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Multi Media Interface

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Multi Media Interface (MMI) system is an in-car user interface media system developed by Audi, and was launched at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show on the Audi Avantissimo concept car.[1] Production MMI was introduced in the second generation Audi A8 D3 in late 2002 and implemented in majority of its latest series of automobiles.


MMI consists of a single integrated interface, which controls a variety of devices and functions of the car. The system consists of the MMI terminal and the MMI display screen.

The central element of the MMI terminal is the control dial. This dial can be rotated, to navigate up and down through menus, and pressed to activate a selected highlighted function. Starting with MMI 3G system an integrated joystick in the main control dial can be used to (for example) navigate the map. Depending on the MMI generation and configuration, four to eight function buttons surround the control dial which are used to launch the various features. The MMI screen is available as a five-inch monochrome black-and-red or seven-inch 16:9 full colour display, depending on the variation of MMI fitted in the car. MMI uses Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technology to interconnect the various systems. Harman Becker Automotive Systems manufactures the MMI system, utilizing QNX Neutrino's Real Time Operating System (RTOS) software.


MMI operates a large number of in car entertainment components, car electronics, and other functions. The list below indicates the scope of systems controllable by MMI. However, depending on the actual car model, along with which version was specified (MMI Basic, MMI High, etc.), only some, and not all functions will be applicable or available.


Audi models for which MMI is available:[4]

MMI Generation RNS-E

Navigation system (RNS-E) with MMI control logic in an Audi A3 8P
Navigation system (RNS-E) with MMI control logic in an Audi A3 8P

Certain cars have a "pseudo" type of MMI. These are the Audi A3 (8P), A4 (B6 and B7), A6 (C5), TT (8J), the R8, SEAT Exeo and Lamborghini Gallardo - when fitted with the RNS-E DVD based "Audi Navigation Plus" system.[5] Whilst appearing to be a similar layout, and operating in a similar manner, these two systems are very different, are unable to share mapping discs or software, and are not able to control non-ICE functions (such as climate, convenience or suspension settings).

On members of the B8 family of vehicles (the A4 (Typ 8K), A5 (Typ 8T), and Q5 (Typ 8R)) without full navigation capability, Audi does not describe this infotainment system as MMI, although an MMI-esque control dial and function keys is provided on the radio/CD head unit.

MMI Generations 2G through 3G+

The MMI system has been improved over the years and now features internet connectivity through MMI Connect introduced in recent models.

MMI Generation
Feature MMI High 2G (DVD-Rom;7Q2) MMI 3G Basic (DVD-Rom;7T2) MMI 3G HIGH (HD;7T6) MMI 3G Plus (HD; 7T6) MMI 3G+ (Connect)
Display 6.5-inch TFT color display with a resolution of 480x240 6.5-inch TFT color display with a resolution of 480x240[6] 7-inch TFT color display WVGA resolution (800x480) 7-inch TFT color display WVGA resolution (800x480) 7-inch TFT color display WVGA resolution (800x480)
Input Total number of function keys reduced from eight to four. MMI dial now incorporates a joystick functionality. A touchpad feature was introduced in the 2011 A8 which enables handwriting recognition which allows input multimedia, navigation and communications commands.[7] MMI TouchPad or dial
Radio Sirius/HD-Radio/FM/AM/DAB Sirius/HD-Radio/FM/AM/DAB Sirius/HD-Radio/FM/AM/DAB Sirius/HD Radio/FM/AM/DAB Sirius/HD Radio/FM/AM/DAB
Media MP3 from CD, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-In, Bluetooth streaming through separate accessory [8][9][10] MP3 from CD, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-In, Bluetooth streaming through separate accessory [11][12][13] MP3 from CD, SD Card, DVD Audio/video, built-in Hard disk, DVD drive, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth streaming available through aftermarket solutions [14][15][16] MP3 from CD, SD Card, DVD Audio/video, built-in Hard disk, DVD drive, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth Streaming MP3 from CD, SD Card, DVD Audio/video, built-in Hard disk, DVD drive, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth Streaming, WiFi hotspot
Vehicles[17] A6 (4F) Lim. Week 05/2004>Week 44/2008
A6 Avant (4F) Week 02/2005>Week 44/2008
A6 Allroad (4FH) Week 12/2006>Week 44/2008
A8 (4E) Week 26/2002>Week 36/2008
Q7 Week 06/2006>Week 21/2009
A5 Week 08/2007>Week 35/2008
A4(8K) Lim. Week 36/2007>Week 21/2009
A4(8K) Avant Week 03/2008>Week 21/2009
A4 Week 22/2009>
A4 Allroad Week 22/2010>
A5 Week 22/2009>
A5 Sportback+Cabriolet Week 45/2008>
A6 (C6) Week 45/2008>
Q5 Week 22/2009>Week 24/2012
Q7 Week 22/2009>
A1 Week 34/2010>
A1 Sportback Week 45/2011>
A4 Lim.+ Avant Week 22/2009>
A4 Allroad Week 22/2010>
A5 Week 36/2008>
A5 Sportback+Cabriolet Week 45/2008>
A6 (4F) Week 41/2008>
A6 (4G)
A8(4E) Week 36/2008>
A8 (4H)
Q5 2009>2012
Q5 Hybrid Week 26/2011>2012
Q7 Week 22/2009>
Audi A8 (4H) Week 45/2010> Audi Q5 2013>
Maps 2D Maps (3D from software version 3460) 2D Maps 3D Maps 3D Maps 3D Maps enhanced with Google Earth, Google Local Search, Google Voice Local Search and myAudi Destinations
Latest Navigation Database 2016 (4E0 060 884 EH) 2020/2021

4G0 060 884 AH


8R0 060 884 JD

(needs activation SD Card)


8R0 060 884 JD

(needs activation SD Card)


8R0 060 884 JD

(needs activation SD Card)


While seemingly intuitive and user-friendly, MMI can be difficult to operate when driving. Attempts have been made to improve access: the MMI 3G features a new Joystick on the central knob to make it easier to for example input a destination using the navigation map.[18] However, the issues remain.[19] The Audi Q5's MMI infotainment control system is especially difficult to navigate, partly due to the location of its controls low down on the center console.[20]

Software updates

MMI 3G and 3G+ systems have to be updated by an Audi dealer. The MMI 2G firmware can be updated by car owners.

  • MMI 2G systems can be updated via a CD containing the firmware update.[21] Navigation maps are read in real time from DVD drive located in the trunk.[22]
  • MMI 3G and 3G+ systems can be updated by using a SD Card/USB/CD/DVD containing the software. The total update process can take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.[23] Once the updated software is applied it requires a PIN to re-activate the navigation system.[24]
  • To enter the MMI software update menu, the [Setup] and [Return] buttons have to be pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds. This menu also enables import/export settings to USB or SD Card, the settings are saved as an AES encrypted zip file.[25]
  • Software version format varies by MMI system type:
    • MMI 3G Basic: BNAV_XX_XXXXX
    • MMI 3G High: HNAV_XX_XXXXX
    • MMI 3G+: HN+_XX_XXXXX [A1 A4 A5 Q5 Q7] HN+R_XX_XXXXX [A6 A7 A8 Q3]
    • MMI Mib1: MHIG_XX_XXXX
    • MMI Mib2: MHI2_XX_XXXX

MMI 2G software version history

Partnumber Firmware Version Region Details
4E0 906 961 B 0770 (07.7.0) Europe / Rest of the World Note: Other earlier versions exist (290,350,500) but no part numbers available. [Possibly only installed in cars and never available as update CDs].
0890 (08.9.0) Europe / Rest of the World It's possible to update direct to 5150 from this level.
4E0 906 961 E 0900 (09.9.0) Europe / Rest of the World
4E0 906 961 H 1110 (11.1.0) Europe / Rest of the World This level believed to be needed to upgrade to 5150 from versions before 0890. [It includes an intermediate level U385]!
4E0 906 961 L 2120 (21.2.0) Europe / Rest of the World
4E0 906 961 N 2830 (28.3.0) Europe / Rest of the World
4E0 906 961 T 3460 (34.6.0) Europe / Rest of the World Brings 3D view in GPS navigation
4E0 906 961 AA 4220 (42.2.0) Europe / Rest of the World
4F0 906 961 AB 5150 (51.5.0) Europe / Rest of the World To update from (0600-2750) to 3360 [26]
5170 (51.7.0) Europe / Rest of the World
4L0 998 961 5570 (55.7.0) Europe (A6/A8/Q7) 3CD set (SVM-Code: MMIEUK1006)
8K0 998 961 5570 (55.7.0) Europe / Rest of the World (A4/B8/A5) 3CD set
0600 (06.0.0) North-America
1070 (10.7.0) North-America
1190 (11.9.0) North-America
2750 (27.5.0) North-America
3310 (33.1.0) North-America
4F0 906 961 AB 3360 (33.6.0) North-America Versions below 1070 must be updated 3360 before any newer versions can be installed. Navigation DVD ver. 5 is also required
4L0 906 961 H 4140 (41.4.0) North-America Update to 3360 before attempting to update to 4140. Updating from earlier versions can corrupt the MMI controller.
4F0 998 961 4610 (46.1.0) North-America Versions 1070 and newer can be updated directly to 4610. Some <2005 build cars also require a newer version CAN-Bus gateway module to maintain full audiopilot function.

MMI 3G and 3G+ MMI software version history

All 3G systems are on HDD; P=Shipped with car; K=Installed by Update

BBT seems to be for Basic without Navigation, BNav for 3G Basic, HNav for 3G High, HN+/HN+R for 3GPlus

Software Version Region Details
BBT_EU_P0054_D1 Europe Shipped with 2011 Q7 / aka MMI 3G LowII[27]
BNav_EU_P0029_D1 Europe Shipped with 2009 A4(B8) Basic
BNav_EU_P0054_D1 Europe Basic
BNav_EU_P0206_D1 Europe 2013 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
BNav_EU_K0031_2_D1 Europe Basic
BNav_EU_K0070_2_D1 Europe 2011 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
BNav_EU_K0206_2_D1 Europe 2012 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
BNav_EU_K_0256 EU Europe 2013 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
BNav_EU_K_0257 EU Europe 2014 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
BNav_EU_K_0260 EU Europe 2016 MMI 3G basic plus (non HDD, 3D, Joystick)
HNav_EU_P0014_D1 Europe
HNav_EU_P0022_D1 Europe
HNav_EU_K0022_1_D1 Europe [28]
HNav_EU_K0022_2_D1 Europe [29]
HNAV_EU_P0029_D1 Europe Installed on 2010 Q5
HNav_EU_K0031_3_D1 Europe 2010 [30]
HNav_EU_K0054_2_D1 Europe
HNav_EU_P0072_1_D1 Europe 2011
HNav_EU_K0206_3_D1 Europe 2012 [31]
HNav_EU_K0253_D1 Europe 2013
HNav_EU_K0257_5_D1 Europe 2014
HNav_EU_K0257_6_D1 Europe 2016
HN+_EU_AU3G_P0467 Europe 2012 [32]
HN+_EU_AU3G_P0485 Europe
HN+_EU_AU3G_P0612 Europe Shipped with 2013 Q5 Models
HN+_EU_AU3G_K0767 Europe In software 8R0906961DH
HN+_EU_AU210_P0532 Europe Shipped with 2012 A1 Sportsback
HNav_US_K0110_1_D1 North-America Shipped with 2009 Q5 Models
HNav_US_P0110_D1 North-America Shipped with 2010 A4-A5-A6-Q5-Q7 Models[33]
HNav_US_P0114_D1 North-America Shipped with 2011 A4-A5-A6-Q5-Q7 Models
HNav_US_P0118_D1[34] North-America Shipped with 2012 A4-A5-A6-Q5 Models. Fixes issue with punctuations and hyphens in street names[35]
HNav_US_K0133_3_D1[36] North-America Latest 3G HIGH update. Available for download by Audi dealer beginning May, 2014 (8R0906961CP). Fixes issues with MMI system periodically being inoperative/freezing, no audio, bluetooth being inoperative or losing connection, bluetooth phone not downloading contacts, satellite radio band not being available in band selection screen, satellite radio presets sporadically disappear. [37]
HN+_US_AU_P0110 North-America Shipped with end of 2011 A8 Models (Without RSE)
HN+R_US_AU_P0409 North-America Shipped with end of 2012 A6/A8 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0467 North-America Shipped with 2012 Q7 Model
HN+_US_AU3G_P0487 North-America Shipped with 2012 Q7 Model
HN+_US_AU3G_P0566 North-America Shipped with 2013 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0609 North-America Shipped with 2013 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+R_US_AU_P0609 North America Shipped with 2013 Audi Q3-A6-A7-A8 [38]
HN+_US_AU3G_P0715 North-America Shipped with 2014 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models [39]
HN+_US_AU3G_P0726 North-America Shipped with 2014 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0733 North-America Shipped with 2014/2015 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0814 North-America Shipped with 2015 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0900 North-America Shipped with early 2016 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0925 North-America Shipped with 2016 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models
HN+_US_AU3G_P0942 North-America Shipped with 2016/2017 A4-A5-Q5-Q7 Models

MMI 3G and 3G+ navigation database versions

P/N Nav. Database P/N Activation Nav. Database Version Region Details
3G Basic [BNAV_...]
4G0 919 884 D ECE 5.8.4 Europe 2009 Edition
4G0 919 884 F ECE 5.10.5 Europe 2009 Edition!
4G0 919 884 G ECE 5.11.8 Europe 2010 Edition
4G0 919 884 J ECE 5.12.4 Europe 2011 Edition
4G0 919 884 K ECE 5.13.8 Europe 2012 Edition
4G0 919 884 L ECE 5.15.3 Europe 2013 Edition
4G0 919 884 N ECE 5.17.2 Europe 2014 Edition
4G0 919 884 Q ECE 5.20.4 Europe 2015 Edition
4G0 919 884 R ECE 5.21.2 Europe 2015/2016 Edition
4G0 919 884 S ECE 5.22.3 Europe 2016 Edition
4G0 919 884 AA ECE 5.24.2 Europe 2017 Edition
4G0 060 884 AC ECE 5.26.2 Europe 2018 Edition
4G0 060 884 AE ECE 5.28.2 Europe 2019 Edition
4G0 060 884 AG ECE 5.30.2 Europe 2020 Edition
4G0 060 884 AH ECE 5.31.2 Europe 2020/2021 Edition
3G/3G High [HN....]
8R0 051 884 A NAR 5.2.3 North America 2009/2010 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 F NAR 5.3.4 North America 2010 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 P NAR 5.4.7 North America 2011 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 AC NAR 5.5.3 North America 2011/2012 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 AD NAR 5.5.5[40] North America 2012 Edition (Factory installed), fixes issue with punctuations & hyphens in street names[41]
8R0 051 884 AL NAR 5.5.6[42] North America 2012 Edition. (Dealer installed). Same as 5.5.5[43]
8R0 051 884 AM NAR 5.6.5 North America 2012/2013 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 BA NAR 5.7.3[44] North America 2013 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 BD NAR 6.8.2[45] North America 2013/2014 Edition (Dealer Installed)
8R0 051 884 BL NAR 6.9.2[46] North America 2014 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 CA NAR 6.10.2 North America 2014/2015 Edition (Dealer Installed)
8R0 051 884 CJ NAR 6.11.2 North America 2015 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 CS 8R0 060 884 CS NAR 6.12.1 North America 2015/2016 Edition (Dealer installed)
8R0 051 884 DG 8R0 060 884 DG NAR 6.13.2 North America 2016 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 DQ 8R0 060 884 DQ NAR 6.14.? North America 2016/2017 Edition (Dealer installed) *Release Cancelled*
8R0 051 884 EE 8R0 060 884 EE NAR 6.15.? North America 2017 Edition (Factory installed)
8R0 051 884 EN 8R0 060 884 EN NAR 6.16.2 North America 2017/2018 Edition
8R0 051 884 FD 8R0 060 884 FD North America 2018 Edition
8R0 051 884 FL 8R0 060 884 FL North America 2018/2019 Edition
8R0 051 884 GB 8R0 060 884 GB North America 2019 Edition
8R0 051 884 GJ 8R0 060 884 GJ NAR 6.20.1 North America 2019/2020 Edition
8R0 051 884 HG 8R0 060 884 HG North America 2020/2021 Edition
8R0 051 884 JH 8R0 060 884 JH North America 2021/2022 Edition
8R0 051 884 ECE 5.5.5 Europe 2008 Edition
8R0 051 884 C 8R0 060 884 C ECE 5.6.8 Europe 2009 Edition [47]
8R0 051 884 E 8R0 060 884 E ECE 5.8.5 Europe
8R0 051 884 J 8R0 060 884 J ECE 5.10.5 Europe
8R0 051 884 R 8R0 060 884 R ECE 5.11.7 Europe 2010 Edition
8R0 051 884 N 8R0 060 884 N ECE 5.12.5 Europe 2011 Edition
8R0 051 884 AH 8R0 060 884 AH ECE 5.13.8 Europe 2012 Edition
8R0 051 884 AR 8R0 060 884 AR ECE 6.15.5 Europe 2013 Edition
8R0 051 884 BK 8R0 060 884 BK ECE 6.17.3 Europe 2014 Edition
8R0 051 884 BT 8R0 060 884 BT ECE 6.19.3 Europe 2014 / 2015 Edition
8R0 051 884 CH 8R0 060 884 CH ECE 6.20.4 Europe 2015 Edition
8R0 051 884 CR 8R0 060 884 CR ECE 6.21.2 Europe 2015 / 2016 Edition
8R0 051 884 DF 8R0 060 884 DF ECE 6.22.4 Europe 2016 Edition
8R0 051 884 ED 8R0 060 884 ED ECE 6.24.2 Europe 2017 Edition
8R0 051 884 FC 8R0 060 884 FC ECE 6.26.1 Europe 2018 Edition
8R0 051 884 FK 8R0 060 884 FK ECE 6.27.2 Europe 2018 / 2019 Edition [48]
8R0 051 884 GA 8R0 060 884 GA ECE 6.28.2 Europe 2019 Edition
8R0 051 884 GH 8R0 060 884 GH ECE 6.29.1 Europe 2019 / 2020 Edition
8R0 051 884 GS 8R0 060 884 GS ECE 6.30.1 Europe 2020 Edition
8R0 060 884 HF 8R0 060 884 HF ECE 6.31.1 Europe 2020 / 2021 Edition
8R0 060 884 HQ 8R0 060 884 HQ ECE 6.32.1 Europe 2021 Edition
8R0 060 884 JD 8R0 060 884 JD ECE 6.33.1 Europe 2021 / 2022 Edition

Partial list of MMI firmware updates [by Part Number] for 3G Basic, 3G High and 3G Plus:[49]

Part number Navigation version Region Firmware version Details
8R0906961 MMI 3G HNAV EU
8R0906961A MMI 3G HNAV
8R0906961B MMI 3G HNAV EU -> 8R0906961D
8R0906961C MMI 3G HNAV EU -> 8R0906961J
8R0906961D MMI 3G HNAV EU
8R0906961E MMI 3G HNAV
8R0906961F MMI 3G HNAV EU
8R0906961G MMI 3G BNAV EU
8R0906961H MMI 3G HNAV AU
8R0906961J MMI 3G HNAV EU K_022
8R0906961M MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_066 (A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU066
8R0906961P MMI 3G BNAV / HNAV EU -> 8R0906961AA
8R0906961R MMI 3G HNAV NAR K_114 (A6 (4F), Q7, Q5, A4, A5) SW0116 SVM:3GHUS114
8R0906961S MMI 3G HNAV US
8R0906961T MMI 3G HNAV EU/RdW K_031 (A6 (4F), Q7, A8(4E), Q5, A4, A5)SW0143 SVM:3GHEU031
8R0906961AA MMI 3G BNAV EU K_031 (A6 (4F), Q7, Q5, A4, A5)SW0144 SVM:3GBEU031
8R0906961AB MMI 3G HNAV EU/US Display Update SVM:3GHDISPLAY (contains K206, K_574, K_377 & K_275)
8R0906961AC MMI 3G HNAV CN
8R0906961AD MMI 3G HNAV JP
8R0906961AE MMI 3G HNAV KR
8R0906961AF MMI 3G HNAV K_054
8R0906961AG MMI 3G BNAV EU -> 8R0906961AH - (support for 2013 maps)
8R0906961AJ MMI 3G HNAV EU K_072 (A6 (4F), Q7, Q5, A4, A5) SVM:3GHEU072
8R0906961AS MMI 3G HNAV EU/RdW K_0206 (A6 (4F), Q7, A8(4E), Q5, A4, A5) SW0174 SVM:3GHEU206
8R0906961AK MMI 3GP HN+/HN+R DAB+ Update
8R0906961AL MMI 3G HNAV EU DAB+ Update SVM:3GRU0098
8R0906961AM MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0485 (A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEUK485
8R0906961AN MMI 3GP HN+R CN K_0364 (A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961AP MMI 3GP HN+R JP K_0264 (A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961BB MMI 3G HNAV KR K_0574 (A6 (4F), Q7, A8(4E), Q5, A4, A5) SW0574 SVM:3GHKR574
8R0906961BD MMI 3G BNAV EU K_0206 (A6(4F), Q7, Q5, A4, A5)SW0175 SVM:3GBEU206
8R0906961BK MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0517 (A4/A5/Q5 hybrid/Q7) SW0482 SVM:3GPEU517
8R0906961BL MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0517 (A1) SW0483 SVM:3GPEU517A1
8R0906961BM MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0518 (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SW0484 SVM:3GPEU518
8R0906961BN MMI 3G HNAV CN K_0377 (A6 (4F), Q7, A8(4E), Q5, A4, A5) SW0100 SVM:3GHCN377
8R0906961BP MMI 3G HNAV JP K_0275 (A6 (4F), Q7, A8(4E), Q5, A4, A5) SW0272 SVM:3GHJP275
8R0906961BT MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0612 (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU612
8R0906961CA MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0612 (A4, A5, Q5, Q7) SVM:3GPEU612AU3G
8R0906961CB MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0612 (A1) SVM:3GPEU612A1
8R0906961CC MMI 3G HNAV EU K_0253 (A4, A5, Q5, A6, A8, Q7) SVM:3GHEU253
8R0906961CD MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0614 (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU614
8R0906961CE MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0614 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPEU614AU3G
8R0906961CF MMI 3G HNAV US
8R0906961CG MMI 3G BNAV EU K_0256 (A4/A5/Q5/A6/Q7) SVM:3GBEU256
8R0906961CH MMI 3GP HN+R JP K_0284 (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPJP284
8R0906961CJ MMI 3GP HN+ JP K_0284 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPJP283AU3G
8R0906961CK MMI 3GP HN+ JP K_0284 (A1) SVM:3GPJP284A1
8R0906961CL MMI 3GP HN+R US K_0715 (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPUS715
8R0906961CM MMI 3GP HN+ US K_0715 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPUS715AU3G
8R0906961CN MMI 3GP HN+ US K_0715 (A1) SVM:3GPUS715A1
8R0906961CP MMI 3G HNAV US K_0133 (A4, A5, Q5, A6, Q7) SVM:3GHUS133
8R0906961CQ MMI 3GP HN+ KR K_0584 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPKR584AU3G
8R0906961CR MMI 3GP HN+R KR K_0584 (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPKR584
8R0906961CS MMI 3GP HN+R TW K_0384 (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPTW384
8R0906961CT MMI 3GP HN+ TW K_0384 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPTW384AU3G
8R0906961DA MMI 3GP HN+ KR K_0384 (A1) SVM:3GPTW384A1
8R0906961DB MMI 3GP HN+ CN K_0384 (A1) SVM:3GPCN384A1
8R0906961DC MMI 3GP HN+ CN K_0384 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPCN384AU3G
8R0906961DD MMI 3GP HN+R CN K_0384 (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPCN384
8R0906961DE MMI 3G BNAV US K_0250 (A6/Q7) SVM:3GBUS250
8R0906961DF MMI 3G HNAV EU K_0257 (A4, A5, Q5, A6, Q7) SVM:3GHEU257 [incorrectly marked as EU?]
8R0906961DG MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0770 (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU770
8R0906961DH MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0767 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961DJ MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0770 (A1) SVM:3GPEU770
8R0906961?? MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0783 (Q3/A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961DL MMI 3GP HN+ US K_0814 (A1)
8R0906961DM MMI 3GP HN+R US K_0814 (Q3/A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961DN MMI 3GP HN+R US K_0814 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961DP MMI 3G BNAV EU K_0260 (A4/A5/Q5/A6/Q7) SVM:3GBEU260 (Probable Final version)
8R0906961DQ MMI 3G HNAV EU K_0257 (A4/A5/Q5/A6/Q7) SVM:3GHEU257 (Probable Final version)
8R0906961DR MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0814 (Q3/A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961DS MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0814 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961DT MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0814 (A1)
8R0906961EA MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0900 (Q3/A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961EB MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0900 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961EC MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0900 (A1)
8R0906961ES MMI 3GP HN+R US K_0942 (Q3/A6/A7/A8)
8R0906961ET MMI 3GP HN+ US K_0942 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961FA MMI 3GP HN+ US K_0942 (A1)
8R0906961FB MMI 3GP HN+R EU K_0942 (Q3/A6/A7/A8)
8R0906961FC MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0942 (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
8R0906961FD MMI 3GP HN+ EU K_0942 (A1)

Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB)


Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB) is a new architecture intended to solve a challenge that is becoming increasingly urgent – innovations in consumer electronics and rapid gains in computing power are being introduced at speeds that are much faster than the product cycles of automotive manufacturers.

The central computer in the modular infotainment platform, housed in the glove box, comprises two main units in a single housing – the Radio Car Control Unit and the MMX (Multi-Media eXtension) board. Along with its working and flash memories, the plug-in module integrates a Tegra processor from Nvidia, which can handle all online, media, voice control, navigation, and telephone functions. The new architecture makes it easy to update the hardware; the fact that the MMX board can be swapped out ensures the system is always up to date.

2012 saw the debut of the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB) with an NVIDIA T 20 chip as its heart in the Audi A3. One-and-a-half years later, the MIB’s second stage has been deployed in the Audi TT and in the new Audi A6 and A7 Sportback. The T 30 is a quad-core chip running a 3D graphic program from specialist software manufacturer Rightware to render graphics on two displays simultaneously. Thanks to the matrix’ modular structure, Audi can keep it continuously up-to-date and integrate innovations from consumer electronics. Another chip from NVIDIA, the Tegra 4, powers the Audi tablet debuting in the new Q7. With a 10.1‑inch display, the Audi tablets will provide mobile rear-seat entertainment. In the car, the special purpose tablet will connect itself to the on-board infotainment and navigation system via WLAN and can also be used on a WLAN outside the car.


The new MIB navigation system is the first system that allows the customer to update the vehicle’s navigation system on their own. The map data is available on the myAudi website for download or available in the MMI via an OTA update. For the 2015-2016 Audi A3 with MIB1, there is no OTA option in the MMI, thus the map data can only be updated using the SD card method.

For MIB1 & MIB2 vehicles, map updates are free for the first three years after the production date of the vehicle. The vehicle is automatically activated from the factory to allow the customer to update the MMI navigation with the next five releases within the next three years. This means the customer can attempt to update the MMI with the same release as many times as they want. Release schedules for map updates are approximately Calendar Week 22 (May/June) and Calendar Week 45(October/November) of each year.[50]

Software version history

Navigation Database Versions
Part Version Region Year Notes
0081 NAR 2021 02310028
V03959803AG 0079 NAR 2020/2021 (released 06/2020)
V0????????? 00?? NAR 2020 (released 11/2019)
V03959802DM 0072 NAR 2019/2020 (released 06/2019)
V03959802DL 0069 NAR 2019 (released 11/2018)
V03959802DK 0066 NAR 2018/2019 (released 06/2018)[51]
V03959801PS 0063 NAR 2018 (released 11/2017)
V03959801GH 0060 NAR 2017/2018 (released 06/2017)
V03959801GG 0057 NAR 2017 (released 12/2016)
V03959801GF 0054 NAR 2016/2017 (released 06/2016)
V03959801GE 0048 NAR 2016 (released 03/2016)
V03959801GD 0044 NAR 2015/2016
V03959802TK 0189 ECE 2021 (released 2021)
V03959802SK[52] 0187 ECE 2020/2021
V03959801FC[53] 0157 ECE 2017
Software version history
Version Notes
1329 2021
1316[54] 2018 , fixes issue with the top view camera
1422[55] 03/2016[56]
1118 06/2017 , Gracenote db North_america version 12[57]
0377 12/2015
0443 03/2016
0692 05/2016
0918 12/2016
1178 12/2017


The 2021 Model Year is expected to include the Generation 3 infotainment technologies. This includes a digital marketplace in the myAudi app to add Audi Connect plans and SiriusXM with 360L.[58]

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