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"Lovey Dovey" is a popular American rhythm and blues song originating in the 1950s and written by Eddie Curtis and Ahmet Ertegun, with the latter usually credited using his songwriter's pseudonym "Nugetre" (Ertegun spelled backwards). The song deals with the singer's relationship with his sweetheart and is performed in a light-hearted style.[1]

Numerous artists have recorded the song. The song's initial recording by The Clovers remains the best known version, reaching No. 2 for five weeks on the R&B charts in 1954.[2] Cover versions have been recorded by:

Monkee Peter Tork also performs the song with his blues band Blue Suede Shoes.

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("Immortal Songs: Singing the Songs of Legends") "Immortal Songs: Singing the Songs of Legends." Today's legend wrote songs you love such as "Chilgapsan," "A Song to My Wife," "Okgyeong," and many more. He's a lyricist and composer who's written over 600 songs. A poet of the music industry who expresses emotions and deep-rooted sorrows, Jo Wunpa. (Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa) (Eternal Korean heart-throb, Nam Jin) (Korean trot prince, Tae Jinah) (Hit-maker of top stars!) (Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa!) (1977 Banyawol Lyricist Award) (1978 MBC Best Lyricist Award) (1984 Korean Lyrics Grand Prize, Traditional Lyrics) (1995 MBC Music Grand Prize for Lyrics) (Poetic lyrics and melody!) (Detailed songs with depth of emotion!) (Relatable songs of joy and sadness) (Expressing Korean sentiments best) (Making mainstream music into art) (Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa!) (We now present the beautiful songs!) (Music that illustrates life) (Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa) (Godfather of hip-hop, Hyun Jinyoung) (First solo performance, Seo Eunkwang) (Charming vocalist, Kim Hyunsung) (Vocalist with pure voice, Park Kiyoung) (Singer with great appeal, Seo Jian) (Pansori singer, Oh Junghae) (New-age diva, Uji) (Who'll be the final winner of the Jo Wunpa special?) "Immortal Songs: Singing the Songs of Legends." He's a living legend of hip-hop history. Yes, a living legend. The man who brought hip-hop to Korea. Hip-hop. Please welcome Hyun Jinyoung! (Legend of the Korean music world) (Hyun Jinyoung) (Came on as a legend and sang his heart out with) ("You In My Faded Memories") (He's returned to be onstage!) Hello! It's great to have you. A legend is amongst us in the green room. He was demoted. (Demoted?) I'm just kidding. You're a hip-hop legend, and the one who started the dance song movement. I hear your wife showed you great support today. (Immense support from wife?) She made me breakfast and made me a beef side dish. (Beef side dish) She made me bulgogi. She doesn't normally cook me meat at all, but today, - she wanted to cheer me on. / - To cheer you on. That's awesome. Jinyoung will show us what power is on stage today. I look forward to your performance. After she was last on, I was wondering when she'd return. Please welcome Oh Junghae! (Sings deep-rooted sentiments of the Korean people) (Pansori singer of "Seopyeonje") (Sings with sincerity) (Oh Junghae) Have you prepared yet another moving performance? I've only been on twice, but I've shown all I've got. Plus, thanks to him, my light went out last time. It went out because of him? (Won on her first time on the show) (But on her second time) Please welcome Oh Junghae! But then, after the show, he came to my dressing room asking to take pictures. - Chiyeul did. / - Yes, I'm a huge fan. So I show the picture off to everyone saying we're good friends. I'm sorry. Don't be. It's an honor. You sound so powerful when you sing pansori. What's the secret behind all that power? Rice. (Oh...) I thought you'd say something else like, "It's the power of pansori, and I'm just the vessel that delivers it." But rice it is. I have to eat white rice. Even if it gives me a double chin, I have to. We look forward to your soulful performance yet again today. This is his first time on solo. Please welcome Seo Eunkwang of BTOB! (Heart-throb boy band - BTOB) (Four vocalists of BTOB were on the show) (Sang "To My Love" with beautiful harmony) (And they even got a win) It's your first time on alone. Are you nervous? I'm really nervous. What do I do? What do I do? Even with the other members, being on "Immortal Songs" is hard. Your ears are red. My confidence has hit rock bottom because I'm alone. Don't say that. Everyone thinks you're so much fun. The viewers have posted that. (Me?) They saw your solo shot and think you're so much fun. (Cute and fun) Everyone's writing about you on the KBS website. Want to show us a special talent to ease your nerves? Special talent? Do something you feel comfortable with. - Donald Duck. / - It's been a while. This is Donald Duck. (Transforming into Donald Duck) (Completely possessed by his spirit) Being able to do his laughter really sets you apart. Most people don't really do the laughter. - Will you come over to my house? / - What? - Come over to my place. / - Your child would like him? (My child would love him) (Number for house-calls: 010-XOXO-OXOX) I will now draw for the first performance. Dongyeop is picking the first performance. Jinyoung's the only one who's a first-timer, right? - As a singer. / - And Eunkwang's first time solo. Interestingly enough, he will be up first. (No way...) "Interestingly enough"? Could it be Jinyoung? Many have awaited for him to be on the show. I, too, have waited a long time as well. (Nervous, worried) When you think of those who made hip-hop mainstream in Korea, you can't leave him out. He's a great singer, dancer, and rapper. He debuted 28 years ago. The original hip-hop icon of the 90s, Hyun Jinyoung! (Number 1 - Hyun Jinyoung) (First-timer jinx is in the works yet again) You're first up today. Tell us how you plan to do this. It won't be easy to just have fun and enjoy it but I'll do my best to do so and give it my all and really focus. A hip-hop legend and the one who started the movement. Korea's hero of dance music. Let's go, Hyun Jinyoung! Hello. I'm singer Hyun Jinyoung. (Hyun Jinyoung, go! Jinyoung go!) (Return of the godfather of hip-hop and dance music) (He'll show us music with depth) (A world of jazz and hip-hop) I've been on competition shows before, but I've never rearranged a song that was 100% all me. In that respect, "Immortal Songs" is a show in which I can do just that. It's the best program ever. What will you be singing today? I'll be singing "Empty Glass" by Nam Jin. I hope all of you enjoy it with me. Let's go! ("Empty Glass" / 1982) (Nam Jin lived a tough life in the States) (And returned to Korea in 1982) (He released a song for the first time in four years) (It wasn't popular upon release) (But became popular through word of mouth) (And rose to fame in the 90s) (The song then became a favorite among Koreans) (Jo Wunpa wrote the song comparing life to) (A glass that continually goes from filled to empty) The first performance is by Hyun Jinyoung. ("Empty Glass" by Hyun Jinyoung) ♪ The dewdrops in your calm cool eyes ♪ ♪ Are beautiful ♪ ♪ I can't stop staring ♪ ♪ My heart cries along with you ♪ ♪ My poor darling ♪ ♪ Us lonely people ♪ ♪ Met and grew to love the other ♪ ♪ Life is all about ♪ ♪ Getting drunk holding an empty glass anyway ♪ ♪ With your sadness ♪ ♪ Fill my empty glass, darling ♪ Go, Jinyoung! Go, Jinyoung! Go! ♪ The dewdrops in your calm cool eyes ♪ ♪ Are beautiful ♪ ♪ I can't stop staring ♪ ♪ My heart cries along with you ♪ ♪ My poor darling ♪ ♪ Us lonely people ♪ ♪ Met and grew to love the other ♪ ♪ Life is all about ♪ ♪ Getting drunk holding an empty glass anyway ♪ ♪ With your sadness ♪ ♪ Fill my empty glass, darling ♪ (Welcome to Hyun Jinyoung's Music World) ♪ Us lonely people ♪ ♪ Met and grew to love the other ♪ ♪ Life is all about ♪ ♪ Getting drunk holding an empty glass anyway ♪ ♪ With your sadness ♪ ♪ Fill my empty glass, darling ♪ Go, Jinyoung! Go, Jinyoung! Go! ♪ Fill it up, (Fill it up) ♪ ♪ Fill it up, (Fill it up) ♪ ♪ Fill it up, (Fill it up) ♪ ♪ Fill it up, (Fill it up) ♪ ♪ Fill up my ♪ ♪ Empty glass ♪ (One can't help but be enchanted) (By his unique world of music) ("Empty Glass" by Hyun Jinyoung) (Hyun Jinyoung Go! Jinyoung Go!) What I realized after watching Jinyoung perform is that he's been blessed with a fabulous voice. A long time ago, Mr. Lee Sooman asked Jinyoung to sing and he said Jinyoung was born to sing. He also said he was very unique and drafted up a contract to recruit him to SM Entertainment at age 16. He's a natural-born singer. I was in awe by how great his voice is. He's amazing. Junghae, what did you think? I think he ate a lot of beef. He sang powerfully. Yes, since he sang powerfully, I guess rice isn't enough. (Erupt, power of beef) Just as Eunkwang is here to represent boy band idols, she is here to represent girl group idols. New age diva, please welcome BESTie's Uji! We're the same age. (Extremely excited) (Eunkwang, we thought you were nervous) - You're the same age? / - Yes. - The same age? / - Yes. (Same-age) Uji majored in applied music. (Among applied music majors...) She's a legend. (Legendary vocalist) Come on! Uji, I hear you have a special guest with you today. Who is it? MC Gree will be featuring in my song. The son of Kim Gura. Back when I was a guest on the show, we didn't share our "secret weapon." If anyone asked, we'd say we couldn't say, but I guess you just come out and say it now? We say it now because during rehearsals, we run into each other. We were like, "MC Gree, what's up? It's been a while." Is that a boost of confidence for you? How is he? Do you work well together? I've always been on all alone and it's been nerve-racking. I'd lose sleep from three to four days before. I can't even eat on the day of the recording. That's how I used to be. Have you not eaten all day then today too? No, I think because I'll be performing with MC Gree, I slept and ate just fine. I think you're a little too comfortable. But when you perform with someone else you really depend on that person a lot. I feel I can really count on him. Then, don't be as nervous and with peace of mind, put on a great show for us. (Perfect performance coming soon) The "Immortal Songs" super rookie of 2015. It's been a while for him. Please welcome Seo Jian. How long has it been? It's been about a year and five months. Have you been in hiding, reflecting on the past or something? What has been going on with you? After being named a super rookie, I, too, lost to Chiyeul the last time, so I've been honing my skills as one would a sword. I've been honing that sword for a year and five months. It's a sword this huge. But he's honed it so much that it's this tiny now. (Sword turned into a box cutter) It's as small as a box cutter now. A knife that was this big. He was like, "I will hone this sword." (Super rookie's sword... Honed it too much) Who'll be called to go up against Jinyoung? I have a feeling it'll be Jian. He has been praised by both Korean and foreign legends. (Oh my) He was praised by Michael Bolton when he was on and by Ju Hyunmi when she was on too. Today's legend has fallen for him as well and asked him to be his guest at his 40th-anniversary concert. The vocalist who wins over hearts, Seo Jian. (Number 2 - Seo Jian) (Just as Heejun said, Jian was chosen) I didn't say I wanted Jian to go up but since he seemed so nervous, I thought, "It wouldn't be Jian, would it?" I'm not worried though, because if he honed his skills to the extent a sword became a box cutter, he's prepared. Tell us what you have planned. Since it's my first time in long time, I'll show you everything I've got. Let's go! Let's go, Jian! Hello. It's been a while. I'm singer Seo Jian. It's great to see you. (Voice that cries out passionately) (Filled with soul) (Great soul vocalist) (Touched the hearts of legends) (Seo Jian) The song I chose for today is called "Wings." (Heo Yeongran's "Wings") I'll be singing with a 30-member orchestra and a children's chorus. I'm sure I'll live up to your expectations. I'll really work hard today. Let's go! ("Wings" / 1982) (1986 Asian Games, 1988 Seoul Olympics) (The Korean economy growth was peaking) (With hopeful lyrics, the song gave) (The Korean people strength and courage) (Originally included in the 1982 album of) (Heo Yeongran and Kkokjideul) (A year later, Heo Yeongran released it) (As her solo album title track) (In March of 1983, the song was chosen) (As the most played song that month) (KBS Won the Golden Cup Award) (On "Gayo Top Ten" from June 5 to July 3, 1983) The second performance is by Seo Jian. Today, I'll be singing a song called "Wings." When Mr. Jo wrote this song, a lot of people were in despair. I heard he wrote the song to give the people hope. Things have been tough lately, as you know, so I hope this song provides a bit of solace. And I'd like to say a word to Mr. Jo. Thank you so much for choosing me as a guest performer for your 40th-anniversary concert even though I'm not well-known. Thank you and I love you. (Time when hope and courage was found) ("Wings" by Seo Jian) ♪ Get up, child ♪ ♪ Walk again once more ♪ ♪ Run, dear youth ♪ ♪ Run with your dreams in your arms ♪ ♪ Fly, fly ♪ ♪ Dear life, filled with agony ♪ ♪ Get up and run ♪ ♪ Don't lay down but fly ♪ ♪ Get up, child ♪ ♪ Walk again once more ♪ ♪ Run, dear youth ♪ ♪ Run with your dreams in your arms ♪ ♪ Fly, fly ♪ ♪ Dear life, filled with agony ♪ ♪ Get up and run ♪ ♪ Don't lay down but fly ♪ ♪ Who said that youth ♪ ♪ Was like a flowing river? ♪ ♪ Fly ♪ ♪ Fly ♪ ♪ Fly ♪ ♪ Fly ♪ ♪ Get up, child ♪ ♪ Walk again once more ♪ ♪ Run, dear youth ♪ ♪ Run with your dreams in your arms ♪ ♪ Fly ♪ ♪ (Fly, fly) ♪ ♪ (Dear life, filled with agony) ♪ ♪ Dear life, filled with agony ♪ ♪ (Get up) And run ♪ ♪ (Don't lay down but fly) ♪ ♪ Don't lay down but fly ♪ ♪ (Get up, get up, get up) ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ ♪ (Get up, get up, get up) ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ (Yes, you too can fly) ("Wings" by Seo Jian) (Performance offering solace and healing hands) He really did hone his skills as one would a sword. Yeah, it became a box cutter. And even though it's a box cutter, it's so sharp that you may get cut by it. It's between Hyun Jinyoung, who was born with skills as honed as a sharp blade, and Jian who has honed his skills as one would with a knife. Whose blade is sharper? A legendary blade versus the newbie warrior blade. A new warrior. This is going to be a fierce battle. (Legendary sword vs Newbie warrior sword) - Who will win? / - It's really hard to say. Jian's a really powerful singer too. What did you think of Jian's performance? I loved it a lot. When the girl sang in the middle part, I almost cried. The child's voice really touched me. It was perfect but there was this one minor error. Wings should come out of one's shoulderblades, but his were coming out of his butt. (Hyun Jinyoung vs Seo Jian) Hyun Jinyoung sang "Empty Glass," and I hear the lyrics went out wrong? It's in the first part. It's supposed to be "The dewdrops in your calm cool eyes" originally but it was delivered as "cold eyes." Jinyoung, thank you for being on "Immortal Songs." What did you think of Seo Jian's version of "Wings"? The two songs are similar. "Empty Glass" and "Wings" are both songs that console and give strength. While Hyun Jinyoung sang Empty Glass in a smoother manner, Jian sang "Wings" as if to cry out plaintively. You both did a great job interpreting the songs, so thank you. Thank you. Please show us how the audience voted. (Checking results) (Hyun Jinyoung vs Seo Jian) (100% Hyun Jinyoung style) The hip-hop legend's first solo performance. Will it be Jinyoung's first win? (Legend Hyun Jinyoung's first win?) (He cheered us all on with the children) (Seo Jian's song of cheer, "Wings") Will Jian, the rookie who honed his skills well, be able to beat Jinyoung? (Will his honed skills get Jian his first win?) Who will win? (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) 417! He got a score above 400. 417! Amazing! Please give these two a round of applause. With 417, Jian beat legend Jinyoung, taking the first win. 417 would normally be a score to take home the trophy. He may win with that score. I'll draw for someone to go up against Jian. We need someone strong to go up now. I think it'll be Eunkwang. No! No! He is a man of many charms. He has a smooth but powerful voice. Oh, it's Hyunsung. (Smooth voice of Kim Hyunsung?) He's been on a variety of different shows, and he's just as funny as a comedian. He's quite good with words. The talented main vocalist of BTOB, Seo Eunkwang (Number 3 - BTOB's Seo Eunkwang) Oh no! My predictions have been correct since the first up. Stop talking! I really should stop talking. I'm sorry, Eunkwang. He's back. And you took home the trophy the last time you were on. Tell us how you plan to do this. Let's go, Seo Eunkwang! Let's go! (Let's go, Seo Eunkwang!) Here's the legend who sang. Jinyoung is back. You did a great job. He looks really upset right now. I can tell when he's upset just by looking at him. He's really upset right now. (Painful loss on his first solo performance) Don't touch me! He even had beef for breakfast. He's drinking that like it's alcohol. Jian brought on too many helpers today. Jinyoung, your performance was really amazing. It was fantastic. I never thought you'd sing a song that was both funk and jazz and be able to pull it off like that. You're too kind. I don't know what to say. You were amazing. It was different being on as a legend. When I got onstage, my mouth went dry. I was so nervous. You're still an amazing vocalist. You were great. Thank you. - Thank you for such a great performance. / - Thanks. Hello, "Immortal Songs" viewers. I'm BTOB's Seo Eunkwang. It's great to see you. (First time on was for) (The songwriter Song Seokwu special!) (BTOB came on the "Passionate Saturday Night Special") (Came back last summer with sweet harmony) (Sang "To My Love" by Stepping Stones 2) (Got 427 and took home trophy after four straight wins) After four wins, BTOB takes home the trophy! (BTOB's leader Seo Eunkwang is on solo this time) When there were four of us, I was eager to win, but now that I'm all alone, I'm really nervous. What do I do? I usually sing in a group of seven and we sang as a smaller group of four too. But being alone, there was so much for me to do, which is why I had a hard time preparing for this. I'm just really nervous. Today, I'll be singing "Letter That was Sent Blank" by Lim Juri, which Kim Taejeong later did a remake of. After that, the song got more famous. (Eunkwang) I'll try to draw up sad emotions from the past to the best of my abilities and worked really hard on this. The song's called "Letter That was Sent Blank," and it represents the feeling of having too much to write that one sent a blank letter unable to put everything into words. I'll dedicate this song to you as one would a blank letter filled with too much emotion to put into words. ("Letter That was Sent Blank" / 1980) (Song written after seeing a man and his girlfriend) (Saying goodbye before he goes into military service) (With the pure voice of the late Kim Taejeong) (And the familiar melody) (The song topped the charts) (Got lots of love from men in their teens and 20s) The third performance is by Seo Eunkwang. While preparing for this performance my grandma, who's a big "Immortal Songs" fan, asked me when I'd be on solo and expressed she'd like to see me do it alone. Finally, today, I'm on solo, which is all the more reason I'm nervous. I'll sing this song for my grandma and for all of you. Though I have a long way to go, I'll do my best to sing this song. ("Letter That was Sent Blank" by Seo Eunkwang) ♪ If ever you ♪ ♪ If ever you think of me ♪ ♪ Write all the longing down ♪ ♪ In a letter ♪ ♪ Though I try ♪ ♪ It cannot be erased ♪ ♪ How you sent me a blank sheet ♪ ♪ Of your love ♪ ♪ No matter how much I read it ♪ ♪ There won't be an end to it ♪ ♪ If there are too many stories ♪ ♪ That you cannot write it ♪ ♪ Even if it's blank, send it to me anyway ♪ ♪ Though I try ♪ ♪ It cannot be erased ♪ ♪ How you sent me a blank sheet ♪ ♪ Of your love ♪ ♪ No matter how much I read it ♪ ♪ There won't be an end to it ♪ ♪ Though I try ♪ ♪ It cannot be erased ♪ ♪ How you sent me a blank sheet ♪ ♪ Of your love ♪ ♪ No matter how much I read it ♪ ♪ There won't be an end to it ♪ (A precious letter from Eunkwang) ("Letter That was Sent Blank" by Seo Eunkwang) Thank you. (Eunkwang's performance was mesmerizing) Bravo! Wasn't it great? Eunkwang's the 2017 super rookie. You have too many super rookies. But he did so well. This is a really old song, but it was as if this was a song Eunkwang released. Kiyoung, what did you think? - I'm in awe. / - Right? I listened with my eyes closed. He said he was singing solo so he was nervous and couldn't handle it, but even when he's singing solo it seems like he could take home the trophy. To hear that from Kiyoung would be the best praise ever, don't you think? Jinyoung sighed when he was listening to Eunkwang sing. So basically, I'm the only one who did poorly. I was shaking onstage. I'm not happy with my performance. He's in a boy band. How is he so good? Isn't he, though? He wasn't nervous! He was at first. I figured he was just like me but as the song progressed, he got better and better. Jinyoung, do you think Eunkwang will win? If I were up against him? Stop thinking about yourself for a minute. I can't help it. It's too hard not to. We'll make you feel better. Your designated driver is here? You can go home now. We'll wrap things up here ourselves, Jinyoung. We mean well by sending you home first. (Seo Eunkwang vs Seo Jian with 417) You wrote the lyrics and composed "Letter That was Sent Blank." Can you tell us the backstory to this song too? The song discusses sadness upon having to part. One should write it in a letter, but if there is too much to express into words, then just fold a blank sheet into an envelope to send. The feelings of the sender will be felt by the receiver even though it's a blank letter. I wrote the song with lovers parting in mind. The original singer sang the song calmly but today, he sang the song as if the emotions came exploding out. Emotions that I never felt before in the song came out. Thank you for your kind words. Last August, you came on with the BTOB members and took home the trophy. I'm sure singing alone must've felt nice but also made you really nervous, right? I'm sure it was a mix of emotions, right? It was and I really miss my band members. I see. Preparing for this, I knew I had to fill the stage up all alone when before, I had the guys help me. It was hard and I really miss them right now. I wonder how the audience voted. Please show us the results. (Checking results) (Explosive singing, Seo Eunkwang) (With 417, will Seo Jian get a second win in a row?) (Who will be cast with the light of victory?) (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) Yes. With 417, Jian takes a second win in a row. I'll draw for the fourth performance now. She says people often mistake her for being pregnant because her husband and her are so lovey dovey. When people eat, their bellies tend to stick out, right? But when her belly sticks out people automatically congratulate her for being pregnant with her second child because of how lovey dovey she and her husband are. The lovebird of gugak, Oh Junghae. (Number 4 - Oh Junghae) (Top lovebird of the gugak world) Junghae, you need to go up there and make Jian come back here now. The lyrics are so good that I'll just let the lyrics do the work. Let's go, Oh Junghae! Let's go! (With the power of love! Let's go!) Hello, I'm Oh Junghae. (Singing of the deep-rooted emotions) (Of the love and sorrow of the Korean people) (Voice that brings people to tears) (Gugak singer, Oh Junghae) Today, I'll be singing "Chilgapsan." In the process of becoming a mother, I learned the ways of a mother through this song. Also, my mother passed away on January 3 of last year. With her gone, I realize that the lyrics of this song are telling my story. What I think of when I think of my mother is this. I was the youngest and she'd sing to me. ♪ My darling youngest daughter ♪ She'd sing like that. Also, whenever she saw my child, she'd say, "Oh, my little puppy is here." That's what she'd say. The lyrics are like what I'd write to my mother in a letter. I came on today thinking that I'd properly be able to express how I felt with this song. ("Chilgapsan" / 1979) (Yoon Heesang sang the song in 1979) (Later, in 1989, Ju Byeongseon made the song a hit) (Song written about a woman who lived) (By Chilgapsan, Cheonyang of Chungnam) (Who was poor and had to marry off her young daughter) (Due to the song's popularity, an etched stone with) (The song was erected and a forest lodge was opened) The fourth performance is by Oh Junghae. Hello, I'm Oh Junghae. I always ache for my mother's presence in my life and I miss her dearly. That's why today, I'll be singing "Chilgapsan." Here I go. ("Chilgapsan" by Oh Junghae) ♪ Dear woman tending to the bean field ♪ ♪ Your clothes are getting drenched ♪ ♪ What is she so sad about ♪ ♪ That she plants each seedling with a tear? ♪ ♪ On the day she married ♪ ♪ Leaving behind her lone mother ♪ ♪ The bird upon the mountain ridge ♪ ♪ Of the Chilgapsan cried for her ♪ ♪ Breaking her young heart ♪ My darling youngest daughter. Oh, my little puppy. Mother, that's what you used to say to me. Though you're no longer here with me, to me, you're the embodiment of true love. ♪ Dear woman tending to the bean field ♪ ♪ Your clothes are getting drenched ♪ ♪ What is she so sad about ♪ ♪ That she plants each seedling with a tear? ♪ ♪ On the day she married ♪ ♪ Leaving behind her lone mother ♪ ♪ The bird upon the mountain ridge ♪ ♪ Of the Chilgapsan cried for her ♪ ♪ Breaking her young heart ♪ ♪ Breaking her young heart ♪ ♪ Breaking her young heart ♪ (God could not be everywhere) (And therefore he made mothers - Jewish proverb) (This song is dedicated to you, mother, in heaven) ("Chilgapsan" by Oh Junghae) (She'd held it all in...) (The longing for her mother) (She misses her mother's touch so much) (That she consoles herself through tears) (Love for her mother, which is palpable to all) Uji, stop crying. You have to sing soon. I was holding it back. Uji, you're crying because you're thinking of your mom, right? It was such a plaintive song but she sang it so calmly, which made me want to cry even more. - Her feelings could be felt. / - Right, totally. The last time Junghae was on the show, her mother was in the hospital. She said she came on our show because our show was the one show her mother watched, but her mother passed away a year ago so she sang this song as a message to her mother. Knowing that, I was even more touched. I was nearly brought to tears but I held them back. When she sang, I could feel she was saying to her mom that she was happy and grateful for her presence in her life. I really felt that, which is why I was happy watching this performance. It wasn't a plaintive cry but rather, just telling it plainly made it all the more moving. (Oh Junghae vs Seo Jian with 417) Oh Junghae sang the song "Chilgapsan." You wrote and composed this song as well, right? How did you come to write this song? The song is about the pain of a poverty-stricken mother who was forced to marry off her young daughter. At a young age, the daughter goes over one hill after another with just a sack on her back. The song expresses the daughter's love for her mother. Junghae sang the song thinking of her mother. I saw her well up and I felt so deeply moved. It's not just Junghae but for me as well, the word "mother" makes my eyes water. It's been over 20 years but I still feel that way. When you get choked up thinking of your mother as you sing, isn't it hard to finish the song? I shouldn't be thinking about her like this but she passed away on January third of last year. Mr. Jo's lyrics reflected a lot of how I really felt about my mother. I didn't want people to think that I only sing sad songs so I didn't want to cry but alas. It was really good. After Jian's performance, how did everyone in the green room react? They were up in arms. Up in arms? Jinyoung was really upset about his own performance. He said Jian won because they gave him wings and such. He kept going on about him. The other singers must've said that it would be hard to beat Jian too, right? Right, everyone was saying that. But you never know. I wonder how the audience voted. Please show us the results. (Checking results) (Oh Junghae vs Seo Jian with 417) (Performance after honing) (His skills for a year and five months) (Opening the "Wings" of victory) Jian honed his skills well for this performance. Will he get a third win with 417? A song from a daughter who misses her late mother. Will Junghae performance of "Chilgapsan" be able to beat Jian's performance? (A letter sent to heaven) (Will Oh Junghae get her first win?) Who will win? (Song of yearning) (Song of hope) (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) 417. Amazing. Please give Junghae and Jian another round of applause. (Moved) Three wins a in row. If he keeps this up, he might end up taking home the trophy. Shouldn't someone stop him? Yes. He's taking one win after another. (Nervous) Dongyeop chose the fifth ball. Recently, this singer sang a really special song. She did a duet with her daughter. Taking after her mother, her five-year-old daughter is a great singer. Top "Immortal Songs" vocalist, Park Kiyoung. (Number 5 - Park Kiyoung) Kiyoung is good enough to stop Jian in his tracks. But my performance isn't grand like his. There's an orchestra here for you, though. It's a part of the show. The singer to stop Jian! Let's go, Park Kiyoung! Wow! I'll be back. Let's go! Eunkwang's back. - Eunkwang! / - You did so well. I didn't know you could be so serious. You can partake in the unit activities. (Praises that are better than the trophy) Hearing that made me happier than winning the trophy. The one who utterly moved us today. Junghae is back. She put on such a wonderful show. She's so beautiful. I'm sure just like Junghae, much of the audience felt it was much like their story. You're crying again? (Shocked to see a friend crying) Stop crying. What am I going to do? Let's change up the mood. Today's legend, Mr. Jo Wunpa, has been described as a poet songwriter, rhythmical poet and the like. There are words that describe you best. How do people describe you? People call me the Mun Ikjeom of hip-hop. That's true. By saying that they mean you're a poet of hip-hop. First generation hip-hop artists did this. Can you show us? - Oh, that? / - Can you still do it? I recently had my frozen shoulder treated. (Welcoming his grand presence) The legend of 90s hip-hop. Hyun Jinyoung will sing it for us. Hyun Jinyoung with "You In My Faded Memories"! (Young hip-hop legend comes onstage) (Though I may suffer from frozen shoulder recovery!) - Heejun, come on! / - Can I? - Do it with me. / - Really? (Honored) (I'll show you that hip-hop is still alive within me!) (When the music starts, his body reacts automatically) (Jinyoung hip-hop dance moves changed) (The course of Korean music) (Swift moves) (Hip-hop legend, Hyun Jinyoung) (Idol legend, Mun Heejun) (Special dance collaboration of legends) (Under a spell) (Hip-hop god unparalleled by any) (Amazing!) That's unforgettable. It's just a move that's ingrained within me. Mr. Jo gave us so many good songs, much like Mozart did. What I love about being on "Immortal Songs" is that I've shown you music I've wanted to do, and it's been so meaningful to me and being able to sing songs like this one is meaningful too. When I first heard "Yeonan Pier," I thought, "This is new" and felt the song right away, which is why I want to show you how I enjoy the song. I hope you like it. ("Yeonan Pier" / 1979) (Song by the Kim Trio made up of) (The family band with Kim Pa, Kim Dan and Kim Seon) (Three months after release, 50,000 albums were sold) (Making it a record-breaker album) (Jo Wunpa wrote the song "Yeonan Pier") (About the eclectic people he saw on the pier) (Song contains joys and sadness of life) (Rock with song lyrics was) (Erected in Chinsu Park at Yeonan Pier) (Has been well-loved as) (Incheon sports teams' cheer song) The fifth performance is by Park Kiyoung. It's great to see you. I'm Park Kiyoung. Happy New Year. ("Yeonan Pier" by Park Kiyoung) ♪ The boat that comes once in a blue moon ♪ ♪ What stories does it carry ♪ ♪ That it fills each who comes and goes ♪ ♪ With butterflies? ♪ ♪ Dear ship that leaves dreams upon the pier ♪ ♪ You must know why the seagull cries ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me ♪ ♪ Dear ship leaving the Yeonan Pier ♪ ♪ When the wind blows, the waves cry ♪ ♪ When the ship sets sail, I cry ♪ ♪ In the fog fading in the distance ♪ ♪ A loved one waves goodbye ♪ ♪ The fading light of the lonely Yeonan Pier ♪ ♪ Consoles my heart ♪ ♪ Standing here alone ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me ♪ ♪ Dear ship leaving the Yeonan Pier ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me ♪ ♪ Tell me ♪ ♪ Tell me ♪ ♪ Tell me ♪ (Sadness that makes one's breathing come to a halt) (And how it makes one tremble!) (Voice that expresses sadness and joys of life) ("Yeonan Pier" by Park Kiyoung) (One can't help but be silent in awe) (Chills the melody gives you) (Exclaiming after listening without a sound!) Kim Trio's "Yeonan Pier" was reinvented by Park Kiyoung, who sounded like a mermaid. She sang it as if she was a mermaid putting us under a spell. It was kind of like a fantasy of sorts, but also there were elements that felt very Italy-like. Sorry, but is the Italy you speak of in Gyeongsang-do? With your accent, it seems like it would be. It was as if we were in a jazz bar in Paris. My ears are in heaven because each performance has been so wonderful. It keeps going. - Junghae and now Kiyoung too. / - Yes. We have a lot of good singers on the show, but only Kiyoung can pull off a performance of such class. Do you think Kiyoung will win, though? Seo Jian? Her performance was stellar and as a vocalist, her energy really peaked. She won the last time too. She took home the trophy. We can't disregard how powerful that is. She has a shot at winning. (Park Kiyoung vs Seo Jian with three wins) Watching all these performances made me realize how many great songs you've written. You wrote songs other than pop songs too, right? Like the children's song titled "My Curly-haired Little Sister." ♪ My curly-haired little sister, unruly and playful ♪ You wrote that and you also wrote the Women's World jingle. ♪ Into the sparkling morning sun ♪ I can tell you've certainly written a wide variety of songs across many genres. Park Kiyoung sang "Yeonan Pier." I hear it contains a story about your school days. It was during my second teen angst period. - A second one? / - Yes. I'd go down to the Yeonan Pier often then. I saw the joys and sorrows of those living there. When Kiyoung sang, I felt the pain I saw in the women there back in those days. (Jo Wunpa) The original song was sung with restrained emotions, and you sang it just like that, which was genius. I was very much moved. Thank you. I know how it must've felt to sing with your five-year-old. All parents know the feeling. Even when I take my kids to a karaoke place, just hearing them sing is such a pleasure. I can't imagine how good it must feel to make an album with your child. You're right. I'm really happy about it. I'm grateful that she's growing up fine and healthy, and she's unruly and throws tantrums. Things weren't all smooth during the recording either but this phase won't last long, and I'm sure she'll grow up quickly before my eyes. That's why I want to capture each moment. I tried it out and luckily, she did as I asked. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. Please show us how the audience voted. (Park Kiyoung vs Seo Jian with 417) (The song "Wings" is on a winning streak!) Jian got his highest score yet on the show. Will he get a fourth win with 417? (Fantasy-like voice) (Technique that gives you chills) The "Immortal Songs" diva who transformed into a jazz goddess. Will Kiyoung be able to beat Jian? (Sailing ship on a tailwind) (Extraordinary wings) (Park Kiyoung vs Seo Jian with 417) (Who'll be cast with the light of victory?) (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) Seo Jian. ("Wings" winning streak isn't easy to beat) Please give Kiyoung another big round of applause. I will now draw for the sixth and seventh performances. She's not much of a drinker but lately, she's become a better drinker because of Kim Gunmo. She's featuring in Gunmo's new album and naturally, she's become better at drinking. A great singer and dancer, BESTie's Uji! (Number 6 - BESTie's Uji) Tell us how you plan to do. It's been an honor to be able to shoot "Immortal Songs" with such amazing veteran singers. I forgot that I was supposed to perform and sat here enjoying all the performances. - I'll do my best to put on a good show. / - Great. BESTie's Uji! Let's go! - Thank you. / - Let's go! Thank you. Thank you. Junghae, we were talking about nicknames and the like people refer to us by. Junghae, do you have any nicknames? I'm known as Ms. Sloppy of the pansori world. Ms. Sloppy of the pansori world? I got a lot of love from the movie "Seopyeonje," but because of it, people expect a lot of me. They treat me so respectfully. Name one deviation from what was expected of you. Where you thought, "Oh wow, should I be doing this?" It's not even about a deviation. People always think I'd be good at things like cooking and that I'd wake my child gently and such but just know that I'm the opposite of what you expect. You make your own kimchi, right? I feel like you'd get it out of the crock jar space for your husband. I put it on the plate and eat it. Other people make it for me. You don't make it but you just plate it. Do you make yakgwa? I'm good at only plating them. (I'm good at plating and eating) You plate them well. You've ruined my fantasy of you. I thought you'd even make your own vinegar. But despite all your said shortcomings, in the movie "Seopyeonje," after Songhwa goes blind, she sings the "Shimcheongjeon," which was really moving. Yeah, that one... ♪ Oh, father ♪ ♪ You aren't able to see yet? ♪ ♪ Cheong who fell into the waves and winds of Indang ♪ ♪ And died is back, alive and well ♪ ♪ Open your eyes now ♪ ♪ And see me, father ♪ (Chills) (Amazing) Hello, "Immortal Songs" viewers. I'm BESTie's Uji. It's great to see you. (Great singer, great dancer, beautiful) (Perfect in every way, best idol singer) (BESTie's Uji) I'll be singing Kim Myungae's "Strangers Again." I rearranged the song in a tango music style. It's a style I've always wanted to try. I'll work hard to put on a good show today as well. I hope you enjoy it. ("Strangers Again" / 1992) (Title track of Kim Myungae's debut album) ("He went from lover to a stranger in a heartbeat") (The playful lyrics made it an unforgettable trot song) (The song is still well-loved even after so many years) The sixth performance is by BESTie's Uji. ("Strangers Again" by Uji) ♪ He went from lover ♪ ♪ To a stranger ♪ ♪ In a heartbeat ♪ ♪ Then just as easily ♪ ♪ In a heartbeat, he became ♪ ♪ A stranger again in this laughable life ♪ ♪ Even one crying from heartache ♪ ♪ Even one smiling in joy ♪ ♪ Can change in a heartbeat ♪ ♪ Can change in a heartbeat ♪ ♪ Oh, dear life ♪ ♪ The air here is too stale ♪ ♪ My breath grows short ♪ ♪ I worry about you ♪ ♪ I'm filled half with hate and half with longing ♪ ♪ We've become complete strangers ♪ ♪ Completely different perspective now ♪ ♪ One slight change makes us smile or cry ♪ ♪ I still want to be within your heart ♪ ♪ Don't ask me how I have been ♪ ♪ Everything I've lived for will be ruined ♪ ♪ I'm sure you've forgotten it all ♪ ♪ Stop knocking at the doors of my mind and go ♪ ♪ Even one crying from heartache ♪ ♪ Even one smiling in joy ♪ ♪ Can change in a heartbeat ♪ ♪ Can change in a heartbeat ♪ ♪ Oh, dear life ♪ ♪ Love makes you cry or smile ♪ ♪ Bruises make you cry or smile ♪ ♪ Oh, dear life ♪ ♪ Oh, dear life ♪ (Seductive performance) ("Strangers Again" by Uji) (Hot) That was perfect. It was like when a female singer performs at military bases. (Wow) And MC Gree came out in the middle. He did so well. He was good before but now he's like a real, bonafide rapper. He was on "Star Golden Bell" briefly as a kid. Seeing that little boy all grown up now makes me feel proud of him. When MC Gree came on, it was as if he was one with Uji. It was natural. When rappers come on sometimes, they fight with the singer for the limelight. But those two each did their part perfectly. ♪ Can change in a heart-- ♪ ♪ In a heartbeat ♪ Rappers cut singers off like that and the singers get all flustered. ♪ Can change in a heart-- ♪ ♪ That's right, in a heartbeat ♪ They fight for the limelight like that but those two just did their own parts. Hyunsung, who do you think you'll go up against? Uji's performance made me think. We don't have a long time to prepare, but in that short time frame, she got her choreography down and worked with a rapper and sang and danced like that? In my opinion, she did perfectly. I think she has a chance at winning. (Uji vs Seo Jian with 417) This song really gets inside your head, so it was well-loved by many people. Comedians make parodies of popular songs and this song was one of them. In "Strangers Again," I wanted to express that lovers can easily become strangers. If one overlooks another's shortcomings, they can remain as lovers, but if one can't, they become strangers. That's what the song means. What'd you think of BESTie's Uji and MC Gree? I thought Jian must be shaking backstage. They did a great job interpreting the song. I wondered how she expressed the sentiment so well with such a pure-sounding voice. You were charming and beautiful. (Thank you) MC Gree, you're on today as a feature. Last year, he was number one on the music charts. Thank you. Many people empathized in a song you wrote and you topped the charts. What did your dad say? He didn't realize what a big deal that was and acted like it was very common, but then, my next song was like number 20 and then 40. He then realized he missed me being number one and kept asking when I'd be number one again. Fathers often don't praise their kids because they don't want to spoil them. Please come back on "Immortal Songs" from time to time. Thank you. Please show us how the audience voted. (Uji vs Seo Jian with 417) It looks like Seo Jian is on the path to take home the trophy. Will he be able to beat Uji and take his fifth win? A collaboration performance with MC Gree. Will BESTie's Uji beat Jian? Who will win? (Who did the audience choose?) (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) (Seo Jian gets five straight wins with 417!) Please congratulate him. (Still can't believe it) (Thump) (Out of it) (I can't believe I won five straight times...) He's won five straight times. Wow, Jian's returned after a year and five months and he's gotten five wins in a row. Now, it's all up to you, Hyunsung. You must carry the burden off all the singers. You have to win. With the spirit of the Korean marine corps, please tell us how you'll do. I'll be singing "Okgyeong." The song's very cheerful and fun. It's an exciting song. I'll get energy from the song and stop Jian from getting that trophy. With Hyunsung's spirit and determination, I'm sure he'll make that happen. The little prince, Kim Hyunsung! Let's go! Let's go! They're back. BESTie's Uji and MC Gree are here. - Where? / - Come sit here. Come over here. MC Gree, this is your first time on "Immortal Songs," right? - Right. / - How was it? Were you nervous? Yes, I was nervous. You didn't look it at all. I thought I was shaking but now that you say I didn't, maybe I didn't. - You didn't. / - You did well. I guess I didn't seem nervous. Did your dad cheer you on for being on "Immortal Songs" before you came on today? - Does he even know? / - Yes, of course. He knows that much. He cheered me on a lot. He told me to help Uji and not to forget my lyrics. He also badmouthed you, Heejun. Why? Again? I thought we buried the hatchet. (MC Gree) Because you won't ever pick up. - Because I'm in the middle of filming. / - Filming. He keeps calling during filming. I can see the expression on his face now. He's like "Why won't he pick up?" I texted him saying we're filming "Immortal Songs" right now. The song I chose to sing today is Tae Jinah's "Okgyeong." My image is that I'm very detail-oriented and I'm very sentimental, right? But this time, I'll be more powerful and masculine. Overall, the effect I went for is a more masculine theme this time. It's a song everyone knows and loves. I worked hard on this, so I hope for everyone to sing along to this song. ("Okgyeong" / 1989) (In 1981, Na Huna was to sing the song) (Which was then called "Hometown Girl") (It was never released then eight years later) (Tae Jina used his wife's name Okgyeong) (The title was changed to "Okgyeong") (Tae Jinah got the image of a family man) (Who's a good husband to his wife) (Giving him a second career peak) The seventh and final performance is by Kim Hyunsung. ("Okgyeong" by Kim Hyunsung) ♪ Underneath the dim light ♪ ♪ You are sitting across from me ♪ ♪ You look familiar ♪ ♪ As if we've met somewhere, some time before ♪ ♪ I ask where your hometown is ♪ ♪ I ask for your name ♪ ♪ Have you forgotten? ♪ ♪ You won't answer ♪ ♪ Your eyes are filled with tears ♪ ♪ Years have passed by quickly ♪ ♪ Where have you been? ♪ ♪ How has your life been? ♪ ♪ Though I ask, you don't answer ♪ ♪ Simply looking down, my dear Okgyeong ♪ ♪ Underneath the dim light ♪ ♪ You are sitting across from me ♪ ♪ You look familiar ♪ ♪ I ask where your hometown is ♪ ♪ Have you forgotten? ♪ ♪ You won't answer ♪ Clap louder! ♪ Your eyes are filled with tears ♪ ♪ Years have passed by quickly ♪ ♪ Where have you been? ♪ ♪ How has your life been? ♪ ♪ Though I ask, you don't answer ♪ ♪ Simply looking down, my dear Okgyeong ♪ ♪ Your eyes are filled with tears ♪ ♪ Years have passed by quickly ♪ ♪ Where have you been? ♪ ♪ How has your life been? ♪ ♪ Though I ask, you don't answer ♪ ♪ Simply looking down, my dear Okgyeong ♪ (Devilishly appealing voice that makes women swoon) ("Okgyeong" by Kim Hyunsung) (Perfect transformation of little prince, Kim Hyunsung) (New version of "Okgyeong") Hyunsung recreated Tae Jinah's "Okgyeong" and made it his own song. We're buddies. As his friend, how was it? (Close buddy Park Kiyoung's feedback) He's really a close friend of mine and as musicians we debuted at the same time. Today, he was even better than when he debuted. That's how he sang onstage today. Musically, he was very solid. He was amazing. At the last "Okgyeong" part was just... His voice is so powerful. I want that kind of voice. Eunkwang, do you think he can beat Jian? He talked to the audience in the middle, right? From that, I saw some hope for his win. When you get the audience with you like this, you can win. (Who will win?) (Kim Hyunsung vs Seo Jian with 417) How'd you like Hyunsung's performance? The original version was really subdued, but Hyunsung brought out all the emotion. I feel he's a phenomenal singer. - Thank you. / - Thank you. I wonder how the others feel. You were only the second person up and you've been winning since. I'm sure the others are excited about this. It's not easy to win being up in the first half. And it's even more unlikely to get such a high score. That's how good Jian was. He really put on a good show. (Hyunsung) I, too, did the best I could, so I don't know what will happen. If he wins one more time, it'll be his sixth win and he'll be taking home the trophy. (Dongyeop) How do you feel? Be honest. I never dreamed this would happen. I'm shaking, I'm so nervous. No, tell us how you really feel. These days, being modest isn't considered a virtue. People these days like honesty. Since I've made it this far, I'd really like to take home that trophy. (Satisfied) I really had a small goal in mind for today. I came on thinking I just want one win because the last few times, I lost immediately three times in a row so this time, I felt I had to win at least once, so I just want this one win. Will his small goal of just one win come to fruition? "Immortal Songs: Singing the Songs of Legends." Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa special. We only have the final results ahead. Will Jian who was second up get his fifth win with 417 to take home that trophy? Or will Hyunsung, who was the last up dramatically turn the tables and take home the trophy? Please show us the final audience vote. (Kim Hyunsung vs Seo Jian with 417) (Song of hope, "Wings" by Seo Jian) (Continue on his sweeping win path) (All he needs is one more win to get the trophy) Jo Wunpa special with only the final results pending. Will Jian get his sixth win and take home the trophy? (Little prince's shocking transformation) Or will Hyunsung, who showed a powerful, masculine performance, beat Jian to take home the trophy? Who will win? (Who did the audience select?) (Kim Hyunsung vs Seo Jian with 417) (Next week) I'm Yoonjeong's husband and KBS announcer, Do Gyeongwan. I'm his wife and singer, Jang Yoonjeong. I'm Luna of f(x). I'm her twin older sister, Park Jinyoung. (What does family mean to you?) Love. People more precious than myself. It was like a guideline for me. Like a place to get rest. Singing songs of happiness with your family! It begins now. ("Immortal Songs" prepared a family special) (Telling tales of families) (Will unfold beautifully) Have a happy healthy new year. I wish you all happiness. The song I chose today is... A song of parting. (A song of parting with a happy family) (Moving harmony of two brothers) Heejun, how many kids do you want? Have lots. You know how the kids bow on Seollal, right? My kids bring in lots of money. (Gift money in amounts similar to gigs!) (Icon of having many kids, Kim Jiseon and her kids) (Fun passionate performance!) (Finally, she's here!) (Jang Yoonjeong) (Fun stories to share with family) (We'll come to your homes!) I want to get married soon. Date only. Okay... (Singing songs of happiness with the family) (Audience chose Seo Jian with 417) A clean sweep victory. Congratulations! Congratulations! With 417, Jian takes home the trophy with six wins in a row returning to the show after a year and five months. Congratulations! You just set an amazing record. "Immortal Songs" top performers. Huh Gak, Jung Dongha, Kim Kyungho Only these three people have accomplished that, and now, you have done it too, Jian. How does it feel? (Can't easily bring himself to say much) 2016 was a tough year. But for giving me this wonderful award, thank you. Thank you for such a great lift. Thank you. Thank you so much. Please give him another round of applause. Congratulations! (Music that illustrates life) (Poet Songwriter, Jo Wunpa) ("Love Is a Sudden" by MIXX)


Lyrics from "Lovey Dovey" (particularly "You're the cutest thing, That I ever did see, I really love your peaches, Wanna shake your tree"), were used by Steve Miller in his 1974 chart-topping single "The Joker". "The Joker" in turn was later sampled on another number one hit, "Angel" by Shaggy, giving Ahmet Ertegun credit as a songwriter on the latter.[3]


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