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Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector
Air Defense Command.png
Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector.jpg
Emblem of the Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
RoleAir Defense
Part ofAir Defense Command
Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap 
Download coordinates as: KML · GPX
Map of Oklahoma City ADS
Map of Oklahoma City ADS
331st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron Lockheed F-104A-15-LO Starfighters Webb AFB, Texas, February 1964. Aircraft shown TDY At Homestead AFB, Florida. Serials identified are 56-784 56-882 56-834
331st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron Lockheed F-104A-15-LO Starfighters Webb AFB, Texas, February 1964. Aircraft shown TDY At Homestead AFB, Florida. Serials identified are 56-784 56-882 56-834

The Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector (OCADS) is an inactive United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with the Air Defense Command's 29th Air Division at Oklahoma City Air Force Station, Oklahoma.

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the Bible prophesied of a unique time on earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run rampant the time spoke enough so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as he breaks down these events for us as they unfold each week okay let's see here today is 17 December which is Sunday it's time for the prophecy update of the week into small little congregation today half of us are gone out on the headin around the country and visiting people and we've got lots more people leaving for next week as well so yeah but maybe we'll have some coming into the warmer climate so that'd be nice I want to thank my friend Arlene who from time to time sends me a bandana and she sent me with penguins all over it and so it's kind of fitting with the colder weather we've been having it has warmed up a little bit from last week but I so much appreciate the bandana and it's very cute I was at Publix this morning and the girl says oh that's such a cute bandana yeah and then I want to ride the folks online that we have the feasts of the Lord sermons going on right now we did the Sabbath last week and we are starting with the actual annual feasts this week we'll be doing Passover and unleavened bread two feasts in one week because they're conjoined and you will learn a great deal about what the Lord is doing in redemptive history if you watch these feasts of Lourdes sermons I would encourage you to do so and you would find out something that most people our misguided on their Mis lead on is that the fall feasts of the Lord are not yet fulfilled they'll be fulfilled in Christ's second coming that is untrue they're all fulfilled in their entirety in his first coming their feasts of the Lord they're a part of the law of Moses law of Moses is none it is annulled it is set aside it is obsolete according to the book of Hebrews and it is nailed to the cross according to Paul so it's something that people are misdirected on there's a lot of confusion in the Christian circles because of the Hebrew roots movement which is poisoned people to understanding the truth of the feasts of the Lord that does not mean that the feasts of the Lord will not continue to be observed for example the Feast of the Lord called Sukkot or Tabernacles will be observed in the millennial reign of Christ okay there are certain things that will be observed and they are commemorative after their fulfillment okay just like I have a birthday and then after that I have birthdays which commemorate the day of my birth okay people need to get their doctrine straight on this one of the things that people say is that the Feast of Trumpets which it's not actually called the Feast of Trumpets that's incorrect as well they call it Rosh Hashanah that's not correct as well except in modern Israel because it's the head of the year but those things will be discussed during that sermon they say that's a picture of the rapture rapture is gonna happen on Rosh Hashanah that's not a picture of the rapture it's very clear what it does picture and we'll talk about that when we get there but anyway I just wanted to let you know these are very interesting feasts and you will learn a great deal and you will clear up a lot of confusion when you watch them so we'll go on I have somebody to highlight all the way from Australia his name is Graham Henderson he's in calendar Queensland Australia and he says he lived with his wife so far for 20 years her name is Anita and she's from Kansas she lived in Kansas in Missouri and both are active in the kingdom Anita leads women's retreats I volunteer in a prayer ministry and a local special assistant school two days a week it's Christian based but no real Christian input he says the teacher actually boards with us during the week as he's a two-hour drive away so it saves him to drive back and forth we are both strong Christians we have seen the entire class of troubled young teens open up to the gospel with a couple professing christ we were challenging the entrenched worldview and causing them to question their own presuppositions about life and their response to God we use outdoor education and wilderness camping to help with them to reevaluate their lives that has resulted in an amazing transformation for them as they are now much more self-confident amazing what God can do in the lives of these young men in the early 80s and in the 90s I attended a conservative discipleship training organization called cornerstone community where I received basic biblical instruction and fundamental Christian doctrine and worldview I've continued to make discipleship and evangelism the main activity of my life and work it's merely work is merely how I support myself to do that in my third career computer and IT repairs and consulting I run my own business and my other two careers were a motor mechanic and pizza shop manager which I would love I love the updates and I am now an avid sermon watch or two which is the whole point of doing these cross the updates is to get people to want to watch the sermons because that is where the heart of God is pross the updates are temporary they last a week and then you'll never watch them again then the information is transitory but the sermons are they are my heart and they are timeless okay that is that is the Word of God and it is God speaking to us and to be able to evaluate it is the most wonderful thing and he closes out saying I'm I certainly hope to come visit for a few days when we are in the USA next year if we can get some cheap flights from Missouri to Florida so we'll hope that that happens that you comes down and fellowships with us okay and then I have our first category is Israel and I entitle this the right to exist and I am NOT going to have an Islam section today because you're going to see I have quite a bit of Islam tied in with the Israel section so we're gonna skip over that we're gonna have a very long Israel section and it's gonna be a little different than you're used to a lot of interesting information first from the I took a portion of Mike Pence's speech to the UN General Assembly and I have just a portion of it you should read the whole thing it's very long we'd be here for an hour reading it but it is marvelous what he said on November 29th 1947 the General Assembly gathered in this Great Hall and passed resolution 181 calling for creation of the Jewish state of Israel now to be clear Israel needed no resolution to exist for Israel's right to exist is self-evident and timeless now this is our vice president speaking to the UN General Assembly he said nor did that resolution create the State of Israel for Israel was born of the sweat and the sacrifice of the Jewish pioneers who risked everything to reclaim their beloved lands with in those well remembered words with a plow in one hand and a rifle in another they turned the desert into a garden scarcity into Plenty and an age-old dream into reality and I've said this a million times there was CIPO in the Land of Israel until the Jews moved back in the few Palestinians that were there were mostly Jewish people and out of there they were the majority in the land and then there were other groups of people in this land that was called Palestine okay but the Jews were always the majority there you go back and read history oh I think we have some more of that coming and these other groups that had no intention of doing anything with the land because if they did it would have been done they had 2,000 years to do it but when the Jews started to move back they made the desert blossom they brought the land back to life and they did it with their own sweat and her own blood he goes on and they're striving in their sacrifice laid the foundation for what took place in this hall 70 years ago and only six months later the Jewish state of Israel was born answering the ancient question first asked by the prophet Isaiah can a country be born in one day can a nation be born in a moment it happened when on May 14 1948 Israel declared the National Rite of Jewish people to be the masters of their own fate like all other nations in their own sovereign state there he stands in the United General Assembly citing the Bible and saying that the Bible is fulfilled saying that the Bible is literally the Word of God okay you understand what he's doing there he is going in the face of everybody that's denied these things while Israel was built by human hands it's impossible not to see the hand of heaven leading its people writing their history in the restoration of this ancient people to their land of their birth in fact the God of Abraham told this people even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens from there I will gather you and bring you back to the land which your father's possessed it was an ancient promise cherished by Americans since before our nation's founding than it was a promise that Jewish people clung to throughout all the ages through a 2,000 year exile the longest of any people any where then they were rewarded for their faith as President Trump has said Israel is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people go read the whole article you will be blessed by it I chose that section because it's directly relevant to what we're talking about our next article is from a website called the Napoleon series they have all of Napoleon's words all of us letters everything on this site here's what it says letter to the Jewish nation from the French commander-in-chief Bonaparte translated from the original 1799 now this is Bonaparte who wrote this to the Jewish nation General Headquarters Jerusalem first Floreal April 20th 1799 in the year seven of the French Republic Bonaparte II commander-in-chief of the armies of the French Republic in Africa and Asia - the rightful heirs of Palestine he's writing from Jerusalem when he set his feet down there Israelites unique nation whom in thousands of years lust of conquest and tyranny have been able to be deprived of their ancestral lands but not of name and national existence acknowledging that they are our people okay attentive and impartial observers of the destinies of Nations even though not endowed with the gifts of seers like Isaiah and Joel has long since also felt what these with beautiful and uplifting faith have foretold when they saw the approaching destruction of their Kingdom and fatherland and the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads they shall obtain joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shall flee away Isaiah 35 verse 10 arise then with gladness ye exiled a war unexampled in the annals of history waged in self-defense by a nation whose hereditary lands were regarded by its enemies as plunder to be divided arbitrarily and at their convenience by a stroke of the pan of the cabinet's avenges its own shame and the shame of the remotest nations long forgotten under the yoke of slavery and also the almost 2,000 year old egg know many put upon you and while time and circumstances would seem to be least favorable to a restatement of your claims or even to their expression and in to be compelling their complete abandonment it offers to you at this very time and contrary to all expectations israel's patrimony he's saying this is your land now is the time for you to take it back the young army with which providence has sent me hither led by justice and accompanied by victory has made jerusalem my headquarters and will within a few days transfer them to damascus a proximity which is no longer terrifying to david city rightful heirs of palestine speaking again to the jews the great nation which does not trade in men and countries as did those which sold your ancestors unto all people joel 4 verse 6 herewith calls on you not indeed to conquer your patrimony nay only to take over that which has been conquered and with that nations warranty and support to remain master of it to maintain it against all corners he's calling them back to the land of israel come I'm giving you this land arise showed that the former overwhelming might of your oppressors has but repressed the courage of the descendants of these heroes who alliance of brothers would have done honor even to Sparta and Rome he's citing Maccabees 1215 but that the 2000 years of treatment as slaves have not succeeded in stifling it hasten now is the moment which may not return for thousands of years to claim the restoration of Civic rights among the population of the universe which had been shamefully withheld from you for thousands of years your political existence as a nation among the nations and the unlimited natural right to worship Jehovah in accordance with your faith publicly and most probably for ever Joel 4 verse 20 of course it wasn't the Lord's times they were still under punishment for having crucified the Lord rejected his word and his Messiah and we know that they were restored on 14 May 1948 exactly as the Bible predicted in Ezekiel chapter 4 if you know the calculation it is to the day Jerusalem fell 19 years after Israel was exiled and what exactly nine hundred and seven thousand two hundred days or 19 years after 14 May of 1948 Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel on June 6 1967 exactly as the Bible said would occur okay the calculation is valid it stands it was discovered after not before the return of Israel were not to use the Bible for predictive prophecy were to use it for understanding fulfilled prophecy but it is a valid calculation right out of the Bible and it wasn't time for them to be returned but he understood the right of Israel to the land he understood the right of Israel a people to be a people and he was insightful in his analysis of that okay so I thought I'd throw that in to show you that this lie that has been thrown upon the world has been a lie for a lot longer than most people understand well he's just citing that the Maccabees what it is yes the extra books in the Catholic Bible are what are known as the Apocrypha and what they are is a history of the Jewish people they're not canon they were never never considered Canon by anybody Jerome who translated the Old and New Testaments in the Latin Vulgate said these will be canon over my dead body they were not canon up until the Year 1546 at the Council of Trent when the Catholic Church in a knee-jerk reaction to the Protestant Reformation said we're going to make these Canon because they have things like purgatory they have things like you know you pay indulgences for purgatory and all of these other thinks that the Catholic Church was profiting off of which the Reformation said this is wrong this is unscriptural and so they came out and they passed this at that time that's the answer to that but yes I wanted to make sure people know that the Catholic Bible does contain the Apocrypha as to some Christian Bibles they'll put it in there if you want the Apocrypha you can buy it online and the original King James Version had it in there it was inserted right in between the the 1611 King James it was in between the Old and New Testaments so it's it's a matter of history like the pseudepigrapha books you've got the Book of Enoch and you've got the letter of Aristeas and all of these ancient documents which are historical and they give us valuable information but they are not canon so we need to be very what we know is can and what isn't but they point they all point to the Jews being in the land being a United group of people that deserve the land and that are the rightful heirs to the land so there you go from our Achieva Kuwaiti writer what country did I just say Kuwait there you go Kuwaiti writer there is no Palestine and no occupation a Kuwaiti writer recently and this is just a couple weeks ago said that Israel was an independent and legitimate sovereign state and that there was no occupation but rather a people returning to its promised land the writer Abdullah al-saad Locke made the comments in an interview which was broadcast by the Kuwaiti RI TV right on Kuwaiti TV al-assad Locke also called for a three-way alliance of Israel Arab Gulf States and the United States in order to annihilate Hezbollah when the State of Israel was established in 1948 there was no state called Palestine he knows his history said a loud lock like it or not Israel is an independent sovereign state it exists and it has a seat at the UN and most peace-loving and democratic countries recognize it the group of states that do not recognize Israel are the countries of tyranny and oppression the State of Israel has scientific centers and universities the likes of which even the oldest and most powerful Arabic countries lack so Israel's estate and not a terror organization he's making a logical deduction on it there is no occupation there is a people returning to its promised land insisted al had luck you are aware that the history of the Israelites is ancient predating Islam therefore we Muslims must acknowledge that the Israelites have a right to that land and that they have not plundered it the people who say that it was plundered are still thinking in the mentality of the 1950s and before why shouldn't we live in peaceful coexistence with Israel and cooperate with it against my great enemy which is the Persian regime I support the establishment of a three-way Alliance consisting of Israel the Arab States and America in order to annihilate Hezbollah beyond recognition anybody heard that on CNN lately no I didn't think so times of Israel the white or Fox by yeah Fox is done Fox is done they've been bought out by Disney Channel which is as liberal as it can be Fox is done all right you want the proper news you got it search for it and you can watch the process you update every week and I will try to get you stuff that is valid okay I'll try my best times of Israel in sign of gently warming ties Bahraini what country Bahrain Thank You Bahraini delegation visits Israel a delegation of religious figures from the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain has arrived in Israel in order to send a message of peace in an extremely rare instance does anybody really believe that Trump did the wrong thing do you think that the Arab and I'm not talking about the the non Arab world the non Arab Muslims like the Persians and they all are in agreement with what happened they just can't say it openly and except by individuals at this point but it is coming where this alliance will stand with Israel they won't support them during the war but they will not fight against them and this is the Bible says this specifically will go on it says representatives from an Arab country without diplomatic relations visiting the Jewish state the trip seemed to signal a further warming of ties between Israel and Bahrain which a report earlier this year which we reported on said that are on a path to normalizing diplomatic relations the delegation is in Israel for a four-day visit it's over now meant to send a message of religious tolerance and coexistence like Israel Bahrain has extremely fraught relations with Iran and the September report from the Middle East I website quoted an unnamed Bahraini official as saying the establishment of ties between Jerusalem and Manama could help counter Iran Iran is the problem everybody knows it especially the Sunni Arabs from Newsmax report u.s. won't recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital on official documents we have a State Department that is utterly out of control utterly the State Department Stan on the issue has raised outrage among some lawmakers who view it as a way to undermine president Trump's declaration the president is the commander in chief and America's soul organ when it comes to conducting foreign policy article two of the Constitution does not vest this Authority in bureaucrats in the State Department the State Department must permit Americans born in Jerusalem to list Jerusalem Israel on their passports and must follow the logical implications of that historic recognition in other policy areas the issue becomes thorny as State Department officials maintain details like the exact location of Jerusalem was up for debate one official stating it was quite a complex issue that would continue to be studied this is why we need the swamp drained and this is exactly why we have the person in our history at the right moment to be selected God made no mistake in what happened this last year when when Trump was elected president no mistake at all we have a wonderful thing going on here these people will end up out on their ear I just can see it coming unless they do something to our president which we need to continue to pray for him continuously pray for our president he has kept safe from these people from Wynette Pope warns of Jerusalem spiral of violence he's on completely the wrong side of everything this Pope in particular is on the wrong side of everything and that's why they got rid of the last one you know they made him retire he said he was voluntarily doing it but he disagrees with all of these things I'm not trying to side with him in any way shape or form I don't agree with the doctrine of Catholicism at all but we have somebody in here with who is a communist who is a you know globalist and he is setting an agenda and he's speaking against the very word that God has given us you know the Vatican says nope Francis is praying so that leaders of nations commit themselves to work to avert a new spiral of violence of reduce 'm a new spiral of violence this has been going on for years after year they've been lobbing bombs into there and killing those Jews for just continuously where was i over jerusalem and is expressing sorrow for the clashes in recent days that have produced victims all of them all of them were initiated by the fakest in Ian's every single one of them in a statement the Holy See recalled Francis's appeal for wisdom and prudence which we had when Trump made his a decision to prevail then it reiterated its position asserting the essential need for respecting the status quo of Jerusalem which has done nothing but cause death and destruction the statement says only a negotiated solution between the Israelis and fakest in Ian's can achieve stable and lasting peace and guarantee the peaceful coexistence of two states which the Bible let me read you this I cite it from time to time and today I'm just gonna take you there so you know I'm not just making stuff up we're gonna go to the book of Joel and let me see if I can find it hang on one second here hang on Joel three verse one they're talking about peaceful coexistence and nothing happening by this peace deal they're talking about Joel 3:1 it says for behold in those days and at that time when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem now now in history 1948 1967 until today they're still coming back I will gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat which is the valley of where the Lord judges and I will enter into judgment with them there on account of my people my heritage Israel my people in my land is what that means okay whom they have scattered among the nations they have also divided up my land and that's coming soon to a Antichrist declaration near you we'll be out of here because we're pre-tribulation believers which is what the Bible teaches and they will sign a peace deal with Israel peaceful coexistence which will not last very long and the Lord will bring all nations into judgment because of that okay this man is working against the Word of God thus the statement says only a negotiated solution between Israelis and Palestinians can achieve stable and lasting peace and guarantees the peaceful coexistence of the two states within internationally recognized borders it calls Jerusalem sacred city for Christians Jews and Muslims from all over the world there's only two of those that consider it a sacred city or that actually have a right to consider it a sacred city that is Christians who are based on their faith in Christ who is the fulfillment of the Jewish law and the Jews who are waiting for their Messiah and they'll find out that they have missed him and that he's coming back to rescue them after two thirds of them have been destroyed but the Muslims have no right at all to the land zip oh okay I'll tell you something I say this from time to time too I don't want to get too windy but who is the owner of the Temple Mount I'm gonna tell you it is the deed is recorded in the Bible David bought the Temple Mount from era una right it's recorded twice actually the guy's name is or 9:1 and our own another it's recorded how much he spent for it it's a recorded deed which is a valid document according to any legal jurisprudence it is recorded in there okay now David is the rightful heir he was of what tribe Judah that's right he was of the tribe of Judah okay now in AD 70 the Jews were dispersed and what was destroyed in AD 70 along with their dispersal the temple and what was recorded what was kept in the temple all of the genealogical records of the people of Israel all of them there is one genealogical record of the Jewish people which has been maintained for 2,000 years it is recorded in the books of Matthew and Luke he is of the tribe of Judah he is the son of Judah and he is the rightful heir of the Temple Mount no other person can make claim to it how do we know yes because the Bible also tells us that he was crucified which means that he would lose his title though he came back out of the grave he died for our sins not his he is alive forever and he is the owner of the Temple Mount it's logical you just think it through for two seconds the recorded deed is right here the genealogical record is recorded right here Jesus owns that Temple Mount that is who owns it the destruction of the temple was after those books were written that's correct don't get too long with me because I can't remember what you're saying but but yes that is correct that is say it again the destruction of the temple was after the recording of those books that is correct so anyway now I've lost my train of thought but anyway Jesus Jesus is the one that owns the Temple Mount and that is what we need to remember is that it is recorded in the Bible and it belongs to him the Jewish people are his people and he is coming back to rescue them that's the important thing there okay here we go from Christian news today I would like to tell you that Isaac who we had and the GoFundMe account that he had set up for the building of a school over there for the orphan children he takes care of a lot of people over there and he does more than any person I have ever seen anybody that's on Facebook with him knows this every single day's posting the progress of what he's doing and I will include some of the photos of this school that's being built he's been sending me photos all along we've got the we've got the property we started digging out the foundation we started laying the bricks etc he's been doing this and I'll just show you the walls are about this high now he sent me this past week because the entire amount was met one person gave seven thousand dollars towards it out of nine thousand it was fully funded okay a lot of other people helped that as well and I want to thank you for that but he sent me a this week a complete set of receipts for every penny that he has every penny I got fifty two bags of concrete I got eighty thousand nine hundred and thirty seven bricks and then he shows them being delivered he has every single thing listed by if you ever have somebody that you want to help that you want to support that you want to say I want to do something good for poor people in Africa you email me and I will give him your I will give you his email address and you can help him out and you will be doing wonderful things this is not a shaky cause this guy gets to work he's had a piggery project little pigs come in inoculate some all the other pigs in the country died because of a virus and what does he do his live and he's been giving them out to people he takes pictures of every person that gets a pig and then they come back six months later with their Pig and lots of baby pigs and I'm telling you this guy is he is outstanding I'm almost in tears talking about the work that this one man does for the sake of Christ telling the gospel passing out Bibles it is astonishing so please know that your money was well spent it wasn't frittered away and he is accountable for every penny every penny that he gets in everything then if somebody wants to send him just something and say hey listen take your if he's married I don't know I I don't think he is but if you want to take your family out for a Christmas dinner or something you better tell him because if not it's going into the ministry he will not spend it on himself so understand that if you want him to benefit personally do that oh and while we're at it it's almost Christmas and I know I'm not talking about the birth of Jesus on December 25th but we talked about before the the the service started actually what 25 December signifies and we'll get into that in the feasts of the Lord so I'm not gonna give it away now but I will say that I want to thank everybody that has helped out this ministry over the past year I said it at Thanksgiving I will say it again next week if I remember but I don't want to not say it now we have never asked for a thing in this church we've never passed a plate the only thing we've ever asked for is for somebody else Isaac in Africa or you know a room over in Pakistan or something and yet the Lord has had this church stay open and I'm so grateful for that I cannot tell you what that means to me because it is just an honor to be able to preach it's all I want to do I keep my wastewater licenses up just in case the bills don't get paid but I never want to go back to waste water as much as I love that business I love love preaching the Word of God so thank all of you very much we'll go on from mail online the Archbishop of Canterbury warns churches must learn to embrace complex modern families Justin Welby said the Church of England schools now have a myriad of children he supports the idea that different forms of families can provide a stable home implying directly that gay marriages are okay for children etc non married people and so there you go with that mail online Cambridge University Colleges hold new services for gay and transgender Cambridge University's okay Christians in a bid to be more inclusive Kings Trinity and st. John's colleges are holding new inclusive sermons Reverend Andrew Hammond of Kings wants LGBT XYZ Christians to encounter God comes after they're not going to encounter anybody except Satan by going to these churches and seeing what's being taught to them there it comes after Church of England issued new school guidance for encouraging of trans children know Islam today so on to Mongolia from a key press could I really scraped the bottom of the barrel this week I mean there was not much mongolia news but ambassador of mongolia delivers his credentials to the grand duke of luxembourg i didn't know there was a grand duke of luxembourg so i'm learning something ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of mongolia to luxembourg Oh auch delivered his credentials to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg on ray in the Luxembourg palace on December 7th ambassador Locke expressed his gratitude and conveyed the greetings from the president of Mongolia whose name I'm not even gonna try to pronounce after the ceremony the parties had a tete de tete talking about relations and cooperation of the two countries ambassador Locke expressed Mongolia's interest in continuing joint projects to improve cardiology center and improve skills of employees in banking and financial sector with non-refundable aid of the government of Luxembourg in other words thank you for the free freebie that has helped us pay for our cardiology center etc so very good stuff there on to Daniel 12 technology male online I tell you this is really wonderful because I have a bad back you know sometimes it gets really bad and sometimes it's okay today it's just perfect but single 10 minute treatment cures back pain in more than 80% of sufferers I was thinking of this when we were talking to Tony yesterday but I couldn't think of what it was with no side effects study says after 10 minutes of gentle electrical energy in the spine 81% were pain-free some 90% were able to avoid surgery which is what Tony is going for next to relieve their pain after a single session one session you can avoid surgery we go to the projects every Saturday we pray with people we talk with them and we've got some guys with very bad backs and one of them yesterday says I've got to have surgery and we all told him don't do it you know Tom's brother had surgery and he has suffered for it ever since he was much worse off after the surgery my grandfather was a doctor and he says never never go under the knife and unless it is absolutely necessary okay but he's talking about it maybe this would help and lower pain occurs when nerves are pinched making the spine restrict this reduces space between the discs but relaxing the muscles relieves it there you go good stuff mail online end of the hearing aid this could be wonderful and people absolutely deaf may be able to hear again you know you talk about prophecy kind of being fulfilled through medical reasons I have somebody that was related to me once who was completely deaf never heard of sound in his life you know you I read these articles quite often a mail online people that are color blind they've never seen color in their life and the reaction is always the same they have these glasses they can put on that will correct for color blindness every single one of them when they put those on breaks into tears literally old men young children they it's so overwhelming that they literally just stand there and break into tears imagine a deaf person who's never heard a sound hear Beethoven's Ninth Symphony which Beethoven didn't hear because he was deaf when it was finished right it's it's astonishing what is coming here it is end of the hearing aid tiny 3d printed bones then we have three bones in our ears that are defective you won't ever hear they can now 3d print them they could be implanted into the ears of deaf people to help them hear experts used CT scans of cadavers ears to create a 3d printed prosthetic the three fragile bones in the middle ear can be replaced with resin replicas surgeons were able to correctly match the devices to their intended recipients the technology may offer the key to helping deaf people hear and I tell you what I wish we had one of these that we could print up for people refer to in Isaiah 6 9 and 10 because how many spiritually dead are there in the world seeing they will not see and hearing they will not hear I know Amos quoting that but let me read it to you I say a 6-9 intent just so you know what I'm talking about because you'll go home and you forget which verse I was referring to but Isaiah six nine and ten and I wish that we would have one of these for these confused Christians that pick up this word and they have so many presuppositions that they never learn what the Lord is actually trying to tell them it says and he said to them go and tell this people speaking to the Jews but it pertains to Christians just as well keep on hearing but do not understand keep on seeing but do not perceive make the heart of this people dull and their ears heavy and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and return and be healed like I say that's specifically written by Isaiah to the nation of Israel but we have the exact same problem in the church the exact same problem I wish we could 3d print something to put into somebody's head and say this is what the Lord is trying to tell us with this beautiful Word of God willful blindness yep like the Church of England and all these other churches we read about week after week print something off for them mail online this is very very interesting attack strategy of Falcons I've said this a million times you want to know what to do in the real world with technology go to nature right attack strategy of Falcons is being used by the US Air Force to build the ultimate drone killers researchers at Oxford University obtained a bird's eye view of Falcons in flight they put a GoPro on its back and they monitor it okay their attack trajectory followed a mathematical guidance law oh that evolved too didn't it right that evolved right into that bird okay mathematical guidance law this is the same law used by military to steer homing missiles to their targets this is something that's been going on for thousands of years since the creation itself these birds have had this in them it just happened evolve right no way it relies on what happens to the missiles line of sight as it chases its target if line of sight doesn't change as range closes it means it's missiles on track well they know that birds have had this all along and they're using that now to build great drone killers because drones move whereas missiles usually go at something that isn't moving or is going very slow what ever and that's why doing things like the Patriot missiles that get other missiles out of the sky was very very complex work because you have to have one going at another trajectory which is moving at a very high speed it was something they did not think that they could do and yet they have done it and we can now knock things right out of the sky but we have something at the end of the article which we can't now have the sky so remember what I just said and say you're wrong okay here we go revelation plagues today UN warns of drug-resistant germ risk brewing in nature I brought this up before it's being warned by the UN it having worked in wastewater for so many years you dump your old pills into the toilet you are killing killing the environment and half the time when you take them the coating doesn't dissolve and it goes right through anyway so here we go the UN warned of a ticking time bomb of drug resistant germs brewing in the natural environment aided by humans dumping antibiotics and chemicals into the water and soil if this continues people will be at an even higher risk of contracting diseases incurable by existing antibiotics from swimming in the sea or other seemingly innocuous activities around the world discharged from municipal agricultural and industrial wastes in the environment means it is common to find antibiotic concentrations in many rivers sediments and soils it is steadily driving the evolution of resistant bacteria a drug that once protected our health is now in danger of very quietly destroying it a well-known problem is misuse or over prescription of drugs which enable bacteria to develop resistance that blunts frontline treatment we all know that but the new report will deepen concerns for it highlights a largely unacknowledged and poorly researched factor environmental pollution that contributes to the resistance problem we may enter what people are calling a post-antibiotic era so we can go back to the pre 1940's when simple infection which will become very difficult if not impossible to treat bacteria that survives antibiotics can transfer genes which confer drug resistance directly between one another the genes can can be passed they left off the word beasts he was asleep when they typed this on to future generations or mutate further in the germs DNA today about 70 to 80 percent of all antibiotics at humans take or give to farm animals to prevent them from falling sick are excreted back into the environment partly through wastewater and agriculture so the majority of those hundreds of thousands of tons of antibiotics produced every year end up in the environment so the logic is if you didn't understand that you go swimming in there and your body builds up an immunity because of the antibiotics that are in that water and now when you get sick or get a little cut on yourself there's nothing to cure you because your body has built up an immunity against what is in the environment it's very scary stuff it is coming soon to a Tribulation Period near you it the world is going to be very very scary so we want to be out of here no Jesus morality I want to tell you something there is something that is so disgusting I'd been seeing it for the past week in articles it is so disgusting I can't tell you what it is I can't even say it but I want you to know that in a couple years I'm going to be reporting on this every week I just want you to know there's something that people are doing to themselves that is so revolting and so perverse and I've seen it a couple times this week I went back and I looked at the oldest article I could find it's only a few months old okay but I want you to know how quickly this world is defaulting I can't even tell you so don't ask me afterward because I'm not going to tell you what I've been reading because I read so much stuff it is absolutely revolting in in a year maybe year and a half we're gonna be having a regular trustee update talking about this anyway Telegraph genes linked to homosexuality discovered by scientists do you know they did a study several years ago I was listening to rush and they did a study on the inner ear bones speaking of inner ear bones of women that are lesbians and they said they're smaller than other women and so they've confirmed that lesbianism is an inherited trait or something right okay where would you go to pro to hide something and you say I've made a study and I confirm this you'd go to something like the inner ear because nobody can verify that it would take them forever to verify it so they just throw stuff like this out now I have a point at the end of this but they've said that they have found a gene in DNA that proves people are gay give you my comment at the end James linked to homosexuality been discovered by scientists in the biggest study ever into the genetic basis for sexual orientation for the first time researchers looked at the complete genome for more than 1,000 gay men and compared it to genetic DNA from a similar number of heterosexual males they discovered that DNA was different for gay and straight men around the genes SLI Trk 5 & 6 number 6 is an important gene for brain development and is particularly active in a region of the brain which includes the hypothalamus the hypothalamus is crucial for producing the hormones which controls sex drive and previous studies have shown parts of it are up to 34 percent larger in gay men here's my thought on this ok what is what is the primary tenet of the evolutionary models because these are all evolutionists that come up with the stuff the primary tenets of the evolutionary model is called survival of the fittest ok what is it that happens when two men are gay do they have children so then that means by default if you go by the evolutionary model they are defective they are not super or something they are defective ok so by their logic gays should be eliminated because they're the ones they're also promoting the euthanasia and all of these other things ok I'm not saying that we should youth in a euthanize gays and that's how I'd say oh yeah well or cure them or whatever ok they that would be their argument and so they have nothing to stand on because this is a defective gene according to what they have found supposedly ok the second thing is even if this was true even if it is a defect which causes men to be gay and it was part of the human genome it does not change the fact that God has spoken that you are not to do this people have proclivities towards alcohol abuse people have proclivities towards whatever whatever perversion we can think of we all have proclivities towards them but God says do not do these things it doesn't nobody says you must have gay sex nobody says you must sleep with your neighbor's wife these are things that we voluntarily choose to do so either way argument is in valid everybody got that it isn't so don't ever let anybody tell you oh they found a gene that has says that being gay is okay they're born that way and it is natural it doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or whether you're not a Christian it is a defective thing and it is not to be condoned within the society that is what the Bible teaches or what evolution if it was true which is not but if it was that's what it would teach I am not condoning people going and killing gay people I didn't say that so please don't let anybody twist my words okay we'll go on male online mysterious condition dubbed Rama ting hits weed smokers across the u.s. and causes them to vomit and scream okay this is really bad I've reported on this before it now has been given a name this is something that by taking too much marijuana it causes this thing remember I told you it was an update about a year ago these people the only cure that they have is they go stand in warm showers for hours and hours and this is because of marijuana the last line of this will give you exactly the point that I'm making scram itting is becoming an all-too-familiar site at emergency rooms medical experts believe the symptoms appear from individuals are using or consuming heavy amounts of marijuana over a long period of time doctors note that the condition could stem from the body being over saturated with can be annoyed affecting the hypothalamus dr. Amy Mullin here's here's the whole point of this said she has seen a rise in cases since California legalized recreational marijuana last November what do you think what do you think you go saying we're gonna make this legal and all of a sudden everybody says oh let's go out and smoke pot all day long and they have a rice and they say oh I wonder why it's happening right you know I couldn't believe it one time I had this on my prophecy update about six months ago I talked about marijuana that they're getting stronger and stronger and stronger strains of it to the point where the body can't even handle the hyper Ness of the strain I actually had Christians or supposed Christians posting on the wall defending this you don't know what you're talking about marijuana is okay don't ever email me with that kind of nonsense ever this is not something that if you want to have medical that is prescribed that is something that is very heavily regulated I have no problem with that but anytime you let your guard down in a society first it's this and then it's this and then it's this and it's gonna be exactly what the book of Revelation says the whole world is going to be under this opioid epidemic in this this pharmakeia yes absolutely absolutely right chemical Aysen could be involved in it but you know what these people are suffering and there will be no treatment for them at all during the tribulation period so III don't understand somebody wants to go smoke marijuana it's legal in their states go ahead go ahead and do it that is your choice as a free citizen but if you suffer the consequences all we can do is say we told you so this is what the science is showing us and you want to smoke pot blow away folks all right College fix Brown University I love this this is one that was debated should we allow this or not because you think about it it really harms the people that it's supposed to be helping and here it is Brown University to allow students to self-identify as persons of color yeah now this is what that girl Rachel Dolezal wanted to do she wanted item self-identifying in the news for the first couple days was having her on their nursing yeah this great idea and then they suddenly thought through the ramifications of this if I can self identify as a black I now have all the rights of the blacks and they're the ones that are saying that no no no we have the special privilege in this country it completely is against what they want in this agenda but now they have done this in a college here we go the policy comes as a result of complaints made by graduate students on the advisory board that international and Asian American students are not treated as members of historically under representative groups by the University one graduate student said this decision has led to institutional invisibility for these students Brown defines historically underrepresented groups as American Indian Alaskan native African American Hispanic or Latin X and Native Hawaiian and or Pacific Islander that's all of them that's all of the people that they have categorized the school's diversity initiatives are intended to benefit members of these groups when pressed about the change to the graduate school application specifically how the operation to self-identify as a minority differs from the standard ethnicity queries on other college applications Clark gave no response other universities allow students to identify a certain way in order to qualify for admissions or receive various benefits the University of california-davis Awards financial grants to students who identify as LGBTQ LMNOP or as an illegal immigrant so all you have to do is say I am a person of color now and they have to identify you that way and it is harming the people that those things were supposed to help because anybody can say that and they can get all of the benefits okay why people can't be happy with who they are as individuals whether they're black or whether they're brown or whether they're white or whether they're red skinned their to be happy in it Christ is the Christ of the nation's he's the Messiah of the Jews and he loves all people all right we ought to be celebrating who we are that's what we should be doing not worrying about what we could be to get financial benefit from a college alright let's go on other or net neutrality this week anybody know that you know what most people don't know what that is and I wasn't really sure about it either but the only thing that I know he says is good the only thing I know is that the Democrats passed it overwhelmingly and Trump pushed it and that means I'm sorry our previous president pushed it and that means it must be bad and when Trump came in he wanted to get rid of it there's a Republican majority in this FCC now and so they got rid of it and now that it has happened I've read on what it is and yes it is a very good thing it will get rid of this monopoly of these big people that are all lefties the entire point was to have the lefties take care of us with this you know they're going to lead us into this higher realm well that's not gonna happen now so good stuff and another one you see that Trump did away with the climate change is no longer a national security risk he passed that a day ago to all right he did away with that that is the largest wealth distribution in the history of the world if it had gone through and he has done away with it so here good stuff from the verge former Facebook executive says social media is ripping apart society 100% no civil discourse no cooperation misinformation and miss truth and I can tell you that you want to know if that's true or not you get it behind the keyboard and you don't like somebody you can tear them apart so easily because you don't see them we never did this in the past because we had to look at people in the face and talk to him and nowadays people just tear each other apart and then you get what's called trolls right they get in there and they they hide behind a fake identity and they start saying things about Oh mmm pre-tribulation rapture as a heresy and you're going to hell and they'll post these things on your YouTube video or they'll come in and they'll say well you're stupid because you don't think that Calvin is correct and these these people would never do that to anybody's face because they're cowards but this is something that has happened is that social media has torn apart our society in a way that we never would have expected you have to be very careful when you get on a social media to use it for God's glory and not in any other way because if you let any other way creep in your life you will take the human side and you will start tearing people apart you know I've had many people on Facebook do that to me right they're all my friends they find me on Facebook and oh I love your update and then one little thing that they don't like and all of a sudden you're a heretic and they start posting bad stuff and bad reviews about you everywhere and hey listen I only get a few thousand hits a week think of these guys that are out there getting fifty and a hundred and twenty thousand that are strong sound Christians getting torn apart right torn apart because of some troll that doesn't have the guts to stand up and talk to somebody to their face absolutely crazy any I'm not complaining I'm just saying that this is the way it is and that's absolutely right this guy was an exec up there and he realized what was going on and he got out of it okay mail online everybody know who Piers Morgan is he's kind of a lefty over in England right and he doesn't have a lot of good to say about anybody but listen to what he said here I have to agree with Piers Morgan it's true we've never capital ne ve R had a president like Trump he actually keeps his promises no wonder the liberal media can't stand him Thank You Piers Morgan for wrecking at least that stars-and-stripes this is the stars and stripes the military mate paper report 44,000 unknown military personnel stationed all around the world the US military has more than 44,000 troops across the globe that the Pentagon claims it cannot track we're not at a point where we can give the numbers other than those officially stated they have no idea now some of them will be covert we've got two three thousand here and there that are covert operations but we got 44,000 people they can't account for you know one guy posted under that article in one of those little comment sections he says I'm one of them he says I've been in Laos for 35 years getting benefits and he says I'm ready to come home send me a ticket he's kidding of course but very funny ok Sarasota Patriots SRQ Patriots this is Beth Calvin's paper that she if you don't get it ask her to send put you on her list she mails it at SRQ patriots org I think it is she's got great articles great stuff listen to this US Marines test all-male squads against mixed gender ones all-male squads against mixed gender ones and the results are bleak overall now this is Beth Colvin so I can't get in trouble for saying this because she's a female right okay all-male teams and crews outperform mixed gender ones on 69% of tasks evaluated all-male teams were universally faster in each tactical movement on lethality the report says all-male oh three one one rifleman infantry squads had better accuracy compared to gender integrated squads there was a notable difference between the genders for every individual weapon system within the oh three one one squads except for the probability of hit or near miss with the m4 all-male infantry crews squad weapons teams engaged targets quicker and registered more hits on target as compared to gender integrated infantry crew-served weapons teams with the exception of the m2 accuracy now we need to remember that we have degraded our military in the proof is right here I'm not saying that women are not to be in the military I served with many really wonderful women but they were not in combat roles and now we have put them in combat roles and we will be degraded because of this I'm gonna go on all-male squads teams and crews and gender integrated squads teams and crews had a noticeable difference in their performance of the basic combat tasks of negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties for example when negotiating the wall obstacle I won't get into that one anyway male Marines through their packs to the top of the wall whereas females Marines required regular assistance in getting their packs to the top so somebody is in combat and they now have to stop to help somebody else now I'm not talking about a wounded person that you're naturally going to have an affection for and start helping him to save his life or whatever we're talking about deficiencies in the military because of this type of thing it goes on the female said get help with it during casualty evacuation assessments there were notable differences in execution times between all male and gender integrated groups except in the case where teams conducted a casualty evacuation as one Marines fireman's carry of another in other words you put him over your shoulder and you carry him there was no difference why in which case it was most often a male Marine who evacuated the casualty the women said just take him so that's the only reason why it was brought up to the same level the report also says that female Marines had higher rates of injury throughout the experiment very very bad stuff we never should have allowed this okay we'll go on from the Sun vlad's sea monster Russia launches deadliest super sub they can fire nuke missiles further than its US rivals just just a brand new sub the Kenya's Vladimir is capable of launching 16 ICBMs which can lay waste to cities up to five thousand seven hundred and seventy eight miles away that's a very dangerous sub right there and then here we go I said this was coming from the star Russia confirms 6,000 mile per hour hypersonic zircon missile is ready for war as of today head of the Defense Council Viktor Bondarev confirmed the zircon cruise missile is now available in Russia's arsenal the weapon which Russia boast is capable of Mach 8 was last tested back in June I've reported on it then hypersonic weapons are at the center of the next arms race between the US China and Russia and it appears Moscow has already taken lead as they boast the weapons that can beat NATO missile interceptors in other words we cannot shoot it down it is so fast that's what I was speaking about we have nothing that can stop them if they want to annihilate us now ok from the Kremlin this who Kremlin puts out their own publication from the Kremlin in Egypt Putin recruits support for Russia Turkey Iran rolls in Syria from the Kremlin in Turkey Putin promotes joint energy trade Syrian affairs and from the Kremlin in Syria Putin pledges joint restoration role with Iran and Turkey gog magog all over it exactly what Bob said before we started today we are so close do you see Libya included in this and I've been doing articles on Libya and I've got more to come but when you see Libya actually being a participant with them you better know that things are very very very close ok and they are Libya is in the works I've reported on that Russia's down there working with them it's just they have to have the impetus to actually be a part of this thing we're really close ok got electric for you this is from him and his wife this week they can call themselves black red or brown being white as most certainly down doesn't matter what's fact we must proceed with tact lest their choice make them look like a clown there you go ok and before we get to our irony of the week I want to remind you of Sergio and Rhoda's video which will be linked and it's very good it's on Hanukkah this week and it's got a very famous musician that many of you may know that he went into a concert with him and he's able to meet with him afterward and talk to him and if you haven't heard of this guy he comes up on my youtube mix all day all day long he comes up and he does wonderful music so it's a great video please watch that and then from male online Russian Soyuz rocket fell to earth after getting lost because technicians forgot to tell it where it took off from and that tells me you know last week we reported on the 23 satellites ever that we're going towards the Israel satellite maybe it wasn't a mistake after all anyway such as the world we live in so from Sarasota Florida to Betar Mongolia and Colin Gore Queensland Australia I'm Charlie Garrett this is the superior word and that is your proxy update for the week



Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector was established in 1960[1] as manual sector[2] as part of phaseout of Central Air Defense Force; it was discontinued 1 September 1961[1] and its personnel and equipment transferred to the 4752d Air Defense Wing, which was designated. organized and assigned to the 32nd Air Division on 1 September 1961.[3] This change was short-lived, for the 4752nd Wing was discontinued and replaced once again by the Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector on 25 June 1963[1][3] as a result of the realignment and expansion of the 29th Air Division. Finally, the sector was inactivated[1] and replaced by the 31st Air Division on 1 April 1966.

The sector operated a Manual Air Defense Control Center (ADCC), P-86, later redesignated Manual Combat Center (MCC-11) and later NORAD Sector Combat Center (Manual).


  • Established as Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector
Activated on 1 January 1960
Discontinued on 1 September 1961
Organized on 25 June 1963
Discontinued and inactivated on 1 April 1966



  • Oklahoma City AFS, OK, 1 January 1960 – 1 September 1961[1]
  • Oklahoma City AFS, OK, 25 June 1963 - 1 April 1966[1]


Interceptor squadrons

Walker AFB, New Mexico, 15 September-25 December 1960[4]
Webb AFB, Texas, 15 September 1960 – 1 September 1961,[5] 25 June 1963 - 1 April 1966[6]
England AFB, Louisiana, 1 January – 1 September 1960[7]

Radar squadrons

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