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Marisa Pavan
Marisa Pavan Jean-Pierre Aumont 1965.jpg
Pavan and husband, Jean-Pierre Aumont, 1965
Maria Luisa Pierangeli

(1932-06-19) 19 June 1932 (age 86)
Years active1952–1992
Spouse(s)Jean-Pierre Aumont (1956–2001; his death)
Children2 sons:
Jean-Claude Aumont [fr] (b. 1957)
Patrick Aumont (b. 1960)

Marisa Pavan (born Maria Luisa Pierangeli; 19 June 1932)[1] is an Italian-born actress who first became known as the twin sister of film star Pier Angeli (Anna Maria Pierangeli)[1] before achieving success in films on her own.

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Directed by Based on Vicki Baum's novel With dialogue by Colette Cast: July 15 Excuse me, sir! What do you want, my child? Are you going to be the swimming teacher? Not yet! Give me time to get settled. I'm the person who's expecting you. My name's Matz! Enchanted... Eric Heller. If you'd like to come this way... Oh, no, no! Not all of it! Follow me, if you please. - Tell me, sir... - What? I've forgotten my wallet! Could you give me part of my tip now? Poor Matz, that's too bad... I'm completely broke. Don't you have 10 groschen for a piece of chocolate? No, I've got nothing. Here's my whole fortune, you see? I bought this on the boat. You want some? Wait. I know a trick! - A trick? There! You see? What do you know! One, two, three, four... That's not bad! It's better, but your shoulders aren't supple enough. Be careful! There. Happy it's over, eh? Who's next? - Me! Me! What do you mean, "me"? Who was here first? - Me! - Then it's you. Two, three, four... Right after her. All right? You're ready to work today, aren't you? Are you feeling brave? How does this go on? There. Don't be nervous. And there! We'll get there. Let's go, let's go... What? What is it? What does that mean, eh? Come on, a little courage! Aren't you ashamed, in front of everyone? What the matter? One, two, and... That's good. Easy does it! One, two, three... Easy! One, two, three, four... Get off the walk-way, please! Get off the walk-way! We can't work like this! Four, all right? One... Careful, all right? Climb up, Madame. One, two, three... Easy... Gently... Pardon. BRINDEL ESTABLISHMENT Swimming Lessons by Eric Heller Now, that's nice like that. No, that's not straight! It leans to one side. There. Handsome kid, eh? Just like me when I was that age! And he's so gifted! Swimming, diving, backstroke... Everything... A sportsman! A real sportsman! Even better than that: A gentleman! A real gentleman, and the two don't always go together. He's the exception! No doubt because he's an engineer. Engineer, professor and experimenter... And unemployed, I forgot... That's why he's an amateur swimmer for the summer. He doesn't have a cent, but he's proud... to the point that he refused to dine with us last night. Even to the point of having to eat straw, instead. And then the other day at Lion d'Or, I told Véfi, the waitress: "Give him a huge serving. He hasn't eaten in two days." And he refused! What do you think about that? And always training! Made of steel, he is. Of steel! Do you know what he's doing at this hour? Swimming from one end of the lake to the other. I ask you! At this time of night! What? The swimming teacher is crossing the lake? Yes, Mademoiselle Lyssenhop! - Swimming? - Yes, Mademoiselle Lyssenhop! - All alone? - Yes, Mademoiselle Lyssenhop! - That's very dangerous. - Yes, Mademoiselle Lyssenhop! - He'll drown! - Yes, Mademoiselle... I can't see anything in this fog! Why did you let him do that? I told him it was dangerous. You have to know the currents. I was with him for a moment. You shouldn't have left him! I'd have liked to see you there! The wind came up... I couldn't see him anymore. I couldn't keep going against the wind! Then I got scared. And I... I cried out, "Eric, Eric!" "Come back!" And then what? And then nothing. Then I heard "yoo-hoo!" down there. Then I came back. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Grab on! Grab on! Is it still far? 200 meters. Hang on! No... No... But it's impossible, Mademoiselle! Where will you look for him after dark? - On the lake! - On the lake! Exactly, on the lake! We must rescue him immediately! Tell me... Where did you leave him? Isle de cygnes. At the Dobberbergs. Do you need help breathing? No, be quiet! Don't try to talk. Don't you know this lake? Where do you come from, to do such a foolish thing? If I were your mother... All the same... Without me, you would never have made it! Yes, I would. How stubborn you are! Without me, you would have drowned. And anyway... If you think it's easy to row through this fog! But... where are we? On Isle de cygnes. Then I've crossed the lake? Are we really on the other shore? I told you so! Thank you. You're a good boy. But I'm not a good boy... Without me, who'd stay? Without me, who'd drown? Soaked, wet, chilled to the bone. Who's punished? Without me, who'd stay? You're not going to lie there, completely naked? Wait. Come. I'll take you to my cabin. Come on! Come! Now, take that off. - No. Come on! It's all wet, you'll catch cold! I'll get you a pair of pants. I'm soaked, too! What could I give you? Here, put that on! Thank you. Is it all right? I think I put it on inside-out. There's no inside-out! I don't know how it hooks up. It doesn't. It wraps around the waist. And now, what can we do with you? I can't take you to the chateau. There are people there. A reception. That's why I'm here. But who are you? I'm Puck. Puck? That isn't your name, is it? Yes, it is, my name is Puck! But Puck, that's a theatre name! Of course! My mother is Camille Bojan. You're Bojan's daughter? Bojan of the Viennese theatre? And I... I took you for a little country girl! But I am a little country girl! I live here all year round. You see, Mama has other things to do. Parties, receptions... Good thing I've got Papa! Papa's a scholar. A philosopher! And he's very good. But a little crazy. Like me. And you? - You're a good boy. - What makes you think so? You've got pretty feet. Papa says that good people have pretty feet. What's the matter? I'm hungry. What luck! So am I. Wait! Hello? Connect me to the kitchen. Hello, is that you, Lenitchka? I'm in my cabin, I'd like to eat. No, I can't come up! What could you bring me? That's it! Bring everything. And for two! Yes... I've got a guest. What? There's a tart? Great! Are you warm now? Thank you, Puck. Come in! Don't you remember how to open the door? This is Tiger. You should tell him your name, so he recognizes you. Hello, Tiger. I'm Eric. You like him? So do I! You're very hungry, aren't you? Eat, don't talk! You hear that? Don't move, I'll be right back. Come, Tiger! What are you looking for? A swimmer! Have you seen anyone? A swimmer? Yes! Where is he? He must have been picked up by a boat! I heard the sound of the oars! But what boat? Oh, I couldn't see. There was too much fog! Tell me, this boat... What boat? And the siren, just now? That was nothing. Don't you want to tell Tiger and me where you come from? Tiger would be so pleased! Come, I'm going to ask you some questions. What's your mother like? Mama is very small, as big as that, and kind. She's helped me, you know. She's made sacrifices for me. But listen, Puck: It's a secret. Very soon, I'm going to be very rich! - Really? - Yes! For all by myself, I've invented something extraordinary! Really? And very soon, I'll manage a huge factory! You don't believe me? Who, me? Of course, I do. Why not? It's so simple. And a girlfriend... Do you have a girlfriend? No. Will you get one? No doubt, when I fall in love. Why, Puck? I don't know. It's too much for me. Go away! No... stay. I don't know what I want. Are you there, Puck? Come in, Papa! I want you to meet my drowned man. Delighted, sir. Eric Heller! Baron Dobbersberg! I was surprised by the storm. I don't know if, without your daughter... I'm not surprised. This girl has a mania for saving people. The number of people, and especially animals, that owe her their lives is incalculable. Rescue is her natural element. But it's very beautiful. It's a little childish! I saw that someone was searching for you just now, sir. Once you are sufficiently recovered, I don't need to tell you that my canoe is at your disposal. Sir, I don't know what to say... Not at all, not at all... I would lend you some clothes, but... As you can see! Here... you'll come back? - Yes. - Often? - Yes. I hope, sir, to see the two of you tomorrow. The two of us? You and the canoe. That you would be so kind as to return. With pleasure, sir! Listen. That's Puck singing. She's singing about meeting you tonight. I can thank you for this song! Wrap your fingers round this boy's neck Lead him to my house Retain him in the ties of... August 1 One, two, three, gently, four... Good! One, two... Stretch out your legs, pull them back in... I'm going now. Oh, wait a little bit! You're lucky that I'm your sister! How's that? Why? Because anyone else would have left already! Please, Carla! What would it take to make you wait? I've done enough of that already! In ten days, first you talk to him, then you take swimming lessons with him, then you go out with him. What more do you want? I've been your chaperone, I've been your accomplice... Listen, you must know if he loves you or not! But of course, he loves me! I'm sure of it! Only, he doesn't dare tell me. He's the swimming teacher. But that's not what worries me. Then what is it? Look. You'll see! What does she say? Four, one... One moment... Let me look it up! She asks if you're coming tonight! Yes, I'm coming tonight! Four. You understand? Who is it? It's that lunatic on the other shore. And do you know what that means, the little flag? No. It means he's going to see her tonight. It's been that way for two weeks! It's unbearable! Then don't bear it. What do you mean? You only have to ask him to dance with us. Then you'll know which shore he prefers. And then, goodbye brat! August 15 Anouchka! Ssh, Bouilli! You shouldn't recognise me. Then don't call me Bouilli! But it's such a nice name. Listen, Bouilli... We shouldn't be seen together. Come on, follow me. Here, you must call me Countess. Certainly, if you want me to. Want you to? But I am a Countess! Yes, my dear! Already? Not just yet! Look. I don't need so much convincing. Come, Bouilli, come! Come! Is it here the Count and Countess take their meals? Veronica... Anouchka! Yes Bouilli, call me Anouchka. I'm so happy to see you, Bouilli. Oh, if I hadn't left you... Why did you go? I was happy with you. You made me very unhappy. And for a long time! But let's forget about it! If you only knew! In your little student's room, those were good times. And you're not happy here? Oh, no! Why? What do you do? Business... What kind of business? Not a very nice kind... But you know, Stereny needs me so! Who's Stereny? Count Stereny... my man... my friend. He's the one who does business, but it goes much better when I'm involved. You understand? You know, with Lyssenhop... You know Lyssenhop? But of course! He's the reason we're here. Does he interest you? Not him, but his daughter, Danièle. His daughter? But how, Bouilli? What are you telling me? And what about the little Dobbersberg girl? Your meetings with her every night? Everyone's talking, Bouilli! My God, people are stupid! They understand nothing. I've no reason to keep my meetings with Puck a secret. She's a friend. That's what all men say in the beginning... No, you shouldn't be as foolish as everyone else, Anouchka. You know... Before coming here, I was alone... Alone and in such a false situation. What do you want? A swimming teacher is an employee. Men look down on him... And women sometimes get too close. And then one day, through a miracle, I meet little Puck. With her, I know... I become myself again. Her friendship is such a simple thing. I hide almost nothing from her. But with Danièle... I understand. You'd like to marry Danièle Lyssenhop. Who, me? Oh, come on! A fine thing for such a rich girl! Do you think Old Man Lyssenhop would give me her hand? If I talked to him, that could all change. I've a lot of influence on him. A lot! Really? On the other shore, I search, I wait... The lake cradles my dream, My boat... You hear that? Yes. It's Puck. She's waiting for you. Yes. Down there they light the lights, and parties. Here in the dark My oars slice the green water Streaming drops of the moon Why... Why do you go down there? Do you love her? Listen, Danny: You know very well there's nothing between us. Don't you believe me? Puck is a friend and I'm an honest boy. An honest boy can cause lots of pain to a young girl. Even if he doesn't want to! I'm not the flirt of the season. I want better than that! And so do you. Don't you think I've had enough of secrets, of pretexts for talking to each other, of chance encounters so we can meet? As for you, you hide so you can go out with me! You're right, Eric. I want us to go to the dance... so we can dance together for everyone to see. The drops... Danny! Poor Papa. He hides, too. Not as cleverly as you. Where were you? With him, of course! I thought so! I was in such a hurry to find you. I wanted to deprive my daughters of dessert, like when they were little, just so I could find you sooner. I'll be poor with him, if I have to be. I'll deprive myself of everything! I'll have a tiny car... A tiny apartment, only five or six rooms. I won't care. I love him! And I want to marry him! And that's all that matters! Next Saturday, I'll introduce him to Papa! Mr. Eric Heller, the engineer! If you think that's enough to impress Papa... And why not? Anyway, Saturday, Eric will be in a tuxedo. Oh, yes... That will fix everything! "Big party celebrating sports and youth! Formal dress required." Let me see that. Are you going to wear a tux or a suit? A tux. I don't have a suit. You don't have a tux, either. - Oh, yes, I do! - Where? In the drawer. You're kidding! There's my bicycle... There's my watch... And my tux, where is it? There you go. - That's your tux? - Yes. To get it, I have to give them 62 schillings. - Do you have it? - No. Well, then? I'll get it. What's so funny? Because you're searching the leaves for me... as if I were an anton or a snail! And why are you hiding? I'm not hiding, I'm picking pears. The best ones are high up. You like pears? How tart they are, Puck! Here in the mountains, everything ripens late. You want some more? You want me to get you some tender little artichokes? No more laughter? Why don't you come by anymore? It's been so long since you came by! Are you bored with me? What a question, Puck! I could have troubles without being bored. You've got troubles, and you don't tell me? Maybe that's why I've come. Then tell me! Listen, Puck... Eric, are we truly friends? No one more so! Then let there be no pretense between us! What's the matter? What do you need? Listen, Puck, don't laugh at me. I have an awful need, a terrible need... But what is it? Tell me! - For a tux! - A tux? And what do you want with a tux, Milord? The usual. I want to wear it. A tux? But that's not at all your business! Wearing a tux to teach people to swim the backstroke? I don't find that funny! There was a time when I put on a tux every night! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, darling. You want a tux? There's got to be one somewhere! You think so? But is it so serious if you don't have a tux? Very serious, Puck! I can't explain it to you, but it's very serious! Do you want Papa's? I'd rather have my own. Then where is it? Far away. 62 schillings away. 62... Ah, I get it! You don't have the 62 schillings? - Exactly. - Wait. Wait. I'll go dig the rest of it up. No, Puck, I don't want you to! Under a cloud again? Papa, do I have a dowry? Yes, why? Will I have to be married before I get it? Naturally, Puck. Could I have a little of it now? A little? How much? 62 schillings, Papa. How much? 62 schillings, Papa. That's a great deal of money, Puck! I know, Papa. Well, just this once... There's a package for you at the station, Mr. Eric. Great! Thank you. Good, I'll be right there! - Heller! - Yes. - A package from Vienna. - Yes. This must be it! - No, sir. - No? Here it is! What? It isn't yours? Ah, yes... But... There's your name in capital letters. My dear son: With the 62 schillings I retrieved your bicycle... for your tuxedo had already been sold. Have fun, don't drink ice water. Mama Oh, don't make that face. He'll be here! Look, there he is! Him? Where? No, it's Papa. You look at me too much! I do like everyone. You're the belle of the ball. Be serious! I've been serious my whole life! It's certainly not me who could spend hours at the gaming table. Stereny! It's your turn to bet, come on! I pass! You've made me a young man again! Show me your hotel guest book. Gladly, Inspector. Well? He must have changed his name. Do you know the guy who's with this person? Yes, it's Count Stereny! Do you have your cards, gentlemen? Of course. Oh, I'm sorry, Inspector... Is it serious? No, it's a small matter. We won't disturb anyone. You know this woman? It's Countess Stereny! Hey, Stereny! Hey, Stereny! You make me blush! You only think about... And you don't think about it enough! You only think about your childhood sweetheart, Bouilli. Bouilli! I don't care about your Bouilli. But he so wants to meet you. Never in this life! Never! Why not? Because I'm jealous! Come on, be nice to him. - Fine, I'll be nice. - You'll receive him? I'll receive him, this boy! Hello, my dear sir! Madame was just telling me of your coming! She has some nerve! Nerve? Do you have some nerve, my dear friend? I would advise you not to speak in that tone! What did you say? Follow me, come on! I ask you to leave Madame alone! But who is this imbecile? Help! It's a trap! I'm sorry, I thought he registered under the name of Lyssenhop. Lyssenhop? But... I thought he was registered under the name of... Stereny! Stereny? But you've made a mistake! Look, there's Stereny! Scoundrel! Come down here, Stereny! I told you to come down! I've had enough! I've had enough! But Mr. Lyssenhop... Not an hour, not an hour longer! Alert my chauffeur! Prepare my bill! But the gentlemen were certain, it wasn't my fault... That's all that was missing! What a scandal! Contrived by this establishment! To add a little excitement to the evening, no doubt! Leave, sir. I told you to leave, sir! Come on, Bouilli, hide me! Quickly, I'm afraid! - But what are you afraid of? - Come on, hide me! But what's wrong? Everything! But you're soaked! It's because I couldn't see and I fell in the water! Poor girl! But come on. What happened? They arrested him! If they find me, I'm done for! - Arrested? Who? - The count! - What count? - My count! But why? The worst luck... Oh, Bouilli! Go on, close the curtain! There! There! Then he couldn't pay. Pay for what? The car he bought on credit. What a mess! Come on, dry me off! Oh, I'm cold! Put that on! - Yes! - There. - I went to the village... - Yes? But the money didn't arrive. And then he said: "Come on! Be nice to the gentlemen!" Oh, it's disgusting! Oh, I know, Bouilli. But it didn't go far... I hope so! Because when Ferdinand arrived, he acted like he wanted to kill everyone! Yes, yes... but listen... What happened today? The police! The police? They shouldn't find you here. Oh, Bouilli, don't leave me alone! Don't worry. I'll go tell Matz and it will all be taken care of. No, I'm afraid! Afraid of what? I'll be right back, in an instant! Oh, hurry! Matz! Present! - You won't move from here? - Never! Good. If someone asks for me, you'll tell them that I'm sick and I'm sleeping. You understand? That you're sick? Yes, yes... that I'm sick and I'm sleeping. Good. That you're sick and you're sleeping. You'll say that to everyone, no matter what. To everyone, no matter what. You can sleep sound. Good. Oh, no! But it took you so long, Bouilli! What are you doing, are you crazy? You can see very well! I'm washing my stockings. You're not going to stay like this? Oh, you're right, Bouilli! It's freezing! What... Are you going to sleep here? Look, Anouchka, what are you doing? You're not going to move in here? Oh, no, Bouilli. Just until it's time for my train! Oh, good! But what time is your train? 6:00 tomorrow morning. Oh, no, Anouchka! That's not possible! Oh, Bouilli, this isn't the first time I've slept with you! No, but... It's not the same now. Oh, Bouilli... Your bed... and your pillow... No... Anika! Is Bouilli angry? No... - You'll protect me? - But of course! Oh, Bouilli... Look how it smokes! Yes. Oh, that makes me feel better! Is it peppermint tea? No, it's tea in my tooth glass. Where do you think you're going! Is Eric here? I'm filling in for him! I'm asking you where he is, that imbecile! I don't know. Go tell him I'm here! Ssh... - What? - He's sleeping. Then wake him up! He's sleeping... with a lady! - Oh! Come on, Carla! - Listen to me! - No, no, no! - I'm going to tell him... They're never happy! Where do you think you're going? It's you, Carla? Where's Danny? At home. She sent you to look for me? Not exactly. She asked if it's true there's a woman in your cabin. Yes, it's true. There's a woman in my cabin. You can clear off now, useless! I swear to you, Carla, I had no choice. It's Anouchka Stereny. But Papa's been looking for her everywhere! He's completely beside himself. She really took him for a ride! She's come to hide in my cabin. I couldn't just throw her out. She's taking the 6:00 train tomorrow morning. Her train? But the station's being watched! Carla... She mustn't be arrested. Where's your sister? I could help you, Papa. - Where is your sister? - I thought she was here. - Where's "here"? - In the other room. Anika... Anika! - I'm coming! Come on, honey, this isn't the time for all of that! Oh, I'm scared, Bouilli! Scared of what? - We must go now? - Of course, we must! Come on, quickly! - There, get in! - I can't! What do you mean, you can't? What does that mean! Oh, what? - Come on! - I can't! Come on, hurry, I beg you! This isn't the time... Oh, you've hurt yourself? No, it's nothing. Hurry! Come on. It's nothing. Where's that coat? Please, Papa, calm down! I'm extremely calm! I said: No one come in! Leave me alone! Won't you buzz off? M. Lyssenhop, someone's stolen... Stolen? What have they stolen? They've stolen from you, eh? Well, that doesn't surprise me. In fact, it pleases me! But, sir, it's your car that's been stolen. Oh, yes, they've... They've stolen my car... What do you know? Come on, my friend, you can tell me whatever you want. Would you like us to set the hotel on fire? It's great what you've done, Carla. Go on, climb in. We haven't got time. - Are we off? - We're off. - Thank you. - Goodbye! Goodbye! Climb on! Goodbye. Oh, Bouilli! What! What is it? - I can't leave! - Why not? I forgot one of my stockings! Oh! Come on, come on! Hurry up! I already told you to leave me alone. Danièle... A tyrant, a real tyrant! That's the limit. Danny, my darling... I'm not your darling! Why did you leave me at the dance all alone? But you didn't have to go! But you only had to come! I wanted to dance with you. I had my reasons, Danny. Serious ones. Ha! Which were they, blonde or brunette? Danny, if you keep saying such stupid things, I'll slap you! They're all after you. - Who? - Everyone! The swimming students, the Countess, and little Dobbersberg. Another pretty little ditz, that one! Danny, sometimes you act like you're three, you understand nothing! That's clear. Oh, yes. Since I've known you, what do I know about you? That you're expecting a letter. And you go to the post office three times a day to see if it's arrived. I also know you swim beautifully and you're gorgeous. Danny! But everyone knows that! So what is it I don't understand? There are some things I can't tell you, Danny. - Why not? - Because. Oh, I've got nothing to hide! But what's the point of complicating the life of a spoiled little girl? You've got cars, silver slippers, dresses made of moonlight! That's not my fault. Oh, I know that, my dear! There's a world you don't know: Where poor people live. There are people who are hungry, imagine that. Hungry like beasts! Why are you laughing? That's nothing to laugh about. I know people for whom a hole in their shoes is a crisis. A tear in their jacket is a tragedy. People who don't have tuxedos or pearl buttons... People who can't go swimming because... You can't swim in a jacket. Comical, isn't it? I don't think so. I know one of those people. I don't believe you. I know more than you think about those who fight to survive. I know some striking examples. I know what they're worth. I also know that one day they'll get out... That they'll make it, that you can count on them. And then... Then? Then I'll count on them. There. Danny... So you do understand! Everything that no one wanted to tell me! But do you understand how I love you, Danny? That I'm crazy about you, that I want you! That I feel you both near and far from me... at the same time, and it drives me crazy! That I have no thought, no dream, no eyes for anyone but you! That I must have you, that I can't live without you! Then marry me. Danièle... Danièle! You're golden. Your legs, your arms... A statue in gold! Now, you must come with me and speak to Papa. When I've received the letter I'm waiting for. What a mule! But you must, and immediately! But why immediately? Because we're leaving, Eric. It isn't possible. Papa's had enough. And I must admit he has his reasons! What shall it be, Eric? Eric... Do you want to? Are we agreed? Is it for forever? Forever... Come! A final plunge! What is it? It's me, Papa. Come in. So you're ready? Then call the porter. Maybe he can get this damn trunk closed. Did you hear me? One moment, Papa... Mr. Heller would like to speak to you. Who's that? Mr. Heller. Well, he picked a great time! What does he want, this... swimming teacher? To marry me, Papa. What did you say? To marry me, Papa. Now, that's funny! That's very funny. But... I want to marry him, too! Really? Then it's kind of you to ask my permission. You make quick decisions, my girl. So do you, Papa. You take off suddenly. We're in a hurry... Good! Then show him in, your... Engineer, Papa. Mr. Heller is an engineer, don't you forget it! - Hello, sir. - Hello, Mr. Heller. Perhaps you could do me a favor and close this trunk for me? Thank you. Well, I'm listening, Mr. Heller. Well, sir... I must marry your daughter! You must? And you, Danièle... Must you marry Mr. Heller? Absolutely, Papa. Mr. Heller, I'm neither hard nor a pushover. I'll explain myself. Having only daughters... It's important I know who they're bringing into my family and my business. So it's not enough my son-in-law have beautiful eyes and good manners. How am I doing, Danièle? Wonderfully, Papa. So it's up to you to impress me, sir... and show me who you are. Sir, I'm... You're? In excellent health... I'm also... You're also? In excellent health, with a passion... Yes, a real passion for work! And then I'm... You're? I set a record for the 200-meter freestyle. I also have my engineering diploma. Really? And I've perfected a little invention. - An invention? - Yes, sir. Incombustible cinematographic film! But that already exists, doesn't it? Not inexpensively, sir! Up till now the price has been prohibitive. Well, Mr. Heller... I don't see why your invention wouldn't be of interest. Submit it to our patent office, we will examine it with care. But it's already done, sir! I've entrusted all the documentation to someone who's taking care of it. - Someone? - Yes, an engineering consultant! But you've made copies? Alas, no. I've got it all in my head anyway. Good, and what has this engineer told you? Frankly, nothing... Not up to now. For how long? - For a year. - A year? You have to be patient, isn't that so? He's a very nice guy. He took the papers to America. Very resourceful, you know! So it seems. And you trust him? Oh, completely! We had lunch together several times in a little cafe. We even played pool... Pool, you played pool... Pool's very interesting! And... Where's your friend's office, this engineering consultant? Well, you know, with the housing shortage... And what's the name of this guy you played pool with? Meyer. Meyer! Meyer! Danièle, are you putting me on? - Papa... Or is this man a complete idiot? But, sir... He's got an invention and he entrusts it to... Who knows who! No, sir! Somebody named Meyer who took off with it. I can forgive anything, but stupidity like this is an incurable disease! But, sir... Go on, go find your Meyer, if you can! Papa, you're not being fair! Please, Danny... Mr. Lyssenhop, you're in a bad mood. In a bad mood, anyone can be mistaken. I'm not a businessman like you, but I've got a good nose, like an animal's! And I say that Meyer... - Meyer! That Meyer is an honest guy! As surely as Stereny is a crook. And we'll see who's right. We'll see nothing. Nothing at all! - Papa! - Not a word, my girl! A poor man could marry my daughter, but an idiot, never! And may the Devil take this damned Ladies' Lake, with its constant rain and its crooks and sluts and imbeciles! Why doesn't our friend come see us anymore? We're very unhappy. We cry every night. Puck And Tiger de Dobbersberg You want it? But you must promise not to dawdle. - I won't. Then take it. Give this to him. Eric! How wonderful to see you again! I've come because... Don't say why you've come. You came, that's all that matters. There are days when you're so alone, Puck. Look. Isn't he nice? Pigs are lucky. And what makes you say that? Look at the babies, they're wonderful! What a funny little animal you make! But what's the matter? You're so pale. No. - Is something wrong? - No. What do you need? What I need... Oh, no, lunch! Papa's coming this way... Come on, Eric, let's hide! Why should we hide? I don't want to be bothered when you're here. Where are we going? We'll suffocate in here! No, it's all right. You'll see... Come... This is my hideaway! What's up there? Cats... mice... Birds who hunt at night and sleep during the day... Do you want to see their nest? No, get down, the ladder is shaky! Come help me up! When I was little, I'd bury my dolls in the oats. And when was that? Last year? Oh, no... I'm not little anymore... Not at all. Puck... No, don't move. Let's stay here. It's so nice in the oats. Puck, when will you finish playing with dolls? It's a child's game to bury your dolls in the oats. Forgive her for treating you like one of her dolls. Feel how warm I am! They need you at the manor, Puck. I'll take Mr. Heller to his boat. But Papa... Go, my child. Sir? Ah, in this weather no one will be coming. You can remove the place settings. Maybe Mr. Heller will be coming. I don't want to see him here anymore! He's eaten for free more than ten times. And it's your fault! - My fault? Go do what I tell you! You're slow... One hand under your chin, another on your hip... and you let who knows what gigolo take off without paying! You poor guy, what's wrong? Is it your arm? It's dirty. You can't leave it like that. Let me put on a new bandage. You'll see... With this towel. We can cut it up, can't we? And you know, it's a nail that did that! I've already said as much to Brindel. There are rusty nails sticking out around here, covered with who knows what. Let me put it on... No, no! It hurts when you touch it. You want me to get the doctor? No, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll be worried about you. You're sweet. Eric, Mr. Eric! Don't go in. The boss forbids me to serve you. He doesn't want to anymore. I expected as much, Véfi. No, I'm just passing by. Listen... Come in, all the same. Through this little door here. Why? No... Don't bother. Yes. I know you haven't eaten. It isn't the first time. Then go up to my room. Wait for me. We'll eat together. Thank you, Véfi. But make sure no one sees you! He's an engineering consultant? Who said he's an engineering consultant? That his documentation... There you are! Oh, I thought I'd never see the end of my shift. There was a wedding. Thirty people. And a twelve-course dinner. You have to have patience in this job! So? Are you sleeping? Are you asleep? Danny... Danny! But look at this imbecile! He thinks that acid... He's going to set the place on fire! But you want to drop me, M. Lyssenhop? Because I told you Meyer was in America. Mr. Eric! Mr. Eric! Wake up! You scared me. You've got a fever! Matz! Matz! But... Who's brought me... It's you, Mademoiselle Véfi. I'm sorry. Mr. Eric, you obviously need to eat! Leave me alone! Leave me alone... I want to leave, I want to leave! No, stay! - I want to leave! - No! Leave me alone! Stay, if you're sick. I so wanted to take care of you. Who's there? It's me, Puck. Open the door. Puck, it's open! You? At this hour? I came in the canoe with Tiger. He's waiting for me. And you choose this hour to be visiting boys, Puck? I didn't choose. I ran away. There's another great party at the chateau tonight. Papa's been watching me since he's forbidden you to return. Is it true he's forbidden you to return? Yes. And you haven't returned? I haven't forbidden you... You speak like a child, Puck. It's because you treat me like a child. But I'm not a child anymore. That's what you don't understand. A child wouldn't suffer as I do. What do you want me to say, my child... You've come at a time when I'm a little... When I think I'm ill. You're ill? You're in pain? You're so uncomfortable here! Would you like me to make you some tea or a grog? No, don't! I only need some sleep. Sleep... When will I sleep? I haven't slept, either... for a long time. You don't look well... What's the matter? You don't know? Then who will, Eric? It's your fault. You shouldn't have kissed me. Oh, Eric! What am I going to do? Now, I can't do without you anymore. Listen, Puck... Don't laugh. Won't you take pity on me? Even a little? When you're not there, Eric, I die of hunger. My eyes, my mouth, my hands, Eric, all are starved for you. Tell me you love me a little, if only a little... Ssh, Puck, don't talk so loudly. You're my friend on the other shore, do you understand? Yes. Your little friend you don't love. Oh, Eric! If you don't love me, why did you kiss me? It was wrong of you, Eric. What have you done, my God... What have you done to me? In the barn, I felt, how to say it? Like an apple tree: Everything in me was so heavy, so sweet, so full of life... I can't even tell you. Yes, put your hand on my head, put your arms on my shoulders, Eric! I'm sorry... Have I hurt you? Don't touch me! What's the matter with you? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with all of you? Can't you leave me alone? Let me be, I've had enough! I love one, only one! As for all the others, I don't give a damn! All the same, I'm ill, I've had nothing to eat... I'm dying of hunger before your eyes... And all you think of are your stupid love stories! But now, it's all over! You hear? It's finished! I've had enough, I've had enough, I've had enough! It's me you say this to? It's me you want to hit? I'll go away now... Very far away! What's this boat doing here? It's Mademoiselle Puck's boat! My God! I hope nothing's happened to her! Puck hasn't come home? But... Where did they find her boat? At the Croix-du-Lac. I'm going! You can't! You're too ill! I have to! It's all my fault. You can't even stand, Eric! You've got a fever. Don't go, Eric! - Have they found her? - No! - Where's her boat? - At the Croix-du-Lac! Why did you kiss me? It was wrong of you, Eric... What have you done to me? What have you done to me? I'm going away now... Far away... Very far away! It was wrong of you, Eric... It was wrong of you... Still nothing! Look out! The net is caught at the bottom. There's something down there! Mademoiselle, we've arrived! Sorry, Mademoiselle, everyone has to get off. Mademoiselle Lyssenhop? Mademoiselle Lyssenhop's private office, third floor. If he hadn't been sick, he wouldn't have chased me off so brutally... but he would have chased me off, all the same. He was a little delirious, that's why he was so brutal. But he wasn't delirious when he said he loved you. He loved us both a little... It's you he loves. Very much. He calls me his little comrade. I wasn't even his friend. Who's taking care of him? He's all alone. He shouldn't be. Eric! Eric! Eric! Eric! Eric! So you're awake, then? Why? So you won't think you're dreaming. She's coming! Danny... When? Right away! But... How do you know? She called Brindel. I heard everything. I came right away. Danièle... Come with me. No, not me. Yes, he must be so worried. Not about me. Come, he will be so happy. Not because of me. Danièle... Eric! But if I'd known you'd return... If I'd known... No, don't speak. Only look at me. I don't need your words to understand. Listen. I wanted to tell you... Tell me goodbye. You know, Danny... I know everything, Eric. I even know you wanted to delay the operation to see me first. Yes. I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. Leave, Eric? But there's no question of you leaving now that I've found you. Forever, Eric. It's forever. And I wanted you to know that I'm with you no matter what! Papa can do nothing about it. Towards the other shore They light the lights, the parties The girl with the golden hair has brought them The lake, mirror of our faces With lips joined Reflects me alone A mouth that sings Eyes that stream Tears? No, no. Drops from the moon...


Life and career

Pavan's film debut came in What Price Glory (1952).[2]

The daughter of a construction engineer, Pavan had no dramatic training when she signed a contract with Paramount at age 19.[3]

Her breakthrough came in the film The Rose Tattoo (1955) as Anna Magnani's daughter; her role was first assigned to Angeli, who then became unavailable to play the part.[citation needed] Her performance earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Pavan.[4] She also won the Golden Globe Award for (Best Supporting Actress) for her performance in the film.[5]

Pavan co-starred in films such as Diane (1956), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956), The Midnight Story (1957) and John Paul Jones (1959). She also played Abishag in King Vidor's biblical epic Solomon and Sheba (1959). Her later films included A Slightly Pregnant Man (1973), Antoine and Sebastian (1974) and the television miniseries The Moneychangers (1976). In 1985, she portrayed the role of Chantal Dubujak on Ryan's Hope.

On March 27, 1956, Pavan married French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont in Santa Barbara, California,[6] and the couple remained together until his death in 2001.[citation needed] They had two sons; Jean-Claude (b. 1957) and Patrick (b. 1960).[7]

Selected filmography


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