know different strategies and stuff so anyone that wants to read about trading and investing in all those are two good places to check out or two good things to check out absolutely fantastic great advice there so let's talk about cannabis well first of all let's talk about the cannabis market verax yeah very exciting market 2017 sure you've got some people I'm sure you get questions about just like I do about jeff Sessions said this or Sean Spicer said that we're just yeah exactly where do you see the cannabis market heading in 2017 and beyond yeah sure i'll hopefully kind of backing up just a little bit you mentioned like basically the trump administration attorney general jeff Sessions and yeah you're right there's been a lot of like uncertainty in the cannabis industry because of just jeff Sessions I mean he's definitely been like pretty vocal about being anti cannabis so that's made the cannabis industry fairly nervous having said that is it like the last like month or so we know four to six weeks I've been writing extensively about this situation and the message that I've been sharing with all my all my readers and subscribers is is basically don't worry about this don't worry about the Trump administration don't worry about sessions much at all i think that the concerns are like totally overblown about what's going to happen number one I don't think jeff Sessions is going to do anything I don't think he's going to go after this industry in any capacity whatsoever medical or recreational I mean we know they're not going to go after medical but the question was really more around what are they going to do with recreational right my opinion is I don't think they're going to do anything so that's my outlook um and then second actually we've lost my train of thought there um that's right I don't think they're going to try to do anything first of all secondly even if they wanted to try to do something to sort of slow the cannabis industry down or go after recreational I don't even see that as being a possibility now I mean this is a massive industry that's generating billions of dollars of revenue every year you know it's employing tens of thousands of people it has widespread social support so this isn't some like you know the cannabis industry isn't some rogue industry that's like you know small it doesn't have any money in it or any allies this is a big time industry with powerful ally so to me personally I'm not particularly worried about the effect these guys are going to have on the cannabis industry I'm not that worried about it and so they kind of branching into light your second part of your question is you know once you're out what's my outlook for the cannabis sector in 2017 is that kind of what you're looking for there absolutely yeah um well I mean maybe this goes without saying but like I'm extremely bullish um you know I've been in financial services for 17 years and I've seen all kinds of different markets of all kinds of different opportunities and when I started to really uncover really figure out what was going on a cannabis to me it was like I had never seen anything that was so interesting and so compelling in the financial services space and then as it relates to like my clients because I am an investment advisor um you know the same thing for my clients is that you know sometimes as an investment advisor um you know it can be hard to get people like fired up about like long-term investing you know by and holder you know owning ETFs or owning individual stocks like Google or Amazon um however like the cannabis doctoring everybody was like super all my clients with like crazy about cannabis tax they all like love the idea they were so interested in it it was very exciting to them um so for me like you know cannabis you know it represents a huge opportunity it's very interesting looking forward into 2017 you know I'm really bullish on this industry 2016 was an awesome year for cannabis stocks the MJ icy North America North American Canada stock index was up like one hundred and fifty three percent last year great here yeah um Canada stocks this year they've been they've been fairly volatile to a little bit weak and a lot of that has to do with like the session situation a lot of people were very nervous about jeff sessions and that makes sense I understand where they're coming from sure um so basically you know my outlook on the cannabis sector for 2017 yeah we're off to a little bit of a slow start here but I'm definitely looking for a green year for the index and I'm looking for certain individual stocks within the sector to deliver very good returns and that's actually already happen I mean there's already plenty of good cannabis stocks that are already delivering Big Time returns in 2017 so you know my outlook is like I'm bullish and like I'm not just foolish in 2017 like to me I view cannabis docks as being a very long-term opportunity and one of the reasons I like it is because I think I think you can buy and hold and we can talk about trading cannabis docks that's fine but I want to I want to make clear that one of the things I like about cannabis stocks is that to me it's an awesome buying old opportunity these are I believe that these are stocked you can buy today and you can hang on these socks for years five years ten years and you know we're going for like hundred bag or if you want these things to thought like a hundred times in the next 10-20 years I mean that for me is like the core of my cannabis philosophy with my wealth management clients and then we also are you know that's a philosophy we're also embracing with cannabis stock trades but we also do training in Canada stock trades to just let everybody know it's not just by an old ins ball that's by hold Canada stock since also shorter term trading cannabis docks absolutely and one place to get the kind of information if you're looking for those those hundred baggers and yeah one place to go is cannabis stock trades that's plural trades com why don't you tell the audience if they go to cannabis stock trades calm what are they going to see and what services do you offer okay sure yeah absolutely um so cannabis stock trades like the concept behind this this this website this business is basically is it's very difficult for investors to find any kind of information about cannabis docks and if you look like the mainstream media and the content that is available around these stocks a lot of time not necessarily reliable some of the information is coming from questionable sources so our goal with canada stock trades is basically to create a reliable unbiased resource for investors to tap into the cannabis sector so that's a couple things so number one we've got a website like David said cannabis doctors com check it out there's tons of information about cannabis stocks and there it's a great resource for anyone who's interested in the industry and then the two things that I think the two coolest things about cannabis doctors i'm going to throw out there everyone knows about is number one we have a free newsletter you can go to our website and sign up for our free newsletter and every week i basically pick a cannabis stock that i think is you know i pick an interesting cannabis stock and i do a full write-up on it which is fundamental analysis you know i'll talk about um you know revenue growth you know what is the balance sheet look like what kind of things that this company have going on fundamental analysis and then I also you know throw out some technical analysis to I'll break down the chart you know talk about chart patterns talk about trading volume analysis things like that so that's the free newsletter and that gets sent out once a week I encourage everyone to go and sign up for that the second thing that we do that is also cool is we have a premium service and what the premium service is basically is for people who want to own cannabis docks who want to invest and trade cannabis docks we have a model portfolio on our website that will tell our subscribers exactly which cannabis stocks to buy and sell and when to buy and sell them so basically like our catchphrase is the easiest way to profit from cannabis docks our goal is to make it very easy for our followers to profit from this and so the premium services we're actually telling our subscribers exactly when to buy and sell kind of the stocks sounds like a great deal to me oh yeah it's really cool yeah we're really proud of the service we think it's really cool we're off to a great start so leave every you know definitely encourage everyone to check it out it's a really it's a really cool resource very cool yeah so speaking of you offer a sounds like a free newsletter is that right yeah yeah we do we have a free newsletter and we have had that going for abouts I think for months now it's been a huge success we've got thousands of thousands of people that have Saul ready signed up for we're getting tons of great feedback on it it's really cool and you know actually let me let me add a little bit of flavor to that is it you know when you look at the cannabis sector from my last calculation there's probably like 250 to 300 cannabis stocks in the cannabis sector so there's a big difference between like the contenders and the pretenders there's a lot of companies out there that really aren't going anywhere that longer-term I'll probably end up going into bankruptcy so it's really difficult for like your average like investor to figure out like to separate the winners from the losers so basically what I do with a free newsletter is you know I go I I know all these docs anyway I've been studying these stocks for like years and years like no I have a really good feel for all them so basically you know what I do is like I pick out like the winners and say hey this is a great stock you know here's why we like it this is something you might want to think about owning work for it we also say this isn't a great snot if you want to avoid this one both ways and that comes out once a week yeah we typically send that out on Wednesday Wednesday morning or wednesday afternoon and yeah we throw in a new can of a stock stock pick stock trade every week and it's free so it's pretty cool sounds good to me yeah yeah so speaking of a little bit of free free advisement and tips here what can you provide maybe a tip or two about finding how do you find good entry points for for pot stock trades or just trading Admiral yeah absolutely good question you've heard me talk about there's basically two styles here it's like investing which is buying old others trading so I'll give you guys a quick quick rundown on each one for anyone who's interested in buying and hold cannabis investing my suggestion that these people is don't worry about your entry price too much I mean you always want to get in at a great entry price however you're probably not going to buy the low and you're probably won't buy the highest i would say if you want to be a cannabis stock investor don't worry about price movement too much too much worry about just getting into the market because time in the market is your best friend I mean the more time you the market the higher probability you have of being profitable stocks so what's your buying hold investors i would i would encourage them to go in there and just buy the shares and don't worry about short-term price movement too much secondly trading short-term people for people who are want to be a little bit more aggressive and they're interested in trading basically trading comes down to pretty much one thing which is like the chart formation and when I was a professional trader at the chicago board of trade i looked at charts like all day every day and you know i can talk about a couple of my favorite chart formations i'll throw one out there right now what I would i look for for sort of a shorter term momentum trade mom is a simple breakout trade and what that is is basically what happens is like you'll have a stock or any kind of security that will trade in an extended pattern of consolidation for a pattern of consolidation crawler long you know it could be a couple weeks or it could be a couple months and that's basically where you see a stock trading side which is not really doing a whole lot most docs don't trade sideways forever they're gonna break out eventually so um you know for me I think a great setup is you know if you see a stock a cannabis doc that's been trending higher for like maybe a year or a couple months and also it starts taking a breather starts trading sideways you know history and chart patterns tell us that more than likely that stock is going to resume its upward Pemex upward trend sort of eventually so what I tell people is look for extended periods of cup consolidation on the chart try to buy at the bottom of the above the channel to get a low price and then look for that stock could break out to go upside and create a new low if it doesn't happen if shears break down and they break down below the low of that channel then put a tight stop on and just cut it loose and let it go and then try to reengage if it sets off on that same pattern but for people who are looking for like momentum trades or short-term entry points to me look for consolidation on the chart and then look for a breakout pattern I love a good break out absolutely yeah I need ya oh that's right they were we're gonna say yeah I'm Korea well no I love a good break out when a good golfer to me when a good solid consistently profitable company goes up up up and then like you said takes a breather for a while that that's not a bad sign that's okay nothing just goes up in a straight line and to me that's a great that's a great place to get in again only if it's a really great company that you've researched the heck out of and it sounds like you do research the heck out of all these companies that you that you discuss um but what about you did allude to stop loss is that your main method of hedging your trades yeah good question um for a lot of these shorter term trades i do recommend using a stop on them because the cannabis sector it's so volatile i mean these stocks can whip around you know and they can go down quite a bit we've seen a lot of volatility in the last couple years so you don't want to leave yourself totally exposed you know I'm not a huge fan of stops because stops tend to get clustered around one area and if you and if you Boston to an area of a lot of stops it can create a lot of volatility you get stopped out and shares can come back out but like I do think that you use you can use stops but i would say have a mental stop in mind say you know i'm gonna sell it at ten dollars or I'll solid at 950 but yeah I mean to me like you're talking about hedging um I don't necessarily specifically edge any of my cannabis investments or my cannabis to us know the kind of a stock trade so to speak but yeah I mean if you want to protect your downside and limit your risk then I'd absolutely would encourage people who stops I mean that's a great way to sort of automate the exit process and like you know remove the emotion from what I'm having to figure out am I going to stay and hang out and so am I going to sell it so yeah I mean I I think stops can be a good tool for helping people hedge their risk a little bit and minimize their balance I'd yeah I think so excellent we already may have discussed this but if you have any more thoughts on how your trading strategy might be different in 2017 with this new administration and any advisement on that to people how to trade a little Ashley well for sure no absolutely and that's it that's it that's another good question it's definitely the administration is definitely impacted with trading strategy and what it's done is it's basically forced us to get a little bit more active like cannabis docs had a huge run in 2016 so all these stocks are trading at all-time highs they're up like four hundred five hundred percent last full months like that's really intimidating for your average investor to buy a stock that's all five hundred percent I understand that so in regard to like the administration what they've done is they've basically I mean they caused a little bit of a sell-off and a lot of these stocks like for example let me let me throw out a couple names on terror attack terror attacks one of the most popular cannabis knocks out there anybody that follows cannabis stock is for a terror attack I think their share price topped off at about like fifty cents and it might have been like early January since then terror attacks down like fifty percent right now shares are trading between 25 and 30 suns so basically you know for a look for the people who already own shares you know all they think there may be a little bit nervous about some of that downward movement however it creates an awesome opportunity for all these other like thousands or thousands of investors that want to get in so basically what i'm seeing a company like terratec to me terratec has a strong fundamentals they have good revenue growth i think that their terror gangs going to be an industry leader in the long run so that tells me this is a stock that I want to own so in terms of you know entry prices with you know what you're talking the administration like with terratec getting beat down basically what it's done is it's it's like we've gotten more active to sort of you know sending out trade signals and say hey anybody that's been wanting to get into some of these you know cannabis stocks ding ding ding now's your chance these stocks are down fifty percent from the I this is a really good entry point so basically a lot of this volatility um it's really about how the way you view it you can sit there and say oh we know they're down I don't like it or you can say guess what this is a buying opportunity I'm happy that I can pick the stock up at 25 cents when you know it was 50 Cent's like two months ago so we're basically we've been more active the volatility has more stuff to be more active and we're buying into weakness we are buying these cannabis stocks as they go down um we're doing that with cannabis stock trades and I'm also doing that for my wealth management clients excellent sounds good to me um I think both of us have the same objective here which is trying to solve the widespread problem of trader failure so many traders try and fail and lose so much money not only yeah not only in the Indy hemp industry but elsewhere or it is this fixable how can we fix this yeah yeah you know what um I definitely I've got things to say about trading so I mean the first thing that I would say is that like training is like such a glamorous and like such a sexy industry and like I was so attracted to trading you know like in my 20s and you know that's why I got into the industry um but what I also want to add though is that like trading is extremely difficult it's very very hard when I was a professional trader you know I worked for a billion-dollar brokerage firm we had like the smartest people but you could get working there we have like the best technology the best resources fastest execution and even with those great resources it's still really hard so at the very top the message I want to send is that please understand that trading is very very difficult it's not easy money and it's much like anything else in life for example playing guitar you know the first couple times you play guitar OH the first couple of weeks at first couple of months you're not going to be very good at it you have to practice for years and years to get good at it like trading is no different than that it's a very refined skill and there are some talent involved in it to you know some people are just inherently better at it than others so I guess at the highest level I wanted to spell any kind of misconception that trading is like easy money it's not easy money you can make money and treating it it's cool and it's fun and you can learn a heck of a lot about the market but just understand that it's very difficult um it's a very difficult industry and what was the second part of that question I think I forgot yeah I mean just how as educators and as traders can we help to talk about the project not solve look I deuce the problems of trader under the gun okay yes exactly so I mean I so I don't want anyone to think that I'm saying oh don't trade or you can't do it that's not true trading is cool and you can do it but in order to like yeah what David saying is that like there's a high failure rate and I saw them to chicago board of trade i mean ninety percent of the people that showed up down the board of trade were gone in six months crapped out lost their money out of the game Soltan i absolutely yeah that's absolutely what I saw so my advice to anyone is interested in training is fairly simple is number one educate yourself as much as you possibly can learn as much as you possibly can about these markets and number two I would say take it slow you know don't jump into trading you know if you've got like let's just let's just use let's say ten thousand dollars for the sake of simplicity if you've got ten thousand dollars that's you know burning a hole in your pockets you want to use for trading or whatever you know don't start with the whole ten valves and take it super super slow make a small bets you can possibly make like a hundred dollars and then when you're successful trading a hundred dollars for like a year and you've proven to yourself that you can that you can succeed with a small amount of money then think about maybe cling like two hundred dollars and then you know next year you double it but the biggest thing um you know I the biggest thing is that you know people jumping in and they're making big bets and they're blowing their accounts out in three to six months and they're losing their money but even more importantly if they're losing their confidence and if you lose your confidence in training that's a major problems you have to be confident in your trade so I would say the people who are interested in trading is take it slow and learn as much as you can and when you've established a legitimate edge a winning streak that's the time you start ramping up your your um the size of your trades ramp up your leverage a little bit that's great advice that actionable I speak about yes and I'm speaking of actionable actionable trading advice you know what companies in the cannabis industry should traders and investors be looking at right now gotcha sure um okay well I can tell you that like some of my fit within the cannabis sector um one group of cannabis acts that I really like that I think everyone should pay very close attention to our the Canadian cannabis box now there is a big difference between the u.s. cannabis market and the Canadian cannabis market and the distinction is that in Canada medical cannabis is legal on the federal level in the United States medical cannabis is still illegal on the federal level and that's why the industry is having problems with like this session situation that we've been talking about so when I'm analyzing these two markets versus the United States versus canada as an analyst and ambassador and you know an investment advisor i see a lot of risk in owning some of these US stocks because of this uncertainty so what i can tell you is that my crew is that like I think that um the Canadian the canadian stocks there's much less legal risk in them and also to because of the fact that Canada has created a a a pro cannabis environment for these companies these Canadian companies are number one they're growing rapidly they're throwing up ridiculous growth numbers number two probably more importantly they're already expanding internationally and then i can give you one example on piano key growth court which is the largest medical cannabis company in Canada ticker symbol it was recently changed a weed w/e ed um canopy is awesome they've done grade their share price was up I think three hundred fifty percent in 2016 and they're already expanding internationally for example Kennedy became the first company to ship cannabis to Brazil this fall and then also this fall on canopy purchased a dispensary in Germany for 7 million dollars and that's interesting because number one Germany is the largest economy in Europe and it's basically the hub of the European Union number two germany just passed insulation to legalize medical cannabis so I think Germany is going to be a huge cannabis market and I'm looking for canopy to be a major supplier to the German market so I'm looking at these Canadian companies and what I see is number one they're already growing rapidly in Canada number two they're already expanding their tentacles into international markets so I would recommend everyone pay very close attention to what's happening in Canada canopy growth group is one example absolutely and with the understanding that nothing in this video is a recommendation to buy or sell any equities or stocks like that um but you know absolutely that that's very actionable yeah I'm also looking at two organogram a frea gotta be of course there there's so many good ones Aurora right I like those two yeah I mean a frea Africa's on my radar another great company organogram is another great company they're interesting on there's been some organic Graham has run into some legal issues lately they had some pesticides that end up showing up in some of their products that it was you know it wasn't the biggest deal in the world um these weren't like really deadly pesticides or anything it was sort of like an infraction so to speak so but there is a lawsuit involved in it um it looks like the lawsuits going to be very small but when a company gets hit with a lawsuit was never great for sentiment so organogram recently kind of took a little bit of a hit it's trading low right now I think Organa mean to me when I see a company like organogram you know taking a short-term hit like that to me that says buying opportunity because long term I think we're ganna grams going to do great i think it's a good company very good sir alright just to wrap it up I've been speaking with Mike Lamonica very generous to give me his time and insight he's from cannabis stock trades calm and of course I'll put that in the description of the video besides going to that website is there any other contact or other information you'd like to give right now yeah i would say check out cannabis doc trave that is there's no question that's the best resource I can offer for anyone who's interested in cannabis docks number two I would add i also own a wealth management company on the name of my company is the vodka group I've got a website i'm actually all over the internet you would have any problem finding me if anybody is interested in you know talking about um no longer term investing or they were looking for you know just maybe potentially hooking up with an investment advisor go ahead and give me a buzz or send me an email you can find me i'm all over the internet so not hard yeah not hard to find it all very accessible and a cool guy to cannabis stock trades mr. Mike vodka thank you for sharing not only the immediately actionable advice but also just just some some perspective on the industry it's very refreshing and I really appreciate it being able to talk to you today sir yeah Thank You David's my pleasure great to chat with you and we'll be talking soon awesome alright thanks thanks so much well thanks David right on we'll see you okay you



Premium Brands was founded in 1917 as Fletcher Limited.[2] It was renamed Fletcher Fine Foods in 1984.[2] In 2000, the company re-branded to Premium Brands.[3] The company sold its Fletcher's business in 2004.[3] In 2005, it converted to an income trust, but it converted back to a normal corporation in 2009, through a complex deal with Thallion Pharmaceuticals.[4] In its time as an income trust, the company had doubled revenues to $450 million.[4] In 2010, Premium Brands acquired SK Food Group, a Seattle-based supplier of breakfast sandwiches and wraps to Starbucks, for $42.5 million.[5] Partly as a result of increased sales of these products, Premium Brands' overall sales more than doubled in the 5 years from 2010 to 2015, to $1.2 billion.[6] The company's sandwich sales increased from $156.8 million to $460 million in 2016.[7] In 2016, the company purchased meat company C&C Packing for up to $146 million.[8]


Premium Brands owns a range of specialty food manufacturing and differentiated food distribution businesses with operations in Canada and the United States. As of 2017, approximately 60% of revenue was from food distribution, and 40% was from food manufacturing.[2] Significant products include sandwiches (25% of revenue), processed meats (20% of revenue), beef (14% of revenue), and seafood (10% of revenue).[2]

The company estimates it has about 50% of the packaged sandwich market in Canada, and 5-10% of the American market.[6] It has sandwich manufacturing facilities in Columbus, Ohio, and Reno, Nevada, as well as two plants in Canada.[6]

The Company's brands and businesses include Audrey's, B&C Foods, Belmont Meats, Bread Garden GO, Buddy's Kitchen, C&C Packing, Centennial Foodservice, Conte Foods, Creekside Bakehouse, Diana's Seafood, Deli Chef, Duso's, Fletcher's US, Freybe, Gloria’s Best of Fresh, Gourmet Chef, Expresco, Grimm’s, Harlan’s, Harvest, Hempler’s, Hub City Fisheries, Hygaard, Interprovincial Meat Sales, Isernio's, Island City Baking, Larosa Fine Foods, Leadbetters, McSweeney’s, Maximum Seafood, Ocean Miracle, OvenPride, Partners, Piller's, Premier Meat Packers, Quality Fast Foods, Raybern's, Shahir, Shaw Bakers, Skilcor Food Products, Stuyver's Bakestudio, SK Food Group and Westcadia.

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