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Médecins de nuit

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Médecins de nuit
Genre medical tv series
Created by Bernard Gridaine (fr)
Hervé Chabalier (fr)
Gilles Bression
Directed by Philippe Lefebvre (season 1)
Starring Catherine Allégret
Étienne Chicot
Georges Beller (fr)
Greg Germain (fr)
Brigitte Roüan
Theme music composer Vladimir Cosma
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of episodes 38
Running time 54 minutes
Original network Antenne 2 (now France 2)
Original release 22 September 1978 – 11 July 1986

Médecins de nuit is a French medical drama television series which aired between 22 September 1978 and 27 June 1986. It was originally televised on Antenne 2 station, which on 7 September was renamed France 2,[1] and then rebroadcast later on M6, serieclub (a cable and satellite network in France) and Jimmy, a satellite digital television channel. Thirty eight 54 minute episodes were produced across 5 seasons. The creators were Bernard Gridaine (fr) (alias Bernard Kouchner), Hervé Chabalier (fr) and Gilles Bression.

The theme song was composed by Vladimir Cosma. Philippe Lefebvre directed the first season and as other seasons followed, by was succeeded by Bruno Gantillon, Peter Kassovitz, Nicolas Ribowski (fr), Jean-Pierre Moscardo (fr), Pierre Lary (fr) and Emmanuel Fonlladosa (fr) amongst others.

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Subtitles by DramaFever [Lost Love In Times] [Episode 1] According to ancient books and records The Mages reside in an uncharted forest called Meandering Skies. They have always stayed away from the secular world. The Mages brings together the spiritual powers of all living forms and assist wise rulers. Their responsibility is to protect people in the world. Today, it's the first round of the lead sorceress qualification exam in the Meandering Skies. This round, sorceresses are tested on their ability to handle a sudden crisis. Only by becoming a lead sorceress can a sorceress leave the Meandering Skies to assist the imperial family and protect more people. The competition to become lead sorceress is particularly fierce this year. Whenever it comes to vying for lead sorceresses everyone would give it their best. Senior, you're worried about Qing Chen? This round... Who do you think will come through? I think that will be a tight match. This is the final round of the lead sorceress exam. Two will be chosen out of three. The Mages are founded on the tribe's knowledge of Heaven and Earth. The final round of the qualification exam is to seek out the water sources within this area. The first two of the three sorceresses who can locate the water sources pass the exam. Qing Chen is your disciple after all. As long as she is shortlisted, she'll get a chance in the next round. We'll see how well she performs later. The lead sorceress follows the mandate of Heaven and bears great responsibilities. She has to take on the important task of protecting the imperial family. Long live the emperor! Fourth Prince, Yuan Ling has attained the golden bow again this year. He gets to enter the formation first. Every year, we lay out formations to train the troops and Yuan Ling gets to go first. It's no wonder that Father thinks highly of Yuan Ling. In times of war, the Black Armor Army is always first to be deployed. They attained great victories and boost Great Wei's prestige. I'm just following the principles of Father's teaching. Black Armor Army wouldn't take credit for the victories. Among my many sons... Only you resemble me the most. Yuan Zhan (7th Prince), how are you recovering? Will you be able to enter the military formation? Father, I've already recovered. How could I be absent from our nation's grand ceremony? However, I wouldn't dare vie with Yuan Ling for victory. I'm just abiding by Father's orders to train for more experience. Men of Great Wei have long been known for our militant spirit. I conduct a military parade and training here every year so as to remind you of our ancestral code and strengthen your will. Whoever retrieves the golden tally from the formation first shall be rewarded handsomely. We abide by Father's teaching! Senior, the Morning Star appears at such an hour... Dual stars, drastic change. One shall surely fall. The dim Morning Star has begun to shine more and more brightly. It seems that both stars shall take over the palace. This destiny is now sealed. By now, Yuan Ling should be in the formation. Let's go! That was a hoax to lure us into a trap? It doesn't matter. Let's take a look. This isn't the golden tally. This is the Nine City Tally. Yuan Ling... You really have that tally with you. Father sent a confidential decree to have us search for the stolen tally. Who knew that you had really stolen it? Your Highness, why bother wasting your breath? Since we have caught him with the loot we just need to act according to the imperial decree. Prince Ling has stolen the military tally! He schemes to raise a rebellion! By the confidential decree of His Majesty he is to be arrested and brought back to the palace! Should he resist, he is to be killed within the formation! Someone is obviously out to set Yuan Ling up! We found this tally here in the center of the formation. We thought that it was the golden tally! We never expected it to be a trap to frame Yuan Ling for stealing the tally! We saw it with our own eyes! Father's decree made it very clear. Yuan Ming (9th Prince)! If the ruler wants his subject dead, what else could I say? Could it be... Could it be Father who set you up? Head back now. Only then can we find a way out of this. Yuan Che (11th Prince)! As long as you're willing to testify to Father that Yuan Ling stole the tally Father wouldn't hold you responsible. He would even reward you out of kinship. Do you think that I'd frame Yuan Ling for my personal gains just like you did? As your third brother, I'd advise you not to be so obstinate! I'll surely stand by Yuan Ling! Do you think that trapping me in this mere formation is enough to take both our lives? We surely wouldn't dare to treat you lightly. Attack! Che! Mentor once said that mountains are Yang in element and valleys, Yin. The water sources should be around here? Yuan Ling, a wise man submits to fate. If you surrender now, Crown Prince and the other brothers would still put in a few words for you before Father. None in Black Armor Army ever surrenders. My Sword of Return knows no surrender either. Yuan Ling, don't you know that anyone who has more achievements than the emperor doesn't end well? Officials in the imperial court have many a times slandered Black Armor Army. We all know what that means. I'm afraid that Father isn't the only one who couldn't tolerate me? Enough nonsense! Yuan Ming, take down Yuan Ling to report back to Father! If Great Wei is to fall into your hands... Are people like you, who framed your own brother, fit to rule the world? Take him down! I never allowed anyone to manipulate me. I'll be the one to decide if I live or die. Che, take care. Ling! Ling! You're fortunate enough to run into me. If not, you'd have fallen to your death. He suffered injuries to his chest. It's fortunate that your internal organs aren't injured. You're trained in medicine? Just moderately. However, if your injuries aren't treated in time your life might be at risk. Someone's found the water sources? It will be too late if I don't find one soon. I have to inform you of a matter. Outsiders aren't allowed to enter the Meandering Skies. You'd better leave quickly. That should save you some trouble. I'm in the Meandering Skies? You're from The Mages? Who are you? Water sources? Someone has trespassed into the Meandering Skies? It isn't just anyone who has trespassed into the Meandering Skies. It's the Morning Star of the dual stars. Dual stars bring about the destiny that no one can run away from. Qing Chen was born as the Evening Star. It's evident that the Morning Star has already found her. Search thoroughly! Yes! Mentor and Elder, I've found the water sources by the cliff. Congratulations. You've passed the exam as a lead sorceress. Thank you for your teaching, Elder. Someone has trespassed into the Meandering Skies. Don't go running around today. Yes, Mentor. Since you have passed the exam you're now qualified to safeguard a confidential item of The Mages. This key is crucial to the safety of The Mages' confidential information. You will know of it in the future. I'll surely keep it safe. You may leave now. For decades, no one has ever trespassed into the Meandering Skies. This is all quite sudden. I'm afraid that what we both feared would eventually come true. Both stars have met. If one star must fall, whoever it might be it won't be what we wish for. I'm afraid that the calamity of the world will bring upon catastrophe to The Mages. Over the past twenty years, I've devised a plan. I'm sure it will protect the world from harm. It will also keep The Mages safe. I've already used the best medicine on your wounds. When you regain consciousness, you must leave right away. This isn't the place for you. - Go and take a look. - Yes. The two of you, head over there. Yes! Ming Yan! What is going on? By the confidential orders of Elder Xi Xie the Meandering Skies are to be closely guarded to prevent trespassers. Only lead sorceresses are informed. None are to hear of it. Should you notice anything strange, send a message. All right. When I checked your pulse, it was already stable. Why are you still unconscious? Under these circumstances, I can only take you somewhere safe. Elder, we've searched through the entire Meandering Skies. We didn't find any trespassers. Should we keep searching? Convey my orders. Stop the search. I'll handle this matter personally. You may all leave now. Yes. Mister Mo has sent an urgent message from the palace. There's been an unforeseen event. His Majesty actually took actions against Prince Ling. Could it be... His Majesty has learned of the late emperor's posthumous edict? It's been years. Prince Ling's true identity might not have been well concealed. Due to concerns of the enemy state, we chose to support the current emperor. However, Prince Ling's life is a debt that The Mages owe the late emperor. Whatever happens, we must protect him. If it were as Mister Mo had written in his letter Prince Ling was framed for stealing the tally and fell from the cliff after being hunted down by soldiers. By now, he should be within the Meandering Skies. Could he be the Morning Star? Before we locate Prince Ling, this matter must not be made known. Convey my orders. Stay watchful in secret just in case. If Prince Ling really is here in the Meandering Skies the imperial family won't let this go easily. The prince... I'll search for him personally. Be good and stay here. If you can stay hidden for a day, a day it is then. I've led Black Armor Army to the capital to report back. Greetings to Father! It's said that is where Prince Ling is, there is peace. How true. This saying has been spread throughout the entire capital. It seems that I should abdicate to an even better man? I carried out the decree to lead my army to war. I do not think otherwise. Please investigate, Father. How dare you! You implemented a truce at the border without approval. It seemed to be pacifying the people. But in fact, it condoned the people to discuss state affairs at will promoting complaint across the state. Aren't your reckless actions a form of revolt? Fourth Brother, there are so many rumors in the capital these days. Rumors say that if Prince Ling ascends the throne, the world would be at peace. There would be no more wars or tyranny. You are putting Father in a difficult position. I heard someone in Black Armor Army once said he would only follow Prince Ling's order. Fourth Brother holds much authority, and commands the world. Of course, he is capable of bringing peace and stability to the world. If Father doesn't trust me... You could take back this tally. I'm willing to stay idle in my manor. I won't improperly discuss political issues again. Greetings to Your Highness. Prince Ling fell off the cliff and his death is yet confirmed. All parties are out searching for him, some openly and some discreetly. Should you choose to stay out of this matter I'm afraid that His Majesty would find fault with you. I have already reported to Father that I'm recuperating at home. If I have the effort to spare, I might as well tend to my plants. I wonder when the last six rare species of flower will be paid as tributes to His Majesty? Your Highness. Minister Feng, do you know of The Mages' 12 Rare Flowers? How would I know more about these plants than Your Highness does? Have this pot of withered Farewell Silver Swallow sent back to the Meandering Skies tomorrow. Your Highness intends to lure out the Grand Sorceress? He's stayed here in Flora Divinity for such a long time but he's still unconscious? Could I have made a mistake somewhere? I remember that Mentor told me of a method to revive the dead. The sorceress has to mix in blood from her heart into the medication. But then if I do so, you'd have to be at my command. You woke up ages ago, right? If I didn't scare you, who knows when you would have opened your eyes. You should get up quickly. I can't keep you here for long. If my mentor finds out about this, I'll be in trouble. It's said that the Meandering Skies is as beautiful as paradise. I'd like to take a look around before I leave. It's an abyss under the waterfalls. The Snow Abyss. Anyone who falls from here will smash to bits. None can survive. Qing Chen isn't here. She must have gone into her Flora Divinity. Let's go. Careful! Do you know how dangerous this is? It's more dangerous if you're discovered. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have to hide. This isn't right... You were quite agile just now. You must have almost recovered from your injuries? Shouldn't you... leave soon? Could you only nod and hum? I'm worried that our voices might echo. They could hear us. It seems that we'll have to stay here for some time. Qing Chen. Mentor! You came just at the right time. I was about to look for you in the Leader's Bureau. Why are you looking for me? The flowers and plants that the imperial family asked for are almost ready. I'd like Mentor to take a look to see if anything's missing. The six rare flowers have bloomed. - They can be sent over as well. - Sure. I'll go with you to take a look. What is it? Am I not allowed in to take a look as well? Sure. Lead the way. Qing Chen. You are now a lead sorceress. You bear the great responsibilities of The Mages. Qing Chen! Yes, Mentor! Qing Chen, sorcerers and sorceresses are all responsible for protecting the imperial family. You're now a lead sorceress. I have a task for you to undertake. Is it related to the imperial family? Prince Ling fell off a cliff and his death is yet confirmed. The late emperor's Succession Jade Seal has long been in my care. Today, I'll hand the jade seal to you. This will affect the reign of Great Wei. I want you to deliver it to Elder Mo in the palace. You'd like me to deliver this to the palace on my own? You'd have to leave the Meandering Skies one day. I just didn't expect to send you away for the first time on such a tough task. Bear this in mind. This trip will affect the destiny of the imperial family. Moreover, the safety of the entire Great Wei. You must be very cautious. [Prince Ling] Mentor, do rest assured. I won't let you down. I'll deliver this jade seal personally into the hands of Elder Mo. This person is Elder Xi Xie of The Mages. Qing Chen has never been in contact with the outside world. She just got selected as a lead sorceress and you already entrusted such an important task to her. The secular world out there is nothing like the Meandering Skies. This is the mission that she was born with. She has to face it on her own eventually. Why don't we sit back and observe how things would go with dual stars meet? I believe that you must have overheard what my mentor said to me? I'm going to leave the Meandering Skies. Therefore, I can't leave you here. It seems that you have figured out who I am. Prince Ling wouldn't fall into the Meandering Skies without a reason. What exactly happened that day? It couldn't have been a coincidence that you ended up here? If it wasn't, would you have saved me? I should put it this way. If I had come to the Meandering Skies with a motive would you still save me? If your life is at risk, I definitely will save you. However, I've heard that Prince Ling has never lost a battle. You were totally helpless that day. Whoever injured you must have been someone you don't take caution against. I was forced to the edge of the cliff by my brothers and kin. They were just-- I'll escort you to the palace. It's my way of repaying your kindness. You're escorting me? Do you have other ideas in mind? Get going. There must be many soldiers hunting for me. A young sorceress like you surely won't be able to handle it. We've been searching for such a long time but his body isn't found. Could Yuan Ling be lucky enough to have survived the fall? Whatever it might be, he must not be left alive. Has your butterfly spirit brought you any news? My third and ninth brother won't give up until they find me. If you wish to get into the palace I can take you with me to shake off their pursuit. If you have doubts about me, I'll lure them away. Have you not thought about what His Majesty will do to you once I deliver the jade seal into the palace? I'd lose the chip that I could use to compete against him. The jade seal is now in my hand. You came to the Meandering Skies for this jade seal, right? It seems that I've underestimated Xi Xie's powers. He has put me in a dilemma. If you take this jade seal from me you can then compete with the reigning emperor. Yes, if I take this jade seal from you the imperial officials will all turn to support me instead. That will give me the ability and bargaining chip to go against him. It seems that Prince Ling, you have already made up your mind. It's been a day and a night. Yuan Ling's death is still unconfirmed and his whereabouts a mystery. Could it be... You're worried that under this cliff... The Mages' forbidden land, the Meandering Skies. They are not to be trifled with. The Mages assists the imperial family. They won't play a part in our family issues. Nor will they go to any trouble for just one man. Yuan Ji, you must be overthinking. I hope that I was just too sensitive. If Yuan Ling survived, he'll become even harder to tackle. It's all right. I've already assigned more men. We'll find him even if it means turning this valley upside down. You're simply too pure-minded. You're too quick to be kind to a total stranger. I didn't lie to you about one matter. It's very complicated in the palace now. I'll use my way to protect you and escort you into the palace. If Elder Xi Xie thinks that the jade seal should be given to my father I'll respect his judgment. He must have his reasons. What is your intention? I owe you my life. I'm just repaying you. My butterfly spirit reported back that there are too many soldiers. It won't be easy for us to force our way out. You can throw them off your tracks with your powers. Then-- - Are you all right? - I'm fine. Has your wound opened again? Your wound has opened again. You must be more careful. Otherwise, it won't heal fully. What is that? It's definitely a miraculous cure of The Mages. Drink it up quickly. It's good for your injury. You just drank it up like that? It's fine. It just tastes slightly strange. I can handle it. Why didn't you let me finish explaining first? If you drank that with this, the taste won't be that bad. Are you all right? Your sword can actually break dark sorcery? This is the Sword of Return. It was given to me by my mother. I've had it with me since I was a child. Is your mother... Consort Lian? Sword of Return... Yuan Ling really is hiding in the Meandering Skies. Anyone there? - Mentor. - We have guests in the valley. Come with me to meet them. Yes. Elder Tao Yao? Even Father has to show her some respect. We must tread even more cautiously. Which imperial family member is present? Why would you trespass the Meandering Skies with an armed force? I'm acting on the imperial decree to arrest a rebel. I don't mean to offend The Mages. Elder, please don't get us wrong! Prince Ji. Prince Ming. Even if His Majesty is here personally he isn't allowed to trespass into The Mages' forbidden land. Do you not know about the ancestral code of the imperial family? The rebel has entered the Meandering Skies and none of his traces can be found. Elder, you've led many of your people to hinder our search. It's possible of you to harbor the criminal! We must enter the valley to take a look today! Only then can I report back to my father! Judging from your words, you showed no respect for the promise made between the imperial family and The Mages? This matter is of great importance! Rules can also be bent. Do you know that if rules set between The Mages and the imperial family are altered it is done at the cost of blood shed by the violator? The Mages won't take any action against this trespass tonight. Your Highnesses, look out for yourselves. Yuan Ming, stay calm. The Mages... They aren't just anyone we can afford to offend. Since there is a twist to the course of events it's best for us to head back and report to Father first. Xi Xie of The Mages greets Prince Ling. Elder, you must have known what brought me here today? I've come to the Meandering Skies to see you. Internal affairs of the imperial family aren't of our concern unless it affects the safety of the world. However, the current situation is related to an event from 20 years ago. I'll escort Prince Ling back to the palace personally. By then, I shall seek audience with His Majesty. It shall be further explained. Mentor, there are assassins stationed outside the Meandering Skies. It might be dangerous for you and Prince Ling to head out now. Who could possibly stop me from going out? Prince Ling, what do you intend to do with the late emperor's Succession Jade Seal? Just leave it here with The Mages for now. Even if my father has misunderstood me as a son, I still hope that Elder could use your powers to resolve this issue. Mentor, please keep Prince Ling safe. Qing Chen, have you forgotten? You've led an outsider into the Meandering Skies. I have yet to punish you for it. This isn't Qing Chen's fault. I threatened her into hiding my tracks. She was even injured because of me. No, Mentor-- I... Elder, you could go ahead and brief me on The Mages' regulations. Prince Ling, you need not take the blame for another. I know my own disciple well. She would never overlook regulations under any threat. She'd risk her life to do anything that she firmly believes in. Your Highness will get to see that for yourself some day. Qing Chen. Your powers are affected because of the butterfly spirits. Stay and recuperate in Flora Divinity for a day or two. You're not to go running around. Understand? Yes. Mentor, there might be more to the corrupted butterfly spirits. - The imperial family and dark sorcery-- - I know. Tomorrow morning, I'll escort Prince Ling back to the palace. I believe this is what brought Your Highness here in the first place? Subtitles by DramaFever



This television series features a team of medical doctors who work at night during an emergency. Besides the medical angle, the series highlights the social issues of the Paris suburbs at the end of the 1970s.[2]




Season 1

  1. Michel. Director: Philippe Lefebvre
  2. Anne. Director: Philippe Lefebvre
  3. Alpha. Director: Nicolas Ribowski (fr)
  4. Jean-François. Director: Philippe Lefebvre
  5. Hélène. Director: Peter Kassovitz
  6. Christophe. Director: Philippe Lefebvre

Season 2

  1. Self-Defence. Director: Bruno Gantillon
  2. Royal Palace. Director: Nicolas Ribowski (fr)
  3. Henri Gillot, 62, retired. Director: Pierre Lary (fr)
  4. The Red Book. Director: Nicolas Ribowski (fr)
  5. Léone. Director: Bruno Gantillon
  6. Disco. Director: Nicolas Ribowski (fr)
  7. The Margiis. Director: Pierre Lary (fr)

Season 3

  1. Castel Factory. Director: Peter Kassovitz
  2. The Convertible. Director: Jean-Pierre Moscardo (fr)
  3. A Cooked Dish. Director: Peter Kassovitz
  4. Financial Support for Michel. Director: Jean-Pierre Prévost (fr)
  5. Amalgine. Director: Gilles Legrand (fr)
  6. The Warehouse. Director: Jacques Tréfouël (réalisateur) (fr)

Season 4

  1. A Spanish night. Director: Stéphane Bertin (fr)
  2. The Rock Group. Director: Gérard Clément (fr)
  3. Jo Formose. Director: Stéphane Bertin (fr)
  4. Unpleasant Tricks. Director: Gérard Clément (fr)
  5. The Lie. Director: Jean-Pierre Prévost (fr)
  6. Quingaoshu. Director: Emmanuel Fonlladosa (fr)
  7. The Last Night. Director: Emmanuel Fonlladosa (fr)

Season 5

  1. Chinese Night. Director: Jean-Pierre Moscardo (fr)
  2. Panic. Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
  3. Password. Director: Emmanuel Fonlladosa (fr)
  4. Marie-Charlotte. Director: Jean-Pierre Prévost (fr)
  5. Happy birthday. Director: Jean-Pierre Prévost (fr)
  6. Time Out. Director: Emmanuel Fonlladosa (fr)
  7. Hep Taxi!. Director: Nicolas Ribowski (fr)
  8. Disc-Jockey. Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
  9. Six brave Little Indians, Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
  10. Anguish. Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
  11. Wanted. Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
  12. The End As Always. Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb


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