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Noise rock (sometimes called noise punk)[2] is a noise-oriented style of experimental rock[3] that spun off from punk rock in the 1980s.[4][5] Drawing on movements such as minimalism, industrial music, and New York hardcore,[6] artists indulge in extreme levels of distortion through the use of electric guitars and, less frequently, electronic instrumentation, either to provide percussive sounds or to contribute to the overall arrangement.[4]

Some groups are tied to song structures, such as Sonic Youth. Although they are not representative of the entire genre, they helped popularize noise rock among alternative rock audiences by incorporating melodies into their droning textures of sound, which set a template that numerous other groups followed.[4]

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What is the (WHITE NOISE) noise? Noise is simply any and every sound that wiggles through the air and tickles your delectable ear drums. What's the difference between sound, noise and music? Sound is the physical vibration which we feel and let inside our bodies. Music is an order of sound vibrated in a certain way that pleases our brains and sometimes our booties. Noise is everything else inbetween. Noise can be the sound of a delicate butterfly fluttering careless through the air. Or the hustle and bustle of a city street! Or even the vibrations that exist outside our human perception. (SOMETHING WEIRD) Music has a distinct structure which follows rules set by mathematical order to make sense of the world. Noise music is a giant fuck you to that system! Whether this is your first time hearing about Noise music or you BOW to MERZBOW and you're mouth salivates at the band SMEGMA. Noise music has a long expansive history only most recently recorded in the past 100 years. The year is 1912, Italian hipsters were getting massive boners thinking about the future! They created a movement called FUTURISM, in which all their artwork was focused on technology and the industrialization of then modern living... Basically a bunch of wooshy paintings. This however changed when Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo wrote "THE ART OF NOISES" in 1913, in which Luigi claimed the industrial revolution will pave the way for future musicians to create any sound and timbre imaginable. Luigi latered invented this machine known as the into-naru-mori which was basically the first giant acoustic drum machine. In 1917 Luigi unleased his machine in Milan with a concert titled "GRAN CONCERTO FUTURISTICO" The audience loved it so much they threw rotten vegetables at him destroyed his machines. Just kidding, the Germans destroyed his machines when they bombed France during WORLD WAR II. Also the audience did really throw shit at him cuz the machine sounded horrible. Later in 1922 Arseny Avra-amov a Russian Composer wrote, and performed "Simfoniya gudkov" also known as "SYMPHONY of FACTORY SIRENS" which was basically a RUSSIAN MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING TRAP REMIX only over 90 years ago. The piece involved navy ship sirens and whistles, bus and car horns, factory sirens, cannons, the foghorns of the entire Soviet flotilla in the Caspian Sea, artillery guns, machine guns, hydro-airplanes, a specially designed "whistle main," and renderings of Internationale and Marseillaise by a mass band and choir. The piece was conducted by a team of conductors using flags and pistols. Let me emphasize this, it was performed twice. The second time didn't go so go apparently. Later in 1936 in France the composer and electro-stimulation enthusiast Edgard Varese had a little too much wine and baguettes one evening and accidentally knocked up a record player by playing vinyl records backwards and at various speeds. This is how Edgard became the father of electronic music. His Frankenstein monster child was later passed on to French composer and Theoretician Pierre Schaeffer. In 1949 Pierre went public with his new found child which he named MUSICQUE CONCRETE which as we all know is French for concrete music! Concrete music was the first ever acoustic-electric music which used prerecorded samples on gramophones and tapes being physically manipulated to created otherworldly never before heard sounds. Pierre described Concrete music as the "plastifying" of music, and believe this would evolve into musicians sculpting sound a particular way using existing noise. Concrete music is also Vaporwave's Grandparent. Later in 1952 in America radical rebel bad boy composer John Cage unleashed his META MEME 4' 33" in which a piano player is instructed to sit at the piano for 4 minutes and 33 seconds and the noise of the audience became the piece. The audience marveled at such a bold statement which changed music forever. Just kidding, the audience thought it was boring and dumb and literally walked out the last few minutes of the piece. During the 1960's the privileged American Youth with their cheap college, nice economy, Vietnams and LSDs started making weird pop music using miscellaneous sounds, some of which appearing in mainstream radio. When The Beatles began doing tape experimentation and overdub feedback you bet your sweet ass all these other musicians started memeing them right away. This of-course led the Jazz generation to declare what they were doing wasn't REAL MUSIC! Unfortunately the JAZZ GENERATION died alone in a retirement home. It's ghost still hangs out every so often hidden in electric currents, This has been the first part on a short series on the history of NOISE MUSIC In the next part I'll elaborate on what happened to Noise music in the next 40 years, as the way humans distrubted music began changing. Thank you for watching I'm your host FRANKJAVCEE Here's the part of the video were I ask you the viewer to support a sponsored content or commercial deal or even a PATREON, but I don't have any of those, so if you wanna get real DIY PUBLIC ACCESS PUNK AESTHETIC with me you can give me money at my BANDCAMP... You can download over 90 tracks of my delicious material here. why i make youtube videos



Noise rock fuses rock to noise, usually with recognizable "rock" instrumentation, but with greater use of distortion and electronic effects, varying degrees of atonality, improvisation, and white noise. One notable band of this genre is Sonic Youth who took inspiration from the no wave composers Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham.[7]

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has stated: "Noise has taken the place of punk rock. People who play noise have no real aspirations to being part of the mainstream culture. Punk has been co-opted, and this subterranean noise music and the avant-garde folk scene have replaced it."[8]


The Velvet Underground have been credited with creating the first noise rock album in 1968.
The Velvet Underground have been credited with creating the first noise rock album in 1968.

While the music had been around for some time, the term "noise rock" was coined in the 1980s to describe an offshoot of punk groups with an increasingly abrasive approach.[5] An archetypal album is the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat (1968).[9][5] Treblezine's Joe Gross credits the "cult classic" with being the first noise rock album, accordingly, "perhaps it’s an obvious starting point, but it’s also the starting point. Period."[5]

While noise rock has never really had any mainstream popularity, the raw, distorted and feedback-intensive sound of some noise rock bands had an influence on grunge. Among them are Wisconsin's Killdozer, and most notably San Francisco's Flipper, a band known for its slowed-down and murky "noise punk". The Butthole Surfers' mix of punk, heavy metal and noise rock was a major influence, particularly on the early work of Soundgarden.[10]

Starting in the 1990s, noise punk developed mostly as a form of party music, with the band Lightning Bolt serving as key players in the 2000s noise punk scene in Providence, Rhode Island.[11]

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