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Ostrov (Příbram District)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ostrov (Příbram District)
Municipality and village
Country Czech Republic
RegionCentral Bohemian Region
DistrictPříbram District
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Ostrov (Příbram District) is a village and municipality in Příbram District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

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40 thousand people came to Lesany to see the Tank Day, this year's speciality was tanks from the World War II. National! Radical! A person of Jewish origins is not authorized to act as expert witness. Are you afraid to be rougher and you want the people to do so? Let them go! Let them go! They only steal from us and now they have the courage to speak up! Long live the Workers Party! Rise up people and the storm can begin! I know how much public opinion in this country is being manipulated... Against fascism! Against racism! Antifa! Around three thousand people attempted to start a riot this morning in Prague on Wenceslas square and later in other places in the capital. Let him go! Let him go! Let him go! Shame! Shame! Can you tell me where am l supposed to go? Home! l live over there.. Well, go around that way! But l live there! Well, so you will go there! ln November 1989, nobody predicted that thousands of supporters of neo Nazi ideology were about to appear. Nobody predicted that this movement would leave dozens of dead behind after twenty years and that moms and dads will start to march side by side with neo Nazis. We need to realize what the beginning of the 90's meant for the society. Ties loosened so much then, the preceding authorities were discredited. The creation of something new started, of something we can judge as we please, but it also freed the hunger for something new, the openness to something new. Drink, you disgusting drunks, drink, you whores! The first supporters of punk and skinheads appeared in the 80's in Czechoslovakia. The first impulse for their formation was the intuitive resistance to communist power, police and the nosy bourgeois morals of the late normalization society of late 80's. The lack of information caused by the lron Curtain deformed the shape of both subcultures. There were some conflicts, but the vast majority of them had nothing to do with politics. The main attitude of young punks and skins, who formed an almost completely overlapping part of the anti communist underground, was common resistance against the bolshevik regime. Within both subcultures, opposing attitudes emerged. Sometimes punks and skins even joined in raids against Gypsies or the Vietnamese. Come with us!Screw them!... Often, we met some naziskins and it wasn't clear if they wanted to fight or just drink beer with us. Some punks dealt with it by trying to stand up against them and some of punks shaved their heads over night and joined them. The band Orlik noted a giant leap from 16th to 5th place. A citizen of Roma origin broke somebody's bones because the poor man didn't want to give him 20 crowns. All the anamnesis of every skinhead, leading to this, included: ''a friend brought me an Orlik tape... I listened to it, I heard the White League''. The second record is way better than the first. That's what l wanted to hear, why is it better? It's much more clear. No stupid hiding like ''etihw eugael'' (white league). Everything is there... gypsies and other scum. They don't want to be on tape.They want... Inner freedom, to create an alternative in the system that ties you down. The bigger conflicts started as soon as the year 1990. The bigger conflicts started as soon as the year 1990. One of the big events was show ''Branicka zizen'' in 1991, more than hundred masked and armed skinheads attacked. And brutally made thousand punks run away. In 1991, anarchists held two demonstrations against the megalomaniac Universal Czechoslovak Exhibition in Prague. The first one was ridden down by cops, after the second, dozens of skinheads meet up and attack. Some people fight back, but most prefer to run away. The police are watching the attack, but do nothing to stop it. There are even rumours that the police, sympathising with skinheads on some level, organized the attack with them. What you have shown here it wasn't fascism? And what did you show? What are your articles in A Kontra? How can they attack a legal demonstration? By what right? And why? Because your articles also attack. But articles aren't the same as smashing somebody's head! Why don't you attack the articles? With the articles, you always start.. Hey, wait! Fuck, let me finish, can I finish? I remember a liberal politician Oldrich Kuzilek who proposed something like a National Guards of Skinheads. No pictures, you idiot! The brutal violence was a total shock for the most of people there. Running crying girls, beaten up boys not understanding what happened. Death to fascism! Death to fascism! Away with racism! Stop the violence! Flowers are for everyone! Freedom is for everyone! Away with them who are against us. We want to live in peace with you. The anarchist movement organizes demonstration against racism and fascism, and even some Roma people attend. They were capable of good self organization and trying to stand up against discrimination. Demonstrations are attacked by nazi skinheads. Racism is the filth that is coming out of people after Velvet revolution, they can express fearless. I'm very happy you are here, l'm inviting you to the show that is going to start.. I hope we together send the racism where it belongs to... the deep shit! Struggle for human rights, boycott military service, away with racism, fascism, that was basically it. The supporters of the organizing groups consider their appearance expressive enough. The little we heard but not matched their behavior next to the barracks at Square of the Republic. When they didn't manage to kick down the door, they cleaned the street and peacefully left for the show at Strelecky ostrov. It's necessary to stop the brown danger that's rising up once more! Death to fascism! Freedom and alternative to the youth! Death to fascism! Death to fascism! Fascists out! Go to hell! Motherfuckers! Gypsy protectors! Fascists out! Red monsters! You are a coward. You attack a man with a weapon. Fuck off, nobody wants you here! Come here, you fucker! Go to hell! You got your ass kicked, so it is clear, isn't it? Go to hell! You idiot! Wait, he is on your side! Fuck off, you prick! Go to hell, you fascist scum! Fuck off! Go join your own. We have a legal demonstration. Fascist state! We are here to protect you, not for you to attack us. You called me a fucking swine! I'm a normal human being.. It is a shock even for the anarchists. Skins, unbeatable so far, are running away. This experience shows that people can fight back against neo Nazis. When a group of 50 skinheads attacked, there were no police. In Opletalova street the patience was gone and we started to chase the skinheads away, the police appeared all of a sudden. Basically to protect the skinheads. Apparently, police forces are closer to the fascists. No wonder, they find them more state-aided than the anarchists. The first note of a racist murder appeared in June of 1990. A group of skins and punks with chains, clubs and knives attacked a Turkish guy they considered to be a Gypsy then. The man succumbed to stab wounds. The second recorded murder was the outcome of a three day long pogrom on a Roma family in Klatovy. The attackers were not neo Nazis, but ''good citizens''. "Anarchists against the oppresion of power. Stop bolshevism and capitalism." This place will burn down! l just want to mention that the first usage of molotovs was by the Nazis, they attacked a show in the Dopravni podnik in the spring of 1991. It was The Exploited or some band like this. But it wasn't succesful. The only things on fire were the Nazis, because it started to explode in their hands. The Nazis brought this weapon to the local scene and as we know, they are still using it. We fought back with the same weapon on May 1, 1992. Skinheads out! Skinheads out! Form a line! They are coming right towards us! Hey, you're gonna loose that camera! Let's go! Jews...out! Gypsies...out! Bolsheviks...out! Trockists...out! Communists...out! The reds...out! Cobblestones started to fly through the air, the battle starts. And when it became obvious who was gonna win today, the police interfered. Disband immediately or compulsory measures will be used against you! What against skinheads? We are not fascists! After the police arrived, minor clashes occurred. Are you white first, or are you Czech? I'm a white Czech. But l don't give a damn. When someone shouts ''Czechs to the gas chambers!'' you don't mind, ha? Who shouted that? The germans at a football match! Don't point that at me. Or this becomes war. You leftist scum bastards! You motherfuckers! You are protecting fascists! The defeat on Letna meant a suspension of public actions for skinheads in Prague. But the everyday violence on the streets goes on and grows. Neo Nazis periodically go on raids trying to find someone to attack. The worst period was the autumn of 1993. Four racist murders took place within one month. The first was a pogrom in Pisek, where Tibor Danihel was drowned. Our friend Filip Venclik was kicked to death in Prague at the station Dejvická. Then a woman was thrown out of tram for being ''guilty'' of dating a Roma guy in Pilsen. The last incident of the four took place in Prague, where middle aged man argued with Nazi skinheads in a pub and when they couldn't beat his arguments they beat him to death. The murder of Filip Venclik, guitarist of punk band ''Rusko'', influences the activization of civic society. Filip stood up to defend an attacked person in the subway and the attacker injured him fatally. The attacker was not a Nazi but he came from Sparta hooligan and neo Nazi circles. A well known director Vlastimil Venclík informs politicians about the death of his son and makes a movie. Part of society realizes that neo Nazis can really be dangerous. It is no longer a ''nameless gypsy''. It becomes obvious that it might happen to anybody. The director Venclík founded the movement of Civic Solidarity andTolerance (HOST). The time was much more open, which had positives, but on the other side, there were downsides to this. A tendency to trivialize the activities of racist skinheads e.g. Not to see it as a threat to society. To see it to use the words of public prosecutor in the case of racist murder ofTibor Danihel as ''boys will be boys'' kind of activities. And therefore...Gypsies out! Klaus out! Jews out! The fascist fraction of the skinhead movement met at a concert of patriotic music on March 19. This is the first time I feel safe after sundown in Karlín. Hey, buddy, I warned you, if it appears on TV, I'll have you taken down, I don't care, dude! This private party is only a bonding of skinhead circles. Same as Zhirinovsky is doing on an official level, the skinheads on the lower level are also getting more together. And that is very dangerous. And that is very dangerous. A different Skinhead event took place in Prerov. A legal demonstration of officialy aknowledged group Patriotic League, at the same time. And that was a significant demonstrative division of skinheads into two fractions. Fascist and non fascist. Who was in Prerov, could not be in Prague, and vice versa. Even the dubious had to make up their minds. We are strictly against fascism, we refuse racism and we don't want to be mixed up with fascist and violent skinhead movements l think that if criminality wasn't sky rocketing, the Roma and immigrant criminality... ...and these outcast in general, this would never be happening. We strengthen the Roma in their privileges and non punishable status, fearing that we might be accused of racism. And we promote racism that way and the skins are just a mere result of that. The gypsies should be criminally responsible from birth, because that is their biggest crime. Long live Sladek! Thanks for the welcome, ladies and gentlemen. After the Velvet revolution, the populist Party for the Republic - the Republican party of Czechoslovakia (SPR-RSC), lead by Miroslav Sladek, appears. In 1992, its members got to the both chambers of the Czechoslovak parliament. The hatred towards the Roma is Sládek's most common topic. Racist skinheads vote for SPR RSÈ and the first generation of neo Nazis were active in the party. The movement of Civic Solidarity and Tolerance tries to push authorities to act against aggressive racists in accordance with the law. It also attempts to introduce the term ''racist murder'' to criminal law. In Prague, the anarchist movement met in the editor's office of ''A Kontra'' and later in one of the first squats ''Sochorka''. Nazis often tried to attack this space, and once they managed to get in when only three people were guarding it and police came with Nazis and forced the entrance. The Nazis then got in and demolished everything with the cops watching. It was very important to strictly oppose the values of neo Nazis for the movement. Anarchists did not see only racist haters in neo Nazis or racist skinheads. They also saw strong definition of authority: strong leader, strong state, strong nation. An attitude that was the opposite of their own philosophy. Neo Nazis posed a physical threat to them, the same as they did to ethnic minorities, sexual minorities or many of the youth just vaguely identified as enemies. Fuck off! Czechia for the Czechs! Gypsies to the gas chambers! Gypsies to the gas chambers! We want a White Czechia! We felt like another front should be opened in the situation where direct actions, demonstrations and other activities weren't enough. The supporters of the skinhead movement chased four Roma men into the river and 18 year old Tibor Danihel, drowned there. I tried to comfort her, support her, but she couldn't stand it emotionally.. and she shouted: ''Even if you were trialing them for a stolen hen, the punishment would be bigger!'' The judge had her taken out. The judge was afraid to punish skinheads that were laughing and shouting out in the courtroom. But this understandable expression of emotions was punished. /Mother of the victim/ That isn't possible! You must be crazy there cannot be silence! What, you bitch? A Roma man was killed in this small house in Zdar nad Sazavou. Jaroslav Churacek was sentenced to 31 months in a high security prison. Bihariova moved back in fear and the stream took her and she drowned. 40 years old Milan Lacko died this May after a clash with four skinheads. Milan Lacko remained lying in the road, where a passing truck killed him after the attack. There wasn't any truck that would drag Milan Lacko 50 meters as it was said. All the wounds he had were from the skinhead attack, and when he was helples on the ground a car driven by a cop hit him. There is a lack of will to cover these cases completely and punish not only the attackers, but also the initiators and opinion leaders. Mainly when the victims were Roma and the attackers sons of policemen. In the case of Tibor Danihel from 1993, there were people involved that never were charged. They appear again, staying in the scene after 10 or more years. They even grew. The guys from Budejovice became leaders. The anarchist movement attracts many young people in the early 90's. There are a couple squats, the best known across Europe is Ladronka in Prague. Subculture joins politics and starts to create its own background clubs. One of the main clubs was ''Propast'' in Prague. The militant part of antifascists also meet there. I was by the wall, I was handcuffed and my head was being hit against the wall. I had a machine gun against my temple, I was called a ''fucking leftist''. The raid on ''Propast'' shocked many people. And many people didn't understand how this police brutality could happend after 1989. lt was an obvious injustice that made many people organize themselves. Go back you cunt! The neo Nazis were doing as they pleased, they attacked people, killed people, raised their arms at shows.. From our perspective, the cops were only watching and considering them: boys who will grow up and stop it. But anyone who actively stood up against racism was bullied constantly. Shame! Shame! That was the moment that we created the first Antifascist Action group in Prague. When an organization stands up against neo Nazis in a violent way, and criticizes pacifism, as AFA did in the first years, it can cause arguments and a feeling that there is some hierarchy. In the sense that the ones being militant are taking the role of the true fighters, the real activists. Unlike some pacifist posseurs. Which wasn't very just, mainly in the situation when the people with pacifist attitude were exactly as threatened by neo Nazis. Sometimes even more because they showed their faces at demonstrations unlike militant antifas. They aren't avoiding violence. Neither are we. We need to use all possible means. Including violence. Black and white unite! My personal feeling was that they were sort of wanted sparring partners for the neo Nazi groups. They incouraged them to be more active instead of really pushing them back. I'm not opposing violence in general, I took part in some of these actions. But this alone can't bring the desirable results and it can even turn against antifascists. In 1997 in Prague, two drunk neo Nazis killed a student from Sudan. The murder is publicized a lot and it shows that the public is more willing to react to the murder of a black man, unlike the murders of Roma people in the past. There are couple of anti racist demonstrations with thousands of people, including politicians. Around 300 people met by the Hus memorial around 5pm. They wanted to bring attention to the murder of the Sudanese student as well as other racist attacks. "Victims of racial and ideological murders in the Czech Rep." We are expressing an opinion and if we do nothing we aren't gonna help it at all. There were almost 1200 attacks based on race or ideology in the Czech Rep. in the past 7 years. The Head of the Chamber of Deputies Milos Zeman asked the Legislative Board of Parliament to collect evidence for banning the skinhead movement, and this was supported by the head of the Senate Petr Pithart. Politicians have this custom they talk. They convince people. But this talking and persuading has to turn into action. People have to react against such violence. A space for racism appeared in the Czech Republic. And this proves that things are really moving here. This time it was a strong protest against racism. This time it was a strong protest against racism. The demonstration against racism and fascism started on the square... Skinheads... People attending the demonstration at the train station in Ceske Budejovice.. There are around 25 victims because of race or ideology and they started doing something after the twenty fifth which is complete nonsense. The demonstration against racism, fascism and violence was attended by anarchists from Cheb, Brno and other places. The demonstration was announced at the end of September. Can you tell us why are you here? Why? We are demonstrating because of something you didn't care about for 7 years, and you only started to care when a student from a rich country was killed... Do you think that the demonstration will help to improve the situation? No, it won't help. We would be here anyway even if it didn't happen a week ago. But you wouldn't be here... Anarchists surprisingly opposed Zeman's proposition to criminalize the skinhead movement. Anarchists are joined at the demonstration by skinheads as well. SHARP and RASH. These are skinheads against racism and fascism. lt wasn't meaningless to point it out, because the cops tolerate it. One of the skinheads attacked a press photographer and was detaind by the police. Even our cameraman was attacked. Fuck off, you jerk! What l experienced when mister Gross was the minister of interior, l know that once he angry came and said he saw something on TV and wanted something done about it, to react immediately. All the police officials were called and yelled...something was really happening for some time. But then it always stopped. And l fear that we will always have these waves here. During the wave it will be taken to the extreme and then the public will be tired of it. lt won't be interesting anymore. The topic stops being cool for the journalists. That leads to the public being flegmatic and no longer alert to spot neo Nazism. Neo Nazism notices this and rises, activates, organizes, starts to be more sassy. Neo Nazism reacts to what is happening in society. We were attacked in the subway. They insulted us and then l didn't even hear anything. They started to beat and kick us. Look at my colleague here. What else do you need to hear? The Attack by the skinheads happened after an antifascist march that was held on the day of the end of May Uprising of the Czech people against the Nazis. Racists, go! Roma people, stay! Sladek is a fascist! During the march to Old Town Square the anarchists called for black and white to unite against fascism. One of the protesters was injured exactly at this moment. His friends said that it was an unexpected attack by a skinhead. The Initiative against racism actually a couple of political subjects Social Solidarity on one side and the Humanist Movement on the other, tried to catch the wave of spontaneous anti racism and transfer this rage into some activity. And the activity aimed against the most visible and the time also the most actual target, the Republicans (SPR-RSC) of Miroslav Sladek. The leader of the Republicans Miroslav Sladek is free. The district court for Prague 1 dropped all charges for his anti German speech that he made last January during the signing of the Czech German declaration. Sladek said that not enough Germans were killed during the war and that they should all get proper education. The journal Republica was spreading racism according to the Ministry of lnterior. The common neo Nazis of the first decade like Tomas Kebza or Kalinovsky could be seen back then at the events of the Republican Youth. I can say I don't believe in the Holocaust. And they will lock me up like Skoupy. That isn't worth it. I'll still think that but I'll act more politically. Czechia for the Czechs! Hail to victory! After mister Sladek will leave the Republican party, l would like mister Kebza to become the leader of the Republicans. Even after being criminally charged for the third time, Kebza remains free and works for the Republican Youth. I can only judge him within our group and l think what he does is positive. I can't tell what he is doing in his free time, I don't live with him. I can't accompany him day and night. Do you know that he is connected to the neo Nazis? I don't, it's new information for me and why do you say so? Do you have any evidence and...? Views of Mr. Kebza that l know of are in accordance with the party and they have nothing to do with neo Nazism. I don't know if he has a double personality and acts differently during the day and night. But you do know him well, because you have been friends for a long time? How do you know this? I think you even went to school together? How do you know that? I just do. Autumn 1998, a new strategy of neo Nazis appeared. New organizations such as the National Resistance and the very active National Alliance, cooperated with aknowledged civic organizations. These weren't openly neo Nazi but they cooperated with neo Nazis, such as the Patriotic Front. They started to go out on to the streets together in the autumn/winter of 1998. When they started this tactic there was no force here to stand up to them. It was left to anarchists again. Customer can stand in a queue 2 minutes top. He's served within a minute. lf the hamburger isn't sold in 10 mins and fries in 7 mins after it's made, it's thrown out. You think your fathers were jerks for so long, it didnt take so long and you're just like them. You don't even realize but every now and then you do as you were told. You're smart when you're unjust and stupid when you dont steal and youll never give anything to anyone. It srotting in you like the meat that you stuff yourself with and when youre opening your mouth you almost throw up. You have ton of rules but you don't follow them,you believe that this is what you want, and you don t know anything about many things, but you're sure they are worth nothing. But when I find out I'm not annoying you, I'll question myself and worry about you. Even though anarchists widen the range of activities, their public image is getting worse. The media has the main influence on the image of anarchists and antifascists. They are pictured as alcoholics and vandals. That is exactly how the people attending the first Global Street Party in Prague were described. The party was held as part of the action day against the World Trade Organization policy. The Global Street Party was attended by thousands of people. Most of them not part of the anarchist movement. There was a lot of damage to property before the police managed to ride down the crowd. The damage caused by the protesters today hasn't been calculated yet. Thousands of vandals started to demolish the area in front of the main train station. Also the stores in Vodickova street and on Wenceslas square. There isn't a final calculation of the damage yet. McDonald's alone estimates hundreds of thousands crowns. There was rioting, damage of property. The material damage is 250,000 to a patrol car and 130,000 to gear and clothing so far. The police claim they were monitoring the protesters, but they didn't interfere the vandalism. It was an expression of the attackers because they wanted to fight against globalization and corporations are a symbol of the globalization for them. But private property is untouchable, I disapprove of damaging anybody's property. The action has an antifascist dimension also. The first conflict with the police is started when an election billboard with Miroslav Sladek is destroyed. Then the crowd attacks a shop with neo-Nazi fashion brands "Cerna Mura". The leaders of the neo-Nazi movement in Prague of that time met and worked there. We can't be silent about what is hapenning with part of our youth. What is their point when the event ends up like it did last Saturday. First the first smashed McDonald was smashed! How was it smashed? Who smashed it? Who? All of us, the whole demonstration! It was totally spontaneous. Somebody ran in there and smashed the windows. That seems normal to you? It's good it was smashed! McDonald's and Cerna Mura there are only scumbags there. We reject any kind of stealing or damaging shop windows. But the whole situation after the intervention in Vodickova street shows that this intervention was a punishment after the fiasco the police received throughout the day. The guilt must be determined individually and a concrete person must be punished. The fact that someone takes part in a demonstration doesn't mean that he/she is guilty. We believe the whole thing will be investigated properly and the investigation won't vanish like in the case of the raid in '"Propast'" or the demonstration in front of Ministry of lnterior. Don't touch me! Neo Nazis themselves set the battlefield for the key clash on May 1, 1999. They notified the city council of a demonstration to the traditional place for May Day anarchist gatherings Strelecky ostrov. You either let the public in! Who are you letting in then? So you don't let people into the public meeting. ln the name of the law, obey the police appeal! Ever since then, 1st May became an opportunity for anarchists and neo Nazis to fight. It even displaced other topics that were also important for the anarchists. You are protecting fascists! Evacuate the area! History shows that people aren't, can not be and don't want to be equal. Gypsies have their roots somewhere and l believe they should go back to these roots. Back where they belong. There will probably be issues in them going back voluntarily, right? Well, yeah, there would have to be some system.. lt is.. to talk about this topic legally.. The time has come, in the final battle, our people will stand on our side. Rise up, people and the storm can begin! Skinheads are shouting, encouraging themselves. They have no reason to fight them because the cops will do the job for them. Skinheads are shouting, encouraging themselves. They have no reason to fight them because the cops will do the job for them. You are protecting fascists! Nation over all! Czechia for the Czechs! Fascism is supported by capital and the cops are here to protect the status quo. That means capitalism. The state has always depended on the info from the police, the police has always approached all these activities as political and therefore not their business and they only started to care when the law was broken. And they said: We deal with criminals, with murders, thieves, rapes and crimes of violence or against property. And intelligence services believe that it is more dangerous Neo Bolshevism, activities of old communists, radical left extremists and they always considered neo Nazism a marginal phenomenon that doesn't need any strong reaction. The IMF and World Bank also financially support states with totalitarian regimes China, Indonesia and others. The anarchist march went to the streets of Prague despite the ban from the authorities. International Solidarity! At the same time, the National Alliance had their so called demonstration against IMF. After the demonstration most of the fascists went downtown where we confront them in the main train station. Call an ambulance! For neo Nazis the situation started to change mainly thanks to the constantly improvement of monitoring, we could attack them not only randomly in the streets, but also specifically target them. We managed to target the violent ones, leaders and key figures of the movement. The patriots went to the streets on the occasion of the financial insitutions meeting. We will win! One of the main roles of AFA is to create a safe and free space for the anarchist and antifascist movement. If we are attempting to change things and many of us to make a more or less revolutionary change, we need to expect the oppresion of the system. That means we can't avoid violence. The biggest violence that took place in Prague yesterday and today was inside of the Congress Centre during the meeting of institutions that are responsible for destroying the lives of millions around the world.They are responsible for the damaged environment, human and social rights. And l don't wanna defend violence but what happened in the streets it's an answer. Answer what was hapenning in the Congress Centre. "Can the behaviour of the protesters be excused by their ideals? Definitely yes: 1,2% Mostly yes: 2,7% Mostly no: 12,4% Definitely no: 88% Does not know: 2,4% The fact that during the protests against IMF violence occurred seemed problematic to many people, because they felt that violence took the attention from the reason for the protests. But it's also true that if it wasn't for the violence the protests wouldn't have made it into the media. ln 1940 we had already been here for two years. We remember the Germans and everything and it wasn't so bad... We weren't that afraid. It was terrible in Prague. I had to boast to my grandpa I experienced World War lll. The trains took policemen to all the corners of the country. As a souvenirs they are bringing broken shields, cobblestones and sticks that the protesters used against them. They said it will remind them of being afraid of dying. People were dedicated and motivated to be more active at that time. But arrests, violence at police stations and raids against the Ladronka squat were slowing things down. I deny the accusation the local council evicted Ladronka. We don't own Ladronka we never owned it and aren't going to. We never evicted it. So who did? The mayor Kasl evicted it. No, no, no. l'm sorry let's be honest, it was Mr.Chalupa, Mr. Dvorak and Mr. Blazek, three young cowboys from the city council wanted to show off. That was the truth. There were antifascist counter demonstrations here but they have a different form, different content. They had to have a different meaning in the end from the ones at the beginning of the 90's. It was no longer possible to physically confront neo Nazis on demonstrations. All that was possible was to fight the police and attract attention for the cause. Black and white unite! Neo Nazis are changing tactics. Their aim is to appeal to former Sládek supporters and to be successful on a regional and national political level. The founding meeting of the National Socialist Block in culture house Eden in Prague made AFA organize a blockade with other subjects but it was put down by the police force. The year 2000 was proclaimed by AFA as a year of actions under the name Ofensive 2000. People, open your eyes! What is hapenning with you?! Nazis got into politics! Don't be blind, people think! The whole village was decorated with antifascist slogans by anarchists. The demonstration in Hradec Králové announced properly as an antifascist march was attended by around 150 anarchists. The government proposal to disable the organization of demonstrations and enable further spying on citizens that must be applauded by neo Nazis. The main perpetrators were arrested this morning. The police were investigating the case over year and a half. Why did it take so long? The perpetrators from this radical antifascist group used very good conspiratorial methods and that is why it take longer to uncover them. ln Brno people were attacked by Nazi hooligans the ''Johnny Kentus Gang'' on a daily basis. Nazis themselves called the city the ''brown fortress''. They were attacking anybody they disliked. What was the same as in the whole country in the 90's. Our activities were focused mainly on fighting JKG which we saw as the biggest source of aggression. After some time we realized that direct physical confrontation with a bunch of hooligans doesn't have much sense because violence is fun to them. And again it proved that the only way is to target specific Nazis. In Prague this tactic and a couple of very succesful confrontations lead to a decline in their activities and finally they had to go underground and stop public activities. Some of them became totally paranoid. They either were going home in groups or a different way than usual. One of them was Filip Vavra, the leader of the National Resistance at that time. He even backed away then but only for some time. The police prevent crime and solve crimes according to criminal law. A crime according to §260 Support and propagation (hatefull ideas). Because the two organizations that are organizing this and are on the leaflet Blood & Honour. l'm asking if you have an expert on extremism here. lt's against the law because this heading of the organizers Blood & Honour and Combat 18 Czech rep. is dangerous semi terrorist organization. ln Czech rep. ''Clovek v tisni'' and other organizations and individuals rooted in the Movement of Civic Solidarity and Tolerance are the main subjects to deal with neo Nazism and racist violence. The monitoring is done mainly by people around Ondrej Cakl. What l see as the mission of the documentary work Cakl does isn't to get evidence for a specific trial but to document how the scene looks and how the state is reacting. We have no evidence so far that the law was broken inside. The documentary makers get some information they provide it to the public and to the media and the media as representatives of the public ask politicians why the police can't get as much information as a single cameraman can. The organizers earned around 250,000 CZK from the entrance fees. They will use it to expand their organization. In everyday life a right wing extremist is facing obstacles that we can hardly imagine. I want to introduce you to the minority in our society that lives life full of obstacles and trouble. They are called the fash or nazis. You surely know them. We are talking about right wing extremists. I know what you are thinking. They are stupid brutal and pose a threat for the society. And you are surely right. But let's take a closer look. We constantly tried to point out that Nazis are dangerous and that they stand behind many attacks and killings. Then ''Clovek v tisni'' came with the campaign that they received milions for and they pictured Nazis as idiots that are worthy of feeling sorry for. Government, Ministry of Interior and the Mayor of Prague supported a music event with the same motto that followed. acknowledgement for sports e.g. only rarely means success. You have to agree that they need our understanding and mainly our help. In the form of social projects e.g., that will make them feel as full members of the society. So we decided to react to this campaign and that is how our own campaign called ''Be evil to your local Nazi'' started. The National Resistance comes back and organizes a big demonstration on May 1, 2005 in Brno after relatively calm times Neo Nazis are getting rid of the skinhead image to look more acceptable to society. The tranquilized antifascist movement starts to be active again. Three young anarchists were injured. One of them remains in the hospital with concussion. We acted as we were expected to disciplined as our ideals dictate. AFA is slowly learning that it is very exhausting to organize a demonstration in every town the Nazis decide to march through. Which happened almost every weekend at the time. The activities of those attending the demonstrations are usually limited to attending these events and they don't do much more. And these events are at the same time draining energy from the people organizing them all year round. These actions bring no results only risks and state repression. AFA is considered to be some kind of security service: '"Nazis are organizing demo here come and do something about it.'" So, we decided not to organize public demos ourselves unless they are supported by locals and the activity is grassroot based. It is the anniversary of the Crystal Night. What does it mean to you? A lot. What? A lot. The extermination of the Jews started. The police are requesting backup. Over 200 neo Nazis are marching to Sokolovska street and they are heading to Parizska street. We also remember how it started back then. lt started just like this. The merry go round of media hysteria and public esclandre starts. You are really not a shamed? For the dead in Maisel synagogue! That we politicians are also here proves we care and we want to prevent this. ...a bit of sand from lsrael... lt's a civic duty to stand against you when you want to march through the Jewish quarter with torchlights. Don't be offended but you are not supposed to be here. Yeah, me, born in Prague, l'm not supposed to be here that is just great! ls this normal? Shove the gun up your ass! Hey, wrap it up! (Werich & Voskovec´s song about killing 1, 2, 3... nazis) Media, politicians and various NGO activists and all those who might have managed to mobilize the public, when anti Semitic provocations were happening should realize that the attacks against Roma as a group is exactly as disgusting as attacks against Jews. The Workers Party is getting stronger. Its members decide to go to Janov settlement in Litvinov, North Bohemia in autumn 2008. It's a provocation that is supposed to bring attention to the party. Local Roma people stand up to the ''patrols'' and chase them away while calling them ''white swine''. All the media in the country features this information. The Workers Party manages to mobilize many people thanks to this. There are no gypsies there, go to Janov! Let them go to Janov! What are the cops doing? You are protecting the gypsies! Our time will come.Work, family, homeland! Nothing but nation! A neo Nazi kills one antifascist skinhead Honza Kuèera in January 2008 in Pribram. The state doesn't want to and because of its nature really can't prevent Nazi scum from walking our streets freely, we'll have to do it. Find them! Find where they live, where they work and spread fear among them. We want a white Bohemia! Fuck, l came because of you! They only steal from us and now they have the courage to speak up! Black motherfuckers! They are coming to get you! Let them go! Let them go! Fathers and mothers of little children are expressing solidarity with Nazis and are helping them to hide. They swear at the gypsies so everyone must see neo Nazism might resonate. Maybe not today but in 5, 10 years... They pay for something? Bullshit! We pay for everything! My daughter isn't eligible for unemployment support, because me and my husband are working and we own a flat. Vitkov in Opava region witnessed probably racially motivated attack with tragic consequences. Molotovs thrown into a house of Roma family burned three people seriously. There is a two year old girl among them. Total apathy, ignorance or the public secret: ''we all hate gypsies'' was replaced by totally different approach moral panic. The tragedy spoke to many people across the country. Very mean commentaries appeared in on line discussions. Meanwhile the little girl was being kept alive but unconscious. She was given high doses of pain killers and undergoing many operations. The police detained 12 people after profound preparation and interrogations of 600 witnesses. They were neo Nazi supporters and their friends. Four men remained behind bars. Only one of them has no criminal record Vaclav Cojocaru the youngest one. Three more people took part in the attack: Ivo Muller, David Vaculik and Jaromir Lukes. The police say: ''We have enough evidence and even a confession''. The charges themselves weren't what we were after. Half of the neo Nazis in the country could be put behind bars based on our materials. The main reason to publish the info is to uncover the activities and to point to who these people really are. David Vaculik isn't even talking to the police. Based on our info his hand was burned. Jaromir Lukes admits he was driving. Muller and Cojocaru admit they were present and threw the molotov. The fear and the exaggeration of certain cases means a strengthening of repressive tendencies. Pushing out of society, strengthening of repressive forces. And it's also clear that the state and mainstream political parties see potential political competition in neo Nazis. Vitkov attack happened when the Ministry of lnterior tried to ban Workers Party for the second time and was collecting evidence about its neo Nazis connections. Witnesses and pictures /e.g. from Prerov and Opava/ proves that the leader of the party was in contact with the attacker from Vitkov Jaromir Lukes suspected of organizing the attack. The second attempt of the government to ban Workers Party was succesful. The supreme administrative tribunal issued a verdict today claiming the party was threatening democracy and they decided to disband it. It is first such case in the history of the modern Czech state. Eight neo Nazis stand in court in Prague 1. Among them some of the leading figures of the Czech far right. The public prosecutor accuses them of supporting a movement leading to the suppression of human rights. What this exactly means, what they are accused of to face an 8 year imprisonment? Richard Samko who is watching the trial closely will tell us more. Good afternoon.Some of the defendants are accused of putting up stickers, this was supposed to have happened two years ago in December, before the Antifa demonstration. The stickers were supposed to link to Another thing is the organization of a demonstration to support the fallen Wehrmacht soldiers in Jihlava. Also the operation of website and organization of white power music concerts. Go to hell! Jew! The trial here at the district court will continue on November 1. Michala Dupova and Patrik Vondrak remain in custody. They have been there for over a year now. We also think that the prosecution of many of these neo Nazis serves another purpose. And many other violent Nazis are running free, deserving punishment of one kind or another. This kind of repression is definitely not helping to deal with racism in society and only helps neo Nazis by putting them in a martyr position of the only true anti system opposition. The already short list of expert witnesses in the area of extremism gets even shorter. Michal Mazel who helped to put the arsonists from Vitkov on jail ended his career. He also testified in the case banning the Workers Party. I never encountered physical violence. I only get letters saying I'm Jewish Bolshevik scum and wishing an early death to my family. The reason Michal Mazel ended his career was also the affair that put the issue of expert witnesses on the front pages this week. It was an objection of bias made by the advocate of Lucie Slegrova, a member of Workers Party of Social Justice. The Expert Witness is of Jewish origin and that influences his attitude to the case in question. I was considering if the objection was justified and I concluded that it is because if the family of the expert witness was affected by the Holocaust during the Nazi era he could be biased in this matter. Petr Koci points out that many colleagues supported his attitude. Pavel Hasenkopf the adviser of the president pleaded for him. On facebook was formed group ''For every member of this group a gypsy will die. Join, so we can have a trully white Christmas." That was the name of the group. 21 thousand people had joined the group in a couple weeks. They provided their photos and full names to support this statement. And that isn't something specific only to the Czech Republic. We have a tendency to blame ourselves and say how bad and racist it's here. But it is a Europe wide trend or maybe worldwide after the war on terror. ln ltaly a pogrom against immigrants happened under the ''White Christmas'' motto. White Christmas as Christmas for white people only. And that was not done by neo Nazis. The laws helping municipalities to fight against problematic citizens will be ready within two years. The First one of them is being discussed now. That is why municipalities are looking for faster ways to calm the situation down. First two new points in the law that is being prepared are a possibility to disrupt social security money and ban residence to repetitive offenders. in dealing with the ''Roma problem''. in dealing with the ''Roma problem''. And this experience is rooted in municipal level. That is why they offer legislative suggestions that are supposed to help the mayors solve the situation in the problematic localities. We want to seizure social benefits when it is abused or if anyone commit a minor offense. We think it should pass the Chamber of Deputies. We will see what the Senate and president say. The second step that we would welcome is the possibility of prohibit residence in the locality to the perpetrators for some time, so they can't violate the law in this locality. I believe our attitude is right and I'm asking: who is protecting the good citizens that play by the rules and pay all their bills? Yes the steps of the town hall are controversial and risky and no it's not salvatory. Yes those who pay honestly and behave they have to feel some reward and yes it's an experiment but why not try it when everything else failed? I talked with the local Roma quite openly and they said: ''Find us job then!'' l told them: ''What salary would you accept?'' And they said: ''Twenty thousand, not less'' What does that mean? They don't want jobs, they want benefits! North Bohemia is raging again.The tense situation was caused by violent crimes commited by the ''inadaptive'' citizens.. ln Rotava, Sokolov region there is tension between the old settlers and newcomers. There are many ''inadaptive'' citizens among the new ones and there are even physical attacks hapenning. Local government reacts for example by self defence lessons for senior citizens and handing out ''safety packages'' containing self defence gear. The latest case of violence is from a local elementary school. The police are investigating it as a misdemeanour. A Roma mother attacked one of the teachers. She slapped her as I was told. The town hall says that cases of physical violence mainly by groups of ''inadaptive'' youth are common. Safety packages with advice and self defence gear. 87 people came to pick them up so far. So, we have a chain for your door, panoramatic observation hole.. Just like Sokolov, Rotava town hall will also hold self defence courses for senior citizens. ln Sluknov region the tension has escalated in the last months between the old settlers and newecomers that are moved here by real estate companies, speculating on property. The situation became acute in the beginning of August when a group of five attacked a bar in Novy Bor. 14 days later a group of twenty ''inadaptive'' citizens was supposed to have attacked a much smaller group of young people in Rumburk. These two events started the wave of resistance. Around 20 Roma men attacked six young men early in the morning in Rumburk. One of them ended up hospitalized with broken bones. The mayor sees the fight as another incident between the old settlers and ''inadaptive'' newcomers. Jan Stuchlik only managed to get the statement of the victims. A kicked down door. Proof that the attackers tried to get to the young men who were originally standing in front of the house by all means. They started to beat us with telescopic batons. They threatened us, called us ''white scum''. The attacked denied that they had known the attackers. Six of us against 18 or 20 people we would have to be crazy, right? According to the victims the group of Roma youth was looking for someone to beat up on their way from the disco. According to the victims the group of Roma youth was looking for someone to beat up on their way from the disco. But it was about drugs in this case. There were dealers among the victims that sold bad drugs to the Roma guys and they just wanted to get back at them. The demonstration organized by the Social Democrats turned into a racist march through the town. People unhappy with the rising criminality in Rumburk were shouting anti Roma slogans and went to the Roma quarter. Cops had to intervene in the streets. The tense situation in Rumburk broke out after a group of Roma beat up six youngsters. Local Roma people that mostly didn't have anything to do with the incident were hiding in their houses the whole day on Friday. One Roma family left the town after being threatened with death by their neighbors. The crowd attacked their house a couple hours later. They said the door or windows won't help. They will get in no matter what. That l'll die tonight among my own. Among the black ones. The police arrested five people during the riots and at 11pm the town was calm again. But experts are warning that the situation in the Sluknov region is far from calm and violence from both sides might happen at anytime. Dedicated to Jakub Polak and to all the victims killed by neo Nazi and racist evil. Appearing: We want to thank everybody who unknowingly provided footage and music. lnformation about public screening and distribution can be found at You can mail your questions, comments and opinions to the makers of the film to Take part in antifascist activities, contact Antifascist Action (AFA) We apologize to Michal Mazel for misleading him before filming by not telling him the interview will be used in an Antifascist Action movie.


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