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Marilyn Suzanne Miller

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marilyn Suzanne Miller
Born (1950-01-03) January 3, 1950 (age 68)
Occupation Television writer, producer
Alma mater University of Michigan (B.A. 1972)
Notable works Saturday Night Live
Notable awards Three Emmy Awards

Marilyn Suzanne Miller (born January 3, 1950)[1] is an American television writer and producer. She was one of only three female writers on the original staff of Saturday Night Live and was also a writer for such 1970s sitcoms as The Odd Couple, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Maude, and Barney Miller.

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  • GRCC Graduation 2018


(mellow music) >> So, sort of a staged thing. >> (inaudible). >> Hmm? >> (inaudible). >> (chuckling) Hey, we're here at the 2008 Commencement at Grand Rapids Community College, and we're talking to a few students out here. It's a little chilly, but we know you guys are warm in there. But we wanted to maybe get some interviews with students, and see how you're doing, so... we first have...? >> Drewyn Talley. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate of Arts. >> And I know you're a member of a certain organization on campus. What would that be? >> I am the secretary of the Alpha Upsilon Kappa chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. >> And that is a what kind of society? >> An honor society. >> Excellent! Now, do you have family inside? >> I do. I have my mother, I have some cousins, and my sister. >> Okay, would you like to wave to them? That was a very nice wave-- a little subtle. And here we have, wearing the actual medal for Phi Theta Kappa, is... >> Michaella Braamse. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate of Music. >> And what do you plan on doing with that? >> I'm going to Western to study music therapy. >> Okay, and do you have family in there? >> I do-- I have my mom, and my aunt and my uncle, and my sister. >> That was a pretty low wave. You wanna give 'em like a big, goofy wave? >> Yeah! Hi! >> Excellent big, goofy wave. Okay, we're going back here. We have our first victim-- I mean, uh, guest. And your name is...? >> Grace. >> Grace, you have a last name? >> Grace Tarala. >> Okay, do you have family in there? >> I do-- my mom and my sister. >> Okay, you want to say hi to them? >> Hi! >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's in Science. >> And what do plan on doing with that? >> I plan on going to Michigan Tech for my Chemical Engineering degree, hopefully. >> "Hopefully," huh? I think you're gonna make it. >> Thanks. (chuckling) >> All right, and back here, this guy's kinda nervous, so... >> I'm camera shy. >> He's very, very camera shy. He told me that-- and your name is...? >> I'm Carlos-- Carlos Menjivar. >> "Carlos-- Carlos Menjivar," how are you-- what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's of Arts. >> What do you plan on doing with that? >> Well, I just got accepted to the University of Oregon so I'm gonna go out to Oregon in the fall. >> So why would you be nervous? You got all that going for ya. >> I'm-- I was just playing with you. >> Oh-- oh, really? You're a ham, are ya? >> (laughing) Yeah. >> Do you have family in there? >> I do, I do. >> Okay, do you want to wave to them? >> Okay. (chuckling) >> And who is it there-- who you waving to? >> A shout-out to Emily, Jasmine, and Rachel. >> All right, thank you very much. Okay, ope-- boy, she's backing up here. Come on up here, come on up here. And your name is...? >> Laura. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's of Arts. >> What do you wanna do with that? >> Um, I'm going to General Studies, so just education... >> Education is a good thing. Do you have family in there? >> Yes. >> And do you want to say hi to 'em? >> Yeah-- hola, my husband, I love you! >> Hear that, husband? She loves ya. >> Si. (laughing) >> Thank you. Oh, and okay-- she really was nervous. She did not want to do this at all. And your name is...? >> Raven Butler. >> And what are you graduating with? >> General-- er, uh-bl-bl-bl-- Associate's of Arts. >> I would say that first one-- bl-bl-bl-bl! What was that? >> (laughing) I messed it up! I messed it up. >> What do you want to do with that? >> Transfer for a Bachelor's somewhere. >> "Somewhere," anywhere? >> I haven't decided yet. I'm looking at Davenport or Ferris. >> They're both good schools! All right, do you have family in there? >> Yes-- my dad, Sonya, Chance, and Calvin. >> Your dad Sonya? >> Nope, my dad is Robert. >> Oh, okay, okay, good deal. Well, thank you very much. Okay, and now, who has the thing on their head? Okay, she does-- come here a second. Okay, turn around. "She believed she could, so she did." I don't know who put that on there but, you know... she's rolling with it tonight. And your name is...? >> Sarah Hellem. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's in Science. >> And where are you planning on going? >> Ferris. >> Good school! Uh-oh, watch out! And do you have family in there? >> Yup. >> Do you want to say hi to 'em? >> Hi. >> "Hi," like general family? >> Oh, yeah, my mom and dad, and... >> Okay, very cool-- that's nice! Well, thank you very much! Okay, and our last person here is...? >> Kaylee. >> Kaylee-- and Kaylee what? >> Crane. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate of Science. >> Was that a trick question for you on the last name? >> No. >> What are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate of Science. >> You had to look? >> Y-yeah! (laughing) >> Okay! What do you plan on doing that? Is that on the back of the card? >> No, but I am planning to transfer to Grand Valley for medical laboratory science. >> Very cool-- that sounds very ambitious. Now, do you have family in there, too? >> Yes, I have my mom, my dad, and my Aunt Molly. >> Do you want to wave to 'em? >> Hi, guys! >> All right, well, thank you very much. >> Thank you! >> All right. And we're gonna go back to you guys in the Fieldhouse and we'll see you in a few minutes. >> Okay, just to remind you guys, we are streaming live on Facebook and YouTube, so make sure to check out those feeds. But in the meantime, we have some more students to talk to. And we have somebody here that has been waiting for this for 30 years? >> Yup. >> Okay, and your name is...? >> Susan Beedon. >> And what you graduating with tonight? >> Personal Chef Certificate. >> Oh, so you're a culinary? >> Yes. >> All right, what's your favorite dish? >> Anything I make. (laughing) >> That's a good answer. What do you plan on doing with that? >> Actually, I'm starting a personal chef business. It's called "Susie's Just A Bite, LLC." >> That's free advertisement, because you're talking to everybody in there. >> Yes, it is. (laughing) >> Would you like to say hi to anybody in there? >> Hi, Jamie Dunn-- that's my daughter! Hi, everybody at New Community Church-- thank you for all the support. Love you, everyone! >> Very nice. Thank you very much. Okay, next-- okay, this young lady is very cold, but we're gonna get her back in line as soon as possible. Your name is...? >> Candy. >> Do you have a last name? >> Morales. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Criminal Justice, Juvenile Services. >> Ooh, okay, so you're gonna be one of the tough guys, eh? >> Maybe. (laughing) No force. >> What do you want to do with that degree? You going on for more education or are you going right into a job? What are you doing? >> Well, right now, I'm interning with Youth For Christ, so I was working with teenagers that had those problems. So I wanna get into that, and also, theology of the Bible as well. (indistinct). >> Do you have family in there? >> Yes! My mom, my dad, my sister, brother-in-law, my best friend Alexia-- she's my niece-- and my little Melanie-- she's my niece, too. >> Wow, that's quite a crowd you got in there. >> (laughing) Yeah. >> Well, thank you very much. >> Thank you. You better get back in line. I know you're freezing. Get a blanket! >> I wish! (laughing) >> Okay, and here we have...? >> Adam Getliff. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's in Automotive Technology. >> Oh, good, can you work on my car? >> I could, yes. >> Okay, I've got a Jeep. It really needs a lot of work. >> Oh, Jeeps always need work... bad cars. (chuckling) >> And do you planning on going for more education, or you think you're just going to work with that? >> Uh, I don't know quite what I want to do. I may go back to school. I just... gonna go with it right now. >> All right, so do you know all, like, the computer stuff, with tech, with cars, and all the computer chips? >> Yup. >> Oh, good, because mine doesn't have any of that. >> (chuckling) It's a lot of interesting stuff in newer cars nowadays, so... >> Do you have family in there? >> Yes, I have my mom and dad in there. >> Do you wanna wave and say hi to 'em? >> Hi, mom and dad. Thanks for all the support over the years. >> Oh, that's nice! So they supported you through all this? >> They did, they did-- they're very supportive of me. >> Very nice-- well, thank you very much. Enjoy your graduation. Okay, now these two were sitting on a bench. They really didn't want to move. They were on their phones, probably watching our Facebook and YouTube feed. >> Sure. >> "Sure"! So that's what they were doing. And your name is...? >> Jessica Fairbanks. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> The Practical Nursing program. >> Okay, and so, are you going to go on for more education? Or do you got a job right away? >> I have a job, but I'll go on, but I'm ready for a break from school. (laughing) It's been a long couple years. >> Okay, now, you've got a lot of stuff around your neck here. And I notice you have this medal around your neck. What is that? >> That's for PTK, the Honor Society. >> Yeah, I kinda knew that, but I had to ask. And now, you have also the-- what are those for? >> PTK Honor Society. (laughing) >> I knew that, too! That's the weirdest thing! So do you have family in there? >> I have a lot of family in there. I have my parents, my mother-in-law, my husband Gary, and my beautiful babies, Casey and Allie. >> And how old are they? >> I have an 8-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old daughter, and a 1-year-old daughter. >> Okay, well, by all means, wave at 'em, 'cause they can see you! >> Hi, babies! I love you! (kissing) Hi, Mom and Dad and Mom! >> And Gary! >> And Gary-- I love you! >> Say, "Don't forget-- we can't forget Gary!" (both laughing) Thank you very much. And next, we have...? >> Cassie Hamming. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> I am graduating with the Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences, and yesterday, I graduated from the Police Academy. >> Wow, so you're going to be a police officer? >> Fingers crossed-- once I get a job somewhere. (both laughing) >> Okay! I'm sure you'll find one-- there is a demand for it right now. >> Oh, absolutely. >> Do you have family in there? >> Yeah, just my mom and dad and my grandparents. >> Okay, do you want to wave to 'em? >> Hi mom, hi dad! >> She snuck a wave in there. (both laughing) Well, thank you very much and good luck in there. >> Thank you. >> All right. Okay, we're going back to you inside the Fieldhouse. We'll see you in a few minutes. Okay, we are back out here in Juan Olivarez Commons, and make sure that you look on Facebook-- on the GRCC Facebook page and also the GRCC Twitter account where we're live-streaming this. YouTube-- I'm sorry, it's YouTube. YouTube, Twitter, we're doing it on all sorts of things. But we're interviewing some people out here. And first, we have...? >> Bailey Aversano. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> A Corrections Certificate. >> Okay, what's the green lanyard for? >> Girl Scouts. >> We have Girl Scouts here? >> Oh, yeah. >> I did not know that. >> Mmm-hmm. >> Do you-- >> --of us, but yeah. >> Do you have family in there? >> Oh, yeah. >> Okay, you wanna say hi to all of them-- I can wait. I'll just put the microphone, and you say hi to anybody-- just look right into the lens and say hi to 'em all. >> Hi Mom, hi Dad, hey Faith. >> Well, that was it? That's not a very long list. Nobody else? >> No. >> Okay, fine-- well, thank you very much, and good luck in there. >> Thank you. >> All right, and you are...? >> Robin. >> Just Robin? >> Robin. >> Okay, and what are you graduating with tonight? >> My Associate degree in Nursing. >> Okay, so are you going to go on? Do you have a job? What are you doing with that? >> I have a potential job, yes. >> Excellent! All right, what field do you want to go into with nursing? >> What field of nursing? >> Well, I mean, you know-- >> Long-term, I'd like to end up in peds. >> Peds-- that's a tough job. >> Yes, it is. >> Okay, do you have family in there? >> I do-- quite a few. >> Oh, now you say you have quite a few. She said she had quite a few, and she only had three. Do you have more than that? >> I have more than three. >> Okay, go ahead-- say hi to 'em all. >> Hello, Mom and Dad, Jesse, and Austin and Katie, and my sister Billy Jo, and my sister Mary that's watching us online. >> Perfect-- somebody's watching online on that Twitter, Facebook, whatever we're-- all the things we're running it on. Okay, very cool! And here we have-- thank you very much. And here we have...? >> Lori Eastman. >> I caught you on your cell phone. >> Yes, did you. >> Who were you calling? >> My friend in there. >> Really? That's not fair. >> Actually, she called me out here. >> Oh, okay-- what are you graduating with tonight? >> With an Associate's of Graphics and Web Development. >> Whoa, that's cool! What do you want to do with that? >> I'm already doing it. (laughing) >> All right, then! (laughing) >> (indistinct). >> Okay, where are you working? >> Cherry Health. >> See, that's kind of a free plug for 'em then. >> It is, absolutely. And it's a wonderful place to work, to play. >> Okay, now you're just hamming it up. >> And to serve. (both laughing) >> And do you have family in there you want to say hi to? >> I actually have friends in there. My family are a little bit too old to be in there. So I want to say hi to Yaddick, Gene, Mary, Rathna, my boss, who is amazing, and Betty, who I also work with. >> Okay, very cool! Thank you very much and good luck in there. >> Thank you. >> And you are...? >> My name is Josh Farris. >> Okay, now you kinda got caught up in the wave of those guys, because did you really want to do this? Or are you just going along with the crowd? >> Not really, but hey. >> Okay, well, do you have family in there tonight? >> Yes, I do-- I have my dad, and my sister Lindsay, my mom, my aunt Missie, my Uncle Jim, and my Grandma Olsen. >> Wow, so you have a big group in there! What are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate's in Automotive Technology. >> Another mechanic/car guru! >> Yup. >> Excellent, I could use you later. >> (laughing) Yeah, I work at Sharpe BMW currently. >> Oh, very cool! Nice cars there. >> Yup. >> All right, so good luck in there. And I hope everything goes well. >> Awesome, thank you. >> Okay, these guys, I'm pretty sure these two are hams. Just guessing. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, okay-- now, you-- now, what is your lanyard, first of all? >> Veterans. >> Very good. I kinda knew that, but, you know, I have to asked. And what's your name? >> Nick Tynes. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's degree in Welding and Cutting Technologies. >> Oh, you could work with him on the automotive stuff. >> I'm more into the heavy fabrication. Heavy, big stuff, so... >> Very cool. And who do you have in there tonight? >> I have my mom, my grandma, a friend, and my fiancé. >> Very nice, and some of them actually have names, too, don't they? >> Yup, Julie, Connie, Patty, and Rachel. >> There you go-- see, it's good that you remember them all. >> Of course, I got to! (laughing) >> Oh, you got presents coming. >> I hope! >> Do you want to give them a big wave? >> Hey, Ma! >> Very-- oh-- "Hi Mom," I mean, can you beat that? And next, we have...? >> Cesar Guerra. >> What are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's in Welding Technologies, as well. >> Same-- you know, like, big heavy stuff you wanna work on? >> Yes, sir-- actually, I already work doing that, so... make weldments, fixtures, things of that have nature. >> Excellent! >> I do the bigger stuff. >> Yeah, I do more smaller stuff. >> Okay, so you'd probably work with the automotive guy, like on car frames, that kind of stuff? >> Yup, that would be fun. >> Okay, and who do you have in there tonight? >> I have my wife Heather-- I want to say hi to her-- my mom, my dad, I have my sister Natalie, my brother-in-law Matt, my nephew Julian, I have my mother-in-law and my father-in-law Jane and Fred, and my step-daughter Moriah and her boyfriend Zach. >> Wow, is there any space in there for anyone else to watch graduation today? >> I had some other ones, but they didn't want to come. >> Oh, well, their loss, huh? >> Yup, their loss. >> All right, well, thank you very much. >> Thank you. >> All right, and last but not least, we have...? >> Alvin Johnson. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's degree in Architecture Technology. >> Ooh, very heady stuff. >> Mmm-hmm. >> And do you have family in there? >> Yes, I have my wife Amy Johnson, my niece and nephews, Tembi Cosby, Kalea Cosby, Columbus Cosby, Katanya Sidell, and Amayah Snyder. >> Very cool-- do you want to say hi to 'em? Wave in the camera for 'em? >> Hi, y'all! So proud, so thank you all for coming! >> And you should be proud of this guy. It's a pretty good career he's got going for him starting out. >> Love you so much! >> Thank you very much. All right, now we're gonna go back to you. It's getting a little colder out here, but hopefully, we'll get a few more interviews in before they start walking in. We are back, and I understand we're streaming on YouTube, not Twitter, and our Facebook feed at GRCC. So check that out unless you're here live. We have a next victim-- or student, I should say. And your name is...? >> Chloe Farber. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate's of Applies Sciences and Occupational Therapy Assisting. >> What are you going to do with that? >> Um, become an occupational therapy assistant. >> That was a pretty easy answer. >> Yes, it was! (laughing) >> Now, I understand you know our cameraman. >> I do, yes. >> And why do you know him? >> He lives a couple doors down. >> Did he bring you up here for this? >> Yes. (laughing) >> Do you have family in there you'd like to say hi to? >> I do-- I have my husband and my brothers and my parents, so... hi guys! >> Well, see, and you even gave the big wave. >> (chuckling) Yup. >> All right, that's it. You're off the hook now-- thank you very much. >> Thank you, bye! >> Okay, next, unfortunately, I left these poor young ladies out the last time. >> He didn't mean to leave us out, okay? >> I went right past 'em. >> We're unforgettable! >> I know. >> Yes. >> And your name is...? >> Myriam Harris. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> I am graduating with Criminal Justice and Juvenile Delinquency. >> And what do you want to do with that? >> I plan on going to Ferris and hopefully law school. >> Excellent-- now, do you have family in there? >> No. >> Nobody? You're just here by yourself? >> Just-- oh, my family? Yeah, they're here-- they're a little bit late. They got locked out the house where the tickets were. >> Okay, well, they'll have to buy a DVD later. And you know, they'll look at your interview. >> They're not crazy-- they will be here. >> Okay, "They WILL be here." >> Yes. >> Okay, well, thank you very much. Okay, next, we have-- okay, first of all, you gotta turn around. Okay, and what is-- >> "That's all, folks!" >> Is "Looney Tunes." >> Yes. >> You're graduating-- you have "Looney Tunes" on the back of your head, okay. >> Yes. >> And what's your name? >> Hasan Majeed. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Juvenile Services, Criminal Justice. >> Oh, so you're kinda with them as far as... >> We are. >> We're a trio. >> We come at-- more than a trio. A quadruple. >> A regular gang. >> Yes! (all laughing) >> Okay, and do you have family in there tonight? >> We sure do. >> Okay, do you want to say hi to 'em? >> Yes, I would like to say hi to my mom and dad, my biggest supporters. Without them, I wouldn't be here. So definitely, yes. >> That was very touching. >> Yes. >> All right. Thank you very much. And next, we have...? >> You already got me. >> I know, I'm sorry. Yeah, I already got her! Apparently, she wants to be interviewed again. And next, we have...? >> Yadira Colbert. >> And what are you graduating with? Wait-- Criminal Justice! >> You know it, yes! >> And do you have family in there? >> I do. >> You wanna say hi to 'em? Name 'em all off? >> My mom, my dad, my grandma, Jazz, Lauren, hi! >> That was excellent. You did a great job-- it was worth the wait, wasn't it? >> It was. I know y'all enjoy seeing me. >> I do-- we really-- everybody inside the Fieldhouse is enjoying it. Oh-- "Just did it, GRCC." >> (indistinct). >> You have a hat? Oh, I didn't-- I don't know! "Black excellence"-- excellent! I like that. >> Thank you. >> Very nice-- you gotta tell me these things. I don't look! And last but not least in this group, we have...? >> My name is Cierra Lowe. >> And what are you graduating with? Oh, wait, that's right-- you're part of this whole Criminal Justice group. >> Yes, Juvenile Services. >> Do you have family in there? >> I do. I just want to thank you to everyone who's supported me, throughout everything-- it means a lot to me, and you'll never know how much I am grateful to have you guys. >> Wow, thanking everybody kinda gets you more gifts, too. >> (laughing) Gifts don't mean nothing. I just need the support and love. That's all. >> Oh, that's very nice. Thank you very much. Okay, and we have another group. They're coming up here right now. Oh, they're not-- we're gonna have to go get 'em. Oh, here you are! Okay, we're going to start on this end. First, we have...? >> Kelsey McDonagh. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate in Science and Art-- Art and Sciences. >> Art and Sciences. And what do you want to do with that? >> Teach early childhood education. >> Okay, do you wanna work up at our Childhood Development Center up here? >> Yes, I sure do. >> Okay, cool. >> And I will be in the summer. >> Very nice-- you got your job all set. And do you have family in there? >> I do not, nope. >> Nobody? Okay, like do you have family-- >> (indistinct). >> Say-- wave to your family then. >> Yes! (both laughing) >> And next, we have...? >> Rachel Smith. >> And what are you graduating with? >> Child Development Associate's. >> Am I just picking out from groups here? Like, you're all-- oh, okay! And do you have family in there? >> I do-- my mom, and my son, and my dad, and my fiancé, and... Grandma Di! >> You didn't seem so happy about the fiancé thing. >> (laughing) Did that-- did that show? Sorry, babe, I love you! (all laughing) >> Give him a big wave, blow him a kiss, something. >> (kissing sound). >> There you go-- very good! And next, we have...? >> Hello, I am Jessica Shelton. I'm graduating with an Associate's in Applied Arts and Sciences and Child Development! >> And do you have family in there? >> I sure do-- my mom, my dad, my son, daughter, and my guy. >> Very nice. >> Love you, guys! >> See, she was nicer to her guy. >> She was! (all laughing) >> And next, we have...? >> Hi, my name is Haruedee Duangdee. I goes by "Tata," though. >> Oh. >> Yeah, Tata-- T-A-T-A. >> Okay, so Tata, graduating also with Child Development? >> Yes. >> Oh, okay. And do you have family in there? >> Oh, I do, I do. I have beautiful family waiting for me there. Michael, Marlon, Bonislee, and HI, my honey-bunny is there! (all laughing) >> Very cool! Well, thank you very much, and good luck in there. >> Thank you so much! Okay, we're gonna go wrangle up another group for you. We'll be back in a few minutes. Okay, we're back out here on the Commons, and remember to check out that GRCC YouTube feed and the GRCC Facebook page, where we're live-streaming tonight's commencement. So first off, we have...? >> Rosa. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's of Arts. >> What do you want to do with that degree? >> Um, just keep going, keep going. (laughing) >> Do you have a school in mind? >> Maybe GV or MSU. >> That sounds good! >> That's my dream school. (laughing) Well, then do it! >> I am going to do it! >> All right, do you have family in there? >> Yeah, I have my mom, my dad, and my brothers, and a family friend. >> Okay, do you want to give 'em a goofy wave? >> Hi! (laughing) >> That was a very nice, big, goofy wave. And next, we have...? >> Yes, Giovanni. As you can see here. >> Giovanni Hernandez. And what are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate's of Arts. >> And what do you want to do with that? >> It's the stepping stone of what's to come, I guess. >> Like, stepping stone to another college, career? What do you want to do? >> Actually, this semester-- this following semester, this fall, I will be going to Grand Valley, and then I am applying to their School of Social Work. So that's kinda what I want to do. >> It sounds like you got a pretty good plan there. >> Yeah, for the most part, I think so. And then, keep going along until I find-- until I get bored of studying, I guess. Oh! >> Oh, can't lose that! Oh, he's going to grab it, okay. Yeah, you can't lose that-- that would look really funny if you didn't have that, walking. >> Yeah, so... >> So do you have family in there tonight? >> Yeah, I got my little brother, my sister, and my dad and my mom. They're both in there, hopefully. They finally sat down, or if not, then... >> Well, wave and say hi to them! >> Hi, mom! (laughing) >> Just mom-- he doesn't want to say hi to anybody else. (laughing) Okay, now that you have seen how it goes, what's your name? >> Samantha. >> Look, just like a professional. And what do you have on your mortarboard? Can you turn around and show us? >> Yeah, so it says, "I believed I could, so I did." >> Very nice! And who do you have in there that's gonna cheer you on? >> My parents, my step-parents, my little sister, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my grandpa. >> You wanna wave to 'em? >> Hi, guys! (laughing) >> All right, well, thank you very much. And last but not least, we have...? >> Chris. >> Okay, now, Chris, your whole gang back there sorta made you do this, didn't they? >> Yeah, I apparently got called out by my family. Hi Grandma, Marv, Laurie, Mom, Jim, Stacey-- my wife-- and then my lovely daughter Ashley. And here, Daddy's finally on camera. There you go! >> See? They guilted you into it! >> They sure did. >> What are you graduating with? >> Associate's of Arts. >> And what do you want to do with that? >> Further my career. >> Do you have a career right now that you're working? >> Yeah, I'm in plastics technology. So we'll take that on, and then firefighter in the fall. >> Very cool-- it sounds like you got a good plan. >> Pretty good. >> All right, well, thank you very much. >> Thank you. >> All right. We are going back to you guys in the Fieldhouse. The weather is holding, so we'll see you in a few minutes. Okay, we are back out here on the Commons, interviewing students. And we're about ready to walk in, in a few minutes, but we have a few more students we want to get in. So first, we have...? >> Jesse Krewson. >> And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's of the Arts. >> And what do you want to do with that degree? >> I'm going to start Calvin Seminary Master's of Divinity program in the fall. >> Very cool, and what's the lanyard you have around your neck? >> It's a Military Veteran cord. Service cord, yes. >> Very cool. Now, do you have family in there you want to say hi to? >> I do-- I wanna say hi to my mom, I wanna say hi to my best friends, my friend Sarah, Kelly, and Cheryl. Just everybody-- Pastor Jerome for being there, just thank you guys for coming out to support me. >> Wow, sounds like you have a good group! >> Yes, sir-- thank you. >> Thank you very much. Okay, next-- this whole group, they're kind of nervous. Okay, this one is kind of the lead nervous one. But your name is...? >> Jade Perez. >> And you just show 'em how it's done, okay? And what are you graduating with tonight? >> An Associate's of Arts. >> And what would you like to do with that degree? >> Pursue a career in graphic design. >> Okay, we have a couple graphics people going, so you got some competition out there. >> Yeah. >> You ready for it? >> Oh, yeah-- I'll beat 'em. >> Okay, and who do you have family-wise in there? >> I have my mom, my dad, my grandparents, and, most importantly, my son. >> Most importantly your son? Okay, what's your son's name? >> His name is Carter Daniel Perez. >> Do you want to wave to him? >> Hi, Carter. >> Very cool-- thank you very much. And next, we have...? >> Morgan Pohlad. >> Yeah, she didn't want to give her name. But now she has. And what are you graduating with tonight? >> Associate's of Arts. >> And what do you want to do with that? >> Start a photography business. >> Very cool-- maybe you can get with her in graphics. >> Yeah, that would be good! >> Yeah, and do you have family in there? >> Yeah, I do. My mom, dad, sister, and my boyfriend. >> Okay, do you want to wave to them? >> Hey. >> Do you want to blow your boyfriend a kiss? >> (kissing noise). >> Oh, very nice. See, I love that. Okay, next we have...? >> Hi, Aidyn Colter. >> And what are you graduating with? >> Associate's of the Arts. >> And now, what do-- you have a blue lanyard around your neck. What is that for? >> I'm part of the Middle College program at Wyoming, so basically we took college classes at Wyoming High School, had the professors come in, and we started this I think in 2014? So we're graduating today with all our credits. >> Wow, you had a real leg-up then! >> Yeah, it's an awesome program. >> And do you have family in there? >> Yes, I have a step-parent and a mom in there. I also have a date here today. >> That's a great date, really. >> Yeah-- hopefully, he doesn't get too bored. Hi! >> "Hi date!" She'll be out in a minute. Thank you very much. And next, we have...? >> Jessica Jirous. >> And what are you graduating with? >> Associate's of Arts. >> Okay, now you also have the Middle College program? >> Yes, yup. >> So did you really like that program? >> I did-- I had a lot of fun. >> Excellent, and who do you have in there tonight? >> My mom, my sisters, my grandma, and my grandpa. >> You want to wave to them? Very nice-- very conservative wave. I like that, though. Thank you. And last but not least, we have...? >> Karlie Hershberger. >> And what are you graduating with? >> Associate's of Arts degree. >> And what would you like to do with that, ideally? Like, dream big-- what do you want to do? >> Ooh, I would love to become a pastor. >> Very cool, and-- >> But... I'm not sure. >> You're not sure? >> Nope, not yet-- I just wanted to take something in biblical studies for sure. That's where my interest is the most. >> Okay, cool-- well, I hope you have good luck with it. Do you have family in there? >> Oh, yes, tons. Some from Alabama as well. >> Okay, well, go ahead and say hi to every one of them, if you want to. >> Hello! >> I mean, you can use names! >> Hello, David, Cassie, Nick, Will, Mom, Dad! >> Very cool-- thank you very much. >> Thank you. >> Okay, we just had a car pass us in the Bostwick Commons, everything is okay, and we will see you in there in just a few minutes. (scattered cheering) (bagpipe music) >> Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Grand Rapids Community College 101st commencement exercises! (applause, cheering) (bagpipe music) Entering at this time is the Dias... the President of Grand Rapids Community College, the Faculty Association Presidents, the Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees, the Provost, the Dean of the School of Workforce Development, the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, the Emeritus President Recipient, the Emeritus Faculty Recipient, and the Distinguished Alumni Recipient. (bagpipe music) At GRCC, we have students attending from many different countries. Now entering the Fieldhouse are students carrying the flags of just a few of these countries. (bagpipe music) (applause) (bagpipe music) Carrying in the college's gonfalons are Cale Merdzinski, President of Student Alliance, and Kyezie Bwanangela, Operations Director of Student Alliance. (bagpipe music) Now, please welcome the Grand Rapids Community College graduating class of 2018! (applause, cheering) (applause) (bagpipe music) (bagpipe music) (intermittent cheering) (bagpipe music) Carrying in the school's gonfalons are Brianna Castillo, President of Campus Activities Board, and Marcus Barissi, Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa. (bagpipe music) Now, please welcome the faculty of Grand Rapids Community College, led by their respective Associate Deans! (cheering, applause) Entering from the left, from the following departments are the School of Arts and Sciences. Entering from the right, the departments in the School of Workforce Development and the School of Student Success and Retention. Please welcome the faculty from Biological Sciences. (cheering, applause) From Applied Technology. (cheering, applause) (bagpipe music) The faculty from the Education department. (cheering, applause) And from the Automotive department. (applause) (bagpipe music) A welcome to the faculty from the Business department. (applause) (bagpipe music) Faculty from Computer Information Systems. (applause) (bagpipe music) Also the faculty from the Criminal Justice department. (cheering, applause) (bagpipe music) Faculty from Exercise Science. (applause) From the Secchia Institute of Culinary Education. (cheering, applause) The Language and Thought department. (applause) The Dental faculty. (cheering, applause) Faculty from the Manufacturing department. (applause) And from Mechanical and Architectural Design. (applause) (bagpipe music) The faculty from the Music department. (cheering, applause) From Physical Sciences. (applause) Faculty from the Psychology department. (applause) And the Nursing department. (cheering, applause) The faculty from Social Sciences. (applause) Occupational Therapy Assistants. (cheering, applause) Faculty from the Theater department. (cheering, applause) Radiologic Technology. (cheering, applause) The Visual Arts faculty. (cheering, applause) And also, please welcome the Academic Advising and Transfer Center staff, Counseling and Career Development, Disability & Occupational Support Services, TRiO Student Support Services... (cheering, applause) the Library staff, and finally the Tutor Coordinators. (cheering, applause) (bagpipe music) Ladies and gentlemen, you may please be seated. Now, please welcome the President of Grand Rapids Community College, Dr. Bill Pink. (cheering, applause) >> Good evening. >> (all) Good evening. >> Wait a minute-- good evening! >> (all, loudly) Good evening! Welcome to the 2018 Grand Rapids Community College commencement ceremony, our institution's 101st ceremony, celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates. This academic year, almost 1,600 students will have received a certificate or degree that encompasses programs of study from Psychology to Automotive Technology. Of all those students, more than 400 will cross the stage tonight-- nearly 500 students will cross the stage tonight to accept their credential. While much has changed at GRCC since we were founded as Michigan's first junior college in 1914-- let me say that again. You are sitting in the oldest community college in the state of Michigan. (cheering, applause) With 49 students back in 1914 studying topics from Biology to Latin to Mathematics, but even today, much that was then still remains the same. We are an institution committed to fostering not only academic growth and success of our students, but their success in life as well. And tonight, we will celebrate those successes. In addition to recognizing our student achievements, we will honor people who have contributed to this college and to our community. I would also like for you to help me show appreciation for those who are providing the music tonight. First of all, the Muskegon Region Police Pipes and Drums. Also... (applause) (applause) Definitely. (cheering, applause) Also, Professor Kevin Dobreff, Assistant Professor Stephen Barton and the Concert Choir, and Assistant Professor Jared Staub and the Wind Ensemble, who will be providing our music this evening. Please give a round of applause for those. (cheering, applause) It's also pleasing to see so many families and friends and community leaders tonight. Thank you for joining us in saluting the accomplishments of our graduates. Families, friends, those of you who came to support the graduates, I'm sure these graduates appreciate the support that you've been able to give them in accomplishing what they celebrate tonight. So thank you for being here tonight. (cheering, applause) At this time, I would like to ask you to stand for the National Anthem, which will be led by Professor Kevin Dobreff, Program Director of our Music department. (drum roll) ("The Star-Spangled Banner" orchestral music) >> (all singing) ♪ Oh say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hail'd ♪ ♪ At the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ Thro' the perilous fight ♪ ♪ O'er the ramparts we watch'd ♪ ♪ Were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ And the rockets' red glare ♪ ♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ Gave proof thro' the night ♪ ♪ That our flag was still there ♪ ♪ O say does that star-spangled banner ♪ ♪ Yet wave ♪ ♪ O'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ And the home ♪ ♪ Of the brave ♪ (applause, cheering) >> You may be seated. At this time, would you please join me in a moment of silence so that each one of us can express our appreciation in our own way for the bright future these graduates will create. Please join me in a moment of silence. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, it's now my pleasure to introduce to you our platform guests for the evening. I'm gonna ask you if you would hold your applause until each group is introduced. First of all, the Board of Trustees for Grand Rapids Community College... Mr. David Koetje, Chairperson, and retired President and CEO of Christian Schools International. Ms. Deb Bailey, Vice Chairperson, and Director of Global Corporate Relations for Steelcase, Incorporated. Ms. Cynthia Bristol, Secretary, and retired Grand Rapids Community College faculty member. Dr. Richard Stewart, Treasurer, and retired Professor from Cornerstone University. Mr. Kenyatta Brame, Trustee, and Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Cascade Engineering. Ms. Kathleen Bruinsma, Trustee, and attorney with McShane & Bowie Law. And Mr. Carlos Sanchez, Trustee, and Director of the Latino Business and Economic Development Center at Ferris State University. Please join me in a warm welcome to our Board of Trustees this evening. (applause, cheering) Now, I'd like to introduce to you the rest of the guests who are on stage this evening. Dr. Laurie Chesley, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Amy Koning, Dean of the School of Workforce Development. Dr. Mike Vargo, Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Frank Conner, Psychology Department Professor, Department Head, and Faculty Association President. Fátima Nieves, 2018 Faculty Emeritus Award recipient and retired Professor of Counseling and Career Center. Mrs. Jane Doyle, 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. And Dr. Juan Olivarez, former Grand Rapids Community College President and tonight's keynote speaker. Please give a warm welcome to the rest of our platform guests. (cheering, applause) Friends, while it's true that this college would not exist without our students, our college would also not be a regional and national college of distinction without the awesome people who work here, who make up what we call the "GRCC family." Please allow me to introduce to you this college's esteemed faculty, staff, and administrators. Please stand, all those faculty, staff, and administrators of Grand Rapids Community College and be recognized at this time. (cheering, applause) You may be seated. Now, graduates, I'm going to ask you for something at this time. So I mentioned earlier there are family, friends, and loved ones who are here tonight in support of you. And no doubt you are very, very appreciative of those people in many ways, whatever they ended up doing for you and continue to do for you, whether it be to watch children while you study, whether it be to take care of other things while you went to class. So it's obvious that there are people here tonight that mean a lot to you. And that, without those individuals, you probably wouldn't be able to sit where you sit tonight. So I want you to do tonight, at this time, I'm gonna give a couple of seconds for this-- okay, I may give you a minute. I want you, in your own way-- and it probably includes standing up, and that's okay, and shouting and screaming, that's okay with me. I want you, in your own way-- but stay in your spot, though. (audience laughing) I want you, in your own way, to express to those loved ones who are sitting around us right now your appreciation for what they've done to help you get where you are this evening. Please. (cheering, applause) All right, you may be seated. >> (graduate screaming) I love you! >> Yes, I agree. (audience laughing) Happy to see that no hats went flying. So thank you for that. (audience laughing) Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, it's my pleasure to welcome Board of Trustees Vice Chairperson Ms. Deb Bailey to the podium, to recognize tonight's Faculty Emeritus Award recipient. Ms. Bailey. (applause) >> On behalf of my fellow Trustees, our faculty and staff, I would like to recognize the 2018 Faculty Emeritus Award recipient, Ms. Fátima Nieves. Fátima Nieves continues to advocate for students even after her retirement. She's known for her dedication and passion for helping them succeed in the classroom and beyond. Connecting them with community resources, so they have the support they need to reach their goals. She retired in 2015, but soon came back to help students reach the milestone we celebrate so proudly today-- graduation. Please join me in watching this tribute. (playful piano music) >> My name is Fátima Nieves, and I am the Coordinator for the Student Support Services program. >> When I think of Fátima, I think of someone that's a very strong student success advocate, someone that goes out of her way to make sure that everything we do at GRCC has the student first. >> She went out of her way to make sure that students were able to navigate the college. There was never one person. She was there for everybody, all the time. She was the one that would bring humor into the department, too. >> (Fátima laughing). >> Her laugh-- there's a couple people at the college that have very distinctive laughs, and she was one of them, but she would always try to bring out laughter in other people. >> The most rewarding aspect of my work is... seeing the students transform while-- when they are in the college. >> I can think of times when we were in meetings together, and we were going down one path as an advising office, thinking we were making all the right decisions, and then, she'd say, "Well, what about this "from a student perspective?" And then, we'd go down a completely different path. >> That was just kind of her-- she was always real prepared for everything that was going on. She was just always there for the team, always there for the students, always there for the college. (applause, cheering) >> It is my great pleasure to bestow the 2018 Faculty Emeritus Award to Fátima Nieves. (applause, cheering) >> Congratulations-- that's awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, please at this time welcome our Board of Trustees Chairperson Mr. Dave Koetje, who will present the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award. (cheering) >> On behalf of my fellow Trustees and the faculty and staff, I would like to honor a special alumnus this evening, retired Woman Airforce Service Pilot, Mrs. Jane Doyle. Jane's service to our country is extraordinary. She first attended what was then Grand Rapids Junior College back in 1940. That's not an error. 1940. Taking engineering courses, and enrolling in Grand Rapids Junior College's Civilian Pilot Training program at that time. She later earned a degree from the University of Michigan and continued flying with the Civil Air Patrol. She soon became part of an elite group of women pilots, transporting aircraft, equipment, and personnel as well as testing planes that had undergone repairs. In 2010, she and other surviving pilots were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal. Please join me in watching this video. (gentle piano music) >> Junior College changed my whole life, my whole plans. (laughing) Yeah, I had planned on going into some form of art... art or music, and then that summer, or right before school ended in the spring of 1940, they announced that they were going to have a summer flying program-- the government was going to sponsor a civil-- a civilian pilot training program. And I was in the engineering class, and Mr. Shoe came in, and announced it to the boys, and I thought, "Oh... (laughing) "this sounds interesting." So they said they'd let one girl in for every nine fellas, so I had to pass a physical and I got into the flying program that summer. Dr. Andrews was the president at that time, and he got this Civilian Pilot Training Program, this government program, for the college. And then, from there, while I did go down to Michigan to study art, but I still loved flying, and when I heard about the WASP program for Women's Airforce Service Pilots, why, I applied for that, and was accepted, and went through 7 months of training, and got my commercial license and instrument license, flew for the Air Force. There weren't too many pilots-- there were a few. Well, there was one other girl from Grand Rapids, and the two of us were recognized in the paper, you know, as having our pilot's license and being the first women to fly military aircraft. There were 25,000 that applied and 1,800 were accepted, and then 1,000 of us graduated from training. But then, Congress wouldn't approve our military status, and some of 'em even went to officer-- started officers training classes, but Congress just wouldn't approve us as part of the military, so they disbanded the program, and sealed the records, and stored them in the archives of Congress, and it wasn't until we had gotten the Congressional Gold Medal in 2010, and we went to Washington and accepted it. They call us "pioneers." (chuckling) I mean, we paved the way for it. We never realized that women could, you know, advance that far, and so many women have high positions now. They can do anything they want now. If you just really want to do, well you can find a way to do it. (gentle music) (cheering, applause) >> It-- (applause) (applause) It gives every one of us in this building tremendous joy to present the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award to Ms. Jane Doyle. (cheering, applause) (applause) One more. (cheering, applause) >> You know, that was going to be such a cool picture to take with Ms. Doyle. I wanted so bad to photo-bomb that because I wanted to be a part of that. (audience laughing) Graduates, I'm sorry, but when you think about those that have walked before you in the halls of this great institution-- and for those who are faculty and staff and administrators at this institution that, every year, we get together to honor graduates, we always have someone that we honor as a Distinguished Alum. So we get to see on a regular basis who some of these people are. >> (person yelling) That's right! (audience laughing) >> And so, with the folks who have come before you, what an honor and what a part of history that you get to experience and you get to carry that legacy that, years from now, one of you will be in that same spot for some incredible things that you will do in this world. At this time, the GRCC Concert Choir will perform "An Exhortation" by David Conte. >> (choir singing, a cappella) ♪ America ♪ ♪ We have come so far ♪ ♪ We have seen so much ♪ ♪ But there is so much more to do ♪ ♪ Let us ask ourselves ♪ ♪ If our children should live to see ♪ ♪ The next century ♪ ♪ What progress will we have made ♪ ♪ This is our chance to answer that call ♪ ♪ This is our time ♪ ♪ To reaffirm that fundamental truth ♪ ♪ That out of many ♪ ♪ We are one ♪ ♪ That while we breathe ♪ ♪ We hope ♪ ♪ And where we are met with doubt ♪ ♪ We will respond with that timeless creed ♪ ♪ That sums up the spirit of a people ♪ ♪ Yes we can ♪ ♪ Yes we can ♪ ♪ Yes we can ♪ (cheering, applause) >> Grand Rapids Community College is honored to give our Presidential Emeritus Award this evening to a man who guided this institution through a decade of growth and challenges. Dr. Juan Olivarez, who will also deliver tonight's keynote address, became the first Hispanic President of a Michigan college or university when he was tapped to lead Grand Rapids Community College in 1999. He is the only third GRCC President to receive this honor, following Richard W. Calkins and Dr. Steven C. Ender. We are proud to recognize Dr. Olivarez for his work to boost student minority enrollment and community involvement. Please join me for this short video. (delicate music) >> (narrator) As students, you hear a lot of names without context. We'll provide some today for one familiar name, that of our President Emeritus. Yes, he's the name behind the Juan Olivarez Student Plaza, and the guy on the mural in the Main Building, but there's a lot that came before. With degrees from Aquinas, Wayne State, and MSU, he started as an elementary school teacher in the Grand Rapids Public Schools, eventually leading special education. And then, in 1991, he became the Director of Institutional Research for GRCC, the year we separated from GRPS. Juan led many community initiatives, including whether GRCC should establish a South Campus in Caledonia, he helped form the Community Learning Enterprise, and then The Delta Strategy, which convened local leaders to tackle community issues like poverty and unemployment, efforts that would eventually lead to his selection as president in 1999. During his presidency, the Calkins Science Center was opened, along with both of our Michigan Technical Education Centers, one of which would spearhead our service to students in Ottawa County. He would reinforce GRCC efforts around diversity, institutional evaluation, outreach to underserved neighborhoods, and launch our "Open Door" fundraising campaign. He presided over GRCC's 90th anniversary in 2004, and like every president, he would face budget challenges, confront issues around freedom of expression, and serve as the face of our response to national tragedies like the attacks of September 11. He served as the bridge between a college in the shadow of a school district... to a community college that now stands proudly and successfully on its own. All the while, he demonstrated a level of compassion for all of GRCC, a practice he encouraged often with his standard closing comments. >> And remember, as I remind you all the time, that if we're going to do our best, please take care of yourself... you got to take care of each other... you've got to take care of our students... and take care of GRCC. (soft music) (cheering, applause) >> Now, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, it gives me great pride to present to our keynote speaker tonight, Dr. Juan Olivarez, the Presidential Emeritus Award. (cheering, applause) (applause) >> Chairman Koetje, Board of Trustees, and President Pink, thank you so much for this honor. I am humbled and grateful for this recognition. This is a wonderful school, I loved working here. And to all of the fellow faculty and staff members who were here while I was here, thank you for all of your help while I was here, because nobody does it alone. So thank you. So I'm here for a reason. Graduates, you did it! And I know-- (cheering, applause) And I know that you are so ready to move onto the next big thing. I am honored to be your keynote speaker tonight. It is a privilege. Based on my career of 47 years, and what I've learned about many of you, I have three simple points that I want you to take away tonight-- follow your passion, set high goals for yourself, and believe that you can have an impact on anything you choose. I hope that my story, some of which you saw tonight, can be an inspiration for you. But your stories can also be an inspiration for each of you. So tonight, to get my point across, I'm going to use you. Yes, I'm going to use you. I want to combine my words with yours, since we all have stories and lessons to share. To start, thanks to the Media Technologies department, I blended some of your words, which were caught on tape-- and you may not know it-- and arranged a poem which will help me deliver my message. Graduates, ladies and gentlemen, a poem from the members of the class of 2018, arranged by me, titled "I Did It... "So Ready to Move On To the Next Big Thing." (gentle guitar music) >> Become the person that I've always wanted to become... >> That's all I've wanted to do... >> Grow in amazing ways you never even thought possible... >> Driven me to succeed... >> Pursue a dream... >> Big accomplishment in my life. >> I did it! >> I'm so ready to move onto the next big thing. >> A new beginning... >> My next goal... >> I just have to discover it... >> And we all have choices... >> A brand-new chapter and a brand-new start... >> I did it! >> I'm so ready to move onto the next big thing. >> Nothing impossible for me to do... >> I developed the empathy necessary... >> Sacrifice... >> Giving back... >> Something that's really passionate for me... >> Taking the next step in my life... >> I can make an impact... >> I did it! >> I'm so ready to move onto the next big thing. >> As I journey into my career... >> Give back service... >> Help people... >> Network at any chance... >> It will come back good to you... >> The first step in a long journey... >> Better and greater things... >> I did it! >> I'm so ready to move onto the next big thing. >> Wherever it goes, I'm going... >> Do better with my life... >> Become the person that I've always wanted to become. >> I did it! >> I'm so ready to move onto the next big thing. >> Go Raiders. (music) (cheering, applause) >> What beautiful voices and such powerful words. Let me review the first verse. "Become the person that I've always wanted to become. "That's all I've wanted to do. "Grow in amazing ways you never thought possible. "Driven me to succeed. "Pursue a dream. "Big accomplishments in my life. "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." These are your words. But I, too, can relate to them. In every step of my career journey, I wanted to become that better person, personally and professionally. I followed my passion, always had high goals, and I believed I could have an impact in my field and in my community. Nicolas Tynes, I know you're out there. You, too, have had goals and dreams in front of you. This accomplishment in Welding and Cutting Technologies is so significant in your journey. It's taken you a long time to get to this moment, but you did it. And I hope that your grandpa and aunt are here tonight to see you walk this stage. I heard you say their motivation and inspiration helped you meet your goal. Carole Martinez, what an accomplishment! Your parents must be beaming with pride to see you graduate as the first in your family. For you, this is your first step. You are determined to pursue your interest in engineering. And Sydney Doornbos, I've seen you perform. And there is no doubt that you have a bright future ahead of you at U of M and in secondary education. Dreams really can come true. And now, let's hear from one of your classmates regarding his dream and why... Marcus Barissi. >> So while I was here, I studied premedicine biology in order to transfer that over and attain a Biology degree before applying for medical school. I have developed a lot of empathy for people that may look normal on the outside but on the inside, they were in a lot of pain. And over the years, I've struggled with that personally, so I understand when people come in saying that they hurt, and it looks like they're totally fine on the outside, but on the inside, there is something really, really wrong. As soon as I graduate from Grand Rapids Community College, I found out that I was accepted into the University of Michigan, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. So I'll be attending the College of LSA next fall. My goal will be to attain a Biology degree in two years, and during my junior year of my undergraduate degree, I'll be applying to medical school. >> Marcus-- (cheering, applause) (cheering, applause) Marcus, you've already had an amazing journey. And I want you to be my doctor some day. Let me read the next verse in your poem. "A new beginning. "My next goal. "I just have to discover it. "We all have choices. "Brand-new chapter and a brand-new start. "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." Yes, this is the end of a milestone, and it brings the excitement of the next new challenge. I'm a runner, so for me, life is like a marathon. Every mile is an accomplishment, and each accomplishment motivates me to achieve the next one. Jonathan Castillo-Hernandez. You've stated that going to college was an eye-opener. I enjoyed hearing how excited you are about your new beginning. I also enjoyed hearing that the exposure you received in high school, which had an environmental theme, led you to your major in Natural Resource Management. One experience leads to another. Continuing to learn opens new opportunities. Yen Vo, you are a new mom, and you wanted to find a way to stay at home with your baby, but also improve yourself and get an education. You found that there were choices for you. You did on-line courses to get your General Studies completed, and you'll reach your goal in Information Technologies with a Bachelor's degree when your situation changes. Deliberately planning your career around your obligations is so smart. I, too, had to make choices in degree options based on my life situations. Life and job circumstances are very important. The key is to find the right path for you, create a plan, and execute that plan. Sometimes, goals that you're very passionate about come much later. Let's hear from another graduate about her path-- Susan Beedon. >> I start out-- it's been over 30 years since I've actually wanted to come here. And I came for the Culinary Arts program. I'm graduating with a Personal Chef Certificate. A couple of years ago, I lost my job, and I was able to fulfill my dreams by coming back to school and doing what I want to do. I'm actually going to open my personal chef business, and in building that business, I also plan to opening a food truck, so that way, I can travel around and still fulfill my dreams of cooking food for others. >> Susan, congratulations. (cheering, applause) Pursuing a second career is happening more and more these days. What I love about your story is that you chose to embrace the change you were faced with, instead of falling in despair for losing your job. Good luck! And tell me where I can find your food truck. (audience laughing) And now, the next verse of your poem. "Nothing impossible for me to do. "I've developed the empathy necessary. "Sacrifice. "Giving back. "Something that's really passionate for me. "Taking the next step in my life. "I can make an impact. "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." Your words, "nothing impossible for me to do," is an attitude that I wish for all of you. That's been my attitude. In high school, I had no plans to go to college, but thanks to a high school counselor who motivated me to go and take a chance, I did. Since then, I learned to believe in myself, which led to setting some pretty audacious goals like changing my line of work, like earning a Doctorate degree, like becoming a college president. All because I believed nothing was impossible. And always remember-- no pain, no gain. Rebecca Grayson... you've had this same belief. Even with your challenges, you have that insatiable desire to follow your passion to work with young children and make an impact in their development. You have much potential, and your story is outstanding. And Yessenia Aguillon, your passion to become an immigration lawyer is commendable. You have set your goals high, and letting nothing get in the way. Felicidades to your parents for all they've done to support you, to see their first in their family earn a college degree. We all need support along the way. And now, let's hear from another classmate who has set her goals based on what she sees as a need in the community... Nydra Moore. (audience cheering) >> At first, I was going to go for Nursing, but at Mary Free Bed, I work with a lot of stroke and amputee patients. And the need they have for a social worker or someone to come in and guide them in the right place, I felt that was my passion. I'm very passionate about helping people and getting involved personally, and just kinda holding their hand throughout life. (cheering, applause) >> We're all proud of you, Nydra. No doubt you will have an huge impact in our career. And now, the fourth verse of your words. "As I journey into my career. "Give back in service. "Help people. "Network at any chance. "It will come back good to you. "First step in a long journey. "Better and greater things. "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." I'm at the end of my career journey, but you are at the beginning or in midstream. Make the best of networks to help you navigate and even set goals. I have many people to be grateful for, who have contributed to my development and progress. But remember, always pay it forward. Stephanie Salois, I know you're among the graduates tonight. You shared your gratitude that many are helping you in your journey. So let me express our gratitude for your service to our country. Leaving the military and reentering civilian life isn't always easy. But here you are... you did it. Your desire to continue your studies in Communications is ideal because I know you want to help people and make the world better. Thank you for wanting to go to Flint and help the people there. You will definitely have an impact. (cheering, applause) Jacoby Bolton, I admire your tenacity and sticking to it until you finished. There's so much more for you out there. And you, too, will have an impact on people because you know how hard life can be, and you realize that so many people have helped you. As a social worker, you will pay it forward. Thank you. And now, let's hear from two of your classmates who want something better for themselves, but also for their children. Taylor Trotter and Cesaylee Reed. (audience cheering) >> For me to be graduating-- it means a lot. It's just like a further step in my education so that I can end up creating a better life for my daughter. I'm walking so that my daughter can see, and so that I can prove to her that she can do anything as long as she perseveres and just sets her mind to it. >> I plan to go to Grand Valley State University, and go into Public Relations and also Business Administration-- that's my major. Get my Bachelor's, and then hopefully my Master's one day. It means a lot to me. My daughter to see that I'm taking the next step in my life, and see that I'm accomplishing something, so she should accomplish it as well. So whatever I do, she should, you know, go further and beyond of what I'm doing. >> (kissing). (cheering, applause) >> Taylor and Cesaylee, no doubt your children will be positively influenced by your accomplishments. And now, for the last verse of your poem. "Wherever it goes, I'm going. "Do better with my life. "Become the person that I've always wanted to become. "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." "Wherever it goes, I'm going." This phrase reminds me of my observations over all these years that no matter what vocation you're following or job that you might have, change happens, even if you don't want it to. And you must be ready for it. In my 47-year career, I've seen major changes happen. Technology might be the reason for a lot of it, but it's also the demand that we see during the times. That's why you must keep developing yourself. Set goals to keep learning. Garrett Esper, you finally found your way here to GRCC after many "not-so-fun jobs." And now, after reaching and finding your niche, you found marketing to be your passion. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure your family is very proud. >> (woman cheering). >> Today, all of you are commencing. That means "beginning." And who knows where life will take you as you all continue pursuing new dreams? I've learned to follow my heart as well as my head. Do what brings you joy and inspiration. Love what you do, and don't be afraid to venture into new directions if you don't feel fulfilled. I took calculated risks, and all for the better. Try new things that will challenge you and stretch you. And now, let's hear from one last graduate who understands passion, goals, and making an impact-- Raydale Bonivel. (audience cheering) >> I've been accepted to a few of my top choices, so I'm just figuring out what I'm going to do, but I will be transferring to a university. And we all have choices, so just know that the way you think about your life will be what your life becomes. Therefore, make every thought count. Realize everything counts. Every thing matter, every decision that you make from this point on is literally determining the outcome of two years from now, four years from now, you know, 20 years from now. So use GRCC and use this platform as a way of understanding that this is the developmental stage of your next success. (cheering, applause) >> Thanks, Raydale. I know you want to be a motivational speaker. I think you're pretty much there. Thank you, graduates, for helping with my message through our combined voices and stories. I close with a challenge for each of you. Have the courage. Have the courage to follow your passion. Continue setting high goals for yourself. And believe you can make an impact in whatever you choose. And please celebrate every time you say, "I did it! "So ready to move onto the next big thing." Congratulations, Raiders. You're an awesome class. Best wishes to each of you. Thank you. (cheering, applause) >> One thing that my mom and dad were very intent on helping their five children to understand, among other things, was to make sure you give credit where credit is due. And something about me being President at Grand Rapids Community College, something about me being in this position compels me to make sure that I do just that. To understand that the grounds that I celebrate, the grounds that I work on, the rich fertile soil of this institution has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the history of this place. The people who have gone before me as leaders, as presidents, as vice presidents, but even, in this case, the people who have led this institution as the President. And I am not foolish enough to think that what I can work in and celebrate and continue to build upon has nothing to do with me, but has everything to do with men like Juan Olivarez, Steve Ender, Dick Calkins, and others, who paved the way so that I, as President today, can take hold and lead this institution to the next level. But I give credit to the man sitting behind me, among other people. Please help me one more time to thank Juan Olivarez for the work he's done for this institution. (cheering, applause) Ladies and gentlemen, this year marks 29 years of an organization that we are very proud to be connected with here at GRCC-- Noorthoek Academy. Since 1989, Noorthoek Academy has been our partner in providing a post-secondary college experience in the arts and sciences for individuals with special needs. Tonight, I am extremely honored to confer honorary Associate of Arts degrees on three Noorthoek Academy students. Please watch this tribute to these honorary degree recipients. (gentle guitar music) >> All three of the students started at the same time. They've been with us for 23 years. One thing that is really special about Leetrice is how helpful she is. When she walks into class, the first thing she does is she arranges the rooms, and she's always the first to arrive, so I have really appreciated that about Leetrice. >> I'm very helpful, as she said, in class. My grandma would say I'm a sweetheart, but... I always say I was a sweetheart for other people. >> The previous teacher called David-- gave him the nickname of "The Professor," and that's because he has this huge brain, and it's got lots of information in it, and he just loves sharing it. >> I liked learning a lot about Egypt, and history of it, and also the history of Native Americans, and also zoology this year. >> Katie Aubert has got so much joy and exuberance in her. She has a great sense of humor. If you want to laugh, all you have to do is just get Katie started talking about any of her passions. >> We study about their countries, we study about their food, and we learn each country. It's a lot of fun. >> All three of them just have a love of learning. Just being able to be recognized for that love of learning is meaningful, and will be something that is treasured by them forever. >> When I heard that I was getting my degree, I was just overwhelmed and just filled with joy. >> I just like the-- I like the students here because they always walk up to us and they always say "hi" to us. >> I didn't think there would be a school for people with disabilities who still wanted to learn, and to belong to a college that the regular students accept you for who you are, not what you are. This is the best college I ever went to. (gentle music) (cheering, applause) >> Ladies and gentlemen, our honorary degree recipients-- Katie Aubert, Leetrice Lynn Souza, and David Andrew Wolven. (cheering, applause) (applause) (cheering, applause) Ladies and gentlemen, one more hand of applause for our honorary degree recipients. (cheering, applause) (applause) All right, so now, we come to the part in the ceremony that I know many of you have been waiting for. (graduates cheering) When these students here in front of us finish tonight, they will join tens of thousands of students and graduates who are proud GRCC alumni. On behalf of everyone on this stage and in the audience, I want to wish you the very best of luck as you take your next steps, whether that's onto a career, continuing your studies, or both. We are so proud to call you GRCC family and GRCC alumni. Now, it's time for you all to shine as you take the walk across this stage. As we confer your certificates and degrees, I will be assisted by Chairperson David Koetje and other members of the Board of Trustees. Presenting the candidates for confirmation are Provost Laurie Chesley, Dean Amy Koning, and Dean Mike Vargo. Before we begin, I would like to call your attention to students who are wearing special cords and medallions tonight. Students wearing gold ribbons with gold medallions are members of Delta Pi Alpha, who graduate this evening in the top 5% of their class. (applause) Students wearing a blue med-- (applause) oh, yeah, clap for them. (cheering, applause) Students wearing a blue ribbon with a medallion are members of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, and have earned a grade point average of 3.3 or better. (audience cheering) Those wearing blue and gold cords are members of our Honors Program. Those who are wearing a red, white, and blue cord are being honored tonight for their service to our country. (cheering, applause) We have students also tonight that are wearing purple cords, and they are members of our GRCC Wyoming High School Middle College program. (cheering, applause) They are the third cohort of Middle College graduates here at GRCC to graduate from Wyoming High School and GRCC. And students wearing red cords are members of GRCC's Cedar Springs Middle College program. They represent the first cohort from Cedar Springs to graduate from GRCC. And students who are wearing blue and white cords are members of the GRCC Lakeshore campus Careerline Tech Center Middle College program. And that's our first cohort from that institution, as well, from GRCC. Now, let me explain to you this Middle College program is a partnership between GRCC and public schools that allows participating students to earn a high school diploma and an Associate's degree in four years. These students complete a 13th year of high school while also being enrolled at GRCC programs. And the tuition cost for these students is zero! (cheering, applause) Let me ask-- would all of our Middle College students-- and what I told them earlier when I spent time with them before the ceremony, is that they came to GRCC as Middle College students. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, they are college graduates. Would our Middle School and our college graduates from Cedar Springs and Wyoming High School please stand and be recognized at this time? (cheering, applause) You may be seated. Now, as I said, tonight is our first cohort that are graduating from Cedar Springs High School. But I want to call attention to a person who has been very instrumental at our Middle College work here at GRCC. This year marks the last year that Superintendent Tom Reeder will be superintendent for Wyoming High School as he retires. Dr. Reeder was that person who was the visionary with us in stepping out there and being that first institution, that first high school and that first school district, as superintendent, to embark on Middle College work with GRCC. The result is that this is the third cohort that are graduating from Wyoming High School, as not only as high school graduates but Associate degree graduates as well. Dr. Reeder is here tonight. Dr. Reeder, would you please stand and be recognized? We thank you for your partnership with us. (cheering, applause) Now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Provost Laurie Chesley who will begin the conferring of certificates and degrees this evening. >> Will the marshal now present the candidates who will be graduated with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Music, Associate of Science, and Associate of General Studies. Dr. Mike Vargo, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, will introduce these candidates this evening. Brianna Graciela Castillo. (cheering, applause) Lian Cing. (cheering, applause) Garrett Mitchell Esper. (cheering, applause) Alexandria Foreman. (cheering, applause) Cale Merdzinski. (cheering, applause) Tatum Marie Kovach. (cheering, applause) Tina M. Poulias. (applause) Catherine Rose Marie Stump. (cheering, applause) Marcus Nima Barissi. (cheering, applause) Kyezie Bwanangela. (cheering, applause) Deandre' Kennell Bridgeman. (cheering, applause) (air horn blasting) Kelly Lee Burrows. (cheering, applause) Missie Diane Renee Vaughn. (applause) Raven Kristin Butler. (cheering, applause) Norma Zondervan. (applause) Carlos Menjivar. (cheering, applause) Grace Li Tarala. (cheering, applause) Josiah Hulse. (applause) Jessica Lynn Hulbert. (cheering, applause) Franco D. Benner. (cheering, applause) Eileen Gutierrez-Blanco. (cheering, applause) Breana Gallarzo. (applause) Justin Michael Vandeusen. (applause) Ariel Israel Sosa. (cheering, applause) Mecca Milton. (cheering, applause) Lakeysha Ann McFarrin. (cheering, applause) Abdul McGraw. (cheering, applause) Jeffrey Alan Drake-Todd. (cheering, applause) Raydale Shamaine Bonivel. (cheering, applause) Khaysirah Q. Muhammad-Smith. (cheering, applause) Sarah Anne Hellem. (applause) Kaylee Christine Crane. (cheering, applause) Karen M. Theodore. (cheering, applause) Stephanie Ann Plant. (cheering, applause) Bianca Janay Springer. (cheering, applause) Jenae M. Green. (cheering, applause) Rainell Crystal Sterling. (cheering, applause) Candice R. Crump. (cheering, applause) Estana Joi-Imani Stelpstra. (cheering, applause) Drewyn Lee Talley. (cheering, applause) Lina Breland. (cheering, applause) Saul Garcia-Jimenez. (cheering, applause) Monica Rivera. (cheering, applause) Alma Josefina Garcia-Bautista. (cheering, applause) Yessenia Aguillon. (cheering, applause) Estefania Yanelly Roque-Segura. (applause) Francesca Lee Robinson. (applause) Racheal Shae Donaldson. (cheering, applause) Dennis William Donaldson. (cheering, applause) Joshua Daniel Hunter. (cheering, applause) Evan Foster Wing. (cheering, applause) Mardy Starrine. (cheering, applause) Joshua Michael Crame. (applause) Esther Shirley Kuipers. (cheering, applause) Samantha Lynn Churchill. (cheering, applause) Jacoby Miles Bolton. (cheering, applause) Keyona McIntosh. (cheering, applause) Giovanni Hernandez. (cheering, applause) Juana Escobar. (cheering, applause) Rosa Bella Salas. (cheering, applause) Benjamin Christopher Malachino. (cheering, applause) Zachary Levi Hargrove. (cheering, applause) Leo C. Tokarski. (cheering, applause) Lisa Vongsiprasom. (cheering, applause) Caitlyn Jean Kroll. (cheering, applause) Averica Lopez. (cheering, applause) Brenna Elizabeth Zawacki. (cheering, applause) Thomas Raymond Daniels. (applause) Felicia Marie Burger. (cheering, applause) Fernando Daniel Cueva. (cheering, applause) Marlae May Sloothaak. (cheering, applause) Ryan Lewis Clark. (cheering, applause) Riley D. Ross. (cheering, applause) Kelly C. Barnes. (applause) Khailik Isaac-Armond Tyler. (cheering, applause) Megan Danielle Van Asperen. (cheering, applause) Yen Phi Vo. (cheering, applause) Israel Munoz. (cheering, applause) Thaddeus Joel Milne. (cheering, applause) Peter John Sapkowski. (cheering, applause) Austin A. Anderson. (cheering, applause) Siera J. Hull. (cheering, applause) Ariana Martinez. (cheering, applause) Timothy Daniel Knight. (cheering, applause) Danielle R. Moe. (cheering, applause) Elizabeth Flores. (cheering, applause) Jade Isabella Perez. (cheering, applause) Chevon Colin Mitchell. (cheering, applause) Jesse William Krewson. (cheering, applause) Morgan Jane Pohlad. (applause) Nereida Martinez. (cheering, applause) Angelica Limas. (cheering, applause) Hannah R. Halas. (cheering, applause) Alyne G. Magoon. (cheering, applause) Machaela Rae Marquez. (cheering, applause) Michaella Joy Braamse. (cheering, applause) Stacie Lynn McCarthy. (cheering, applause) Grace Anne Vanhoven. (cheering, applause) Madison Nathan Hillis. (cheering, applause) Emily Grace Kolenda. (cheering, applause) Nathan J. Phillips. (cheering, applause) Kimberly Favela. (cheering, applause) Jessica G. Torres. (cheering, applause) Vicky T. Nguyen. (cheering, applause) Sydney N. Bacigal. (cheering, applause) Erica A. Howell. (cheering, applause) Jia N. Robinson. (cheering, applause) Jessica R. Jirous. (cheering, applause) Aidyn L. Colter. (cheering, applause) Vicky Pena. (cheering, applause) Karlie Hershberger. (cheering, applause) Luke Campbell. (cheering, applause) Rosalie Mihigo Baraka. (cheering, applause) Sallie Lange. (applause) Zaide Guadalupe Bermudez. (cheering, applause) Summer Lynn Phillips. (cheering, applause) Bill Ferrier. (cheering, applause) Taylor R. Hollis. (cheering, applause) Jameila Delores Green. (cheering, applause) Justyna Joanna Wacek-Shipman. (cheering, applause) Eric Zaragoza. (cheering, applause) Leopold Ulrich Graf. (cheering, applause) Emily Elaine Kramer. (cheering, applause) Teodora Tilinca. (applause) Shannon Marie McMullin. (cheering, applause) Megan A. Nozal. (cheering, applause) Dugan J. Conely. (cheering, applause) Cameron J. Patin. (cheering, applause) Kevin R. Galloway. (applause) Paul C. Bowerman. (cheering, applause) Kaitlin R. Ringler. (cheering, applause) Raegan E. Hickok. (applause) Sienna L. Wight. (applause) Paul J. Mead. (cheering, applause) Gabe C. Wymer. (cheering, applause) Nathan Patrick Iacopelli. (applause) Kaylee Dawn Orrell. (cheering, applause) Daniela Ruiz Silva. (cheering, applause) Kaytlin R. Mata. (cheering, applause) Bryce DeWent. (cheering, applause) Shigemitsu Suzuki. (cheering, applause) Eva J. Kluting. (cheering, applause) Ausar Aubrey Martin. (cheering, applause) Aleyah Marie Mayne. (cheering, applause) Sendy Melisa Lopez. (cheering, applause) Andrea Calles Tamayo. (cheering, applause) Kate Ruth Lorang. (cheering, applause) Harriet Jerusha Omenge. (cheering, applause) Erin Renee Kropp. (cheering, applause) Nyarup Mayor. (cheering, applause) Alyissa Nicole Cremer. (applause) Sarah Ann Piper. (cheering, applause) Yomaira Enid Urbaez. (cheering, applause) Meghan Danielle Mills. (cheering, applause) Javon Michael Perkins. (cheering, applause) Haiden-- uh, Haley Jordan Turner. (applause) Isabel Makenzi Jerzyk. (cheering, applause) Dana Ashley Talbert. (cheering, applause) Nydra M. Moore. (cheering, applause) Erika Kristine Leistner. (cheering, applause) Haley Jade McKellar. (cheering, applause) Sarah Ann Morris. (cheering, applause) Heather Ann Morris. (cheering, applause) Emma Miller Seif. (cheering, applause) Miranda Marie Sult. (cheering, applause) Maria Guadalupe Morales. (cheering, applause) Shawn L. Dymond. (applause) Taylor Morgan Trotter. (cheering, applause) Isaiah Demitrius Rivera. (cheering, applause) Evie Jane Kiryanoff. (cheering, applause) Kenyon L. Patterson. (applause) Karin Josefin Jovinge. (cheering, applause) Danya M. Leon Leon. (cheering, applause) Sue Ann Wierenga. (cheering, applause) Nicholas Scott Wierenga. (cheering, applause) Jacob T. Rodgers. (cheering, applause) Sheryl Ann Maxim-Geysbeek. (cheering, applause) Sue Zenner. (cheering, applause) Brandi L. Quintero. (cheering, applause) Jaime Castillo. (cheering, applause) Jaylin Francoleon. (cheering, applause) Hidie Leon. (cheering, applause) Alejandra Maria Zamora-Hernandez. (cheering, applause) Travis J. Barkalow. (applause) Courtney Leigh Pettaway. (cheering, applause) Bethany VanderZand. (cheering, applause) Jhoseph Patrick Ruiz Fachin. (cheering, applause) Stephanie Elaine Salois. (cheering, applause) Jane Wilson. (cheering, applause) Iantha M. Fyolek. (cheering, applause) Yusra K. Mutahr. (cheering, applause) Kyle James Clemens. (cheering, applause) Shakelia Qyniece Beene. (cheering, applause) Syd Doornbos. (cheering, applause) Mary-Candace Herrera Johnson. (cheering, applause) Stephanie Rae Elenbaas. (cheering, applause) Veronica J. Aguirre. (cheering, applause) Meleny Vanesa Salvatierra-Guizar. (cheering, applause) James Earl-Doyle Brown. (cheering, applause) Yibriam Aldair Hernandez. (applause) Ilse Stephanie Quintino. (cheering, applause) David Kash. (cheering, applause) Katelin Alice Gyurnek. (cheering, applause) Chaoyu Graham. (cheering, applause) Jayqwuan A. Coffee. (applause) Benjamin Franklin Williams. (cheering, applause) Sofia Cervantes. (cheering, applause) Jonathan A. Carillo-Hernandez. (cheering, applause) Antasia Destinique Copeland. (cheering, applause) Oleida Macias. (applause) Olisha Wilson. (cheering, applause) Karl Joseph Blessing. (cheering, applause) Yiselle Marcelina Valdez. (cheering, applause) Quantia M. Sterling. (cheering, applause) Aliesia Karen Marie Monterusso. (cheering, applause) Justine Ramirez. (applause) Latasha M. Ritter. (cheering, applause) Sanno Linanlam Pau. (cheering, applause) Brandon Bissell-Cory Campbell. (cheering, applause) Thank you, sir. >> (mic with low volume) Will the marshal now present the candidates-- (normal volume) Will the marshal now present the candidates who will be graduated with an Associate of Applied Arts of Science, Associate of Business, Associate of Nursing, and Certificates. Dr. Amy Koning, Dean of the School of Workforce Development, will introduce these candidates this evening. >> Adam Raue. (cheering, applause) Lindsey Nicole Jones. (cheering, applause) Sarah Ann Phillips. (cheering, applause) Madison Baker. (cheering, applause) Yasin Beshir Aman. (applause) Halle Faith Yan Hawn. (cheering, applause) Jose Badea. (cheering, applause) Susan Marrie Beedon. (cheering, applause) Candy Sharon Morales. (cheering, applause) Michael J. McEwen. (cheering, applause) Nicholas Ronald Parks. (cheering, applause) Josh Franzen. (cheering, applause) Kelly G. Surprenant. (cheering, applause) Veronika Rose Brown. (cheering, applause) Heather Rhae-Rose Stadt. (cheering, applause) Rebecca J. Grayson. (cheering, applause) Lori L. Eastman. (cheering, applause) Joshua David Farris. (cheering, applause) Bailey McKenize Aversano. (cheering, applause) Joe Lee Crawford. (cheering, applause) Alvin Johnson. (cheering, applause) Colton Dell Polack. (cheering, applause) Christopher R. Farr. (cheering, applause) Keith Andrew Wilson. (cheering, applause) Cesar J. Guerra. (cheering, applause) Rene J. Cano. (cheering, applause) Nicholas James Tynes. (cheering, applause) Sam Babcock. (cheering, applause) Adam Scott Getliff. (cheering, applause) Elizabeth J. Kamradt. (cheering, applause) Jaclyn M. Suttorp. (cheering, applause) Jessica Ann Fairbanks. (cheering, applause) Carrie Czirr. (cheering, applause) Damian Rene Ortega. (cheering, applause) Adrian Mae Hoffman. (cheering, applause) Marilyn Denise McCoy. (cheering, applause) Cierra Lanae Lowe. (cheering, applause) Yadira Colbert. (cheering, applause) Myriam Harris. (cheering, applause) Hasan Raheem Majeed. (cheering, applause) Dan Hoekstra. (cheering, applause) Matthew Jay Sietsema. (cheering, applause) Antawin Fowler. (cheering, applause) Michael A. Holland. (cheering, applause) Douglas R. Cifuentes. (cheering, applause) Cassie Hamming. (cheering, applause) Maria Sulema Juarez. (cheering, applause) Jaime Manne. (cheering, applause) Ashley Nichole Maas. (cheering, applause) Andria Lancaster. (cheering, applause) Dillon Richard Maharry. (cheering, applause) Luci Marie McSpadden. (cheering, applause) Jessica K. DeSio. (cheering, applause) Amanda Nichole Jakubiak. (cheering, applause) Nathan Charles Schroeder. (cheering, applause) Tyler Vanhouten. (cheering, applause) Jami L. Bumstead. (cheering, applause) Ryan David Scarborough. (cheering, applause) Luke David Vollink. (cheering, applause) Michael J. Pratt. (cheering, applause) Kathryn Suzanne Mandler. (cheering, applause) Alyssa Nicole Lang. (cheering, applause) Allison Beth Schrotenboer. (cheering, applause) Kaitlyn Marie Lampen. (cheering, applause) Brittni Fae Door. (cheering, applause) Samantha Rae Griffiths. (cheering, applause) Jessica Danielle Hamilton. (cheering, applause) Megan Ashley York. (cheering, applause) Leilani Nicole Tanis. (cheering, applause) Kelsey Sue Greenop. (cheering, applause) Leah Joy Noorthoek. (applause) Joslyn Patricia Blood. (cheering, applause) Mindy Nguyen Mitchell. (cheering, applause) Angela Marie Dykstra. (cheering, applause) Casandra Marie Mills. (cheering, applause) Christy Sue Brandt. (cheering, applause) Angela Kay Aernouts. (cheering, applause) Cesaylee J. Reed. (cheering, applause) Napinder Kaur. (cheering, applause) Clemence H. Dusabe. (cheering, applause) Erik Henry Thaxton. (cheering, applause) Brent Jacob Dille. (cheering, applause) Sergei Haley. (cheering, applause) Kelly Ann Lynch. (cheering, applause) Haruedee Duangdee. (cheering, applause) Allison Mary Jean Degraaf. (cheering, applause) (audience laughing) (all laughing) Kelsey McDonagh. (cheering, applause) Jessica Renee Shelton. (cheering, applause) Rachele Gabriele Smith. (cheering, applause) Gerald Paul Bott. (cheering, applause) Blake James Wiggers. (cheering, applause) Rebecca L. Ashley. (cheering, applause) Shenna Elisabeth Colegrove. (cheering, applause) Jerry L. Blue. (cheering, applause) Michael Dj Graham. (cheering, applause) Derisha Elaine Whitley. (cheering, applause) Michelle Ann L. Heeren. (cheering, applause) Diem N. Vu. (cheering, applause) Anna B. Koryto. (cheering, applause) Meaghn Brooke Lynn. (cheering, applause) Donna M. Butler. (cheering, applause) Audra Boorsma. (cheering, applause) Britany Greendyk. (cheering, applause) Sarah J. Baker. (cheering, applause) Haley Jolyn Buck. (cheering, applause) Rachel Clare Brunette. (cheering, applause) Matthew Michael Bailey. (cheering, applause) Ashley Louise Gehring. (cheering, applause) Autumn Rae Brown. (cheering, applause) Chloe Alin Farber. (cheering, applause) Nicole Beurkens. (cheering, applause) Ashleigh Nicole Miling. (cheering, applause) Maxwell Kiel. (applause) Katherin Yajaira Lopez. (cheering, applause) Wyatt Alexander Dotson. (cheering, applause) Mark Lyn Braat. (cheering, applause) Fitsum Eshete. (cheering, applause) Charles D. Nalley Sr. (cheering, applause) Brandon M. Hall. (cheering, applause) Michael P. Wood. (cheering, applause) Marisol Muniz. (cheering, applause) Laura Lynn Martin. (cheering, applause) Cassandra Marie Sanders. (cheering, applause) Katy Elizabeth Berry. (cheering, applause) Heather Ruth-Ellen Holm. (cheering, applause) Nicole R. Steffes. (cheering, applause) Liliane Charlie Tchuente-Domkam. (cheering, applause) Melody R. Harris. (cheering, applause) Amber Meeuwsen. (cheering, applause) Leslie Redmon. (cheering, applause) Dantia Denise Windmon. (cheering, applause) Christine Litchford. (cheering, applause) Cassie Tamika McAlister. (cheering, applause) Erick Ignacio Salazar. (cheering, applause) Matthew Robert Teninty. (cheering, applause) Kayla Jung Rivet. (cheering, applause) Max Michael Everhart. (cheering, applause) Jacob Allen Sinclair. (cheering, applause) Zachary Matthew Bauer. (cheering, applause) Mariah Brooke Crosby. (cheering, applause) Hong P. Do. (cheering, applause) Stephanie Swanson. (cheering, applause) Jeannie Jefferson. (cheering, applause) Stacy Marie Ross. (cheering, applause) Cara J. VanderJagt. (cheering, applause) Eunice Nyambura Mbaria. (cheering, applause) Joshua Emory Williams. (cheering, applause) Jenika Marie Turnquist. (cheering, applause) Daniel J. Turnquist. (cheering, applause) (audience laughing) Karen Reyes. (cheering, applause) Lindsey Rae Harlukowicz. (cheering, applause) Jeannah Rose Oxford Powell. (cheering, applause) Jaisen Andre Clanagan Jr. (cheering, applause) Lydia A. Flinsky. (cheering, applause) Sara Vandyken. (cheering, applause) Julia McCormack. (cheering, applause) Robin Lynn Browne. (cheering, applause) Mandy Verna Boos. (cheering, applause) Benoit Vairet. (cheering, applause) Anca Paula Nickelson. (cheering, applause) Staci R. Schout. (cheering, applause) Aleah Denae Vannoord. (cheering, applause) Taylor Anne Gates. (cheering, applause) Karin M. Lee. (cheering, applause) Brandi Jo O'Brien. (cheering, applause) Melanie J. Lowery. (cheering, applause) Shelby Elizabeth Vandenberg. (cheering, applause) Jasmine Gabriela Villalobos. (cheering, applause) Jazmine Lorelie Gonzales. (cheering, applause) Taylor L. Schwarz. (cheering, applause) Kaitlin Elizabeth Bell. (cheering, applause) Raphaela D. Salas. (cheering, applause) Tiffany Lynette Aldrich. (cheering, applause) Alexander Ethan Hartel. (cheering, applause) Kyle Steven Rondeau. (cheering, applause) Tyler Ralston Olesen. (cheering, applause) Christian S. Wood. (applause) Bradley Christopher Gantz. (cheering, applause) Aleesha Michelle Shattuck. (cheering, applause) Andrea Nicole Peake. (cheering, applause) Carole Stephanie Martinez. (cheering, applause) Gavin Wilke. (applause) Tab Johnson. (cheering, applause) Catherine Marie Price. (cheering, applause) Daniel Lee Laverty. (cheering, applause) Lauren Ann Uren. (cheering, applause) Alyssa Vander May. (applause) Kelly Jo Meyer. (cheering, applause) Delisa Renee Trevino. (cheering, applause) Rick L. Dickerson. (cheering, applause) James R. Kohlenberg. (cheering, applause) Michelle Marie Hikade. (cheering, applause) Kimberly Rae Carlson. (cheering, applause) Hannah Lynn Black. (cheering, applause) Michelle L. Martinez. (cheering, applause) Robert Rudlaff. (cheering, applause) Mariah N. Greving. (cheering, applause) Samantha Lynn Kuipers. (cheering, applause) Miranda Gayle Nicol. (cheering, applause) Sam Driesenga. (cheering, applause) Lewis Leroy Solis. (cheering, applause) Dawyne D. Johnston. (cheering, applause) Skye Singleton. (cheering, applause) Latifa Ngeze. (cheering, applause) Jonathan Javier Fernandez. (cheering, applause) Shakeyia Lashay Catherine Jackson. (cheering, applause) Jennifer R. Cooper. (cheering, applause) David Sifuentes. (cheering, applause) Lori Richards-Bright. (cheering, applause) Jose Arroyo. (cheering, applause) Ashlee Marie Triyonis. (cheering, applause) Miles Timothy Hoezee. (cheering, applause) Patrick Alan Beak. (cheering, applause) Nathen Charles Keasey. (cheering, applause) Douglas Scott Ruwe. (cheering, applause) Zachary Lopez. (cheering, applause) Kurt A. Hayes. (cheering, applause) Stephanie Michele Mentalewicz. (cheering, applause) Nicholas Urbane. (cheering, applause) (cheering, applause) >> Wonderful! I was going to ask you to stand, but you've already done it. Wonderful! (cheering, applause) President Pink, upon the recommendation of the faculty of Grand Rapids Community College, I am honored and privileged to present the candidates for Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Arts and Science, Associate of Business, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Music, Associate of Nursing, Associate of Science, and Certificate programs. (cheering, applause) >> Provost Chesley, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of Grand Rapids Community College, the Board of Trustees, the laws of the state of Michigan, I now confer upon each of you the certificate, degree, and title as they apply to you individually, and cite you as being worthy of all rights, privileges, and responsibilities that come with this accomplishment. Graduates, you may now shift your tassel from the right to the left. (cheering, applause) Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you will join me in proudly congratulating the 2018 class of Grand Rapids Community College. (cheering, applause) Would you all please remain standing for our Alma Mater, that will be performed by the GRCC Concert Choir, accompanied by the GRCC Wind Ensemble. (cheering, applause) (orchestral music) >> (choir singing) ♪ Above a city on a hill ♪ ♪ A river winding through ♪ ♪ A college stands with open doors ♪ ♪ Its colors gold and blue ♪ ♪ Alma Mater of open arm ♪ ♪ To all who wish to be ♪ ♪ Searchers for that distant light ♪ ♪ The truth that sets us free ♪ (orchestral music) ♪ A bridge across the rising flood ♪ ♪ A path to firmer shore ♪ ♪ A journey to a mountaintop ♪ ♪ A new world to explore ♪ (orchestral music) ♪ A beacon in the dark of night ♪ ♪ To travelers on the sea ♪ ♪ A vineyard for the hands and hearts ♪ ♪ To nurture lovingly ♪ ♪ Alma Mater of open arms ♪ ♪ To all who wish to be ♪ ♪ Searchers for the distant light ♪ ♪ The truth that sets us free ♪ ♪ Alma Mater of open arms ♪ ♪ To all who wish to be ♪ ♪ Searchers for the distant light ♪ ♪ The truth that sets us free ♪ ♪ The truth ♪ ♪ That sets us ♪ ♪ Free ♪ >> Please be seated. (applause, cheering) (applause, cheering) Graduates, as we get ready to complete this ceremony, I need to leave you with this one thing. Back in September of last year, when I was honored to be installed as President at Grand Rapids Community College, one thing I said at that ceremony is the thing I want to leave you, and the thing that I want to leave every graduating class at Grand Rapids Community College, and that is this-- there are many people in this world and in this country who have different ideas about our college graduates. They have different things that they say about you, about what you will do, about what you may or may not do. And many people in this country want to be the ones to decide what your narrative is. Here's what I need to leave you... do not let anyone write your narrative for you. That's your job. That's what you do. (graduates cheering) That's why you have-- that's why you have this degree. That's why you have this thing called education, which no one can ever take from you. Because you get to write that narrative. And so, as you go on from this place, whatever you decide to do, whether it be that you go to the next school, a job, or both, you get to write that narrative. You be the proud GRCC graduate, and you tell everybody that you are a GRCC graduate. Because too many people want to write that narrative and say, "Oh, it's community college?" You say, "YES, it is community college." (cheering, applause) I'm sorry, you guys are gonna get me on another whole thing. So... (audience laughing) But you write that narrative. You be that proud GRCC graduate that we know that you are and that you will be. Now, I will say to conclude our cer-- our commencement, our faculty will honor our graduates in a recessional line-up as they exit to Olivarez Plaza. We ask people that are attending, if you would please remain seated while viewing the recessional on the screens behind me as the faculty and the graduates leave this place. After all students have exited the building, we invite you to join your graduate and our faculty out on Olivarez Plaza. Graduates, congratulations on this important milestone. (cheering, applause) We're proud to call you "GRCC alum." Stay relevant, and stay responsive. (cheering, applause) (drum roll) (bagpipe music) (bagpipe music) (faculty cheering, applauding)


Early life

Miller was born in Neptune, New Jersey, the oldest of four daughters to Dr. Norman R. Miller, a psychologist, and Shirley M. Miller, a writer and editor.[2] Her family moved to Monroeville, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, where she attended Gateway High School, graduating in 1967.[3]

As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, she pursued a degree in playwriting, graduating in 1972. She was accepted into the University of Iowa's writer's workshop, but she deferred enrollment in the Master of Fine Arts program there for financial reasons.[1]


After college, Miller worked as a fashion copy writer for a Pittsburgh department store.[3] During that time she wrote the draft of a script for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and, having seen the name of executive producer James L. Brooks in the show's credits, called Brooks at CBS to pitch the script.[4] Soon after sending Brooks the script, she was flown to Hollywood by Garry Marshall to be a junior writer for The Odd Couple. For Brooks, she wrote for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spinoff Rhoda. She also went on to write for Maude, Barney Miller, and Welcome Back, Kotter.[1]

For her work on the 1974 Lily Tomlin special, Lily, Miller earned an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy, Variety or Music Special. One of the special's producers, Lorne Michaels, was assembling the writing staff for Saturday Night Live, and he asked Miller to join. Though she at first declined, she was convinced to join the show's original writing staff at the age of 25. She was one of only three women on the staff, along with Anne Beatts and Rosie Shuster.[1]

On SNL, Miller's writing appeared in the "Judy Miller" and "Rhonda Weiss" recurring sketches, both for Gilda Radner. She collaborated with Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd on the "Festrunk Brothers" ("Wild and Crazy Guys") sketches. She also wrote the classic "Dancing in the Dark" sketch for Radner and Martin in 1978. For her work on SNL she won two Emmys and received three other nominations, as well as winning several Writers Guild of America Awards.[1]

Miller left the SNL staff in 1979 to work on Radner's one-woman Broadway revue and movie, Gilda Live.″[5] After more theatrical work, she returned to weekly television as a producer on The Tracey Ullman Show, for which she won another Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program in 1990. In 1991, she was the co-executive producer of the briefly revived The Carol Burnett Show.[1]

Miller was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer[6] in 1992. She returned to the writing staff of SNL later that year. In 1998, she wrote an episode about breast cancer for Murphy Brown, winning a Humanitas Prize.[7] In 2001, she won her third Writers Guild Award for SNL's 25th anniversary show, Saturday Night Live 25.[1]


Miller is the author of How to Be a Middle-Aged Babe, "a bawdy, smart satire of earnest women's magazines and self-help books".[8]


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