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Pardon Mon Affaire, Too!

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Pardon Mon Affaire, Too!
Nous irons tous au paradis 1977 film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Yves Robert
Written by Jean-Loup Dabadie
Yves Robert
Starring Jean Rochefort
Claude Brasseur
Guy Bedos
Victor Lanoux
Danièle Delorme
Music by Vladimir Cosma
Cinematography René Mathelin
Edited by Pierre Gillette
Distributed by First Artists
Release date
  • 9 November 1977 (1977-11-09)
Running time
110 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office $13.5 million[1]

Pardon Mon Affaire, Too! (French: Nous irons tous au paradis, [We Will All Meet in Paradise] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a French film, directed by Yves Robert, released in 1977.

The film is the immediate continuation of Pardon Mon Affaire, released the previous year.

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While the young Republic was in danger of being invaded by foreign powers, turf wars raged among warlords, creating purgatories as their own people suffer... City of Tengfeng, Henan, China Buddha be praised. He's alive! Hang in there! Hurry! Go faster! Kill them all! For you. - Here. - Thank you. - Another 200 refugees just arrived. - Winter is almost upon us. Put up more tents before it snows. We have run out of materials. I've nothing to build them with. Let's move them into our quarters, then. I really hate the cold. Buns are getting smaller each day. I wouldn't worry about the cold. Starvation will have killed us long before winter arrives! Shaolin Temple Search them! Get out! Get out! Get out! Hurry up! Get out! Get out! Stand Still! Don't move! Come here! Stand still! Don't move! Don't move! Out of the way! Stop! Stay out! Dismount! Dismount! The Birthplace of Martial Arts Help Abbot! Help me. . . Stupid monks! I'll kill anyone who harbours our enemies. I don't care who you are! Show respect! Come on! Hey! Hey! Stop helping him or I'll kill you! He's lost too much blood. - Get some medicine. - Yes, Abbot. General Hou is here! They greet you with Shaolin martial arts. It's impudent to draw your gun. General. - Sir, don't move. - Nor you, Abbot. Don't bother. He is doomed. Don't waste your time. Buddha be praised. Buddha offers sanctuary to all, even one on his very last breath. I must help. Please show compassion. No more killing, please. I can't rest until he dies. A fearless heart is free of desire, a kind heart finds peace everywhere. Peace? You've holed up in this temple far too long. If he lives, the war goes on. How can we find peace then? Hou Chieh. I concede. Tengfeng is yours. Let me go. I'll give you everything! Here... a treasure map. Take it. Just spare my life. I promise I won't return. Thank you. Abbot... Sir! Sir! On guard! Stop, don't fight! We come with joy, depart with sorrow, to wander among mankind. Without coming or going, we cause no joy or sorrow. Buddha be praised. Let's go! The Birthplace of Martial Arts is no big deal. Please meet the foreigners tomorrow. Why? We can buy more guns and cannons. Let's take Chengchou City, too. Guns are no good unless you use them. Why didn't you shoot in the temple? Compassion? Remember, when you gain the upper hand, you'll die, if you hesitate too long. Next time, whoever stands in your way, I'll kill them all! Remember that! Here comes Sung. - General Sung to you! - General Sung. The bastard went AWOL during the battle. But is first to show up when sharing the spoils. Brother, Tengfeng is ours. Huo is dead. All this fuss, just for that Huo? I thought it might even be your funeral. We lost hundreds of men. So? You want me to pay? You felt abandoned when I didn't show up? If I hadn't injured my leg, I could have taken Huo single-handedly. - Isn't that right, Brother? - Of course! I feel sad about our dead comrades. You only care about Tengfeng! Madam Hou, it's been a while. - Sir. - Nan, my darling! - Greet Uncle Sung. - Hello, Uncle Sung. Good girl. She has become so smart, and gorgeous, too. I can't let someone else take her. Our children should marry. It's decided. They are still young. - Can't we wait a little longer? - It's just an arranged marriage. If you decline, we can wage war over this! Great! Awesome! A fully-automatic Gatling gun. No one else has them. I'll take 80. Your price? You can have them for free. Just let us build a railroad near Tengfeng. What? I couldn't hear you. I said, they're free. Just say yes to our railroad plans. Forget the guns. - General? - I don't want them! Fine, we'll go to General Sung. I'm sure he'd love these. Sir Peter, please wait. These are really good guns. If Sung is armed with them... - Show the guests out. - Yes Sir! This way. You just don't seem to understand. You want me to obey you? Not until our roles are reversed! Understand? Did you hear me? They want to take away our livelihood! Endorsing their plans for a railroad is like leaving our doors open, for outsiders to ransack our home. China belongs to the Chinese! If foreigners want a piece of it, I'll hack their hands off! I hope Sung feels the same way. Have I been talking to a brick wall? Sung's my only sworn brother. Don't ever speak ill of him. You should never speak out of turn. But what you said made sense. Set up a dinner with Sung. I'm dizzy. - What are you chewing? - Cake. Cake? Now I'm eating noodles. - Hunger has driven you mad! - It's nourishment through meditation. Meditate as much as you want. What about the people? What can they do? In past famines, government distributed food. Or people were fed by some fabled outlaws. But now we only have wicked warlords. Why don't we become outlaws? What? Yes, benevolent outlaws! - But it violates our precepts! - So? Senior Brother will bail us out. He's very righteous, isn't he? Of course! Of course... Miss, don't run! - Get up... - Nan! Miss, are you hurt? Are you alright? You're supposed to look after her. - I'm sorry... - How could you let her fall? - I'm sorry, sir... - Damn you! - I'm sorry... - Daddy... I'm fine. Don't be mad at Nanny. I misbehaved. - I'm very sorry, sir. - Get out. - Does it hurt? - Are you hurt? - No. - Let me take a look. I drew this for you. Daddy loves to fight! This is me? - Let Daddy hold you. - Hold on. Am I so mean? Boss. Hold on to it. Give it back later, or. . . Let's go. I handed General Sung your invitation. He was delighted. Tomorrow night, Hill Restaurant, General and Madam Sung will attend. With their son. Let me ask you this. Sung knows I have Huo's hoard. Why doesn't he ask about it? He wants it all. Including what's mine. It's never wrong to strike first. This is a great chance. Yes. Take 30 crack soldiers to the restaurant. I can't rest until he's dead. Brilliant. Do you want to kill Sung? Stay out of this. He's your sworn brother. Think about it. He wants to get rid of me. Do you have a better suggestion? You had better tell me now. Don't ask me, I don't know. Just promise me... Never kill in front of Nan. Please? A rat! So we steal flour as well as rice? We don't steal. We just take. How much do we take? Does it matter? We take what we can. Chinghai. Fabled outlaws always leave a marker. What shall we leave? - How about your bald head? - You... Get up! It's rice! Son, it's rice! Rice! - Brother, this is rice! - Thank heavens! Thank you! Thank you... It's rice! What's going on? - Go and take a look. - Who is he? When I slap the tabletop, take Nan to the toilet. Why do I have to go to the toilet during dinner? Do as I say. I promise I'll never fight again. Please. This way, please. - Brother. - Madam. You're late again. My sincere apologies. Say hello! Hello, Uncle Sung! Auntie! Son, say hello too. Uncle! Auntie! Good boy. My generals... Young Master Sung was born a Rabbit, and young Miss Hou a Ram. A perfect match! Their birthdays and birth signs compliment each other. A heavenly couple! This marriage will bring great riches and a long and happy life, with many offspring! Well said! To us Buddhists, affinity is karma, without which we'd never meet. I think this young couple is destined to be together. What are we waiting for? The Proposals... - What's the hurry? - I can't wait. If we miss out on this daughter-in-law, where would I find another? Once you exchange proposals, this marriage is set. This is it. Come. Congratulations! I'll go and bring the gifts. Now that we're family, I'll not mince words. Go ahead. The city of Tengfeng that you captured, how should we carve it up? Tell me. Didn't we agree on equal shares? It's all yours! From now on, there's no need to share. You can have it all. Then there will be peace. What do you mean? I'm getting old. I can't fight any more. Look, I am even a cripple. It's time for me to quit. Since we're now in-laws, what I let you take, you'll one day leave to my son! I have this all worked out! I've kept this bottle for years, never had a chance to drink it. Come, let's toast. To our deal! A confidential note, sir! Son, do you need to pee? No. Be good, go with your mother. Madam, take Nan, too. Let's go. Go! - Captain Wang. - Yes, sir! - You go, too. - Yes, sir! Beware of Hou Chieh's ambush! You! You... You bastard! I treated you as my own brother. We went through hell together. And now you want to kill me. - Can this be true? - That's enough! - Nan! - Mummy! Come here, Mummy! Run! Help me, Mummy! Run! Mummy... Nan, run... - Mummy... - Run Nan, run... Run, Nan, don't turn back! Run and hide! Nan! General! Don't let her escape! Mummy! - Mummy! - Nan! Stop! Run! Run! Nan! - Nan. - Daddy. Over there! Be brave, Nan! Daddy... Nan! Abbot! Sir. Please stop! Help! Abbot! Help! Help her please! Help her! Out of the way! - Needles, ointment and hot water! - Yes, sir! Help her! Hang in there, you'll be fine. Don't fall asleep. Madam! Easy, Madam! You haven't recovered. Be careful! Nan! My darling girl, hang in there... Nan! Talk to Daddy. Nan, talk to Daddy... Say something to me... Why did you stop? Why did you stop? Help her! You want me to beg? Then I will, please help her! Daddy, I'm fine. Don't yell at them. Don't be mad. I won't. I won't be mad at them... - Please... - Nan! - Please save her... - Nan! - Mummy... - Nan! She'll be fine... She's going to live. Mummy, I missed you... Let's go home... Daddy, don't be mad. Mummy will take you home. Please help her. I beg you! Please help her. I beg you! Wake up, Nan. Say something to Mummy... Nan! She's fine... Say something to Daddy... - She's fine... - Nan! Nan is not going to die... Nan! Wake up, don't... Come on, Nan. Mummy is here, look at me. Cleanse her body, Chinghai. She's still alive! Please help her, I beg you... I beg you... Please, help her... Please show sympathy. She mustn't die. . . . I'm warning you... If my daughter dies, you'll all die with her! - Please help her... - That's enough! Buddha be praised. Can't you see? This is your retribution. It's your fault! She isn't dead! I regret... She really is alive! - If it wasn't for you... - She's alive... - My daughter wouldn't have died. - She's alive... - Look! She's dead! - No... If it wasn't for you... - She's dead! - My Nan isn't going to die! Damn you! Nan... I am sorry... She's dead! It's my fault! She's dead, are you happy now? You're faking compassion! You refused to save her... I'll kill you all! I'll start with you, old man! - Sir... - I will kill you... - I will kill you! - Sir... - I will kill you... - Sir... Form! I'll kill you! I'll kill you... To leave or to stay in Shaolin... To leave or stay... To leave... That one doesn't count. To leave or stay... - To leave or stay... - Anyone there? I hunt a boar, but caught a man! What has happened to you? I know you, you're Hou Chieh. You still want to kill? Men when muddled are worse than pigs! Rest well while you're down there. Stop howling, though. Take some time to come to your senses. I'll be back. Buddha be praised. WANTED for treason and murder. A $50,000 bounty. Something to eat. Careful, it's hot. Don't choke on it. Why? Your wife has left Shaolin without arranging your daughter's funeral. Burial or cremation? Abbot said to ask. You can visit her grave if it's a burial. Since you don't live in Shaolin, it can be inconvenient. Cremation is a lot simpler. At least you could take her with you and keep her company wherever you go. So l think cremation is better. What do you think? lf you choose cremation, go light the bonfire. Burn these! You will die for your beliefs? I'll rejoin Boss in the netherworld! Fire! When you were down and out, Boss saved your life. Is this how you show your gratitude? Gratitude? He didn't save me. He exploited me. He knows my strength. He needed me. I killed the most men in every battle. I helped him take all his land. Know why I got rid of him? You live if you answer correctly. It's because... you're a dog! Wrong. Fear had caught up with him! Once he lost his nerve, he had to go. He got what he deserved. My time has come! Understand? Daddy likes to fight! It's chaos! There are mass arrests. Doesn't matter who turns you in. I've cooked for you, too. Perhaps... I deserve the $50,000! Bounty: $100,000. When did it become $100,000? Just teasing you. I won't betray Shaolin's principles. What's next for you? I want to stay. This is not your home. What? Are you angry with me? Or with yourself? Need some help? - Senior Brother! - Senior Brother! Our kitchen is over-stocked with rice. What happened? Rice? It must be a miracle! Buddha be praised. Please consult Buddha about last night's masked marauders. Masked marauders? How come? They came to steal our rice. No, they brought stolen rice. Thieves will be punished after morning prayers! Yes, Senior Brother! It's you again! What do you want? Buddha be praised. Abbot! Abbot, I wish to stay here. It's not up to you. You're a wanted man. You just want to seek sanctuary. I want to be a monk. Shaolin is not a battlefield. It's not your decision. Go back to where you belong. Doesn't Buddha guide those who come? Not you. Abbot! You can tame his body, but not his spirit. He's a warlord. He is sinful! He'd only sully our Shaolin Temple. Every being carries Buddha's spirit. We shouldn't discriminate. All teachings are void but for karma. There's hatred in him. He'll never attain zen. You're right. But we mustn't close our doors on Buddha, nor can we. Afflictions lead to wisdom. If he's confused, he may be close to enlightenment. Let him stay for now. You've been assigned to me again. It's better to remain here. Outside, it's either kill or be killed. Wait outside. It's cold. Put this on. Get to work! - Buddha be praised. - Morning. The Birthplace of Martial Arts is no big deal. - Here are the buns. - Out of the way. - Here are the buns. - Out of the way Line up, everyone. Over there. Thank you. Was that so hard? No. Don't push, there's plenty. Hands fast and unseen! Train in its way! Move in its cycle! Dance in its passion! Learn its wonder! Awaken in its spirit! - Bring me the serving tub. - Sure. - Uncle Wudao. - Yes. - Were you trained... - What? - In martial arts? - In martial arts? Yes, ages ago for a couple of years. But like you, my heart was impure. So I became a cook. We should learn from Dharma. He meditated... facing a wall for 9 years. He trained his heart. He never fought. There is wisdom all over him. Even his hair is wiser than us. That state of mind is Martial Zen! Train with us. Fists to heart! Elbows to knees! Shoulders to groin! Heart to mind! Mind to breath! Breath to strength! Train in its way! Move in its cycle! Dance in its passion! Learn its wonder! Awaken in its spirit! Keep it up, Brothers! I used to be able to do that. Keep it up! Press his meridian. You'll be fine. Go! You! Here. It's so cold, why are you still training? I train because of the cold. Aren't you cold? A little... Then train with me. Sure. Abbot, how do you rate him? His moves come from his heart. They are so free. Through martial zen, he has released his hatred. I don't do martial arts. It's beyond me... Cooking is also a way to enlightenment. Same principle. Life is an accumulation of experiences. I have often said, leave the Temple, go see the world! All I can do is cook. I'd be useless out there. Forget it. A piece of gold, a pile of mud. Which is more useful? - The gold, of course. - But to a seed? Never under estimate yourself. Everyone has a purpose. Tsao, you want us to endorse the railroad. But it will disrupt our ancestral geomancy once they start digging up Mount Mang. Our ancestors won't allow it! I'm fine if they're really building a railroad. But I'm worried about these foreigners. Perhaps they have a hidden agenda. How you managed to get rid of Hou is none of our business. Hou said the railroad was only an excuse. Foreigners are really after our land. That's enough. The fate of our province shouldn't be decided by one man. Tsao has already done deals with the foreigners. He never intends to listen to us. Let's go! Like l said, there's no point... opposing me. He's lucky! His family will suffer even more! Be my friend or foe. It's your choice. l promise you, when l make money, we all profit. What shall I do? He hasn't come home. I'm so worried. Please don't cry. He's still not home, - I'm so worried. - Crying doesn't help. What happened? My son hasn't been home for weeks. What can I do? Railroad workers wanted: Men, 16 to 40, $1 a day! - Building railroads for Tsao? - Our whole family relies on him! Work harder! Go to hell! Can't you hear me? Hurry up! Who's there? What are you doing? General Hou? Why were all those men killed? We're following Tsao's order. Go! Hou Chieh is alive! Hou Chieh is alive! Run! Tsao hired us to build railroads, but made us dig up relics instead. The relics are given to foreigners, in return for guns and ammunition. Tsao keeps it secret by killing us. Others are still trapped at his house. They'll all be killed by tomorrow. I'm sorry. Go home. Let's go. Da Niu. . . My son! - What is it? - Let's go and see. My son... All negative deeds are done for greed. Carried out by our actions, I now repent before Buddha. From evil comes afflictions... Enough! ...with justice they are gone. Nan! lf neither are there... If it wasn't for you our daughter would be alive!'re so purified nothing remains. Understanding how to let go, is knowing how to confront all. From now, follow the three principles: Buddha for enlightenment, Dharma for teachings, and Sanghi for community. Your religious name is Chingchueh. Buddha be praised. Capture Hou alive! Move! It's Tsao! I'll get him! Come back! Sit down! Stay calm. Perfect timing. Go and distract Tsao's guards at his residence. Our rescue mission is more vital. How can you survive this? If I can trade my life for theirs, it is well worth it. Please be careful. Stop there! Stop! Buddha be praised. Please stop your killing. Evil deeds only bring bad outcomes. That was for my daughter. Buddha be praised. It truly is you. I knew you wouldn't die so easily. I missed you to death! Really? - You can't rest until I die, can you? - Nonsense! Of course not. Stop pretending. You're afraid I'll take your things. He's doing this to buy us time so we can rescue the others. Rashness will only ruin it all. Understand? You taught me, never hesitate when I gain the upper hand. I learnt well! You can kill me, but spare Shaolin. Suspend the Abbot! One false move and he dies! It's fine. Stand down! Go ahead. Beautiful. Make sure to send them away before dawn. Don't worry. With our armed protection, there won't be any problem. Be careful! Let's go! Get out of the way! Get down! Yes, you! I've made this place a lot nicer. You didn't bring me here to praise you. Certainly not. I beg you for forgiveness. I want you to lead us once more, do great deeds and conquer the world. Look around you. I made these just for you. Your throne, your Imperial robe. Tsao Man. Do power and wealth really mean so much to you? Listen. Don't be as ignorant as I was. False compassion! I was just teasing you. Let's see what you'll do! I have a gift for you. Bring her out! I found Madam for you. I kept her alive for your reunion. Go! Turn around! I'm so sorry. I thought I had it all. I thought I could protect you. But I harmed you instead. Positions! Don't shoot... Ready! lt's on fire! lt's on fire! lt's on fire! Guards stay here! The rest follow me! Yes, sir! Let's go! Help! Master! Let us out! Let us out! Help us! - What is going on? - Someone is stealing the treasures! Out of my way! Tsao Man. Hou Chieh! Let her go! Are you crying? Let her go! Even your death... won't satisfy me! You witnessed your daughter die. Now I want you to watch your wife drown. I'm loving this! Let her go. I'm a monk now. She's no longer my wife. Too bad you're a monk. She's gorgeous. What a waste. Stop it! Shaolin monks took the treasure and freed the workers! A bunch of crooked monks! Kill them both! Chingchueh, go! Senior Brother! Leave! Senior Brother! Go! Leave! Senior Brother! - Senior Brother! - You dare to disobey my order? Leave! Go! We'll take these men back! What are you doing? Go back! Abbot. Go back... Hey! Boys, don't force me! I'm warning you, go back now! I don't want to shoot children. Please show compassion, sir. Let us help Abbot. A good deed will make you happy. The Abbot has taught us, the one who repents is a hero. Let it be, go home. Your family is waiting for you. Ridiculous! Arrest these rebels! Buddha be praised. No! I don't know kung fu. Buddha be praised. Stop fighting! Stop fighting! I'll teach you a lesson! Abbot! Are you all right? Stir-fry them like vegetables! Make noodles out of them! Well done! Abbot! Abbot! Are you all right? Check on the others. - Yes. - Go! It's them! My son! Mother! Mother! Father! Chingneng didn't sacrifice himself in vain. Try to let it go. Everyone, please pack up. We will be leaving the Temple soon. I know you're afraid. l am, too. No family, no home... Of course we're afraid. After spending time with you, I learnt that Shaolin is paradise. It's also my home. Shaolin Temple today, may face destruction. But the spirit of Shaolin, its every flower and leaf, its beams, pillars, every brick and tile, will forever live on in us. Shaolin has taught me to be determined and brave. Don't ever give up. l beg you, to live your lives well. - Do me a favour. - Yes? Lead them out of here. No, I can't. I've never left the Temple. I'm scared. Are you afraid? Look at them. They need you. They're even more afraid. Can I really do it? OK! I'll do it! Time is of the essence! Ensure a safe passage for the refugees. Chingkong, leave with the Abbot. - Chinghai, I'll join you later. - I'll teach them a lesson! Go! You bastards want to destroy my temple? I'll lead you to the netherworld. Tsao Man. What do you want? You possess far more than you need. Let it go. Don't kill any more. We must be ruthless in times of war. Don't be like me, filled with remorse after erring. Stop now. Can we not stop fighting? What do you think? I lose. They took my treasure. We need to cut our losses. We cannot allow news of what has happened to leak out! Kill everyone in there! Fire! Shaolin Temple... Don't mess with Shaolin Temple! Buddha be praised. You can't go back! It's dangerous! Abbot, my daughter is missing... My daughter is missing! Mummy... lt's too dangerous. Senior Brother! - Senior Brother... - Senior Brother! Quick! Senior Brother! Brother! - Chinghai! - Senior Brother! - Senior Brother! - Senior Brother! I'll stay behind! Take them away! Yes Abbot! That's enough. Grab hold of me! Buddha be praised. Evil is born from the heart. Repent. Why... A boundless mind is rewarded with unending fortunes Unending is life, linked by love Why do you look but not see The teachings of the rules Let's us understand spirit, senses, space willingly Master Uncle, the temple is no more. No, Shaolin Temple is always in us. It can never be destroyed. Life is about affinity. Follow affinity and live freely. Come. Let her keep you company. You're not leaving? Tsao Man is here. His mistakes were mine. Only I can help him. You've really changed. I know... We can never be together again. But... I really like you as you are.



Having fortuitously discovered a photograph in which Marthe embraces someone unknown, clothed with a chequed jacket, Étienne Dorsay becomes jealous, and imagines various stratagems to identify the lover.

In the meantime, Étienne and his friends acquire a weekend house for a very low price.

As in the previous work, the film is largely narrated by the character Étienne, whose tone shifts with the reality of the images.

The film contains a certain number of allusions to the films of Blake Edwards (the Pink Panther series).


Awards and nominations

  • Nominations for the César Awards, 1978 :
    • "Nomination for the César Award for Best Film : Nous irons tous au paradis
    • "Nomination for the César Award for "décor" : Jean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko, pour Nous irons tous au paradis
    • "Nomination for the César for scenario original or adapted : Jean-Loup Dabadie, pour Nous irons tous au paradis


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