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Lysine price-fixing conspiracy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The lysine price-fixing conspiracy was an organized effort during the mid-1990s to raise the price of the animal feed additive lysine. It involved five companies that had commercialized high-tech fermentation technologies, including American company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Japanese companies Ajinomoto and Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, and Korean companies Sewon America Inc. and Cheil Jedang Ltd. A criminal investigation resulted in fines and three-year prison sentences for three executives of ADM who colluded with the other companies to fix prices. The foreign companies settled with the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division in September through December 1996. Each firm and four executives from the Asian firms pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain to aid in further investigation against ADM. The cartel had been able to raise lysine prices 70% within their first nine months of cooperation.[1]

The investigation yielded $105 million in criminal fines, a record antitrust penalty at the time,[2] including a $70 million fine against ADM. ADM was fined an additional $30 million for its participation in a separate conspiracy in the citric acid market and paid a total fine of $100 million. Three former high-ranking ADM executives were convicted in September 1998 after a ten-week jury trial.[3] Buyers of lysine in the United States and Canada sued and recovered $80 to $100 million in damages from the five cartel members, and ADM paid $38 million to settle mismanagement suits by its shareholders.[4]

The lysine cartel was the first successful prosecution of an international cartel by the U.S. Department of Justice in more than 40 years.[5] Since then, the DoJ has discovered and prosecuted scores of international cartels.[citation needed]

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  • ✪ G2Voice Broadcast #105: What is causing Shingles and how to CURE it?


Welcome, welcome, welcome. To the G2Voice broadcast it is Sunday September 16th in the year of the Lord 2018 my name is Mark Grenon and I'm here with my co-host Joseph Grenon Joe is with us in the house for number 105 105 good morning everyone man, we're hitting that we're going into the night dope we're near the 200 yet but we're heading that way you know well leaving the 100-mark broadcast and headed towards the two so though Joe this week it's a broadcast that pisses me off in one respect because that again they're just duping tricking deceiving the whole world the whole public by this shingles vaccine and they even I believe they even saying it is something it isn't I mean what I mean is oh you had chickenpox as a kid that's just chicken pox when you get older no people didn't get chicken pox and they got over 150 years ago when they had as a kid they got they got lifetime immunity there's something going on that's calving this come out and I think you'll see it's probably the show yes, causing it covered coming out you know putting it in and making it come out and that's not already been there but we'll talk about that in a minute really upsets me that people the government's so evil to let this go on now I think the government's the pharmaceuticals they let them get approved they get they get paid to be approved and they let them pass laws that protect them like in 1989 no more do you can you sue a company for what they what they injected into you and made although they still aren't doing it they're suing which is good I don't care if they have a law against it or not but it made it like a blank check to them try anything just know no clinical trials just fast-track it pay the two hundred million dollars and go for it I don't know if you'll see our new shirt but we got some new shirts here Joe Black just get black I get red because I'm a little higher than him no really, I just like the vino I like this color as opposed to the black but we use these and we're on the field I thought we just throw you at a doormat you this week let you see the difference so last week we covered uh I got to listening to what we did three reasons why you're depressed in life and not impressed with life like you're supposed to be life should be enjoyable should be fun it should be something that you can enjoy health in and we you know if you keep depressed pretty easy especially if they give you drugs that make you depressed but I didn't cover the three reasons I just covered toxins toxins and I just left it in the newsletter so you read the newsletter read that newsletter and see the other two and I want people to read the newsletters I spent a lot of time on them not just a full time obviously it's what we cover in our broadcast but I learn a lot by doing the newsletters believe me I learned a lot and it confirms even more what we say all time we're getting more facts just the facts folks just the facts that's what I want to hear the truth does not need offending just put it out you go back and watch that I even put on the newsletter the video link so they can watch it as opposed to hearing it on the G2Voice is where you can go anywhere in the world click on that website there and we have a roadie radio broadcast and a lot of countries can't get video so they can Because the broadband isn't very big and so they can listen to the radio they'd even download the radio really quick it's like kilobytes right size 500 they can download listen to it later so, for a lot of countries that's really important to have that radio that's why we don't exclusively just do the radio to just do the video on YouTube, we want the radio to be there and I tell them people all the time get the book get this book folks it's going up and Brazil pretty soon we haven't done in Portuguese we're just working on the price to print it man Brazil it's just a piece of shit government I could tell you it's just a sorry Brazil government not sorry people the people are great but the government I guess every government in the world is probably run by the bad guys say books are supposed to be free no duty we sent some booklets in there they want to judge 100 bucks, so you know you pay the hundred bucks but it's still a scam you know and then if the print this book costs like five times more four times more than what it costs to printed in the states and ship it there they don't even want to help their own people with books see books are very important folks this is what's everybody's getting away from reading books you can hold in your hand you got it with you your computer your eBooks those are all good and they aren’t but they die they can die books are very important don't let's lose the sight of books so I put it in the newsletter again, way to get it Amazon could ship it to you anywhere in the world we have it in our church we get 100% of it the money goes into the church when we send it to you and Amazon gives us 50 because they printed and ship it anywhere in the world which is a great a thing we're almost done now – all right I think by next week we're going to push to get the Spanish book up and when they said I'm printing a copy to us to be proofread it after that we're probably going to take and I'll mention this now because this one's going to be in Spanish we're going to try to do a five-nation trip like November take the book with us go to Chile let people know in Chile we're coming we'll meet in an area we can do some book signing we can because we're going to go back probably another four months after that to do a seminar Chile then what I was doing this trip we're going to jump right over to Argentina because it's right down the end of the world by Antarctica try to cross there this hour so fight we get more response from Argentina we've done a seminar in Argentina we did a couple big ones in Chile so we'll go there meet with some people that are on mailing list let them know we're coming this would be November folks signed some books and set up a seminar and then maybe look at some places - exactly member Chile did that Catholic cathedral non-Cathedral Resort retreats that every tweet says good thing you know old castle it was no that that was dodging Tina I'm talking about Chile, you're right we had an old castle monastery Tina monastery it was an old castle literally in Argentina that was a big place we checked out again that was good but then we're going to go after that just a very right across from Buenos Aires to Montevideo on today oh boy that's the happy the capital the happy capital Jessica's weeds a legal there but they'd making GMO wheat so it's not as good as that people think but they can grow it so they should grow cannabis for health reasons we're going to stop there I don't know what that's going to mean well we have a few people there and then we want to go up and see our bishop in pot of wine and maybe set up remember we're going to document testimonies too while we're doing this job this isn't all fun and games this is well it's setting up for the next year it's like a work trip or a lot of merit setting up places finding out places I am part of why they built a building even Genesis to church building but its knees my old life I've sneezed not once yes, the eight times like four or five times in a row what's cool is my grandson does that your son so ah we were breathing a little MMS earlier see every broadcast we usually have a juice this is a melon juice we drink a lot of juices folks now you can't do it during the protocol but you could do it at night and you could do it for breakfast if you wait two hours people always ask us I can't eat anything what are you talking about we're just talking lunch don't eat antioxidants don't eat out drink alcohol coffee chocolate don't take vitamins they're going to last all day and wipe out your thing but for breakfast you can have a nice glass of juice you can have a class of coffee a cup of coffee and you can have a I wouldn't take a really super drink you know that might last all day throughout your body but uh breakfast I have eggs I have we're making our own bacon I'll get rid of the nitrates hanging it it's really it's kind of fun thing this is coming up in a g2 kitchen come on out we bought a couple more things with we're a little we're kind of focus on the book right now but we're picking away getting it set up I'm getting some new apartments so, you don't see all my old parts I'm going to get some ceramic and some stainless steel and some cast iron then we're going to have and some good knives and some good oils and good ways to cook but we'll mention these type of things and we we'll while we're doing this show people what they can eat while they're on the protocol exactly but just lunch folks and if you're on a protocol for disease you're not going to have some big banquet of lunch you're going to have a sandwich tomato has a little vitamin C you could put a little sliced thin slice tomato in your sandwich when people are here people here we have a woman Knight now are covering with cannabis oil in a week I'd say 20 percent of it 15 or 20 percent has just dissolved and it's a big tumor so, we're really happy about that within one week but she's on the protocol all day and she's in the ocean soaking in the ocean it's good salts so but for lunch I'll be a bone broth for her ceviche some a small salad you know you can even have a little piece of fruit about you now you can have an apple we went out to be often they can have some they can have green chili we've given them chili we've given them a taco salad stews you're going to have something light anyways because you're on a protocol for three to six weeks so but then at night when you've done folks eat whatever you want have your Moringa that has 47 I'll can't the options have your cacao at night which has 25,000 antioxidants well forty seven amino acids no antioxidants antioxidants but the calm has 25,000 Joe so, he's that kind of stuff and any kind of supplements which I don't recommend ever but because you get it from real food and it costs a lot but you can get that you can eat that stuff at night it's so don't worry about it so, I you know people get all upset so what can I one-person put-on YouTube so we can't eat then what are you talking about man we never said that anywhere guess they don't listen but anyways it even tells you in the book what to eat and why you're even sick why you have disease, so you can get this and we're putting this up on all different sites get the book folks I'm telling you because of the information we've compiled over the years I said in the newsletter we're not going to have a seminar for next four or five months we don't have one scheduled anywhere in the world but we do have this trip scheduled to set up a seminar every two months in Lyon America next year and so we will be doing that next year did you lose me look my mic and then um so probably January we'll go in Africa and then probably when we come back February will be our first probably Chile be our first trip first seminar of next year so that's what's going on but I tell you that to say tell you this you know what the way for someone out to learn you can get the online course which we developed to be used to learn right at home get 50 videos go through an exam become a health minister tells you how to set up a church chapter tells you all the protocols and more then even in my book and not as much as Jim's book well it's as much as Jim's book it’s basically Jim's book came off the course so Jim's book is a good one they get $35 $35 $70 go to Amazon get both room go to the church site get this one go to I think it is you get his book have it shipped to you get the eBooks too because you can click especially on my book you can click on the e-book different sites in different testimonies and you can click on those YouTube things show your friends a lot of good links in there so, I have both I have both on my phone I was showing someone the other day something we had there from the book so, you can get the online course go to and get the online course I tell you what you won't regret it everybody that's done it says I went through it and the private your home it's quiet and it's 50 videos the longest ones 10 minutes I think right longest video and it goes to point by point how to make it how to reduce the acid how to start the protocol how to measure it how to use them the eye the ear the nose every hole in your body folks and what to eat what not to eat other things you can do for other specific diseases it's something you download you keep you can even do set up at rich chapter you can do a what we call workshops Saturday cover one or two videos for the people and after a period of six months you can make them give them an exam make them a Health Minister and so, there's all kinds of ways to deal we made it, so you could be self-motivated self-care and practice self-care not health care and help people and teach people to help take care of their own health not rely on a doctor that's been educated by the pharmaceutical people that's where the curriculum is based on they're drug dealers they're not Co traffic on days they say not only because what is that what do you call that English knuckle toffee Gandhi narcotics something iconic traffickers think in English but also, our newsletters been being hit and stopped from different sites and from different servers so we ask people go to the newsletter it's in the description and go today sign up again to another place we've signed up same newsletter but probably be able to get it easier now we're sending it out in just a little half page text email it's a read more button read more gives you the whole thing on our site I think we'll have less people stopped to because if it's huge they're there the email will just stop it from coming so that could be another problem too we're on to uncensored sites one is video Mike Adams was being censored so he just started one himself I wish we could have done that though we've started a radio broadcast because we were getting censored on ABC and BBC CBC all the B C's you know all the ones owned by the big corporate media where they have their talking points every day at 4:00 or 4:30 and they all meet say this is what we're going to talk about today and you watch all the mainstream media even Fox now hit the same stuff because there are owned by the same people don't think Fox is so conservative and right they're just a good cop bad cop but they still promote the pharmaceuticals the bank the wall street all the people that own all the stuff so come on be honest be honest to yourself we're also and it's the G2Church if you want to go there my favorite time of the week Joe is reading me with weekly testimonies we got another 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 12 and I got another like 5 or 6 of shingles but I'll talk about when we talk about but here's one guy owed Scottie Rae synchronicity I need this like at this very moment and he was talking about he needed some information about a certain thing and he like man I can't believe you covered that forget what it was but I remember him saying that Aloha Jonathan I started using MMS a few months ago, experience many positive benefits what the best is way to provide you with my testimonial I'm so incise inspired by my healing then I began helping others to heal to so far, I'm also probably provide those testimonies in the very near future I'll be taking your certification course that I can become my official health minister with the church I am very interested in opening a healing center in Texas Travis buddy we forward him all the information smooth beaches love your passion Marc you are so right about all this I stopped going to MDS a while back god bless that's a testimony guy doesn't trust the medicals and doesn't deal with them had a call from New Zealand today we're going to be dealing with the Maori people training them up all of them it's going to be cool my probably going to donate a lot of books torment and just try to help them out get them going anyways and make them they going to do a seminar among them they got to open an embassy in Belgium there's Malawi's and they get money from the New Zealand government from Trump like being Indians in America right there Indians down there indigenous I like to call them Indians people say that's well they're freaking Indians I mean why don't we what do you call them I don't think that's a bad thing you know I'm a white guy you know well you call me a white guy a Caucasian people are so stupid with their terms anyways great people of Maui's we got a couple health ministers they come up give you a big kiss on both cheeks there's they're huge guys they all pray rugby I think no they're just huge they're like the Samoans I think the effect I think they're related ones how did I get off of that why did I get off on that the guy that's dealing with the mark there mark if you're on God bless you buddy God use you and were going to try to help any way we can there you've reached those people because I'm sure they've been tortured by the medical also but he fell into our Reebok one right into its back that's the time you go to the emergency ward they had to pull something out stitch him back up pull out a piece of something anyways that's what that's a doctor and hospitals are made for you go there in fact, emergency medical doctors I really like them I even thought about being one-on-one time because they have an overall view of everything when people come in they got to know a little bit about anything they're not specialists you know and so they fix you up quick and try to get you to keep you alive and until you can body can heal so you go you don't go to medicals for being sick you go then when you have a tragedy an accident here's another one breast cancer the two good things I've is the red patent on the inside of my upper arm caused by limp complications has disappeared almost completely limp constipation lymphatic that's what that's what it is the high's lymph information surrounding the tumor is starting to loosen up I've been putting essentials for limp on the area so I believe that is helping I'm hoping the MMS helping to well I know what the MMS is help it if she's drinking it and you should stay away from essential oils while you're on MMS because it can hurt you now topically not so much but I'm talking about drinking them here's another one see me receive fast on the first day feeling it working excellent products thank you someone just got the MMS lone-wolf Nobel Peace Prize for Jim Humble amok Renan spelled my name wrong but I'll accept that but I want to accept the Nobel Peace Prize I'm telling you folks mark it down on your calendar this mark it down might not be edgy count it because it might never happen but if Jim I 5 I got it Jim and I have talked about this too I wouldn't I wouldn't even go I would refuse it I'd want to just say no I don't want your money from the same criminals that I run in the world keep your money don't care about it but maybe use the nominee Nobel Peace Prize as an inroad to get people to listen to us but I wouldn't take it sorry I don't want your money don't care about it well not about money I've ever proved it to people rip up a cheque of a couple million bucks right in their face hey mark thought I'd share but I appreciate the comment that's good I said that to Jim a long time ago hey Mark, I thought I'd share an experience with my hair especially after hearing similar on your most recent show this came about by accident I leave you by a good-quality simple and conditioner for Liam and myself however, funds got in the way of this and I refuse to let vanity get in the way by settling for a cheap as you would say laugh a like chemical shitstorm on my son or myself so we started washed out here only in the MMS bath water naturally Lee Lehman say he's an autistic kid that's doing really well by the way I'm not kidding call him autistic anymore he's really doing well, and hair didn't need conditioners at his age so, look great from day one mine however took a few days of this before it stopped looking like straw however it's been over awake in my hands Naturals seem to have kicked in and it's back to shiny soft touch every night if you can see my I just took a shower so it's still wet but every night I take the I mean I take MMS bath one MMS 1 then MMS 2 the next night and I just go over and over I sit in there about 20 minutes sometimes I sit with just my mouth open well hope you because I need to breathe I get it on my face and everything I even opened my eyes in the water sometimes it's things because I put a little too much in there but I know my limit 600 drops is my limit for MMS 1 I tell people do around one to two hundred because that otherwise it dries out your skin and the natural oils I think get dissipated and I think your skin puts up a protection when something is really strong so really around 300 is perfect I even opened my want eyes in it and the PPM is like about 20 18 20 we tested it burns a little bit but I kind of liked it then the next night I do a teaspoon really I'm up to a tablespoon of MMS 2 but you got to dissolve that in hot water then you put it in and I bought a water heater it's a little they call them widow-makers but they really know their Li am advanced it's all grounded I it's all plastic no matter not better anyways eats my water now I was taking colloids and I've seen a big difference Joe because the pores are opening up and feel a big difference all over me and my hair is growing look at my knuckle I got a hair on my knuckle what the heck is that all about can you see that on showing Joe my knuckle right there anyways and then you know if you take too much giant use of coconut oil you some aloe vera and your skin absorbs 80 percent of what you put on it remember that remember this if you won't put in your mouth don't put it on your skin so these guys are doing great but the bath here's another one I mock thanks for sending your Skype handle through email somehow, I mysteriously ended up in my emails email clients spam folder not mysteriously he says I'm a master judge to judge people against spam to remember that I've sent you a few messages there looks like we've found a source in the Philippines excited started moving here thanks again I talked to him this morning as a matter of fact this guy he wrote me again because set something up in the Philippines they needed especially malaria dengue all the tropical diseases malaria dengue Ebola really isn't tropical so one planet there zika chikungunya Chagas we've cured them all when mms and these countries suffer from these things and they don't need to thank you mark from ash Devonport 23 thank you Mark this is hope in my life once again, I've wanted some MMS and I'm looking forward to the starting protocol the videos are fantastic wish you all the very best see go through the videos folks not fantastic because with such professional X the information do this do that here you get to see us doing it you know you get to see us take this stuff show you we talked about it but was showing you do it like this then you go I can do that course she can't it's not very hard Sylvia oh she loves us here she's in I think she's in Poland thanks, he's in Poland versus Kelly Sylvia I'm so impressed with you guys awesome job as always thanks for caring as much as you do Lord bless happy birthday to you happy birthday to you G2Voice happy birthday to you. she's singing it to us he's making it like a melody so, we love you too and keep going and let us know if you set up a place there - Sylvia that's her last name the first name is Wesley Shane I have this kid should they kick me flew in the arse must be from England they are first day he said Wow here's a good one Joe parvo cured in five days in two big German Shepherds it was terminal but mms cured it that's funny because we're just talking about that I was invited to Park Parvo, killing a lot of animals we might put out with MMS we did a couple broadcasts what to do with animals Jim in his book he chose people the dosage for animals but the rule of thumb is one drop per 25 pounds you could put it in bone broth having people have the people had the animals drinking or I put in a syringe in water tells off not vegetable and we're going to do bone broth we're going to make some of these things in the kitchen Show them how we do it, so it's going to be fun they're looking forward to it now we get into them the gross part I tell people about this get if you've loved your animals and the cat what's the one that cats have that one a pregnant woman can what be it called if ever I got those are they called it's I think it's a virus or a bacterium might be back anyways boy we talked about a couple of weeks ago but cats have it but we get rid of that too we get rid of HPV we have another one here HPV testimony but look go read through the if you go follow us like you should as we're talking go through the newsletter you see the herpes zoster this is a different herpes and they call it the same one as the chickenpox but I don't believe them I don't believe it does I believe this one is a different one and there's hundreds of them toxoplasmosis thank you, toxoplasmosis, and cats but whatever we've had people put in their sick fish aquarium and kill the fish my lion no thank you crazy so, but in the news that you're going to see this these are blotches there when people say I think I got shingles said send me a picture because it's very distinct well it looks like it runs in the line with where the nerves are it's a nerve infection and you can see it goes around the waist it bubbles up and lines it's around the back it's usually it in this area here on the leg if it's on the leg you can see it's horrible it goes right down the nerve dad look that looks like it's following the sciatic nerve down this guy is gross getting his dingdong hanging down a testicle hanging but I want to show them the backside that's what it looks like man it's horrible let's get off the gross pictures now get on the shingles testimony's I just put the shingles time we have a lot of herpes testimonies in fact, I put in the link at the end of just dis herpes because it's really the same type of thing and we never mess you know we don't really care what does this ease of the body it is we really don't care so you say our pees which one is v1 h hv 2 3 4 hepatitis a b c d they got up to G now hepatitis so they can come up with a new medicine doesn't matter folks whenever mess what you're dealing with this we'll deal with it but we're dealing with shingles I then I gave it to my sister who was suffering from herpes zoster 25 years oh that's the one I put up my sister that's why I put it like that 25 years they thought she had genital herpes because she had it in a vagina area she break out every month Jo and it lasts about two weeks horrible for 25 years it took her back then it's been about seven years now it took her back then about six months to cure it because she did 15 drops three times a day and then she wouldn't do it and then she but eventually she got serious and she did it and it's been like six years five or six years now since she's had an outbreak Joe I talked to about three months ago her name's Jack College Jackie Jack how long she goes I haven't had it for five years six years cool so that's gone she had its bad folks really bad zoster shingles cured in three days now when they say cured the lot of times they're talking about the outbreak gets wiped out really quick now is a cure did she ever going to have another one not sure I don't know if they continued on but let's read it my mother had him bearable pain a leg and she had an attack of shingles herpes zoster she had very little knowledge of protocols and yet she took six drops three times a day for three days the consequent over a reaction was unavoidable but the information on those was gone was just like tingling sensation remaining on the fourth day and we see that with all our pees gets rid of it really quick and then as you keep doing it gets less and less to where just the tingle comes no outbreak and not even a tingle comes then you know you're kind of ridding it from the body this is a miracle given that others with similar conditions wouldn't want to live with the pain this is without any prescription painkillers or antivirals yep you're right buddy here's another one healing shingles outbreaks after dealing with this issue for quite a while and tried to topical applied 28% cleanest chlorine a sodium chloride solution has used to make MMS using this cleared up in areas of active lesions in two to three days applications seem to react strongly to these areas causing itching causing some areas to turn a little color then causing redness probably best to keep applications down two times a day do not apply right before bed so that you might not sleep through an itching after redness of supply subsides the lesions dry up and skin gradually returns to normal Rick now if I get it right he might have been taking it straight pouring it right on there we do that with burns but you wash it off within five minutes so if he's doing it without washing on yes and we'll get inflamed we'll get red because it's caustic this is a pH of 13 this is like putting the lye on you so you don't want to put this straight more than five minutes then you wash it off so if he left it on that's why but if he mixed it made a solution with the three drops and water and diluted it down to .0004% or more if he didn't add as much water then he's fine he can leave it on there and it will dry it up - healed of shingles another guy just wanted you to share our most recent healing experience with mms my wife broke out with shingles of all things shingles comes from the chickenpox virus as a child and lies dormant in the body until later in life when a person's immune system is weakened don't know if I believe that but that's the typical mainstream medical explanation of what shingles does I think because I don't think existed before I think it's being introduced into the body through all these shots and I think you'll be on see we prove it even says the single shot causes shingles you come and get your fingers chickenpox then it breaks out I think they are a trigger elements and environment to cause these outbreaks as with many viruses’ men have made for evil purposes of greed manipulation control but that's another subject so we might even believe as with talent but just kind of given the standard excuse however, we search the internet to make certain and what it was compared to symptoms and visible photos we stated building her immune system up by diet started excuse me building her immune system up by diet and I had some homeopathic pain lotion for the pain pain seemed to be horrible to my wife the pain was reduced and kept to a minimum with the pain lotion we followed some natural ways of gentleman singers and it helped a lot we were getting good results in the outbreak of spread had stopped the little blisters were still fallen tight visibly I'm reminded when finding the stories of malaria in your book that I purchased I said if malaria King MMS could kill this in a couple days Chile it will work to kill the shingles virus well malaria is not a virus it's a parasite but some people say that so, I discussed it with my wife she agreed to take it instead of going to the duct so I started a regimen of five drops and morning five in the evening and five before going to bed I didn't want to make it any stronger because she dates the taste and I certainly didn't want her to be discouraged in any way well you shouldn't have done five drops but he did the blisters began to shrink and dry up we knew the singles was one licked we went to five drops of morning five jobs before bed this shorten for time sake but the whole process was just a few days for the blisters to stop and dry up because of what I read about the dormant nature of this virus we decide to do the jobs for a few days after all assumptions run away and she probably should back down to like one the three drops and do it for three to six weeks and get in the bath - because your body absorbs them because they say it hides in the virus ask you've been in the back place’s lower spine, it sits in its inflection in your nerves that's why I heard so fucking much - nerves good stick and nerving you to your nail there's a flame they're infected it hurts here's another one healed from healed from shingles every now and then I slept badly or was in a weak condition I used to get shingles terrible spot the size of making a circle between my thumb and index finger and blisters with a terrible pain for weeks at end I will suffer from the burning sensation now my mother gave me four drops in terms mother good I've activated MMS one every hour see they did a good job for six times the first day they did four drops every hour then I became nauseous and cut back to one job every out of the second day say they did learn cut back shouldn't start that I shouldn't Stan would have starting procedure but then the third day the single spot was dried up already I am elated now use MMS 1000 attack there my diseases praise God I'm so happy it truly is a miracle mineral provided by the Lord Meghan Thank You Meghan for that then I put a link to on our site MMS testimonials and there's probably another 15 just different types of herpes testimonies and again, it doesn't matter what dis-ease I call them just one disease whatever name they give it of the body is you go in there you detox it you stop the toxins from coming in you don't get the shingles shot ever in fact, that's a good segue right into what I want to talk about now what it how long we into this now Joe we are actually 40 minutes in Oh move my long we might even have a shorter broadcast so I got another 30 pages to cover me I don't think that happens a lot of stuff to talk about but people I I get it once in a while I get some Millennial impatient I shouldn't say millennial cousin putting everybody in a box but some impatient person but it's usually the younger people because they want I wanted sound I want five GOI envelope and I want streaming I want this know well we have like a fireside chat for two hours every week and we get into it but we come over things we think are very important and tough we really care if you can't sit there for two hours and don't have a you have an attention span of a of a two-year-old and that's your problem buddy you need to pay attention and listening if you're going to learn some stuff it's worth learning but let's look at the ingredients of the one that Mac will coming after you Mac I say it like that because that's what I suppress us alone said in the second Rambo Murdock Murdock set him up like I looked at him like the pharmaceutical guy dropped him in the grease Burk mirror I'll come coming up to you when we say Merck we're coming after you MIT we're not afraid of you you can kill us sure you have but we don't care we're going to stand up for what's right so, they put one out called zoster facts zoster vaccine herpes zoster vasa it's those VAX for the herpes zoster well aren't you ingenious you evil bastards here's the active ingredient Joe does it say the weak form of a t-cell oh yes they're going to give you the shingles a weak form and after people say well that's what they're supposed to do take a weak form of it so your body will make it not a strong form weak and start making anybody so when a strong form comes boom well that doesn't work it's a lie never worked, and you better check it out but is it funny they put that in you and we have all these people break it out but it's an active virus well it's inactive till it becomes active now that's not its folks hold the bus stop now we're going to look at the other ingredients let's put a little sucrose in there may be sweet you up the deal let's make it sweet why do you want to make it sweet why is that there is this something they know we don't know how about hydrolyzed porcine you know that is Jo I pick something right its pig shit let's pick something I think its pig guts because they think they grow it in Pig intestine so Pig kidney anyways you got some pig in there you got some sweet pork right now gelatin let's get a little gelatin in there get yellow sodium chloride guys full salt does it dissipate break down the sweetness you know make the monosodium glutamate that's an eel stuff that turns into formaldehyde do you know that how about Samar sodium phosphate dibasic and this is my favorite no not my favorite but that's in phosphate mono basic those two works what do they do why are they there preservatives but what do they do to the body now this is the favorite one Joe but that seam chloride you know what that's for that well one reason they use that for when someone's convicted to being put to death this is what they injected him but that's simcha right that's the that's what stops there I so we try to kill these old people or what because they recommend it you're going to I'm going to show you the market cut and I've broke it all down in this newsletter the leaf this is the leaflet from mark Mac well coming after you Mac what are that lady in Ireland threaten us I'm sending the FDA after you well we're going after them, so they'll find him we're going to find them we're going to take them to tribunals international but I wouldn't mock - you'll be included because you paid them off you're both whores they're the whole is you're the pimp Merck what are the possible side effects this is in their stuff the most common side effects the people in the clinical studies reported after receiving the vaccine include redness why would you have redness inflammation because something you ejected in there your immune systems responded to and it's inflaming sending things there what did you diss puncture into this closed system called the skin turns right pain itching swelling hard lump warmth or bruising where the Shah was given headache the following additional side effects have been reported allergic reactions allergic reaction because the immune system says what chemical shitstorm the you just injected my arm which may be serious and may including breathing include breathing or swallowing like you can't breathe the swallow that might be serious you have an anaphylactic shock if you have an allergic reaction call your doctor right away why he's the bastard that caused it let's call him like that's a good idea we ever by the way a vaccine protocol then we put on it a patch the thing I developed that neutralizes it right away but don't get it folks call your doctor right away if you have chickenpox fever hives is the injection site joint pain muscle pain nausea why would you have those things and you are feeling great and I'll sudden you have those things something was injected into you Joe maybe the potassium what does it come potassium chloride it's trying to kill you in your body trying to stop it rash rash at the injects shingles if you have to forget shingles, tell your doctor that injected you with shingles they might have been that swollen glands site too may last for a few Guillain-Barre syndrome muscle weakness abnormal sensation tingling in the arms legs and upper body you have why would you have that the vaccines doing all this loss of facial muscle movements that sounds like a stroke but this isn't the worst listen to this there like that face tell your health provider if you have any new unusual symptoms after you receive zone effects then it says for a complete list of side effects ask your health provider didn't even give you the bad ones that wasn't the complete list if that's not the complete mess well we just put that down the bottom like death stroke heart attack they're in there folks check it out we're not trying to make you found sounds stupid we're trying to make you dig before you inject anything or let anybody inject your kids with a vaccine by the way none of them ever walk none of they're all toxic please check this out for your own sake and if you don't you're an idiot you're a fool and you're a bad parent you shouldn't say that mark on the radio people I don't give a rat's ass man I'm trying to get you to side slap you upside the head what we call it bitch slap you man don't do that to your kids well you don't know about kids well I had eight homeschooled them all lived in different countries travel around the world with them don't tell me I had ejected a couple my kids when they were young because that was stupid idiot ignorant so, I stopped once I found out and so I'm my mom so I was right there you know I'm just saying I was an idiot I'm a fool and I wrote how stupid I was but now we wrote what we've found out by research and by real science observation and repeatability you're going to find out you don't need the doctor anymore isn't that great you just need to be known the protocols and you can make him in your house folks eat real food get the toxic relationships aria stop the toxins from coming into the by all, and you'll be healthy well the guy read this in Brazil that's trying to get the funds to print this and we're trying to help him he goes mock everybody Mozilla needs to have this they need to know the truth of why we have disease today that's why we wrote the book now there's another one done by GSK was a glass coaster Smith and Klein's of the parrot’s colors cigarettes they just it's shingle and they just name it let's just call it jinguk's and make a lot of money off of Shing grits they patent it they market it they get the media to say you're going to die unless you get a single shot, I'm going to show you how father don't even give you money off on other purchases don't get that in a minute I want to go through this one jinguk's they say this one's better Joe this one's even better what form does this medication coming comes in a colorless to Payoh brownish liquid sounds like shit to me sounds like puke diarrhea contains a 50 ug of arcella virus and it doesn't even say inactive no is that so here they are injecting the virus in you again the non-medical non-medicinal ingredients is type dyed potassium sulfate but that's a double potassium sulfate Joe what if that kills you quicker polysorbate 80 sodium dihydrate phosphate dehydrate and sucrose they always like to sweeten the deal in the adjuvant which makes the immune system react it's like smacks it I can't even pronounce this shit fraction 21 q s21 3-0 hasten does that sound like a chemical shitstorm I can't even read it for Molly falls like lipid an MPL cholesterol they thrown in their which where did they make that disodium phosphate and rice but that's in my jaw dihydride phosphate sodium chloride and water for injection and water probably has four I did it fall you know so that's just not what I'm trying to show you folks they're not putting a little bit of the virus in you that doesn't work anyways remember that but that's the lion see about that then they put all this other crap in there this is the shingles shot when I talk about the flu shot they put mercury aluminum when I talk about wasn't given the kid but this they're putting in you and you wonder why the shingles everywhere who should not take this medication do not this is this really pisses me off if they even put this in there do not take this medication for you I allergic to zoster vaccine or any ingredients of the medication first of all you don't know what's in it no one checks it out and how do you know if you're allergic to it if you never taken it don't I told you not to take it if you're allergic to it I've got it and I'm allergic reaction I didn't know though it doesn't matter we tell you I tell you it's just they just must laugh about that one what side effects are possible with this medication many medications can cause side effects no shit Sherlock that side effects now they give you the definition a side effect is an unwanted response to a medication which is taken in normal doses is that what it is unwanted or as a response is a toxin being pumped into you that's what I'd say normal dose unwanted response because the body didn't want that side effects could be mild or severe temporary or permanent da these side effects listed below are not experienced by everyone who takes this medication if you're concerned about side effects discuss the risks and benefits with the mayhem f that's rejecting this inion look and they don't even talk about it no so what's in it now don't worry about nothing to prove the following side effects are imported by at least 1% by at least 1% could be 90 million many of these side effects can be managed well why even manage them why even have them in the first place and some may go away on their own many over time now let's just how stupid people read this don't break it down like I just did here we go contact your doc you've experienced these side effects and they are severe and they are severe a bothersome your pharmacist may be able to advise you on managing affects it's a more freak in medication what's the side effects chills diarrhea fever general feeling of being unwell that's called dis-ease I don't feel good and I will be felt great before I got this freaking injection but it's not that headache muscle pain nausea pain redness itching and swelling at the injection site stomach pain time is vomiting some people may experience side effects other than those listed for the chatting with your doctor if you notice any symptom that worries you while you're taking this medication it's not the vaccine but FDA if you experience pain redness itching and swelling at the injection site but it has nothing to do with the vaccine and it might be something that's not listed here because we didn't list them all Joe can you read between the lines and what these son of motherless goat sons and daughters of a motherless goat Satan that's what I call and the people are right to say evil man they're just writing it just to get by legally to say something and they're saying shit they're just kind of mocking in now this is how much they are pushing it if you look at it to the newsletter the shingles shot is being pushed and you can see this everywhere he is in front of Walgreens it's the chemical shitstorm store shingles shots available every day recommended found out 60 and over ask your pharmacist for details Walgreens Walgreens is another one we're now giving ammunition immunizations in our pharmacy and this is I think Walmart flu pneumonia for shingles whooping cough measles meningitis hepatitis A mumps pick a box DTaP pepper Todd is being rubella we got them all folks promised Walley world go to Walmart give shots this one's Stephanie Walmart says it I think that's the wall not same it's even spent well my immunizations get your shingles vaccine too it's your health it's worth a shot look what a freak in it's worth a shot right quote what a little saying it's worth the shot to destroy your health and it is that your health and if you destroy it it's your responsibility and you know what you can only blame yourself don't blame the pharmaceutical they're businessmen the evil that they're promoting it they own the media they own the laws they own the politicians they own the EPA the CDC the evening the CDC has patents for this crap there's another one shingles into a ball mud sheng’s one out of three people in the US will get shingles and many of these people will be continued to have severe pain even after the rash clears up because you're giving the freak in shot to these people places patients over 60 do not need a prescription patient 50 to 59 do why now it says staying healthy and receive 10% off groceries ask your pharmacist for more details so you can go in and you'll get 10% off your groceries the pharmacy gets kicked back there well they go in there I'll keep my shot that I'll get 10 bucks off 110 bucks but you pay them to do the shot remember that now you're getting 10 bucks off and if you know what stupid people get sucked in for this stupid people foolish people well you just down now I've got a tough don't get the shot and use the money to buy your groceries and buy real food by the way is another one this might be hard to say but how they started off single shot shingles shot single shot single shot single shot but starting a controversial conversation about son of X can be easy learn more about zoster facts zoster facts cannot be used to treat shingles or the nerve pain that may follow shingles once you have it and we're going to get this vignette Joe it's not funny I know it but this is how stupid Americans are oh the whole world becoming like that is CBS 20% off your shopping pass when you get a flu shot 20% man that must be making some money off of this stuff CBS get a $5 target you could even get off your target when you get a flu shot did no-cost flu shoot today and you get a 10% coupon so they're not going to charge you for this flu shot and when Dixie and you get 10 percent of your groceries why because they have to keep the flu shot you're going to come back and buy shit for the pain here's one for Publix get 10 bucks off Paul Brooks give God know you get a free $10 Publix gift card when you get a few flus shot and any Publix pharmacy get your no-cost flu shot today your immunization destiny fine Winn-Dixie 10 bucks off groceries now that I think this is them the adverse reactions leonis 78% of people with the shin grits not to solve ax this 78% had pain 38% had redness 25% now they could be they could have had every one of these this you know not just one of them swelling 25% me alive me Elijah this kind of dizziness I think it is no it's you know my you know you feel tired it 44% fatigue 45% headache 37% shivering 26% fever 20% gas potential symptoms 17% why are they having this because of the shot they've been saying it this is the shot reactions and this is the ones they listed remember they said these someone did not list it they may get this shot they put up you never outgrow the need for vaccines bullshit you never need vaccines ever now they are trying to get you to say between 19 and 21 that means muscle pain you need HPV vaccine for men joe-joe boots I just got a young kid it just died of HPV right here let me show you I got it on my thing right yet mark again, is in hot water over dangerous shingles vaccine that caused numerous injuries and deaths this kid got one and he's dead I mean no did suing that I'm sorry on Facebook I've just put up a kid to get the HPV and he's dead and it's a boy and they even improved the HPV virus causes cervical cancer and girls but they've talked the boys and to get it they don't have a cervix tell me the marketing of these people is not incredible you can get a guy a boy doesn't even have a cervix to get a vaccine it caused the stopped cervical cancer are we gone insane just stupid people man stupid so they can then 22 to 26 they say they need that one to the HPV for women they needed their whole life let's see what is this one the mumps me some of Ella you need a couple you need that recommended for all your life every 10 years meningitis you need that all of you all your time happy fafb your whole life from every 119 up seen shingles from 60 up you need it the shingles one Wow here's a table necessary adolescent adult vaccines the ones I just mentioned all of them you need all these vaccines so people will just go, and this sounds stupid they are they'll go and say well this is all recommended for me I go to a different country you need a yellow fever to recommend non-commissioned why would you recommend that there's no yellow fever there well you know it's recommended I don't care I'm not taking it well and that's it I don't show my ID card from our church say I don't want any of these I'm exempt from any of those I don't care if you recommend it CDC UN hey Joe listen to them they know nothing and nothing then no one now look at the market you have worldwide adult vaccine market share this is current this is sick joke serviço these are the vaccines a big chunk big chunk is disaster what would you put that in it it's kind of like equal only two three four five six seven eight nine so, 15 I know it's gone twelve percent of the market share and they get it got a pie here if you're looking at it when I'm looking at of nine different vaccines and they all travel look it travel is one of them other ones you know Joe that's like 12 percent of their income t Tdap that's causes autism 12 percent of income they help all the hep ones 12 percent the meningitis one 12 percent of pneumonia 12 MRI zoster cervical cancer that's HPV the influenza flu so you know that's twelve percent of their market share is shingles they put a lot of money into this a lot of money into this and this is what they show their bottom line stuck investors because that's what they're all about making money they don't give a rat's ass about you they get marketing bottom line we put this up I remember one that got the paralyzation in my throat from the swine flu vaccine 1976 they paid out five billion dollars I think it was SmithKline but I can't quote me on that you can but don't five billion dollars and twenty-five people died five hundred had some Guillain-Barre or never reported because I added with paralyzation of my vocal cord that never came back it killed it my left vocal cord and I've tried everything they even put a plastic insert behind it to push it out I had surgeons come down and it helped it from not me not straining my voice anymore this really I'm Bionic you know our guys over here ride up anyways I could feel it but that was before I knew about MMS 2 but MMS didn't bring him back to Yuma so didn't bring it back cannabis oil nothing brought it back although that prosthesis made it so I didn't strain when I was talking but that's me, but they made like five billion dollars even though they paid out they still made five billion of the bottom line we that's cost of business killing people getting sued no, it isn't they shouldn't be allowed to make that available milk we're coming after you map hope that gets into their board room I hope it does use you sleazy little worms and then you give it to kids God says you should put a stone around your neck and jump in the lake drown yourself but some people are being revealed and a lot of these evil bastards and all pedophiles anyways and evil murderers and satanic they're going down soon so we'll probably take care of a lot of these people because are the same people they're all satanic and evil now they get doubt immune immunization why because it built on a success of infant childhood adolescent immunization program success money-wise there's no success in that system you've named kids you've killed kids you've why we have so much ADHD autism gastrointestinal diseases memory cognitive diseases they can't think straight like all kinds of allergies there's no success you pieces of crap not vaccinated earlier booster well I do it because you want to you need to get a boost to know now I'll kill you folks new vaccines talking to the adults that targeted that's not like you shooting somebody we're targeting those guys haven't killed them yet sounds like you're killing something aging you're more susceptible oh that's great you're more susceptible because your immune system is getting older right so let's put some more toxins in there make it faster increasing anti-microbial resistance bullshit you're lying recognition of the burden of adult vaccination preventable disease this is all Bligh's folks why you should do it for these reasons no equivalent vaccines for adults’ program because this vaccine for doubts is a program that there's no equivalent to there's the only ones go around poison people for money and people let you do it and they walk in and put their arm out because you give 10 bucks off their groceries Joe I'm just so, pissed off at this why are you so stupid people I got to say it that way I have to because they're just stupid you're foolish you're idiots and I was one of them you probably vaccinating your kids Joe if you didn't know what you know now we know people that around us all time and they still vaccinate their kids I want to visit a relative through marriage the other day and there's still vaccinating their kid and the poor kids got allergies I'm like you Yama I'm a vac saying why are you doing that I wanted to bitch slap her she goes I'm not going to do it any more I promise man why are you doing it think about it read this book what's him do you know what's in that no why would you do that don't you love because I love my dick box like this is your kid she's a beautiful little girl you're torturing her and I'm saying right in front of a girl because I know I know I'm sorry don't be sorry tell her you sorry I just go off on him but I hope she does it by going off and I hope she doesn't Joe now there's an article single vaccine the shingles vaccine has been reported to cause shingles virus now this is a story I'm going to read it many of us have vivid memories of our childhood encounter with chickenpox the concentration fever of fatigue left us pouting in our beds when we'd rather be outside playing with our friends sadly if you thought to you you're running with the chickenpox is over you'll be surprised to know they you might experience again in your adulthood unfortunately, singles vaccine they've been told will prevent it maybe helping as may not be helping as expected what is shingles is a contagious viral infection that causes a pain rash painful rash that can appear anywhere on the body it causes by the is caused by the virus Ella zoster virus which is the same virus that causes chickenpox I just agree but let's just say for the fuck effect for the sake it's exact same one they lie dormant and nerve tissue near your spinal cord and brain years later that virus can reactivate as shingles the CDC states whenever they state probably bullshit states that almost one in three Americans will get shingles in their lifetime what about half of that number experienced in singles at age 60 or older because that's what they recommend get it with such a high likelihood of contracting its important stand the signs of shingles how to prevent it now to decrease symptoms if you do happen to get it Sheng noses isn't a life-threatening condition but it can be very painful for most people singers will go away on its own in two to four weeks in a vaccination is not necessarily but will for those who are over sixty or for those with weak immune systems you know let's just toxify it more may arise from the virus complications may arise from the virus which leads us to wonder is it safe to take the shingles vaccine shingles vaccine is it safe getting these signals vaccine doesn't guarantee that you won't get shingles and it's only meant to be used as a preventative measure not as a treatment for someone who already has shingles they even state that as in common vaccinations it works by administering a small amount of the virus into the system to allow the body to develop anybodies to fight the full force of the virus doesn't that sound good that sound logical Joe doesn't work it's a lie currently United States the only FDA-approved shingles vaccine is called zoster vaccine approved but there is another one since this article it's been a proof of injury individuals fifty years of age and older though it's recommended for age 60 and up it's approved for 50 but we just tell you it's 60 and up should do it since the vaccine only remains in the body for five years scientists believe that are hired by the medical people that the vaccine would not remain present for years where it's most valuable 60 and up vaccine was first licensed in 2006 it's reported to reduce the risk of singles by a mere 51 percent which is a lie they just keep lying the line I'll show you up until October 2017 floor of Acts was the only FDA approved shingles vaccine but in October of this year this was in 2017 a new shingles vaccine was approved in Canada by the name in Canada is a piece of shit Government they are so bad now you're going to lose your job if you don't get a vaccine I'd quit my job you're just talking crazy by the name of Shing Greeks by GSK it's the first one to use a non-live agent it's believed to be safer for the individual because of it like you like your daughter says which it is like something liar vex Zostavax is surrounded by controversy with people claiming to have contracted the virus from the vaccine itself while it's impossible to know the exact number of doses they have been administered more than 36 million doses of zoster facts have been distributed globally single vaccine responsible for cases of shingles while the issue of Zostavax causes causing shingles as a relatively hush-hush topic in the mainstream media because they own it in August of late 2014 the FDA agreed to let shingles on the warning label a singles vaccine that caused the exact illness that it's meant to prevent against according to the Marc zoster vaccine in information that the patients never get Joe the following side effects have been reported by in fact, of zoster vex and I listened in Malfoy that shingles is one of them shingles is one of them if they put your shingles is the third one chicken pox and shingles, you get chicken pox how could you ever get chicken pox the last they injected into again they have been a number of lawsuits against Merck for their failure to alert the public about the side effects of their drug and that's the real drugs zoster vaccine even more complicated for Berk when the two former virologists Stephen Kremlin and Joan which Koski filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that the officious efficiency tests within the company were faked these are do people worked on it they say they're lying to you the two scientists claimed at Merck knew its measles mumps rubella vaccine was less effective than the reported 95% level and that the senior management was aware of this and oversaw testing that concealed its actual effectiveness according to crane Ling and will Koski they were threatened with jail time if they were to report to the FDA this how evil they are because they only care about money don't be a guinea pig for this risky new shingle shot you're probably used to hearing stories about Americans being guinea pigs for dangerous new drugs they get fast-tracked before we really know exactly what dangers they pose I guess to shake things up a bit though it's time it's out Canada the Canadian neighbors to the north who'll be rolling up their sleeves first for a shot into the unknown wake up Canada I know a lot of people listen to us in Canada you guys either charge that that Punk Trudeau in his face and say you're a killer you're killing us and what does it call Health Canada should be called death Canada we've been we've run against you birds trying to stop us we come in anyways we're not afraid of you in fact the one guy that's setting up the tribunal he's from Canada you're afraid of him because you birds are going down for killing kids I'm talking about the dry giant drug trial that will roll out a spanking new shingle shot from classic SmithKline called Sheng Rex there's no doubt that Sheng grits will be a blockbuster making billions for GSK right out of the gate doctors can't wait to get their hands on it and we'll be scrubbing in droves to people as young as 50 but some of the things that have already leaked out about this vaccine aren't very reassuring in fact they're downright frightening and I hope we have a part of scared everybody up in Canada wake up to all your friends put this on the team we make this gringo yelling at you from Colombia you stupid Canucks if you take it but there's a lot of smart Canucks should I say Canuck is that derogative we used to call them Canucks back to my whole family our Canucks from Quebec so, I'm a croc your Canuck your family your grandparents was Canuck the strongest man had ever lived in the world while me beside samson in the world at the time was Louis Cyr your great-great great-grandfather from Quebec City he was a Canuck I think they call him that because when they took all the people from Canada Acadia and shipped him they think moved you read them the thing about how they did this they took all the Canadians and moved them out of all the Acadians and moved to that part of Canada and shipped them the east coast all the way to New Orleans I think that's where the word cannot come in oh these are Canucks coming from up there right now thousands who have suffered injuries after receiving the other shingles jab zoster vaccine drug maker Merck to task over cases of eye injuries dizziness high blood pressure terrible nerve pain in indeed drum roll she goes there soon them some people have even claiming the exhaustive actual responses for the deaths of loved ones I believe it, so any other choice would fast become the darling of your doctor's office but in the case of shingles that's not because it has been proven to be any safer at least not in widespread use since in Grix is so new information about it isn't easy to come by however, after some digging I found some shocking details about this shot especially about the one of its ingredients called an adjuvant simply put an adjuvant is a chemical add to a vaccine to make it work better but adds events can be extremely risky and it's possible the one that's in the system is the most dangerous of one of all but first I want to tell you about some data jeez SK released from its clinical studies and then the two groups in Grix was tested on one was comprised of people 50 to 69 while the other included seniors 70 and older it appears that that over half of the younger patients and over one-third of the older ones came down with muscle pain and fatigue a substantial number for both groups also reported headaches shivering fever after the shot as well as memories subscribed as gastrointestinal problems because you're destroying your gut most are reported pain redness and swelling as for the other reports of serious effects adverse effects new onset immune diseases and deaths well Jesus SK swept those aside saying there were other plausible causes for reactions but I'm going to tell you about next is what worries me the most and this is what I didn't know the name of as I said Shing Rex contains an adjuvant one called sqs - 21 stimuli means to stimulate right that's manufactured by a magic Massachusetts biotech company called ng ageless now if you read that the company's promotional material from stimuli on it sounds like they're talking about milk and honey qsr - 21 is simply extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree native to Chile nothing to worry about right well not exactly researchers have been fiddling around with qsr - 21 for decades now attempting to come up with a safe way to use it why as recently as two years ago scientists at the National Institute of Health issued a full report on qsr - 21 telling how although it functions as a very potent adjuvant its toxicity was keeping it from human use the research is going to describe how it and one study on sheep a low dose of cue s21 caused red blood cells to actually self-destruct that's a good adjuvant but get this doses that adds 1/10 what's been put into shingled jinguk's have been found to be toxic 1/10 so it's 90 times stronger so I have the geniuses of GSK and Ajan agedness finally cracked this toxic buckin and figured out a way to make GS - 21 safe we don't know we're really well until millions get jab which shin Grix certainly no one wants to come down with shingles but instead of taking part in this giant experiment why not take the advice of HCI panel member dr. Alan spring what's HDI stand for health specialist of the may find that to protect your nervous system your med recommends going with a daily dose of 500 milligrams of b12 why want you to eat the food as al is the own stock in that b12 company to protect your nervous system and should shingles rare it's legally had the only shot you should get is one that is very same b12 which has been shown to be effective in living a or eat an oyster don't some people in health sciences and Health Sciences it's to thank you in shingles glass SmithKline wins first ever nod for blockbuster vaccine prospect Shing Rex this was a fierce pharmacy calm in August they look at how they mail wings forever first ever not for blockbuster vaccine project you got it you got them how much did they pay for that so they're this toxic that's really toxic it's ten times ten times weaker and it's causing problem in and animals right was that what kind of animal was that Mouse the one they just it was a sheep I think sheep and that's a pretty big animal so they're going to put ten times more in this and practicing Kenan listening Canucks wake up a wake up a hey wake up don't get this ship send this all over send this to your local TV station, I'm going to put it up this crazy G2Voice and they might send a hitman after us but they better be a good shot and they better know how to fight now I'm going to get into what his shingles I think we already got into that right I might skip this one because why I put it up for it's basically information in the news letters things that people that commend recommend having remember MMS is not mentioned in here because we're too controversial although Monday Tuesday right going on a radio broadcast called the conspiracy farm it's a good place for us uh so we're going to go in there for an hour to explain what we're doing around the world but be put out mentioned in MMS they're telling you know eat some good food so good they're telling you to eat you eat some fish drink good water eat some good garlic and onions eat some good fruits would have a lot of vitamin C eat some dark green vegetables we talk we believe that stuff anyways don't eat processed sugars don't eat processed fruits don't pre-process coffees done process carbonated drinks don't eat processed five fruits we tell people to do that anyways now if you get it shingles they said take vitamin C echinacea all a regular oil find them in deep b12 and zinc well if you're eating those foods you won't need it and then some extent yours they mentioned manuka oatmeal baths you know nothing about mms we just tell you taking it because it takes care of all that stuff and eat real foods that's what we tell you to do right so that's why I put that up there's another article by we got plenty of time Jolie winding down we are at we get 30 minutes I get 10 pages three minutes of page shingles vaccine responsible for causing huge number of shingles cases vaccine in vaccine injuries this was August 28th 2018 this wasn't three for two weeks two weeks ago this is from natural news Mike Adams Mike knows about MMS Joe you are John you lived in his house it's set up pretty good it was sold but it was his house at one time in Ecuador and we did some good cooking a set up nice I don't he did any maybe he did some broadcasts there something he had like four or five sinks and he might have good counters and stuff we're going to do it we're looking forward to it probably won't be for I'd say probably the first broadcast we do a private movie when we come back from trip maybe in October we might do one anyways this what he says zoster vaccine uh shingles vaccine is in hot water the equinoxes been tied to numerous cases of vaccine injury and even shingles itself mark Mac well coming after you milk mark the company makes zoster facts is now facing multiple lawsuits from patients and families harmed by their product at least 80 deaths tied to disaster VAX vaccine have been reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system that something you should go and just read it's called VAERS just go there and read the vaccine and what they said what people are saying they have a place to report ok along with over 100,000 reports of other adverse just from this vaccine remember when I was reading before was 2 or 3 years ago this is just recent so stage put this out and now you have I have 80 deaths dr. Scott Bell Robert Scott Bell he's got a good broadcast explains the vaccine is failing because it's not facilitating naturally anybody production we've been saying vaccines don't do that they don't do that oh we see some you might take a sample after someone had a vaccine and see some white blood cells I'll see some antibodies excuse me antibodies that have been made but they might have already been there Jo because they had chickenpox I had a bit of disease it's called the quiet immunity things coming in the mouth the body prepares antibodies foreign mocks it up in there in the memory cells what they made to deal with this it could be already been there so they got to consider all how the body works bell notes that in the past he wanted the potential for the shingles vaccine to ultimately cause more of the illness it's supposed to designed to prevent we've been saying that for years for this guy ever came along saying we've been saying at least 20 years vaccines do damage and they never work shingles vaccine has caused disease and other ailments I think on some level it's by design Bell curtains not some of them I think it is doctor this guy is but he does cover some good stuff vaccines bail persists one of the many medical weapons he caused disease creation machinery so he's got his eyes open he adds that this disease creation ultimately translates to a long lifelong dependence on pharmaceutical intervention actually you need to stop right now right now get off your drops you're not going to die you don't have high blood pressure because you're on you didn't have a pill you don't have diabetes because you didn't have a pill insulin get off them cost you all is not a problem your PSA is a scam guys get off all of them and get on the protocols and you clean yourself out you won't never need another medical pharmaceutical drug ever Barak is further that anybody's alone aren't them necessarily enough to protect against disease that's only one little small part of what fights everything in the entire system there's so much going on it's ridiculous well they do obviously help a healthy functional immune system realize I'm much more than just antibodies and a weak immune system will not function well even one of the abundance of anybody's yes true and when you have abundance anybody's it doesn't matter if you get the other your immune systems wiped out especially your gut remember eighty percent of your immune system is in your stomach to your butthole perhaps that's why the shingles vaccine has been so disastrous at reports eighteen people have already filed a lawsuit against mark the filing claims that zoster facts caused multiple people to develop shingles mark knew or should have known that its product causes violent faction was therefore not safe the lawsuit alleges but see they're going to get out of it Joe you can't sue these people anymore the FDA the Department of done justice should be deal at you do look duo Department of un justice hostels hospitalizations were necessary in some patients developed chronic nerve pain cause post hepatic never neural neurology yes that's liver problem Jane bow defiled one of the earliest lawsuits in May of 2018 see now this year this stuff's coming out after three or four years of doing this stuff she suffered nerve damage as a results of the shingles caused by the vaccine I wrist she says we're not made known to her because she don't check it out Joan they never read it Jane that's what they're going to say to Jane like if I was a judge impartial like you're supposed to be you're Jane just say you're James lawyer because you don't look like Jane to me sir did Jane read this insert that and then mark put out no case dismissed that's what's going to happen sad it's that simple though she didn't read it they said it could have and you voluntarily said I will take this chart and whatever is side effects I it's my fault and you signed it boda is not the only person to suffer with this pain some patients have reported developing acute a RN retinol that's necrosis that's in lungs kidneys a severe condition affecting the I excuse me I Renton all the retina which caused can lead to blindness drug reports studies indicate RN as side effects of zoster facts oh you might go blind that's worth checking out don't you think before you have it stuck in your arm I'm more pissed off with the people giveth than the people that made it Joe one man reportedly suffered injury in a right eye as a result of being ejected with Merck vaccine is suing mark to judge on the judge one woman a lawyer of one woman did she read the insert the one woman did not dismissed they got lawyers just sitting there laughing judge we put that out you know with a negative this Pope pious loving with every vaccine that we're trying to help the will with this could happen this is why we put this out because we're so concerned you know this man get out of here one woman another man allegedly lost ability to walk have to be a vaccinated lawyer for another month man did you did the other man read the insert no the other man did not dismissed and so what happens folks it's sick on august 2nd 2018 the Judicial Panel on multi district litigation or its several czar evacs lawsuits consolidated in Pennsylvania under multi district litigation this is to help speed up litigation process in the number of cases grows so what they do Joe, they put them all on one woman another man Jane lawyers for them did any of them read this inside no could be under them dismissed oh they just want to knock it out one bang the shingles scam according to data from the VAERS that's where they reported to our page folks check out that page before you get any vaccine you should never get them or check in any medication check it out on this place these are people have been hard these are testimonies and this is they say Joe only 5% of people that have been injured we reported there that means it's 90 percent more happening Wow going to data from there at least 80 deaths are related to Mark's vaccine along with 102 thousand 960 reports of AX injury or adverse effects now Joe go at that 10% that's over a million people that didn't report it right take that but could it be worse than that because it's a chemical shitstorm it's worth noting that France is a passive reporting system and widely considered to be heavily flawed by design the CDC itself contends that is a possible job fully-formed conclusions from virus data due to the way it is set up this is intentional listen to this it gives the illusion of caring about vaccine reactions while also denying vaccines a couple cope guilty in the event of injury or death they set this up to make the look like good guys while the CDC the mainstream media and other puppets are the pharma industry thank you Mike he wrote this article and who wrote this article continue to push the narrative that vaccines are 1% truth safe the truth is that claim is 100% fake news it's not 100% safe for humans and animals it's a lie there is clear evidence that vaccines can and do on people of all ages see more coverage of stories about the risk and damage of vaccines at reach mock this one VaccineDamage.News we should mock that down and I you know can you put that in the thing Joe in the description I really want you to put that up there because VaccineDamage.News seems like a they put that up to counteract then when the CDC is put up I'm opening it as I'm talking that's why kind of pausing them a vaccine damage news more studies confirm the link between childhood vaccines and autism flu apocalypse the shocking failure of the flu vaccine shingles vaccine of responsible for causing huge numbers Dell big tree real video must-see interviews I don't know they did Mike put this one up maybe vaccine damage news is that's - news is probably theirs Wow I've got a lot of good stuff in here folks man check this out vaccine damage not news I just put it in the description in the description I should put that in every one of our newsletters a description you know I know people need to know this one because we cover vaccines a lot of marks zoster vaccine injury lawsuits good this is August 15th last month and they're plummeting sod because this stuff's coming out Joe we're making a difference we're going to go on the radio I want to mention this Tuesday on a big radio ok well I'm not big in us but they said they were on Joe Rogan's right these this group and they had them on because they cover so many and they went from nothing to be 54th broadcast in America so maybe we'll get some people I hear this and we can spread this and two more people to stop any vaccine flu shingles childhood any of them they're all give up all your medications point I'll be great that's not looking a milk well coming after you get you with you right you know by getting away from you but getting away from you we're coming after you because you all your sales are going to plummet and all your markets are going to scratch and your doors are going to close and your buildings going to be sold for MMS Church chapters From Genesis II Church why don't you just give us some now because we're going to win people are waking up it's out of exhaust the fact is bringing painful posts this is kind of like no it's worth reading because it shows you how much money they make sauce devack's is bringing pain for both users give me a heads up in five minutes they got eight pages left if I don't cover you can always read the newsletter you get ten minutes ten minutes Joslyn Fox is being paying for users the sales dropped the first quarter they made 65 million dollars and that figure is 58% less than it made in the first quarter so they made like a hundred and fifty million on in 20 million the year before that's good let's keep knocking that down to zero zero Oh goose egg now we're going to get you bastards you sons and daughters on the board of a motherless goat Lucifer so the declining good they blame the sales job on a new CDC prevention recommendation endorsing wrecks over that zoster vaccine effects a newer vaccine are they saying you provide a didn't promote Oz so for Kenny you're both poison and CDC is a poison I want that to be good dissolve CDC in FDA and the EPA and the Federal Reserve and Department of Justice at least be totally revamped with good honest people meanwhile growing tied lawsuits claim ok we've read a lot of that stuff lawsuits coming out against them new Shing Rex I covered that one side effects for shingles brain damage and death that's pretty good makes sense two shots to six months apart instead of just one see one of the firm's involved in litigation over 5,000 clients so did you read it No 5,000 kick them out yep dr. Brownstein new shingle vaccine for shingles fails 97% of the time now this one goes they say it's 80 90 day they say here it's 80 to 90% successful their company you know of course they're going to say that this doctor said it's a lie and says it's only three percent effective and I don't believe it's effective at all so this is really she went to Denver Colorado we were a few weeks ago and interviewed Susan America's pharmacist occult and again really a good article that you should read I'm not going to read it because I'm going to close this down Joe but they covered that how many people got it I maybe took it the perceivable effect they get into all that stuff that prove they are lying to you people they are lying through their teeth they're lying like a Persian rug they're lying folks and I agree with this and I'm all for the things that Trump's doing right but if Trump wants to truly drain the swamp let's get rid of the vaccines let's get rid of the CDC he's made some inroads and let people come out and made what's his name the head saying the vaccines are causing Kennedy there's been even made some things about the fed he wants to get rid of it Wall Street he needs to give it and the pharmaceutical but I see things like we'll make it drugs more available and cheaper wait a minute whoa you need to get rid of all of them Donald president i love to come in and talk to you about it have we come in I’ll talk to you about it I love this t-shirt I put it up because I hope people buy it we're not selling it goes say no to mandatory vaccinations your body your choice vaccine in fact calm go there I might buy one of those t-shirts go there and buy one and then I just want to mention in passing about this Canadian physician Andrew Malden clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose of vaccine given to a child adult produces harm every one of them get his book every vaccine produces harm you can get the e-book on your phone and I left the link there next week we're covering the importance of silica to the human body and what things have silica in it but it's pretty interesting it's really cool we take it we use it I took it today but I get it naturally I don't buy all this stuff but we'll cover that next week this sunny tune in folks that Sunday tune in to that silica broadcast on the 23rd of September god bless you we're in a health revolution Joe won't you shut us down you can find the newsletter to go along with the broadcast in the description also the link of the Genesis II Church documentary which is the best thing you can share with friends and family to let them know what we're doing around the world and if you want to know how to get mms is in there and also how to use it that all the links are in there in the description and if you have any basic questions you can contact support at so tune in next week and have a great week everybody


ADM's role

The company and senior ADM executives were indicted on federal criminal charges for simultaneously engaging in price-fixing in the international lysine and citric acid markets. Three of ADM's top officials, including vice chairman Michael D. Andreas, were eventually sentenced to federal prison in 1999 to a total of 99 months, an antitrust record at the time. Moreover, in 1997, the company was fined $100 million, the largest antitrust fine in U.S. history at the time.[6] ADM was later fined almost $50 million by the antitrust authorities of Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.[7]

The FBI learned of the lysine price-fixing conspiracy from Mark Whitacre, then Divisional President of ADM's BioProducts Division, because his wife threatened to inform the FBI if he did not.[8] Whitacre only then told the FBI that he and other ADM executives were involved in price-fixing agreements with other rival businesses around the world. The FBI and Whitacre attended and listened in on the cartel’s meetings in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, and Hong Kong.[9] During Whitacre's undercover tenure, the FBI collected hundreds of hours of video and audio tapes that documented crimes committed by executives from around the world fixing the prices of food additives in the largest price-fixing case in history at the time (1996).[10]

ADM ultimately settled federal charges for more than US$100 million and paid hundreds of millions of dollars more ($400 million alone on the high fructose corn syrup class action case) to plaintiffs and customers.[11][12][13][14] Furthermore, several Asian and European lysine and citric acid producers that conspired to fix prices with ADM paid criminal fines in the tens of millions of dollars to the U.S. government.[9] Several executives, including the former Vice Chairman of ADM, served time in federal prison as a result. The ADM investigation, in turn, convinced antitrust prosecutors that price-fixing was a far more pervasive problem than they had suspected and led to prosecutions of cartels in vitamins, fax paper, and graphite electrodes. European and Canadian regulators have started to crack down on the problem, too.[9] Once a crime that rarely attracted the notice of federal authorities, price-fixing is now under attack by governments around the world. Billions of dollars have already been paid in antitrust fines to the U.S. government since Whitacre first blew the whistle in 1992.[9]

The investigation and prosecution of ADM and some of its executives has been reported to be one of the "best documented corporate crimes in American history".[15] Whitacre was later charged with and pleaded guilty to committing a $9 million fraud that occurred during the same time period he was working for the FBI.[16][17]

Popular adaptations

The Informant is a nonfiction thriller book written by journalist Kurt Eichenwald and published in 2000 by Random House[18] that documents the case and the involvement of ADM executive Mark Whitacre. It has been adapted into the 2009 film The Informant! starring Matt Damon, which was released September 18, 2009.

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