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90th United States Congress

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90th United States Congress
89th ←
→ 91st
January 3, 1967 – January 3, 1969
Senate PresidentHubert Humphrey (D)
Senate President pro temCarl Hayden (D)
House SpeakerJohn W. McCormack (D)
Members100 senators
435 members of the House
Senate MajorityDemocratic
House MajorityDemocratic
1st: January 10, 1967 – December 15, 1967
2nd: January 15, 1968 – October 14, 1968

The ninetieth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, D.C., from January 3, 1967, to January 3, 1969, during the last two years of the second administration of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Eighteenth Census of the United States in 1960. Both chambers had a Democratic majority.

YouTube Encyclopedic

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NARRATOR: For as long as I can remember, I've had an interest in what some people condescendingly term conspiracy theory. You see, I was born November 22, the anniversary of John F Kennedy's assassination. And every year on my birthday there's been televised specials on practically every channel talking about magic bullets, grassy knolls, other shooters, as well as CIA, FBI, and mafia involvement. Even by the age of 10 this spoke to me. And, of course, there were UFOs, the Illuminati, occult Nazis, organized satanic networks, faked moon landings and CIA mind control programs. Hell, even if this is all bullshit, it was fun to read about. It was in 2000 that I first discovered David Icke's book, "The Biggest Secret." In it he writes about a global conspiracy. A hidden hand manipulating humanity's destiny through the shadows using those who seem to be in power. And the goal of these shadow people? Nothing less than an Orwellian global super state with total control at the hands of an ancient reptilian shapeshifting race. So we took a ferry to the Isle of Wight to spend the day with David Icke, Britain's leading conspiracy evangelist, and the one man standing between us and total enslavement. NARRATOR: Hey! DAVID ICKE: Ah. NARRATOR: Mr. Icke. DAVID ICKE: Kev, nice to meet you. NARRATOR: Nice to meet you. DAVID ICKE: Good trip? NARRATOR: Yes. Yes. It was. DAVID ICKE: Welcome to my abode. There's not much to see, but I like it. NARRATOR: What have we got here? DAVID ICKE: Well, this is things that I've collected over the years. This is fantastic. Someone in Hawaii actually painted this. This is what the painting is. This is the original of the front cover of my last book, "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More." And I asked my great friend, an artist called Neil Hague, to paint this picture for me with, particularly, those eyes. And that's humanity saying, no more. Enough. No more little me. We're not having it anymore. NARRATOR: In 1991 David Icke didn't believe in secret shapeshifting lizard fascists. He was a television celebrity. After arthritis had ended a promising career in football, he'd become a broadcaster. But that all ended in one remarkable appearance on the Terry Wogan show. -David Icke. NARRATOR: In a turquoise tracksuit he'd announced that he was the son of God. And the world would be ending that year. It didn't, and Icke seemed destined to disappear beneath a typhoon of public laughter. -It's quite funny really. 2000 years ago had a guy called Jesus sat here and said these same things, you would still be laughing. It's really, really funny that we've not really moved on that much. -They're laughing at you. They're not laughing with you. -Fine. NARRATOR: But Icke wouldn't disappear. He began to write. And over a series of increasingly successful books, he began to outline his philosophy. Humankind was not in charge of its destiny. It was the unwitting prisoner of a race of shapeshifting lizards who occupied the roles in the highest echelons of society. From presidents to royal families, all trusted public figures were secretly part of a reptilian satanist pedophile group who had been on this planet for centuries. People began to take notice of Icke, and today he spends most of his year preaching to amphitheaters full of fans. He's still making startling revelations, and recently he declared the moon to be a hollowed out planetoid space station from which our minds are controlled. The lizard's very own Death Star. Don't mention the reptiles, chapter two. DAVID ICKE: Don't mention the reptiles, yeah. Because people-- when they started to come in people were kind of into my stuff up to that point. Which was kind of regular-- well it was a bit strange. It was all the way the world was manipulated by few people, but it was all kind of regular stuff. And then I came across with this stuff and it was like-- NARRATOR: Get it out of the way. DAVID ICKE: --don't mention the reptiles. They'll just laugh at you again. I said, I know. But I've seen enough and heard enough to believe that it's real. And so I say it. I don't care about the consequences for me. Are you frightened? No. I'm not. I don't care. Because the consequences for the world and my children, and my grandchildren, and everyone else's, of humans not intervening in this process that's going on now ever more quickly, are that we are condemning our children and grandchildren-- indeed ourselves, it's that close-- to a world that George Orwell so massively understated. NARRATOR: Can we have a look at where the work gets done? DAVID ICKE: Yes. NARRATOR: Where it all happens. DAVID ICKE: This is where it all happens. As you can see it's really small. NARRATOR: It is really small. DAVID ICKE: Because I look at my life and I don't see my life as a life anymore. I haven't for a while. I see it as a job. NARRATOR: So this is the new one. In German? DAVID ICKE: Yeah. This is the German version, isn't it? Look at the size of that. NARRATOR: Jeez, yeah. DAVID ICKE: 250,000 words. That, in one book, is the scale of information that has come into my life about these things. See, that is not a theory. That is evidence supporting a fact. NARRATOR: What was the first book that really struck you? Because, I know, there was a couple for me. Are you familiar with Robert Anton Wilson? DAVID ICKE: Yeah. Yeah. NARRATOR: And I just liked it because it was funny and it tied a lot of points of interest together. And he sort of pointed me in different directions. Even though he wasn't really a conspiracy theorist trying to say anything. He put things together I never saw. DAVID ICKE: Right. NARRATOR: He'd connect dots that had never occurred to me. Which turned me to "Holy, Blood, Holy Grail," and some of these other things. DAVID ICKE: You've just hit the nail right on the head of my work and what you need to do to understand what's going on. Connect the dots. See, there are dots, like banking, government, all these different things, 9/11, which in and of themselves are interesting. And you can see that something's not right. But when you connect the dots between apparently unconnected people and situations and organizations, that's when the tapestry appears. And you go, whoa. So that's what's happening. NARRATOR: David had told us that his first moment of enlightenment had occurred when a voice entered his head while shopping with his son on the sea front. DAVID ICKE: This is the news agent I told you about where, basically, it all started. I was walking along here and I walked in this door and turned to where Gareth was reading his Spin Train books. And this is where it happened. Just the other side of this door. Where I'm like, what's going on? Go and look at the books on the far side. What? What? And that's where it started. 1990. March, 1990. And I never thought it was going to lead where it has. But it has. Yeah. NARRATOR: Well, it was a great beginning. Platform Fun. DAVID ICKE: In simple terms, there is a predator race which take a reptilian form. They're feeding off humanity. They've turned humanity into a slave race. They demand human sacrifice. That's where satanism comes in. They feed off human energy, particularly feed off the energy of children. NARRATOR: David's latest revelations have been about the moon. Far from a lump of benign rock orbiting us, it is in fact an artificial construct, a gigantic spacecraft, probably a hollowed out planetoid. It is from the moon that the nefarious Illuminati manipulate the collective human mind. Warping our perception of reality. DAVID ICKE: I'm saying it's broadcasting something. That it acts as a blocking frequency that stops us seeing and perceiving things that we would normally perceive. That is creating what I call the moon matrix, or the satin moon matrix. And it's basically having the effective of the fake reality in "The Matrix" movies. NARRATOR: I guess that makes David the Isle of Wight's very own Neo.


Major events

Major legislation

President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1968
President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1968

Constitutional Amendments

Party summary

Party standings on the opening day of the 90th Congress   64 Democratic Senators   36 Republican Senators
Party standings on the opening day of the 90th Congress
  64 Democratic Senators
  36 Republican Senators
  House seats by party holding plurality in state     80.1-100% Democratic    80.1-100% Republican     60.1-80% Democratic    60.1-80% Republican     Up to 60% Democratic    Up to 60% Republican
House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80.1-100% Democratic
  80.1-100% Republican
  60.1-80% Democratic
  60.1-80% Republican
  Up to 60% Democratic
  Up to 60% Republican

The count below identifies party affiliations at the beginning of the first session of this Congress, and includes members from vacancies and newly admitted states, when they were first seated. Changes resulting from subsequent replacements are shown below in the "Changes in membership" section.


(shading shows control)
Total Vacant
End of the previous congress 67 33 100 0
Begin 64 35 99 1
End 62 38 1000
Final voting share 62.0% 38.0%
Beginning of the next congress 57 43 100 0

House of Representatives

TOTAL members: 435


President Johnson with NFL owners and Republican Congressional leaders, June 7, 1967.L-R: Edward Bennett Williams (President of the Washington Redskins), Senator Everett Dirksen, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Rep. Gerald Ford, unidentified (probably Rep. John W. Byrnes)
President Johnson with NFL owners and Republican Congressional leaders, June 7, 1967.
L-R: Edward Bennett Williams (President of the Washington Redskins), Senator Everett Dirksen, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Rep. Gerald Ford, unidentified (probably Rep. John W. Byrnes)
Senate PresidentHubert Humphrey
Senate President
Hubert Humphrey
Senate President pro temporeCarl Hayden
Senate President pro tempore
Carl Hayden


Majority (Democratic) leadership

Minority (Republican) leadership

House of Representatives

Majority (Democratic) leadership

Minority (Republican) leadership



This list is arranged by chamber, then by state. Senators are listed by their classes, and Representatives are listed by district.


Senators are popularly elected statewide every two years, with one-third beginning new six-year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring re-election in 1970; Class 2 meant their term began with this Congress, requiring re-election in 1972; and Class 3 meant their term ended with this Congress, requiring re-election in 1968.

House of Representatives

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise at-large, are preceded by an "At-large," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Changes in membership

The count below reflects changes from the beginning of the first session of this Congress.


  • Replacements: 4
  • Deaths: 2
  • Resignations: 2
  • Total seats with changes: 5
Vacator Reason for change Successor Date of successor's
formal installation[a]
Vacant Delayed taking seat to finish term as Governor of Oregon. Mark Hatfield (R) January 10, 1967
New York
Robert F. Kennedy (D) Assassinated June 6, 1968, while campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
Successor was appointed to continue the term.
Charles Goodell (R) September 10, 1968
Bob Bartlett (D) Died December 11, 1968
Successor was appointed to continue the term.
Ted Stevens (R) December 24, 1968
Thruston B. Morton (R) Resigned December 16, 1968, to give successor preferential seniority, having already retired.
Successor was appointed to finish the term, having already been elected to the next term.
Marlow Cook (R) December 17, 1968
Edward V. Long (D) Resigned December 27, 1968, having lost renomination to the next term.
Successor was appointed to finish the term, having already been elected to the next term.
Thomas Eagleton (D) December 28, 1968

House of Representatives

  • Replacements: 6
  • Deaths: 4
  • Resignations: 4
  • Expulsion: 1
  • Total seats with changes: 9
District Vacator Reason for change Successor Date of successor's
formal installation[a]
Rhode Island 2nd John E. Fogarty (D) Died January 10, 1967 Robert Tiernan (D) March 28, 1967
New York 18th Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) Excluded from House February 28, 1967, pursuant to H. Res. 278 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) April 11, 1967
California 11th J. Arthur Younger (R) Died June 20, 1967 Pete McCloskey (R) December 12, 1967
New York 13th Abraham J. Multer (D) Resigned December 31, 1967, after being elected as judge of New York Supreme Court Bertram L. Podell (D) February 20, 1968
Mississippi 3rd John B. Williams (D) Resigned January 16, 1968, after being elected Governor of Mississippi Charles H. Griffin (D) March 12, 1968
Texas 3rd Joe R. Pool (D) Died July 14, 1968 James M. Collins (R) August 24, 1968
Pennsylvania 20th Elmer J. Holland (D) Died August 9, 1968 Joseph M. Gaydos (D) November 5, 1968
New York 38th Charles Goodell (R) Resigned September 9, 1968, after becoming U.S. Senator Vacant Not filled this term
New York 24th Paul A. Fino (R) Resigned December 31, 1968


Lists of committees and their party leaders, for members (House and Senate) of the committees and their assignments, go into the Official Congressional Directory at the bottom of the article and click on the link (2 links), in the directory after the pages of terms of service, you will see the committees of the Senate, House (Standing with Subcommittees, Select and Special) and Joint and after the committee pages, you will see the House/Senate committee assignments in the directory, on the committees section of the House and Senate in the Official Congressional Directory, the committee's members on the first row on the left side shows the chairman of the committee and on the right side shows the ranking member of the committee.


House of Representatives

Joint committees

  • Atomic Energy
  • Conditions of Indian Tribes (Special)
  • Defense Production
  • Disposition of Executive Papers
  • Economic
  • Immigration and Nationality Policy
  • Legislative Budget
  • The Library
  • Navajo-Hopi Indian Administration
  • Printing
  • Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures
  • Taxation

Employees and legislative agency directors

Legislative branch agency directors


House of Representatives

See also


  1. ^ a b This is the date the member was seated or an oath administered, not necessarily the same date her/his service began.


  1. ^ Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was excluded from membership in this Congress.
  • Martis, Kenneth C. (1989). The Historical Atlas of Political Parties in the United States Congress. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company.
  • Martis, Kenneth C. (1982). The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company.

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