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Nederpop is a Dutch term invented by the mid-1970s to describe the Dutch pop music scene of the 1960s and 1970s that was gaining worldwide attention, exemplified by bands such as Shocking Blue, Golden Earring and Focus.

The name is a play on the country's name in Dutch (Nederland). An English translation could be Netherpop. Most of the Nederpop bands of this period had English-language songs or played only instrumentals, but some of the bands performed exclusively in the Dutch language. Many such were popular thanks to airplay over the offshore pirate radio stations targeting the Netherlands such as Mi Amigo, Veronica, Atlantis and Northsea International.

During the early 1980s, the Nederpop term was revived to name the sudden growth of Dutch language pop music from the Netherlands. The revived meaning came about because of the huge success of Doe Maar. This success helped other bands to sing in Dutch and/or get the spot light.

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- Oh yeah, this is gonna be huge. - What? This is Dutch? Really? ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ - (FBE) Okay, so a little while ago we covered Turkish pop, and after that episode, we had so many requests for different types of foreign music that we knew we had to keep this going. - Well, okay. I actually like foreign type of music. - I remember this. I actually liked it. I was a fan. - Okay, that's fine because I really liked Turkish pop. This is a bop. I was expecting it to be so much more outlandish, but it was really similar to our music. - (FBE) So this will be Dutch pop and hip hop. - Okay, I've never heard of any bands/music from there. - (FBE) So I will try my best to pronounce everyone's name, but apologies if some are incorrect. The first song is by the artist Ronnie Flex, who was announced as one of the judges on the Dutch celebrity singing show It Takes Two. The song also features Dutch artist Maan, the winner of the 6th season of The Voice of Holland. - Wow, I always forget these TV shows are everywhere. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - I really like this, actually. - It kind of sounds Colombian and Raggaeton. - A lot of this sounds just like American music. - I like this. I actually like the beat. I could see myself listening to this. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - Oh, what song does that sound like? - Wait, isn't this a cover? - It sounds a lot like something that would be famous here in the U.S. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - I don't know what I was expecting, but this is actually very American sounding. - ♪ For all time ♪ - Oh, that was English. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - I think the music video itself is really interesting. I really like it. - It gives me a French Montana vibe from Unforgettable. - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - Okay! - How many of them are there? - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - (laughing) I heard "bitches." - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - Is that Brad Pitt in the background? - Was that Brad Pitt? - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - It's actually kind of catchy. - It's definitely not like Europop from 2005. - Okay, basing it off the beat, this is a banger. I actually like this. I can see myself listening to this. - Oh, not bad. - I'm not sure it's something I'd listen to when I have other options, but it's not something I'd turn off if it came on the radio. - Honestly, I didn't think I was gonna like it, but after listening to it and the beat and, you know, the way he sings and the way she sings, I actually kind of like it. - (FBE) The next song is by the artist Josylvio, who at the time of filming this episode, has a song in the number two spot on the Dutch single top 100 charts. - Dang. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - This sounds like something Daddy Yankee would sing. - ♪ [Bleep] up... ♪ - He said "[bleep] up" in English. - It seems like a very generic music video. - It's all right. It's not standing out to me. - I'd download this, for sure. - Yeah. - I feel like this is more like music videos that we see here in America. - Again, it's kind of similar to ours, but it's good. It's something I'd listen to. - I feel like every music video is just by the beach and he's just hitting on some girl. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - It's another American sounding song, I guess. - It's not bad, but it's not something I'd be like, "Wow, look at that song." I definitely liked the first one better. - (FBE) So the next music video is from an artist you might have heard of, Eva Simons, who was part of the girl band Raffish before leaving to pursue a solo career. She's collaborated with Dutch EDM artist Afrojack on the very popular song "Take Over Control," as well as American artists such as The song also features Conscious, who is a Jamaican dance hall recording artist. - All these different cultures collaborating. - ♪ Hey, mister policeman ♪ - It's in English this time. - ♪ Why you wanna holla at me? ♪ ♪ I just wanna drop... ♪ - I don't know how I feel about this song, to be honest. - ♪ ...down to the floor ♪ - See, I like music videos like this a lot. - Visually, with all of her effects and everything, it reminds me of Missy Elliott. - Oh, okay, now I like it. - Does she have an Instagram? I'm following her. - I like the orange mohawk. I'm wondering if that's a permanent fixture or if that's just for the music video. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - Oh yeah, this is gonna be huge. I can already tell I like it. - It's fun. It's funky. - It's giving me major 2011 vibes. - For some reason, this is giving me 2010 vibes. - Okay, I'd definitely listen to this at home. - These are really cool videos. I'm just obsessed with these. - I really could see them being popular here. - That was really good. It gave me a dancey vibe type of thing and it gave a nice beat drop. - (FBE) Next up, we have the latest single by Lil Kleine, who recently received a Spotify record as being the first solo Dutch artist to be streamed over 2 million times in a month. - Wow. - Oh, wow. That's a lot. - (FBE) The song also features Boef, who was one of the most popular rappers in the Netherlands at the time of filming this episode and has several songs on the Netherlands top 100 Spotify charts. - That is awesome. - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - I like this already. I'm really into rap music. - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - He looks like Alberto. - Yeah, I like the other artists better. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - Aww, this is the hook? That's it? - It's kind of vibey. - ♪ (rapping in Dutch) ♪ - I think I like this one the best so far. - Their music videos, they look really well put together. - I don't like this one. I don't like this one. I'm not a big fan of it. - ♪ (singing in Dutch) ♪ - It sounds a little bit more like the Latin hip hop kind of world. - I heard "smoke and guns. Bang bang." But I think it's very similar to what we have in the U.S. - It's just stuff I've already seen, but the only thing that's different is the fact that they're speaking in Dutch. - It's definitely something I'd listen to. I'm definitely gonna go look that up later. - (FBE) So finally, we have one more video for you. We're not going to tell you who it's by because we have a feeling you might have heard this song before. - Okay. - Yeah, I keep expecting you to be like, "Okay, guys, that's it," and then you're like, "We have more" and I'm like, "Great!" - ♪ We like, we like to party ♪ ♪ We like to party ♪ - Wait, I know this song. - ♪ We like to party ♪ - Oh, I think I've heard this before. - ♪ We like to party ♪ - Have I seen this? - I've definitely heard the beat before. ♪ (dance-pop) ♪ - What?! This is Dutch? Really? - Oh yeah, I've heard this song. I had no idea what it was though. - Oh my god! - Yeah, this is what I was thinking more of when I heard Dutch music. - How ignorant of me. I thought this was an American thing. What the hell? - ♪ I've got something to tell you ♪ - And they're in English, too! - ♪ I've got news for you ♪ - I always associate this song with the Six Flags commercial, the old man dancing. - I feel like that was played on the Six Flags commercial. Is this that song? - ♪ New York through San Francisco ♪ ♪ An interstate free... ♪ - This is a bop. This is forever a bop. - ♪ ...and traffic lights are burnin' ♪ ♪ So if you like to party ♪ ♪ Get on... ♪ - Yeah, I like it. If this song can become popular in the U.S., all the other songs should, too. - That's more my vision of Europop. Just like all music, it's evolved. - It's different, but I liked the first one. The first one, honestly, I could vibe to that. - It was really good. I thought it was very different and I think it's something that I'm used to because it sounds a lot like Latin music. - (FBE) So after watching all these Nederpop and Nederhop videos, as they're sometimes called, what'd you think about them compared to pop and hip hop music here in the U.S.? - Well, the ones that were hip hop, it was just all right. But the pop, on the other hand, was really good out there. - It kind of seems similar. The Turkish pop was different than most American. - True. - There were some similarities, but it was still different. This was the most similar to American style music and videos that we've seen. - It honestly sounded like what's on the radio today. Like if one our stars took one of those songs and covered it or something, it would be a hit. - (FBE) Finally, there seems to be some crossover Dutch music, where not only do some of the artists sing in English, but also Dutch artists seem to be popular here in the U.S. as well. After listening to some Dutch music today, do you think that you will make a crossover as well and start listening to more Dutch pop and hip hop? - Maybe. I mean, I'll check it out or maybe show it off to my friends because it's a jam, man. - If you're basing it off a beat, I would say yes because they have pretty solid beats. - It's definitely gonna grow kind of how K-pop did because K-pop wasn't really a big influence in the U.S., and all of a sudden, it took off. - Yeah. - I definitely want to try just listening to music from other places. This didn't seem very new to me. - Not really. Not because I don't appreciate that they're making the music, but, I mean, for me, it didn't sound that different from what I could get just by turning on the radio. - I'm definitely gonna check out some of these artists after. I assume it's gonna be this crazy foreign, where I'm like, "Oh, this is cool, but nothing I'd listen to," but every time I'm shown foreign music, I'm like, "Oh, it really isn't that far off from what we listen to and it's really good." - Thanks for watching this episode of Teens React. - Subscribe and hit that bell! - Shout-out to Lili Stuff and Claire R. for watching last week. - Like what you saw? Hit the Like button. - (both) What music should we react to next? Let us know in the comments. - Hi, guys, JC here, a producer at FBE. Thanks so much for watching this episode of Teens React. What other foreign music do you want us to check out? Let us know down in the comments. Bye, guys!


Sixties Nederpop bands

Seventies Nederpop bands

Eighties Nederpop bands

Aside from Doe Maar, the early eighties were good for, amongst others, Golden Earring, Vandenberg, The Frank Boeijen Groep, Het Goede Doel, The Amazing Stroopwafels, Toontje Lager and Noodweer.

Female Nederpop bands of the time included the Dolly Dots and Mai Tai.

Later Nederpop

Nederpop bands singing in regional languages

Other Dutch (mainly English language) pop bands

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