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New York state election, 1910

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The 1910 New York state election was held on November 8, 1910, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer and two judges of the New York Court of Appeals, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate. Besides, the voters were asked if they approved a $2,500,000 bond issue for the improvement and extension of Palisades Interstate Park, which was answered in the affirmative, with 349,281 For and 285,910 Against. A constitutional amendment which proposed to add two judges to the New York Court of Appeals and to increase the judges' salaries[1] was rejected by a margin of only 292 votes, with 332,300 For and 332,592 Against.

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[Music] Lyon Jean the capital of North Korea since 1948 a hermit and ruined kingdom a dynasty isolated from the world and from to the INTERNET the last communist stronghold equipped with fourth largest army in the world clichés are not lacking in this run but what do we know in the background of this country apart from the fact that there are two Korea Seoul the capital of South Korea from 1948 a civil society throbbing a overwhelming capitalism the thirteenth world economy a country where every child has his samsung phone and his New baseball cap stereotypes [Music] how to tell the story of Korea when there are 22 stories two countries with names different the states with incompatible flags and with separate conflicting societies After 60 years of conflicts the eta world championships when we show the other north korea go 800 athletes from 80 countries but not from South Korea are not allowed to visit to his enemy brothers (applause] can not see the new day in crying in his laptops his little stores his exchanges and even your announcements between the south and the north for three generations everything I find everything call all letter are a matter of This [Music] also in south korea which when it's the national sport just like soccer in brazil have athletes from all over the world except Korea North 45 million Koreans in the South 25 million in the north share something still the nanas the games the dreams yes they share something all live in a semi vice everyone is aware of the division from 1945 the ultra militarized zone demilitarized that of mz separates the Korean nation like a huge wound of war to understand how they have arrived We have counted on this situation South and North Koreans who have Agreed to tell us his story they do it for the first time in this movie because of the dmc is the most of them could not be seen before, Korea impossible reunification first part enemy brothers [Music] in such when every movement has a meaning this is known as than words dang a was the first koreans tells the legend that he was born five a thousand years of mating between a son of the sky and a bear turned to wet this myth grounds the idea of ​​a united korean nation in south korea the day of the birth of the angle was for a long time festive in korea North Plain Piñón Jean The Grave de rangún is here supposedly it has been transformed into a mausoleum that the North Korean state takes care of scrupulously here we have the box that contains the spirit of dangond our ancestors have created a series of traditions in around the founding figure of dangond a all the visitors that come here are they realize that we are the same people that descends dangond and that has reunify we speak the same language we inhabit the same territory are things what do they think in Seoul the capital of the other Korea only one danwing temple is left the others have been devastated by the modernization and churches protestants very much in vogue in Korea soft was at the end of the 19th century when Dan Woods really became the symbol of national identity at that time Korea still unity was facing the massive incursion of the imperialist powers Americans Russians Chinese people Europeans and the Japanese with regards to russia and china they needed to Korea to have access to Tue meanwhile the maritime states as Japan and the United States needed a bridgehead for its advance in the Chinese continent final hanban can say that chorea if historically a strategic knot for those two continental powers and for those two Naval powers of Korea is a peninsula the size of Great Britain the North separated from China and Russia by the yalú rivers and very mountainous lumens the south It serves as a rice barn but Koreans are seen first and foremost as victims of its geography if our nation has a sense exacerbated of dignity and pride national is our ancestors fought bravely against the aggressor foreigners were polite patriots and wise but if something was particularly important was his uniqueness although we have been invaded numerous times by foreign aggressors our nation she has remained a virgin of all influence foreign for a long time in front of foreign pressures the country is retracts what the nickname is worth in force for North Korea Kingdom hermit without merchants or missionaries nor Western nor unfair treaties in 1905 Japan defeats Russia in 1910 transform the country into a colony the united states does not oppose complying in return with filippini your the Japanese They dress like they have the same boats and the same weapons as Westerners will open this country so isolated train direct from busán to paris alcantarillado gas city tram and telephone [Music] the Japanese state develops the industry especially in the north of country hundreds of thousands of koreans are move to Japan to be trained and it works the colonization is brutal those who resist are harshly repressed the city hall of Seoul is one of the main vestiges of the occupation japanese at that time Seoul is the most big country the second one is pyongyang under the Japanese colonization swear that seeing Seoul was modernized by the force the only thing that was not a process natural there was no organic transition was something tax according to could not have a balanced growth a lot and it's a Pity. what Koreans remember today is the will on the part of Japan to annihilate his identity when I do I went to primary school in a mountainous village in the province of cancún that is on the coast this up our names we they forced to change them so they were more Japanese people used names Japanese instead of our names Koreans and those who did not it was my case the teachers beat them all the Koreans we like to go white is part of our tradition when they saw a Korean dressed in white the cops threw him tita thank goodness that those things the truth is that the colonizers Japanese tried to snatch their national identity to the lambs the colonization cause a division between the Koreans the colonial japan seeks the complicity of the great landowners in reaction against it and other Koreans rebel this is shown by the first feature film by post-war North Korean fiction is a revolutionary breeding ground would be and now buzzi e [Music] On one side were the Koreans voluntarily enrolled or by strength in politics and the army Japanese and on the other hand the Koreans guerrillas who were fighting against them on the border between China and Korea one of the best known resistant flame kim il sung I would sit on the floor and listen to the stories that adults told the children who talked about the resistant anti-Japanese hidden in the mountains near our village was the time of the battle of box embo the offensive of Volleyball box degraded by Kim Il Sung in 1936 at that time I was 6 years old It was the first time I heard about Kim il sung the future founding father of North Korea Kim Il Sung born near pyongyang is grandson of peasants in 1920 his nationalist father and christian uia china kim il-sung military there with the left Korean nationalist and joined the Chinese communist party before become one of the heads of the anti Japanese resistance in manchuria his natal house has become a place of pilgrimage his life is a mandatory subject for all North Korean children the one in the center photo is the comrade Kim Il Sung at age 14 when he He left here to liberate our country at his side are his father Kim Chol Jin and Her mother candán soft kim il sung started being communist but often in the east asian communism did not look like a way to solve social problems but to conquer national independence the idea was to create a strong state powerful not having to depend on anyone so in East Asia and Korea the common it was not a very cutting doctrine nationalist not only the house of our Comrade Kim Song is the home of our people the cradle of our revolution in that same time in another village the which in turn will largely shape South Korea park chu young and the future father of the economic boom [Music] was born in this house in 1917 he was the youngest of five brothers and two sisters he studied here until he was 20 years old he did master park chung and starts being master dressed in uniform and poor but ambitious Japanese sable seize the opportunity when japan attacks China in 1937 is promoted to imperial officer in manchuria park chu young y and kim il-sung have lives very interesting parallels for chong and he also went to manchuria but in very circumstances different became officer of the Japanese imperial army therefore and despite the fact that both they come from the same environment in some way kim il sung and park chu young and they finish standing on opposite sides in the struggle between colonialists and anticolonialists there is no evidence that have come to fight against each other not even that they have been in manchuria at the same time but is clear that Kim il-sung considered as your enemies who like park chu young and collaborated with the Japanese military [Music] this movement is known as san gil and celebrates the beginning of the bloody fight of the Koreans for their independence between 1937 and 1945 the Pacific War accentuates the split among Koreans but when japan is defeated korea hopes to finally recover freedom when I got off the train in the plaza the station a man pulled something under his jacket and the independent korea shouted alive then I noticed better what it was and I saw that it was a Korean flag was the first time I saw the Korean flag bak after the liberation of the country and everything the world was very exalted but the truth is that we did not know what do apart from shout honor live the independent korea the rest is history the unfortunate history of Korea in 1943 at the conference in Cairo and later in 1945 in the high village the allies agree to authorize the independence of Korea to its due Time meanwhile the country will be put under American and Soviet tutelage to root of the sinking of Japan troops Soviets arrive in the north as agreed they let the Americans occupy the southern half of country American diplomats trace hastily a line of demarcation between north and south following the parallel 38 to include Seoul in area American Germany ended up divided in two because had started an aggressive war and the had lost in our case the division was imposed on us by some foreign powers was not thing our in the south an exile called sigman ree takes power with the support of states UNIDOS together they intend to crush the popular committees that have been emerging throughout the south although for this they have to rehabilitate in the army and police to the old collaborators by Japanese between 1945 and 1948 the trade union organizations they faced the military government American the farmers revolted against the American presence that among others things did not manage to ration the food of equitable way of carrying out a agrarian reform there was an open and tense opposition between the left and the right then naturally the military government American intervened and took sides on the right the repression will be charged fines thousands of victims after returning to Korea with the Soviet kim il sung at 33 he does not take long to settle his power in the north those he considers enemies of the revolution are liquidated or flee to the south the first reforms are very popular during the first three years took many measures reform land and the nationalization of industry equality between the sexes the abolition of illiteracy many things I remember especially the villagers of all ages and both sexes that they came to my house every night to learn together to read and write that is I have been recorded by fire in the memory on August 15, 1948 sigman ree newly elected president proclaims the republic of korea at his side the American general mac garlic three weeks later kim il-sung proclaims the popular republic Democratic Korea recognized by the communist block the two great powers modeled each a his own state but control Soviet over the north was considerably stricter than the American control over the south now that the files are declassified we know that up let's say late 40's the most of the declarations of the North Korean politicians had to have been previously approved by the Soviet embassy or government Soviet the North Korean constitution was personally corrected by the own stalin [Music] on both sides of the border the two nations armed the parallel 38 it becomes increasingly insurmountable the iron curtain departs to europe for the half here the cold war turns a same country in two states two worlds two visions radically opposite and willing to die in order to reunify the country the war of korea begins the June 15, 1950 for Koreans North, the person responsible for the war is United States after taking control of the south the American army would have decided invade the north to then expel Mao and the communists who have conquered china has supported by his Soviet brothers and Chinese kim il-sung He led bravely to the armies from the north from this office inflicting the invaders a humiliating defeat to be asked for 63 years in the army today I am 84 years old the Korean War was provoked by the imperialists Americans but our people He fought for reunification at the beginning we went south to release it so that all Korea could live under one roof as one Family?" in South Korea the imposing memorial of war counts the other version of this story on June 25, 1950 after obtaining by end the permission of stalin and mao kim il-sung attacks the south to impose a reunification by arms under a Communist regime [Music] this band came across everything started as a civil war of that I'm sure both the north and the south had been preparing for the war but the north turned out to be better prepared and attacked first for take power and reunify the country since even the conflict internationalized embarking on the cold war that faced the union Soviet and Chinese on the one hand and united states and the western ones by another side during the summer of 1950 that so all South Korea is invaded by the so-called red except the region from Busan in the southwest then with the massive help of US and UN troops the army of his reconquest Seoul and progresses progressively towards the north to conquer the other side [Music] in December 1950 the first American soldiers arrive at the border between north korea and china in Beijing Mao repeats it several times Americans at the gates of the Young Chinese Communist are a declaration of war when states united attacked our country China sent us her sons and daughters and even the president's son ma we thought that a more powerful korea thanks to our support and would prevent the Americans and the South Koreans will approach our border knows the singing of the army of brave and determined volunteers cross the yalú river and defend peace and the homeland we have to protect our ga hundreds of thousands of Chinese volunteers take the relief of exhausted North Koreans the eldest son of máó will die in the front the withdrawal of the Americans is it becomes a catastrophe US soldiers who do not know they are submerged by waves of Chinese soldiers are frozen where they can ship material names and some thousands of Korean refugees ragged the harbor was crowded by the agglomeration of bag and could not upload everyone on board I was just able to get on the boat I thought I would go home in a week take me only one book we do not take for a matter of freedom was for pure survival they said that if we stayed soon we would be dead or he would throw us atomic bomb in the midst of that chaos appears for the first once in Korea the nuclear weapon macarthur effectively asked for a twenty atomic bombs at president truman and this one denied them is one of the reasons, not the only one will lead to the cessation of macarthur in April of 1951 for mac arthur those 26 bombs atomic would allow to consolidate the Chinese border or korea in this way they would block the reinforcements of Beijing would isolate China communist from the rest of the world they elaborate some detailed plans bombers perform maneuvers approach over the north arriving even to drop some decoys for to test the impacts had to be tremendous to see arrive from a ship North Korean and its bombers b 29 coming from Japan without knowing if they would drop a real atomic bomb or a fake [Music] to avoid triggering a third World War renounce the option nuclear in the summer of 1951 the front it stabilizes more or less at its point of departure the war becomes a trench warfare to bend to china and korea begins a systematic bombardment of north the official archives of the forces United States airlines have statistics on the destruction of country the destruction figures were higher than those suffered by Japan or Germany during world war II the North Koreans lost control of the heavens and they started digging underground facilities built industries and schools factories and up runways under ground there was nothing left standing a jean was a masses of queens there was not a single house on foot everyone lived the children were half-buried underground and that's where the town Korean began to rebuild his country Underground there were brigades rebuilding the railroad and roads the Koreans were not dead they were 47 .- ALIVE? (applause] [Music] South Korea is just as devastated [Music] in the end there were no trees there was no buildings there was no rationing nothing does or nothing could be done because everything was destroyed and the people I was ignorant I did not have education every year in spring the food was finished It was a very difficult period today almost unimaginable in 1953 dies stalin the cold war relaxes the Purse seine north korea china and the name of South Korea and the United States sign a armistice that untreated peace legally the war has not yet finished the war of korea was charged between three and four million dead it is one of the bloodiest wars in the story with its atrocities perpetrated on both sides their graves their public executions and their millions of refugees I arrived in Busan in South Korea thinking that the week would go home and it's already 60 years that I live here this movement is known as food and it is the political ideology of North Korea that ensures that Koreans are autonomous and as such are the masters of your own destiny the nation takes body naturally in its supreme leader that mixture of self-sufficiency and self-defense very different from Marxism orthodox resounds deeply in the Korean mentality in the south the juche ideology is strictly forbidden but its leaders seek also an autonomous national road today embodies the enthusiasm of a people that has gotten to work the city in full reconstruction follows growing and new ones are built schools for children after the war Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world in the north the great supporters of the regime the Soviet and Chinese Union promote rapid reconstruction in the north was a paradise for the poor it was a world made for the people the south instead it was a land of landowners and capitalists that's why the poor like my father they preferred to come to the north he was born in a family of poor fishermen not they had a permanent job then during the war he enlisted in the volunteer army fought on the front and then he went to college he got married with a teacher and they had their first son that I am back then our great leader gave instructions to refound the country those who had money had to give money those who will master a technique or they had physical strength they had to put them at the service of all those were his instructions for rebuild the country we followed them and the result was really extraordinary the almighty Korean Workers' Party order to the collectivization of the artisan agriculture and Most pineapples the food is distributed according to the At the moment the workers are the ones who receive and the families of the ancients collaborators of the Japanese those who less is a society where all the world works hard and receives more or less the same treatment by the state basically free food out free housing free education free there are officers who know everything and above all there is the great leader who is a genius who knows everything and who fundamentally is a god and is at command of a wonderful society these principles married very well with the mentality of the poor and for a long time the project North Korean was more popular than the South Korean was attractive because it was a agricultural utopia a paradise for peasants russia provides the factories and china the workforce and the East germany materials rebuilt a whole city and Czechoslovakia offers all buses are overturned with Korea that does not stop being a showcase of socialism United States had said no we would be able to reconstruct our country in less than a hundred years but since the end of the war our united people have been able to rebuild our city in ten years starting from a previous project naturally from the beginning korea North adopted the Stalinist model very repressive that did not tolerate the minor criticism but I think in North Korea if there was a collective spirit that in great measure was authentic it also helped that a lot of of the colonial industry you will find in the north of the country although in terms absolute South Korea received a lot more economic help from north Korea South Korea did not know how to get party to that help to North Korea if He knew how to do it and in the late 50's he lived a kind of economic miracle possibly had the highest rate of industrial growth of the world today as he has almost regained his rank between the national capitals of the world Where they once crouched snipers today the housewives of sure do the buy quietly but still remains a lot to do to be reborn specifically korea starting with Seoul there are still more than one million homeless and close to 100 thousand orphans in charge of the state although South Korea is a country with the double the population that the north is a agricultural territory and very underdeveloped the corrupt regime of sigman ree is strongly divided to internal level the army is the only institution that still stands I remember that I was dedicated to affairs of economic growth and Korea went by for being a desperate case they did not have natural resources there was a corruption endemic and the most ironic thing is that they were burdened by the Confucian ethic that teaches that a gentleman should not work to wear white and let grow nails to show your contempt for the handwork that was the world view of korea just 50 years ago, so in Korea South took time to give us a glimpse of hope I was born in 1951 during the war always we were hungry we dressed with rags we were always sick and when we we put sick we did not have the possibility of going to the hospital because no there was also very cold my dream was that they give me at least a pair of socks for new year in winter when it was still very cold luckily today I have many socks devastated by the war Seoul looks also invaded by the peasants who The shanty towns flee from rural poverty they are legion everywhere the large urban sets symbol of this new urban model to the western while in Japan the Westernization was produced 100 ago years of the hand of england and europe to Korea came a little during the Japanese colonization but above all thanks to the American army is what we called culture there are those who yes believe in your country are the first South Korean entrepreneurs hyundai that means modern begins to do fort provisioning the army American the state signs contracts of reconstruction the labor of the rural areas are willing to work seven days a week always and when he is fed in 1960 some mass student demonstrations overthrow sigman king for about brief moments impose a threat of assembly but a year later a great almost unknown for chung and gives the fret with that movement fearful that kim il-sung take advantage of the situation the board military in power talks about revolution wants to industrialize the country to marches forced to relaunch the economy supposes the ability to defend oneself in future conflicts when our military revolution the president park chung and he was a two-star general I knew him very well he was very rigid very very patriotic frugal no longer exist men like him everything revolved around rivalry with North Korea we have an army of 600 thousand men and At that time there were many American divisions in the country we had to defend our country because it was not known what could happen we do everything thinking about Korea north park is compared to bismarck napoleon or Atatürk begins reassuring restless washington because his brother had been a Communist insurgent sends to millions of miners and nurses to germany from where they will bring foreign currency to country launches a five-year plan industries weighing and exports of all kinds large multifunctional groups like hyundai samsung or daewoo receive grants in exchange for observing the demands of estado we need investments to develop our economy what he did for chung and it was to normalize relationships with Japan which allowed him to receive 300 millions of dollars in concept of reparations of war and a loan of 200 million that he used to finance projects such as the construction of highways and mud thanks to those aids the industry could take off from 1965 park sends two of its best divisions to support the united states in vietnam his salary serve the state in your development projects this also allows to guarantee the support of washington in the demilitarized zone [Music] in the north the omnipresent kim il-sung settles its internal power eliminating the pro-Soviet factions and proteins his goal is not to depend more on his great neighbors the best he could to pass to Kim il-sung was the rivalry between china and the Soviet Union basically allowed him to get financing from both parties in reward for its neutrality it was a great strategy was a teacher of manipulation and I would say that he had Success that fierce will of autonomy what becomes a hero of the countries not aligned like indonesia yugoslavia madagascar or cambodia whose king will pass even two years in exile in pyongyang here the ideology is not Marxism Leninism not even communism is the kim il-sung ism that is characterized by the I covered the spoon means to have yourself with your own resources your own effort and spirit of sacrifice to develop and defend the country is an ideal beautiful [Music] for 20 years the planned economy keeps its promises until the company is impressed by the number of schools and the reduction of poverty the abundant raw materials iron and coal in particular are exported to japan and Europe but the system sick little to Very little. officially the US embargo is the culprit of all the problems but unproductive spending and the deforestation of rural areas that causes the erosion of the lands mark also the limits of this system monolithic and ultra centralized ctc in his day I spoke with a series of young people from the intermediate charges nomenclature would say york ny or they had a very maniquea vision of things these will be the qualities most appreciated in the Korean system from the north to refuse any commitment to the enemy be willing to sacrifice oppose strictly at all points of different view do not hesitate to be anything obedient those were the virtues that allowed him at 13 par on the social scale in shock than in terms of income per capita colleagues north korea It was always richer than South Korea until 1975 in 1975 both North Korea and South Korea we reach the same income per capita of about $ 500 at that time it was a fortune in MORELIA at that time South Korea opens to the rest of the world following the first oil shock the big groups industrial products are launched for export massive steel boats and cars as well as of docile and qualified workforce and unda and send 160,000 workers to Near East his work brings him up to 10 million dollars per year growth rates soar this will become the Korean model the south is b [Music] this movement is known as don king or reunification is what the Korean people since 1945 the war of Korea and the Cold War have done impossible reunification by the coffers but for there to be an approach they have of being able to at least meet talk to think in solutions but it's not easy when the parallel 38 is closed to lime and edge [Music] between 1953 and the late 60s the conflict in Korea threatens resuscitate at all times skirmishes there are spies everywhere in 1968 it is feared even an extension of the war of vietnam his command North Korean sent to assassinate Patch a guille to the palace presidential of Seoul On January 21, 1968, some North Korean Pyonyang commands and up kinect is just behind this house at garden of the presidential residence the South Koreans captured them after a violent confrontation but because of that panicked and many South Koreans went to live in states UNIDOS others began to accumulate videos and all class of provisions for fear of another war no doubt the insecurity was inseparable of the Korean way of life in the 70s of the 31 members of command 30 were killed or committed suicide before being captured two days later the spy ship American town is intercepted by the North Korean fleet a catch humiliating that for north Korea will be the great feat of the cold war of the Americans were trying to occupy our country again and for they had sent a spy ship the village but was captured by our heroic marin and after a year we released the ship's crew what which means that the ship's business village was at the heart of the present during all that year was my first year of military service things new these scenes were filmed in that time are in our files among the soldiers to whom released there was one who feared that the they stopped again I kept looking backwards and everyone was laughing He... the release had many scenes of this type tft in 1971 the world is changing after the crisis of Cuba and Prague is thawing time in asia states united the president approaches china Nixon defender of South Korea meets with Mao ally of North Korea afraid to succumb to that approach fach ongi decides to send the head of the prison and the fearsome services South Korean secrets to meet with kim il sung kim il sung in turn sends his own brother to Seoul the contacts will be ultra secrets until a big press conference that surprise the whole world statement joint Korea south and north First, reunification must be undertake autonomously without depending of any foreign power or its intervention the second place the reunification should not be carried out for the weapons facing each other but from peaceful way in the north reunification is a theme very popular and allianz has accepted the existence of two systems as this cool kim shows il-sung already proposed a state in 1970 federal government that coordinates the north and the south so different is the idea that they promote for the world his diplomats these first lasting contacts and high level cause an immense wave of hope the red crosses of the north and the south meet in the two capitals install a red phone but despite those efforts the factions continue to strengthen [Music] in 1973 the company appoints a new head of station in Seoul your local contact was the right arm of park chu young and the own li hong rak thai coob I called him and I asked him what did one feel when sitting in front is your sworn enemy and told me is a very strong man a kind of weapons drink he was very positive away racc saw as a positive thing the control that exercised on his people kim il sung He went back to meet with park chu young yy He told him if we want to talk to them in no equality we are going to have to impose a control similar here said ra pulled the worst possible conclusion of his meeting with Kim il-sung gozo park chung and take advantage promulgate a new constitution made to his measure is declared president life and reinforces repression in those years between 1970 and 1971 it was arrested by the police they locked me in a correctional facility minor I have personally known all the torture chambers and had those of the army those of the services secrets of the service of national intelligence of south korea those of the police and even a camera secret torture the most celebrated goal of the regime is indautxu this popular opponent of Left has been about to win the previous elections in which he was competing against park chung and kim Dae-jung survive numerous attempts of murder and it will become a great statesman [Music] but the violent reality of the peninsula does not take long to annihilate the dream of a quick approach in 1974 during a park speech with a individual tries to assassinate president his bodyguard answered opening fire park's wife dies reached by A lost bullet the south accuses the north of being behind that death the fear returns to settle [Music] in the international arena, Americans have lost the war of Vietnam who knows if they will decide one day to withdraw the nuclear missiles deployed in 1958 in South Korea park chu young and decides to rotate his country of the foolish bomb we had reports about some South Koreans who were negotiating the acquisition of a plant of nuclear reprocessing to French able to transform the reactor fuel in plutonium from military grade naturally the Koreans told us that it was not to make weapons but for their civil use and other hoaxes so we got in touch with the French government and we told them look we have 40,000 soldiers playing the life in the Korean peninsula please do not destabilize more things and cancel the contract for chong and will be killed in turn at the hands of the head of his secret services nothing the reasons are unknown the crowd cries to who will help to get out of misery to guarantee its continuity in the power kim il-sung has begun to form to his eldest son kim jong il so that what one day this dynastic system happens scandalizes the communist allies but it seems normal within the doctrine puche in 1985 the first meetings between families separated since the war of Korea mark a small advance on North also sends rice after floods in the south which does not prevent that a series of attacks take place episodic but very violent against Seoul military government globally the north seems stable what what changes is the rest of the world [Music] in his first meeting with corbacho I think that in October 1986 zoom came back to Korea firmly convinced that the thing was not going well he was lonely and he had enough experience to understand that no there would be nobody to defend it once the socialist system is changed threw out Beijing and Moscow are increasingly interested for the new South Korean markets and less and less for the economy aged from the north I'm going to tell you a real story Mao had given some mig 25 fighters to North Korea after a while you had to make a general review of the devices but in then China had already converted to the liberal economy that still more and that the Chinese factory told them of agreement we will do it but who is going to pay get north korea answered yes they gave us the planes because we have that paying for the revision is that we are no longer brothers sent you a report already they do not know that he answered you now we also sell weapons we have to do BUSINESS the North Koreans got very angry in parallel in the south the army cd finally after ten years of protests massacres and demonstrations in 1987 Seoul celebrates its first elections free presidential elections the following year the nation lives the olympic games like the consecration of that opening of the young ex those olympic games are gave Koreans a sense of pride allowed them to realize what he had achieved and what they could redoing had opened to the outside the olympic games of Seoul they were very important no other socialist country observed the boycott demanded by the north except Cuba the balance of the cold war is being modifying but united Korea follows being a remote dream in other parts of the world even in europe the cold war is over in that moment but on the Korean peninsula still standing and not so much [Music]



The Socialist state convention met on June 26 at Schenectady, New York. They nominated Charles Edward Russell for governor; Gustave Adolph Strebel for lieutenant governor; Mrs. Bertha Mathews Fraser, of Brooklyn, for secretary of state; Orcus A. Curtis for comptroller; Sylvester Butler, of Schenectady, for treasurer; Henry L. Slobodin for attorney general; William Lippelt, of Rochester, for state engineer; and Morris Hillquit and Louis B. Boudin for the Court of Appeals. Bertha M. Fraser was the first woman in New York history to be nominated for state office.[2]

The Republican state convention met on September 27 and 28 at Saratoga, New York. Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt was elected temporary chairman. Roosevelt steamrollered the old political bosses, and made the convention nominate his choices. Henry L. Stimson was nominated on the first ballot after a nominating speech by Roosevelt (vote: Stimson 684, William S. Bennet 242, Thomas B. Dunn 38, James B. McEwan 35).[3]

The Democratic state convention met on September 29 and 30 at Rochester, New York. Herbert P. Bissell, of Buffalo, was permanent chairman. John Alden Dix was nominated for governor on the first ballot (vote: Dix 434, William Sulzer 16).[4]

The Independence League state convention met on October 5 at Cooper Union in New York City. Alfred J. Boulton, the People's Party candidate for governor in 1904, was temporary chairman until the choice of Herbert R. Limberg, of New York City, as permanent chairman. Hearst (at the time on board the Mauretania returning from Europe, and in contact by wireless messages) wanted the League to endorse the Republican ticket, but the delegates chose to nominate a separate ticket (vote: 212 for, 94 against, 93 did not vote). They nominated the chairman of the League's State Committee John J. Hopper for governor, and Hearst for lieutenant governor, and then adjourned.[5] The convention met again on October 7, and nominated Dr. Thomas P. Scully, of Oneida County, for secretary of state; Arnold B. MacStay, of New York City, for comptroller; William I. Sirovich for treasurer; James E. Lee, of Rockland County, for state engineer; Robert Stewart, of Brooklyn, for attorney general; and Reuben Robie Lyon and James A. Allen, of New York City, for the Court of Appeals.[6]


The whole Democratic ticket was elected.

The incumbent Vann was re-elected. The incumbents Koenig, O'Malley and Williams were defeated.

The Republican, Democratic, Independence League, Socialist and Prohibition parties maintained automatic ballot status (necessary 10,000 votes), the Socialist Labor Party did not re-attain it.

1910 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Republican ticket Socialist ticket Independence League ticket Prohibition ticket Socialist Labor ticket
Governor John Alden Dix 689,700 Henry L. Stimson 622,299 Charles Edward Russell 48,529 John J. Hopper 48,470 T. Alexander MacNicholl[7] 22,295 Frank E. Passanno 5,717
Lieutenant Governor Thomas F. Conway 662,630 Edward Schoeneck 632,746 Gustave A. Strebel[8] 48,573 William Randolph Hearst 60,286 Calvin McCarthy 23,503 James T. Hunter[9] 5,852
Secretary of State Edward Lazansky 650,879 Samuel S. Koenig 649,006 Bertha M. Fraser 48,492 Thomas P. Scully 54,132 N. Horace Gillette 24,095 Henry Kuhn 5,922
Comptroller William Sohmer 661,811 James Thompson[10] 643,403 Orcus A. Curtis 48,668 Arnold B. MacStay 48,909 Bernard Clauson 23,809 Carl A. Luedecke 5,936
Attorney General Thomas Carmody 654,763 Edward R. O'Malley 650,312 Henry L. Slobodin 48,601 Robert Stewart 48,280 Francis E. Baldwin 23,767 Lewis F. Alrutz 5,938
Treasurer John J. Kennedy 662,093 Thomas F. Fennell 643,761 Sylvester Butler 48,619 William I. Sirovich 48,148 Charles J. Call 23,846 William A. Walters 5,940
State Engineer John A. Bensel 661,450 Frank M. Williams 643,384 William Lippelt 48,508 James A. Lee 48,322 Albert W. Pierson 23,608 Jeremiah D. Crowley 5,950
Judge of the Court of Appeals Frederick Collin Irving G. Vann 1,156,079 Morris Hillquit 48,982 Reuben Robie Lyon[11] 48,698 Alfred L. Manierre[12] 23,721 Charles H. Chase 5,841
Judge of the Court of Appeals Irving G. Vann Frederick Collin 1,131,944 Louis B. Boudin 48,232 James A. Allen 47,825 Gilbert Elliott 23,207 (none)


  • "Blank, void and scattering" votes: 8,239 (Governor); 10,007 (Lt. Gov.); 10,695 (Secretary); 10,811 (Comptroller); 11,066 (Treasurer); 11,129 (Engineer); 11,295 (Att. Gen.); 429,307 (amendment); 448,869 (bond issue)

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New York State Red Book 1911

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