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Macedonians in Montenegro

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Macedonians in Montenegro
Македонци во Црна Гора
Makedonci u Crnoj Gori
Македонци у Црној Гори
Total population
Primarily Macedonian and Montenegrin
predominantly Macedonian Orthodox Church; all other Religion in the Republic of Macedonia

The Macedonians in Montenegro form a small minority in the country. The last official census showed that there are 900 Macedonians in Montenegro.[1] According to the Macedonian associations in Montenegro there are about 2000 Macedonians living in Montenegro.[2]

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Resolutions that officially acknowledged that it can join the European Union just as some point in the future now It's time for Moldova weld over the small landlocked country located right here It's a very poor country and has not really recovered since the fall of the Soviet Union The Soviet legacy still has a huge power in the country and this can best be shown by his politics While dolphins are generally divided as to whether to seek better ties with the West only Russia Money Moldovans forever Romania's presidency of the EU in 2019 will help push Moldova's own case to join the EU Moldova will have to tackle the huge corrosion in the country As well as the situation in Transnistria a part of world over that is seeking to break away and seek better ties with Russia class nisha will remain a thorn in the side of animal health and chances of joining the EU There's also the semi-independent region of Koch Asya, but the situation there is not as serious as translation One scenario where Moldova enters the EU is a reunification with Romania however, this is very unlikely to happen Now let's look at Ukraine, which you can find located here in Eastern Europe in 2013 the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the EU This was fuelled by money as a turn away from EU and turned towards Russia chaos ensued in the capital Kiev as money came out to march in support of EU membership This eventually led to a revolution, which witnessed Yanukovych being removed from office the next president Petro poroshenko eventually signed the agreement that Yanukovych rejected The new president is viewed is more favorable towards the West However deep divisions in Ukrainian society and an ongoing civil war in the east of the country Means it's very unlikely that Ukraine will join the EU when it aims him Jean-claude Juncker is quoted as saying I will take 20 to 30 years for the Ukraine to finally join the EU and lastly it's Kazakhstan a Country that is actually located in Central Asia While says Kazakhstan a power from other Central Asian countries, is that a tiny bit of his territory? It's actually located in Europe This means Kazakhstan technically qualifies as a European country, but it really depends on your own opinion There are a number of Kazakhstan politicians tab at least floor the idea of EU membership However a number of other Eastern countries with half the journey you before Kazakhstan would even be considered Kazakhstan will also have to reform its government and tackle issues such as human rates before it is even Considered an EU candidate country in terms of countries joining the EU I offer Kazakhstan at apartment the list anyway What country do you think is going to get to the EU first me personally? I think it's going to be either Serbia, Albania and You think the EU even Lisa have more countries. Let me know in the comments anyway, and thanks for watch

History of the Macedonians in Montenegro

By 1948, 133 Macedonians lived in Montenegro, this number rose to 875 in 1981. 1,072 Macedonians were counted in the 1991 Yugoslav Census, this number had fallen to 819 by 2003. Macedonian was the mother language of 507 people. The Macedonians were concentrated in Podgorica, Herceg Novi and Tivat. There is an estimated 2,500 Macedonians in Montenegro today.


The two main organizations of the Macedonians in Montenegro are the Association of Montenegrin-Macedonian Friendship and the National Community of Macedonians in Montenegro, which was established in 2006.[2]

The National Community of Macedonians aims to make the Macedonian language more popular in Montenegro and to help Macedonians integrate better into the Montenegrin system and market.[3]


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