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Mainstream Country (radio network)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mainstream Country
TypeRadio network
Slogan"Your Kind Of Country", "The Best of the New and Gold"
OwnerDial Global Networks
(through Triton Media Group)
Launch date
Unknown at this time
Official website
Mainstream Country website

Mainstream Country, known on air as The Best of the New and Gold: Your Kind of Country, is a 24-hour music format produced by Dial Global. Its playlist is composed of classic and modern country music in the mid 1980s to the present. "Mainstream Country" also includes a daily syndicated Young and Verna morning show, which is also offered by its sister outlet Hot Country as well as independently syndicated.

Its competitors were "Country Today" and "The Bar" by Waitt, CD Country and U.S. Country by Jones, however those assets were absorbed by Triton Media Group, leaving Citadel Media's Today's Best Country and Real Country the only competitors. The Jones and Waitt networks, except for "The Bar," will be integrated into Mainstream Country and other Dial Global country formats in late 2008 and early 2009.[needs update]

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Pothuraju is the lone brother of Rain God, a God who bars the entry of evil into the village, So anyone who passes this test of strength and restores the sword, he is designated as the village is Pothuraju. Let us see who will become this year is Pothuraju. Me? Not you, bloody drunkard. He abused me, I must drink again. - Wait. Price of a quarter? - Rs. 40. Take Rs. 40. Why are you claiming Rs. 20 as forty? How much is this? - Rs. 20. This? - Rs. 20. 2 x 20 =? -40. Price of a bottle? - Rs. 40. Settled! Come here. - What? Whose idol is that? Have you gone blind, old woman? It is Pothuraju, any doubt? Will there be Lord Shiva sans trident? Will there be Lord Vishnu sans discuss? Will there be a Pothuraju sans sword? You fool! I think you have gone mad too. - Why? We are running a competition to restore the sword to him. Go and watch. Dear Varalakshmi! Where is your brother Annavaram? The competition has started, your brother who represents our village is not here. My brother knows very well about when and how to make a grand entry. You need not have muscle power to restore the sword, you need courage. My brother is a Braveheart! He is indeed, but did he really made the sword? Made the sword? My brother is an expert in making knives. It is Pothuraju is sword! He will make it powerful! You cannot find another sword like it in India. I am tensed, dear. Narasimha! Where is your friend Annavaram? Do not you want them to be happy? Dance. How will it be if a lightning strikes him? What will happen if a mountain falls on them? They will be crushed. But the time is fast running out. When will he come? For thundering thunder, for a lightning to strike, for Annavaram to come here, you need just a moment! What if he forgets to sharpen the sword? Annavaram is sharp on all sides. See how he sharpens the sword. Annavaram has arrived! Finish them! He is a mighty thunder and powerful lightning... He is carrying a sword with iron fist... His eyes are like raging fire... He is personification of bravery... He is a terror to the opponents... The demons have started the war... I am ready to destroy the evil... This is my promise... I play in the battle ground... The fire that sharpened the swords must take lives now... War cries and battle bugles must rant the sky... Swords must play with lives in the fire of war... My village is my mother, my food giver... My moon, my jasmine, it gives me riches... We are living peacefully with frugal meals... When powerful people rob our livelihood... Let us rip open our tormentors... We are the Pothurajus with swords to destroy evil... We are war cries and battle ready always... We will turn ourselves into weapons... Our legs will become swords and cut the enemies... Our fingers will dig deep into enemy is hearts like daggers... We are ready to die to live... If you come for our lives, we will take your lives... Is it the house we are going to rob? - Yes. Keep an eye. I will finish it. - Okay What? Be careful. Be watchful. I think the house is haunted. It is not me, it is Annavaram is job. Fool! I told you to watch but you are raising an alarm. Come, let us go, sister will be waiting. I thought someone else. Is the job over? - Yes. Brother! Have you brought it? Can I dare refuse my sister is request? How much trouble we... he took to bring it? Come on show me, brother. - Look, up, down, side... What a great dance! How you were proud of your long hair? Your ear rings are good, where did you buy them? My father bought it in city. I am going to market, will you join me? Why is your plait on the front side? Plait must reach a girl is navel if it is in front, and when back it must reach beyond waist. May everyone is evil eye cast on you including those with short hair, be warded off, please spit dear. As if he took all the trouble. Like a wrestler, I have to give him a massage. I can sleep peacefully tonight. - But I cannot sleep at all. Why? I cannot imagine my Seetha without a long plait. Your Seetha? One sided love, like in film Aarya. I am Allu Arjun. What lousy times have come! People steal jewels or cash, It is unusual to see a thief stealing hair. It is really strange. May be he is a wig maker to steal hair. Please do not cry my dear. Can your tears bring back the lost hair? A thief will take cash or jewels, why did he take her hair? Maybe he is a wig maker. problem...come. Do not cry my dear...calm down... what a great tragedy! He cut her hair completely. May his hands get paralyzed! May he get ruined! - Mother, please do not curse him! Shut up, you idiot. You Do not know how a woman will feel for losing her hair. Let the man who did this get a bald head. May he lose his hair and become a skinhead. Just for fun. You do not mind her. It was long like a King Cobra. It has become small like an earthworm. Foolish woman! Why did you keep quiet till he was doing this to you? Would I keep quiet if I knew it? Where is the shampoo, mother? You cut her mother is hair. It is of no use to me now. I have lost my hair. Find it yourself. I mean that is... Are you a brother? Escape...escape... - You... Stop! It is time to drink...bottle is empty. Come here. Why do you wear your brother is shirts? Why do not you dress like girls? It will be fine. Will you wear a sari for your marriage or wear your brother is shirt then too? It seems you did not wear even half sari for your marriage. My foot! Why are you comparing yourself with me? I was married at 6 years. Okay, I will get up. Me? Is your name Varam? Varalu. - Answer when I call Varalu. Cough? - Yes. No medicine has given any relief. - Use this, it will give relief. Will this give relief? Have you gone mad? Why? I lost my job, my wife, my home for this. Why cannot it get rid of your cough? No...No... - Please have it. Cough all your life. Where is he? Hey! Are you here? I have good news for you. - What is that good news? I have got a good proposal for his sister. Boy is very sharp, very intelligent. First tell me his native place. Place does not matter much when the boy is good. Will not you tell me any news without getting beaten up? Will you beat me today also? Without any doubt. No need, I will tell his native place. Dichpalli near Karimnagar. Dichpalli? - Yes. Palli? - Yes Sure? - Yes Come, what did I tell you? What is this injustice? - You will get the stick of life. Come, I will tell you. - What? What is this injustice? - Why are you ill-treating him? Is your sister any Queen to get a proposal from King? Find a match suitable to her position and get her married. Grandma, please stop. Look, if a man is hands are rough it means he is toiling hard to live. If a girl is hands are rough it means she is struggling to live. Come here. Look at her hands. Look how her hands are after toiling hard! She was born and brought up here, should not she at least live happily after marriage? Did not I tell you to find a home with fridge, TV and grinder? A bazaar to shop, a park to stroll. - A cinema theatre too. Theatre? Should not we all go to watch a film when visiting her? I got you very well. Do you know about Nagamma and Anasuyamma who lived in our village? I do not know. - I know them. You know them? Your friends? The waited long for good marriage proposals and died as old spinsters. He says I will also become like them. Where is he? Close eyes while praying. Do we close our mouth while eating? Ready to argue. God bless me success for this visit. Break coconuts for God not for girls. She is going away. - Come. Excuse me. What? Can you give me your address? I will beat you with slippers. How dare you ask address from a girl? Be careful. Excuse me. Me? Not you but that girl. - Why? To ask her address. There is a cremation ground on the North side of the village. Is her home there? - No, if you ask her address, you will be there. Let us go. Come, let us go. Brother! Beat him brother on my name! He asked address too. Address? I will kill him. My name is Narasimham. I am a Grama Simham. Grama Simham means dog, bloody fool. I am this village is Tiger. Playing with me! How dare! I am not here with bad intention but to marry her. Marriage? I will hack you. Wait...which place are you from? - Nampalli. Palli? - Take the sickle. - I cannot reach, you do it. Varam, you cannot see this gore, please go away. You are too high for them, I am of their range. Give me one opportunity. I will kill two in one shot. There are so many cities, how dare you come from a village to marry our sister. You are finished. Nampalli is a place in Hyderabad, Subrahmanyam invited us to see the bride. Hyderabad? Subrahmanyam? - Please tell him sir. They will never stop anything midway, you please carry on. Forgive us... I may fall down pulling him up. So you are native of Hyderabad? No, Metpalli near Nizamabad. - Palli? We have settled in Hyderabad years ago. have it. May I... - You tell me... Will my sister stay in Hyderabad after the marriage? What is this silly? She will stay with me only. So, let is conduct marriage at the earliest, fix a date. It is a feast thrown by a brother on his sister is marriage... I request you to join the party... It is a marriage of Lord Ram & Seetha... All are invited... No more pounding, grinding... and all the household work for my sister... I will be a happy brother... Where is Sai? He did not get leave. So, he could not make it to this marriage. I will talk to him later. This beauty will tie the knot with the handsome... It is an everlasting bond... Bring It is getting late. Beat the drums. I have packed 4 sets of clothes. Will not that be enough for a week is stay? Buy a detergent soap. You can stay there for a month. Make it fast. You will be late for the train. Finished packing your luggage? - Almost over. Make it fast. Will you wear your brother is shirt there too? - Yes. I will. What? Wear your husband is shirt if you want to. Still, it cannot become my brother is shirts. Welcome. Brother... How could a newly married couple enter home without this? I am her sister-in-law now. Give me my part of dowry. Has your wife emptied your pocket so soon? Why did you put this ring? You are the first person who wished a happy life for my sister. Not only this ring, I will give you anything you want. The prayer room is over there. - Come & light the lamp. Let me help you. - It is alright. There is grinder here. Where? - Over here. Tap is not dry & gas stove. There is water here too. You little kid! - What? Checking the house? - I am not a little kid. I called you kid because you are very short. Grinder, heater, water is common in city life. Be relaxed. Why are you staring at me? You fatso! I will pluck out your eye balls. Get out. She calls me Little Kid. Brother-in-law, come here. What? You said you do not have any sisters. Who is she? She is commanding everyone. She is our neighbour. - Neighbour? She is like my sister. What is her name? - Aishwarya. Brother... If you are my brother, who is he to me? He will be your fiancé by relation. He will be your husband if you marry him. If you spare, he will be human. - What? Coming. - Fiancé...! He will be your fiancé by relation. Are you my fiancé? Let us see. Did you see her? Her plat... Her plat is longer than our sisters. Let us cut it. You girl...stop. - What? Where do you sleep at night? - At home. With whom? If you sleep alone, my job will be easier. - What? Just tell him where you sleep. I will rip out your skin, what the hell you are asking? Acting too much! What did you ask now? - What did I ask now? I said that if you sleep alone, my job will be easier. You are saying it again. I will kill you if you come closer. What happened? - They are misbehaving with me. He cannot understand what you say. What is happening brother? You shut up. It is enough. Swear on me. Stop it...stop it I say. I will tell you what had happened. I would have caught him if I had seen him. I would have caught him if I had seen him. I would have caught him if I had seen him. This is what happened. I quarrelled with them for nothing. Hey you Annavaram... - Why did you call him? Hey is for you. Annavaram is for him. You do not worry. It is fake. Fake...? How is this shirt? - Looks very old. It is very old. Got the auto? - He said he will not ply the auto. Why? - He does not have an auto. Call a taxi. - He also said that he will not come. Does not he have a taxi? - Tyres are flat. We are getting late to the reception. Hit him... I will beat you on the same spot, you idiot! You will not come when I invited you. You will come at the last moment. And this stupid T-shirt. Shit face! - Annavaram, listen to me. But I will not talk with you. Thank God he is elder to me. Or else I would have beaten him to pulp. Who cares whether he is an inspector or not. I did not get permission then. See now. I have come very early. He knows that we will leave for our village after the reception. Does he have to come now? - Please forgive me. Brother-in-law... - What? The new groom? Hi! We are friends from childhood. Why are not you ready yet? - I am ready. But Varam... What happened to her? - She is crying. Crying? What did you say to her? I said nothing. Go & inquire. You be here. Your wife came... - Trying to act smart! Why are you crying? - Did he say anything? Do not get scared. Tell me. Do not you like the sari? But what is your problem? I do not want this function. - Why? You said you will leave after the function. Where will I go leaving you here? You will go. Where will I go leaving you here? Then promise me you will not go. - Okay. Cancel our bus tickets. - Okay. I will book for tomorrow night. You get ready. Wait for me. I am coming. Why would I be here? Just call me... I will be at your service... If you are tired, I will be your sleep... If you dream, I will fulfil it... If you cry, I will comfort you... I am both your mother & father... I swear on our parents, I will be everything to you... Dear sister, I am your everlasting bond... You are my life... And I can sacrifice my life too for you... Your eyes become the festival of lights... And your smile becomes the festival of colours... Festivals will follow you... And I should cherish that... You are an angel... Whatever you speak is like the fragrance of flowers... Shower your love on your husband... Earn name like Goddess Sita... If Sita had a brother like you... She would not have had so much trouble... I am both your earth & the sky... I will be your tears of joy... Never let it fall from your eyes... I will be gentle breeze... I am the festoons... I am the Holy Basil plant too... Let me be your protector... You are the boon given by the Gods... When everyone has a brother like you, they will see heaven on earth... Go fast. He might run away. Where are you trying to escape? Tie him to the pole. How dare you! I know nothing. Tell me. - I do not know anything. - Tell me. Please leave me. Please leave me. Looks like people over here are crazy. They celebrate Diwali as & when they like. Please leave me. I know nothing. Please leave me. Attention everybody! Today is headlines. He secretly collected news about Balu. And wanted to air it though his channel. A TV reporter Dayanand was killed by the Cracker Balu in his style. I am innocent. Please leave me. Please do not kill me. Please do not kill me. I will not kill you. But the crackers will kill you. Help me. A man was about to be killed in broad daylight. When inquired, people say this is common in Hyderabad. They were right. Villages are like lakes. We can easily swim through it. But city is like an ocean. It is very hard to swim. How could you live peacefully in such atrocious condition? - Very simple. Be good to good people & bad people. Should we keep quiet, no matter what happens in this city? Anger is like fire. It burns us and our enemies too. Whatever you see & hear in this city Do not take it to your heart. If you do, you might lose your peace of mind. Bujji, look after the table number 2. - I will take care. Tell me. I have come to lodge a complaint. - Come to the station & lodge it. Everyone will come to know about my complaint. We want girls...girls... where are the girls? Who are you all? What do you want? We are customers, pimp. We need girls. - Oh Lord! You have mistaken, brothel house is on upstairs. Why are the girls here if the brothel house is on upstairs? Stop...stop...they are my daughters. You go upstairs, I beg you. If our neighbour runs a business successfully, we will also start the same business, will not we? You have good principle investment, why do you also not get into flesh trade? Yuck! Why do you not listen to us? We are an orthodox traditional family. Yuck? Were they not born after making love? What is wrong if we make love to them? Pimp! Is it tradition if you do and prostitution if we do? Move...pimp...move. Buddy, girls are here not there. Are the girls there like these girls? Fresh girls from Bombay have arrived. If you get into the trade, inform us, we will be your first clients. Do you know what women of my family see first thing in morning? First floor is being used for running flesh trade. I am a poor man living on pension. I cannot shift home, I cannot live there with grown up girls. Please take action against them. Please save us sir. You have given a complaint, I will take action in 24 hours. I lodged the complaint... - Do not worry I will not reveal it to anyone. Hey! - What - Bloody! What is this you knocked a King with a King? It is an illegal move in chess. Am I not playing chess outside? You know I hate noise when I am playing or speaking? You know it or not? I know. Why are you beating me? Brother-in-law will now be beating sister inside like this. Brother-in-law. What were you saying now? - King cannot be...with King... Will there be 2 Prime Ministers to a country? No. Will there be 2 Chief Ministers to a state? How can it be possible? Two Gangas are not possible for this city. Only one Ganga. I am the King and you are a Minister. Yes. Tell me. What is all this? You lodged a complaint, right? We have come for an inquiry. Come out, you bloody idiot. Please leave him. Please save him. Kill him, bloody. My brother. Do not go. They will kill you also. You do not know about them, do not go. Please take him inside. You do not know about them. Please go inside. Please close the door. - Open the door. You wrote a complaint with this hand, right? I will never do again. Nobody else here must dare to lodge complaint against us. Open the door. He is alive, his life is not in danger. Are you all humans? Will you all watch mutely an elderly man getting beaten up? Moreover you stopped me and locked me up in a room. I would have hacked every one of them. You will hack them and go happily back to your place. Will they spare your sister and brother-in-law? They will kill them. They will reduce them to ashes. I do not think you will not allow your sister to live happily in Hyderabad. Are you really her brother? I think he does not know much about Hyderabad city, let us go. Come. I cannot, he is very stubborn, he will not listen to me. Please you tell my brother. What you could not do, how can I? Okay. Brother-in-law... You did not have lunch too. At least have dinner. I do not like this city. You come with my sister to my place. Leaving this place? What are you saying? For a small altercation in the colony, do you want us to leave this place? What is this for a small altercation? - Altercation? Is it just a small altercation for you? A man who blessed you to live happily with wife & kids is stranger to you. Goons beat him mercilessly as his fear stricken family watches it. Is it just a small altercation to you? Yes, is not it his mistake to lodge a police complaint? What is wrong in lodging a complaint with police? Is it wrong to complaint if the goons use it as brothel house? What are you saying? To live here, you have to be insensitive to issues like this. Look, I came from a small village to the city, after ten years of toil, I have opened a canteen in college taking loans. This house is also on loan. I am repaying it now, I cannot leave all this and come with you. Will you live miserably in this hell? - I do not feel it like a hell. Are not they humans? Which place is free from troubles? Does not your village have any trouble? I am there in my village. You tell him, were not you eve teased while going to college? Did not you endure all that to finish your studies? Place where Bujji lives clashes & killings are common between rival gangs. Is he not living there without bothering about it? Adjustment is the rule of life. If want to have something, you have to give up something else. If you want to enjoy comforts, you have to bear some irritants. If you watch silently the injustice, you will soon forget it. If you turn rebel, you will lose your head. I can understand your feelings. You are worried about your sister, right? I will take care of her and keep troubles off her. Forget it, please listen to me. Come, let us go back to our village. I am worried about your welfare here. Pack your bags. I am safe here. He is here to take care of me. No brother...that is... You do not worry about your sister, are not we here to support her? I did not expect you will leave so suddenly. I got this amulet from Lord Raghavendra Swamy temple, I do not know if it can control your anger or not, but it will make you remember me. Annavaram, we are getting late. Bye. She does not have mother or mother-in-law, you must take care of her. Bye dear. Brother...tell everyone I had inquired about them. Tell grandma, I always think of her. - Okay dear. Why are you crying like a child? I never stayed away from my brother. First time. What happened now? Will not your brother come here? Will not we go to see him? Should you have to cry for this? No, my brother has not just left behind me only, he has left behind his peace also. It is a boon, we are born as siblings... Does a girl belong to the ln-law is family? Does she have to forego parents love? I am just watching the troubles of my sister like a mute spectator... I am going away leaving her welfare to God... You are my princess... You are my sweet little sister... You are my dream... We were born as siblings... but could not stay together... Considering dark forest as heaven... I have sent you there, my dear... My brother is God incarnate... My brother is my persona... He lived for me... He forgot about himself... I did not see you coming. Bloody! Get me 10 gutka packets and 10 cigarette packs. Your account stands now at Rs. 6000, I cannot lend you credit... Do you know who you are talking to? I am Gutka Pandu, I will hack you. Boss, principal is here. Come on boys. It has increased by two inches from last week. It is increasing because I am carrying. What are you carrying? Your girth is increasing at 4 inches a month. I am coming. Come on boys! - Leave her... Beat the bastard. Kick him...kick him. Bring him here. You came here for livelihood. We were born & brought up here. How dare you complain to the principal against us? I did not give any complaint, I do not know anything. - Shut up. You are alive till I hold this collar, if I leave you are dead. Dead! He did not do anything, I did it. - Why? Is it an insecticide? Is she also not carrying an insect? Shall I kill it? - Please listen to me sir. Shall I kill it? I will kill it. Shall I kill her? Let is kill her. Please spare her. It is ringing, good omen. I will kill her. - No, please listen to me. I own the canteen from tomorrow. If you come there I will kill you. Come on boys. It is me, dear. minute. I will put off the stove and come. - Okay. Tell me brother. How are you dear? Are you fine dear? I am fine. How is brother-in-law? He is fine. Are you eating on time? Are you visiting doctor regularly? You are comfortable there, are not you? No, I am fine here. My husband takes good care of me. You do not worry. - Okay. Bye brother. Okay dear. Take care. How fun this festival would have been, had Varam been here? The tragedy we never wanted to happen has happened. What happened? A tragedy has happened. - Tell me what had happened? - I cannot. Will you tell me or not? - Read it yourself. Have you got a Visa? I prayed to God to stop this visa. But my father offered coconuts and got this visa. My father! - Wait...wait. He is our only son, it is difficult for us to stay away from him. But we are good parents only when we give him a good life. That is why I sold my land to send him to Dubai. Now, he is refusing to go. I cannot go to Dubai for 5 years leaving Annavaram. You are young, 5 years is nothing to you. We are getting old, our future is bleak. You advise him, he will listen to you. What aunt says is true. We are living together 20 years for friendship, cannot we live away 5 years for your parents? You too...I will not go. You are going. - I will not go. You are going. When he has to leave? - Day after tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, take it. What happened? I heard door knock. You are still thinking of the incident. I have given my canteen to him, they will not trouble us anymore. Sleep now. Are you thinking about your brother? Yes. Back home, he used to come instantly on my call. You stay here. Who is it? Who is it? What happened dear? Why are you crying? What happened? What happened? I will come here every week. Why are you crying? What happened? What happened? I told you to inform her about our coming on phone. Look, how emotional she is now. Please do not cry my dear. I am with you now. What happened to you? What is that bandage on your head? Nothing, I skid and fell from the bike. Ride carefully. If you be over cautious, you will meet with many more accidents. Watch the road and ride. Have you started with your advises? How long can he trouble you? Just two days only. - Why? He is going to Dubai. - Is it? - I am leaving you all. Lakshmi has lost her hen... she lost her rooster too... Hyderabad has woken up, did your rooster crow or not? What? Your day breaks with your phone call of brother, right? That is why I said that. One must be very lucky! You are his sister so you get phone calls, why would your bother call me? My cell phone is not as lucky as your landline. I swear it never rang once. Who is it? My love! Is it you? Watch...Cupid! My sweet... You are black like tar. You are handsome than that Annavaram It is my mistake to try for that villager spurning your advances. I love you Cupid! It is is you... Who has created ripples in my serene heart... It is is you... Glow in my beauty is because of you... You are the shiver in my cheeks, my hands and in my walk... You are the turning point in my words, my play and my life is path... Ordinary looks... Ordinary style... What is so special about you? There is an unknown attraction in you... I have fallen flat for you... Thinking about you started casually and now I am obsessed with it... I started to love the game played to win over you... With a smile...and with a look... You have spell bound me... Your smile and your look has agitated my heart... You are a strange mix of little toughness and tenderness... You are the personification of mischievousness... 2051... 2052... The street is smelling delicious. - Varam is cooking pulao. What are you doing here? To digest the food what you ate? To digest the food I will eat now. Get ready. Will you close my eyes again? I will recognise you. Coming. - She asked me. Brother. - Coming. She called me. - Go. I may eat less if you disturb my exercise. Why is house of Dikshit locked? Do not you know? They left home after that incident. We Do not know about their whereabouts also. Bye. Come fast, we must eat and go to see Golconda fort, the food will get cold, come. You can get biryani in Dubai too. But it will not taste like biryani made by Varam. Serve some. You may choke yourself to death, eat slowly. If we eat late and go late and see fort late and reach airport late, I may miss the flight, If I go home without going to Dubai, my dad will add Late before my name. You serve some dear. How did they move large stones up there? - He is here with his family. Is it crowded? - It is crowded. It is a holiday, shall we spare him today? The fun is in killing full public glare. Chase him. dropped your ticket. Come sir, this is Golconda fort is main entrance, if we clap here, it will be heard all over the main palace up there. Come and try sir. If we clap here, will it be heard in the court? - Yes, try it once. Do we look like village bumpkins? You go to the court, I will clap from here. Is it necessary? You know if I get a doubt I have to clear it, go...go dear...My dear. Come. - Can you hear? - How can? Let them reach top. Can you hear it? Can you hear it? Heard it now? How dare you appoint an inquiry commission on me? Catch him. Can you climb the fort? Why? Are not you climbing now? I am alone but you are two. Can you hear it? Where will you go man? You cannot escape from me. No...No...You are committing a crime... Crime? My foot! You cannot escape killing me. I will escape. I will hack you in this crowded place and go scot free. No one will dare to give evidence. Will you? your problems out if there are any... No need of using weapons for it. Annavaram settles all the issues amicably, wait, I will call him. Why are you laughing at me? Why do not you listen to me? A word for man & a stick for the beast. Why are you all together beating a lone man? You are brave in your city, if you have guts come to my village, dare to touch me there, you will be cut into pieces. Not a man from your gang will go alive. Bloody! Not him, it is you who must die first. Kill him too. Anyone raising voice or hand against me should die. What happened? - Some goons have stabbed a man down there. Brother! - What happened? I thought even God cannot separate us, but these city goons managed to do it. Brother. Get an auto, let us take him to the hospital. - Okay. Tell me, who did this to you? I thought I cannot live 5 years away from you, but God is taking me away from you permanently. They killed me dear. - Brother! What happened? - Brother! Nothing will happen to you... - Brother! - Take care of sister. What have you done to us, dear son? My only son...he has left us. Oh my God! He refused to go to Dubai. I am the sinner who forced him to go. He would be alive had he been in village only. I have lost a grown up son. - Calm down. God has done great injustice to us. Look what a great tragedy has befallen on us. He always considered you as his own sister. But he died in your lap. Take her inside. Why did you do this to me? They are taking away my son... my son is leaving me. He is leaving us. Get up son...getup. - What a fate! I had to cremate you. Look, how he is sleeping! Tell him to wake up. Wake up my son. He is going away leaving us. He will listen to you. He loves you very much. Wake him up. Tell him not to go. We will take leave now. Where? Hyderabad. We have spent many days here. No dear, you have to come back here for delivery in a month. Listen to me, stay back here only. That is better, even I could not get this idea as woman. You can go back after the delivery with your child. Okay, she will stay back here only. Can I take leave now? This is her first delivery. She needs you more than all of us here. Moreover you said college is closed for holidays. Come, let is inside. Come. Where are you leaving, asking us to stay back here? I got a job in Bhadrachalam temple, I have to join immediately. How can you be away from her baby shower function? Grandma, you all are here to look after her. Though we are here, you are like mom and dad to her. Without you... Bye dear. Bye grandma. No brother...if you go away... Dear, it is a job of great responsibility, I will call you when I am free. Why are you beating me? Boss beats his wife like this only. Did you rap on my head? A balloon burst. No, you rapped my head... he rapped on my head. Did not you beat me now? Brother-in-law is here! Long live Pandu! My little brother, many more happy returns of the day. Give me a knife. He asked to cut the cake not neck. Cut the cake with this. Cut. Long live Pandu! You must wish him happy birthday not long live. Come on repeat it. We do not know all that. - Long live Pandu! Eat, drink and have fun all the day! Long live Brother-in-law! Drink...enjoy it. Welcome, you have come at right time. Offer him a drink. - No. What happened? I have got another complaint on Shanthi Nagar brothel house. This time the complainant is not old Dikshit. A young man. Man of steel. Open the door. Come out! If you are a man, come out. Come out. Ganga is man. What has happened to him? What? Trouble in Shanthi Nagar? I am coming there. Boys! Kill him! I know about you. I complained to you secretly, I knew you will inform the goons. That is why I complained to you. Anyone may come in support of the goon but not you. If you do, it is like prostitution. Your death must send shivers down the spine of corrupt policemen like you. It must be a warning to the goons who go on rampage with your tacit support. Do not kill me. If I kill you it is a murder, if I kill you with a lemon, it is a sacrifice. Sacrifice of demon. Clear it...clear it... Garbage. Stink. Clear the garbage. I gave up Corporation job to be policeman but here also I am clearing garbage. I mean you were clearing garbage... I mean... Stop! Why? - AC! Why lemon? - For juice. You would have got 3 lemons if the killer had used a trident. Fool, you have to grow up. I thought of getting 24 lemons If he had used a discus. Got any evidence? I did not get any but Laloo got it. Where is it? Nail problem? No sir, lemon is the strongest evidence in this case. He smeared his face with sandalwood paste and performed this dance of death. How many he has killed? 21 people, one policeman and 20 goons. He is also a police goon. Supporting the killer? No, reporting to you sir. Hereafter your job is that and my job is this. You cannot touch goons in this city, but I will kill them. Do the post mortem, you can use it for cadavers. Who are you? Raju...Pothuraju! Playing fun with me? Not fun I am throwing you a challenge. There are 1 Commissioner, 5 Jt. Commissioners, 12 Deputy Commissioners, 44 Asst. Commissioners, 950 inspectors, 7032 police constables, totally the police strength is 8132, what so many could not do, I will do it single handed, I will cleanse this city of it is goons, hooligans and mafia dons. Will police keep fiddling when you burn the goons of this city? I Do not care whether you fiddle or play drums, I have blown my war bugle, the battle will not stop. Who are you? Has my words paralysed you? I will tell you what is in store for you. People were scared when you kill them. From now, you will fear death. I am Puranapool Ganga! Are you great if you kill 20 of my men? If you have guts, stand before me and talk. I destroyed your 20 year old terror edifice in 30 minutes. Is that not enough to show you I am a man? Your countdown to death has begun. Start counting your days. Looks like my man! New place, new job, good show. How can you go away without meeting me in Hyderabad? No Aishu. - Do not talk. Promise to meet me every time you come to Hyderabad. Promise me. When did you come here, Annavaram? I am going on urgent work, stay in my home. Let is talk after I come back. What is so urgent work? Some man has killed 20 goons and a police inspector. Moreover he has made a threatening call to ACP also. What did he say? - It is secret. I am your friend, you can tell me. It is a department secret, I must not reveal it. What is the secret? There are 1 Commissioner, 5 Jt. Commissioners, 12 Deputy Commissioners, 44 Asst. Commissioners, 950 inspectors, 7132 police constables, totally the police strength is 8132, what so many could not do, I will do it single handed, I will cleanse this city of it is goons, hooligans and mafia dons. Did he challenge like this, did not he? How do you know all this? The man who killed 20 goons and a police man, the man who made a threatening phone call to your ACP, is none other than myself. I am Pothuraju! You are committing a crime. It is not me, it is you who is committing the crime. You are given salaries, bonus, and are asked to protect people, you are taking bribes from goons to protect them and harass ordinary folks. You are the criminals. Our Narasimham, who knows nothing but our friendship only. They killed him ruthlessly. You and your department knows who killed him. What did you or your dept. do for him? If people Do not get justice from you and courts, they will become like me, everyone will take to weapons and kill every goon he sees. It is not our village to expect things to happen as we think. Hyderabad city! What my foot city! Is it not a place? Do not people live here? Hyderabad is the capital of this state. Not a den of goons. Every worker here from daily wager to office goer has come from some village, Every time a bomb blows here, tremors are felt in every village. They get worried about their near and dear ones living in this city. Brothers like me are worried about their sisters married and living in this city. Not just this city shivers in fear if anything happens here, entire state gets agitated. Only when there is peace in the capital, there will be peace in the state. You can remove the rowdies & goons from the city if you want to. But you will not. But I wanted to flush them out. I am doing it and will continue doing it. I will kill them all. You might be right. But it is a crime. I can arrest you right now. Wonderful! Now you are talking like a policeman. It is an advice from a friend. Go away. I will not go. - You will be caught. I am prepared. - They will kill you. I am prepared. I am prepared for everything. If you have the guts, if you are really a man, arrest one rowdy. Put him behind bars for 24 hours. Keep in the cell no matter whosoever orders his release. You do not have to catch me. I will surrender myself accepting my crime. Can you catch one criminal? Can you? I will know by tomorrow whether the man wearing this uniform... a real man or not. Do you know who I am? I am Cracker Balu is man who is a terror to this Hyderabad city. One more word and I will blow your head, you son of gun. Is it the Sub inspector speaking? I am MLA Chenchu Ramaiah speaking. Why did you arrest Cracker Balu is man? Balu is my man. Release him. It is very strong case. - What strong! Is it any kind of a soda or what? Police, rowdies, politicians must help each other. That is unwritten protocol. Release him now. Then go behind bars. I will release him. What are you talking? Do you know who you are talking to? Police... Police who beat you to pulp and make you wet your pants. Tell that to those who wear pants. Not to me. Hang the phone. It is me. Do not you recognize my voice? I am Minister Gottam Sathyam speaking. I heard you arrested Balu is man and are refusing to release him. It is alright. Release and give him the phone. Minister is online. Come & talk to him. Minister? Okay. Minister is online. Come & talk to him. No... He is refusing to come out of the cell in spite of my requests. You dared to touch Cracker Balu. Careful boy. Crackers will blow in your station. Balu... Cracker Balu I will not speak but the crackers will. I heard that today is your son is birthday. I have bought a gift for you. My son..! They killed my son on his birthday. I sent a word through MLA. Then sent a word through the Minister. That is why I parcelled your son to you. My boy must be in my house in another 30 minutes. If that does not happen, you will find body of your 2nd son in this station. You were right. You are the right man for the goons in this city. You are the right man. Kill them. Kill them all. Chop them into pieces. What do you want from me? I do not need this uniform. I need your uniform very much. Take out all the police records. Get the information of all those goons in the city. I will sacrifice at the altar. He was a terror in the old city. 100s of cases are filed against him. His name is... - Cracker Balu. He spoils the youth by selling drugs to them. His name is... - Gutka Pandu. He is the Kingpin in the city. People are killed at his order. His name is... - Puranapool Ganga. Take it. Hey ACP. He sent me a letter. He warned me to kill me. What is the use of this? Who dared to write a letter to you? Pothuraju. Did he give his address? How could you get scared on seeing an anonymous letter... ..and come to me seeking help? It looks funny, right? Stop joking. It has been a week since he killed goons & a Sl. What the hell were you doing all these days? Cool Balu. Sit down. What cool? Am I any cold drink to be cool? Please sit. Let me explain. - Nothing short in this. When you committed crimes, rapes & murders, we did nothing. We are doing the same even now, you scoundrel! I am Cracker Balu... - So what? I will close my eyes. You must leave before I open my eyes. If you do not leave, you will be dead. What happened? He does not care about my life. He must beg Gods for his life. Where is his daughter studying? Missing Name: Sanjana Age: 18 years. She was wearing white top and blue jeans while going to college. She knows to speak Telugu, Hindi & English. Those who want her can meet me after killing Pothuraju. That is the end of the announcement. Thank you. Balu, listen to me. Your daughter is young and very beautiful. I am too hot. Balu, listen to me, please. ACP, do as I said. He gave me 24 hours time. I give you only 20 hours. He must be dead before that. If that does not happen, your daughter... Police are looking for you. This is the right opportunity for you. If you save ACP is daughter, police will salute you. Balu...Cracker Balu. I do not care who you are. Who are you? Raju...Pothuraju. - Pothuraju? Has your heart stopped beating on hearing my name? Whose heart! Come in front of me once. I will show you who I am. You coward! Seeking shelter by kidnapping a girl! Who is coward? Me? I raped a girl when I was 14. Mass violence, kidnappings, encroachments... ..totally 120 cases against me. I killed 22 people when I was 18. People die on hearing my name. Got it? If people forget about their families, they are even bigger goons. You mean nothing to them. I can knock you out in one punch. You must be alive till then. You scoundrel! One of your men is missing. See for yourself. Who? I gave you 24 hours. But you have wasted 22 hours. Who is that? Tell me. Who is that? You have only 2 hours left to release Commissioner is daughter. Tell me. If you send her home, you will live 1 hour more. If you do not, you will die an hour earlier. Tell me who it is? Tell me who it is? What happened, Boss? Has everyone come? Nandu is missing. Is Nandu missing? Where is my mobile? Here it is. Find out the address of this number. Get him. Quick. I will hack him. - Come on boys! Look there! Open the door. Look there. He is somewhere over here. Go & search. Boss... What? Go & lift him up. Get up. Do not beat me again. Please do not kill me. You can call anyone. Please do not kill me. Shut up. Boss. - Did you get him? No, boss. - You did not get him? It is a godown. A boy has been beaten up. But the call was made from here. Is he alive? He might die at any moment. Find out whether he can identify him. Can you identify the man who beat you? Yes, I can. - Tell me. Do not give him water. He might die. Bring him here. Bring that man here. As you say. Boys, lift him up. Look at me. Can you identify him? Can you identify him? - Yes, I can. What colour? - My skin colour. His age? - My age. His height? - About my height. And his eyes? Fiery eyes. You asked me everything. But not his punch. Are the identifications right? Is this what you taught them? This is hitting the bulls eye. Run... You use knife to kill someone. But I use it to cut trees, sugar cane, wood and also to cut heads of goons like you. Most of my childhood was spent with knives. You only know to use knife. But I know how to make one. Please do not kill me. It is a murder if I kill you like this. But now it is called sacrifice. Demon sacrifice! When a beautiful angel is baby shower function is on, her beau is filled with joy. When applied the paste of sandalwood, the angel is engulfed with shy. When relatives & neighbours garland her, she comes with a beaming million dollar smile. Did the function go well? Your brother is on line. My father asked me to give the phone to you. She feels as if her brother is here. Hello brother. Hello dear, how was the function? How? Just hear this. Everyone came expect you giving some excuses. I have lot of work to do. No holidays. Or else I would have come. I will not talk to you. If he has some work, it must be for you. Yes tell me. - Is Varam fine? Ask her. I am fine expect one complaint. What is that? Your shirts does not fit me now. Why? - It was okay for me. But now your nephew also wants it. I will stitch my shirts loose fit. Okay. How is the job? A little tough. But I am fine. Okay bye. Take care. With the murder of Cracker Balu, Pothuraju is back in the headlines. Police want to catch him. People want to know who he is. This is Dayanand with cameraman Ravi for A TV. Tell me how Pothuraju will look like. No, I will not. Do not think I am your father. I am a policeman. Tell me. I will not mind if you are my daughter. Neither am I your daughter now. The life you gave me got over yesterday. This is a new life for me. Gifted by Pothuraju. I will shoot you. Tell me how he would look like. Why trouble yourself, dad? I will shoot myself. The gun is loaded. She will die. Tell her. I am ready to die for him. By catching Pothuraju, you might be called as an honest policeman. But you cannot be a good human being. What are you thinking about? Duty is more important to you than us. Kill both of us. I committed a 2 grave mistakes in my life. 1. Marrying you. 2. Fathering her. Move away. Tell us. Why do not you say something? You are irritated, right? Me too. They said nothing. Let us go. Eat. I will buy one more. She is mine...mine alone. You. - Yes. Me. Help? Tell me what he thinks about me. Only my master can tell you about him. Who is he? Who is he! He is man of power. I will take you to him. Come. I need a tantric to melt this stone hearted man. Let us see. Master... There he is. I show stars in the day and sun at night. I make the impossible possible. I am the king of magic. Master, she wants to know... Trying to teach me... Understood. She is restless. She does not feel hungry. And she spends sleepless nights. That boy has said nothing. Do not worry. I will set everything right. Master, you are great. Stop acting too much. Do not worry. I will set everything right. What does he mean? What will he do? My master will make him fall for you. What are you both talking? Master, I was trying to explain her. Look at him, angel... I will cast a spell on him... I am spellbound... And I have changed... My heart slipped into yours... It needs a partner... I feel restless... You are my first love... By blowing whistle... hope your chastity is not at risk... By fondling you... hope I am not defamed... By playing with you... hope you lose nothing... If you fail to treat women with respect... you will be cursed... Leave me... Careful... I will strip you guys naked... O you muscle men! Can you bear the pain of heart? O bodyguards! Will you come to protect love? Help me to bring them together... Ask this country... I will give it to you for free... What is this new problem? Come. Come to me, my darling. He is Pavan Kalyan, sir. Come with me. I am mad on her. I will build a Taj Mahal for her. Come. Get lost. Looks like I cannot trap her. You eat. What was he saying? - Nothing. Nothing...? Brother-in-law, a great tragedy! What happened? Has anyone died? - No. It is gone. I mean people do not fear us. Try to be clear or else you will die. Someone has sent you a letter in English and defamed you. Who is he? Does not he know that our boss does not know English? Tell me his address. I will kill him. - Read the letter. Read what? I cannot even speak my mother tongue properly. You must be very good in English. I have even completed reading the English dictionary. It is the highest qualification in English. Shit face! Read the letter & translate it to Telugu language. - Here, It is your letter. It is not wise to read your letter. If you do not read, it is not good for you. He does not know English. - Read it. - Okay I will read it for you. Tell him not to feel bad for not knowing English. Learning English is not a big deal. Okay. Read it. I cannot read this letter. It is too personal. - Do not leave a word. It is very rude. - It is alright. Read it. No. - I say read it. Please listen to me. - Read it I say. You scoundrel! It is written that way. Why get into trouble! I will leave. You read it. You... - I am illiterate You read it yourself. It is alright. Read it. I going to read it. My name is Raju...Pothuraju. Your brother is next in my hit list. I will kill your brother in the next 24 hours. Do not try to save him. You will fail. Buy firewood to cremate his body. I will take leave. Take care of your brother. Bye. is me. Cannot you recognise my voice? I am Minister Gottam Sathyam. - Tell me sir. A few goons are vandalizing my house. Cannot you hear the noise? Send your men for protection. I need protection. - Okay. Okay sir. Ganga, did you hear that? I will give my life to save your brother. Leave all your worries. Round up the entire building. You go to the main gate. Do not allow anyone inside without my permission. Come. See what they have done to my house. I escaped by a fraction of a second. Allow no one inside. Be careful. You cannot go inside. Please let me in. - Go. I must go inside. - No way. Who are you? Servant. What is this? Meals for my boss. Her wife is out of station. Go inside. Wait. What is this? - Gutka packets. Does he uses it regularly? - No. But he told me buy them today. You go. I will give it to him. Come out. My money. - We will not spare you. Come out. I saved Rs. 4 lakhs for Marriage of my daughter. I saved Rs. 4 lakhs to construct my house. They closed the company. - We must not spare them. Call them out. Ask them to come out. - I will kill him if I know his whereabouts. What will you do? I know. But I could do nothing. - Tell me where he is. He is very safe. You can do anything. Tell me where he is. Then see what all we can do. He is in Minister Sathyam is house. What can you do? Let us go to Minister is house. - Let us go. Down with Minister Sathyam. What is that procession without permission? Annavaram, how could you gather so much support in just 10 minutes? What are you watching? Stop them. Go. Yes, it is me... Door is locked! Let is check upstairs. Come...come. Come... Who are you? Take finger prints. Wait for 2 minutes. - Move. Many more happy returns of the day! This city wakes up, sleeps and dies at my command. I failed to save you despite having money and muscle power. I killed you myself by handing you to a useless man. Ganga, not here, let us discuss privately. What did you promise? I promised to give my life for him. My brother is dead but you are still alive. Ganga, Do not kill I will not spare you... I will kill you. I will kill you. I will not spare you. You will meet the same end my brother had met. Tell me, he is a killer, he started killing from here. If you support him, you will also become criminals. Cannot you understand? He is killing after announcing the list. We got it sir, he is doing your job. You are taking salary for what he is doing. Do you know with who you are talking to? So what? Prostitution has been going on here for the past 10 years, your policemen came every day, not to stop the dirty flesh trade, but to take their cut and enjoy those girls. But the killer you say came here for a day and left, since then no prostitution or hooliganism here. We are living happily here because of him. What is all this? Why are you silent? Who is this Pothuraju? Why is he killing all of them? Is there no any way to catch him? There is sir. - Good, tell me. Lemon...our dept. must start trading lemons. Pothuraju will buy lemon to make his next kill, we can catch him then. My daughter has seen Pothuraju, she is ready to die rather than reveal his true identity. When family members are looking at us like policemen, how can we expect general people to be friendly with us? Ever since I am Pothuraju is trail, layers of fat has melted away. Are you working so hard? No, my wife is refusing to serve food for chasing Pothuraju. Pothuraju killed a corrupt police officer, ever since then no crime has been reported from there, if we weed out corrupt officers from our flock, hooliganism will die a natural death on it is own. People lost faith on us for failing to do this. Though people do not trust in anything, they do trust us in only one thing. - What is it? We will never catch the people who harass and torture people. But we will catch people those who support the rights of common people. Yes sir, he is cent percent right. We never had a conference to catch infamous goons, but we are taking every action to catch Pothuraju, a people is man. Do you want him to be let off free? No sir, let is salute his work as good law abiding citizens. As policemen, it is our duty to arrest him. Generally we talk about rules but today we discussed about facts, there are many ways to catch fish in a pond, use a net, fishing rod, or dry the pond. Let is wait till the pond dries to catch Pothuraju. Are you waiting? No, I am watching the park. I know girls here wait for boys and vice versa, some meet, some separate, some wait eternally, What do you do? Not a pimp but a love counsellor, I train boys and girls to fall in love with each other, I will arrange their marriage too, if they have problems later, I will arrange for their divorce too. Have you ever fallen in love? I have been waiting for 10 long years, still not successful. Still searching for right partner. Come. Let us go. Look Shekar, love is not a thing to search, if you find after search it is not love, love at first sight is not love, love cannot be arranged as you say, for love, you have to see, to see you need a girl, if you want, you have to search, to search you have to roam, if everything goes well and you find a girl, if she likes you and reciprocates your love, you will get married, love will die with marriage. Will not she beat with slippers if you refuse to marry her? I did not get you sir. Come. - Oh my God... Past, present, future, good or bad, right or wrong, think and decide. And then come to me, now leave me alone. If you see the album... - Get out! Bloody fool! I got late. - No problem. Should I think again? Who is he? What were you telling him? I do not remember. Think again. I will think over. Sky, water, fire and air... They are at my command... They must obey my commands... Happiness is my address... I am personification of joy... I am exuberance... I am brightness... I will shine like sky... I will flow like Wild River... Blow like wind... Leap into skies like wild fire... I will move like earth and shake this world... I am personification of basic five elements... Time is mine... It moves on my command... I have pen and paper... I will write my own history... I am the King and servant... It is me between war and peace... I am the path and destination... I am today marching towards tomorrow... I am my leader and I am my follower... I am my biggest challenger... My eyes are jealous of me... I ward off the evil eyes cast by me on myself... Are you waiting for your brother is phone? Yes uncle. Tell him about my inquiries. Okay uncle. Hello brother! How are you my dear? I am fine, when are you coming back? I will come in near future. If you do not come for delivery, neither I nor your nephew will talk to you. Okay, give the phone to my nephew. Nephew? Yes, my nephew. How? - Give him. I understood. How are you dear? You might be secure and happy inside. I am toiling to give you a safe and secure place outside also. That is why I could not attend the function. I will make this caterpillar city into a beautiful butterfly before your arrival. That is your maternal uncle is gift to you. Give the phone to your mother. Did you talk to him brother? What did you talk to him? Tell me. That is a secret between me and my nephew. Secret? Should not I too know it? Is brother-in-law there? I will give him the phone. Hello brother-in-law. Did you take my sister to the hospital? - I did. What did the doctor say there? He gave January 1 as due date. January 1? So early in the morning? Brother-in-law! Condolences... Birth: 19-10-1950 Death: 31-12-2006 I mean today! Inside! Who dared to do all this? How many times I have told you not to make noise when I am speaking? Come. They were all sleeping, only you were awake, tell me who did this? Who made the bier and pasted posters condoling my death? Who put garland to my photo and burned incense sticks? Tell me. I Do not know who made a bier for you, I do not know who garlanded your photo, but I know one thing, there is only one man who can do this entering your home, Pothuraju! Yuck! Have not you come to sense even after losing your younger brother? Pothuraju killed all your men after informing you. Now he has informed you, he will definitely kill you, it is not manliness to beat a woman, if you have guts, face the challenge of Pothuraju, survive this night, I will come back tomorrow, I will be your slave all your life. If you are alive tomorrow. Come. Phone is ringing. I am Ameerpet Yadav speaking, Pothuraju has sent a bier to me. He has warned me to leave the city in 24 hours. Tell me what I should do. I will do whatever you say. He has sent a bier to Malakpet Mallikarjuna too. He has sent a bier to Chaderghat Khan Bhai too. All those phone calls are coming with a bad news. Lemon. He must be on top. Go & search. There is no one here. Call all our men in the city. How many do you think are left? Because of Pothuraju, some reformed, some are on run, and some are dead. Call those who are left. - Is it to get them killed? I am going. Greetings boss. Are you fine? - Yes, we are very fine. If I know who Pothuraju is... What will you do? - I would have begged him to join hands with us. All goons are in Ganga is house. How can you kill Ganga now... If Ganga was my only target, I would not have sent biers to all those goons. Varam will be delivering her baby tomorrow. I hope she does not have to hear any bad news. I promised the child in her womb that I will flush out all goons from this city. Listen to me. You do not worry. Ganga was lording over Hyderabad. I made Ganga to worry about Pothuraju. Life or death, I shall march forward only. Where is he? It is 10 o clock now. I thought of killing him. But where is he? Do not worry. We have 200 men. If he comes here, he will be cut into 200 pieces. What if he kills all these 200 men? I know he cannot. But what if he kills? You will live for 100 years. - No need. It is enough if I could survive this night. My wife who was my slave for the past 20 years, said that I am real man only if I survive this night. It would have been better if she had eloped with Pothuraju. Who switched off the power line? Our entire area has no power. Sit down. There is no power. So, he will finish. Finish what? - I mean the generator would be switched on. Boss, Pothuraju is here. You be careful. Bring people in Lorries. Saying that I have links with the goons, CM has plans to dismiss me. CM must know our strength in tomorrow is meeting. It is me, Gottam Sathyam speaking. Cannot you recognise my voice? Who are you? Puranapool Ganga. Did not I tell you that I will send you to my brother? Tomorrow is meeting will become your condolence meeting. Call your party men, police for help. But no one can stop your death. To kill you & your men, all goons in the city are in my house. Save yourself if you can. Ganga...he hung the phone. I thought of helping him but I am at risk now. He threatens to kill me. Cannot you recognise my voice? It is me, Gottam Sathyam speaking. The other day, Ganga threatened to kill me in front of the police. So, he has hired 200 goons. If I am harmed, the entire state will go up in flames. Careful my son. It is up to you now. What happened, sir? Why police have come here? To give him security. You were right. Goons are in Ganga is house with weapons. Why delay? Arrest them all. We are here to arrest you & your men. For what? Did you threaten to kill Minister Sathyam? Yes. I did threaten to kill him. I will cut him into pieces. What can you do? Arrest him. Show the police our goon power. Kill them. He cut me with a knife. Baton charge! Wear it. They shot our man. Boss... No Boss. They are firing at us. No. Do not fire at me. Could not you find a better place to fire at? Who are you? Do you know at whom you are pointing your gun? Ganga. Please do not kill me. I will give you money. Please leave me. Can we settle the deal upstairs? Upstairs. - Come. My name is Raju...Pothuraju. You might have been beaten by police or by goons. And not by any coolie. He is not a police. He is Gandipet Shankar, a goon. Pothuraju must be here. Will I only bleed if you beat me? What if I hit you? Will not you bleed? Will not you bleed or not? Will not you bleed or not? You will bleed. Do you think only you can break others bones? Cannot I break your bones? Can I break your bones or not? Can I break your bones or not? I can break your bones. Okay sir. Do you think only you can kill someone? Cannot I kill you? Can I kill you or not? Can I kill you or not? There is no one. Let us go to the terrace. Here she comes! She makes a living by warding off evil eyes cast. You have come with the new born. Give me a reward. - Ask my brother. Is it a ring? Give me. How many sovereigns? It is 50 kgs & not sovereigns.

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